The Temporary Space Show 01 – Guest: Myles Dunhill

good afternoon folks i’m your host James aka Jim lettuce this is the official temporary space pod cast on this show we only care about two things technology and entertainment and how these two industries affect each other you can download the latest episode of the podcast on our Soundcloud or check out the archive on mixcloud and our official network channel on youtube just go to temporary space net that’s www temporary space net no caps one word I designed that website to be easy to remember hopefully it’ll work as usual I will go over a list of topics based on articles I find on the internet and I will touch on the industry trends that I see and I will make predictions based on those trends then after a short break we will have our first guest miles down he’ll stay tuned alright let’s get started now bear with me kids this is my first podcast by myself I mean I’ve done I’ve done podcast before I actually have a very successful podcast with Miles downhill our guest it’s called what’s new to netflix instant you can check it out there will be a link in the description you can search us on Facebook anyways what I’m saying is this is my first time recording my own podcast so it’s going to be a little longer a little bit slower but I want it to be known that the end goal of this is to be an hour to an hour and a half or maybe just 30 minutes I can’t decide if there’s anything I’ve learned from podcasting and making online content is that it’s best it’s best left to organically evolve itself so I’m what I’m saying is between 30 minutes to an hour hour and a half that’s what I’m going for here total so yeah anyways without further ado let’s get started on the first topic our first trend for the day is a cloud computing in my opinion cloud computing is officially taking over now this isn’t anything new cloud computing has been a thing for the last five years but uh I’m a millennial i was born in 1986 apparently that’s as old as you can be and still be a millennial i remember how hard it was to store stuff I remember floppy disks when I was a little kid disks were actually floppy and they held like five megabytes it was awful now we have cloud computing and basically if you’re an idiot and you don’t know what cog computing is it’s a it’s a hard drive in the sky right and there’s it’s become a service now you can have your own cloud I know um what is it Microsoft like this you can get your own cloud if you want it’s not really a financially practical at this point you’re better off for a service there’s so many Google drive’s what I’m talking about today there’s a what else Dropbox is a very good service i’m actually fixing to pay for that soon microsoft has one called one drive they’re all basically the same service it just depends on which brand you like better Google Drive is the subject of this article though it’s Evernote ads Google Drive integration I don’t really know what Evernote is I’m going to take a wild guess it’s some kind of a or a document PowerPoint creation kind of thing yeah that’s what it looks like anyways they’re adding official integration and so I’ve noticed this trend is that it’s becoming it cloud computing is taking over because big name brands like Evernote even though I don’t know what it is I’ve heard of it they’re integrating it and when things become integrated they become standard and that is always good for consumers now this can backfire with companies like Apple where the instead of integration they take it to the nth degree and that’s when you get this walled garden thing where you know like with Apple it’s like all right you’re going to use itunes for music on our device period end of story no third party then the other end of that is Android where you can use anything you want but in the interest of this podcast will talk about standardization and that’s that’s what’s making this work it’s standardizing google drive into this known brand and more people are

going to use google drive furthermore i think google drive they’re doing it right there making it free now it’s not completely free nothing is free ladies and gentlemen kids when you get something for free they’re usually paying for it especially nowadays by harvesting your data that’s why Facebook is free it’s free because there’s algorithms counting every time you like something every time you talk about something and there’s definitely an Orwellian a negative negativity to that but I’m not going to go into that but it is free for the first 15 gigabytes you get it free with a G email account these days who who does not have a gmail account that itself is free as well I would buy the Google Drive you can pay something per month to get a terabyte I would pay for that but sorry Dropbox is cheaper I prefer google but Dropbox is just cheaper it you can pay annually it’s like you know two hundred dollars for a year and you get a terabyte something like that as a content creator that is super cheap if you’re just a regular person I don’t know if you would pay for it you might only need the 15 gigabytes that Google gives you and anything else you shouldn’t really you shouldn’t store pictures and video though that should still be on your own hard drive just because that takes up so much space so I guess what I’m saying is that cloud computing is the most useful with documents and maybe a little bit of audio just because it doesn’t take up much space i use google drive basically for my business the temporary space network so I i recommend it um yeah I think that’s all for this trend cloud computing let’s move on to the next topic virtual reality is growing whether we already are not i’m leaning a bit more towards than not ready because it’s not financially ready in my opinion vr it’s coming out that if you’ve heard about oculus rift they have completely themselves the release is awful people are hacking it they just didn’t do it very well and I think it’s hurting VR it’s hurting the reputation of VR as a millennial that I mentioned earlier i was born in the 80s okay but i grew up in the 90s I don’t really remember the 80s I remember a few commercials here and there but I I came of age in the 90s and VR was the thing in the 90s they had if you go watch old 90s movies there’s people do in VR movies like Lawnmower Man and I I believe vr will be that awesome it’s almost there but it’s not there yet I think it’s going to be another year or two before it’s an actually financially profitable kind of thing as I mentioned earlier the oculus rift they screwed up the HTC vive they are they’re doing it the best but it’s a high-end thing you know only enthusiasts and rich people are going to do it the masses are not going to adopt it however the Savior VR maybe maybe is the PlayStation VR and the reason I think they’re going to do the best is because sony has a as decades of experience with consumer electronics and just releasing them and doing them right making them comfortable that being said the PlayStation VR is the weakest out of all of them that’s going to hurt it a little bit we’ll just have to see I think it’s coming out in November anyways I digress the the article i’m doing here is a sum game company that i’ve never heard of called star vr is partnering with acer now this is kind of like the topic earlier this is integration branding this is a good move for star BR it’s a good move for acer they’re basically creating their own headset which is good it’s a more it’s another competitor as i mentioned earlier there’s only about three there’s oculus oculus what is it oculus rift which is owned by PlayStation no no no hold on that’s wrong oculus rift is owned by Facebook sony vr obviously that’s playstation and HTC vive is owned by valve valve is a company that makes steam you’ve probably heard of steam steam as the the forerunner for digital distribution of video games it’s not really the best one anymore it’s kind of like McDonald’s it was the first one the most prominent one now there’s other ones that are a little better however it’s still so mainstream people like me use it anyways oh yeah not to mention hololens which is microsoft hololens is not virtual reality it’s augmented reality or a are the only difference is AR it kind of overlays it on to what

