(14/12/2019) "FRUIT GANG GANG Madge Poodge | NoPixel | !insta !discord"

pina_colorado: ashlynnScuff ashlynnLuvv loganoxx: ashlynnYay ashlynnYay pina_colorado: no ones talking to u eddie Eddie1225: what is this song OMEGALUL Eddie1225: KKona Clap pina_colorado: KKona Clap pina_colorado: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW Eddie1225: LMAO Eddie1225: the 40 is bigger than her OMEGALUL pina_colorado: where is her top lip KEKW Thelkris: aaiiight Eddie1225: KEKW Eddie1225: LMAO Eddie1225: πŸ™‚ pina_colorado: how can u not love madge Eddie1225: OMEGALUl loganoxx: hello ZeroX711: hello fortnite_blackhole_: fruit gang AJVM_: I’m here pina_colorado: any poodgers in chat DesireeNbc00: HI MOM NeoReaperXIII: Pog Unlimax: Hey Ash ashlynnLuvv Eddie1225: yes Eddie1225: its saturday AJVM_: ashlynnHeart ashlynnHeart ashlynnHeart Martin6421: Pog Simply_Karen_: hi ashlynnLuvv FeeltheBass: Pog Pog Pog Pog NeoReaperXIII: aloha Ash ashlynnCozyy mallratderek: ashlynnLuvv ashlynnLuvv ashlynnLuvv ashlynnLuvv ashlynnLuvv ashlynnLuvv Dokubeki: hai ash ashlynnUwU AJVM_: Time to get druuuunnkkk mrchainsaw13: hola NeonMatriXD: ashlynnPog Martin6421: or 3 ZeroX711: ma wooooomen Spenstar: Hey! fortnite_blackhole_: Heyyyyyy ashlynn AJVM_: Did u eat irl ashlynnHyper kakshiv: janellHug its Sunday 3 30 am kjellberg6762: kyliebLove kyliebLove HiggsyPigsy: what schedule kyleisKEKW NeoReaperXIII: ah, Whiteclaws, the koolaid of bear jamie_gene_k: ashlynnHeart ashlynnHeart ashlynnHeart ashlynnHeart pina_colorado: Pog she eated NeoReaperXIII: beer VanHooliganX: new character?! madsssss: ashlynnLuvv ashlynnLuvv ashlynnLuvv ashlynnLuvv ashlynnLuvv ashlynnLuvv ashlynnLuvv BlazedGoldfish: You just made my boring night fun thank you fred0uille: HIIII ashlynnLuvv ashlynnLuvv ashlynnLuvv twitwi4u: hi guys WhatTheyWant: ashlynnSquish ashlynnSquish ashlynnSquish jalapenokoolaid: @NeoReaperXIII wutchu just say about koolaid πŸ™‚ pina_colorado: ye its fine Eddie1225: you sound fine TomNxcholls: Eu streamer Jebaited bobosaurr: OMG MADGE Pog ZeroX711: sounds good WhatTheyWant: sounds better sdfe7: YESS MADGE OMFG YESS drhhuxtable: MADGE ashlynnInda_SG HiggsyPigsy: THROW THAT BANG OUT Eddie1225: time to stab a cash register PogU NeoReaperXIII: @jalapenokoolaid KEKW shhhyanne: ashlynnNice ashlynnNice ashlynnNice ashlynnNice ashlynnNice ashlynnNice blazyblaze: spicy is toxic madsssss: ashlynnWoww ashlynnWoww ashlynnWoww ashlynnWoww ashlynnWoww jamie_gene_k: yea I finally get to see madge I always fall asleep before u play her AJVM_: !roll pepeSmoke pina_colorado: MonkaW ash having alcohol and caffeine Nightbot: AJVM_ rolled: 3 bobosaurr: finally rob a store ??? AZV56: hy chat hope you are doing well Eddie1225: rob a store PogU AJVM_: Points pepeLaugh NeoReaperXIII: ashlynnNah ashlynnSellout TomNxcholls: It’s 3am nerd saabNice WutFace Rough08: wtf, that’s my woman twitwi4u: lol sdfe7: MADGEEEEEEEEEEE blazyblaze: !roll pepeSmoke fortnite_blackhole_: making money wooot jamie_gene_k: saabHype wild shhhyanne: ashlynnYay ashlynnYay ashlynnYay ashlynnYay ashlynnYay ashlynnYay ashlynnYay jalapenokoolaid: what’s that red stuff on madge’s jeans πŸ™‚ WhatTheyWant: hell yea KKona pina_colorado: thank god LULW BlazedGoldfish: LUL Nightbot: LUL Eddie1225: aye yo biiiiiiiitch fred0uille: Solo madge ? NeoReaperXIII: oh, whats your voice for Madge? Nightbot: Subscribe as a way to show your support. Never necessary but always appreciated. https://www.twitch.tv/subs/ashlynn TomNxcholls: Drunk streamer PogU Kapp Eddie1225: thats it jalapenokoolaid: aiiight Rough08: pepeD PepePls PepoCheer pina_colorado: just make it slightly more understandable LUL AznFro: lmao NeoReaperXIII: KEKW ITS PERFECT WATCHU MEAN Nightbot: KEKW Eddie1225: aiiiiiight blazyblaze: fucked up fridays taraquest: Madge’s theme song? Eddie1225: your now EchebKeso: Maaaadge choiSmile Eddie1225: not * osgrimjones: Madge Pog Thelkris: yeah do the original accent BlazedGoldfish: You are always loud LUL HiggsyPigsy: nice job eddie pina_colorado: your now @Eddie1225 Sam_MvP1: Ay yo das mah woman! Rough08: widepeepoHappy jalapenokoolaid: your now – eddie 2019 Eddie1225: !spicy Nightbot: ashlynnToxic jalapenokoolaid: w/e edward FeeltheBass: I feel like your S’s are a little bright AJVM_: ashlynnToxic

taraquest: 2nd Eddie1225: number 1 BlazedGoldfish: VoteYea VoteYea sdfe7: 2md MoonMagic: saabHi Eddie1225: 2nd is inda VanHooliganX: 2nd sounds like Inda Atenious: 1 AJVM_: 1st EchebKeso: 1st Sam_MvP1: 1 fortnite_blackhole_: 1 jamie_gene_k: 1 Thelkris: 1 blazyblaze: accents KEKW fred0uille: 1 twitwi4u: 1 lol pink_soda_: 1st NeoReaperXIII: thats a bit loud AJVM_: Get that dark smoker voice pina_colorado: just dont make it completely unintelligable or no ones gonna take you serious lol BlazedGoldfish: Press the buttons El_Superbeastoo: HELL YES, ITS MADGE TIME Pog xoxobrxnda: ashlynnHey ashlynnHeart Nightbot: Annyeong haseyo NeoReaperXIII: but I dont stream so I dont know shoot BlazedGoldfish: LUL LUL VoteYea Nightbot: LUL VanHooliganX: turn down the 4watt Lymslol: your volume seems fine, i have you all the way up within twitch and youre as loud as others i was watching Eddie1225: i mean pina madge is supposed to be a Pepega KEKW BlazedGoldfish: That button Eddie1225: LMAO VanHooliganX: LUL El_Superbeastoo: @ashlynn Could you please turn up the other peoples audio? pina_colorado: slide the thingy to the thing xoxobrxnda: ashlynnKek itsFleee: Ha ha ha BlazedGoldfish: VoteYea NeoReaperXIII: download more ram xoxobrxnda: i just got here. how am i the worst? πŸ˜• xoxobrxnda: πŸ™ itsFleee: πŸ™ Rough08: Yeah, we really are the worst Eddie1225: truuuuu loganoxx: teamspeak voice volume Aldipes: you’re weird @ashlynn πŸ™‚ Nightbot: If you are enjoying the stream you can show extra support by donating. ashlynnSellout https://www.twitchalerts.com/donate/ashlynn BlazedGoldfish: curvyW NeoReaperXIII: D: don’t touch that itll fry your monitor xoxobrxnda: ashlynnInda jamie_gene_k: ashlynnWeird jalapenokoolaid: curvyLeonardo pina_colorado: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW jalapenokoolaid: oop jamie_gene_k: KEKW PerryOutz: HeyGuys Eddie1225: prison was pretty wild today jalapenokoolaid: curvyElephant pina_colorado: DoC was wild today Eddie1225: there was a stand off right after tsunami jalapenokoolaid: HECK crazyerazer: denzel and dundee were wild BlazedGoldfish: We like it weird in here BlazedGoldfish: He is never getting out Nyzzz: does teamspeak have volume settings? DavidDragonMaster: hey slynn hey chat NeoReaperXIII: thats Madges car??? KEKW Va1iantN7: ashlynnHey pina_colorado: you remember the MC radio station? Eddie1225: madge rides in style BlazedGoldfish: HeyGuys EchebKeso: One suspect the car is stolen bobosaurr: Madge is a BIKER !! Masshamacide: Does the twitch notifications go off? osgrimjones: ye BlazedGoldfish: Goldfish purplehorizonskies: hello fellow weirdling LUL DavidDragonMaster: ashlynn* pina_colorado: yeah nvm i shouldnt have even asked LULW titofromrocketpwr: 854.6 i think? Eddie1225: aye yo iiiiight El_Superbeastoo: @ashlynn Like Inda but KKona KEKW loganoxx: that voice sounds right ImProbablyDumb: oh god, madge’s face purplehorizonskies: “where is my wooman” check NeoReaperXIII: she should be driving a 67 chevy impala pina_colorado: more KKona is good tttaylor: Why does she look like khloe kardashian JJOkochaJJ: where ma wwhooman Eddie1225: nah BlazedGoldfish: VoteYea VoteYea pina_colorado: nahhh Eddie1225: madge is madge lynnaria_: nahhh Nightbot: Get closer to the community by joining the Famlynnβ„’ Discord https://discord.gg/ashlynn pina_colorado: she has the hat jamie_gene_k: nahh crazyerazer: nahhh Eddie1225: it wound’t be the same El_Superbeastoo: nah, madge is madge Thunderstrum: nahhhhh twitwi4u: nah pina_colorado: the hat makes it perfect KawaiiWeeb_: madge is good Rhianyx: wdym! lost mc has tons of ped models NeoReaperXIII: lets check it out purplehorizonskies: she is madge what he talking about LUL AJVM_: Only flipflops KEKW XtraMedium1301: You don’t have a lot of clothing options ImProbablyDumb: I think this is what Chris Farley would look like as a woman Eddie1225: for that your better off making a new character Eddie1225: cuz madge is already iconic lmao purplehorizonskies: truuu^ crazyerazer: nah madge is good

pina_colorado: yeah peds give you more character imo Nightbot: Follow Ashlynn on Twitter – https://twitter.com/AshlynnArias NeoReaperXIII: yeah not a lot of body types for player characters taraquest: I love her like this Nyzzz: it’s so nice that you don’t look the same as everyone else jalapenokoolaid: god, i can’t get over how pretty madge is *holds in vomit* BlazedGoldfish: LUL Nightbot: LUL shhhyanne: ashlynnSellout ashlynnSellout ashlynnSellout ashlynnSellout ashlynnSellout XtraMedium1301: You can do the Parents tab and then move it all the way to one side so it is all this ped model loganoxx: Madge Poodge and a dream jamie_gene_k: @jalapenokoolaid ashlynnKek NeoReaperXIII: just get more money 4Head ImProbablyDumb: Madge also looks like she has fetal alcohol syndrome jalapenokoolaid: jamiiie BlazedGoldfish: cath4BLAP AJVM_: Welp time to go knife more stores Eddie1225: gonna make money only for mango to steal it PepeHands G0dz1: Mango robbed her and forced to join gang KEKW BlazedGoldfish: curvyKNIFE curvyKNIFE curvyKNIFE NeoReaperXIII: ashlynnGun jamie_gene_k: ashlynnGun bobosaurr: YOINK Veeray: hobbit6Noway hobbit6Noway jalapenokoolaid: how does madge have a better butt than brenda ashlynnNo NeoReaperXIII: seduce them KEKW jamie_gene_k: LOL loganoxx: Would Madge really care if people were there FeeltheBass: lol Eddie1225: yes jamie_gene_k: yea BlazedGoldfish: VoteYea pina_colorado: madge dummy thicc rolldmg: wassup cuties NeoReaperXIII: yes shhhyanne: ashlynnYay ashlynnYay ashlynnYay BlazedGoldfish: HeyGuys ZyroPyroGame: LUL LUL Nightbot: LUL migglemartinez: Madge has an amazing ass @jalapenokoolaid shhhyanne: ashlynnScuff ashlynnScuff ashlynnScuff ashlynnScuff darkaxz: ashlynnNo BlazedGoldfish: curvyShot curvyShot curvyShot Eddie1225: all goog Eddie1225: we chillin Shrewkiller_: yo yo yo jalapenokoolaid: ty miggle for understanding BlazedGoldfish: Drink your bang NeoReaperXIII: cyrAYAYA cyrAYAYA cyrAYAYA im FWOKED GUP cyrAYAYA cyrAYAYA cyrAYAYA FeeltheBass: sounds good widepeepoHappy WhatTheyWant: im kinda tired too, been drinkin all day jamie_gene_k: @darkaxz ashlynnHeart darkaxz: jamie ashlynnHeart Eddie1225: i feel you NickySue89: I’m at work taraquest: Madge does what she wants jalapenokoolaid: PogChamp dark rolldmg: @ashlynn I’m thinking of something with mango and kiwi. Thoughts? KEKW nero_rosa: hi darkaxz: spicy POGGERS shhhyanne: ashlynnHeart ashlynnHeart ashlynnHeart ashlynnHeart ashlynnHeart ashlynnHeart Eddie1225: how many times will dutch beat us today? OMEGALUL jalapenokoolaid: fruit salad @rolldmg tbonee_: hi ashlynn pina_colorado: i love it widepeepoHappy NeoReaperXIII: Pog ashlynn: πŸ₯­ :kiwi: darkaxz: Jebaited pina_colorado: nice darkaxz: πŸ₯ Eddie1225: nice emotes yourmomsbf1: ? Eddie1225: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW rolldmg: there should be a potato fruit emiji too KEKW Thunderstrum: πŸ₯” ashlynn: πŸ₯­ πŸ₯ jalapenokoolaid: choiPotato Eddie1225: its kiwi_fruit pina_colorado: πŸ₯­ πŸ₯ Eddie1225: πŸ₯­ πŸ₯ NeoReaperXIII: πŸ₯­ πŸ₯ jalapenokoolaid: looks like a lemon ashlynnNo jamie_gene_k: πŸ₯­ πŸ₯ aw AJVM_: πŸ₯­ πŸ₯ stickbun23: πŸ₯­ πŸ₯ pina_colorado: widepeepoHappy πŸ‘‰ πŸ₯­ πŸ₯ fortnite_blackhole_: πŸ₯­ william0x0: πŸ₯­ Metoma: :mango: darkaxz: ?? kjellberg6762: πŸ₯­ ExTahZee: Fruit Gang Gang KwapSquared: πŸ‘‰ πŸ₯­ πŸ₯ JJOkochaJJ: i love how everyone is memeing the fruit gang after 1 day already bashayer0: πŸ₯πŸ₯­ darkaxz: are you ok NeoReaperXIII: ashlynnOop πŸ₯­ πŸ₯ BlazedGoldfish: curvyOK rolldmg: I dare you to pick a fruit for Dutch. You won’t, no balls Eddie1225: dutch gonna beat us atleast 5 times KEKW fortnite_blackhole_: 🍎 AJVM_: What kind of fruit is madge darkaxz: ashlynnLuvv shhhyanne: pentawTeehee kjellberg6762: πŸ₯” potato πŸ™‚ yourmomsbf1: oh stop loganoxx: ashlynnWoww BlazedGoldfish: Stop looking at me Eddie1225: @AJVM_ potato taraquest: ashlynnCozyy Eddie1225: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW Haxi_: Whoa MoonMagic: moonneHeart saabH thehat3Heart undercookedpotatoes: :kiwi_fruit: AJVM_: Nice ExTahZee: KEKW Eddie1225: magnet Haxi_: Who you calling cute NeoReaperXIII: ashlynnKek AJVM_: Potato πŸ₯” Eddie1225: LMAOOOO jamie_gene_k: lol MoonMagic: yo darkaxz: what is this voice??? NeoReaperXIII: woah, one handed lockpick Eddie1225: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW BlazedGoldfish: easy Bicoloredkitten: I love you all πŸ’œπŸ–€

Eddie1225: LMAOO AJVM_: Lmaooooo Cameron_Piper: Cameron_Piper subscribed at Tier 1. They’ve subscribed for 2 months, currently on a 2 month streak! Eddie1225: madge getting beat all day today PepeHands shhhyanne: 854.6 jamie_gene_k: lol BlazedGoldfish: Where my woman Mordelord08: 845.6 Thunderstrum: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW shhhyanne: ashlynnKek ashlynnKek ashlynnKek ashlynnKek Eddie1225: OMEGALUL Thunderstrum: 854.6 NeoReaperXIII: KEKW KwapSquared: 888.6 jamie_gene_k: KEKW darkaxz: did you forget your voice again gewfball: 854..6 Nazz_pvp: OMG wareagle91: fucking lol jalapenokoolaid: 865.4 NeoReaperXIII: 696.9 NeonMatriXD: KEKW 854.6 tbonee_: 867.5309 bobosaurr: 8964 tgcrazylightning: tgcrazylightning subscribed at Tier 1. They’ve subscribed for 24 months! 2 YEARS <3 k4ye: 854.5 k4ye: LUL Nightbot: LUL Anacott: Madge PogChamp jalapenokoolaid: PogChamp tg wareagle91: 846.5 DEATH_COBHC: 696.9 MoonMagic: I like the nickname mango for him LUL jamie_gene_k: saabHype lol shhhyanne: ashlynnHeart ashlynnHeart ashlynnHeart ashlynnHeart ashlynnHeart ashlynnHeart ashlynnHeart ashlynnHeart pina_colorado: 24 years Pog properusernamefortwitch: 24 years NotLikeThis NeoReaperXIII: 24 YEARS KEKW jamie_gene_k: 24 years Pog BlazedGoldfish: LUL LUL LUL AJVM_: Lmao shhhyanne: t3r0Sip t3r0Sip t3r0Sip t3r0Sip t3r0Sip darkaxz: WutFace bobosaurr: D: loganoxx: The motorcycle matches her flipflops properusernamefortwitch: ash will be 60 KEKW EchebKeso: Time flies I’m only on 7 years spacecowboy227: lmaoo NeoReaperXIII: White Claws coming in hard rolldmg: what if Dutch's fruit name is "dates" LUL BlazedGoldfish: cath4AM cath4AZ cath4ING darkaxz: today? Eddie1225: "today" MoonMagic: saabAww Fusser: Fusser subscribed with Twitch Prime. They've subscribed for 8 months, currently on a 4 month streak! BlazedGoldfish: curvyShot curvyShot curvyShot JJOkochaJJ: you say that everyday LUL jalapenokoolaid: curvyShot Falcon954: you're on the radio 4HEad pina_colorado: youre on the radio just ask LULW k4ye: Tired but so hyper.. yea whatever @ashlynn LUL lazyglazedonut: KEKW KwapSquared: he said to go to the top of mount chilliad :) Nightbot: KEKW bobosaurr: ICU inc jalapenokoolaid: curvyShot ashlynnWoww NeonMatriXD: Pog Thunderstrum: KEKW shhhyanne: DON'T DIE! ashlynnNice ashlynnNice ashlynnNice darkaxz: omg Eddie1225: oh brother KEKW Eddie1225: yea okay KEKW ExTahZee: sure jamie_gene_k: oh KEKW BlazedGoldfish: CoolCat properusernamefortwitch: HOA FIGHT Pog EchebKeso: This bike = hospital one way or another :3 zinkyzoink: NVL mobile KwapSquared: What are your arms doing?????? osgrimjones: ott? wareagle91: welp she gonna die NeoReaperXIII: ashlynnSellout ashlynnSellout ashlynnSellout get that mo[ney pina_colorado: shes double jointed darkaxz: your left hand was upside down undercookedpotatoes: i love that you're playing new characters <3 Eddie1225: Duck PogU moby1kanobee: yeeeeeeeeeeuuuuuuuuhhhhhh shhhyanne: ashlynnKek ashlynnKek ashlynnKek ashlynnKek zinkyzoink: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW k4ye: I can already predict that this isn't going to be a short strimm LUL dudekovsg: Hello! jalapenokoolaid: myerr err myerrr JJOkochaJJ: @ashlynn you can use the arrow keys for the house robbing mini game its way easier than with the mouse NeoReaperXIII: OMG YES, DRIVE LIKE THE WIND TremblesWithBeer: Hi Eddie1225: LOL ExTahZee: KEKW bobosaurr: do a wheelie at high speed felixthe1catt: felixthe1catt subscribed with Twitch Prime. They've subscribed for 20 months! omg I'm almost 2 years old pina_colorado: KEKW Zombie_Guy94: such a good driver PogChamp jalapenokoolaid: road rash 64 vibes ashlynnCri Eddie1225: PauseChamp shhhyanne: t3r0Hmm t3r0Hmm t3r0Hmm t3r0Hmm BlazedGoldfish: RIP Eddie1225: Pog NeoReaperXIII: Pog jamie_gene_k: Pog Eddie1225: OMEGALUL k4ye: Crash in 3 2 1 LUL taraquest: madge has so much luck EchebKeso: Literally tensed every muscle in my body then NeoReaperXIII: awyeet darkaxz: ???? AJVM_: Best driver ez Eddie1225: LOL pina_colorado: not kibi LULW ExTahZee: ????? jamie_gene_k: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW ExTahZee: not kiwi Pepega rolldmg: that's that Braab timing NeoReaperXIII: ???? KEKW FeeltheBass: ashlynnGun ashlynnGun ashlynnGun jalapenokoolaid: locked and loaded ashlynnGun darkaxz: one at a time LUL properusernamefortwitch: Pog KwapSquared: AJVM_: Ezzzz ExTahZee: omfg gewfball: one at a time LUL bobosaurr: boomer computer skill properusernamefortwitch: Reload Eddie1225: KEKW ExTahZee: KEKW Nightbot: Follow Ashlynn on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/ashlynnarias/ darkaxz: D: NeonMatriXD: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW BlazedGoldfish: curvyKNIFE AJVM_: Put gun on 1 NeoReaperXIII: bruh only play Madge when you have White Claws KEKW I cant stop laughing jamie_gene_k: KEKW BilboTBaggins710: not the spine high PepeHands Eddie1225: i think he wants to be called magneto Eddie1225: LMAOOO BlazedGoldfish: You wouldn't be you if you didn't laugh randomly crazyerazer: damn madge is zoomin CelestialChickin: Is this the new bike club Angels of Death? irtsy: Ain't afraid of no badge, Madge Rough08: Call him water head properusernamefortwitch: fix madge voice NeoReaperXIII: Madge is an icon

