Pokémon Snakewood Walkthrough part 5: The Dewford Dominance!

hello everyone and welcome tonight’s part of my poke of a snake wood let’s play and welcome to a’s games TV which is a gaming community channel but you probably know that already okay so in the last episode i encountered some weird evil people and guess what they were weird and they were evil as I have already mentioned before yeah so pretty much on beat their asses and mouse now the professor called me up and he told me to go to an island where apparently the zombies can’t reach which is actually kind of nice cos I wanna I don’t want to encounter any zombies anymore I’m getting kind of sick of them yeah now I’m like speeding up the video I honestly don’t really know where to go now because well if I remember correctly the only way to reach dewford city aka the island where the zombies can’t reach is yeah in order to do that you must first like talk to mister brawny and stuff but mr. briney here let me read this I just tried to get mr. brawny to take me to do fur because it’s an island and zombies can’t cross running water but mr. briney tried to eat me yes mr briney did turn into a zombie oh boy no way do I have to go well maybe I need to like go back to like the actually like the lost town or something I honestly don’t really know well actually I’ll take a look at my pokémon team because there’s something seems to like have changed in my Pokemon team I have now I’ve now got him like like a level 4 Magikarp and why are you holding an item well let’s take an item and oh oh this is HM 3 are you me am I like some psyche or something this is HM 3 surf which happens to be the HM that I need but usually you need like five gym badges in order to use that oh yeah unfortunately I can’t teach it to any I can’t give it to anyone yes to any of my Pokemon because none of my Pokemon are water pokemon and can learn surf this is quite problematic now where do I find a water pokemon damn I didn’t see that one coming let me know let let’s just like search this water thing yeah it’s in there search this patch of grass I don’t really know where to go now why what where can I get it you know what maybe I should just do some off-screen training or something and get my a Magikarp to evolve into Gyarados and then he can learn surf but that would be reared that would take a long time and I honestly don’t really want to spend that much time on it now I have a little problem and I know that I’m beating up the video like dramatically you guys are probably getting a headache from this you know what I’ll just pause the video and I’ll be back when whenever I like get a Pokemon that can learn surf and I honestly don’t know how to do that but yeah anyways that that’s a problem for me and not for you I’ll be back in a second okay welcome back ladies and gentlemen take a look at this I was training my Pokemon up to level 20 because really I couldn’t find any other water pokemon unfortunately so now my magic are it’s finally evolving I can finally go on words in my quests he’s ready level 20 now so yeah he’s kind of over leveled okay I’ve got myself a nice little Gyarados okay now I would like to ask you guys the question would you guys like me to keep on using Gyarados or not his moveset isn’t the greatest his statistics are kind of good but he’s like a physical attacker not a special attacker which is kind of bad because he can’t really learn that many good like physical water moves that’s you know what if you know what I mean okay let’s go onwards I guess okay well now I can probably teach you serve not I hope so tm3 serve for hm3 serve let’s teach it to you finally you learned serve okay well it’s not like he’s a bad pokemon or anything I mean a lot of pokémon you know yeah a lot of people use and go it also has a Pokemon but I’ve actually never really gotten him that good and there aren’t like a couple of items I can reach right now I find cut amok kara Mac I don’t really know what that is still let’s take a look what at it what what yeah let’s take a look what it does the thin chocolate bar raises one moves P P okay so it’s like a PP up or something Kara Mac I really don’t know I really I really don’t know where that name comes from and now let’s go on words by the way it seems like my English has gotten worse I’ll probably make the second part of this episode like someday later or something by the way I’m sorry that I’m not really answering any of your questions if you guys asked any questions that’s mainly because the last episode hasn’t been uploaded yet on a scheme’s TV it has yeah it’s gotten like a little lame and a little delay mint or something I really don’t know why but um yeah apparently apparently my episode can wait a little longer there’s some liquid of some sort well you use sir for not what’s up with the archaic English okay so there’s an item as well and I find a match revived okay now I think I think I’ve collected all the items I can I can I actually find a water pokemon in this piece of water let’s keep on surfing around I guess let’s find out it seems like there is not okay now what’s the one words I think my Pokemon are like fully leveled and that one should probably be able to reach dewford city but it’ll be a long perilous journey and I’ll start all the way from the docks simply because I like to actually I can’t start from the docks cool that’s a failure just a liquid of some sort

