Live With Lou – Radio Show 12/16/17

I just heard that there’s another terror attack in New York I just you know the governor of New York Cuomo come on and say it was a low-tech bomb Oh moron you’re not the manager at Best Buy you’re the Governor of New York who cares what it was what do you doing to stop it and then the other moron the blashole comes on and says oh it wasn’t a well-planned attack now you’re critiquing it yeah that’s good let them know what they did wrong so that they can improve on the next time what a moron you want you give them a list of all the plumbing supplies places in New York so the next pipe bomb could be made with the best materials these people are out of their minds and now all you hear is oh well they under terrorist watch list were they not on it but where is this list why isn’t this list posted all over the place why is it a secret there’s only like 200 people on it the list of who bangs your sister is longer than that it should be in every bodega it should be on the scoreboard at Yankee Stadium everybody should know the FBI’s watching them they’re all were all getting attacked what are they doing we should all be watching because these people don’t care they don’t care about you let me tell you something if I was the governor right now you would hear me say okay the 200 people on the watch list we just kicked their doors in we took them in their family and they’re on a leaky boat towards the middle of the ocean out of here do something already people they’re putting our lives in danger they don’t give a shit about us go ahead I don’t want any more trouble like you had last year in the Fillmore district I understand that’s my policy yeah well wouldn’t don’t mail is chasing a female with tend to commit rape I shoot the bastard that’s my policy intent how did you establish that well a maked man is chasing a woman through an alley with a butcher knife I figure it isn’t that collecting by the Red Cross well happy Saturday to you we’re up here on Mount who’s freezing our tails off I checked our rain read redneck rain gauge down in the hallway here we haven’t had a drop of rain in in Yuba County we don’t bother checking the rain outside the building’s we just count it when it comes on inside so we got our rain gauge we may actually maybe we should think of selling rain gauges those red they’re actually cheaper than a regular rain gauge and you could double use it as the garbage can anyway which it’s I thought I was gonna have to throw it into all-wheel-drive to get here but it’s clear and cold north wind just the newscast saying there’s going to be north wind gets me all upset so here we are we’re out here and the live stream is working today is did the box come back how to have it no there’s no box it’s just it’s a miracle sometimes it’s just the miracles somebody’s holding their tongue to the right side of the mouth and the life strings working we don’t even understand it out here we understand very little about what goes on here we’re just here talking for food and if you’re listening for the first time this is the patriot kmy see radio 14 10:00 a.m. and we’re gonna be here till noon today and then a sports

program comes on after us but we’re going to be talking live today if you want to call in you can five three zero seven four two fifty five fifty five it is pro-choice station sometimes your calls are inconvenient so we abort them and particularly if it’s not the right gender at the time we you know it comes and goes what gender we prefer we may have to abort the call don’t feel offended it’s just part of living in a pro-choice society so que myc if you want to listen on the livestream km y SI que mi SI and then click on the list and live button and you should be good to go so if you’re out there in an area that the reception is kind of funky you can unfold I lit in loud and clear if you can’t hang for the whole day or you want to tell your friend about it and he missed it and he wants to listen but he can’t listen on Saturdays you can go to one I blind media on YouTube just go to the YouTube and go to one I blind media and that channel you can find live with Lou on that channel and you can pick your show whatever date you want to listen to and they’ve edited a bit because some of the clips we use here on the radio which are fine YouTube has some copyright infringement issues so it for whatever reasons they have to take them off which is OK with me you just kind of get the list listen to the talk but not some of the clips so have at it if you want alright well thank you for listening and for those that didn’t listen thank you for not listening don’t worry about it either way I’m fine and we are just gonna plug a plug along here so I was noticing in the paper the appeal Democrat is just they are just thirsting for a chance to give the bend or zoo or what I call what they call 14 forward some good publicity and and it’s the same way here a while back they gave hands of hope over in Yuba City by the way we’re for you out there in these other four or five counties that we are broadcasting into we’re out here in Eastern Yuba County right at the base of the Sierra Nevada foothills and so some of the talk we we talk about local things here Yuba City Muriel’s kind of stuff even though you’re Orville Chico Lincoln all that kind of stuff so but the fact is we all have the same problems because we’re living in a communist state and so when I talk about these things you probably have the same issues in your area so I I wanted to mention that we have this homeless camp that didn’t spring up because of the homeless it was manufactured by government and it violated every code every law every ordinance that could be violated to establish it nobody ask anybody’s permission like you know if you want to do a development or build a house or in an area or build a bill put up a business they got to go talk to the neighbors you got to get permits you got to get dust studies noise studies traffic studies all kinds of studies percolation studies you got to get permits you got to run electricity sewage they didn’t do anything for all this they just throw up some tough sheds put a fence about around it so the the the creatures couldn’t get out and in at will and they don’t even have a proper sewage or running water and they actually have open-pit draining unbelievable you do that out in Yuba County on your own you get yourself arrested and fined and it take your property from you talk about a communist operation so anyway the the hands of Hope over nuba City does a nice job but one day they made a front-page article on a lady that that was their poster child and I thought they don’t even know who that woman is because I knew her and I put her through a one-year rehab got her all straightened out got her a job and but she couldn’t keep from screwing all these guys around town and getting drunk and everything all the time so she kept getting back in the ditch so they saved her for like the seventh time I think and put her on the front page of the appeal Democrat well now they put a former homeless man now counsels others 14 forward helped him get clean Johnny McCullough 61 he still isn’t clean he got kicked out of the rescue he ended up complaining to the appeal Democrat about a front-page article about him nice photo of him and everything and then they had to run run a correction

saying he wanted to give God the credit in the twin cities rescue mission well the government in Yuba County has done everything they could to disrespect a rescue mission and to keep them off the front page of the paper and the fact is that the rescue mission is the one doing the heavy lifting on homeless people in Yuba County and doing the heavy lifting on people from 14 forward because at night and on the weekends and most of the rest of the time there’s no one over there except creatures dogs cats in pens and people popping in and out of those tough sheds and and the rescue missions feeding them showering them having religious meetings try to get them converted and off methamphetamines and heroin but this is a mccullough fella i was told last night actually stole a lot of stuff out of the mission sold it made himself some money so anyway i’m telling you of these poor reporters they just get snookered by these folks on the street you know what i like about people that really get straightened out street people and people in prison is they can read these people on the street i think they ought to hire a bunch of those folks to run these homeless projects rather than these social workers that went down to Sac State or Chico State and come up here and they think they know something and and then the other people like they hire from the Salvation Army they get so euphoric that they actually making some money for the first time in their life and then make them a homeless czar and all of a sudden they learn how to push paper instead of push people and they think oh I’m actually accomplishing something at the end of the day so there’s an article in the paper this morning the appeal Democrat talking about that Sutter County is finally after gosh what a year two years three years they’re actually going down into the river bottom Sutter County sheriff’s deputies and talking to people and enforcing the nope no camping ordinances down there and then I read in this article that the social workers and stuff make trips into these camps every other week I thought well what are they doing on the other weeks I thought they were I thought we hired all these people and we empowered and spending hundreds of thousand dollars and then I read where they’re not even going to clean up the garbage until after this year’s high water I thought well why bother it’s just gonna flow it on down to Sacramento just let it float it’s like one of the people said well the big problem is all the stuff left behind well you know wouldn’t get left behind if you did kept them out of the river bottoms in the first place like people wanted like fourteen forward or what I call Bend or zoo is right in my backyard so I got these people all up and down in front of my house all day and they’re all wanting to dump stuff in my yard and in my side yard there one like stash there’s there CVS shopping carts full full of their possessions or like little miniature u-hauls and stolen bicycles and stuff and I used to call the police but the police don’t want to deal with it so I just take care of up my own self that’s why you all need to pack a gun and just you just need to take care of your own turf because the police don’t want fuss with it and they don’t want to fuss with homelessness now we got a new chick new police chief in town since Erin Easton retired so we have a new police chief and we’re hoping for better things where they actually enforce the law in in in in the city of Marysville because up to this point people can poop in front of your place they can drop all their garbage in front of your place they can sleep in your lawn they can go in your backyard they could just do whatever they want get drunk over there in fact they had a drunk just they just fished him out of the lake here Friday guy guy was drunk there at the pub net right next to the lake and he tried to walk home and you know they used to have designated drivers now they’re gonna have to have a designated walker to just walk you home because a guy can be make it around the lake without in dip it in the lake so they fish the guy who was only in his 20s poor guy and I think he was having a birthday celebration and that was the that was the last birthday he’s gonna celebrate here anyway well we got some issues it’s interesting I I find these articles on homelessness so fascinating they called it these this is a really complicated situation that is a that is a red flag word on we don’t think we can fix this right remember we’re going to fix homelessness but then they they realized after they pay these social workers 150 thousand dollars a year that you can’t force people in America to go into a drug rehab and Home Depot does not want

to hire heroin addicts or methamphetamine addicts they or people with a bad a criminal record like if they got a record for theft Home Depot and Lowe’s don’t want them now I was driving down the street in Yuba City yesterday and at the corner of Shasta and Plummer street I saw Help Wanted sign on a plumbing plumbing operation and I can’t remember the name of the plumbing operation but it’s been been there for years that building old building right it at the northeast corner if anybody you want to get it they were looking for people that have technical skills and plumbing and I guess plumbing problems are up so this company needed needed a plumber – they got a Help Wanted sign right there at the northeast corner of Plumas and Shasta Street and so but who wants to hire somebody that won’t show up or won’t won’t make it past the first payday or is under the influence or it’s got a bad attitude right or got F uck o FF tattooed across their forehead that’s a bad sign right there so anyway I I was noticing in the paper that we got some more homeless people got arrested you know the story we are told is that a lot of these folks or actually most of them they just there are just victims of the recession and they had you know they were working for a corporation and then all of a sudden the downturn in the economy and all of a sudden they went from a $250,000 home to a tenth right so we got a guy here named James Francis lot fight any type this is a hyphenated last time that’s always a bad sign to me if a guy’s got a hyphenated last name that’s weird and so this guy 31 year old homeless man reportedly held in a woman at knifepoint as she tried fleeing from his vehicle now these are some of the poster children of 14 forward I think it’s they had a drug dispute now that’s always hard when you’re when you’re loaded and you start to debate on who gets to keep the drugs etc etc anyway they arrested James and they got him over there in Yuba County jail with a half a million dollar bail now that’s that’s one homeless guy then we have another Cecilia Palmer 33 was arrested by Yuba County Sheriff on December 12th over on Simpson Lane which is just down the street from where I’m speaking right now and she took a vehicle without consent and I know that’s just I’m sure there’s a mistake here that she I’m sure it’s just a mistake she probably worked for you know like Chase Bank right before the downturn in the economy and then she now she she got confused on which vehicle was hers it’s always possible you know they make a lot of the same color and look vehicles and you can go out and just get in the wrong vehicle occasionally and make that mistake I’ve never had I haven’t had that happen to me but I’m sure it’s possible so both those people are over there sitting in yuba county jail I mean I made this week I may meet Cecilia I don’t know whether she’ll I may meet her and we have some classes over there and we try to talk to people about this and and so the other thing that I think I let’s see oh yeah we got another one here let me look at this one this is another situation where oh here’s another one Kelly Moro thirty-six homeless Yuba City was arrested by the Sheriff’s Department on the 13th at Bridge and gray suspicion of manufacturing or possessing weapons and driving under the influence well that’s a bad sign at least he had a car and so that’s that one so this is just a few days of like homeless activity but the other one that really got my attention maybe you saw this in Tuesday’s December 12th paper a guy got drunk after he got off work and somehow he got up on the railroad tracks and got himself hit by a train and knocked out and somebody found him up there the train never even saw him and you know well anyway let me just tell you what happened he got found by some Good Samaritan they they ended up hauling him over the hospital but they I guess they needed to amputate his legs so he wakes up after of this drunk and ended up didn’t have any legs

