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cloud computing is easily one of the most sort After moments when you talk about technological world and when you talk about cloud computing it cannot shy away without mentioning Amazon Web services That is AWS You know This is one of the most preferred public cloud service providers and from a career perspective it offers some of the most in demand cloud certifications That is why great learning brings to this AWS tutorial for beginners which would act as a complete cause for you to get started and also get a hands dirty with some of the most core concepts that a publicist offorty So let us quickly go ahead and take a look at the end of all things off today station So I would start off decision by discussing some of the fundamentals offload computing like water pests And why is it so popular What are some offered service and deployment markets Then we’re good and understand what AWS is and what are the career opportunities and options it gives us Next We’ll discuss it obvious global infrastructure and how it works Then we’re getting toe Some offered score service moments were first understand What are the computer domains are compute services that AWS offers to us What are the enablers stories is that we have or what are the types of services that terribly store it supports What are some of the core networking services that AWS has to offer to us Ongoing I would understand what develops services that you can implement on top of AWS for platform Next we’re talk about machine learning services that a liberal support And then again we were getting toe AWS core services Where would understand how security services work on AWS What are some of the popular monitoring services that AWS supports What are some of the database services that AWS has to offer to us And finally we’ll discuss some of the career questions or career opportunities that AWS has our office can some of the common questions that people seek answers to severe answer those questions and then drop of decision so that the agenda is clear Now let us quickly go ahead and take a look at the first topic of discussion to understand cloud computing and its fundamentals First we need to actually go and understand how cloud computing came into picture Why cloud computing right So let me just go ahead and give you a scenario When I say scenario latest and understand what Where the things are How did a cloud application or rather application hosting work before cloud computing came into picture Right So when I’m talking about this era are this time frame where we were not so family with cloud computing I want to discuss how businesses used to work in these days Right So this is a general example Do not take it as a hard line I’m sure everybody has also I mean there would be quite a few people here who would have lived in the Serra and would have known business much better than me So I’m not challenging anybody’s point of view But these were some common offerings are some of the common observations that people had during this era So the other that I’m trying to mention are the timeframe time do recent period that I’m trying to refer to this several in early 2000 slight when cloud computing was there But it wasn’t that well accepted because it wasn’t known to many people yet and there were different ways in which businesses used to happen And since I’m talking about businesses on more or less than refering to the fact or to the businesses that mostly concerned application hosting data hosting websites and all those things I’m talking about more technical sort of businesses here So let us Tran take a look at few basic examples A few basic pointers right So what you see on the screen is in order to start business So again I’m referring to the time around 2000 do is 2005 years right Some 15 years 18 years from now if we go backwards So in those days in orderto stock this kind of a business right you have to actually guard and set up infrastructure That is the primary near of any business if you talk about so in those days in orderto coast a website and application you actually had to have a proper infrastructure set up in place first So this infrastructure needed you to have servers right on top of Richard hosted applications but then bagged and so was were not available at a cheap price You had to invest a lot of money on as I’ve mentioned So those were very costly So there was a problem You’re right I mean people with money could think about setting up sides businesses to give you an example If you talk about Google if you talk over Amazon web services not these are the companies that have been then the market for a very long time And companies like these if they want to take new initiatives they

can But let’s assume somebody has to start from scratch In that case money might become a constraint here right Somebody might have an idea but money is the reason that this person is not able to start this particular business right So that was one problem And even for people who have money right I mean you just cannot go out and say that OK pay money and they start working right You’re always think how you can have optimum use off your monetary resources are any resources that you have So when you talk about this time servers as I mentioned we’re costly right So you had to put in a lot of money That and there was another thing that you had to worry about This was aboard the manpower because since you were buying your own so and as I’ve mentioned you had to put it in a lot of money that meant you also needed people who could maintain and monitor these resources for so yes back then so we could set up infrastructures We could have people to maintain and monitor these businesses for us But then there were problems with the this approach Let’s try and understand what with the problems here So when you talk about the talent to solve the problems as I’ve already mentioned you had to invest heavily toe set it up in first place site and get resources toe actually manage this set up So apart from the investment part or the money part of other problems here as well right So when I talk about the resources that I have So if we go back to that time right we did not have these many people who are well adapted technology We did not have Internet like we have these days right So that you can just go on Google whatever you want and get knowledge on it and start at least get started with it right back then set him setting up your own website was a difficult as because you were not sure whether people would use it Right So they were limited resources as well Who could do these kind of things for you So that meant they also tells you a lot of money and not just the money There was a lot of planning that was involved Since you had to buy these so was set up infrastructure Have people to maintain and monitor them in order to optimize these things people used to planet We still planet with cloud computing as well But back then the planning waas toe a bigger level and there was a reason for it The third point you see on the screen is scalability right And when you talk about these kinds of businesses these applications you’re not you’re never sure right I mean how much data you would be handling how much traffic you would be accepting are expecting Right So uh what that means is basically since you’re not sure about how much traffic you are expecting what that does is it makes you plan these things right You’re assume that Okay this is uh the amount of resources that I might need to handle this kind of traffic But there are two scenarios here Want what If not that many people show up What if not that much data is being used Resources have been used so you are under utilising your resources But since you’re paying for those are frank You’re losing that money Let’s assume that you planned it well And you have had people that are meeting the needs that you were expecting Toe co strike But what if it goes off board What if you have more traffic In that case there’s again problem right I mean you have to scale up now So again you’re planning is not working So you would need people again Resource is again Toe would skill this up back then It was not easy right I mean you could not just go out and say that Okay skillet up My new does this much Give me the next plant No you have to set everything up again and again That required you to invest a lot off time Laura Money and a lot of resources So again there were problems here as well So when you talk about setting up businesses back then it wasn’t an easy process and it waas It wasn’t something that anybody who wanted to do it could just go ahead and do it Right So what this meant was even if you didn’t go through all this pain you had very little time to focus on a business fake If I invest all of my time doing one day in activities that are not fruitful my business is not gonna do good I would rather focus on my business decisions and let somebody else take care of these things Right So these were the problems that they came into picture when you talk about time where cloud computing wasn’t this prevent So this is where cloud computing actually came into picture and people started realizing that cloud computing could solve these problems Let’s try and understand how cloud computing healthier and what it is exactly So animal I think off cloud computing The first thing that comes to my mind this electricity right I’m saying right I’m sure you people are not getting what I’m trying to come to that Let me explain you this point a little more so guys We all use electricity at our homes right again This would be an appropriate what

We do not consume electricity directly but we all use telephones for your news Mobile phones We use our tube lights We have our refrigerators TV sets that keep running our laptops with Keep running right So they consume electricity What we do is at the end of the month somebody uses a bill When I say somebody had electricity boards I used to live in Madison I was born and brought up there Mara strays a state in India Okay so uh we had this were called as a message The Maharashtra state electricity So they used to send us a bill on We used to pay the bill for the units off electricity that we’ve consumed Now I’m based in Bangalore Ooh So best com sends me the bill If I’m not wrong Best commits the name in Bangalore Who It is a city in Karnataka in the argon So the point I’m trying to make Harris the electricity board takes care off What electricity I’m consuming How much am I consuming it And how much would I be afforded Right Also they managed the process off delivering this electricity to my home I would not have to worry about outrageous and issues If there’s an issue they solve it I can t talk to them through a call but I actually do not have to actually go and look into these things into my new details right My concern is I consume electricity If I consume or I’ll be just for more units of electricity I can zoom and I’ll be paying more right I do not have to worry about the underlying process That is the point I’m trying to make So when you talk about cloud computing it is very similar to this process But in the process off application hosting and not electricity So you heard what happens is um I would be having my cloud service providers who will be providing these resources to me they would be maintaining and monitoring these resource is helping me in the configuration part in the migration part What I do is at the end of the day when I host my application on these platforms I assessed out I look into how it’s working a t end of the month when are at the end of my tenure the amount off resource is on for the time duration have consumed those resources I would be touched only for that duration So that is what cloud computing does for me in a nutshell Okay And as you can see on the screen it says you pay for what you use and somebody else manages these services for you right So let’s get back a little deeper into Cloud Company Let’s try and understand what happened Exactly So as I’ve already mentioned that if you talk over companies like Google Amazon then Microsoft these are big companies right They have been there in the market for a very long time And these are the big players big fissures who’ve been in the spawn The technology serves this porn for a very long time so they have a lot of money right They have a lot of data that the man is every day and they understand the importance of data because it’s making calls thes days and they realize these things They had realized these things way before we old it And that is why they were always ahead When you talk over providing technology to people meeting people’s needs consumers needs So if you go to early two thousands some of these platforms realize that why keep cloud computing to just to us right Because they had these stack off servers with them which they used to have the data So they related There’s so many people out there who could actually make use of the servers which were running idle right Not all of this I was big You were being used So why not instant give these servers for others to use But since they’re costly nobody will bite So they talked Why not let them rented these space of the space These resources right So if they could rent these we won’t have to charge them a lot We will go on our servers and they will also get to use those servers right All those resources in general terms which are based obviously on those servers So this is all the process of giving services right Two people was made available in the form of cloud computing But why do we call it cloud computing Well cloud computing again is a concept right And the reason we call it ASSK’s Cloud Computing is because you can think off These was reciting on a space that is imaginary for you Something that you cannot touch our C What this means is you’re sitting in a particular part of the world where you can access these resources by sitting at your home by sitting at your workplace while you have to do is you need to have a good Internet connection You should be signed up to these platforms and you can access their resources from that The reason again We’re calling this as a cloud platform It’s since you’re accessing this resources from your system For example I’m I can access my club services from my laptop from my home which I’m doing right now So

um but my resources might not be good where I’m living right now not in this area north in the city They might be in some other part of the world Some place I do not know But the feel that I get right now is I’m using those resources here at my place When I type of male or do a c I say that I just type the mail on my laptop and I sent it to you right But even though the person I’m sending you to it’s not actually a physical thing that is lying with him It is reciting on some server right So since this space is imaginary to me just like a cloud we call it cloud computing Okay so basically what it means is you can access The resource is but they will be reciting at some data center which would not have an access to it could be close to you but it may not be as well You just access is through excessive three Internet would understand cloud computing a little I’m just going to give you a pit says And how cloud computing came into pizzeria How it help solve the actual problem that we’re trying to discuss So going back to that 0.1 you could I rented these resources right You would be paying these resources only for the time duration You wanted to use them for scalability she wants are there because the resources could scale up and scale down to meet your needs And this could happen in a very less time without you having to invest any are a lot of money in excess right So if you could up skill you would be being only for the upscale part that you’ve done and only from the time tourists And when you upscale and from going and you’re beeping for that resource accordingly So they will no hidden charges here That was one plus point And since these cloud platforms man is these things for you did not have to worry about resource is taking care of these issues I’d so all the problems that we discussed that majority of those were soldier And this is how cloud computing helped So I guess a general idea about how cloud computing came into Pitzer is clear to you people Let us go ahead and try and understand what exactly is cloud computing right So have pretty much made it clear But let’s quickly understand cloud computing in a nut ship and then we can move forward So when you talk over cloud computing in simple words as the screen and my slide deck sees it enables on demand services like computer computation other storage networking etcetera When I say ex cetera those can be your data basis machine Learning’s always says I ot services security services and a number of other services that cloud platforms have to offer you So in simple words it priced these on demand services That means if you have a demand for a particular kind of resource that would be provided do that These resources can be accessed through the Internet and the user is not required to maintain manage or monitor these resources again There are monitoring So this is that these platforms are offered to you How much control do you want Oh that is something that you and your men that can come to terms with But if you require complete management even that is available when you talk about these black forms So what are the features off cloud computing To start with One It is highly skilled able right When I say scalable it basically skills to you need You can have resources that can just skill in seconds in mere seconds to be very practical And since there is so much freedom you you can upscale and also downscale It’s not always that you taken a resource and you feel that Okay Now I have to pay for it no matter what the cost That is not the case Let’s assume that you are under utilising the resources You can actually go ahead and scale down as well If there’s a room for that right If you are already using the minimal size off a resource than that could be difficult But you get the oral point here pay as you go More level already discussed the spine but let me quickly throw some light on it right So when you talk about cloud computing one there are so many ways And with these cloud platforms try to make your resources see before they give you discount to start with they have various other ways in which you can keep track off all the payments to do that And when you see pay as you go um if you talk over platforms like Amazon Web services are a zero The charge on part minute basis for most of the services So when I said it permanent basis So if you fire up a particular resource and if you’re using that resource for like say 15 minutes we’ll be charged only for those 15 years and not more No sooner do you release that resource you wouldn’t be touched for it So that is not be as you go Martin It’s You pay for what you use Highly flexible so has avoided dimension Services are platforms like Amazon Web services with Amazon Web services there like 200 plus services So you can understand the amount of options that you have when you talk about this platform Now if

the heart of the platforms like a czar DCP they to have like 60 plus 120 plus services so that do you have a lot of options that we can choose from top from right And when you talk about flexibility it’s not just about these service options that you have it There are greater fear The parameters that we consider here skill ability is one Pricing is one right All these combined together even security the point that you see next on the screen right So even security is something that gives you quite a few options And since there are so many choices that you can make this makes cloud computing highly or truly flexible Okay so that is good and understand security on disaster recovery So security is something that will discuss a lot Andi disaster recovery as well Disaster recovery Something that will be discussing very soon Um not worry about that As we move into the further bits off the session we would be talking about disaster recovery as indeed it security something that would be discussing little later but that it’s train will also come to give you a gentle idea Cloud platforms like Amazon Web services They give you shared security model where you and your vendor decide what access you get and what all can you control right According they also have quite a few thinks that they controlled So then it awkward security All these things that taken care off on your platforms ensure that your program from Southern Show that security is taken care off with utmost importance There were times when people actually doubted plowed security and was understandable Cloud computing was new Baghdad If you go like a bullet through 2000 tens there are pages and people had lost their data But that has changed a lot in like last five years Six years it has been very up to the mark and you rarely see a data getting lost and the reason for that is they’re having so many principles And so money uh filters are activities that have been involved which ensure that the data is security When you talk about cloud computing cloud computing platforms So disaster recovery again Disaster recovery is something that lets you have your data in case of disasters or worst case situations as well What are those and how do they work will explore those as we move for the but let’s not discuss that right away But in general these are the features that your cloud platform must offer to you It is highly scalable Offer speed as you go model It is very flexible on it gives you high amount of security and disaster recovery as well So let us go ahead and try and understand some other pointers as well So now let us go ahead and understand different cloud service Morgan’s to start it Okay so when we say Cloud service models clubs of its mortals are a way in which cloud service is given to you from your vendor or the way in which you consume this cloud service side I know I don’t not making a lot of sense Let me just quickly show you a few things will discuss this and probably what I’m tryingto say I’ll reiterate that and that would start making sense to you people So that is when you talk about Cloud Service models to be frank recently that having more service models that have come into picture and that is something that is bound to happen But if you talk about gender dumps these are the standard service models that have been there in the market for a long time And that is why we were discussing these major once these major ones that infrastructure the service black former the service and software as a service let us try and understand them one by one So when you say infrastructure as a service so as I just mentioned milieu doctor would cloud service models It is a way in which your vendors provide you cloud services fate so your infrastructure is priority to you as a service Let me give you another example of let me give you one example here to start with So when you talk about infrastructure as a service What you do is you go to your window and you tell you Render that Okay Give me a virtual machine Okay I want toe Take care off What security group lion work network It would lie under right What kind of stories I want Aunt up off it Right And what kind of application I want to run under weapon I’ll take your eyes off all those things from security networking to all the configuration But all I want this I want infrastructure that I can scale up and down to my needs state So in this case your cloud service prior that is giving you infrastructure You can scale up scaled down to meet your needs To give you one example We could talk about

aws You applauded with the service called s Amazon Ec2 Elastic Cloud computing Elastic company afloat Call it either Waits correct So basically when you talk about easy to it is an infrastructure as a service where you launch your virtual machines OK so you’re You get to configure all that deals What network do you want to put under this service to put under What are the I am policies are what are the security policies who gets to access these resources You can actually attached detaches stories from here You can increase the size off the stories or the volume That is a test right So you can control all these pointers all these factors here So you’re you’re basically being prodded and infrastructure something that you can configure to meet your needs Right But then again the requirements off a business could be different Let’s assume that I have an application that is ready with me But I have a piece off four that is really with me But right now I would not have resource is where I condone this school But I did not want to also go ahead and set up my infrastructure from the scratch I just need a platform where I can put forth my data my application my core and I can build my application that and start working with the trade So here you need a platform And when your cloud service Broida gives you service in this form it’s got less black form as a service state So this is the second service morning that we’re going to discuss to give you another example You have your applications that you build Great I can treat this other general example Don’t get into the details of it You’re um what do you do Is on your mobile phone set times basically urine applications Right Very Download those applications from from the play store So please start is a good example of a platform right where you can actually go and put 40 yard applications as well Right So this is where you have a platform Now when you talk about the cloud platform there are more options that you have Your as I’ve mentioned the configuration parties taken care by oclock rider get so when you say give me a python and merriment I have my court I just want to put it dead So your cloud service murdered will launch an instance for you On top of that create atmosphere where you have your biting notebooks biting environment created for you All you do is you put your court that until I mean you can start working on it and start planning your day So that is Karl is giving you service in the form of black form No again There could be a situation where you just want to come do a software to give you another example here I would say Let’s assume that you want to send an email in order to send an email It’s not gonna be like that that he will build an application said it with a friend are concerned party then as them or tell them how to use it Then type of male and send it to that person No right You won’t do that instead of just fire up your Gmail open it write a message and send it different Did not have to worry about what if’s email was down What quoting platform it is based on That’s not your concern right You concerned here right now is to send an email and here you can do that by using your website G men right Or using your application that you have in your phone So guys when a software is given to you in the form of service a website is given to you in the form of a service It’s called that software as a service like here The complete soft bread is given to you in the farm off a service Yeah the example would be a Facebook right It’s upset Which you log into You post your images You do not have to worry about security and all those things your Facebook manages that Yes we are considerable I did Eric that is a different thing We’ll discuss that some other but mean when I believe that gives you an idea is And what software The services to give you a more popular term here Salesforce is something you can think off as software as a service So this was our different cloud Service models I hope it is clear to people if not I have this diagram here Let’s start to discuss this from this point of view Now since the session is for Great Learning Guide did happen to go through a session from one of the mentors that create learning or one of the um one of the pioneers off teaching standards here at great learning So um Mr normally a he is someone who’s very good with cloud computing and has been in this doing for a very long time So he did have this example that you see on the screen he probably explained it

a little differently So I’m going out planet after what he’s done and probably explained that because I liked what he did in that session So let’s try and understand what loud service models are from this perspective as I’ve mentioned Yeah if you talk about I e S your vendor manages to watch realizations waas stories in networking Right So they give you this Service is on top of that You can decide what operating system you want right Windows Mac water It is What middle Where do you want to use a trying time applications and data you control right I fit Talk about platform With service you control only data and applications As I mentioned you can move the applications or court and start running it that for talk about sassy Just maintain your leader I just sent by this true demon right So I maintain in my data I’m not concerned about who is managing or monitoring my application right Not my concern So this is what sass is Just like having a pizza right I mean if you basically decided to cook the peas on your you’ll go to the market by some ingredients and start cooking your piece Eric So you do everything from scratch it Let’s assume you’re the home delivery So you get their delivery Somebody else makes it for you All you do is probably you open the stuff that is there put it in your own plates and start eating them So you do not have a lot of dependency on others Somebody else is doing it for you But let’s assume you go toe order right Even from giving you the Pisa making it for you selling it on a table right Even the cutlery on the table belongs to the heart and all you do is you just go there and eat the store It this lake’s after as a service you’re just consuming the software So I believe these service models are clear to you people We’ve spent a lot of time The reason we did that was because these service models are important and they’ll help you understand cloud computing a little more Okay so the potatoes creative Let us go out and understand the next topic cloud deployment models Now this is a way in vet clouds have a society deploy Okay Let’s take a look at the pointers quickly because that would give you a clear idea just like we did for service Morning Right Let’s understand The climate model says well many doctors for cloud deployment models There are quite a few models that it has to offer You have your public You have private You have a hybrid and community Okay let me give you a use Kidder Let me talk about these things on surface That examples that would give you a lot more sense in tow What These stop accepted it So when you talk about a public cloud right Amazon Web services is ah public club Right So you’re what you do is basically you put 40 resources on a certain data center right So in this case the data center is publicly available There’s a possibility that I’m using this data centre to host my applications That could be a possibility that the personal stays See right now I stay in a three story building So the person I stand the second floor so the personal stays on the first word might also be using the same cloud right that I’m using There could be a high possibility that that person’s data is also lying One my readers enter which I’m using So basically I’m using a similar set of services that we sex closed toe the one that might Warner Oh are my person who lives below My house is also using right on the first floor So this is what public lowers Guys you are sharing your resources with somebody else So when I say sharing your resources it’s not like you and that person is using the same spoon There are walls here so your data is very secure Not way It’s not like you are sitting with someone and kind of working on a confidential data And that person is getting to do what he wants to what she wants to the data that are proper Ziccardi principles here But the only thing is your data recites on our court assailant Ah a platform where somebody else is also using it So this is what public lord is Let us go ahead and understand a pirate lump so we could be in a situation where a data is very critical to us would not want anybody else we use or have access to this data right So in that case it is wiser Toe up private cloud Now in a private club your data resides at a place which is not used by anybody else Companies like Dell it’s p r Some popular names that provide you private clubs So you might say that Why should I have a private cloud rate So when it isn’t not like just having my own infrastructure Andre mice Architecture very by myself was right So when you talk or private loan here to your rending

very sources But since you are having a club or a data center for your personal usage you’ll be or visit size more than your public club But you’re your security is taken care at a deeper level So when I say security is taken care it a deeper layer That means you’re not sharing your space with anyone so you have that more safety in your mind rate So that is what private quarters But let’s assume that it’s not always one shoe fits all situation right There could be a situation where there will be certain this assist that you feel are not very important and actually when you put it on private cloud your being a lot of money for it right The institution could be there could be little amount of creativity that is important And it has to decide aloof or in a private club Right So you are in a pickle right Whether to use a public law or a private club So for these people you have your hybrid club So when as the name suggest it gives you benefits of what public and private So some affair resources can decide on public lump sum can decide on But I would clothing They can communicate with each other to ensure that idiot eyes lang in both places So the data that recites in your public Lauren not in your private law is something that is important to you But it’s something that you can do without with as well So that is your later that lies on a public group But I assume that this some data critical situation where your data has to decide in a security place Then you used the primary closure So the amalgamation are combination off your public and private look It gives you your hybrid Lem and then we’re left with community club So we’re done with public We’re done with private We’re done with hybrid Now you might wonder what this community cloud right So guys again this is just an analogy Do not dig deeper into it Let’s assume that great learning has like 20 officers across India This is just an example Okay so in this case all of these people could be using common data Common deposit Lee straight that a common to the business So why not have a common declared that connects all these people just like you are right now Since we are in this corn up endemic situation Kobe dined in situation A lot of people are working on vaccines medications right which people can use So they’re having quite a few companies that have come together shared information right So why not use a common declared in the situation It would let you have your common desist deciding at one place So that is what community cloud is in a nurture And these our cloud deployment models that I assumed the core fundamentals finna talk aboard the service models and deployment portals is clear to you people let us Now go ahead and understand some other pointers So that’s when you talk about cloud computing There are quite a few misconceptions that people have Let me try and get those are Get rid of those one by one Okay So when you talk about cloud computing mitts what people assume is cloud computing would cost you your jobs No In fact I think it is the other way around Now when you talk about anything new that comes in the market people are normally afraid off it right Popular people in the world Someone like Galileo waas um not let to live right Because he had invented something And this has happened with court a few popular people So when you talk over cloud computing people toe RR word afraid as in since cloud computing is coming up everything is going on top Would we We needed to do the work right So that’s not true When you talk or cloud computing even if the data is moving on cloud your applications and moving on court you’d be needing people who can do those things end up off If not you likely these service models will need them right These satisfied is right So in turn what we’ve seen is there has been a huge investment in cloud computing on a need for companies to actually hire people who are skilled in cloud computing So it’s the other way Round Cloud is actually creating a lot of opportunities People are skilled in cloud computing and quite a few other things can actually work on top of blood platforms Cloud is for techies alone Now I won’t disagree with this point of totally yes For people having technical knowledge cloud computing does help However let’s says you might have a business right Hosting it on top of clarity is helping me Why would I not do that Do I always need to have technical document to do that No one Somebody else can do that for me right And help me that The other thing is there are quite a few things that

you can do on top of court where you’re not need technical knowledge So is it only for techies No not totally Let’s go ahead and understand Adam It’s so cloud computing is not safe Okay so having these kind of doubts is legitimate when you have a lot of data information particular later you might be threatened to think with a cloud is secure But if you talk over cloud computing that are quite a few things that it offers great I mean from securities perspective All these floor platforms have so many security images right from deciding who gets to access what right form Putting a fire waas blocking your data going into some other network again having encryption ensuring that the data that is put on your network is encrypted and decrypted at right resources Right Having inspectors are management tools that let you keep track off All the resource is that you’re using So is cloud See for up Well if you say it’s not safe I might have to say that you’re wrong because these days Lord platforms ensure security at the level where even your own premise architected at times find it difficult to match that level of security So our cloud platform sicker Definitely They’re very secure Cloud is just for watch Realization not this again Is um it Yes when you talk about virtualization what you do is you create resources or you have resources to use this was is which are not actually reciting on your system Cloud computing lets you do that but cloud computing is just not watch Realization Menu same organization Watch a logician Think of it as a subset of cloud computing There’s a lot of other things that you can do using cloud computing So there’s This was about different Mets that cloud computing has to offer to us Let us go out and take a look at some other pointers that this was about different dominance that cloud computing has to offer to us Let us go ahead and take a look at some of the popular clouds of its predators Who are these priorities that provide cloud computing services State So on screen users see four names Are these the only cloud service providers in the market No In these sometimes they have been quite a few other platforms that have come up in picture on They are doing fairly well but the ones that you see on the screen by the name itself you might have already guessed that these are the important once Now when you talk about Amazon of services it is the market Lee that as a border agreement turning the introduction part So um it has the highest market shit on it is one of the most sort off the skills Very close to it is a Microsoft product called as Microsoft as er it to provide services just like Amazon Web services But since I was on obsessive started very early compared to Microsoft Azure on Amazon Web services has more offerings for you Microsoft Reserve Again it’s catching up very well but in near future that could be a situation where we see these two going neck and neck For now that is not the picture And again then you have Google Cloud Platform and IBM Now these two are fairly Would platforms are doing very good at the world level but they also have a lot off catching up to do when you talk about the other do that you see on the screen So these are the popular cloud service providers that are there in the market Let us go ahead and take a look at the next topic that we have in her What is Amazon Web services are what is AWS So let’s try and understand this platform second When you talk about a jobless it too is a cloud Computing service providers So the definition of cloud computing and what AWS does is pretty similar right It is a cloud service provider that enables you are in the morning Services like computation storage networking and many other services which can be accessed through the Internet on the user is not required to manage and monitor these resources So from the definition it is particularly that were cloud computing is what AWS is right and even the features are similar to what we discussed Give the secure model use availability and disaster recovery gives a pay as you go model It is highly scalable flexible and cost effective So that’s when we talk about these services Some of the services were discussing these Fine does indeed bill that so let’s not spend too much time understanding these to give you know where you again And this is very cost effective pay as you go model jazz issue on Parliament basis It used to charge and put our basis but it followed suit with Microsoft Rosarian artists are genuine part minute basis Highly scalable gives a quite a few services that let you do that Very secure Various security services that will see going ahead highly available on disaster recovery is something that it offers as well Okay it is

very flexible So they let us go out and take a look at the next point that is the end of loose carry its OK so after careers will get into the global architecture part that is where I’ll be talking about um disaster recovery and availability part Okay so let’s try and understand Correa’s many talk What careers What opportunities a loveless has to offer So when you talk over a jobless Karius there are quite a few things that eat a blue So you might want to considerable so to give you another pointers What issue on the screen on the left hand side is a statistical data are some facts that I have actually gathered from Lyndon Lyndon as we all know is a very popular professional networking site right It also doesn’t quite a few surveys understanding what job friends are what skills is the market looking for And as you can see when you take a look at the skills that say stopped and hard skills Cloud computing ranks second here and it is below block To know Brockton again is a very high level topic something that is very new in the market Yes it has been there for that for a while now as well But it has come into prominence in recent times and that is why it is one of the most sought after skills Now if you take a look at cloud computing it has actually where they can Analytical reasoning artificial intelligence Right When you talk a load up hides skins deck Highlights are employers are actually looking for that tells you how popular cloud computing is and their autographs as well I would not have it on my back right now but if you talk about the top 10 most valued skills both I was under so sis on Microsoft Azure made the top 10 list So that tells you how popular these platforms are and how populated of loose and cloud computing is And this is why it is going to stay in the market Now if you talk about Sally again be skill again Is a website that lets you collect date down these things so their statistics show that an average cloud engineer Sally in India is around 79 lacks That is when they’re starting with cloud computing with the here or does experience you’d be making this much money that tells you whole highly being This job is so again I’m not quoting this number as a Brit grit and value I mean there could be ups and downs in it Nowadays people have started hiding busy resources from campuses as well so as a fresher you obviously wound repair very high But in a year or does if you have like a year or two was experience here What that does is that gives you a very good chance of boosting your salary to a good number on To be very frank 7 to 9 lacks in India from a startup respect to is a decent more than the center number If you talk about numbers in the U S Dollars right that is a relevant currency that many people follow So in U S Ds Cloud computing is something that gives you on an average $120,000 a year so that again is a very good amount I mean this is more than quite a few Other high value professionals are skills that are there in the market And if you’re getting paid more than them that tells you hope popular cloud computing is getting and you’re secured when you’re talking about having a career And this to me this African go as high as $250,000 as well right So that tells you it depends upon the skills that you have and how would you implement And if you do that you’ll be getting a career in cloud Computing and the AWS in particular Okay so let’s stand Understand What are the career opportunities when you talk about on his own Web services The numbers that out of the way the stats and out of the way what I did rules that it can achieve when you talk about he had address So when you talk over cloud computing and AWS in particular the amount of job roles of possibilities that you can actually taste is huge I mean you can be our developer You can be an admin You can be a marketing person You can be in a male engineer you can be a data engineer right On networking specialist A security specialists all if you have a career area when you talk or cloud computing is that is that you need $11 off experience But the problem with this approach is you’re never Certainly I mean how should I pursue what background today I have to get into these rules They have been quite a few servers that have been warden and they’ve been a lot of data that have come across and people normally ask me these questions Normally I have my sessions as well People ask me this question Um what role should are for what preparations should I write I have this background Can I make a career area I have this background Can I get into this domain So the reason people have this confusion is

there could be a possibility that a lot of people are working somewhere and they do not know what role meets their needs Best to solve this problem what Amazon Web services has Dennis they’ve introduced a rule based certification That means they have classified some important rules and for that they have the certifications and accordingly your certification would be greater than the curriculum for that certification would be in that so that you have a clearer pictures in what role should be off for Let us go ahead and understand these role based certifications to keep it simple There is When you talk over cloud computing you can be a cloud architect cloud developer or and admit these are the most preferred roads Let’s try and understand these rules one by one Once we were understood them then we’ll go out and understand the AWS certifications that are there Okay So when you talk about application building right there are major things that you do First One is you need to know what application you’re trying to build You need to have a blueprint off your application So then you build a house You have an architect tape or dissenter house for you When you talk about a cloud platform when you’re trying to host applications you’ll be needing somebody who knows how to build or design these applications How to design these migrations right There could be a possibility that I have my application which recites some parents and I want to move it to club Right So there should be an architect who knows whether this visible or not If yes how should you bring this through So people who create these cloud architecture blueprints or call this cloud are connects What do they have to know It is important They have understanding off the cloud platform that they’re working on But they would be using They should be having knowledge about multiplier architectures how they work What can you do with these architectures Right And you should also be knowledge it enough to have understanding off your platform Very well because if you move something that you should know how to monitor man isn’t set up those infrastructures that then you would be involved in cost control strategies as well You should be able to take calls What would be the easiest are cheapest way for you to move your application to flower at an optimal but are optimal value wreck So this is what an architect does in general It designs are creation blueprints off the architectures Now that I have the blueprint the next thing is I need to build an application Right So who builds these applications These Air Florida architects What does the cloud architect do Our cloud developers forgiving felt so these air cloud developers who build their applications So as the name suggests these people are involved in developing your cloud applications What do they have to know They should be skilled in programming language at least one So they should have an understanding off how to court for a particular application how to build it from scratch They need to have understanding off as DLC But the software development life cycle If you do not know how to build an application what processes it goes through even on top of club you would be struggling You should have in detail understanding off how they’re wops works not Billups than approach where basically developers and our presence team come together and they integrate the process of building an application testing it and deploying it So you need to have an understanding of Beloff practices as well So these were were three popular loud rooms So what These certifications are worth these cloud platforms of dinos They’ve actually gone ahead and uh put forth the certifications in these three major roles So we have discussed only two time I’m sorry for that We’ve discussed our architectural with discussed our developer rule Let us go and understand the admin Ruelas So when you say the admiral basically these are the people who are responsible for configuring managing and monitoring your cloud solutions That means these are the people who basically act as an admiral nuclear platform So their job is to ensure that your application is up and running and there are no problems with it So they’re mostly in warning the monitoring processes so they should have knowledge as an ag mint What and Mr tries to do they should understand system operations and virtualization because they are also involved in these activities again Since we’re moving our applications from an on premise infrastructure to plow there could be a possibility of that as well So in that case as an admin do you need to understand home migration and monitoring off resources works So this was about the cloud at middle Let us go ahead and take a look at the popular in

a blue certifications that AWS offers tree So as I’ve just mentioned they have classified the certifications into more role based approach So in this role based approach of what happens is basically um you have three minutes certifications that were discussed You can be a developer can be an architect or even managment break so you can see that on the screen Um these two certifications are given in step stepping stones format What do I mean by a stepping stone for Mitt So basically firstly you’ll be needing tohave some understanding off cloud company So when you take the certification you need to prove that you have that acumen that knowledge for that you need to take your flower practitioner certification six months off Phenomenon innovative Listen cloud computing should be good enough for it Actually go ahead and take this example Okay Now let’s assume that you are a practice now You’ve been working in the cloud demon You work there for a year you know it of lifts You can opt for the first level certifications the associate level certifications your you would or you can pursue your associate little certification in service Since architectural offered by AWS it only certified systems administrator are the admiral operations route You have the developer on Carla’s AWS certified develops our developer rule when you talk about an associate level certification Now let’s assume that you have like you have the certification That’s the Sheikh Levitt and you want to add once for them So with a couple more years of experience you can actually go on and off for years our specialities certifications of professional certifications So when you say your professional certification for architect though either spot are the closest partners being solutions architect professional so you’re will be tested on your at one skilled smell You talk about solution are connecting Okay Um for system administrators and developers the role marches in tow One common professional little certification It’s called as your develops engineer certification But so guys these are the role based certifications that in Nablus has to offer you But are these the only certifications that you need to look into these days People are in need of having certifications and other domains That’s right You want to have some special ITI which you want to pursue Let’s assume that you are more than do Alexa skill building right In that case you cannot For Alexis Skill builder certification Let’s assume that you are intra data analytics so there’s a certification for Data Analytics which lets you master in all the data analysis and machine learning services like AWS has to offer you Those services can be your AWS machine learning Amazon Polly and a number of other services that are then the market Next you have your it abuse advancement within certification very can have a special it in the networking domain Similarly you have your security services right Our security certification You have a date of especially desertification as well So as these are some of the certifications that are in the market okay that AWS has to offer to you if you talk about it from the populated people expect to Amazon Web services solutions Architect certifications are the most in demand certifications But again what do you want to place you in what skills do you have You can choose one find Eat These need a background to prefer for these certifications If you want to be a developer having knowledge of programming language will help as and when you should have understanding of how what administrators do Solutions Architect is one of the rules where you would not have to have knowledge of programming or stuff like that But networking wonderment tells Lena fundamentals These are very common understanding bash and all those things So when I started with Cloud Computing I realized that if I had no visible Kleenex and bash right from the start I would have been much better portion for understand cloud computing on top of AWS So make sure that you learn these little things at least on literally no whole basis and then you can actually go in and cheese These certifications spend like 3 to 4 months preparing for them and you should be good enough to actually good and crack one of these Oh if you might have questions like pricing the reasons where I can take these exams the currency in which I pay the amount will to answer some of your questions This certification costs you around $160 It’s ran it for two wheels A With the obvious you have quite a few options when you commit comes to doing payment and all those things to refer to get to know more about these things Do visit the jobless official page and you’ll be having more information on these pointers so bill this point We have been talking about cloud computing careers and we’ve discussed different AWS certifications that Amazon Web services offers to us