whether you surf yes I will serve on that liquid of some sort now I’ll probably encounter some wild Pokemon and maybe I’ll find a better water pokemon to use or not I don’t really know now I’m in a now I’m on around 105 and it appears I can find a quill fish in here which is the partial poison Pokemon his world well I should probably put a different Pokemon up front and there is a Pokemon that would like to evolve pretty soon and that is broasted he’s gonna evolve it like level 23 or something so yeah I’m gonna battle all the trainers I could find in here hey you isn’t it si great it’s wonderfully zombie free well yeah that’s that’s really nice swimmer dawn you send out Celia which is a partial ice Pokemon so I do have to pay attention but I think I’ll be able to beat you with some mega drains here and there although you do know powdered snow but you’re dead napped I’m nearly level out in that little ninety now as well now let’s keep on going I mean this round is actually surprisingly empty I thought I thought there would have been like a lot of trainers and stuff but apparently not so now let’s keep on going I guess oh next trainer am I gonna have some aqua sex in here I’m swimming to do for safety but I guess I can’t I can stop and have a battle knowing no zombies can get me while you’re swimming in the wrong direction you Beverly let’s go through the mega drain that does a lot of damage to my goodness grass pokemon are actually better than than I than I expected I mean I always dislike them because they have a lot of weaknesses but yeah did they do know how to pack a punch or Broce it does at least and so I’m gonna keep on playing with the potheads but er yeah I haven’t really gotten the opportunity to play with him too much right now he is sort of like an HM slave because he knows cut oh I forgot that there were strong trainers left yeah and I’m one of those okay let’s keep on going and I think I’m nearly there what is this this is an island oh and a trainer ain’t no money and being a sailor no more with the zombies and also I’ve become a Pirates are he probably ads okay well this is pirates Arturo you send out meows and I think I can stun you and then I can do some mega drains against you and as long as you’re paralyzed I’m gonna be one happy okay you’re dead next one up is Persian okay I should have probably gone for the leech seed yeah that’s a good idea there is no P P left for shits I’m actually gonna have to like change Pokemon now you know what let’s test start my Gyarados I mean there seems to be kind of a good Pokemon his HP is really amazing surf that actually doesn’t do that much damage but then again Persian is little nineteen and you’re dead now or pretty poor pirate I am yeah you certainly are now let’s go onwards and well I guess I shouldn’t put my bro sit up front anymore because well he doesn’t have any grass moves yet no left so I’ll just put my pot head up front for now and I I’ll give you some XP from now on okay now let’s go onwards I know are speeding up the video and I know that you guys don’t really like that but I’m sorry about that ah don’t worry we could we can’t be attacked here since we’re safe how about a little bachelor just like trainer’s used to sure thing honey you sent out to carvanha I’m gonna go for the grass whistle put you to sleep and then I’m gonna go for some rock beans oh yeah that’s right pop had actually thrown into a better Pokemon than I expected because he now knows a good rock move even though he doesn’t have stabbed on that either he does have pretty good spitty good physical attack physical physical attack of course and now I think I reached you first city and I find a reason reason is actually a German word and it means Giants that actually comes from another another word is like their dairies like for example it’s a map of Nazi zombies and call of duty world at war and call of duty black ops the reason which is which is like the the plural form of Giants now I don’t know what to do with that it raises the attack of pokemons but yeah I’m not really gonna go for that okay well I reach Newport City that’s amazing but before I encounter before I do any battling first I’ll go to the Pokemon Center apparently this town is zombie free which is actually kind of nice hello there is joy hello to the Pokemon Center we’re restoring a dart Pokemon to perfect health oh yeah thank you very much okay well now I’m quickly gonna pause the video and blow my nose because yeah I seem to have gotten a cold so I’ll be back in a second before I sneeze too late yeah boy well well how could I have possibly gotten a cold right now I mean it’s like almost summer well here in Belgium we’ve we have gotten like the worst summer since 1833 according to the news station and the weather is horrible it’s freaking cold outside the average temperature this spring was seven degrees Celsius which is rather cold so yeah that’s probably why I’ve gotten a call man that’s my son out training on the beach did you know that before he tried to learn arm thrust he learned how to ice punch yeah well I made it into TM I want you to have it and I get TM 31 ice punch hell yeah that’s a good ice move my son trains for years at a time to learn the dating in the techniques of battle then my husband puts them in TMS and gives them to trainers to improve their skills it’s like a circle that is not a circle woman okay well we’re so