so he’s suing everybody it’s illegal to be on ER did you know that it’s it’s a violation of the law to walk up on the railroad tracks that’s not your property but you know so many people don’t care about what’s legal and they just do whatever they want so there’s he’s suing the Union Pacific Railroad and right out hospital for met medical negligence just like unbelievable this is unbelievable so that you know what can you say this is just a sad situation when a guy loses his legs or when a guy falls in else like drunker than he can you can’t even walk around the lake right that’s don’t get near water listen let me just give I know you’ve accounting hell Department those guys get a $140,000 $150,000 going to write in your bicycle or or to teach you how to install your own car seat we’ve got to have people pay you because your student too stupid to do that because when people go out just this is you know the Robert Bend or whose County Administrator now he will make a good argument that’s why we have to have the health department because people are too stupid once they get drunk they they want to walk around the lake and test themselves on how stable they are or they want to walk up on the railroad tracks and think they’re they can take on an Amtrak train so anyway this guy I feel sorry for this guy at least he isn’t dead but he’s suing everybody says a camera at the front of the train showed nevus was clearly visible to anyone paying attention to the tracks ahead so in other words they’re saying the conductor wasn’t watching however train operators never sounded the horn or applied the brakes running over nevus and severing both his legs above the knee man so wonder what the guy every even lived to have this Good Samaritan fight a dirt bike rider found him and pulled him over to got him over to the hospital saved his life and so one day the dirt bike rider didn’t get sued but I think everybody in towns getting sued for this gentleman losing his legs so just I always say you know we focus a lot on drug abuse in this country but the biggest damage – when you look at the cost of human life and relationships and duis and all that kind of stuff there’s no comparison between drug abuse and alcohol abuse but I know a lot of you even like I saw some people on Facebook were church people and they got into big pissing contests over whether you should drink or not or whether some drinking right it’s just like he just get tired of this one you got one guy lost his legs within the last week another guy that we fished him out of the out of the lake and that amazing in both of just because of alcohol if those guys would have been maybe we should have just encouraged him to smoke weed I’m sure they wouldn’t have fallen into the lake oh well they made a phone in the lake over weed I don’t know whether you got run over by train but I wonder if I know these guys it’s just pretty sad well the the homeless thing goes on hundreds of thousands of dollars are being wasted when we already you know we’ve already if you look at transparent California we spend millions of dollars a year on welfare workers and social service workers and and and in the midst of it we have all these people that are run around under the influence of alcohol drugs and so it says in this article that they don’t want to leave the camp you’ve got to convince them to leave a place that’s illegal for them to be because if they leave somebody’s going to steal their stuff but when they run out of there because the high water I think it’s probably cheaper to not go in and clean up all that mess and just let it float down to Sacramento and serve them right down there in Sacramento let the water take care of y’all so maybe Mitnick is finally making a correct decision so anyway they’re gonna put off the cleanup they bought that said they’re already spent I didn’t know this over in Sutter County they said they’ve already spent I think close to three hundred two hundred and eighty seven thousand cleaning up the same areas earlier this year after the heavy rains wow that’s amazing that’s your tax

dollars though the same people that want you to pay more taxes to pay more taxes and that’s something that should be an attention-getter well let me let’s see are we are we done we’re done for the first half hour we’ll be right back bringing new meaning to the term first responders fellow community members stepping forward volunteering their time to help others faced with it might be some of the most traumatic incidents in their lives it’s called the trauma intervention program or tip it’s been used in communities across the United States for years and it’s volunteers have been dispatched to provide what they call emotional first aid a collaboration between police paramedics fire departments and even hospital staff is making sure residents are emotionally taken care of in a time of crisis residents are volunteering their time with the trauma intervention program or tip dispatched to the scene of a fire accident or death to focus on the emotional needs of those left behind it’s just being there and being comforting like a good friend or an extension of your family ready to assist sit and listen to community members in a time of tragedy to learn more about the trauma intervention program visit Yuma Sutter tipt org or call 6 7 3 canvass all you do is criticize you never offer any solutions to our community challenge accepted my name is Candace Owens and you are watching my new blog series the declaration you know that expression if it ain’t broke don’t fix it ok well the inverse of that expression is that if it is broke you should fix it and do you want to know what’s broke voting for Democrats every four years results in buyer’s remorse every four years later why don’t we try something different guys because everything else is racist right so here’s how fear politics work my name is Ashley Evans and I want the black vote all I have to do is sprinkle the word racist on anything that is opposed to my agenda ready Donald Trump racist Republicans racist leaving the Paris agreement racist Hilary Clinton not racist which is why I’m with her the Democrats have figured out that fear absolutely dominates black people politically to the point of socio-economic paralysis racism has pretty much become our bogeyman we are not I repeat not living through the civil rights era and we need to stop acting like we are America despite what CNN may tell you is not a racist country and when it was despite what CNN may tell you the Democrats were at the helm of it personally when I hear the word racism nowadays I assume it’s just something that I Democrats don’t want me to see and so I intentionally go pursue it but don’t take it from me let’s take a look at what our blind allegiance the Democratic Party has earned us in territories that they are dominating Flint Michigan not only one of the country’s poorest cities but also listed recently as one of the most dangerous they don’t even have clean drinking water Detroit a complete and utter urban failure and I am NOT just talking about Eminem they’ve got crime they’ve got poverty take your pick Philadelphia I feel like they win poorest major city almost every year not the greatest superlative but you know Democrats of course we can’t talk about poverty and crime ridden cities without bringing up Chicago another Democratic stronghold where 75% of those murdered are black and 71% of the murderers are also black but we’re not supposed to care about that right if we ask the Democrats running those cities why why we’re there already 636 shootings that resulted in death this year they’ll tell us look the KKK look Charlottesville look the KKK is rallying in Charlottesville where no black people died and so what do we do in response do we focus on the real issues no of course not we riot we get arrested we lose focus on what actually matters blue cities that have a Democratic stronghold are absolute disasters and we can no longer afford to ignore the facts even the blue Connecticut my home state is headed down a bad path I mean apparently we looked at Chicago and thought hmm that seems like a sound economic plan keep taxing the productive citizens and rewarding those that do absolutely nothing let’s see how fast we can bankrupt this place the time is now for black minds to be unleashed and to revolt against the politics of fear the question we should be asking ourselves is look how much african-american communities are suffered under Democratic control what do you have to lose by trying something new absolutely nothing mr. president thank you guys so much for watching all right

welcome back it’s talking to the head of the rescue mission and Muriel the Twin Cities rescue mission which doesn’t get a nickel well let me back that up but up until recently didn’t get a nickel of government money but then when they one day they woke up and all of a sudden they were bulldozers and stuff tearing up ground next to them and they they pushed the 14 forward Zazu right up next to the front door and he saw happy to have you as a neighbor and we’re gonna just cut a door in here so we could have all these people eating shower over in your place but they told me last night that the Sutter Yuba mental health dropped off a totally a guy totally out of his mind discombobulated mentally and so now they didn’t drop him off a 14-4 word or bend or zoo they didn’t take him to a mental health hospital they dropped him off a tax off a totally non government-funded Christian organization and so they called him up and they said what what do you think we’re gonna do with this guy that’s out of his mind you got all the meds you got hospitals you got this you got that and you we don’t get any money from you guys what are we gonna do with this guy he’s out of his mind life will stab somebody oh they they told us th e why they told us to drop him off over there said we can’t we can’t put this guy in here they don’t even allow people that are out of their minds on drugs in there you got to behave yourself at the rescue mission so they said well you ought to have the police bring him back they said why you brought him over come and get him oh well no you have to have the police bring him back this is government at its best totally bureaucratic makes no sense somebody everybody points to someone else and blames someone else I had the public information officer Russ Brown from Yuba County write me because I wrote an article in the territory but you can still read it go read it for yourself I wrote two articles one on the whole boondoggle of raising sales taxes in the Yuba County and so everybody threw a fit said everything I wrote was heretical untrue inaccurate so the question I was asked was where did you get your population figures I quoted I think Yuba County population at seventy three thousand and I I can’t remember 315 or 312 million for the United States and so the question the first question on email was where’d you get those figures so anyway I explained it I got him off census and the internet right because the last census was 2010 so I don’t know what if you even remember anybody ever coming by your house to see how many people live there do they come by every year every month every week every other year every third year every fourth year so they just guesstimate populations right and and we can’t even keep track of how many hundred homeless just a few hundred people but they want to nitpick whether I am saying seventy thousand seventy one thousand seventy two thousand seventy three thousand seventy three thousand five hundred forty six about the population of Yuba County the only point I was trying to make is I said we’re the highest will be we’re already the highest taxed people in the United States well they wanted to nitpick that saying well I don’t know what they were really saying but they never did come back and tell me what the true population figures was after they nitpicked me right I said well what do you think they are I asked him one of the finally will be back four or five times finally I said I thought you know I’m not getting paid to have this conversation I’m not getting a hundred eighty thousand dollars a year to have this conversation I’m at the end of my life he’s he’s about halfway through I’m not gonna have a pissing contest over pop population my my concern is I’m sick and tired of people that make two hundred and thirty thousand dollars a year wanting more money so they can get the next raise and in blaming it on police and fire that’s what I don’t like and I reminded people in that article if you want to read it at territorial dispatch viz you can read it for yourself and see whether sets fair with you or not and look it up yourself don’t email me just look it up yourself and if I if you don’t like what I say then okay we don’t need to have a conversation that’s just my opinion you can sort of you know a lot of times people don’t have an opinion because they don’t know Jack diddly what they’re talking about it’s funny to me that Yuba County you know who knows how many people live in a particular County at any time you have you ever thought about that people are moving in moving out dropping dead being born right we can’t

