Team Rocket Challenge – Episode 3: We the Original Goons ._.

what is our fellow Victini smiles per bikini and today I’m bringing it up is my poop on Team Rocket challenge in the episode who we took on gym leader kress we obtained ourselves a vs seeker why I was saying vs seeker we obtained ourselves a see year and we took care of Team Plasma week on your team member which was cable and we still felt sick we still failed to a capture a trainer scope on however that has been fixed I actually got myself cheat code and that worked out good and I think those people to help me find the cheat code but I don’t know why there is some cheat codes that did not work at all but hope this one works i chatted it out and yeah so yeah as well in case you not notice cable total 12 now I decided to train up cable around four levels yeah they learn I char that’s it so yeah not over training here in case you’re wondering why are you training again I do not only poke my train was cable because there’s level 8 and asking me problem against all these other trainers anyway um yeah wish me catch new pokemon trainer Pokemon now with short three so what we can do here we can other catch I trainer’s Pokemon or we can catch a pokémon on the grass way way over here but yeah um yeah let’s see I’m not battle of these two can we battle them yes we can okay cuz imma know I poop on black let’s play they’re like oh we can’t but leaves you only have one Pokemon so yeah and these two have a do what and carvanha I want the Duat um so I’m gonna take care of carvanha here because I really want I really want to do it and i’ma get super super super sonic on to wat i already have a water type but I want to do aught and here we go yeah but then again do what might happen just do what have revenge cuz if it does it’s gonna be quite a few damage to the UFO okay using water can that’s good that’s good it’s not good but you know what I mean um that I’m use sandstorm on oh that no no think of my youths an attack on do out then and mmm you know what I think I want to switch into cable here because I’m pretty sure I shard should not do a whole crap bunch to do walk because it’s not really effective but please do not have any revenge your moves like that please that would suck really bad um you’re confusing yourself as good and I mean I shard yes yes I barely did anything normal I just hard to do it please don’t kill this thing yes ok and now i’m going to use sign attack on you again but i’m going to use confusion on you so you can flick get more damage split on upon yourself and that’s worth throwing footballs at it football is there we go how the hell are you already at of confusion that is not right ah let’s season or confuse ray then and I guarantee you this do I’ll be amazing tour 21 sweet okay no I need a capture now because you’re gonna die now that’s probably a bad idea for using accuser it okay you snapped out of confusion that’s good let’s use a football on you and hear what the hell is your capture rate then huh likessee seriously getting the pokeball already we’ve got nine left are you kidding me you’re like you have read HP and you still wouldn’t want to get in get in the poké ball for crying out loud thank you finally getting poked ball so hmm I think I’m name you nippy because one of my subscribers old master named one of my pokémon my capture net P so Mon Ami nippy then I’m gonna know that’s nice well my piece and I believe it’s two piece think so not I’m so sorry oh we can exchange nickname once we get to okay so yeah there we go nippy and that’s a nippy for you so let’s see what kind of moves this thing in specs it has Torin dokie tackle to a water garden water sport not too bad actually not too shabby so I’m putting a ball back I mean nippy and i’ll see you guys snip that just came out wrong I’ll go up I’m gonna put me back on so you guys back massage

alrighty so I put an MP back and yeah so if you’re wondering which trainer i used the the cheat on on this test it out i used it on her she’s got an alumina illumise or however you pronounce up a bustling I never really got I never really saw the episode where they pronounce this Pope was named um so yeah I know it’s kind of cheating because I knew what pokémon she had but yeah I’m still song about Timothy so yeah I didn’t really change something at super effective and yeah but i do not know those two girls over there hat um yeah um so let’s very go illumise is down and what else does he have now oh holy moly porches um let me striking range against you okay so once for just down I think Timothy oh now I’ve got 30 okay then okay tackle you shouldn’t do too much me oh god no do not know what I get critical hits on this thing there we go is tack on you and that’s good game GG so let’s go gimmick is fortress and willow 14 sweet and yeah so yeah um now you’re probably wondering wait wait a minute so are you a lot of capture a Pokemon on the grass over here that’s way over there no you’re not if you catch a chance pokemon on a route or you battle them inside the city and there’s a poke one obtained like saying us what’s a good example ya NAA city ok so let’s today there is a Zorro ah event and that’s a Pokemon however