Overwatch: Comp was hell, time for Arcade!

if the if the if the hands of the the SS a C a F the if C if FNFF FFFFFFFSFF if the if FFFCF if of 13 th of a 10th of a 10th of a 10th of 10 T 10th 10th 10th 10 th FOONT of 10 10th 10th 10th 10th 10th off if if if

if half, iron , party people who, while them to the stream of happy Wednesday middle of the week which is exciting, limited license today told SMS research NMS SGI SFSLINFINGM 1 B 10th of that high Dylan hi FISS a LCLCB 30 welcome, the only stream that doesn’t seem to be working, please face school of thought I think we can deal with 10th alley FCC roof, I suggest as a leader for most of SFMLOSUFF 10th 13 author of 90 13th half that have thought want the responsibility of 13F30 RVF us 13th year as if probably this morning 30 last night and 13 SFSNHSFSS 30 bubbly 30 at some cute time 1330 th FFS Su are also and Wilson you can’t run a shade of a Lady Margie look to disabilities or anything, he’s very fascinating you year year they basically reuse that mechanic except he has more control over it and basically you press it to throw up and released, freeze in place as 1500 health which I think is about the same as writers com launches 2000 and your U.S are slightly less than rhymes, but you can remove it and replace it anywhere and anytime com and ands when you take it away and place it somewhere else it as a same and helped start you put it away to regenerate itself a man com other than that he’s got a shot to midrange are primary file he can absorb damage from, projectiles and turn them into shield are basically more help from self up to an extra 400 healthy thing , but it decays simile to loose years all and he is you can also threw a giant rock which com Knox people back and stuns them for a split second half will have a field staff Leon EFO Roth volatile BLS of life of an unarmed SFSMI BC-robbed like the FIF not it’s a giant rock NIS: intensity is just a giant rock-bottom line of credit is rotten theater for MSN often than his ultimate, throws everyone into the air all of them in place them in slams the month aground off the 2 seconds off sorry it’s like a shovel and I guess it except the man’s image it does when you hit the ground is 50% of your Mac’s half of IMF cfo OSF his default office 413, each playoff, if you lose from 50% of the MX Health threat is in the arm off

if IFO if MFN from its being witty enough, didn’t even say the life or, if he’ll run of the FFFFFFE and I’m nowhere close I need two I and freeze something off if mcclure’s steamed and like a lot of courage and if unlike the bottom of either have a lot of FG SFL 30 jumping into one of the lab for the off 13 S if the refreshing bath FASB FFO off, the wife off the Jesus if, if IFI INFI B9 SS theatre in im 13 of what a thrill with five lowered from a human and restart the gamers for fleet is I’m only using 80% of F third th F IBQHSS mosher hit a four L MHF third round of global welcome to the order thanks for the fall are 30 days going well 30 Wednesday FG th 30 artists is going almost as cheap as night’s 1 mile FFO Guard 550 health, half Nikes IIIFOF that you save the rest of us have a trade MCF I have installed a PCI as I played it a tiny view half-life I’ve played one game , as Steve off, I haven’t had a chance to play as Sidney F he’s looking very interesting if value if he had a chance to try and off, MF even a blizzard or at least Jeff considers him A OM F and maintained I don’t think you’ll be used as ½ FMNIOFFWF and I’ NFINFOFFO G’s 30 RFIF

FIFFA if im if im if you’re not supposed to walk on that sonic if it hat’s off, CIF if Serna finish them off with califf to this around DEF con are full of siphon another field off the third story mall I didn’t have that he already ISO if a play at least killed the ash before she was able to give OD nice 30 YFF and this is why FBI agent for three and half had me 30th 13 and make it , throw one MONII FOR 30th at about IFO enough yet if FAOF Yan fitted Isa literally all walked into it SI guess that’s quickly for your right 30 and a quickly restart my gain and we will see what happens 31 and quickly restart leading F is my friend rate is sitting at 1/2 what it should be yet start it’s it’s interesting com quick play you can suspect eights individual matches but you can’t go into all permanent spectator marred by OM it doesn’t bowl whereas and in competitive matches which is what will be playing to the A it’s worse because I inspect a regardless of whether them know that we’re the matches full five in a social here I can right click on this person and errors occur if Howard Botts it does include the third and in terms of competitive Yukon spectator that matches because that you could provide a competitive advantage to the person you’re spectator or at least a teen your specter the alternative is the new replay system which shows up under Korea for all arm where you can RE watch cost matches and Nikki and watch and we’ll see you at Israel ifeanyi one folder in a fight to block an all yet have a ardent scheduled overtime it’s pretty neat year I agreed ill and it be nice

if th th E and faced with stream is still dead if half the rear wheels, grant lead my favorite hearers of it here as beleaguered your charmers are yet are high hasn’t stopped always wearing a ship replacements: either be consistent in some way enact com favored here as pretty as that trace it comes a very close second only one reason USFLSOF the only reason for a citizen of the t has just doesn’t have as much excitement its telephone fulwood undo a bit of hell of a bit of damage and still a small bomb and what you’ll notice is that a specially in the past couple years since march, to get multiple kills with apples, 3112 of the enough to have enough the bond for one of the reverting care of adding that soon the SS 3930 AM off 13 if nice F: are called FFSNFISLC life nice if we got 1/2 to 1/2 IFO 5 g globe when it comes to here as I have laid the most it’s trace of the the Moira Riggio F Anaheim in chunk rat loans are in FISSFOOO if the ECOMOFF over the fate of life group that Moira SFSNFIE, is not has gone 13 L.a was YS off OSS, SMFAVAC 13 eight I think it’s time for cotton for the off if the course and a watch this play the game firms also FIFFINF off FE if ole F Michel of the fact that 30, 13 national host, just happen thirties and 1½ minute of wild fennel Mr. Feingold bill Aidid was 25 I add a couple golds is over the begin to have a solid course you have only one of fact are hazards of play a little bit of Siena not actually I haven’t played sick my played against sigma it me figure out how are PM well those real warm up six and a colleague in a jump into, are warning you in advance of you at all if anyone who needs above to rake are doing and do so now I think you you hear is usually get filed formal offer a week or shorter leash and then this pretty who got 10 a leaven of Synar art and then a reworked from Lamar and

I am concerned about how the survivability , I feel like a shield for living Q8 bit off a national I guess I agree I I’m excited to be able to feel more as pretty clear that I think even if the time and I don’t actually your eye and Seagate one of them are anything but even turned what he is no ability is available through hi mentioned that he is also are going to be coming out alongside the symmetric Teleport a rework start bill be a permanent Teleport and that you can go through with any point in any direction start why they did it and it’s also why they lowered the amount of knock back on Ryan com as they’re concerned your results pretty great if you can’t really G, we put all intents mobility as we think ability you think so you can you use quite often all six at the senator also slowing down all of the young said his outlets in fly ball is it a year you can literally press queue and then fly knee straight up or in any direction one sees out potentially a delay you use to include that in a mobility because it’s an all in depth, and because they’ve slowed down all the which is good because that and it shouldn’t be an Alt multiple colts per fight and NASDAQ or the trial void the one I have more fiddle a five year is everyone ready to go a bit of thing at welcome to submit this season 17th, all the playwright, is the little dune buggy from that of the Moon map that sneaker day and the spray is amendment to we found a game instantly -MSI , HMM if I meet with IMS one MI if he had about one 9th in every half of all I’m sure he’ll get in a I just hope he doesn’t get the same brutal treatment brigade it got old maps and we’re all I feel like did they give think about him or in the terms of the war 2229 bringing us so that was made even hold they may even h so the people get testing signoff of testing, role of finding him thing never Jama PLC of minor LSU and they say they will and M USC at a press aide at this point they make sure that you doesn’t break 135 like yours of IP ISI four VF get a really all the beauty of FMNIOSILLINS I feel like FSU of of that SMS EFA NSF off if IMF fall off all her the MSN half touchdown the fact the five try to keep myself a life home , Donald AFNES SMS Isaac started by a would say that have to lose and say he’s a main tank

highwood, you he is a more enough tank that he has some maintain capability SFSFOFFAF his nose and if the guild if L PF: all that what you get off half a hit the wall to wall directly in front of me if I think if I think the reason why a thief seems more nothing to me is because IE five making it SSFS roof, but I think that the thing they’re trying to avoid is making a second time of war where the character heads the sh how old limits in briny is because he’s mail eighth loss fuel SMTP M3 F and F a sickly reworking hockey the city doesn’t have a shield available from the next patch 30 PM Thelma MOFFV 13 because they just realized I either too many shie I didn’t think we’re gonna win that fight for IFFAF only one of five F although I would recommend Ing of the FOFFFIIFO if , if FORINFOFFAOINFFF FFFML 3 much off on a diva off five couldn’t stun and if not against a nymph getting from afar is gonna kill me if Thursday leading economic 30 healing-Clark 30 if you can’t heal that edged S IMF and the finest of a tension IMF off O off and run his life he’s down FOO thought the hall and the fact that five of those who survive that and I didn’t mean if they have you fell for a SOLUM Min eight th of if, if La Vi, this has done all got FFI have regrets I should’ve gone in that way throws a terrible decision a lot of of of OSF throbbed are th F Ottawa all the word if the EU again VOL 26494 VSIFF that’s that’s the only get me to play the Geffen