So we’ve discussed what role based certifications that and what are the specialities Certifications Let us Now go ahead and understand some concepts Oh our latest and understand data bliss conceptually a little So the next topic of discussion that we have on a plate is AWS global infrastructure When we talk about Amazon Web services we know that it is the global leader When you talk about the public lord market on it has ever done from the infrastructure it has to talk about the numbers I mean it Selves in more than 2 40 plus countries So that tells you about the reach off Amazon Web services when you talk about its infrastructure So let us go out and explore this infrastructure a little more like a strand Understand How does a loveless provided services in different regions So if we are to talk about AWS and its global infrastructure there are few terms that we need to understand Those are AWS regions and availability zones and that’s third time that we need to understand that is local zones But it is a minimal part that we need to understand out off local zones So we’ll be specifically focusing on what regions are what availability zone side Okay And also local Jones to some extent So let us try and understand this global infrastructure that Amazon Web services has to offer to us what everyone was wants to use the slow platform So already has have mentioned that it is one of the global leaders right And we’ve already discussed what cloud computing is So it is nothing but an offering which is available only mind and it can be accessed through your laptop using Internet Right So you are reciting in particular part of the world You can actually accept this access this resources by sitting in that part of the reason right So this is possible because AWS has its status and does in different locations off the world Okay So since it has its data isn’t dozen different locations it can actually reach out to people that are based in those regions again So talking about its infrastructure globally So as I’ve already mentioned it serves in more than 200 for people’s countries right Let me give you a quick sneak peek into what a loveless has to offer us from the global infrastructure perspective So if you have to look into global infrastructure of AWS now this website are this speech will give you quite a few numbers right So as you can see there are like um 24 launched regents where AWS operates so on In those 24 reasons there are three more that have been announced That means it would extended reach to like three more new regions And it has 76 availability zones Not Donato really give you the exact difference between what a region ist what availability zones are But just take a look at these numbers right 216 points off presence So as you can see this tells you that where you know various resources are serving What are the living regions where it has its data centers Right So there was this interesting slight I cannot find it somewhere where you had all the details about the different countries very w cells But if I’m not wrong it is like to 40 plus countries You see on the screen It is there it says like to 45 countries and territories where AWS provides its services So these other countries where it’s active and you can actually access AWS resources from that Okay so we’ve taken a look at certain numbers right So if I go back to my presentation I heard of liberty Zones and regents there Right So let me use this slide only or the screen only to talk about those pointers Let’s try and understand what regions are what availability zones are it So when you talk about regents so these are geographical regions where AWS has its data centers to give you an example Now since I’m based in India let me give you an example from India in India we have a region in Mumbai Mumbai is a city in Maharashtra India Okay so if I scroll down you can see the active regions here So this is the map and where this is very India’s located So you can see that there’s a region in Mumbai and there are three availability zones were understand what availability zones I do not worry about that but sticking toe the region thing So reason Mumbai is one region where its data centers are located Right now there are other reasons here as well Baron is one right If I come here you can see that this is the government Love Let’s not talk about that Canada centralize region right Uh Ohio is one So we’re going is one than if you come here again This is the government lotto specifically do serve government authorities This cloud summoned for that Northern California You have one Sabo right So these are different regents now These can be states are these can

be cities That depends how you nomenclature in those countries work in India Say for example Mumbai is a big city right So we have like a region here in Mumbai where the data centers off aws are Amazon Web services exist So when I say any AWS reason think of it as a jaw graphical region But since it is the place where you have AWS data centers based they call it as an AWS region where you have proper data centers located data centers that places where you can put $40 These are the data centers where all your cloud applications would recite addressed So when I say a region the reason we can actually put out a tire is it is sort I Worsley located Right now let’s assume that I have my business that is working in U S C So it would be wiser for me toe host my applications in a data center that is in us A Why One of the reasons could be because probably I’m trying to cater the audience that is there in USA right now Let’s assume that my business is doing well even then Based in India my business is doing well in USA and now people in India also trying to get access to all the resources that are There are what I’m trying to do with that right in India People also want those things to work for them So they are accessing all the resources that are based in the data center that is located in USA right For them it’s just a website or an application something that is accessible from different parts of the world Okay so the point that I was trying to make here is let’s assume that the business is based in USA okay But now there’s demand for the business in India as well and people are trying to access religious sources from India But Sensitive Data Center is based in USA It could be an issue where people are facing late and see right for existing this data In that case you can have your data replicated in Indian Data Center as well so that the audience in India can actually access that data quicker So this is what the benefit cloud gives you Since the data centers are located in different parts of the world you can actually be reciting in one part of the world and make sure that you can your resources line another region or that area businesses working So this is the benefit of global infrastructure that AWS has to offer to you So this was one part about the Regents Reason is nothing but a geographical location where the data center affiliated bliss exists They explain this further Let’s try and understand availability zones What are those Now as you can see on my screen if I click on Mumbai region I see that there are three availability zones So what does this imply when I talk about the novel abilities on it is nothing but a data center that is locator in that particular region With eight of Louis You can have multiple data centers in one region Each of this data center is called US Availability zone Now in this case Mumbai has three availability zones Okay so what this does is this guilty businesses Freedom Toe actually go ahead and replicate that daytime different availability zones So this is an intra region application of data That means multiple data centers in Mumbai or any other reason that I choose which has multiple availability zones You can actually replicate a data from in more than one availability is um So what that means is if one off my data center goes down my data would be available in the other region Sorry India add availability zone as well So not these availability zones are not very located at a safer distance If I’m not wrong it’s like print dividers 60 kilometers is the difference between these availability zones So that means if one off the availability zones has a problem there’s a high chance that the ad availability zone is still functioning smoothly so you can actually have a replication off your data and the other region What This also ensures us Let’s assume that my data is located like 60 kilometers away from each other in the in a Replicator format That would mean if one of the availability zones in Mumbai goes down the other would be available right and there’s a high possibility that it is upenn functioning So if the users are trying to access data and if one of the region’s is don’t the other reason that is close to it would be quickly available and there would be very less Layton’s here so you’re saving your time right and affords as well now to give you another example let’s assume that this availability zone concept is not very suitable for you You assume that 60 kilometer distance is not enough right You might say that What if a city like Mumbai experiences an earthquake tsunami right since it is located close to the sea that says that it has it experiences tsunami or earthquake So in that case there’s a high possibility that I might lose out my date on both the availability zones In that case it ablaze gives you freedom toe replicator daytime different regions as well So you can

have interregional replication of data Say for example you might replicate your daytime Mumbai does one copier and the other one would be here in Bahrain Right So now since these are luxury like this are very far from each other both places experiencing same calamity is a very different case Are very rare possibility something like organize something that is spreading world right But I don’t think that is affecting data centers is anyway So that is where mostly these datas and doesn’t like located at the location retailer to see for distance and your date I would always receive right So this is what availability zones enable These are multiple data centers or a data center is called as availability zone Andi what this means is your data would be always available on these data centers and if you replicate them you can always disaster Recover your data What are is gone in one of the reasons right So this is what the aim off this global infrastructure is to ensure that whatever data that we replicate a different places it is safe and you always have replicated copies of your data to ensure that you do not lose out on important data or information Right So this was about availability zones Now there’s one more thing right Since you are trying to replicate your data you are going to move your data from one reason to the other If your data is located in two different reasons which are very far from each other or let Sergeant that you want to move the data from one days into the other which is located at a greater distance So in that case replicating your data would be a difficult task The other thing would be communicating through a network would also be a challenging task because the distances too much right In that case you have local zones that are located between these two regions and your data migration becomes easier Your data movement becomes easier OK so that is why a local zone sermon for that is what locals on some men for now what do you need to understand Here let me put forth another example Now since we’re talking about global infrastructure global reasons right let me discuss the problems that we normally face and the issues that are there Let me also compare it with other cloud platforms as well because we can then ended this discussion off availability our data casing data replication in this bet only Okay so there’s another important point that I wanted to talk about That is when you talk about AWS now in one single reason you have my people availability ISMs But if you talk about Microsoft as your for a very long time now Microsoft Azure again is a cloud platform We’ve discussed that So when you talk about its global infrastructure for a very long time they did not have the concept off availability zones Now they have but in limited regions only So what That meant Waas It only had a regions where each region had data centers located in it Right So since they were not my people have liberated zones in one reason That meant you could not replicate that data in the same reason you could But there was no point of doing that because we had only one data center there But what That also meant waas Since there was only one reason with one data centre what as yard it was it also had quite a few regents in a particular country as well Say for example in India Microsoft Azure has three reasons One is in Mumbai When is in Putin And I don’t if I’m not wrong isn’t Goa okay So now these places are located like 203 100 kilometers away from each other So there is one benefit in this approach that in case of one of the city experiences this national calamity you still have reasons that are there in the same country Now when you talk about putting forth your day down these data centers some countries may have different rules right The government have different security and data rules Every country has those So if we hide like multiple regions in one single country similar laws were at here for those data centers And the replication of data would make a lot more sense for you because you will be staying close to your data but yet far enough to ensure that these are safe from natural calamities or downtimes So that was one of a low instead of a Z Your cloud right when you talk or text global infrastructure but there are some limitations there as well Let’s not discuss that But the point that I want to make here is a global infrastructures for both these platforms Very a little And they have these pluses or minuses when you compare them with each other OK so coming back to the AWS infrastructure with discussed warp I deliberately zone said We’ve discussed what regions and we’ve also discussed what local Jones All right now I mentioned or I put forth a point saying that um I can have business that works in different parts of the world right there is still one issuing it right Let’s assume that my data center now is based in India I

have a lot of audience that is in India and soon my business gets popular in some other part of the world Let’s assume USC now in us There are a lot of people who are accessing my leader So do I just go ahead and replicate all my daytime Some other reason like us in this case not always And the reason I would actually want to replicate my data in first place is because I want to our lead and see off date are eating two people in USA right So instead of actually going out and just replicating on my daytime us it what I can do is I can actually have something called as an education Let me tell you what an education is with AWS You have the freedom off cashing your data Say for example in us there is a set off audience that accesses particular kind of data a lot more so in this situation what I would want As I were warned that set of data that is being accessed by a lot of people in a particular region will be cast at a location that is close to us so that there is less satellite and see that So this is something that can be achieved with the aid of Louis You can actually have any education that is close to a particular set of audience where you replicate certain amount of data a cache certain amount of data rather so that it can be accessed quickly For this we normally have content delivery networks The animal is a service called as a loveless cloudfront that lets you create a jobless cloudfront distributions that basically act as a content delivery network straight And you can actually capture data to get or to perform on these things that I’ve just mentioned So this is how the infrastructure when you talk about AWS works like right This is how it looks like engender So I believe by now it is clear to you people write work region satellite What availabilities answer Now the ones you see on the screen in the audience collaborate So these are the once that are yet to come so you can see that spin It says coming soon Jakarta coming soon and Nosaka coming soon So as these are the regents where these data centers are yet to come So we discussed the site when I schooled up here You can see if I screw up them There are three reasons that have been announced So does these would be launched actually So these are some of the data sets or information that you would want to take a look at do is that this website and try to understand these pointers a little more But when you talk over the global infrastructure these are some of the core point as I feel you also know one have some understanding about right So this is what the global infrastructure of AWS looks like It ensures that your data is always available gives you options for disaster recovery as well and always lets you access that data from different parts of the world So let this is go back to the presentation and continue with that discussion that we were having Right Okay so this is go ahead and understand some other point does No um I’ve already talked about these but to give you and upper level somebody Amazon Web services as easy and obvious reasons And inside those reasons he’ll be having data centers called as your availability zones which are connected by low latency networks That means your data moves quicker between these availability zones If you are to move your date out often aws region to other reason As I’ve already mentioned you have to connect it through a local zone for a speedy transfer data or migration of your data Right So this is what AWS regions are liberty zones look like and this is what the global infrastructure appeared oblivious is Let us Now go ahead and understand some of the core domains for core services that AWS has to offer to us Okay So that quite a few services let’s quickly take a look at some of the do means that are there on the services that fallen Derek Okay we’re talking about the AWS core services As I’ve already mentioned there are like 200 plus AWS services that AWS has to offer to us Right So at this number keeps on growing actually so I’m actually not a very what The exact numbers But if I’m not wrong it’s sudden 200 services that AWS offers So to actually name all of these services and usually are to have them as unusual services It is a complex process right I mean um there has to be some clustering some grouping off these services for clear management of return the standing So when you talk about AWS what it does is it classifies its services under certain dough means now these services moments are many Um if you talk about the core elements you have your computation You have a story as you have the networking security management messaging databases Now these are some of the core services When you talk about cloud computing certifications are the rules that we discussed Every certification or every rule would want you to know what computation is what

stories as war database services are what networking is what security is and what messaging Because these forms ornamentals off their architect ing and sees upside minerals And there are developer tools as well But those are specific to develop our rules state or rolls So I will discuss that Do not worry about that But as I’ve mentioned there are quite a few domains as well Some of those are not even mentioned or you cannot even see those on the screen Right now I’ve captured some major ones that I felt was that effort very important actually But again easy There are so many services that get long stand there so many services stated less offers The definition of something being important is very surface level year on This is more from my perspective so because for you machine learning services might be more important right But some of you only the capital’s might be important For example it ablaze there up services are for some a few are Your tea services might be important so that is a prospective based response to it So when you talk about the court moments these are some of the ones that are most discussed and these are the ones that you see in the certification courses that people people up off or across the globe But I will try and share light on as many services as possible The point that I’m trying to make it is when you cluster these services you get some of these domains which are four different kind of services So let us try and discuss the ones that that there on the screen first and as we move for the would be talking about other services as well So do not worry about that Okay Now when a doctor or be service domains first one that we see on the screen is compute Now computer again is a popular cloud service domain In the service domain you have quite a few popular services like easy to elastic load computer elastic compute cloud which again is a popular computations of this and is I A s in nature that is infrastructure As a service We have already discussed what infrastructure as a service is But when you talk about compute service like easy to it offers am ice On the instances RV EMS will be talking about that to set length and in detail as we get into the remote part But these are the services are This is one of the service that comfortable Manafort’s And these are the services that let you do computation on cloud Platform state So this could be our in front VM that you launch It could be a service like AWS lambda which is so well listen nature ripe with takes care off a lot of activities that you otherwise would be involvement Or it can be our EBS or less not eBay So Elastic beanstalk service So when you talk about elastic beanstalk service it is black form as a service compute service that AWS has to offer to you so it provides to the platform Very can do a lot of computations so basically when you talk about compute services they help you in the computation Pack off your date and resource says that decide on that block next is your stories Women I mean you talk about this story is domain as the name suggest this is very you actually garden story A data Right So there are services that let you store data inform off objects inform off files structure and structure data and stuff like that Right So it a place has quite a few services which take care off you and your heart Stories cooled stood it Now some of the time in large is that I’m mentioning I’ll go ahead and discuss those indeed A but um yes When you toggle would stories services as well toe in a blue issues you Quite a few stories Services right from your um object file structure and structure data to even heart and core kind of stories is our human your archival storage When you talk about the cold stories it is called as archival storage or data that you’re not access frequently Okay Um so apart from that there are your database Do means where you have your database services Like now there are a plethora of services here to be frank You have your own ideas light Then you have your Amazon drug shift These services are popularly known for providing your different types of database instances where you can store different kinds of data and have different benefits So there are very few databases out there in the market Those are not supported by a levels to be frank when you have other popular database exercises like Kuroda and quite a few others So even these services or something that will discuss as we move ahead back to for now this is what I did every services do they actually let you go ahead and have database services launched in your AWS plot Back for the next bit in this session are the next birth in these services that we have Are you are not talking moments or networking doorman services Basically So when we talk about the networking bloomin great I mean when you talk about cloud platforms in particular networking is very important that because all I date guys reciting over a network in different data centers a disconnected through in a talk So having a note what that connects these things properly is very important which also go ones The security

of the network is also important so there are quite a few networking services that help you connect your cloud your data centers and networks for your data with each other using these networking services Nikki so name um one of those we have vpc that Amazon has to offer to us That is watchable Private cloud It lets you have your sub nets or were killed subjects Rather what Your networks that you need to go in your data for the cloud network next to have a security domain Now there’s a lot being said Our data being secure are not being secure And Lord platforms right now if you talk about the security services that a loveless has to offer to you the number is plenty I mean you have services that let you do so much when you talk about security Right Um right from ensuring that your date I secure or the network right deciding who gets to access what Giving you proper access management then ensuring that um you have encryption off a data that moves or the network and firewalls to insure that whatever constantly and NATO car goes out of the network is secure Then you have your security managers that actually act as inspectors on these networks They keep a track off the health off in a dog that is functioning your services to ensure that those are healthy and those are functioning normally Okay Apart from that it gives you suggestions on what security principles should be implemented that are cost effective and secure as well This was about the network security that I’ve mentioned Um when you talk about platforms like AWS they have 24 7 working person and that physically guards your data centers right And there is a layer of security that ensures that the data is sicker physically as well Apart from that when you talk about these reasons of these reasons are so profound so unknown or so secretly kept that even quite a few people who work at Amazon do not know where these data centers are exactly located in those regions when so that the security off these regions is at a very high level So when you talk about security that are quite a few services that injury data is secure Okay Migration Yes So when you talk about migration it does not always that you’re just gonna go out and start a new application and cloud rate That could be a situation where your data is already reciting somewhere You need to move it to club So does that mean that cloud won’t help you here It would definitely help you here So what loud does it and shows that there are quite a few services that really amalgamate with its platform so you can directly migrate to club If not it also helps you in ensuring that your data can be moved to club You have a relevant resources that support your migration And most importantly it follows quite a few principles that not only help you in moving a data but even reshaping or modeling or data and applications in such a way that they can actually receptor or even rebuilt on top of cloud platforms So migration is something that AWS supports a lot and there are quite a few services that let you do this Now this is something that I doubt we’ll be discussing in decision because this is a very detailed topic and to be frank that are complete courses that talk about migration But I’ll give you some idea about it not worry about that Next in this list we have management would site So once the data is there on the cloud platforms you need to do quite a few things right There are management tools that let you throwing triggers that let you throw in Thresholds are allowance when there is a particular special breach that is that has happened Or if you want to keep a track off the health of the resources this is something you’re management tools do for you So the man is all the data and resources that are there on a clock platform right from keeping a track off your pipelines to training alarms When ah a certain requirement is met or not met Everything is taken care by your management tools or management services That date of this has to offer you when you talk about messaging Now again you need to communicate ordinate work right Even though you have security you need services that can help you pass messages Emails right communicate with different users and stuff like that So there are a number of messaging services that eight of disaster offer you those fall and that is due me and then you see the analytics domain here Now the reason I have put forth this name years everybody talks about machine learning data science And then people ask me questions Doesn’t Can you do that on top off Lord platforms like AWS Definitely You can do that on top of platforms Like AWS AWS has a latour off machine learning big data analytic services Whether you talk about cognitive services that let you use e I and L P if you want to use ready to use a P I Stephen those applications Sorry PSR available that let you do for his detection Image detection sentiment analysis fraud detection quite a few other things Okay um text to speech speech to text right These

kind of applications as well If you talk about war analytics like running machine learning models building machine learning models then you have So sisli commission stays makeup that let you do this accident and indeed ill Okay Apart from that there are quite a few services that let you perform big data operations He peel operations and data warehousing operations as well So they talk about big data ai machine learning Everything is taken care by celebrates now these are some of the domains that you see on street other domains that are not there on the screen Yes there are quite a few domains that are actually not there on the screen So if I were to talk about other domains or other services that AWS has to offer to you that are Romans like I o P Internet of things like the Internet of things is nothing but a practice where devices are connected to each other through the Internet and over the Internet We collect the data from these devices through sensors Now this data some is something that can let you actually won operate these devices and also generate insights from the data that we get from your making those devices martyr So that is what the aim off duty is right Say for example smart signals that we have right smart home device and says Our plan says now some of these work on Internet off things slip So since Internet of things is objecting these days it oppresses me room for it as well Now this was about voting for you Do you have like services that give you um administrative devices with AWS that are like a society court and other services which actually let you connect your beauty device History of this cloud platform with ease There are other So this is like a coyote green grass and quite a few other services that a loveless has to offer to us But that is no different of discretion I just want to tell you that I o t Is something that is supported by AWS That is one of the moments than the other movements can be or develops Dome in right when you talk about the develops dome in um these are the developer tools right What is there watching their offices and approach where we break silos between developers and administrators Now these are the two teams that are in world in software development process So the developers build it in a developer environment whereas the Operation steam or the administrative thing operates on the software in the production environment two different environments altogether But when you talk about them they have to work together because they are connected with each other in the form of the software that was built so in previous days are in the exile matador The methods that will before that we had problems with these two teams had quite a few conflicts because what worked in development environment did not work in production environment and vice versa And both these things believe that it was the fort of the other team So what happened was we had a new approach called as the wops that actually combined these two teams to work together And they generated a continuous integration and deployment kind of a process where you could work together and build software at a better and a faster peace while the Pagis could be fixed in quickly and everything could be done at a quicker pace and that continues space So this is what they walks brought into paternity docker software development something that has reversed delusional ized on software development They would be quite a few people who are attending this system or the session Sorry And they know about their develops right So they can relate to these things So basically that is what the options and it is very popular in the market So AWS has also provided quite a few sizes like it of this cloud pipeline it every a score coming with a similar to get right You have a lovely scored bill Services you have it appears court commit court court deploy right And a core pipeline as well So these are the services that actually let you perform their ops operations and right from writing Accord toe committing it to deploying Get toe building it Everything is taken carrier on this AWS cloud platform So when you talk over the domains and so this is that eight of this has to offer to you and the possibilities are many Once we get into the console I would show you some of those services not whatever that But this is about the core service domains that AWS has to offer to you I believe I’ve talked enough about them quite a lot actually So let this is go ahead and take a look at one of the first do means that come from the AWS And let’s try and explore that a little more Okay so my presentation say is that this your first take a look at the free peer account at the Annapolis console that it has to offer kept So let’s do that Let’s quickly take a look at the AWS for repair concert right Let me give you some information on these pointers and then we’ll go ahead and talk about some of the services that AWS has to offer to us So again let me switch into my tap right allowed to log in our sign into my console Here let’s do that Should not be difficult I have an account here I had a session couple of days back for great learning in that session My

conscious refused to stock So I had between my password and stuff So I assume that it would be a pen function Enough Oh I feel so relaxed It is working Okay so this is a memoir coming that I have I used for part of the activities mostly for demonstrations So let’s quickly take a look at the second So guys this is what if every idiot account off Amazon Web services looks like So when I say off free D’Errico it offers quite a few features that are available to use us free off cost This is for learning purposes right now Aws Since it’s a global platform it wants more and more people to use its platform its services Right So what it does is it gives you a free data Contact is valid for one year And for this one year you have most of the services that it alludes has to offer to you I would level to you free of cost with some upper caps That means all these resources will have a certain limit on it Say for example easy to is a compute service so you can launch a virtual machines here with AWS water Does is it gives your be ability to launch basic instances that are that you can land a few Of course if you want to launch bigger instances then you might be touched Okay so this is what a free tier limiters say For example s trees a story service where you can store data up to five TB if you x here that you’ll be charged So that is what a three tier cap is now for people who want to start practicing a jobless these resources have more than enough You can do a lot of things with these resources right So um if you do not have an accord to make sure you go out and have one How do you create an account You just have to search for AWS Freedia Okay Once you search for AWS Freedia you would be having access to I really have to sign upto it of this video You’ll have to giving your details like basic details What The name is email I d where you decide your address and you would be actually accept Expected to giving your credit card details So the reason they ask you for credit card details is they want to verify your ledgett user And in case if you cross the limits and you have to pay the amount about the cap that you crossed that would be dr from your current car But it does not de bitter uh money without asking you it will ask for it And if you approve only then it will charge you If it is a three d Errico you can even put in your debit card details It says you have to give credit card details But if it aws have tried using my debit card and it works as well so they cannot charge you without your permission So domain Sure you have a free terra content You start practicing it oblivious just like our water I’m talking about in decision as well so that it can at least get started with this platform if you haven’t Okay so this or that But how do you get started Let’s take a look at the services it offers now for that If I click on the services option you see all the major domains you have right We’ve discussed some of these Say for example your compute domain Right in your computer domain You have these services Some of them have already mentioned We were discussing these Denard body analogue Tex right Quite of your services Like patina EMR Cloud Certain elastic service Let us accept so sorry Kindnesses quicksight quicksight is your B I service Just like your tableaux are Barbier that you have right It lets you visualize the data the attack by playing data exchange Blue Lake formation and Meskhi Then if you go into the machine learning part you have specific machine learning services as well We’ll take a located Not ready But for now let me just scroll up and see What are the other services that I wanted to talk about Business applications Alexa for business Amazon time work Male I haven’t used these to be Frank Quit These are useful services Storage in storage You have s three fs Now this is your object stories This is your file storage archival storage stories gateways Something that led to connect different storages in different regions Right Um now you have a management services have mentioned the quite a few actually organizations loud watch auto scaling for mission trail config So these are important services You can study these as well Security You have I am right Secrets manager Guard beauty Um the other services as a will discuss this Waffen She loves something that are very popular Internet of things Now the services that I mentioned great record are free Our doors You also have your green grass that I mentioned I only one click that lets you look at a few things just started Click as the name suggest Okay Databases You have popular database services like ideas Dynamodb Last tickets to dynamodb is something that is You are It is similar toe cost moody B that there

has to offer you Let’s not talk about that final It will die with us Um and then you have your document DBS Well kindnesses cellular chipped is one that lets you connect toe are basically take care of your instructor database successful Okay so if I scroll down there are networking services here you have in machine Learning services Stays maker is something that lets you have our user to use nor nor books biting more books that it offers It lets you build a machine learning solution and doing right from writing cords to actually going out and deploying that certain an enduring solution right Augmented the I So this is this and comprehend these are some of the EI services right Complained in particular is more often e p i o r On application service which is ready to use application You put in your data and get information It lets you do sentiment analysis to be frank Okay so then you have Amazon lex which is to build chatbots that can actually be integrated with different platforms as well And this lets you do it with a lot of these Amazon Polly is one of your speed synthesizers So this is more off our extra speed Kind of a thing You’re indebted text and it converted to speech Okay so and it’s lowers off a battered so that tells you write it speaks what you tell what you tell you to speak right So transcribe is more off for into these translation things So they’re quite a few services that that that I might You might want to come here and take a look at those one by one This is about the council that AWS has to offer to you You can actually go out and click on these right away or it would not see one of these You can just type its name If I type as three it will Charm is on a street service to me I can click on it and I’ll be taken to that particular thing What you see here is the region part You can choose what reason we want to create area resources as well Okay so you have options that you can choose different reasons You can see the names of the reasons that I hear Okay uh again if you scroll down there are some of the tutorials as well that you can actually go ahead and use to get started with some of the things that you would want to do Even the time is given how long it will take for you to do all these things right Six minutes for you to build over Bob Brutal three minutes fire to launch An instance with London Instance Sharp did not worry about that So I’m going to talk about AWS It gives you quite a few absence and this is how the console looks like So let us go back and take a look at the first set off domain that we wanted to discuss And then we can come back for the democratic and right So let’s do that Okay So what is the first dome in that we have in our hands What is the first woman that we have on our plate Right So when you talk about this two minute is AWS compute ation service our compute services Rather So when you talk about these compute services uh it has quite a few compute services that AWS has to offer to you on AWS has quite a few compute services it would like to offer to one of those are the first ones that you see on the screen iss Amazon elastic being stock So Amazon elastic Beanstalk is one off those services um but actually lets you go ahead and how or use pass offerings that AWS has to offer to you Okay so when I say past offerings um you’re basically a complete platform is made available to you but you can access which you can use using your abuse Say for example I have an application that is a pen dirty for me I just need to move my corporate of listen started working on it right Let’s assume that that application is building by dawn So in this case whatever do is I can actually go ahead and launch an instance So in Slough launching an instance and setting it up launching a virtual machine and setting it up configuring it totally okay what I can do with elastic being stocker’s I can actually just go ahead and fire up one of the environments that elastic beanstalk has to offer to me And here the environment is ready mere for me I’ll have to do is put my corn and my application will start looking for me That operates what it also does is it gives me an environment where I can actually start quoting as well Let’s assume that I’m good with Python and I know how to build an application in fightin so it will actually go out and create a virtual machine for me It would create an environment on top off it and I can actually just go ahead and fire up that environment and just start writing my fight in court and my application will be a pen ready for deployment It also lets your deploy application with a lot more These gives you complete status In what state is your application in what state of deployment it isn’t exactly And using that I can actually go ahead and deploy my AWS elastic beanstalk application So we’ve already discussed what platform of the

services are so you can see on the screen On the left hand side there’s a small image that desserts a pass offering That means my bender takes care of everything right from networking Children pain where there’s mom middleware operating system virtualization So it wasn’t storage Everything is managed by Miranda All I manage is the application of the data that I have to control on If I would define the service I would say it is a computers which gives me pass off things right now Unlike easy to something that will be discussing next you do not have to set up underlying infrastructure And instead you can actually just go ahead and quickly deploy these applications to AWS Cloud platform And man is them So basically does nothing but a pass offering that AWS has to offer to you So I believe elastic beanstalk It’s clear to you people let us go ahead and talk about the other service or the other dome in So the next service that we have your ISM is on Lambda Now when you talk about Amazon lambda it is a serverless compute service that Amazon Web services has to offer to us Now when I say a serverless compute service water does is it basically takes Lord off the developers to a very great extent when you talk about configuring part right Yeah I would not have to worry about resources Do not have to worry about to launch them or how to man is them hold management part and even the configuration part that we talked about in the past thing it is taken care by alarmed us of this It basically actually goes out and works with flower formation will discuss that Do not worry about it Blow for mission to ensure that most of these tasks are automated Once you have application your data you just put it here and starts working for you You’re not have to worry about the management part as well in simple or should not have to worry about the server and the lengths over everything is taken care here by a cloud platform So that is what the alarm that service does for you All you have to do is you just have to go and put a court on the Amazon lambda and it should work for you as simple as that We’ll explore the so little moments we get into the demo But this is what they just stopped irritable Islam that so this is OK let us go ahead and talk about the other services that AWS has to offer to us So one of them is your elastic lower balances Now when you talk about elastic lord balances consider this scenario right I’ve mentioned our cloud platforms That could be a situation where your application experiences a spike in traffic Now since there’s a spike in traffic there could be a situation that you are so was a well ordered and they’re not functioning with In some cases your application might even crash for some unknown reason as well Or say for example you have a larger machine with you and even that crashes were all your data the sex So what do you do in this situation when you talk about elastic lower balances As the name suggests these services ensure that you can valence your Lord on different resources Let’s stand understand this point a little more So guys there’s a lot of charity that I’ve been talking about Do not worry Let me explain this concept Salvi capsule of these for you and we’ll take a look at the demonstrations off some of these services as well So when you talk about an elastic lower balancer okay What the service does is it distributes chur incoming traffic across several targets Okay So everywhere you’ve been reading the stoma Masami settle instances This is something I’m afraid we should have discussed First to give you a general idea When you talk about an easy two Instance these Iowa virtual machines that AWS lets you configure you can actually plan What stories What network It falls under And on top of these virtual machines these can be a windows lean axe and all these kind of virtual machines Right So most of the applications would be deciding on your easy to compute instances Okay so that is why we see the strong everywhere like a Milan Easy to instance we’ll be talking about that in detail but to give you and just give you adjust this is what it is So when you talk about elastic load balance is what it does is it distributes air traffic Okay so in your case you could have multiple easy to instances with you Okay so it traffic it diverts your traffic toe Does instances Vitor I did not have lesser topic Say for example you are one issue two instances experiencing a lot of traffic So instead of diverting all your traffic there it will divert traffic to some other instance for that it uses a loveless lambda function Okay so Lambda function as I mentioned it man it just this lure It helps you transfer this Lord Um And then there are containers something that will discuss again later So let’s not focus on the world containers for now But in simple words what your lower balances All this does is it calculates what are the easy to instances that are functioning in those regions and distributor lord evenly so that none of your instance faces too much traffic and crashes down Okay what It does this These are some of the features that you see on the screen It lets you automatically skill

to meet the incoming traffic that you have okay on That is something that we’ve discussed already It improves your order performance of applications That is obvious to happen Let’s assume that there is so much traffic on one of for instance that it is not able to handle that traffic Right DDOS attack is something that you might have heard off where people just throw in my people requests on a particular application so that it crashes But if This happens when you talk about very obvious instances it would get really electrical other instances and we were playing that DDOS attack that person might feel OK on This also means that your application performs better right because traffic is getting distributed increases availability and for tolerance Yes your instances are not crashing That means they’re available And if one of the instances facing problems others are available for it regular health checks to send only Haley baggage So this falls under man is went as well We’re Lambda and some of your management services What they also do is they keep health checks to ensure that all the instances in a reason are really are in your application Basically network basically So if on instances not only the traffic would be they were take to that instance So that is what lower that insert As great as the names adjusted balances the lure off your resources for you Okay let us go out and take a look at some other pointers Okay let’s talk about what are the types off elastic lower balances that you have to have a classic lower balancer network load balancer and your application lower balancer So when you talk about your lower balance is your classic lower balance that is that typically see toe your balance of that basic a state So what it does is it basically understands that one of the instances facing more traffics and it be words them to other instances But when you talk about your network lower balances are application Lower balances Now these function little differently These operate in your network The glare off your application basically are we When you talk about minute talk about computer networking we have different layers right It’s fallen They are network where basically you’re the sources to decide all your data recites site So when you talk our blood balances that operate in the network lead we call them as your network lower balances and the one that fall under the application layer called as their application lower balances Now this is something that we should not get into the details of But these are some of the types that end of this has to offer to you so the next point that we have on a screen is or post scaling So when you talk about orto scaling in particular What Amazon does is it gives you the freedom off upscaling and downscaling your instances Okay so let’s assume that you have certain instances where you are Data is reciting So in this case what happens is that would be a situation that I’ve already mentioned that some off instances might expedience a lot off traffic In some cases they might just not experience traffic So you can actually ensure that you’re easy to instances are always available to handle a particular set of Lourdes In case if you assume that are you know that the Lord of your particular instances going toe increase In that case you can always set them up for our post Kelly Wendy traffic increases They scale up to ensure that the functioning is smooth and in place Okay on You can even actually garden terminates off the instances right away Let’s assume that your instance is not expecting any traffic on it is not expecting or not having any traffic at all In that case being money for that instance does not make a lot of sense right In that case you can actually go ahead and terminate that particular piece or set off instance so that you do not share any extra money on that instance What are the features that Amazon order Skilling offers to you It offers better for tolerance It is highly available on gives a better cost management So I do not see a point of born I did not see a point where we talk about these pointers a lot No because it’s pretty Everything from the definition itself watered us Let us go out and try to understand something else here Okay so this is one of the most important bets that we would be talking about in the computer services dome in Okay so we’ve heard about easy Too easy Too easy to something that I should have discussed prior to All this is is that I discussed but it does not matter We’ll cover this now And probably all that we discussed will still make sense to you Okay So this is one of the most important services that aws compute has to offer to you It is one of the most popular services when you talk about computation dimension plot platforms Okay so it is one of those services that go started in 2004 Okay Um I believe this waas

basically found by Christopher Brown if I’m not wrong in 2040 was based in Cape Town I’m not ever that it is the same size as a mother service that deformed But it was one of those for services it waas found in 2000 for and it soon became one of the most below tells us in the world And these days E C To provide to with so many options let’s pan understand what easy to services So that’s when you talk about Amazon elastic Compute louder Amazon Easy to it is a Web service that provides secure re sizable compute capacity in the cloud It is designed to make Web scale cloud computing easier for developers Okay so as the definition suggests it lets you launch instances are virtual machines to be frack about These instances are scale level in nature the highly cost efficient and flexible as well as we talk over the families off Easy to that we have on our plate you’ll understand these terms toe a greater are better extent not whatever that I’ll explain all these points to Indeed it but this is what the definition has to say But I’ve mentioned her film instances here right Let’s try and understand what an instances So when you talk about an instance and instance is a watch also for running applications on Amazon Easy to Okay so there’s let me give you an example here So when you talk about building a particular application right what we do is uh let’s assume that you are given some project that you’re supposed to make on your computer now you do not have a computer or a resource that lets you build that In that case what you’re actually doing is you’re actually going by that resource But that would be a costly affair for you to give you an example if you have to buy a laptop inundate costs year on ₹40,000 for a good laptop right The decent specs and would function But what if my work was only for 10 days Spending like ₹40,000 for that laptop won’t make a lot off since right So instead what if I could rent a laptop for say ₹400 a day so in pen days it would cost me like 4000 right So that is like 1/10 of the cause that I would otherwise invest right So when you talk about application development it always won’t make sense for it Actually go out and buy a breathing rate to give you another example Let’s assume that I have one laptop with me okay And in that I need to run a project that I’m working on that works on Windows operating system And I have another project that I’m working one that works on some other operating systems silly Nick’s or open toe So instead of actually going out and having to operating systems which is a difficult task right in my system I’ll have to boot it up Set up two operating systems on the performance will be compromised as well right with cloud computing What you can do is you can actually go ahead and launch such operating systems or virtual machines and you can launch plenty off those What that does is that gives you a freedom of working on a different virtual machine So what a virtual machine as it creates over Children Africa often operating system for you So since And since it is based on a server you can launch multiple virtual machines on your laptop and your laptop won’t hang You want help configuration or Grammy shoes Right So that is sort of a virtual machinists Think of it as a small computer which has its own Nador its own storage on its own capacities So that is what he see to does It lets you launch these different kind off instances these different kinds off Watch your machines Let this is go ahead and talk about what we have next So there are quite a few families that easy to offers to you when you talk about easy to know that so many types of instances so many pricing models it for lows and so many things will be discussing these points in a lot more detail So stay tuned and what are also suggested Some of these pointers allowed toe revisit as well because I would be talking about a lot of information yet and once we do that we’ll get into the demo back So let us go ahead and no understand the different types off instances that AWS has to offer to us So when you talk about an AWS Easy to instance To be honest there are quite a few types of instances that are available I mean you can classify them based on their pricing right upon the way they function and upon their applications as well Okay so I’m not gonna complicate the process for you Let us talk about these things one by one and try to simplify the whole process as much as we can Okay so let’s quickly get started So when you talk about the types of instances these are some of the families off instances that AWS offers When is your general purpose instance Writer When you say a general purpose instance these are those instances that are used for general purpose applications

they would be giving you a certain amount of throw put our performance Okay so let’s assume that you have an instance that works at en capacity okay And is the total amount of capacity it has But when you talk about a general purpose instance it reserves its capacity Okay so these also called as burst table instances Let me throw in some light on this topic Okay So when you talk about a general purpose Instance Let’s assume it is working at a particular capacity Okay so in this case it would not work at that And capacity instead of good work at and minus 80 are in minus 30 capacity That means 30% or 20% office capacity It will work out OK so if there is a requirement where you need to have a bigger or better performance in that guest it will burst out of its shell off 30 or 20% performance and it will perform better with AWS You get certain credits that are assigned for both stable performance so you can use worst people performance for those credit Okay so that is what a general purpose Instances um not very will be launching an instance or to where we’ll talk about these pointers Next is your compute instance Now these are those instances where you need heavy computation right So um basically when you’re talking about high compute power that is very a computation Instances come into picture memory instances Now these are the instances that talk about processing data in memory We’re talking about our ram from all those kind of features here deep you instances that you see on the screen these are used for graphical processing Okay so when you’re talking about video rendering more dealing other applications that military toe graphical processing those other things that work well on your DP instances stories instances as the name suggests these are the instances that give you better stories Capacity Okay so these are the types of instances based on their families So these other family that is general computer memory stories and deep you okay you see to pricing model Now there are instances that a classified on their pricing mortal s been great So when you say and on remind instance it is that instance that is available on demand It is available anytime you want it But it comes at a higher price Is just like renting a hotel room right You visit to a new city and you rent a hotel room so that what you do is you get whatever I mean You go there you’ll just demand something You’ll pick a hotel room whatever you want and you’ll take that right So this could be cost thereby because you’re doing it on the spot Not on this part but on the mind right Next is your dedicated instance So dedicated instance is an instance that is dedicated for a particular kind of application Okay so you are a user and you say that I have a particular set of applications that I need to run And I want this instance that is available only for my requirements In that case you go for a dedicated in starts reserved instance It’s just like reserving your hotel in at once Right You know you’re visiting Maybe go are maybe more leaves or something like that right So you know you’re working there for four days and these other days that you’re gonna visit them so you reserve those hotels in at once so you get those at a cheaper price So same is with reserved instances You know that you’re going to need these many instances what this duration so you’ll book them in advance Okay so they come to you at a cheaper price Why Because you’re reserving them in advance and for a longer duration on sport Not this is like bidding on something where Let’s assume that you have an activity that needs to be done You do not have any specific requirement here Any kind of instance will work for you This is where on spot instance comes into picture You just go there and you look for a non sport Instance it is a little different from on demand Instance Menu talk over there on sport Instance it does you get you use what you get OK so the pricing here is not fixed There is a bidding on these instance If you match that bird you’ll be given that instance at that bidding price Once you release that instance there could be a possibility that you might not get that instance at the same price Okay so these are the types of instances that we have from a pricing perspective So let us now go ahead and understand something else So let us talk about their applications Right So when you say a burst table instance Okay so a bust People instances I’ve already explained it is something that performs at an optimal performance to start with But when you required to both start off its optimal performance it can do that for you as well EBS optimize not these are applications that I use for um optimal performance No in this case let’s talk about a messaging system right Suppose you want to deliver messages to people in larger volumes but at a consistent rate So you know that dory it is consistent You need a good performance constant performance But in lower William will also work for you so that it’s called leisure EBS Optimized Instance are these instances are used in

