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– Money status then personality that’s what I’m gonna go with man Привет из Одессы Мама! Welcome to Odessa, Ukraine you just heard a list from a youtuber who is who self-identifies as MGTOW or red pill on the Internet now today’s video is not going to be going into depth exactly about what red pill philosophy or what MGTOW is men going their own way and all that stuff that would be way too deep for today’s video so I’m gonna focus it in on the list and the ranking he gave where he was outlining what he believes are women’s priorities when they’re looking for a man and a man to date and how I believe that this list is completely wrong when you come here to Eastern Europe to a city like Odessa in Ukraine it’s actually gonna be really counterproductive for you to think in those terms like he outlined now he was actually talking about Los Angeles if you’re interested in his video I’ll link it down below and you can go and see the whole context but he was talking about I don’t want to get in you know this video to be three hours long if I start getting into red pill philosophy what it is exactly but basically this list is really helpful and actually gonna go into it in another vodcast but yeah let me know what you think of this one in the comments below afterwards and this format where I answer to I react to another youtuber’s comment to do with dating the reason I’ve decided to take this one is because I see in the comments I received you know emails messages from a lot of viewers who have this similar mindset coming from red pill and just in a short brief red pill is about taking the red pill not being blue pill which is that you see reality for it is tends to have a rather negative perspective on women’s reasoning for choosing men and how they prioritize dating men are there their interaction with men overall that’s another huge debate I agree but some things they said and I don’t agree with other things overall and of course there are degrees of being red pill but that’s a discussion for another day so today’s video I really want to focus it down to something practical for you because this list ranked as you saw that basically women prioritize number one looks number two money number three status and number four personality and I want to run into why I believe that is a really bad way to look at things if you’re gonna come here to Eastern Europe and hope to date and aim to date beautiful women like there are lots here so let’s dive into the first one which is looks now I actually did a video on this and it was actually taken down off YouTube at the moment but I’m pursuing some legal avenues to get it better back up to you but in summary listen Ukrainian women Russian women Belarusian women they do not prioritize a man’s looks in terms of looking pretty or looking necessarily fit or having high cheekbones whatever things you read on the internet about what men should look like it’s not their biggest priority what’s or what so ever and in fact in this region in Russian there is a great expression that sums it up and that is мужчина должен быть чуть лучше, чем обезьяны that means a man must be just a little bit better than an ape so there you go so as long as you are a little bit better looking than an ape you’re good to go in this region now that does not mean you can be a slob when you come here there’s a difference between looks and being presentable or fitting in where you go in terms of how you dress so stop being a slob and dressing really badly like and not dressing appropriate for the context where you’re in like you go to a very nice restaurant and you dress I know in flip-flops and shorts and just a t-shirt wet when coming from the seaside of course that doesn’t fit in and you’re not gonna that is where it looks might count but you know working out having high cheekbones or having a face that you know on tinder for example is gonna get you a lot of swipes isn’t gonna help you that much here because it’s not the number one priority for women and even has I just told you they even have an expression in Russian to communicate that to you and this is really something that I’ve noticed with guys who come here to Eastern Europe I’ve often heard them say when they see a Russian or Ukrainian guy walking with a beautiful woman that guy is punching way above his weight in terms of they look at him they say oh he’s not handsome he’s not ripped you know he doesn’t have a six-pack and he’s got this beautiful girl on his arm you know there’s something wrong there’s something not normal now that is because as I explained to my friends who or my clients who say that actually none of my clients I’ve ever said that because they watched my videos but I did have some friends who came here and they actually looked at guys and said that and I just outlined listen that’s not the number one priority for girls here

