Pokemon Snakewood Episode 17 w/ Voltsy Gameplay Walkthrough

what is the Piero’s and welcome back to smoking with snake with elastomer sewed we defeated the Dark Lord who had free dog legendary Pokemon then we made our way for Victory Road and now we are ready to take on the Elite Four I don’t know how I’m gonna do it because any have six out of eight badges but let’s see what they say used to be that beyond this point and here the trainers with all a gym badges could pass but really everyone who makes it here so strong now because all the zombies anyway oh God let’s look you’ve got six of the eight badges and some that proclaimed need to be a certified night being that’s good enough yeah so aim for it reach for the sky defeat the leaf or and all that stuff good for from conquer and all that stuff alright let’s let’s go through welcome to the Elite Four I’m Caitlyn I’m going to be beating up up today you’re beaten up up today what up do to you you damn lady okay what you got Hariyama possibly a fighting type of meat for member I need to switch out down okay let’s go into it’s gonna clay stir any drum that’s kind of cool I’ll just give a psybeam couldn’t take it out am there were 48 good stuff in a Blaziken that’s uh I must stay in and I’m just gonna heal up and then we’ll go through some soybeans got the confusion nice very good very good Breloom more soybeans Oh God Spore no wake up wake up oh my god it seems to me a pain in the butt I figure out ice punch just keep going for ice punches there we go damn my champ let’s go for it stand for kiss me out he says let’s go for a hyper beam discharge off I lived it nice very flood kill me and I can chuck cool mist nice it’s me a chance to heal up as well no 57 damn okay this thing good this thing good at all explosion how do I got beat up by a kid you did well what the hell I can take a loss gone through to the next room the next battle awaits okay I need to heal up luckily I have like 95 revives and like 44 stores I’d actually buy a lot more for restores but I paid for the items like I paid for my full restores and then if in my bag was full I took the money so you kept the items and took my money that guy was a complete douche and max potions as well oh it’s gonna knowing cuz I lost a lot of money from that but still these are a lot of items anyway next dude this guy’s pretty cool in Sweden we have a very good understanding of what makes a good fight scene especially for cops these flying Pokemon are good at that too if you’re a flying type dude do you like a gun like a rocket launcher awesome pretty awesome alright let’s go for an eruption come on get the hey speed back me better leftovers we do our forests are you suck wake up wake up egg wake up don’t know how you put egg to sleep anyway but still I don’t oh my god stop put me to sleep dude or you’re you will regret it okay oh no didn’t wake up that’s it thank you I told you I told you I warned you Wandy spoons again discharged hey paralyze that’s good oh lucky I’m gonna keep spamming some discharges now crisis again very good GLaDOS is actually a beast promises again we forgot a third time that I would have been like the the power king doesn’t really see the paralyzed king having a good name for that ghost he’s pretty easy you’re very good to be a trained Swedish policeman and I think you can go far how far how far indeed okay next guy it’s of the ice type but I don’t know they could always change it so I’m gonna lead off with my eggs still having eggs good