those places dedicated We’ve already discussed that they are meant for a specific application Let’s assume that I have highly secure data that I want to preserve and want to work on it in private Right So I can have dedicated resources which are not shared by anyone on getting the access to those resources Father Time duration I want to access them Cluster in a turkey now plus territory thing is something that basically classified the instances on a particular plaster performance Say for example I need a particular set of performance in a particular caste cluster of applications so I’ll be using that kind of an instance death say for example I might have an instance for backend operations and one for front and operations and both the instances are cluster or all the resources that are there in that Leicester They work similarly Okay Are partisan Miller cause so that is what you’re cluster network instances are So this was about Pete Curie off compute instances Let us weekly go ahead and log into our council And uh let’s see how do these instances work Okay because I’m gonna quickly go out and fight of my W s management console again It will ask me to sign in again That is the standard procedure it has each time you say no far away little ask you to log in again So they always This is my um console So we’ve discussed this console a little less is go ahead and talk about the simple instances Now you can see there’s an instance that is up and running already I do not need this instance I’m gonna terminate it quickly So guys when you terminate an instance it is not available for you to use any further If you stop it the instance will be there But it would be in a stop state It wouldn’t be functioning You won’t be ties for this instance OK But if you terminated it would be deleted community So when you talk about a laborious easy to basically as I’ve already mentioned you can launch instances American launch watching machines here Right So what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna go ahead and launch a virtual machine and under standard from a prospective ever get to know almost all let things about it Okay So let’s just quickly go ahead and do that So again I’m gonna come back to the and in part it is setting under six instance of meanwhile just go ahead and launch one more instance And once we launch that instance I’ll be talking about at the point is as well ok North Korea about that So let’s violence and launch So that is when you try to launch an instance you get quite a few options here So when I say options that are options to choose from type of virtual machine that you want to not so what you see on the top of the screen is it say’s choose an Amazon image right Amazon machine image So that means you’re given a choice to pick a particular Amazon machine So your instance of virtual machine is nothing but a machine right So when it says choose and immense that means images nothing but are here My is nothing But it is a template instance or a washing machine that AWS has created of its has some configured our pre configured values with it Okay so you can actually go ahead and launch that particular instance or that am I and it will have a set off values Our principles are very success attached to it You can actually go out and also create a custom ear mites But that is a complex process Let’s not do that What you can also do is once you create any Emma you can take you can make a copy African save it with you so that actually when you actually want to go ahead and launch a similar instance we can do that as well Okay so the sweater work the instances in general he amazing gentle less is guarded Launch one of these instances and see how it works So that’s cruel You can see that there types of I have Lenexa instances Like I have my redhead instance Susie and I have been to um it seems that you can actually try Or Calamba as a lambda as we discussed is a serverless computing service that AWS has to offer to you Um you can launch your Microsoft server instance as well So guys what You know tears See it’s written Frito visible balut Right So these are the instances that are available to you free off cost You are not supposed to be for them Even if you release along these instances not all these instances are free off course If it’s cruel and you see these deep learning am eyes now these are something that not free for you Why Because um actually these are something that come with higher configuration And that is where you’re charged for these instances So the minimum size of instances something that you can launch under your free Pierre account that you have Okay But this again is a three tier instance you see here Okay So OK you can actually go to non some of these instances Let the me quickly just go ahead and launch fits

instant surveillance Let’s launch living knows when it is the easiest one to actually go in a can figure Okay so there are different ways in which you connect with these instances For example you are when those instance can be connected truly more big stopped processing But if you have any necks instance are 12 instance for that you have to actually go through uh footage it on the party That is something that lets you decrypt your keys and then you can log into those instance using Put it in greater Okay it’s called us part If I’m not I’m not sure the exact pronunciation of its put your party but I call it pretty Somebody recently corrected me telling me that it is pretty So let’s stick to it being pretty OK let’s just go ahead And now um how long is this instance for No So I see next um it gives you details about the vpc it watch your private cloud or it is a networking service that you have in your hand so you can decide what kind of subject to you wanted to fall under Okay so it will give you all the details here for that You can actually go and team that I am role is a security service I am that lets you create I am rolls who get strikes this word so you can create a new one You can use something that you already have if you want one If I don’t do anything it creates a one role by default for me So I do not have to do anything I’m just gonna ward and sit next funnel So when it creates something by before for you it comes with basic settings and security If you want to optimize on it you can do that now this is where the story it’s part comes in OK so when you see a story is back okay so by different it comes with a 30 GB off stories attached to it Okay so I can actually go out and attach more stories that I can just tell the stories value here I can walk 100 GB if I want so we’re gonna see are actually good and a tattoo on him to an instance But we’ll do that in the later half of this issue Let’s not do that now Okay So I’m and there’s these other types of wall in that that is a general purpose SSD pro isn’t I obsesses the magnetic standard right So these I says these you can also have as Diddy’s But you don’t see that here in option right Because as Diddy’s are nothing but a hard describes something that you are that externally so far more William Good back This is where I’ll get more options here But see corners Didi throughput is daily right So this is the often that you get when you are that something are while you externally So the one thing will get into the legal soffit leader lessons Gordon See no at tax tax or something that let you differentiate your instances Because when you launch like 50 60 instances it is difficult to classify all those instances So tagging is a good habit Security Now by before t I’m gonna rdp signing to this instance it will use TCP protocol this portrait and source from any traffic It will let me get the trafficking I can choose what I be I want to use as well if I want Oh so depending upon what kind of security what you can make teams this year right So if I use the basic when it says rules with source so and so to access the instance very coming Setting up security group rules to allow access for more I p only see that injury a person like me because that would make it more secure But this is a demo for instance would not have to worry about it So let’s just say lunch it I am giving it a second giving me a noticing that you can improve the security But let’s give that so this is the last bit off it which again is important if you ask me So when you talk about these instances right So basically what AWS does is it lets you sign into these instance through different media different ways So what are those different ways and different mediums through which you can sign into an instance So no different ways Basically I misspelled or mis used the word step Basically when you talk about a keeper yeah what AWS does this in these easy to instances it actually lets you um signing with the keep it so keep it is nothing but a collection off public and the private key as you see on the screen So what this does is you basically have given a private Canada place as a public together They love you to connect an instance You cannot do it without one or the other Okay so when you actually going into is a private here it gets down ordered and you have to ensure to keep it safe with you Because if a private key is lost you cannot access your instance going ahead So that is an important criterion there So make sure you have your um by what He’s safe with you Okay so how do you do that You just come here and say create new Let’s call it the more 321 And I say download So as I’ve mentioned keep it safe with you whenever you use

it And now I’m going to just go ahead and say no into my instance So launching this instance will take a couple of minutes Okay So let that instance get launched and then we’ll see how the instance works And what can we do with that particular instance Okay so what shall we do Know OK so let’s just go ahead and take a look at some other point does Meanwhile this instance gets launched Okay So if I could Connie Zito it will show that one instances running Why is that Because I’ve believed that art originated on the instances as can see So it does not show middle instances up and running right If I scroll down here you see that I have these sport requests The pricing that we talked about right reserved instances saving plans dedicated hosts scheduled instances and all of those things images he admires You have it here You can choose different am eyes right You can create your own as well Walliams Now if I come toe volumes there is one volume that is orderly here with me I can actually go out and create other volume says Well let’s say I want to create one more volume of 30 GB Let’s call it 50 g We just to be safe I can choose the reason where I wanted want him to be so preferably keep it in the same region Very instances And then you just see create water And just like that your volume would be created here We don’t see any right now Because you don’t think that Naoya when you monsieur right Its performance is also different so you can always have a volume that is appended the with you So if I click on this it will give me an option off modifying my wallet My can increase its size If I haven’t attached volume I can increase its size Right Uh if I actually have toe delete a while making duke that I can detach a volume from an existing instance and I that’s a new one into it as well So these are the options that I get with an instance that I create Okay Are one in that I create for Liz is good and lead it I can take a snapshot offer doesn’t so I can create an image off my wall You may as well so that I can reuse it Repurpose it Let’s just delete it from we’d be not needed Okay so it will delete the value of the instance So let that happen at its peace Okay There’s just meanwhile Gordon see for instance is up and running so that we can start using that instance There you were instances up and running its status Take a still showing initializing so basically it goes through to status checks for you You can actually go ahead and wait for it to happen You can even launch instance Site I recollect that like that status take actually go ahead If I click on this instance and if I scroll down you’ll get more information about the instance Thank you What family It belongs to Its reason is it located in availability zone As you can see schedule leaving It’s um it’s type lucky It will be waste This is the root of all time So when you actually go ahead and the types of volume and that’s a new one you have to ensure that you attach it to this device or this or will be rice only only then that you cannot That’s a different world into it So these are some of the things that happen when you are These are some of the things that are their status sticks If you come here yeah it will give you statistic uh status So one of the status checks is already bust t Now both of them are butts Instance readability Take passed in this answer past So they were We have cleared as statistics statistics Rather let’s go ahead and launch our instance Jewelry So I say connect It would say download IBP using this I’m gonna connect to my instance Okay And for that I would be needing my public private key right Private key that I have But I need to decrepit for so I have to choose my fight So if I just go toe down Lords And if I look for more I should be having more tree two When this was the one we used they were on Now I said they decrypt Mickey So no So what I said decrypt the key It will actually go ahead and enter the password for me So I just copied from here Niego I close it I launched my rdp It will stay connected The instance Now what do we do The entered password that we’ve used in the city Okay And I say yes So just like that we’ve actually gone and launched a watcher machine with a lot off He’s now this is of in those virtual machines It will look like most of the windows systems that you use right So you’ll be having similar taps Similar ability

to connect to Internet and stuff like that So Yeah There you go It does just like the normal instance that we have Right And here are some things that you can visit You can actually go and connect to Internet as well And whatever intended that you use at all it is accessible Are you can access the Internet using this instance again This acts as a separate machine all together See so I can launch multiple instances in my system If I click on this thing it will uh let’s ago here Okay And let’s take a look at the one that we have So we have this uh our PDB off William 16 TB offered is used for obvious purposes See consumes that rate for this after that isn’t strong on 29.9% was the total 30 GB that we actually assigned to it Right Can we change the volume Furious Definitely We can change the world Let’s see how to do that For that I’m gonna dominate this machine for now That thing Yes And uh what do I need to do I need to stop this instance to do that Okay So even to say stop the instance Yes Stop There you go So it will take half a minute to stop So I’ve actually gone out whenever I have a volume that is a straight right So let’s just go ahead and do one thing Let’s go ahead and change it size and see How does it reflect Well that will be needing a command Korda’s uh yeah This is the command that we need Okay so this is something that lets us connect to our instance Basically not caning but Lexus man is our in disk space This came the empty and Missy Okay so I’ll show you why that is used Will get into the deacon Suffered husband But I instance the stock mean with So let’s just go ahead and uh quickly go into William’s first memorials And in volumes I have 30 before loom less to say mortify value and say make it 100 GB There you go Can I say Marty fight Are you sure it may take some time for performance industry Take full effect You need to extend us file system or the volume toward Okay So it’s just like our hard driveways Albury feeling that what they mentioned by the commanders that are that So let’s just go back to the instance and whatever teams that if implemented they say that it might take a while for that to reflect Okay So let’s just go ahead and uh see what we can do with it Um Elsie start my instance So it will take half a minute again to start the instance to let this instance that Okay so they use it Will initialize my instance again Okay so I hope I’ve long did right instance Yep So that only is terminated So this should not be a problem Once this is a pen Donny on it is initialized We can actually go ahead and connect our uh on make the team just to have one in that we have Right So I was telling you about this Come on Right So basically when you say disk M g m d and Missy Okay So what this command does this disc collects your man is your desk space Okay So once we actually go ahead and connect to our instance let’s see if we can connect to it Whenever you really start an instance it actually takes time for you Go ahead and connect to that instance So let’s see if we can do it like right over Asi decrypt I see a copy Do not have to go out in the long side deep each time OK I mean downloaded each time you can use the one that is under the debit So let’s see if it connects Because normally when you retire to a volume in attach it again it is then that it takes time But now in this case it has successfully launched

in Okay So um okay so if I just uh come here again and if I just click on the cycle and I see while exploded and if I look at the PC Okay it’s sensualist RTZ be There’s that He’s in front it for that I have to go back again and I will have to go into my commander and option Okay Next stop app Biscay Mgmt Not a messy if you can stock it from here again So if I click on here it will give me certain options State extend a volume So I seen next Nice in next So finish So now my William would change here Let’s just go out and see the change The value again It’s still not reflecting It will reflect Do not worry We change it right The reason we had to do this waas they 100 years So it’s just like formatting your desks right when you are that’s a volume to it You have to format it So that is what I did when I went into desk mgmt dot m sc Okay so this is every launch an instance This is how you actually go out and do the things that I did with the instant straight So this was about the city instances You can actually do a lot of things there Stuff like public eyepiece pirate I p’s right And you can control quite a few other things as well We’ll discuss that some other time But as far as easy to Wisconsin I believe you people have been destroyed What Ec2 is right So let’s just go ahead and the minute this instance from okay I’m just gonna say instance state to terminate and this will take half a minute for the since does to actually go ahead and don’t minute Okay so um when you talk about you know blue seconded or other services as well right Um you have story senses Like s three there You can actually go ahead and story of data So this is more off a bucket and object Kind of a storage Um you can see there are certain buckets that I created here You can create one Now he’s back It is a globally unique right It does not show any region near right because you can because markets are considered as um globally unique So buckets actors folders right where you actually go out on a Plourde Summed it up which you can do like right over here Let’s see are defying someone I just go out and pick up one of the comments that I have and I’m gonna see upload Okay And within a minute that file would be uploaded here right of it Okay so this is ah hot stories That means you store hot day diet That is something that you need to retreat Was store right away You have colder archival store It’s called us to this year Very store that data that you are not going to access frequently So it comes at a cheaper price So when you talk about a double is a quite a few services that a similar to this and you can do so many things with these services is as a matter of coming here and exploding these services So yeah we just activated Go back on DSO how you see two works on AWS platform record is of what Your machine service our compute service that AWS has to offer to us We talked about E C two instances right So let’s go ahead and talk about a lasting being stock as well Let me see if we can actually go out and take a look at the demo Okay Okay So when you talk about easy to write are when you talk about computation services I’ve talked about what black form of the service is right what kind of service model it is and what kind of services it has to offer to us Right So let’s just go ahead and try to explore elastic beanstalk which is a platform of the service that aws offers to us So for that I’m gonna just going type elastic I mean stock And it will redirect me to that page Unfortunately I don’t

think I have um get repositories with me Let’s see if we can just launch a sample application for now Okay Getting started It is application information Let’s call it sample Demo Okay Sample demo looks good The DB Capitol so that we can keep track off it So is this is how the interface looks like I will be talking about quite a few things as we move for that Not worry about that platform that Mitchell was one Let’s say he hits B Um it will by default taken environment took it and then it says use sample application You can even upload your own core But let’s this garden upload a sample application Right So I’m let me explain what is happening here As I’ve mentioned when you talk about elastic beanstalk it is a platform as a service What that means is you can actually go ahead and launch applications on a platform that is already there with you So as you can see I’m launching a template application here right I’m named it sample demo So it asks me what black from you want to You see it’s giving me all the options that I heard right I can choose these platforms that so many of them You’re right So a reconfigured platform is given to me right So it chooses Like I can actually go and make changes to the warden’s has been that I have Okay so it gives me all these kinds of freedoms So that is what platform as a service is right When we launched an easy two instance what did we see We saw that we had to configure everything from the scratch that I had to choose I mean a particular here my right a virtual machine a template offered Then I had to even though I selected by default options But I selected a subject for it Security group I could even control the access that So I’m setting up In instance at a group level you’re a black form is given to me So this platform is also based on a particular instance Right So the configuration off the instance and all those things that taken care by my black form our A levels in this case and it searches up this platform for me with ease and with so many features for me to actually go ahead and use right So let’s go out and learn to sample application and then we can talk about these things a little So let’s see launch an application I hope it does not ask me for my get a card I do not have one right now Okay so it’s creating all the environment by default as against the right So see it will take a few minutes because it will can’t do all this process that you see at 10 58 PM right What it’s doing is it’s actually going higher and setting up and Amazon is three stories bucket So this is where my data would be stored if I use any right Um first it creates a bucket will talk about his three buckets It’s a story It service where you can store your data Going at it could create an environment Okay so you can see using elastic beanstalk It has chosen a reason for my bucket as well South actually back It’s a globally accessible We’ll discuss that later but yep you should know that But it’s based in this region is what they’re suggesting again What else is it doing It’s creating an E ivy That is elastic I p address that is associated with my instance Okay so a security group would be created that gives my sources sick You’re OK So what is happening here is the environment is getting created for me I’m not required to do any off these activities Right So let this happen right once this happens so this would be a basic application We are not doing anything is idiot Mike let this happen right I mean some demo is better than nothing So let this application get created so it might take half a minute to let that happen Once that is that we can actually go in and talk about other things as well Now it says that it’s waiting for easy to instance to launch So basically it will configure the completely see two instance that is required for this application to run And I do not have to worry about anything yet Okay So added instance as very to our environment now it will actually go ahead and put everything in place for us So hopefully we can start sooner Okay The mean when it creates this environment is there anything else that we can do Right So let’s quickly just um open another console I do not want Oh think of it The console that is open ordered because I do not like the last thing Beanstalk interface it Last time I created an application and took me a while to actually sites for it So that is way okay So successfully launched an environment Environment health has transition from pending to okay initialization completed That took two seconds ago and took two minutes in tow Okay so we’re almost set and ready to

go so you can see that the process started like three minutes ago right And within three minutes and environment was created for me You can even actually go ahead and deploy your application if you want If I just actually go ahead and click on this link it would open that pdf spear upside for me right The application that it launched for this application that we’ve lost is nothing but a documentation that AWS has store for to us okay And this documentation of this application that is here it is reciting on any cto instance Okay on a platform that is created by elastic build stock So if I come back here OK I even have an option off applauding the plight so I can actually go ahead and deployment set off piece or my sort of course as well Order it is And the option that you saw when we said create a sample application I selected a by different application right We can actually go ahead and do one thing We can Also if you select to applaud accord there you can actually go and connect get every positive boot So when should know that if you have pieces off court that you’ve worked on and you want to move into these environment you can do that as well So as I explained in the initial concept for is where I talked about platform as a service I mentioned that you can move your data to a platform or you can create ready to use applications based on the platform that is available Do the platform setting a process is something that is taken get by your render in this place in Nablus and elastic beanstalk So as you can see Adam I mean basic application is up under the and we haven’t environment with us as well Right on from right from creating your application you can actually go and deploy it as well Ok so these are the options that you get when you actually go ahead and work with elastic beanstalk Okay let’s just refresh it for now okay I go to applications and let’s see if we can delete it So make sure whatever you create you always delete those applications because it’s a is the leading name of the application Okay sample demo That is if I have names that you always remember guys so that you do not have toe the start I’m doing these things So sample the more I selected and I deleted dilated because you wonder these resources are enough Freedia It’s always advisable that you actually go ahead and delete these applications so that in future if you forget any of these and you connect something else to these devices recharged our civil you do not want that toe Actually go ahead and dominate or harm your Freedia Basically Okay so it is under the process of volition so it should be deleted not worry about that We should let go off it and go back to a presentation right And talk about other concepts Okay so we’ve actually gone ahead and successfully explored You see two instances right How they work We’ve also talked about elastic beanstalk right How you can actually go in and set up an environment with these You don’t have to set it up Elastic beanstalk does that for you Yes you are open to make the industry But since you’re opting for platform as a service it’s better on the configuration part of something that is taken care by your Brenda Okay so let’s go ahead and talk about some other concessional So we finally come to the next topic of discussion that is AWS store it services Okay so in this there are quite a few notably story sources that are there on our hands that we can use We are going to get into oh the demo of these services while talking about you see two instances we dick talk about PBS and we saw how toe actually go ahead and increase the volume or for being stance right So that one was devious Backed up It was EBS in nature So it is one of these stories services We’ll talk about that at length but let’s go ahead and talk about stories services in general and try to understand hope Low stories is actually different from normal stories right So what exactly is glad stories Right Let’s try and understand that So let me give you an example If I were toe go back I mean recently there was that I’m not Recently some 78 months back I was interviewing quite a few people And then I ask them a question isn’t can you tell me about cloud computing in general So these waas some set up in terms that we were trying to hire so they’re fairly new Boo the topics But since they had written these things in their Stevie’s I thought Let’s go ahead and taste test them on these topics right So now as there are cloud company thing they said that it’s a mechanism for store data so they were correct to whatever they say right I mean when you think off Cloud What do you think of it As Google drives and write Google drives where you take your backups and stuff like that which is

true because that’s nothing but a cloud resource for you right Cloud service for you But when you actually do cloud computing work on this lot platforms you realize that cloud computing is lot more than just the cloud stories that you have at your disposal right I mean um Cloud computing is not just storing data It is a lot more than that So that is where I could realize that maybe there are quite a few people out there in the world who actually have some Met suburb Cloud computing Cloud stories isn’t store resistance And that is when I had actually gone it and taken quite a few sessions on YouTube as well That talked about differentiating between normal stories and blood stories and stuff like that So that was an instance I remember I thought I should share it with you people Less is where and understand cloud store It’s how it works right So when you talk about the AWS cloud storage clouds stories in gentle right we are refering toe online stories that is available over and network Okay it is when you talk about cloud stories date it is nothing but providing on and stories to people or a network right with consumers can can zoo were in a storage service So basically yes cloud storage is a storage bay store data but the major point that we need to know Tierras it is made available or a network so you can access it through the penetrate So say for example when you talk about the stories you can actually go out and story on movies Your check right It can be backed up on your Google drive or you’re driving on Google right You’re driving Central rate can be any cloud break So to give you an example here right Um say for example my ward cept that gets backed up at Poopy Um I’m not sure that that happens every day but that happens at 2 p.m So there’s a cycle that is set up there So where does this chad get store But it gets stored in your phone Always know you always link your email I d With your cell phones these days right Because mark phones So basically your data is getting backed up into the drive that is connected to your humility right If it is a demon it would be your Google drive which again is a cloud service site So your data gets backed up there So this is what cloud stories is Your data is getting stored Who are a data center That is that is reciting somewhere across the globe for the data’s interest on but it is getting back through the Internet I mean you are not physically putting your data there It’s getting backed up through your mobile through the Internet It is flowing water and network and it gets backed up with the data center that you’re using So that is what cloud stories is And there’s a lot that you can do with cloud stories We’ll explore that as we move for the But I believe the basic definition is clear to you People has to work Cloud stories is okay So what are the features are some pointers that you need to know about cloud stories 1st 20 year data backup Okay so when you say data backup I’ve already explained that giving you the example off warts up which is a messaging AP right I’m sure most of you are aware about it Next one is your messaging data right So again what’s up is an example here But let’s talk about it from a bigger or a longer perspective right Or a wider perspective Rather say for example I have multiple applications right that communicate with each other or a network Now this messaging our communication is again nothing What message is indeed up right It needs to be stored somewhere Even that is flowing on the network right So it would be backed up on your cloud storage So that is one of the applications are usage off cloud storage application did And you can also story our application data communication is again application data But when you talk about an application that we just created right So you saw that there was in his three bucket that was getting created right So as three bucket would hold all their 11 date other concerns Um your application right Some of the data would also be backed up on the um FMLA lined the persistent stories that you have right We’ll talk about that Do not worry about what Every medal and persistent storage But it also will get back to doing those things as well right So application data is also getting stored on cloud that reciting club or are connected to blow right multimedia So you have your final slate You can talk about your images your videos that you upload right Even the check in What’s that There would be always amuses and stuff that get backed up Right So you multimedia files can also be stored and Lauren also processing an application data So flower is not just limited to storing images and videos and messages you can actually process that eight and even that can be store using cloud storage So this is an important thing that you need to know not what

he will be talking about Quite a few point us I also remembered one more example related to multimedia So one of my friends he actually now I used to take Lord backups Okay so for me and my generation people clawed back upside fairly I mean these are cool things for us because I come from any Israel we actually did not have cloud when I grew up And B I’ve also lived a life where there were there were no phones actually to be really frank and normal Well phones to be specific and no smartphone So I have seen all this transition So uh if I am not to go to back I remember one off my friends losing all his data Why Because his phone got some rebooted are are devoted Okay So he lost all the data he had in this phone Then he decided to actually go out and start backing up his data Next time in his phone got rebooted His data was stored on the cloud Right So that is how he saved his data So that is what cloud storage also lets you do The backup lets you retrieve your data even if your phone is not in a condition to handle the data Okay So this was our different stories Is that cloud has to offer to us Okay Are different applications that cloud stories used to us Let’s go ahead and talk about the AWS clouds to resources that are in our hand Okay Okay No There are some benefits that we need to discuss faster Let me talk about those first Okay So what are the benefits The date eyes readily available for you So when you say readily available I mentioned that it is flowered backed up right So I can actually just go and access that data And it is It will stay this persistent right Even if I change my moved to a new phone and stuff like that My date I would always be there with me because it’s backed up on club It’s cost effective Cloud platforms are cheaper right We’ve talked about that a little not at length But we’ve talked our doctor some extent so let’s not elaborate on that point Right Uh secure Yes So another example to give you off cost effectiveness is you do not pay for your G milieu No we don’t Right So yes we pay for the internet I understand these things but buying a physical hardware to store your later than to store it on drivers is a better option And it’s a cheaper option That is where cost effective security Yes Since you have data backup your data is secure as well right You’re not Have to worry about it getting lost physically because it’s stored or the attack on a cloud platform in cloud platforms are very secure We’ve discussed that as easy processing Now when you say easy processing Yes since the data is available you can One consumer right away and processing will discuss this in the data base part right when we talk about data processing and stuff like that Okay so it makes art of many talk over data being on cloud It is easier to process your cloud data Basically So these are some of the benefits of AWS Okay so cloud stories minutes so they still haven’t gotten into it Obvious services So I believe I’m a couple of slights away from the story services that AWS has to offer to us So let’s discuss on stores Mets first and then we’ll get into the AWS cloud storage services that are there in my hand Right We’ll discuss those in detail and Ekland Okay supply out stories Mets Right When you talk about clouds stories Mets people have quite a few misconceptions like they have about cloud computing They also have mets about cloud stories as Let’s try and discuss those one by one on Indeed it Okay so when you talk about cloud stories minutes one of the medium it’s that people have is cloud consumes a lot of power So what There’s a Mrs that so many big big data centers that are running out there It’s gonna consume a lot of power So that’s obvious state It will consume Miller of power but at cost off What You have to understand that as well So will you talk about Adidas Centre The amount of data that it can store is huge right So even if you did not movinto cloud you’ll be moving this data Some very even those resources will consume your power when you use it or do whatever you want to So does cloud can zoom power It does But does it consume more than what you use Otherwise That’s debatable Another important point that in you to understand here is when you talk about popular cloud platforms in the market they do a lot of research on these things as in how to optimize resource usage how to optimize use off electricity as well G c P Google cloud platform in particular there’s a lot of research on these topics So what that means is they’ve ensured that they make use off minimal amount of electricity to do these things and the amount of electricity that they use that also sauce a very large audience which were other victory consume electricity in that amount That is why I d C p if you see on a shorter and it is one of the most affordable

not one under it is the most affordable blood platform If you look at services from a shorter duration perspective and it also offers you per second billing So that tells you the reasons that different in ensuring that that it hasn’t does consume less amount of resources and electricity and that is why they can actually provide the sources to you at a cheaper price So this is one of the reasons OK so I believe that clears young It has to cloud you under consumes a lot of power It get does a big under white audience complexity in data storage So when you say complexity in data store it’s what people assume as it is difficult to store data on cloud as and people first of all have this of mythical feeling about the cloud that it is something that is very it’s located somewhere far away Innovator stories takes time does not secure and stuff like that So people have these beliefs in their mind which not always toe is it complex to store data will take a look at what s tree service The langoustine are pretty easy It is to start it at that Okay so is it complex to start date on Lord No It is definitely an accomplice to start date on clothes not for small scale businesses Why are we discussing small scale businesses Even as an individual are watch a greater gets back the plum berate So from a user perspective definitely are using glory whether you want it or not from a business perspective is it only for larger scale businesses No that’s not true Even small scale businesses can actually use cloud platforms You can host your applications Your website said data and even store it that at a cheaper price So nowadays the flexible pricing model ensures that people can actually afford these services at a very to prison Even by not investing too much money Next one is downtime and security So that’s lowered her down thing I won’t deny to this point Totally Okay I mean see when you’re talking about any resource any Doman it is never 100% clean or right Absolutely right or correct right There would be some fault and even All right So when you talk about downtime if you take a look at disaster recording and reliability numbers something that we’ll see in future Slate you realize how how safe disclosed black promise from downtime and stuff like that Yes If you go back to like toe only 2000 tents like total of 11 toe back then there were some outrageous which one major But we are like eight years away from that and I mean outrageous handling Downtime handling has improved like anything when you talk or this got back up And since you have option of availability and disaster recovery data backup options no time is very minimal If it happens on the your leader is very secure that since you have ah ability to actually take back up off your data you can always stay assured that your data can be restored even if you lose your leader to give you one more example We talk about Netflix site We stream our data regularly So when we stream date on it makes it Is that where that Netflix goes down your own If it goes on it is up and running for us right We do not have to worry about the outages there and Netflix itself Research on AWS that tells you what kind of service or what kind of stories and what kind of different um mechanisms they have actually toe prevent downtime and have security issues or to prevent security issues Rather so do we have downtime and security issues See there’s always a possibility but that is very very very minimal and very there I don’t need clothes at all Now this is one of the one of those myths that have come across and we was in the writer do not new club Maybe from a business perspective you do not final but you’ve been already using Clarida You’re posting a Facebook in major anything right Because it is using cloud other things than that See the oil have been hit by corn a pandemic right now right What are we doing We’re sitting Ackerman working has been like for months now that I haven’t had my office I’ve been working from home and I’ve been actually working a lot And I’m sure that is true with menu a few right How are you actually working on your fist off Most off you are using club at least the ones who work in I T or feels that require you to be online all the time Right My brother is a public relations officer and he too is working from home Is a company that never used laptops to this great extent Have ensured that all the employees of laptop now using Internet and using all this lot platforms they can communicate with each other with the APS that used the slur platforms So do you need cloud You do not need love You can debate that But to be very frank the future is very much Two words cloud computing at least for next decade or so until something new comes up So these are some of

the myths right I’ve been talking about these mitts very personally As if cloud is something that I own but that is how cloud computing is to me when the love for it comes naturally OK so these are some of them It’s that I feel that I could throw more lighter I’m debatable for somebody that is how it is So this whatever floats tourism it’s Let’s not go ahead and talk about cloud storage services on AWS Finally we have the East this late Let’s try and talk about this OK so that’s when you talk about lower storage services So a jobless offers for Langer Enough cloud store It’s assistant These are some of those that are other services as well Um we’ll discuss some of those to not worry So when you talk about cloud storage is our AWS cloud storage services that these are the major ones First one is your rock store it So the first two services that you see are block stores The next two are you object stores and the Taliban is your DFS which is a file store at the bottom of the screen Apart from that there are some services that let you move your data physically from one data centre to the other like your snow More violence No mobile We’ll talk about that Do not ready Let’s try and understand the sources that there on the screen first and then I’ll actually go and talk over the ones that are not there on the screen So when you talk about a BS it is elastic block store a type of block store it So when you say a block store this is a storage that comes in the form of blocks and it needs a virtual machine or the host machine to which it can connect Oh okay To give you an example the high drive that you connect with a system right It’s a good example Off block store Okay so on cloud you have or are native disclose you have these sources So devious is something that we saw right So when I launched an instance it came up with the stories right that was attached to it And when I deleted that instance even the stories that was attached to it guard the leader Right So that wasn’t a past stories that came in with my ec2 instance Okay so this kind of story is called less ephemeral storage OK so this needs an instance to survive host machine to survive And it exists only as long us The host machine is there with you you get so if you delete the host machine the stories will go That the stories that waas um I also surely that we can create volume break So this world is something that do not require the host machine again The wall in the same way they talk about a female a lot Uh the baby is that you see on the screen I mean both work similarly but the one or the middle one that comes attached to it easy to it gets the leader When the instances deleted So all the data that was there on it it will also get deleted But if I take a back up off it or if I have created a separate volume which was not connected to the instance it is persistent in nature it is not necessary are it will not happen that if I do leave easy to instance the volume assistant woman that I created separately would also delete why Because it is a separate entity it can survive without an instance But if you want to use it you have to connect it to some instance Okay And it that’s it again to save it Okay so this is what your habeas is I unfortunately not talk a lot about it when I when we learned of the sea to instant but not worry As we get back into the demo I’ll talk about it again Okay Then you have your object storage So hear all your stories Find side treated as objects And these files get stored in a folder And the folder is called as your bucket Okay so what you see on screen is two types of stories One is your Amazon s three storage data One is your Amazon Felicia Storage So you’re a misery is three Storage is ah hot storage So when I say a heart storage it is that storage that basically stores data that needs quickly Tree will our storage So I can instantly put in my data Their delegate er are connected to somebody source and start processing it Right Uh so that is why this data is accessible greater So you also after not one more thing It is also a costlier social data Why Because territory Well time is high area The other stories that you see on the screen iss Amazon Glee sheer from the nameless Eric and makeup that glaciers are cool right We’re talking about ice glaciers here right So these according nature So Amazon s three is hard in nature when you’re awkward place where it is cold in nature Why is that Because um it’s stores archival data Do you know what archives are Archives are that set of data that you do not actually

go ahead and take a look at regularly So to give you an example I’m I recently not recently on the TV went to that as well So now I was creating my passport It was in 2013 14 if I’m not wrong So I needed my birth certificate something I did not have a copy toe So for that I actually had to go to a hospital where I was born And whenever in that I realized that that hospital existed no longer So I wasn’t in your feet because I couldn’t get my birth certificate I Acto put in some I had to put in extra air force to get my birth certificate Something that you can do in India Eric We call it God Logan in Hindi So that means basically making arrangements toe some under the table arrangements to get your job done So this is what the point that I’m trying to make here is I did not want to digress from the main subject So the point that I’m trying to make it to sea the birth certificate is something that I might not go to the hospital to get every day Right So if you go to a hospital not every data that is stored in the hospital is something that will need every day Same with government offices as well Andi If I go to hospital it’s not that I say Give me my birds that we get on That person will say who Come here Take it and go of it right now What is it Everything going online that it’s possible But I still belong to the ages where we used to use written documents as well So to find a particular document These people used to take a day or two So when I apply for it I might I had to be in a situation where I could actually go back and collect the day Tired in a couple of base time right So the point I’m going to make it is when you talk about archival Detroit is this kind of data something that you might not access right away You’re certain that you might not get access to it right away So when you store that kind of data you can use something like Glacier right One It comes at a cheaper price compared to history No Why does it commit a cheaper price compared to a street Since it is archival data you can order it Leave this data like right away It takes we Woz for you to actually go around it to you this date up So we start only that data That is not very important for us or would not need immediate access to that data there So I had a lot of police here Is it stores archival data for you and then you have your efforts So basically when you are dealing with file systems what kind of stories would you use when you use aws you’ll go for the deficit is elastic Find system for I also mentioned that there are at the kinds of stories that AWS offers street Now what are those are the kinds of stories is that AWS offers to you right We cannot exactly called stories but these are basically data movement of mechanism or data stories moment mechanism that AWS offers Now aws snowball is one thing So basically it is something that holds a data Physically you like you have a hard drive right Let’s assume I’ll give you one more example here back then I mean if I go like 567 years back if I needed to get some CDs or movies that I wanted to watch so I used to connect I mean I used to visit a friend who always had this all the data stored with I used to give him my pen drive copy all the data that I wanted and I used to move it to my system and water trite because back then we could actually we could not stream that this data this easy lyric so we have to actually go out and use physical devices to move data OK so when you talk about moving short data like images messages meals you can do that on and it was possible back then as well So that is something that you can do ordinate out easily But in some situations you might be required to move a large amount of data And if you are to move it physically right you always not already network In that case you can use a service like snow Well between two movie A data physical It’s no more Billy something that lets you move a large that I wonder Data something that would be required for that would require a proper mobility mood So these services basically let you move your data when it doesn’t small Letterman compared Well there’s no more will You can move it through snowboard If it is very large in size like a data center size of data moving personal movie It’s basically moves data from one location to the other Okay so this was a bulb Um your services like cloud storage services that relentless has to offer to Okay let’s just go ahead and take a look at these sources one by one Okay so first on a screen we have elastic block store I did not want to talk about a lasting lobster 1st 1st let us talk about STD and then we’ll come back to Elastic block store Okay So will the artistry take a look at its demo and then we’ll actually go back and talk about habeas So s stick Amazon s three stands for simple storage