even keep track of all the people dropping dead right people are missing like this guy they just dug out a Ellis Lake they dressed him out of Ellis Lake he’s been missing did we count him alive or dead till we find him right cheese this is the type of government you’re funding at a hundred and eighty thousand dollars a person yikes well I wanted to just mention just a couple things here to kick off how we even got to stay on the air we’ve got some supporters that keep us on the air because we have to pay to be on the air here so we got greenest construction helps us out and and the plumbing doctor helps us out and they’re old friends of mine and they know what I’m up to they trust me and so they they help keep me on the air plus we have some people who donate towards the Church of glad tidings and they help me out sometimes out here they help pay the the coverage of the cost here but another couple people then the last few months that have wanted to support us is Sutter buttes Tea Party Patriots and they are that the the dynamic part of that name is Patriots so if you want to hang out with some Patriots or find out who Patriots are in town go to their meeting and that’s it the 1st and 3rd Monday night of every month out at Church of glad tiding they use a building out there building 200 at eleven seventy nine eager Road or if you don’t if you can’t see too well just go to the corner of highway 99 and eager and drive in that driveway you’ll make it so they they meet on the first and third Monday of each month at 6:30 but but it’s open at 6:00 and they’ll have some refreshments and you’ll get to meet some people so if you want to keep up with them the easiest way to get to the website is s be like in Boots SBT PP org SBT PP dot organ other words Sutter buttes Tea Party Patriots org but it’s SBT PP ok you can check that out now here’s the deal they’re taking a break for the rest of December and and they’ll be back on their mid January meeting which is the 15th that’s in other words they meet the 1st and 3rd so I think the first is like I don’t know whether that’s on a the Sunday or Monday or right on top of their first meeting so they’re gonna take a holiday here on their meetings and now catch you at the third Monday of January ok so check that out the other group that has taken us on to help us stay on the air is Monty Hecker and that’s elite security and so you can get involved out there if you want a job it’s just like he’s got Help Wanted up on his website they’re looking for workers out there and you could go to elite Universal Security comm elite that’s al ite Universal security comm and you can get a job out there but the other thing they do is can be used by lots of people if you don’t want to go into the security business but you need to get a you need to get some concealed weapons permit training or you want to learn how to use some pepper spray or you want to maybe get involved in and starting the process of learning the skills to be a guard or even get into law enforcement they have all kinds of training going on out there and you can go to it it’s a lot cheaper than say go to Yuba college and it’s probably more convenient so you can get in on handcuff training taser certified certification training de-escalation of force training annual security guard training guard card training you’ve got to keep up with all this stuff so you can go to on their website is on this school that they run to do all this to API – Academy calm and you can get involved in this you only have to be 18 to get involved in this you know with to be a cop you got to be 21 so the courses they teach are in full compliance with the requirements mandated by the Bureau of security and investigative services so this isn’t know like fly-by-night operation they will get you squared away and you can begin before you even get to Yuba college you have again taken or to a police academy you can begin taking courses to help you get it on all right those two groups you ought to get involved with and let me give you a phone number of these guys elite security and API Academy seven four nine zero two eight zero seven four nine zero

two eight zero all right now I I’m connected to a guy that used to be a professor at William Jessup University down in Rocklin California or it’s actually just off the freeway I it’s just north of south of Lincoln s actually I guess you can see it as you drive down 65 there William Jessup it’s a good University but Glen Gibson I met Glen he used to be a missionary to the Philippines and then he came over here they were looking for a teacher they don’t call it a missions teacher they call it some other term but anyway I ended up tag-team and teaching a class down there on Monday nights many years ago with Glen great guy he and his wife and so they taught there or he taught there for a number of years and then now they’re working for a missions organization think out of Florida but he sent this thing about his health care and I keep hearing all these liberals it’s just like liberals anything that Trump does it’s going to cause everybody to die did you notice that they’re gonna change welfare everyone’s gonna die Obamacare change Obamacare people are gonna die so change net neutrality on the internet people are gonna die so Obamacare this is what Glenn Gibson this is his personal experience with Obamacare Glenn’s a sharp guy very nice guy not vindictive not bitter not he’s a fair-minded guy he says I looked on the Obamacare exchanges just to see how much health insurance would cost there now Glenn I’m sure is on one of these Christian programs like through Samaritan it’s Americans Samaritan something I can’t remember if you if you Google Health Christian health policies Samaritan you’ll probably get to it there’s also I think well there’s a couple of them I’ll look them up later if you’re interested but anyway he’s probably on one of those Christian programs that are lots lots cheaper and so they’re actually they’re not really insurance companies they’re just pools of people that share their money to cover their costs and it’s very efficient and a lot of my friends are on it so he says I looked on the Obamacare exchanges just to see how much health insurance would cost there now liberals it’s amazing how they’re just in lockstep loving this Obamacare right the cheapest plan Glenn says for me was fourteen hundred eighty two dollars a month or seventeen thousand seven hundred eighty eighty four dollars a year with no subsidy subsidy for anyone making over sixty-five thousand a year so I’m assuming Glenn’s saying he and his wife are making sixty five thousand or more so in other words if you were to get on Obamacare with his salary he would have to pay that seventeen seven eighty four for the cheapest plan of Obamacare so he says at a minimum I’d be expected to pay twenty seven percent of my income for health insurance on top of that I would have with this plan a thirteen thousand three hundred dollar annual deductible that would be another 20 percent of my income so I would be expected to pay 47 percent of my income to health insurance and and care if I made sixty five thousand dollars a year with the cheapest bronze plan and he says it was called the Affordable Care Act now I want you to think about that concept right now of when government they use euphemisms that means they disguise what they’re really doing by using another term like when Planned Parenthood kills four thousand babies a day that’s called Planned Parenthood actually when you kill a child that isn’t had done have much to do with parenting unless you want to kill your teenager I guess they could probably fit that in and their Planned Parenthood as well just like I said that guy is being a pain in the rear to parent so we’re gonna exterminate him so Glenn I don’t know how much Glenn earns but he was looking at the cheapest plan he’s so he did a hypothetical at sixty-five thousand and it’s sixty-five thousand dollars I want you to think of that you spend forty seven percent of your income on health insurance safe you need to if you actually need to use the insurance you’re gonna pay the first thirteen thousand three hundred dollars out of your pocket you’d be much better off just putting my money aside seventeen thousand seven hundred eighty four dollars a year aside and then making your own health savings plan but it’s interesting how that that the Democrats liberals will defend this as a good thing I just think this is unbelievable this is unbelievable but the other thing

that I find fascinating is the misuse of in the English language calling it the affordable care act it’s just a complete lie a complete lie so I don’t know whether you’ve been following the Bundy situation cliven the Bundy family and all these ranchers farmers cattle people sheep people all over the West that are being run out of business by the Bureau of Land Management now you think oh the Bureau of Land Management that’s like a good organization and they’re like how could they be doing the Bundys much had done something wrong or the Hammond family up in Oregon you know that they caught their property on fire huh have you ever caught your property on fire all you agricultural people out there I’ve I’ve cut I’ve done burns on on our property out to church of glad tidings and I caught the whole highway 99 on fire one day I had to have station two from you City come out and hose it down and sometimes fires just get out of hand right it just happens all the time do you remember that environmental protection group that screwed up that mind what was that in Colorado and polluted that entire river turned it completely yellow did they there was nobody held accountable that remember that so anyway the Bundy’s remember the Malheur the Wildlife Refuge up there in Oregon and finally FBI and everybody came in there and arrested everybody they killed lavoy finicum I shot him he was a unarmed guy killed him he was a father of like ten kids and then they arrested the Bundy’s put him in jail up in Portland Oregon a bunch of people some of those guys pled out and pled guilty because they they didn’t have any worth all to fight this and they couldn’t stay in jail the Bundy’s have been locked up for two years did you know that no bail no bail offered and but the judge in Portland dropped all the charges did you did you follow that or you just forget about the Bundy’s this is a if you ever thought a political prisoners that well we don’t have political prisoners in the United States we actually do have political prisoners and it be all these people that got involved in the Bundy case over outside of Las Vegas and then they went up to protests what’s happening is is the Bureau of Land Management they have people just like any military force has people with automatic weapons and they are killing animals taking over properties and running people they’re bankrupting farms and in their private what’s happening now is the trial is going on over in Las Vegas Nevada the second Bundy trial and they just let I think Ryan or Ammon Bundy Amon Bundy out out of jail but he’s under house arrest with an ankle bracelet now I want you to think about this these guys have never committed a crime in their life except resisting the overtaking of of their entire property and businesses by the Bureau of Land Management so the government could sell uranium to Russia and they could take over and sell sell property Harry Reid and those people in former Senator Harry Reid and Nevada this is all a corrupt fiasco and it’s in a lot of ignorant Americans just saying oh well they must have done something wrong do you know that that was a peaceful protest over there clive in bundy’s operation in las vegas and they had government snipers all over the place going to shoot those people I want you to think about that next time you want to protest over there that pole or a Planned Parenthood if you looked up and saw Yuba City Police Department’s SWAT sniper laying on top of the building across the street pointing a gun at you would that get your attention would that take the fun out of that protest maybe you wouldn’t feel so strongly about pro-life then well these people are fighting for their lives I if you want to like get your mind blown you need to go on the internet and look up range magazine and and and subscribe to it it is a really great publication I’ve been enjoying it for a long time and the stories there of people that have been on on the same property for a hundred or 200 years and now the government’s coming in and just runs them out of business Bureau of Land Management did you know that the state government has authority over those properties not the they they’ve allowed

the federal government to oversee them maybe because the state couldn’t do it at one time the states have the legal priority here and in fact the county government even has higher priority in some situations that’s why clive in bundy tried to get the local Clark County Sheriff to tell the feds to get out of town that’s what John Agostini down here in El Dorado County did to the El Dorado National Forest people at Tahoe National Forest the the national forest rangers and stuff kept harassing El Dorado County citizens so Agostini finally told them to just put their guns away get rid of their guns and quit citing people in the national forests knock it off I’m the sheriff and we’re not gonna be prosecuting any of those people over here so knock it off county sheriff’s have a lot of power now here’s what’s happening is that I can’t remember the the Hammond father and his son they started a fire like you do control burns you know so so they would protect their they have outbuildings so they didn’t want any fires to concur upon their outbuildings because out in the wilderness and the fire got out of hand a little bit and got over into some of the government property didn’t burn any buildings it just burned brush and stuff and they put him in jail for that the first judge said no but the government then appealed and they found a judge to put him back in jail for the second time unbelievable these are just farmers this is going on under the Obama administration we’re hoping that the Trump administration and Brian Zinke who’s the new interior director Department of Interior and former Navy SEAL will like say enough is enough leave these people alone so we’re gonna be right back we got two more hours to go don’t Donald Donald have we done get us back get us back I don’t care what happens to Hilary get America back honoring family again post on the place please make America great again like America bright again please mom helped Donald so make America great again it’s the most wonderful time in a cage yet some kids are protesting while Trump fans investing that time with good cheer it’s the most wonderful time take you it’s the hap-happiest season of all with each staff member Trump ticks Democrats up to their old tricks just dressing them all happiest election season of all we’ll be one party hosting all three branches toasting but how low the press go they’ll spend misguided stories trying to steal Trump’s glory from a plane it’s the most wonderful time in 8 years they’ll be much more enjoyment a lot less unemployment cuz Trump will be near it’s the most wonderful time Hillary’s party’s not hosting they’re no longer toasting they ignored true stories of Hillary who wasn’t sorry for her crimes now and long ago now it’s the most wonderful will deport all the criminals taxes will be minimal bad trade deals disappear Oh triple time and eight years