now don’t get me wrong if you have a six-pack if you workout if you’re very handsome and I have friends in particular come here who are very handsome indeed just genetically they won that lottery they’d have an advantage but it’s not a massive advantage what I want is I put it to you like this it’s basically like a booster right it’s a booster in the beginning what does that mean in effect I would say that like basically anywhere if you’re good-looking you get extra amount of time to impress a girl at the beginning of an interaction that boost it gives you is the fact that you buys you probably thirty seconds two minutes at the beginning of the interaction when you meet a woman being handsome definitely is an advantage you know you’re more striking you have the better first impression we have I’m just trying to think of the name in English we have a bias towards seeing good traits in beautiful people in general what is the name for that in English it’s like I guess beauty bias there’s probably more scientific word for it but basically yeah when we meet people and they’re good-looking we try to see them in the best possible light basically we want them to be good people have the values that we want now because of that you’re gonna get extra time at the beginning for sure but if you’re boring as hell and done a personality looks are not gonna get you very far especially here where it’s definitely not a priority for women choosing a partner for dating for fun you know I’ve been with one or two friends here who are really good-looking who modeled as guys and yes it is a bit easier for them but both them how great personalities are cool as I’m gonna go go into it before you have different things about them they’re gonna make them attractive to women here anyways so they were able to utilize that advantage they had in the beginning to be successful dating women here in Eastern Europe but if you don’t have personality as I’m going to into which remember Greg Adams in that opening clip he said was the least important man I’ve seen it they’re just gonna crash and burn nearly all the time here so definitely and of course being being physically attractive in terms of working out it’s good in the sense that as long as you’re not obese as long as you’re not a slob as long as you’re not maybe I mean we also hear about height actually it’s one of the things that especially in Western Europe or North American that women help these height requirements would you base be my height that’s like about five ten five foot eleven or 178 to 180 centimeters which is basically where I am also that is not such a big concern here of course it’s evolutionary biology being bigger being taller is definitely attracted to women something subconsciously that they can think about in terms of you know passing on DNA and their children their offspring also being taller that said for example I said about 178 179 and I’ve dated a beautiful women here who are models who were 182 183 and that was not a problem and you can imagine with the heels they were even taller than me I have no complex about that at all I love girls who are tall so there you go that’s just a personal example where it matters a small bit but not massive now of course if you come here and you happen to be unfortunately for a guy 160 for example really really short and you lie about it as I saw one guy did before here and then he was he wasn’t 160 but he was shorter that he pretended to be before he met the girl the girl met him said well you’re shorter I’m not interested well he also lied about it then it can be a small factor I would say but you know it’s often you see short guys here along with super tall models so really it’s a minor I would say that actually looks make about a 10 percent different and most of that advantage is just in the beginning when you meet the woman being able to make that first impression and being more striking for sure but number one priority for women in Eastern Europe hell no it’s definitely not applicable from that list as being the number one priority so let’s move on to the second one which is money number two now is money then the second party or a bigger priority than looks for women in Eastern Europe from here Ukraine or in Russia or in Belarus now I would say it does matter more than looks so that’s definitely going to be more important of course if you watch the other videos on my channel and I have lots of content I’ll link some of it up in cards and down below in the description where we talk about scammers and here you’ve probably seen lots of videos here on YouTube or read a lot about how materialistic Eastern European women are or renowned you probably heard that they are gold diggers that are only interested in men for money so then you must be thinking Conor surely money is like number one priority again that’s not really true of course like all women being you know if we put it back to an evolutionary biology sense being able to provide is important and money can definitely get you places with women now the big problem of course in Ukraine it’s not getting dates and getting women out it’s not getting scammed by them so the

problem is if you lead with money which I’ve seen a lot of videos on in this red pill community I watched a lot of the the leading the most popular guys they all seem to think you just have to have money and the women will come the problem is the women who come in general if you lead with money are the gold diggers because they it’s what they want it’s not going to be the good girls so this is a really counterproductive strategy to focus on now do I think that all Eastern European women are gold diggers of course not most of them are actually not I think the problem is that a lot of Westerners come here and they flaunt their cash and they attract of course those kind of girls who want to abuse them and use them for their money and also there’s less social stigma for women here in terms of just saying I want a guy with money and actually prioritizing that being open about it unlike in the West or because of say radical feminism or just feminism in general over the last seventy years it’s a little bit it’s more frowned upon for a woman to say yeah I just want a rich guy it just doesn’t gel with the societal norms today to say that to free choice of course if that’s what you want to seek in life just someone to provide resources for you but overall I wouldn’t say that’s actually the case for most Eastern European women now definitely money is important in life in general right so if you have no money