service Okay that is S S s And that is what is called Les s three To make it more appealing It’s a simple Web Services are basically has Ah has simple Web services interfaces work The definition says I’m never going with the definitions Let go through that and them and then I’ll break it down for you and simply words Okay So what The definition seizes S three has a simple Web services interface that you can use to store and retrieve any amount of data at any time from anywhere on the web Okay so basically what you’re doing here is you’re using a web interface will get into the demo part I’ll show you how to create buckets and stuff like that Okay You’ll get to know how easy this so you can use this weapon to face Create these folders these buckets for you and you can store and retrieve your data from their abilities Just using your Internet What I Some of its important features We have flexibility Like we have durability We have availability cost efficiency security and scalability So durability and flexibility I’ll give you numbers on these Not worry about that OK but we’ve talked about some of these features Excellent What scalability is what security is in all those applied to your Amazon s three as well Just to throw a light from a normal perspective secure It is very secure And you can actually decide who gets to access your bracket Will Doesn’t you can set rules on it You can even set in rules as an hour Do you want to move Yell the Italian cycles stores to store data I in cycles again We’ll discuss this in the demo but not worry about OK so we can actually ensure that pockets and idea in the history services Very secure Cost efficient again It is very cost efficient Yes it charges you a lot but you have a mechanic’s American move your data toe Gliese here If you feel that your data is not being used frequently and is costing you more you can first move too infrequent Access our data story in the stand Then you can actually move toe glacier where you would be touched according to the release ablation infrequent access with a cheaper than standard as three judges Okay So cost efficient Yes it is very cost efficient scale level Yes it skills And you can start a lot of data year as well Durability is something we’ll discuss later Okay Available Yes You can take back up off your data So data is available on you have quite a few options So ends It is highly flexible as well Okay so how does is three work Exactly When you talk about the Miss honesty you can store data in the form off buckets and objects So the definition you’re saying if I’m not wrong what you see on the screen let’s just talk about buckets and on Mexican So when you talk about buckets and objects state but it’s on nothing but your can Venus that hold your estate data Okay So the data can be files images and stuff like that Right Maybe media sources as well So your objectives nothing but your data that you’re storing in your buckets tonight So the data that you store always comes when comes in with um your key and words and I d So you can actually have wording to your data Let me see if we have something or less poisoning in the next Let’s talk about it If not I’ll talk about it in the demo partisan What was in English Because it is a very important topic when you talk about is three data OK okay The presentation isn’t in the best off Former Forgive me for that Okay so um I’m his honesty Torosidis and replication Okay so it is nothing But it is an ability using which you can automatically and thus synchronously copy your object objects across buckets that are based in different regions So but it’s a configured for core processes and application and they can also automate automate this process Basically So basically let’s assume that I have two buckets based in different regions or I have two different buckets right So I can set of policies that ensure that after a particular action trio are amount of time my data from one bucket gets replicated into the other bucket So this insures my date I cigar Right So if one on the buckets moves down I will have a backup offer it in the other bucket Okay so this was about my um yes three cross these and replication Okay wasn’t it Gets stare so we’ll discuss this Do not wait So we’ll take a look at it in the Democrat as well But let’s talk about so there’s many talk a lot of words ending it is nothing but maintaining different versions of a particular file There could be a situation where my file got changed break And once I changed it I had re uploaded it to my estate bucket which already had the same fight So when I restored that bucket so I will If worsening is activated on my bucket I’ll tell you what Waiters do not worry if our reasoning

is activated on my bucket And if I re upload the same file again So what it will do is it will maintain a copy off the latest find that apple or it say for example my first document hard in 91 23333 Right then I stored same file again but with modifications in it So it’s new Idea would be for three too quickly Treaty if we’re listening is activated on my bucket If there’s a situation that I feel that I need it previous version of the fight I just click on that file and it will give me multiple awards and ID’s so I can choose The previous was an idea as well So when I say words learning what it does is basically as three keeps both the words and soft my fine with it So I can always go back and report to the world religion sense with Okay so this is all about words any as in what words in English right I mean if there are multiple virgins for particular file that you want to maintain A You can do that by using Amazon a street words any So we’ll see this as we were to get into the Democrat Let’s go ahead and talk about some other features about those three as well right So we’ll discuss certain point this thing that what kind of stories is three offers we’ve discussed about what kind of features the AWS offers in general right We say that it is highly reliable right So if you talk about its suitability it’s pretty visibility right It’s 99.99% whether you talk about this standard infrequent or glacier okay we’ll discuss these pointers not whatever that but even availability is 99.99 And if you take a look at the actual number is 99.7 to 9 times 99999 So that tells you how deep it goes when you talk about its general durability and availability as well right So going away from the topic that we were discussing let’s just understand what are the types of stories is that AWS is three offers to a site that are different classes in it So when you talk about these classes engender so you have this standard one which is most commonly used or by default you straight Then you have a standard infrequent access and finally you have your glacier access So when you say standard this is West under charges of play and you have a normal off this standard input output or even to tree will Rather Okay but when you talk over infrequent access this is what we’re talking about Data which we do not access Right of it Okay so it’s when you talk about retrieving this data it will take longer than your standard No standard stories that AWS is three class has to offer to you and then you have a glacier Now this is very actually Gordon story Archival data will discuss s three Sorry glacier in detail once we get into the AWS Glacier Park But this is where we actually store our archival data data that we do not access frequently So the important point that you need to note here is when you talk about an object size your infrequent stories is the only one that requires minimum size for you to have that as it is 1 28 KB in general rate So it has to be me more of that size When you talk about you’re arrested classes like standard English it there’s no limit that but obviously there has to be some sense because you’ll stroll something that end of the day right Apart from that if you talk about minimum stories do recent standard duration or the standard s three class will actually have no minimum duration And that’s obvious as well because it is the costliest one So you’ll end up being whatever money you do But when are these cycles coming into play time in the standard one The infrequent one and ugly share one So what is three does for you is it has a particular kind of life cycle right Where Let’s assume that I’m using certain data that I knew on a daily basis I know I have to access it with I like it or not So I would be putting it at our inner stories where it can be accessed right away Okay whenever I needed That is why this is West Standard stories comes into picture when you talk about s three classes and it is the costlier one compared to the other toe If it all covered infrequent access let’s assume that um there is some data that you’re not accessing frequently You can put that in infrequent um access place where you have to have the data Therefore please 30 days Okay And the minute awkwardly said it has to be there for a least 90 days The fact that you’re putting your data in there for 90 days they know that you’d be using the service for this longer duration And that is what that is right It’s cheaper Another important point it in you to notice the retrieval rate So forest bite late and see is milliseconds for the first toe materials Right So when you say milliseconds later and see that means you can between this data for the first bite in this lesser time are depending upon the size of remaining data This time might ready Right But if you talk about Glacier in particular takes like 3 to 5 hours So it’s written a standard as far as your it takes like 3 to 4 hours for you to actually retrieve your leader Right And that is

if you follow the normal procedure So there are expedited extraction of data there and the normal extraction of data So when you talk about normal extraction of data it will take a please for us for you to retrieve that data so that is why it’s called a school stories as well and that is very steeper compared to the other two So if you can see retrieval fees standard access you are not charged anything for retrieving your data And that is obvious right I mean because you are already paying for the storage that you want to use frequently And you are not going to pay money if you want to frequently store or remove the data from that But the hindsight to this is that will be actually ending up paying more money because you’re storing storing the data in the costliest world here the other two However these are cheaper But if you want to retrieve your data you’ll be charging But to be rates on these prices ready depending upon home its data and how frequently or how quickly we want to actually access the data So when you talk about storing it it is very cheap comfort with these things And since we’re storing archival data and the other do that miss data that we do not access frequently that means would be retrieving this data once in a while right so that is what being this party be fees is also not a problem here So these are the types off glasses that in Nablus history has to offer to us Let’s see what is the next topic here Okay so we are into the Democrat Let’s do one thing Let’s quickly go ahead and see how as three works Then we’re come back understand What we share is how it works Right on We’ll also talk about EBS Something that I said we’ll discuss later Right The less us weekly get into the S three Remove park for that I love toe Go ahead and log into my concert And so it’s for you to this concert So they were It says you are logged out Let me quickly Just go ahead and log in and let’s see Always three works right Tobin talk What s three So as I’ve already mentioned you can search for your service under the stories domain Here we can type it here It is even available in your history if you’ve used it recently Right So these are some of the services that I’ve used with a sagemaker elastic beanstalk cloud print Testy right So let’s just go ahead and open a street for what it says is were permanently reasonable The previous was enough street console While we continue to improve a street council located uh keep on experimenting with the consoles that they have So there’s a possibility that if you see this demo and if you go back the concert might change That is how it Nablus is there Not me Is it in this But they keep playing with the concert so you can see there are quite a few buckets that I’ve created Not all of these buckets are something that I use We can actually go and delete it I’ll show you how to delete one So I’m when I try to delete a bucket to last week for the name off my bucket s three bucket demo 321 is the name here Right So if I say the late so you to last me to enter the name s three But get them all Leave one And naming convention is also particularly here You are not allowed to use gaps when you actually go ahead and create industry bucket sample The Montreat want demo one tried I will delete this one as well and I let the lasting bean stalk buckets be there It’s a paean to actually delete those I think I’ve left some off my instance Open up and running And that is why I cannot delete delete these buckets because these fall under particularly source group Okay so that is why I’m not able to read these I’m not directing them from Let’s just go ahead and create a new one Okay I see Create a bucket Let’s call it Okay See It says you cannot use capsule right I again miss by mistake I put a cap that Let’s say that my bucket today let’s call it them a bucket Let’s see what they accept this name The probability of getting these kind of names is very less because good These names are unique across the whole loop So somebody’s used this name You cannot actually So in Mumbai specific or Pacific other it is going to get collect created See it’s accesses global rate I mean men are you try to create a bucket or you are industry the access all officials global But where is it reciting right now It is an issue specific Mumbai Listen next See I told you it would be rare that we get this kind of bucket name and it has denied us that Right Let’s just use the standard form large and 321 to it and just sit next Okay Dima Bigotry to and also exist 3211 more time Now let’s see now It should be definitely there Right So of worsening

Do I want to keep words any on I can actually go back and activities again if I want So a lock Something that I have not need So I’m not gonna activate it here because I want to show you how to maintain the virgins off the files That you’re right lets us the next funnel block All access is who I wanted to be An open back it Let’s say it’s an open market block Oil access may result in bucket and objects within becoming public Yes The dem bebop public for no If we are to do anything I do not want this bucket Toby Access restricted So I’m not gonna keep it restricted because then you have to come back Look for it What access do you need to give it on all those things So let’s not get through all that pain right I mean why waste our time doing all those things So let’s just go ahead and see whether the bucket is dates up under the year for you So let’s just say open Right So um there’s certain things that let us look into those first Then we’ll see how toe put in objects here and other things Right So when you talk about properties in general right you see words Any something that we’re going toe enable Okay so access log in website static website hosting So basically when you host a website right no matter what application urine you are going to store your data some very if it’s deciding on an instance Eva stories might be used for the data that is concerned with the instance that but whatever application date other to talking about you need to store it somewhere right So this is very s three bucket Concentra picture So when you talk about content delivery networks as well right so you would be needing a particular several location where you host a data So when it create that central point in that case to your data gets stored in Yes Do you have an option of putting a date in history So there are quite a few of the applications that you’d be using during the course off You says with AWS And you’d realise that s three is one of the most reliable stories is where you actually go ahead and store all this data that you have there with you Okay so object level logging default encryption This is something that AWS lets you do on it all So you’re not after thing cover that If it’s December let me That’s not gonna happen but of anabolic If you’re late I would get encrypted right I’ve mentioned about the fact that when you talk about AWS is security is taken care off Other talk about it being wording that work on inside an app or even physically right So when you talk about encryption it is something that ensures that in a data most rude in network like it is secure while it’s moving to the network And the if I was at the gate is that you have right not to get with the firewalls Rather so firewalls and sure that even at the entry chicken and take or points of data do not gets corrupted in any possible way So that is what the default encryption lets you do if you activated something that we’re not going to do for now Okay Ah permissions Okay so this is where I’ve actually made it public right It says we want to block public access No For now let it be open if you want to You can So what you can also do here is create a bucket policy Okay so when you click on bucket policy Ah I can actually go ahead when you say it And it is the part two and back it Okay so I can decide what kind of bucket policy that I want to use So we just talked about cross reason replication as well Right CIA So when you talk about Sierra you are planning to replicate a data from a bucket in one particular reason to a bucket in the other reason right So this is where this bucket policy comes into picture You need to have a policy that ensures that when you actually make a copy off a data in a particular bucket When do you want to Or how do you want to replicate it to the other bucket So this is where something like bucket policy comes into Picture the applications or whatever This is just one example as to what you can do with bucket policies So I believe adjust our general ideas to work a bucket policies and what you can do with it It is clear to people in a nutshell right So then you have courts story Very frank I’ve never used courts so I did not have a lot of idea about it I’m not gonna just go and talk about it So let’s just keep this phone Oh okay And then you have your management in management you have life cycle So when you say add a life cycle here right So we just discussed those three types off stories classes that we have So when you talk about life cycle rule water does is it usually freedom to decide as an okay if this data is reciting in my s three normal standard access right In that case if I’m not using this data for this longer duration Why don’t you instead movinto infrequent access And after a month’s time even if it is not getting used in the infrequent access then move it toe my glacier storage So what that would do is instead of that data lying useless are not being used in a particular class It would actually move toe the other level Other transitioning class that AWS offers to you on you would be charged at a cheaper it at an optimized rate Right So you won’t end up being the money that you worked for the standard plus otherwise right So

you can actually go out and are the name of food This is a general procedure that we follow here Okay So once you fill in all this data next to get into the transition feeds So which class we want to transition to directly once do directly Want to transition to your infrequent access right Or do you want to move back to your standard access You can decide all those things are okay in the transitions Exploration is the time duration that you sittin right I mean um after what direction do you want to move It a tie into the other stories class And finally you believe all the things and you actually go Don’t approve this process So this is how we actually good and create a life cycle tool when you talk about moving a data from standard access to infrequent toe um you glacier or twice a lesson Right So this is about the life cycle group Um Now let us go back to the order view part break Let me show you how to actually go out and do these things are applaud certain finds to it right I mean since we’re talking over this street let’s see what happens here Actually So this is my bucket that I haven’t married and in this bucket I can actually go ahead and add a particular file Let’s say I add a file called us when Okay when dark PNG So that’s a snapshot that I have It’s his next I can actually set of rules here and here Okay Said permissions Said properties They were it And then I can actually believe ago two previous you can see all the information you so by default it is going into my standard frequently accessed data right So I can decide what their dough I want to move my day trying to do I want to move it A glacier directly can do that as earlier Right Glacier Deep Archive is something that is one facility that database for what you on easy to Rather it’s not easy to estimate other So see that our options said that you want to choose into if you want to write And this is where you set in permissions right It is used already Apart from that you can access or decide the access to an object There’s an object level access as well that you have right Once we get into the cloud front part I’ll discuss why access is important I’ll show it to you in the form of demo So basically what happens is when you say an object access let us see that I have a particular object that is being who stood on a particular website for me So to do that what I do is I use a particular domain name to access that data right So if these objects are not public if they’re private I might not be able to access them through an extra tip Arrested MPs More if I have not said the properties Karaki So that is why setting up right access is important in our case we are giving it public access to everything that we’re doing right now Right So it should not be a concern for us Let’s just go ahead and see a floor So once I go ahead and actually applaud my data my data would be visible to me You’re okay 100% successful But why can I not see my object This should have been here by now His success One progress shall be refresh It normally does not take this long It happens quicker Let me upload one move I legis e It’s electrified and it’s just a upload nature See Upload The bucket is empty Applaud new objects Okay this isn’t you Say that successful on it has uploaded the file that I was looking for But then why do I not see it right I should be able to see it They just blew this and let’s see if there’s some problem with it This is really the first time that I’ve experience something like this Never seen anything like this happen So let’s just go back and use some other bucket Maybe there’s some problem with the bucket I have Let me just go ahead and say I create a fuller Okay lets us a profile in stir Let me through the fight The stamina chose a different fight And just for the Sikh off simplicity Yeah Standard started success for Yeah yeah Do not create a full refresh this thing What is happening to my buckets No

still a No Let me just create a folder and see if we can upload it there Okay so a folder is created At least that is for sure It is successful One letter That’s a medal here 100 person field on Why is that We have the details options that it was the night Okay let’s see if we can a profile here There’s no object in this bat Next read write manage permissions Standard frequently accessed data next a floor and one in progress It says no last in it Hard shown success in the previous a temperature failure upload successful It is last Listen square and clear the new rocket Probably I messed it up in a d’accord giving it certain access legacy Mm Them more to Nemoto today And let’s listen next Next It is a secret with the motor today Now that’s a profile here See if it works wash and I see a blue So hopefully we get something applauded this temper Why are buckets not getting uprooted out Why are objects not getting uprooted So for that we’ll have to get into the property’s part on May be go back here select a particular bucket and ended public access and blowing Turning this on is same thing is turning all four settings below on block public access See Seve Mexican form and I second So what It says now here it is If I said like this bucket name close this part See See going from again Okay so this was

successful for us Now let’s see if we can upload a file What That I’m gonna just were and choose another fight You know I’m gonna say Plourde Sure you hold the spot Work Says what So let’s stand understand The other types of stories is that we have I’ll talk about please here and then I’ll come back and talk about a bs and then we’ll see a demo for boot Okay so when you talk about blaze here in particular it so as I’ve already mentioned we have three is three classes with us so ugly cities apart off it But when you treat Glacier as an object stories think of it as the stories that is called in nature So when you say cold stories right so what happens with cold stories is basically we’re talking about data that would not need to access like right away to give you an example Let’s soc or let’s discuss this scenario Okay if you go to hospitals right I mean if you go ahead and tell them that okay I need my birth certificate especially This happens in India if you are listening to me from some other part of the world so this could be different But in India it’s like if you want to get your birth certificate and if especially if you go to small places small towns and if you go there and tell them that give him a birth certificate they come back a couple of days later Probably they might not have resources toe retrieve it for you right away Or it might be documented in such a form that it takes time for them to actually go ahead and get all of the data right This is something that you cannot get right away to give you my personal experience It was in 2014 15 from not from but I was applying for a passport and I needed my birth certificate So I happened to visit the hospital that I want to do And I realized that the hospital lost close that so I had to actually work under the table to get my birth certificate up and ready So the point that I’m trying to make here is not all the data that the access is something that will be needing everyday rate The day I went to get a copy of my birth certificate it was already like 20 plus years off my life that I had passed already right So I don’t think anybody from my family might have visited that place So what this tells you is there could be data that you might not explored every day right Some records that stay hospital is one example that I gave you Not all the data in a database is something that you’d be exploring are using every day Right You’ll go there once in a while to get some receipt or something right If you visit a doctor like in three months time Alexis that after that duration right So this kind of data is something that you do not need everyday Let’s assume that your hospital maintains or did pastor for this data that is very costly nature All right the last increase If he’s the charge from you write The reason for that is some of the story Just where you access data frequently are very costly So in orderto make sure that this data is not portend stories is that a costly and you end up being a lot of money instead of what you can do is you can always go ahead and off for stories It’s like Amazon glee Sheer Now Miss English is a kind of stories that stores world data archival data our data that does not get access frequently something that you can put in there and stay assured that even if you want it you would be able to do without it So this is not business are missing critical data something that you stored in yesterday Something that needs processing into your time So this is where you actually share comes into picture Now when you talk about Glacier Great Let’s see if there are any

other features that we need to discuss But if you take a look at the definition have actually gone out and talked about all the pointers here So let’s go and talk or something else This is the data that would rather discuss straight or delay the pointers that other discuss So when I say that your storage is cheaper with Amazon Glacier what am I trying to refer to So you heard when you retrieve a data there are two options that you have When is there expedited retrieval Uh this is the case Let’s assume that you want a data right away frequently right So in case you put in a data there and you are being charged at a minimal level because you’ve story there for on a subscription basis like something that would be using public or not using for something like three months women’s but then you go there someday and say that Okay I need this data so they’ll come and tell you that the standard retreat will period here is like for us so you can retreat this data other than for us But then you have a requirement where you feel that you need the data like now or in a minimal amount of time that you can retreat the daytime So in that case you would be charged at an expedited rape okay and increased rate for retrieving that particular set of data So this is what um your data retrieval might be like when you talk about using Amazon tli sheer or hate A place glacier for that matter sick What are the other features It offers glaciers Select Glacier Select lets you operate on work on some selected amount of data that you want Oh let’s assume that you define something in a glacier Select This is the data that would be available to you quicker If you want to actually go ahead and access that piece of data then we have other services that it every store it supports When is your a lovely snow But on direct chronic So as the names are just snowball is basically think of it as a smaller stories like a ball that lets you store on Move your data physically It is not always possible for you to actually move your data from one data centre to the other word in network Why Because they want more data could be larger So in that case if you want to order network late and see are there are other security concerns that you have You can actually move your day tough physically that is something can be done using snow But national is like Ah hard bread that you’re moving physically just like you copy A T least used to copy movies right If you go back like five years from now we used to copy of movies into hard drives I used to do that at least and then move into my system and watch it with the streaming part These days we don’t do that but you can actually physically move the data with the hard drives Right So that is something you snowball that you do Direct connect is something that lets you connect two points for data movement okay but security You have something called a snowball as well Our snow mobile rather with a similar to snowball brutalize their insides Something that lets you move used It hasn’t The data into or from one data centre to the I don’t So when you talk about Amazon Galicia it actually lets you ready Ready Lee Connect are basically really integrate with Snowball Direct Connect and Snow Mobility’s You have want access policies and inventory as well Work lock and world access control No war Do These things do is they let you make sure that your world is secured Lock on Listen until you’re getting um eventual are proper credentials you won’t be able to log into your foot Work is something that will discuss Do not worry about that I believe it was there in the previous life Mr Don that will talk about that And then it ensures that the data is highly doable into liable Okay so I believe you’ve discussed availability and reliability already So let’s not get into security services for now Let’s go back quickly and discuss these pointers so just we have buckets and objects when you talk about S T when we talk about stories Services are glacier in particular Here we have archives Archives are nothing but the data that you are not going to access the right of it And also something as folders Very Actually go ahead and put in your data when you talk about Glazier Okay so this was about Glacier Let’s quickly talk about EBS first and then we’ll get into the them apart again So far e voce I’ll have toe walk back fairly long This is where we have EBS I had said that we’ll talk about a obvious in the other half right Or once we’re done with the s teapot Unfortunately we cannot or could not get into the street the mobile figure that out later and see why we could not see or do that right So when you talk about elastic block store in particular or EBS this is that story that is blocking later It is a storage which comes in the form of brought American story of data But guys this is more off Sembiring kind of relationship between an instance and

your stories are I would say given the kind of relationship so far your block store It’s toe exist not to exist but to work At least we need an instance that it can get attached to So if you have taxes that storage in near an instance say for example your hard drive right I mean you cannot just play something on your hard drive can you You need some system that is connected to it You can connect it to your TV sets You can connect it to a laptop and once you do that it becomes active You can connect it even to some other devices as well So where you can actually go ahead And was the images The files are the video that you put for that right So when you talk about elastic brick block store it is that kind off a storage where you actually go ahead and gun it um your device to a system and then you can access that device at that particular storage So when you talk about elastic block store it comes into types 2 m right So I had launched an easy two instance to show you our it works But we did not discuss that in detail because you’re focusing on the computer part than well I couldn’t go back to the story’s part and we’ll talk about in the about it in detail So when you talk over assistant storage assistant as the nature or the name suggests it is basically something that persists even without it Other supporting system So in this case when you actually go ahead and launch an easy two instance a volume or some stories would come attached to it by default right So if I believe in this instance that volume will also go with it But if I create a volume separately right so that William would exist Respect you off if I believe the instance or not Yes toe access that one You need an instance attached to it But forest existence you might not need an instance always So the instance which survives even without the our side of the volume it survived even without the instance Now this quite is persistent While you mean Major um this is something called as an attached Why do not the root William Ruto on um on the other hand by default it comes as a few merrily nature fragments of my instance seizes to exist so will the wall in that is a gastric I have an option off making sure that I can actually convert this ephemeral instance Or William toe but assistant something that didn’t see once we get into the demo but Okay so that is what you are elastic block stories in general What are the types that in a bless offers to your EBS volumes over you Basically you have a true types right When is your SSD and the other one is your HDD So when you say you’re solid state disc drives basically these are something that I used for high I O P s actions Okay so these give you higher performance and they come by default attached to our instance as Didi is something that is your second the volume just like your systems right I mean to give you an example If I have a hard disk drive that is attached to my system let’s assume that I want to throw my sister mommy because it’s not working well for me I can remove this storage right and through the system of it so I can use the story Some variants But Let’s assume that I throw my sister my with distorted So my stories would also go trash right I won’t be able to use that So as Judy is something that gives you an option off making sure that you have second three warnings that can be attached or detest from your instance Okay It says this is something that mostly comes attached with the instance again this is something we’ll see in the dem apart Okay So when you talk about assisting in general these are used for high I o p Iss performance that types here One is a general purpose okay And the other one is your province and I apps So when you say I o p s it stands for input output per second rate So how do you decide that So the size of your one would decide how good I opiates can you use Okay What kind of performance can you get The more the size the more is the probability off you’re getting better performance Okay But then again there are certain defined hopes that come assist come associated other Sorry with the SSD based values that you have So if you talk about general purpose These are used for standard I appears performance which were You need good performance Okay so it is around 16,000 I o p s if I’m not wrong so you can get a performs after this level Let’s assume we want more performance than this But this is where you can use a provisioned I appears So that is above 16,000 How high can it go It can go some around 64,000 Io Pius Okay if you talk about its performance let’s assume that you need consistent performance but at a lower I obvious This is very HDD based devices coming to picture now what do these devices do is they give

you two options One is your throughput optimized STD again would performance but I o pieces less It is as low as 500 I a Pius So that is Max It can go toe Cordes did the other On the other hand is more Lew Landers So it’s mostly for that data that did not access frequently because it’s called us cold Right So you can have like 50 i o p Issue So this is what you are called is DD are basically your is really based strategists alike Let’s get into the demo Pardon See how what can we do with the stories is that we have Let’s hope that are easy to our other AWS control works smoothly For some reason it wasn’t working well enough Right Okay so let’s just go ahead and talk about um e b s for that I love to get into easy to And meanwhile let me just okay something is happening Your every place I’m getting um everyone I’m getting some updates Right So probably it addresses And under the process of updating certain things this is good and see what we can do So we’ve talked about instances right As And um how long that what can we do with it and stuff like that So we’re not going to stick around and talk over those pointers We’re gonna launch an instance and I wanna show you certain things What can we do with it Let’s see I say select And in that I select the basic when you can see that it is EBS only right What else Abuse One memory is one gigabytes something that I can change Um network performance low to moderate It is a minimum instance that I’m using here And if I get into the stories parts because this is where I have an option of deciding what kind off stories I won’t do I wanted to be a female in nature Or do I wanted to be persistent in nature Right So when I say persistent stories it is going toe stay whether the instances nor dead or not Right So you can see there’s a particular that says delete on termination So basically if I pick it right so this wall in would stay you And if I I believe the instance Right So I have an option here I can do that Okay So let’s not do that for now because I think I have in a test for the moderate If not we’ll create one And I say create an instance just a launch We know that we need a keeper here That’s a create new in de more Now Lord and I see long to my instance So they were my instance would be launched now Nikki in a couple of minutes So by the time that happens let’s just go back to the William spot We’ll have to go back to easy to and any CTO I’m gonna Gordon say volumes so you can see this is the volume That isn’t news that God created of that instance I can actually go out and say create and you want Let’s say I want 100 GB volume I can see create so I can actually go ahead and detach my existing volume and attacks and you want to it Okay so I can do that So you see there are two volumes here right now What I’m going to do is once my instances launched I’m gonna delete my instance and we’ll see that this volume is gone with it This will state this is persistent in nature Okay another important point that you need to know your is your snapshots So what can I do is I can actually create a snapshot off volume that I have Okay So basically it is like creating a template of the volume that I have So if I lose my instance I’ll have a snapshot off it So I cannot actually go out and use a snap for directly I’ll have to replicate that snapshot in Goa while you in first and then attach it back to my instance So that is what a snapshot does for us Okay let’s see for instance is up Enderle for launching Okay We’re not gonna get into the details of launching it We’ve done that already but I just want to see whether my instances ready for connection Okay if it is ready for connection will launch it and then relate and we’ll talk about the volumes that we have Okay so it’s running Let’s see if we can connect to it Download our DP And meanwhile that happens Get the password How Um I need to choose a fight Name off My file is the more and it should be in down lords So I see them Ordered them select a nice open the crypt and I see Copy my password I did that I’m closing it I’m gonna launch my rdp and I’m going to see gunning

Okay Yes And the instance should be up and ready for you says right So the instances performing find right Like like we do normally Andi I should be a tad easier of stories in this instance as we had seen last time as well They go the instances there like but so if I come here and I see if I’ll explorer they go and there should be in a test William Good 30 GB Right So we have with our TV wanting that is a test Let’s disclose this I see Okay if I come back to the volumes again today with the Internet is working very slow today I do not know the reason for it Water does It is unfortunate See this one is the one in use Okay so I’m gonna go back to my seat dies work to the instance and I’m just gonna word and see instant permanent So it will dilute my instance on Devious on eBay is backed up in since the different action for the obvious route volume to be deleted when the instances terminated So we take it again right So if I delete this one my wallet will also go with it Okay So let this thing get the leader Meanwhile I’m gonna quickly jump and do something that does not concern this demo I just want to see if uh my lasting beanstalk has something in it that needs deleting Right I think they’re buckets in it in my stay where I have elastic beanstalk on a dye Stewart So let’s see if I have left something in elastic beanstalk up and running up and working right Do we gonna wear in this too And delete that if there’s anything here I go to applications good This is terribly slow today Absolutely nothing is happening yet so Okay let’s not hang around here Probably are Instances were deleted by now so let’s receive the instances out off me So it’s a zero instance that wins for instance has bean dominated So if I go back to the volumes I’m sure that would only be one volume that that is that 100 GB value they would add on his deal eater would not need this as well So really Just delete it Right And I said delete So good riddance We um neither have a wall you know nor an instance And we saw what every middle line persistent storage is so similarly if you go toe glacier right you have an option of creating world and all those things that we cannot actually go out and retrieve the data Right now the reason for that is I do not have a third party It will We need a third party to actually to do that If you have to do through the concert so I can actually go out and greater world here Let’s see Sample I was in next Do not enable notifications OK next The view is your Pacific Mumbai’s where the world could be created They go so I can create a world like this site So I have a world here with me So all the information is your What can you do with it What are the permissions it has and stuff like that Right As I mentioned you need a third party to actually connect toe you out of world So I’m just gonna go and delete it Okay So this was about different stories services that we had on our plate As I mentioned I’ll fix the store It’s part like the s three stories part and see why that did not work and once feared And with the next bit we will actually go out and take a look at did them off as three as well Meanwhile love let’s go and talk over the other services

that we have are not bleed So let’s go ahead and not talk about it A bliss networking services Right So when you say networking services so we’re talking about lower platform on cloud as we know everything is connected through a network right So when you say network we’re talking about a network that exists for these devices that are virtually president Right So this network is little different from a normal network Let’s try and understand that a little more Okay so when you talk about AWS networking services this is what the definitions is What I just explained you’re right We know that cloud connects data and applications around the world And that is why it is very important to put this data and these applications under networks right So it a please force the CDs of services that caters this need Okay so we’ll understand these services that help you control the network and certain security aspects as well When you talk about a cloud on AWS in particular But before we do that let’s different shared But when What A virtual network is water traditional network is right So when you say a traditional network So for people who have studied networking in their college don’t know that um we have different layers off networking one that exists right And then you have physical components that support this networking It can be a routers right It can be your network wires that basically help you communicate with each other right So traditionally this is how security or rather networking used to work So I remember in my college all the laptops were connected by wires Okay So getting one of those wires actually at home to connect multiple systems was a big thing for us because And we were doing something that was nice and something different right Picking up those long wires bringing them home and doing all these things connecting them to system and transferring data and doing a number of other things State So this was one example of physical network right I mean very talk about applications that still done on physical networks Then we’re talking about routers that are physically present right on the the wires that connect these routers and quite a few other things So when you talk of a traditional at this is how it would look But these days with the IED went off Internet Even the definition often it works has changed right I mean you re send images towards up on when we use What’s happened is in our form right We are not connecting any wire to share any data Not any pen drive to do that right It is happening over a network that is virtually present right It is actually prison but you cannot touch it physically That is what I’m tryingto make a point here Okay so when you talk about what your networks these are the best that can be used to go on your cloud services as well No Why’s that So when you talk about your club services in particular what happens is basically we’re talking about uh we’re talking about the resources that are lie that reciting different parts of the world right There could be resources that recited Mumbai There could be resources that resulted us right So basically they’re reciting in different parts of the world And I cannot connect resources in us on Mumbai right That tells him that there’s a resource it not laisenia I cannot connect it with That is awesome Mumbai Through a cable little affect off physical network or a traditional little that I have I would need a network that go on All those properties that concerned that particular cloud resource are a cloud domain Right So that is what you’re watching it work does It gives you room to have a network that surrounds those particular requirements are those particularly sources So as we go forward that would understand this concept a little moody to not worry about that Okay so one of the services that lets you do this on Claudia’s VPC So when you say vpc we’re talking about a watchful private cloud So as the name suggests this device is present were actually in your network and it helps you connect all the resources that lander that network So basically water does is it creates a bubble fire resources Let’s assume that you have 100 Resource is lying in a particular reason are in a particular area right So I’ll be having a bubble around It’s called us Work till Private Cloud straight This bubble gives me all the networking requirements that my system has Okay are my resources help So what does the definition has to say here It says that Amazon re PC can configure AWS services resources in virtual sub network Right That bubble that I just mentioned deport BBC Now when you talk about virtual private clouds there two types in it when is there default and one is a Normandy fort So default as the name suggest

is something that comes attached to a resource is right So when I created the source it has to be under some bubble right under some neck Look for me to move my data to actually communicate with the very sources and stuff like that right Or you want to ensure that I put it under certain security groups I need to have a network around the trick so that none of the sources created it falls under your default to be PC Okay You can also have a known default three pc Something very can actually go ahead and make modifications to suit your needs off the applications So this is about your BBC like uh let’s see how it works actually So this is a diagram off Amazon vpc And it’s working So when you say it’s working uh we’re talking about how resources like let’s isn’t that we’re talking about You see two instances like we’ve discussed peace it in Spencer’s what does that So when you say NDC to instance basically what happens is we are going to resource that lies in a particular region Let’s assume you’re easy to instance is reciting in Mumbai again right And that the one has discussed is deciding in um in some other regions So when you say vpc what we PC does is it puts both of these instances under particular region Okay so say for example I have a VPC a network Okay um in this network I have too easy to instances as you see on your screen So both these instances are put in different regions as you can see So vpc for E c 21 um has a separate sub net and the other issue to has one more submit So when you say a sudden it we’re talking about a sub network So there’s an Internet work as well That is the region beast So if I have a resource that lies in a particular reason it could be under us more lovable Okay where all it’s necessary resources are there Okay that concerned that particular network Similarly if you have another instance in another region it will be having a similar sub network a similar BPC sub network okay that would be concerned for that at that Egypt and now these two regions can be connected by router right One that a nickel or a router that is virtually nature again and bought these reasons lie under a bigger umbrella A bigger network that’s called as VPC for you Okay so we’re having that works inside a network Basically that is what I’m trying to convey her And how do you communicate with each other One There are routers Okay And let’s assume that you want to connect to external data external sources You have a gateway Internet gateway that insures your encrypted or you’re protected Data moves smoothly in and out from the network toe the other physical devices that out there So as you can see there’s Internet and through Internet we’re connecting to an Internet gateway and you have the more management and administration Okay so this was about me PC We will get into that them apart and will understand what we PC is Do not worry about that But in a nutshell it is a virtual network that cloud provides Like Andi it provides for the isolations by giving you some networks under it as well Okay And all these networks are connected through routers and Internet gator is to answer that our applications are secure and weird enough for working Then we have other service A site with a loveless that are concerned it working That is uh they’re a mess on route 53 So when you say about 53 were basically refering to a resource that provides domain naming system This is also scalable in nature So basically when you say our domain name system right So what we’re refering to here is we’re referee toe a system error resource that basically let’s this can work our data right Are Humenik data in tow I p addresses That is understood by my computer to give you one simple example Let’s assume that I have a website right My website will be called by a particular humanly name Let’s assume that the website is for AWS tutorials Okay so if I name it as www dot aws tutorial start car So basically this is something that is understood by me as a human But my computer will not understand this That is www dot arab less tutorials dot com Right So for them to actually access the data they’re more concerned about up databases or resources that are connecting to each other And a computer understands these resources or your systems understand these resources by the I P addresses they have So what Route 53 does is it understands that this particular domain name

is associated with these I p addresses and I would see a traffic accordingly So those i p addresses Okay so this is what about 53 does for you now that we know what the definition is So when you talk overall 53 again the other services like AWS provides it has to be available Right Because when you talk about domain names you want the sources that are accessible always to you Right Apart from that these resources have to be reliable and flexible as well So when you talk about route 53 it is all of these Okay so another service under networking domain is your Amazon direct connect Okay so when you talk about Amazon direct connect it led to actually good in established connections between your cloud platform that you have in this case the AWS and your on premises infrastructure Right So this is more of a private network that is established and what it does is use you better bandwidth faster did answer right and more consistent Internet based nickel performance So basically this is a secured line Okay A secure what You learned that in Nablus Let’s reestablish with your on premises infrastructure Now when you talk over Cloud as I mentioned it is not always that everything that you do will be on top off Plowright Some nefarious sources would still be deciding on your of anyone promesa infrastructure right It’s not always possible that you move everything to cloak Let’s assume that you have an application that is completely implored But there’s a possibility you need to connect to something that is unpromising not unplug So in that case you need a dedicated network that dedicated network in terms of AWS s Amazon Director Nick Now what are the features it offers Those are visible on the screen One It gives you a good network performance right That the one is it has less a banquet cost Okay announced security So No this is a particularly land through which you can actually and so that it gives you more security Uh again Private connectivity toe Amazon Me prissy ensuring more security highly last chicken later on and it can be operated through your Amazon Web services management console So whatever you do through Amazon Web services management control as we have seen it is actually easy for you to work You do not have to hard court anything going to the back and then work on other things That’s all right So you have more of an interface that it’s click and drop They can play kind of end interface minute talk over the console and it supports easy management access using that concert and as I any compatible with different of platforms as well OK so these are some of the features that AWS Direct Connect has to offer to us Okay so let’s just go ahead and get into the bamboo part Okay um and see what AWS three PC is I would also like to see if our history is working There was some problem and we tried the last time Right So let me quickly see if a stories up and working for that let me quickly again sign into my console and it would say Do you want to sign in today My Internet as usual is working extremely slow I’ve had a change in plan recently for my Internet connection and since then it has been doing very so I normally ever 250 BP’s Internet So it’s actually fairly good but yep right now we’re in a pickle off a situation where these things are working slow So let’s see if a story is working again right We tried doing that a lot when we were talking about the S three buckets Let me quickly see if it is working the move for today Okay there’s a file here Let’s see if you can upload more files I’m gonna say upload One 100% successful It stays in progress You gotta be kidding me This edit again And it wasn’t field They got uploaded There’s something wrong with that file Maybe So this thing got uprooted like the right of it As you can see it’s called as images Jpg rate If I click on it let’s not do that Let’s go back Your and uh what I’m