Eddie1225: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW darkaxz: my continuity NotLikeThis BlazedGoldfish: Picking up the local accent Eddie1225: OMEGALUL writes123: Lol this voice is great ExTahZee: LULW KwapSquared: LUL Nightbot: LUL jamie_gene_k: LOL jalapenokoolaid: madge looks so cute on the bike ashlynnWoww Eddie1225: man stole all your money asking if you have any money KEKW pina_colorado: learning Pog irtsy: Madge’s voice is perfect, it’s equal parts guttural and confused at the same time jamie_gene_k: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW jamie_gene_k: Pog writes123: Asking for money . Surprise surprise Kappa Eddie1225: there turning you into a vulture PogU Falcon954: they’re teaching you crime emjay_420: youre a vulture now Pog writes123: MonkaHmm huffa: Is the background music the supermarket sound track? @ashlynn rolldmg: we learning to be a crime-inal bois darkaxz: aiiight EchebKeso: Learning time BlazedGoldfish: spekelHams NeoReaperXIII: VROOM darkaxz: omg ExTahZee: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW Eddie1225: LAMOO irtsy: LUL KwapSquared: Nightbot: LUL bobosaurr: KEKW jalapenokoolaid: wee πŸ™‚ JJOkochaJJ: saab went from doing the vault to running pawn LUL properusernamefortwitch: deliver then shoot them KEKW Mauroheisenberg: !uptime NeonMatriXD: KEKW Nightbot: Ashlynn has been live for 21 minutes 50 seconds k4ye: LUL writes123: A tiny package ImProbablyDumb: This isn’t going to end well NeoReaperXIII: KEKW darkaxz: ??? writes123: Hahahahah creepyoldguy415: lol she looks so weird when she drives NotTooShabby_408: not listening lol ExTahZee: Pepega writes123: Just bounces Eddie1225: thats prime vulture territory Nyzzz: KEKW NeoReaperXIII: its in an alley BlazedGoldfish: Boom BilboTBaggins710: yes vnicole621: yes packagedbark: gonna blowup before the 1st drop CelestialChickin: yes creepyoldguy415: dude KwapSquared: we know everything Falcon954: yes MasterShock: yes jamie_gene_k: yea pina_colorado: yes LUL darkaxz: i don’t usually watch crims so no LUL emjay_420: pawnshop sure gewfball: no Kappa properusernamefortwitch: maybe πŸ™‚ moby1kanobee: this is PAWN yes spacecowboy227: yee rebornintomusic: No writes123: Forgot already CelestialChickin: Pawn Falcon954: its called vulturing NeoReaperXIII: KEKW xbigbeardx: VoteYea Nightbot: KEKW creepyoldguy415: sheltered ExTahZee: pawn BlazedGoldfish: No clue Nazz_pvp: just some vulture shit suringen: Selling watches writes123: She’s riding not driving rebornintomusic: Honestly no I didn’t BilboTBaggins710: its how you sell stolen stuff irtsy: it’s vulture culture EchebKeso: Casually selling stolen goods writes123: She doesn’t know monkaHmm NeoReaperXIII: yeah that dude in white jalapenokoolaid: skateboarding PogChamp emjay_420: si Eddie1225: made will be a vulture in no time PogU jalapenokoolaid: *does a 50/50 nose grind on chat* creepyoldguy415: now just do it a thousand more times KwapSquared: Now you’re a tsunami rushing, pawn running, jewelry store robbing crim PogChamp Eddie1225: spicy KEKW properusernamefortwitch: Pog BlazedGoldfish: LUL Nightbot: LUL ExTahZee: LULW writes123: Npc writes123: Pog twitwi4u: lol chatcast: BYeah irtsy: helll byah Eddie1225: yes ExTahZee: you gotta wait jalapenokoolaid: PogChamp twix4u writes123: More self rp Pog NeoReaperXIII: Keep an eye out for magnus… “stress gained” crazyerazer: gotta wait a bit properusernamefortwitch: drive around Rough08: Don’t be so aggressive, they run away pina_colorado: wait and itll appear soon jamie_gene_k: gotta wait Eddie1225: dont k4ye: Wait dont move ! loganoxx: itll take a minute but youll just get another one CelestialChickin: You don’t have to wait that long moby1kanobee: it will appear pretty quick Chompsy: Oh yeah? In broad daylight? LULW BlazedGoldfish: Did you learn how to skyrim that door darkaxz: D: ExTahZee: @savvo7 your face jalapenokoolaid: ew? properusernamefortwitch: D: NeoReaperXIII: D: shhhyanne: ashlynnKek ashlynnKek ashlynnKek ashlynnKek justjohn23: clip jamie_gene_k: @savvo7 ashlynnNo Nightbot: Check your Twitch Prime and consider using your free sub on Ashlynn writes123: Err wut KwapSquared: monkaS darkaxz: LOL Eddie1225: green people PogU rebornintomusic: Her laugh is like a goddess jalapenokoolaid: she’ll go on 704 and put her fingers up your butthole, savvo ashlynnNo emjay_420: ignored LUL jalapenokoolaid: ty automod writes123: MonkaS chad rolldmg: OK, I was a Brenda fan, but I love Madge and Nikki now too LUL NeoReaperXIII: nah they ignored you pina_colorado: FOCUS madge savvo7: It’s ugly cute tho writes123: Focus lol Arubio13: Arubio13 subscribed at Tier 1. They’ve subscribed for 7 months, currently on a 7 month streak! Yooooo enjoy the stream! KwapSquared: I was a tabitha fan yoyoyox3: Ashlynn fan ftw <3 NeoReaperXIII: KEKW trew Nightbot: KEKW properusernamefortwitch: Brenda is on break on life KEKW Nightbot: Follow Ashlynn on Twitter - https://twitter.com/AshlynnArias

writes123: Seems like ur enjoying playin madge a bit too much Kappa jalapenokoolaid: cmon pretty lady to key largo, montego jalapenokoolaid: ooo i wanna take you down to kokomo EricAZ4: that mf titofromrocketpwr: NOOOOOOOOO BURGER MANNN pina_colorado: burger boi ashlynnNah properusernamefortwitch: burgerman PepeHands jalapenokoolaid: but not too fast cuz madgey takes it slooow Falcon954: gotta have that gun ready now NeoReaperXIII: what happened what twitwi4u: omg AJVM_: Burger friend nakkiHands darkaxz: tito POGGERS bobosaurr: he was our only friend PepeHands properusernamefortwitch: ITS MORNING titofromrocketpwr: hey girllll <3 emjay_420: try it PepeLaugh Eddie1225: finish the pawn run first lmao JJOkochaJJ: its daytime you cant Rhianyx: gotta break into a house at night ExTahZee: finish the pawn run NeoReaperXIII: bring bike closer for gettaway moby1kanobee: you cant it is DAY time billySav01: 100% getting killed by greens rolldmg: OMG Madge is the best pepega mr__goodvibes: not burger man PepeHands CelestialChickin: Not while doing pawn ExTahZee: you cant do it during day anyways titofromrocketpwr: protec burgerman writes123: Aight ExTahZee: The guy last night was in a taco mask CrispyPixel67: 🍌 πŸ‘ πŸ‹ 🍎 🍐 πŸ“ πŸ‡ FRUIT GANG irtsy: the Poodge is learning all kinds of stuff today NeoReaperXIII: πŸ₯­ πŸ₯ jalapenokoolaid: choiAngry say it KwapSquared: we're not saying anything. the evidence speaks for itself :) jamie_gene_k: πŸ₯­ πŸ₯ pina_colorado: 🍌 πŸ‘ πŸ‹ 🍎 🍐 πŸ“ πŸ‡ FRUIT GANG k4ye: Finish your gig 1st VoHiYo darkaxz: Pepega writes123: Sure AJVM_: I mean u said it not me ExTahZee: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW titofromrocketpwr: i think burgerman's namae from night one was Ryder? Eddie1225: mah woooman NeonMatriXD: KEKW Falcon954: you should hotkey your gun to something pina_colorado: monkaEyes properusernamefortwitch: monkaS NeoReaperXIII: ashlynnCrack eyes wide shut, chat KrakonSkullz: Madge is hot as hell =) shychey0922: HahaDoge pina_colorado: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW AJVM_: πŸ‘€ eyes open joopper: yeah Kappa crazyerazer: Kappa Nightbot: Kappa jalapenokoolaid: i mean KwapSquared: KEKW Eddie1225: making madge focus on two things at once KEKW xbigbeardx: VoteYea KrakonSkullz: lol gewfball: Thought you knew Kappa Chompsy: The motorcycle is hovering and I can never unsee it kernelgauss: feel sorry for that one girl ashlynn met irl that had a lisp. all her ugly chars hav lisps sayeedK bobosaurr: lean streeet jalapenokoolaid: LOOOL KwapSquared: Marge is not ugly KwapSquared: she's cuter than brenda darkaxz: D: kernelgauss: that's not what ur rp says sayeedK NeoReaperXIII: MR CHANG KEKW Eddie1225: WOW Haxi_: I have a lisp saabHands properusernamefortwitch: PepeHands Eddie1225: PepeHands writes123: Listen Nightbot: look LtSerge: Who has a lisp? darkaxz: why would they never bang us, are you shaming us BibleThump writes123: Nope I do not jalapenokoolaid: peepoSerge properusernamefortwitch: dont move WhatTheyWant: i have a celebrity crush on someone with a lisp jamie_gene_k: lol Serge AJVM_: I’m unbangable nakkiHands HiggsyPigsy: @LtSerge nerd Snakat21: Scott Malkinson has a lisp! twitwi4u: lol justjohn23: blind Mauroheisenberg: #LispSizeMatters KEKW suringen: no its on the map CelestialChickin: It just appeared SykoticWarrior: PepeHands I have a lisp pina_colorado: ashlynnBlind ParaffinOil: blind lol ExTahZee: blind vnicole621: ashlynnBlind kernelgauss: prove it and make brenda have a lisp next time sayeedK ExTahZee: ashlynnBlind titofromrocketpwr: its close! MischiefTitan: ashlynnBlind jamie_gene_k: ashlynnBlind pina_colorado: ashlynnBlind ashlynnBlind ashlynnBlind ashlynnBlind darkaxz: ashlynnBlind Kevincav: tbf I'm more worried about the non-supermodel's that aren't banging me ExTahZee: omfg Kevincav: lol auto-modded justjohn23: lmaooo ExTahZee: LULW AJVM_: ashlynnBlind darkaxz: nope it was you shhhyanne: ashlynnSee ashlynnSee ashlynnSee ashlynnSee ashlynnSee Thunderstrum: KEKW Nightbot: Subscribe as a way to show your support. Never necessary but always appreciated. https://www.twitch.tv/subs/ashlynn Nightbot: KEKW EricAZ4: ashlynnBlind NeoReaperXIII: LULW SykoticWarrior: LUL Nightbot: LUL properusernamefortwitch: PepeLaugh moby1kanobee: wow pina_colorado: what was that again Rough08: lisp is cute, on a supermodel EchebKeso: ashlynnBlind ashlynnBlind ashlynnBlind ashlynnBlind k4ye: Eyes Wide SHUT!! jamie_gene_k: lol ashlynnBlind NEFARIASH: Bruv KwapSquared: do those whiteclaws fuck up your eyes?? darkaxz: OMEGALUL ExTahZee: KEKW Eddie1225: nice KwapSquared: Nice NeoReaperXIII: OHOHOHOHONO justjohn23: omg\ Umbra_Warlock: ziggyjBlind ziggyjBlind ziggyjBlind ziggyjBlind ziggyjBlind pina_colorado: KEKW EricAZ4: LOL rolldmg: @kernelgauss I'm suprised Brenda doesn't have a whistle when she talks with those broken ass teeth KEKW WhatTheyWant: madge justjohn23: wtf bobosaurr: KEKW CelestialChickin: KEKW darkaxz: HOW DOES SHE SURVIVE ExTahZee: i seen that coming rebornintomusic: KEKW emjay_420: dont drink and drive lazyglazedonut: LOOOOOL jamie_gene_k: KEKW Mauroheisenberg: @ashlynn how are you doing today? moby1kanobee: IRL lol justjohn23: lmaoooo jalapenokoolaid: we're ok PogChamp Nyzzz: KEKW Thelkris: LOL twitwi4u: omg k4ye: Good Job ! lynnaria_: damn that didnt even hurt LtSerge: What did she ask me? AJVM_: Lmaoooo justjohn23: omg CelestialChickin: QEQ double U pina_colorado: LMAOO LtSerge: I just heard yelling CrispyPixel67: saabW ExTahZee: holy crap beepx2lettuce: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW irtsy: LUL Nightbot: LUL ExTahZee: the timing darkaxz: she's only missing a fraction of health omg k4ye: Close one.. LUL KwapSquared: NICE pina_colorado: RUN KEKW EchebKeso: If you’re at college tacantacan: Ouch NeoReaperXIII: final destination type shit writes123: If u drink white claw @ltserge moby1kanobee: Madge is such an idiot LMAO kernelgauss: sayeedK beepx2lettuce: LMAO Eddie1225: KEKW taraquest: Madge blows up the city beepx2lettuce: Of course, I just got here and already Ashlynn has crashed. KEKW jamie_gene_k: LOL darkaxz: WutFace LtSerge: I drink bourbon jalapenokoolaid: ??? MoonMagic: lol AJVM_: KEKW

LtSerge: Not white claw Eddie1225: you should prob tell them on radio Eddie1225: KEKW KwapSquared: I dont understand. how you did that Rough08: Yep, right on time justjohn23: i almost choked on water lmaoooo irtsy: doesn’t matter, doesn’t matter, absolutely does matter LUL properusernamefortwitch: Madge casual murder KEKW writes123: Typical madge shhhyanne: betchFINE betchFINE betchFINE betchFINE betchFINE darkaxz: OMEGALUL titofromrocketpwr: cool guys dont look at explosions KwapSquared: LMFODASH;FLKAJSD Thunderstrum: KEKW Eddie1225: LMAOOO pina_colorado: KEKW bobosaurr: KEKW beepx2lettuce: OMEGALUL iterator5: KEKW rolldmg: Oh, it’s gonna be a good day chat KEKW twitwi4u: damn NeonMatriXD: KEKW ExTahZee: i wonder who that could be HY8US: LUL ExTahZee: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW Mauroheisenberg: reeeeeeeeee JDblue: good thing you’re not on a motorcycle Nyzzz: ThisIsFine ThisIsFine ThisIsFine ThisIsFine ThisIsFine ThisIsFine ThisIsFine ThisIsFine ThisIsFine jamie_gene_k: KEKW emjay_420: good your bike went boom, cops never gonna get you moby1kanobee: i can t breathe k4ye: The bike is gone so we safe shhhyanne: pentawBush pentawBush pentawBush pentawBush pentawBush pentawBush MischiefTitan: ashlynnKek NeoReaperXIII: great start to the street KEKW cedrickdbz: Better to be lucky than good writes123: Welp rolldmg: I’m crying alreay LUL KwapSquared: On this plus side you’re not on a motercycle anymore πŸ™‚ purplehorizonskies: sock22Fine sock22Fine sock22Fine writes123: Great start Asarena: HahaHide writes123: Just a heads up EchebKeso: Jack’n’coke <3 Chompsy: HahaThisisfine HahaThisisfine HahaThisisfine darkaxz: nakkiNF shhhyanne: betchFINE betchFINE betchFINE betchFINE betchFINE beepx2lettuce: Of course this is the first thing I see when I come to the stream Atenious: curvyeFine sock22Fine Nyzzz: HahaShrugLeft HahaThisisfine HahaShrugRight jamie_gene_k: thisisfine properusernamefortwitch: HahaThisisfine justjohn23: ash,madge,nikki,brenda etc all the same lmaoooo darkaxz: blaming serge Kappa LtSerge: White claws are gross AJVM_: HahaThisisfine NeoReaperXIII: Kappa Nightbot: Kappa dabaphile: nakkiHi hi cuties NeonMatriXD: ashlynnHey Nightbot: Annyeong haseyo HiggsyPigsy: tru serge Zombie_Guy94: nakkiHi writes123: Lol ExTahZee: @dabaphile AYAYA jamie_gene_k: @dabaphile ashlynnLuvv Stringfellowe: jaywalk and die. run into shit while driving and almost die. you should just stay on sidewalks forever writes123: Loose monkaS Eddie1225: theres a difference between loose and crazy KEKW EricAZ4: voice ExTahZee: wtf writes123: Calms the nerves Kappa kernelgauss: dex watchin from his bathroom window wtf is this NeoReaperXIII: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW ExTahZee: your voice KEKW purplehorizonskies: KEKW k4ye: Mix voices LUL dabaphile: KEKW writes123: Anotha accent Pog Mauroheisenberg: i went out drank a beer and a gin and tonic and i am kind of drunk, I'm a punk bitch KEKW jamie_gene_k: KEKW darkaxz: ??? CelestialChickin: in the glovebox NeoReaperXIII: oh no properusernamefortwitch: madge voice matters PepeHands beepx2lettuce: Pepega twitwi4u: her scared voice lol darkaxz: ???? writes123: I’m lovin this swapping of accents btw makes it more interesting NeoReaperXIII: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW Zombie_Guy94: atleast repay him a favor :( suringen: KEKW bobosaurr: KEKW CelestialChickin: LUL Nightbot: LUL k4ye: LUL jamie_gene_k: KEkw darkaxz: isn't madge gay? KwapSquared: KEKW jamie_gene_k: KEKW Eddie1225: lesvian btw KEKW k4ye: Hahahahaha Memer_Carebear: KEKW dabaphile: KEKW Eddie1225: lesbian * titofromrocketpwr: LOLL AJVM_: KEKW writes123: Hahahha shhhyanne: ashlynnKek ashlynnKek ashlynnKek ashlynnKek ashlynnKek ashlynnKek spacecowboy227: KEKW pina_colorado: do your pawn you potato bobosaurr: no ERP! titofromrocketpwr: "your wife my woman" writes123: Abort mission Pyro_Paul3: betchBOOM1 betchBOOM2 betchPLS2 NeoReaperXIII: "my" bike properusernamefortwitch: made is opportunity sexual KEKW CelestialChickin: You can still do pawn on foot CrispyPixel67: Pog Falcon954: your radio communication is top notch PepeLaugh chatcast: She can be gay and turn tricks Zombie_Guy94: proscute Eddie1225: no no you cant KEKW dabaphile: put an ad in the paper for madges services nakkiLUL EchebKeso: The correct response is: threesomes are extra $50 ExTahZee: radio for dutch fora ride ? kernelgauss: doing pawn on foot ROFL NeoReaperXIII: yeah, prosecute them dudekovsg: Medge is quite messed up ExTahZee: for a k4ye: Yea finish your pawns* walking * Eddie1225: its madges other gang what you mean jamie_gene_k: LOL Larzsx: i miss brendi PepeHands writes123: It’s a head knock life TheOneWhoCryed: ashlynnLuvv ashlynnLuvv ashlynnLuvv ashlynnLuvv writes123: Hard darkaxz: @Larzsx same PepeHands ExTahZee: gotta get better at your comms Falcon954: ask dutch for a ride? you don't have to do everything alone darkaxz: yeah that second one is closer to the original LUL XtraMedium1301: second one kernelgauss: jus rp it as madge trying to hide her lisp when she meets strangers sayeedK Eddie1225: the 2nd one k4ye: Hahahaha rebornintomusic: I miss Jessica betchCRY but Madge is hella good NeoReaperXIII: eggo gwuassap XtraMedium1301: the one you originally used with Freya writes123: Either way is great ExTahZee: you are in a bike gang but getting a car KEKW k4ye: Ei yoh wazzzup ! is better IMO LUL Eddie1225: aye yo bitch ExTahZee: LUL Nightbot: LUL Realimpact: the 2nd one is better LUL darkaxz: BabyRage ZeldaAdventuress: ZeldaAdventuress subscribed at Tier 1. They've subscribed for 4 months! ashlynnLuvv NeoReaperXIII: saabNice Xthedarknight99x: madge needs a trike so she doesnt crash as much tayelikel: @ashlynn i start a job at a hospital at the front desk, i get to be brenda irl xD jalapenokoolaid: :O pina_colorado: PauseChamp rolldmg: Kappa Nightbot: Kappa Eddie1225: PauseChamp WhatTheyWant: Pog denracer: FAIL shhhyanne: t3r0Hmm t3r0Hmm t3r0Hmm t3r0Hmm t3r0Hmm NeoReaperXIII: Pog Scorpio_SW: hello NeonMatriXD: ashlynnOop gewfball: Pog the_showman: sweet ExTahZee: @Xthedarknight99x she would still crash ZeldaAdventuress: ashlynnKek denracer: nvm k4ye: WHAT ? jamie_gene_k: Pog ZeldaAdventuress: lucky

NeonMatriXD: ashlynnPog k4ye: Predicted writes123: Pog jalapenokoolaid: ty zelda AJVM_: Lol Nightbot: If you are enjoying the stream you can show extra support by donating. ashlynnSellout https://www.twitchalerts.com/donate/ashlynn darkaxz: can lockpicks even fail? shhhyanne: ashlynnHeart ashlynnHeart ashlynnHeart ashlynnHeart ashlynnHeart Eddie1225: wait you locked pick it KEKW Xthedarknight99x: @ExTahZee I know!! dont expose my plan! ExTahZee: called him ducks KEKW Eddie1225: yea suringen: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW ZeldaAdventuress: ashlynnCozyy Thunderstrum: yes Eddie1225: Kappa Nightbot: Kappa pina_colorado: he fucking hates it KEKW ParaffinOil: Kappa ExTahZee: he was down but hadnt gotten picked up yet NeoReaperXIII: KEKW pinkyjoc: !uptime k4ye: Yea.. even if you’re not there Nightbot: Ashlynn has been live for 35 minutes 42 seconds k4ye: LUL Nightbot: LUL EricAZ4: lmao writes123: Hahaha fred0uille: HAHAHAHAHAHAH Mauroheisenberg: he misses Brenda KEKW EchebKeso: twitwi4u: lol JDblue: LUL kernelgauss: did madge put her shorts on backwards ? wtf those white things FeeltheBass: lol darkaxz: de nada bro NeoReaperXIII: smoke some weeb writes123: Nope he doesn’t writes123: Kappa Nightbot: Kappa Eddie1225: weed XtraMedium1301: weed Navos: you need a sloosh shhhyanne: Weed jamie_gene_k: weed darkaxz: don’t tell her PepeLaugh Xthedarknight99x: @kernelgauss Kriss kross shorts lol properusernamefortwitch: EAT WEED KEKW QueefOfPain: Yoga EricAZ4: selling in the hood ExTahZee: weed JJOkochaJJ: he is getting more action with ducky than on saab and brenda ExTahZee: yoga pina_colorado: eat some weeds Falcon954: chat metaing WeirdChamp Thunderstrum: ask Magnes Larzsx: gracias mamacita Keepo crazyerazer: find out in rp pepeLaugh wearylemur: wearylemur subscribed at Tier 1. They’ve subscribed for 7 months! properusernamefortwitch: go to the strip club ExTahZee: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW writes123: It’s stressful being unknowleage monkaS darkaxz: Jebaited jalapenokoolaid: hift 50 subs NeoReaperXIII: Pog jamie_gene_k: KEKW jalapenokoolaid: o k4ye: How many watches do we still have? @ashlynn ExTahZee: yea ok good luck with that Eddie1225: so no more whiteclaws got it KEKW KwapSquared: Guess you’re going to bed sober PogChamp BKmessiah: hobbit6Scuseme HiggsyPigsy: do it rn EchebKeso: Marge would totally de stress in the strip cluv jalapenokoolaid: loool kwap shhhyanne: ashlynnNice ashlynnNice ashlynnNice writes123: So no more white claws Xthedarknight99x: Rut roh writes123: MonkaHmm TooQuick: Mango is like the opposite of Saab. So scary KEKW pina_colorado: oof darkaxz: OMEGALUL ExTahZee: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW AJVM_: Dang no drunk stream then JJOkochaJJ: All you have to do is use the arrowkeys instead of the mouse BKmessiah: Drink real Beer jalapenokoolaid: gg chat ashlynnNo pina_colorado: we lied πŸ™‚ writes123: Gonna be a sober strum Pog Eddie1225: when you are lockpicking the ignition it doesn’t if your braking into a car it does k4ye: Lies.. LUL crazyerazer: it does when on open a players vehicle BlazedGoldfish: Toxic chat Nazz_pvp: it does but very very slowly gewfball: Why you listening to chat? Kappa KwapSquared: why do you listen to us? we don’t know what we’re saying half the time Scorpio_SW: it does if you try to lock pick the door but not when you’re in the vehicle trying to start it ZeldaAdventuress: ashlynnToxic kjellberg6762: Hi chat πŸ™‚ the_showman: i tried to tell ya boo jalapenokoolaid: !chat NeoReaperXIII: damn bwo πŸ™ pina_colorado: dam bwo not coo widepeepoSad Nazz_pvp: LUL Nightbot: LUL darkaxz: purple message POGGERS LesSidas: lol trusting chat ExTahZee: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW jalapenokoolaid: ashlynnToxic BKmessiah: ammoWow Larkin24: Call saab Eddie1225: jail PogU JDblue: commit Realimpact: LUL blazyblaze: !spicy Nightbot: ashlynnToxic ryul2: KEKW NeoReaperXIII: wtf KwapSquared: hi @kjellberg6762 πŸ™‚ jamie_gene_k: radio ImProbablyDumb: run Eddie1225: time to drive away PogU jalapenokoolaid: stop it blaze πŸ™‚ deedee2017: better run AJVM_: KEKW k4ye: We goog.. LUL Falcon954: radio it in WMPalmes: trusting chat was your first mistake bobosaurr: GUN HIM down Eddie1225: KEKW JDblue: stolen car πŸ™‚ blazyblaze: you stop it πŸ™‚ BlazedGoldfish: No good outcome properusernamefortwitch: KEKW Syrian_Punk: they dont even care about the drunk van driver AJVM_: Time to get that charmbomb going ImProbablyDumb: just a stolen car writes123: Lol kjellberg6762: @kwapsquared ashlynnLuvv EchebKeso: Oh my time to sweet talk kord76: Pog Doc from a different perspective! jalapenokoolaid: i’m innocent wys the_showman: and a stolen car mr__goodvibes: accept a stolen car KEKW JJOkochaJJ: lol twitwi4u: oh no properusernamefortwitch: DOC Early boys KEKW darkaxz: BLELELE dabaphile: KEKW Mauroheisenberg: A beautiful lady KEKW Nightbot: KEKW FeeltheBass: KEKW moby1kanobee: I had to put my drink down because i may laughtoo ahrd and spit it out everywhere ryul2: KEKW NeoReaperXIII: lets see how she gets out of this KEKW the_showman: go go go Eddie1225: new wooman QueefOfPain: bogaRapGod bogaRapGod the_showman: go shhhyanne: Tell her she is pretty ashlynnNice ashlynnNice NeoReaperXIII: here you goodie dabaphile: LOL jalapenokoolaid: los santos is quaking monkaS ExTahZee: LULW darkaxz: back to the weird voice again LUL fortnite_blackhole_: lol the_showman: googogoogogogogo EchebKeso: Im certified colour blind miss cop dabaphile: i love her dabaphile: so much deedee2017: Jail RP with Madge Larzsx: i think she is you woooman the_showman: go wareagle91: and that was quick twitwi4u: whi that hotty lol ryul2: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW darkaxz: brenda? ExTahZee: KEKW NeoReaperXIII: omg dabaphile: KEKW Thunderstrum: badge bunny on all characters KEKW Mauroheisenberg: The other side of DoC RP Pog jamie_gene_k: KEKW Arubio13: ashlynnSass shhhyanne: ashlynnKek ashlynnKek ashlynnKek ashlynnKek ashlynnKek Eddie1225: LOL jlgoodz: runnnn!!!! Zimerick: inda is that you?? Nightbot: Check your Twitch Prime and consider using your free sub on Ashlynn dabaphile: LOOOL SwordMasterSnakes: Crim Inda now KEKW Allari: KEKW ryul2: KEKW KEKW Cnighthawk848: KEKW FeeltheBass: lmaooo darkaxz: isn’t madge a lesbian? jalapenokoolaid: is godzilla walkin in los santos or something ExTahZee: inda dabaphile: OMG the_showman: go go go go go go go go Eddie1225: what the fuck pina_colorado: oh god ExTahZee: Pls PizzaMike_316: ashlynnOop_SG suringen: KEKW rolldmg: KEKW Eddie1225: what is wrong with you properusernamefortwitch: KEKW NeonMatriXD: KEKW titofromrocketpwr: LOLLL KwapSquared: I think i’m gonna puke ryul2: KEKW blazyblaze: send it πŸ™‚ Syrian_Punk: how many teeth …… enough Shrewkiller_: stolen car shhhyanne: pentawPog pentawPog pentawPog pentawPog NeoReaperXIII: “ma’am, have you been drinking tonight” EchebKeso: D: ExTahZee: @Eddie1225 what isnt wrong with her KEKW jamie_gene_k: LOL ryul2: KEKW KEKW Nightbot: KEKW NeonMatriXD: OMEGALUL darkaxz: KKona Mauroheisenberg: fun fact: no one can make Ash laugh as much as herself KEKW twitwi4u: loll osgrimjones: gumjob KEKW jamie_gene_k: KEKW shhhyanne: ashlynnNice ashlynnNice ashlynnNice ashlynnNice ashlynnNice AJVM_: Welp chat we going to jail Eddie1225: jail PogU properusernamefortwitch: 2nd cop KEKW bobosaurr: guess we get DOC RP after alll G0dz1: ashlynnInda the_showman: go

