Pokémon FireRed Omega Egglocke Versus – Episode 07 – "genuinely funny"

no you’re kidding us cool wait hello okay we took this to their level I’m just gonna exchange for my egg and just ignore you guys I’m sorry it’s okay you keep that’s not actually funny ace is just only it’s no it’s genuinely funny children dying is hysterical okay now we’re going okay okay all right i–but are you moving yes okay cool because I’m going gig you I want to go in the scene Enya no I don’t want to go see what yeah episode I just skipped all the trainers and get down here you should bet all of the trainers at all no Ally because I don’t need them okay okay if you say so I’m just running with my hitmonlee I also know Lee probably could solo run this military game this thing is [ __ ] powerful as [ __ ] what it’s wrong like you what didn’t idea I’m battling Missy right now and where is her level 25 star you what do you mean it’s level 18 what are you talking you told me your highest level Pokemon was level 30 oh yeah I was lying and stayed behind you for no reason I don’t I did there you believe me but I did I mean five of having levels but like oh well that worked give me that lead gave me that young that’s fine it just makes it faster for me to be her okay I mean that I’m alive I beat her fast too so it’s not gonna help me too much listen to you again I don’t know I think you were just like Joey was talking a lot so you’re like oh he’s being serious okay you sounded data serious I know that was the point well why would I not send sound dead I see like you sounded actually seriously no you’re not even at the gym you can’t even be in this conversation yeah Joey get out of the conversation dude – I’m just plodding over here just can’t even spoke what’s happening your mother [ __ ] keeps walking in so I’m sure wait no you’re kidding over school wait hello okay we took this to level I’m just gonna exchange for my egg and just ignore you guys I’m sorry it’s okay you keep that’s not actually funny a cyst only it’s no it’s genuinely funny children dying is hysterical or what no no yes it is I’ll tell you why were you’re a child exactly and if I died I’d laugh no you wouldn’t because she would be dead I would be black I’m head of without logic with logic or aperture I mean you’re not wrong no he’s pretty bad he’s it look she’s gonna say the same thing oh there’s anything better for the thought trigger one of you guys so I didn’t trying to play the race card work okay so I lost the grovyle and I have a girl’s oh wait what happened oh no way when did you lose your vile last episode oh nice party dude I’m super proud too Oh Bailey’s reading grovyle to be honest means I have more editing to do in Episode six [ __ ] you Joey the people in the comments yelling the Caliph is not finishing the sidebar it’s throw so yell at the RO yeah yell at him yeah it’s not called a sidebar total layout thank you I’m from older time yeah but it’s not a sidebar it’s not on the side it’s a literally a whole layout you can’t call it a side-by-side don’t use sidebars it’s on all of the sides of the video it’s a multi sidebar you’re actually gonna make any sense anymore please stop it is I can’t do blue knit please stop talking to me no okay fight fight fight fight fight waste time [ __ ] what wait wait a minute oh I just got a boy never mind said I ain’t getting nothing I’m doing so where’s my Missy’s level 25 stormy so you’re lying conniving flight

I think our highs low look ones like 23 or something oh wow scrubs shoulda known that God you guys super so I’m not gonna win this now he’s always gonna win this and everyone’s gonna be like Emily eagle because of that one episode he was grinding I hope so oh yeah definitely I’m kinda busy grinding so no matter what Joey loses grind did too much against misty and he’s over level now so you see here’s the logic food right what logic I went in the video it doesn’t matter they’ll still be crying and that’s the end result what you’re trying to say there wait why is the Nurse Joy in France okay uh I remember I think she gives you a Pokemon okay hello she’s a weave she’s a twin of like the million people that’s actually even more creepy yes even worse that’s better hello oh okay what is that they’re like a good TM and one of these stores I don’t know I don’t care anymore I’m back at home I thirteen twenty is that big high no I think that who’s this I don’t know why this is just like a