[Boom Series] #07 Who is Tayo's new friends?

a new friend part it’s a lovely warm morning and there are little buses hey you guys are all here oh ah this is called the smart pad this shows me what condition you’re in and this shows me all the shortcuts besides I can call you guys any time I want huh this is the musical I really wanted to see and it’s tomorrow what should I do the problem you should go watch it yeah that’s right you know I could really hardly be yes but then what will happen to the repair shop that’s true okay then I’ll take a break tomorrow this is the car exhibition Center it’s where the new cars meet their families the little car part who just received her license today it’s also waiting for her new family they will be like you’ll be fit for a big family since you have lots of seats really someone who likes travelling would be a good match for you because you can ride on any road that’s true and you will meet someone cool and handsome that’s right right I’m not good at anything and I don’t look very nice either oh so we’re gonna find a car friend coming over how about this car hmm do you only have two seats oh we’re looking for a car with lots of seats Wow I think so Timoney will you be our car little lady of course well you look very strong will you come shall we go now okay gosh I’m the only one left oh you seem like the right size to ride alone but I don’t like the color I wish you were a nicer color in the end heart is the only one left without a family I wish I had a family too the next day Hannah goes to the city to watch the musical Wow you look very pretty today you think so thank you I’ll get going now call me if something happens okay okay have fun mm-hmm okay I still have some time left I guess I can go shopping for you should look what you’re doing that was close what are you doing get in there first why are you coming from that side this is a one-way road in that direction sorry I didn’t know hey what’s wrong is that so don’t worry I can help you thank

you very much you’re very welcome but I don’t like the color with people like me if I wore pink like that oh the musical is starting soon I’ll be going now goodbye tayo the little bus wow it was so good I’m so glad I decided to come better go home now oh that’s odd I thought somebody was there it was you’re the car from earlier what are you doing here you’re very nice to me so I ended up following you really nice to meet you my name is Hana my my name’s Hart what a cute name you have by the way where do you live I don’t have a home yet we haven’t found a family you know I see Oh tayo tayo what’s wrong I think my tires flat I can’t oh my hang on what happened Hana I’m sorry I have an urgent matter to attend to hello toto tayo is in trouble can you go help him what you’re in another part of the city that won’t be too late I’ll have to go myself I have to go get a new tire first taxi I’m in a hurry can you get me to the bridge I can’t fit that huge tire in my trunk my dear really I’m sorry what should I do I’m gonna be so late don’t have back feet so there must be enough space for the tire in my trunk whoa can I be of service to you of course thank you very much I’m glad you were there it’s so jammed uh-huh I have to find a faster route with this searching for direct route all right Oh No it went off I don’t know what to do Hannah yeah insert that patent swap is by the wheel beside the wheel let’s see awesome right now Wow Hart didn’t you say it was your first time in the city how come you’re so good and well I’m just doing what the computer tells me to do you know I can lick my thoughts with the smart pad Wow isn’t that great thanks to Hart Hanna arrives on time and helped tayo fix his tire she’s working so hard even when her nice clothes are getting messy like that huh there you go ah Thank You Hanna oh don’t mention it it’s all thanks to her happy heart help me bring your tire and gave me a ride here thank you very much yes thank you hard oh it was nothing what happened to him huh mm I got a little scratch earlier this afternoon I can paint it for you come to the repair shop with me really yeah of course lucky there’s a color I want you to take me there you’re good to go you look very nice I actually want to be pretty with you so I asked you to meet me in the same you think we’re wearing

