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it’s time to focus on seniors with helping seniors TV the television show designed to make you aware of senior issues and needs as well as to acquaint you with the resources available to help you age in place and with dignity now here’s your host Joe Steckler I’m Joe Steckler and welcome to helping seniors the television arm of helping seniors of Brevard County our show is designed to provide you with your own information on how to develop your own aging and care plans our topic today is health South Sea Pines hospital joining me is Shannon roar who is the Marketing Coordinator for health south sea pines rehabilitation hospital I think you’re going to enjoy the show today because we’re going to talk about a rehabilitation hospital that is I think you’ll hear Shannon show you or convince you it’s like a step above Reger rehabilitation yes sir well I’m proud to say that because I think he’ll sell sea pines have made a major difference and me recovering from a major stroke Shannon so if if you know you know as you get into care business if you know something good about a medical facility or a doctor or a procedure you I think you owe it to your your audience your viewers your radio listeners to do the very best you can to tell them about a service that is different absolutely so in your opinion as a Marketing Coordinator for health sell seat behind rehabilitation hospital I got the whole thing right to the head what do you think sets sea pines apart from other rehabilitation centers well honestly there’s a lot of different things that I could respond with specifically how cell sea pines you mentioned as a rehabilitation hospital so that end of itself makes us different than the other facilities in the area as far as rehab services go we’re the only acute rehabilitation hospital in Brevard County and I’m sure we’ll get into that a little bit later but that definitely and of itself sets us up for a lot of different things that we can accommodate and better services that we can provide to individuals in need and we also have a very it’s a family dynamic there we’ve had some people that have been working there for since its inception 30 years ago so it definitely I think that you can attest that it really shows when his uh Napoleon stiller yes she has Elba yes she is so better folk series I asked about Napoleon my physical therapist here her name is Elba and Napoleon was well he was at deport deported to the island of Elba after he was emperor in France and but the physical therapists name is Elba and in fact she was with me available Napoleon i would say she’s a little bit of a general so that would be yes yes that’s good out but she made me do the exercises that helped me come back quicker absolutely and that’s what that’s what makes it to me this channel that’s what makes rehabilitation and many forms different from others yeah you don’t want to you don’t want to beat your patients to death no no but you want them to do the thing this that will enable them to get back into mainstream absolutely and that’s why we’ve jokingly said before we’re not hotel where a hospital and the implication there just basically means we’re gonna we’re gonna work you hard you’re not going to be sitting around just kind of relaxing but the whole point of that is we don’t want you to stick around I want you to go home we want you to get back to that life that you’re used to and back to doing the things that you love and you know that quality of life that you absolutely deserved yeah quality like that’s the key word yes you can go through rehabilitation and you might as a result who your rehab be able to do something fairly well but why not try to do it to the best degree possible yes I would absolutely agree yeah and I recently had a very good friend a large man that I knew that had to have a hip replacement he had a hip replacement but in a

development and affection and he was operated on and I knew this guy would not be satisfied with some other rehab places in burke county simply because i know the man i played poker with him and another guy and he happens to be a graduate of the military academy and I went to the Naval Academy so we have a we have a saw a disparity right there jokingly but I knew the sea pines would be a great place room he is in sea pines he’s there as we speak okay but he’s very pleased very happy and more importantly his wife is very happy that sea pines has the guy because you’re able to do for him there but she could never have done at home he came home right and I think that’s something really that a lot of people don’t think about when you’re dealing with these traumatic events whether it’s a hip fracture or a stroke or brain injury it’s not like anybody ever plans for that to happen right and the patient I mean as you can attest as being a stroke patient yourself you have enough going on emotionally and physically that you’re trying to handle a lot of people don’t think about the family members as well so that’s something that sea pines really does do very well at is accommodating the family members as well including them in the plan of care keeping them abreast of the situation and realistic expectations as far as what they can expect for their loved one because like we said before it’s that quality of life and we don’t want to ever set unrealistic expectations because people of course think why I was this way before so i’m gonna i’m going to be that way again and there’s certainly a disparity once the injury happens to what you know is realistic afterwards with rehab but we certainly do all that we can to get people back to as close 100 as a marketing coordinator mm-hmm how much of your job is or is part of your job spent and patient observation do you also help track how operation progresses to the different elements of character at the hospital indirectly I don’t as a marketing coordinator since I’m not clinical I don’t really have a lot of hands-on with the patients but I do there’s certain things that we do to kind of track progress that I can sort of communicate with the for example you’re a primary care physician I could communicate with him the outcomes how well you did you know we measure how well a patient is doing upon arrival at sea pines and then upon discharge as well it’s something called functional independent measures the thin score okay and it is