Pokémon Emerald Egglocke w/ SupraLugia!! Episode #06 – "1 HP"

all right guys what is going on and welcome back to another episode of our pokemon emerald egg lock if you guys aren’t enjoying yourselves and are excited for this part of the LP makes you guys go ahead and drop a like down below because of course dude support is very very much pretty sure to also do not forget to answer the question of the day in the comment section below obviously do not know what the question today is so answer whatever it may be but we’re chilling here in Slateport City and I did mention I was gonna do some grinding off-screen so we did that and we also added a new member to the team which is tipsy the hitmontop or he was a Thai rogue and we actually leveled him up during the grind he got to level 20 a vault and that was level 23 he’s got the at intimidate ability hearty nature he’s got fire punch punch Thunder punch in leer and I’m super excited to use this guy once we get a fighting-type moves moves that will pretty much be good then we have Vern actually no wood I actually I’m gonna correct myself there because those moves are I think these moves are all special but uh I guess we’ll rock out with it but let’s go ahead and get into the party update a little more we have Vernon D these filled thick fat ability calm nature he’s got powder snow water gun body slam and ice ball let me have Grimley for these shiny nuzleaf at level 23 everyone’s level 23 by the way early readability calm nature fake out bigotry and hidden power ice in nature power then we have super the giraffe rig inner focus ability rash nature stop astonished Future Sight in confusion unless Bonelli’s we have G in the larva tart got to be looking adamant nature dragon ants rockslide outrage and fight so that is actually the team right now we aren’t all chillin all the 23 because Watson’s I believe his ace is level either 20 its I didn’t level 23 or it’s like 22 or something and I just wanted to make sure we were on par so I decided to do that here we actually have a double bail so who do I want to leave out in front for the double battle do we want burnin that things burnin D and tipsy should be good so we’ll just do that never leave these people actually have like the Plusle and minun anyways but i know that’s a lot of exp for these pokemons so I’m not at all complaining except for the fact Vernon D is ow didn’t really think that through I might want to go out to gin here because Gingka just rockslide and help out a lot yeah see fire punch really doesn’t do that much but I guess we’ll just keep doing it cuz ice punch is probably gonna be doing the exact same amount of damage so yeah rockslide will be able to come in and take of them pick up the kill on both them on so that’s good we also got the burn we snagged the burn on the other Plusle that is going to help out a lot because quick attack is now not going to do anything at all and does their maybe one more we have to take out I’m not sure in mine and yeah so I’ll just take out mine and real quick Andres using speed up cuz it’s a double battle I don’t really think you guys really care that much about that battle but it’s whatever it is so we just go ahead back into these Slateport City Pokemon Center I figured I was gonna do those trainers doing try it but I was like yeah I don’t know I don’t really want to like waste a route for the episode I really know but I know some people get kind of upset because they’re like oh that’s that’s part of the game that you’re just leaning out but then again it’s just trainers and I don’t know but this this episode I figured we would go ahead takes up take out some of these trainers then go ahead and fight May and then Watson the gym leader I figured we would do that in this episode because that’s not a bad idea at all actually I probably don’t even need to take on these changes because it’s really not that much experience because we already we’re already a higher level it’s and a lot of these trainers by like 10 sometimes so I don’t really think it’s gonna benefit us that much if we take them on so I think I’ll probably just go ahead and take on May right now after I out to feed this trainer right here which I just did so I should have any paralyzed heals it doesn’t really feel like going back to the Pokemon Center so if I don’t sit doesn’t really matter there we go so may may may may kind of a scary fight so I did pick Mudkip so she’s going to have a AAS sceptile or a Grovyle I’m pretty sure so Who am I gonna put up front to face Grovyle that’s actually pretty scary I might have to send up probably tips he honestly so who is he got up crap are you kidding me this person is just got like a Poochyena yes it’s got an air around so yes I was wrong but yeah that’s really sad that that’s a special move in this generation but um you know I guess we’ll just guess we’ll deal with it