trainer take this Pokemon I got told that I’ll probably your Pokemon then you lose object you just go to the nearest reality catch a Pokemon yeah I’m hoping this go back doesn’t have wing attack it probably does but I just make a punch to it almost killed it it does have wing attack but I’m gonna eat it the side of his era noise okay so when you said I’m gonna eat it I completely forgot you were talking about taking the hit and I thought you were talking about eating the gold only has a big enough mouth oh yeah so you would have a road him only doesn’t have a mouth um did you call him a slaughterer who what horse what are you talking about I thought her Joey called you a [ __ ] and it just hit me right now when I call someone a [ __ ] I don’t remember yeah I called you a like conniving [ __ ] or something go out that’s how god cedar trees dragon dance what should I do you should wait I forgot it wasn’t dark type [ __ ] no you know this isn’t good okay they used over being rip do I want to kill him no I don’t want you to die well whoever scented bath’s here I would like to thank you it’s been great having it for a few so I might lose if I want to because [ __ ] go cadabra’s a little scary yeah so from box yeah it’s called tell something inside well what are you gonna lose don’t lose SP on me I’m losing SP on right now what bro why don’t the socking SP run off because it’s a scrub watch it it’s gonna hit itself with confusion this is it son it’s bro oh never mind it didn’t hit itself upon it has a chance here you got it got a sand attack off dude oh [ __ ] okay I’m giving it another chance they would have died doing okay do you can miss it if you can make a miss again and not hit yourself with confusion dude you might be actually good it has dragon rings OH oh my god that’s broken is it gonna kill oh it didn’t kill don’t hit yourself in confusion don’t do it are you bad it’s crazy what happened apparently he’s fighting a Pokemon with that one move what’s it called again dragon rage what’s wrong I don’t see the problem just 40 damage just do one just one shot it I don’t know why okay why are you bad it has a dragon dance off throw okay what is that supposed to mean it doesn’t raise its defenses it raises its baby I can I’ll call everything on my team I don’t see this I raise my speed you’re [ __ ] I just I’m sorry I just don’t see this right number 12 from box 1 is gonna be oh gosh – don’t hit yourself in confusion up he hit himself in the confucian is it gonna kill him yep it killed him okay there we go everyone’s dead thanks a yarn for setting up the sand attacks I appreciate it that’s what I need it oh [ __ ] I just got a barb oh just my boy Julie watch me one shot the Kadabra with mega punch of this say it detects me pointless yep no first you roll a loose cadabra’s frail but it set up a reflect beforehand so it was able to like get real and I needed to heal up on Hitmonlee because I was 100% sure if it would one-shot so oh yeah of course I’m on look at make sense of success [ __ ] loss you’ve lost yeah good job go to the nearest out Joe you’re not winning this is over now we were like giving you a little bit of

hope but yeah after that yeah I’m sorry oh yeah okay all right sign this right Miley’s learning blaze kick yes please hello him he doesn’t learn that naturally I swear yeah in Section I think he does actually yeah but like that’s crazy I don’t care I’ll take it [ __ ] yeah that’s gonna be nice for Erica it’s gonna be nice for this jinx all right hold up so lace kick you in the face goodbye thank you like a boss what damage it’s using powder snow what are you do hope you Excel nurse Troy I hope we die of a [ __ ] vitamin D deficiency Wow we would actually wish that upon someone who’s kind of [ __ ] a little damaged that was weird hey special in this game no it’s not because there’s physical special split I thought calling about apparently it’s not well this game is garbage yeah so place kick you as a garbage move I’m just emptying the whole team right now it’s very depressing yeah I can imagine I mean at least you get to use new Pokemon and there we go fun training yeah you mean have fun using rare candies off-screen that’s right you’re funny no wait this right above cerulean and you oh and I’m Vermillion a new place yeah I’m pretty sure I don’t know me I’ll stay in so I’m being a fussy little [ __ ] I can’t even buy pokeballs look oh good job you’re gonna have to sell