Pokemon Stadium 2 – Part 16 – Dynamic PUNCH!!!!!

hello everyone and welcome back to let’s play pokemon stadium 2 and we’re going against another beauty apparently in the ultra ball cup pokeball cop anyway this chick has Lauda and normal types a miltank a Persian a Wigglytuff a look at time and two very annoying flying types how we’re gonna combat this well we’re gonna start out by Poliwrath hopefully you can get some dynamic punches off using the line and then uh good Abra take care maybe anything that remains be very helpful versus that Mantine and maybe that jump look to you and then I guess just electabuzz in case we’re basically banking a lot on Poliwrath to kind of carry this game I’m gonna join it to whim I’m basically gonna flip a coin and say the first dynamic punch is gonna connect versus the normal type that you will most likely send out if she does not set out a normal kind of a no way hey first pokemon he’s gonna be a twit maybe I shouldn’t I should minor e or nut screw it I’m a giant idiot go afford a Deadpool sure trying to act like Captain Falcon but if I’m anything I’m not captain boom Shakalaka I’d buy that for a dollar we got the dynamic punch through connect and the wiggly jumper you could hit itself in confusion man today read it oh okay I do that by accident it’s not the end of the world um I wanted to read that ability of matter and okay it’s gonna be a psychic that was kind of a big deal John you should not abuse my inner ear there if you conserve your HP we’re gonna go for double slap here I should have done that what how are you faster randomly I guess there’s three levels higher become one we’re starting this episode off great just stupendous man just downright amazing star John you’re so good at pokemon I just want to give you a hug you idiot thank you so that definitely puts a damper on my strategy to win it’s alright as long as she doesn’t have too many more normal types we should be okay but I’m gonna I’m gonna be ballsy I’m gonna say that his next dynamic punch is gonna 100% connect I’m sorry if I peaked there but that is some dumb luck that was only a 25% chance of happening guys holy crap and get to dynamic punches too connects in a row in a row guys oh my gosh and her last money is a Persian so okay three normal times the beauty uh not really too intimidating for the sake of just kind of winging we’re gonna go in a cadaver I don’t think it’s gonna do any crazy like I’d probably use like a slash attack and I use bubble or something randomly I’d definitely be fine with that if it did that but um yeah so all the guy do now is take down this Persian and we’ll get ourselves a continue thanks to do use bite and get a critical hit super so that’s super bad did not think it bites I think it do anything else but bite considering Poliwrath was a normal a fighting type what the heck okay electabuzz is going to be our saving grace here hopefully this thing is no earthquake for heaven’s sake alright so white isn’t necessarily the most devastating attack but it’s very potent if you get a crit with it on a Kadabra yeah but anyways we’re going to watch attract tract and you pull this on me this won’t be fair I guess I did get like a bunch of hacks with two dynamic punches in a row and it’s like whatever man okay are you fence Tarpley fell unless it does like swagger or something we should be good good good good this thunderpunch should do pretty respectable damage okay we got our own type of hacks that’s good we got the paralysis that is gonna be really helpful hopefully we can get one more um Thunder punch it’s attracted but it used Thunder punch anyways that’s a boy a collectibles said that the most copper way possible yes yes yes great so now we got for continues for counting for continues I’m happy with that I’m proud of that I’m really happy whose dynamic punches it connected oh boy that would have totally sucked if they didn’t think so you have nothing but normal sizes kind of hole

anyways Alyssa you were in but you have been defeated by the wrath of poly Ya Ya get the joke anyways that’s gonna be our storm – now on to be sixth badge I know this it probably gets a little boring seeing the same team two times in a row I I probably will use my gold silver team to beat the next Cup basically okay this guy’s a bunch of fire types actually everything is weak – everything is weak – Quagsire why would he do that what everything’s weak Oh Paul you’re a thin Quagsire what’s up with that I don’t know it was a big lie guard I suppose Kadabra would be also very helpful here but something you have to water type Pokemon I guess we’ll send him out and see how we do against yeah shake your butt Quagsire you got it girl okay so Quags versus a mcCargo now statistics have shown that this matchup heavily favored having to own this stupid mcCargo with a serpent in Eden switch yeah I guess he’s just like yeah that’s what I get for using mcCargo nine times out