2 Thumbs Up in a 79 Trans Am

hey everybody this is Adam with emotive direct comm and wanted to take a minute to just thank everybody that’s subscribed to my channel so far you know it’s really kind of a cool thing I’ve I’ve always just had this this little quiet shop here and and nobody knew I was even here and now with a little bit of exposure I’ve I’ve been getting some really good comments and feedback and it sounds like everybody wants to kind of see more of what I’ve got to show off here you know I got thinking about what to put on the channel what you guys would like to see and what I think that most people would find interesting and and getting to think about it I just kind of had to think okay well like my existing customers are or my existing friends what would I show them if they walked into the into the studio at the moment and I figured maybe I just give you guys a quick little tour of what I’ve got at the moment and just could what I’m into and you know I can siddur you guys friends already and so yeah come in take a quick little tour with me this far is headed to California to a lucky owner and that’s actually where I bought the car this car came from Lamborghini Newport Beach so I’m not surprised that it’s headed back to California from Salt Lake so this car is now officially sold you guys recognize this car from the first video that I did with the Stratton man and then also just had this little Porsche Boxster here today that you know it’s springtime the weather is getting nicer and I can’t think of a better car for the money if you want to just go out and have a little bit of fun this is a 2000 Boxster S has 38,000 miles this car is sold as of today give you a quick little little tour here with a Porsche crowd still have the the classics back here the 59 Corvette and the 57 t-bird and the supercharged Camaro so this car officially putting down about seven hundred and forty nine horsepower it’s got the whipple supercharger on it and it’s pretty gnarly I haven’t had a chance to drive this car very much but it was built by JDP motorsports here in Salt Lake that is pretty much you know for the GM folks out there for those Chevy guys they they know JDP and they’re actually right down the street for me so it’s nice to have them close by but they built that car and then here’s the race car the Boxster and looking to get this out on the track very soon in fact something came in the mail today that I was actually pretty excited about as many of you may know or maybe you don’t know I’ve grown up racing cars I I’ve you know always had sort of a dual career in the car business and Motorsports and you know since I was a little guy I always wanted to race cars luckily I had a good dad and good parents who kind of pointed me in the right direction and they’ve always said you know you can do whatever you want as long as you went to college and got a degree and and what happiest so did that and I’ve always had sort of a dual career chasing my love for motor sports and my passion for motor sports and doing what I’m doing here and believe it or not I can’t tell you how many times that’s come in handy you know all the stuff that I get to do on the track you just get to learn stuff racing and motor sports in general I always make the analogy it’s like golf you know you never know it all and you’ll go out and you’ll have just this perfect day on the racetrack and you’re hooked forever and that’s what motorsports has has done to me but all the stuff I learned on the track about set up in cars and how a car feels and how a car shouldn’t feel all of that transfers into what I do you know for my day job I guess what you selling these cars and I always tell people to I saw a lot of cars on accident because I’m just talking about why one car is better than the other and I’m just talking you know car guy and people are hearing certain buzzwords and they they resonate with that and they end up buying the car so that’s kind of cool but today went to the mailbox and what did I find

I will show you here so this came in the mail and this is with the Porsche Club of America my instructor license and actually gonna have a little bit of fun this weekend out of Utah Motorsports campus as it’s now known used to be known as Miller Motorsports Park but yeah I’m pretty excited about that that’s going to be kind of cool to be you know take some time with folks you know get them to perform at the limit that they want to be I didn’t get the most out of their cars I think that’s gonna be a fun thing plus you get to drive some cool cars so if you haven’t looked into the Porsche Club it’s probably one of the most well organized car clubs in the country and like events that are happening this week in and out of a you Tom Motorsports campus it’s really open to anybody so you don’t necessarily have to have a Porsche but they do their own dey’s driver education days where anybody with anything can come out and play on the track in a safe environment controlled environment there’s instructors available like myself and just go have a great day on the racetrack with a lot of good people so pretty excited for this is going to be a neat opportunity and just a way to meet you know some really neat people and play with some fun cars so kind of excited yeah again the land book sold the box crew sold got a couple cars at the auctions for clients yesterday and today so it’s just really been a busy day but this is the stuff I love so this weekend we’re gonna be going out to the track and having some fun but in the meantime I also wanted to maybe celebrate a little bit and just go for a drive and so as so many people some of the folks on the previous videos commented they there’s some very keen eyes there but some of you folks picked out a 79 Trans Am that I have currently for sale and figured I’d just maybe give you a quick little rundown on that car so let’s check this puppy out real quick like I said a lot of you guys picked this car out of the background the other day and I’ll be the first to tell you it’s as clean as it looks and the car’s been restored the paint’s been restored you know it hasn’t been a it really didn’t need much you can tell that the chassis and everything was the frame is all straight from the beginning but I mean just look at the paint on that car check that out that’s pretty cool you know one thing I love on the Trans Am is just those those little fender flares in front of the wheel arches they’re just such a signature design cue the headlights that was these headlights were all the rage back then and you got the big thunderchicken on the hood but this this is a cool little car you got the t-tops in there Interiors been totally redone but that’s an original – the the machine turn metal around the gauges and stuff that’s all that’s all been updating stuff but I mean look at that interior that is just sharp and this one you know the car originally did come with the 6.6 liter but this particular car has a 455 block in it and it’s been updated so that’s a 7.5 liter look at the paint on it I mean it’s just such a cool car I’ll check that out so this little piece here I’m in the