SIFF it wasn’t even down to tight end last time off, often at the high enough via rough and nine assists us are five GMYSFL Thornton is the SM a NFIFOF year than all the-ground wife, if there was a day where sun FS on 1000 really played, whatever I actually think of a lot of years, ms site hates playing instant fist of this one it again on the jets if nice if the high eighties S.F. colonize at 530 to eight repeating that led not based 1000 that such a great team half, MSI if god is in native said it is a real kick it off NFL if im if im FM for the well as excite his living I S Wright understand people’s complaints of my concern is for shield was her only way to protect a cell with the first and second thing is half the only way to heal herself is through doing damage to do damage she us to be in the front lines the moment you take away the shield and inshore she herself she can no longer sustain herself long enough to be able to do damage enough to be able to heal thyself and the people around a not to mention had com has done has a short a period which means she can’t even use it to escape I and have to use her style and she needs her shield, meaning she has to leave her field down said health and the shield doesn’t go to zero S to do than a minimum of protecting SS S as I get that none of the other supports have good ways of defending them so that loose your has a very good escape holes have more era has a very good way to skin and are heirs of messy has a good way of city only one that Vicki days, balanced alongside mail is called the because and doesn’t have the easy way to get away th FIG only if she has shielded Asch has done on the shelf ash M A’s Marshall MSFT of fact is a little stronger, I think the cal 13 ridiculously tiny start through the combination of fun of me is that she is IF is dead in the water has van when he’s not being protected zone has

which helps out of his T she doesn’t have that if only the AF helping the TF was thought of rule using the shield the stunned so who can’t do that and F technically chic and thought she doesn’t have a life if it’s in PC off in test of right now I haven’t played its flat I have concerns of Leon struggling a little I think third of SF, can we regroup in one spot rather than half the first thing behind half of a sting Flynn this Elvis with tax at first, 30 FFF off half Friday through the heel and you on Nerf FINSFSINFI they used at least three of its thin F L, and I don’t know why it took them three has cut and a couple com as favor-35 year we will be from just need everyone to get here are we waiting on his 29 SF half of that if they would attract if Tennessee’s down to half the nearby so I can give you some share of staff who ha from Actel and if FICINFS off MMI if the IMF, if MFN Life console enough to that of it SFIFFAFIFFF, I almost got a F keep an eye out for ash things can be around that actually jump rope be careful because she’s Proliant vu have IE FG OFFIFOFFC MFN off Holden my son missed FIF a good half on taking care of us thought my favorite and 500% at the moment is Steve off as a r and he is, primary fight is very much like Zen’s which I stuck at LF the rock is, from one of the careful mall IMF FFF nights at the point of this supports down NFL 30 if thirties to keep shooting not shield the F FIVFFAINFOO and if anything it was tough enough FS six VISLM, to use us LIOSFMLIFO ES, 9 to 1/2 NGOSS

FSFORSI 13 L playoff-MMM off AM off ION on Allied I’d NSF and anyone who died just for us to do is get to that spot wife FOOOOLINFSOS 5 off SMIFF E13 am a nice I was expecting a multiyear the game for IAAF. OS off NO 5 FM realize the half ruled half of it worth 15 YI Dillon it’s because you play that you strain at any Primetime eye strain off at a you Primetime which is basically no other strings of 31 victory 30 that first game was a win if often ends that dug up media may spray shy and I got a golden mile loop altered was talking with year I’ve been getting a lot of Collins and apples in held since frustrating than enough time to dwell much for jobs has been at its end wage and adults nine S violent 9 to 1/2 to 3:00 PM for half of the honor at and are in the material run set think I’d consider a Primetime because everyone’s time from well off the ad for Dylan ms-39 L what am ISSO for the good of the bad could be ugly all of them th Ins have NSF II guess Dylan it depends on how many people and here’s the building at Dillon on it that’s used a deadline for for good reason, if you if I wasn’t working full time I would stranger in a hard time SHIVF-ONFISS 30 FOFFOFF Daly died instantly RF five FECFI don’t know it happens a mixer as well have ever read off half ms either a lot of redskins, Franklin five a big fan of traces restore from F MMM MMM-skinned from Chinese TSI half, and again from for the event ES hut LBNFIC dying thing the division protection five more of 38

SMS us if what I’m told I have a Michael of SMS logon for EMI the fact that the FBI high I haven’t even touched the point the average of 30 three’s end of the name of life of dart junk rat hole that I need a security the cell Shapiro EM a TI should be as that I’m not 13th overall death of INFOFFA provided lack with roses FFO off MOFF if S.F. the national SMS , who all of OS is all going terribly high if ms U.N. Authority I think this is my worst round ever Still more really gone back all four HILFSOFI thought as I am on the point for a bit during that last five thumb enough to be us food at FOOFFI enough is enough solution that’s fine if the field again have lost the shibboleth no wins the hole at ms half hal of them just glad you and that I have thought of by mike set up in a way where they thought if I yelled it’s the same volume SMS OTI VFSLLF presses hard limit is everything from the FFAOFFAIFF if reveal if he was large and Anne Frick and tonic it’s healing and five NFF FFHCR Reid, has some really good scans the shuttle for making five th I don’t think you will he fight for it may have for the ISFSNOMESN 30 that was rough, 32 S SSI C’s IS if FM 30 OI M I ES S off the left side of thought the third deal and half withstand the stuff off Hamas Lines are half of 39 S hour and 38 F lee had already, have you have an

ending we needed to find a better way to deal with the repo thief, Thelma OFI half FFO issue of the minute I College Unch it is heading into the chef IMF five factually as might be able to do this have anything fact if AFL half-hour first Thursday if knowing multi said it was not enough OSF off NFL 13, MSI 13th off five tried to throw a heel and you don’t have enough FIFOFF life yet as they’re often ms 30 that didn’t need the buffer , half that of saint has the six if the news brief highlight its west and if any rectum the theme is broken now know if than I deserve a life SMS into the large into flight five others were still under HSFO that agreed 35 alone could make your bed with you if you should’ve been like 1B3 S FML agreed to 30 lead in holders of ISO for NLG 30-minute talks off if court to let you need are my dell and sticks 1805 credits and can be ready for another one SE LL young women and feet yet curious get full to act three is in we still don’t have that I’m ready button in 19 and get how they managed to finish role Cuba for having been an approach to filter for CH and we disagree off 30 CCC players SSIISS if manner And for the good to the

ninth in 1330 the skin this one favorite races in the arm of this one favors a risk in barbarian the shore SMS ever for a skin values and not 1 minutes of the most detail am in favor of Marcin I think is pale, actually musing on now OK five FBI if exactly go into me you to enroll here if you took them if not have 1338 and workshop where they been working on it for three years if a member of one of OSF there was one feature wher M-a six FLOFF off, CFAOFILIFOFF Dillon it comes down to priorities and how many developers that OMSI again priority should be improving all user experience one piece of time if NFL Life renewed wages breakthrough throw around NFL FFAIF and FMKS if the IMF FMC off if OSF African love that is everywhere FSCSOFFFA OT John F. Otto that while FF if IF 5 if I almost feel like Arthur Moyer off half-off half riff absolutely killing of FFO I mean unless you have open source where the big companies behind a good example recently as Microsoft because they’ve been able to do a lot of big things in open source figure fell though they haven’t worked it out on any TV has recently for the things that have worked on recently thin extensions

if the third the third that at the tariff volatility fell off start in L there are some of us who complained about the crowd control in this game that match his prime reason you’ve got to face knocking us about road health pulling us everywhere loose you’re getting them out of the whale the time his shoes and that’s S unknown in and do better as Moira I think of us YF 46 world so Microsoft’s ms of something works and the marks of said that the debs that working on Pan Am will continue working on and I don’t know how big the team was to beg them like to be set on that same vein of big features off name one big feature in windows 101903 SFS NCCR there’s a there isn’t one night when it’s useful to majority of the user base of 13 then if that’s not even now you’re it supports 903 at 1903 didn’t come with 30 now look up the 10 biggest features in 1903 th and notice that if none of them of beef and none of the new care of NFL off half-life if if I double crops that they were all goal EVE get light theme is their biggest 1903 F start off on top of that they using 1939 F as a way to refocus or read realignment online with the job because now they are in one team release their managed by the same people start 903 had nothing useful 19H2 if he’s not gonna have anything the FCC’s freshman unable by before that more than setting out NC and E Janss and boxer is a relatively big feature and I expects and books have taken a lot of death , and we up for one more formally ending in the IMF NFL comsys and books I expect we’ve taken a faded of time and a working on hardware acceleration for it which allow me to test an arm third party string applications form badly without hardware acceleration tonight in a three and up and 1909 will have nothing combats mostly to the fixes and any features it does get back ported from 20 each one day will be disabled by default and 20 each one is out next year are already getting Dev builds for that and so far he has had no new features an outfit for wild pitch a right death for more on after working on is it something big fourth have most of its been pushed the other things like azure like offers 30 secu time low they don’t have the com summer games or some a gain because there’s only one loose your bull will be until old kiss of the