of ten that’s gonna one-hit ko the mcCargo awesome is that a focus band which be a toilet or movie but it did not so we win awesome shut up boy and let’s see what his next Pokemon is hopefully to bring out standler I’d be totally cool with it there’s a clean sweep okay it’s looking like a queen a queen well technically our Quagsire is a gonna be a queen sweep if Quags that happens to be a queen of woofers know the back story behind these run a Pokemon that’s because there isn’t any to know regardless this Quags art should be able to kill this houndoom hopefully hopefully well it’s probably gonna be one-hit ko nope jinxed it gangsta just did a hundred damage that’s fine though thanks man neo for another surf that it will most likely kill it um we still have Poliwrath in reserve in case it’s final pokemon or this strange final pokemon is in fact a flush don’t get a ground tie for something we can use water attacks on it’s love equal rate switching to him and then what happens alright so far everything is looking good I didn’t think I’d be I’m being kind of lucky I think I don’t know this is got a weird kind of odd I guess I don’t really it’s kind of weird I don’t know it’s just kind of weird I don’t know I’ve not seen up like ten hours thank you um I could switch in a Fiero cuz you know most of Doug’s Rio’s attacks are gonna be ground but there is the off chance actually that it could have a rock-type move which is bad we don’t want that to happen so there’s gonna be safe I’m gonna Poliwrath okay so it’s gonna go magnitude is now magnitude ten nine we should be able tank that we should okay great now as I did a solid 60 damage it won’t be able to do that every turn there’s ten magnitudes it’s fine come on magnitude one one seven seven okay sounds good – still won’t be able to kill us we just need this hydro pump to connect and we’ll grab ourselves another continue by your half yeah you’re the man or woman whatever gender roles are okay so the duck trio has been defeated huzzah let’s move on before anyone this isn’t a show to me talking a friend my computer into a microphone anywho uh Jensen made the Jensens no we’re not gonna be the Jensen’s because he got a totally got oh I was a worse job in the world continuing on and hopefully you’ll forgive me for that one we’re racking up these continues I felt like getting uh the fog badge one was like the hardest gosh now we’re doing alright I think yeah we only lost a one or didn’t get a perfect on one trainer that’s awesome so let’s go into these semi finals versus this snow boot called Klein he’s a boarder whoa not like a literal like the Mexican boy or the Canadian border here’s a snowboarder this guy has three the a eeveelutions which can be a bit of a turd he has a blast always a schnitzel mmm the ever affairs well let’s see okay well technically electabuzz would be helium is any more Coco’s it would be the vaporean the blast always the delibird so that’s good now he’s thinking something to take care of that Sneasel I think Poliwrath would be good you good at that but not much else really then again he’s not really weak to anything other than the Jolteon and the a Berber does he’s

let’s see what’s our last spit gonna be I guess Quagsire again I mean I don’t know this team just seems really solid I mean him and fearow are just so good dude okay calm down let’s see what this border has to offer when I lead out with our electabuzz he’s a pretty fast special attacker he gets his job done okay we’re going against a brilliant issue let’s actually go into Quagsire here I’m gonna anticipate that it’s it probably won’t use an electric attack it’s probably gonna be something along the lines of like I don’t know and missile or something so I’m gonna go into Quagsire thinking that’s gonna happen Quagsire is gonna use dig here and that should be but okay is that panic that’s actually not what I was thinking at all but we scouted that out and you know we now know that has zapped keen which is good now ready go for the dig the issue with using dig here is that it opens us up to a lot of attacks which is super bad against these guys multiple eeveelutions don’t flinch don’t flush don’t push it does not switch out okay this is looking good now I don’t expect this to one hit ko it’s just big from a Quagsire Quagsire isn’t no one before it’s some like unbelievable okay okay that’s actually whoa that was actually doing way more than I anticipated that’s actually very good and very respectable let’s see if thumb and getting no another one eh that was deep score or we could get please which hopefully won’t happen okay dig girl get out of your Quags that go back underground where you belong so sometimes telling me that this guy does not want to take these digs on any of his other pokemons he doesn’t have any flying types if anything he has many is a blast toys and the eeveelutions I remember what the rest of his team was I shall tell ya