process of having an interior guy just touched that up so it looks a little cleaner but yeah other than Tyrion that seats are perfect and what’s funny about this car when it came to me it was a clean car I mean it wasn’t anything like it is now but it’s one of those cars where you know like came to me I love the car I knew it was the right car had you know all the right stuff and it was a clean car but I mean I literally took the seats out of this car to detail it and to me that’s how I get to learn you know what a car really is but this car the the more I cleaned it the better it became and it just kept getting better and better and better and so now everybody that comes into the shop everybody that sees that car is just like blown away you know it’s kind of kind of a younger generation that’s starting to fall back in love with that car because ask anybody out there you know and everybody can remember a day when you could buy these old Trans Am for you know 10 15 grand and now they’re not cheap so yeah I don’t know maybe we just take this one first bin because I haven’t I haven’t driven it I’ve only detailed it only taking pictures of it I’ve driven a little bit but figured you guys might want to come along and so yeah let’s go for a spin all right guys we’ll uh let’s see what this thing is all about you know I think I’ve driven one of these a long time ago back in the day in high school but it is kind of cool to be back in here and it’s funny you see these old gauges these are those old Pontiac gauges and yeah just a cool cool car let’s see how this thing runs yeah it starts up right away every time actually you know this was kind of like the the beginning of power features so like you know you have a couple creature comforts like you’ve got the power windows this one’s got an update done to the power window relay because without it without that update the windows yes their power but they free up really slowly these go up and down right away real quick and yeah it’s cool with the with the t-tops my first car was a black 87 Mustang 5.0 with the t-tops and that car was pretty cool because it had you know sort of the last generation that your Mustang but it still had the the t-tops and you know I grew up in the South I grew up in Georgia so when I would pull those t-tops off I’m not gonna lie there’s maybe like 1% of me that would pretend I meet Burt Reynolds driving around in one of these Trans Am so here I am brakes feel good and it’s a clean car – I mean I think that’s going to be probably a trend you’ll see a lot of with me is I really try to only deal and really really really clean cars and mine you said earlier this car was clean when it came to me but this is the way I would want to own it myself and this is really the only way I’ll you know take part in like this if I know that to this level and like these seats and everything I mean that’s I want redone this is invisible it’s officially a cool car that’s officially over the speed limit it’s a comfy car it’s got the vintage air which is kind of a neat feature noventa Derrick integers really kind of changed the the world when it comes to climate control in classics I mean on this gauge it looks like it’s the original you know air conditioning unit climate control unit but it’s all modern and you know isn’t going to break down it actually works so that’s that’s a nice yes cool somebody out there is a die-hard Trans

Am fan and you need to get their email address and email in this video let him know they need to buy this car and it’s pretty nice two words 7oz now I mean what do you do with a car like this you know you don’t commute it at daily that’s for sure I mean you could but you wouldn’t necessarily want to so car like this you’re really gonna buy it because you want to go you know go to car shows or go drive around have some fun in this thing you can definitely have some fun it’ll take for somebody to pull up next to me and give me a thumbs up of this bar set your watch butt suza kitchen led by it is one of those cars this might be like one of the last real muscle cars I don’t know that’s open for debate but as of right now I mean it feels like a muscle car it feels like a classic there are some little thing see where they’re starting to use modern technology I mean like the ignition system you know that’s sort of modern they’re getting you know modern like you know the power windows and stuff like that I’m sure that was like a big upgrade back in the day but again it’s it’s got one foot in the classics and one foot in in a modern car for its first day so yeah cool car and again the car idle I mean it drives great I’m not I’m not just blowing smoke and this thing doesn’t blow any smoke it’s cool I’ve got the radial tuned suspension badge looking right at me here in the center gauge cluster radial tuned suspension I’m not sure exactly what that means there we go that was a thumbs up and that was the official thumbs up from an m5 owner that works I knew it that’s not for me although I will say driving a lot of cars I could subscribe to me before somebody out there is law enforcement or maybe a version of agree with me but I know for a fact I’ve been pulled over because the officer wanted to see the car it’s happened to me in a Bentley before trying to think of other cars I know for sure evently it happened once he claimed it was because the windows I know he just wanted to see yeah guys it’s a cool car I mean how cool is it to be able to go you know in one week from Lamborghini to the ultimate pristine Porsche – a classic 79 Trans Am there’s another one another thumbs-up that’s two thumbs up in less than two miles that’s that’s a pretty good ratio yeah I mean how cool is it to be able to just hop in these sparse ago again I’ve never taken it for granted because I’m very grateful for what I do and I’ve worked hard to get here it’s really neat to be sharing this with you guys for the for the first time because I mean for me again I was just a guy working in a lonely shop just doing my thing being the keeper of the cars and now I feel like it’s my duty to share with everybody you know how great these cars are and you know I don’t I don’t deal in the masses I only deal in cars like this and so yeah they’re

out there do your homework but these cars exists all right everybody that wraps up my quick little test drive of this 79 Trans Am and appreciate you guys coming along for the ride thanks again for watching my videos please subscribe to my channel if you have any questions or comments feel free to reach out to me and just wanted to say thanks again and I look forward to seeing you guys very soon thank you