gonna do now is I’m gonna get into properties I’m gonna say a naval was in great The words ending is a neighbor You know I think I should have a neighborhood worsening before I move the fight But let’s see that still works Or not for us Okay when I say a floor I’m gonna take this image again and see open and a floor No So that I tried to give you all a demon s three Something happens And I mean this is one of those services that is smooth test and works very instantly But But these demos somehow it’s taking longer than other services So uh I had a neighbor virgin in great We talked about previous Wasn’t so fine being available right You see there are two words Ends here Now I uploaded one at a particular time and the other one of the other time right You can see one is uploaded at 10 And the other one is uploaded it then one right So that tells you as in um that gives you a pit set off How words Any works right I mean I have access to my previous versions as well If I click on this I should be able to access the previous wasn’t of the find that I’ve used you see here I can actually use the latest one as really sincerely does that So I stand Understand the state right I mean when you talk about the words any in this case I’m using plain images so there’s not a lot of problem with it But let’s assume that I’m talking about data that needs a little more reading right In that case these virgins might be a lot more useful for you You can actually I mean then plan If you wish to go back you can do that and then actually take up your resources accordingly Based on the date either you’re going to look into our process basically Okay So this is our words ending Does I think this was the part that was left Ah We can also do cross reason replication where just like me enabled word Meaning We have to actually go out and annabelle across reason replication And then you have to set up one simple bucket policy Run after right core for it If you go online you get on Amazon documentation you’ll get a piece off work for it All you have produced create two buckets into different regions Onda look for a policy that helps in Sierra cross reason replication this copy paste that in a bucket policy And what it will do is it will automatically replicate a piece of data from one bucket to the other Okay so this is how across reason replication on so works So the source of our history since we had missed out on what a street does what he can do with this tree I just wanted to come back here and show it to you Thankfully does work this time around So we haven’t missed out on any demo that were supposed to take into consideration Okay Now this is go ahead and talk about um BBC a little once we’re done with vpc and these services that we’ve discussed we have certain important things are some other services that we need to look into that constant networking as well Okay so we’ll talk about that in detail and I’ll give you a good night’s them on that as well But let’s quickly walk through the interface off IPCC What We PC is right So when you click on BBC right they uh I see See if I launch an easy two instance it will actually go out and create Ah vpc that is needed for that instance Okay to give you an example if a sea launch So this interface has changed again This wasn’t the interviews when I checked a couple of weeks back OK so the defense agonist used This happens with the AWS a lot The change or the tinker there interfaces once in a while So let’s just go ahead and pick up one instance that is free tier eligible Okay finally it is loading So um how it got refreshed Did not luncheon instance for me They’re just learning this would get so when they see next So guys when you see this creates a by default to bpc for me right So when a VPC is created it would come up with certain policies Okay Sub net again It says it’s a by default subject that I have I can choose a reason for it right where I want my resource to lie

basically Okay So I can choose are eaten Based on that I can clear the new VP CS right Create a new sub net as well Depending upon my requirements If I have any and I can actually go then update Does uh submit settings It is a neighborly right So all your networking concerns but they can care in this tab here So five really So that you create That would be a vpc that would be associated with it a night work A private lord that would be associated with it Okay No uh if I goto BBC’s night I have a vpc that is available It is it might be connected to something I can also say creator when I can add name to it And then I can given these details as well right The iPad adversaries that I have right I can choose what bluff I want to use and I can descend on Tennessee as well Then when I say create there are some other formalities that I need to fill in And then my vpc will be up under to use So based on the vpc that I have I can actually go out and select one of these for the instances that I launch as well Okay And then the nuclear corn or search for direct connect so you can create a connection here right They said what they want a classical one Are you want to use a visit to get some of these things that quicker and faster you have to give in details Here What is the location that you’re looking for Reports Beard What are you trying to connect to And stuff like that And accordingly you’ll establish a connection to actually go ahead and move your data You okay And then you have your route 53 That is for your Norman names Yeah So basically there talk about their DNS Mannesmann traffic management availability monitoring and domain registration so that this is more concerned towards a website So when you say dome industry since it’s giving you options like dot net dot com dot ar Great Because every upset can have different extensions with a trait You can also manage your domain name system right that your uh see attacks eat eggs That you do when you create a website Right You have canonical names there so it lets you control those as well Two minutes is the unless man is went It helps you setting up those processes for you Okay so this was a proud 53 Okay let’s just go back and discuss one more important service that concerns networking and we’ll take a look at its demo in detail Okay so let’s just quickly switch back to the presentation Okay So the next concept on our plate is cdn that is a content delivery network So when you say our content delivery network we are suffering toe basically you can think of it as a point that delivers content to multiple points Okay we’ll talk about that in detail Do not worry about it So let’s first understand this example Okay so let’s assume that I have a server based in Mumbai Now Mumbai is a city in in the Alka so that these are different cities that India has to offer to us in case if there are people who are from different parts of the world and do not know what I’m different toe So Mumbai is a city in India you have other cities Jenna is based in the Minato State Bangla is baited based in Connecticut State Mumbai and Pune are based in Maharashtra On you have a bad or Ahmadabad that is based in was brought my India again Okay so uh let’s assume that you want to travel with these pointers right So tonight is the farthest it will take like around Well units off timeto beach to come by Bangla will take less and it will take like it on the bodice closer to take six And Mumbai is the closest like 170 kilometers If I’m not wrong that is roughly 110 kilometers are mine start Okay so on Rendon my instructed So basically when you talk about it is the closest and cryptic lesser thing Let’s assume that two units of time is what it takes to beat my big So basically let’s assume that if I want to connect with him by the father I am the more time it will take for me to connect a Mumbai Right Same is video data movement as well Right Let’s Adam that I have a Mumbai silver where I have a website that I’m using and my data is reciting on this Mumbai server Okay so I try to access that data from Chennai so she and I will take the longest time by because it is Father study from it So it is understandable that there’s going to be elite and see between these two So Waas Right So since there’s a

wait and see right it will take more time to reach to today Comparatively topo name the body in Bangor But then when you talk about highly available systems right you did not want waiting time for your customers are fire consumers State So in that case how do you solve this problem now This is very content Delivery network comes into picture What content delivery network does is it helps increase the spear of time and security of your resources How so What content delivery network does is it creates an ed’s location So when we say an education think offered as a point that connects these two locations In this case let’s ask him tonight in Mumbai So Okay so when you talk about in his location it would be on this group that is close to China Now what this does is when you talk about him is location and as location basically backs up your data Okay It makes a copy of your data necessary It or not backs up But guess it creates a cash off a data Okay That is close to China in this case and energy in a a user frozen A request to that data set it would be available there So how it works is now it is not always possible to catch all the data that way So has right So when a Chinese A what was in a specific request for a particular set of data In that case if that data is not available activates over it would actually go and look at that His location that is close to it now if in that is location if the data is not dead the request were bailed out to the moon by server and a copy if it would be soared one in your location and move Putin eight So when a request is made to the data we have a cast copy of that data to be delivered to the user at a faster pace going ahead So that is what your content delivery network does It answers that the content gets delivered through the network So the user without having to worry about delete and see part So what It does is it gives you falling benefits One doesn’t increase in speed Right So when you say speed yes your data is getting transferred at a faster pace Like because there’s an his location that is present doesn’t decrease in Lord that your central server might face Now in this case if your data is getting cached right at 40 cases that are closed toe the cities not all the requests will go to Mumbai server right Those would be fetched through the is locus and that is close to them And this in one way or the other reduces traffic on your mom by silver making it more available Uptime obviously if you have a greater speed and us over is also not getting loaded with work or with requests Europe time is naturally going to increase one since not all the site of the final point This security No since all the resources are not trying to connect to Mumbai so they are dealing with the cash So the security threats for a Mumbai so are also less Why Because less a number of requests are coming to it from different servers from different regions Right So that is what your CD and is all about Okay now very taco Teed of listen particular does a service called us AWS cloudfront What eight of the slower print does is it actually lets you go ahead and perform these CD INTs or create decedent’s where a loveless network our Cloud Print distributions for AWS Network As the name suggests Nablus Cloudfront is a service that speaks of the distribution office static and dynamic Web content It can handle files informers like HTML CSS JavaScript and even images So basically as it says it speeds up the process of distributing a data across difference There was different regions right So basically it is a CD in service that AWS provides to you What are the point Does it considers one is your outing That woman is There’s location on the third one is your availability right So when you say about thing so basically what we’re doing here is we want to move our data through the network and it has to be delivered to different regions very different servers different locations So the routing becomes important to any talk over Clerk printed a voucher date as well It controls our domain names as well so that it knows what by Beatrice is to connect to and how Okay EDS Locations When you talk about in his location again his location is nothing but your distribution or a location that is close to the area Very want to serve your data Okay Availability when you talk about a celebrity ensuring that your resource a cell

available 24 7 is what Cloudfront lets you do So these are some off its fetus Let’s not get into the details offer It’s not very important but I believe you have a just as to what Clark trend is and what CD inside Okay so how does it work exactly So I had explained this when I was talking about Cdn Let’s talk about it from a cloud print perspective right So basically let’s assume you are a user right now You set forth a request for a resource that is I get based in Mumbai is over and you’re based Internet So the amount of time it will take toe normal eight and sees a lot and it would be frustrating for you but let’s assume that you have a jobless cloudfront with you What it will do is there would be a cloudfront distribution that would be created and his location for you Um so whatever request you send it will go to s three bucket and Clark front where a copy of this data is maintained Okay And uh once it fit is that copy It will make a copy of it at the location and it would be distributed to you as a copy that you requested for And whatever requests you put food going ahead the requests get speed up because now there’s a copy mint in that the is location So what are the applications off A jobless cloudfront So when you say applications right there quite a few things that you can do with the in a police clerk print on the quite a few features that AWS corporate off was to you One accelerates your web content delivery and that is obvious Right So uh when you talk about your web content if it is moving through a network that ensures there’s no late and see your lesson agency you are not spending a lot of time waiting for the resources I mean good examples of this are the streaming websites that we use right You are visible data that is cached somewhere And when you report for the request for it it gets available to you rate of it So one reminder life streaming as well So as I’ve just mentioned I mean it Selves both for your starting data that we want to move and also for your steaming data So when you talk about streaming data streaming data is delivered to a particular location or your server in package straight So no Also know these packets that are level those start getting streamed are delivered to your location one after the other Okay so in the form of packets in this case So that is what life streaming also is supported by your in oblivious clerk print and the CDN service It offers data encryption Not there’s an option of data security as Iligan encrypted data that you want to move within it work OK so yes there’s an option for data encryption as well yet okay and customize locations as well to ensure that this proper date of Indian is their security and these are transferred to the closest reason that you want to transmit data to Okay so this was about cloudfront features Okay let’s go back and take a look at the demo that Cloudfront has to offer to us Okay so I’ve actually gone Island came back to my console So let’s just go out and create a cloudfront distribution to see how it works OK so for you Clark from distribution toe work would be needing to important things I think I have those with me already Um they were so guys there’s a great learning global that I have and I haven’t index file Let me delete this for now I’ll create a new one instead Okay So let’s just say it’s demon tonight Let’s Okay So I made a blunder out off their I hate estimate to be very frank He doesn’t have not like using it I know it’s fairly easy but not one of things One of those things that I’m formed off these tax make me confuse a lot Get me confused The next one is your head bag and inside your head Doug Let’s call it say OK demo right And let’s have a body die Guys will let the body Taxi successfully out of

data Okay And let me just see where does in next Dart estimate today We’re my estimate if I this created okay So we are gonna go ahead and create a cloudfront distribution that and try to access these to find stand Okay places come here on for that We’ll need to create a bucket to start with So we already have a bucket with this rate Lets his guard and see delete and then a Plourde the files that concern us I see a floor I goto deck stop and aws demo I said like this fight I said like this fight and I see open and I say approved to both my files that here with me on the move for today demo to today’s the name of the bucket So guys now we’re going to go in create a close friend distribution for that I’ll have to search for it of less cloudfront I open it and I say create a distribution OK so there two options One is that says create a distribution for uh starting gate And I don’t that Cesar BMPs for one for your uh streaming data basically to let’s create the first one And let’s use this bucket right So it will use it as my origin Domain name Okay um Protest created a domain name based on the bucket that I have Okay where is little part I don’t have to get into these things Do I know toe origin I d It is this bucket I try It will use this bucket as us So Well that I want to use are the other things that I need to making this to restrict bucket access I say Yes Susan Identity I would say Create one on your own Okay If I say do not restrict bucket access Uh anybody can access this bucket I think this will create a problem for us but let it be for now and redirect my street E p two https Okay unless stating would not get into the details off This is good NC create So this creation takes time Raise It takes like a few minutes for you are distribution to get created Clerk from private content getting started using cloudfront to serve private content So basically giving me some information as to what is happening here so as mentioned guys the distribution will take time if I goto distributions So as you can see guys this thing is taking a lot of time right to lure so it might take like 56 minutes more Once that happens we would should be ableto basically good and access a piece of data So basically what it will do is since I have my data that is arrested in my bucket right So we never actually going Piper particular domain name right So what happens is let’s assume that I have my data exciting in my bucket Now in this case my bucket is that serve a point of connection right So you can see that there was a domain name that was created So what it does is when I look for that particular domain name and for a particular file it would fetch that file for me from the bucket in first place and then put it on the floor print distribution so that going head whenever I want to access it I can access it quicker and faster Okay so you can see that are cloudfront application is up and running right So let’s just go ahead And uh who is a particular piece of domain name I don’t see That’s David Here And let me say index not Ste Mill Okay there’s another year It

says access Deny it So possess See what we can do Okay um didn’t go through the estate bucket first So inside this s T bucket guys uh let’s see local public access is don’t do that I see conform And then I opened the bucket and I have certain finds right Make public no more buckets a public as well and objects as well So let’s just right out knife It works Okay Demo successfully about a data It will basically about the data to me through my distribution at a faster pace Let’s tried out for the um PNDs They were right The logo that we had put foot And if I look for Index Dart this demon it does that instantly for me right Because it is getting distributed to meet through a cast that I have That is no great close to the reason that I’m based in Okay So this is what love friend us It ensures speedily gassing off data and delivery to you at its closest to your place Okay so this was about some of the popular networking services that we have in hand Let’s not just go ahead and see what all can we talk about but and so one thing that before you leave you delete your distributions as well Okay so if I select this now it would seem to lead to delete your resources Disable this one to start with And once it is December and once this is the several you can actually go and delete it as well Okay so let us go ahead and talk about your love Lewis Billups services Right So before we do that we would be discussing with the wops is light We would understand What are the jobless There were UPS services that are there on our hand You are with us And once we’re done with that then would actually go ahead and explore how drops can be implemented using in a place So let’s go ahead and get started So first and foremost let us discuss what biopsies right So when we talk about the wops drops is nothing but a set of practices that aims to read is the time between committing a change to a system and then and it is the change Actually that is being placed into a normal production while ensuring high quality So not this is what the technical definition say’s right So what we’re talking about here is it is a set off practice is basically an approach right that helps us actually reduce the time When you talk about the whole process off software development puts it right So when you talk about software development we’re talking about building a software then testing it and then putting it into the production environment Now there are various fees Is our various things that happen here One You get a piece off core right Then there could be a place where you actually decide to go out and really complete application Right So when you build the complete application there are problems associated with it The major problems that one If you have a complete software in place let’s assume that that’s after is giving you certain problems In that case you are actually forced toe go back and backtrack all the activities that concern with that particular piece of software right Why Because if you build it using as DLC method for the tradition we are building applications The problem is your building whole applications software as a whole So if something goes wrong the problem is you have to go out and as the complete thing and then fix it Right So what happens here is this process is a little more complicated than what I’ve just mentioned It’s not just that you have a software you go back making distance make it work again right This again goes to quite a few faces So when you talk or software development it is not just act Developer built it and you as a user start using it So when you talk about their apps you have toe actually understand how software development life cycle works first It is only then that we can actually go in and talk over Billups because their apps is something that is going to help us solve the problems that I just mentioned Right So let us try and explore these problems a little more first rate So what I mentioned waas when you talk over the

software development process so I develop wearable first bury a piece of software So once the software is built it then goes into the production environment where it is handled by the Operation Steam Now these are the people who actually take care of quite a few thinks when you talk about it from a perspective where the software runs in the production environment So these are also the people who face consumers right consumer facing people So if there are any changes that need to be implemented it is the operations team that actually conveys or carries out these minor jean This if not it goes back to the developer and the developer has to change everything Now what is the problem with this approach as well One Since we are talking about two teams now these two teams cater to different problems Different needs As a developer you will be building an application in the development environment back as an operations member or as an operations team member Your job is to test the software but in the production environment So these are completely different environments right So occasionally what happens is something that runs in the production environment may not always run in the development environment So something that runs in the development environment may not just go ahead and run in the operations environment because these two environments can be different But when you talk about building an application what are the Aleppo feels is if it was running in the developer environment my job is done But the operations team feels as an since it is not running in the production environment It is something that our developer might be at four So what this process does This one there are the seltzer There is constant communication between these two teams because both of them are trying to result what is going wrong And this process is one time consuming and requires a lot of effort from both the teams So this is where the wops comes in and solves this approach What develops does is basically it is a methodology When you talk over Billups it is not a technology It is rather an approach towards software development that actually tries to break silos between the development today and the Operation speed Okay I know this is something that is not gonna freak into your brains right away because this is too much information to capture in one go But as we move forward I would be talking about examples and this topic would start making a lot more sense to you people So basically what develops does it brings in an approach that helps us solve these issues Okay they shoes that we just discussed So how does perhaps helping How does drops contributor So as the name suggests that what you see on the screen is Devon ops coming together That means we turned breaking silos between these two teams Try to make them work together Now how does this happen So basically what Billups does is it tries to introduce a concept called us continuous integration and deployment This is something that you might have heard in exile A protest but a silence mortar works uh setting up a process It’s more towards setting up the planning process where beside what needs to be done in what bit But when you talk about bellhops it is an actual approach where you try and resolve issues between the developer team on the operation See now how does that happen So basically when you talk about continues integration and continues deployment he heard Basically what we do is we try to break our software into parts being developed separately by maybe micro teams or maybe individual state And when this happens the stunk off court that is developed individually it is integrated into one single court which is then moved into production environment So even if there’s a change in this piece off court Onley that particular piece would be required to be amended and not the entire software right And since there’s a continuous process of integration and deployment on development we do not have classes between something not working here out there So this is what the Wops does for us So let us actually go ahead and understand the drops a little more now Ever since I’ve started I’ve been talking about what they were Ups is right you might be wondering is in by over discussing the ups Since we’re talking about KWS in particular Now there are UPS is one methodology now that the fact that we’ve understood their lives to some extent quarters there are apps is a methodology that brings in the developer and the operations team together as I mentioned and it is something that is being implemented at a larger scale So um edible is also being a popular cloud Platform it I invested this need where Billups was being implemented by people at

a larger scale and on a lot larger new Great So what they did was that kind off stimulated aws to actually go out and have a set of services that could actually implement are like people implement their webs on top off AWS Cloud platform on and terribly says readily amalgamated with this approach are mere this approach its own to help people build software using their webs approach if they want to So that is why it develops again is a very popular protest Um intendant so is AWS And if you are learning these two things it is going to be a stronger hold for you if you talk about it from a career perspective So that is why we see people talking over their absolute abuse as of it And hence we’re having this discussion you So now that we know what Billups is at a surface level but least that’s going understand what Continuous integration and deploy mentors a little more right And once that is done we talk about different travellers develops services as well Okay so when you talk about their website and when you talk about counting this integration and deployment right So basically this is what you see This is what happens to be very frank Yeah So when you talk about steps that I am more right as I’ve already mentioned what we do is that is a set off planning that happens as in what needs to be big What is the time that needs to be in Mr in this process fight and how it is and our hope Oh actually approach to this particular problem So basically what we would do it Let’s assume that I have a software that um is exports insights So we would basically divide this exports off software are the development that we’re planning to do into certain sort of plants are parts that right So these parts you can think of them as individual pieces off corpse that different developers would be working on So these pieces off courts are basically put food in a repository break In this case it can be your Get your get up Now these are the web stool Second basically these are repository management systems where you can put up particular pieces off court that you have with you on And what there could be a master branch 50 where you could actually go out and much all the species off Corp So in some cases you might be working on individual courts as well so you might put forth their individual chord That and if there is a set of people working on a similar set of software you can actually go and put for that court on a master branch where the person with the right authority would module coupe to the total peace that you have with you So when all these pieces come together they help you build a software So this is why if some off you interviewed in recent times they might have realized that if you look for development jobs people will ask us and we have a get repository with you or they have ah get account where you have put forth your existing projects right What They’re trying to understand if there is any sort of development that done If there are any pieces off course that you have with you that have been pushed on Geek of right So as we get into the demo part we would be talking about how to build a pipeline using your jobless and we’ll deploy a piece off court a set of application to be frank So in that probably I’ll talk about some of these steps that I’m discussing right now so I probably will get to see how I mean God get up is how it works right How can they actually go and put pull and push court from that Right So over those pointers as well and we’ll discuss help create a pipeline using AWS as well But before that let his guard and understand this process a little bit And once we had Taro and through with all this process then probably we can get into the demo part where I would be talking about these AWS services that are there in our hands are not plate right So when you talk about so score repository right So this is very put forth all the pieces of course that can be combined Okay so let’s assume that you are working on these courts that you have right So this scored then goes to the next phase of development where you have a build server Now this is very accord is combined right Um and this is where it is integrated as well because as I mentioned you have your courting pieces So this integrated core comes together it gets combine and that moves to the next phase Once the build phase is done it would then go into the staging and use their acceptance best face So this is where basically what happens is you are when you say stays ing or user acceptance test So staging is a phase where you test your core So now that you have integrated different pieces together you still need

to understand whether your software is up and working smooth and nice for you Right So this is very uh testing process comes into picture and once this piece off court is tested if it is not in place it is sent back Guys remember one thing If there’s a 14 any of these stages your deployment process stops there and that it goes back it is reiterated on it is corrected and then it moves into the for the state So if it is approved then it goes to your productions And so this is where also you have your bills happening constantly so that as him that it is in production server and then they had problems with it The Patties immediately sent back It is tested worked upon and re patched Software is and do so What we see these days is you might have constantly seen that you get your if you use an android or any phone right which has operating system so that are constant battles are so after fixes for you Right So you get these constant notifications saying that a new wooden is available Some of the bucks have been fixed here Some of the issues have been fixed here There’s a new release for you right So what this means is basically your software is undergoing a certain set off tests and um all the bucks secular Did those get fixed to give you an example Now I’m not sure but there’s a game card I spoke him Andre Put him on Is something that is very world renowned game When you talk about middle school straight So basically for them this game is like good Anyone others these days I mean I’ve seen quite a few orders being crazy a water So one thing that I’ve followed here are North Astaire’s This company is very good at fixing more terror box they have right So whatever games they release those also released in cycles So whatever were the issues with those get fixed in the next tradition for show So they do this analysis very well where they understand what are the issues that they’re facing with the game and those get fixed rate of it So this is just one general example Do not stick to it very seriously If you talk about Windows operating system as a rate I mean if you use a licensed was and I’m talking about Windows because I’ve been using that for a while I never had a chance to actually go out and use Mac operating system a lot so I won’t be commenting on there But if I stick toe windows right so basically what happens is I constantly get notifications saying that my Windows operating system had certain But fixes are a new interfaces available to me Same happens with AWS as we will see that So basically me see that constant interface changes there So this is something that happens easily when you talk about Bob’s Why Because you’re fixing bits and pieces are pretty or not kind of working on the entire softer and making everything work differently That so that is that you can constantly keep fixing bucks that at that So that is what the upstarts on that is Our brakes silos between the developer teams and the admin teams Okay so this is one way of looking at it right So again if you talk about bringing these things in place making these things work right there are quite a few software There are tools out that let you actually go in and do these things in practice in actual Right So what are the services that let you do all these things Now if I want to talk about it from at the UPS perspective right So we have get it actually lets us do what the supposedly work then Then you have your public You have your chef You have Jenkins type sensible Now these are different tools that let you do different things Whether you talk about software built process whether you talk about this continous integration whether you talk about automating certain actions all of these are taken care by these tools And if you talk over there perhaps I’m in the set off tools that other Dobson’s operative we’re like pretty high for you They’re pretty much options that you can actually go and choose from So when you talk about develops right so in general these articles that you can actually target But when you look at it from an AWS perspective there are certain sort of tools that AWS also offers to you that lets you do all of these actions in one place Oh are basically controlled this whole process off software integration breaking it down again integration than development and then deployment on in between testing as with right And what AWS does best here is it actually automates quite a few of these processes that we’ve just discussed That’s simplifying quite a few things that you are the ways or would have otherwise taken a lot of time to do Okay so let’s go ahead and take a look at some of the services that he had a less has on offer AWS hasn’t played for us on once

We take a look at those services then we can actually go out and take a look at how these things work on top of AWS What are the services that AWS has to offer to us Okay so there are more services than these What you would be seeing on the screen or in the slide deck but as we get into the demo But I would be discussing other services as well but that is for the move But let’s try and understand these So when you see it at this court by planet is a fully managed continents delivery service So when we say continues deliveries is service Basically it helps you automate quite a few processes for the you talk about um whether talk over basically building testing or deploying your application So all these processes that concern release office software Basically these things are to my automated rather by using AWS core pipeline Okay So as the name suggests it is a continuous delivery system Andi since we call it by playing the reason we call it by planus It acts as a conveyor belt When you talk about industries were talking about manufacturing right If you manufacture a particular product what happens is it is ready the first for you Sit right It can be food that is cooked What a r Brooks and long does is it cleans it if required hits it then cools it After that make it might goes are to certain processes like packaging Right uh cooling again are sealing up and hosting site So there are quite a few phases that I involved in your production line right So when you talk about a deadly score piping it is this pipeline that controls our has various faces that continues integration and deployment has and all these things happen inside this by plant called escort by plane And it automates these processes to simplify quite a few things that we do Indo apps on top off Arab Lewis Next is your aws codedeploy So as the name suggests this is a fully man ist deployment service It automates software deployments to a variety of compute services such as Amazon easy to your far get lambda elastic beanstalk and other options as well even on premises So you guys understand one thing Even if you are implementing or buildings off brand top off clothes it is not always that you would want to store it on the lower rate You might want to migrate it to your on premise Applications were talking about hybrid applications as well So in places are in times when you want to my greater applications um indo the on premises infrastructure You can do that by using AWS could reprise Well apart from that as you can see understanding says you can my greatly to your Easter two instances right You can do it with AWS far get into Lambda Lambda as with the lamb laser serverless computing service like so you can do it Debt Easy to Is there the infrastructure of the service Um you can actually go out and deployed applications if you have any instance that you can figure on your you have a proper rest a service that is connected to it where you can store your data right So and you have proper security or security groups under it This instance life One option is you do it on your own data One is you use elastic being Stop with this back from the service and you can automate certain processors Offsetting appear easy to instance once that doesn’t you can actually go ahead and uh deploy our application toe Elastic beanstalk are the corresponding instance that you have Okay So or deploy basically lets you movie according top off the AWS services that you have competition services or in the environments that are on premise as well Now this was about these two services What we have next is you’re a lovely score coming and Corbett So when you say it every score commit now AWS score commuters more off a fully managed source control service that hosts secure get based repositories It makes it easy for teams toe collaborate on court in a secure and highly scalable ecosystem So the definition that I’ve just read right by this you should already realize that it is an AWS variant for gig So basically when you say a fully managed source control resource what that means is basically it is giving you an option off Having repository is being held in court commit right just like you would have been on get Now why do you need to do that on poor come it If you haven’t in house Repository Holder you can actually ease up the process of doing that else you’ll have toe Always go ahead and uproots You get for that right So you

are talking about an integration with but that is out there is on the right not on your block Now when you talk about court coming deal on imminent get completely No If you want to move your get repositories to core comer you can do that as well We’ll see how to do that once we get into the Democrat but till then you’ll have to wait So next is your core built in case of any sake or built So when you talk about the pipeline the first thing that happens is your core comment right because you are getting in touch with the repository and that is that could also be the last thing that is happening in your cycle But for now let’s consider that it is the first thing that happens Next is your core bill trees something that we should have actually discussed before But we’re discussing it last right But let’s talk about doctors So many talk about Corbyn right Basically what happens here is it is a fully Manus continuous integration service that compiles a sore score It runs tests on it produces software packages that they need to deploy You’re not happy Whatever provisioning managing and scaling your own will servers It’s skills continuously and processes Multiple banks concurrently say a bills are not left waiting in a queue So basically takes get off all the activities that concern buildings after it whether doc or provisioning or managing are scaling your sources It says it takes care of it bites it right and it lets you packages software as well And during tests on top off it So junk off your work actually happens in AWS score built on This is where I mean these are the applications that actually go ahead and simplify a lot of responsibilities that concern yourself Trader movement Okay so um this was about the drops services that we have in a handshake So we’ve discussed quite a few pointers let us get into the AWS console and see how they demo part works OK so this could be a longer the more than we normally do But let’s get into it as quickly as possible Okay so let this is go ahead and first log into our AWS console to start with it Say’s I’m not logged and let me quickly do that as well Okay so this is how the aid of this management console looks like again for people who are new to AWS management control make sure you create a free tier account if you want to Now the demo that we are going to implement again falls under the free tier That means we won’t be charged for whatever we do but not this thing That it is important you have a three d rock on for this If you do not know how to create a few Derek on this sites where AWS Freedia ran in any brother you have an actress is good and bad Yesterday it would ask you for your credit card and debit card details My personal experience tells that U N Efforts a skirt Carter debit card is also accepted I’ve always or mostly use my debit cards here It would charge your piece to in India If you are for the verification purpose the reason it wants to verify is it wants to see whether it’s alleged a camp alleged cut and then you have one year off services or so this is what one year free of cost Now these services combat Ah po cap a parliament When I say I put cap say for example if you talk about a street story service there’s a limit of five GB which you can store in it If your story about then you would be stuck then you’d be charged for it and it always will start billing you for that This is what metered usage is You have a meter limit that you can use or work on And if you can cross that metered limit this is where the bliss will start to charge you Okay so I’m create a three d Do not worry you won’t be touched Whatever the most that we are performing fall under three D So be assured our status to show that we won’t be touched So once the account is ready you can actually go out and start implementing these things with me So what are you going to do with her today So I have this repository with me Where does a piece off court that I wish to deploy That is a piece of course that have actually taken from a getting quality It does not belong to me belongs to some other user So I would be using that I had used this initially The purpose was different back then I wanted to see if I can deploy a piece off 4 to 3 different instances Andi keep them running even if one of the instance goes down So I would be using the same court But the application would be different We won’t be deploying it to three different instances Instead

what I’ll do is I’ll create A Corp I planted It will create will create pass application I’ve been mentioning what passes and water does or what elastic beanstalk does right So what we do is we actually go out and create a pass application print and basically use that pass and merriment to have are getting positive Chord hosted on an easy two instance and will carry out the whole process off core commitment and deployment using AWS score pipeline Okay so let’s take it step by step Let us first go to lasting means stock Create a platform for us to use Okay So how do we know that before you go to a lasting Binstock so you can size for it here Since I had used it recently It is available year So as if you have no applications that are currently attorney This is how the interface would look to you But if you’ve created an application the interface will look a little different So do not be frightened if the look is any different for you Okay And uh as I’ve mention AWS also keeps changing this look So if you are implementing this demo and you are not doing it with me this interface could look a little different for you But just follow the steps follow the process and I don’t think it should be a problem for you Toe get hold off Any of the things that we’re doing right now Okay So what do we do Know we actually go out and create an application So I say create So it would say Give me a name for the application What should we call it Let’s call it demo for today Okay Application tax I don’t think I need to get into the details of that You know it’s a selective platforms rise As I’ve mentioned when you talk about AWS in particular a lot elastic beanstalk that AWS offers now this is where it is platform as a service So it gives you a pre configured platform for you to use It’s not that you cannot choose one for you You have options off using want But if you known that this is the environment that I want to work in tow I can have a pre configured environment set for me without having to can figure any part off it So this is the difference between an infrastructure as a service and platform as a service So when you say infrastructure as a service this is where you would be setting up everything right So you decide what kind of security group you want What kind of neck look you want for it What kind of stories you want for it What is the size of instance that you want to use So you’re what elastic beanstalk does Is it plans All these things for you We just began environment that you wanted So what kind of environment for re be choosing you Um we have these many options right We have our dot net core Kleenex if you want to Directly right on top of Lena that is You have Dr Korn top off window So DACA glass fish go Java nor Jess PHP Brighton even Ruby and dunk it In this case I’m going to choose PSV for me Okay So by default what it does is it selects a platform branch for me that is appear to be 7.4 and it’s running on a lean nox Amazon machine that a 64 bit in nature And the words on a piece we sent one for black farmers and on the other hand is 3.0 point three which is recommended I can choose others as well but probably the doctor Peace with this is the option that I have to Let’s stick to that next What we do is we actually go ahead And so guys there are two options here When you talk about platform as a service you have control over the court that you have and the applications that you have so you can actually go ahead and bring their own court right If you have a piece of sample quarter with you you can move that piece off sample court here The other thing that you can do is you can actually go ahead and have a sample application for you Okay so um what aws does it offer us certain temperature applications that you can use So in case if you have a piece off court with you that you want to use in this case we’re going to use a repository But we are not going to type our own court here Let’s create a sample application first and try and use that because our aim is to have an environment in place and not actually going create a piece Of course something that would take a longer one for us Let’s not do that Let’s his word and say create application So there you go demo for today Bash e And we It is an application that is getting created You guys Now what I wanted to do is closely observe what all is happening here right So right now it’s 10 49 PM Here Um and the first thing that has happened this basically it says that it’s creating an environment using elastic beanstalk Right It has first created a bucket for me So when you say a bucket this is where your data would be stored right So back it s three bucket as three The store it service that AWS offers and it stores data in the form of objects for you So as you can see a bucket is getting created here once the bucket is up and ready for you water does is it

creates a security group ensuring that a certain set of security principles are set You can actually go and modify these security principles were not going to do that But I’ll show you what happens that But that is for the later part Next create an elastic I p for the instance that I’m actually launching Okay so environment health has transition to pending So basically it is creating an environment for me right So when it’s create it is creating an environment What is happening here is basically it is setting up the environment and sick seeking are checking whether the health off my environment is up in place or not So waiting for easy to instances to launch it may take a few minutes So basically what it is doing is if there are multiple instances that are too large to launch those if there’s one instance that needs to be launched it will launch that particular instance So let that instance get launched first See even when you talk about the instance all these steps are happening Your one by 11 by one Right So basically in a set off like what Two minutes It has actually gone ahead and set up an environment for me It says it will take a few minutes It actually takes lesser than that The 2 to 3 minutes and your environment should be up and running for you Something that you can make use off Okay added an instance has been to our environment Application is available Act them afford today successfully launched an environment so technically speaking it took less than two minutes to actually go ahead and get an environment in place that we can actually go out and use for this particular demo So our environment is up and running right We have an instance in place Let’s not move to the aid of a score by plan set up and see what we can do that Okay so the more for today slash e envy or that she envies the name of our application This is something that you want to know the environment or keep that in mind So guys remember the names that degree it right simplifies the process whether you talk about believing it or using it Now let us look for AWS develops services Meanwhile right I said that I would be getting into the demo part and talking with these sources something I haven’t done Okay so let me quickly show you what are the developer tools right So when you said the wops we’re talking about developer tools So you have X ray scored nine cloud and I haven’t used these Um so this is ever so I won’t be committing a lot on those Same is for code Start as well I have never had a chance to work on it I’m when I was actually exporting these tools a little I mostly spend my time understanding our AWS score commit works How build work So artifact was How could deploy in court by print works The other ones is something that I haven’t heard much time or chance to explore are getting to the weekends off So let’s not get into the details of those But if you want to know if you click on it he’ll get all the information you have and you elaborate So when you say it every scored stop right it’s not available in the region So let’s not change the reason for that just to understand it Let’s go back Okay so this is something that I did not want to do But let’s cooler And if I click on it of this artifact like see a loveless court artifact it is secure scalable and cost effective artifact management So is fully managed artifact repository service that makes it easy for organizations of any size to securely store publish and share software packages in their software development process So basically it lets you control the software packages that you have to and you can actually uh control those in this environment There’s a diagram here that tells you what you can do with it If you expand it will get to see right So all the steps are explanation Basically pulled a bullet Application dependence is from public artifact repository spec movinto Kodak effect with the scar scalable and cost effective in nature Right And then you basically go ahead and move it through the and you have your reportedly is inside it right You have one toe ever domain rate so you can manage access and apply policies across multiple countries In your organization you can even securely publishing story or packages toe other repositories as well So you’re not restricted to one depositories you have and number of repositories here and the liberals can actually go in and access these artifacts right You can even gonna keep the Korbel for your CCD operations so similarly if you go back you have other services in there and as well right You can explore those as well So if you come down here you have other services Okay So similarly you have

a clone and let’s see whether what In four we get our electric It’s an I d for writing running in debug in your courts right how it works All the details are union so you can actually come here and refer These applications are refer These so says that AWS has to offer you and then understand what all you can do with needle up services that we have in our pit or or not Hank’s Let’s go back to the console And what I’m going to do now is I’m going to work in lunch My Corp I play So for that again I’ll get into the develop apart NMC core by plane So if I open core Piper you see basically this pipeline takes care of all these things first Is you set up the source that you want to use Artifact If any you build a piece off court you’re deployed and then you can actually go and check the status off all this that is happening here at one single piece So that is what they’re upstairs for You It basically lets you do or least things that one single place Okay now what do you do here First and foremost you create a piper Let’s start by doing that I say create a pipeline from I’d have to give a name to my pipeline Um So there’s a sample name given you already that I have Sam Leppo Let’s just stick to that name for no Right And then it would say Do you want to create a new services Right So when you talk about the AWS site what it does is it defines a certain set off rules right Our policies rules that actually let you control how instances how resources would work on top of a degrees So it be needing a service role here as well You can use an existing one right So in this case I have an existing service roll with me This is the name of the service road So right now I have selected a new service road safe try and created It won’t allow me to do that do you Under seat Let’s see next Why Because this rule already exists is what it say’s So I had created an application with the same name That is why we had that solution known as Sandra Po And there was a rule that was created So when I deleted this pipe lender who will exist her it did not go off with the application So that is why the rule is there And I’m not able to create the same room Places Gordon sick using existing So this is the road that I would be using in the advance sitting What are the options I have Let’s not get there It’s the next Now it’s a select the source So I want Oh this is very story or input artifacts from your pipeline chooser provider here So I say use get up Because I have very positive therefore that I’ll have to connect So there’s my account is already here Okay so it has actually gone out and authorized that account for me to use If you do not have an account you’ll have to sign in here So if I goto get a great let me quickly should So is this is the importantly that I’m using I’ll type it here so that you see it clearly Okay it is AWS dash core biplane bash s three bash court deploy bash Lennox Okay AWS dash court by plane Dash s three that scored deploying nicely knocks So this is somebody else’s Reportedly that I’m using It does not belong to me I’m just using it for the sake of this demo So you can actually go ahead if you do not know what get up is what I would say Sisters go there and create an account and get up OK so if you look for get up here I have an account here This is how the get up in the office looks like And you see this is the repository that I have imported OK so when I say important I pulled this repository from somebody else’s branch Okay So that I can use it And this is the piece of court that is there on my repository that I would be using You have your app speaker dot family filed and indexed artist email Find something These used even a really Miller family Okay so basically you have an option You’re right It says this is the master branch In my case I can branch Okay I can even pull push on for the repositories if it belonged to somebody else It belongs to somebody else And I can start using that for my placement Because you see there’s an option of walking here right It got fog because you own this deposit e and are not a member of any organization So since I owned the secular focus if you were to try and forget from Moroccan you could actually Okay so you can do that So go ahead and get this repository okay And then