it’s no mesquite the Jolteon goes down oh yeah and he had this nice why thank you I don’t know that’s nice no we got Paul the raft for Sneasel that’s good um let’s just see how this goes um so far that was actually pretty well played I took 80 damage though which is bad he’s gonna send out his blast toys and now my IRA does not want to deal with we’re going back and you electabuzz and hopefully we can just knock down this blast toys until he dies basically I mean we’re at the point where we just got a fogger Pokemon off so kind of lame hey whatever electabuzz coming out unless this thing is like a ground attack or anything or like Digg or something we should be fine it’s going for hydro pump this ain’t looking good all right so I did not expect the blast always to do that lunch damage anyone was gonna do damage but come on that much good well to be fair we did just about the same I was just gonna have Digg is poorly played online and even know how would I know that had that so technically you can’t know it but I don’t know it’s not the rental Pokemon hologram okay not the end of the world um I guess our best bet here was Poliwrath just to a mind-reader and dynamic punch it to death I mean then we just gotta hope we can take his last Pokemon that’s a real bummer I did not think you have a move all right so it’s going mine reader right now okay it’s going for another earthquake can Poliwrath take this earthquake that’s the issue here how’s that okay that’s 40 yeah 40 damage that’s actually really good he can take a lot more of those so we’re just basically covering our bases right now we just want to take down this blast two ways and yeah I’ll juggle idly take another like 40 damage just to ensure that you’re defeated okay now we have to poke eat we have two water type Pokemon to go up against he doesn’t have his Jolteon anyone I don’t think he’s sixth Pokemon I can’t remember this is super bad I expected that a kill actually I mean I know Blastoise is tanky you know hey your stop hate yourself hate yourself hate yourself yeah awesome that is really what I needed right now nothing last doors is a resilient foe dancer is sharing okay I’m a Pokemon ago hope it’s nice it’s just dynamic punch it will be done actually no we have a more battle to go okay super excited cause then all has to do and that we need one more dynamic punch pot from your Poliwrath ok Shadow Ball Shadow Ball

against mine play all we need is one more dynamic punch one more tea everyone say it one more punch one more lunch I need a watch punch when dynamic punish hits I get a little high P because that is a 50% chance so essentially we’ve hit every dynamic punch this episode that makes me kind of II oh my gosh yes dude yes yes okay with any other perfect whatever we be we beat them so who cares such a pain in the butt oh man we just got one more challenge to go so let’s get at it and get ourselves the rising badge and be done with this Cup I don’t know why this one is just tearing me apart my gosh we got to go up against a psychic let’s see he’s got a Kangas cut okay as to volume on that I can no actually three Pokemon straight off the bat I can see Poliwrath beading so maybe we should lead with him then again my wrath is weak to both the hypno and the saw – it wasn’t gonna be this easy well I mean quad clear doesn’t have any weaknesses there’s a grass and I don’t think any of us were going to learn harassed excluding Smeagol so that’s good then when you’ll call a wrath and then do you feel wronged I’m doing that we’re going with electabuzz just in case anything bad happens I assume this guy’s gonna do a lot of the psychic moves obviously being a psychic that’s why I’m gonna bring electabuzz here I know what that b-roll can probably rip with a crap out of half of these guys expecially the hypno but actually really good for me it could potentially have the slaw – what do I do okay I’m gonna move a frame he’s yeah I’m gonna assume that’s gonna switch out okay went for dynamic not exactly what I was thinking of for some reason dynamic punches are hitting a day and that is the end of the story I used a muse anyways though which is kind of funny because it shares the same thing as confusion we have anything that could take it we either have to hope that I snap out of confusion or is something else app you’re evil you’re pure evil you’re gonna use dynamic punch then double-team snap out of it snap out snap out of it snap out of it okay good no it’s kind of like an almost evil yes so hopefully it won’t do anything crazy like switch yeah okay so it probably did not bring the saw to here it was very stupid of me to go for that amnesia I should not have done that it’s kind of bad don’t hate yourself don’t hate yourself okay super so we don’t have to do another dig we’re just gonna go for surf hopefully when I hit ourselves in computer it’s fine if we don’t all right that’s fine we went two times without hitting