sommelier at I if the end of the month plus a couple days off and the weird thing is they have been releasing really cool new features in the past year and half the Klan clipboard he’s incredible be a major keyboard OK Shore not everyone cares about it but it’s one of those use will train the linux kernel would definitely be B but I wouldn’t be surprised if they already had people linux people IE I would be more su if the linux kernel wasn’t being worked on by people from Asha rather than from windows off and then we also know they’re workin for multi display the five refresh rate 530 every week SOFFII wouldn’t say it needs of the new features F providing something li things like that before the very useful things like the you’ll find out which are very useful if most people if 30 something like for example I want the ability to save which apps from out on which desktop and when I launch I want those apps to pre launch on the six SS of 30 if they tried to throw my heel on the team fist and SMS U.S tariff, don’t if another winning MSN for us have heard you’ll have fanned its new windows versions came out every 3 1/2 years like the ones 30 off FY CFL has basically my question what’s stopping them from continuing to th improve the CF 39 off where and when did curiously you don’t suppose to leave for another hour or 30@have regrets the FA if we’ve we’ve lost curious with getting completely Ref call an elevation of a much younger throw one of the valley heel on an Ide than 39 Y S 13th NHL Group 34 comeback what happen if MFN L dealing with life threatening records of Turner SFBIFIFF th th short villain that if the video also want to not only be able to go here stability, few of the features that you’re missing o

if especially for those not updating off in a timely manner if im enough of an F and off this off IDs going badly if you’re staying at Thea live in staying here if I mean one thing that they really haven’t improved from in windows 10 of as mu of eight for example was 35 if it’s socks feminist FA off guard note I was too far away I thought I was closer SPINSSI think starts with the work of unlimited arts and after more thinks author of SBJ Min Sanders of Microsoft image. Completely focused arm chromium based age start regular age doesn’t get any updates suit got them falling behind as well and it’s only like oh percent of the CIF nowhere Lynn and the tanks, jets would you prefer a good even you’d are high in the jets would you prefer I did even you go ’cause we’re not gonna win this with one tank actually thing with ITT the tanks SS the arrest of thumb in a bizarre FS SL your skepticism GNP should I yeah I’m not happy about them Reusing the crime rendering engine because cable has enough of a 13 S, as it is 13 probably a lot of ground: I wouldn’t be surprised if API if flows everyone if cops are and if this is stressful if the whole this for another 3 minutes off the CIA in a filing any life, I’m sorry if nice if FM, and a dive half half of them fully charged 2 minutes 30 honor fallen knife, if no enough autonomous life and art theft act of MFN have a ready off and on oath off on the third of the nice nine

If the way it’s time to switch to quit what you guys think NE if I get what he did better than I expected if that’s the O off say I’m I am, we are bitter about L.a. Tham partly better about venues and assign rendering engine I only because less competition plots at the same time I do like the idea of all 13 list. Belinda sends all older browsers 30 some very small thing 30 lee next Sunday placements we won’t be losing a lot of the winning the war from one thing will I Hagan you won’t find much be an update of I was gonna stick us into Mr Heroes were paying huge are and are marveling were our advertising and other failover the first new CDC is then a stream of fuller watch my staff of nine com not currently do and that it definitely will wear an arm in arm before it gets like fully released the leak of mass and her an edge & E and background colored things for hanging out on three she ate it sleep well off if I mean the gimmicky for calm the other edge around for awhile Hahn SL her immune edge of the moment is still only in S.F. canary in Dev thing that my concern is that it is going to be who they have said that features that are in spas and edge one key ingredient and it bugs me because there are a lot of good features image of the browser itself just sucked off if if Colin are that it may thought I was gonna be safe if FO

if incoming Ryan if he’s not ready off the top of the ashes ready road he added that there are weird quirks in at dell and that stop me from using it will find SMS 30 are all too good a browser half of 1939 is, is not happy if-if Rabin through the fact they’re tacky but the absolutely opposed FAS 35 posted tools have stupid quirks eight and the spot and age Dev tools just suck in general which is funny because people keep saying all of the bible to tools are so great a clunky children might have some cool features 31 P and if I’m doing development fulltime which I am if I don’t want my tools to be clun who might call if messy Cold War era if safe made MSN 30 if I don’t know are from basically avoiding it off SPNFILFYIFFAINNE 1-off at something similar with Amazon I would some enemas on and then a week later Amazon emails moving li , the people you ordered from having shipped yet have 131313 if OOO I had no way to go SL-half half the third wife that they playing like its com isn’t a six FSFS FS just a rough day off the fact that the fact of faded and kill me if until off to the defeats TDD SSFL and a little victories ER not not know of no no no O, Nicole of effort and the NFL with the 1930 and yet fair enough good luck for different NT Ed nine year, and more quickly MS 30

EES S in the NESL and a cat that killing 13 as your wrist by the way 13 -13 the reason you’d instrument seven SS off the OOOFF frist and move the shield and I couldn’t defend myself I think if Issa if OM nothing about FO five N1 half 30 off five units and metro off some actions going round the top left- if either not a test of faith of if FMC and that’s the air of of the Ins and you have SQL OM have occasionally have the back of my shoulder like right now I can feel it be sensitive of bank stocks that came out of a I got lucky in immediate shooting you a nation of FS a prescient from a web 30 PM if that is why I’m considering the next come to these are the Sonics: them as I’ve gotten 5901 points thinnest abating who my next thing, an erection thief to contrive 13 triumph of the donor’s I have if I’ll 30 if and

are well we only have a soldier bounded as frozen and thawed is bottom left be careful HSFO if the fact that have little room in which one to one in a riptide health at OK five shoulder with half had hearts O use as a janitor think FFF if they’re fat as the values of that the honor for the th FC ruff VCVIC off, off split off the diet theft if IBM 13 tough night touch reported fifth from a bleed ill and if 13th ms 30 ms if ms ERV if was gonna say you not until enough said the fiery believe that if one I invite you not like it and I liked on a play that at least you are up for it 30 more than I can say for most of the friends of trying to pull into this game to be fair most of the people I know are a more in terms of PTAS 30 four service hardware books wrote your thing is my monitor stands that would allow me to have to monitor is vertically nine staff who is out on Friday lunch with colleagues of the three watch as much as I can arm Brian they remain depends on what time you start more time you think is finishing 30 HRS Friday of your heartbeat dinner and get a haircut of mine will be available until exit interview for his wife SSC very li that set a year and john FSSELS 30 of 30 am actually set up this modest and yet because of a class desk drawer find a new desk that isn’t class can of that is from defined as Esque of this size that isn’t class 30 days, 5 FO15 centi half 13 that long for basically my head , shoulder in this direction if Hodges need something that if we’ll be able to take away to if who monitors on one standoff: the philosopher, no one expects wei my concern the ages my cable in my setup has a lot of cables

of thought and SI would be concerned about stuff like sure you can have cable routing and stuff like that if even then if you ar off as the Ide literally have a giant SMS and of a wife would ask international: turning desk and liked or specially work out how thing is you were standing dusky triple the price 13 earned enough, I couldn’t kill them fast enough and surf Ins and Camino needed to marx’s eyes and general and a standing descriptive of Stockton M thief if this is my problem playing azaria 33 kills and 53 times so don’t feel like a contributed much to the knife and-a-loaf doll go that that all them back a bit sounds like you need to make im of the my universities library hands D like desks that were upstanding high if they weren’t explicitly VF adjustable desks if they were better than us who simply sitting and actually mart, and 13 and the food court now one central has been just where you can store the only reason I mention that is because it’s literally across the road from iud of a division of didn’t go well armed V1 in a first game and then lost the three after that , this second match off wasn’t too bad a loss for the third and fourth will like if horrible losses off and not fun to play the balance was just pull off another know if we just got really unlucky throw with plaintiff high enough-poly update the stream off to a landing in june as there’s a reason I’m playing was a real right now for one indicator of her SI D’s are not only because the skin is amazing SMS 265 off of life half of the rattle of the rife IMF Thea that slightly off center

from artifacts that half of trouble tracking 13 half college to show you what often looking if desired-looking for new desk F, a if Fannie Mae hopefully a juice that I may help to stay alive a little bit longer curious SFSGF and son its rage with the second ti , but year deal and com if Hahn, this has the right size ms off the can’t find a share that MSFT see how these, Ralph SIVF middle third when you run was source or rather pick a solid rubber very comfortable, just above all I want is a chair with cars and back support because I use a pillar as my taxable as pillow doesn’t breed seminal back its way NFL was fine plane adding get 10 servings to hang out and playing 18 and start I’ve been looking around for new desk in a new chair fit every chair that I can find the labels itself ergonomic is and has zero back lower back support every single gain share has zero backs will have only found 180 games that has some semblance of a pillar that the visit had fee that I just don’t get how every single share his nominal knife and the ones they have found, in a factory where the arm off was the button off just off 5469 N his first share of Iran $600 off minimal back support as the unrest and F minimal life 630 to oh the second one 450 off testable things curbs on the arm , rice where is the back as it might be as if he beat that the chair is not worth 600 and go and as this one began curved on the middle of adjustable each of these are adjustable and kindle back just all there is one other option this one which does seem to have some back support and it has good arm rests 950 door and spending 950 bucks on a chair and all of theirs are from factories where they’re not open at times where I could literally go and take a look and trying out a cheer because their open 9 to 5 seven of those court and loop and so that one was 970 and national it’s an indemnity sitting in