you’re looking at you’re looking through glass and it puts stuff on it like like when you see a title over something or perhaps name tags but vr has kind of circumvented that by putting cameras on them so it’s basically a are at this point i think microsoft’s hololens will be awesome if it ever comes out just like google glass they announced it like three years too early I mean sure you want to announce stuff you want investors but they they hyped it up with these you know these these real produced and specifically marketed videos and it just it hurts it because it builds it up as this thing that it isn’t it’s not there yet but uh so I guess we’ll have to see what happens when Sony drops I think that it’s kind of hinging on that I don’t know if they completely screw up vr as i said the trend is VR is growing whether we’re ready or not if Sony completely screws up they’re not going to stop making VR VR is a thing people been dreaming about for 15-20 years even if it completely goes haywire they’re not going to just everyone’s not going to go up Oh guess that didn’t work out I guess we’ll just stop making VR no no it’s going to take a while it’s going to be another year or two I personally am going to wait till version 2 of I’m probably going to get Sony VR just because i have a playstation that’s another thing this PlayStation is they’re so smart Sony is because it’s integrated with the PlayStation a console something that every most what it’s like 40 million people have a PlayStation that is what’s going to get the mainstream audience into VR let’s hope they don’t screw it up too bad but like I said they’re not going to stop making BR even AR they’re going to keep doing it so hopefully it’ll be awesome I think that’s the end of this topic we’ll move on to the third trend which has to do with entertainment this is not just a technology podcast as I said earlier it’s technology and entertainment so the third trend is finally finally all the major TV entities are going online the specific article has to do with AT&T acquiring a streaming platform called quick play I’ve never heard of it it must be worth something if AT&T acquired it AT&T is one of the big cable providers I think they’re connected to directv for any younger Millennials or anybody younger than that listening to this television and cable is this undead zombie that just will not die it’s kind of like the oil industry there’s so much money caught up in it they just cannot let it go they it’s going to slowly die it’s just it’s like it’s been shot in the stomach it’s going to slap die a slow painful death it’s probably going to be another 10-15 years before it’s completely gone away which is just it’s just crazy to me if you are a CEO of a major television distribution kind of thing like cable Time Warner comcast whatever you how could you not read the writing on the wall ten years ago when Netflix showed up they changed the game Netflix is the most it’s it they’re like Mike Donald’s right they well actually that’s my next topic I’ll go into that in a second but Netflix is a trailblazer online content that’s what people want people don’t like buying stuff in piecemeal like buying a blu-ray for 10 bucks or 15 or going to the movie theater where it costs you like thirty-five dollars a pop and that’s if you’re buying yourself let alone a date night we also have to get dinner and stuff on the flip side and this is why cable is bad you get this bloated catalog catalog of content where there’s like eight different East ESPN’s and like that nobody wants all that stuff all those random cooking channels that you’re never going to watch that’s one of the reasons why TV is dying is it should be dead it’s because you have all this extra stuff all these sponsored product brand whatever kind of all the lawyers got together and figure this out and then you the poor schmuck has to pay like a hundred dollars a month to watch like ten percent of it this is definitely a sign that they are finally starting to realize online content with a service some kind of library catalog that is constantly shuffled around or at least renewed a little bit this is where it’s going people are going to do this I heard something else about how they’re going to start offering like a three networks or something and it’s YouTube has to do with it I think it’s called YouTube unplugged basically they’re finally

realizing holy no one’s going to pay for cable anymore people are cutting the cord left and right we have to adapt I don’t know such idiots they should have done this five years ago so this is good for us that finally the major TV entities are going online right now it’s mostly Netflix and Hulu and there’s other ones but I’ll get a net to the next topic well you I might as well switch to the new topic now the next trend as it were Netflix is not top dog anymore now there’s two parts to this trend I’ll get to the second part in a second because I read an article that kind of contradicts this a little bit after I wrote this outline so I think it’s important to mention but basically Netflix is not top dog anymore this brings me back to the McDonald’s analogy Netflix was a trailblazer they started out mailing movies and then one day some smart work in there was like hey I know let’s have a streaming service and then later on some other smart was like hey let’s just get rid of the mailing and only have streaming right because you know it’s called snail mail for a reason plus you know blockbuster is dead so there’s that this is in part due to other competition there’s hulu which is the big netflix competitor there’s also crunchyroll which is anime and then HBO GO HBO is smart they’re the only other company that seems to understand you see hulu is competing with netflix but it’s this weird online TV model whereas netflix is its own model it’s more of an on-demand kind of thing and who lives on demand it’s it’s a streaming service but the way it’s set up they make it hard to find what you want they’re clearly promoting some show is over other shows they’re controlling it which is why people don’t like TV it’s one of the things is that TV they’ll cancel shows that you like and it’s like what that’s a good show why did you cancel it and it’s very confusing but uh HBO they’re they’re so smart they are actually doing it right they’re not trying to control it there saying hey it’s HBO Go you want HBO stuff here’s how you get it and and another big reason that it’s working for them is because they have a line up a library that you actually want they’ve got game of thrones uh nothing really else nothing else really comes to mind but I believe that they will continue to make they’re going to start making their own movies just like Netflix is doing but according to this article from where