ourselves that’s that’s cool now all you do is wrap this up with a syrup and we’ll be golden get that surf off though okay three two okay to be fair I had three dynamic punches this episode too well we ain’t confused no more no no no I’m gonna use myself attacking 230 HP from you right you you stupid stupid shrew anyways yeah that’s not really nice shrews are pretty clever I’m gonna get anyway so guys stole a bunch a psychic-type pokémon though including him only had a way to heal myself gosh I was gonna go for a dig hopefully I can out speed it no maybe I can tank this perhaps there is pretty tanky oh my gosh that’s crazy dude that’s crazy okay so we’re gonna get a wad that’s because I used amnesia dude no way those like nerimon wait is it gonna copy my amnesia jump in my mat crap how do you know you’re that giant error on my part goodness this is bad this is really really bad SuperDuper bad I don’t know what to do

oh my gosh well this has become quite an issue so this hypno has copied my amnesia the rest of my team is essentially special attackers this is kind of bad really bad see Poliwrath could potentially use a hydro pond you just got me my yuneisia and dynamic punches want to do crap I guess we gotta go and electabuzz with Swift you more longer punch I don’t know well I guess I’ll have time to test out both this thing is a potentially light spring I’m gonna light screen I’m gonna take this time just a light screen hopefully just won’t use Shadow Ball or anything and just try and psychic spam that’d be fine okay it’s comfy does this thing even know is psychic regardless though I think it would in fact be a little bit better to go for swift actually check out the powers 60 power 75 power spy that being stabbed and all things considered I think Swift would do more damage I mean if it doesn’t do enough damage I’ll go do the other maybe I don’t know maybe I could just win this war of attrition oh gosh now I can I did was I gotta go for the I gotta try the thunderpunch at least one time like I can’t not do that hopefully get a paralysis you know I didn’t I don’t even know how much damage I did it Scrolls so fast leave me nothing okay if I live this I gotta try and leer it and then we gotta go for a sixth dynamic punch that’s the only way we can win dude oh my gosh wait how did you beat me it was definitely quite wha what the dunk that’s cheating jerk anyways so um Poliwrath you’re kind of a beast kind of like the my best Pokemon definitely in this Cup can you get another dynamic punch I realized the dynamic punch would not be now maybe I should hire you pump it jumping a little this game doesn’t even have a psychic move what the heck we’re just gonna go for a hydro pump let’s see how much damage this can do it practically healed him that did so little damage oh gosh you’ve got to hit this dynamic punch bro that’s all week that’s all we can hope for if you don’t if it doesn’t hit and he doesn’t start hitting himself in confusion we’re gonna lose dude oh my gosh this is the worst place to be hopefully just have like a gang as gone as this last Pokemon your smear oh come on come on cross your fingers I am amazed I’m literally amazed every single dynamic punch has hit this time my gosh hypno the the legend the legend Never Dies Poliwrath in pokemon stadium 2 guys someone needs to crunch the numbers what are the chances of all of these all of these dynamic punches say I realized one was mine I use mine later and so but still holy crap organize the one I want if we can hit hydro pump even if we don’t it’s one for dragon breath oh ok you’re not a dragon you okay we got paralyzed nope no hacks no hacks no hacks good now all I had to do was hit hit hit hit one more hydro pump did really good damage if we just live this dragon breath oh my gosh this is getting down to the wire 50 HP come on you gotta hit the hydro palm bro you gotta hit it you gotta hit it I I am creating a temple somewhere dedicated to the awesome power of Poliwrath and pokemon stadium 2 i am awestruck in Poliwrath just won us this entire Cup look at it it’s flexing it deserves to flex Poliwrath MVP take that Mason your stupid jollies yeah oh my gosh I I woulda thought it was like alright I gotta use one continues we did it though we did we looked out we just happen to have the right Pokemon that we needed to succeed there kind of

sucked with the psych up thing that was like the only time that move would ever even be useful and that happened on the hip and know what I didn’t have to and we won hip-hip-hooray we did it we got a third trophy the Ultra Ball has been completed hip hip hooray look us three twelve these men sting me awesome well that’s gonna just about do it for this episode of let’s play pokemon stadium to you thank you all so much for watching and do not forget to salute hollywood the king to the queen see you guys next episode when we go back to gym leader castle and take on Team Rocket