you can do Didn’t know that Hungry Next what I do it’s I actually come here and I select brunch in this case Master Branch right No What other detection options I’m gonna stick toe box Let’s not get into the details of what it does And do I want to build anything I’m gonna skip the build state because I have a piece of court with me I don’t have to go out and test it for any purpose So I’m just gonna Seascape this speech Yes Skip Deployment provider We have created an environment Elastic beanstalk It is right So it would ask me where is the environment and what is the name of the environment Them A for today Was the name right Yep And what was the environment This Okay so choose the application name that you have already created on AWS Elastic beanstalk console So you can do that What was the environment in This is the environment Name I said next So guys see you can verify your steps here What is happening Right So these are the stages off by plane that it is going to follow my source stage My source Accent Breuder It has get up Third party right Uh but state I don’t have one Right And this is the deployment states Where are we deploying it Deploy its embroidery Is your lasting bean stalk him of the application Dima for today Environment them before today slash b So I say create by plane and they go Your pipeline is getting ready for you So guys you can see it will go through phases here right for staplers Um you’re so snow Doesn’t your source your source Get aboard Succeeded That means it very fired that repository that he wanted toe deploy Okay And now it has gone into the deployment stage Since we don’t have a bill face we can skip that for now When he said the several transition you won’t get toe brandis in your application for a seat Ok so now it is in the second face It takes half a minute or one minute to actually go ahead And I knew that for you So let that happen for now Okay so this will take a minute or two for this to happen to let this happen And once this happens we can actually go ahead and see what we want to do with it There you go So successfully that employment has happened So basically see it took a couple of minutes This was a basic application I did not Did not take long for AWS score by plan to actually go and pray for you Now this is go back to the instance that was created by the environment that we have in place Right So I see Come here So that is we created a lean FCC To instance if I remember it was there in the environment when we were going toe launch it the PSP environment We tried to launch strikes so it said that it was set upon really neccessary to instance So let’s see if we have early knocks issue for instance by the same name So there’s one instance that is ring There’s an elastic I P as well that we saw right So I say running instances and you can see the name is also same axes They move for today right And all the details are here about your instance that is there in place t So it was created at July 10 49 The exact same time right I mean when we were looking at the time zones I said that it takes like couple of ministers out of this environment This was the time that right So it was pretty everything that this is the instance that we’re talking about So if you scroll down you’ll get more information or the instance of water letters having yet so everything here was set up by AWS elastic beanstalk right And as discussed it was set up accordingly So there should be all the information that I was discussing D’Hiver submits This falls under your networking part You have your I am rule as well that is associated with it which insures your instances safe and secure for your usage Okay And oppose that You have other things on your plate as well Okay so let’s just go ahead and see how this application works I say copy Once I cop it I come here Oh no I just basically going basted here Congratulations You have successfully created a pipeline Negative Real This source application from an Amazon s three bucket and deploy It took three Amazon easy to instances using it Every score deployed as I mentioned at the start of this session or the demo that I would be using a repository that was meant for doing something else that had

been in the past I deployed an application to three different instances but sec what happens in the strand of the instance goes down But as I mentioned I would be using the same corporate distant replied it only toe one instance and for a different application But the message remains the same because this is the piece off court or the text that would be there in the source files So if you come back here right get up So if you take a look at some files I’m not sure of the name of the file Um where do we get it and have to look into them I do not recall I think it should be knicks No So basically Yep This is where the court has been set accordingly Right So if I change it now it deployed it to three instances And that is right Is displaying that court to me that this is something that we are used for the other application that we deployed And that is why the message is still there not get fooled by that But I believe that just for you it’s clear it doesn’t what was to be done and what we’ve done Our profit So we’ve successfully done that Let’s go ahead and get rid off all these resources that are there not plate because we do not want to get charged unnecessarily I’m going to just go ahead and try and delete all of these one by one to let’s start by deleting the environment Copy the name of the environment because it would ask you what environment you want to do it To do that this community terminate say it asks for the name So based on that ST Dominic So again this is the source would be deleted for you and you do not have to worry about what happens next So when is this thing is deleted We also after the lead Other things that are Dana Hand But let’s delete them one by one The reason I want to do environments Some of these resources are interconnected so if you try to believe dollar on before reading the first one occasionally it gives another So let us follow the same pattern in which we came in right So let’s just delete this environment first because we’re talking about everything getting the leader here So once this gets the leader even the instance that was circulated even that will get deleted So let’s just go back and see what’s happening Okay Now it says zero instances signing Why is that Because the instance got terminated because we deleted the environment that waas along with it No what we do is we come back here Let’s see what everything is cleaned up Okay so it is under the fears of getting deleted any which way Let’s just wait for it to actually go out and get deleted completely So this would happen Don’t worry about that Let’s just close this go to services and now we go to court by plane We would want to get it off the pipeline that you have So I said delete In this case I lied And they look yard by plane is also believed it So we’ve actually gone out and successfully implemented or seen how you can actually go ahead and implement the what’s on top off your obliques Right So again guys there are a lot of things that you can do Uh you can move an application into production on our production servers with right here So they’re not a lot of things You can actually go out and bring in your applications from different places that you have moving to a laborious and then actually good and host it using the services that AWS has to offer to us Okay this is something that should have been terminated by No it doesn’t But let’s ignore that also what will have your is if I goto yesterday he there will be certain buckets that would be created I don’t think all the buckets get the letter when you didn environment right So they were You have like elastic beanstalk a piece off the bucket that we used right So you have similar buckets that are present here But these are not the ones that we’ve used I think out of buckets OK no this is the one So this is the one that I created recently again Not doing that we created So the buckets some states some get deleted but the buckets won’t charge anything on Listen until there’s data So we should not worry about that If I come here let me try one thing out You see Sami people So whatever date I was there

in my report it’s here You see it’s making a copy of a cure So this is something that I did not create No this Waas for the demo sick that I had uses but it is still here So your data remains here when you talk over history And this is where data gets store when you actually go out and create the resources using here agree it’s called Pipeline Are other aws no ups So this is so I believe that justice clear to you people as in what can you do with AWS steps Okay if there’s anything else that we need to look into let’s quickly scanned through the AWS services that we have on our priority list the up services that we have not played And when I went into the service a spark on in the developer tools Let’s see what loud minor extend us Okay Directly connects right You see that it is a service that makes it easy for developers to actually garden analyze the behavior off their distributor applications by providing request tracing exception collection on profiling capabilities So basically does use for debugging Racine and service map Okay Okay So this was about the different AWS services that we have in our hands are inappropriate I believe by now What The wops is clear to people and you have some just doesn’t how they’re wops works on top of AWS right So there’s a hardly mentioned there were ups is something that is trending a lot these days on People are wanting to make a career in There were ups so I’ve actually got these questions from quite a few people Yet as in What is the ups Can we use it on AWS I normally have these sessions that I think where people are these kind of questions doesn’t can we use develops with Arab less how is a loveless end up similar or different So people are still very unavailable toward no upsets what you can do with it and how AWS support these services like So when you talk about the ups there’s a lot of scope and this sex 1 ft in the right direction Make sure you actually go out and explore these services a little more and try to build these applications You can also try doing that What I’m integrate You can actually go ahead and have applications deployed with three different instances and take the availability officers And what happens if one of these instances does actually decided to go down Okay so that’s it Let’s in the AWS name of Sparta Machine learning is something that has been discussed a lot in recent times Now whether talk about machine learning data science cloud computing Arab Lewis Big data R B develops Now these are some of these things when you talk over from a technological carrier people normally refer these times a lot right programming technology software development data analysis these items that have been turning a lot to talk about the um anything that has come after 2000 tents mostly so people have been derived are not direct attracted rather towards these stumps And it’s understandable with the advent off Internet with the advent of technology data and all these things have become a lot more important And that is why we see people having a trend are a psyche that they feel that they should do these things to have a good career and that is fairly understandable Even marketers have realized that these are the things that are selling points and people are actually trying to bring your head in such a manner that you actually feel attracted towards the stumps So since there’s so much hype about machine learning right let’s talk about machine learning girls And then we’ll actually go and discuss how we can carry out or how machine learning data science we did All these things are supported by Nablus I’m setting up services strength So let’s first strand understand what machine learning is to start with So uh again in simple words I’m in This is a very simple definition that you see and it’s very cruel about machine learning It is an ability of machines to learn and become smarter So to give you an example right when you talk about machines when you press a button they do a particular activity Right When you talk about machine learning you’re trying to make them smarter Now you might say that this is artificial intelligence In a way yeah it’s true But machine learning is also similar

to that Basically machine learning forms the foundation off whatever we do with artificial intelligence right So let’s try and discuss these pointers Okay So let’s try and understand machine learning first water this Okay so if I want to talk about machine learning right I would give you an example off V as human beings state of in via Bon We are clean slates right I mean we can write anything on us on this late and it’s there We all have been part of schools Where we Britain stuff on board it Is that right I mean as its I intel rubbing that board was a fantasy for me for some reason I don’t know I missed it again Make and roll off the duster that was there and the chocks that we high right so we could control those things So the other fantasy for me could not be for you but it was from the actual So coming back to the topic in hand So basically when I say clean slate on those boards you can write everything And Robert Wright you have control Lord So even V s Children are brain select These cleans here straight I mean whatever we right there it gets written the say for example I come from a Moratti family and we speak malarkey at home So to say Come here we say it could a year That means come get right in English You would say please come here or whatever you have to when you talk about morality and these things are these languages state So how do we learn them basically appearance or the surrounding where we are born and brought up We hear about these things and those get imprinted in our mind right Say for example I am also a fluent in the speaker and the reason for that is the school I was brought up in Know what a few students who used to speak indeed and with them I basically learned in the very well So that is what education does That is what Learning something that’s true right I mean how do we know a particular shape is around A particular shape is square A particular color is blue particular colors black red Because that has been imparted to us It’s not always that you have to tell that this is blue This is true This is Luke You learn it with time right You see things You try to imagine those things and you actually go out and grasp those things So that is all your mind works something that is imprinted on it again and again and again You tend to remember those things Now it comes to you naturally You don’t have to be told that this a circle this is square Same is with driving or riding as well right I mean when you learn to ride a bike when you’re new you’re always we cautious What is the spirit of the bike and venture detained again Right But as you get a smoother are used to it you don’t have to look at your spirit meter right You just know that okay I need to stay in the game now that comes with experience because that thing gets imparted in your mind and you know when to do what So responsiveness is also a type off learning something right response into situations So when you talk about machine money that is what we do with our machines We give them data data that they can actually process again and again and again till they learn master So if I give a new data to a machine it should be able to figure out And this is what that did is about Say for example what you see on the screen is a Scrabble right If I basically paying my machine toe understand what kind of scrabble it is in this case it will figure out that the red one is an argument out Why Because it has been trained with the data that is right in color Maybe so If there’s something that is off place it would recognize that part They’re in there right away Great So this is what machine learning best for you But incense off machine between my seems to be smarter It may not be always where you have a robot where you tell it what to do what Noto say For example when you say the water to speak up that picks up cola Coca Cola cans for you from your refrigerator that has machine learning imparted in it But that may not always be an application for you When you say machine gun it can be as basic as predicting whether I have see less than you might have been samples with me out of those samples If there’s a particular person who has cancer or not right figuring that thing out is also machine learning as simple as that So when you say machine learning basically what we try to do is we try to find out solutions to the problems that are there in our hand Given the fact that there’s a lot of data that is being generated these days people have realized that this data would be utilized for doing so many things right I mean you can predict patterns You can predict what’s going to happen You can study trends and understand where the stream will take you on the street It is something that

was done prior is but people who were smart enough for active enough could do that But now with the amount of data that we have and the tools that we have this has become a lot more easier for us to do on that A lot of machine learning like system this is Go ahead and take a look at another example It So what company’s logo does the Simaeys match break So I’m sure all of you have guessed it by not crack it So it’s very similar to what YouTube local looks like right The reason you see the sunscreen ISS recently I was actually going out and playing some music on YouTube Not recently Now this is a trend that have noticed for a very long time So what YouTube does is if I watch a certain set off videos right let’s assume that I watch Pokemon cartoon Okay let’s assume that So when I watch Pokemon cartoon next time when I opened YouTube it would suggest me Pokemon related stuff What does YouTube does Yes it does collaborative filtering It understands that I’ve been watching Pokemon related stuff cycle Such is that it will also study what people who what similar videos also watch if there are other people like hundreds of people who want similar stuff Apart from this video what else do they watch settle such as That same happens with the I Mean recently I was looking or for shoes I look for Susannah MSM and then I moved into an application called a script Buzz Okay I browsed it on my webpage Quick buzzes a cricket application that use cricket scores Cricket is a sport that is very popular in India So while I was going to the bazaar what I also noticed waas They were to suggestions off shoes from somewhere from um is on another Web sex as well So even this website is doing collaborative filtering and understanding what is based on the data that I was surfing it understood what I want rectal by what I was looking for This sounds dangerous hasn’t I’m setting it some barrels and even clippers knows that But this happens because I’ve been loving with same account everywhere and my data is accessible to these reflects yes scary But what I want to you to focus on the marble isn’t how quick recommendation systems and collaborate different things working and all these things work on machine learning I’ll go themselves basically these essential freedoms So that is not machine learning this for you Let’s go ahead and understand some of the types that machine learning has to offer to this Okay so if you talk about types of machine learning right so that’s supervised learning and unsupervised learning I do not take credit for these images guys that you see on the screen I think it is I do not remember the name off the sub actually picketer from somewhere So I did not want to take any great for these images that are there on the screen These do not belong to be so if there are any cooperate issues forgiven for that So basically when you talk about these images what I’m trying to make a point here This basically we’re talking about supervised learning and unsupervised learning So we’ll talk about machine learning algorithms that are three Actually the supervise there’s unsupervised and then you have reinforcement Learning is let’s try and understand these one by one So when you say supervised learning right So basically when you say suppose learning These are the set of algorithms where you know your target We’re able That means you know what are you trying to achieve you As I mentioned if I give you a set of data and I say predict whether I mean build a model based on this data and predict for the given record if this person has cancer or not right or let’s say you might give you 20,000 records off telecom industry data Then I pass in a new user You DNC Based on the data you have predict whether this person winter normal So what is John Basically when you talk about telecom industry that had a lot of people who buy SIM cards site it is how frequent that is We actually change the same carts It’s very frequent People will just buy a SIM card After that they’ll be born on the throat of and buy a new one So when a custom will use telecom industry or a particular SIM card and also something else it is called us journey And in telecom industry this is a very big thing because it is getting stagnated There are a lot of companies are there in the market and you for custom Earlier they suffer a lot off losses The reason for that is a lot of money is invested in marketing and bringing these customers And so they tried toe preserve that those customers So telecom turn is a big industry are okay so companies like I’m in the lance and all they actually study these trends And that is that they had captured the market initially that realize your semen India especially Okay So lax and lots of people about those and they covered a lot of market So they actually did the sternal analysis and a lot of other things So basically John and Alice a sand up breaking with somebody have a

concern Are these examples of two boys like so These are basically our regression models that are any right You won’t have your classifications models were you classify your data into certain groups Okay but here you know what a target variable is Let’s say I asked you to classify the rental meal and female In that case it would be you Classifications algorithm used her So you are building a machine learning algorithm that really classify your date up Based on that data has already studied Okay so that is one example What you see on the screen is again an example You passing data that is apple My system will protect whether it’s an apple or not break So you doesn’t support his learning A good Then you have unsupervised learning algorithm Your you do not more to target variables You just pass in a social data and it pulled basically classified the daytime two clusters which it feels that data similar to say for example it will cluster all the apples together beaches together and bananas together In this case I know what does If I did not know Um I mean when I say I did not know the final output here right get to a table What I mean is let’s suppose that I’m taking clusters are making numbers clusters off numbers right So in that case I may not always know the mean but what a double nor what machine learning does is it basically creates those means Onda saves data around those means in one cluster Reckless stunning that’s so clustering is an example of unsupervised learning algorithm And then you have the enforcement Lonny very you reinforce certain set off information onto your instances are onto you are um reinforced Certain set off learning on immortals basically so that they predict better results every now and then So basically on listen until you get the desired result you keep on repeating the process of learning your machine until you get good and perfect answer So that is what reinforcement learning that’s for you So that these are some of the different machine learning algorithms that they’re not hang Okay And this is what machine learning is all about I mean if you talk about machine learning that quite a few of the algorithm says Well thank you Have your you have your random forests algorithms We haven’t explored classification algorithms to a bet neither regression algorithms So if it our machine learning it is a wasp and deep topic we can talk a lot about it But since we are in and the AWS session I wanted you to get introduced to what machine learning is and I believe I made my point right now what we have introduced we’re going to go ahead and discuss how much learning works with AWS So actually go ahead and explore different machine learning services that AWS has to offer to us Okay guys So uh we’ve already seen what machine learning is like We were understood what are different machine learning algorithms Now let us go ahead and discuss how machine learning works on top of AWS Right So when you talk about the AWS aws has also realized that machine learning is very important People are wanting to learn machine Lanie And since AWS is a platform that lets you do almost everything related to technology So it wondered why not have machine learning services as well not just machine learning services We will be discussing cognitive services as well Right Would understand how artificial intelligence natural language processing machine learning and to some extent be that science be I How do these things work on top of clock So this is not going to be a very the more heavy stuff I’m not going to get into machine learning details but I’ll tell you how these serves this work What can you do with these assistant So that this is go ahead and take a look at some of the images services as in water the services that aws offers to implement machine Lanie Okay so when you talk about machine learning on top of AWS there are quite a few services that are some services that provide infrastructure right I mean uh so we’ve discussed worked infrastructure is what black farmers and what software It’s when you talk about service models that AWS offers straight So when you talk about machine learning in particular AWS offers different services that actually let you take care of different requirements as a late say for example if you have like um services like sagemaker and all right so this is where you have your back form in place right Because with globalization record you can actually go ahead and use already existing nor books are put according that you can set up the infrastructure by using the I s services that there in your hand And you also have application based services where you don’t have to call You don’t have to worry about the platform Just go ahead and implement some of the applications that are already there for so we’ll be taking a look at those services as well Do not worry about that So we’ll discuss all of these in detail Let’s quickly take a look at some of the services that we have on our plate or on us life to start with So when you talk about machine learning on top of AWS are all the sources that I

just mentioned right Data science E i natural language processing So all of these I mean there are some services that let you do these things Say for example Amazon sagemaker not This is a very good service It’s flexible end to end analytics solution here So to give you an example let’s assume you have a data set with you You can actually go ahead and create an environment where you have fightin running with you You can get in that court You can actually go out and train and test that cool right Berlin of that data said Rather plain and tested divided into proper training and testing data Sit right very machine learning models using it and then predicts or ask some of the questions that you want to toe to these models and you’ll get answers here There are some very to use notebooks as well where these machine learning models have ordered even before while you have to do is put in your data that some pieces off court and your machine learning models will start working So many talk about Amazon sagemaker It isn’t and doing service that lets you take care of all these pointers All these issues that concern machine learning or data science in general next to have is your Amazon comprehend Now this is um a natural language processing applications of is that AWS offers So this application is ready to use all you have to do this putting a data okay and you’ll get results So you might wonder is And how is it different from Sagemaker Right So say his maker is more towards building machine learning algorithms right are putting in machine learning data and creating algorithms and generating inside sort of it When you talk or comprehend In general it is a simpler version where application is ready for you In this case let’s isn’t that you have to do sentiment analysis So when you lose you putting a data let’s example you have a review with you You put in that review there and it would go sentiment analysis on that review So there is a plug in that is available that lets you do All these things are in the AP another that lets you do all these things So that is not comprehend us Basically it lets you do natural language processing went up afraid of bliss Then you have your legs right So when you talk about Amazon Lex Lex is a service that lets super sad box Okay so when you say tag bots chatbots are nothing but interact you You can think of it as an interactive software that can be installed or comes with any particular application or website So if I put in the question I’m expecting an answer there Right So instead of having manual support members to sit and be quite or respond to queries if there are certain general queries these chatbots let you reply to those queries So when you say Chad box these are nothing but bots of reports that people are websites protect on those websites right Where if there are someone inquiries that need answering toe these chatbots can answer those for you to give you an example When you with certain websites there would be a pop up seeing that Hello may help your it so it could be attacked But so if you type in a particular query it has a day does it with it And it replies to that data set that is putting that so that is that amazing Lex does It actually lets you go ahead and build those kind off Jack Barts for your use It’s OK then You have your Amazon Polly So what Amazon Polly does is you given text to Amazon pony and it converts it into speech Say for example I see a particular sentence right What Amazon Polly would do is not say I write the particular sentence and give it to Sam is in Hollywood Use a particular kind of voice toe say that particular sentence So Ah yet I have options of customizing What kind of voice I want right What kind off things I want to see whether it should be a male voice a female voice where they should be in Indian access American access and stuff like that right A lot of that polity us It creates a lifelike speech for you based on the text you give it Then you have um is on recognition now Amazon recognition is a powerful powerful service It lets you analyze um basically our images and even video streaming so it gives you real time analysis in these cases So nowadays there are so many measures that come into picture right up Images can also tell you a lot of story give you a lot off inside right So what a military commission does is it helps she extract that information from a Nimitz and in some cases even videos as well So it works in the animation frame of mind What do I mean by that Say for example when you talk or dining mission like How do you animate something There’s a serious off picture that is thrown in right So these pictures

have different motions Each of these pictures will have a minor adjustment so there are like 1000 pictures 1000 Peter might convey a particular motion off walking right So when you have a video that is running in what Amazon recognition does is it takes snaps off those videos and it would give the information based on the images it so it breaks down a video in tow images and gives a real time analysis on that So it works under similar pins Principal hasn’t how images I don’t alleged it but what it does is for videos It breaks down that readers into images Right We’ll see this once we get into the never bark So when I say we’ll see this we won’t be seeing how videos that in the light But I’ll give you an idea Border So Amazon be plants So when you say be plans this is where a lof Okay we’ll discuss this Once we get into the Democrat I don’t want to talk water No we’ll get into the demo part and then we’ll discuss this and then you have Amazon extract So what is Amazon extract So again um isn’t extract is something that we can discuss in that the more part I These are two things that I want you to take a look at when we get into it because I personally not used these still Otto Let’s not talk our demo note Let’s jump into the demo pop and see what are the offerings off these services that we have in our hand right So let’s do that Okay To do that I will have to go ahead and log into my aws concentrate So let’s quickly log into it You could see log back in I am user or root user In this case it’s a road user Let’s not get into the details off these on the sea is to you And there you go have successfully loved into my management console Now we’re gonna go ahead and take a look at some of the services that I discuss straight So as I mentioned guys I won’t be building machine learning models I am not a pro in machine learning and more toward the cloud side of things and I love being towards the cloud side of things But I will give you a general ideas to hope Machine Learning Services But if you scroll down here there are certain you Koreans for you to actually go out and implement So if you want you can try out some of these right How to host a static website Okay these are computer things If you click on machine learning you’ll get an idea So how deep learning works out between a mortal how to create a machine learning models automatically so there are quite a few applications here Right when you talk about the AWS it gives you a plethora off products that have different timelines You can learn them from scratch and do contributing Say for example Bart’s just got better So this is the second uses Darknet core Onda uses legs to create a but and in 1.5 hours will be having about a Darknet book that can be integrated with your he’s got other upon says we’re very concerned and check with the demo application that I created So there are quite a few applications not just machine learning that other domains as well What I would say this is You come here and try out these things okay Going back to the council again Let’s go back to our machine Lanie Part that we wanted to discuss So as you can see if I scroll down here right there should be machine learning somewhere It has that brain kind of us And there you go and see it as the services are so many Amy I haven’t even listed all of these I talked about some seven to it but there are a lot of services And to be very honest I haven’t used many off those because what Amazon does is it keeps on adding these services like regularly So if you want to you might come here and explore some of the other services as well Uh let’s first talk about Amazon Sees maker to start So when you’re Dr Odom isn’t says make it lets you build train and deploy machine learning models that skill right So you can read as in whatever you want to hear So it does give you specific instructions what you can do and what you can so you can literally level your data Build a tree in it right Beaune deploy anyone discover your data But so I mean you have all these options here whether you want to deploy our existing application onto an instance o r On a pass or on a particular application that you build Somebody’s under my street so you can do that So this is more or less in into in solution right Right from building the machine learning model I mean it’s not just about doing machine learning It’s about actually

creating applications that support machine learning as well and even giving you the freedom of actually deploying those toe the application that you want to play So how does it work again As I mentioned I’m not gonna go ahead and show you how to create machine learning models but I’ll give you just doesn’t How do these things work here Okay so you can see you have a day’s work here so all the information would come in here right If you want to label jobs you want to live a lady that set you can do it here get information on that Nor book instances If there are any particular notebook instances that you can figure you can save it on AWS you can also use the pre defined nor book instances that eight of this prostitute Okay So since there are so many machine learning algorithms Nablus has created templates for you to actually were and use those You can even pick up a court from get depositories if you have any Okay Um you can train and test your data right Whatever you have um for inference to that there are options here Model packages models compilation jobs in point straight augmented the A U has um date on that as well Yet if you want to do that you can do that And there are some There’s a marketplace that AWS offers quite a few applications Quite a few other things that concern notably services So I can explore those as well if you want Oh okay If I go to AWS stays maker Studio studio is currently not available in your region Okay so there is aws sagemaker If I’m not wrong it is free for some duration So when you create an account it will be free for you for a few months Initial few months Once that is done you’ll be charged Okay so make sure you use it very careful So the first time you launch a readable essays record we can use it for like some 2 to 3 months If I’m not wrong I don’t remember the exact time but this is what the standard time is So let’s stick to not Virginia Right So all the services itiveness has I think those activities because this is the primary region Let’s just say launch Amazon Sagemaker studio and they go What do you want to do If you want to learn more about it you can open all these Hey so get information on all these pages What can you do here Okay Detailed document is what I’m refering to Okay Yeah So all the information is given you see let Amazon sagemaker handle configuration right So it will take care of all your configuration thing What you need is you need to give in some details Say the 40 was that name This is the one that is there You didn’t say choose and I am rule I would say create a custom I am rule Do I have one with me Let’s see if we can use this Okay And I have an option of standard set up So there’s a quick set up as well If I say quick start Yeah it would set up everything for me by default So I can use this if I go to standard set up I mean after they said all these things a single sign on what kind of access I want Do I want to create another I am rules and stuff like that So it will ask me details about the authentication method about the other detail that I want to enter So this is giving me more customization options if I have But as I mentioned we’re not gonna get into detail So let’s stick toe a quick start there and so submit So what AWS will do is it will go ahead and create a Lord book for me when it’s not notebook it would create um and they don’t ring for me Okay so preparing a meal in sagemaker studio we’re configuring Quick start user for you Okay this might take a few minutes So what will happen here is I would be getting access to quite a few things here once my sales maker’s studio is up and running for me Okay so let’s wait for a minute and see where this takes us And sport OK Normally does not take a long way for all this to fall in place but there could be but there could be some loading that is happening here and that is taking time So let’s quickly this um it we’ll wait for the community if it does not happen will go out and do something else so that we don’t have to spend too much time waiting penetrate So let’s just refresh This one’s okay There you go So it is ready to use right Um what can be done with the trait So this is the execution rule that is there that is available for me to use right on Duh What are the other things I can do with my studio Okay so let’s just go back to the dice board But I mean it In recent activities it says there’s

no recent activity That’s a praising So let’s go back to a studio Okay so it says it is already news It’s just open studio The artwork is nice here What is happening The best thing about companies like established their focus on all these minor details like it’s launching Would you put a seller for me But still it is taking like a lot of time to lure What I’m gonna do is I’m gonna just go out and do something else Meanwhile right We’ll come back to this thing because it’s taking on team Tend to actually go ahead and lure We should not wake this long Protestant work Let’s go ahead and take a look at something and let’s see what ends we can do with it Okay So going back to the services in the machine learning services that we have let’s take a look at some of the community of services that we have in around Right So the first one that will talk about his eight of this complaint So that’s when you say it A police comprehend of our agreement It is an NLP service that is there in that hand So in this development after actually Google quite a few things because we’ve been eating images reviews and stuff like that to see how do these things work So let’s do that one by one Okay Okay So first and foremost what I need us I need to launch Amazon completing So let’s see Yeah See it gives an option for you to actually go in poor 10 year input text So this is the inbuilt text that I have with me Let’s see whether it gives me analysis on it There you you see tells me that Seaga’s this is the text that was there by default So it says amazon dot coming is located in Seattle and was funded and so and so did by their business OK if you’ve not read about Jeff Bezos is ah use case as in how it of this came into the turn What early diddle I would suggest you read it It’s nice Okay so allowing customers to buy everything from books to renders Seattle and not off Portland and South of Sunday hunting So basically this is what a dick keywords that it has noticed Rama Trait So when you say text analysis it would pick up the words that are there and try to analyze what kind of emotions are there what kind of words that we’re talking about So some part of ex mining also happens here Say for example Amazon darting It knows it’s an organization right It is confident 84% so it uses machine learning as well You okay Our text analysis or text mining to re very simple Seattle It’s a location and it’s 95 98% show for after July is a date plus 99% show They’re bezoza person right So it’s collecting information like this about all the keywords If I click on application integration Right So you’ll get to see our look word that is here right So I mean this is the court that is calculating all the leader for the entities You see this was the first one organization so 84% of the criterion met for it So this is the texters analyze And there’s a piece off court has used to do that for us Right So this was about one thing If I come here and if I say sentiment so it’s 99% sure that it is neutral Okay Ah no but I do know negative year So I mean this is not the best of data that I would want to take a look at um syntax size It gives me information as the Lord is world What is now north East punctuation so basically classifies The daytime too is that you would not even think about language English 99% show Right So let’s try and do one thing that’s this good and pick up some reviews from some very let’s do sentiment analysis or see how it does intimate analysis for us in a better manner So let’s see Let’s see if we can get some sample tributes Yes let’s a say book review for some popular books Right That chemist So there would be some reviews that people have given in here Right Let’s just go out and take a look at those reviews And it wasn’t off

Google users like that But I did use when I normally see stuff I get it so quickly What is this Weekly See where we can get reviews Okay I was just being blind to stop That is here So this is the view by having her Let me just copy it and come back here already that go here So guys what I wanted to do is read the review yourself for state So this looks like a polity Right Inspirational story isn’t you Santiago Um those are the boys leap experience It’s not okay here You would not have a lot off Clearly we but let’s see how it analyzes it right So again I’ll get information As in it’s the title of the book name of the person right So basically all the details are here right If I go to sentiment let’s see what they figured out something here It’s positive 95% We sure that the thing is positive right Less is glad and try to figure out a negative review is that somebody was given I don’t think we’ll get a negativity before alchemist straight so it’s very difficult to figure out Let’s just says for negative reviews Engine Now if I came missed only that keeps us uniform here Okay so my core a ban me The English translation is crap Okay so probably it’s not a bag grieving for the book Probably They’re talking about the translation that it has Let me just cooperate and pieced it Your I’m when I just go ahead and clear this text phone off Not really I have to go up and placed it here Okay Nice and delays You can see that if you go to sentiment it would say it’s 99% negative So it’s basically figured out that there are keywords right There are negative keywords And based on that it says that the review for this book is negative or the text that I’ve entered is negative and it is 99% short so it does good amount of sentiment and sentiment analysis for you Fingers art entity is if we can find some good entities right and even lets you get text information as well with what kind of syntax is being used All right What is what in a particular sentence and with the confidence value as well And all this can be attract right I mean if I just come here and scroll down right I’ll get all the information that I want in the space of court And I can even copy the school and probably and allegedly tell more if I want to write So this is what one services that is Amazon comprehended it is Go ahead and take a look at some other services as well So I’m gonna just go in first see what’s happening in As he put Jupiter I was on student rate So I say create a normal grade perfectly Connor it will give me an option Right If I want to choose a corner See I told you you can choose a platform for it right So I can decide if I want to use a particular type of fighting nor book that I want Right So it gives me a job since they Whether it’s mxnet tp optimized right based fight on tensorflow optimized Right So I can choose one of these So even if I see to be spite on an isis select it will create a notebook for me right I can given name to this notebook Right toe I really change it There should be some option You continue the name often See it as a particular inaudible Basically Okay So this is how you actually go ahead and use what you have on your plate Okay so there are options here What kind of Connolly want to use How do you want to save your documents straight What experiments are you running right at Any particular in points we want to connect with Get if you have their existing court Right And there was an option Very could actually select the notebooks I cannot find it here because I’ve launched the studio You can do it in the control as a So this is where you will get more options But the justice clearly right I mean what can we do with it So the possibilities are good You can learn this kind of notebooks as well Uh

what do you want to do They said all these things You’re so from a machine learning perspective I’m sure that I had a lot of things that you can do And the North Book that I opened right as I mentioned you can also get temperate courts So all you have to do is teens A couple of lines there say for example or temperate machine learning model would be billed for you You have routinely train and test data that you put in there You can make some changes to the type of model that you’re running and inter some values And you can run that piece of court there and there So the options open and even your dog about um uw sagemaker Right So if I come here and I go to my safe Zwikker I would want to delete all the environment that have created it is a peer services of order dimension Right So make sure you go ahead and get it off all the resources that you’ve created right Um the way the leader story that I’ve created Okay this is the problem off nor getting a lot of hands on on this resource I will have toe see how to delete it So I’ll get this done later I should not be focusing Are wasting your time on these things So I’ll get my resource dilated My studio deleted later If you want to You can do that Has figured out how to do it And do not spend your time doing these things Something that I’m doing right now Okay so let’s go back right Talk about other services So we’ve seen how complained works we have somewhere they were toe Um here W SC’s Michael looks Some ideas of mentioned I haven’t gone into the legal suffered Let’s talk over some other services that are also down with us Okay so where did that machine learning can go Okay This is the problem of having many many services Right Comprehend is done Let’s talk about money So when you click on Amazon tolerated as um intimate converts you are text to speech So let’s go ahead and pick the review that we have It’s a copy I’ll come back here in peace to take so you have an option off a system A lesbian okay but we’ll be sticking to plain text and let’s just go ahead and listen to it The English translation his craft Okay so right now there is the problem is the reason you cannot Your this thing is I am recording this session with a recording Mike that is attached right So I don’t think you will be able to hear whatever is being said here Uh to be very simple enough Clear enough The problem for that See basically the new record using a mike So this might does not support your anger content out of it This is a one way Mike so I won’t be able to display that people But what you have produces go ahead on click on listen to speech And it will really on this text here for you What are the adoption is that you have right indigenous neutral on the wires that have chosen is familiar But before I can actually go ahead and change it to something Girls as well Great English I can even have an option in it Now there are other options that you have village You have friends Kennedy and Hindi as well So this will be one of an Indian accent I mean distinguishable some Like how Indians speaking and how people who are fluent within the they have a particular accident This speaking English Right So it would be in that sort of an accent more of an Indian accent If you go and likely conference it would be English in a French accent so you can choose that came in What accent do you want to do Azad mentioned Just try this If I remove the mike now I would be able to hear it But that would spoil that According that I’m doing for you people So ensure that you tried on yourself and I’m very certain that this will work without any problem So try out different voices try out different sources and try to pick in data from different places to get a better output out of it Okay Yeah So um let’s go ahead And so it’s for textract and seawater does it so easily extract text and data from your documents Okay So can we try that Let’s see I haven’t tried extracting time right So let’s upload a particular document here There are articles

and I’m sure get There’s no article This is surprising I think it picks in a particular form It How can that be possible Okay so let’s not do that I think it does Some um documents specific based on which you can decide what kind off for uh a document that you want over But I think it should have had an option Let’s just pick an emergency what is best for us There you go So it has picked up whatever data that was there and probably it has extracted the time And this is very difficult to understand this data So these are some of the things that it has come across on the screen right to some of the text sees or talks about these things right So everyone’s other raspberry with us on the people that are the names have been displayed on the image So it has picked up all those things like so it can extract data from an image right Ah so you can try out other documents has been here and play with it So that gives us some idea what textract us now Let us go out and explore some of the services like I’m his under cognition Now this is an important service Okay so it says trying them on the end of itself AWS has changed in recent times That is why everything looks so different here But this is a very interesting service and I like it a lot So there are a lot of things that you can do with the service straight So let’s try and see thes things one by one What all can be do with how do we do with it So of dick unseen detection Right So this is an imager It says upload your own image So a Lebanese is go ahead and download a particular image Let’s search for Amsterdam Okay And then I looked for images Let’s see what all information it gives me I’m sure the major the information would be on surface but this is a G PG mitt So this is Gordon Put it on the deck Stop right He and mrs what I conceive it with so that we find it earlier Quicker rather So we don’t need these Okay Come here and let’s approach that image When I see a Plourde I go back to my next stop and ice pick this AMS image You see buildings right and it’s giving me all the information that it consist Transportation because it sees all these cycles here right Frankly consumer it will give me more information Bicycles It has recognized that bicycles 92% to their bikes is when I don’t see any But bicycles are there for sure right If I open this image it will give me information about this particular image Right there you go So down urban city all the information that concerns this image it can give you that So what are the other things that we do Let’s see official analysis So it tells how happy this person entering Ah you can see that the person appears to be female is rain this particular on those things Let’s do it more realistically Let’s go ahead and see some of the images that time may have with me for that I love toe there in the great learning Ah obsessions Profile pictures I may have some Yep So people I’m 29 years off each That’s you the OK So it has given that range right It thinks it’s 29 to 45 minutes hoping that I’m some like roughly 30 years of age No So that gives you somewhere areas And it predicts these things correctly It looks like a face appears to be meal isn’t smiling 72% It is certain that I’m smiling right These are the pointers it is focusing on If I open cast A me resist It will give me the central appears to be meal Okay so this is not very correct because there are females here as well but it has focused on this particular feel straight Now in this case it looks to be a female right You can see so looks like a female So this is very accurate It knows what this

