Cyber Crime Show -Jaal-EP 01 – Online Fraud -13/04/2018

The internet has made a big contribution to the global community of people and tied people with its information and knowledge Along with that it has created a network of deception and conspiracy The people who are alone or vulnerable get caught in this web people who need so much love and attention that they can blind the eyes and do what they say Today’s Kulbhushan, is a person of an elder age who was shocked by the glowing world of the Internet and lost millions of money Come and see Boss , here is your hot coffee, just the way you like, strong and black Thank you Montu Today there was a lot of work, body is aching a lot just give me that shoulder massage of yours so that..I can sleep comfortably Boss, don’t worry, what’s Montu here for? Today I will give you a medicine which will remove your problems forever do you want it? Hey, I don’t want any herbs and magic potion since I’ve returned from Canada, everyone talks of these local herbs and stuff No Sir, his one is a magical tablet which will give you a glimpse of heaven! Will you tell me what it is…or just say keep saying puzzles? Come with me…I will show you Wait See this boss, tablets for all your problems one better than the other once you taste it, all your problems will vanish! But I don’t know anything about all this But I know Sir why are you worrying first of all make your profile Profile? Just Keep watching…I’ll do everything Here it is sir first sweet medicine for you now chat with them and remove all your problems! I am going Hi Handsome How are you? Hello Monica where are you from? Does it matter where I am from You are also alone, I am also alone and both of us are talking to each other

Show me your photos Why the hurry? Without looking at your picture how will I know who you are, how you are? What is so difficult in it just close your eyes imagine the face…that’s me You are very beautiful Can we talk on the phone? Of course…give me your phone number How do you know I am lonely? I know everything…my eyes are on you What do you mean? I know that you are alone and you are stressed with your office work you need a girlfriend like me who can take all of your pain, stress and your loneliness…right? You are brilliant! I never got married, I am new in this city, & have a lot of free time Now you will not be left alone and free I will always stay with you share everything with me and you will get a taste of heaven I will give you whatever you want I have a lot of money we can go out somewhere live in a 5 star hotel for you Buy stars buy diamond…gems thats what you want to say right? But I don’t want all this I just want to talk to you Kulbhushan shared his phone number and was trapped by Monica Sir, tea Montu, I love chatting with Monica on the internet Boss..Just have fun Don’t get into any love affair What is the status of Rupa and Sonia ..? Not just Rupa and Sonia two more birds have come in my net, Julie and Nina Both are very hot! Sir, yesterday you gifted Monica a watch online Ever take care for me too Come on take this…have fun But boss…stay a little away from all this gifts and money listen to me…save your pocket until the girl comes to meet you up in Delhi internet is a dangerous place But boss, no need to worry, I am there I will take care…Cheers! Hello Monica! Sweetheart, I am in a lot of trouble, I got stuck in a mall in Mumbai Darling, what happened? Don’t worry…tell me I bought some important stuff, but my credit card is giving error…what to do now, the stuff are very important No worries, tell me your account number, I’ll transfer the money to you Thanks Darling! Give me your account number And then Kulbhushan started chatting with different women

Today, in our runny days, people have become so lonely that they have to find friendship, relationship and all these things on the internet or the online world Due to lack of friends away from family and of this busy life they started to feel like mobile phones as their companion and all the relationships made on internet are true but does that happen? Hello Hello Darling, Rupa here How are you? I have booked the flight tickets And I am sending it to you the hotel has also been booked You do not know how much I love you Thanks Darling…even I love you very much I have been waiting for a long time, to come to Delhi and to be in your arms Have patience baby…have patience It’s just one more night…tomorrow morning you and I will be together Hello Monica! You Dog! You fraud! Monica…what are you talking about? Rupa Rupa? Yes Rupa! Have you heard this name before? Maybe a while ago? Monica, what are you saying? I am saying that Rupa is my cousin and you made a fool of her when you were chatting with me…why did you make her your friend? And you invited her to Delhi? You were making a fool of both of us? No No Monica…Its not like that…it was Rupa who started all this… Just shut up! Do you consider yourself very smart? Now you will neither get Monica nor Rupa…now keep sitting there twiddling your thumbs…Goodbye! Monica Kulbhushan…what have you done? What happened…why are you so tensed? Rupa was so shocked that she tried to commit suicide I just received a call from my aunt she has been taken to the hospital…you ruined her… Oh my God! Monica please forgive me…I’ll never call her Quickly transfer 50,000 to her account…for hospital bills then I’ll try to talk to her…Maybe she will understand… Ok…send me her account number…I’ll transfer the money to her account Sir, what are you doing? You have already given Monica a lot of money Maybe she is lying? What non sense? I know Monica very well…why would she lie? Look at this…She has also sent pictures of the hospital Now its upto you boss…this might put you in trouble… Internet doesn’t have just Monica & Rupa there are many more girls these two have been taking you for a ride since long You please go I am well aware of what I am doing The guy I taught will teach me?

