Parrot MKi9200 Honda Odyssey Install

hey guys Thomas buy me an iPhone combat gadget today and you know I put up that Perry unboxing the MK 8 MK I 9 T 200 unboxing and I wasn’t going to show you guys an install video only because kind of put some pressure on when you’re doing it install but many of you have requested one so I’ll tell you what I actually started this install I’m about 90% through but I can show you exactly how it’s done so we’re going to get started on that today so first what you want to do okay is you’re going to be working with your electrical system on your car so you’re going to want to remove the negative terminal to your battery okay that way you’re not going to have to worry about any shorts or anything like that I’m going to show you exactly how we got to this point okay but first what we’re going to do is we are going to install the external microphone on the parrot so the parrot has an external microphone I’ve got it up there with some painters tape right now just so I can position it but what you need to do is you’re going to need to run the wire for the external microphone from wherever you’re going to mount it usually on the windshield and you’re going to run that to right around your radio somewhere in your dashboard so what I did as you can see is I took out this portion here okay and this is the map light and a sunglasses holder and there are four screws okay you can see see if I can get up in there see there oh there’s one screw there and there’s one screw there oh I should tell you guys we are installing this in a 2006 Honda Odyssey and then there are a screw there and a screw there or is the other screw screw there okay so those are two you know nuts and then these are two screws so what you do is you pry off the two covers okay which are like this now be careful when you pry these off guys because you don’t want to break them okay get to those screws and you take those this whole assembly which I did already before I started getting these requests for the install okay and then I ran this wire right through here okay and then there’s this little channel in the roof okay that comes over here and we’re not going to need that anymore and it comes out right about you can see the wire come out right about there okay now this car has side airbags so you don’t want to mess around with this a frame too much but you take the wire and you just stick it in there right there okay then right underneath the you can’t really see in there but right underneath this weather stripping there’s a channel for for wires just run it down with your finger okay run it down all the way down there and pull it through here okay you’ll run it down there also and then right about here there’s an opening where you can stick that in through and get into the glove box now the glove box guys I’m sorry about this video quality but this glove box here is held in by these two clips so what to do is this clip goes right in here like this the other part goes there what you do is you pry this off actually this one’s probably a better example but you pry that off and comes right out and you’ll be able to access the inside of your glove box which is also useful guys for when you’re changing the cabin air filter okay so anyway I don’t know if you can see this it’s probably not very very clear but the wire runs right here and and it runs and it goes right back there to behind the radio so we’re going to kill this video and we’re going to go over and show you how to take off the dashboard so as you guys can see the dashboard is already unassembled now how do you get the dashboard off the dashboard is held together by six clips okay you’ll see there’s holes here one two three four five and six over there open up this glove box right here take a Scrooge a flathead screwdriver and gently pry up this part of the dashboard so the dashboard will look like this okay so you’re going to gently pry up this part of the dashboard and then pull up gently to release these six clips okay as you can see you know two six

clips they look just like that one two three four five six now once you get that off you will have four plugs plugged into the back you will have the passenger side airbag and then you will have the climate control to climate controls and down there is one for this light dome light switch okay you’re going to take that off now before you start what I would suggest is before you actually start this is um turn your car on that’s the garbage man turn your car on put the car in neutral put on the emergency brake and then disconnect your battery terminal okay guys so now that we have the dash part off the dash plate I guess we’re going to call it and we need to uninstall the radio now there are three screws to take out the radio in the Honda Odyssey there’s one screw here there’s one screw here and I’m not sure if you guys can see but in the center way back there there is another screw you probably can’t see it okay but there’s another screw you’re going to need a long screwdriver okay to take that out so then okay you kind of and I’m going to switch hands a little bit okay then you kind of got to work it out a little bit guys okay you take the radio out and I have already unplugged everything but you will unplug everything in the back okay so depending on your configuration guys you will have three clips in the bag three plugs in the back this white clip is XM radio ok that’s empty for me that is the main plug ok we’re going to unplug that and I believe that’s the CD player so we’re going to unplug that so we unplug the radio and we put it in the back seat okay and this is the main plug for now let’s get to what comes with parrot now like I said guys I’ve got a bunch of this installed already so let’s go to the next portion now the parent comes with um the 30-pin connector the USB and the 3.5 millimeter so you’re going to want to install this in a good spot so on the Honda Odyssey there’s this a nice little storage compartment there and I figured that would be a good place to store an iPod iPhone mp3 player whatever it may be so what you do here is is there’s these two screws here one screw two screws you take that out okay and you undo those two end this just slides right out there’s two clips on either side it pops out now what I did is here is the wire for that 30 pin connector and everything you take a drill bit okay you put a hole in the back enough to get this through it and there’s a rubber grommet on the parrot also you put that through you put the rubber grommet in so now I’ve got the wire coming through the storage container okay I put the storage container back in and we run this wire up here okay guys so now that we’ve got everything out okay we’re going to install the relay switch box for the power okay now this wiring harness comes with your parrot let’s here this wiring harness here gave all these wires what I did is I zip tied them together so it’s a little bit neater it’s easier to get back in there okay but okay that wiring harness is going to plug in there on a parrot this is your microphone the microphone cord that we ran down the a-frame and through the through the glove box okay that gets plugged in there here is your music okay so that is going to be your 30 pin your USB and your 3.5 millimeter jack okay and then here is going to be your screen okay and we will get to that once we do the rest of the install but now what we’re doing is we’re going to have to get the Bluetooth wiring harness okay and we’re going to get the Bluetooth wiring harness we’re going to connect all these up connect that to the radio put it in there real nice and get everything set so guys what we’re going to do is we’re going to cut this video a little bit so I can clean up and we’re going to get that wiring harness and we’re going to continue the install and get this all installed back for us so I know that that was a little quick run-through on what I’ve done so