darkaxz: i think she forgets her characters’ sexuality LUL NeoReaperXIII: cop got jokes kjellberg6762: Jail stream πŸ™‚ rebornintomusic: ashlynnOop_SG Nightbot: Don’t forget to drink water, get up, stretch, and walk around. Hope you are enjoying the stream ashlynnLuv Allari: LUL Nightbot: LUL ExTahZee: LUL BKmessiah: Put your dentures on shhhyanne: I’m dying! betchLUL betchLUL betchLUL betchLUL deedee2017: wow two cop cars for little ole madge G0dz1: KEKW Xthedarknight99x: damn 2 cops one madge the_showman: go go go go go go go jalapenokoolaid: *gives everyone but user blazyblaze an oreo* πŸ™‚ nikole2788: Run for it ExTahZee: put your dentures back in ExTahZee: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW will_arnett: Almost sounds like a female Bogg sometimes LUL twitwi4u: omg darkaxz: brenda LUL ryul2: 3 cops KEKW wareagle91: run lol jamie_gene_k: πŸ₯­ πŸ₯ Eddie1225: LMAOOO NeoReaperXIII: ashlynnSquish_SQ the_showman: go Syrian_Punk: LUL ZeldaAdventuress: drive lol AJVM_: Get ready to book it BKmessiah: Meth mouth jamie_gene_k: LOL NeoReaperXIII: KEKW ExTahZee: oh shit curvy is so gonna fuck with you Mauroheisenberg: They need more cops, 3 is not enough for madge KEKW ExTahZee: KEKW ryul2: KEKW NeoReaperXIII: oH FUKCLSKjw the_showman: go go go go kjellberg6762: Yeah she is in a stolen car chat of course they are getting backup Eddie1225: i think theres scuff happening lmao jalapenokoolaid: why is the screen shaking ashlynnCri wareagle91: their doors are blocked right now run lol Nightbot: Follow Ashlynn on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/ashlynnarias/ pina_colorado: chill bruh LUL @the_showman BKmessiah: She looks pretty thick for a meth head NeoReaperXIII: does that affect radio for them tho KEKW Syrian_Punk: LUL Nightbot: LUL jamie_gene_k: LOLOL ryul2: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW ExTahZee: LULW the_showman: go go go titofromrocketpwr: juiccccyyy Cnighthawk848: KEKW darkaxz: ????? NeonMatriXD: KEKW NeoReaperXIII: extra cheese Mauroheisenberg: dummy thicc gachiBASS Xthedarknight99x: No da fuk you didnt LUL shhhyanne: ashlynnNice ashlynnNice ashlynnNice ashlynnNice BKmessiah: LOL Eddie1225: OMEGALUL EchebKeso: Madge gonna chew on your bones jalapenokoolaid: CHAT HELP ME the_showman: go titofromrocketpwr: “you my woman” Eddie1225: LOL ryul2: KEKW KEKW shhhyanne: betchCUC betchCUC betchCUC ImProbablyDumb: take off now!!! savvo7: Dip BKmessiah: He doesn’t sound sure about it CelestialChickin: Can barely hear him Eddie1225: cadetti wants some madge KEKW BKmessiah: Thick in the head Nightbot: If you are enjoying the stream you can show extra support by donating. ashlynnSellout https://www.twitchalerts.com/donate/ashlynn savvo7: Gooooo the_showman: go go go shhhyanne: betchLUL betchLUL betchLUL betchLUL AJVM_: Lmao SwordMasterSnakes: Maybe Ash should retire Inda and use this voice for Madge now KEKW ExTahZee: LULW jalapenokoolaid: @darkaxz why is the screen shaking ashlynnNo the_showman: please go adhxm: !uptime Nightbot: Ashlynn has been live for 42 minutes 29 seconds pina_colorado: they know who she is chat shed just have a warrent if she ran Eddie1225: 5150 incoming KEKW properusernamefortwitch: Drive KEKW taraquest: what are they confused about? ExTahZee: @the_showman dude chill the_showman: drive please ryul2: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW NEFARIASH: Holy backseat chat chill darkaxz: @jalapenokoolaid because she’s drunk NeoReaperXIII: I hab a cavtee Syrian_Punk: he wants to ride the scooter but doesnt want his friends to know rebornintomusic: Your Brenda is showing KEKW rolldmg: 5150 in 3…2…1 Eddie1225: @pina_colorado they have her ID Eddie1225: they know who she is pina_colorado: she already gave them her ID LUL she cant reun savvo7: Court Shelltimus: is she roleplaying cartman from southpark? MingLee NeoReaperXIII: mango Eddie1225: PauseChamp darkaxz: ??? JDblue: magnet peepoHappy CelestialChickin: If you wait long enough they will get a call elsewhere LUL ExTahZee: KEKW jlgoodz: the man ExTahZee: wtf Mauroheisenberg: Madge is by far your best voice KEKW Nightbot: Subscribe as a way to show your support. Never necessary but always appreciated. https://www.twitch.tv/subs/ashlynn ryul2: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW icantfeelathing: She also sounds like Timmy from south park NeoReaperXIII: OGGOGO CoLd_Friction: 51/50 incoming moby1kanobee: you know it is actually possible that you are gonna have ANOTHER 51-50 character…what does that mean? ExTahZee: KEKW Eddie1225: 5150 KEKW wareagle91: they gonna take you to jail ExTahZee: LULW mr__goodvibes: busted KEKW ryul2: KEKW KEKW NeoReaperXIII: KEKW nikole2788: Gooo darkaxz: omg deedee2017: this is funny jalapenokoolaid: @Eddie1225 why’s the screen shaking ashlynnHyper AJVM_: KEKW Eddie1225: stress @jalapenokoolaid ExTahZee: KEKW darkaxz: uchiha? LUL Cnighthawk848: cyr Mauroheisenberg: cyr? jalapenokoolaid: ooo Eddie1225: uchi KEKW Mauroheisenberg: run KEKW rolldmg: OMG ryul2: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW Eddie1225: why LMAO crazyerazer: ???????? Cnighthawk848: LUL ExTahZee: LUL Nightbot: LUL NeoReaperXIII: oh no CelestialChickin: LUL sausagehobbit: LUL pina_colorado: KEKW KwapSquared: L;FJDSKAFHJSDLAKSJDFALK;SDJF JJOkochaJJ: ???? properusernamefortwitch: KEKW AJVM_: LMAOOOO darkaxz: LOL ZonT94: LUL Dokubeki: ashlynnKek ashlynnKek ashlynnKek messtahrobot: KEKW rebornintomusic: kekw crazyerazer: you had a car lmaooo travisraymer: KEKW deedee2017: lol ryul2: KEKW KEKW ExTahZee: why you running? taraquest: lol Mauroheisenberg: yOU DONE FUCKED UP kekw AJVM_: YALL SOUND THE SAME jalapenokoolaid: PogChamp saved EricAZ4: now radio Eddie1225: LMAO WHY darkaxz: worst move LUL k4ye: LUL NeonMatriXD: KEKW jamie_gene_k: KEKW twitwi4u: what? tayelikel: stealth 100% ZeldaAdventuress: ashlynnKek ashlynnKek ashlynnKek ExTahZee: done fucked up rebornintomusic: ashlynnKek ashlynnKek ashlynnKek ryul2: KEKW Nightbot: Get closer to the community by joining the Famlynnβ„’ Discord https://discord.gg/ashlynn shhhyanne: Your ID the_showman: move rolldmg: OMG I can’t breathe KEKW bashayer0: LUL LesSidas: either 200iq or 2iq k4ye: Bush! bruto: relax chat CelestialChickin: KEKW k4ye: HAHAHAHHAHA messtahrobot: Madge too stealthy KEKW k4ye: Sneaky! Eddie1225: OMEGALUL AJVM_: LMAOOOOOO NeonMatriXD: OMEGALUL Kenshinn21: Pegega JJOkochaJJ: LUL iterator5: KEKW TooQuick: Lol shhhyanne: ashlynnKek ashlynnKek ashlynnKek ashlynnKek ashlynnKek darkaxz: ????? deedee2017: Madge master criminal Kenshinn21: Pepega the_showman: move move move ImProbablyDumb: amazing Mauroheisenberg: go go go, never look back KEKW Eddie1225: LOL Larzsx: jail stream for sure LUL ryul2: KEKW KEKW Nightbot: KEKW AJVM_: Hope u run fast lmao darkaxz: how did she magically know LUL rebornintomusic: Go Madge goooo KEKW ExTahZee: KEKW ryul2: KEKW k4ye: HAHAHAHA Eddie1225: jail PogU jamie_gene_k: LOL ExTahZee: Pepega fred0uille: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA properusernamefortwitch: DOC Pog ryul2: KEKW KEKW ZeldaAdventuress: I love that she ran LUL rebornintomusic: Is this Cops? ashlynnKek bashayer0: LUL LUL Nightbot: LUL Mauroheisenberg: it was an accident KEKW AJVM_: Lost all stuff already lmao rolldmg: that was actually the funniest thging I’ve seen in a minute JJOkochaJJ: LUL they were gonna let her go vnicole621: rip gun Jedaricks: !uptime Nightbot: Ashlynn has been live for 45 minutes 5 seconds purplehorizonskies: RIP old Madge voice LUL Eddie1225: only you would run when your gonna get a warning KEKW

Nightbot: Follow Ashlynn on Twitter – https://twitter.com/AshlynnArias twitwi4u: lol Eddie1225: prison gonna be fun as fuck Elari_Relanah: tru ryul2: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW NotTooShabby_408: she was framed D: Mauroheisenberg: Madge is a criminal mastermind KEKW charizander101: that laugh😍 PouncerD: pounce1Hi pounce1Love jamie_gene_k: KEKW messtahrobot: Madge is a top tier Pepega crim KEKW twitwi4u: starts crying lol Eddie1225: LOL NeoReaperXIII: Madge the type of person to walk into a taco bell and steal hot sauce darkaxz: ????? ExTahZee: KEKW titofromrocketpwr: that beard lookin spicy exlegender: coggers Kiitzu: Madge or Inda LUL Eddie1225: OMEGALUL deedee2017: that explains why it was taking them so long lol the car was coming back to a cop jlgoodz: madge’s new voice is inda’s voice now pina_colorado: her voice has devolved so hard LUL Mauroheisenberg: you had to do it KEKW k4ye: t shhhyanne: Wouldn’t you be on a bike if you are in a bike gang ashlynnKek ashlynnKek Xthedarknight99x: You almost did lol JJOkochaJJ: LUL Nightbot: LUL KwapSquared: Now you’re gonna lose the gun saab gave you FeelsBadMan AJVM_: Lost gun nakkiHands bruto: chill about the voice, chat ryul2: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW EricAZ4: you cuffed so you can ExTahZee: you might have if you called for dutch or magnus NeoReaperXIII: holy fuck dude osgrimjones: The “this isnt my car but got me Eddie1225: KEK Eddie1225: KEKW * ExTahZee: KEKW ExTahZee: wtf ryul2: KEKW KEKW XtraMedium1301: you cant be on the radio when you are cuffed jamie_gene_k: KEKW ExTahZee: are you ok??????? k4ye: Could’ve done it better LUL shhhyanne: ashlynnHyper ashlynnHyper ashlynnHyper ashlynnHyper ExTahZee: LUL Nightbot: LUL NeoReaperXIII: KEYED jlgoodz: lol!! Eddie1225: LOL ExTahZee: KEKW jzunh: Madge has a different voice every day KEKW Nightbot: KEKW Mauroheisenberg: i hope sweden is on KEKW i love that goddamn Emperor of IKEA KEKW jamie_gene_k: LOL chapstick ryul2: KEKW icantfeelathing: looool shhhyanne: betchLUL betchLUL betchLUL betchLUL betchLUL k4ye: Keel LUL KwapSquared: chapstick?? CliffZ28: I literally only understand every 3 words KEKW Syrian_Punk: this is why you dont eat vagisil rebornintomusic: Both jlgoodz: chapstick!πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ CliffZ28: what is happening AJVM_: Did they search u jamie_gene_k: shoved it down there throat? bashayer0: LUL LUL CelestialChickin: Put chapstick on sushi Nightbot: LUL JJOkochaJJ: Madge about to run the yard Rough08: Lipgloss MoonMagic: LOL nsuix: shopstick ryul2: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW ExTahZee: KEKW bruto: chill about the voice, chat Mauroheisenberg: cavity search inc KEKW NeonMatriXD: KEKW properusernamefortwitch: MonkaW Alfa018: Brenda Kreygasm jamie_gene_k: LOL kord76: madge has like 6 accents now ryul2: monkaS NeoReaperXIII: KEKW JJOkochaJJ: lol EricAZ4: lol jamie_gene_k: KEKW Cnighthawk848: LUL Nightbot: LUL the_showman: ashlynn your awesome Alfa018: Tchu said ? LUL LesSidas: cabbagy search pina_colorado: yea BKmessiah: Why shes in jail, the gun? osgrimjones: shoot em rolldmg: she ran ExTahZee: @BKmessiah she ran taraquest: Now Madge is a real crim ExTahZee: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW ryul2: monkaS Alfa018: Ashlynn you are great girl LUL Mauroheisenberg: they didn’t search you? KEKW ryul2: KEKW properusernamefortwitch: resisting arrest BKmessiah: Oh, in jail for resisting Alfa018: LUL LUL Nightbot: LUL messtahrobot: KEKW ExTahZee: LULW Alfa018: LUL LUL LUL LUL ryul2: KEKW KEKW jamie_gene_k: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW Cnighthawk848: KEKW Alfa018: LOL the_showman: run fred0uille: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH jamie_gene_k: HAHAHHA shhhyanne: ashlynnNice ashlynnNice ashlynnNice ashlynnNice Mauroheisenberg: asking for a cavity search is the ultimate power move KEKW

NeonMatriXD: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW CelestialChickin: You’ll have to tell them the channel ryul2: KEKW Xthedarknight99x: whoa Cnighthawk848: KEKW properusernamefortwitch: KEKW ExTahZee: KEKW Syrian_Punk: ever adam sandlers characters voice’s sister Sadira: WutFace twitwi4u: lmao shhhyanne: Bagina shhhyanne: ashlynnNice ashlynnNice ashlynnNice ashlynnNice NeoReaperXIII: DansGame BKmessiah: They don’t want to cavity search her HiggsyPigsy: bruh no hes not ryul2: KEKW KEKW fred0uille: Kappa Nightbot: KEKW Nightbot: Kappa ZeldaAdventuress: Kappa Eddie1225: KEKW CelestialChickin: yoga jamie_gene_k: KEKW CelestialChickin: Aw properusernamefortwitch: flash the pic KEKW darkaxz: is there a couch ExTahZee: KEKW NeoReaperXIII: kekw Nightbot: KEKW ryul2: KEKW pina_colorado: getting a pic with the hat Pog jalapenokoolaid: that top has seen better days ashlynnSass Eddie1225: KEKW ExTahZee: LULW pina_colorado: gotta represent ashlynnCool NeoReaperXIII: KEKW ExTahZee: KEKW jamie_gene_k: LOL ryul2: KEKW KEKW Nightbot: KEKW darkaxz: ppHop shhhyanne: betchLUL betchLUL betchLUL betchLUL Nfrswifty: PowerUpL HahaCat PowerUpR darkaxz: omg ExTahZee: omfg the_showman: dont stop ExTahZee: KEKW Eddie1225: LOL Ragestrike: can you change your character emotion to angry NeoReaperXIII: Saab pls jalapenokoolaid: @bruto hi dad ryul2: KEKW jamie_gene_k: HAHAHHAH im dead Nfrswifty: cmonBruh cmonBruh cmonBruh cmonBruh cmonBruh rolldmg: I love Ashlynn as a craim LUL bruto: hello spicy @jalapenokoolaid rolldmg: crim* RiTheJammyBrit: LUL Nightbot: LUL ExTahZee: LULW darkaxz: hello bruto @bruto ryul2: KEKW KEKW Nightbot: KEKW bruto: hello dark NeoReaperXIII: “I dont have enough floor” HiggsyPigsy: @bruto ew CelestialChickin: @Ragestrike She can if she flips the bird ExTahZee: KEKW Rough08: In the morning all wrinkled up ryul2: KEKW Mauroheisenberg: KEKW bruto: Higgs ashlynnHey Xthedarknight99x: crabs!! RiTheJammyBrit: Ur too good at this ashlyn lmao shhhyanne: ashlynnKek ashlynnKek ashlynnKek Ragestrike: change face expression for pic NeoReaperXIII: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW jalapenokoolaid: smile chat jalapenokoolaid: πŸ™‚ WhatTheyWant: LULW Eddie1225: KEKW ExTahZee: wtf CelestialChickin: LUL Nightbot: LUL ryul2: KEKW ExTahZee: KEKW pina_colorado: the hat PepeHands CelestialChickin: Perfect JJOkochaJJ: LUL Sadira: KEKW Cnighthawk848: LUL jamie_gene_k: KEKW properusernamefortwitch: Kreygasm Neroji: LUL peonmypeon: lul picture with eyes closed 4Head jalapenokoolaid: oop ImProbablyDumb: mouthbreather might be good CelestialChickin: LUL pina_colorado: KEKW darkaxz: LOL ExTahZee: LULW ryul2: KEKW KEKW JDblue: LUL Eddie1225: LOL jamie_gene_k: LOL rolldmg: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW NeoReaperXIII: KEKW she blinked darkaxz: ewww FeeltheBass: LUL BKmessiah: she’s related to Sheila? shhhyanne: betchLUL betchLUL betchLUL betchLUL ExTahZee: you are something else bobosaurr: KEKW QueefOfPain: KEKW Elari_Relanah: lolol Mauroheisenberg: 10/10 pose KEKW rebornintomusic: KEKW MEKABEAR: oh no ryul2: KEKW titofromrocketpwr: LOLOL WhatTheyWant: omg OMEGALUL fortnite_blackhole_: lol jalapenokoolaid: ashlynnGasp < madge rn HENTAI_MARATHON: KEKW JJOkochaJJ: LUL ExTahZee: KEKW Nightbot: LUL MEKABEAR: lmfao ryul2: KEKW KEKW KEKW KEKW CelestialChickin: KEKW fred0uille: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAH cheeezypotatoez: Wow Crapandemic: looks like a death bed photo Nightbot: Follow Ashlynn on Twitter - https://twitter.com/AshlynnArias EchebKeso: God help me Eddie1225: lauren KEKW Rough08: blobDance RiTheJammyBrit: vadeLaugh darkaxz: so many cops LUL ExTahZee: lmfao ExTahZee: KEKW MEKABEAR: omFG NeoReaperXIII: opither BKmessiah: He called you gross ryul2: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW jamie_gene_k: lol Rough08: uwuPUKE uwuPUKE2 MEKABEAR: HAAAAAAAAAHAHA shhhyanne: ashlynnDerp ashlynnDerp ashlynnDerp ashlynnDerp BlazedGoldfish: LUL LUL LUL MEKABEAR: uwuPUKE uwuPUKE2 jalapenokoolaid: uhhh Cnighthawk848: torreti is great NeoReaperXIII: HER FACE Elari_Relanah: lololol AJVM_: LMAOOOO JJOkochaJJ: the closed eyes kil me osgrimjones: uwuPUKE uwuPUKE2 darkaxz: ??? ExTahZee: KEKW properusernamefortwitch: uwuPUKE uwuPUKE2 CelestialChickin: You can see Rough08: uwuLOVE uwuLOVE uwuLOVE ryul2: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW jamie_gene_k: KEKW

CelestialChickin: @ashlynn He’s asking you if you’re glitched shhhyanne: ashlynnSee ashlynnSee ashlynnSee ashlynnSee ashlynnSee BlazedGoldfish: I’m dying nsuix: cartman? Eddie1225: OMEGALUL Nfrswifty: LUL LUL LUL LUL LUL LUL LUL LUL Nightbot: LUL NeoReaperXIII: Cop Caller Records should scout her MoonMagic: lol jalapenokoolaid: sorry officer πŸ™‚ SpinDash12: did Madge get sung by a bee and is allergic? titofromrocketpwr: my third eye is open but my eyes are closed kord76: parsens here we come boys Eddie1225: LOL ExTahZee: LULW ryul2: KEKW KEKW thejoe2o: this aint Ashlynn’s first Ro-dei-o darkaxz: lesbian btw jalapenokoolaid: LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL CelestialChickin: KEKW Mauroheisenberg: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW JJOkochaJJ: hahahahhaha that face irtsy: just one kiss, don’t be rude shhhyanne: ashlynnWeird ashlynnWeird ashlynnWeird ashlynnWeird jalapenokoolaid: plz stop jamie_gene_k: LOL Thunderstrum: is madge bi or lesbian mofo_xiv: what is worng with her eyes? ExTahZee: KEKW thejoe2o: kiss the bars! ryul2: KEKW ExTahZee: omfg Rough08: Just a little one jalapenokoolaid: ashlynnStop mikeinscusa: lol the_showman: loooooolololol Mauroheisenberg: Madge too good for this world KEKW CelestialChickin: Better teeth than Brenda irtsy: just a peck AJVM_: Lollll properusernamefortwitch: she’s madge KEKW BlazedGoldfish: cath4Babe cath4Babe cath4Babe jalapenokoolaid: ashlynnStahp rose_scribbles: she just wants one kith NeoReaperXIII: widepeepohappy BlazedGoldfish: LUL AJVM_: I’m dying Nightbot: LUL AJVM_: Lmao EchebKeso: BEGON SATAN darkaxz: or matt a PepeLaugh RiTheJammyBrit: tomatoKiss irtsy: just a smooch Eddie1225: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW ExTahZee: KEKW ryul2: KEKW shhhyanne: ashlynnNo ashlynnNo ashlynnNo ashlynnNo EchoKhoda: KEKW jalapenokoolaid: @bruto make her faces into emotes plz ExTahZee: ashlynnNo ExTahZee: KEKW mofo_xiv: *sings* She’s got.. AAAAN…GRY… EYES deedee2017: ashlynnNah Falcon954: Madge never gonna learn crime too busy trying to erp FeelsBadMan Craveumore: lol maaaadeehh at uuuu! thejoe2o: AShlynn has PEAKED tonight irtsy: Madge needs love too Eddie1225: madge angry jalapenokoolaid: ashlynnCassie Eddie1225: lauren KEKW ExTahZee: OMEGALUL darkaxz: ??? ExTahZee: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW SpinDash12: ok Jessica JJOkochaJJ: they are probably confused why every ash char is so weird Elari_Relanah: lmao JJOkochaJJ: LUl Nightbot: LUL Maelok: ask her to be your woooman lol properusernamefortwitch: hope lauren doesnt recognize you KEKW irtsy: Madge needs a little love from a Badge Mauroheisenberg: What happened to lauren’s face? D: jalapenokoolaid: LOOOL Eddie1225: KEKW Mauroheisenberg: or am i tripping pina_colorado: KEKW ExTahZee: LULW JJOkochaJJ: ahhahaha AJVM_: Blow kiss BlazedGoldfish: LUL Eddie1225: LOL jalapenokoolaid: ooo smart shhhyanne: ashlynnSass ashlynnSass ashlynnSass ashlynnSass rebornintomusic: @Mauroheisenberg shotgun to the face Elari_Relanah: lol the_showman: no no Craveumore: a bewootifuu wady!!! thejoe2o: madge sounds like waluigi if he had a lisp EchoKhoda: indirect kiss! Pog Mauroheisenberg: @rebornintomusic hate to see that happen KEKW ryul2: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW irtsy: KEKW Eddie1225: KEKW Beta_Vidoh: kiwoS jalapenokoolaid: don’t sneeze on us? ExTahZee: KEKW AJVM_: KEKW BlazedGoldfish: Best character on nopixel ZeldaAdventuress: ashlynnKnight Eddie1225: LOL ExTahZee: LULW darkaxz: OMG Craveumore: lol ryul2: KEKW KEKW ExTahZee: wtf irtsy: LUL Nightbot: LUL ExTahZee: LUL Martin6421: KEKW ExTahZee: omfg yeah__: lmao shhhyanne: ashlynnBooty ashlynnBooty ashlynnBooty jalapenokoolaid: i guess taraquest: lol mofo_xiv: W H O A Elari_Relanah: lolol Xthedarknight99x: likely to lose a hand that way darkaxz: “become” ryul2: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW mikeinscusa: they all leave too funny Craveumore: panty ID LMAO irtsy: he should have just giving Madge a kiss KEKW Shirohoshineko: You become the true you jalapenokoolaid: @darkaxz LUL mofo_xiv: Madge unchained RedNobel: LUL JJOkochaJJ: its the same jokes LUL chiefoafster: lol niceee titofromrocketpwr: give in to the darkness mikeinscusa: we there now Xthedarknight99x: going crazy lol chatcast: Every new character = lower inhibitions Bonecrawl: lol kord76: 5150 darkaxz: they’re all badge bunnies Mauroheisenberg: What is madge’s last name? Eddie1225: LMAOOOO deedee2017: more and more like kiki thejoe2o: brenda anchors you, everyone else just falls into chaos Scorpio_SW: let the darkness surround you like a warm blanket MEKABEAR: that face is TERRIFYING titofromrocketpwr: it’s her mastermind at work robhurt1: Madge the vag Akaios: Madge and Trish would be great friends Eddie1225: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW ryul2: KEKW titofromrocketpwr: make them underestimate her later rolldmg: ya guys. It’s Madge who’s the weird one WeirdChamp purplehorizonskies: KEKW Nightbot: Follow Ashlynn on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/ashlynnarias/ SykoticWarrior: LUL Nightbot: LUL Qu0tile5masher: D: irtsy: KEKW darkaxz: omfg EchebKeso: Next character 5150 before leaving the character designer at this rate Dokubeki: ashlynnStahp ashlynnStahp ashlynnStahp pina_colorado: oh god KEKW Eddie1225: OMEGALUL chrix_2033: lmao Shrewkiller_: hello @mekabear taraquest: omg Elari_Relanah: lmao Craveumore: We need Madge stickers for next Twitch Con purplehorizonskies: Ashlynn! LUL AJVM_: Stooopppp lmaoooo MEKABEAR: @Shrewkiller_ hihi thejoe2o: the only think you want to ride is this officer Elari_Relanah: omg mantis lol mofo_xiv: Madge is guaranteeing quick turn around time in holding cells Eddie1225: LMAOOO ryul2: KEKW darkaxz: OMG Nightbot: KEKW pina_colorado: LULW Eddie1225: N OMEGALUL justjohn23: lmaooo titofromrocketpwr: LOLOL shhhyanne: ashlynnNice ashlynnNice ashlynnNice ashlynnNice 1m92: 1 nipple lmao deedee2017: that was such a hard no LesSidas: I demand madge cosplay Qu0tile5masher: >.> Mauroheisenberg: omg KEKW shhhyanne: ashlynnKek ashlynnKek ashlynnKek ashlynnKek k4ye: @MEKABEAR Are you getting on too? <3 titofromrocketpwr: LOLL jalapenokoolaid: we don't wanna see that side of madge :)