if you catch if you catch a chain one of the trainers you balance in casaya cities Pokemon if we care for if you catch one of the trains poop on there you cannot get that Zorro wha because you’ve already called a Pokemon in that city so that’s how that basically works or trainers it basically counts as a route Pokemon and this way you get you get the opportunity to get more pokemon as I believe in this game there’s around 42 routes I’m the Hammers unsure as like I said I haven’t played black and white and ages I’m not hampson sure how many rouster ARB I’m pretty sure that’s around 42 and with the cities combined with Pope pointing Kansas City stuff like that that’s awesome as well the jewelers and stuff you can catch their pokemon as well but you cannot catch your rivals pokemons yeah anyway over here’s a daycare I think it might be a good idea to put nippy in the daycare yeah that’s us kind of waste right now um I’ll go getting a beat okay so now we’re back here I’m gonna put nipping at gate taking cake I don’t know what I’m talking trying to do today I’m snippy back and knock back is putting up in the deck here there we going to be and we’ll nice and high level once we get that was once we get come back for you yeah um so now we’re down there we can go take on a few other trains over here which are these toddlers because somehow hotel is not a battle in this game yeah i’m not sure that works anyway let’s you’ve got a beam I verse or should have caught you instead of nippy but I like nippy um i guess i do what because do idea you what do you have Missy oh my lord I cannot battle a Flygon um no oh damn it come on take care of that thing I think I was killed my cable ooh take down i wouldn’t mind teaching that way does it yet and flicks down which ones opponent doesn’t it that isn’t the best move in Oz lock I’m gonna teach it anyway just in case something comes up on a delayed sandstorm of that wait what hmm you know what yeah I’m literally tackle because i’m pretty sure i nip not nathie um damn it cable had no cable oh whoa whoa whoa what that’s like a brain fart right there I forgot what my pokemans names are Timothy i’m pretty sure to me has sanville yeah so that’s awesome so that’s why did not delete um sandstorm do we have any potions we’ve got one fresh water how awesome is that I sauce cable and that’s awesome and who else can we battle here let’s boy over here with hyper beam check just hyper beam oh thank you I’ll take your TM for Hyper Beam even though you don’t really have one clang clang okay that’s awful way to start off this because I’m Swift cable and this thing probably has summer stock or something so you know what I’m gonna

switch in 2 Timothy as I’m part ground I’m these a good old dragon rage now so take care of cling clang almost thing has gear grind hmm yeah I’m gonna be on Akio then cuz I’m gonna die here you could use charge all you want actually just probably not a good idea yeah I said I should have sent my UFO about ages ago OGG for a second I even if course like if I had more poke money but luckily did not um in here I believes lady heals you up so please heal me up lady yes thank you because I almost died there with cape with Timothy okay so now we’re done there we can go right on ahead over here on to this route over here which still route to but yeah taro chips to put one place an upper left you put one list is important I one of them we all know that we’re like you give us that information right now once we’re all ready we already filled the first gym and yet you ask does that give us that information that’s awesome so we battle pub again and bob has pellentesque al’Vere yes okay that’s awful awful awesome even you know I’m going to try and find a way to say awful and awesome at once I’ll furnish no that’s this game target who does nothing to me also say nothing to it I’m gonna go on Timothy cuz I’m pretty sure this thing can do crap again sympathy and he’s old 14 so we’re in the right range so i’m assuming quit card and not sure what that does okay dragon right to take it out because that is 40 damage there’s actually another thing of it it actually is really really really overpowered because not many pokemon have around 40 experience points this early in the game um where with randomized really gonna do and yeah but i’m still saying that’s kind of really overpowered because like i said no many people gonna have 40 experience his own him yuck muck that’s Pope yeah I polish oh yeah I can’t catch my ride with pokemon but that was an awesome the old catch a mock because that’s poison type and I actually really really like muck ah it’s really cool and pinion I don’t know why but I’ve been thinking like I think I kind of like it because of pokemon ranger this normal range of the first Ranger because I mission Wehrmacht was it luck or grammar I don’t know but there’s one mission the grammars everywhere and that was what I don’t know why I thought really I finally mission really really entertaining and brother funding to you even though it took me countless hours had to figure out to do that puzzle yeah I sucked the video games back then what am I talking when I still suck at video games even he’s