literally a number that’s assigned to you now I can’t get into the nitty-gritty of that because it’s completely out of my expertise but it does show a graphic representation of where someone is upon admission and then where they are upon discharge and so from that standpoint i do get involved because doctors want to know as well as patient family members how their you know patients are doing ok but your part are you talking about the team approach here is that what you and when will we talk about your party observation but and you do you participate in the weekly meetings that I don’t do because I’m not clinical yeah so from a steep and I don’t really have anything to contribute but I do communicate the importance of that team approach that’s what you’re specifically referring to is something that the health self model likes to call the interdisciplinary team approach right and excuse me that’s pretty self-explanatory when I say interdisciplinary it basically means all the appropriate disciplines for your patient care they’re going to get together and they’re going to go over exactly how you’re progressing what realistically they can expect for your recovery they’re going to communicate that with your family member and loved ones you know if you’re not doing as well as I’d hoped they’re going to alter that if you’re doing better than they’d anticipated they’re going to look at discharging you sooner and spit typically what who makes up that team is of course our medical director or whatever physician would happen to be on your case right I’m your case manager your physical therapist your occupational therapist if you have a speech therapist they’ll be there as well respiratory therapy when appropriate your nursing staff and even dietary they get all involved because there’s so many minut aspects of what’s going on with your care and you want to make sure it’s all very cohesive and very comprehensive and they meet weekly to discuss that from Emma done shows with different levels of our different rehabilitation centers I think as a marketing director the ability for you to point out to potential clients this team approach is exceptionally important because I does this come about because sea pines as as a hospital as well as a

rehab center well specifically we rehab hospitals so that does make a big difference as far as what we do versus the other rehabilitation facilities in the area what you’re referring to when you say other rehab centers typically they’re licensed as a skilled nursing facility we might hear people call that a sniff or an act it’s more familiarly known as a nursing home and they do offer aspects of rehabilitation and in some cases it’s more appropriate for an individual to go to that kind of a setting but at the acute rehab level we have the same regulations that wuesthoff or health first hospitals would have and that does make a huge difference as far as what we offer care wise yeah so some of the differences I’ve nose in for met you and when I had gone to sea pines you see other patients before I even was involved myself I noticed a difference in the way the patients were treated and I felt it was more direct observation direct care and when you mentioned skilled nursing care and nursing facility many of those also have rehabilitation sides to their to their hope modus operandi but sea pines is a hospital and your job is not to take care of long-term care patients your job is to recognize and bring very strong forces to bear on patient rehab from so many different acute thanks very well put are you looking for a job well I I happen to think that well I know the value of getting the right kind of care after major surgery after a major a major event of any time for a stroke fall or in my case when I had the dissection of the aorta I didn’t go to a rehab center I went straight from the hospital of home care but I was younger and I was able to do what the MN homes there are people want me to do but let’s talk a little bit about that a you mentioned respiratory and most times when I think about sea pines or rehab I think in terms of speech therapy occupational therapy and physical therapy and am i right in saying that the speech therapy is probably the first thing that’s looked at if so wyd speech therapy the first thing you look at why is that important well I mean I can’t say it’s the first thing because sometimes for example if a patient comes in with a hip fracture they’re not going to need your speech pathology but it is incredibly important I can speak personally because my mother’s actually speech pathologists so I you know for 30-plus years have been exposed to that field and there’s kind of a common misconception with speech therapy people just kind of assume that there should what I want you to talk about right there assuming that they hear speech therapy they think of speech impediments and things of that nature getting rid of accents or lisps or what have you and it’s so much more comprehensive I mean it’s it’s your communication it’s your ability to swallow so from an independent standpoint that means your ability to actually feed yourself and not be dependent on other individuals or a specific diet so it’s a very encompassing field that when you have an individual that has have stroke there’s so many different areas of the brain that can be affected so not only your speech and your ability to physically communicate with other individuals and you know express how you’re feeling or how you’re doing but your ability to feed yourself and actually eat I mean there’s so many complications that can go with not being able to swallow correctly this aspiration that can happen you can get pneumonia you have all kinds of other complications from it so it’s hugely important yeah that speech therapy part of it is that you don’t get most people think species are being whether or not you can talk clearly ran but that the aspect of a throat being able to swallow and if that’s not recognized I can’t imagine where other things could get overlooked too right so once we get by the speech the speech therapy a lot of people don’t understand occupational therapy yeah they don’t i’d like for you to talk to our viewers a little bit about occupational therapy well occupational therapy people assume it means occupation as in what they do for a living so retraining people how to do their jobs that certainly is a component of it but the best way it’s ever been