Now suffer Monica…try to understand me it’s not my fault , I did not do anything which made Rupa take this step, please consider my situation What have you done or not done, I don’t know but Rupa has committed suicide doctors were unable to save her and you have one copy of FIR on your phone you have maximum 36 hours and then Kolkata police will be at your door E-102, Sunshine Villa, that’s your address..right? Monica, please save me I will never repeat this mistake again I just wanted to meet Rupa once I did not know that Rupa was loved me so much Really? And what about me? Why were you fooling me? Promises to meet me … promise of relationship ..those gifts… perfumes ……what was all that? You were even lying to me? Monica…please help me Please save me once…save me once from this mistake I will do whatever you say I’ll come to meet you by the next flight I’ll never do this again There is a solution If we bribe the SHO of Kolkata police station then the matter might settle down But this is a case of suicide, so it will take a bit more money How much? 2 Million 2 Million? You transferred 2 million into that unknown lady’s account? Whom you have never met? Sir I’ve been chatting with her for past 3-4 months I thought she had become my good friend And then I got 3-4 more girls’ chat requests one of them was Rupa I didn’t know that she was Monica’s cousin and then this suicide What was the need to go to these sites? You are a NRI bussinesman Do you have wife and children? No Sir Sir, I am Montu, peon Sir, boss felt a little lonely so I made a profile but I did not know that he would start affairs with so many girls I just thought he will chat a bit to get out of his loneliness this brilliant idea was yours? Do you have any idea how dangerous the world of internet is? Fraudsters are sitting on such sites who have no other work than to fool people, and extort money Montu’s foolhardiness did that same thing…made you a fool! Anyways, now that you have lost nearly 2 millions cash, we will register your F.I.R and we will also catch the criminal Rampal, get all bank statement records and chat details Kulbhushan, I know this is an awkward situation for you But to solve the case we need the details Please co-operate Get the call record details of him and the accused Monica And contact Inspector Soumitra Ghosh of 24 Pargana branch and get all the details Don’t worry, co-operate with us and we’ll definitely catch this fraud

Kulbhushan contacted the police when he lost 2 millions and found himself helpless He would have suffered less if he took an expert or a friend’s advice earlier In today’s world understanding these warning signals is very important Talking to unknown people, sending them money or gifts and sharing personal details with them All this is foolishness and negligence Yes yes, Soumitra, the case is like that only lot of cash involved and according to the transaction all accounts are from the 24 Parganas Got it Suresh as soon as you mailed the details, our people got completely involved in the investigation don’t worry…by tomorrow you’ll get all the details related with Monica Inspector Soumitra…Not just the money should be back…we have to catch Monica also I will teach her a lesson so that everyone extorting money online can learn from this What do you say? Definitely, I am with you…infact…the fake FIR she made was also of my branch…I will not spare her I am 100% with you Inspector Suresh! Ok…bye Sir, both these accounts are closed, where Kulbhushan transferred the money and the address where gifts were sent, is a courier shop, where the people don’t recall who picked them up Follow up this information Inspector Soumitra is also following up in case anyone remembers for sketch Very good! And what about call detail records? call records show only one number which is now switched off and her details show that she only talked with Kulbhushan Ok Anything about location and IMEI number? we are also tracing the IMEI number Any response from Nightlovers website? Not yet sir Yes Inspector Soumitra we know around 4-5 sites, from where the phone was operated all are from deserted locations empty factory, construction sites, abandoned buildings there’s no one anywhere we have the location of the IP address Great news Soumitra! the location showing right now is of a building where our informer has noticed some activity we are keeping a watch you come with your team as soon as possible We are reaching there immediately Rampal, make a team We need to go to Kolkata Kulbhushan, You have to come with us to Kolkata Hands Up! You must have thought that you can easily fool people and the police will keep watching without taking action? Are we fools? Monica or Rupa what should I call you? Bobby, Neeta, Sheela, Julie, Angel, or Sweety

Regardless of how many names are there, I just play a game of love and friendship and get money in return, what’s wrong in that? I don’t force anyone What’s right and what’s wrong you will come to know in the lock up Monica! Extortion is a crime Madam and you showed fake documents now you will be punished and give a fine too now make friends and love them in jail seize their laptops Mr.Kulbhushan survived his money also recovered but if you also suffer such a trick remember that there is no guarantee that once you enter this fire you can come out of there without burning that’s why a little understanding and a lot of information and advice will keep you away from similar crime while going online so the next time before you send something personal to somebody that you just met online or your internet buddies please think twice and stay alert! You will be shocked to know that just being alert is enough Next week, another interesting episode based on cyber crime, on special edition show of Haqeeqat, Jaal Till then, take care and safe surfing