is it Business Insider netflix has stock has gone down twenty-two percent this year holy that is a lot businesses lose their mind when stock goes down like point five percent now let me explain if you’re not a business person I’m not really a business person but I’ve started and trying to run a business so I’ve learned a lot business has nothing to do with past success it doesn’t matter how well your business is doing doesn’t matter how well your business was doing it matters how much better your business is doing than before the the point of a business is to make profit and expand indefinitely until it collapses and so that that’s what’s happening the all the all the you know the investors are going holy 22% it’s because it’s like I mentioned earlier this competition Netflix is not the top dog anymore and I really believe that Netflix can pull itself out of this they’re making all the right moves by creating their own content on our what’s new to netflix netflix instant podcast we a lot of times we’ve complained that they make too much new content but now i’m seeing that they have to make tons of new content if they want to survive and they’re making movie deals with big stars like Adam Sandler he’s got like a four movie deal well the second one just came out called the do-over by the way we will be reviewing that on our other podcast what’s new to netflix instant i’m going to say that title like eight times by the way especially because the guest is miles now let’s get to part two of this trend it’s not really part to its trend number for a netflix is not down for the count and let me pull up my little article i meant to do that before i started recording but hey it’s my first time where is it now this is an extremely smart and strategic move whoever decided to make this deal they should get a promotion and a car and all the hookers they want because this is crazy netflix will be the exclusive home for Disney Marvel and Lucasfilm movies starting this September oh my god if you if there’s ever an exclusive deal you want as a streaming company Disney because apparently they own marble we

already know that I guess they own Lucasfilm but that is just crazy just officially because Marvel is just cleaning up in the movies lately in the last few years comic book movies are obviously a big thing DC shot itself in the foot so there’s still there’s DC as myspace and marble is facebook they’re just doing it so much better oh my gosh but I can’t believe Netflix I can’t imagine how much money they paid for this deal this is so smart now remember Netflix is it is a streaming service they don’t they they probably do product placement and stuff like that but they do not do ads their money comes from monthly subscriptions that is the main reason streaming services work because people pay X amount of money per month this is what made cable companies work people had to pay a monthly fee when this Disney thing starts in September so many people are going to join Netflix they’re going to gain new subscribers their stock is going to go up this almost nullifies my earlier statement about Netflix not being top dog they’re going to be top dog for a while I mean if I were Hulu or also amazon prime that’s when I forgot to mention if I were these companies or even HBO I would be sweating bullets right now because Netflix as as much as I said they’re kind of the mcdonalds there’s still the mcdonald there’s still a juggernaut of a brand that everybody knows it’s easier to say than the other ones amazon prime hulu might beat it just because in terms of like brand recognition and who lose a bit easier to say the netflix but wow i just get over how good a deal this is they’re going to get the Disney move the Disney alone that I mean forget forget general audiences kid content is bank that is big money high roller if you’re an actor anybody in the entertainment industry you can get in on a kids movie franchise holy and that’s basically what they’re doing theirs they’re cashing in on that Disney child market and then marble that’s going to bring oh man this is crazy and now Lucasfilm I hope that means star wars because if Netflix gets the first start or what is it episode one quote unquote a new hope no it’s not a new hold on that’s the old one what the hell is the new one you know the JJ Abrams one the Jedi Order who knows what it’s called it’s called Star Wars the new one but if they get star wars on this oh my god that’s so good so I really all right I’m nullifying the earlier trend I think Netflix is going to be just fine um this is you know this happens in businesses when they have a big success it kind of goes down for a while it’s a cyclical so hopefully I think Netflix is going to be just fine I think that’s all for this trend well it’s time to move on to the next one modular phones are the future i’m referring to smartphones obviously who the hell has regular phones anymore i’ve noticed this trend for a while smartphones are taking over their versatile they’re becoming things that are not just one thing anymore it’s not just a phone it’s a computer obvious but you can you know it’s it’s a voice communicator there’s a flashlight on it it’s kind of becoming like in Star Trek when they have that little communicator or whatever and it’s like this all end all device that basically does whatever you want it’s a weapon it can scan your body for sickness it can communicate it can it’s a navigator with a map like GPS it’s basically Star Trek that’s where we’re headed but specifically with this trend modular phones now the article talks about Google’s modular phone which it’s kind of been this concept you’ve been hearing about for a few years it’s modular there’s pieces and you flip it out and everyone’s like what what what and it still kind of looks like but the reason it’s working now is because LG I’m a big fan of LG the brand in general for the record but a LG came out with a phone called the LG g5 and it is modular there’s things you switch out for the battery and the camera and I think because the success of the LG g5 this google modular phone is going to take off it’s kind of like you know one person saying oh this is a good idea but you don’t really know if it’s a good idea but then another person joins and you say okay well two people are doing it now it must be good enough now usually I do not advocate that kind of sheep mentality but with technology it kind of works um now that being said the LG g5 I think that’s probably a better modular thing this google modular phone