this is live with Lu you listen to Luke Ben injure here because Santos vigils making it happen behind the screen here and we’re going to be here for two more hours I was talking earlier about how the Affordable Care Act is not caring and isn’t affordable but the government deceives the people that are forced to serve the government whether it’s at the federal state or local level they deceive them with words like the Affordable Care Act is neither affordable nor caring recently in fact is right up to today people are throwing a fit about what they call net neutrality with the Federal Communications Commission and probably under the Obama years you miss this but they the government began to regulate the federal the the internet the Federal Communications Commission so when there was a change in administration they have begun unraveling or undoing the regulating of the Internet did you know that the internet started and flourished without regulations and so they’re portraying like this net neutrality again it’s a euphemism net neutrality is not neutral let me give you an example an analogy of net neutrality and net neutrality is like for instance I have people that I support up and down my block just because I work and I pay taxes and so all up and down my block there are people that don’t work and don’t pay taxes so net neutrality and income means that the government takes some of my money and gives it to the guy next door so we’re all equal right so they take some from me and raise him up or her up that’s net neutrality that’s what they’re talking about in in the federal government now I want you to think about any area of life that you think is working out pretty good like the grocery store when I go to the grocery store there are like twenty thirty forty thousand items on those shelves if the government took over the management if they did net neutrality at the grocery store you would have a handful of items on those things they couldn’t even get you bread to the store maybe you get one type of bread you can go check this out try it for yourself all you liberals out there that are freaking out about the internet that somehow the internet is going to disappear because there’s no net neutrality all you have to do is go down and see how the grocery stores are working out Venezuela Laos Cuba right just check those places out and see how that’s panning out for you I don’t know why a lot of you folks that are into socialism just don’t move to where they’re really doing their they got their pedal to the metal on socialism so you can actually enjoy it and embrace it and consider yourself a full-blown socialist and try to instead of trying to conflict’ it upon us here so net neutrality is another euphemism where it actually means just the opposite of what it sounds like just like Affordable Care Act I was talking earlier about the Bundy case and there is a Washington state representative assembly men up there named Matt Shay and he’s become very involved in the Bureau of Land Management acting like little Nazis and and behaving like the FBI is today in fact they’re actually trying to overthrow the government the current government which is Donald Trump led government there is no they’re not hiding it it’s very you can see what’s going on back in Washington in fact we’ll play a clip later on in the in the show how clear-cut that people are not being impartial and serving whoever’s leading the government they are trying to overthrow the Trump government the FBI is and the Bureau of Land Management is trying to throw farmers off the land and so one of the lead investigators against the Bundy’s was was a guy named

Larry Wooten and he became so disgusted because you know what whether it’s the FBI or a police office or a Sheriff’s Department there are some good honest people in there and at some point even though they’re going to lose their career and probably get fired they they whistle blow and they just say you know I can’t stand this anymore I just I can’t do this I’m not going to be in law enforcement and have this go on and so Larry Wooten with the Bureau of Land Management you know they have law enforcement in the Bureau of Land Management remember when they bought millions of rounds of ammo under Obama a lot of it went to the Bureau of Land Management so Larry Wooten was the lead investigator for BLM into the bunker vil gold Butte operation that went bad for them in April 2014 that’s the Bundy situation where they went out and they got tired of fighting with the Bundy’s over this issue because the Bundy’s weren’t backing down and in fact the Bundy’s are willing to die for the cause so they figure what we’re gonna kill them and their cattle so Larry Wooten’s letter outlines violations and abuses committed by the BLM employees led by a guy named Dan love which I believe Dan loved has now been fired he was a renegade government employee that that they allowed to go off the reservation to try to drive these farmers off their land and so this article said that Wooten discovered what he felt were heinous acts committed by the BLM and so he was the investigator for three years and he began seeing things he didn’t like he said his investigation revealed a widespread pattern of bad judgment lack of discipline incredible bias unprofessionalism and misconduct now if I those say that same sentence could be applied to the Federal Bureau of Investigation right now with the Donald Trump Russia collusion baloney he talks about unprofessionalism and misconduct as well as likely policy ethical and legal violations among senior and supervisorial staff at BLM’s office of law enforcement and security Wootton outline specifics such as very derogatory name calling when he described the unprofessional behavior additionally Wooten states that this behavior was committed quote often by law enforcement supervisors who are potential witnesses investigative team supervisors these the same people that ended up killing lead to the killing of lavoy finicum who was a rancher that came to protest with with the Bundy’s agent Wooten outlines in detail how special agent-in-charge danlove was known for his bad behavior and allowed to get away with it as he was the BLM’s directors boy in other words he was an enforcer and they indicated they were going going to hide and protect danlove Wooden goes on to outline danlove that danlove had what he called a kill book I want you to listen to this via this is our government he has a kill book as a trophy and in essence bragged about getting three individuals in Utah to kill themselves in other words Ranchers he tormented him so much that they ended their life because they were losing everything they had he bragged about it I want you to think about that we have a guy in law enforcement who right he has a kill book and he’s working for the BLM I want you to think about FBI agents trey Gowdy you’re gonna hear from trey Gowdy later about the FBI agents back in Washington DC who targeted Don Trump to destroy him the report also describes what appears to be additional people on the BLM hit list this time however Wooten’s own supervisor was an accessory my supervisor even took photographs he says in the secure and command secure command post area of the Las Vegas FBI headquarters and even after he was told no photographs were allowed he recklessly emailed out photographs of the arrest tracking wall this is a wall inside the Las Vegas FBI where they put

culprits up there right there after on that wall Eric Parker and cliven Bundy had X’s through their face and body indicating prejudice and bias this is the FBI who are not supposed to be executioner’s law enforcement simply is supposed to be enforcing the law and and the justice system that courts are supposed to sort out whether in fact people are that are innocent are proven guilty in the case of the Bundy’s they’ve been incarcerated for two years the report representative Shay shared has multiple pages and is presented below I won’t read it all but it is shocking here’s one thing here’s a quote from a a BLM person this is a statement go out there and kick kleavon Bundy cliven Bundy in the mouth or teeth and take his cattle that’s a quote out of one of the orders another quote I need you to get the troops fired up to go get those cows and not take any crap from anyone in other word and they killed I don’t know whether you realize this they killed a bunch of their cattle they just shot him On February 18th 2017 Wooten said I was removed from my position as the case agent lead investigator for the cliven Bundy gold Butte Nevada case my supervisor told me that Steven Maher quote/unquote furiously demanded that I be removed from the case and mentioned something about us and the Lord’s us being the BLM specifically my supervisor not turning over discovery related material in other words when you have a case the prosecution is mandated by law they call them Brady there’s a Brady law that if you just you have evidence you have to share it with the defense so everybody’s working off the same material to argue whether the person’s innocent are guilty this article says we’ve previously reported that on on the blatant Brady violation Brady violations of prosecution continues to commit they have withheld evidence that would have easily exonerated all nineteen men incarcerated the prosecution knew the Bundy family was not a threat as they have already referred to the threat assessment report previously committed these people should have never been incarcerated and all let alone kept for nearly two years now anyway on and on this code this saying is is a horrible horrible abuse of people’s rights the Constitution guarantees us rights these people get nothing you have no rights you have no rights with an FBI being led by rock or a Department of Justice with people like Rob Rosen so even at that at the local level state level here we have a Attorney General by the name of savvy air bisetta he is a criminal and a liar so we have a gas tax had been in fact I reminded you know when Russ Brown who’s the public information officer for Yuba County was wanting me to substantiate my statement that Yuba County taxpayers of some of the highest tax tax people in in the country and I asked him whether he was aware of the new gas tax or the where of the January 1 carbon gas tax so we’re going to pay but there is a reek there’s a measure being championed right now to walk back the gas tax a recall of the gas tax essentially so when when you have a proposition or a measure that is that qualifies for the ballot when people sign it you know and qualify it for the ballot then the Attorney General of the state of California has to write in other words usually the proponents of the measure they they submit an argument for the recall or they and they also submit a title but it’s up to the Attorney General to determine whether

the the description and the title is fair right but what happened was under Governor Brown and all really most Attorney General’s they cheat and they constantly changed the title to deceive the voter have you ever gone into the voting booth and you read the thing and you think you’re voting force for something but actually when you vote yes you’re voting against it right it’s very confusing so the title that attorney-general Becerra gave the gas tax repeal reads this now listen to this if you vote for this it’ll this is how it reads quote exact quotes it eliminates recently enacted road repair and transportation funding by repealing revenues dedicated for those purposes I want to read that again it eliminates recently enacted road repair and transportation funding by retailing repealing of revenues dedicated for those purposes do you see anything there about you being taxed or this repealing the tax this sounds like they already have money in the bank and now you’re saying we don’t want to spend that money for roads doesn’t it it’s a totally deceptive situation in fact so deceptive that a California judge ruled that it’s totally deceptive uh and so Travis Allen who is the running this repeal he said there is still a rule of law in California this proves it they tried as hard as they could in court to mislead California voters and make it very unclear that this is a repeal of a massive tax so the judge is saying this thing has to make sense so this transportation package is being repealed was championed by the governor as saying that’s the long overdue solution for the track the state’s crumbling roads and was approved by the legislature two-thirds vote right includes a 12% gas tax a 20 cent diesel tax and increase of between 25 and 175 dollars in annual vehicle Rudge raishin fees on top of what you’re already paying and Russ Brown doesn’t think we’re taxed enough he thinks we need to have some more taxes and so what I’m talking about here is the government continued continuing to deceive people to thinking this is what we need to do and this is why and so the recent marysville increased to eight point five percent sales tax from 7.5 anything purchased in the city of Marisol or any vehicle purchased by any Marysville resident anywhere in the world it was they they portrayed that illegally they portrayed it in collusion with David Lanza who is a private businessman they got him to fund it because it’s illegal for the City Council to fund our own campaign against their citizens that’s exactly what the county is going to be treading the same thing they’re gonna they’re going to try to collude with somebody else to fund this campaign because they’re actually using taxpayers time and money to campaign against them to paint to assess themselves taxes so the city of Marysville finally scared people enough by saying we’re not going to be able to respond to 9-1-1 calls in a timely manner so if your husband’s got emphysema problems or heart problems or whatever we there’s no guarantee we’re gonna get there or get there in a timely fashion to save his life unless you give us one percent more of every purchase you ever make in the next ten years then they turned around and they claimed they needed that police and fire they turn right around and they put all that money in the general fund and can be spent for pencils paper towels toilet paper condoms whatever they want to pay for it they raised the salaries of employees in the city of Marisol the argument was well they haven’t had a raise in a long time they didn’t if they would have told that to the people of Marysville ahead of time they would not have supported that tax the same way at the if the Yuba County Supervisors are honest with the people of the county they will not support this tax but they will not be honest it’s bait-and-switch it’s the same thing that cart car dealerships are accused of where they they in entice you to the car lot with some amazing deal and you get there in that car just isn’t available right now but this car is right over here and a little bit more money that’s exactly