and you’re destitute money is vital as you get richer it’s a little bit different, the marginal utility of money starts to drop now money is also and I’m gonna get into the third point about status is an indicator of being established been successful i.e. having status in society so you have to be clear to distinguish those two whether the actual money is what you know is going to give you the advantage with the girls now it’s again a boost it’s not necessarily a boost in the beginning when you meet a girl I think what the real advantage is the freedom it can buy for you and that’s why I love money or I were to put it to you that way it allows you to just do things because you have the financial independence to do that so for example you can be really spontaneous and say hey let’s go do this let’s take a trip down to another town and then we go out and I don’t know we we take a boat and go out here on the Black Sea for example and if you don’t have the money to do that then obviously you can’t be that spontaneous and that kind of stuff and using your money to that that’s what’s really powerful actually really attractive you can create a unique experience and you can use money in order to do that or money buys you out of problems like something I don’t know you know you can’t I don’t know you can’t get a taxi or something to get home using the app you have to wait and you can just put the premium for example so things like that definitely money is important I don’t want to say that you shouldn’t focus on developing yourself and your finances that’s definitely true I just think that watched a lot of those red pillars that they seem to just focus on that part exclusively and then it creates a problem especially in Eastern Europe because you were going to focus just on projecting that wealth and status doesn’t attract the best girls overall I wouldn’t lead with that I’ve actually seen that with one of my clients who actually came here I actually went with me to Minsk where he really led with money so this right in the beginning when I started having clients and unfortunately who do you think he was attracting all night and when we went out together it was just the girls who were just interested in being sponsored and he actually had as well basically girl he was sponsoring which is a free choice that’s one way to attract women is just a sponsor her lifestyle wouldn’t be my advice to do that if you want a serious long-term relationship someone because obviously the emotional spike you can get from providing something materialistic is very short-lived and you don’t have that emotional connection with someone so it becomes definitely more advantageous to have money if you want that long-term relationship because you can provide stability over the long run and of course if you’re gonna have a family with someone that is very important because it’s a lot more important than having just a fling and just paying is throwing making it rain in the club definitely I would say that overall it is more important than looks here in Eastern Europe but again I think it’s a booster I really think that it’s probably about 10% of what goes into attracting women and has definitely more than 10% I would say if you want a long-term relationship being able to provide in some way and that doesn’t mean that you are the sole provider necessarily either here of course you can meet women who want to also contribute and maybe and have good-paying jobs as well so you’re not under pressure to always provide just remember that of course as I say in all my videos if you invite a girl out you are paying the bill here there’s no going Dutch in Eastern Europe just forget that I saw that with a guy from Belgium who I met when I was travelling I was like man Eastern European women are definitely not for you so in summary more important than looks but not the whole deal so number three he puts status he puts it lower now actually because I watch the whole video and I you know I don’t wanna play about all the beginning of this of this vodcast of course the link is below if you want to go and watch it he says that for younger women then actually status is number two

and money is number three because well they see their ambitions or their expectations are lower like he give the example $1,000 is a lot to a girl who’s 18 but that’s nothing to a girl who is 28 in the States and definitely I would emphasize that status and that is connected to money is a lot more important than actually the money itself and that’s something for you to really focus on because being able to project status is what makes it’s gonna make you really attractive here in Eastern Europe in his example he was talking about like entertainment industry in LA and he said well there are lots of guys who were film actors and film stars so by the time a girl is 25 or 30 she’s just not interested in that I would say if you’re film actor and you come here to Eastern Europe to Odessa so you’re gonna have a ball because that status that societal status is really important now why is that a little bit to do with the history of the former Soviet Union here basically you had communism there wasn’t so much status and definitely financial differences between people and then everything collapsed a small group of men basically grabbed all the money and then as a result had all the status they probably would say Conor but that’s money but it’s not about being able to necessarily buy things now of course you can do that provider game means sponsoring girls and that’s one way to get them definitely as I said with the money in part in you know reason number two or number two on the list but actually projecting status and that’s what we’re gonna go to link into the