lucky not to have been touched by the zombie plague that was if surfing or swim over here have to all this terrible stories of life on the mainland yeah because there is a zombie apocalypse zombie apocalypse going on and all okay well now I guess let’s go onwards there is still a couple of places I can explore I guess like for example this place the TV station is no longer broadcasting I guess all the people got eaten or something yeah probably I don’t know why you’re staring at a TV screen and this plus bandit was a gift from my girlfriend Laura she wrote in Norman’s gym she’s probably dead now I don’t want it anymore and I get the plus’ ban okay I kill he he doesn’t really seem to be too emotional about like the plaza about about his girlfriend being dead and stuff I heard there’s a monster in solar cabinets at least when anyone goes near we think we hear something roaring well that seems kind of nice you you look kind of battered yeah no Sherlock I’ve been battling I’ve been fending off zombies time after time of course I’m a little and of course I’m old and tired now let’s go onwards I mean it doesn’t seem like there is anything here there’s rumors that one Groudon awoke three years ago at the sunlight it summons stain in the granite and that’s why you don’t need to use flash in there anymore okay now it’s some trainers mysteriously popped up this is a renowned fishing spot are you getting the edge to fish oh yes sure you give me an old raw thank you very much now you can go back to your fishing Fisher man I trained with my makuhita on the beach every day in the hope event to end up an Olympic emulating not eliminating emulating it’s unstoppable arm thrust spoiler alert this guy’s gonna have arm thrust now let’s put you to sleep first and maybe I’m gonna be able to kill you oh my goodness Butthead what are you doing you’re amazing you just raped that dude now you’re gonna send out another makuhita let’s put you to sleep again for some reason I seem to be quite lucky because you never like oh I’m dipped because I never seemed to miss well let’s keep on going I guess mega drain finishes him off and now last but not least is your hitmontop I’m gonna leech seed your ass and I’m gonna do some mega drains and it’s probably gonna kill you or not actually no actually not at all I’m gonna have to change oh c’mon now they’re gonna change to my spouse here you go and you know what I’m gonna I’m gonna do self destruct simply because I can and now my broseph gets all the XP and he’s now level 21 now let’s go back to the Pokemon Center I mean I can actually yeah I mean I can actually use that explosion or self-destruct on my coughing I never I never expected that I would actually be able to use that but apparently it’s kind of handy okay arrived 106 and there seems to be some kind of rocks in here and yes there is an item hidden underneath these rocks and I find a Stardust that’s amazing okay now I’ve got one words oh there is an exclamation mark avast an alien roar it goes out of the cave whatever is in there I don’t want to enter boy boy are you a or no just go in that cave and beat the crap out of that roaring thing I don’t know what it is I mean it might be not a no and now let’s talk to you the leader here used to be a guy called Brawley he used the fighting time but since he’s good but since he got promoted to the Kanto Elite Four we’ve got a new girl she’s way stronger than Brawley ever was are you me am I gonna am I gonna be able to beat up a girl now that’s amazing okay now I’m got forced like split the recording into two so be back in a second okay let’s go onwards let’s talk to this nerd guy and the advisor I’m no trainer no not me but I sure can give you winning advice so listen Pataca uses the Doric type it’s a fragile time that won’t take a fighting move but but candy lat massive damage with their rapacious talons and big teeth okay dark-type pokémon it seems like I’ve got this because my mind yeah Maya a Shroomish is about to evolve it super lumen step I’m really looking forward to that by the way but first things first I need to find some trainers and that seems to be quite problematic in here where are the traders at come on I’m just I’m just looking all over the place but I can’t seem to find anything there is a crate here but nope that’s not a trainer you know what I’ll just keep on sticking to the rights as much as possible as I’m doing right now and maybe I’ll find a trainer like that nope it appears that this gym is completely empty well that sucks me let’s just go to the trainer that oh here is a tree Wow I was going to say let’s go to the gym leader but yeah there is a trainer here you you are shanked where you send out the shakes I’m gonna put you to sleep again I’m gonna give I’m gonna do some rock boobs but I actually should put a different Pokemon up front I’m gonna put my bro sit up front because he needs to evolve quickly or otherwise I’m probably gonna get my ass kicked at the end yeah at the gym metal revive and step what you need you use the revive are you me you didn’t use a revive your pokemon is dead you can you’re lying you okay it doesn’t matter you’re near oh yeah you’re nearly dead and you’re at you’re dead now I’m level 22 and I want to learn headbutt okay that’s amazing it’s better than tackle anyway so I’m gonna get rid of tackle okay why don’t you want to hear it now I don’t want to hear you play your

