03-07c Instrument Cluster LED Swap Silverado / Sierra

alright guys so I put the ball how to search for the ball but you’re in wanaka like eBay or Amazon you can find a mine you can by just googling and finding but this is how you search for the bulb that I used in this video I also took about half this video and threw it away it was going to be well over 40 minutes long so I took as much footage as I can excuse me I took out as much footage as I could to shorten it up to down to 20 minutes it was tough to do so I took out a lot of footage of the like setting the other 8 LEDs on this board I didn’t think you really need to see that but it took me about an hour to do maybe like an hour and a half from start to finish to do this it was my first time so maybe having a video will help you but um so I took out as much photos as possible I hope it helps if you have any comments please feel free to leave in the comment section below and I’ll do my best to answer them and thumbs up if you just check your facebook what is going on guys 99 silverado new body style here that’s kind of weird to say today we’re going to be doing long lee awaited highly anticipated video on how to do an LED slap on a no 3 + cluster I know you guys love the one on my 99 cluster so we’re going to do it again so first of course remove the cluster from your vehicle and we’re going to pry it open gently gently and pry don’t really make sense but um see ya start by removing the front of it we’re going to start in the front not the back so you can usually just do these with your fingernails get one started we’ve only three on the top like that that’s a big that’s a tough one for me so just put a little screwdriver under release that and then there’s two hidden on the bottom down here things are a little tougher so they give you a little slot to go in on and I usually I like to pull one up and then put another scrubber in between it gently release it that one might actually very came out same thing on this side not the easiest a little bit of chore but a little bit of finesse that I use that in the right terminology finesse a little bit of patience it’ll unlatch them not block in that cam or too much tough one I had a release just a second ago off a video of course sliding around like that if it came a little bit of design for this but there goes didn’t sound good but it released try to get on this side there goes exactly high one bit to go but it works so we’re not broken so that’s good set that off to the side and now we have our cluster this is where I get a little nervous because I haven’t experienced much of this cluster yet but we’re going to mark our gauge needles and then because we’re gonna have to pull off this on your face plate so we’re going to mark our needles where they are and I think I did that actually yeah I did do that that’s how I marked it up a little bit so learn from my mistakes to go on this side of it I don’t think that’s going to seem dang put this on freak yeah you can see it so be careful my mistake I didn’t think I was up that high so don’t go in that hard see if I think see on camera I marked my thing up so I might be get a new face plate I thought about getting away one anyway so what better time now than the present alright so we’re going to have to mark our needles exactly where they are and so that’ll probably use a piece of masking tape was what I was thinking alright guys so as you can see I went ahead and taped off my needles and put some pretty big pieces on there so I knew where it would go pretty easily but that’s what I did you know it doesn’t have to be really perfect it has to be really close the course but I’m as close as you can get it to make your gauge as accurate as possible again now to pull off the needles community dinner fork yeah I said dinner fork you’re just going to slide it in between the middle of the needle very gently get it in between there and just kind of gently pull up and it’s really careful during this step and that’s a tough one let’s cry different one on the list of

that one so slide it in between there I’m going to shoot my tables a little worried about that I can probably remember that one but I better market just in case I thought about that with my tape Mikey away our nice big piece on there I probably can remember this in some bottoms out just below a hundred see where it goes that’s about that’s where it naturally wants to be alright let’s try that again jeez those things are on there I don’t like it but it’s off man listening down there a little part of that I thought they were you’re gonna want to be really careful doing this I’m trying to pull it up nice and straight get my fingers underneath the the prongs in front here that yeah like that I’m gonna move to a different one for again they’re on there that tight okay that one came off pretty nicely I think they’re all the same except for the rpm and speed yeah they look the same I’m just going to lay them out where they go so I don’t forget this move on here we came off pretty easy then we get the hang of it now just got to lift it up a little bit to get into the base of it just yeah it’s not too bad I guess that our pan one is a little nerve-wracking but it’s not terrible this one scared of them not gonna lie guess it’s really tough afraid to hurt the motor at that’s tough alright now you got your needles off you can pull your face plate off and let’s just tell them by these little clips up here in the corners you’re kinda like a one leg clip you gently pull it off of them and come out pretty easily just like that so there’s your faceplate for you guys that’s it we’ll set that aside somewhere it’ll stay clean alright now we can pull off the back of the cluster just loose in here could be just the plastic woman and I think it’s just the plastic oh no my trip button song better okay so this I just sits in there okay so pull your trip button out you guys will learn as I do because I’ve never done this cluster yeah I’ve never taken it apart go ahead and start pulling the back apart I do it facedown okay something Falls okay got my back piece off okay the clear piece fell out so you know to that and now I think I can separate this there we go and we’re down to the cluster all right so here’s our bulb so our illumination bulbs looks like we got one two three four five six seven eight nine I believe that one goes to something else I’m not sure that’s probably one of it 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 maybe 11 this one I don’t know what that one would be to maybe like the brights are high beam indicator it looks like Cruz that looks like it goes to Cruz I’m looking at my thing okay so here we go these are turn signals I just figured that out