can help to scan right So if I select a particularly miss it will give me information about that only Let’s say V down little image Awesome angry person Here they Let’s try dessert Let me just uploaded this image and I go back to my dick Stop again This was a maze If I’m not wrong they appears to humiliate Since 26 to 42 younger than me not smiling appears to be angry 90% It is sort of not wearing glasses So they were understands these things very nicely right It also does celebrity recognition for you make So Deb is us uh famous personality right I mean we all know if if you know it unless you should know Jeff Bezos If not read about it Okay let’s look for some celebrity Um search for Salman Khan in India Salman Khan is very popular Is an actor okay Let’s see whether this image is recognizable that simulate figures out Salman Khan or as they call them by the country it like you know So it wasn’t and you miss that I wanted it to download Thats one is in deep easy form So this should be able we should be able to read it This Let’s just drag and drop it Someone kind of his 100 plus in short Similarly if you like look for Tom Cruise I’m sure to recognize strong crews as well that the reason I’m doing this is it also helps you compare faces if you want to Now it knows both of them are Sandman Can and Tom cruise it Let’s go face competitive so I’m gonna put into a different images here straight Mm Let’s put in Yonkers here So now it says it does not match in any possibility Let’s compare him with someone Can not If I just put in Tom Cruise with Tom Cruise Similarity 100 Person let’s try it with some other Don Cruz image rate when he used to look a little different Okay let’s try this out If this is an image will download this is J P G And let’s know compared him that this image 99.9% assure that these are seeing people right So there are possibilities that there are things that you can do Your very analysis is something that you can do have not done it to be very frank myself But you can do really analysis as well here So you would try that out explored this a lot I don’t think there’s a lot that needs to be talked about in this particular piece off uh them So I’m gonna just go ahead and and I mean if I skip this I’m gonna talk about some of those of us like me go back and let search for Lex now Okay The Ted work service that a doctor would So a new open legs Right This is very can actually going in creator board So I had created a familiar or the flaws I think I never deleted to let me do that No Okay It says you cannot believe it right now So let me here let me create some other Ted book Um that see book trip So these are the things that you need to know in 10 trait A particular goal that the user wants to achieve this case Bukater Attendances spoken or type phrases that invoke your intent Right Slot date Other user must render prompt questions that could be asked by a bottle So this is what you’re right by yourself This is what the Borchard replies Something like that So you have these things right Intense artery insists lot wrongs and fulfillment So some of these things are controlled by you’re bought Okay

so let’s just go ahead and create onboard Okay so we’ll call it book trip sentiment analysis No not required Great And I am rule use a basic one Copa Don’t need it So please indicate if you use off this border subject to Children No I mean it can be but that’s not a problem for us We’re not getting into the regions of the pregnant the same preferences What is it to see book over 10 per 10 It was right week Book club belt was successful Let’s just test it Do we have any specific responses with us Can we try the sample A transit I’m not sure What city are you staying in When it what or day Do you want to check in I didn’t August How many nights would be staying here Um two nights That’s it Working What type of whom do you want I want a king room Okay so I have done I have you down for a two nights stay in pony starting this date Sal I book the reservation so all the information has been saved yet Okay So this is how a basic sad book would reply to your queries So this was a template board that I used I mean you can create our own Chad about as well So when you create our own Chad book you’d be entering information in a different manner right So first of all you would be needing and always based knowledge base is nothing but a source very stored on this data OK say for example if I am using But I have an application that works on for basically for from for delivery rate So I’d be having a database that gives me answers to the questions that related to the my questions will be Where is my order Why is the delivery boy late Why am I being charged extra stuff like that Right So there would be a database that I can create and I can pass in this database to that check so some general queries would be replied Normal Okay And in case of those queries in order and then you can connect to a customer agent rape who can Actually our customer represent you representative would actually give you information on these pointers So what this does is that helps your producer manual book So basically what that would mean is if there are queries that I can be attended by a machine I may not have to pay a lot for all the Impreza working right there Life would also be easy So that is what jackboots to do for you This other samples that But as I mentioned you can deploy it for different applications I had shown you that there’s a project therefore 1.5 us It lets you create a template like this and then created ordinate application as well and then publish it through different platforms So you may want to try that out as well Ok but as far as the basic body goes I think this is what I can even publish it if I want to But I don’t want to do that right now So yeah we’ve actually gone out and explored basic machine learning services and other services that AWS offers that concerns um analytics natural language processing takes the mining and stuff like that Right There’s one more service called is Amazon quicksight Okay which is not free because I would have given you are the more for assessment So the service is appear service You have toe see a great toe appear version And if you do that then you can actually go ahead and use the service So this is more off your power Bi r tableau kind of a service where you can visualize a leader just giving your data sets and start creating visualisations using this particular service Okay so I believe we’ve talked about quite a few pointers Let me quickly just um go ahead and stuff on a will Go ahead and talk about some other things going on Okay so there’s let us know Gordon understand Eight of Louis security services As I’ve already mentioned When you talk about security AWS gives you a special importance Now I had mentioned up or I do mention that in many off my sessions that if you have

not read the use case off Jeff Bezos OK do go through it What It tells us how the business are what came toe The jobless farmers might actually go ahead and bring it applies to life What are the struggles What are the challenges that they faced We’re doing that One of the challenges waas the security part knife it talk about myths available is one of the major concerns that people will put forth is that cloud is not safeguard enough on AWS is not secure enough which is not true I mean if you talk about the way security is dealt with these days It is very good But if you go back to like 10 4011 12 There were a lot of our cases that used to happen on the ones that happen in the time frame that I mentioned There was a major ones whether the Lord of Data loss and that caused a lot of problems But after that the way security is handled has changed a lot as against the on the screen right What it says that AWS offers shared security model to its consumers right or customers is what I can see That means AWS controls fuel security aspects and some are controlled by you As a consumer as a consumer you get to control identity and access management off a security Um so the rest is not important So basically what this point says is it gives you shared security model Now that is one way of looking at the security perspective So when you say shared security model what it means is you have to control certain aspects of security as a consumer and a double s as the owner controls some aspects from a branding perspective or amend the prospective Okay So apart from that what AWS also does is it takes care of board of physical and network security So when you say physical security we’re talking about the data centers I won as I mentioned that are multiple data centers across the globe You can always back up your data at different data centers These data centers Alec conditionally located at 60 kilometers 40 kilometers apart from each other That means even if one of the reasons is stuck by some natural calamity you’re preaching that the region is very rare The calamity Okay And if you backed up your data and the other reason there are more chances off your applications being available always And it is like 99.99999% available So that means in a year and out its could be maximum toe half another Great So if you have been using the service for like 3 65 days 24 hours it could be half onto the mags That you might experience out isn’t poodle so that also will not happen on a continuous basis And this is an estimation that it would go to that level now and anything you do across the globe is north 100% accurate trick So that is a very good amount of availability If you talk about these regents physical security also means that these data centers are physically manned by people their guard and go earned by people physically 24 7 not many Nowhere do these data centers are located So it’s not that you know that doesn’t data center in Mumbai You just moved to Mumbai and you say to a taxi driver take me to AWS data centers No they can’t do that The locations are not known to everyone There are few officials who know those locations And only few operators actually know where these data centers Actually even if you know the name of the region you’re not nowhere in that reason those datas and doesn’t look at it So talking about it from physical security perspective it is actually taken care of by a loveless to a very great extent What are the other suspects now when you talk about network security right So you need a fire What’s that going You Our resources when the data moves through network right So if it starts from a particular point it should reach the other point And there should be a guiding that happens at the points right So that our services that electable fireworks and ensure that the data moves between them oclock securely There are services that let you encrypt our data husband when so that your data is safe insecure There are also services that ensure the health checks management of resources deciding which resources are which area of the network is healthy for you to actually reply your data there So all these things that they can get by AWS and then you have high AMs we talked about I am in detail Do not worry about that This is one of those services which is very important when you take a look at a drop and AWS perspective So we’ll discuss I am in detail and will also understand What are these other services that you see on the screen right So let’s go ahead and talk over them one by one Yeah So the first service on our plate is I am it is a security Web service offered by

AWS to ensure that users get access to resources at appropriate level off permissions And it offers shared access deals with user and group level accesses and it also controls centralized and granular level access is okay Let’s just go ahead and understand these pointers a little more right So when you talk about I am okay let me just write it down somewhere so that I can explain it better to you So what do we do here Let’s just go ahead and open and not back So the point is that we need to focus on users security groups Then you have ah release We’ll have policies Okay so let’s try and talk about these little right one by one So let’s assume that we have a server with this Okay So when you talk about the cell right So basically when you say um aws you have your application resting So basically it is resting on one of the servers right One of the data centers that AWS has to offer you So when you talk about it having put So there is a so there is a word chilled wall that has been built for you right inside of it You put in your data right So who gets to cross that while and get access to this data attic There would be users Even when you talk about users there are types in it Right You have your administrators I know Um you have your route user Um you have yard consumers Your consumers can be anything right Administrators is one example at the example of consumers can be your business and honest Who needs some analytic access to your data It business analyst It could be Ah ah of Abdullah Better person was more industry in Do I access who Yes tracks is only Did you I part of it A developer who is more interested in programmatic access to So when you talk about the user or use that is somebody who gets to access your resources state Let me take you to I am to talk about this point Doesn’t more someone opened my console you know bless management console It is signing to the concert I’m not logging back and I’m seeing citing into the okay that’s signed in my report Let me logo Now let me sign into my consort Please don’t get me signed in right away Okay So guys it say’s root user right I can also have an I am user using which I can sign it Okay so for now let’s just go to root user So root user result Mean user for which you’ve created an account break So I have in a conga Let me to sign into my route user So I’ve signed into my route Use it But if every you should not use your cues as if you are talking about an organizational level application right there would be multiple users innit Route users should be used in cases where there are no other options left You want to reset their passwords have lost your passwords then you use your use it What you do is you create a nonmusical on Dominican who has many accesses to the resources that you want to use other means that access to the resources that you want to use Let’s go ahead and open I am here No I am is nothing but your identity and access management service Right You see that other options here Users There’s one that is created already uh visual studio OK so this was the source for one of the demos at Creator so that we were in and out of when you used Let’s call it we shall money What kind of access See guys you get to choose the kind of access we want to give to your user It it can be a programmatic access It can be oriented bliss management console access as well But I can give him boat so enables an access key idea and secret access for the A P I Okay I talk about this Not only would and enables a password that allows the user to side Right So I’m gonna select programmatic I need both Texas is so

from Let these be there OK are generated password They want to genital No Lets you the custom wondering Let’s just say require users to release it Know what this does is if I tried to log in again right It would ask me to He said the password I don’t want backup unless it next Okay let’s close this for now Create a group Will do that later Get next tax Next Yes Previous What kind of access do I want to have this person to up That said Mr Taxes Next next message Clearly Use it So guys copy this data This is very important I can see why this is important Not whatever Uh so I’m gonna go up listen to keep it with me Ah OK let me the space teacher Okay And let me just go back and copy when you say Sure it will show this thing to you only once Okay So make sure you copy this on base to tell me There you go So I have it with me So you say hi Okay It shows that that’s not the thing that you get to see it only once you can Even as somebody toe merely doesn’t for your access and I see close Okay So I have This is M f A That is multi factor authentication What multi factor authentication does is when I try to log into my country would ask me to log in with more than one ingredient or more than one criteria wreck Say for example I’ll have to give in tow Deliverable Stewart One would be my password One can be an OTP that is undeterred So in short of a layer of security so you can activate em affair as well if you want OK so let’s this uh come here to be shot Right It’s copy this user He added Right If I come to the dye sport this is how I can signing now as a user Let me cooperate here and let me paste it here I’ll show you what to do with it Okay Now I log out from you Okay They go and I click on the second So this is a user console through it I can signing with a different user that I have Okay Okay So this is the use that I D Uh What was the name It was racial Okay And what was the password So guys have loved and as an administrator here Okay With the account we shot never You see it hasn’t signed in as um the main 90 That is due to real something that I use right for the double that signed in from the side which is different Okay so you might have wondered that I’ve been displaying all the passwords and stuff you know not What I’m gonna delete those user credentials once the day Moyes Danto there won’t be any harm caused you to make sure that you do not display our passwords to anyone Okay so let’s go back to my camp So we’ve created a user right So this way you can create different users who have different accesses to different resources Fight Then there’s one more thing called as groups I have put forth groups here as well So when you see a security group now you’ve created a user who can do different things right Whether it can be a management control access out of programmatic access So when I see a programmatic access they can work with the data using a PS as well Okay control access is something that keeps you riveted to the loveless concept as a user right I might also be put into certain security groups So when you say a group you group similar people together say developers can be put into one group and they have similar kind of access to a particular source right So that is what groups does to do that let me create when more use area Um

let’s call it demo user Okay And this time I give it just AWS management console Lexus So this is the password at this time It did not give me that key that I wanted right So I can just log into this demo use Let’s do that That’s a no that said they will use it And this was the password Let’s see if I can sign in your right Oh I will have to change the password here So that is why I do not leak on that option Which says that Do you want to reset it Because then you have to remember your passwords and go through all this mess Something that I’m going to right now I hope it changes this time around Yes it has changed And if I go do I am welcome See I’m not authorized to do any one of these right Because this is that root user that I’ve created right So if I want to sign in your let’s say I love her from here for now okay No I sign in with my wish A lock on that is married Mr Jericho So I’ve signed into this a contrary So if I go I am now I have access to quite a few things that I can do right I come here in groups Let’s say I group actions Nobody was created So let’s call it sample Okay You’re basically it in this group I want to give somebody particular set off access Yeah What is the set off access that I can give to people so I can give access to people based to the services that is he right So called by plan is one that is your is three D more So I think these are the buckets that I have read So that was a scene next So whoever it is in this bucket or in this group will have access to the buckets that I mentioned Okay if I said like this and add users to the group I can add this demo user here Right So the emotions that was the one who had limited access Okay so I had this user here There you look so they use it as united it I know this has been a lot of two And from where I logo then signing But I want you to see something Great Okay there you go Self signed into this user No Right So if I just come here okay And if I just uh open history Okay So no access was given Yes I did something wrong there So basically what I was trying to say is this is a plane user who has no access to anything But if I just go ahead and give this user some I am access he should be able to do it But for that I love too again log in to my admin account because right now this user is not authorized to do anything Okay You see

absolutely nothing to do Even if I sign into easy to write begin launch some instances here So by default maybe it has that access So basically you can control the site as an admin I can decide what access goes to him Right Who controls what part of the resources and how do they work around it So basically this is what my I am That’s so we’ve talked about what groups does in groups I can decide who gets to access What Unfortunately we did not give that user proper access is as we could have worked around it a little better And uh these are the other things that we need to discuss But before that let’s quickly for one last time sign up from you okay And then log back in from our route The reason I want to do that us I want to delete all the resources that are created You can know Desist Taking me to the police management console Normal console No back in some signing into my router card Now the reason I’m doing that is have already told the people why that is happening The data I’m just gonna go ahead so I am And we move these resources for I don’t want them to be around so one of his garden see and lead these users for me yesterday Okay And I’m gonna go to groups and they lead the group So they So we’ve actually gone out and see How do these things were Not There are other pointers that you need to know right Rules and policies right So rules such something that basically concern applications So when you talk about users right the doctor boat how users can have access to resources But what about applications How do they communicate with each other So I can set in certain rules that decide how do these applications interact with other applications and uses that So controlling their access is something that contender rules okay And policies or something very can actually cored certain things Okay So when I say you can court certain things I’m refering to the fact that as a user you can actually go ahead and basically control as toe what resources you can access Uh using a particular piece off course A For example I’m writing a bucket policy so I can write a bucket policy That C is that after a particular direction back up this data or replicate this date I in some other bucket in some other region right So that is a bucket policy So I can write such bucket policies I can write such policies that tell me how to my applications interact with each other and what triggers to pull when I’m actually going island using these applications So this was the work I hate him and how to use them Let us go back and talk about some other services that are they not hand Okay Okay So now it is Go ahead and understand the other services that are there in your hands like so as I mentioned it at least gives you more access So all we’ve discussed a times who gets to access What What are the users Water security groups What are policies that I believe have also mentioned what the multi factor authentication is If not let me reiterate that for you Right So when you say multi factor authentication right uh to give you an example these days what Google does is it gives you two step authentication process So when you say two step authentication process so basically one you’ll have to entering your password as well Right So your gmail I d on your password is something that you want to log in It would ask you for a no tippy and it will connect you to your mobile phone So if you enter your mobile phone number your SIM card number that right so it would throw in a no tp on your registered mobile number Now that is very actually go ahead and get information about our you get an additional log in to your so called right So that is what your multi factor authentication does It gives you

more than one option to log into your resources that that day at your disposal Okay The other thing Now we having to go out And explorers What is w f Okay so waf is basically a firewall service that aws for four straight So as you can see on the screen when you say that this is some explanation that is given here I’m not good with reading all these things But if you are a technical person you would know that basically what viable inside these MP predicted applications So what A network from side trips right Network sandwich It’s so WTF does exactly that for you Okay What it does is it helps You can figure certain set off rules to allow monitor or you and block web applications access request as per rules Different Okay so when you say the blue F it is also known as you are Web application firewall Okay What are the benefits it gives you It basically lets you have a cell protection against rep attacks So that means you have a rule propagation and updates that take less than a minute actually to actually go ahead and let you update the security difference well across the environment So there is an issue that arrives that can be resolved within a minute break Since you have managed rules with you it also had to see a lot of time for you Okay Another important point that you need to know is it gives you more visibility in terms off traffic And why does this happen Because what it does is it gives you a real time visibility into traffic that you can use to create new rule says well and even for alerts Now there’s a service called as Amazon cloudwatch Using it you can create alerts or Biggers So if you meet a particular limit our if you set a particular threshold in AWS cloudwatch and if that special is met on alert would be thrown in right of it so that it ensures that if such alerts are thrown in your network security is taken to a next level Okay so this was about aws waf but uh basically stands for were application fire What’s next is our AWS Caymus Now GMs is basically our data encryption service Okay so if you are again a computer engineer or a networking student you might have heard about data encryption which is very crucial right I mean if you talk about any source of data basically it is very important that you encrypted before you move it or deny took Why is that Because when you’re in a data moves over the network that is where there is the largest chance for it being corrupted or it being caught up by someone and putting it under the corruption that you’re not wanting it to go to I talked about fire was just like so what firewalls do is the preserve yer and to end network site I mean when I say and they’re not in too in the ends of the network to give you an example let’s assume that your data moves from the tok tone It will be are a point in a network to point we so point a and point we can be secured by fire Watts Those are like the in pre gates But what about the data that moves over the network between these two and three points right So this is where encrypting your daytime so that even if your data is caught up with the network not anybody can just go out and make the industry You’d be needing your public and private key toe encrypt this data and then get access to all the data That is that that is what Kiemas does for you I mean it ensures that your data is secured by encryption So as you can read in the definition it is a common practice To preserve a radio networks with Amazon Kms you can safely encrypted data that moves over the AWS cloud platform network on your keys are also kept safe by using hardware security modules So this is an added layer of security to ensure you when your keys are secured When you talk about your AWS platform what are the benefits that you have in your hand These services are fully managed I mean where they talk about the access That is the only thing that you can prove your encrypted data right Um you can control certain parameters but where there talk about defining permissions or doing other things you know this can force these things for You know there’s something called us Central Key management What it does is it gives you a center point off control very can control all these pointers What kind of access do you want to give It hardly want to give that access to it and stuff like that Okay And this happens from a central point So you have the central point off management that ensures that there is one place where you can control all these things You can even manage the encryption for your services right So there are quite a few integrations that aws off us and it simplifies the process Have you used these Eastern Contra data and also managed the AWS Who afloat that I think that you need to noise You can encrypt data in your application

Says what So what this does is it also supports encryption for his decades to enable that are basically to actually burn enable the use of Caymus protected data encryption keys to incorporate on Locally you can digitally sign in as well and it ensures that all these things happened at a very low cost So this is about your game It’s like next you have your AWS shell in her So when you say aws shoot again it is something that helps you control the DOS attack Let me tell you what the does attack It’s OK to give you an example Let’s assume that you are trying to log into a particular upset but you just cannot log and give you more specific example to this Let’s says him that there’s a life session happening on a particular channel Okay say for example it is happening on Goto Webinar or something like Zoom So this will have a limit of seven and 500 users are 1000 users Okay what I’ve done is I’ve actually going out and send a link to the users who I warned them to act in my session So in this case let’s assume that there are like 1000 people that have shared dealing too and the limit for the software offices like 500 uses So once I have 500 users trying to access that resource on after that if somebody else tries to log in that person will not get ability or would not be allowed belonging to that system or that session Why is that Because I’ve reached the maximum limit Now when you talk about DDOS attack it works in similar fashion Let’s assume that you want to log into some website or something or do something that is a priority for you But what some users do is people who want toe fail a particular application from working They’ll throw in a DDOS attack now or DDOS attack Water does is it throws in um some pseudo requests and it throws in those solar requests at such a piece that he will just not be able to log in because there would always be a so request there forcing you get denial or basically the night off that serves that is right is called US distributed denial of service access That means you won’t be able to access into resources What a w shell does this It basically ensures that your system is free from DDOS attacks So it comes with two levels of protection and my pain level authentications on Listen until you are a fraud user I mean unless and until you are a genuine user you want people to log it for our users would be free third there and they’re in the network itself and you won’t freeze denial off distributed denial of service issues again So this was about a blue shield Then we have our trusted adviser So when you talk about trusted Advisor it acts as an inspector OK so when I say an inspector basically a trusted advisor is something that monitors air applications on top off flow in this place a lab Lewis So this individual service is basically responsible for inspecting our AWS environment to make recommendations that help save money improve system performance and even clear security gaps So it analyzes your security that is there in your hand right And basically actually go there and even makes suggestions Hasn’t How can you improve the security off your applications So that is what frustrate adviser does for you so that this was a work different in Nablus security services I hope the idea of how in a blessed security services work is clearly so There’s no let us go in and talk about your Nablus management tools Okay So when you say management are monitoring tools or government stools right now these fall under one of the important service domains that AWS has to offer Okay so when you talk about management foods these are very important The reason management tools are important is because you have the applications that believes in cloud platforms right You move your applications to club but it is highly important that you man is these applications As I’ve mentioned having resources to do these things it can be a costly process right Also you would be involving ensuring that these resources get rid of all these tasks Are they do all these tasks now Occasionally what happens is it’s not always that you are in a position where you can always go ahead and physically look after these people to get all these jobs done and even if you ask people to get it done for you the problem with this approach is these people might not be as they listened enough in orderto wanting to do these tasks because some of these tasks that repetitive boring right So what if

they had tools are services that let us actually keep track Of all the logs that we had we got all the alarms for us and do all such kind of evens for us Wouldn’t that be nice Right So when you talk about in Nablus Nablus offers plenty offset services for you to use So we’re gonna go ahead and talk about these services one by one Great To start it we have some of these services here Like we have a loveless conflict We have aws cloud real We have aws cloudwatch and we also have a lot of years up sports So let us go ahead and try and understand these serves this one by one So when you say in Nablus cloudwatch what aws close does it basically lets you go ahead on and keep a watch on all the resources that are there in your in a blues OK so when I see all the resources not all the resources but major resources that you would want to keep back off Okay So with aws cloud what you can do that Okay other things that you can do with aws cloud watches as I’ve already mentioned uh basically let’s assume that you have certain instances that are working for you right So you can keep track off those instances as in um whether they’re starting or stopping whether the health is good or not All those kind of activities can be controlled by your AWS Close watch So that another services as well You have aws opsworks like aws Opsworks is more towards the um but I would say they were side of things So when you said they were upside of things venue run develops applications When you actually go ahead and deploy these applications right There are a lot of things that happened in these applications So the major ones that happened years basically you are dealing with a lot of configuration corpse that you have on your plate right You’re dealing with a lot off applications that are that you’re dealing with a lot of data that moves to improve So when you’re deploy an application right there are certain activities that happen in parliament So when you’re talking about ops work what it does is it lets you create cookbooks or recipes or it gives you scripts that helps you or to make these processes for you create an environment that helps to automate hole of the process that I’ve just mentioned Okay so uh we would be talking about all of these services to some extent will explore What do these sources have to offer and time Understand What is there on a plate one by one Not worry about that Would also discuss what aws configures what Aws cloud trailers But let’s wait for it first Let’s continue with the AWS cloud Watch and see What can we do with AWS Cloudwatch Okay so what will understand this First we know what it is not right We’ll explore some off its core concepts that is established cloudwatch Okay moving When we talk about what are its even and then going I’ll give you a simple demo right as an how does the aws cloudwatch works What are its locks and stuff like that Okay so uh to give you a clearer picture right Let us consider certain scenarios Um I’m gonna go ahead and use my simple nor part here When you talk about the applications that universe Clorox has to offer to us I’ll consider certain scenarios right Let us consider scenario What I hope the screen is visible to you people Okay I’m gonna use a big left Want that could be a problem So when you talk about scenario one right So let’s consider the situation Let’s assume you have an application E Oh let’s just go out and use brain construct Okay so it’s been a while Abuse being actually So let’s try and do that Let’s assume that you have an application to do Okay so this is that application name Okay so the thing with the application me here it is guys water does is basically it is keeping or it is experiencing certain amount of traffic Right So the problem with this approach will be there could be a situation where I do not have right wondering boots So in that case let’s assume that the traffic experienced by my application has gone down and I do not move the reason why that is happening right The reason for that could be I might lack more Neutering tools because if that is

the case I am not able to figure out why Is there a drop in this particular traffic Why Because I do not have any logs or if I do they’re going understood So as I mentioned I need manpower to take care of all these things But with AWS you have cloudwatch What Lord was does this cloudwatch ensures that all the data that comes to your application it this data one it is getting monitor right All the locks are being maintained If there is a situation where you feel that the health off for instance is going down Okay in that guess you probably have resources that ensure that right alarmist thrown in to you to make sure that you work on the capacity or you get to know why is this capacity for your particular instance down and you can act on it and probably move your traffic to some other instance So when you talk about monitoring it takes care of these kind of fact activities When you talk about Okay what is this happening Am I still using my wording Okay so that I think that basically happens here is let’s assume that if I have something like cloudwatch my traffic would again go back to being normal If I have something that can help me figure out what had happened again this is not a very good example Let’s just go ahead and create some other thing or considered some other example Um let’s assume that I have an application with me Okay Now in this application let’s call it a for instance Okay Now in this application let’s assume that my boss tells me that we shall go ahead and figured out uh why are we being so much for these applications Can you cost optimize this particular application So in this scenario what I can do it with my cloudwatch I can keep track off the sprint that is happening You’re late Let’s assume that my instance for my application is getting used more during the data It’s getting use lesser during the night time Now in that case it is clear that all the traffic that is being experienced by my instances that could be mostly during the daytime And that is why it is costing me more Okay so this could be an important information for me right So there could be another scenario Let’s assume that you are being charged for certain services more during the daytime because that is when your traffic is active So instead maybe I can have my instances working in the other direction What Maybe I can optimize my instances in such a way that I do not get charged that metric So in your talk about cloud what it basically led to keep track off information like this Okay the third scenario could be there’s a particular customer that is visiting my Web site There’s an information number that customer and probably that information is being tracked But I’m not able to keep track of that information manually And I lose that information and lose that particular custom In that case something like cloudwatch would help right Be able to keep track off all these things So that is what Cloudwatch does for you in a nutshell Right So basically this is what your cloudwatch does for you right I mean it collects and tracks your key metrics that might impact your business right What it also does for you is it collects monitors and even stores Some of the law fights that concern your business State sent system in wait for it obviously Sources um irritable Islam guys in s etcetera Right So these are some of the things it does on duh Another important thing that you need to know about aws Cloud waters Basically it works for quite a few applications right I mean when you say quite a few applications what are the applications that basically aws cloudwatch supports You also need to know that So what AWS Lord what also does is it supports a plan B off services or resources that might support your business or you are cloud applications Right So some of the common services that you use when you’re hosting an application can be your instances right You’re I s So this is like you see toe Even if you use elastic beanstalk or something like that it will still have your you see two instances as their core right Then you have databases Very put forth a date or something like Amazon rds state You could even store your data in you’re s tree right Elastic Lord balances are something that help your distributor traffic across the instances that you have And finally you have other aws resources that you use So some of these resources that I just mentioned are all of the

resources that I just mentioned can be monitored by cloudwatch Okay so that is what our world does for you So it basically monitors resources like easy to the services data stored in your history right Elastic load balances and even your AWS resources in hand Okay so when you talk about Cloudwatch what are they consist that you should know when you’re talking about this particular item So the two things that focus mostly on er a metric on a dimension So when you say a metric it is nothing But it’s a time ordered set of data points right I mean that you basically published to your cloudwatch You can think off a metric as a variable that basically the two more NATO the data points that represent the value of that variable over time Okay And then you have a dimension So basically dimension is nothing but a value There are the name and repair rather for you that uniquely identifies a particular metric So metric is nothing but a set of data points that we’re talking about right And when you talk about her dimension it basically let you identifies Geometrical puts a label on top of it So that is what did I mention It’s something you can call it as an attribute rather OK so when you talk about Amazon cloudwatch These are the two things that you need to know that is there Metric and your dimension And based on this data you can actually great engendered some statistics as well So when you talk about aws cloudwatch there are two options that are in your plate or you can have with you One of them is your basic monitoring capabilities it offers right So when you say basic monitoring capabilities yeah this is something that falls under your free tier limit OK so with basic monitoring what you can do is you can basically have free poll 75 minutes for every metric that 100 when it over beetle monitoring its appeared service right Does not fall under your Freedia on it pulls every one minute with wide range of metrics So the other two important modifications that you need to know right So one is your basic metric are monitoring But I do and the other one is here detailed monitoring The point is you need to know Uris This one is three tier Elizabeth and it gives you pulls every five minute make And when you talk about detailed monitoring this is a pierce of us Do you have to pay for it Right Does not fall under 50 Will be charged for it and it pulls every two minutes Online Military Okay so this is what you are Um the AWS cloud was Does This is the facilities are These are the options that provide to it Let us go ahead And Brian implement this using you Nablus So guys let’s try and a monitor CPU utilization using AWS cloudwatch So when you open your cloud ward straight you’ll see that there are quite a few options that we have one up Okay let’s not first toe get started with cloudwatch The reason I’m telling you this is we would be needing any C two instance toe monitor CPU utilization rate We need some computing resource that is running So let us long to win first That’s larger basic windows Instance to start with I’m gonna pick different era eligible one and you So I’m going along The basic question that is there Everyone launch guys make sure that you keep your key safe with you Okay If you lose your key then it could be a problem no more Today 321 OK I don’t want to keep it And there’s Gordon Launcher instance again So the instant should be up and running So by the time our instance gets ready right I’ll tell you what we’re going to do So what we’ll do is one will open our AWS Claros Let me do it in different consoles so we can keep a track off it better Okay let me open one more consul again So

we have three concerts and operate that I opened it up and running Okay In one console open the Cloudwatch neighbor And in the next console I’ll open What do we need We would be needing a Senate seat from Okay so guys exist Simple notifications So the site is a messaging service that AWS offers Now why do I need it Okay so basically you can subscribe to the messages that you did OK so you can subscribe to a particular topic Onda you can actually go ahead down the get email notifications using these topics are really do that Give us say created topics or let’s call it um what should I call my topic Let’s call it my Dabic Okay Display name my Dabic Encryption An optional isn’t I’ve talked about the security parts of this tells you are security places right Let’s create a topic if not because created successfully Okay so when you create a topic so under this topic I can actually go ahead Okay let’s elect this And so basically under our topic what you can do is you can actually go ahead and send notifications to your um very melodious date so you can have your email Lady added on You can basically go ahead and get notifications here Right So what we’re gonna do is we’ve created a topic already I’ll tell you how to configure your email idea on Then what we’ll do is we’ll goto cloudwatch and this is very well creating allow Okay so in a cloud what’s we can actually go ahead and create are alarmed Says Well as in the alarms that we want our uh resources to be apart off right I mean if I want to throw a low CPU utilization a lot uh right And what I what I would be doing her as first that we create again a lot to start with right So in this alarm I What I would do is if there’s a low superior civilization I want an email to go to My particularly my Lady for that have created a topic You’re late But in that topic we’re actually not going ahead And I did a subscription You treat So this is the topic we have right So if I go to subscription I can say create one Okay so I want to subscribe to the stopping my topic Right Protocol should be male here on day I should be entering any melody here so let’s go ahead and let me out An email idea So this is a sample email idea I have with me Okay And I say clear the subscription so if anything happens here the email would go to my email Lady Okay so we have a subscription We have an instance that is up and running for us right They just come here and go to a lumps Okay Let me create an alarm Let me select a metric to create an allow will be easy to instance Okay What metric I want the CPU utilization Right You utilization Do I get it here in the options It is There are 68 metrics Let’s see What are those Statistic Field Yeah I just saw CPU utilization Okay this is a painful thing to do Nay bro And so like this Okay MENSA select Metric So instance Idea I think it has picked it up by default I haven’t instance already That is up and running Right Statistics average period Finally I told you right For three D editors I get a lot every five minutes static and normally prediction whenever it is in greater than a particular threshold Lord we know it is less than a particular tree Short right So let’s select Maybe if it is

lower Right So what should this threshold value be We need to defend a particular threshold value for it So let’s just save us human value to be around 25 Do any to wear traditional configurations May I just say next for no Next Can you do our enemies list yet No Matching a Sinise topics funk Okay Live topic A Aren instead verify Just type my topic Maybe will rent it Let’s see if you find it Nope In alarm This should not be a problem you Let’s just come here okay Oh okay This is the problem So this happened in Mumbai Reason that was the problem So the cloud was that I’m trying to create here is in North Virginia Let’s see if we can go out and selectman by hurt We do not have an option yet so lets us come back Here I go toe I’m not a Virginia This is the reason that it’s electrically right No problem So what we’ll do is we’ll just come here and create one more topic Let’s create one Call it my new topic My new topic again Necessarily It us East So I think that should be good I’m gonna go back to my topics subscriptions When I say create one for my new topic this time protocol should be emailed And I’m gonna go ahead and on my email lady Okay And this is Gordon C Create So this time we should have a topic here Okay If I come back here now my air Innis Okay And this should hopefully we supported here Unless it’s clear torn on our own so that this doesn’t cause a problem Logistically it a topic they So we’ve actually gone out and hired a distinct let’s just say next Alarm Name low CPU use uh description Let’s skip this one off and the next So they go so there would be an update that would be happening here Right The Salama tree Galvin The blue

line goes below the red light So if I have a sip utilization performance that is below this line it will trigger an allow So we have an instance that is running right now right So after five minutes will get a track off it whether it’s below it or not Right So we’ll take a look at it later right One of you created an alarm here right So if you weren’t done off the instance site so it’s performance is gonna go below it So if you like stop it This performance should drop here considerably on You’ll get the update here So this is not the matrix that you can control that are other metrics has been that are there and their control which you can control using aws cloudwatch right The quite a few things that you can actually go out and do with it So this is it disclosed What will come back to it Okay for now let’s go ahead and talk about something else right So another service that is there are places AWS pops works Okay so let’s try and understand what aws opsworks That’s right So basically what it says is it’s a configuration management service that helps you build up rate highly dynamic applications and propagating this instantly Right So as I’ve mentioned right when you talk about chef and puppet these are uh basically a configuration tools that fall under the wops So when you talk about the wops in general rate so when you say drops what develops does is it brings in your developers and operations steam together That means there would be a lot off configuration and um integration That is happening constantly at the continuous manners That means we’ll be picking up your pieces off court right You’d be putting it on a particular machine are an application are basically a big room where building these applications Right So when you build these applications then they go through your testing feeds and then you finally go ahead and deploy our applications What a limits Opsworks Basically does for you is it helps you configure our man Is these operations right So when you have chef and perpetrate these are automation tools that let you configure are basically allow you to use core to automate configurations Officer was right What office works does is it lets you use chef and puppet to automate House servers are configured deployed and managed across the Amazon Easy to instances Okay Now when you talk about these instances these are on your club But if you have resources that are on reminds as well or some computer environments even those can be automated by using chef and puppet which are out of mission There are stools and this is something that is controlled by your ops books Okay so the new talk about offs work what absolute does this It um gives you a certain set off options Like a oneness You have stacks with you which contain Leo So when you say stacks stacks on nothing but containers that hold certain set off files that you have to Okay so these stacks basically will hold those foils for you And these files are nothing but a configuration fights OK then you have instances with you right Instances where your data would recite Okay Uh basically our applications would recite Then you have applications right That recite on the instance And then you have your cookbooks here This is an important but so when you say cookbooks go books on nothing but collection off recipes it s a Pisa Nothing but scripts that make certain things happen OK basically they help you or to make second processes right So just like recipes in cooking where they are nothing but a script that tell you how to cook a particular dish Recipes Yet anything but certain scripts that let you automate certain processes or basically configure certain processes And a collection off recipes is called as your cookbook So basically you are obs work provides you with such good books that help you automate these processes So let’s go ahead and create a stack and see how it works Right That would give you a better picture off What I’m going to see Okay so you see absolute stack is a configuration management service that helps you build and operate highly dynamic applications and propagate changes instantly Okay so but the story instances Lizzie say idea for

stock So as you see you have options that you have your exploring AWS office works stack with the sample Norges application so we can create a sample application If you want we can use Chef 12 Stack as well Bring your own cookbook So basically cookbooks is a concept wrong Chef itself right Eso shared by the name itself We can understand that it is an automation to but chef that relates cooking So many talk about cookbooks and recipes It is the time that came through it So you can actually if you have your own recipes or cookbooks are certain set off scripts that you want to bring it you can bring in from a chef Ezra and 7 11 as well So pop it was something that I mean Chef is something that is very popularly used in that desire Nazi property being mentioned You So that is why we have Chef that is being mentioned And we’ll discuss chef only Or we’re not gonna discuss if I that we are just gonna wear than um fuse X or explode Basically it ugliest stacks that they’re not hand So let’s create one Basically it would create a Norges application OK that will be explored the features of configuration options off work off So excite So what operating system they want We can just go ahead and pick a Kleenex operating systems It creates stack Since we’re not going to get into the details off any of the instance it does not matter to us Okay so these are the things that would happen guys you won It would create a stack named my sample stock Lennox Right Then it would go ahead and create or basically set up the chef cookbook for you Um then it would actually go out and create a layer or basically your application In simple words assign a recipe to deploy i life cycle He went into the layer and then actually could go ahead and add the instance to the lead As you can see water stock is it is a set off layers instances and related aws resources was configuration You want to manage together OK so all this is getting managed inside this particular stack that we’re trying to create Okay so let’s see if a stock is up and ready You may start the instance if you want Oh so it is going hard and uh getting my nauseous over in place So this might take a minute dressed Let’s wait for it to happen because I mean when this happens let’s not waste our time Let’s talk about something else as well right So guys there are other options that we haven’t played We’ve discussed tax to some extent rate water stack is right And then we have our uh Lee is here in this case we have our Norges application So as I mentioned a stack will consider or contain a set of configuration file Sorry Applications that you have So those can be multiple In this case we have this Norge a server that we are actually deploying and it is in progress If I goto start the instance it will show that it is boating right now Right My instances getting butchered let it boot So in the instances that I have I can choose the type of instance that I want right It can be time based in nature When I said time based basically I’m talking about office works that you hear what What I’m talking about is instance that you can schedule basically right for a specified duration when you want to actually go out and perform a particular action rate You can use this time base instance to control how many instances should be only at a certain time and they have the week lower based So basically this would decide the kind of traffic that they’re experiencing Great See this Basically use you Lord optimized or lower based instances right So very a memory and application Lord And just across all the instances in early cinematic needs it uh our cinematic exceeds Basically it’s special goes up So what happens is opsworks basically goes out and Lantus multiple instances So this is like load balancing days That means let’s assume that you have one instance that is running and then it experiences more traffic Right So what AWS does is it goes ahead and launches more instances Opsworks actually goes ahead and launch just more instances for you to go ahead and use Okay then you have certain deployment monitoring and other features as well that I control by ops work But let’s just go out and see if that stack is in place Is it running It’s still booty So let’s just read Right Meanwhile let’s see

what’s happening in our cloudwatch Okay This isn’t you Uh huh So this is steep Utilizes energy suing Okay so my sample Stagno December So we’ve also Long Stone or December right through it showing data for that as well right I’m not sure Vega died Uh devious instance ago that I had created So let’s just check whether it has thrown any alarm for us I’m gonna go ahead and get into my incognito more than try to log in to my Gmail So let’s see what has happened there I think I had used this demo humility that I have with me Let’s see if we get any notifications there as toe we have subscribed to something or not They will I see you have chosen to subscribe to this particular topic You can configure your subscription here if you want Okay So I have subscribe via Maybe now we’ll start getting notifications Okay So my new topic was the other one that agreed confirm subscription And then the final one was this one So now I shouldn’t get notifications every five minutes as to what is happening with the instances that I have Right You see this is the data didn’t that I have with me So if something happens to my instances I’ll be getting notified here in my my lady Okay Let’s see for instance is up and running The stock is taking longer than expected It is running set up now Eliza’s freedom in it More so once this is up in dirty the collector turned to green right Giving me a notification saying that my application is up and running It is functioning smoothly The other things that we have on our plate right We have our region details here Our public I ps toe the one that is assigned to my instance Okay you will understand what all we can do with it but let’s wait for it to go ahead and launch Okay Now that it is only let’s just go to our deployments for now Okay So the plan up my example No dear Zap deploy And do I need to do anything in them just in the Garden City play We’ve spent a lot of things waiting so let’s not do that Okay So There’s another thing that is happening yet So there is basically my ops work is helping me communicate with my application and meself Where you’re right it has set up a sample nor guests over for me And now I’m deploying my application on top of this nor December So all the configuration and only management part is something that has been controlled by my ops works here OK OK these things are taking like a lot of time Let’s just sweet for this thing to happen quickly OK so if I go to show log it will show me all the log as toe what has happened here right So all the axes that were performed here those are visible to us as in what all happened here right You can see that we for that particular instance and stuff like that so thes are already Web storms 40 and basically they come associated with your um get right So now that we have our log in place now that we have all the data in place tight water that we needed here right So what we can do is we can just go ahead and test our instance I was performing How is it functioning to general Right Stack wanted So let me go back to my instance Years Okay Click on the I P address It has deployed there for a staff but they’re lovely Stops work right And they were This was muted burning So there’s something