what’s going on here and so this was this is what how many times will be voted for more water storage in the state of California and you vote it on the ballot thinking my god we got to have more water storage wean it we need to stop these floods we need this we need to have water for farmers etc etc and when they take that money and they put it in the bike paths or horse horse trails right or they put it on some other kind of an environmental issue how many times is that going to go on well that’s what’s going on here and it’s a it’s something you’ve got to pay attention to or you’ll miss it and you’ll get stuck voting the opposite way of what you really want to vote on now I want to talk some about our politicians we have a lot of people locked up that should trade spots with politicians and we need to put the politicians in jail and release people that have yeah they’ve all committed crimes in jail but our politicians are also committing crimes but we give them a break like for instance Hillary Clinton a variety of people at the upper echelon obama barack obama all these people should be arrested but it’s like it’s like the banks were too big to fail you remember under george bush so we gave them millions and millions of our tax dollars well you know we had to pay taxes you’re never you’re not too big to fail so they’ll let you fail so they think that hillary and bill and they can rape people they can murder people they can steal money they can collude with the Russians but then we’re spending how we spent one year right now talking about Trump colluding with the Russians and the Clintons did it all the time hey are we out of time we’re out of time we’re gonna come back we got one half a show left they always tell me to remind you don’t go away because some of you do because you think that the show’s over we’ll be right back bringing new meaning to the term first responders fellow community members stepping forward volunteering their time to help others faced with it might be some of the most traumatic incidents in their lives it’s called the trauma intervention program or tip it’s been used in communities across the United States for years and it’s volunteers have been dispatched to provide what they call emotional first aid a collaboration between police paramedics fire departments and even hospital staff is making sure residents are emotionally taken care of in a time of crisis residents are volunteering their time with the trauma intervention program or tip dispatched to the scene of a fire accident or death to focus on the emotional needs of those left behind it’s just being there and being comforting like a good friend or an extension of your family ready to assist sit and listen to community members in a time of tragedy to learn more about the trauma intervention program visit Yuba Sutter tipt org or call 673 9300 hello liberty-loving patriots this is Christine Hall Liberty’s lobbyist and founder of Liberty first University you’re listening to live with Lu on K my c14 10:00 a.m. the Patriot the founding fathers and mothers didn’t pledge their lives their fortunes their sacred honor so we could sit around and rest on their laurels they expected us to exercise our god-given rights and to practice eternal vigilance to monitor and hold accountable our fellow citizens to whom we delegate power the federal government is not the supreme law of the land the Constitution is to learn more about the Constitution and to help Lou and me get the word out about how our founders truly wanted this Republic to operate be sure to tune in to live with Lou every Saturday from 9:00 a.m. to noon visit me at Kris and halt calm and at Liberty first University you ask very good questions you know Tracy things that you might think are bad are not always bad sometimes there’s a purpose you know we’re up but we’re about sickness what about kids my age who gets sick and died those are really bad things aren’t that those are bad things yes pain and suffering that’s a hard one to explain oh I know this sounds like a cop-out but there’s nothing I can really do about pain and suffering it’s built

into the system which you invented right but my problem was I never could figure out how to make anything with just one side to it one side you ever see a front without a back no top without a bottom no I’m not without it down no okay and that can’t be good without bad life without death pleasure without pain that’s how it is if I takes that away happy has to go with it if anyone knows another way I wish they’d put it in the suggestion box I wanted to give a shout-out to my friend al Durbin today I read in the paper this week that his wife Val died I’ve known Al and Valerie for many many years we Alan I actually got converted and began following Jesus it was several months of each other or maybe a year of each other and and Al everyone so I would call the show and say that he and Val were listening and to keep up the good work so my heart was broken this week because I read about his Al’s wife Valerie and alumns let you know that you have a lot of friends in town and we’re all praying for you and said that you lost your partner so before the break oh I want to mention one other thing for I get back into this tomorrow let’s see tomorrow tomorrow is Sunday tomorrow is law enforcement Pi Day and Jeff and Cherie Stevens at Steven’s farmhouse put this together this is the third year and at the Veterans Center at the corner Butte House Road in Civic Center Boulevard in Yuba City starting at 9 o’clock there’s a free breakfast put on by the exchange club the Marisol exchange Club which is a big supporter of law enforcement and they’re partnering with the Stevens who have wanted to say a big thank you to law enforcement started out in two counties now I think they’ve branched out into four counties Yuba Sutter Colusa and Butte to present each person a pie to say thank you and the reason is Jeff was a volunteer with tip for four years and when you’re when you get to work with law enforcement you see the amazing work they do day in and day out and so he got tired of all the trash talk on the media about law enforcement wanted to do something positive for law enforcement and so they started this PI operation and so you can donate towards baking of these pies they’re going to produce 12 I think 1200 or more pies and distribute them that day to all these agencies and so if you want to get in on that you can contact Stevens farmhouse and give $10 per pie or however many pies you want to do and I’m trying to get to the spot here on my list so you can either go to 62 19 Sawtelle which happens to be 99 highway 99 south of Yuba City 62 19 Sawtelle or probably if you just call them they may be able to just take your card over the phone and do it that away at six seventy three zero four zero six six seven three zero four zero six and you could sponsor a pie or more pies and they will take care of the cooking and the delivering and all the other stuff any extra money which is the cool part this year last year any extra money went towards stopping human trafficking this year any extra money is going to go to a fund to offset expenses for the Cascade fire victims up here in Yuba County so get involved in that if you know of Sheree and Jeff Stevens although they’re not volunteers with tip they’re big sponsors of tip they actually did a pie raffle for tip four during our tip fundraiser recently and raised from somewhere between two thousand twenty five hundred dollars for us so we had our annual tip appreciation dinner last Thursday for all the trauma intervention volunteers and their family member or spouse or whatever a friend and so the Stevens came and and so Sheree mentioned she said even if

she said if you want to come and help us you can they’re gonna open it they’re gonna start setting up at 7:00 in the morning over there on Sunday morning tomorrow morning but they they say just come and and hang out and say thank you to law enforcement people as they come in and pick up pies so I thought oh what a great idea to just be there and shake hands and say thank you and and I think there’s gonna be a few speakers I don’t know I I thought maybe Sheriff Der Fuhrer from Yuba County might be there I heard that Sheriff Hanyu or some people call it Honi h o NE a but some people I know with that Spelling’s call it Hanyu I understand he’s going to be down there he’s the guy that actually saved your life when the Orville dam began to fail the state of California wasn’t around to giving any notifications get out of town but Honea took charge as a good County Sheriff does and just said get out of town all hell’s breaking loose up here that’s sheriff Honea corey Hanyu so anyway come on out if you want bring your kids and and I know a lot of parents are teaching I have one friend of mine that their bacon cookies for juvenile hall at Christmastime so a lot of parents are teaching their kids about the holidays and not just getting but giving so anyway get involved and do something said just feel something do something I before the break I was starting to talk about criminals and how sometimes we got the wrong people locked up and many times you know you think of a criminal and they’re tatted up and got wild stuff on their bodies and looking weird and and but a lot of criminals are looking pretty slick and got the expensive suits on are teaching in our public school system and in fact I got an email earlier where a teacher got caught molesting kids down in LA and that two girls got three million dollar Awards when you think of people that are in authority whether they’re FBI cops whether they’re elected representatives teachers of course we’re really trusting we’re giving people amazing amounts of authority they can actually put handcuffs on people put them in the back of a car they haven’t been convicted yet they put it in the back of a car take him to jail incarcerate them they haven’t even been convicted yet you’re supposed to be innocent till proven guilty but give them the authority to do that trusting that they’re there making good judgments and they’re unbiased right but what I just talked to you about the last hour was Bureau of Land Management and FBI authorities that are not only biased but trying to undermine the citizens of this United States and take over the country so we have people in office that have their hair cut nice they’re they’re clean shaven they’re not all tatted up they have thousand-dollar suits on eight hundred dollar suits whatever suits costs nowadays they drive fancy cars and they are corrupt they’re criminals they’re stealing money they they do not have your best interests in mind they have their best interests in mind I just wanted to review a few just to give you you may forget about this because life goes on and all of a sudden you don’t connect the dots it was just a few years ago that senator Leland Yee he was a child psychologist prior to getting into politics he represented this the area of San Francisco and Leland Yee like any politician they get favorite issues they like to promote or fight for or whatever fight against fight for and he was a big anti-gun guy but he ended up being arrested he ended up playing guilty at 67 years of age to racketeering charges in connection with allegations he accepted bribes in exchange for his political influence the sentence punctuate SAC ace this started with the sprawl undercover FBI probe etc etc that even connected with people that were murderers in Chinatown this guy’s a child psychologist Yee and in return for a lighter sentence he confessed and even asked the judge this is so amazing he unsuccessfully urged the judge to consider allowing him to serve his sentence in home detentions can I just stay home I’ll just I’ll

behave myself at home so he could take care of his ailing wife arguing that sending him to prison would not serve any purpose well it’d serve a purpose make me feel good that was a good purpose make me feel good so he cut a deal and he forced him to admit he took payments and returned four promises to use his political clout for a host of powerful interest from the NFL owners to medical marijuana businesses he was set to go on trial for political corruption money laundering gun trafficking now that’s I want you to hold that thought this is a guy who’s trying to take your second Amendment rights for you and he was working to traffic guns into the Philippines this is a type of people we have in Sacramento and it’s just not an isolated case say government officials identified more than a hundred thousand dollars in bribes directed at Yi during an investigation all those lawyers disputed that amount Breyer called his involvement in this crime hypocritical and unfathomable for you and all of us and Linda that means it’s hard to even conceive in believe you think I can’t believe that guy did that how about Tom Calderon he’s another one tom code there’s a caller own family that’s been all over the California political scene there’s Tom there’s wrong there’s Charlie they’re all related Tom Calderon pled guilty to money laundering former Democratic Assemblyman Tom caldron called Ronan implicated his brother saying the two concealed bribe money that Ron and Tom was receiving from two undercover agents working for the FBI these guys are major players in los in Southern California Ron Calderon faces 24 counts 24 counts including bribery money laundering tax fraud federal grand jury in 2014 and itíd Calderon on charges he took eighty eight thousand dollars in bribes from a hospital executive and an FBI agent posing as a movie studio and executive wanted to get tax credits for Less taxes for making movies in California in one alleged pay-to-play legislative transaction I want you to think about this when you think when I read this I want you think Ricky Mayer Ricky’s Camilla Marysville California took ten thousand dollars from marijuana dispensary people to okay an appeal for River City Phoenix out of Sacramento to get a license to sell marijuana in Marysville nothing happened this hold that thought listen to this and one alleged pay-to-play legislative transaction prosecutes prosecutors accuse them call her own of accepting bribes from a former CEO of a hospital seeking to preserve a workers compensation rule allowing him to charge additional money for spinal surgeries on and on and on it goes Ron Calderon was suspended with pay you know in the legislature if you get in trouble they continue paying you until they finally can term you out of the ledge lecher it’s like these guys saying oh yeah I molested those five women well I’m not gonna run again just leave me here finish my job I’m not gonna run up I’ll finish out my to term in 2018 hey screw that just leave why don’t you don’t let the door hit you so in Tom Calderon agreed that he allowed a thirty thousand dollar bribe to be funded through the Calderon Group in exchange for Ron Calderon support and lower than the California just honestly people this is just totally ridiculous what’s going on here Kevin de Leon which I’m going to talk more about in just a couple minutes he said this closes a sad chapter in the Senate’s history about the Calderon family dynasty just ripping off everybody pay to play do you know that that most bills in the California Legislature are not written by legislators but they’re written by lobbyists and then they pay the legislature legislature to carry them and then that then the company that wrote the bill becomes the sponsor of the bill did you know that’s who in here a sponsor and then there’s a politician right