for extended periods of time I’d want to spend money on it and has spent a good money on it if it’s not a chair star you can restrain our work comp was Hal I’m all right Office Works does provide that guess what that adjustable Hans they provides do not have a calf to them com they also don’t have any rollback support I checked and let’s not secret and guess what design your own economic office chair it back Chris choices, that that will that already pretty crop and one is a tiny bit as good a little bit more balance, and there is no back support in and cancer say we go about one write Allen as the most Mac support seat cushion that scare the super deluxe it and then wheels and won something lined only this one and an optional unrest of these ones which don’t look adjustable extract your eye to just a bull on a scale of 1 to 1 how we’re and how a little cushion there is in their all but one arm adjustable or for Et adjustable like I’m not in my my time is not shaped like these we had shares that basically look like this one at work in a comfortable and spending 300 bucks on a chair I’ve put together on this brick and build your own chair thing when there is zero back support and an end in desks are just as bad start new choices street desk or cornered in scope. That suit stand $200 big some doors and added this guy needs maximum width is needed 20 get me to 20 is the Max with I can do at some even half can’t do it that is too wide and that’s the end of your design your own guess insecure and I’ve looked at its heaps of stores convert chairs and desks and I had reported by, because all the options stuck right the wrong size or don’t fulfill basic requirements like comforts of 30 now people are able to furnish a full half because of OFFI can’t find a to put in my bedroom and the people find everything else that bill and has half off half coming right now I’m still living with my parents and my brother if so that is one reason why unlimited width FS J

right now I have comfortable space for my Mana to speak is NP 4 FOFF 1, the other three takeout 15 cm if they’re there would bef fun just mad thin and when it comes to a new fire and because obviously windows from four bands of the end of the year face the end of a sport that, if you know if the mobile web site that is designed for FO feature phones off so I’m looking for an android 13 my options thoroughness and some time off his Samsung stock thumbs up with 9590 desk and chief meaning to add my headphones are still for sale because I was able to replace those of life m forgiven check is in a huff needed to preference 30th only because F mike hough in terms of the headphone jack that’s entirely a if I expect a lot of friends to come out later this year and early next year that I have a much as 15 FS-up and Anita sampson’s off of the FBI 13th ms 30 hit the wrong Keefe and enter flight from five killed off half of that are that the thread through fat Joseph SSSS 2 SSI 30 i.e. if NSF the if this is our rough day th 111 to continue placements tomorrow night are so unlike CNN under one of the week and thinkers 34 today’s matches were bad thing we can do much as 10 to be even worse off, NL ea

half, a story from my brother OSF Service guard on the brakes outside and started tablets disagreement of times lately trashed SMS and star much of the kind enough to accept the replacement of its likely refurbished if that’s half SF, KF 6 months into the first half, thank I undermine spanning three M-a d interesting we the best way too fast off a friend is the view that even now 31 and do it using a native windows feature of windows seven backup tool live in December, restore hope even on windows 10 firemen that have generated a backup second on my external drive through the T from within a couple days at once if literally once the tablet arrives in bed, Po Box face enough replacement excellent three ta th and log into the tablet and unlike OK however school this thing figured out within on the open system which is fine in the me CCC I a then-update the firmware because it was one of the updates and accidentally armoires and plugged into power of us are you five enough date and the next time it tried to launch of that stuff on the NSF IMF half the most often dismissed if the if-HFFF F, and it goes OK from thief he were to run this if woods com for raise the recovery partition that you currently to fit into th windows USB from nine NE restore from a from thin then it gives you a botanist that says if you don’t have one you can make a recovery CD if now if, as we forget, goes from you do not have a CD or DVD the enough from three’s connect one an 13, surfaced again as he was the simple home EO luckily I have this stuff which allowed me to hook up 6 1/2 5 MISP 3 F on the and th in the end I was able to hunt down my windows armed ago really all the windows 10 USB readable drive FM recover from that which worked perfectly the windows seven backup system still works in windows can just find and your your CDs and dvds when you are you gonna find and DVD burner or so your arm try to really use CDs and dvds up and actually what is in my knee DVD drives right now is today a OK it’s empty

be of the dvds Omni to spin out on the ground series on our own are CDs I think our side armaments you I am each is a car I pulled everything or CDs and dvds and create IDs by that put them into a backup folder I turns the CD into any ice are because windows turn allows you to boo or at least launch night on mount a nice are neatly alike are just are at the week only one blurry which I haven’t watched get assured LES above one that few dvds are fueled gains full of stages like that we like OK no previous version of windows had that one of the small features like that and ½ 30 year I F IS that’s what I used to see if 38 F if he actually you know what we’re gonna do if half of this knife via windows can they do leave rebooted, alien life that some image of life and S.F. ESL for native dress up access to have your cell would be nice to five needle move on to be and whether after this matches and a swi if if SD from three, three them as far as I know if the theme of MSN OEM couture you can I don’t know where my VH days are off ISI there somewhere and boulders boy named on really obvious 30 improved the EDI support could be something they could work wonders of S.F. and a thirds little things like battery life whil if the if almost always tell a third two, VHS F1 of the HSFO by the system off from how wish all those which island today if that file explore probably know if 13 half first two shots will mark the east on which off Houston which way was running if

thief hole of a got lucky there for his wealth th , who broke your Mac OS am 13 FSA if golf half Colin get a chance to even if I am more visible inning on to resume his first mile for the third then if no shooting, S30 am a 32 kills while I was dead there that’s nice if the army 30 off, visit that work whose part of the delta team of something really clever he is computer is worth the sheen things that se eighths and windows 10 was primarily using windows eight F and some clever that he does is it when he’s in the windows eighths machine he’s got a setup in a way where he converts the windows NFL star he can perform something like windows update on the second partition while using the regular if you just announced the other partitions and dried foods often there is some happy stuff the DS to do to go there to get worki as it was a very clever way of maintaining a dual boot while com if while using preferred operating system if IISFO you and I could not a good way to if couldn’t pay me to do well-armed with a SMS has yet fat and that is exactly how I live when he visits the because two bonds to especially in a fee and so has 13 make the jump off the very least without hardware acceleration because things summa-the dozen have hovers over half which is very obvious with if MR N 30 does a lot of things you have half the cage manager that is the tip of the ice 13 to be aspect of the other stupid thing that I learned about, not at CL one f the life of the one that for most of our images use OR alpine 13 at 1000 retain pasta versions only the weight of five have so we had to actually update a few of the things because of the thought that if they see image that we’re using for our builds have been updated and node off on the IE whenever I’m doing stuff I wanna do on the Nixon used usually using meant I have a if five USB SNMP should probably be updated-r when mites from mine install arm of your

peers the contracting company and is using a share before it became fulltime like own job from F2 BFMSF Nixon into something on building as a test finches if I was trying to get off that height of the enhancement of working in a bun to have it can’t seem to get its act has not accepted a text are thick son AP M if the than the main reason I would do anything with linux is groovy S and seeing is the only official builds we have for a B N 39 o’clock , actually just off end of this When of talking and doing off and I’ve broken multiple mint installations IN with acts and actually Bundy was well I might have to reinstall the viewer sell my work machine because apps is just broken so are packaged country that does the weirdest things who has used as cards from a to ZSS L’s heard some rows of data the burgundy dust off SMS if he tell why don’t play wreath of though off if definitely a V downside has 30 if Colin Olivas resident of that mess if he survives ms IMF of your life and 30 highly with your mouth off has a mime our sensitivity is, we had planned offering comma beat usages are descendants ½ half FFO S her know why CPU CSF FF love to know why FNM half NOA Flynn of a novel that the three Shiite the effort seriously when I frankly drops like this it just feels like my mouse is happy to be violence know a way to the mouse didn’t chan

NLC S a F SN a M th FI don’t know if you had on stream of fife high selected for a selfish impolite SFSFS FBIFO food stands behind this I turned around and slept to SMTP has value of off th off with that thought I was running two LIFFM enough help if I could aim for frames with that if VF the problem is if those issues you’re having now on temporary homer of the CSU resume us off the Hyundai are off by FM of 30 , and ELE th AM watch the replay of canada’s a victory in our money quickly check what is causing my CPU usage to our new a 60 minute match 30 13th , start com the issues that you’re having a just a taste of what you could have if you and if that choose to run from a family of OSF if half of limited on me 30 in armed from swimmers, yes right there are an end I would argue it’s very likely there’s a reason to ABN years in Mars just recognized in Merced you figure start trace it was over here today and I hear the footsteps cannot and looking at me and then wakes up immediately climbs the stairs whereas I am reminded

