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Hiiii! TV Spray bomb hello everyone Today spray bombs tv everyone would share a video Teach people how versatile power supply with old PC source then the power supply of the old pc We will function as power supply phone charger battery charger nè nè Charging the battery … and it is very useful in Supplied to us and styles this is the source of old computers This approach is intended for you Generally you do not know anything about electronics Knew nothing about the type of IC in here such as capacitor generally you do not know anything We also have additional metered vol vol gauges we can measure both vol and am One more We have another one is the pressure reducing circuit for this pressure reducing circuit we can adjust 0 to 40v Here when we bought ice cream for his people gave the knob like this always What this circuit it is something the potentiometer to adjust our We need more is a booster circuit This booster circuit is its capacity 150w It will be adjusted from 12V to 40v Generally this To increase the vol of your computer resources because the only source computer 12v Is maximum, so we need to push it to higher vol But so what this part pushed up high vol but can not fall below 12v

generally from 12v or more when connected to the computer resources we have But what separate this section, we can drop to the lowest level 1v So we will need a booster circuit and reduced pressure Maybe we’ll use a USB female head used to mount the phone charger 1 switch few jacks or switches are also Could use some light bulbs LED signaling we also can use this next vol for cheaper Can use this type, this type in this market it is only 35,000 a severance This type is more expensive than I forget the price, then apparently it reach tens of thousands hundred something If you want, then use this kind are kind but There is another type of alarm am Use If we can use this additional USB head instead of this one, it would be nicer. USB OTG is wire rope Due to this it is broken first, so I took out micro usb always use if no USB OTG you can take advantage of the USB ports from the few old phone charger leverage the use of some old phone charger Is his first move this one very last few First I’ll work with local sources This old power supply I derive from work people away because of poor export it is not enough for the computer anymore so I brought back and recycled but here it took the jack and his first will open this one out now I’ll hygiene it Once cleaned and will continue with this cord tangle Ok after the toilet, I was like this After cleaning ok now we need to cut wires

even his fans will use this later Now I will explain vol of each wire on the source of this hours to know how many vol wire is very simple We carefully observe martial outside of this source then on martial each source computer When they also pasted a label then on the label that will record details vol number of each color wire look this here the manufacturer has stated very clearly DC output number here It was 5 Is the red wire ok to 3.3 volt wire orange 3,3volt orange wire. Followed by gold wire will have 12volt gray gray halter … I do not use This wire is not important their little while I’ll cut it out Then came the blue wire wire color Blue Blue and Yin is right for electric -12V -12V followed by the purple wire We will have 3.3V 3.3 V It’s like the orange wire Ashoka wire rope orange purple varieties also 3.3V + 5vdc will probably forgo the purple wire will use the orange wire Red and gold wire black wire Another one is the green wire ok So now I will measure volts Oh I forgot to tell you when we click we’ll use the power cord blue and black wire will connect two wires us together when put together will launch source money will be turned off measuring orange cord before nè Then the orange wire is 3,5v hours will measure the yellow wire

Gold wire is 12v Gold wire is 12v followed by red wire red wire is 5v ok so we just use wire yellow, red, orange, black ok now I will use this circuit the test it out! What this circuit Minimum input power voltage is 10 volts and raising the 12volt Where its power will themselves correction here Now what this potentiometer we can adjust to 35volt Input voltage output voltage nè This is the adjustment potentiometers Now I’ll attach this wealth ago The voltage on the 12volt gold wire It will be Print this site + out- ok now that the output voltage is 31volt and nè and now I will try to adjust potentiometers watch it! turn it in the clockwise direction, the volt rise, twist counterclockwise volt meter will fall down ok now I will go through the dictionary from the booster circuit voltage reduction circuit nhé

This input voltage side output voltage The output voltage will have a shadow signaling leds LEDs will light up when the output voltage Soccer What this circuit does not burn but they have asked the suppliers they tell me Carefully dentist if we reverse pole mounted circuit will lead to fire if we do not correct the circuit wiring will damage If that use DC power we correct level best to pole to avoid damage Thus the current source of the low pressure circuit is 11v To adjust we just potentiometer knob on the circuit is being 31volt it is equal to the output of the circuit volt booster then Because in why I use the pressure reducing circuit? because the booster circuit this side of Volts dropped out of it only by the voltage on severance and it can not be reduced more than the volt input so I had to use a pressure reducing circuit again to adjust This is the decompression circuit the number of volts the number of its volt output can be reduced to lower its input and it may be reduced to reach 1Volt now we’ll try to Metered electricity Metered electricity This one supplier one guide himself as powering it The main source is 12V wire is inside this small news and white wires will be the measuring wire line and wire to black wire will attach to the sound of the power line to be measured I do not use this big red belt use the housing sales manufacturers suppliers one instruction to do so

ok now I will try nha What power off Voltage Give it is 12V 12V to feed This clock also on how accurate the test after their little while This seat to adjust the clock if the display is incorrect ok now tied test the alarm LEDs 3.5volt This led ball feet long would be no power vacuum would be short-legged + Power – Lightweight case you do not have material we would use martial martial always old computer source always nhé tied with the circuit here is always well ok now I will measure the power circuit to do martial for it That the area of ​​the circuit ok now doing martial for any of our source

Using glue is extremely simple finish First I will handle the

This source locally treated before

cut down some wires are not used Ok now pause

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Guide Dimension Without revealing too much too I do not have his post knob is He passed through a little orchid New smaller Just a few minutes lid before Upon completion it is like this

after finishing tied fans

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Ok, after finishing all their wiring and add fan

Ventilation on the side ok now I’ll paste this into the front flap This piece is too thin so it himself intended to snails but bad it had to glue over severance only snails cap on severance Simply like this Booster circuit

yellow wire from the main source 12volt Through booster circuit from booster circuit through decompression circuit then electromagnetic decompression circuit I will Launched two side jacks Here are two audio jacks and power seem electricity (+ and -) As for the clock Clock Clock Called voltmeters Simply like this. Its power supply wire This includes three small wire and wire rope white black red wire black and red wire rope that I get 12V from gold wire of the main sources of this black black wire wiring red wire rope connecting numerous other gold wire is white we play live in the power of football to the wire circuit voltage drop didenj positive (+) Input wire + play here Also the red wire red wire to black wire to the red wire not used this should have tipped with resins and Only black cord alone is spending her here for this party ie the first head power (-) side of the circuit output voltage drop followed by the USB port The USB port This port, I get 5V power source from the bottom of the league last red 1 red wire with a black cord. Red Wire Black Wire wiring splice red black, just like that This was what I used DC jack from our main source wine from 12volt wire standard 12V standard 12V Always 12 V add 1 led his shadow signaling here Electricity use of 3.5 V I used the orange wire from the main sources I used orange and black wires from the main source always In our main source Game 1 wireless switch green and 1 black wire the switch will touch two wires together will launch the main source and all will operate the remaining paste martial box again Then clean his then repaint it nice Ok Now before but clean paint spreadable

Ok I need to test this new everything toilet paint Ok after completing the power supply paint of us would like Very clean and beautiful This is a class I have painted before Pasting a Logo look it nice little vents behind this I will try first by charging

I’ll try a little while charging nhé battery current is 8V

16volt severance adjustment range charging ok after charging more than 5 minutes now I will check the jar nhé measured 8V back there again now will measure nè after charging more than 5 minutes, it was 11,7v then. Quite effective We have become a versatile source. TV Spray bomb wish you success If you see a video or do not forget to click like and share for many people watch it! TV Spray bomb appointment to see you in the next!