darkaxz: @MEKABEAR how much is she like this irl ashlynnStahp ryul2: KEKW KEKW Nightbot: KEKW Qu0tile5masher: D: JJOkochaJJ: jesuy Cnighthawk848: i was drinking when he said that Eddie1225: LMAO Qu0tile5masher: moon2L solidpeyo: LUL LUL LUL LUL Nightbot: LUL jalapenokoolaid: :O SpinDash12: the madge vahg pina_colorado: KEKW Eddie1225: OMEGALUL darkaxz: ??? Nfrswifty: start stripper dancing Kappa Qu0tile5masher: LULW ryul2: KEKW Rough08: KEKW bobosaurr: KEKW mofo_xiv: *wonders to self what defines a “Little bit of a vag”* Mauroheisenberg: If i show you my butthole, will you cavity search it? KEKW BrianOreollama: nakkiLewd nakkiLewd nakkiLewd shhhyanne: betchLUL betchLUL betchLUL betchLUL betchLUL Eddie1225: LULW irtsy: just a quick butthole wink Rough08: LULW chrix_2033: Hahahah ryul2: KEKW KEKW Qu0tile5masher: D: Sadira: KEKW KicoChaos: lmfao Craveumore: #MyWooman T-shirt’s missmarpie: ashlynnSee justjohn23: broken Qu0tile5masher: D: D: D: mikeinscusa: lmao Akaios: He broke deedee2017: you broke him Bonecrawl: lol ViMint: i’m lightheaded from laughing lmao dude7836: LUL Nightbot: LUL TooQuick: Lol FeeltheBass: ashlynnKek ashlynnKek ashlynnKek the_showman: oh my Larzsx: LUL Scorpio_SW: I think it’s early retirement for him lol trey5498: WOW!!! Some who FINALLY out cringed Jerry SpinDash12: she will show him her dark eye LiamWire: is that Lisa Simpson? rolldmg: he didn’t want to see her baby starfish PepeHands fred0uille: THIS IS SO FUNNY Bonecrawl: torturing him mikeinscusa: they have not jalapenokoolaid: @LiamWire rooSnow rooBall darkaxz: madge mage Mauroheisenberg: Madge is unique that’s for sure KEKW EchebKeso: Last day before retirement and he shoots himself taraquest: This is perfect Qu0tile5masher: LUL Beta_Vidoh: you broke the poor boy KwapSquared: They’ve meet someone like this… her name is brenda Eddie1225: madge mage KEKW titofromrocketpwr: YASSS titofromrocketpwr: madge always titofromrocketpwr: madge forever mofo_xiv: Madge might have ot be a headphone stream. My roommate’s mom is out in the living room. Hope she didn’t just hear Ash yell that mikeinscusa: wing man nsuix: no one is like you … youre one of a kind lol darkaxz: i miss brendy PepeHands foolsglod: time to make the prison madge’s palace peepoHappy LiamWire: @jalapenokoolaid rooBall2 rooFight pina_colorado: its good to do different characters Eddie1225: i mean how much money are you gonna make if your always in prison KEKW osgrimjones: madge best char tbh LesSidas: Madge and Kiki would be a power duo NeoReaperXIII: ??? pina_colorado: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW SpinDash12: aww I’ll miss Brenda KwapSquared: Brenda seems like a vegan lynnaria_: hell yeah Qu0tile5masher: Vegans ou NotTooShabby_408: a cat island kord76: she’s in rehab from too much oxy Craveumore: Madge Mage a new character class in DND! Larzsx: i miss brendy PepeHands irtsy: Madge mains a Mage who uses butthole magic to reduces sentences justjohn23: tbh all ya characters are the same lmaoo u play yourself rolldmg: OMG Madge and Kiki KEKW taraquest: Brenda 5150 arc jalapenokoolaid: LUL Nightbot: LUL kingofnopants1: what happ3ned to cassie? Qu0tile5masher: Vegans out KappaClaus GrimMega: los santos is an island pina_colorado: LULW darkaxz: forever? D: iamweird1234: make all the doctors go to the island to save you LUL stillage: a vegan who doesn’t eat vegetables solidpeyo: I love seen new characters Mauroheisenberg: Didn’t madge go to a spiritual retreat with freya? pina_colorado: chats just needy lol tdripking2113: need another new character Qu0tile5masher: lol TooQuick: Like a minor setback for a major comeback lol Beta_Vidoh: spoiler fo choice Eddie1225: LOL KwapSquared: HOnestly. this is just what happens when you’re an RP god ryul2: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW AJVM_: Gotta perma some nakkiHands kingofnopants1: just curious. I miss her irtsy: KEKW Eddie1225: KEKW pina_colorado: oh god bobosaurr: KEKW foolsglod: KEKW messtahrobot: KEKW darkaxz: ?? Qu0tile5masher: lolol deedee2017: oh my god ryul2: KEKW KEKW AJVM_: Do / blowkiss Rough08: hahaha JJOkochaJJ: LUl Nightbot: LUL KwapSquared: Oh god please bench trial LiamWire: hahahhha jalapenokoolaid: i’d rather have cassie close ups than madge NeoReaperXIII: 12 dollars and 80 cents mikeinscusa: 3 dollars deedee2017: bench trial would be so much fun pina_colorado: LULW Eddie1225: LMAOO tdripking2113: seduce him jalapenokoolaid: loool Scorpio_SW: at this rate he’s going to end up paying you to go Dokubeki: ashlynnNice ryul2: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW Qu0tile5masher: he is so smitten jalapenokoolaid: @HiggsyPigsy she’s doin what you do :O foolsglod: its working peepoHappy Craveumore: Madge on the bench would be hilarious irtsy: flash a little butthole at him solidpeyo: dance to him LUL LUL LUL LUL AJVM_: Lmao Eddie1225: i plead guilty mon send me in Mauroheisenberg: harass him until he sets you free KEKW tdripking2113: pat HIM down shhhyanne: betchMOAN betchMOAN betchMOAN betchMOAN HiggsyPigsy: @jalapenokoolaid just was thinking that looool HiggsyPigsy: stealing my mwahs 😑 NeoReaperXIII: widepeepoHappy full fine full time jalapenokoolaid: confirmed: higgs is madge darkaxz: medium the_showman: guilty KwapSquared: not guilty pina_colorado: just do guilty justjohn23: not Sashifrog: guilty Rhianyx: guitly Mauroheisenberg: not guilty KEKW Sokol80: guilty travisraymer: not guilty iamweird1234: guilty Wallen89: guilty titofromrocketpwr: guilty Shirohoshineko: Not Guilty Merebeary: guilty bobosaurr: ask for a BETTER DEAL solidpeyo: not z_74: bench trial Eddie1225: guilty foolsglod: innocent peepoHappy devestatedhuman: both thejoe2o: medium guilty twoducks: guilty ivisenya: not guilty Qu0tile5masher: not guilty Dokubeki: not guilty SpinDash12: guilty taraquest: not guilty ryul2: KEKW Sockbox: both Nightbot: KEKW rebornintomusic: guilty Nemgod: not guity deedee2017: guilty Gtneezer: Bench trial crazyerazer: guilty makes them write reports Nightbot: Subscribe as a way to show your support. Never necessary but always appreciated. https://www.twitch.tv/subs/ashlynn jamie_gene_k: trial NeonMatriXD: guilty devestatedhuman: BOTH infifnityrose20: guilty Ultrabeast: not guilty = he has to write a report Scorpio_SW: you get a discount if you ask for a lawyer Craveumore: lol NeonMatriXD: KEKW Rough08: widepeepoHappy stillage: innocent kord76: Guily! lets go see Huxley Eddie1225: pleading not guilty doesn’t do anything lmao EchoKhoda: Guilty! We’ll get out earlier! Sokol80: just guilty LesSidas: ask him what guilty means irtsy: guilty if he gives you a quick kiss TooQuick: I wanna see madge in jail so bad lol jalapenokoolaid: oop Spiritofjazz: Tell him you want Jerry and a bench Trial LUL jamie_gene_k: LOL HY8US: Roll osgrimjones: Show gluteus Maximus Qu0tile5masher: LUL Nightbot: LUL justjohn23: lmaoooo Eddie1225: LMAOO ryul2: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW Qu0tile5masher: moon2L Xthedarknight99x: Female version of Cartman LUL k4ye: LMAO EchoKhoda: KEKW NeoReaperXIII: hes trying to hard to be professional KEKW darkaxz: omg fred0uille: HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA rebornintomusic: betchMOAN betchMOAN betchMOAN betchMOAN ryul2: KEKW KEKW shhhyanne: betchLUL betchLUL betchLUL betchLUL HiggsyPigsy: is this kiki jalapenokoolaid: ???????? k4ye: LUL BumblebeeBrii: ahahaha z_74: D: Zombie_Guy94: nakkiLewd AJVM_: Lmaooooo Sadira: koilGasm phil_dorf: ERP jalapenokoolaid: erp PogChamp tdripking2113: wtf Alasdair: EVERY TIME ASHLYNN jamie_gene_k: KEKW Mauroheisenberg: this is too good KEKW shhhyanne: ashlynnKek ashlynnKek ashlynnKek ashlynnKek Qu0tile5masher: LUL monkaTOS ryul2: KEKW AJVM_: LMMAOOOOOO STOOOPPP Eddie1225: PauseChamp icantfeelathing: loooool oh god NeoReaperXIII: deal

justjohn23: hes gonna quit his job after this DesireeNbc00: IM SCREAMING Dokubeki: ashlynnBooty McKenzie138: LUL Nightbot: LUL BlazedGoldfish: curvyOK curvyOK curvyOK BrianOreollama: nakkiLewd nakkiLewd nakkiLewd nakkiLewd nakkiLewd RiTheJammyBrit: LUL LUL darkaxz: OMG tdripking2113: bet she dont even wipe Eddie1225: LOOOL Eddie1225: WHAT THE FUCK jalapenokoolaid: jkgkjghkgkghkg darkaxz: OMFG pina_colorado: oh my god awkwardninja94: this has gotten too weird to watch at work mickdaLUL mickdaLUL CrispyPixel67: KEKW KicoChaos: lmao omfg Nightbot: KEKW Cnighthawk848: KEKW Craveumore: wow that’s a 1-900 add in the back of a magazine Madge!!! lol BumblebeeBrii: LOL Qu0tile5masher: LULW Eddie1225: LMAOOOO ryul2: KEKW KEKW properusernamefortwitch: KEKW DesireeNbc00: HAHAHAH jamie_gene_k: LOL H4irball: nakkiBlank WhatTheyWant: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA icantfeelathing: hahaaaaaaaa BigstickCargo: LMAOOOOOO Lymslol: lmfao ashlynn solidpeyo: LUL LUL LUL LUL Inkstinkt: LOL rebornintomusic: OMG this is Kiki KEKW Zombie_Guy94: kariLEWD Xwaderman: lol ryul2: KEKW wormsauce: lmaol traptors905: LULW jalapenokoolaid: “not the ones on my face” i can’t LesSidas: this is definitely kiki Rough08: Too much Shrewkiller_: need nikki to do it no gloves rebornintomusic: @ashlynn She says it all the time KEKW icantfeelathing: lol RiTheJammyBrit: Kikis long lost cousin i swear vadeLaugh moby1kanobee: maybe you will meet yourself in prison HY8US: !gamble all ryul2: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW kord76: Huxley and Sweden here we come! NeoReaperXIII: McMeaty Zombie_Guy94: LUL Nightbot: LUL Eddie1225: KEKW jamie_gene_k: KEKW Zombie_Guy94: KEKW pina_colorado: did they give your phone back? darkaxz: OMG WhatTheyWant: LYULW ryul2: KEKW KEKW jalapenokoolaid: ashlynnStahp bruto: you frisky Zombie_Guy94: WutFace Xwaderman: danHappy CrispyPixel67: ERP Pog tdripking2113: rip people at work Eddie1225: LMAOOOO NeoReaperXIII: cyrGahh cyrGahh cyrGahh darkaxz: ashlynnStahp ashlynnStahp ashlynnStahp ashlynnStahp ashlynnStahp ashlynnStahp k4ye: Murloc ~ LUL Sokol80: you will go to jail often as crim moby1kanobee: was that gagging? Qu0tile5masher: lol Craveumore: LMAO Mauroheisenberg: you know what i could see Madge and Bovice together KEKW rolldmg: he said no and left legendzzz93: saabKEK svr2004: Wtf beepx2lettuce: gachiBASS chatcast: This is too much. LUL iamweird1234: I came back to this? Wtf KEKW Akaios: Does he stream? KicoChaos: lol i will never be able to unhear the noises that you just made BrianOreollama: nakkiNLT nakkiNLT nakkiNLT pina_colorado: youre down like 300 bucks from when you started LUL Elari_Relanah: poor mantis isnt allowed to have a char with a good reputation nakkiLUL Nfrswifty: why is screen shaking ever 3 seconds Larzsx: he cant LUL Xwaderman: mantistobogan i think Sashifrog: mantistobagan is his stream name foolsglod: hes in love peepoHappy Craveumore: he’s all, “No And, Then!” Nightbot: If you are enjoying the stream you can show extra support by donating. ashlynnSellout https://www.twitchalerts.com/donate/ashlynn NotTooShabby_408: mantistobagan, hes not live rn Nfrswifty: ah okay Qu0tile5masher: πŸ™‚ LiamWire: hahahahaha moby1kanobee: you can work out in jail @ashlynn Qu0tile5masher: moon2S Cnighthawk848: or lift weights properusernamefortwitch: madge caused an explosion earlier KEKW JJOkochaJJ: mantis is confused why brenda flirts with jerry and now this chick LUL Eddie1225: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW ryul2: KEKW KEKW jamie_gene_k: KEKW darkaxz: LUL Nightbot: LUL ryul2: KEKW pinksumi: !uptime Nightbot: Ashlynn has been live for 1 hour 7 minutes 54 seconds jalapenokoolaid: ashlynn7 PensivePaul: https://clips.twitch.tv/EnergeticSpineyGerbil4Head Shrewkiller_: Huxley we are coming LiamWire: casual terrorism outside PD monkaS jamie_gene_k: LOL Eddie1225: LMAO tdripking2113: spits more than ramee Craveumore: selective Madge hearing! ryul2: KEKW KEKW Nightbot: KEKW Mauroheisenberg: this was 10/10 KEKW shhhyanne: betchLUL betchLUL betchLUL betchLUL betchLUL chatcast: No shame at all LUL mr__goodvibes: Clap NeoReaperXIII: “you’re now unimplemented” tdripking2113: you and ramee should hookup and creat a spit tidal wave NeoReaperXIII: WOW thanks autocorrect NeoReaperXIII: unemployed JJOkochaJJ: you are bugged darkaxz: monkaS Eddie1225: turn off radio Larzsx: MonkaW pina_colorado: can you turn it off? k4ye: Wish nikki was here too LUL JJOkochaJJ: since the radio should be gone Sashifrog: it should have taken your phone and radio away rolldmg: you haver to turn off radio Eddie1225: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW Cnighthawk848: LUL Nightbot: LUL ryul2: KEKW Nightbot: Get closer to the community by joining the Famlynnβ„’ Discord https://discord.gg/ashlynn darkaxz: Pepega KwapSquared: Pepega osgrimjones: did they take your gun? pina_colorado: yeah that works too lmao Eddie1225: Pepega jalapenokoolaid: πŸ™‚ properusernamefortwitch: Pepega jamie_gene_k: lol ZeldaAdventuress: time for some Ass meth Qu0tile5masher: πŸ™‚ Alasdair: aaa i got automodded Alasdair: so you have a character that likes having a finger up the ass, and a character that puts fingers up peoples asses jalapenokoolaid: AYOOO Eddie1225: sweden PogU tdripking2113: go be bovices girl taraquest: Pool sticks darkaxz: they’re so quiet Shrewkiller_: channel 5 by habit AJVM_: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW Mauroheisenberg: Emperor of ikea Pog LiamWire: Pepega darkaxz: D: moby1kanobee: kelly? ryul2: KEKW KEKW pina_colorado: KEKW sausagehobbit: LUL Nightbot: LUL Eddie1225: KEKW jamie_gene_k: why everyone quite MikeSaint210: KEKW bobosaurr: KELLY

Martin6421: KEKW properusernamefortwitch: Alpha move Pog NeoReaperXIII: she really wants that search William_xoz: tcpTri tcpGge tcpRed Nightbot: Follow Ashlynn on Twitter – https://twitter.com/AshlynnArias pinksumi: why has her voice changed, did I miss something? <3 foolsglod: nikez peepoHappy ryul2: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW AJVM_: nakkiHands hitting mara Mauroheisenberg: cavity search Pog pina_colorado: KEKW properusernamefortwitch: she changes voices all the time KEKW NeoReaperXIII: heyoooop jamie_gene_k: KEKW Martin6421: LMAO dude7836: LUL Nightbot: LUL KwapSquared: But but... i thought you wanted a "cavity search"??? Qu0tile5masher: double arrested mofo_xiv: Dreams DO come true for Madge William_xoz: tcpSmiles ryul2: KEKW KEKW mikeinscusa: didnt take long Eddie1225: KEKW darkaxz: omg Nightbot: KEKW jamie_gene_k: I love this too much tdripking2113: two fingers jalapenokoolaid: wrong music for this NeoReaperXIII: *silent farts* GrimMega: vagaga darkaxz: OMG Eddie1225: LOL taraquest: haha jalapenokoolaid: LOOOL neo shhhyanne: ashlynnNice ashlynnNice ashlynnNice ashlynnNice tdripking2113: nvm 3 BumblebeeBrii: lmao jamie_gene_k: HAHAHAHAHAH moby1kanobee: no wait 3 fingers please NeoReaperXIII: KEKW Rough08: Take your medicine cedrickdbz: jyeahlERP properusernamefortwitch: ask her out KEKW ryul2: KEKW AJVM_: Lmao jalapenokoolaid: LOOOOOOOOOOOL pina_colorado: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW Eddie1225: KEKW Dokubeki: ashlynnBooty ashlynnNice BlazedGoldfish: LUL Nightbot: LUL RiTheJammyBrit: LUL darkaxz: WutFace Cnighthawk848: KEKW jamie_gene_k: KEKW NeoReaperXIII: OMG HENTAI_MARATHON: KEKW Martin6421: DansGame k4ye: HAHAHAHHAHA Sadira: WutFace jalapenokoolaid: ashlynnHyper Eddie1225: super sayian fortnite_blackhole_: omg Nfrswifty: LUL LUL LUL LUL LUL k4ye: EPIC ! AJVM_: Doc gf pog Mauroheisenberg: Madge is everything Brenda isn't KEKW rebornintomusic: nakkiNF chrix_2033: LOL Dokubeki: WTF SykoticWarrior: Jesus christ lmfao shhhyanne: ashlynnKek ashlynnKek ashlynnKek ashlynnKek BrianOreollama: LUL LUL LUL LUL RiTheJammyBrit: Lmao mofo_xiv: i'm scarred Craveumore: Madge powered up. lol BumblebeeBrii: haha wwefan4040: LUL LUL LUL LUL LUL jamie_gene_k: HAHAH I Cant breath ZeldaAdventuress: ashlynnScream ashlynnScream ashlynnScream ryul2: KEKW KEKW tdripking2113: starts to turtlehead AJVM_: Power level over 9000 darkaxz: omg ZeldaAdventuress: ow that hurt my throat NeoReaperXIII: ASH NO NeoReaperXIII: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW Eddie1225: KEKW ryul2: KEKW Dokubeki: ashlynnWeird k4ye: Its been awhile officer LUL properusernamefortwitch: slushie for shaking mikeinscusa: they not even chasing u lol jamie_gene_k: Pog jamie_gene_k: lol dude7836: LUL Nightbot: LUL pina_colorado: LULW rolldmg: please tell me Sweden is on duty LUL Eddie1225: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW Shrewkiller_: run on dirt Eddie1225: LOL ryul2: KEKW jamie_gene_k: KEKW RiTheJammyBrit: KEKW Eddie1225: KEKW properusernamefortwitch: yes sweden is on duty darkaxz: omg jalapenokoolaid: punch him :) ryul2: KEKW KEKW Nightbot: KEKW Eddie1225: OMEGALUL jamie_gene_k: LOL jalapenokoolaid: o Tavasi975: KEKW NeoReaperXIII: SAVAGE tdripking2113: shoot me daddy titofromrocketpwr: LOLLL Nfrswifty: TearGlove TearGlove TearGlove mikeinscusa: said no thank you dude7836: kittykosXmasLuL tdripking2113: she likes it Holleyweird: ratedeKEKW AJVM_: He likes it rough I c Craveumore: lol daddy spanks with bean bags! rasheemy: foof Joekitty001: de stress ryul2: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW jamie_gene_k: LOL jalapenokoolaid: !boop chat Nightbot: widepeepoHappy πŸ‘‰ chat Eddie1225: OMEGALUL rolldmg: ahahahaa YESSSS jamie_gene_k: ashlynnKek NeoReaperXIII: KEKW Zombie_Guy94: LUL Nightbot: LUL properusernamefortwitch: KEKW rasheemy: LUL ZeldaAdventuress: KEKW rebornintomusic: nakkiMega HELP chrix_2033: Hahhaahah BigstickCargo: LOL itsOrangeSoda: !uptime Nightbot: Ashlynn has been live for 1 hour 14 minutes 3 seconds IO_Err0r: need a bio hazard t-shirt NeoReaperXIII: LULW the spray down RedNobel: LUL jamie_gene_k: HAHAAHA NeonMatriXD: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW itsOrangeSoda: LUL mofo_xiv: Madge might be thes cariest inmate in Bolingbroke #BoviceWHO tdripking2113: do you have a band aid? cause i scraped my knee falling for you Eddie1225: LULW ryul2: KEKW rasheemy: I need freinds Ultrabeast: where's madge's spray down Eddie1225: LOL rasheemy: please camberto5: "damn sir, what... is.. your... recipe EstebanG18: DAAAAMN Eddie1225: LMAOOOO pina_colorado: KEKW jamie_gene_k: HAHAHAHHAHAHh ryul2: KEKW KEKW rasheemy: anybody rebornintomusic: KEKW AJVM_: LMMAOOOO Zombie_Guy94: LUL Nightbot: LUL ZeldaAdventuress: LUL LUL LUL kord76: shower pog Zombie_Guy94: moon2O IO_Err0r: debugged femLOL Eddie1225: OMEGALUL rasheemy: MYE EYEEED Martin6421: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW ryul2: KEKW jalapenokoolaid: PogChamp blind rp NeonMatriXD: ashlynnBlind ashlynnBlind ashlynnBlind