still looks very much like a concept it is not practical I don’t know why they haven’t adapted to the way the LG G did it um that came out like a year ago or six months ago which is tons of that’s ages in technology but I think this is the trend that’s going to stick people I tactically you know what is it tactically tactile it feels good to switch out cartridges and things like when you do a gun and it’s just going to work it allows for more functionality of your phone it means you can get a phone and have a do a bunch of different stuff but you don’t have to settle for some weird model of phone that does all the different stuff like like I keep going back to the LG g5 it’s it’s more of a camera phone and I’m a filmmaker I use my phone for a camera all the time but i don’t really like how it has it’s got like one camera on the back but there’s two cameras on the back there’s like one normal and then a wide angle and it stitches them together with software and that’s cool but I don’t know I don’t really like that part about it I wish the camera part was a bit more modular so in that regard the google phone is probably going to be better than that um I mean they still have to settle on some kind of form factor otherwise you end up with this google phone that’s just tiles together which is cool i don’t know why i’m not sure how i feel about it I think the functionality and the the dynamic whatever of the LG g5 is on the right track and then the google phone is a little bit closer to the mark but their form factor is off so hopefully it’ll all get worked out but that’s about all for this trend modular phones are taken over it’s not going to be one piece anymore it’s going to be a piece with a bunch of other pieces and adapters and for the enthusiast it’ll be great for the everyman it’ll just be slightly more useful and that’s all alright next trend physical movie theaters are on their last leg imax is trying to put vr headsets in their theater I don’t know what to make of this it sort of makes sense on paper but you know how when you go on the airport and they have like those little crappy headphones and they’re all crappy and dirty because other people have used them that’s what’s going to happen to these VR things the public VR doesn’t make sense to me because it’s something you put on your face I’ve heard from other youtubers and stuff when they do it for a while that makes your face all sweaty and then you go back later and it’s like you’re sweating it’s kind of cold and dried up and oh that’s so nasty that’s I don’t think VR is going to work in a public setting ever I think VR is definitely going to be something personal you do by yourself then you wear like headphones it’s going to you can you do it individually it’s not something you’re going to it’s not like when you you know the little horse thing at the supermarket when you put a quarter in and everyone rides it that no thank you i definitely do not want to put that on my face i’m sorry but this is this is clearly another attempt to get people to go to physical movie theaters I think it’s important to mention I’m a filmmaker blah blah blah every this whole podcast all my viewpoint is from the viewpoint of a content creator a filmmaker person and I’m sad to say that I just don’t really like movie theaters anymore I don’t really go anymore I mentioned earlier how expensive it is that alone is why movie theaters are dying it’s just so expensive the food sucks you can’t control it you can’t pause you can’t you know some people like to smoke when they do it you can’t do that in the theater it’s just it’s so constricting and so expensive it’s outdated the reason people went to movie theaters was because that was the only way you could see it it was the only way to see the new movie the new Tom Cruise the new Humphrey Bogart whatever that was the only way and then TV came around and you know physical media like discs and that’s how you have blu-ray and stuff that’s another story about whether blu-ray is relevant but I just don’t think that the the movie theater experience cannot offer you something better than your home and it’s not about quality they can get the biggest craziest screen with the most resolution ever high frame rate blah blah it’s about control not quality I mean I cuz I can get a TV that’s way better but the TV’s I rock right now the ones that i watch at home they the highest they go one of them is 720 and the other one is 1080 and I’ll tell you right now everything I watch is usually in 720 anyways because of the the Internet in America that’s a whole nother story in and of itself our internet is just too

slow streaming 4k or anything beyond 720 is just not going to have happen until these cable companies loosen their death grip on the infrastructure um it’s it’s slow there’s a few cities that have fiber fibers where it’s at and then you get into gigabit which is ten times faster um I think that’s that’s what’s going to save it but in regards to this trend movie theaters are just they’re just not going to last I mean they’re going to last hipsters and people are still going to go but I just think it’s so much more you have so much more control and you get more for your money when you do it at home and that includes VR now I think VR it’s going to replace the the monitor eventually um and it’s replacing you know just like TVs our god it’s just they really need to look at the writing on the wall and that theaters are going to be around but it’s going to be like the fair it’s going to be an expensive thing that you don’t do very often I don’t I don’t even go to the theater anymore I do uh when my friends want to go to a movie but it then again we don’t really do that much uh the only other person I go to movies with is miles and he’s the guy who does the other podcast with me who’s the guest by the way again mentioned again but like me and him will go see a movie sometimes but that’s it my regular friends will just watch a movie at my apartment or I’ll go to their apartment and it’s just it’s it’s hard for me to reiterate this again it’s just theaters oh also there’s another thing the theaters I heard they were trying I read some myth some misguided article they said well no you know some CEO who clearly has no idea what he’s talking about making decisions from an ivory tower in a boardroom um he said uh we’re going to allow texting in theaters to get that millennial audience ok if you think texting is why Millennials don’t go to theaters like why would you not go because you can’t text that has nothing to do with it it’s about money it’s about control I’m not going to go into another rant about it I’m going repeat myself but it’s just movie theaters they really are on their last leg they’re not going to go away completely but the main source of entertainment is your home your smartphone your VR headset connected to your smartphone that is the trend I see that’s where it’s headed anybody that tells you different is wrong or they have ulterior motives um I don’t know if I have anything else on this trend I was hoping to have a lot more but uh yeah I guess I’ll move on to the next trend consoles are turning into pcs now first off let me describe the differences between a console and a PC a PC stands for personal computer in case you’re living in a cave this covers max as well it’s basically a computer you use yourself you don’t use it like at a company for your business it’s not some big giant thing it’s something you use for personal use and PC is usually they get upgraded every single year maybe even less than that there’s always you know the joke when you buy a computer as soon as you buy it it’s out of date and that’s that’s the way technology goes there’s something to mention about Moore’s law which is not an actual law it was a marketing term coined by a guy named more which basically said that things every two years technology like gets better and things get smaller and blah blah blah but that has been since debunked because development of computer processes has slowed down to the point where that rule doesn’t apply anymore it’s taking them longer than a year or two to improve but PCs are known for being something that you you upgrade on a regular basis you have to do software updates and hardware updates and you buy a new model every year or so and if you’re smart you try to use up the model as long as you can until the next one completely overpowers it because it’s not really a financial what is though it’s not financially viable to upgrade to the new model every time what you need to do is wait till your model is completely obsolete and then you buy the new one because the money you get for the new one like the quality for the money is going to be so much better it warrants you’re waiting and it warrants that period of being out of date but I digress so that’s what a pc is it’s something that you update regularly and then let’s get to a console a video game console like super nintendo 64 that’s what I grew up playing xbox playstation those are the big ones basically its Xbox Sony and Nintendo what is xbox microsoft those