turn signals is quick and we’ll actually try to give you a better idea of what they are would it block yeah okay that makes sense so one two three four five six seven eight nine there’s nine bulbs total these two up here I’m showing up on the camera correctly those are turn signals and this is Cruz and the other ones are LED actually soldered to the board I can see that now the stuffs really finally sat it on so now we got to go plug it into the truck which I’m pretty afraid to do actually plug into the truck and figure out what is positive and negative on these because the other IDs matter polarity matters on the LEDs so um yeah that’s our next step alright guys so I went ahead and marked my board I marked the positives with a little red mark I’m not going to show you my board completely because I don’t want you to copy this in case your board is different there could be different manufacturers throughout the years don’t go by this if you can tell but what I’m going to do is I’m heating up my Saturday round right here as you can tell and so I took my multimeter don’t use a test so I use a multimeter and put it on volts DC like you’re maximum with twenty anything over like fourteen will be safe so use your step above that and probe each side of the bulb there’s their only soldered in two places I know it looks like they’re four but they’re actually a wire jumping it so there’s only two solder joints not four so I’ll probe each other side of it and then tell which one’s positive which one’s negative because LED polarity does matter so with my balls well this is heat enough I actually just purchased one nine four bulbs and I’m going to take them out of the basis this is what it looks like you know if it was put together so I took it out and I’m going to solder this to the board is my plan I’m not sure it’s going to be cube day yet or not but this is what I’m going to try because I think you’re gonna get the least amount of hot spots of these I’m gonna have to go test which sides positive which had negative generally LEDs the long side is positive so this is probably positive but I will find out will tech for sure and wait for my soldering iron heat up here and see if we can have so many bulbs on I’m going to start with this bulb actually over here because I know this one’s burned out so if I mess it up I’m not really worried about it so I’m just going to see if I hit it a little heat I warmed up the end I came right off actually let me turn the cluster around just for me for a second came right off so as you can see on the bottom of the bulb if it’ll focus there’s only two solder joints like I was telling you so I’m going to start with that bone because I know it’s out and I’m gonna run with it I think LEDs it’s always been the longer let’s legs positive so I’m going to tack it on there and see if it works yeah that’s the longer sign don’t a look at these soldering skills because I’m not that good at it terrible at Saturn actually so I’m going to go ahead and put a little bit of solder on each of the legs it’s easier for me to do it that way I know it’s far from the right way to do it but put a little bit on each of the legs give me a good test I’m just going to test this ball back this is a test subject if you will my soldering iron courts not long enough in this room there we go that’s funny go ahead and drop this bulb on there now there we go and I’m in whatever if it’s right polarity all right guys so I’ve

gone ahead and tested this bulb and I was correct the longer leg is positive so my camera is almost dead so I switched up the battery quick and I just shortened out the league’s and soldered it in that’s the final product I think I’m not sure it’s going to fit yet or not but so we just take our 194 as we straighten out the legs and then we can just pull the base off and then what you’re going to do at least what I’m going to do is mark which side is which because I’m going to trim the same length so look at the shorter league leg get the shorter leg so I know this side is negative so I’m going to color it black a little bit up here to call it a black so I know now I can cut them the same length nice and short get them as close to the board as I can so just about like that didn’t cut that one there it goes so out of the same length we can go ahead and Satre it in place it’s a little difficult project but it’s not as hard I thought it’s gonna be a little harder than this but time I’m going to go ahead and add pre solder a little bit I know it’s as far from the correct way of doing it but I also being careful the board don’t want to get it you can’t get the port too hot otherwise you’re gonna not have good luck there we go nice balls look at which ways which looks like this is the way it’s going to sit we are pree habit of that path through that we’re going to go ahead and another one ready ID saturd a couple bulbs already and the camera is getting a new battery so and you should periodically go over there and test it to make sure there’s no problems should go over there every time really I’d be the smart thing to do okay now these look the same length so it’s different I’m going to go test this one make sure I got it right this is one I just put on alright guys so I switch to my other camera now and that’s what it looks like they all work so yeah I like it Oh a little nervous shut that off they all work so we’re going to put it back together and see what it looks like alright guys I’ve gone ahead and reassemble the cluster I went in there and tested it already and I’m pretty happy with it I won’t know until really later tonight when it gets actually dark out but I’m happy with it how it looks right now so I think I’m going to run it for now now it’s time to put the needles back on Oh all right guys moment of truth I put it in I didn’t bolt it down yet but I actually have not seen it you’re gonna see with me um yeah there it is no looks pretty good camera makes it look a little worse it’s pretty good though actually not very bright but I think at night it’ll be just fine a little darker over here by

the RPM but as you see it the camera makes it look about 8 times worse than it actually is it actually looks pretty good I wish it a little brighter but reminds me my hope truck a lot now Wow so yeah pretty happy with it I think it looks nice that’s about how bright I wanted it to be yeah I can live with it I actually like it let’s um let’s see if we can see that little dent oh you can’t even see that dent of what I did do it yeah I can’t even find it oh yeah there it is this at the very bottom a little focus in on that that’s just dirty hmm you can’t even see it I can barely see it might get her new I want to get a new face plating I thought it white one would look nice but um yeah I think it’s pretty nice I’m happy with it I wish you guys could see exactly what it looks like in real life it actually doesn’t look hot spotty at all I can tell my trans temps a little brighter but it’s not like a it’s it’s it’s pretty good I like it so um that’s it guys if you have any questions please feel free to leave them in the comments below and thanks for watching