so they Florida doesn’t allow sponsors to pay politicians during the time of legislative work it’s forbidden but in California you can pay them like you can just pay him off call her own solicited and receive bribes for himself and his children just hustled money left and right one or more of the caller owns have been part of the state legislature since 1982 when the election with the election of Charlie Calderon but Charlie Ron and Tim all of them crooks this big old crooks now I’m going to get down to the what’s going on right now with all these mullah stations so we had a guy named this is a fascinating now I used to live when I went to college I lived before other guys and we lived in a prostitution area of Sacramento v and T that was called the red-light district and living in that apartment I knew what I knew always knew what was going on in our apartment if people are dealing drugs or smoking weed or prostitutes were coming down the hallway to hustle to use one of our bedrooms I always knew all that because I live there right I if you live somewhere you generally know what’s going on inside now Raul Bocanegra who’s a Los Angeles Democrat and Tom Mendoza who’s also a Democrat down there and Kevin de Lyonne who is also Democrat from Los Angeles they all live together because they get what they call per diem they got a few hundred dollars it’s actually amounts to about thirty four thirty seven thousand dollars a year per diem in addition to a salary of over a hundred thousand dollars a year so they can if they don’t since the Sacramento isn’t in LA they give them money to date they fit hey you know we’re paying you for doing this work but then because you have to come up here and work up here we’re gonna give you another 30-some thousand dollars to eat up here even though you had to eat anywhere but to eat and pay electricity and have apartment up here so so these guys go together and they rent an apartment together and so Bocanegra and Mendoza have now been accused of groping molesting screwing women assaulting women and they all live in the same apartment now I now Kevin de Lyonne said he didn’t understand anything about this kind of like Obama like he read all about the crisis with Isis and everything in the paper said I didn’t know there was no Isis that I didn’t know the IRS was cheating the tea party and cheating conservative groups I did I didn’t know Benghazi thing was corrupt until I read it in the paper so Kevin de Leon lives with these guys has no idea these what these guys are molesting women and bringing women back to the apartment it’s just an amazing thing I just these guys are supposedly the smartest Mexicans in California these three guys and yet they just can’t seem to put two and two together in there thank god they’re not police officers right so Elise Flynn Gore spoke publicly and gave a talk to the B the Sacramento Bee the fact that Bocanegra who used to be a chief of staff for another politician then he became a politician got his own you know job as an assemblyman he stalked her around a downtown nightclub and grabbed her ran his hands up under her dress darn and and tried to make a move on her right in a doggone nightclub but that’s not the only woman so there’s all kinds of people who come out of it against Bocanegra he’s one of these guys that said well I don’t think then I’m gonna run again well thank you Jesus what a nice guy all kinds of women are coming forward I’m not I don’t have time to go through all the details but we got Kevon de Lyon who’s one of the top guys he’s a pro Tim leader of the Senate and he’s the guy that that jerk Janet Nguyen around stopped her from speaking on the floor of the Senate you remember her and he jerked her around because she wanted to protest giving Tom Hayden an award for being a pro communist and so now de Leon’s running against Dianne Feinstein for Senate but he seems to be living with these molesters but he didn’t know anything about it so as soon as they all got in trouble he moved him he found himself another apartment so uh anyway

Mendoza 46 was repeatedly inviting this 23 year old woman to visit him at night at the Sacramento apartment he shared with de Leon and once inviters spend the night at his hotel room at a yellow county resort honestly people this is so screwed up down there and Sacramento there is a whole list of people down there that a that are all in trouble and are going to be resigning or there’s going to be special elections and on and on it goes now the state Senate leader mr. Mendoza de Lyon has asked Mendoza to take a leave of absence which he has but he says he’s not well we’ll see he’s thinking about taking a leave of absence they strongly suggested he take one and de Lyonne announced the hiring of two law firms to handle the Mendoza and and and let me tell you about this one and then we’ll finish it after we come back now a former Assemblyman she’s a cancer surgeon down in Fresno Linda Halderman she has come out she only served two years and I looked on her record I wondered how come she just served two years I thought well she came up here as a rookie congressman she’s in a surgeon right she’s all over the world doing surgeries she she’s a specialist in breast cancer surgeries and she also does hernia surgeries anyway she decided to try to help and be put in politics she got up and got molested by Bob Hertzberg who used to be the head of the assembly I think and Bob Hertzberg and now he’s a senator he’s a Democrat from Los Angeles and he kept grabbing her and hugging her she protested to the head of the government down there they did nothing finally he’s shoving his growing up into her and this gal finally so she just served two years and went back to being a full-time surgeon so they’ve hired a to law firms to now who do you think’s paying for those law firms that would be you and me and you think they’re going to protect mrs. Halderman and all these other people got molested or they’re protecting the the criminals they’re protecting the criminals it’s the same way that the county of Sutter hired a law firm or an investigator to investigate Jason Parker right and then they turn and Jason Parker’s the chief investigator of the District Attorney’s Office he has accusations against the county council and she’s the one that the reports being turned into and she’s going to make the decision on whether he stays hired or not it’s like you go to a cop he gives you a ticket you say well I’m gonna appeal the ticket and he says well go ahead and appeal that would be to me right that’s not right you appeal to a different authority there should be an independent authority you go to if you go to a judge he finds you guilty you an appeal you don’t come back to the same judge you go to a different authority so that’s what’s going on here and there’s more there’s more to tell here so we got what they call hertzberg’s his nickname this is a bad sign when you’re called Huggy Bear Huggy Bear Hertzberg down there in Sacramento that’s like Obama getting up and saying I never heard a Lois Lerner before I’ve never heard of the I I just read it in the paper this morning when I got I never heard underneath this stuff of persecuting conservative organizations we’ll be right back we don’t need little government to try and help the diversity of Americans a diverse nation and the idea that we just spin a roulette wheel and if you’re from Chechnya or Kazakhstan you can get a green card and then you can have 60 or 70 people sponsored by that green card holder that’s a bad SNL skit all right I mentioned earlier how you know we used to be able to thank the FBI just solid to solid Patriots like whoever was there Democrat leader or a Republican leader they just enforced the law they were law abiding the law was the rule well we now realize we were miss misguided and now we realize that people like Muller and rod Rosenstein assistant to the Attorney General are corrupt and I have a clip here of trey Gowdy who is the congressman from South

Carolina you won’t hear rod and Rosenstein because Trey just kind of reads them the riot act here for a few minutes so let’s listen to this what in the hell is going on with the Department of Justice and the FBI the reason we have special counsel this is a very important point the written you know it the reason we have special counsel is because of a conflict of interest the regulation itself specifically makes reference to a conflict of interest and and we don’t like conflicts of interest because it undercuts people’s confidence in both the process and the result so so let’s be really clear why we have special counsel there was either a real or perceived conflict of interest that we were fearful would either impact the result or people’s confidence in the process that’s why we have something called special counsel and that’s why we have special counsel in this fact pattern and then lo and behold those who are supposed to make sure there are no conflicts of interests seem to have a few of their own there’s a senior prosecutor who said obsequious emails to a fact witness I she can be described as nothing other than a fact witness she’s a really important fact witness if you pursue the line of inquiry that my Democrat friends want to pursue they got off of collusion and now their own obstruction of justice she made the most important fact witness in an obstruction of justice case and the senior prosecutor for this conflict of interest free special counsel sent a fawning obsequious email to a fact witness and then we have prosecutors assigned to conduct this investigation who donated almost exclusively to one candidate over another and then we have a prosecutor assigned to this conflict of interest free team that attended what was supposed to be what he’d hoped to be a victory party for Secretary Clinton and we have a senior DOJ official mr Deputy Attorney General with an office it used to be two doors now from yours meeting with fusion GPS and using GPS of course was paying for Russian dirt on the very person that they’re supposed to be objectively investigating and then that same senior DOJ officials wife the one that met with fusion GPS his wife was on the payroll of fusion GPS and then we have a senior agent assigned to investigate secretary Clinton’s email helped draft the exoneration letter will we change the language from grossly negligent to extremely careless interviewed Secretary Clinton in an interview I’ve never seen and I doubt you have either in your career as a prosecutor interviewed Michael Flynn was actively involved in the investigation into the trunk campaign before the Inspector General found his text so this agent in the middle of almost everything related to Secretary Clinton and president Trump sent pro Clinton tax anti-trump text to his paramour in response to being told maybe he is where he is to protect the country from that menace Donald Trump he said I can protect our country at many levels and then he said Hillary Clinton should win 100 million to nothing I think about that mr. Deputy Attorney General that’s a pretty overwhelming victory 100 million to 0 and when I read that last night what I thought was this conflict of interest free senior agent of the FBI I can’t think of a single solitary American who would vote for Donald Trump that’s where the zero comes in not a single solitary American he can imagine would vote for Donald Trump this is the conflict of interest free special agent aside and then he went on if that weren’t enough to belittle Trump supporters by saying he could smell them at a Walmart in Virginia this is the person we needed to avoid a conflict of interest and then he said this they full of fully deserved to go and demonstrate the absolute bigoted nonsense of Trump but he wasn’t content to just disparage Donald Trump he had to disparage Donald Trump’s family this is what he said mr. Deputy Attorney General he said the douche bags are about to come out he’s talking about our first lady and children this conflict of interest free special agent of the FBI this is who we were told we needed to have an objective impartial fair conflict of interest free investigation so he’s openly pulling for the candidate