are the three main ones and they tried to do a thing with steam machines which was computers somewhere in the middle it didn’t work but consoles now consoles they up the whole the big difference is that consoles they are upgraded every like five to seven years and it seemed at like their this is a huge argument it’s like in Romeo and Juliet the Capulets and the Montagues like these people the consoles and the pc master race they will never agree on each other and I go back and forth when I when I didn’t have a console for a while i was all pc master race but I gotten into a console again and I understand the value of both and consoles the value of a console is ease of use and a smaller price tank those two reasons are the only reasons anybody should have a console ease of use and a cheaper price tag as of now you can get a console and it’s about it the rule of thumb is it consoles about half the price of a computer for what you’re trying to do and obviously the console is not going to be as good as a PC because it is half the price I mean you get what you paid for but it makes up for it in ease of use it’s plug and play you don’t have to worry about installing drivers you don’t have to worry about I mean just you have software updates like a computer but that’s just a given but that the console the trend I’m talking about there’s an article talks about the new xbox in case you haven’t heard the Playstations coming out with a new version all right hold on let me backtrack the reason a console different is because it upgrades to a new model every five to seven years but recently sony announced they’re going to have a new one it’s called the playstation neo or something it’s going to be better and the big the big wave making thing here is that they’re breaking the cycle they’re not going to wait another few years to have a playstation 5 they’re going to jump the gun and say screw it it’s only been about three four years or what is it it’s I think it’s only been three they said screw it we’re going to make a new one and I think they’re doing it because it just the way technology is it’s just five to seven years maybe isn’t enough time they’re falling behind but i don’t know i’m an aquarius that means i’m i’m cursed to see both sides of the argument and i really understand that the like consoles having a long life span is good because it gives developers along what a long time period to to perfect it that’s why when a console starts you have a bunch of shitty games and nothing is good but then by the time it’s ending you have really really good games it gives them enough time now they do this on pc all the time you can make a great game and you just upgrade your hardware but you know the economy kind of sucks especially as a broke millennial it’s hard for me to upgrade my computer my my fancy editing pc the one that i’m using to record this podcast it’s a good pc but it is getting out of date at this point and i cannot afford to upgrade and so that makes me kind of appreciate a console that they’re they’re gonna say all right it’s going to be like this for like seven years and by the end of it you’re gonna have a really awesome game the last of us on playstation is a good example of that I don’t really like the game never played it but it’s such a critical success of financial success technological success Oh even a uncharted 4 which is the same studio it’s naughty don’t they the PlayStation 4 has been out for like three four years and they they have perfected programming for the PlayStation 4 that’s why Uncharted forest so good but this you know this new trend with the PlayStation neo and then back to the reason is i’m talking about is this article says the new that microsoft announced the new xbox and it’s going to be a more powerful it’s going to be more powerful than the playstation neo is to the playstation 4 basically they’re competing which is good for us but important to mention though is they’re going to have a more powerful one given competition blah blah but they’re also going to have a slim and the the slim is something that they’ve done in consoles before playstation did it they would have the model and then they would have a quote unquote slim version which isn’t really any more powerful but it’s a smaller form factor and it just you know it takes advantage of physical technology that is better you can just have it smaller same power smaller package but so that also is a given that mark is always going to say all we have a slim one but they also mentioned that they’re going to have like a streaming dedicated one and that see that’s what makes me think consoles are going to

turn into pcs their multifaceted there’s going to be one for streaming there’s going to be one that’s real super enthusiast and then there’s going to be the standard one and if you didn’t hear the console part that sounds like a computer there’s different models for different purposes that you know there’s those fancy high-end computers for editing and stuff like that and gaming then there’s your standard model of a computer for your daily driver like them which is basically a laptop um and then there’s really slim slim down specialized pcs for things like you know like a DVR like that’s basically a computer right and so how this this is the most interesting trend I’ve noticed I don’t know what it’s going to do to the console gaming because like listen if consoles disappeared tomorrow nobody’s going to stop making games but I I don’t know if it’s good i think i like as you know as I former pcmasterrace person I mean I don’t know I’m back and forth I just I really like how there’s such a long period for them to improve I like the he’s abuse I you know I bought a PlayStation 4 for Christmas and I said well i think if but i used some of my money but the point is i just got one and i’m not about to get a playstation neo and upgrade whatever you know I want to wait another three years for the PlayStation five i wanna i want to see how good can they make these games that being said a lot of these a lot of these consoles that they really are out of date though i was just playing i have a gaming channel so i check that out it’s the green one but uh you know the game the games they have they’re not able to keep up you know there’s this frame rate issues and so and it’s just like it cannot handle the game that just came out so i think that’s a good reason to upgrade for the company like to have a new playstation knee or whatever but uh yeah just I don’t know I think they are turning into PCs and I think that it is a bad thing for the console market so yeah that that’s the last trend now we’re going to take a short break and when we come back we’ll have our first guest miles down hill up it’s not the first guest as if there’s some other guests he’s the first one because it’s the first episode but there’s not two guests there’s just one guest per episode and yeah that’s all welcome back folks this