some of your items yeah doing is really part of you man so your items to make sure and if you can’t like a hundred percent can’t catch a Pokemon will edit it in but you gotta try with what you have so you’re saying if I can’t even catch a Pokemon I’m so bad that you have to edit one in your money so that you have more money to buy more pokeballs yeah and you can keep going for Pokemon all day a cheat that’s what I mean good with me I don’t like I mean you should be blaming yourself Villas anything to cover in this game I mean you’re trying to keep up when you were really low level dude I’m sorry I’m nicest thing I’d be like I was doing perfectly fine Thalia dragon rage which is completely stupid what traitor was that misty misty I can try taking on misty he’s a [ __ ] he’s a silly dog oh why were you taking on misty already did you not battle any of the trainers like above the Nugget bridge I did I’m pretty sure he was right behind me but you know much lower level than me it was like oh you see what you’re stupid this is why you’re bad this is why you lost this is fine [ __ ] I beat you in that with all you did is oh it’s okay I’m still good okay no you’re not what hot terrible actually no I’m still waiting on you to pass me up in this game get on it hmm I call it my day hello I’m just ready for a pokeyman teaching there come on good job dude how many calls did you end up affording with that nugget oh okay now I’m battling trainer God just God they just dude it’s yeah why are you bowing a trainer it was an accident you’re so bad No okay I’m sorry you’re so good oh my god Meganium nobody I’m pretty sad Meganium trainer battles are you set with a Meganium yell at me don’t sweetie trainer battles people will actually be mad at you I lost my whole [ __ ] team it doesn’t matter it’s just matter who which trainer are you badly it was an accident was in the grass right when people catch my pokemon up on the left that’s another bridge Oh why are you were you catching a Pokemon there I’ll just just grind in the grass dude just get one level 30 Pokemon and you should be good I’m gonna grind this whole episode that’s fine you should be good hey well Pokemon do you get incredible – yeah yeah good egg and you’ll be fine yeah grass type and you’ll be good yeah just get a good egg dude I show my eggs like a Smeagol or something I hope so alright let’s take a

look at the nameless and I got another Vulpix hey well thanks just loves me man the replace event his name is Sakurai soccer Fox 7 1 oh my god crap 13 14 15 16 now do life such as picking up a new boy come on all right I can’t get the egg in the box there we go so guys I hope you enjoy this versus being throwing myself wow that’s dumb I didn’t even take it that far Joey for the the sideline and we’re probably over somehow and Joey will catch up to us and obey you I mean that’s my hip my lease stays alive I don’t think I’ll have that it executes is actually good Joey you mean that arrives late for the next gym my recessive is execute I appreciate the joke but crack I want to kill you I don’t I just kill this Pokemon and get another one I know you can but like I’m actually that’s a good yeah you keep wasting your time hatching an egg and then forget oh my god time it’s not of the episode essence right yes it is name one reason because you’re falling behind slowly I’m actually really really slowly I mean silly me silly me that I think slowly doing I meant faster you’re I’m sorry doing yeah [ __ ] you till your brain master kids it already did then you were alright I don’t know what that means well you should educate yourself then when I speed up level you have to poke might be they’ve been doing that yeah yeah okay I’m totally not ready for that well actually I could probably sweep lieutenant search but I don’t want to do that because that’s cheating not really but how was that cheating how that sighs I want to tell me I want to give you guys a fair chance I know you’re not gonna win okay I hope I get a growler no no oh okay no it didn’t okay Chikorita solve you a number 10 is the number 10 yeah overtime okay so this thing’s give me a little 15 bar boats you’re still gonna get my team by the way I’m using a bar approach on my team because I can come in here with 25 and it’s a pie that go this is my second egg leave off by the way who sends in this many egg LaBeouf’s yeah yeah that’s actually come oh come on why I don’t know free throw