described to me was occupation meaning occupying your time any activity that you do it occupies your time so whether that’s brushing your teeth putting on your pants putting on your watch just little everyday things that people don’t think about you know as far as the finite movements that would go into putting your watch on putting your glasses on brushing your hair brushing your teeth getting your meal ready in the kitchen those sorts of things that’s all components of occupational therapy physical therapy is more the bigger picture the bigger movements and occupational therapy kind of deals with more of those finite things I think that one of the lessons that was driven home to be by your occupational therapist was the safety factor mm-hmm you could you might have an arrangement where let’s say yo stove you’re not really as though but you aren’t going to be the stove right now but on the top part is a microwave and a sink is over here and then the rest of the kitchen would go around here for our viewers a lot of times you would want to just take what you microwaved out turn around and walk over and put it on a counter the occupational therapist therapist is that’s not safe right you take it out of that oven set it down stand in front of it move it around on top of those counters absolutely they teach you safety yes can when you take in terms of balance and falls the faster seniors especially realize that they have to connect and control their environmental situation if they’re smart about how they move right if you move without having ready support your foolish canes are good but gains don’t always sell the problem you have to have something solid to hang on to absolutely and really when you think about those aspects of safety you’re talking about independence in the long run because the safer you are able to stay in your home by yourself the longer term that you’re going to actually be able to do that and you’re not going to have to rely on nursing assistants or assisted living facilities and things of that nature and I mean that’s a whole show topic and of itself just talking about the falls and everything else but you’re absolutely right that is something that you as an individual can control more of be it your actual bomb body mechanics or out little things like people don’t think about throw rugs you know because those are easy tripping hazards or sometimes pets I mean I know I have a cat that likes to dart in between my legs and that’s a tripping hazard in itself so yes that’s a really important especially with their seniors this he’ll sell do you I know that you have the M facility capability you have the i want to say after hours but you have people come in for what do you call it well we actually healthsouth itself is an inpatient rehab hospital so we do that in patient which means of course you come in you stay in one of our rooms as a patient we have the outpatient aspect of it as well which is what you’re probably thinking of its kind of after the fact tune-up we actually don’t even have to be a patient at healthsouth as an inpatient to qualify for that you could have broken an arm or something like that and just need some basic rehab and you could do our outpatient as well and then in between those kind of bridges the two as we do also offer home care services which I know you’re also very familiar with just hunger and Jessica said Allah what do you do in between home care so realistically and it doesn’t happen for every patient but a lot of times and I know you were this was similar to your situation you would come to sea pines in the inpatient setting you would be discharged to home with home care and they would send you home with home care because you weren’t quite independent yet right and then once you graduated from home care than they would recommend outpatient and outpatient of course for the immediate needs but then long-term as well it’s kind of ironic that you’re talking about that because when I went to sea pines the first time was it came about as a result of my head head back surgery and I developed an infection and after having that treated I just went through a lot of eight and discontent and then I had home therapy mm-hmm from gentiva and they were very good mhm the very day my last session with the home therapy was Leah suffered a stroke so they ended up in wusthof at in 15 days and he’ll sell but i must say that i felt that the of all the care situations i’ve been involved in myself that the way that the sea pines staff addressed my particular situation and i know i was no exception and they do this for all texts all patients and it’s very individualized care and i think the thing that

impressed me the most once marianne the speech therapist decided that even though I’d had a hemorrhagic stroke on the right side it really didn’t affect my speech but I know now it did affect a little boat cuz have a little weakness on a left side of my tongue and if I’m not careful i get my worst twist at some time so i have to watch that but she decided that my hour of speech therapy would be better or be more productive if she added that our into my physical therapy put me into Bonaparte’s class and that probably came also from when we were talking about that interdisciplinary team that that came up i’m sure in that meeting you know she was probably discussing with Bonaparte and and telling her she would know specifically how you were progressing in physical therapy and so she basically said we’ll listen his his time would be better spent here and they discussed it and they came up with that decision as a group and so they knew that you would be able to handle that and so it was an absolutely appropriate thing for you which is just so hugely important when you’re talking about a recovery from these acute events that people aren’t anticipating all right how many people can see bunch take care of at one time 90 realistically we are licensed as a 90 vet hospital now we don’t currently really operate at that level just because we have certain rooms that are kind of private for more of our neurological disorders but we could do 90 if we absolutely had to are there any levels of clients that you would not accept um well it gets kind of nuanced II from that standpoint we’re at the mercy of CMS which is the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services and they