oh really that’s true Hannah looks pretty today right unlike every other day what then how do I usually live time to say goodbye to Hannah now hey heart yes you are looking for a family right if you don’t mind you want to join us and be part of our family really I can only wish there’d be a car that could help me like you did in an emergency situation I’m so small and I’m not really good at anything you know what are you talking about you helped a lot today Oh Hannah so then will you be in our family yes of course so now Hannah and the little buses are a new family nice to meet you heart when I use my friend I say hello when my friends come over to my house let’s play together when I see my friends working together when I feel good I say I’m happy when I see something pretty I say when I have lunch with my friends I say enjoy your I see dinner good night a day in the life of tyre this is the test driving center only the cars that passed the test will be allowed to drive in the street when the light is green you can go and when it’s red you stop excuse me huh I’m sorry but could you please stop talking oh who was I talking out loud I’m nervous me too but your talking is making me even more nervous really I’m sorry I’ll try to be quiet uh think my name is tayo this is my first time taking a test tile nice to meet you I’m nori it’s my first time too I see mini truck fruit okay that’s me oh it’s a red light red green stop ah hello little fellers like turn green he’s moving again Wow good there’s so much traffic huh that Lane is moving faster then I get a say hey it’s dangerous to cut it like that oh I’m sorry back to my lane it’s dangerous if you change Lane I’m really sorry twenty-two nor’easter good luck nori

thanks tayo nori is very nervous but determined to do well okay Noorie drives carefully and safely through the streets congratulations nori thank huh number 23 time it’s my turn have confidence I know you can do it okay oh I’m so nervous yeah okay I’m on it’s a red light Taiyo is obeying the traffic laws in just the way he practiced eto has now officially become a city bus congratulations I knew you’d pack great job out there thank hey wait huh wow he’s huge are you Thai oh the bus that just passed the test uh-huh who are you well I’m the one who’ll be taking you to the city bus garage I’m Seto I’m Kyle’s friend nori nice to meet you tie a weinery I have to take tayo to the city bus garage do you want to come with us no thanks I have to go somewhere take care tayo you too bye bye let’s get going the giant metropolis is bustling with activity its Toyo’s first time in the big city and everything is fascinating to him wow this place is crowded tile look ahead you might get into an accident if you keep looking around like that I got it it’s the red light stop all right little bus huh oh hi Wow a magnificent car is passing by Wow that’s nothing huh hey that car only looks nice on the outside you gotta be fast to really be the best and that’s me call me sweet bTW I’m tayo how bad do you think I could be well you got to go fast to find out what do you say you wanna have a race really but I can’t I have to go to the bus garage you can go after a quick race can’t you well I guess let’s go let’s wait a little longer tayo don’t go tayo the little bus how am i doing oh not bad haha but not just getting started excuse me driving fast is dangerous they should be more careful speedy ends up getting seriously hurt

are you okay speedy no I don’t think so can you give me a hand what do you want me to do huh don’t worry the police are here are you hurt yes you were going too fast you have to go slowly to be safe I’m sorry Toto can you take him to the repair shop okay Wow you are a mess I’m sending him over right now okay hey little bus huh how did you end up here with that car the thing is Seto is here you almost hurt yourself tayo I told you not to get distracted I’m sorry I was going to come right back don’t you ever pull something like that again okay Ruki huh he just became a city bus today and made a mistake I’m really sorry I’m just glad that you’re okay did you say your name was tayo yes be more careful from now on tile okay we should get going now let’s go all right we’re here this bus garage will be your home from now on welcome good to be back attention I’d like to introduce you to a new member of our team say hi to tayo the little bus hello Rogie and Lani can you guys show tayo to his new room sure hi tile my name’s rody and I’m Lani hello nice to meet you the room next to mine is empty so you can use that one Oh sounds good okay follow us go ahead Oh see you tomorrow tile okay thanks for everything today no problem ah this one’s your room my room uh-huh will show you how to get in so pay attention go forward and then back up like this there there okay I’ll give it a try careful it’s nice and cozy Taiyo huh we’ll show you around the garage tomorrow morning good night good night Rogge I’m going to bed – good night good night Lani I’m sleep too Tio’s first day as a city bus comes to an end it was a long and hard day but he met nice friends I’m sure he’ll do even better tomorrow sweet dreams tile Here I am Here I am how do you do mommy finger mommy finger where are you here I am Here I am where are you where are you baby in baby

