Russian reaction #Susamam . English subtitles. Turkish subtitles

Hello! How are you? Today there will be a Turkish video for Susam I redid this video many times, because it was blocked, I spent about 1.5 months on this video I don’t know why others didn’t block videos, even though they watched with sound and on the big screen and didn’t change anything I had two options, completely change the sound and video and release a reaction or remove access only on patreon Copyright. Sometimes they block completely, which you can’t even see Either add to another platform or not release When there are blockages, it is not very good for the channel, so I changed the video If it works, then I will leave the video on YouTube, if not, then access will be only for patreon And if there are still such videos with completely blocking, then access will only be on patreon I read the translation of the song and I know what they are singing about. Cover all the most global topics This is for the Russian audience I list the topics that are sung in the song Now singing about an illegal trial I remembered they sing about just violence, violence against women, about homeless people

Took the most important topics I remembered there is also a topic about animals And yet inaccessible education really like this part of the song this is the best part of the song

This part is about suicide. After this video, I will have a conversational video on this topic, about people who have encountered this, whom I know

It’s very hard This is terrible not in terms of the fact that they want to do this, but in terms of the fact that people nearby were not paid attention in time And so it turns out that someone commits suicide Therefore, try, if you have such people among your acquaintances or friends, then do not allow bad things to happen In the life of such people, do not condemn, because we do not know, perhaps we can be in their place Even if we think that there is no such thing will not happen to me Take care of yourself and your loved ones I think there is nothing to explain here Who cares to read the lyrics The artist touched upon all the topics that are important now Gotta take care of yourself So take care of yourself, your loved ones, try to cope with your fears, contact the organization, contact your loved ones We are the only ones, we won’t be like that for the second time Remember you are the best, you are unique, you are the most beautiful, you are loved! You will always be helped This is a good song, thanks to the artists for bringing up important topics in their songs If I’m not mistaken, then this artist always raises such topics in his songs

Thank you for watching, likes, comments, recommendations See you soon in a new video