Mauroheisenberg: ask him for some ikea swedish meatballs KEKW Martin6421: ashlynnBlind ashlynnBlind ashlynnBlind NeoReaperXIII: ashlynnSee ashlynnSee ashlynnSee Zombie_Guy94: nakkiBlind AJVM_: ashlynnBlind brokerfox: happy unbirthday ashlynn Zombie_Guy94: punch em LUL jamie_gene_k: LOL rebornintomusic: ziggyjBlind ziggyjBlind spicylemonssss: ashlynnBlind ashlynnBlind ashlynnBlind rasheemy: f for eyes mofo_xiv: I really wish Bovice was in Eddie1225: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW BrianOreollama: ziggyjBlind Tempest072: KEKW brokerfox: woah this is kinda evil Shrewkiller_: do they know its you yet? jalapenokoolaid: ashlynnNo brutality Nfrswifty: brutality? brokerfox: she really reminds me of my sister. -.- this is fucking hard tdripking2113: feel around for things and “accidentally” feel up the guards Eddie1225: LOL KicoChaos: lmao Eddie1225: OMGELAUL NeoReaperXIII: DAREDEVIL Qu0tile5masher: LUL Nightbot: LUL jalapenokoolaid: loooool Zombie_Guy94: LUL jamie_gene_k: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW Scorpio_SW: lmao travisraymer: KEKW dude7836: LUL Qu0tile5masher: she sounds like Adam Sandler from Little Nicky messtahrobot: her fucking face KEKW Zombie_Guy94: the blood LUL Proffitt7: uwuGUN Eddie1225: OMEGALUL jamie_gene_k: best thing ever icantfeelathing: hahaaaaaa rasheemy: taz Yagason: Is this the disney reboot of Radio with a female lead? tdripking2113: popeys chicken is fuckin awesome AJVM_: Lmaoooo the face jamie_gene_k: LOL brokerfox: this is the edgiest shit Eddie1225: LMAOOO darkaxz: D: jalapenokoolaid: πŸ™‚ brokerfox: lol Eddie1225: 5Head jamie_gene_k: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW tdripking2113: change your facial expressions to closed eye rebornintomusic: ashlynnKek Craveumore: Blinded by the light Qu0tile5masher: wrapped up like a douche twoducks: hug her :p Akaios: Sense of touch you say? titofromrocketpwr: sniff themmmm Craveumore: @qu0tile5masher yes! NeoReaperXIII: sneef them pina_colorado: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW Qu0tile5masher: LUL Nightbot: LUL jamie_gene_k: LUL icantfeelathing: lool BigstickCargo: LOL ahmedshaltout: sp hiigh pina_colorado: that face makes me so uncomfortable XtraMedium1301: wander around and run into stuff messtahrobot: such a derp KEKW Eddie1225: we all did rebornintomusic: ashlynnDerp Eddie1225: LMAOO jalapenokoolaid: Kappa Nightbot: Kappa Qu0tile5masher: ashlynnRee EricAZ4: lmao phil_dorf: BREADNA jamie_gene_k: HAHaHHAHA Eddie1225: wtf KEKW NeoReaperXIII: does she have a “fat” tattoo on her arm wtf BigstickCargo: HAHA mofo_xiv: it look slike Madge got stung in the eyes by a swarm of bees NeonMatriXD: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW Ultrabeast: time for some fart echo location ryul2: KEKW darkaxz: omg AJVM_: Lmaoooo jalapenokoolaid: LOOL jamie_gene_k: LOL i cant tdripking2113: do drunk icantfeelathing: hahaaaa love it jalapenokoolaid: it’s all D: stickbun23: LUL LUL Nightbot: LUL NeoReaperXIII: @Ultrabeast KEKW oh god no fred0uille: HHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAHHAHAAHHAAHHAHAHAAHHA Larzsx: autism KEKW titofromrocketpwr: “i see everything now” Akaios: 5150 inc lol darkaxz: ????? blueivy1997: lol Eddie1225: gonna end up getting 5150 KEKW NeoReaperXIII: NeoReaperXIII gifted a Tier 1 sub to Ultrabeast! They have given 5 Gift Subs in the channel! blueivy1997: 5150 NeoReaperXIII: NeoReaperXIII’s Gift shared rewards to 5 others in Chat! Nightbot: Follow Ashlynn on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/ashlynnarias/ Eddie1225: LMAOOOOOo Ultrabeast: @NeoReaperXIII Thanks for the gift sub! kord76: possessed by jessica jalapenokoolaid: ^ Nightbot: ^ rebornintomusic: Wait this isn’t Cassie ashlynnKek ryul2: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW NeonMatriXD: Echo location is the only way to get around now PepeHands darkaxz: lesbian btw AJVM_: Start talking normal out of nowhere lmao sirtazmo65: Hi Much love everyone ashlynnO ashlynnEw ashlynnO ashlynnHeart ashlynnBooty ashlynnHeart titofromrocketpwr: LOL got em! Eddie1225: KEKW Requiral: so 4 hours before 5150? k4ye: Now hide LUL XtraMedium1301: KEKW Eddie1225: bovice KEKW NeoReaperXIII: oh fuck ryul2: BOVICE KEKW NeonMatriXD: KEKW travisraymer: KEKW jalapenokoolaid: bovice bb PogChamp Mauroheisenberg: monkaS pina_colorado: oh no KEKW Craveumore: Madge looking for Scooby snacks! jamie_gene_k: LOL

icantfeelathing: oh boy jalapenokoolaid: loool Eddie1225: KEKW Cnighthawk848: LUL Nightbot: KEKW Nightbot: LUL ryul2: KEKW mofo_xiv: omg… Madge + Bovice!!! Best. Saturday. EEEEEEVER VeggieSpider: moon2L titofromrocketpwr: bovice a snacccc BigstickCargo: LOL treye485: Kappa Nightbot: Kappa pina_colorado: KEKW Eddie1225: OMEGALUL rolldmg: I NB4 Bovice is scared of Madge KEKW Sashifrog: Kappa NeoReaperXIII: chapstick taraquest: killed a cop xoxobrxnda: saabW saabW saabW darkaxz: ???? Scorpio_SW: bovice going to break out again jamie_gene_k: KEKW NeoReaperXIII: KEKW LiamWire: Madgvice Pog pina_colorado: LULW mokk12: CHAPSTICK JJOkochaJJ: LUL malwri: KEKW Sashifrog: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW rebornintomusic: KEKW jalapenokoolaid: madvice PogChamp Eddie1225: LOL Rough08: KEKW brokerfox: https://clips.twitch.tv/FriendlyBillowingEelBatChest ryul2: KEKW BleepFreek: lol jalapenokoolaid: o AJVM_: KEKW Craveumore: Madge shot the sheriff, but did not shoot the deputy brokerfox: >:) Pyro_Paul3: sentryShrug jalapenokoolaid: bovadge ashlynnSass Sashifrog: LUL Nightbot: LUL Eddie1225: KEKW BM11121: Tore out his rectum pina_colorado: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW Rough08: President of target Eddie1225: oh no OMEGALUL Cnighthawk848: KEKW darkaxz: clip hanger ryul2: KEKW KEKW BigstickCargo: punch him!!! jamie_gene_k: KEKW DarkNight25: KEKW fred0uille: Your face HAHHAAHAHHAHAHAHAHA NeoReaperXIII: ??? Renegade_Mayonnaise: I kidnapped the President …. dot dot dot … and here I am darkaxz: eh brokerfox: wow brokerfox: what is happening Eddie1225: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW ryul2: KEKW NeoReaperXIII: KEKW yes jalapenokoolaid: wink wonk VeggieSpider: my spine high BibleThump rebornintomusic: Follow Sweden KEKW pina_colorado: poor sweden LUL Scorpio_SW: all DOC going to retire after this and Nikki will have the prison to herself Bawp_It: @ashlynn you sound like a South Park character timmacLEWD Eddie1225: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW Cnighthawk848: the only one sweden is scared of is Madge Ava52: that laugh tho AJVM_: Working out with Mara nakkiLewd ryul2: KEKW bobosaurr: monkaS VeggieSpider: moon2L wtf EstebanG18: that face LULΓ‡ mofo_xiv: DOC lik e”yeah, this is a great idea! Bovice can deal with her” EstebanG18: LUL taraquest: Madge gets the bovice connect for the fruit gang Larzsx: aaaaaand dead Nightbot: LUL Rough08: How do you know when your time is up Eddie1225: here we go KEKW fred0uille: her face HAHAHAHAHAHAAH titofromrocketpwr: awwwwwww yisss bovicexmadge jamie_gene_k: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW pina_colorado: PauseChamp NeoReaperXIII: clap his cheeks NeonMatriXD: KEKW Eddie1225: LOL Eddie1225: KEKW jamie_gene_k: HAHAHAH VeggieSpider: i wanna touch his abs moon2L iamweird1234: KEKW G0dz1: oh jesus jalapenokoolaid: welp pina_colorado: KEKW Eddie1225: LAMOOO jalapenokoolaid: LOOOL BumblebeeBrii: lolol jamie_gene_k: LOOOOL sausagehobbit: LOL VeggieSpider: moon2L moon2L justjohn23: lmaoo Tempest072: monkaS pina_colorado: this looks very wrong jsketchy01: Lmaooo AJVM_: Lmao VeggieSpider: monkaTOS Eddie1225: madge vs bovice PogU rebornintomusic: nakkiMega I LICK IT EstebanG18: IMAGINE THE OTHER GUYS WATCHING LUL ryul2: KEKW pina_colorado: ban inc monkaTOS Nightbot: KEKW titofromrocketpwr: LOLOLL Feenx_sama: LUL Nightbot: LUL Pyro_Paul3: charbLick charbLick charbLick Qu0tile5masher: >.> Scorpio_SW: they probably think this is erp from a distance Zimerick: lick his dirt covered shoes ashlynnRee Rough08: uwuLICK uwuLICK uwuLICK Nightbot: Check your Twitch Prime and consider using your free sub on Ashlynn Craveumore: bovice don’t like shoe shines. LMAO! LazyBearBanjo: KEKW AJVM_: LMMAOOOOO NeoReaperXIII: OH MY GOB Qu0tile5masher: LULW jalapenokoolaid: OH MY GOB loooooool Ludon15: prone is gone Plutus413: ERP ? jalapenokoolaid: hahahaha pina_colorado: STOP KEKW Aryman: uhhhh iamweird1234: ???? Renegade_Mayonnaise: LMAO Lazarenth: D: Sokol80: ERP VeggieSpider: monkaTOS moon2L monkaTOS justjohn23: jesus EstebanG18: KEK Renegade_Mayonnaise: πŸ˜› NeonMatriXD: KEKW justjohn23: lmaoo EstebanG18: KEKW eancu: OMEGALUL Nazz_pvp: COMEON BOBICE bobosaurr: ERP??? ant_onelli: ;P pina_colorado: BAN INC KEKW freshane777: LUL JJOkochaJJ: she about to get koiled LUL EskelHaito: KEKW Zimerick: ashlynnNice Joekitty001: banned Nightbot: KEKW iamweird1234: ???/ jamie_gene_k: LOL NeoReaperXIII: πŸ˜› BumblebeeBrii: lmfao omg Richetoku: jyeahlERP EstebanG18: JEEESUS LUL ryul2: ERP KEKW titofromrocketpwr: ERP Tueur562: wtf did I just walk into NeoReaperXIII: clip Aryman: this is not ok ivisenya: monkaTOS DARKD3V: DansGame Qu0tile5masher: >.> yoyoyox3: careful Anacott: NotLikeThis treye485: KEKW VeggieSpider: it’s weird in context as well k4ye: The sounds EWW LUL jalapenokoolaid: looooooooooooooool Akaios: ERP Redwoodian: KEKW AJVM_: MY EYES darkshadow314: Lol proud_pleb: bovice erp Pog taraquest: You know what everyone there is thinking blunbad: ERP! Pyro_Paul3: p90Oof charbLick charbLick yoyoyox3: streamer got banned for same scene recently lol BlazedGoldfish: LUL LUL Nightbot: LUL Craveumore: lol jalapenokoolaid: ashlynnRee bobice lettuce go KicoChaos: lmao looks weirs with context Sokol80: Stop it solidpeyo: uhnTos uhnTos uhnTos uhnTos NeoReaperXIII: me: extends tongue chatcast: No more slump? Aryman: I just got here and was very confused TooQuick: Lol sunny0017: see you in 7 days 1m92: I just got in the stream WTF LUL ryul2: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW

VeggieSpider: monkaTOS pina_colorado: seeya in a week ash LULW Nightbot: Follow Ashlynn on Twitter – https://twitter.com/AshlynnArias Falcon954: about to get a forced vacation PepeLaugh titofromrocketpwr: LOLLL Pyro_Paul3: betchBOOM1 betchBOOM2 betchPLS1 Eddie1225: perma PogU ryul2: KEKW KEKW Zombie_Guy94: Pog jalapenokoolaid: PogChamp 1 punch man jamie_gene_k: LOL JJOkochaJJ: pretty sure saab js not the problem watch out to not get bannes by twitch or striked LUL Eddie1225: LOL Craveumore: Orange is the New Black on Los Santos TV! Sashifrog: bovices wife PogU NeoReaperXIII: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW ernieb84: so do we add this to his Nikki KO count too? Zimerick: perfect duo honestly NeoReaperXIII: Madge Vice Plutus413: U FELL Renegade_Mayonnaise: Cmon Bobice PepeHands XtraMedium1301: we should try to knock him out before leaving lol mofo_xiv: that meeting went about as perfectly as i imagined Cnighthawk848: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW AJVM_: I think he likes us Rough08: You’re going to need a box of Magnum’s ryul2: KEKW ahmedshaltout: i love how all the worlds are colliding jalapenokoolaid: looool mofo_xiv: Clip titled: “Bovice hits on madge” jalapenokoolaid: LOOOOL mofo Qu0tile5masher: K E K W KappaClaus ryul2: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW Lazarenth: monkaTOS VeggieSpider: monkaTOS STOP Zimerick: madge is the submissive type i see LUL Craveumore: Bovice likes you if he knocks you out! EricAZ4: monkaTOS rebornintomusic: betchTOS bruto: πŸ‘ž BLELELE k4ye: Do in Agane ! LUL Pyro_Paul3: betchPOW1 charbLick jalapenokoolaid: lick my shoes, bruto πŸ™‚ rolldmg: @bruto KEKW Sashifrog: πŸ‘ž BLELELE chatcast: Sweden’s demoralized LUL Cnighthawk848: DoC needs benefits with the job mofo_xiv: hours with Bovice DOC is fine… but 10 minutes with Madge and they’re aregretting their life’s decisions properusernamefortwitch: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW Qu0tile5masher: >.> Eddie1225: LMAOOO Lazarenth: LULW jalapenokoolaid: oop VeggieSpider: moon2L BigstickCargo: LOL NeonMatriXD: KEKW jamie_gene_k: HAHAHAH Qu0tile5masher: moon2L Sashifrog: KEKW eancu: KEKW BigstickCargo: nakkiD nakkiD nakkiD Rough08: KEKW AJVM_: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW NeonMatriXD: ashlynnNice ashlynnNice ashlynnNice properusernamefortwitch: KEKW nannerkatt: OMEGALUL Eddie1225: OMEGALUL hestia44: nakkiLewd nakkiNLT nakkiLewd nakkiNLT ahmedshaltout: they’re all thinking where is nikki when we need her right now lol Qu0tile5masher: ashlynnNice Eddie1225: poor nikez KEKW nsuix: mmmm mmmm mmmm mofo_xiv: Mara trying to wingwoman Madge ryul2: KEKW Qu0tile5masher: omg BigstickCargo: nakkiS nakkiS rebornintomusic: I love when he jumps away KEKW Eddie1225: LMAOOOOOO jalapenokoolaid: campbell’s soup – mmm mmm good Pyro_Paul3: nakkiC blunbad: ERP Qu0tile5masher: this is just like my pornos pina_colorado: monkaTOS monkaTOS monkaTOS monkaTOS Cnighthawk848: LUL eancu: lmao Nightbot: LUL Nightbot: Subscribe as a way to show your support. Never necessary but always appreciated. https://www.twitch.tv/subs/ashlynn KicoChaos: lmao omg BigstickCargo: LOOOL jamie_gene_k: dance on him LOL TooQuick: Lol Eddie1225: LMAOOOO rebornintomusic: This poor bastard shhhyanne: betchLUL betchLUL betchLUL betchLUL betchLUL jalapenokoolaid: @eancu PogChamp you Cnighthawk848: Ikea is gonna quit after this LUL eancu: @jalapenokoolaid hola senorita Qu0tile5masher: >.> XtraMedium1301: knock him out Eddie1225: LOOOL jalapenokoolaid: ashlynnWoww tunawrangler_: LUL LUL Nightbot: LUL Qu0tile5masher: everyone is locked in here with Madge Eddie1225: LMAOOOO eancu: LUL Jessiee844: Should say β€œLet me see those ikea meatballs” lmao ahmedshaltout: lollll ZeldaAdventuress: LUL LUL jalapenokoolaid: ??? NeonMatriXD: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW WildshotTV: ur times up lol taraquest: you broke Sweden Eddie1225: OMEGALUL Zimerick: assert dominance! k4ye: LUL rolldmg: KEKW properusernamefortwitch: KEKW thatonebeanidk: LUL LUL Eddie1225: LMAOOOO BigstickCargo: LMAOOO Qu0tile5masher: O. O Sokol80: stop it

ryul2: KEKW ExTahZee: LULW Qu0tile5masher: moon2L Yaered: nice! RedNobel: LUL NeonMatriXD: OMEGALUL jalapenokoolaid: ty hux πŸ™‚ BigstickCargo: nakkiD nakkiD Craveumore: Bovice is gonna get jealous Rough08: He can close his eyes pretend your Nikki JJOkochaJJ: here we go LUL k4ye: This is too much LUL properusernamefortwitch: an alien will burst out from his stomach KEKW AJVM_: nakkiLewd ahmedshaltout: go for it Plutus413: Pepega ZeldaAdventuress: ashlynnKek ashlynnKek jamie_gene_k: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW Anacott: poor IKEA LUL ahmedshaltout: do it Qu0tile5masher: LUL Nightbot: LUL jalapenokoolaid: ikea? more like…i kith ya πŸ™‚ kord76: suicide pill incoming Qu0tile5masher: moon2L Zimerick: i love how they’re just letting it happen LUL Eddie1225: OMEGALUL Lazarenth: monkaW JJOkochaJJ: ook brends ahmedshaltout: lol shhhyanne: ashlynnDerp ashlynnDerp ashlynnDerp ashlynnDerp rolldmg: next time Nikki sees Sweden he’s gonna have PTSD KEKW eancu: lmaooooo ryul2: KEKW VeggieSpider: monkaTOS moon2L monkaTOS chatcast: OH no Rough08: Crawl rebornintomusic: betchTOS Eddie1225: LMAOO RedNobel: LUL Lazarenth: monkaTOS HENTAI_MARATHON: KEKW jamie_gene_k: ashlynnSass chrix_2033: hahahhah pina_colorado: oh my godf jalapenokoolaid: uhhh JJOkochaJJ: loooool Anacott: WutFace Aaeandor: choiLUL choiLUL choiLUL betchGAG Richetoku: jyeahlERP takuu: WutFace thatonebeanidk: LUL LUL LUL jalapenokoolaid: oop Qu0tile5masher: LUL VeggieSpider: LesbianPride Cnighthawk848: WutFace BigstickCargo: WutFace WutFace rebornintomusic: betchGAG betchGAG betchGAG betchGAG KicoChaos: lmfao omfg Ash you lost you ever loving mind jamie_gene_k: ashlynnKek ashlynnKek osgrimjones: moon2D titofromrocketpwr: “okay bye” Craveumore: lol Madge CPR!!! lynnaria_: sweden gonna retire AJVM_: ashlynnPog ahmedshaltout: LOL Eddie1225: wtf Lazarenth: D: Xthedarknight99x: WutFace WutFace WutFace WutFace pina_colorado: WHAT THEW FUCK mofo_xiv: this poor SOB Qu0tile5masher: LUL omg Nightbot: LUL thatonebeanidk: betchGAG betchGAG LUL LUL VeggieSpider: this is getting kinky Jessiee844: ashlynnEw BigstickCargo: OMG Eddie1225: what is wrong with you LMAOOO Aliendere: betchGAG betchGAG betchGAG betchGAG betchGAG betchGAG betchGAG betchGAG betchGAG betchGAG EskelHaito: ashlynnKek DARKD3V: WutFace NeonMatriXD: KEKW Eddie1225: 5150 KEKW Nightbot: KEKW Sashifrog: WeirdChamp titofromrocketpwr: MADGE NOOO Jessiee844: ashlynnScream JJOkochaJJ: this is the ERP we need LUL BigstickCargo: nakkiS nakkiS nakkiS nakkiS bobosaurr: KEKW Lazarenth: wtf lmao 70xs7: lolololol jalapenokoolaid: he gonna needa see kizzy after that Shrewkiller_: -7 months lol jamie_gene_k: ashlynnWeird nsuix: lmaooo k4ye: Then mention this to him when ur on nikki LUL WildshotTV: lmao ZeldaAdventuress: please stop imma puke osgrimjones: moon2D gimme spit EstebanG18: HE DEAD KEKW Qu0tile5masher: Ashlynn is an RP Goddess tunawrangler_: I just threw up a little bit eancu: thats right ashlynn assert dominance against the admin mallratderek: ashlynnStahp VeggieSpider: @osgrimjones moon2DEV eYeSonic: wtf did i walk into osgrimjones: moon2D Sokol80: can you get out nsuix: -7 months WildshotTV: ur sentence is over san_x0: oh wow madge finally made it to prison LUL rebornintomusic: @eYeSonic madness Eddie1225: we chillin in prison Sashifrog: just stay in there LUL flogbishop: @osgrimjones moon2MM Scorpio_SW: the moment a twitch chat simultaneously gagged Eddie1225: madge lives here now jalapenokoolaid: bicboi Eddie1225: KEKW NeonMatriXD: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW Jimmy_Canuck: moon2D san_x0: lul Nightbot: LUL Qu0tile5masher: moon2D properusernamefortwitch: KEKW Qu0tile5masher: ERP? flogbishop: moon2D Zimerick: he probably left cause things got too weird for him LUL VeggieSpider: you knew you were gonna ERP in jail? Falcon954: aint your jail time up? Qu0tile5masher: ERP in prison JJOkochaJJ: this was a scene were i dont want to see it but its so weird you have to look at ImProbablyDumb: Does anyone knows if Bovice kept it together during that introduction rolldmg: I want Madge to be friends with Bovice kord76: the only prisoner the DoC fear Elari_Relanah: these poor correction officers Eddie1225: we got the perfect group of DoC for you also lol Cnighthawk848: Madge is the Prisoner every guard is scared of Tueur562: Saab saw your clip, he was concerned lol Shrewkiller_: works here lmao osgrimjones: any spendies? moon2JR CrispyPixel67: Saab saw the clip with bovice and thought you were licking his pp saabKEK Grimothy413: wait, what did I miss..How did she end up in jail? properusernamefortwitch: inside Qu0tile5masher: moon2JR ExTahZee: LULW NeonMatriXD: OMEGALUL eYeSonic: we getting a 3 day? Tueur562: https://clips.twitch.tv/AlertEntertainingJayPRChase trey5498: just /liftweights I think Rough08: Pull-ups FreshPrinceofWhere: run some laps Jimmy_Canuck: moon2SMEG flogbishop: moon2JR pina_colorado: https://clips.twitch.tv/AlertEntertainingJayPRChase monkaTOS LayndShark: Jail RP from now on ryul2: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW DANknow: LUL Nightbot: LUL Eddie1225: chat she wants his reaction not her clip KEKW pina_colorado: jesus fuck BlazedGoldfish: You are too funny ExTahZee: wtf twoducks: https://clips.twitch.tv/MoralDrabDiamondKappaPride Scorpio_SW: oh god NeonMatriXD: Wink at him before you leave KEKW jamie_gene_k: LOL ashlynnWeird Scorpio_SW: that is cut perfectly out of context Ava52: a little? properusernamefortwitch: almost night time!! mofo_xiv: ” A L I T T L E”?!?!?! FreshPrinceofWhere: ash is a wild child now ExTahZee: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW Qu0tile5masher: Ashlynn lore PogChamp VeggieSpider: SAAB’S REACTION OMFG CrispyPixel67: FeelsStrongMan TooQuick: Lol flogbishop: moon2PH BlazedGoldfish: I hear you weirdos unite Eddie1225: chinups osgrimjones: how does someone as beautiful and charismatic not have friends aa a kid? ryul2: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW ExTahZee: KEKW Eddie1225: KEKW Sashifrog: KEKW Lazarenth: schfifty five jalapenokoolaid: 1 for the commandant, 2 for the corps

Nightbot: If you are enjoying the stream you can show extra support by donating. ashlynnSellout https://www.twitchalerts.com/donate/ashlynn Qu0tile5masher: Yo Wednesday Addams over there looking kinda cute ashlynnNice Eddie1225: LMAOOOO Eddie1225: wtf NeonMatriXD: KEKW Eddie1225: OMEGALUL lazyglazedonut: LMAOO CrispyPixel67: LUL Nightbot: LUL BlazedGoldfish: LUL LUL LUL Rough08: hahaha FreshPrinceofWhere: lol fred0uille: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Eddie1225: it takes a while Zimerick: that local in a speedo wtf MonkaS Sashifrog: it is slowly ChefCurry5O: ratedeKEKW Eddie1225: gotta keep doing it ByteMyWire: Madge gettin’ Jacked mehdiLAUGH BlazedGoldfish: 3 day ban mofo_xiv: If DOIC could add time blondy would add so many months osgrimjones: sexual harassment rp ryul2: KEKW KEKW Nightbot: KEKW ExTahZee: KEKW Eddie1225: OMEGALUL eancu: KEKW Eddie1225: see you next week bud shhhyanne: betchLUL betchLUL betchLUL betchLUL betchLUL betchLUL betchLUL betchLUL NeonMatriXD: KEKW bobosaurr: KEKW BlazedGoldfish: yessssss ryul2: KEKW Eddie1225: LOL eancu: LMAO jamie_gene_k: KEKW pina_colorado: oh no KEKW jalapenokoolaid: πŸ™‚ VeggieSpider: OHHH NO CrispyPixel67: “Was that his shoe or his pp I cant tell” MikeSaint210: KEKW Feenx_sama: he’s worried lol mr__goodvibes: FailFish FailFish KEKW Falcon954: bout to get a vacation titofromrocketpwr: LOLOLL taraquest: hahaha k4ye: Hahahahahaha Perfect reaction from saab LUL Rough08: You have to crawl titofromrocketpwr: im cryin rn titofromrocketpwr: poor saab, sweet summer child Feenx_sama: she was cleaning his shoes, she’s good ryul2: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW pina_colorado: that clip gonna get ashed banned LULW jalapenokoolaid: ok VeggieSpider: ok Lazarenth: koil toom out prone.crawling after ricky beat him in a gunfight he thought it was bugged but soze just toally missed him LUL BlazedGoldfish: Is learning traits for the outside world shhhyanne: ashlynnNice ashlynnNice ashlynnNice ashlynnNice jamie_gene_k: lol chatcast: Is the diving animation still in? k4ye: That sounds tho.. LUL VeggieSpider: @chatcast KEKW Rough08: Ashlynn what are you doing? lul JJOkochaJJ: see you in a week ByteMyWire: ERP Confirmed ashlynnDerp mofo_xiv: yeah chat Madge was “licking Bovice’s boots” Feenx_sama: white claws cmonBruh Glitter_Pug: yo wheres my wooooman jalapenokoolaid: hi chat nanonova12: vade3 vadeBlank vade1 jalapenokoolaid: o san_x0: I miss alot this stream? VeggieSpider: hi πŸ™‚ san_x0: hi πŸ™‚ Eddie1225: this is madges new home πŸ™‚ mofo_xiv: been free for like 12 minutes lol Eddie1225: LMAOO dude7836: Hi πŸ™‚ LayndShark: lgx96CLAW lgx96CLAW lgx96CLAW lgx96CLAW lgx96CLAW jalapenokoolaid: @san_x0 PogChamp san bruto: you tweet? jamie_gene_k: @jalapenokoolaid how many points u have ryul2: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW kjellberg6762: -13 months left san_x0: shes being sarcastic isnt she PepeHands BlazedGoldfish: White claws bring out the Madge in everyone jalapenokoolaid: 13k jamie peepoGiggle properusernamefortwitch: night time go get the houses! Eddie1225: KOMEGALUL awkwardninja94: @ashlynn are white claws any good? been thinking about trying one LiamWire: HAHAHAHAA Glitter_Pug: LOL Eddie1225: man is terrified of madge KEKW Larzsx: LUL Nightbot: LUL danceofmasks: LUL ryul2: KEKW KEKW thatonebeanidk: LUL LUL yunterrr: HE SAID NO AND LEFT KEKW Zimerick: noped out of there LUL thatonebeanidk: betchLUL Cnighthawk848: he has a helmet jamie_gene_k: Spicy peepoGiggle I got 30k san_x0: @jalapenokoolaid hiya! ByteMyWire: quackLick ratedeLick mehdiLICK ExTahZee: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW Eddie1225: KEKW mofo_xiv: in 15 minutes madge managed to: Get cavity searched. Met Bovice. Licked bovice’s shoes. Got KO’d by bovice. Sexually harrassed a DOC officer to unconciousness Glitter_Pug: hahhaha BlazedGoldfish: cath4Babe Zombie_Guy94: LUL jalapenokoolaid: the heck you gon do wit 30k VeggieSpider: PEEPERS πŸ‘ chrix_2033: lol LiamWire: LMFAOOOOO san_x0: pepeLaugh thatonebeanidk: kinamaGasp Glitter_Pug: LOOOOOOOL jamie_gene_k: LOL BeCooper: morfO morfO morfO rolldmg: KEKW Nightbot: Check your Twitch Prime and consider using your free sub on Ashlynn linqsyy: do ballscratch lol ryul2: KEKW rebornintomusic: nakkiNF Craveumore: LMAO ExTahZee: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW Rough08: Where’s my man LayndShark: Will they kick you out? BlazedGoldfish: LUL Nightbot: LUL nanonova12: Im convinced you’re a magnet for chaos LUL san_x0: WTF YOU SAW BOVICE Eddie1225: yes they did KEKW Glitter_Pug: OOOHH MY twoducks: https://clips.twitch.tv/MoralDrabDiamondKappaPride Ultrabeast: ya no context VeggieSpider: … I mean him talking about the boots doesn’t really help much chatcast: @ashlynn He actually had it play without audio first ryul2: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW ExTahZee: KEKW san_x0: LMFAOOOO eancu: OMEGALUL Tempest072: KEKW TooQuick: Longer reaction was better dude7836: LUL