far but we will get the wiring harness and get that going for you so again here let me move that for you here is where the screen is going to mount right here and what I have done is I’ve decided I’m going to mount this right here and there is a great place right on the face of the the radio I think you saw there’s a little magnet thing there and I’m going to put it there now what I’ve done guys this is going to end up running you know down through here and up right about there now in order not to pinch the wire okay I have had to do a little bit of a modification on the dash board assembly which I will show you right here now this is where the dash but the wire is going to go but it kept pinching it so I just took a really sharp razor and I kinda nicked out a spot there now you may say boy Tom that looks terrible and it’s going to look terrible once you get it in there but let me show you what it looks like when it’s actually in and I’m not sure if I’m going to be able to get this okay so I’m not sure if you guys can see this really well or not but um let’s let it focus okay now the radio is going to be here so as you can see there’s that little notch and when it’s all said and done you’re not going to be able to see that notch let’s let it focus up a little bit you’re not going to be able to see that little notch but that way will not pinch the radio or the wire so just a little notch there okay guys so here we have the wiring harness this is the BT 1721 a that I ordered from Crutchfield it is a $29 and here’s how this is going to work this part here okay is going to go into the radio okay the blue one from the radio is going to go into here now there’s only one way for all these things to go in all these wiring harness and these plugs from the parent wiring harness but they go in like into a single plug so as you can see here it looks like a single plug but really two plugs go into this so that was a little confusing at the beginning but just take your time guys there is only one way for all these wiring harnesses to go in so we’ve got one two one two three plugs there’s four five and six plugs so what I’m going to do is I’m going to turn the camera off because it’s really hard to do this and carry the two plug these in and hold the camera at the same time and then once I plug them in I will show you exactly how they go in okay guys so we’ve got the plethora of wires hooked up to the wiring harness and now luckily this is an odyssey so we’ve got a little bit more room that I had to my wife’s Honda Accord so but we have the radio plug coming from the car into the white NE and then here is the plug that will go into the radio and then we have these for now guys these four can only go in one way okay there you just line them up plug them in so there’s a gray and a black and a gray and a black and just plug those in there so now what we’re going to do is we’re going to shove all this stuff back in there kind of kneading it up a little bit and then we will get everything going back together and we’ll actually test it before we start putting everything together so let me kind of tighten tidy this up a little bit get it back in the dashboard and we’ll go from there okay guys so I’ve done a little bit of work kind of arranging all the wires and the harnesses in there as you can see I have all the wires hooked up you’ll see there’s one plug there that’s not used okay and the power tells you that’s not used I don’t know what it’s there for but we’ve got the harness into the parrot then we’ve got the microphone plugged in then we’ve got the music and then the last one here is the screen okay we’ve got the wiring harness everything in there and we have this that needs to go back to the radio and this that needs to go back to the radio so I think it’s got I it’s all in there to where everything is going to fit back in what I did here guys there’s so much room back there actually I kind of zip-tied that a parrot box to a pillar there just a plastic pillar on the inside the dashboard that way it doesn’t rattle around you know if it starts sliding around it doesn’t rattle around I’ll have to take out the dashboard to eliminate the rattle because I hate