hardened I think I’m gonna speed this up and you I started hopefully get ice axe and cool water down here and that’s almost a good game good game against you she had cable has got quite a bit of a punch right here of Defense’s stuff like that’s awesome actually yes water pulse finally um really miss with that these miss really doesn’t help me out that much so yeah we go we delete YouTube forgot miss then we learned water pulse let that sit for trainer Bob yes 1200 not bad okay I see that so that’s how you battle out of the way Hey Ya Ya Ya Ya you you don’t mess of Team Rocket um yeah what why are you running Bianca why what did I tell you about talking little girls that’s not right yes okay this yeah okay then um yes i’ll yeah i like how we’re helping team plasma and not to steal pope keep people’s pokemon yeah we’re stealing people’s pokemon hmm its kind of climactic right there I think that’s proper working use anyway I a hill our pokemon from this little lady over here thank you very much thank you thank you thank you that’s too much think he’s right there I’m anyway his go over here and brawn pass these two twits and here is a super potion not too shabby and um yeah who was shaking her ass were there but will not be going there little big fat ones lady over here and what do we encounter a Voltorb I’d known as things with Voltorb because I think probably the explosion or something like that I think they learned expose another way too much shirt water pulse now you confused and Ringo good game the hell water vanilluxe uh-uh-uh-uh that move there’s a crap-ton of damage I know from

experience and you just have ice types optical or on there we go hole 15 like a boss we’re all 15 of cable they grow up so fast yes an Oran berry mm-hmm you better give us an Oran berry I’m my surgeon q UFO now would that be a good idea cuz we’re going into a cave and whatever y’all oh yeah that’s not a good mother to live up to but anyway there we go repel right there yeah sure whatever top of that ledge and go talk to Bob over here and Saudis gotta say they ran inside here the Jacob is they are they’re very fine thank you thank you indeed oh so here we are wellspring cave Jake those bottles and bunches and really isn’t your a reason well they are Team Plasma after all so here but um Pikachu so I’ve got an option you to catch Pikachu or I can catch a Pokemon in the cave so I think I think I’m not gon send them that catch Pikachu in the castle man cave oh yeah that’s one more thing if you pass up the first center like this like for example this the first trainer you battle in this cave if you pass up the chance Pokemon you cannot catch any other string you cannot catch any other trainers pokémon in that area because you already passed up that the only other option you have then is to catch I walk Pokemon you don’t earn it oh no no not you too yes and there’s two of us so what now yeah whatever this is get to it um not the best thing with you with a UFO on board it’s going on to Timothy and meditate scratch that’s a good combo right there dragon rage you hello 16 sweet and you can you scratch all you want and I’m gonna use dragon right Johnny good game good game jejejeje and yes he lost ok just don’t even bother in order to let me peg one field who you take your Pokemon whatever was what up to his time yes and two that’s two haha my eyes are open right now how do you think I’m i don’t think i’m able to play the game right now i know that’s a figure of speech in case you’re wondering you’re really stupid no no that it’s a figure of speech I know that I’m he’s a full heel on actually not gonna say that full heal because i already had a parallel seal so many know there we go use Rico and there we go okay let’s see I would have loved getting that swirl oh yes fired type that’s what I wanted so I’m not switching to give all here because I’m pretty sure Colt lava it’s when it uses a fart attack against cable it should be in neutral eight yeah I’m pretty sure it after all some water type and a nice time but I think want to use confused rate and let that do its thing and then i’m gonna use ice chart politicians do too much yeah it doesn’t do it too much start you again and you won I sure don’t get a critical hit that’s good okay smoke screen cool cool cool and Eureka and I’m a toe poke ball oh I think a dust ball work in this cave because we are in a dark area I think so I say this gospel will work please work done done yes yeah we got cool Oliver sweet so hmm what’s her name Palala okay so um I went ahead and looked at my videos cuz i know there’s someone else that actually asked me for a to name and pooping out for them so I my name Michael lava will summon him will cuz i think will fit school Allah perfectly summoning that and there we go I and i believe it was to else there I go so now we’ve got cove on our team so this area is a fire-type area then okay then um yeah not looking