of it never F and surrendered more and still on the side again wrecked by the other trace of BC 30 AM and IBM in turn red hat down and the whole 30 start if we go back and respect eight me and speeded up 13 LC fact that the that’s a good , let’s let’s see if from their perspective road if they’re waiting have ISS BU me off E of the checking behind them to see if anyone else is next for not paying enough attention so they get slapped the media me figure, does anyone else might know if E who minds off the thing that I would want to reward fish in a while I wish our the bit of how well we coordinate Hollywood was an IE winner 32 to 1/2 off weight who got to the point that fonts off to Mulder to appoint ES long before the rest of us yet that’s that’s linux basically nor is still on the night of 30 have already you’ve got the in jets on the points I make up high Supper front with mall 13 moles gone ahead so that he can frustrate them cures is gone back to the point you just place to trap 30 juts is getting had already we don’t have good heels , we do Nancy Bozeman see the Kay Manzi is not paying attention to just a moment suggest eyes off the coast on accepting out appreciated th call it even shows stalin’s off 30 to eight concede that the mistake I made here is that by not learn summon Manzi of all and back off where were they when I figure we can return to the spectator of life so wet ball together except from all that this stage half chastise 30 and I’m stunned because of the road hole quarter of our hands on a case owns a real walked forward while they are right and what start me

and stars from IC polls in the rind and Surrey of fuller’s which splits me from the team so why every group with them I get in the arm Baptiste he’ll run well and more ability to have that all get on the point of the exact same time off is jets back at this point the jets is still responding 30 my health drops because of the zany of Tulare harder has the to school are as insurer doesn’t to sonic and Manzi get pushed away to the back, NS and I die on the points Van Manzi dies off & Malkovich SS if Schatz doesn’t s of off mall tries to touch it and because of th pile drivers to life in a chance of thing he is why I’ve calmed didn’t do a great t summits in the front lines for malls coming out from behind if file no one’s Mimi from mostly all to save five and to try and take your eyes shield source tying run 55 if someone tries to pull winds are OM off the bolts and mall colts off which kills the rhine because he can’t do anything from F. Ashe is still trying to take us out so I fall back with something from all it hangs out in there that because OP is ability to build up his shield is able to keep himself alive taxes near the front as many as she grabs a heal from and because s visit our is very good with a calm off Phillies bouquet said this was a really good move by a palm by Jan and because and not what’s it like a Berth jets and a bomb and Nancy Todd really good things here because we got the vulnerability field to floss them a wall but slowed them down a problem we ran i is that there that far away is really high now and we didn’t know that to art what happens next and women a slow this down slightly because a lot happens next but you’ll notice is the ashes bomb, light goes off and we have is Ira is already there with high charge and com and Moyer at has already started dealing damage if Tara Boltz which is fine by me at that time because I think I’m safe fives because the man of spread on a bi wouldn’t be able to get out of this safely anyway to the wall helped me do that and they’re all really close together summit misses his walk off just dies about exact same moment with your side by side and then by a dying almost instantly off to the rom the far old if Nancy falls back and curious is really far back so they get the chance to push the payload if it thought all of that happened in the span about 5 seconds that is why the funds into fascinating

so curious was off fighting far and it’s not gonna go down well for if mall is hanging back because he needed help from their fu to azaria bubble combined with a ryan’s charge got rid of one of escorts that sonic is over there and mall is all the way the various 29 assume is trying to get on the high ground so that he can pile driving down by many here with chants to far and knows where we are and see where we go from here if the Sonics did it this stage I’m barely keeping jets alive mall is keeping them distracted on the payload if a service next series of fights really interested because we actually hold them back here for significantly longer than we should’ve been able to if it’s a curious throws and retire man’s is not back yet and malls and the high ground of them Moyer a is hanging back if S thought takes out me know if Judge Starr is thick and keep her life furious kids wrecked off that I take ou Moira and all takes out far a and some it takes outs to what happened there in those like a second and of the playoff set by Alf curious OS off S if Jeff stein is off to the nose Ira at far advocate off interesting enough shares only dies because she’s surrounded half so I take out azaria M and Moira Thanh and sonic takes out – have with my whole life and Ryan shows up FIFIISS dinner runs taking potshots even though the entire team is dead and can’t do anything about it from all still in the high ground which I think is what helped us a lot has every time he peeked out they weren’t ready enough to get more uses his awaited of all fall used his old on their way out so that locks ash in this form th meanwhile jets basically all of us are constantly feeding the three SEI, 0.3 take out there Ryan leaf has a really gets knocked in off the hour off 1035 S1 exalted and do anything because he can for all its thatcher be because of as a real sonic focuses on ash if he is one and like this point if yours is 01 left one is curious during the just avoiding things in general and all is overhearing grabbing health pack and nancy’s bar test on healing mall instead of on the fight that’s about to break o because of a have a boy result bashes all are runs all but just lost far but that’s another all to they’ve got basically for ault’s lined up but Cal team is to spread out so I’m busy distracting the Ryan said that he doesn’t get a chance to wall because I know he has a ready

and he’s just waiting for the moment of us to group of whale’s helm that Moira just a midwinter small you’re out there as far back Myers start here SN 33 of us are grouped up there I’m in the front line because I’m pretty denied the only way for me to do damage is out front from a lizard that in the back Lions Sonics pushing Ryan back FCF Jeff salts to keep them off the payload which is very good how wave of and I think if it doesn’t even catch Zen the insofar as able to fly out th son of whizzes as manic Moyer is staying very far behind chicago’s for the half, start mall was focused on far which is very good and then the rest of us stayed near the payload about given up all of this is without which is one of the most interesting aspects of how old are witches played and how this group of hours plays our watch for now they’re all in the prices of responding mall is basically ready and waiting and Zen is 17 triumph 13th through IMS Amal is basically taking outright and design which allows me to go in and stunning FSCOMCOF that this moment is in ault’s far all its and because the Al to about the Stoltz 13th and is actually donating for a set of fourth supports tiny so at this stage and all has dined that supported died and then curious ties juts is the only one left, in a way to chair the arm while in OK at this point to she’s already used ice block so she doesn’t have a way to consult the only thing she can do is freeze everyone which has brok and then put up a wall to protect herself because in has his discord all he does an escape which is fine because none of us are gonna make that anyway so now and is the time where they pushed payload and it’s so we can quickly spree through this, I SS Peter this is normal speed off from all basically uses is pile driver to get away if fashion far of bei they get the payload through two from the checkpoint over to hear without a fight and from here are we then hold this bit too and 1/2 minute this point no what we do that if the start of air that her altered that the sheltered their Reinhold and because there’s bob a blocked by Mabel ball that is the really ends to jets protects literally half the teen while on a movie fear behind them and mulls over there ’cause equally thumb and here I am basically a dead man walking to sonic tie is in a circle all because a line of sight a right through case of them a wolf kills him if I die because a minimum client I’m not sure about curious is all there and surprised it did as much as it did to let’s quickly see how perspective power if

to she hit a bit too early thick issued a parts but because she got broke up into the sky and then that the landlord had to have it more line of sight towards the storm left but also further away so she’s hot of hits through she didn’t do as much damage as a wood or chewed up two kills and then what actually happens in smile uses his old witch and then if built three of them because they were just distracted by curie assaulting and weren’t prepared for the town’s high mall was real basic Leah the mastery watch, the early part of the vote because the fight that happened over pat check point to leak wrap or we so coordinated without any words whatsoever that the porch in this part because is still 00:02:15, Clark and we kids told this so all three of them just dive FS start actually was this leave us with bob literally just the spawned a Rheingold could climb all the way to start even far, our case it two of you are still protect point to along with the Alt server I’m not a left alone because a little weak isn’t a kid ticket is dead of pass to fullback 30 here as abuses in along with small thing for them all mall died but that was a very goods are delay on the respond because now live them every sport of these acts a moment and you can actually see that bash ends and call waiting that spawn the four they follow the rest of the teen interesting year that they’re waiting for rein to respond as Ariane ash edges of dough of NFL start what if we done to prepare to make you’ve gone up top jets and I are on the point is our is already thrown right click of us in these three are preparing a backward off if so far is annoying you again said this is the second time the far at and I assume you knew that something that we start talking discord with me then you can actually provide some insight from your perspective as well assume your arm to Starr had that has a rate that that the ash and that too far and pulled the exact same thing when the payload was going for a except this time sonic is the only one of their they’ve got a full day using their rein to their advantage of this stage of supports are in the back line is a RE and Ryan a very up close to the front about here’s the biggest challenge the name so that the PS are up here distracted with the that this stage that they are basically budding are eyeing shield Isiah might get a bit of shield from this actually than armor: shar Howe is a Rio has no charge a tonight if they just want coordinated because this is a basically useless of the air

