volvo s60r turn signal switch replacement

via video 2004 Volvo s60 our and I’ve got an issue with my turn signal so this stock over here if I press it to the right no problem press it left and no blinky up just started and if you jiggle it a little bit sometimes it does some funny things so what happens is if I get into traffic sometimes if I if I click it down it doesn’t go no it’s going but sometimes it doesn’t want to fully engage unless I jiggle it just right let’s say going now anyway so somebody said the contacts in here are bad or something like that so I gotta figure out how to remove this I have a another one that I got off eBay so we’ll see how that goes for all the guys in the forum yeah it would be better to have new I’m in total agreement except for the fact that was not easy for me to find a new one so I will fiddle with this one see it’s working now never seems to work when I’m on the highway though alright here we go so it happens so here’s the switch in question and you push down on that and you pull the whole steering column forward as far as you can up and under here are one two three Torx bolts let’s take those off t25 Torx do watch out you don’t want to bugger the leather seat this says remove the lower shroud right obviously if I figure this out so when I did this I just lifted up right here with my thumb you can see it got my nail but yeah it lifts up press in lift up and this whole thing seems longer separate and then what that was it just moved so see just just pull it up caught out something in the back okay so this is still attached with the leather thing back there but now hopefully this’ll come out actually know what it looks like I don’t even need to worry about that I need just need to remove these two bolts that retain the stock here and pull that out and see what happens that might actually be a whole lot easier than dismantling the whole thing cool sorry about the light here anyway just a couple of Phillips that screws pull this out top and bottom here helps if you have magnetic screwdriver let’s see how this comes out looks like these wiring harnesses and things here so it literally just pulls out you grab the stock and you pull that’s it it’s attached in here just watch out that you don’t rip this wire here in the process so literally just pulls out let’s see how easy it goes in probably not that easy or very easy click I’ll put the two screws back and we’ll see where we end up here hopefully this works pretty easy ok so the screws are replaced this

square rubber piece just needs to be seated fully and there’s a couple of nubs on the side so I look looks like it’s pretty difficult to mess that one up so probably just put this piece back somehow and get it lined up and then three screws on the bottom so this piece goes back and we’ll line up the three screws on the bottom tighten that up and we’ll be good let’s see if it works I’m going to put the screws back underneath now put these final screws back in and hope it’ll work so yeah these are t again t25 torx as it turns out the easiest way to use power tools on this lease for me is to move the seat all the way back and have the steering wheel fully forward and that I can get the bosch tool up and in there to do these screws that so it depends I mean position the steering wheel however is easiest so okay so top tips on this don’t forget to disconnect the battery before you do any electrical move the steering wheel as you need it you don’t need to remove the steering wheel to get at that even though that’s what it says in the Haynes manual clearly that’s not the case and let’s see if the transmitter does work reliably now now but not at all hmm something else I gotta go fix great maybe didn’t quite engage or something like that inside I don’t know we’ll get it figured I’ve actually done this a couple of times I’ve removed yeah this is the old switch that I have in here right now the old stock and it does actually give me turn signals but if I put the new one in which I can actually do for you fairly quickly here when you pull this thing out the problem is as you pull it out it hits it’s going to bugger this pin here so you want to make sure you go straighten that out and I let’s put the other one in here so the new stock prepares to be dead on arrival and I don’t know if you can see this sorry about the non focusing issue here the high beams are on I can’t get them off I don’t know what’s going on so let’s let’s hot-swap the other one back just for giggles this one is hot swap back so this is the old one which does work at least somewhat and I can put the high beams on and off and I can read my messages well okay so now you know how to swap this but I don’t have a working one so which this one does work for now but would be more ideal if it was a more reliable so so here we have the OEM turn signal from my Oh for sixty and this is the one that’s not working so good except figure you know what let me just take it apart and I’ve actually already done that to a second one that I had and I’m not so sure if I can get this back together so you do here’s how you do it all that stuff what I want to do here with this thing is I actually want to swap out the swap out the stock here if I can I’m willing to bet that the