he had a role in clearing and he’s openly investigating a candidate that he has bias against and then if that’s not enough he says Trump is an effing idiot what the f just happened to our country this is the same man that said he would save our country what happens when people who are supposed to cure the conflict of interests have even greater conflicts of interest than those they replace I that’s not a rhetorical question you nor I nor anyone else whatever sit Peter struck on a jury we wouldn’t have him objectively dispassionately investigate anything knowing what we know now why didn’t we know what ahead of time and my last question my final question to you and I appreciate the Chairman’s patience how would you help me answer that question when I go back to South Carolina this weekend all right so what we have at the state level is complete corruption in the same way they have federal corruption in what trade Gotti just talked about it at the local level we have the same thing we have a Board of Supervisors that had a District Attorney having sex with prostitutes ripping off the taxpayers misappropriated funds never do demand they say they asked me what they should do that’s a bad sign when the Board of Supervisors asked me after I complain about they didn’t do nothing we have if now we have the current Assemblyman for our district that said on that board didn’t do jack diddly and it wants us to trust him with our state James Gallagher didn’t do anything didn’t say we should investigate the books of the district attorney of Sutter County now we have a district attorney Amanda hopper who once Jason Parker chief investigator questioned her privately about her philandering with one of his investigators because the whole office was in turmoil over it and chatting about it wondering how come they’re spending so much time in their offices not doing work but wondering what they’re doing he asked her about it that’s when she had him removed from their headquarters and moved all the way across town and isolated where he couldn’t work with any of his investigators and I want you to think about that on the impact on criminal prosecution in Sutter County then because they just left him over there waiting for him to quit his attorneys once his attorneys said you know we’re considering a suit because of unlawful handling of his case an employee employee problems and have rights that rights violations then they put him on administrative leave where he’s not even involved and forbid him from talking to anybody in the county or for any kind of being in the presence of anybody over there now I want you to think about that and it all was triggered not by criminal activity but simply him asking and questioning both his investigator who’s a married man and da hopper recently divorced of being together and the impact that’s having on the office now when you look at these things and then you wonder what’s going on we have a we have Dan floors and Jim Whittaker who made the decision to bring Scott mythic to town who had been not just fired but unanimously he unanimously pissed off the Thousand Oaks City Council because he lied to them did personal business on his own time on business type did personal business on company time on the county taxpayers time tried to muscle people in the school system get them fired because he didn’t like the way his sons baseball team was being coached and and managed etc and tried to strong-arm people doing business with the city to give money to the baseball team tried to raise money through businesses that were doing business with the city of Thousand Oaks these this is the best person in this in the state of California even in the United States that the headhunter could find to come up here and these supervisors Flores wasn’t on the board when the Carl Adams debacle happened but Jim Whittaker was we you it makes you wonder of the integrity and character of the people doing the choosing does it

not and so now you have a situation where a guy a special investigator or the chief investigator of the county of Sutter that in the previous year in 2016 was arresting people left and right perverts 40 perverts as long as solving murder cases and now all of a sudden I he’s all in trouble after but but the issue is is the issue started when there was a question because people were gossiping in the DA’s office again it’s interesting because in the Adam’s DA’s office there was all kinds of sexual promiscuity going on group sex funky emails floating all around people doing stupid stuff they’re supposed to be prosecuting cases going after political enemies prosecuting them with anti drug money and now you have the same thing we have this sexual baloney going on in the District Attorney’s Office and we have the District Attorney and the chief investigator now the new chief investigator who took the place in a Parker who’s now the partner of the DEA they’re gone at the same time what’s up with that you know it’s it’s not a requirement for did you know this that elected officials are not required to show up at work hardly just a couple times a year but the special investigators DEA investigators are supposed to show up like you and me going to work so you wonder what in the world’s going on so the gene Jordan who is has is going to be held accountable in a lawsuit by Parker she’s the one that’s actually hired an outside investigator to report to her so she can then bring an action against Parker that’s not independent is it it’s interesting that when Aaron Easton’s wife died from a gunshot wound to the head that’s never been resolved that an independent organization like the Attorney General would be the one to investigate that but they never have it’s been two years and the case is not resolved Sarah Easton’s case there’s just a total breakdown of justice in the you bisoder area a total breakdown of justice it’s a bad situation I wanted to mention before we get done here where we’re getting into our last blown through our last hour over about just over a hundred years ago the first federal income tax began do you know how much it was I think goes 1913 1916 something like that Russ Brown would know he’s the admit for information officer he has he he’s we got wicky-wicky man we named him after wikipedia he knows all these things but Russ Brown is my second wiki man so Russ you can look this up in 1913 or 1916 the original tax most people paid around 1% tax in in the United States of America and and we just did pretty good we we went from 0 to 120 pretty quick in this country became one of the biggest industrialized nations overnight now I want to go through these I know it’s going to be a pain in the rear but I got to do this because you and Yuba County are gonna get suckered on this sales tax I’m going to cover some of the taxes that most not all of us are subject to every one of them but a lot of us are subject to a lot of them I’m gonna read them to you air transportation tax you ever fly biodiesel fuel taxes you ever have anything trucked right or your trucker or you have anything brought to you you’re getting charged those building permit taxes business registration taxes capital gains taxes cigarette taxes if you ever been fined by a court that’s an indirect tax disposal fees dog license taxes driver’s license fees employment health insurance mandate tax employer Medicare tax employer Social Security tax environmental fees tax estate taxes excise taxes on comprehensive health insurance plans federal corporate taxes federal income taxes federal unemployment taxes fishing license tax flush taxes yes this

actually exists in some areas flush taxes food and beverage license tax franchise business tax garbage tax gasoline tax gift tax gun ownership permits hazardous material disposal fees highway access fees hotel taxes hunting license taxes import taxes individual health mandate insurance taxes inheritance taxes in insect control hazardous materials licenses inspection fees insurance premium taxes interstate diesel fuel taxes inventory taxes IRA early withdrawal taxes IRS interest taxes or charges that’s a tax on top of attacks IRS penalties that’s a tax on top of attacks library taxes license plate fees liquor taxes local corporate taxes local income taxes local school taxes local unemployment taxes luxury taxes marriage and license taxes Medicare taxes Medicare tax surcharges on high earning Americans under Obamacare Obamacare and individual mandate excise tax or if you don’t buy it Obamacare surtax on investment income parking meters passport fees professional licenses and fees property taxes real estate taxes recreational veel vehicle taxes registration fees on new businesses Tollbooth taxes sales taxes self-employment taxes sewer and water taxes school taxes septic permit taxes service charge taxes social security taxes special assessments for road repairs our construction sports stadium taxes state corporate taxes state income taxes state park entrance fees state unemployment taxes tanning fees tax telephone 911 service taxes telephone federal excise taxes telephone federal universal service fee taxes telephone minimum usage surcharge taxes telephone state and local tax telephone universal access tax the alternative minimum tax tire recycling fees tire taxes tolls like toll booths traffic fines it’s an indirect form of Taxation use taxes that’s called an out-of-state purchases tax by another name utility taxes like PG&E vehicle registration tax waste management tax water rights fees watercraft registration and licensing fees while permit fees workers compensation taxes zoning permit fees yet despite all these oppressive fees and taxations and surcharges our local governments our state governments and our federal governments are broke I want you to think about that just think about that social planners always want more now in the article on oh let me just say this the US tax court code this is about five years ago had three point you look it up Russ check it out confirm I got this right three point eight million words long three point eight million US taxpayers spend seven point six billion hours complying federal tax requirements seventy-five years ago remember the 1040 form 1040 you know how big it was seventy five years ago two pages today the instructions are a hundred and eighty nine pages that’s that this article is written a few years ago unbelievable I was noticing in the article let’s see the article on the sales taxes oops defer to residents on sales tax that’s a bunch of baloney right there they’re not deferring to residents they don’t care what the residents say what they’re gonna do is put this on the ballot the deferring to residents is all a big charade it’s called smoke and mirrors they’re gonna make it look like they really care about what you think what they care about is screwing you with more taking more of your money and pretending like it’s for police and fire if they wanted more police and fire to have mom if they wanted police and fire to have more money they would give it to them and they would cut the other areas that they’re wasting money like all the money they’re wasting on the homelessness now in the article you can go back and read it for yourself I’m not trying to you read it for yourself because you’re a big person you can figure out if you want to sock yourself in the nose do it December 14th Thursday appeal Democrat Supes defer to residents on sales tax in

that article there’s an interesting comment there each of the representatives probation Sheriff District Attorney’s supervisors were all making a pitch for more money and so in in the comment Pat McGrath who’s a district attorney and has been so for many years for Yuba County made a comment that he has one worker for every four thousand six hundred and forty six residents now I don’t know how how many workers he has so if I if I could multiply that out maybe we could get to the exact number for Russ Brown we could figure out the exact number of people that are actually lingering around Yuba County but I couldn’t really see the point Pat McGrath was making I don’t know whether if you looked at Sutter County or Yolo County or Butte or Placer whether they have a lot more workers for every so many residents right but I here’s what really got me I took my own figure of how how many workers there are in in Yuba County which is over a thousand right working for the county so if you if you pretend I’m gonna I’m gonna underestimate for Russ Browns say if you just say there’s 70,000 people in the county which that’s an under estimate and if you just say there’s a thousand workers for Yuba County which that’s an underestimate so I’m under estimating both given the county weight I’m given the county the advantage here in other words in a hundred yard dash I’m letting you start the at the 25-yard mark I’m gonna catch you starting at number one you start at 25 for every 70 people in the county we’re supporting one government worker how about that Pat McGrath for every 70 living people that’s kids that just got born 5 minutes ago for every 70 people kids and every other person that we think is a homo sapien we’re supporting one government worker to me that is way too many I don’t need 70 people supporting me out there think about it 70 people for every 70 people we got one worker I may have said that just the opposite one time just think about that 70 of us we’re supporting one government worker huh a lot of people a lot of folks out there working so that’s that’s the tax situation the one comment that I thought they made a lot of sense in on this on page goes over to a 8 it says that we may if if we don’t get this tax we’re gonna have to cut other areas and I thought well there you’re finally getting down to it because we Ness what we need to do we need to cut other areas and put that money into police and fire because that’s so that’s what primarily our money should be going towards police fire and the diss I I’m not opposed to helping Pat McGrath the district attorney’s office I’m for getting rid of all this other stuff and and I’m for I’m for cutting people’s pay they talked about going to the Union and and cutting people’s benefits and pay why is that a new thought nobody wanted to do that before they just the reason is they just want to keep I’ll tell you as soon as this tax goes through they’re going to give raises in fact the raises are already in the contracts the this money’s just gonna pay the races are we out of time okay we got one more break and then we’re gonna finish this day a new meaning to the term first responders fellow community members stepping forward volunteering their time to help others faced with it might be some of the most traumatic incidents in their lives it’s called the trauma intervention program or tip it’s been used in communities across the United States for years and it’s volunteers have been dispatched to provide what they call emotional first-aid a collaboration between police paramedics fire departments and even hospital staff is making sure residents are emotionally taken care of in a time of crisis residents are volunteering their time with the trauma intervention program or tip dispatched to the scene of a fire accident or death to focus on the emotional needs of those left behind it’s just being there and being comforting like a good friend or an extension of your family ready to assist sit and listen to community members in a time of tragedy to learn more about the