guitar is silly goose okay now let’s take a look anything that curious paralysis curse poison Pokemon nope that’s not what I’m looking for maybe I’ve got like a barrier to something yeah I’ve got TM ice punch but I’m gonna teach you that later on so my Pokemon cherry berry here that heals paralysis I don’t want to toss it away I want to use it well let’s give it to my bro SID okay now let’s boot my bro sit up front because he’s nearly gonna evolve and if he if he is then I’m gonna be so happy but right now I’m still looking for trainers to battle oh here’s the trainer yeah talk about the general okay let’s go for leech seed and that’s actually a really good tactic of mine and now I’ll go for some head butts or maybe mega drain is still better yeah it’s it’s about the same while you’re dead map and okay I’m not nearly level 23 I was about to say that what the two trainers in a row it’s dark in here the dark is good for our dorm types and you send out Sneasel which is actually not good for me because well because I spoke come on are obviously really good against a grass pokemon but still me none might be able to take you on I’m Mike nobs apparently I am okay you’re dead ma’am damn I couldn’t see in the dark yeah your silly goose you like fighting in the dark and obviously you’re not really that good in the dark and here is another trainer this darkness is this darkness is inspiring me I need to rock and you send out to other shanks I’m gonna leech seed you and I’m gonna go I’m gonna go for some mega drains he let my Pokemon a little a little bit roasted I actually never has to go to the Pokemon Center simply because his leech seeds and stab there that cures enough HP for me although although I ran out of each I ran out of mega drains that actually sucks let’s keep on going I guess charge and stuff you’re dead now okay miles but not least you’re gonna send down a Luxio and I’m gonna change for a change Pokemon and go to my spouse and I should be able to take you on that first let’s go for smog that does a little bit of damage your spark does so as well I’m just gonna go for self destruct and that kills you off and I get all the eggs beat ok I’m level 23 what roasted is evolving oh yes he is and I am now officially a blue loom now you’re trying to learn Mac punch which does 40 damage well it’s better that than nothing I guess I’m gonna get rid of stun Spore okay now let’s take a look can you actually learn ice punch if so then I’m gonna be really happy but of course you never know oh yes you are able to yeah you are able to learn that but of course pot head is as well now this is where it gets stuffed which Pokemon should I teach that chip to because I really want to keep on using blue loom right now and I don’t really want to use bought head but so far I haven’t really found any good who come out to replace him with so yeah I’m gonna teach it to Bruce it actually okay and you can get rid of reach seed there you go and let’s keep on going but first go back to the Pokemon Center where is the exit here it is okay now let’s go back to the Pokemon Center and then maybe I should like end the episode then this episode will be a little I don’t know if shorter I guess or maybe I should try to like get the gym badge and then I’ll then I won’t be episode yeah that’s what I’m gonna do then it’ll be my second badge okay that’s amazing now how do I get to the gym leader I’m really lost no I don’t need to go to the Wrights I’m really getting tired of I’m really getting tired of this yeah let’s go to the rides again and it takes me back to the to the beginning but first I need to battle you you send out Sneasel and actually now yet now you’ve got a large weakness to iya to fighting pokémon so yeah I can just go from mag punches all the time carvanha yeah you’re gonna die as well even though the red skin is gonna hurt me a little bit just look at how much I’m raping him oh you’re dead you deserve that and still I don’t know how to get to the gym leader this is problematic and you guys can’t see can’t see anything so you know what I’ll just go and pause the video and I’ll be back in a second it appears I found her okay she’s got pink hair and let’s take a look at her body yeah seems how’d it go oh you must be honor my trainers have been warning me you’re strong unfortunately I can’t battle you just yet I need you I need you to do a favor for me you see there have been rumors lately that there’s something nasty at the bottom of solar caverns and I’d like you to investigate when I come back I’ll find you is that okay sure are no just agrees he readily agrees oh my God why are you so stupid it’s not because she’s a girl that you should say you should do anything she asks less than number one but first I’m gonna battle this other power thing you’re you say and you’re probably gonna say your again when you die version is dead now as well your question mark is actually kind of funny now let’s keep on going yeah it seems like I already battled you before and here is the exits finally okay now let’s go back to the Pokemon Center and now let’s go to that cave I guess let’s check out what’s going on over there and maybe I should like you to stop speeding up the video because I can imagine you guys really hate that solar caverns okay oh yeah I barely made it out of there alive there’s something down there kid something real nasty I don’t even want to think about it like you and the foe come I’m gonna put up front right now to do

the job is my spouse because he is my starter Pokemon and I want to keep on playing with him until I reach the end of this let’s play it was again whatever it is I’m getting closer yeah obviously oh there is a wild Pokemon here and it’s a makuhita you I don’t want it I don’t want you that roar there it is again it seems somehow familiar maybe it’s my brother I can actually see that happening and here I find an abra but it’s a level 17 Abra so yeah if I want an abra he has to be level 15 obviously and knows bass well apparently this is the place where you can where you can get nose passes I’ve always wondered I can’t let’s take a look I find a pokeball that’s actually amazing if I find another Abra that’s a good what what the what hello there how are you doing what I didn’t even know what this is but I’m gonna catch it not very effective you