um Electrike you know I did Jin here and Jin should be able to take it out with a rock slide yeah there we go jimsy monster absolute monster alright so now done and now if you’re wondering I don’t know if you’re wondering this but the reason why some of these Pokemon have like their experience like pretty high or pretty low even though like we just a little bit aside to switch terrain tipsy and that’s basically how that all went down and I didn’t do a grinding montage because some people just did really didn’t enjoy and it’s just useless editing rendering and I just I don’t think we’re gonna do that for the rest of let’s play but I’m pretty sure she leaves off with a slug mod or something like that so I think I’m just gonna go ahead and leave over

the chin here as Jin should be able to do the most amount of work so hi super long time no see well I was searching for other Pokemon my Pokemon grew stronger so how about a little battle how about a little battle let’s see so here we got May what does she got she has a Wingull actually alright so that is definitely not the Pokemon I thought she was gonna have got thunderpunch on tip see the only reason I don’t like this very much though is because now I think she sends out grove out now and I’d love to get the intimidate on it no slug went out okay perfect so we know what to burn indeed and burning these should be able to take this thing out with either one or two water guns so that would be quite a Dandi quite dandy it is going to be able to take it out one so one shot is better than a two shot in my book and we got tipsy here to take on this Grovyle I’m pretty sure we got really good special defense so I’m not really worried I’m gonna try and go for this move fire punch to try to get maybe a burn or something I guess I could go for a freeze but a freeze you getting thaw out and burned you can’t really get out of ever so um I’m just gonna I’m just going to go for that I’m just gonna go for the fire punch right now see how much we can do we actually snag the crits not bad at all we’re going to be able to take out the Grovyle that is pretty high that is pretty freakin high now we’re a little five and we won alone and rapid spin and I guess it’s better than leader so we can just do that and there we go we defeated trainer me yeah I feel better than I expected super have you been busy training habit you I think you deserve a reward this is for me the item finder I so that’s an eye definer try it out if there’s an item that is not visible in emits a sound okay so you bro let’s meet again I know it’s a little silly come from me but I think you should train a lot harder next time oh boy alright so something that just came to my mind is our tea ends what we have stealing Kenny one stealing that’s what I thought but someone should be able to learn rock to him and hit him on top can not learn rock Jim alright that was actually really unfortunate I thought it would be able to but I guess he cannot so that is fine I just need to switch him out because he’s getting a lot of training with it I guess we’ll just switch it was Supra electric wait did we I think we already got the encounter on this right yeah I was thinking this was like another route but I’ll think it is so I think we’re okay lumbering and electric I guess we go first stomp and we can go over powder snow I guess I got it I just got a Skype notification to reef squad is calling the heck is the reef squad I have no idea alright whatever I guess shout out to the roof squad whatever yeah because it pops up with this like this is like the group is calling pops up on my screen so probably should have stopped the electric but whatever guess it doesn’t matter it took it out anyways and let’s go for another one hopefully we don’t get static yes we don’t alright that’s great I’m just gonna try to like switch everyone up when we get to level 25 whatever plan anyways we are going to be approaching Marvel City right now and actually I don’t know it’s gonna kind of like sway and segue to a topic right now today is actually till I 28 just think about that just think about summer almost being over I know it’s kind of like the probably the meanest thing I can make you think about and very sorry about that but just think about that summer is almost over gosh it’s so annoying somebody goes by so freaking fast and it’s just us so annoying summer is probably one of my it’s probably one of my favorite town what’s it called my season that’s their call and just so it comes by so fast it’s unfortunate I don’t know if it’s just because there’s no school and you get to hang around I do it everyone just it just goes by way too fast oh that’s really annoying honestly it’s very very annoying in down and honestly school starting is not even like the worst part I don’t really mind school I actually love going to school school is a great place to get