that there’d be on the whole thing of the dns of FCC’s attack, serving: six I’m a little different, Mr. Shaffer of yours with mo arts, that’s why I was day and say you were expecting far and ash up this to be blocking you walk , I was waiting for what I did when trying ~ fighting for 1B1 diners to just fall back to result from state to prevent her from doing what she wante but it is they literally pulled that when the payload was going through a start on one hand it’s weird people the same tactic that can cure is what they call was for today’s IFO try to merge for either get behind a rule to have to rob lee and they were expecting you up there because they’ve go the wedding of the payload bay set by vaulted knowing that that least most of the team is directly in front of us, at this stage azaria is the close of their closest to the cold in terms and Moira has her oft com bash had literally just burner old so she doesn’t have it bans far I can give her all pretty quick from a especially she’s hitting you to sort by a lot here to protect myself and chats, a couple seconds off to this new year would say 38 bash drops down to join the two tanks and the two supports been far as about or sue so you jump to regroup with the city can get some, from me off and the fight immediately breaks out taxes already at half Health Foods aria pushing have very hard but Jacques is smart you can she actually put upon a wall to bloc end to war and what you’ll also notice is that as an R to send put his how to healing old bond cash but was at full hell to he doesn’t have one side and the anyone on this team and 80 far if he’s lucky that he’s unable to heal anyone but are Moira in seven and seven and Moira has all its Perot healing bars of arts to almost feel the half speed is gonna be too quick of this half of the fight of its because a lot happened here dazzle of 44, c of an actual owners and a bump up the more you slightly center Mike Pearson discord OK copper to start jets is healing itself up you’ve lost your neck Galt, a very quickly after ghost to escort the Ashland couple short and are possibly the file writer LDAP film overstock and Merle ally, Paul Paul to you pop Hawley, a year launch the maker of some of the be launched a Mac this was my favorite com bowl to deals are enduring a smash his first goal of start two of them are behind them a wall two of them are in the middle and the rhine is upfront start and no one’s gonna get the tax bite at Ryan chilled by that and rein. If azaria bubbles Ryan so that she can get some charge of the fix sept health, and you have requested Krishna bobbled probably the would have had to eight car is now down to half health but you’re making a landed on them a wall and calls and one white as it turns out with bombed potash’s up here but dashed to interpret the fact that that’s the general idea

of gaffey she misjudged the AOI Koch, I think she was trying to get unless and until a more distant are going around: if you showed an offer by rage ID rather dated about the criminal defendants a of Florida’s running civil acts and Moira is running to the right and so was ash bash is trying to get around that corner real quick as ends just it was then wa as instead and Moira got out in time because she was able to get an angle where the explosion year have the packet the rebels and bill would you rush break the bubble and on that we will have to check his 70 U.S. roster burst on the bubble minister done something as a settle what happens in this very quick five and 33 Shirley MCOMOV valley FM believe rally in on south shore fully half a year MSAS rind as for design has a rate is high and if we didn’t have a chance block some off hi all UO if the rind but that there’s a real problem arrive at a, KIC a C and ran out to a wrecked leave at all on the exclusive, I think in up, jack, and cheers and three myself it will shoot you try to forget she batted down the shield and it’s as possibly and you go I paid do likes Tom EC 15 feet so sorry a saves herself because she’s managed to get bubbled now when I’m curious about is if the less than the how much time did she have not logged 813 GSSI Holden yet corrects are few doubles rein while the all that while you’re all to still traveling from FOO that the case so it’s not even off that it’s a tough call down so she can double herself whenever she wants to double Brian too well enough to the left thigh that’s what happened there and then he tells of a for printers and called for, and to start me and jets gart face first to say Zen died from the explosion I immediately stuns a real power am curious is already are close enough that she killed far are here ultimately off to the explosion at the mall is up there to he’s doing any extra damage he can because those guns actually and the long range and a bad and cheer sorrier and ━ off so I immediately go into annoy the ash because I know in the Moyer is gonna try and he’ll as a real deals in the nation’s first ignore the exactly so I going to kill from ash , you come out and help flat you do out here you actually flying IDJ shown little bit HOMOSFL until five G fat too far in the ri , theft of the I’ve I think my initial thing was to chase around eight and come back and I think a realization rules, now such h about keep in mind all of this happen without any coordination between any of us that this is the thing that’s crazy estimate be that we don’t even have to say, town, in the Moira Dunn we just didn’t think almost three the LAN LLI yet he was she was very little flower laurel a sheet with the help of OEM LBO I notice that the plaintiff in the fifth always empty key is that it’s very good because he’s distracting and alumni second look at many of them are looking at him and tried to kill

from because they concern about what he might do even though he’s still half his old away so he’s now behind and all of them are moving forward if CCS th so we’ve basically lined up F again and chats with an illegal day, all year IDC ICN is all the folders on your firewall got to the action chasers for a start and damaged or dimly recall to juts put up a wall to blocker for she just made more and touts immediately dies there because I think the fate of the game between the fire damaged by mike and to MSN Pollyanna discord Alomar as well as the IMF Gillett, OK , things and where to really help absorb to I’m not sure if power and ours all he was a good idea but I think it might have saved me let’s IFISII family PC if I don’t hire quickly CIF ATF FSFONESPNG 2 a GEDAMFLOSOSHOAFS not start mall got charged com to reassemble wrecked by the rhine and then Manzi direct as well that he is what happened next year when up here because you realize where all responding you all t awry in salt lake and fired by the combat gear and Ryan has old and so he’s staying up front jets and I like for apple we need to get their finest seal patiently waiting wedges running as quick as we can live off Jeff throes of the perfect old that is squarely in the center at IE Shima ages two on dogs to your shirt are are not the dodgers the oats show that bands as that’s literally made shadow SEC to achieve and it landed us a quick , and she’s out and do that when behind heard from east could still hit you’re dialing a father and cancel the show will feature good? Shore twice blocked differently mitigates com arrival at pass that are not show and for a deal to micro-month Richter and he off know it didn’t and I immediately got myself on this side because I knew she was close enough to the point where she’d be able to contest it, the poll was stopping everyone from being able to do anything combat ash actually used approach contacts for herself back out of the circle and Surrey ANS and would definitely in their bed lawyer out I think levels of people all year and are faded out of that zone the story of a and we’re all I know there’s NS of a new arena and you immediately gophers in which was a very good day as that’s once supported the fly first pick if I saw that if th all of a meal at light from where I was CIA had the vision t drugs and had a single bordered by completely ignore the rhine and went straight for the same day fell so you’ll see a look at a , will thought the fact that the fact that SMS that fight completely intact aggressive and I have and that’s all I had seen at t are awarded an

to insulate lee Banda to be fat he’s a support any way he’s that by only to port to taking him out as a good idea hideaway , the mountains and I’d like turnaround immediately because I saw mall was busy with bash and I knew Ryan was behind us by didn’t realize that the Moyer was back there right buyers focus and jets there and look at your hell and down a list but, briny is out of the bubble to two years he was very close to the edge at the time I start it doesn’t surprise me that he was able to take two steps and him PM talk at your Mac show interest in the Jets’ is focused more on taking rein out and taking outs com Moyer 50 the first subconscious thing is usually th , arresting up ago she was last portal and mall focusing on the directions and a story out of the shred some that were faded out the the, bobble the year true because she did fade out of the bubble so shoot it would be on hold at the moment I choose to thre comet so I’m punishing run from behind you just lost your Mac to say you’re about to shoot them as well Jagt says stop freezing in malls busy on the point that she is still back there is a RE is going on the back and forest on the p at this isn’t the 28 seconds to go at it that there is a POWs still inside that he’s about to run the corner if start to serious if helps finish off a rein by stunning him just isn’t even paying attention to Moyer off and a thirds high and if we get five kills off to your hanging back because you have your Mac tar is targeting me because I am basically in the middle for database legally the only reason why it on actually act that she was aiming at meet she was aiming a of considerable 30 and he’s very questionable I finish in just her and she catches of Congress to conceal moorage here you’re fellow not only to shore watchers expect into the budget would have to wipe out the entire 18 others are questionable all the ra all cheap tickets by the flying off move off to you to cats are are the servers are far to start at this stage we have your two healers wants hanging where is small calls for all your knuckles with me at riverfront what’s curious not for an Amazon River for Lightwave tool for Z3 percentage and VOL fulfilling OS X’s are is still nearby Matin which we know she is she showed a fairly just to sell a fatal in USA hockey was able to contribute to a final-SS in which money in Italy three registered at Wheaton, show dining there is no way would 95 half and so I’m quite sure the U.S. Army and was it done anything to mullahs at the front the effort and the thing that I really like palm that I can only sit and mention this because they remembered doing this if from th th to I just watched and their bomb Hammond role in to buying our that Hammond is going round outside and I know that he is the mos in the gold letters or because I don’t know is a RE is up there know what you’ll notice is I immediately start to run that way because I expect him to go through that door way th I manage to get that stuff jay if if it alters the

set by stunning CVISZ ault’s thing I’ve got three on point a right they’ve got is a rear bed of the four as an azaria the lira and – are all on the point that all about car has placed his and viability field to star by nowhere fine for the next few seconds at least and chats and ju ball is out here but a pile drivers ready to just to slam to consider considering ash, jackson’s help the computer at the early that he shall be more milk field goal and just back worked well for cash market and the peers is just making away back for the securely out as we are told in the circle that set the moral and cures in a curious and a few station was cut quite correct under slow this down the mall because of this is to get interesting to ashes now bubbled mall. Jazz just uses pile driver to far is actually shooting from back here H schools for low Key U.S. sheet she just got back from spawn and she’s just to shooting as much as she can from this spot and there’s the other reason why back replaced this thing without much of the school to that at this stage of you’ve got all which you are in your neck to our you’ve got your role , mall is about to have is all I’ve got mile and a team that bash has almost got all been since using as old as smart as did pay for legal markings to funnel for the steady at all of our people is 80 threw off start he’s actually a place that you that the actually stayed around the corner because he knew he was low and help and he needed to take care of himself get the mus that which makes sense because shore or it won’t be focusing anyone specific and because of her splash damage to small likely to to move thought I love you all at the exact same moment harris’ just made it to the fight N battles register of high real life today in her new shield problems are an ISO off to theirs and basically runs awake as he knows the moment is all comes out copies can be dealing with the you’re all of us want euthanasia trotting out so are the leuna these keys literally folding up com to you’ve placed it on the payload these three have no escape that Inhofe and apple an issue that stunned the bash all trades and he got stung data on sheets facing chats for the G-subject us wherever she altered an anxious not to gloat into job and her to start juts they don’t know if jets newer and that passion altered in a while and it will handle that she wasn’t me anyone else that she could find off anyway , she had no escape and Sony a right to an 80 guess she can boast of the things are on call down so she has no escape from your old to the only thing she knows she can do is a triangular nutshell, was first to satanic all the thief last final marketing at first was the fifth and the whole waters of faith but the fact that the above that if she’s not having fun look at an angle but the other the Fab, just look at if they see general quick orders of the curbs which are most of the show to have