unleash your energy and all that you know what I’m just gonna keep on going for this mug oh that yeah you must actually be some sort of crabby form because you’re doing vice-grip and you do seem to you like I don’t know look look like a crab with like your scissors or something anyway a little heads to throw a Pokeball at you I got you hambone lines there and things blows all day long it absorbs the energy of the hits and stores it and stores it up this energy can be at least with certain magics what the is going on okay I’ll just call you poo because you do look like it like a piece of poo or something I do who was sent to the experience was sent to be PC I’m gonna check him out later yeah that is amazing okay let’s keep on going it’s again at makuhita maybe I should give my Pokemon a potion or something yeah that’s what I should probably do where is my where are my potions here they are I’ve got eleven of those by the way I went back to the supply crate oh the roar again I’ve definitely heard it before but where why are these flashback so painful oh and I seem to be having a lot of flashbacks our contract is terminated what was what was that that voice it’s like nothing on earth I seem to be having flashbacks of some weird Steph it’s still the mushrooms kicking in from last night and well hello there knows fast I don’t want to battle you let’s keep on going and I should probably not speed up the video only speed up when I encounter a while through come out of some sorts and when I find another and another abre I’m gonna catch him because I actually want to play with a with the sonic you Pokemon but maybe I shouldn’t play with Abra I don’t know anyway you’re blocking me and all that now I can’t escape all that sucks I’ll just poison the out of you I guess but I keep on missing well that sets it all so also that the things I do is not very effective do you man just dying and you being yeah you being poisoned actually does more damage than my smog monkey if I’m going keep on going those fast you are doomed to die for sake I hate you and you are now officially dead okay let’s keep on going nothing happened and here I can probably find a stardust what is it ah what was that a memory sort of watching I don’t know you tell me or no I find a never stone don’t know what it does maybe maybe it like prevents Pokemon from an additive from evolving or something now I find another hormone again I don’t know what that is not again what is this what is this I’m remembering and what is this contract I guess the only way to find out is to continue apparently soon now first let’s take a look at your BP’s you don’t really have that many smaug’s left and that is rather stupid but yeah I mean I’ll just have to live with this I mean you maybe you can like blow yourself up or something what is this that’s all there doesn’t seem to be anyone here is going on you huh what is this it’s a black Charizard our contract is terminated huben we have joined the horsemen now I remember you your meaty or the Dragon King yes I am meteor I thought pestilence had arranged for your death apparently so did she I suppose I will have to finish the job that she could not complete do you really have to preface every sentence with a war it’s really startling yeah yeah it’s actually really annoying as well silence I will eradicate you me it’s like it’s like a version of Achmed the dead terrorist well drag eqing meat-eor and you have a green chair resort well that’s sex you know what I’m gonna do I’m just gonna self-destruct and I miss well that’s sex yeah that really does let’s go for my amp you tagged and you must take the yeah yeah you must take the hit fly well that must hurt now let’s change out to my dripper maybe I’m gonna lose now I don’t know water gun actually is not very effective are you me what’s going on I’m really confused right now fly finishes me off while Gyarados maybe you can do something with your bite or something goodness this is really stupid

how am I gonna kill this sucker bite and now you’re gonna die as well almost anything anyway what the hell man am I gonna lose this now I mean he knows flamethrower yeah I’m probably gonna lose let’s go for ice punch oh and now you’re gonna dig are you me you use a super potion well ice punch actually seems he seems to do a lot of damage and you kill him good going Bruce’s impossible can it be you did not lose all your power what wait up a second did I ever did I ever have any power and I never had any Pokemon before did I we will meet again mark my words I may not be able to destroy this town right now but I’ll be back soon enough yeah what was that all about what power is it that I lost alright this is all so confusing I’d better tell how to go about this yes sure thing honey and now the roaring yet the source of the roaring has been terminated and that’s amazing although it’s kind of weird I mean I battled the black Charizard and he had agreed cherries art and he was not a fire pokémon that cherries are I’m really I’m really confused right now I find the TM sunny day well that’s amazing but I’m not I’m not really gonna use it because I don’t have any fire pokemon yet I do want to catch one but I don’t know where to find one now let’s keep on going I’ll go back to the Pokemon Center first I’m really glad that this is not a Nuzlocke challenge otherwise I would have probably gotten my ass handed to me quite a while ago well yeah before I am you know what I’m gonna do the rest in the next episode thank you for watching please leave a comment about something I hope that this episode won’t have any delay months thank you for watching and good bye