finger where are you our new friend gone ah you can come down now okay wow I feel great good thanks a lot Hanna gotta go now see you soon okay hello how are you Hannah oh hi rookie huh oh it’s nothing I came to give you back the toolbox I borrowed oh thanks thanks a lot it was really helpful uh what’s that picture oh this I don’t recognize him Oh his name is 1d how come I’ve never seen him here in the garage oh he was scrapped last year he worked for a very long time a new bus that inherited Wendy’s memory chip is coming in tomorrow so I just thought of one day with his memory chip does that mean that the new bus is going to inherit all of one these memories no that will be the case the old memories have probably been deleted from the chief hmm hey rookie it’s almost time to change shift let’s go okay goodbye Anna bye guys who wasn’t in the picture it was a bus named one d1b do you know him oh of course he had been around for a very long time ever since Hannah first came to the bus garage he and Hannah were very good friends he was a hard-working nice bus who just loved to help others so everyone liked him but he got too rusty after working so long so he had to be scrapped last year by the way what was that about his memory chip Oh Hannah felt sad to see Wendy go so she kept one Ds memory chip until not too long ago a new day has arrived wow you’re all up so early yeah a new bus is coming to the garage today guys one at a time hey Hanna huh very calm Seto hi you guys good you’re all here so he’s the new bus and he’ll be joining you guys today why don’t you say hi oh hi guys my name is Connie I’m tayo and time rookie nice to meet you oh hello hi Hannah why don’t you give him a tour of the garage I would but I have to go to work now could one of you give him a tour instead oh I’ll give him a tour all right tayo you do it then tayo is delighted to have a new friend this over here in the car wash I see let me show you how you can wash up follow me okay you have to go in this way watch me closely okay down the

system uh-huh you can command the machine to stop in an emergency oh that’s right I think Hannah told me that are you okay uh-huh I’m okay how embarrassing I wanted to look cool let’s move on to the charging station okay tayo the little bus this is where we get charged oh I see this time I’ll show you how to charge up watch and learn okay please please open the charging hole okay I’ll try again see that now you try it okay charging is complete I bet he’ll make a mistake too charging initiated what is going on it’s his first time but he’s doing it perfectly all finished everything is complete let’s go to the training course okay strange it doesn’t seem like God is new to this at all and this is where we practice driving before we hit the road after you finish up your training here you’ll be able to start working okay oh I almost forgot I’ve got to go to work now do you want to join me can i really of course I’ll show you the ropes follow me okay confusing right everyone’s like that at first I’ll show him what I can do hey you see that bus stop over there uh-huh I’ll show you how to pick up passengers at the bus stop hey let’s go okay you need to start slowing down here to stop force nicely in the bus stop tyoma I think you should slow down a little more what do you mean this is the perfect speed watch closely my brand new suit is really extra careful here the rain makes a puddle at this bus stop oh right it was rainy yesterday huh but how did you know that Gani mm-hmm I have no idea oh no the roads under construction I have to go through this place to get to the next doggy oh it’s under construction yeah tayo do you know how to get the bus stop number 23 I’m on my way there as well but this is the only way I know Oh what should we do the passengers are all waiting oh um guys oh I know another way around really how do you know shutting down this entire thought of all of the things Gunny did at the garage the rain mr pilot this was model Rogi let’s just follow ghani’s directions you sure Gani please Emily okay how would God he know the way when we don’t even know him let’s just try following you I can’t believe we’re doing this Gunny can’t guide us this is his first time downtown let’s turn right here for some reason tayo felt like Ghani could find the way huh hey title aren’t you listening wait for me ah goodie are you sure this is the right way um probably what ty oh god he seems unsure of the directions let’s just trust him and see how it goes let’s go hey hey guys wait up that’s the bus stop right huh he was right how could this happen thanks a lot anyway Connie how did you figure it out this time well

I just feel like I’ve always known it hi Lani your brush we’re the other guys well roki still has more shifts to run at i/o and gaddy should be coming back soon yeah hey Hanna I have something to tell you huh what is it something’s strange about Ghani strange how so he’s new but he does everything perfectly and knows everything / hilly yeah somehow he was able to guide rocky and I when we almost got lost really Wow huh why can’t I do that you know tayo he seems like an ordinary bus to me just like the rest of you really sure but something’s different about him the little buttons have a new friend named Ghani so is Ghani really keeping a secret