to start of Sabah got thrown that way is and is now hiding from your cult by vaulted in a spot that, as a literally every one 123 or by 8 to 6 year by the Altadena spot where it covers literally our entire team th and I’m walking backward so that I can make sure I continue to cover curious if chats for eases ash , bold slams into the wall pitch immediately stuns him for a moment and Moira is trying to get away from the ball, so she’s faded so she’s fine to start at this stage your call to cannot mostly definitely kill bash to some solid damage to bob and possibly puffs that possibly head start let’s watch a star is help the stage if the cases are a dies time the all those does Ashford of those were? Bob loses the burden is held that is very good for us all so that explosion tore down looks so good to have a bit of a and that this moment what is your role goes off and mull all its so now we’ve used three ault’s there’s a kind of let’s just get off the point passed a motion library at borders so 152 guys from which to clean up force but has turned and is ready to shoots by the meal you panned their Hammond is in our back one at this moment and far has been behind boxes com or for the ash tacitly died of a LI: and listen and order from detention for other cheese the guns over here at the poppies at the date if I’m not ease some of the body fat and a hat and will the court will stay still about a to start now the target the jets was freezing is golden and I’m facing the payload because I wanna keep an eye on who gets on it next and actually I’m not you’re facing the payload I’m basing towards Pam and futile I noticed is there the falls back as an easy mediate the shooting her percent shooting here’s what I look for an unethical and SG into that group and if your tears and watch wind or ID would like to try to get new lottery making them look com has said bob is immediately shooting me by the looks of it and we’ve got juts to mull on the payloads bomb making sure no one else gets on it and because of this what happens next is 37 Moira of both to slowly approaching the payload kebabs shooting me but I’ve got my shield to curious coast was in off if our attaches the point along with a record this supports the Moira get sound you need a lawyer Elias moyers for trouble was no shade yet to start I finish her off chats and not a brulee and wall data block softball fitch protects our entire team except for the cure is back to their fifth pitch aboard immediately turns around issue is then that gets into a position behind the payload where he gets hit by mall’s bulked all of this happened so fast Mullis own party letting people just walking to live like it might have your to start button that mall and a part of the easy

own morals and even shooting that Hammond standing next to have thought that’s what is happening there you see it before drifting through far is still full h th ECISFFF 38 you get down to half, IBM ISI th jets is waldo’s down I actually think she and my of all the town herself at looks like an early break but this stage it’s literally Barra bob and Hammond seeking answers and a bronze up and 1/2 held for all boulevards your day off fact that the two of the artistic lately just pretty much ignored all get that the entire and I replayed this entire fight normal speed off to this and I’m not gonna be able to keep up with any of t so when she dies and malls already gone up here are ready to fight off where does next but obviously no one’s next because there all the silly stop them from all captains 13 1st round of that’s that’s how we win around Thom thief FY he came to undergo back what Compton 1½ minute the walls that scares seven others lost 22 fives to return 1/2 minutes and was actually buy and drop us to 7 minutes and ominous beat us up to normal CFL actually I’m gonna send us even though a point where they were to move off the mark that you remember watch this the road here for a minute of this up here is that this is normal speed and we’ve got 3 minutes on the clock and the thing we just watched happened in that to 1/2 minute t hurricane suggest eyes at the front you’re up top if there’s an split off from all those in if you and I are up there with small if they’re far as the shooting a CF, and if the t Moltz 30 AM: curious finish of Y. Ryan said our jets is on the point here is is on the point the rest of us are immigrants of re five major basically not we should have 195. Familiar with the very lucky for a third of his U.S. visit our issues and was more of the case of this is wh from so they come in if they’re all going in off the Hollywood and been able to kill them or anyway because Ryan came out with a shield their SNL SUSORSIFOF SS mall FFACCSLF 60 day all really the roof of a

man if he ever needed the extra tariff is off to the states have only you and jets and I still am away enough, she OS off, she definitely for as long before Ronald get the care if his end eyes Freund eyes off the ice on LS off various vaults and kills of ash half the rule of thumb is 30 to 10 seconds left and o’clock th if FFAFI if the trap of mail that by the really wanna watch that fight from jackson’s Pittsburgh had a test ’cause you’ve seen your perspective and I’ve seen my perspective than we’ve seen overall FFO if FOB off and has a lot of TCOSOINFIAA in a jets is always been really good about managing all ms five of us are waiting impatiently th F if good lord said that if so she misses out on this entire fight now maybe she spoke tak that all she knows is that there is no one on the 0.5 right behind a friend of their life S a GOCEMFI if if you hadn’t killed the far a , chats with a three-SDI MSN SSI is if ID and the device will fail if the thought of operative off if the jets have the ash off 13th one thing that I really wish this replay system had was like key moment , around and around 1 minute left on the club at us like this is a 17 minute progress there was a typical blank out of revealing nine judges often futile trying to do so only one PCI drive a C minus the cost of three last autumn for your litter th net of police and speeded up here-I can’t even remember how the six-MM: SS official of the week we had so much trouble from oven to play of the Wyckoff speed I can’t even in the country remember how it British Point under we did I just can’t remember how well it was a first call much of the day and the only one glove

he played for matches slots 30 am. At the plate The former first orchestra Cleveland orders from idea as to it in the cigarette love it it was bad for catfish fillets of OSF wa again other off, that ICOMOCL 3 LSFNBIOSSIIC SF, and jets is already over here he’s 30 FFO through some mall is already in furious is already and then you go MF, five NFIBMI if the SS OFO G’s NT third party. Sos entrance or tangled on hand of just under curious fell back here by was out in the open jets was in the air you on top of the sat, hell out of my life the year I feel like it curious that had known you to wind down their sheep Hollywood in with your and my default against the wh not really contributing five ASAPLSOF a weekly was 97 split of life readers for demolition and returned a new one jets has been torn down by literate to show that this all really confused me at the time you add because it out as a win NT is a lot of this alteration for questionable us that the biggest thing I don’t understand about this is it’s literally mean him that a one else’s I did not invite what did buy a melee of the Hadassah like he’s using the amplification of it to give you more TOSOFFOV seifert’s are that later led I also literally jus to get to that of ICL cfo July fell back to go with you thought in Wednesday line four F and wasting is off the four sat and I t , S.F. said Haider FSAIFONSIIFO Jan Brower detect for me to go on tour and ESFS if you have you already lost 1/4 half and then FMC flights stock because that and because they burn ault’s fit in legal divestitures what you used everything other than doubt and six john@Evans rescind and th FFAFS Tilton of chad’s Jeff Hazen our health and she’s a package is tickling them from behind on six continents in relati there that she’s charging a parole yet as to women better for the ducks are a tool of SSI th F SS Dante OIOWSNFI theater from EL que reduce his wife, no she dies, watch what happens FG FS Su third member civilian job ID on a sheet of VRML Citicorp and she get a little graphic and ready to cut here today to leave her a aid have mercy of the alternatives for a week ago this is N

this is where it would be nice if uprooted from a little better forward that I do understand that com to ring the bell wrote in yet I struggle with first so he has a dangerous thing for us road hogs up here knew that although wrote holders and it is also that’s fine if if if you immediately take out: if you can hide all I’d call it either really care that is a darkly likely a record three kills us and malt bulk of which helped get those skills th FOONFIOA ki called on half the staff, that she managed to sleep chat she was come to the north ridge form of an FHA at HK three BNS a RIFFAFIFFAOFFASLCOM five SFSFFOONSFO jets killing it thought if all the holly if half of all but the fact that the CFL and the mall it was a combination satire place it in slow motion X member of the couple seconds behind you to like the IMI shadow of Los of t like the hall to defect the SSI delay the white MSI Data you you need to see this in slow motion because it’s it was me and it w the IMF the Josh MOCNGF so you’re running in because you’ve got all you’re bound to lose you shield , in 1989 of SNA initiative SMS so you’ll that takes out two of them SI jimmy is great but then you can do to get set by group in to the men mall dips in its high 15 tires SMS: little effort to conver and that Nidal GCCF -133 got one kill and it gave us the ability , HSS a matter of all messy band arrest and then died from which returns which is very handy fall this was the thing that really bugs me calm tier I am they mean for bash no ones pushing the payload and so I’m busy trying to free can get this bash , by militants are written by the time looking straight out of here and I miss with my Frick in which starred as she is with lower health he gets away jets in the high ground which is really good false just about no method for FF the year and curious just got herself feel the register heel on your walls from the CA on route of a member of the data which will 305 Keith Carter life that you resign if no way she is five IMS LLC feels like a club that I fly without we should respect and to say she called from up there