nice-looking one this one actually is let’s see I think this one is less used than mine and you still see read on the end as opposed to its worn off so for the heck of it I’m going to see where I can switch switch the two stocks here and see if I can put it back now and the one I took apart here which looks nicer the something’s worn on this like in a huge way and/or the electronics are somehow bad so I’m going to see if we can fix that so here’s the contacts they look ok I wouldn’t suspect you know I I doubt these are really you know heavy probably just need some heavy play it’s not heavy plating so probably can wear out pretty easy anyway I’m going to have to buy a new one of these probably anyway so I figured this one I got from eBay and they just gave me my money back because it wasn’t working right so we’ll just take this part see what happens all right okay so here’s how here’s how you take it apart there are tabs here here essentially you have to jam your fingernail or something under here both at the same time and pry it out you get a little screwdriver in here and you pry this apart which I can’t do on home of the camera but you pry this apart both at the same time and flip the whole thing up this so this part will actually fall off when you do that so work it around right up here and then here down and then that falls off so then you’re left with this so once once this falls off you’re left with this and then what you do is you unscrew that screw this comes off and you have that part in there contacts contacts here so I’m actually suspicious that this board is somehow bad because it was giving me a constant high beam on signal for whatever reason and number one and number two it was the turn signals wouldn’t work at all so maybe something in this board is bad so this board I know is good the OEM one but the turn signal is not reliable so let me see if I can clean inside there and see if I get it to work and I have to put the whole thing back together right we’ll see I’ve got it released this is released on this side so one two three are released now we do the final one here let me put the phone down this is certifiably a pain so it’s released this part comes up and this part comes off so actually the this o-ring here is holding this piece on kind of sort of so they’re part that’s how you get it apart I mean there’s a lot of stuff in here looks like it might not go back together but I think it will Kirk used to keep all this straight I’m going to attempt to put this thing back together tail it let’s take this apart let’s look at the contacts I’m not going to use those contacts I remove this board from this stock I’m not going to use that again you this this piece just pulls right out of there don’t want to use that board I do want

to use this stock here I’m probably going to keep this I’m going to not use that keeping everything straight not going to use so now I want to get rid of this stock I’m just going to pull out and pull this whole thing out and actually see this there’s a separation point here it’s not here it’s here that the separation point is but I need two hands for this sorry that came right out after gently prying so this stock I don’t want to use make sure they are identical and they are now for the reassembly all right so this is my old one and you after looking at this these have way more corrosion on them than the new one does so I may actually swap this out for this other part these are a lot more fresh looking a lot more fresh than these these have stains on them there you can see that these are cleaner all right this is the old electronics which actually has quite a bit of grease on it and lots of wear marks lots and lots of wear marks I just hit this with some 600 grit sandpaper just I mean joke no more gold plating boy did they cheap out on the gold plating there I mean 600 grit Wow alright I don’t happen to have my D occidentalis tuner cleaner sir that should work that’ll help so it’s back together trickiest part about getting them back together is that this stock thing has got to be it is just a spring here and this has got to be tucked in a little bit cuz it has to fit in that recess there so once you get that it kind of all clicks together let’s go outside the client see if it works so here we are back here and this go that way and we’ll just go in like that well it seems to be obeying my commands for the high beams but seems to be chronically stucked in turn signal mode which means take it apart and fix it okay I can only surmise as to why it was only turning left most likely because this was not positioned properly I believe that there’s a nub here that knob has to go directly into there and that’s probably why it wasn’t turned

signaling correctly so I’m going to try to reposition it better and reinstall it and see what happens alright here we go again for the 13th time look okay so far that’s good so far that’s good now we’ll see if the contact hold and if it’s wonky or not but so far I like that let’s I’m going to put this whole thing back together and we’re going to leave it for a little bit so I got a new new look in stock but old electronics just cleaned up we’ll see if it works so far it looks pretty good I’ll keep everybody posted on the video as to what the status is overall how long this lasts of course well thanks for watching don’t forget to subscribe well