to hang out with your friends and the learning is just cool I don’t really I don’t know if I get on the same page isn’t me but I feel like learning is just kind of cool and I was hanging out most of my teachers at my school are very very cool fun to hang out with people and it’s just a great time obviously I’d rather be doing something else when I’m at school but school is just not something that I’m afraid of I’m not afraid to go back to school would it be a sophomore and uh yeah not bad at all so we are here in the mauville city I think this is the guy on though that’s a random girl uh-huh there’s an item right here there’s an item we got an X speed okay yeah so here is the dude what’s good whoo-hoo I heard people call me the rock smash guy find that sort of degrading I think I deserve a little more respect like maybe the rock smash dude whoo-hoo anyways your Pokemon look pretty strong I like that here’s the hit a machine rock smash that hm contains rock smash to come across the large boulders that block your path while you guess use the hmm and smash them right out of your way yes sir smash rocks aside I say all right whatever you say dude so actually let’s skiel up real quick at the Pokemon Center then I guess we can just waste no more time and go ahead and take on the gym right away I know we have to do that quick it’ll Wally fight before we take on the gym leader but that is not a problem in and looks like this episode we’re not gonna really get any encounters so I guess I’ll just switch out grimly fritzsche be able to take on the Ralts that he has cuz i am a dark type and I’m pretty sure all he has is

confusion so uncle please I want to challenge this gym leader in see how much uh much better I’d become fleas in the eye please now hold on Wally since you started living with Pokemon you’ve grown quite stronger I don’t think you’re pushing if I suddenly challenging a gym I’m not pushing it if I combine forces with Rawls we can beat anyone except for the steel type Pokemon that are literally in this gym that resists your attack so I don’t know what you think Wally but no hi super oh I’ve gotten a lot stronger since we met super I want you and my uncle to understand that super please we have a battle with me super thank you okay here come I just wanted to know and something I just is that while he starts every sentence when he’s talking to me with Supra I don’t understand why you have to say super each time like I know you’re talking to me I understand because you’re all it’s level 16 rolls here is are actually I was gonna go for the fake out but I guess it really doesn’t matter it really does not matter because where else it’s just gonna fall I’m so sorry Wally dot ellipses ellipses angle I lost yeah you did lose I’m sorry I I had to do it I had to do it I’m sorry I’ll go back to Van der turf super thank you for being a trainer it’s tough isn’t it isn’t it tough just having a pokemon and make them on a battle that isn’t what being a real trainer is about Wally there’s no need be so down on yourself why what’s keeping you from becoming stronger stronger come on let’s go home everyone’s waiting for you super it just dawned on me that you must be a trainer who kept an eye out for a while and when he caught his Pokemon why don’t you visit me and bandage her sometime I’m sure Wally would enjoy it well I’m sure he would too oh come on Scott huh Kiki I was just watching the match you’re friends with this with a boy Wally aren’t you but you didn’t hold anything back and beat him very impressively yeah that’s what a real pokemon trainer does I idolized trainers like that I’ll be cheering for you I’m sure you will I know all we really did was lose one pipian Giga Drain but you never know it might come in handy in the gym fight you never know alright so now I’m really wishing I was HP fire not HP I said the south grimly fur has because that would really come in handy I guess it really doesn’t matter so Electric Jim who do I want to get some levels I think I want Jim to get some levels I don’t know maybe he can learn some like magnitude or something I don’t know anything would help out before this gym even rockslides not that bad but because volt or he does have a Voltorb fernand DS not gonna like this gym at all at all at all yeah this gym is not gonna be a very fun fight hopefully we don’t need to lose any minds I would really appreciate it if we did it but I can’t really keep that in my control hopefully we can actually hit this meditite this time with rock slide we can’t even kill my gosh all right before volts or I’ll just fire punch it again why not I feel like a rockslide we’ll be able to kill actually I wanna be able to do double okay not bad I’m just gonna keep doing exactly what I’ve been doing because it’s been kind of working a how many tight doesn’t even die that sucks I’ll just go for an outrage now it’s