I’m Glacia I came here from far away but end up staying I was too strong for zombies to get let’s see if you’re any good oh you are the ice type guy lady anyway no peepee left okay that kind of sucks we got any EFA’s or stuff I don’t think I do so my egg is gonna become useless soon well he’s bad yep a nice kind of a field day I guess keep good form for us it froze me while I I break out straight away because I’m freeze king no one freezes me but you can’t serve me that kind of sucks you can just go from mine slams Aaron shockwave are you gonna force toy the poisoned yes just took it out that was actually really lucky cuz you were 100% gonna be healing up right there okay I’m dying so got the egg out let’s revive because you’re gonna kill the egg very easy it makes it’s gonna take all these hits like oh it’s gonna trafficking an egg pump I couldn’t think of anything and once they’ve ones pretty much healed up I can start taking this we file there we go all right let’s go for some explosions yeah boy star you aren’t gonna get I in slammed okay gonna die no surf saikai sucks baymax take out o frost one more few more more oh no I got damage to be closed I hate you come on you ty because Ty’s dragon-type so doesn’t really help better places ground as well but you know whatever but the confusion oh my god I might do this nice closer you are you are a Kudo pretty cool shockwave screw it head butt head butt get the flinches keep get lunches yes oh my god fritter oh oh no PPA that’s fine no our forest or you suck no chin it’s like not as good as Queen headbutt but he’s definitely update pretty good your spirit burns with fiery passion how can I stand against such pure flame I don’t know you tell me go in the next room indigo is waiting for you indigo rain let’s make sure everyone’s nice and healthy and then we’re Ella start kicking some more but can’t watch had some EFA’s to be honest though for my egg I’m in go the fonder king with the power of the sky I’ll strike you down I’ll I’m volt see and I’m the thunder king so I’m like kick your butt wish we start this battle off thanks button oh you lip that it’s kind of annoying come on I could get pretty good pretty goddamn good gonna fly out goddamn it same good this is good okay okay I’m I take it back you’re pretty goddamn good you ever want HP again of course you do and then our car you didn’t heal up nice stay in 65 I’m gonna get absolutely wrecked right now oh my god okay um revive my egg and then I can start reviving this other stuff stupid hey I could potentially just like revive egg cover explosion revive them again keep doing that I should have trained a lot more resonate for more like early 50s so expected the the champion to be at least 60 not the elite four members beat mid 60s so champions pro gonna be seventeen when you’re absolutely correct it’s just good I’ll go no explosions left this sucks was a good but hey nice gonna take it

out let’s take out all trust for stole that’s really annoying look I lie and really annoying double-team now I’m gonna miss all my attacks sweet VP left awesome oh my god I hate missile attacks it’s super annoying well this could go better it’s good very better you may heal up much this thing can do to me to be honest I don’t eat someone some TMS after this like actually you got a Pokemon I’m missing these attacks aren’t I yeah it’s cuz double-team it’s just so goddamn powerful in these games like c’mon just land an attack god damn there you go one more oh my god like once I put one in this game is a double team like once or twice you are not hearing it from so many hits god damn it scoffs my egg to be honest underway that’s for finally heal up GLaDOS and then I can just go provide some people’s some iron slams not gonna heal the paralysis because it’s all static so end up just paralyzing the stuff anyway nice and back so it’s all good it’s gonna get paralyzed to be honest take out Oh bras off it was oh come on dude that takes the biscuit it really does get up and then revive some more because Eggers is too good this egg does not die anything but water sprout on dive they finally dies so want as much damage as I can go into baymax and then fake out right you shouldn’t heal up you shouldn’t heal up you shouldn’t heal up oh you didn’t die from that I wish you didn’t attack me Zapdos I can’t kill you kill me in one hand sweet think that man so glad I’ve always revives and stuff makes it much easier so download knows locking the CEO because otherwise I would just get rekt let’s go into place time what else can do it others Joe picked me last time dinner okay so engine power knows much I’ve worked in duty be honest ice beam they’re really dumb about the free sex right there data stream on protect whoa these are MOOCs um I’m leaving pee pee fast damn and you go voice do you pity detective or forced or sorry I’m gonna run a pee pee for my throat would you be honest tastes like an ice beam it I can fake it out do you want me to revive you okay so take out ice punch No ice beam will have to do is out speed it okay now speed wise ice beam should kill right I’m skin it won’t but it should well it I don’t trust myself to be honest really trust myself I know got a I can revive notes your than someone else and then I can just like have a safety just in case would you have killed it you would oh okay it’s all good right you oh goodness so much reviving I’m sorry guys I did not realize you look forward to be this