I know I’ve never used this thing in my life that’s why that’s crazy 5k buff is good dude wait what does that woman did Wigglytuff it’s not bad but like I need to it’s pretty bad it’s not bad come on what’s the best moves it’s gonna run let’s go good coverage – bridge flamethrower I scream Thunder bullet learn it it doesn’t matter you have to get the TMS for that listen bro I hate you being such a debbie downer and I wanted Debbie put my Debbie dick in her Debbie okay so wait what did you say Joey he doesn’t like you being such a baby down there yeah well what’d you get I can’t hear you guys right now I’m like wait I just sped through the strainer flips I was training yell at him in the comments oh you can yell at me that’s human break him I mean it’s not like it’s gonna make much of a difference that’s I’m training anyways but I don’t like you number 11 is gonna be called oh [ __ ] Jeremy my boy pyramid Dermot this is probably cynical then if it is died on me it is a cynic well Wow okay I can need a Senate bill right now when you’re about to go take on a water gym because he’s stupid I’m gonna get the box nine that is some Joey J he would definitely do that so should I use Ponyta or cyndaquil I kind of like send my Cooper hello cyndaquil of ponies of trash some fire horse the thing is trapped it’s good it’s

fresh knocks is Sly Cooper is it’s a Sneasel that’s I need my ball picks to be over leveled I need my larva tarred to be over leveled oh I see my witness well how does Vulpix of all Firestone okay I do that I mean I have a fire since I kind of want to use this [ __ ] lava now just looks so good it shiny oh my god I didn’t know that was a thing silver just like his rank and csgo that’s not why I could see escape Oni took just for the sake of unique cuz I already have a star Pokemon on my team and I feel kind of Leone tell you it’s more unique than a Typhlosion neither of them are neat who cares about you need me if I kill I just said don’t I cared about being unique okay wow you’re very edgy I’m gonna be the most unique person here I have a Hitmonlee who uses a unique person here I have a completely new team not unique yes bad as you Wow you’re gonna let people that are suck it that’s not wrong I mean you’ve never been wrong except weird I’ve never been wrong in my entire life except when you lost to the dragon rage chick I wasn’t being that wasn’t even my fault I mean you’re wrong there it was your fault you could trade well and you would know what you would have warned me but oh by the way done we actually have we watch out them we didn’t even know yeah we were just magical leaves this whole team and that was it and pretty much the Pokemon that I use they all have like 80 HP yeah yeah pretty much saying well I’m not a know why oh yeah you don’t know like the game I’m offended oh my god it’s not like all right and before some sorta 42 rest here’s another yell I just used a rock move against the fighting type so obviously I’m [ __ ] okay so I know pretty much every single fighting I mean every single like type resistance and [ __ ] like one time I made the mistake of thinking fighting resisted fighting and people was so pissed at me I think that was like two years ago as well and people who can see that we’re all over me I don’t know why just you think like that they were all over you know depends on the person I mean for me I didn’t really assuming that most of my viewers our children Joey hello wait so you’re becoming a Minecraft wow that could be yes not bad Calla maker GP Lord the little kids that Lionel – yeah it’s a tan yet he’ll just I’ll be honest a nun I’m in sight yeah I’m insane and to know you know yeah I’ve been I’ve been in I just battling random faders oh my gosh checking of items I’m fighting the Jewish boss of Pokemon are you talk nosepass we can forget to wrap up this episode here anything any time Joey is a team good to go I think I’m sorry I didn’t mean to kill them he did you did it on purpose oh yeah yelling over the comments I was looking for brickbreaker I think they gave me wrestling outfit my tongue [ __ ] how’s that karma karma yeah although I don’t know I bit my tongue that’s not wood and won’t be police I don’t I never bite my tongue let me finish this okay I think he’s okay counts Ezra you okay yes okay are you gonna end the episode that’s the real question there so now just finishing off this battle straining okay thank you guys for watching