four woman’s personality is really important here now as a westerner as I’ve said I have a vodcast about whether being Westerner is really cool in Ukraine I can link it up below and down and down below as well in the description before you want to go watch all that but but basically in Ukraine it doesn’t help a huge amount unless you the right type of Westerner I think it has more of an effect in Russia and Belarus so being able to you can definitely win brownie points and you know have higher status automatically by being a foreign here as long as you’re a cool foreigner you’re not is you know you don’t get identified as being as a sex tourist for example which is a huge problem here in Odessa during the summer because there’s just like thousands tens of thousands of horny guys who flock here hitting on the local girls and also in Kyiv for example and probably a little bit in Russia like St Petersburg and Moscow but less there but if you are able to you know for example say you were a hipster and you dress in the hipster style and then you go to the hipster places and guess what as a foreigner you’re gonna be even extra cool because you’re gonna be a little bit more unique same if you speak Russian for example because then you take yourself out normally of the sex tourist bracket you have a reason to be here then yes you get a boost and you get a boost in status now depending on what you’re doing back home and I see a lot of guys who actually have professions that would give them a lot of status here but they don’t necessarily project that because of their interactions and that’s because they don’t lead they’re not assertive so status is really important in Eastern Europe of course money is attached to that of course money can buy you the freedom to express that status better but actually being able to utilize that is really the key like there are a lot of guys who come here with lots of money they throw it around but they don’t project any status and they don’t protect their personality to emphasize that and as a result they just spend a lot of money and maybe they get a gold digger for a week we end up with a prostitute unfortunately and they just pay for per transaction again if that’s what you’re into it’s a free world as long as it’s consensual so that’s not what I emphasize on this channel and that’s what I’m not what I encourage you to do when you come here to Eastern Europe so I would say number three status is really really important now how much of a boost does it give you status more in for a short term relation where actually attracting women definitely more than looks way more than looks and definitely more than actual money although there is obviously a connection between the two but being able to express that like let me give you is a good example because me and one of my close friends who travel here are lawyers by profession whenever we meet law students obviously we are lawyers who have achieved a lot in our careers we have high status it’s nothing actually to do with the money of course law students are girls who are women who are working in law firms who are lawyers they are gonna see that ss super high status and of course they’re a lot more attracted to us as a result again of course you can say lawyers make it a pretty high salary depending where they are in the world they can be like upper middle class we’ll say not necessarily billionaires from being a lawyer but they can definitely be millionaires so there is a connection a little bit of tie with money but it’s actually just been higher up and in in in kind of like a tribe right because obviously we have the same interests and you’re in a higher position again status and then meeting a foreign one again status so I would say that while I said looks give you a 10% boot especially the beginning money in the shortrun gives you about another 10% boost I would say status

gives you like 20% boost 20-30 boost especially and there is that little bit of a connection with money so that brings us to our fourth point on the list which says the lowest priority and that is personality now I want to make one thing clear I’m not talking about your personality in terms of being a nice guy in Eastern Europe in particular being a nice guy it’s gonna be a disaster never mind in the West in Eastern Europe it’s gonna be a disaster full stop it’s just gonna I don’t even want to go there if you’re a nice guy you’re gonna look meek you’re gonna look needy you’re not gonna project yourself as being assertive like you I refer to and you’re not gonna be able to lead and basically you’re gonna look extremely low status and gonna be extremely unattractive so definitely from that point of view it is actually the opposite it’s the most important trait to get right because basically with your personality being leading being able to lead being assertive been strong in terms of direction that you’re bringing things having a plan about where you’re gonna go on a date or your interactions with girls when you meet them you haven’t been up to like project that you’re confident confident is so damned attractive to women because it’s basically connected to status like the earlier point it is the most important thing to get right it’s 50% it’s 50% of the game and those other things that are boosters like the looks the money and you know the status which is obviously we have this little causal connection between the three in terms of money to status to your personality but being able to project that it’s really what you got to focus on because this is where you’re gonna get the biggest bang for your buck if that’s not an unfortunate pun in this context with Eastern Europe but yeah making more money it should improve your confidence but