Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric Co-op: Speed Sections and Boss Fights Do Not Mix (15)

I’ll answer the question to be close to the crystal yeah sure why not look Amy there is a hammer bigger than yours it’s not the size it’s how you swing it care to find out I think we have to follow the combination it’s showing okay you got that as long as we copy their sequence perfectly we’ll be fine okay that’s enough let’s focus here go and the prize is behind door number one you know again that reference what that reference is referencing but is there TV in this world do they know about game shows no eeks mean but it looks like one of the gems that you’d get in frequency is I guess also this room is amazing no it’s not it’s a cave with a thing in the middle of it not amazing well we defeat miss it’s a speed section because about all something is talk to for not in this game no no I’m being facetious it’s like hey yeah yeah clearly hit response oh you got the back into him remember the quick-set well so you finally single I rode me bouncing back gentlemen I wish my camera was a little bit better yeah come talk too much and we risked him okay why did we not stop we needed to get to MIT oh my god did you see chuckles I didn’t see now my slide into the ground he punched the ground that’s pretty lame Oh God well can we hit him in the air oh I get it yeah oh we can yeah because they were floating in there I got it don’t worry I got it oh my gosh they disappear I wasn’t allowed to hit it cuz you were too far ahead and it’s wanted to attack you and not me and I face right through the petition okay well you were a little bit too far to the right okay you know what if I was then that’s my fault that’s my phone that’s right the game we shouldn’t allow that to happen because I mean it’s a break man the NPCs are getting hit like all booked all over the place here invincible dammit we’ll get him eventually across fighters though there’s too many hits for what this is this takes place in a speed section you would think the balls would last shorter time he just hey phase right through the ground okay did we can’t kill him I don’t know yes no all right this is a trifecta boss yeah look it’s you look did you see I saw ice on it that was that’s surprisingly cool it’s like saying good night it I’m voting this okay great wonderful I’m a deranged daddy I’ll fight are you not responding are you stuck there oh my god are you

stuck there oh-oh-oh-oh switch you to the character I can’t oh no I have to do this by myself sonic boom you are the gift that keeps on you Oh doh oh you’re just fun well finally what the it made me wait that long you’re gonna die you get me because holy crap I always fall with twenty rings and they’re all gone already Jesus that was that was majestic majestic as Oh God watch the aftershock oh wait here’s rings covering crying I don’t want to grab them oh forget them we’re gonna get them trying oh yeah how did we do it would beat him where did that come out of okay you know what knuckles is right again Annie’s dad show off no wait that was a Sims thing it looks like The Sims crystal huh weird look exactly like it yeah the the the side before but now it’s like the selection crystal I know what you mean yeah that is weird okay so that was a majestic boss fight Harry oh my god died it’s just one thing after another with this game I thought we’d seen everything almost so I get I get I think what was supposed to happen was like well there was a checkpoint that you respawn at but because it’s two players which for some reason they didn’t plan on that you don’t respond till you hit the checkpoint so you’re just stuck there you don’t even get to follow the other player we’re going all the way over there we I know how to get there thankfully okay I’m gonna stay still so I don’t have to get teleported five times oh but he’s probably going to be like you’re too blue well I don’t player 1 so I actually had it yeah because it teleported me when that warning came up so you have to at least keep up holy but thankfully I can just avoid really the more scenery than anything else they are okay one I’m gonna kind of any time to get teleport about this woman I’m not gonna move to three just come to the three I guess out of thing is that making you look like a like a you missed a punch sound of that oh here comes your accounts oh we can do it was it give us jump in there I guess yeah might as well and I say do you need to be a me no I did the timing was off I thought at that point I was just kind of adopting like the philosophy of if I just go at it for long enough I’ll be able to do it if I just run just try to run straight through it without a second thought apparently thank go down we do win we do win sonic just be me yeah I’m like this is too long I took tool Thanks thanks Sammy I’ve been doing that in the background the whole time I know it doesn’t that doesn’t make it good just because they keep doing it doesn’t make it good at least that doesn’t tell me that would

be booze what is that is that pointing at the boxes you can do it you can do it come back come back okay okay okay let’s just not let’s just keep going just just keep going to points – really – you’re almost doing it you can break the boxes you know I feel like in they’re more useful as platforms two points there was protocol start you would clutch his clutch oh okay that happened but by the way I was in first person mode with the entire tire mode cuz I was stuck in there and I could not move just throwing that out there I was in third person mode in 2d mode by the way well you can’t go in to use the third dimension I was in first person mode during that lovely not even I’d be mad not even mad five awesome then numbers gonna shoot up right about now mm-hmm here comes the hill six seven eight nine I think at this point I may be okay there Joe got too far actually I do need to be Sonic because I think we need to go Watergate mm-hmm the Watergate key could you pull this this thing we should be able to pull this it’s not laying you is it we already pulled us we didn’t it’s just not letting us right now I’m just I’m just no no no no no no is their father though there’s like a that inception right there why why why what – inception it’ll sound like was making an exception I’ll trust your judgment on that one everything up to obsession inception oh this is Sanok yeah I’m gonna keep feeling the black damn I’m like nah damn it but your Sanok you can probably make that no cuz it goes upwards I would broke down it’s okay we didn’t need scrap that’s fine I’m just gonna put my key back well we’re almost out of it anyway so who cares maybe if we ran out of scrap then we die you did it the tap attack attack I never come back oh god oh god oh god oh god I’m fine you were fine cuz of a good cuz of a freak out you went through the platform but it right yep I guess is this yep ocean purification plant are we going for a water level now ocean purification plan that’s interesting reply sir okay now beautiful hey it’s look it’s an iPad no it’s the mat that’s actually the panel you win this round

knuckles Amy let’s go is there any particular reason you want Sonic and Amy like these these team up seems random at least when it was random before is because it’s like all crap we fell by accident but now it’s just like no you and me were going for no particular reason hi Quincy you are looking especially creepy today just-just-just what even just what even hmm Quincy aren’t you having fun I’m adding fun listen sonic boom the rise of lyric symbolizes the got nothing i got nothing i can’t even come up with hello how do you just keep appearing out of nowhere we should start a timer up here okay we just sort of count on i mean for how many times the word awesome is said by every character i am not doing that you know what I you know what I’m talking about though I’m not doing no no but you know what I’m talking about like awesome as a word is said a lot in this game I get that it’s modernly no but it’s really weird they even reference it they go gurgle gurgle there’s no cracking in here hello but what what what what what okay sure whatever it wasn’t gonna be easy well the robots aren’t active so the snake pair them up but also I like how I’ve been designated as Sonic and you as Amy good thing player one would be something well you were selling to begin with that is true so it would make sense that I have to be switched out and you stay who you are of course it was too easy that’s not what it’s not even yet newsfeed section holy I am not moving I didn’t die though I still had rings what even it says Gil so we can get out of here oh I’m gettin together it’s coming back you skip this I mean so I like like when people say them like very flat like what’s of this as they’re clearly terrified only because it’s very difficult to pull it off well but what’s a guardian okay so me to be terrified about because it’s on the roof how do you see that you’re not looking in that direction you can they see the camera can they see the cat I’m not even jumping okay oh you have fun yes anyway there’s a real crystal there was a fake crystal I feel like we’re missing a lot of context because you’re going a little bit too quickly the context that we don’t need by the way because doesn’t change anything guys yes because what what no sonic Wow Wow oh my god this game I’ll try this no okay

I’m not even blowing into it by the way I’m using it like a bazooka like it’s like a machine I’m using I’m wielding it like a machine gun look look at this I don’t blow into it wow the hitscan is – this is a air beam by the way I got it thank you