little noises in the car so um let’s get this radio go and we’ll plug this back in and I’ll show you how the plugs go back into the radio and then I will get it back in there okay guys as you can see we have these two plugs back plugged into the radio now this one is coming from the wiring harness because the radios plugged into the wiring harness and this I believe is the cd-player I’m not exactly sure but that came out so that’s where it goes in so what we’re going to do is we’re going to test this out first before we put everything back together make sure it works because I did have one bad wiring harness that came hence I’m doing this today and not over the weekend so let’s reattach the battery and we’ll come back in the car and we’ll see if all this works all right guys so we tested everything out everything seems to work okay we tried the phone we tried the line-in we tried everything in there so we’re going to get this back in and basically guys what we’re just going to do is we’re going to slide this back in and we’re going to put those three screws in there so I’m going to slide it in there and then I will show you where those three screws are situated okay guys so we’ve got three screws left and that’s really about it then we connect everything up and we’re ready to roll so we have one screw there one screw there and you guys can see way back there there’s one screw so you’re going to need a long magnetized screwdriver on that one so let’s get these screws in and then we’ll come back okay guys so we’ve got our three screws in and I don’t know I’m not going to turn the light on but trust me it’s in there now what we’re going to do is we’ve got a couple more things just kind of tidying up before we put the rest of this – together okay guys so I’ve got the screen there basically I just peeled off the little sticky part on the back of that put it on here it is now on this magnet which I was using for an XM radio so I figured it was just you know good enough to use there and it’s in a really good spot for me to see the screen and I can kind of take it off as I wish and kind of go from there now I’m not sure where I’m going to be installing this yeah my wife has it on her steering wheel but when I Drive her car I spin the wheel a lot and it just doesn’t really work there for me so I don’t know maybe I will put it here I haven’t really decided yet so that’ll be secondary but let’s kind of get the dashboard in and really it’s only going to be a couple Clips guys so as you can see there is one clip two clips three clips four clips five clips and six clips again make sure your shifter is down otherwise it won’t go in and out right make sure your parking brake is on otherwise your cars are made rollaway so and like I said I cut the little part of the dash out a little bit to notch it for that wire okay so I’m going to put that dash on oh and when you put the dash on don’t forget there’s four Clips here there’s the hazard the passenger airbag indicator the climate control and down there I have to get that one is the dome light control I’m just going to put the through the connectors and then I’ll show you guys how to put the dash back on okay guys i’m attempting to show you this i’m not sure if you’re going to be able to see this too well but as you can see I’ve got the connector back on there and I’ve got the connectors back on there it’s tight so we’ve got the connectors back on and basically guys all you do you line up your – I see if I can do this with one hand and line up your dash and you push the clips in there we’re going to make sure that this wire see there is that wire why not stay out just a little bit so it doesn’t pinch the wire and then you just push the clips in and there you go so now we are just about back okay and I’m going to make sure that everything works everything is connected and then what we have to do is we have to permanently fix that that’s just a sticker you know tape and we have to put on the the lenses for the map lights they just left those often till we test everything so I don’t come off again if there’s an issue and then we put the glove box back together and then we are good to go so let me test everything out real quick guys and then we’ll be back to finish this up ok

guys so it looks like we’ve got everything ready to roll we’ve got our all our connectors coming out that goes in there so we’re going to close that up we’ve got the screen mounted now we just have to kind of reassemble some stuff so we’re going to take this map light and lens let’s see if I can do this while I got the camera going probably not there we go map light lens and here’s our second map light lens and these are just little clips guys so don’t push them too hard ok there we go so we’ve got the map light lens wear and go over here and redo the glove box so ok guys so you didn’t see me take this glove box out and really it’s only three clips and again there is the cabin filter so if you ever need to change your cabin filter that’s where it is so what we’re going to do is we lift this up and we’re going to do this like this and we just kind of ease that over now that’s the hydraulics ok and there are these two Clips here what we’re going to do we’re going to take this first clip and I’m going to do this off camera guys and then I’ll show you how it’s done ok so I got the first one in on this side here so I can just have the door open now these are stops so it makes it so the door doesn’t open so roughly and what you do is you stick that in there and you just wiggle it in there pop it in and let’s see if we can do this get a better angle here guys these tight spots are tough to film there we go so there it is so it stops okay so those make it stop and then this is the hydraulic so this makes it open nice and easy so I’m not going to be able to get this back in with one hand so I’m going to do this and then I’ll show I’ll show you guys how it is installed okay so we’ve got that installed there you just got to line up the little tabs now we’re going to put all our crap back in here okay see there’s a lot of garbage here that we’ve been using so now we have it a back installed everything is back together guys okay last thing we have to do is take the adhesive off the microphone and I don’t need to show you guys that and we’re going to find out where we’re going to mount the remote control okay guys so like I said last thing to do is to permanently fix that you know I just had that up with some painters tape just in case I had to move it I didn’t want to ruin the stickiness hey and this okay and I think what we’re going to do I think we’re going to end up putting it on the steering wheel well and we’ll see if I can’t get used to it I just think this spot has not a good spot you know that spot may be a good spot I don’t know that seems like a decent spot I guess but uh you know we can give it a couple different tries because there is a clip for both this and for the steering wheel mount so we’ll give it a shot either way alright guys so that is about it that is the install this was a long video guys I know and I’m sorry but I wanted to give you guys a good idea of how to install this thing and it would probably been longer if I started from the beginning but anyway we’ve got our microphone wire run through the headliner down the a-frame through the glove box to the back of radio we’ve got a parrot installed everything is going to work through the speakers everything is voice-activated we play our iPod iPhone USB whatever it is and I’ll just give you a full review when when we get to when we get to the review so that was the install of the parrot MKI 9200 in a 2006 honda odyssey make sure when you’re done gadget reattach the battery terminal that way you can start your car and thanks for watching if you have any questions let me know I know that these installs can be a pain I learned a lot watching youtube videos so I hope that you guys can learn something from my install video if you have any questions let me know it’s tom moshe at buy me an iPhone com if you want follow us on twitter it’s slash buy me an iphone if you want follow me personally it’s slash nerf squeezer so guys that’s it for me I’m going to update the software and we’ll show you guys how to do that too in another video and I’m going to enjoy my power MKI 9200 so until the next video guys thanks for

watching and have a great day as always