Nightbot: LUL jamie_gene_k: @jalapenokoolaid wait until she makes something with higher points BlazedGoldfish: That’ll be the most viewed video of the night EstebanG18: JEEEESUS LUL Craveumore: perfect reaction xRELLIKx: KEKW JJOkochaJJ: loool BlazedGoldfish: LUL Elari_Relanah: nakkiLUL Feenx_sama: LUL jalapenokoolaid: @jamie_gene_k maybe a perk to time EVERYONE out mofo_xiv: Spitting white claw all over yourself is REALLY being dedicated to living “Marge” ryul2: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW Eddie1225: KEKW san_x0: LOL DANknow: ROFL pina_colorado: KEKW Subtanarian: What is the favorite flavor of White Claw around here? Eddie1225: LOL VeggieSpider: monkaTOS san_x0: KEKW NeonMatriXD: KEKW SimpleZombie: ashlynnKek Cnighthawk848: first DoC to quit, due to a crazy inmate NeonMatriXD: πŸ™‚ san_x0: when did madge get a lisp LUL BlazedGoldfish: grapefruit Subtanarian: That is kinda hard to do with a helmet on jamie_gene_k: LOL Spicy jalapenokoolaid: ye we needa rob houses πŸ™‚ ryul2: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW Nightbot: Don’t forget to drink water, get up, stretch, and walk around. Hope you are enjoying the stream ashlynnLuv VeggieSpider: kiss his long gun moon2L Zimerick: why is she slowly becoming chang? VeggieSpider: lick it DO NOT spit on it Glitter_Pug: HAHAHA Eddie1225: a keeb XtraMedium1301: shouldn’t you be able to leave already? lol san_x0: kip Jessiee844: Tell him to let you see those Ike’s jalapenokoolaid: kibb her ashlynnHyper Eddie1225: LOL Jessiee844: IKEA meatballs lmao BeCooper: Keep LUL ExTahZee: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW BlazedGoldfish: cath4W eancu: kekw eancu: KEKW ryul2: KEKW Glitter_Pug: lol plan worked perfectly, if you stop he just comes right back LOL BlazedGoldfish: BibleThump san_x0: LOL ExTahZee: LULW jalapenokoolaid: loool Eddie1225: LMAOOOO Nightbot: Follow Ashlynn on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/ashlynnarias/ simplejack83: tell him you want his man nuggets Cnighthawk848: LUL Nightbot: LUL VeggieSpider: b i c c b o i ExTahZee: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW crazyerazer: how does every character turn into a sexual predator LuL BlazedGoldfish: LUL ryul2: KEKW KEKW Eddie1225: OMEGALUL jspeedy120: dance for him! san_x0: TTours Rough08: I’m ready for hard time, if you know what I mean titofromrocketpwr: gotta make him work for it madge trey5498: @ashlynn try /e shower I believe is the command mofo_xiv: Madge holding DOC hostage with her raw sexuality KicoChaos: lmao poor Swed fearing for his life Subtanarian: I clipped you chasing him around the table VeggieSpider: PEEPERS πŸ‘ BeCooper: I’m done with u ashlynn morfO Eddie1225: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW nanonova12: The female randy ERP queen LUL san_x0: KEKW jamie_gene_k: I want madge to become a lifer lol Shirohoshineko: Is he wearing a mask for his protection? pina_colorado: where are you going LULW Eddie1225: time to go punch a cop Kappa Nightbot: If you are enjoying the stream you can show extra support by donating. ashlynnSellout https://www.twitchalerts.com/donate/ashlynn Cnighthawk848: madge is not gonna commit many crimes to scare the DoC Lymslol: lol time to commit a crime and come back! Shrewkiller_: I hope they mention this when you play Nikki Cnighthawk848: is* titofromrocketpwr: um did anyone else see the guy on the roof Geth_VI: is that someone on the roof LUL JJOkochaJJ: i think only inda is not a erp queen character LUL AG_boki: -19 min LUL yoyoyox3: lol I thought I was imagining things ryul2: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW tbonee_: I saw roof guy too lol nemesisbreakz: why does madge have southeast asian undertones? san_x0: LOL ExTahZee: KEKW BlazedGoldfish: cath4Babe ryul2: KEKW KEKW 70xs7: lmao pina_colorado: LULW Larzsx: that fucking walk dude OMEGALUL robhurt1: Ask to kip his lingonberries Eddie1225: OMEGALUL Nightbot: Subscribe as a way to show your support. Never necessary but always appreciated. https://www.twitch.tv/subs/ashlynn ironblood_el: sodCROSS san_x0: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW ryul2: KEKW san_x0: LMFAO Eddie1225: LMAO Cnighthawk848: LUL Nightbot: LUL Zimerick: madge gonna give everyone std’s jamie_gene_k: LOL thatonebeanidk: Who’s the blonde haired DOC? LUL yunterrr: HE SAID NO AND LEFT KEKW Sokol80: why is Madge hitting on everyone JJOkochaJJ: lool jalapenokoolaid: LOOOOOOOOl BeCooper: 300 hrs Pepega san_x0: sushi

Nightbot: Get closer to the community by joining the Famlynnβ„’ Discord https://discord.gg/ashlynn taraquest: sloosh Zimerick: god slushy pog trey5498: heal over time Craveumore: all the STDs are too busy fighting each other to cause harm to Madge!!! bruto: who would ever clip something out of context ironfonz: murdaEarright murdaGremlin murdaEarleft Eddie1225: yea okay KEKW kakshiv: if the swedish dude is in Sweden its at least 5am Nightbot: Follow Ashlynn on Twitter – https://twitter.com/AshlynnArias pina_colorado: no money LUL NicRaeMae: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW ivisenya: KEKW JJOkochaJJ: the probably already replaced you LUL qqmac: minus money Falcon954: you’ve missed action while licking shoes in prison PepeLaugh zayzaayy: hey erbody rebornintomusic: Bovice took all your shit KEKW brobean00: hi ashlynn natehillFingergun natehillFingergun natehillFingergun Eddie1225: madge is just the one thats always in prison titofromrocketpwr: hey okay madge needs action too Eddie1225: LOL ExTahZee: KEKW san_x0: LOL Nightbot: KEKW ryul2: KEKW titofromrocketpwr: them hips dont lie DesireeNbc00: It might just be me but they are kinda quiet felixthe1catt: your awesome bruto: madge had some action in prison ashlynnOop mofo_xiv: I’d say Madge in prison >>> than any “action” outside lynnaria_: licking shoes in prison IS action VeggieSpider: PepeHands bovice will never dominate me PepeHands ExTahZee: LULW NeonMatriXD: KEKW Shrewkiller_: nice left right Nightbot: KEKW brobean00: she a cop yet chat? gaylilsnowball: I just got back home from my vacation from New York, did you enjoy your trip there? ahmedshaltout: “i don’t dance i WORK” mofo_xiv: seriously. the 25 minutes she spent in prison was GOLD RezUnD3AD: I’m loving how you’re talking right now lmao Craveumore: yep the arrest was gold material ExTahZee: KEKW san_x0: llol Eddie1225: DoC dont fear bovice they fear madge KEKW DANknow: Fweedom! pina_colorado: grab your stuff ash trey5498: GET YOUR STUFF!!!! Falcon954: get your stuff first vnicole621: pick up your stuff Kenaro: Grab your stuff ExTahZee: grab your stuff mofo_xiv: she managed to terrorize all 3 DOC. Met Bovice… got a slushy Glitter_Pug: dont forget your belongings jamie_gene_k: lol siren_of_titan: sasshlynn ryul2: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW ExTahZee: KEKW VeggieSpider: moon2WUT pina_colorado: they took your phone san_x0: KEKW pina_colorado: for some reason siren_of_titan: lel Eddie1225: they took it KEKW rebornintomusic: Bovice KEKW joshua_u: “lick” his boots mofo_xiv: hahaha Bovice damdamdedama: OOF crazyerazer: @pina_colorado cause she talked on radio in the cell ExTahZee: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW ryul2: KEKW KEKW SpinDash12: didn’t you spent 8 hours in prison on Friday? lol XtraMedium1301: did she grab her belongings at check out? zayzaayy: borrow a doc’s phone damdamdedama: NEGATIVE KEKW Glitter_Pug: well if you lick more boots im sure you can round up the cash for a phone lol kakshiv: yell to sweed ExTahZee: @XtraMedium1301 yes Craveumore: Mangoes goons be jealous of Bovice Rough08: Look at the bright side, made a new friend Nightbot: listen BlazedGoldfish: How about that slushy pina_colorado: just ask for a phone tbh siren_of_titan: or zayzaayy: hick hike? JJOkochaJJ: madge goes hicking Pog christopher_dig: I hat pc players SpinDash12: where did her phone go? ByteMyWire: Maybe you can lick some boots for a phone mehdiLAUGH mehdiLICK BlazedGoldfish: LUL LUL LUL Nightbot: LUL VeggieSpider: I mean you got a prison security guard to surrender, no reason why it wouldnt work on a local

SpinDash12: gottem lol Glitter_Pug: magic snow yay NeonMatriXD: snow Pog san_x0: POGGERS SoSnowy siren_of_titan: hate is a strong word titofromrocketpwr: hat is even stronger JJOkochaJJ: she runs like a goddamn yeti LUL zayzaayy: ask for money for a taxi ryul2: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW siren_of_titan: i hat things christopher_dig: I’m on ps4 and we cant do the things like play cops Cnighthawk848: LUL Nightbot: LUL Kenaro: Check whats on the ground.. might be candy ^^ rolldmg: they should put a payphone out here Zimerick: pixie? pina_colorado: she is so disgusting but its so good Rough08: Who took your radio Eddie1225: the cops Glitter_Pug: other players VC is really quiet BlazedGoldfish: VoteYea VoteYea VoteYea san_x0: lul Nightbot: LUL Rough08: No she had it in prison san_x0: ooc ExTahZee: read his ooc Sashifrog: ooc trey5498: look at the ground Nightbot: listen bruto: might of lowered it in the phone settings brobean00: ash your already institutionalized san_x0: LUL Nightbot: LUL ZeldaAdventuress: radio ryul2: Pog ExTahZee: Pog trey5498: and a radio Eddie1225: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW Glitter_Pug: THANKS MEATBALL Eddie1225: the cops took the radio pina_colorado: no there wasnt ExTahZee: no you had a radio pina_colorado: trey is a Pepega titofromrocketpwr: i think cops took the radio NeonMatriXD: KEKW ryul2: KEKW SpinDash12: arnt radios more expensive than phones? siren_of_titan: that butt isphat Cnighthawk848: at least you can say you scared the DoC san_x0: pepeLaugh VeggieSpider: PepeLaugh Kenaro: aiight Sashifrog: PepeLaugh Sashifrog: 1 VeggieSpider: pepeLaugh PepeLaugh Glitter_Pug: 2 LazyBearBanjo: 1 vnicole621: 2 mofo_xiv: 1 SpinDash12: 2 ByteMyWire: 1 san_x0: 12 ExTahZee: PepeLaugh VeggieSpider: 1 ryul2: 1 thatonebeanidk: 2 bobosaurr: 2 pina_colorado: 2 crazyerazer: 1 Subtanarian: 2 peonmypeon: 2 Tempest072: 1 sausagehobbit: 1 DANknow: 2 Kenaro: 666 travisraymer: 1 siren_of_titan: 7 VeggieSpider: 2 zayzaayy: 3 brobean00: 3 jamie_gene_k: 1 Spenstar: PepeLaugh xbigbeardx: 1 Merebeary: 1 knudo24: 2 fred0uille: 2 lotsitoo: 12 Sashifrog: 1 PepeLaugh mofo_xiv: 111111111111 momma_jakk: 2 ZeldaAdventuress: 0 ryul2: pepeLaugh th3boss420: 3 titofromrocketpwr: 5 for he’s tired LouLou14: 0 Eddie1225: just call him mango and he would do the same thing KEKW KicoChaos: 2 but still kick your ass Tempest072: PepeLaugh Ragestrike: bovise is scarier then mango ByteMyWire: ashlynnNah ashlynnHyper Subtanarian: It happens joshua_u: 8 thatonebeanidk: 2 2 Shrewkiller_: numbers? Falcon954: tbf Magnus is always mad brobean00: 1.5 bruto: might of lowered it in the phone settings Eddie1225: ^ Nightbot: ^ eYeSonic: it’s ok, you picked him up from prison plenty of times on brenda Kappa Shrewkiller_: oh I’m behind ByteMyWire: saabBat saabA pina_colorado: is it the phone settings? TooQuick: I never thought He would play such a mean character lol Eddie1225: your turned the voices down in the phone settings Rhianyx: 2 BlazedGoldfish: He knows what he got himself into Nightbot: Follow Ashlynn on Twitter – https://twitter.com/AshlynnArias pina_colorado: the main volume Eddie1225: main volume Eddie1225: yes Eddie1225: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW Cnighthawk848: KEKW ryul2: KEKW pina_colorado: saabNice RoyalWolfXD: All the way to max tho? Eddie1225: first of many BlazedGoldfish: VoteYea NeonMatriXD: 10/10 brobean00: lul HahaLean HahaLean HahaLean HahaLean Nightbot: LUL Cnighthawk848: the first person to scare ikea pina_colorado: gave some ERP to bovice too KicoChaos: i call that a win for Madge BlazedGoldfish: And glamour shots mofo_xiv: she did sexually harrass that dude

Glitter_Pug: just developing madge? brobean00: !uptime Nightbot: Ashlynn has been live for 1 hour 55 minutes 30 seconds Glitter_Pug: jaboodyBOOTY betchMOAN Eddie1225: mango JJOkochaJJ: isnt madge even more broke than she already was exlegender: you’re killing it Craveumore: curvyChichi HahaNyandeer Haha2020 HahaThink curvyShot ryul2: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW Rough08: Magneto titofromrocketpwr: its not a successful day without licking bovice’s shoes rolldmg: I’m loving your RP Ashlynn VeggieSpider: there’s definitely someone whose first experience with you was the bovice scene BlazedGoldfish: LUL Nightbot: LUL Tylermcd93: Hello Mango mofo_xiv: -24 months rolldmg: ya Cnighthawk848: way better pina_colorado: a lot better RoyalWolfXD: Much louder now Aliendere: WAY better Glitter_Pug: ya we can hear him clear as day Eddie1225: OMEGALUL mofo_xiv: Madge the Drug Mule mr__goodvibes: yes i mean aight Eddie1225: madge just wants to rob houses KEKW mofo_xiv: seeds planted cuz NO ONE wants to touch madge ryul2: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW JaxTek: meth mule, at least it’s a job LUL titofromrocketpwr: “okay but i told them i liked the cavity searches” Eddie1225: LMAO NeonMatriXD: KEKW ZeldaAdventuress: ashlynnKek san_x0: saabHappy Ultrabeast: got ’em Eddie1225: time for madge to start a war with the lost MC KEKW Eddie1225: reed KEKW ryul2: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW pina_colorado: KEKW bobosaurr: KEKW pina_colorado: magnus KEKW titofromrocketpwr: lmfao titofromrocketpwr: SAAB TooQuick: Wth Eddie1225: OMEGALUL jamie_gene_k: LOL pina_colorado: LULW eancu: lol Craveumore: ashlynnKnight fred0uille: REED ! ashlynnLuvv san_x0: LOL ryul2: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW titofromrocketpwr: and kidnapping the president FreshPrinceofWhere: weird flex but ok Eddie1225: nerds Eddie1225: LMAOOOO jamie_gene_k: KEKW Cnighthawk848: LUL Nightbot: LUL smoochdb: what happened to the madge aint goin to jail today madge? Nightbot: Follow Ashlynn on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/ashlynnarias/ chatcast: Wait is he undercover? Eddie1225: LMAO REED crazyerazer: LMAOO ryul2: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW Eddie1225: OMEGALUL pina_colorado: LUL Nightbot: LUL TooQuick: Isn’t reed one of the Trust? billySav01: @ashlynn that’s ray’s other character the lifer san_x0: saabHappy

Eddie1225: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW boltzthekewlguy: truuu swagforza: DAMN KEKW will_arnett: Reed really hate her LUL VeggieSpider: *snort* Eddie1225: i think he knows lmao ivisenya: Gary plays Ray if you didnt know jamie_gene_k: and all ur money pina_colorado: maybe a little trey5498: lost the gun AND the radio SwordMasterSnakes: Is Madge going for being a biker? Would be sick boltzthekewlguy: majority of the city doesn’t like her or trust her garfishTv: Hi tbonee_: slightly loud Cnighthawk848: and scareds the DoC ahmedshaltout: what you eating Falcon954: meth smuggler TooQuick: Isn’t the Lost MC, all devs and trust ppl lol pina_colorado: saab super quiet now LUL Kyle_Ryan: hes whispering mofo_xiv: Madge the Meth Mule has a magnificent ring to it Eddie1225: he’s prob whispering rolldmg: no that’s an aold DoC message san_x0: eww joshua_u: gross Craveumore: woah black Betty, ram a lam a lam Elari_Relanah: yummm Neroji: yum Sashifrog: DansGame ahmedshaltout: yummm Lani_CG: ooh my childhood snack! Shirohoshineko: Ew jamie_gene_k: lol tgo_drowzy: Herro betchHEART MarkAnthony121: pace22Hurl blackwolfarrow: ew Sashifrog: ew pina_colorado: shrimp DansGame awkwardninja94: that sounds terrible san_x0: ive had it, is nasty LSU260: That’s disgusting ZeldaAdventuress: I made shrimp dip today RravenFox: uwuPUKE uwuPUKE2 FreshPrinceofWhere: scrimp chips sausagehobbit: shcrips sdfe7: Oh the Asian snacks?? pina_colorado: u nasty BlazedGoldfish: Fish food crackers TooQuick: Is the oshi one ByteMyWire: Shrimp Milk Shake … mehdiHMM trueblue13: I don’t know why, but I thought Sonya Sommers was dead. Maybe I’m thinking of someone else Shirohoshineko: EW Az_Patriot: made for cats MarkAnthony121: pace22Crabhappy pace22Crabclaw2 ahmedshaltout: love it brobean00: those are FIRE DavidDragonMaster: gross ViMint: those are good Az_Patriot: see fine print shhhyanne: pentawJs damdamdedama: shrimp cracker are de bessst VAR7Y: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW ouvvuo: those are BOMB san_x0: Lool pina_colorado: LULW Elari_Relanah: lissen they sound crazy but they are amazing ZeldaAdventuress: cat treats LUL xoxobrxnda: DansGame Neroji: they are good MarkAnthony121: pace22Crabclaw1 pace22Crabhappy pace22Crabclaw2 pina_colorado: eating cat treats PepeLaugh sdfe7: Yeah those are good you can get them at Asian stores ahmedshaltout: love itt san_x0: ive tasted it knudo24: sounds really good! damdamdedama: YEESSE kakshiv: miiiiAaaaOooo san_x0: ew Akaios: Shrimp chips are fire VAR7Y: Madges ass is NASTY KEKW Unit406: madge is the character who is around for sooo much information but doesn’t remember any of it because she doesn’t pay attention osgrimjones: eating cat food KEKW awkwardninja94: how much is a bag? xoxobrxnda: betchGAG betchGAG betchGAG Nightbot: Subscribe as a way to show your support. Never necessary but always appreciated. https://www.twitch.tv/subs/ashlynn SikMike: I just eat canned friskies TooQuick: The Oishi one is way better @ashlynn Eddie1225: OMEGALUL ryul2: KEKW pina_colorado: im a friskies fan myself Nightbot: KEKW Sashifrog: KEKW Eddie1225: LMAO pina_colorado: KEKW eancu: KEKW vnicole621: KEKW ByteMyWire: …brought to you by Meow Mix ScaredyCat san_x0: LOL wrektimized: KEKW kdragon: Madge Poodge sounds like some sort of bodily discharge Cnighthawk848: LUL damdamdedama: factzzz VeggieSpider: oh good Nightbot: LUL Spenstar: KEKW NeonMatriXD: KEKW ZeldaAdventuress: LUL LUL brobean00: brobean00 subscribed at Tier 1. They’ve subscribed for 4 months! take my money fam brobean00: LUL

Nightbot: LUL Eddie1225: now at the end of the convo just go what? KEKW Eddie1225: LMAOL ryul2: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW properusernamefortwitch: did she robbed a house yet? SpinDash12: dang saab taking orders Eddie1225: mmmhhm pina_colorado: LUL Nightbot: LUL Eddie1225: LMAOOO HENTAI_MARATHON: LMAO ryul2: KEKW KEKW Nightbot: KEKW san_x0: LOL SpinDash12: he understands the grind jamie_gene_k: KEKW VR_Viking: still best of luck tho KEKW NeonMatriXD: KEKW kgoss09: rooSnow rooBall @chat charizander101: do it no balls TooQuick: Lol Cnighthawk848: LUL Nightbot: LUL Kenaro: Pepega Confirmed πŸ˜‰ Eddie1225: kidnapped the president Eddie1225: OMEGALUL Nightbot: If you are enjoying the stream you can show extra support by donating. ashlynnSellout https://www.twitchalerts.com/donate/ashlynn brobean00: HahaLean HahaLean HahaLean kgoss09: @jamie_gene_k rescLick SpinDash12: i remember like 3 months ago saab talking about making a biker Znazl: koilD shhhyanne: ashlynnNice ashlynnNice ashlynnNice Eddie1225: okay mango VeggieSpider: kiwoFine Eddie1225: LMAOO pina_colorado: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW VeggieSpider: bovice jamie_gene_k: @kgoss09 saabHug ryul2: KEKW properusernamefortwitch: potato shhhyanne: ashlynnKek ashlynnKek ashlynnKek ashlynnKek starsmile: KEKW kakshiv: a full magazine san_x0: LUL Nightbot: LUL VeggieSpider: not false brobean00: the way your talking is priceless mofo_xiv: Madge requests brother to call her “sexy”… VERY on brand for Madge Eddie1225: OMEGALUL ryul2: KEKW KEKW pina_colorado: LULW ExTahZee: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW shhhyanne: ashlynnNo ashlynnNo ashlynnNo jamie_gene_k: saabKEK Eddie1225: madge been trying to rob a house all day KEKW properusernamefortwitch: KEKW SpinDash12: lol shhhyanne: betchLUL betchLUL betchLUL betchLUL brobean00: oh shit ryul2: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW Eddie1225: back to jail PogU Cnighthawk848: Pog VR_Viking: ???? Nightbot: Get closer to the community by joining the Famlynnβ„’ Discord https://discord.gg/ashlynn pina_colorado: LULW shhhyanne: ashlynnNice ashlynnNice ashlynnNice ashlynnNice Eddie1225: OMEGALUL jamie_gene_k: KEKW san_x0: LUL Nightbot: LUL ExTahZee: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW ryul2: KEKW jowZuZ: LUL rektyodaybro: How can I join ExTahZee: LUL mofo_xiv: Madge’s Man Hands breaking lockpicks Eddie1225: KEKW SpinDash12: ash is legit the worst crim BlazedGoldfish: Skyrim fail san_x0: PepePls brobean00: hospital poppin rn rektyodaybro: Or be in a game like that properusernamefortwitch: PepeHands Eddie1225: OMEGALUL VeggieSpider: PepeHands SoSnowy pina_colorado: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW ExTahZee: LULW jowZuZ: LUL Nightbot: LUL mofo_xiv: Madge needs Buddha and Ellie’s crim school Rough08: White listed