not really feeling missing it if I did and we’d actually don’t even be able to attack which in so I guess it didn’t even matter but alright so we got to face this guy think I just did the path that makes us have to face all the trainer’s in the gym I’m not really complaining just it’s kind of annoying but I’ll just go for it I can’t even hit my are you kidding me this is not about to happen not about to happen it happened it totally happened gonna leave her there we go all right now should be all the hidden power ice this man you are dead Gulpin got the super here go with the confusion this thing looks like it’s like a Gunther a freak kind of a nope you Lawrence psychic boy I feel like we’re just gonna be set we will be all good and Daniel actually did not choose that path okay cool so now we can go ahead and just face Watson now I’ll grab my life let’s get right there I want to see if I can heal up real quick before this fight because of course this is the one gym leader that I really did this in this gym leader and Wynonna our theme gym leaders I am NOT looking forward to facing so I’m pretty sure she leads with a full tour I’m pretty dang sure I might as well just lead off with super because I don’t want gin to take any damage but let’s just go in and take on Watson I’ve given up on my plans to convert the city I have and so I put my time into making doors traps in this gym oh now what are you doing here what’s that you save gotten past all my rig doors well haha now that’s just amusing when I watched and the leader of model City shall Electrify you all right Watson let’s see if you can do that let’s see if you will be able to electrify us Voltorb okay I’m gonna try something I’m gonna go for a future site that I just miss or no I don’t think I did I’m gonna go for stomp here I’m gonna try can I kill him with another one that way when he switches in the next Pokemon it takes the future site but I think I’m just gonna go for the stomp here and in the future so it’s gonna take it out so that if I didn’t fail no no oh my god guys

holy crap supra well I guess I shouldn’t that’s kind of weird saying supra what is he sending in a Magnemite dude freaking 1hp I thought we lost him I thought it was done for oh my god that’s insane okay um I think fire punch probably is our best bet really stat is it a physical move I don’t think it is well Future Sight nice all right now we’re paralyzed I really don’t like that ooh I don’t like this guys all the mech I thought it was just a Magnemite oh no I see that’s what I don’t like right there we weren’t able to attack kill you please get a burn oh come on come on please attack please attack no all right I don’t think I have a super oh I do I do a super potion okay okay okay shockwave okay okay um shockwave oh I thought this so much all right so what we should be able to take this thing out with a fire punch we are and then manectric guys I don’t like this let’s try Gimli for Grimley for try the fake-out manectric flinched Giga Drain thunder wave oh god guys I really don’t like this I really don’t what does nature power what does nature power it is you’ll never know come on just don’t critter anything come on what is it Swift okay that’s not bad it doesn’t do very much at all but it’s really not bad shock waves that you’re going for we eat this up please oh my god I can’t live another I forgot to Jin does affect me that’s right I’m gonna try this all right come on come on let’s see this we’ll take it out hopefully I forgot I was ground-type I thought I was rock dark come on please just hit please hit come on Jin come on come on come on yes there we go okay huge threat is down oh my god that is so terrible fine I lost you ended up giving me a three I’ll take this badge oh my god the Dynamo badge from Watson with the Dynamo badge Pokemon can use rock smash out of battle and will make your Pokemon a little bit faster too you should take this TM 34 that’s him there contain shockwave it’s a trustworthy move that never misses you can count on it and there we go there we go boys oh my god that was so scary oh we finally beat Watson and that is great we almost freaking lost supra that have been terrible but that’s we’re gonna end off today’s episode you guys did happen to enjoy makes you guys go ahead and drop like as of course all your support is very much appreciated next up is so we’ll probably be clearing out the routes to the right into the left actually I probably just do those off-screen you guys probably don’t want to see those and or maybe I we just won’t I don’t know we’ll figure it out but thinking of sort of shaking up this episode of you guys Talia and enjoy drop a like also make sure you answer the question the day whatever it may be and I’ll see you guys next time peace out true and I’m so blessed to be fulfilling my destiny all material things can be left to me the airport