I see so many guys who come here maybe it’s because their expectations are wrong they just think hey it’s gonna be easy I’m the high roller let me make it rain in the club and then nothing happens or nothing good happens they get scammed out of a thousand euros the girls who they thought were super falling all over them or actually just interested and robbing their money stealing it they’ve just thieves the scammers so definitely you need to not lead with money that’s my advice don’t be so concerned about looks just be presentable like if you go into a nice club and the dress code is going to be having a dress shirt and nice trousers and good shoes put those on don’t show up in like I don’t know an NBA top or a football jersey or something and then really loud trainers and shorts like and especially you know if you don’t know anyone in the city you have no social clout you’re not gonna get you’re not gonna be cool in the club or a hop status or be able to protect yourself probably you’re just not going to get even in face control is gonna lock you down and keep you outside so that kind of stuff in terms of looks it’s more about being presentable of course don’t be obese do sport it’s gonna give you more energy anyways it’s gonna allow you to project confidence in yourself so there is a little bit of a causal connection between all these points at the end of the day being presentable obviously if you make more money you know you you’re able to afford to come here first of all and fly from what happens to be North America Latin America Australia Western Europe and actually you know live somewhere that’s not a youth hostel obviously and you’re able to stay at a decent place and actually go to the the good places and be able to afford that that’s enough really at the end of the day for basic attraction and having that extra like money in terms of able to be spontaneous and create an unique experience and project that status of yours all of that leads basically down to personality and how you are able to interact and behavior with women definitely don’t make the huge mistake of looking like it’s the first time you’ve ever met beautiful women in your life that’s gonna look again like low status and that’s something that you can easily deal with so this just behind me for a few seconds before we close out this video is the monument to the unknown sailor something really important to understand here about Odessa is that it is a maritime city and that is an important monument and there’s actually eternal flame there go check that out when you come here so in summary Greg Adams put them in his video talking about LA in all fairness that it’s like number one is looks number two is money number three is status although that reverses as if the girl is really young and number four is your personality I would say you need to flip that script completely saying everyone is your personality that’s the thing you can do work the most on the easiest then after that number two is your status again there’s a connection between the two projecting the status that you have number three is money it’s gonna give you a boost allow you to actually project your status and your personality a lot more and the least important as long as you don’t look like an ape is looks so definitely be careful what you

read always question it whether that happens to be information on my channel always do your best to verify things and really have develop a deeper understanding of a country’s mentality and what the real priorities are and not be sucked into believe in that you know unless you look like a top model or multi millionaire or billionaire and I don’t know have some I don’t know post or position in society that gives you massive status although that’s a little bit more important of course and in the others that you can’t meet beautiful women here that most of it is actually in your hands and you can work on yourself and you can succeed in Eastern Europe in terms of dating beautiful women whether that happens to be here in Ukraine Russia or Belarus now before I go from today’s video over the last few weeks I’ve actually really had this PDF which will give you an insight give you the secret places where I meet beautiful women in Eastern Europe in cities like Minsk, Kyiv and here in Odessa Ukraine and I’ve had that under a few videos and it’s been extremely popular actually it blew me away the number of people are asked for it so I’ve decided extended for another week so if you go down below if you haven’t already looked at that PDF then it’s going to be there so just it’s really something that people have to pay normally about 250 dollars to get so it’s free at the moment but it’s gonna gonna be until the end of the month and I am working on a new video course it’s going to be very soon probably even maybe tomorrow there’s gonna be an announcement about that and it’s gonna be how you can avoid this scammers it’s gonna be ScamBuster Bootcamp I’m really excited about working on it over last three weeks during this quarantine when obviously I haven’t had clients come in person super pumped about it it’s gonna be exciting to get started and you’re gonna find out about it tomorrow so just make sure that you have whacked the notification bell below once you’ve subscribed assuming that you are a subscriber or just tune back in tomorrow or make sure that you’ve actually already gone down and gotten that PDF and stuff because I will send an email to those who are already on that list that’s the end of today’s video definitely of course drop a comment about what you think about red pill philosophy MGTOW’s men going their own way and I will see you very soon in another video до побачення! До свидания! from Odessa Mama!