too good their will I’ll healy up though don’t worry amber smoke screen layer and tackle blaze sweet mm speed 24 overall pretty good will there we go that’s good will um what else I know there’s an item over here we can get which is a team 46 teeth yes we got thief I steal smoke one because after all I am a thief I’m khachaturian spoke monologue that stuff so yeah um thief and no one come or not I should have known that from search I’m so it’s dumb with Pokemon let’s go over here and get out of this cave because thats a pretty creepy and nothing go talk to Bianca or water whatever name is kami I want any Hill I’m poking up though and what the hell are you doing now bit kami seriously um yeah I think of the great balls ma’am or girl or him I really don’t know if you’re a girl or a guy because your name has never been said I believe I’m not sure oh it’s a little girl okay then um that’s that’s good to know but then I can she’s got a bow on her head so yeah but then again I’ve seen I’ve seen some guys wear bows so yeah that’s my story of the day I think so and wish me a liberal Pokemon thank you good lady another wills healed up we can probably go ahead battle with wool but I want to train on Pokemon at least all the level 16 having about Logan actually cable mean sea level 16 let me go come on Kayla let’s go and see what else who else we can battle okay first up is this guy over here okay everything a chance going huh and that is not a good matchup for me that’s awful Timothy’s from Timothy and yes I knew your needs that on what are you okay thank God you missed I’ll dragon rice right there and you nice that move and dragon right you and that’s a good game GG and your name is crystal that’s an awesome name awesome possum antidote so now we can heal up our pokémon when they’re poisoned and this is not a new area but this is up streaker and you’re like me something how can I we could run away from me okay and don’t tell me we’re battling Bob again yes oh yes okay we already know this jaron Bob whatever your name is um you betta like I know you battle for a fact let’s go see what you have Oh cupped you would’ve loved captioning cups you what I already have a nice type kibble and he’s a watertight as well so it’s awesome okay um you was what is this never Pokemon OOP aah so mmm so this area overhears electric-type then ok so that’s probably why Pikachu is there so we can ya left type area sweet what is this another Pokemon Zeb striker blue now I’m not sure my Zeb streak our striker I’m gonna go streaker does that make sense or is that strike I don’t know I’ll buy let you do you battle no oh yes you do okay then what do you have Missy Smoochum okay what these water pulse on you and my camp camp became confused that’s constantly use will okay I know but on fire types i said throw out in a few cinema are doing i get thought out yeah i might get killed that way let’s go to UFO here then i shock you good game and we’ll get some experience points as well and fun a shock you as well crap you used by there that’s that’s one that’s one move you should stay clear off na Na’s lock that move screws you over so much if you if you watch my pokemon Dinah pearl odd nuzlocke idea with Callum AK hoodlums craft you saw that that that move I think I believe it killed Callum and myself oh that’s super Craig etat on the first route actually right outside of cuz uh dual life city that that thing to screw us over really bad and a Oh beat you hello Pete you and the key leaders for the fun of it because I need some experience then I go love 16 sweet and now we could battle of will if we use a full heal let’s go get full heal uh-huh and if we use a super ocean on we’ll go ok so now I believe we can battle of will because I’m pretty sure we’ll can

take on these Pokemon my Kings looking pretty good right now hopefully they turn out to be strong and mighty I think I take one of those yes he was pretty good right now and I’m leveling up really fast ok then um I’m gonna keep the smoke screen holy moly like this is a legend er right here the hell out why do what hey you can t crap against to some steel type what now huh can’t do crap there we go good game now i’m pretty sure spirit team is it legendary i might be wrong with that term but i’m pretty sure it is legendary so if it’s not let me know because I’ve my whole life I thought it was legendary yeah aah the thing that nobody knows i am curious curious george ok so here we are in an occurrence city and bob is here yay i’ll leave me alone Bob what the hell are you doing now huh seriously what are you doing oh you give me chest bear so it’s all good it’s all good then indeed it is the hell I don’t know what type she uses is a randomizer you know that Bob so this is not green city the city of joy and excitement mm-hmm yes indeed but yeah thank you for watching as well if you want to get a pokémon named after you let me know and I’ll try my best to remember that and yes well let me know of Pokmon you want me to use and I know that’s kind of hard with a randomized but if I do in kind of a Pokemon I’ll be sure to remember that day you told me to use that I’ll be like oh yeah mmmm that’s an I’ll use I definitely but anyway hope you guys know this episode until then see you guys tomorrow with a um I don’t know what i’ll be uploading tomorrow thing Roma blast navy or black or black i’m not sure but yeah I thank you for watching I’ll see you guys next time peace odd and I hope you guys want awful day