is your host James aka Jim lettuce and I’m sitting here with our first guest of our first episode miles dunhill hello I’m miles how’s it going man I’m doing well how are you doing I’m pretty good this is I’m really excited yeah thanks for having me on the show I really I think this is gonna be a fun show yes I think it is too well and I know you from another podcast yeah well we actually met in college right yes we did that was many years ago now yeah Wow time flies when you’re not having fun yes it breaks both ways I guess right just Timeflies no matter what you’re doing but we did we now we should mention the other podcast it’s called yeah it’s new to netflix instant yep it’s a movie podcast as mentioned netflix we review movies that come out on netflix each month and we also talked about new titles that are coming to netflix yeah we kind of go over them and then we do each one I gotta hand it to you the structure it was quite good yeah thanks I kind of studied my movie podcasts and rip them off and you know went off that mm-hmm hold on one sec it sure we’re free bottled it so it’s free balling oh they say all right we went through a big talk about about our should we turn off the AC and I forgot yeah so we’re just gonna do it anyways continue yeah so that’s our podcast we do it monthly we did a commentary episode for our year anniversary show which where we watch scooby doo to my was awesome yeah and I think that was a really good move it went really well I was worried they would like skip or something but it not though yeah we go yeah I was pretty great I think one of my friends said he listened to some of it and said that even without watching the movie was really entertaining oh so that’s good feedback and we got a new follower today on tumblr so yeah that’s always good to wake up to hopefully we’ll get some more emails we got our first email last time what yes

really unexpected but I mean you know we always put that out there for people who recommend movies yes oh no will say all the the links and emails at the end okay um now I have some questions yep uh first off you’re a musician right that’s correct your kind of a musician first filmmaker second um yeah I guess so I mean I don’t really put in rankings on like doing a lot of things because we are trying to make some kind of movie we all say the title but oh yeah yeah no that’s still definitely it’s in the work it’s coming it’s in the works I had someone asked me about it earlier today really yeah he sent me a message he’s like I got some production questions for you but I guess you’re busy making your movie and I was like close I’m almost there we’ll get there to be cool it’s uh it’s gonna be awesome that’s all I can say yeah alright so on this show we care about two things technology and entertainment okay so I think music is part of that so I’m going to talk about soundcloud oh yeah I when you explained what seapunk was yeah that blew my mind well actually I learned something about seapunk oh yeah yeah I free totally forgot what it was though um Oh see Punk is actually it was actually a play on the word cyberpunk seapunk and then these dudes took that word and made it see like s EA and had it all nautical themed and but it was really just like kind of music that you would hear like in a hacker movie like yeah you know what I mean like that cyber like that like hackers like that 90’s cyberpunk sound and a lot of like bedroom producers were doing that but then throwing in like sounds of dolphins and like water yes so for those who don’t know is a punk it’s kind of this a musical genre yeah addict that appeared on the internet almost yeah yeah like in 2011 and then it kind of got like co-opted by the mainstream a little bit Azealia Banks did like some performance on or she know she put out this music video of her like ripping off that imagery like windows 95 graphics dolphins and then Rihanna did an SNL performance doing the same so I kind of like got out there it started as a joke kind of and then it became a legit underground music scene it’s really that’s why I want to talk about soundcloud it’s super interesting does all these genres just kind of it’s like ghost in the shell they just kind of appear almost uh lat sporadically and oh yeah it’s so awesome so open yeah let’s talk about vaporwave okay yeah I think vaporwave is also cool yeah vapor waves are really interesting genre it’s it’s kind of like based around people slowing down stock music from like the 90’s and 80’s and and even 80s music itself and it’s mostly about this aesthetic of having like kind of a corporate mall centric kind of capitalist society yeah I think a lot of Millennials identify with it because like me like they we kind of grew up not a little bit in the 80s but the nine is back when like malls yeah and computers were kind of becoming bigger too yeah um so it’s kind of like this turning point I think like really if you look at the late 80s Early 90s it’s really a turning point in human history of where we started to have personal computers and technology more available to us that really is informing like everything in our future now yeah it sure is an it that whole like romanticized idea of what could happen like movies like hackers right yeah yeah oh that’s what all that stuff is so fascinating like virtual reality back then and now it’s becoming you know a reality reality it is an actual thing yeah yeah oh man that that’s what’s so cool is like when we were little yeah they had movies with virtual reality and it was like this sci fi star trek concept we yeah they basically advertises being like the final frontier for like human like we’ve been to space where can we go next virtual reality yes the only stopped and now fast-forward 20 years and there’s porno on it right Google Glasses porn which is fun no actually I have a question about VR yeah for you mm-hmm the net like VR is not just uh you know like video games a lot of it is viewing right I’m the most interested in surfing the web and watching movies yeah but live performances is kind of the thing now oh yeah and they’re gonna what they’re going to do is put like a 3d 360 camera or whatever they put it like in the boxing ring mm-hmm but for concerts as well would you watch a concert in VR I would watch kind of like the concerts that are being done by bedroom producers because that’s a real thing that’s happening all all the time in my scene