strong before there be roughly mid-50s which should have been fairly easy to beat I mean easily beat them late like mid sixties it’s like oh thank you that’s kinda hard to be baymax hey kill im frost it’s fine half speed it hey there we go okay be this dude less teaching TM so I can actually win this next battle all right Dragon Claw teach that to glados let’s get rid of hyperbeam see I see psychic let’s teach that to plaister okay if you gonna learn it later on a need and now maybe yeah okay yeah just heal up and then we are good to go yes and get rekt but nice if we can do it no for baymax I can go for a fake-out who is the champion of this game hello thingy hum-hum oh you want to fight me that can be arranged shall we then we shall oh you gotta like I spray alright that’s good for a nice fake out okay not doing too much damage that kind of sucks I can take this out surf okay a radio a reddy-orange that’s a reddy-orange we have my egg just uh it’s an it’s an orange okay damage my eggs doing work I was gonna heal up now this is super effective against it pretty cool right come on egg you got this like a burn that’s that sucks a ram oh that guy I guess it’ll be at least champions easy people compared to first year late for just their last guy it’s correct data stream much like photos gonna do dragon claws left that’s all I got okay okay I’m gonna provide my egg it’s dinkley we have come we have a panda but to take out as well okay no chill can probably kill that it seemed like a psychic-type so maybe like a shadow ball from least it could do pretty good fine okay maybe no it’s normal psychic that is that’s that’s a that’s odd all right come on egg that leftovers this guy’s released I can knock it off maybe I know childerik may mask a little bit of damage pushing up quick guys can get it off placing get hit off good try and kill him I’m doing damage that’s nothing all right get a big damage off and dive no okay maybe not right they can OPP left knock off ah sweet thanks for that man oh my god I hate this guy this book once so annoying before house I can just go free knock

off get rid of leftovers more easier my for stores can use them just when remember to him I placed can make sure everyone’s got full health and then BAM we’re gonna go in hard we’re gonna beat this thing you know takes all six my pokemon just beat this one dude right here we go knock off goodbye leftovers that’s fine surf surf shockwave poisoned a there we go finally be a damn bottle on um bosses fing never see when he’s in a very long time like I don’t from everything in sick Jen for my said I could only quite I’ve ever seen in like 5th gen boy obviously is fifth gem but still you know I mean for store cool thanks for that man Wow reckon he is reckon do the same thing again heal up everyone and then we’re gonna go in on this dude cool or damage any button damage oh god he’s gonna kill me he is gonna kill me I got poison though he got poisoned now all I have to do is heal up once it gets down to about yellow over an attack and hopefully get them poison to finish him off because he’s gonna go for a stupid-ass full restore soon right now might be the best time to do it no I think I’ve wasted a turn a full restore now suck so what else that’s kind of scary that’s very scary kill me hopefully ends up like kill themself that’s the way I fight like a not like a man I sit back here with my potions and just yell up all the time cuz this hack is really hard pretty why they give you so much money in this game people like me you didn’t realize the Elite Four big just got down difficult select run like no peaky left as well get some tax off now there we go yeah not damage it cured you know well good though we’re good Dragon Claw yeah please let them move someone broke lobster okay is that tranquil super effective though so yeah what luck what like the one move I have left your week – oh my god King Mario oh my god is acting that’s not week two anything I can’t hit this finger arrow on this game let’s do that anyway I can do is survive to be fair I’m pretty good surviving there you go yeah it’s just crazy oh my goodness well congratulations have been a long time since anyone having then Steven stone beat me yeah I know a Steven haha finally someone other than me be fing Lee amazing isn’t it huh my bronze song tells me that there’s a disturbance in your mind oh well I suppose that’s your business can tell me I don’t mind me I just like to look in on those who beat the champion see Steven I told you folks you could do it ha wait you’ve got a pokedex now vault see all ready for you hmm see if 754 pokemon and quartz 16 guess you’re getting the hang of it it gets harder from here that’s good I know a guy pokedex just wrote it all down on the back of us Elms boarding head uh-huh alright well shall we go Arista you in the Hall of Fame hey guys only 40 and I can go faster Steven you’re not a champion anymore you

know literally we’ll wait right by right birch right by birch this is some kind of room where some famous people are remembered and I asked even about it I’m just gonna rush you okay okay time to vote and put your name here because II okay there we go this isn’t in the game remember because we have to go to sootopolis to find our brother who is being potentially dead by the Inquisition so you do that next which others go to the leave for the train up which makes me think the the enemies in sootopolis are gonna be really really really hard to be which I am NOT looking forward to at all that’s gonna be super annoying do I have to train up a lot before we actually do it but I got a spot right here I will see you next time thank you guys watching have a great day peace