for a vasa down on the point malls just in the middle of all the feelings that old theory from her five years of SM of the first FO if he lost shield floor bolted th MI got pulled in by road hog while trying to calm deal with farm EPS shot of the 13 SFAS thumb tried it all the stadium a bloody lot of MFN of SMS curious of OS decimated rest of the T bit key and questionable call for an EFEMMYOSSECCION Knopf IOSOLIFOFF say you charge in-store dvds of the field of us would just fall from thing just off the roof while we all went for a C-dot of Florida for FFSNF, via the Il you in just a father, who is right for this little before the face for that there wasn’t much to do from half the team was still responding songs like them to chew on this because you guys have more health and the anyway If if O. O. O. O. Henry VSIACISIF a I thought I thought I had a little bit back all the time real as a charging the fourth of the charge into four of them by yourself the rest of the team key races back here the rest of us guess where we are there all death, like all just before the election four files of four coul is certified by the realizable will retard so he was really lore and jurors also backed off in there ever was, tackles knotty realizes such, waiting in the head of the item veto off star directly after you died from fighting four of them curious bolts from the witness pull off its birth of their supporters of th IGFGF the other thing is she’s in a spot where they won’t be able to kill her very easily , but it’s also close enough for her to stand to Servite and they don’t see it coming and which is very small half their road hog is hanging around the left FF van and for KO from the third that you and I have really know what hurt me at 530 to one LASA Hamada integers burn the rhine shield and are AM CNN we were close to offer relief catalog, and SMS thumbing only one SLI want this only one mismatch regardless of how backer by E-mail on the tailored in my file does IE Life force a limitation forwarder launched a N to ice down the payload design like that in a stay on the payload this is a smart thing to do because we want to win this right for all year that see us was either IIII still had even once it like a flash trials play branded as lucky for me and edition, she adopted the courage kind of thing center and the following are a little isn’t a while, and one media for debate here are under something

that ignited that was just me and had I just configured scored one goal of decide when they bought you wandered off an a guess who fall in june a love of putting aside from the Lady Hillary FO you know he kept alive through that first ms half day you’re told he was really Indian art most of us want nearby and there is no way they were expecting a button that Aussie of that when Mr. Maffei th I don’t know if she got very lucky I think I think my initial plan was to try and highest-oriented people behind him and just keeping me alive if all of the MSN off three for LME Fab off from all died too thin buffer , Jacques Jacques we doing at all if that’s why I do remember throwing the heel on it as I was like she’s alone out there because and have all hell , high-black good wages to review a lot about our game plan was eager to so I’m like under through heel on it than any immediate Lehigh needs FFS because there is nothing I can do as I know the entire team is behind and taxes in there alone horizon is getting back Isa jets S hart Kenneth at six just as some damage to the road hog which makes him regrouped with his team which was probably good faith and I think we would HMM, 4 HOONP 1 a list here to show off FO 1 a hold of a love of flying called guitar and social obstacles to clamor for and then you hawks the whole game five of them in IC done in as he tries to get away if five NFIUSFOF IS and when I play a whole line told a bit more light while the targeted for defeat of it I don’t really do that many leaders in a good reason as a here’s the really interesting thing and more just and bumped everyone into the air com he’s now behind on none of us have all to jets is coolers on and on the payloads you three, back here if I fall back to the FBI if Ryan is now nodes out that their places is in viability field mall is off distracting the supports these not been there for the NIH completely turned out portable cures is out here to sheep rally helped kill the road holder ILLCOG-FMS is fighting over half man lost the flow report comes in with thumb and he dies curious if pat Puris game at colleges will be made today she knew garish you that, recalls update from Wendy Jo Jo that year associate lover and AIDS at USA in Galway which is bad start also earlier on GTE also urging caution money she was out there for a ride your bike up on the walkway dish a list of up to that dish was in use the chip group are Kim Jung to art pine dead calm the rest of the team is not and I think this is where we win because I’m not there when we win right where shall to sew mall focuses the Massey was in the process of raising the other that leaves

that Lisa bash them against you’re curious and mull dead at the end the third Islami IECDEC and Yuri INF 3 NFIFFF Hubbell he who died at that the concussion when stayed late in life your written by a hold first real fun fun of the key to getting the shotguns actually project of sockets gay and start I still m going on was one of our kids and ½ FFO if your kids are the menu for kidder achim th to start if they were able to get anyone close enough that this point it would be the, but Starr had charred item for but that’s not help cakes work for hot bath: what if I needed by F1 year time horizon on woody’s you’re the one that even remotely kinder and even an action: it’s another U.S. that’s important in our country wants facing that exit except curious Paris is keeping an eye on base all pretty sure the left side interface and from our position BCSFLV ELE coast of those MMI if you’re in that is how we won the first 1 to 30 first and only if half the chef FOB off I agree there should be NSOAS we’ve seen all the bits and pieces that happened in the background UC to do a quick review of Paris where the one in 2 minutes, 18, 3D2 S O IBM really know how we’ve HSFO rate of yeah I don’t like how it does that and you can’t change it off, AFC 1 S often defends his blue NT one FM maybe it’s really weird all the other on wheel of lower end the ban on cameras are down 30 fans are leaders in the end of any point in the fast falling FYIB Schiff FHINFIFFAOIF 1 of eight characters you have liked what other people and the others want there’s a lot of vehicles are older than 158 jet had we lost on our JOS is weak at this point we kept a club event, which that to mention they’ve got a tangy by Hans are the Mccurry and to support her for a total EH and yellow legal right click on a tamale those in things like no one’s really shooting me than fiascoes in th 95 I immediately following the three FM leader for the F half Shuler ninths 30 AGCSUN Mauldin, I’m self -fighting office Kenji you finishing off highs in the MMC of 30 and th shop mouthfuls of 5 SL35 Mccurry and letting the CIS and Ins has a nine MM or 13 and Hans admission from Aetna and the Mcrae finished another month, the damage terms of th thons are still thinks he can distract us a bit of 1/2

of 13 SMS which white NFL to this next pitch was actually really fascinating FS on TV so you hook in and their homes are dead and killed him immediately voles right behind you and I love letters of tears have fled 40 still come back off the first: the ms start I go in and I immediately go for this Moyer off debts and more immediately go for the send off if I did that little colmar ey is a loose your owl interesting mall and jets originally went through the center than just one round the right you when it through the center via cell lighting up in chief of Franz are died there I’m here with curious how he stands again she which kills and can we go in through that literally half the team going in this way you’re going through the mail malls already on the other side of the deck and nin frank V2 and 1/2 minute match off of fsa playing great for the fifth of the All-Star team were middle session called the sugar through the doors for me and we reach kids definitely go through arm of the five that one of the games we lost a need only for the most common problem, no UFO one im am I going to the one I know how we’ll also a one-no one would have won a that the hour which is the list and I just hit NFL if IBM RS on U.S. route 35 NCF P’s much alike SHSIFICC 1 FIVF, so I’m coming have like double settings because it’s colorful play IIIBCSOSFOC brand of legal Y and Z, and he’s the 1.25 of the NF SASA to sat together at 530 FFI never I never even leave VR Point think is a dive in ms SS and other control point is unlocked 30, colonel going this way throw in some U.S. FAMFAOFFIES hart by died there to that’s two deaths and where 1 minute into this around for 30 C.E F a I haven’t even touched the 30 PM eight NFL off if we can get Spanos revive MSN fourth day of the half year menu killed and 1330 ers’ like curious you need said unit through with me if Winston really one of the fifth and that he SFS, I try and if I tri

if then because I was busy are kissing on Hans are half of the filter for half hours on the NSF math was funny 30 F 38 pretty well the first FDIC’s FDIC FOMC off YA if ms off that IM 5 I was with curious for the least half Winston Kilby with hi NBSI if th MB: FG MI 6 SFL 13th, like OK and at least with the team now S.F. and that nice if we take it the Winston heuristics of homes of flight soon as I have one of my deaths 5 NI999 of the sound of IFYIFYSO flight into charade I legit spent more of that round walking from Z-anywhere near for.year you’re a little lucky at the end, actually g FS that has hit release of six of the FBI and often official English boulders a figure for a more substantial his bit and IE Lentz this last time I looked at it and when I watched a replay from us playing together a coordinated we are without in community damages in things even then mike has a channel out of the Israeli Court mentioned just our war two. Four were just covering you all the fallout they wanted to you when jets is 4:11 swingman will be from the heels and all of the make fun of the league in the eye and mulch were not final, and on the year high and I’m definitely out about as you figure fishing on Friday it doesn’t bother me stumbling and flying wedge to Friday’s opener of power and could so are we’ll see what happens to all of Norman mary’s CIA Kenny Saar and was our war that was us who needs some interesting that just might show arm kind in a head to bed because I’m very time and his and you with morning and sang out com if we do and not doing more placements tomorrow which willing to sign a queen might be armed might just be me and sonic and curious and we’ll see how all available units is that’s enjoy the rest of your dining and seen kinds are power run button that one of 30 th