at least where people will go on tinychat or like some kind of video streaming website where you can chat with people and like the one venue SPF 420 has been doing that for a few years and to great success and they’ve had so many like producers and electronic musicians that have like really blown up and they started like from that so it’d be cool to like actually be in someone’s bedroom while they’re like making so they’re kind of streaming and they talk in the chat yeah at the same like that’s something that they can do okay but um but everyone is everyone viewing it is allowed to talk in the chat and well and it’s just like another way to experience something you know that’s super cool it’s super interactive yeah everyone like the the the host is always like type 420 guys like if you like what you’re hearing or whatever and awesome yeah and then they’ll show videos to like visuals and stuff like from YouTube like just random like youtube poop kind of stuff yeah yeah pretty much just anything that’s like could serve like a visual backdrop so I think that would be cool to like bring that into I mean going to see like you two or something probably wouldn’t appeal to me yeah that sounds and it’s gonna be like super expensive yeah yeah but something that can be like a user friendly like anyone can do a type of thing that could change like how people experience those kind of show at least and I think that would be cool to see so okay interesting speaking of youtube poop and vaporwave yeah I recently discovered something called Simpson wave oh yeah I don’t think I’ve heard of that but I can only guess what it is it’s it’s vaporwave but like with the Simpson flavor and it really uh yeah I of course some guy on YouTube made a video about it that’s how I know ok cool and he explained it that it does everything vaporwave does but it really it’s all centered around the simpsons yeah and this idea of like this childhood that we think we wanted or thought we really had but we didn’t really have it right but we kind of lived it in shows like The Simpsons and boy meets world yeah right definitely and it’s only that what they do is they kind of like take its vaporwave music okay but simpson youtube poop style music videos over it oh cool yeah and there are a lot of light because it’s a cartoon there was a lot of solid colors so it’s perfect for chroma key oh cool so they’re like green screen all this random in there oh nice yeah and and it’s always it’s mostly the first six seasons of Simpsons this is the best I know right yeah like where they where they have like the fourth of July one right where Lisa’s in the blanket mm-hmm right yeah I actually i’ll say it seasons 2 through 9 are the best 2 through 9 okay i don’t i don’t remember i just remember certain episodes like this is a shining yeah yeah the shinden yeah the first season is kind of all like squiggle vision yeah it’s really crude and then season two’s where it picks up and then it just hits that long stride I think the last good season was the one with like hank scorpio where they go to shelbyville is it no not shelby belle they go to holmberg goes to like some future futuristic like city uh-huh and there’s like this big business tycoon and his name is yeah hank scorpio or something is it the guy who was like secretly like a evil like yeah agent guy he’s like he’s like secretly evil I forget it’s been so long and this one where he’s like I’ll kill a couple guys on your way out yeah yes yes and he works in that building with no walls it’s was like a circular place he’s like here’s my coat hanging up on the wall and he’s like super friendly to home but like taking over the world yeah he’s like I didn’t even give you my coat it’s like on him backwards go that’s probably one of the best ones yeah that’s like the last great season for me then he started getting really shitty but is still on i can’t believe that i know i think the simpson should have ended when futurama started oh yeah cuz that was better kind of like how family guy probably should have ended when american dad went on the air yeah yeah and then those buzzers ended yeah maybe sometimes stuff goes on too long gotta just family guy should have ended when it got cancelled cuz those were all good and then it got really shitty like Seinfeld did Seinfeld and that ended on a high note today yeah guys yeah that’s the way to do it cuz every Jerry could have made so much money if he brought back but he was like no he was used to busy think about his next project about bees bee movie is that what it was there’s like actually a shirt of the entire script of b-movie really tiny that you can wear it’s like literally the whole script also dumbest thing I’ve ever seen and like there was like this trend on Twitter to say you know like the hashtag like things I yell when I come and and someone put like look I can be movie skirt God it was just so like awful 90s and in it it showed he’s like Seinfeld’s like an old-school comedian whether they kind of zing zing but you know like they

don’t want that anymore up some comedians do and it’s cool but like that movie they had this awful promo commercial where he’s like in a bee suit on a set be like hey do you guys know how to animate come on it was just cringey yeah well you know I still like Seinfeld stand up to still pretty great i have a CD of like some of his greatest bits mm-hmm and i swear to god i can still put that on with my friends and laugh but would you watch his new show where he’s he’s like in a car comedians with getting coffee is that what it is I’ve seen parts of it it’s okay it’s not bad I want to like it but it seems like something he should have just done on YouTube instead of like with a big network somewhere yeah you know honestly I’m more of a Larry David fan okay well that my next question was curb your enthusiasm yeah that shows awesome when I was in Boston I showed it to my friend I was staying with uh huh and didn’t exactly the humor didn’t exactly go well well it’s not for everyone it’s a very it’s a very dry it’s kind of like the office yeah well yeah that’s the thing it’s like I thought you know if you like the office you like this but it’s like a little too crunchy for people i think sometimes would that qualify as cringe humor or auntie humor I think cringe humor okay cuz it’s just uncomfortable situations you know yeah and it’s great that I mean see that’s what makes me I I dislike the office for that okay but Curb Your Enthusiasm didn’t bother me that much yeah the office for me it just seems a little too sitcom for me how does it well I mean it’s not like the typical three camera audience yeah but it’s still like on NBC yeah I know what you mean the subject matter yeah and her enthusiasm is on HBO and they get away with a lot more like I think some of the cringy humor comes from just like you know some of like pedophile jokes or you know just like really dark humor don’t they improvise the whole thing on yeah that’s another thing that I’ve always been a huge fan of improvisation and film and TV so I think people that are able to do that yeah improv is one thing but making a show I mean that must be a nightmare do they have like eight cameras at a time they have an outline at least script wise and then they so everyone knows what’s supposed to happen in a scene but their reactions and stuff are all improvised which is great as I tried to make some kind of web series at some point just like that all improv and then all the coverage intakes were so wildly different i couldn’t even edit oh yeah cuz we filled it with one oh yeah that’s true that’s why i asked i feel like they must have like five at a time probably yeah and you’d have to use that one take where everything all the dialogues put lining up right yeah they could only use like be footage from other tanks well I mean think of those movies christopher guest’s does where he does that though this removed man you know and they did it back in the day when it was still fill ya cheese like waiting for guffman Best in Show I was like at a bar and I saw Best in Show on the wall they had beat all these VHS is and I was like oh man yeah that I like Best in Show I’ve I saw it for the first time like a week ago oh really you hadn’t seen it all looks like i’m a fan of those mockumentaries and I love drop-dead gorgeous oh yeah and waiting for guffman yeah that was I just never seen best in show for whatever reason I was like one of his most popular ones this is the dog show and it’s the most known one I think right and Parker Posey with the be happy toil going back to bees oh man that’s just one of the funniest scenes in the in the