jamie_gene_k: KEKW shhhyanne: ashlynnKek ashlynnKek ashlynnKek ashlynnKek Nightbot: Follow Ashlynn on Twitter – https://twitter.com/AshlynnArias Eddie1225: one day we will rob a house PepeHands TooQuick: Idk why but I really like the madge voice lol JJOkochaJJ: @ashlynn arrowkeys instead of mouse will help doing the mini game damdamdedama: BReak SpinDash12: he sounds so defeated XtraMedium1301: Madge is a black hole LUL san_x0: Truuu XtraMedium1301: she gets everything and loses it all bruto: download FiveM and for this server you have to apply to NoPixel @rektyodaybro Gemblar: he also has oi bruv Ratouch: thats saabs normal voice Eddie1225: regular voice and dom voice Eddie1225: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW ryul2: KEKW san_x0: and hoi hoi SpinDash12: dom is a different voice ExTahZee: LUL Nightbot: LUL pina_colorado: KEKW PortaWasTaken: throwing stones in a glass house LULW Shrewkiller_: did novice take radio FeeltheBass: clip it and ship it KEKW SpinDash12: lol san_x0: LOL Eddie1225: OMEGALUL ExTahZee: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW ryul2: KEKW kgoss09: KEKW TooQuick: lol VR_Viking: gang fite Pog TooQuick: Ramee is dying rn ExTahZee: wtf Cnighthawk848: LUL Nightbot: LUL san_x0: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW pina_colorado: KEKW shhhyanne: ashlynnNice ashlynnNice ashlynnNice ashlynnNice VeggieSpider: KEKW ExTahZee: LULW jamie_gene_k: KEKW Eddie1225: OMEGALUL ryul2: KEKW TooQuick: Ramee like wtf is Saab doing ExTahZee: KEKW VR_Viking: she right tho KEKW chatcast: Thats sensible brobean00: natehillWutface natehillWutface TooQuick: Lol san_x0: shes like kiki LUL san_x0: so sassy Eddie1225: LMAO Rough08: Just show it to her ryul2: KEKW KEKW Nightbot: KEKW ExTahZee: LULW ExTahZee: KEKW Eddie1225: OMEGALUL ryul2: KEKW san_x0: LMAO eancu: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW san_x0: KEKW san_x0: cat fighht jjcatman123: How is she still up? Gemblar: she’s taken like 10 hits VR_Viking: throw the phone at her Pog lazyglazedonut: LOL Eddie1225: LMAOOO pina_colorado: KEKW ryul2: KEKW KEKW phil_dorf: my phone screen folds Craveumore: mango just can’t pronounce your name. lol pina_colorado: LMAOOO ExTahZee: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW san_x0: LMFAO JJOkochaJJ: LUL Nightbot: LUL sdfe7: Lmfso how was she still alive omfg jjcatman123: monkaS Awkwardgamer1: LMFAO ryul2: KEKW Eddie1225: KEKW PortaWasTaken: Pepega Clap san_x0: LLL Eddie1225: LOL Eddie1225: KEKW ExTahZee: wtf XtraMedium1301: KEKW TooQuick: KEKW pina_colorado: KEKW jjcatman123: KEKW HENTAI_MARATHON: KEKW Cnighthawk848: LUL ryul2: KEKW KEKW kgoss09: KEKW properusernamefortwitch: KEKW mofo_xiv: this fight is never ending jowZuZ: HAHAHAHHAHA lazyglazedonut: KEKW Scameme: KEKW san_x0: lmaooooooo eancu: LUL zayzaayy: wow what a fight KicoChaos: lmao shhhyanne: ashlynnKek ashlynnKek ashlynnKek ashlynnKek ashlynnKek DANknow: LUL mofo_xiv: spoke too soon joopper: KEKW lazyglazedonut: LMAOOOOOO jamie_gene_k: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW iamweird1234: she took so many hits lol NotTooShabby_408: KEKW xRELLIKx: KEKW taraquest: omg san_x0: yoink deedee2017: you were punching better rebornintomusic: KEKW trey5498: WOW ExTahZee: how did she not go down when you hit her with the crowbar rolldmg: KEKW VR_Viking: A nemesis Pog Eddie1225: that was the most scuffed fight every KEKW ExTahZee: ????? sdfe7: Lmfao gg jjcatman123: Niiiiiiiiiiiiice zayzaayy: #hardlyf Eddie1225: ever* TooQuick: How lol PortaWasTaken: rekt LULW Sokol80: so bad XtraMedium1301: BLACK HOLE CONFIRMED vengefulslayerXO: ashlynnClap ashlynnClap damdamdedama: KEKW SpinDash12: he literally just gave you that san_x0: LMAO rolldmg: Mango gonna be so mad LUL ryul2: KEKW san_x0: shes done for ryul2: KEKW KEKW KEKW Nightbot: KEKW ExTahZee: true Eddie1225: thats why we love her pina_colorado: how did you lose with a crowbar LULW mofo_xiv: TRUUUUUUUUEEE Eddie1225: shes a Pepega PortaWasTaken: yeah… mag is bad Kappa san_x0: she has wweek fists lynnaria_: and thats why we love her Eddie1225: and thats why shes great Fluffymcnuggz: I dunno Ramee is pretty bad san_x0: weak*

shhhyanne: ashlynnNice ashlynnNice ashlynnNice ryul2: KEKW ldonofrio: u hit her so many times tho sarapg02: But she tries so hard sooo respect jjcatman123: it’s because you went back to fight and didn’t escape #escapeartist Shrewkiller_: you lose on Nikki and Madge properusernamefortwitch: DOC training didn’t pay off PepeHands brobean00: shes like your local neighborhood red neck SpinDash12: she should join the gang malwri: ped models are weak KEKW pina_colorado: yeah eYeSonic: yes Eddie1225: PEDS are weak unless its Bovice san_x0: yep jamie_gene_k: yea ViMint: yeah peds and females are weak chatcast: OH yeah, apperienty ped models are weak PortaWasTaken: sure Kapp rolldmg: yup billySav01: Your ped is deffo weak crazyerazer: you hit her so many times yeah Eddie1225: Bovice PED is OP as fuck ldonofrio: def Eddie1225: yes pina_colorado: yea mofo_xiv: what’s PED? smoochdb: just get gud nub Fluffymcnuggz: the bouncer PED can 3 punch people XtraMedium1301: you can use Madge ped model as one of your bases and then swing the scale all the way over to it so it is non-ped but still looks the same san_x0: LUL Nightbot: LUL ryul2: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW kgoss09: @mofo_xiv pedestrian model glitch_ness: its true vader stabbed and kick ramee cop 6 time PortaWasTaken: sure its the model Kapp camlaf: Bovice is loose san_x0: Lool JJOkochaJJ: madge talking shit LUL ExTahZee: KEKW ryul2: KEKW KEKW Eddie1225: KKona Clap TooQuick: lol NeonMatriXD: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW mofo_xiv: yeah prune gang are all weak models zayzaayy: brother-boy toy ExTahZee: LULW ryul2: KEKW VeggieSpider: monkaTOS PortaWasTaken: nakkiS abby: poofesDUDE ExTahZee: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW san_x0: abby HandsUp Eddie1225: abby HandUp brobean00: natehillWutface natehillWutface HahaLean reeohhh: why does t his character sounds like cartman from south park? OneLegitTrue: @abby Handsup! Eddie1225: Heeeb yea Eddie1225: KEKW properusernamefortwitch: ask the devs KEKW ryul2: KEKW VeggieSpider: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW Rough08: Ashlynn, have you ever consider standup comedy Martin6421: KKona ExTahZee: LULW OneLegitTrue: @ashlynn man these pistachios are on point ryul2: KEKW TooQuick: lol mofo_xiv: at least 50 percent of drivers in Los Santos are masked at any given time Eddie1225: Kapp ExTahZee: Kappa Nightbot: Kappa illegal_waffles: Kappa ryul2: Kappa iamweird1234: Kappa kgoss09: Kappa PortaWasTaken: Kapp properusernamefortwitch: Kapp Kevincav: Kappa Nightbot: Follow Ashlynn on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/ashlynnarias/ travisraymer: Kappa xbigbeardx: Kappa jjcatman123: Kappa NeonMatriXD: Kappa Shirohoshineko: Kappa 420_smiles: KappaPride Martin6421: Kappa abby: why does the other person sound like kitboga buddhaHm mr__goodvibes: Kappa pina_colorado: LULW brobean00: Kappa Rough08: 4 reels deedee2017: kappa NeonMatriXD: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW MillenniumLad21: I was thinking the same thing ryul2: KEKW brobean00: !uptime Nightbot: Ashlynn has been live for 2 hours 19 minutes 49 seconds Xthedarknight99x: I agree she could do comedy actualrealhousecat: KEKW properusernamefortwitch: KEKW

Nightbot: KEKW ryul2: KEKW mofo_xiv: with how that fight went I’d want to see Madge vs. Karen. Karen’s model is super weak too ExTahZee: @abby its OccamsSabre actualrealhousecat: ashlynn laughs on stage KEKW trueblue13: You’re funny abby: ohh okay @extahzee zayzaayy: aw Christmas joshua_u: amy schumer LokoSmoko: Start a traveling Nopixel improv group Kappa noKappa pina_colorado: cribmas widepeepoHappy Eddie1225: new doctors widepeepoHappy abby: hey if you laugh at yourself is means at least one person thinks youre funny πŸ˜€ thatonebeanidk: Le gasp. Dr. George kinamaPat dassywerf: jay3B jay3Hug VeggieSpider: widepeepoHappy Rough08: I could be watching SNL, but where am I ryul2: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW abby: kyleisAYAYA Fluffymcnuggz: no, splainer Rough08: PrideTake PrideGive Eddie1225: PepeLaugh NeonMatriXD: monkaS Gamer244543: kyleisKEKW kyleisAYAYA ExTahZee: PepeLaugh ryul2: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW Eddie1225: OMEGALUL Eddie1225: what rolldmg: OMEGALUL bruto: you see the light Eddie1225: your seeing the light deedee2017: going to the light Eddie1225: ducky KEKW SpinDash12: ah lol muted ryul2: KEKW KEKW Cnighthawk848: LUL Nightbot: LUL Jest118: LUL Zietha: and that is Ducky mofo_xiv: KARMA, Ducky Eddie1225: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW Proffitt7: uwuWUT Kenaro: I cant get up… Ducky: They make pills for it.. lmao mofo_xiv: back to super negative cash Eddie1225: our cop mans PogU Jest118: $100? Eddie1225: time to rob a house PogU SpinDash12: did i just loose hearing? Croml3ch: grimFlag grimFlag grimFlag ExTahZee: ????? Eddie1225: wait what ? KEKW ryul2: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW Nightbot: Check your Twitch Prime and consider using your free sub on Ashlynn ExTahZee: what lazyglazedonut: ???? malwri: ??? SpinDash12: a mini stroke taraquest: what? Eddie1225: LMAO Martin6421: eyg abby: buddhaKEKW buddhaKEKW itscrownnzz: LOL malwri: how is that her fault? Martin6421: wtf* Eddie1225: so how does that make you get arrested KEKW Eddie1225: that makes no sense KEKW san_x0: LOL ExTahZee: that makes zero sense pina_colorado: these cops i swear LUL Jest118: this arrest is odd TooQuick: I’m dying bartofii95: Act out of it LUL Eddie1225: back to torturer copjerry PogU trueblue13: Sue! billySav01: 100% ask for a bench trial Tylermcd93: ???? taraquest: sheesh VeggieSpider: not being arrested being detained πŸ™‚ mofo_xiv: oh god… the poor woman in the cab… if Magnus got downed Nightbot: Follow Ashlynn on Twitter – https://twitter.com/AshlynnArias

trueblue13: Unlawful detation MillenniumLad21: LAWYER. BENCH TRIAL. NACHIS SpinDash12: ah lol bobosaurr: jail AGAIN KEKW GrimmJager: Damn i haven’t seen the new hospital it looks awesome ryul2: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW writes123: lol VR_Viking: LUL Nightbot: LUL ExTahZee: KEKW jjcatman123: KEKW NeonMatriXD: KEKW Tylermcd93: RP, ROLL OUT DANknow: LUL Unit406: other girl is just going to stay handcuffed in the taxi now lol SpinDash12: dang Eddie1225: the cops just want madge to tourture them KEKW mofo_xiv: Bo is FIRED UP glitch_ness: vadeM ExTahZee: bo not having a good night i guess Cnighthawk848: LUL Tylermcd93: KEKW ExTahZee: LULW properusernamefortwitch: go titofromrocketpwr: omg i go and make tea and madge is arrested again taraquest: Bo’s new nightmare jozzwheeden: Where is your Wuuhhman? jjcatman123: I love Bo so much LUL titofromrocketpwr: what happened CactusEggs: too many white claws kakshiv: runn tgo_drowzy: MonkaW SpinDash12: tell the cops about the other women ExTahZee: yes lynnaria_: bench trial w madge would be good content though SpinDash12: ? Eddie1225: why woulf she do that spin KEKW bartofii95: Entrapment ryul2: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW SpinDash12: you are right. idk Scorpio_SW: there isn’t really anything they can charge you with Goopycheese23: ssaab told them about the girl in the cab mofo_xiv: oh yeah Madge totally innocent here, but also looks guilty as fuck pina_colorado: that last arrest was all you LUL NeonMatriXD: KEKW ExTahZee: KEKW torqueog: !braab Eddie1225: LMAOOO ExTahZee: LULW ExTahZee: omfg MillenniumLad21: KEKW Bo is missing critical information Nightbot: KEKW Tylermcd93: KEKW ryul2: KEKW KEKW ExTahZee: KEKW mofo_xiv: Bo having a rough one torqueog: !followage Nightbot: torqueog has been following ashlynn for 7 months, 1 week, 5 days, 10 hours, 23 minutes, 30 seconds bruto: copcopcopcopcop Eddie1225: copcopcopcop Sashifrog: copcopccopcop Tylermcd93: copcopcopcopcop mofo_xiv: MINE! MINE! MINE! jjcatman123: copcopcopcopcopcopcop NeonMatriXD: OMEGALUL Eddie1225: you might be fine saab on the otherhand KEKW mofo_xiv: Bovice’s boots need love mr__goodvibes: home sweet home KEKW Eddie1225: bo is a good ass cop peacholic: Bo said he hates bikers LUL bartofii95: Ask to go on a ride-along after this is all over LUL billySav01: He literally can’t arrest u for anything properusernamefortwitch: my house robbing training PepeHands kakshiv: is sweed on duty? mofo_xiv: yeah Madge is safe from jail time, they’re taking her in for questioning ecartug: is the girl still in the car Chronatog13: why did you get arrested, literally nothing they can charge you with jjcatman123: @ecartug KEKW Yo for real foamdomes: Poor girl in handcuffs in taxi Crunchy: you develop a sense of when you’re about to get cuffed after awhile bruto: relax chat bruto: just watch and listen Thefubar1: Is she still in the taxi lol Eddie1225: prison agnes the best bobosaurr: agnes Pog SphealBat: @Crunchy crunch12Love crunch12Heartsnake Crunchy: which one lol writes123: my strummer must win Kappa bruto: the one that got Agnes put in jail Nightbot: Subscribe as a way to show your support. Never necessary but always appreciated. https://www.twitch.tv/subs/ashlynn Zietha: crunch12Hey mofo_xiv: loved seeing Agnes in jail yesterday @Crunchy malwri: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW Vinc_21: https://clips.twitch.tv/GentleInspiringKaleKappaPride MillenniumLad21: Damn busted Crunchy: oh alright lol Crunchy: yeah that was wild Eddie1225: KEKW ExTahZee: KEKW Acecyberviper: madge be cra cra jjcatman123: KEKW DANknow: LUL Nightbot: LUL Eddie1225: EZ Clap Nightbot: ashlynnCool Clap NeonMatriXD: KEKW shhhyanne: ashlynnKek ashlynnKek ashlynnKek ashlynnKek bobosaurr: EZ writes123: freedom Pog ryul2: KEKW writes123: hhaahhahhaha ExTahZee: Clap glitch_ness: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW jjcatman123: Two characters going for Bo now Pog

ryul2: KEKW KEKW writes123: free ride to the pd not bad Jouka23: kiwoFine he hits on everyone lol TremblesWithBeer: Pog abby: buddhaKEKW Eddie1225: 3 for 3 KEKW messtahrobot: master criminal strikes again Pog jjcatman123: KEKW ExTahZee: LULW Rough08: KEKW writes123: batting 1000 mofo_xiv: On today’s episode of “Everybody Loves Madge”… who out of PD and DOC will pick Madge ExTahZee: KEKW properusernamefortwitch: KEKW Eddie1225: KEKW ryul2: KEKW ExTahZee: LULW writes123: ahhahahhahhaa DANknow: ROFL Eddie1225: LOL ExTahZee: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW NeonMatriXD: KEKW Eddie1225: he broke KEKW Cnighthawk848: KEKW shhhyanne: ashlynnNice ashlynnNice ashlynnNice spacecowboy227: NEUH MEKABEAR: ash writes123: well go then monkaHmm Shrewkiller_: 3 for 3? MEKABEAR: wanna get a white claw MEKABEAR: while u get up to pee Wallen89: chocker xD mofo_xiv: wait woh’s the third for 3 for 3… jessica and Madge MEKABEAR: :] Angelightx: Go pee! writes123: hahahhahah Kevincav: there’s a trashcan on the side of the road, good place to squat ryul2: KEKW pina_colorado: LULW ExTahZee: KLEKW MEKABEAR: nah call me a bitch HENTAI_MARATHON: KEKW ExTahZee: KEKW properusernamefortwitch: D: jjcatman123: KEKW VR_Viking: LUL Nightbot: LUL Martin6421: D: Dokubeki: D: ZeldaAdventuress: ashlynnKek MEKABEAR: ok good get a white claw MEKABEAR: im gonna get one thatonebeanidk: betchLUL betchLUL pina_colorado: go holy shit Eddie1225: meka she alreayd had a bunch of them KEKW MEKABEAR: nah lmao WhatTheyWant: go p bro Zietha: just do it 4head Gamer244543: D: writes123: hmm who is stoppin u? yellowcrayon9: free the pee! Acecyberviper: and time Acecyberviper: where you at Rough08: Meka put in hours this week Siddisterz: @MEKABEAR we need bo and erin RP πŸ™ GrimmJager: 10 to 15 Kappa kjellberg6762: D: Shrewkiller_: some one explain 3 for 3? damdamdedama: make sure to wash your hands afterward Kevincav: should have closed her eyes before leaving pina_colorado: she gonna give herself an actual UTI holding in her pee all the time LUL William_xoz: hi kevin deltapally: 2 deltapally: 4 VeggieSpider: @William_xoz hey πŸ™‚ WhatTheyWant: wb deltapally: 13? bartofii95: Did wash your hands? chatcast: “madge” Acecyberviper: dirty hands! dullmemes: hello chat, i have meatballs ashlynnLuvv Kevincav: @William_xoz wait was the hi to me or Veggie. If me then why did Veggie respond? chirsg: cyrAYAYA Who bein cute? m2kAY Who bein cute? nakkiAY Who bein cute? remithAyaya kakshiv: hedjeT bruto: what is with chat’s fascination with washing hands monkaHmm VeggieSpider: @Kevincav I’m also kevin πŸ™‚ Kevincav: ah William_xoz: lol Kevincav: then hi other kevin VeggieSpider: moon2SMORG bobosaurr: nakkiAY nakkiAY Eddie1225: mage is all alone in the city time to raise hell KEKW bartofii95: I went too and didn’t wash, and we came back at the same time. BUSTED properusernamefortwitch: free meat balls HYPERS simplejack83: adult diapers dont require hand washing after going chirsg: Pardon? chirsg: Changed my name? spacecowboy227: wat illegal_waffles: DansGame DansGame DansGame DansGame DansGame Eddie1225: whta is this run KEKW bobosaurr: break him out Eddie1225: what * ExTahZee: He is getting on bass after he goes to jail just letting ya know ahead of time properusernamefortwitch: Pog JJOkochaJJ: she runs like a yeti LUL ExTahZee: oh wait that might be meta Eddie1225: we got to ERP with sweden and bovice tho worth mofo_xiv: got a crowbar… lost THAT crowbar Eddie1225: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW ExTahZee: saabFail jjcatman123: KEKW Ultrabeast: hobo and chill NeonMatriXD: ashlynnCozyy properusernamefortwitch: home sweet home Pog WhatTheyWant: LULW Eddie1225: RIP ryul2: KEKW ExTahZee: KEKW dullmemes: LUL Nightbot: LUL NeonMatriXD: KEKW 1ron_chef: PogChamp bellbabe24: Madge is lowkey thicc today jjcatman123: We HOBO GANG GANG now mr__goodvibes: lost the chair KEKW Unit406: madge and trish should be friends mofo_xiv: Madge nailing her lcoal impression bruto: Mobo Pog ExTahZee: @ashlynn saab is lowkey not having fun atm Rough08: Jump in the fire, call it a day Eddie1225: mobo RP PogZU Eddie1225: PogU * ExTahZee: No im being serious Gub713: ashlynnLuvv ashlynnLuvv ashlynnKek ashlynnKek ashlynnKek ashlynnKek ashlynnKek ashlynnKek ashlynnKek scummymcdirtbag: as a crim gotta learn to take the L CrispyPixel67: He’s just frustarted with going to the hospital so much ExTahZee: He just said he is not having fun on this character Maelok: He is frustrated san_x0: LOL vnicole621: he didn’t say that. he just said he’s frustrated, thats different writes123: Jebaited ExTahZee: well frustrated

Nightbot: If you are enjoying the stream you can show extra support by donating. ashlynnSellout https://www.twitchalerts.com/donate/ashlynn deltapally: This just got real freakin sad real fast vnicole621: yall are overreacting Tylermcd93: Gimme a clip of him saying that otherwise I doubt it Chronatog13: ashlynnCool ashlynnCool ashlynnCool ashlynnCool JJOkochaJJ: i think he just annoyed by the fact bo wanted to searxh him for no real reason which let to him going to prison ryul2: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW writes123: i gotta report DansGame Eddie1225: what KEKW writes123: Kappa Nightbot: Kappa disneydan35: He only said he hates the hospital,ur right pina_colorado: LULW NeonMatriXD: monkaS fire damdamdedama: i wonder how fire feels Gub713: do it bruto: drama baiting, chat WeirdChamp WildshotTV: dutch logged i believe firebringeraxel: kiwo2 kiwo1 Gamer244543: kiwoS Dutch nachokiller34: hi Eddie1225: time to rob a house PogU JJOkochaJJ: chat never knows the difference between being frustrated and being actually upset ot mad nachokiller34: HahaThisisfine HahaThisisfine HahaThisisfine Eddie1225: OMEGALUl ryul2: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW Unit406: where madges green boys NeonMatriXD: KEKW Eddie1225: PauseChamp kmembert_dota2: ask karen to teach you how to tow bruto: chat should just not speak for streamers lol SphealBat: PepeLaugh vKerri: Madge’s ass looks so odd to me TooQuick: Lol Eddie1225: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW nachokiller34: 2$ in the bank ryul2: pepeLaugh Gub713: those shorts though SpicyDuk: PepeLaugh NeonMatriXD: BlessRNG JJOkochaJJ: this again LUL bruto: ashlynnNice Joekitty001: 0assed it Acecyberviper: her shorts do look funny sharpenk: why not? vKerri: ITS THE ONYL THING TO LOOK AT Gub713: ripped in back? properusernamefortwitch: why not Kreygasm ryul2: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW Eddie1225: LMAO trey5498: something Cnighthawk848: -70 pina_colorado: domnation KEKW NeonMatriXD: oof Eddie1225: debt OMEGALUL Gub713: hahahaa ExTahZee: broke KEKW XtraMedium1301: KEKW jjcatman123: KEKW Gub713: broke af properusernamefortwitch: DEBT RP KEKW dullmemes: KEKW Eddie1225: broke broke Fluffymcnuggz: denominations lol eYeSonic: eYeSonic gifted a Tier 3 sub to trey5498! They have given 413 Gift Subs in the channel! simplejack83: go back to the alley eYeSonic: eYeSonic’s Gift shared rewards to 15 others in Chat! ryul2: KEKW KEKW bruto: we broke now. should join LB Eddie1225: madge going hungry PepeHands Cnighthawk848: probably because of jail ArkHivest: Nice Gub713: halp her DelainaElmore: Thanks for the HahaShrugRight @eyesonic Acecyberviper: someone got robbed. how do you overdraw? NeonMatriXD: Time to beg Joekitty001: beg for food imStillaVirgin_: madge sucks at life joesnotaverage: demonations KEKW vslothic: Thanks for the HahaPoint @eyesonic VR_Viking: go to jail, free slooshy 5Head MissBeasty_: tier 3 POGGERS Kevincav: jail time? Gamer244543: kiwoJackie no burgie Gub713: live under bridge rp Jouka23: just get a job 4Head Acecyberviper: does your woman have a snack for you? πŸ˜‰ CrispyPixel67: Homeless RP Pog mossymatt510: !sub Nightbot: The fastest way to earn Ashlynns undying love. Make mommy happy. ashlynnN https://www.twitch.tv/subs/ashlynn zayzaayy: rob ppl with the crowbar Kevincav: lol and miss Nightbot: Check your Twitch Prime and consider using your free sub on Ashlynn bruto: Madge needs your subs ashlynnCri Gub713: better hock those watches tgo_drowzy: Pink cage finna kick Madge out even tho it’s free BaconPotPies: I’m on break at work but thought I was strange watching other people play games MillenniumLad21: the crowbar got taken off her by the taxi lady which Saab had when he got arrested Cnighthawk848: go back to jail CrispyPixel67: Where’s Piper PepeHands BaconPotPies: boss zayzaayy: um put you hand in your pocket a pretend it is a gun??? BlazedGoldfish: curvyShot curvyShot curvyShot Nub_Soss: Nub_Soss subscribed with Twitch Prime. They’ve subscribed for 4 months! Subbing for Madge ZeldaAdventuress: make new friends joesnotaverage: ashlynnHeart CactusEggs: time to start working the corner TooQuick: Pepehands Joekitty001: why you say no? imStillaVirgin_: could’ve been a future friend Acecyberviper: Acecyberviper subscribed at Tier 1. They’ve subscribed for 3 months! okay, you got me <3 kakshiv: walk around like a snack Gub713: that rip in your shorts is too much TomTheTomatoe: wait who is this? Nightbot: Don't forget to drink water, get up, stretch, and walk around. Hope you are enjoying the stream ashlynnLuv

