Witchdoctor How to install Kuryakyn LED speaker grills on a Victory Cross Country

I welcome to another witch doctors DIY garage let me show you how to do it so you can save money some we’re going to show you today is the Kuryakin speaker grilles for the cross country they come as a set of two they come in black and they also come in Chrome I’ll show you the black one here they’re very easy to install your comparison with the black in the chrome and what they do actually is they light up like a blue a real bright blue and these lines here are what light up it’s not the whole grill doesn’t lay it up just these lines light up nice and thin so it doesn’t hit your speaker it doesn’t interfere with your speaker all the wiring is encased in the back here you have a plug-and-play harness so everything is very easy to put together we’ll show you how to install it it goes this snaps in just like your stock speaker grille has a little button a little push in pin there so they’re very easy to install no wires need cut nothing like that this is one of those items that really dresses up the bike makes a big difference on how the bike looks and like I say when you turn this on it’s really cool looking how they have them kind of arced out here there’s three on that side four on this side that light up so very cool product we’ll go over to the bike and show you how to install it okay so the first thing you have to do is you have to pop out your speaker grilles we use a little pick you can use a little screwdriver a butter knife or whatever just kind of put it in there pry out they’re not bolted on and just pop them out they pop right out do both sides and what you have to do you have to get these screws out there’s a screw here and a screw here and there’s some around the outer fairing here a four millimeter allen so you can use a wrench a socket whatever you got because what we have to do is we have to take the front bearing on the music you hear in the background we are at the southeast victory rally in Helen Georgia what we’re doing an install here the screws just come right out no big deal now the one thing that we’ve I show you on some other videos you have some screws back in here that are really hard to get to okay now just for simplicity sake we’ve already taken those out but you have the same screws there back in there so we’ve already just taken those out you know just so you know you do the same thing on the other side like I say when you take these screws off nothing falls off it’s very easy to do and these speaker grilles are actually something that look really cool we’ll show you here once we get them lit up and how they look in the dark but it really dresses the bike up and like I said we have them in black and chrome and again there’s a screw in here and it’s screw in here that we’ve already taken out because with the lighting we can’t really show you but they’re they’re in there you just have to take

those out that’s basically all the screws that you have to do now you have to do go up in the front and we have to pull the headlight now you just gotta hook your fingers in the comb and you just pull this right off and you want to kind of pull even just get it going and work it all the way around and it would come right off and if you look it has the pushpins on here so when you put it back on you just snap it back in there’s no bolts there’s just a clip there now next thing you want to do is you want to pull off the headlight these four bolts have two bolts here with two bolts here and pull your headlight off you have to do this for the fair use the loss speaker grille okay so you take the headlight out you just grab it and kind of pull it out it’ll pop right off catches on these tabs here there you go now when you disconnect the bulbs you can see there is a tag on each bulb so you don’t screw it up this is the top bulb and the other one it’s the bottom ball to get the bulbs out all you do is you just pull these little clips on the side you don’t have to take the bulb out just disconnect the wire just pull them out pull these little wings out they’re kind of stiff pull them off and just pull that one off do the exact same thing I try to show you with a tool here how to do that you just kind of pull out on that it’s easier with both fingers but we must need another hand here to hold us just pull that off and the headlight will come right out next thing you have it might be a little bit hard to see but you have to do disconnect your turn signals and here’s a turn signal here it’s just a real small little wire and it also labels with a tag left-hand turn signal and right-hand turn signal now on these there’s a little tab on here try to get this so you can see it this little tab right here just push it down and pull it and it comes right off do the same thing with the other one and you can see this one says right-hand turn if you can see that just push that little tab it comes right off so now your front ends all disconnected so what you have to do is when you take the front end if you have to lift it up okay so it’s kind of stuck down here like how that headlight was stuck on the pins so you kind of have to yank it a little bit and get it loose and then you just kind of start pulling it up and it’ll stick just have to kind of working it and once you pop it you can see it’s loose you have to lift it up and then pull it off and it’ll come right off okay and the reason you have to lift it off is you have these tabs right here these tabs hook into the frame here so you have to lift it up and get it off of there and then pull it out okay so that’s all it is and these are all the screws that we took off so that’s that’s all there is to take a mat off so the next thing we’ll show you is how to hook into the wiring system okay so once you have all this off you need to get into this wiring harness right here it’s right in the factory spot because they Kuryakin gives you a jumper harness so this is gonna plug into there and then your speaker’s is gonna your speaker grilles are gonna plug into there so to get this harness apart you have a little tab right here all you

have to do is push down on that tab and this will pull right apart okay take your connector it only goes on one way so you really can’t screw it up plug it on when you plug it on make sure it clicks so you know it’s in there tight put that in and that’s basically the only wiring you have the back of the speaker grill has all the electronics built into it it’s already pre-wired you have your connector which plugs right in and I’ll just show you how to do this so you can see it here you just plug that right in do the same thing here now you don’t do this this way I’m just showing you how it works so then all you got to do is turn the bike on and you can see them light up you want to do this now so that you make sure all your wires right so they plug on you don’t want to put the fairing on and then hook these up and say aw something screwed up and have to do it so you can see how they they light up they look really cool at night with that blue with the lines on it there’s a lot of style to it so we’ll disconnect these back and it’s the same thing you just kind of push this little tab here push that little tab right there pull that right out the same thing here push that little tab and pull that right apart so now that all that’s done I just popped the fairing back on the one thing you want to make sure is your your wires are going to be hanging here make sure you kind of hold them up out of the way so they don’t get pinched in and you just line those tabs that I showed you you just line those tabs up push down and then down here make sure your wires aren’t pinched you don’t want to have any pinched wires under here and then it’s just going to line back up on those tabs and it kind of snaps back on like how we had to take it off what you’re gonna do here’s your wires for the speaker grills you want to make sure they’re kind of out where you can get to them you want to hook your turn signals back up make sure you know you follow the wire coming from the right hand go back to where the tag right hand to put them together just plug it on we kind of give it a little pull make sure it’s connected do the same thing on the other side okay so that’s that now we don’t want to put the headlight in because like I say you want to kind of leave some room to get to these speaker wires cuz you’re gonna kind of have to fish them through so it’s a little bit powered okay so now this is kind of a little bit difficult we have to kind of fish this wire down through so you may have to pop the fairing back on and off you know so however you can do it so you can see now I’ll try to pop this back off a little bit so you can see exactly what we’re doing but you want to kind of fish that wire through kind of in the corner here fish it down through and if the Sheen’s your according to hooking it now you can do that but that’s all you just really kind of want to pitch that down through and let that hang there a second and you want to go a night do the same thing on the other side it’s your fearing pop back on now you can’t really put these in yet because don’t forget you have these screws here I’m gonna put your screws back in

okay now you get those tight just tuck your wire in and this just kind of hooks in just like the stock one you have your rubber or your peg that goes in your rubber there just have to be careful when you line them up they just kind of snap in do the same thing on this side now you’re just gonna go and finish put your screws in you’re just going to put everything back together like you took it apart you know so we’ll show you how to put the headlight back in all you’re going to basically do is finish put your screws on each side and you’re going to be done on this side okay see make sure your wires like I say are out of the way found you’re wired it says the talked bulb says top ball you just push it back on only goes one way you try it just move snaps right in push it in I’m gonna kind of snap this back on let’s put your bolts in once you get those tight you’ll pop your

headlight ring back in make sure the tabs are lined up the other side and you’re all set that’s how you install Kuryakin speaker grilles you can see they match perfect with the blue of the – I’ll shut the light off so you can see how the color matches everything looks really good that’s all it is install this Thanks