basically create the criteria for what is or isn’t appropriate for an acute rehab setting so what’s going to happen is if there’s something that happens to an individual in there in the hospital one of our nurse liaisons would go out and do an evaluation and see if they meet specific admission criteria and the best way that I can kind of put that into perspective for the viewers is if you think about the regular hospital setting like home to roost on let’s say you go into the emergency room because you have a migraine they’re going to treat you for that migraine there it’ll give you pain medications or what have you but you’re not going to necessarily meet criteria to go up on the floor and get a room something that you could just go home with when you think about that in an acute rehab setting it’s not that hard to conceptualize that they may or may not have an appropriate diagnosis for acute rehab they might do just fine with home care or they might do just fine in a skilled nursing facility because maybe they need a little bit more strengthening before they can come and tolerate that three hours of therapy that we offer so that’s why it really is kind of a finite situation where they have to go through and really look at it an individual’s diagnosis and needs they’re going to look at your medical history they’re going to look at everything and that’s what’s going to make make or break that decision could would be a server a logical thing to say that that assistant would determine whether person would be more appropriate for nursing home care absolutely car for rehabilitation absolutely because really the nursing homes that offer rehab there is a place in a spectrum for them they do have appropriate patients that really would just do better they need that long-term aspect of things that an acute rehab setting doesn’t offer but like I mentioned three hours of therapy a day a patient has to be able to tolerate that in order to even qualify to come to our setting and as you know yourself as an individual who had a stroke you know what that all entails sometimes diagnosis just don’t need that and right and it’s also an individual thing and a person just might not be motivated to do that they might want to just kind of have a little bit more time to recuperate before they start doing their therapy and again that’s why that setting would be more appropriate and having said that mm-hmm I’ll ask you we only have a short very time but excited got a loaded question okay it’s this in my opinion sea pines has the expertise to do the things that just might keep a person from going into the nursing home skilled care and if they had a chance borderline chance to rehab I think they and a better chance and I’ve seen it happen I thought your facility and this this is the hard call when you get into acute care and what can be done what can be done this is where the approach to recovery becomes extremely important because I’ve watched the seat kind staff work on people that work it didn’t appear that they were going to be able to elevate themselves with her but I saw it happen right absolutely it’s

perseverance attention and a desire to succeed and and that makes a difference it really really about that just for a few min I mean it really does i know our clinicians and our doctors would say that that’s half the battle right there as your attitude and your desire to get better because there’s some people that really they just aren’t there just aren’t interested they kind of give up because you know that there’s a huge emotional aspect that goes into these injuries as well and sometimes people can’t get past that but if they really and truly are motivated in a persevere and they put themselves through that and then the same can be said of anything you know working out or running or anything like that again this is the degree of difference between staff attitude and professionalism and in what comes in to other places where staff rotates more often they the staff in a rotating places don’t have the same degree of dedication and you yourself said it when you have people that are 28 30 years well absolutely different absolutely anytime you have a support that outside support that’s helping drive youth and that’s absolutely gonna help get help so folks if you’ve got a question about some I coming out of a hospital where you have call shannon down on a seat bites and at least at least shannon i think people owe it to themselves they get an assessment yes they do it doesn’t cost anything for an evaluation to be done when you’re in a hospital setting so they can always ask for a rehab acute rehab evaluation basie Pines okay you successfully we have about one second left to go so I want to thank you for doing the show holy I hope you our viewers have gained something for what Shannon and I have discussed that I want to thank you for watching today’s up so a public safety this is Joe Steckler I am broadcasting from radio station wml 1300 a.m. where you can hear our helping seniors program on the radio every thursday at 1pm the work we do at helping seniors is important but we can’t do it alone that is why our media sponsors such as am 1300 w mu l here in brevard county are so important i’d also like to thank other media partners as senior scene magazine where you’ll see our helping seniors newsletter as a center pull out feature in each month addition you’ll also see an article each month in hometown news a weekly local paper and I’d also like to thank our many areas sponsors businesses and medical providers to support the mission of helping seniors that help us carry the cost of both our outbound information programs such as this as well as our inbound information efforts by calling our senior information line at three two one four seven three seven seven seven zero there they will get help and direction that could be helpful for their specific situation or circumstances through information education and access to resources lastly I’d like to thank all viewers listeners and readers who take an action step and help as individuals to support the mission of helping seniors it’s quite easy actually to join them you can call us at three two one four seven three seven seven seven zero to get involved as a partner with helping seniors and or you can also donate directly on our website at www savard org thanks so much for your help it does make a difference