dullmemes: madge becoming a beggar πŸ™ XtraMedium1301: I mean you could always be a tow truck driver to make quick money Elohsay: Show him some leg Eddie1225: LOL JDblue: who is this person speaking through madge CrispyPixel67: Pog chatcast: No voice LUL JDblue: she sounds so normal CrispyPixel67: Lick his boot πŸ™‚ rebornintomusic: Thanks for the HahaBall @nub_soss bruto: lick his what ashlynnOop Eddie1225: Nice KEKW CrispyPixel67: LUL Nightbot: LUL XtraMedium1301: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW Tempest072: LUL DANknow: UGH!!!!! CrispyPixel67: KEKW VR_Viking: KEKW jjcatman123: KEKW Eddie1225: ERP Dectected KEKW Acecyberviper: she vanished dullmemes: KEKW travisraymer: FUN DETECTED ZeldaAdventuress: LUL LUL Elohsay: LUL MillenniumLad21: Peace I’m out Nightbot: Follow Ashlynn on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/ashlynnarias/ Rough08: KEKW trey5498: Nikki time? eYeSonic: saved from a 3 day NeonMatriXD: KEKW bellbabe24: ‘boot’ jjcatman123: Timing dude LUL simplejack83: money detected, time to crash jzunh: YOINK EZ 250 BUCKS KEKW Gub713: did he give you cash before poof? CrispyPixel67: EZ Money Nightbot: ashlynnCool Clap Acecyberviper: ninja madge imStillaVirgin_: take the money and run danceofmasks: death from positive money AlBQuerky: Yoink Elohsay: WHAO Jouka23: wow, what a scam Kappa bashayer0: LUL Eddie1225: madge eating good tonight boys Gub713: yoink poofed Elohsay: LMFAO jjcatman123: EZ Money Clap TooQuick: lol CactusEggs: ex loot TomTheTomatoe: what happened to Brenda? Gub713: madge new scam pog pina_colorado: this MC getting the worst luck so far LUL ForumMan: hobo madge and her scammuy ways NeonMatriXD: ashlynnCool ashlynnClap ashlynnClap ashlynnClap ExTahZee: Saab going on baas. So he gets to arrest madge saabCop CrispyPixel67: I miss Piper PepeHands bruto: ashlynnNotee Elohsay: Scamazed TomTheTomatoe: MY BAD lynnaria_: homeless mc Kevincav: I feel like you should auto-join if you quit within < 5 min bruto: cult of worshipers Nightbot: If you are enjoying the stream you can show extra support by donating. ashlynnSellout https://www.twitchalerts.com/donate/ashlynn NeonMatriXD: ashlynnCult ashlynnCult ashlynnCult TooQuick: Brenda died Jouka23: nakkiCult ExTahZee: ashlynnCult pina_colorado: can it just be "shut the fuck up about brenda" bruto: lives on island TomTheTomatoe: oh she dead gotya bruto: got it WhatTheyWant: ashlynnCult ashlynnCult ashlynnCult Haxi_: ashlynnCult ashlynnCult ashlynnCult ashlynnCult ashlynnCult ashlynnCult ashlynnCult Angelightx: Brenda is living her life in an island filled with kittens Asarena: nakkiCult Kevincav: ah ok Joekitty001: poor brenda rebornintomusic: Brenda ashlynnThump Zietha: sodAWK sodAWK jjcatman123: 1 Pog CactusEggs: clip of that should be a command for sure POGGERS trey5498: How many DoC is on... I really love your DoC RP!! Elohsay: Brenda find love? sounds like BS Joekitty001: I like Madge Eddie1225: brenda isnt going no where we just having fun on other people rn TomTheTomatoe: NO Cnighthawk848: the nikki and madge rp have been Fire Nightbot: Subscribe as a way to show your support. Never necessary but always appreciated. https://www.twitch.tv/subs/ashlynn Kevincav: !saab waterymei: who rebornintomusic: I adore all your characters. ashlynnLuvv ashlynnLuvv MajisTek: ashlynnStahp ashlynnSee Kevincav: link? bruto: twitch.tv/ssaab bellbabe24: Love, Brenda! Eddie1225: nah waterymei: I know bruto: he busy with school i think Eddie1225: sur_lee is on a break atm IIRC ExTahZee: he has been on break glitch_ness: no is he's studying vadeH Crunchy: oh shit, thanks whoever gifted me a sub MillenniumLad21: "Brenda joined a cult of cat worshipers on an island full of kittens in an attempt to find love. She will return one day." tgo_drowzy: Switch to Nikki so you can hangout with Saab in prison Crunchy: just now noticed lol sdfe7: RPGEpicSword Nightbot: Get closer to the community by joining the Famlynnβ„’ Discord https://discord.gg/ashlynn Haxi_: I been feeling tired too waterymei: @crunchy me :) bruto: she meant she just noticed her sub ExTahZee: @ashlynn have you paid brendas cas? JJOkochaJJ: ohgod LUL bruto: lol ExTahZee: cars Crunchy: yea lol Angelightx: Crunchy AOD biker when? ccurvyeHmm curvyeLove1 kjellberg6762: !uptime Nightbot: Ashlynn has been live for 2 hours 44 minutes 53 seconds ExTahZee: nice ExTahZee: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW Eddie1225: switch to nikki to torture mango 5Head Kappa ExTahZee: faceplant out of the door ExTahZee: LULW dullmemes: KEKW Nightbot: Follow Ashlynn on Twitter - https://twitter.com/AshlynnArias

pina_colorado: as if you didnt know already LUL ExTahZee: @Eddie1225 he is switching to baas after so NeonMatriXD: KEKW Eddie1225: is it meta if you alreayd knew KEKW ExTahZee: KEKW Haxi_: WOW, People Metaing in here? Eddie1225: i know ex just joking lol Haxi_: saabA Tylermcd93: Some crims are thousands of dollars in debt, it’ll be fine ExTahZee: Call it early and get some rest? glitch_ness: DOC ? ExTahZee: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW JJOkochaJJ: PauseChamp Eddie1225: OMEGALUL ImARobot13: join your green friends NeonMatriXD: KEKW ryul2: KEKW ExTahZee: LUL Nightbot: LUL Tylermcd93: KEKW pina_colorado: shes so helpless LULW lazyglazedonut: KEKW trey5498: I think your right bruto: madge did great on her own the first day ExTahZee: She is a Pepega TooQuick: Lol glitch_ness: you need a mentor WhatTheyWant: hahahahahaha RKhayne: RAT QUEEN sdfe7: Lmfao stop making us laugh so much NeonMatriXD: ashlynnWoww WhatTheyWant: OMEGALUL kakshiv: need that chrim school JJOkochaJJ: i think you guys just got unlucky on repeat by losing guns and money tbh modolean: go to the club will_arnett: Madge Poodge queen of rats and first of her name LUL Acecyberviper: saddest thing ever Eddie1225: LOL Shrewkiller_: clip the rats dullmemes: LUL Nightbot: LUL ryul2: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW VR_Viking: say you have -200 again KEKW HY8US: KEKW properusernamefortwitch: Mau5 Eddie1225: N OMEGALUL zayzaayy: befriend him! eYeSonic: eYeSonic is gifting 20 Tier 1 Subs to ashlynn’s community! They’ve gifted a total of 433 in the channel! eYeSonic: eYeSonic gifted a Tier 1 sub to moosetrackzzzz! eYeSonic: eYeSonic gifted a Tier 1 sub to CrispyPixel67! eYeSonic: eYeSonic’s Gift shared rewards to 100 others in Chat! eYeSonic: eYeSonic gifted a Tier 1 sub to Shrewkiller_! eYeSonic: eYeSonic gifted a Tier 1 sub to ncrazegaming! eYeSonic: eYeSonic gifted a Tier 1 sub to thelaw7x! eYeSonic: eYeSonic gifted a Tier 1 sub to Gulash! eYeSonic: eYeSonic gifted a Tier 1 sub to Hikomarukun! eYeSonic: eYeSonic gifted a Tier 1 sub to Iritis! eYeSonic: eYeSonic gifted a Tier 1 sub to Nilik! eYeSonic: eYeSonic gifted a Tier 1 sub to Cocoon5! eYeSonic: eYeSonic gifted a Tier 1 sub to blackbeardx187! eYeSonic: eYeSonic gifted a Tier 1 sub to DiverDave! eYeSonic: eYeSonic gifted a Tier 1 sub to fergieboy1988! eYeSonic: eYeSonic gifted a Tier 1 sub to T_Beaun! eYeSonic: eYeSonic gifted a Tier 1 sub to eelheadman! eYeSonic: eYeSonic gifted a Tier 1 sub to Baxteristhatu! eYeSonic: eYeSonic gifted a Tier 1 sub to TonyDeao! eYeSonic: eYeSonic gifted a Tier 1 sub to actualrealhousecat! eYeSonic: eYeSonic gifted a Tier 1 sub to Joker_Smufasa! eYeSonic: eYeSonic gifted a Tier 1 sub to DaisyGray! VR_Viking: Pog NeonMatriXD: ashlynnPog dullmemes: Pog TremblesWithBeer: Pog Cnighthawk848: Pog devilmike00: Thanks for the HahaDreidel @eyesonic spacecowboy227: Thanks for the HahaDoge @eyesonic properusernamefortwitch: Pog Clap titofromrocketpwr: ohhhh shittttt! Angelightx: Thanks for the HahaSweat @eyesonic Tempest072: Pog sdfe7: Pog 420_smiles: ashlynnLuvv ashlynnLuvv ImARobot13: Pog JJOkochaJJ: but money Pog missdelarocha: Guys I’m at a Christmas party and am completely on my own, even the person I know didn’t bother to make me welcome πŸ™ Eddie1225: LMAO Jest118: LUL Nightbot: LUL Elohsay: LUL NeonMatriXD: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW Jouka23: nakkiLewd anything pjsilva: HAHAHA Tylermcd93: Madge as a tow truck driver Pog Ragestrike: u could be nikki and ride along with a cop Jest118: Madge CAN knock someone out! πŸ˜› WhatTheyWant: leave @missdelarocha JDblue: madge is a woman of a million voices xoxobrxnda: HahaSleep Eddie1225: OMEGALUL lVl3SlVl3RIZ3: Aight ashlynnNice missdelarocha: @whattheywant yeah I’m thinking I will leave, it’s a shame bruto: !brenda Nightbot: Brenda has joined a love cult and lives on an island pcake1988: this chick is amazing XD Elohsay: This poor guy trying so hard lmao Rough08: With love bruto: ashlynnCult Celedam: Slowly and painfully xoxobrxnda: bruto i did not saabA Elohsay: Lol shoulda played that up, told him hes accessory to murder now WhatTheyWant: or take a chance to talk to someone new @missdelarocha GruntildaW: GruntildaW subscribed with Twitch Prime. They’ve subscribed for 2 months! The best gorl around modolean: go to the club NeonMatriXD: ashlynnCri CrispyPixel67: Madge sounds insane right now KEKW Rough08: He was delicious ryul2: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW missdelarocha: @whattheywant they’re all women in groups and just stared at me when I came in Eddie1225: KEKW ZeldaAdventuress: Madge friends were a mango and kiwi ExTahZee: LULW

Eddie1225: mugshot? PauseChamp sandbagger123: this must be brenda Elohsay: LUL Nightbot: LUL JJOkochaJJ: show us the mughsot SwordMasterSnakes: Madge looks like Cassie after a hard life in prison NeonMatriXD: ashlynnLuvv ashlynnLuvv ashlynnLuvv ashlynnLuvv momma_jakk: <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 Rough08: iaraLove iaraLove iaraLove iaraLove iaraLove iaraLove iaraLove dullmemes: ashlynnLuvv <3 <3 ashlynnLuvv GruntildaW: ashlynnLuvv betchHEART ashlynnLuvv betchHEART ashlynnLuvv betchHEART pina_colorado: widepeepoHappy πŸ‘‰ eyesonic Rough08: uwuLICK uwuLICK uwuLICK uwuLICK uwuLICK uwuLICK Eddie1225: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW Eddie1225: wtf pina_colorado: ruined LUL Eddie1225: LOL Rough08: uwuLOVE uwuLOVE uwuLOVE uwuLOVE uwuLOVE uwuLOVE uwuLOVE uwuLOVE uwuLOVE Monduu: KEKW dharmaduke: KEKW ZeldaAdventuress: ashlynnKek ashlynnKek ashlynnKek Eddie1225: thats a terrible mugshot KEKW Acecyberviper: that's not you? sandbagger123: wheres saab zingy34: What happen to Brenda?? zayzaayy: ashlynnLuvv ashlynnLuvv ashlynnLuvv vslothic: HahaPoint bruto: !brenda Nightbot: Brenda has joined a love cult and lives on an island ashlynnCult jjcatman123: Drivers License in good standing though Pog MEKABEAR: ash Ultrabeast: Cadetti :( CrackedGear: before the Who took it scummymcdirtbag: look at Ellies Nightbot: listen MEKABEAR: look up erins mugshot ivisenya: Whats Magnu's record looking like? Eddie1225: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW ryul2: KEKW Monduu: LULW BewilderedOne: Siz has the best actually gabe75oo: Your hot Benjamin18: KEKW JJOkochaJJ: KEKW Tylermcd93: KEKW Eddie1225: siz is good too bruto: ashlynnBooty ExTahZee: KEKW VR_Viking: butt chin KEKW NeonMatriXD: ashlynnKek awkwardninja94: mickdaLUL mickdaLUL MEKABEAR: :] pina_colorado: LULW stellarhope: LUL Nightbot: LUL CrispyPixel67: Those lips Kreygasm ZeldaAdventuress: LUL malwri: KEKW flogbishop: OMEGALUL Eddie1225: ellie and siz rebornintomusic: No Carl Crimes WhatTheyWant: take a chance with one group and if it doesnt work out, bounce @missdelarocha Eddie1225: cand carl Eddie1225: and* Haxi_: Guess you can always identify Erin by her lips Eddie1225: OMEGALUL KawaiiWeeb_: look at siz flogbishop: moon2L Nightbot: listen properusernamefortwitch: Kreygasm sakes_: carl crimes LOL will_arnett: One of the Lost MC flogbishop: OMEGALUL pina_colorado: OMEGALUL MEKABEAR: lmfao ryul2: KEKW Clap Nightbot: KEKW jjcatman123: KEKW darkaxz: LOL crazyerazer: check tupac CrispyPixel67: LUL ZeldaAdventuress: ashlynnKek ashlynnKek dharmaduke: Carl! rebornintomusic: KEKW malwri: LMAO ExTahZee: carl properusernamefortwitch: CORAL Kevincav: Man Placeholder has done some messed up stuff pina_colorado: KEKW Eddie1225: KEKW ExTahZee: KEKW rebornintomusic: Coral Tylermcd93: KEKW NeonMatriXD: KEKW Benjamin18: KEKW Siddisterz: ELLIE vslothic: loooool Poptarts_inc: KEKW dullmemes: KEKW tbonee_: HAHAHA Kenaro: That one is funny flogbishop: HAHAHAHAHAH Eddie1225: elliw ExTahZee: LULW ryul2: KEKW Angelightx: please look up Ryan Parker Tylermcd93: Eugene? Kyle: elijah parks NeonMatriXD: OMEGALUL DANknow: LUL Nightbot: LUL HasPotatoAim: IS CARL CRAIMES STILL THE SAME? ludona_: KEKW bashayer0: lol Nightbot: KEKW MEKABEAR: wtf ExTahZee: KEKW MEKABEAR: that doesnt look like saab HasPotatoAim: oops caps Eddie1225: old saab crazyerazer: pre 9s saab Angelightx: Ryan Parker RonCadena92: Saab has an outdated photo Acecyberviper: that is a real picture of saab iTrejo: Pepehands scummymcdirtbag: Ellie is her knee pads Eddie1225: ellie MillenniumLad21: @ashlynn Elijah parks Vinc_21: brenda Kenaro: Bovice? zayzaayy: Ellie JJOkochaJJ: KEKW ExTahZee: LULW Thefubar1: Look up Mia Nightbot: listen jerrythunder4: thiiicc peacha5Henlo darkaxz: seesa? Eddie1225: luigi angelitos: Bogg? ryul2: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW MEKABEAR: MEKABEAR gifted a Tier 1 sub to Kyle! This is their first Gift Sub in the channel! MEKABEAR: MEKABEAR's Gift shared rewards to 5 others in Chat! Tylermcd93: Pog ThatSoKyuRo: kiwoLove charbLove thegeekHug uwuLOVE nakkiLove lyndi1Love Cnighthawk848: LUK MEKABEAR: because hes my bff properusernamefortwitch: Pog Cnighthawk848: LUL * Nightbot: LUL flogbishop: Kyle Pog Eeson: me? laypin_: does mango have a record? Siddisterz: Ellie Nightbot: Follow Ashlynn on Twitter - https://twitter.com/AshlynnArias pina_colorado: and then theres madge LUL Eddie1225: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW Eddie1225: even brenda had a good mugshot KEKW xoxobrxnda: forgot to look up ellie ashlynnInda crazyerazer: cant even get the mugshot right darkaxz: you did this to yourself DodgeDartGirl_: Kiki zayzaayy: can you get a new one? JDblue: look up robert greenway Nightbot: listen flogbishop: pina_colorado LUL ZeldaAdventuress: she did look up ellie CrispyPixel67: Damn ryul2: KEKW Celedam: Seems like you got off light for killing someone MEKABEAR: thats so cool looking wtf TooQuick: Lol Cnighthawk848: at least you are feared by the DoC CrispyPixel67: He looks fucking badass MEKABEAR: @masamune_xv WeirdChamp ZeldaAdventuress: lmfao danceofmasks: LUL Nightbot: LUL

Eddie1225: OMEGALUL pina_colorado: LMAOO Sk1ttlez123: holy fuck LOL Ultrabeast: gotta ask him who took his mugshot πŸ˜€ dharmaduke: LUL crazyerazer: LB ellie KEKW Poptarts_inc: LUL Spectre551: @ashlynn look at mels NeonMatriXD: ashlynnKek bruto: @masamune_xv WeirdChamp ryul2: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW JJOkochaJJ: KEKW zayzaayy: she been busy addicti0n34: she done siz yet ? Angelightx: Ryan Parker ExTahZee: KEKW bobosaurr: carl ZeldaAdventuress: crackhead Eddie1225: LMAOOO TheGreatGeral: Why her knees pina_colorado: LULW VR_Viking: 4 points LUL YoSupPAtruck: carl crimes Tylermcd93: Jessica? flogbishop: pentawWeirdj Shrewkiller_: bovice sdfe7: Remember Ellie Brenda and freyas girls nights properusernamefortwitch: 4 points KEKW rebornintomusic: I bet Kiki is still the same KEKW bruto: okay @masamune_xv ernieb84: Jaywalking deserves the 9s CrispyPixel67: Samuel lizzklx: Thanks for the Haha2020 @eyesonic Kenaro: If you wanna see a LONG record.. Check eugene or mel.. or slim Heartfiliia: Kiki? Kevincav: kiki? Sk1ttlez123: yeah do kiki CrispyPixel67: Kiwi is samuel ryul2: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW Spectre551: @ashlynn look at mels Proffitt7: Mel’s is atrocious. Lol Eddie1225: kibi xoxobrxnda: lol those knees ashlynnKek pina_colorado: kibi rebornintomusic: Kiki danceofmasks: chibi TheMostAverageGamer4: didnt they expunge her record pina_colorado: πŸ₯­ and πŸ₯ ivisenya: Samuel Tumeke Kevincav: wanted to see kiki’s record πŸ™‚ Eddie1225: is all goog DavidDragonMaster: type in ella stone pls @ashlynn Tylermcd93: PepeHands ExTahZee: All good bruto: can you stay til 12 monkaHmm Shrewkiller_: bovice ExTahZee: Take care of yourself first pina_colorado: widepeepoHappy was a goog stream Eddie1225: PauseChamp Xonater: look up eugne Nightbot: listen Arubio13: ashlynnYay ashlynnYay Heartfiliia: DOC is my new favourite thing ExTahZee: Dont force yourself NeonMatriXD: ashlynnHungo Rough08: T pepeD PepePls PepoCheer pepeD PepePls PepoCheer Eddie1225: eat and rest up Eddie1225: its all goog Eddie1225: Npc mode KEKW bruto: can you stay til 12 monkaHmm Kenaro: Any Wasters in here? ^^ xoxobrxnda: HahaSleep eYeSonic: monkaW CrispyPixel67: Might meta she means Kapp ExTahZee: Let her get food and rest pina_colorado: might be easier to focus offstream JJOkochaJJ: @ashlynn legit try to lockpick houses with the arrowkeys isntead of the mouse devinxsparkles: devinxsparkles extended their Tier 1 subscription through January! Shrewkiller_: thanks @eyesonic bruto: FeelsBadMan Kevincav: Send over to Brenda? ExTahZee: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW mofo_xiv: 200 dollars… AND A DREAM JJOkochaJJ: @ashlynn yes its not a bug abuse its legit since the sens with mouse is really shitty every crim does it Eddie1225: inb4 kidnapped KEKW SmellyTV: broke ass bitch LUL pina_colorado: gonna break even KEKW kakshiv: u have0 Eddie1225: LMAOO ernieb84: bank is negative KEKW billySav01: Saab did this to Madge he robbed 3k off her Unit406: don’t put it in the bank Angelightx: put it in your mattress NeonMatriXD: KEKW trey5498: put it under your matrice Unit406: put it under your bed ExTahZee: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW Eddie1225: nettie KEKW mofo_xiv: Nittie about to whoop that ass Eddie1225: new wohman VR_Viking: 4Head ExTahZee: LULW Banshheeee: KEKW crazyerazer: crow bar time SmellyTV: 5head illegal_waffles: KEKW NeonMatriXD: 5Head TheGentlemaan: truuuuu SmellyTV: KEKW Martin6421: 4Head TKsaysHowdy: KEKW WhatTheyWant: LUL Nightbot: LUL pyroclasticfloww: Wit dat aaaaaaaaaaass Rough08: LULW ExTahZee: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW ExTahZee: PepeHands pina_colorado: she forgot her bank account is -200 PepeLaugh XtraMedium1301: put it under your bed Eddie1225: PepeLaugh jjcatman123: PepeLaugh pina_colorado: PepeLaugh ernieb84: means nothing left Nightbot: Follow Ashlynn on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/ashlynnarias/ crazyerazer: you can put it in the motel ExTahZee: PepeLaugh Cnighthawk848: under bed at pink cage Kenaro: Put it under your matress kakshiv: 00000 XtraMedium1301: you can stash money in your apartment Angelightx: put it in your mattress Rough08: That’s how banks work Eddie1225: not in debt PogU Kitrae10: That Mel life Sokol80: just keep it Kenaro: Cant you see where your appartment is on your phone? Eddie1225: closing time PogU Shirohoshineko: chicken butt? chubbybait: frick its 12:20 ernieb84: just keep in it on you until you actually leave KawaiiWeeb_: ashlynnLuvv ashlynnLuvv entex: :O ExTahZee: someone cute Pog

NeonMatriXD: ashlynnSquish ashlynnSquish ashlynnSquish Eddie1225: PogU crow1994: ashlynnCozyy WhatTheyWant: <3 thanks for stream NeonMatriXD: ashlynnPog ExTahZee: Pog bruto: bruto subscribed at Tier 1. They've subscribed for 36 months! was gonna resub at midnight but i guess i'll just do it now FeelsBirthdayMan JJOkochaJJ: she is really nice Haxi_: Have a wondeful night Ashlynn bashayer0: ashlynnSquish Eddie1225: bruto KEKW Shrewkiller_: ashlynnBooty pina_colorado: FeelsBirthdayMan bruto: tomorrow TooQuick: Good night @ashlynn Eddie1225: SING HAPPY BIRTHDAY xoxobrxnda: HahaSleep Eddie1225: PogU ExTahZee: FeelsBirthdayMan Benjamin18: FeelsBirthdayMan Kenaro: And 36 months! Haxi_: FeelsBirthdayMan NeonMatriXD: FeelsBirthdayMan bruto: thats why i said to go til midnight Eddie1225: FeelsBirthdayMan jjcatman123: FeelsBirthdayMan xoxobrxnda: FeelsBirthdayMan eancu: FeelsBirthdayMan eYeSonic: ashlynnStahp KawaiiWeeb_: FeelsBirthdayMan eancu: KEKW bruto: but its all good Nightbot: KEKW Kimberly_Galarza: lol TooQuick: Feelsbirthdayman ExTahZee: KEKW Eddie1225: KEKW Cnighthawk848: FeelsBirthdayMan Benjamin18: KEKW NeonMatriXD: ashlynnKek pina_colorado: FeelsBirthdayMan FeelsBirthdayMan JJOkochaJJ: well what a present from madge KEKW ernieb84: @bruto get fucked KEKW, also happy birthday Rough08: HahaShrugRight HahaShrugLeft NicRaeMae: FeelsBirthdayMan jaysteev: @ashlynn are you really part hotdog? NeonMatriXD: FeelsBirthdayMan jjcatman123: Clap ExTahZee: Clap MyNameIsMok: WutFace SantaHat Haxi_: Bruto gets the best birthday present FeelsBirthdayMan JJOkochaJJ: KEKW that face Nightbot: KEKW scummymcdirtbag: ashlynnLuvv ashlynnLuvv darkaxz: ???? ExTahZee: KEKW Shrewkiller_: ashlynnLuvv ashlynnLuvv ashlynnLuvv ashlynnLuvv ashlynnLuvv ashlynnLuvv ashlynnLuvv ashlynnLuvv ashlynnLuvv ashlynnLuvv ashlynnLuvv ashlynnLuvv darkaxz: are you ok ExTahZee: omfg NeonMatriXD: KEKW Kimberly_Galarza: lmao xoxobrxnda: HahaHide ExTahZee: stop 420_smiles: ashlynnLuvv ashlynnLuvv ashlynnLuvv ashlynnLuvv ashlynnLuvv ashlynnLuvv Lymslol: it will haunt my nightmares dharmaduke: oh god ludona_: monkaS ExTahZee: ashlynnStahp ScourgeNL: ashlynnStahp i just joined into that Kenaro: Incoming Nightmares AG_boki: STOP! Eddie1225: MonkaW rebornintomusic: nakkiNF nakkiNF nakkiNF nakkiNF nakkiNF Eddie1225: LMAOOO illegal_waffles: WutFace Eddie1225: WTF' TheRarePotato: WutFace