I did not know that they’ve actually played with the ops work lowered A similar So when you combine all this are seeing this into one party will get the the green part I’m refering toe You’ll get the local So there’s this is off the ops work Works like I mean basically we’ve got in some idea as to what Aws office workers What can you do with it right And how actually to go ahead and configure certain resources that what we need to do now this we need to get it off some of the resources that we’ve created right Okay If I were to a nice word You have no cloud was die sports That’s unfortunate We spent so much time doing these things here and we don’t have anything Lasers go back toe are simple Notification service Right And believe the topics that we have delete These things are deleted I’m sure the subscriptions also need to delete it separately I thought if you delete the topic it would be taken care off But no we have to date them separately of beleaguered These as well Okay Cloud what’s and take care of it I need to go back to my officer work and insured I delete all that That is that So you can delete my example that please stop and delete all the instances and absent this stack first Okay Yeah So there’s basically love to go back and delete all those instances that are there on the plate This is go back Logan Easy to There should be two instances yet There you go And I’m one of governor both of them So guys the reason we are doing this is these instances I mean when you talk about the silver being lot it’s gonna be charged for a type so make sure you delete the instances and also the So I was that at their underplayed So when you say dominate its secret Want to getting deleted Yes Terminated please So I think it will shut these one by one Right So if I dominate this again he s term in it So once this is dominated the Ottoman would also get dominated Okay so this looks fine Third now that this is terminated legislative fresh it on Try this again Okay Yeah The reason we cannot delete it is because we have to go out instead of the termination policies Straightforward So this is pretty much it I mean we weren’t destroyed How In Nablus ops work works how aws cloudwatch works Next we’ll go ahead and understand how AWS conflict also works So guys let us go ahead now and take a look at eight of less conflict I mean water tests And how does it help Right So we’ve been discussing AWS management tools Still type right to discuss what con figures So we’ve discussed water Cloudwatch is right We weren’t Mr Dobbs works a little right We’ve taken a look at some of the other services that are they but configures something that we haven’t had that step on Right So let’s just quickly go ahead and understand what aws con figures and water does it offer Right So when you talk about eight of this conflict yes it has Another man is meant to

right But what it lets you do is it lets you do all that you see here on the screen right Whether you talk about ability to access audit and even evaluate your configurations that AWS has to offer to you Okay It lets you continuously monitor automate and even at a card some of the configurations against the desired contribution that are there in a plate Okay so you can even automate some of the processes that I hear right What its benefits is gives you benefits like again cost When you talk 48 a bliss it is very cost effective What it also does is you can even review the changes that are there no configuration and find out relationships between your AWS resources And then you can buy deeper into various resource configurations where they talk over dealing with historical data over there Talk about to determining your total compliance against the configuration You can take care of all those things right What are its benefits Oneness Continuous monitoring Okay So when you talk about AWS conflict it enables you to continuously monitor the record configuration that are there and even the changes that following these records are in these configurations Rather OK Uh what it does is it also enables and invent Lee to you Okay so it’ll bliss has its management in winter You can actually go ahead and connect to the same entry once you have your configuration service in place and then you can get updates using that as well Okay What it also does is that gives you features like continuous assessment so it allows you to continuously ordered we put for the point here that says ordered Right So what it does is it lets you continuously order it And as is the oral complaints off your in Nablus resource configurations with your organization’s policies right What are policies you have Whatever guy lends you have it basically led to comply with all those policies or it basically complies with all those policies and then ensures that you get continuous assessment and ordered off all these configurations Okay What It also does this doozy and ability to define the rules for Grozny and configuring out here Douglas sources When you talk about these rules now these rules can be provisioned independently right Or you can even back them together rules that basically control similar factors That is where you can have practiced set off routes for basically if you restore the immediate a particular kind of solution This is where these back his rules will help you Right now Apart from that it also supports teens management Nowhere When you talk about I d I l processes state change Management is very important You should be able to track all those changes So if you talk about AWS conflict it lets you manage those two in just as well Okay Gives you a personal troubleshooting The fact that you are tracking so much data it means that it becomes easier for you to actually go ahead on Um yeah basically ordered and even trouble for some of the issues that are there Okay When you talk about monitoring no water does is it gives you enterprise wide level off monitoring Okay How does it work if you ask me Ok basically water does is let’s assume that you have your configuration Um that basically is according your aws resources straight You move it to AWS conflict What eight of this conflict does is it Basically the Carson normalizes all those changes into a consistent format OK it also automatically evaluate some of these recorded configurations against the configuration that you specify And then once this is done it this past toronto um other services you have these can be rs Ennis Cloudwatch s three Even you’re confident of the concerns that you have in nature OK so this is where you can track all these resources from history perspective Right So basically what you’re doing is all the logs that you have right So those locks get Toby or need to be stored some variety of configuration deviants Those get storing Yes three bucket again That is where a copy of it is maintained And you can track it using your jobless conflict service Basically contending notifications to people using us in the services So the source of our tolerate of this conflict works right on a surface level It is a monitoring and management tool that we have on our plate Okay so let’s start understand the stool a little right Let’s see What are the core terminology is that it has now you have a jobless resources that it monitors to start with So when you say aws resources we are talking about resources that can be tracked Let’s assume you’re talking about any Cito instance that you’re trying to track right What happens when an instances stopped How does it work All those things like how do I get the tracking details and all those things Basically those details would come Or you can track those using AWS conflict configuration items and snap shops configuration items on nothing but the data that the configurations that degenerate rate that locks on all those things we will be

having those What snapshots means is you can actually make a copy off it in for your reference later on if you wish to store it Okay but his source relationship Now when you’re talking about all these resources they’re connected to it’ll You can even study their relationships as in what is happening Red Is this data coming from in all those things And then you have your configuration stream and configuration recorder Configuration stream is nothing But you would be receiving daytime matches right in patches So these patterns are real Batches have nothing with your streams in which you receive your data And then you have the configuration recorded as well something that lets your record this information that you’re receiving in the form of steam Right So these are some of the uh the mineralogy is that fallen Buried a bliss conflict And this is what AWS conflict is all about Let us go ahead and take a look at a simpler demo that we can put forth that the more that is there in our hands Right Okay So let us quickly sign into AWS management console as we always do to get our demo in place So that is um when you actually try and get into the concert the first thing that we’re doing now is launched Any single instance something that we’ve been tracking right for that A lot to sign in First root user on day where I should be able to sign in successfully Okay So now the next step is to actually go ahead that laundry Civil service Okay this should be nice And let me launch an instance Be it any instance should not be important but I’m gonna launch windows Instance I always launch Windows Instances I have a thing for them You in simple words Those are easier to manage Compare toe other instances That is why I always launch my windows instances Um if you talk about your early next instances right you’re the next instances Basically what they do is you have to sign into it through and this is such more off Sign up right You have 200 footage in Put these in detail is something that you have to use and using that you have a gender Your key can what We are fighting to some other key and that is a tedious process The other thing that you have to do is you have to actually go ahead and um basically signing but using your common front So why not use a July interface instead Right That is what I mean those instant Now all of these pointers have been discussed with the people earlier as well So I’m not gonna uh elaborate on these things You know by know how to create an insensible that Mrs Guard and say them dirty to one Let’s download the Keeper maimed or Tito One is downloaded for us And let’s just now say Long Sanusi Two instance So it will take a couple of minutes for me to get this instance in place Let it get launched first up Once that is done then we’ll move forward The reason I want this instance to be a pen running this no sooner It is a pendant in We are gonna uh stop this instance because I want to monitor its log Want to monitor some of the data that comes with it normally takes like 15 to 20 minutes for this data to reflect Right So let’s go ahead and let this instance launch first so we can stop it like right away There you go You see one instance in progress being developed I like it It’s always wise to let these initial checks happen You see it’s initializing for now right Once this initialization is done we can move for the Okay Okay So the status takes a complete Let us go hair down Let’s not do anything Just when we have to enable monitoring See Yes my writing anybody’d and I think that we do is we stop This instance is this is stop neighbor So this isn’t place now Now let us go back and see Have less convict So the name is changed now they qualitatively app Kontic Dynamic application configuration management You can create

management safely deploy application configuration data to your targets Runtime You know the name has intense Probably we were into wrong service that I wondered where did we get all this deployment and all those things coming and right So that is not a continent some monitoring tool We do not really redeployment ship So if I click here you’ll see settings rules and reviews Right So in settings regard all that is so assists supported in this region include global resources as well Okay select types For what We create a bucket here Okay so we’ll have to create a new bucket guys Right So once we create a bucket that this is where all our configuration details would be store So I say um stream configuration to induce and notifications to my Amazon sns topic Create a topic Please do that convict a pickle It’d be the name So guys basically whatever changes that happen your configuration data would be stored here in this bucket that is there s three bucket este bucket as we know is a object object bucket kind off a storage where your data eyes in the former for objects And the container that holds is your bucket Um topic So when you say a sentence it is You are simple notification service where you basically can subscribe to topics and subscriptions or channel shudder If anything just happened that you’re notified in the form of subscriptions just like we get emails Right So topic name Little be conflict created a place Conflict link Service roll Please do that and see next filter the rule Good This was new And skip this one No When does it confirm so where This will take several seconds against us Fight I mean um second should not be a problem All this well you’ve realized that we’ve been waiting for minutes for certain things to happen Few seconds won’t causes problems So let’s see what happens right Okay They also a dice board has been created The night do you have The sources are being discovered is what It’s easier and should be Ad rules and stuff you know Let’s not do that Let’s just uh come here See Other things mean white Okay this is taking very long for somebody’s in my Internet Er’s tremendously slow today Let’s wait at the dashboard Complaint rules Complaint Resource 00 Right now Okay And let’s just go back to our So this is mean way more to Astri Let’s see if we have anything in the conflict part here Conflict bucket I have it here They will My Nablus locks will be maintained here Right You can open it if you want Oh this opens in a separate piece right now I don’t think we have any detainee Okay there’s a conflict check fight You see you have get aboard the configuration that is happening in object You era Yeah that’s gonna be another great I’ll tell you why So are easy to instance it’s here Zero instances because we’ve stopped it already Right And the other thing that I wanted to show to you people is let’s go back to conflict So I’m guys What’s done is we’ve actually gone ahead and seen what We’ve actually gone ahead and kind of had an instance that was stopped right after that We created a chain some statics in our AWS confident for a sentence as well Right So let’s first just go back to a Souness once simple notification service and then I want to see what are the topics that we have right Do

I have the desire topics that it convict up because you’re afraid Um what do I need to do now Can I just open the stopping Yes Okay But I can rather go to subscriptions create a subscription My top It should be UW assistant issues or East conflict topic Okay for the call should be emailed And what is the melody that I need to add here That means we’re Denard My personal email I d which I do not use regularly Okay so I see There you go And I say create subscription So guys know sooner I subscribe here If I goto incognito and log in to my Gmail I should be able to see all the data that is needed here Okay At least the subscription data that I’m looking for Davor made of less subscription Confirmed the subscription Please do that It was throwing a small pattern You subscribe to this thing Okay so the subscription is in place now how do I track some of the data that I have read So let’s go back to our service That is conflict And in config I basically have to go ahead And where do I look Resources it Yep So in the success my date I should be or the data that I’m looking for is my C two instances it so I se see too See these other services that we can monitor the names that you see here They so instances what I want to look upto I said Look up there’s an instance I open it And here do I have quite a few things right I get details about the instance that have launched right complaints Timeline is something that I could not I can even go toe man is resource If I click on it it will take me to the instant state It has been stopped So it’s giving me data about this instance as well If I goto Complaints timeline complaints timeline Not fun ways that this should not happen You should have a complaints time late Um let’s go back to resource It says for easy to start it instance gonna search it like this Let’s just scroll back again quickly as we were doing a while back and I’m gonna look for the easy to instance that is there on my plate Um did I like this What is wrong with this thing Look at this Is it a dating No This is what I want to be Yeah Okay neighbor look up the instances in place Just click on it You should have your okay You should have a configuration timeline At least they will You have it here Right So probably this was the time when I did actually go ahead and had my configuration in place Right So this is where it will start tracking All that is happening here and I would get instance are even the notifications about what has happened So probably I should be getting a notification in like 15 20 minutes saying that my instance has stopped as well Okay so you get all these notifications when u subscript we are config right And this is what it does for you So this is what Iblis can figures in a nutshell As I’ve mentioned you can even go ahead and find 13 as well There should be inventory management somebody systems manager I think this is the one that lets you do that and get started with systems Manager You can get operational instruction take actions on AWS resources as well So basically you can do that as well right You can connect some off your services here and then get insights on that as well by using it of this systems manager as well Okay but this is how Europe this conflict works in the natural I don’t want to get into a lot of details OK so the reason I had stopped that instance Waas because I wanted to see if there’s any change that I would get right away But right now I’m not getting any change Okay Because of that mentioned it takes time normally for

your resources to respond 7 25 minutes Um so unfortunately I don’t think that this demo would last that long for a structural going and look at it But if you do this with me right What you can do is you can meanwhile just go ahead and the and so that you also follow these steps And once you do that you’ll get information about all the data You see my configuration does what has been updated that have these many security groups here Network interfaces sub nurse as well you see So all the information would be attracted If I open any one of these I can take for configuration timeline for everything that has happened Okay you Right now I’ve actually launched in the service now right So that is why I am getting the recent information only So whatever team just happened to these resources all these would be reflected in your inventory So make sure you observe those changes as well right And uh handily resources accordingly OK so do that Meanwhile I’m gonna just uh delayed my instance I would not want my instance to be there for maybe we can keep it running Right Let it be It’s not really important Okay I said this was about the AWS management dudes right So let’s end the management will spot here in here So they have when you talk about AWS services in Nablus offers story So sis computer says management services monitoring services right It provides machine learning develops and number for the services One important service that it offers is your database services site So when you talk about databases guys there are a lot of pointers that we need to export Okay So talking about databases in gender right So what databases do is they basically let you hold your data write stories solicits let your story or data databases something that let you around Doc over database aside like your whole later that can be processed right They give you processing capabilities as well So databases are very important right Because you can process it data that something that is very important Databases can be relational in later Non relational in nature right I mean whether the hub structure databases unstructured data bases the type sovereignty on AWS there are quite a few services that let you spawn or manage these databases Now when you talk about AWS services they are not databases so that services that lets you create supporter managed Iraq basis OK so there are two important pointers are two important things that you see on the screen When is there a jobless man ist der abyss The other one is yourself managed database right So if you talk about an on premise infrastructure this is where you have yourself man ist databases So an important point about AWS is it does not force you to actually go and configure your resources site It’s not always that you have to go ahead and man is your wound resources that is the placement of using AWS And when you talk over database says it is no different So if you talk about yourself man is databases There are a lot of things that you’d be doing on your you can see on the screen right you have You have to manage backup your data basis right Take it off replications security us And so so just like if you talk about different service models right when you talk words service models that is apart off things that you control and part of things that you have in their controlled say For example when you talk about platform as a service right so the entire platform is managed by a render all you manage your data and your applications Right But if you talk about your infrastructure as a service only the infrastructure is managed by your window Say for example he or she or the vendor basically managers your security concerns your networking concerns right It takes get off all new listing state you in the middle of that is being priority What you’re concerned with us deciding what kind of for putting system we want to launch and what kind of applications would be running on top of the configuration Part is managed by yet your uh instance predator You render in this case vendor Rick So when you talk about data basis it is similar If you are widowed on yourself one first will have to take care of everything You’ll have to put a servers in place right You have to put forth here patches your operating system on top of it Then you have to actually go ahead and have your server is being set up Those hours will have to man is it Take care of everything that is there for the servers and also body databases have database backed up properly Get proper application off all the data Take care of all these security concerns and operating systems as well Great And then as eventually have to manage the servers

as well So this can be a tricky task with the AWS you can beside How do you want to manage these instances Do you want to Do they want to set up the infrastructure by yourself They want to control some of these factors or they want to lend All of these two are rendering So when you say shared security modern you edible has basically support security principles as well It gives you control or what security parameters you want to take control off And what do you want the vendor toe handle for So when you say that giving that is hanging important a certain set of services for you right So in that case he’s keeping those services secure for sure Okay So when you talk about security as well even the security part can be decided on day one day when they took control it or they want you to control it yourself So when you talk Godmanis databases it up this gives you these This freedom Hasn’t they want to control the infrastructure Or do you want the everything to be controlled by your window itself even from the platform perspective as well And you just want to go ahead and put 40 data So if you want that you can actually go ahead and just spawn your database instances and just manager they don’t top off it So you have that much amount of freedom your when you talk about AWS database services like so the new doctor data database services There are quite a few database services that are for not these database services aren’t to databases They are basically something that let you control these data basis on like your actual database So you have an option of spawning choosing certain sets some databases that you won’t be lunch But these services are not databases Their services that manage it Okay what are the services that AWS has on your plate Right So this is what the slide sees right Basically when you talk about databases these are critical to dealing with data and these days with data that comes in different formats what we have to do is we need databases that can handle this data Amazon Web services provides reliable relational and non relational database instances that a man is back in the U S So what are these database services that you have It seems that relational database title When you talk about relational database service the most popular one that you see on the screen is your relational database Service already s right So basically helps you deal with relational databases Very digitize structure Dederick Then you have your other database sources as what you have Your red shift You have your Amazon dynamodb with skills like anything I mean people say that Diana me baby does not have an upper limit I mean it can scale as much as you want And this is something that has been quoted by people who actually spoke in aws re invent So you can understand how Sceviour the statement is right So when you know that it can scale as much as you want it gives you a lot of freedom Right Then there are other data sources like you have your kindnesses You have Aurora right You have your last e Catchy So all of these they have their own features like whether you want to control data warehousing where they want to do data analysis Do you want to have simple relational databases They have their different capabilities and the support different sorts off stories the state So let us go ahead and understand these databases a little more before we jump into the demo part Okay so first on a place we have Amazon Relational database service state Amazon RDS are relational database service It is easy to set up skill and operate database service Right This cost effective nature it is re sizable on it can automate basically our at mystery to tasks Right So when you say Amazon ideas right Yes all these factors that we read about it are two Basically what it does is it lets you set up operate and scale a relational database in a club And this you can do in just a few clicks When you say few there are more than few So there are two options that it offers One is an easy set up where you don’t have to worry about anything And there’s a normal set up where it takes longer for you to set it up but there you can choose a lot more options that you want to do right What are the database Indian CRD Ideas Support Time in over your doctor What ideas It supports different database Indians as well Right because there’s no one particular type of database that you handle It can be uh there Talk about Amazon’s Aurora right It supports that as well Whether it awkward pose Jerry SQL my ask your mom really be radical A skills over all of these are handled by what are the features it offers It’s really easy to administer but um it basically can operate without using the management control It is nothing but your do I write So it do It is always easier to handle these databases You can do it through your command line interface as well if you want Oh this one scales

very easily right I mean there d’accord computer stories Resources again spend like a couple of minutes and it took skill right away Highly available highly durable and it supports multi easy deployment as words We can deploy our resources in multiple availability zones to it is very fast sick You’re on Also it is very inexpensive right So the so the work ideas right We also have Amazon Redshift So when you say I miss 100 shift this is another database service that AWS offers So basically I was mentioning appointed here saying that if you talk about Amazon or if you talk about it a blues databases they also support you are data warehousing requirements as well And minute Accor database our data warehouse requirements You have your Amazon redshift on your plate Okay so when you talk about I’m is under chief Basically it is a fully managed database service again All these databases the last point I give you most of them this scale up in petabytes killed right And they are easy to upscale and downscale So increasing amount of traffic is not a problem here Okay so that is one plus point And the other thing is you can think of it as a web service right As you can see in the definition of it is easy to set up Manage and scale are distributed and guest environment A few deadliest lock platforms You can also connected a chip to Amazon quicksight Noven use Amazon quicksight It is a service that lets you do business intelligence are basically data visualization just like your tablet and Bobby So what Your data you have in your reach if you can actually go ahead and move it to Amazon quicksight as well that is very you would be able to acquire our question Your data that is there in your hand right You can even actually go ahead and uh connected to your Amazon Aurora or RDS Right And you can actually quiet your wretched databases but it is more or less something that lets you have or database in place Sorry Data warehousing place Sorry So it is a federal service to it You can connect different date every services and even your P I tools So uh process this data just like we do not doing other data video services like So what are the other benefits it gives you It also can extreme machine learning So it’s just like your Amazon sees maker Whether talk about EMR Amazon Latina you can connect to all these services right And basically do analytics using it as well If you compare with other data warehouses Our data warehouse services provided by other cloud platforms Right So in a BS confirms are basically makes a claim that it is three times faster than any other cloud data warehouse that is there They believe that the performance is important when you talk about cloud platforms and that is why they have ensured that it works at that faster pieces And father they use a typical kind of instance called as you are are every instance Okay again we talked about it speed and another important point that is supported here This costing wise all searchers cheaper compared toa other data warehouse cloud services And if I were to make a claim it is like they claim at least that it is 50% cheaper OK so this was a wartime is under chief Let us go and talk about Amazon Aurora right So when you say Amazon Aurora Amazon a ragin is a little bit similar to your RTs but here it is comfortable with your my skewed right And apart from my SQL it supports your post g r E s P related basis as well Where would you use your Amazon Aurora databases in case if you require high performance and high availability in simple words If you’re dealing with enterprise wide data this is where you are Amazon Aurora would come into picture again It a simple in nature And the best part about it is it is very cost effective Okay so again it has those standard benefits like it will give you high performance Right So when you talk orders throw put it is like phi X off any standard MySQL database And if you compare it with post area school it is three times faster than any other normal Posey Ari SQL databases I celebrity Now you have the option off doing multi Is the activities here as well 99.99% available What this means is in a year’s time even if your databases go down to the max they will go down for like half our That is if they go down which is rare to happen Okay so in a year’s time that is a very big achievement Tohave apart from that you can actually continuously back up your data Too easy to instances Not easy to start It s three story services You can back up your data on instances that it’s a compute service But you can actually back up your detainer stories So that s three so straight You can actually include this data as well Twin so that it is secure So it supports Game A

services as well right And these databases artfully manage It is a fully managed service so you don’t have to worry about anything you can Even my greater data because it applies provides migration support for your Amazon order right Databases Okay so there’s no better talk over dynamodb It is very important because now what DYNAMODB does is it basically lets you handle You have structured and instructor data right So when you talk over dynamodb water does is it ensures that um it handles Uh but for a white managed services that deal with norrisville databases with So what is no escape No Eskil stands for not only sequel a rescuer trade So no sequel is nothing but that kind of databases that handle unstructured data as well because they’re secretly devices will handle the structure data as simple as that Right So when you talk or unstructured data how do you deal with it for your unstructured data you would be needing services that basically support daytime different for Max And we do not have all those relational principles apply to it Even if those are applied does that apply to those in a different form of these databases Basically support big data applications Right So if you have unstructured data you can do that important point here is that when you talk or big data you’re talking about a huge amount of data So Layton see becomes very important here You do not want to wait and see lacks who takes care of late and relax Here it is taken care by yard Amazon dynamodb Okay this again can scale at a very good level right And it is a key value and document database So when you say key value data base and document database we are talking about unstructured data bases here So if you worked on big data these times would make a lot more sense to you right What it also does is it supports Louis Litt and see as I mentioned How does it do that Carter that support your late and see services say For example if you have certain distributed applications and you require faster access talk about microsecond late and so it is very less Second itself is very small right When you talk about microsecond latency this can be handled by your dynamodb accelerator It is called as Dex Do not mistake it for the power to be expressions This is different This is dynamodb accelerated it again is a cash memory catch that lets you answer that you have microsecond late in CS were right would not have to worry about managing yourself was your by because of this over lesson nature So that is one plus point So you’re installations maintenance operations office software Everything is taken care by the serverless service here at your hand Okay And it automatically skills to meet your requirements if there are any So this was about dynamodb right Let us go ahead and understand Some other point does as well So we have a Mazon Kindness is not when you’re talking about Amazon guy necessities Evita analysis service Okay um everything happens here right You can collect the data process it and do the year time analysis on your streaming data Heisman So when you see your streaming data right we’re talking about that data that is flowing that is continues right And that can be handled by your Amazon kindnesses If you ask me again how does it handle real time radar Right So if you’ve talked about real time great and you know big data applications right You know that there are processes like investing your data buffering your data and processing streaming data in real time Right So if you talk about kindness is it takes get off all these activities okay And it again is a fully managed service What is it capable off It is capable of handling video streams It can help you handle your data streams Ezra And you can connect with Emily Services to basically process and analyze this data that is there in your hand Okay If your job is to do it electorate is like Lord your data You can do that by using kindnesses Firoz No these are sub components off your AWS kindnesses Okay And then you have a separate component called as your data analytics That is kindnesses Data Analytics with lets you analyze streams of data with a scale or even with our If you want to how it works Basically you have to consider three pointers here When is your kindnesses data streams Kindnesses firehose and your kindness Estate analytics So assume that you have a camera through its you are capturing certain streams of data right And now this stream of data basically what you have to do is you have to move to your video streams That is kindnesses video streams Yeah you can in just this data right Stored encrypted Anyone add indexes to it for bats analytics Once that happens then you can move it to your machine learning or cognitive sources that AWS offers Amazon recognition is one service that lets you process You are video streams and these streams can be processed by your recognition service Amazon sagemaker is something that

gives you your machine learning insights on this date and even that can be controlled by using these services Okay so this was about aws kindnesses But wait what is the output that you can expect when you talk about all the process that I just mentioned right Whether you talk about the real time or prisons over there talk about your bad doing machine learning applications even really a processing All these things can be processed are given result to you by using your kindnesses cells And then we have our AWS elastic cash in our This is probably the last stop databases that would be discussing today Okay so let’s try and understand what it is So as the name suggests it’s a cash right So when you say catch water does is if you have in memory data requirements on your clothes right which are open source in nature you are elastic acid takes care offered the second issued run and scale the data stores with he’s so that you do not have to worry about the data that you’re moving it When do we use elastic catching Elasticache is used in places where you need high performed right So when you say high performance are extreme performance we are refering toe quickly Didn’t see again Right on You have applications that require like sub milliseconds off response right and you want end to end optimized stacks running on your customer Dedicated notes Amazon Elastic A civil Something is something that would actually to do these things that it does that at a blazing speed This again is a fully managed service that you have in your hand And you can scale that will to ensure that you do not have to worry about the traffic issues that are that it has certain sort of engines for their talk Kordic Elastic acid which can be for your readies for your meme gas Stand tall easily do it supports state So this was the final set off database service that we have Let us get into the demo part and probably then we can see what we can do that I’m not gonna go ahead and launch arts born a full fledged database service But let me walk you through it how the process works Okay so let’s just go back to the dem apart and discuss how we can help You can actually go And Lawrence Relational database using tablets Right Okay So in this case what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna go ahead and get into my rds service That is my relational database service That is there in my hand Okay So guys let’s go ahead and create a database here right So I have two options Like I have my Amazon cloud where I can create it This is in house is what I would call it And the adoption obviously would be on my unpromising us Right So what are these two options This is where you create a cloud store on double for instance off ideas So probably this would be if I’m not wrong This word again we are easy to instance because that is the service that gives you You’re watching machines here and then you can write their own prime Ice wasn’t as well You can have your being very data centers We can choose that Since we’re using your loveless retail stick to the east It wasn’t that we have right now There are two options This is an important point that you should know Okay so you have when your standard create and the other one is easy clear Something that I mentioned while we were discussing databases straight So when you talk about the standard create right you’ll set up all the configuration options Now this could include er availability security backups and maintenance will use the standard open so that we can go through all this process music that what it does is what there is the best that AWS feels that would suit in the requirements it would by default create that and rule it out Okay so what are the engines that we have on our hands We have Indians like your Amazon Aurora right Amazon Not on is another So he was another And this next one is my skill It is a simple type of databases that we have on our hands in our plates Right Next is your Maria DB right You have your post GREs school where I call any when you’re Microsoft SQL So So these elevator bay says that I can choose from right And when I choose these databases I also have an option of selecting itself version For now let me just go ahead and select my school So when you say my skill right you have these virgins that at their on your plate So depending upon the kind of application that you want to launch right you can choose any one of these virgins That is their right So by default it has selected my school 8.7 That’s just go over Lou wasn’t We’re not gonna We’re gonna launch it But we’re not gonna wearing use it any which way so that this wouldn’t be selected here for now Okay what are the templates Right So guys these are three important points that you have your corruption You have your death test and you have your Freedy it So what is a production environment So that’s when you talk or production environment It is something that any customer would be using it Right So in that case their availability becomes very important You cannot let your data go around for a while as well right So in that

case high availability data centers are advisable You want to respond it on the sources that are always available So when you choose production that is what you’ll get But again this does not fall under Your Freedia will be charged for it And this is very actually spawn about So for yourself right Death pestis somewhere basically the similar to your three d like but it is intended for people where you want to actually go ahead and test this database All whatever data you put on top of it in the development and merriment Right So it is for the testing phase Now if you talk about the Freedia it’s understandable that this would be with meager and minimal resources What you read here is it says use ideas Freedia to develop new applications to test existing applications and gain hands on So this is for your practice See guys right I mean this would be with a minimal resources and you won’t be charged anything part Let’s toe stick to the video and phenolic What are they said Things like guys What is the identified What is the name of the radius Is there Taiwan database What I want I’m sorry for that Okay So this is basically we’ll tell you what is the name of her database Should be like what are the credentials required Uh try to log in for the master user off Very love it So you would be wanting an admin access year right What is the password that I should set up Like we just go ahead and type something here Maybe something like great learning Great again So something like great learning and the rate So guys what is the DB instance that you won’t be wanted But Stephen right We wanted memory are standard optimized by default I’m getting it burst people These are my gender purpose instances Did you optimize performance to you But if you want you can blessed it up to a great extent for a limited amount of pain standard and memory ones would be costly It don’t fall under the three tier option that I have What is he kind off story I want It can be provisioned I up So even general purpose right Ah located storage like into something that I want I can go for 20 I can even go for then it does not matter really Right now Okay And no one multi DZ be permitted Multi is deployment Why is this option here Say for example if I were to move it into production I would be requiring more availability right on the three tier I did not have an option to choose us But if I want to create a standard backup in some particular reason in that case I can use multi easy deployment as well Okay so that is what we can do We have if you want to But we’re not gonna go ahead and do that And the reason is very simple Right now we’re not concerned about that larger scale application that we have on our mind Drink So be fault Bpc Yes I can create my own We pc if I want Oh we pieces nothing but your virtual private cloud Right So basically when you try to spawn any resource it has to fall under particular submit particular network in hand Right Where do I get that network from Or do I get that network I get that network by creating VPC It is nothing but a virtual private cloud A networking service So it creates a summit for me or a watcher network for me Okay so let it create a default Me PC Right Possible authentication Ah tend to get using database password So water password I’ve entered I cannot tend to get using that password I can’t even set up and I I am BBs So he did a base authentication So when you say I am right identity and access management basically can create a rule right Or create a user that can access this particular resource So you can do that as well But we have already given in passport So let’s stick to that Do I need to add in this new configuration details If I warned toe do you have these options You can go out and ID’s Let’s not do that number Is this burning secret Okay so the passwords do not match I was expecting that to happen Now let’s see if I can match these I’m just gonna go in secret There’s just the ordered

undeterred password I’m gonna go There’s good in secret So they were just like that My instance would be upend earning It might take a few minutes for this instance to lot Are this database instance to launch And once it’s done it’s a penalty for you to use As I mentioned I’m not gonna go ahead and connect to this instance for that He lacked assess etched into it And I don’t want places such because for that I laughed again going download a petition greater and then actually go ahead and convert my 10 5 into a more usable password that is understood by my putting poopy and pretty generator right So let’s not do that But I believe the part that I wanted to explain here is clear to you people So let’s just quickly go ahead and believe this leader I’m not gonna do that because I’ll have to wait for it to get created first And after that I can Okay I can delete it now is well there’s not a Garden City lead new after that believe me So this would really leader even before it gets created But I believe that justice clear do people and you understand what was expected or over trade Okay so this is pretty much it right Let us now move for the ran Take up a certain set off questions that I feel we need toe Answer it So normally when I do take life sessions I normally get quite a few questions that people put forth And I felt that we should discuss um all those questions here so that we can close this thing properly Right So what are the questions that people normally ask So when you talk about unions are grace inside what questions people normally have Its people ask questions like Okay as a fresher do I have hope off getting a career into AWS straight See now what is Cloud industry is growing at a piece with no industry is growing Uh if you talk about times like if you go like five years seven years 10 years back from now the toppings that people expected you to learn WAAS something like Jiao right a programming language Now what people expect you to learn is something like heightened rate Give a couple of years and you’ll see that cloud computing being taught in colleges It’s because it is something that is here to ST and then we’ll see a lot of people getting hired as a fresher Indian We still have companies like X enter What they do is they hire like they go to a particular college and pick up like 203 100 people at a time And the nowadays there are so many projects that aren’t load that I’ve seen people even as fresher is working on these platforms like AWS and Azure So they have been cleaned as well and taken for the rest of my question would be as a fresher not through campus where I get placed Um as officially is the chances are more The reason is as a fresher a company would not expect you to know a lot I’m okay in every state What they’re expected to noise Can you work on basic fundamentals Say for example if you talk about it in a place they’re like pence off projects If it was a dead website you can do so many things there like 10 minutes projects 15 years physics and even two minutes to us projects that have been defined that have project that take your day or two as well if you want to implement So if you can take up those projects most of them fall under Freedia fate You can build up assuming for yourself and you can probably have a period So there are people who also ask questions like as Ah database administrator Can I get a job and clock Yep You can move Weird of Lewis or even as they are take the cops not develops This is soft suddenly certification for AWS right And if you talk about a ZR there are certifications that certify you in and Mr do practices So you can take those certifications and probably implement what knowledge you have on your and Mr Do level on cloud platforms Right So these would require you to implement cloud computing not cloud computing but the administrative skills on top off a jobless club So when you talk about questions some people also ask questions like I’m from our testing background Can I get a job yet Right So for you do not have any specific certifications that cloud platforms provide to you But if you have like right sort of testing skills maybe you can get our for Billups certifications Learn a little bit of development as well In process you would be given an option to test applications on top of blood Great then people who have knowledge about main friends and stuff they can also gettinto watch realization technologies and stuff like that So the opportunities for people on cloud are plenty right I mean it’s all about how they explore those So um I believe I’ve answered the major questions that normally people have which are important

from a Correa’s perspective Um as well as the session goes I would be resting it here So there you go guys This brings us to the end of this discussion We have successfully discussed quite a few pointers toe a lot of debt Let us Now go ahead and summarize these pointers So first and foremost we understood cloud computing fundamentals like service models and deployment models Then we did go ahead and understand the AWS what it is and what are the career opportunities it has to offer to us Then we talked about the global infrastructure that is there When you talk about in of Louis what are some of the courtroom insert our first on water Compute services in specific what are irritably store it services and how networking works on top of AWS Then we did garden understand implementation of direction top of AWS implementation of machine learning on top of AWS We understood what security services stated their support What are some of the cool and important monitor in services that AWS has to offer to us How did a business work on top of AWS and finally finished things up by uncertain some of the important career questions So that is it now If you like this video ensure you live a light for this video on would also like to inform you that at great learning we have come up with Great Learning Academy Initiative where there are people’s free courses that you can register toe And on completion of these courses you can actually avail a certification that you can have a single profile or to your resume And that would hold a lot of money for you That’s it for my thank you aunt Have a nice time