trauma intervention program visit Yuma Sutter tipt org or call 673 9300 when you go to bed at night do you lock your doors of course you do it’s not because you hate your neighbors but it’s because you want to keep what you love inside safe America is a home and the border is our front door so it’s just protecting the house that is America alright dear listen alive velu and just listen to stories Santa Claus hey I wanted to remind you that we’re being brought to you by Sutter buttes Tea Party Patriots and you want to do something or get involved to find out what’s going on around this world and you want to get something other than fake news you should show up at the patriot meeting the next one due to the holidays is on the second or the third Monday night of January that’s the 15th January 15th and it’s at glad-tidings Campus Church of glad tidings at the highway 99 at eager Road exit and you can 1179 eager just pull in the parking lot room building 200 its first building on your left and they get going there at 6:30 but the doors open at 6:00 and you can check out upcoming action over there what there may be speakers are having out in the future of things you can get involved in by going to their website it’s SBT P P the first initials for Sutter B’s Tea Party Patriots SBT PP dot org check it out and get involved and do something to make a difference in our community this coming year we’re gonna have a lot of elections starting up and so usually the Sutter Abuse Tea Party Patriots has some campaign forums so if you’ve never met some of these candidates you can probably meet them there ask some questions and see how they how they perform the other group I want to mention is the elite security and they are out here in Yuba County but they’re also up in Chico and reading so if you’re listening from Butte County you need a job they might be able to put you to work and you could contact them at seven four nine zero two eight zero if you have an interest in working in the security field or maybe even in their offices I know they even have a lot of vehicles they maintain and there may be a variety of jobs that you might be interested in you can check it out at unique elite Universal Security comm elite Universal Security and seven four nine zero two eight zero but they also have a great education aspect through API – API – Academy comm so when you call that number you can probably ask questions about either but they do all kinds of training pepper spray handcuff training taser training de-escalation training security guard training firearms training guard card training and you can just dip into those at your convenience and I’m sure they’re a lot less expensive than saying taking those same classes a Yuba college through the post Academy so check it out and all their courses are certified certified and fully comply with the Bureau of security and investigative services so also tomorrow is the law enforcement Pi Day if you want to drop by there and have a breakfast and say hello to some law enforcement officials and and check all that out so what else do I want to tell you about this is I found this interesting you ever had your car stolen some of you voted for Prop 47 you probably forgot what that was now that was to reduce what it was pitched at you as is that a lot of people that did drugs were having they were suffering the consequences of felonies where they should have actually been probably a misdemeanor if we are kinder so 47 reduced the penalties on a lot of a lot of cases and some of them reduce felonies to misdemeanors and so one of them was that if you have a car that isn’t worth more

than nine hundred and fifty dollars so this affects poor people so if you buy a car you’re just getting on your feet you just get a beader to get back and forth to work and someone steals that car they won’t even go to jail under Prop 47 they’ll just get cited and it’s a misdemeanor did you know that car theft if the car isn’t worth more than nine hundred fifty dollars is a misdemeanor now you could actually get arrested for speeding and have more dire consequences than a car theft and you could steal a car every month right you could actually go into a Best Buy or a Sears or any big-box store and you can walk out with a big flat-screen TV as long as that’s under nine hundred fifty dollars and you can do that every day of the week and get caught and it’s still going to be individual misdemeanors did you know that in that interesting that’s according to the Los Angeles deputy District Attorneys Association and she’s president of sorry Michelle Hennessy is president of Association law says every District Attorney’s and that’s what she says could happen you could steal a TV a day and get caught each time and get a misdemeanor citation and just keep on stealing is that amazing sometimes these crazy propositions has some consequences that you weren’t told about when you voted for them is that something it just it’s just fascinating how there’s this complete disconnect also let’s see if I can comment about a couple other things here I was talking to somebody this week about the death tax oh I’ll tell you I was talking to a couple different people and they said the first sorry I didn’t know I didn’t know we still had a death tax and I said yeah we do and then I I thought of my friend Joe Betancourt who runs lakeside Colonial Chapel it’s a mortuary here in town and I said Joe if I die are you gonna tax me to die and he says Lou he said if if you get cremated he said we don’t tax over here at lakeside on the urn or the cardboard box we throw you in to burn you up he said we don’t Tech but he said a lot of mortuaries do we tax we tax you on the cardboard box and the urn we sell to your family so we’re taxing you on your way out now some of you did probably didn’t know this but there’s inherit there’s a estate taxes and that’s a death tax so in other words you earned all this money on your lifetime and you paid taxes on it right and then you bought things you bought cars you’ve got a piece of property you farmed you had a dairy you ran cattle right but you paid taxes on all these many years every time you profited you made any money you pay taxes but when you die the government then comes in and takes more taxes off all that you accumulated even though so it’s double taxation so under current laws estates have to pay a 40% tax on any assets over five point four nine million per person so in other words the first five point four nine is excluded now you might think well heck who has that kind of money actually lots of people have that kind of money I don’t but I mean lots of people do because to farm you got to have lots of acreage and you have to have outbuildings you have to have barns and you have to have housing and you have to have all kinds of things too you have to have all kinds of equipment right so all that added together if your farm in a thousand acres are two thousand acres or 150 acres or whatever you have to have assets in order to do that farming and it isn’t hard to get up to millions of dollars in I know you’ve seen those big rice harvesters they’re expensive right and rice silos and such so what happens is is the government comes in after you’ve earned all if this isn’t pure socialism I don’t know what is they just in other words they knock you down when you die they want to remove all your assets and distribute it to other people through the government by giving it out to places like 14 forward and all these welfare programs right free food so so what this new bill is that they’re talking about you heard it on the advertisements or in the news today on the on the show here there’s a

different house bill from the Senate bill one bill would double the amount of exclusion to like say 10 to 11 million and then they would charge 40% on anything left the other the other would fully repeal the entire estate tax but isn’t this you realize how evil this tax system is when you when you read this the fine print on this stuff one says will will repeal the whole tax but it won’t occur until 2024 so it’s 2007 more years so in other words you’ve got to hope to live that long before they repeal the whole thing if it passes so my point is if it’s wrong if it’s contrary to what the Constitution and the founding fathers wanted in other words socialism why not repeal it all now well the reason they don’t repeal it now is they don’t want to give up all their benefits back there it all comes down to the programs and the benefits now last week I talked a lot about these various let me see if I can get back to it I know what I can find it that I talked about all these things that we wasted money on and some people got a big kick out of it called the porky man waste book now it’s the money that they’re taking away from hardworking Americans that accumulate because of their hard work and their wise investments they end up taking that money and they’ll spend it 1.7 million dollars for a comedy club or 74 million for a program that allows taxpayer-backed loans to be repaid with peanuts or they’ll study $300,000 to study if girls a boys spend more time playing with Barbie dolls right or there’s some more down here that somebody was laughing at me this week about do drunk birds slur when they sing that’s five million dollars does cocaine make honeybees dance that’s two hundred forty three thousand I think cocaine and make me dance I’m not much into dancing cocaine might help me what type of monkeys do monk what type of music do monkeys and chimpanzees prefer to listen to they spent 1 million dollars on that it’s interesting you know when you’ve account he wants more money for taxes once more taxes for uh run the county they spend money left and right they don’t they’re not concerned about saving money they’re spending 25 to 30 percent or 40 percent more for legal as suited through the appeal Democrat because the county administrator doesn’t want to use the territorial dispatch he acts likes the money’s his you know when you have your own money you earn your own money if you want to go spend twice as much money at a favorite your favorite restaurant that because you like the owner and you don’t like two other owners of restaurants and you’re buying the same type of food quality food but you pay more for it because you like the people it’s totally cool right you stay at your favorite place it’s a little bit more but you like the people totally cool in government that is not cool that’s called crony capitalism when you pick winners and losers using somebody else’s money that’s that’s unethical that’s what they are administration’s doing in the county of you but now recently but you know if you break the law all hell’s gonna break loose on you but if the government breaks the law they just break it every day all the time and nothing happens an example this last few months because the the county of you has been spending extra money for legal ads in the appeal Democrat the territorial dispatch filed a Freedom of Information document asking for the records of how much they’re spending and how much they’re paying for column inch because it’s our tax money right it’s the count the government is not a private business it’s our tax money and they’re wasting our tax money so they filed in order to find out exactly how much they’re spending they filed a Freedom of Information Act request by law government is supposed to respond within 10 days to Ephrata Freedom of Information Act request so the treasurer Danvers WA county of Yuba ignored that didn’t didn’t respond so that the territory dispatch didn’t called the contacted or called the County Council of Yuba County and said that not only did they not respond but they blamed the treasurer blamed County

Council for holding up the response within 24 hours after that conversation the information came through from the treasurer now listen people when you’re talking about a county government that is serving these and the public that’s not what I would call serving the needs of the public when they blow off now when we asked the the city of Marysville for a copy of the contract that gave cal water which is ripping off the citizens of the city and Marysville for the water use we asked for the contract Billy Feynman says after at 10 days at the 10-day limit the office manager in the city of Marysville Bentley Feynman said she didn’t have time to get around to it she’s going on vacation she’d get it when she came back now that’s if we did that in the private sector they’d run you out of business you’d lose that business but the government doesn’t give a damn and they’ll just do it whenever they darn well please because really they’re not serving us we’re serving them when you’re making the per capita house the per capita income in Yuba County is around thirty thousand but we’re gonna let an information officer do a double check on that because he may find in other sources boo set up some people said they thought it was even lower and we have all these little people in Yuba County supporting people making a quarter of a million dollars a year and for every seventy of them we’re supporting one of those people making sixty eighty hundred two hundred unbelievable so that’s the kind of response you get on your government they they spend money willy-nilly even the I talked about this last week I think a little bit at least I wrote an article about it maybe I just sometimes I don’t I can’t remember what I wrote about summer talked about something or did it both but there’s an article in the territorial dispatch about the the tribe that now has 40 acres that is non-taxable out there a forty mile road they’re supposed to be building the casino on and they’re not following the rules that they agreed to on a Memorandum of Understanding commonly called an MoU they’re supposed to be paying the Sheriff’s Department they should have paid them over a half a million dollars they didn’t they’re supposed to do all kinds of stuff according to MOU legal stuff permits and stuff they didn’t and no one in the county’s holding them accountable just exactly what we said to the supervisors when three of Supervisors voted for that we said you’re not you don’t have the ability even hold these guys accountable they’re gonna do whatever they want in this county and be lawless and that’s exactly what’s happening and that’s something hate to say I told you so because the fact is we live here and we’re now faced with that baloney so when you look at what the money is spent for and how the money is wasted right here in our own counties who wants to get more money what we need to do is shrink government our founding fathers didn’t want a big government because of all the craziness that’s going on we got a Bureau of Land Management that’s trying to kill people has snipers trying to kill farmers what’s up with that Federal Bureau of Investigation plotting to overthrow the new President of the United States are you getting this why aren’t we all standing up and picketing and protesting and wanting Muller Robert Mueller to go to jail to go have having these people that are that have been their emails are now coming out biased against the president states why aren’t they going to jail as law enforcement officials it’s unbelievable well we’re coming to an end here I want to remind you there’s a passage in the Bible that’s the favorite passage of mine and it reminds me and you whether or not you believe in Jesus of the Bible or not it’s still true and that is to pay attention this week because you might meet an angel and it’s and treat them good if you meet them that meet them take them out to lunch or something like that so we’ll see you we’re calling it a day and have a Merry Christmas