Hypixel Skyblock | #1 | Turn on Subtitles/CC for this.

-*Options and things.*- Well hello, I use the chat to speak mostly, but right here I make that realization. ;-; -*Wood.*- -*Crafting.*- -*More crafting*- Big oof -*Me saying hi.*- -*Me having trouble typing.*- That was a complete and utter lie. But I doubt most people cared. (Hopefully) -*Me showing off my main character.*- If I could, I would put Sad Violin music here, I just don’t know how yet. ;-; -*Contemplating life.*- The true sad part is Hypixel’s chat limits, I mean come on! There’s nobody else there with me Indeed I thought this caption thing was going to be easy. ;-;

But not really, I’ma just use captions whenever I can’t speak normally Like when I’m off the island, or something Okay, see ya then (Remember kids, wash your hands, don’t spread that one virus taking over the world.) (… And clean everything, don’t leave ya house unless it’s something like food.) I don’t know why I’m giving this information, everybody already knows this. ;-; -*Having trouble making a shovel.*- -*Tactical bridge building*- -*Visible confusion.*- I’m trying to talk to all the villagers, as you can see That dude’s name is joe mom boomer. .- If this channel ever get’s popular, that man deserves a shoutout, LUL Or woman, don’t wanna assume It’s been fun trying to do these subtitles, but I think for this first vid, I can’t do more. Sorry Subtitles over