pet store but yeah oh that’s just great she’s in a weird Pepsi commercial with Jimmy Fallon really right now random yeah that is random not now is it was a while ago a few years ago it’s so random it’s weird were there like dancing on either side of the street that’s weird yeah it sounds like a shitty commercial now yeah sounds horrible okay so you make music what genre is yours is more psychedelic right like electronic psychedelic yeah that’s kind of been my thing for since I started making music it’s always been a little electronic mostly psychedelic just whatever I can make like the trippiest kind of sounding stuff I like it so you have your own record label right correct what’s that called um it’s slime or slimy records you can press either way but it’s really it’s spelled like it’s an anagram of my name my first name miles um so slym ii and yeah I started that in 2009 just to put out my first EP and its really funny cuz I I did have it you know as a web label to and someone hit me up like two years ago and was like oh man like I know slime records like you guys are like oh gee you know like a web label and I was like wow I didn’t really think of it like that you know like a web label versus a

regular record label yeah I mean we put up physical I put up CDs to ya it you know it was like one of the few I guess that utilized bandcamp to sell digital music which is like the all the rage I love band camp oh yeah it’s so cool actually the best thing about band camp is it doesn’t screw over people like SoundCloud does which is actually I my other label I guess should jump ahead but I have a pedicure records as another label and SoundCloud just recently said that they’re going to start taking down mixes people make if Lily without even monitoring the content or anything they’re just going to start removing all the mixes which totally defeats the purpose of that site so I you know have a few mixes that people put out as releases and I’ve navigated everything to band camp now as a backup in case goes down on soundcloud because man they just keep putting so many restrictions on their site that it’s just ridiculous so yeah you’re right I’ve been finding myself doing the same thing bane camp is the backup soundcloud yeah the soundcloud is kind of the youtube for music it more social it’s more interactive you know just the layout and everything is band camp is so like stationary and isolated in a certain way I mean you can search by tags and stuff but it won’t give you recommended tracks or it’s it’s more something you need like a link to get to the right place right yeah yeah so that’s kind of shitty that sounds I was doing that but just waiting for a new platform really yeah I mean uh if you don’t know soundcloud has definitely been it’s been tumultuous the last year or two man yeah they went public and they’re trying to go the youtube route but i think the problem is they’re just taking down they’re not like at least youtube has a copyright claim system even if it’s broken they have a system in place Hey ah sorry that’s my cat Charlie he’s mischievous let’s go but continue um yeah so like the problem also is they use BOTS to just scan for artists names and and even to the point where people that own the content are getting flagged for copyright for their home music because no one is like double-checking what’s going on cuz they just have like algorithm yeah because they’re just searching algorithms or whatnot and it’s just like the laziest stupid it’s like if you had a robot policemen just pulling everyone over first you know this is what’s gonna happen to our society when robots take over yeah this is a good indication of where societies going to go so I’d be like when your screen freezes but but I have guns yeah you’ll only just lose your life or your head so yeah it’s just getting worse and worse but you know bandcamp still going strong whoever comes up with the next platform that’s like SoundCloud without all this I swear to god they’re gonna be raking in the money yeah dude everyone I’m me too we’re waiting for the next audio soundcloud kind of thing yeah cuz Sam hood is there up really oh yeah they’re a big time so you think one of my questions is the future of sound clock do you think sound real I was doomed there’s no future for soundcloud i think well there’s no future to keep doing what they’re doing man I mean taking off mixes I just heard about that like a week or two ago like what’s next you know basically everyone’s gonna have to pay to even be on it I’m sure that’s gonna kill all your free users it’s just gonna kill everything yeah people like me i don’t want to pay i’m still using the free one yeah it’s it’s just me killing so all the restrictions are becoming too much you know even when you listen to a track for 30 seconds and then they throw an hat at you it’s like come on you know yeah adds a tricky it’s it’s such a slippery slope yeah it’s just you know it was supposed to be something for the users I mean they’re like well we have mixcloud you know which is what you know me and James used for what’s near the netflix incident but mm-hmm um you know it’s not the same you know because some people just want to put up a track you know until you say stop at this moment soundcloud is a little bit better for that um yeah soundcloud still good for what it is it’s more known mixcloud like I didn’t even know about mixcloud till our podcast yeah I mean it’s definitely mixed clouds definitely for more podcasts it wasn’t like that that’s where this is gonna go nice yeah that’s good but soundcloud is just a good idea gone wrong yes they’re just yeah well they gotta pay the bills all those servers cost money but you know they’re making enough like they they’re just getting greedy they already have ads don’t they yeah they have everything they need already I don’t know what they’re trying to do heads up their asses seriously it’s like they don’t even realize like why people are using their website anymore it’s like it’s it just boggles my mind it’s like like do you know why people use this they’re probably a bunch of people like in a boardroom deciding it you know people that are not only ground level yeah I mean some of my friends about their entire accounts deleted mom that

happens on YouTube yeah without warning even either like literally my one friend was just like oh yeah i just logged in and it was gone God see that’s why you need at least show system says hey we’re gonna delete it if you don’t yeah and that’s why my friends kept saying hey shut up back up for your label since you know getting a lot of big you know on on its level so yeah I definitely had to do that a lot of people use Dropbox to like they don’t even use there’s an option you can download tracks right off of soundcloud but a lot of people just have a dropbox link so they’ll just do a dropbox link for this weighs around gallons yeah like one of my friends um does like nightcore that’s another scene that I’m part of which is essentially just speeding up pop music there’s a big YouTube fan base for nightcore I like nightcore as well it’s very animating that makes sense but uh you know a lot of people want to give credit to the original but they can’t because bots will flag their so they just do it in like Unicode or like use like numbers and stuff in place of letters ways to work around it that reminds me of a remember Napster yeah uh when like right after Napster got taken down you could still download like sum 41 songs yeah but you had to spell it wrong oh really this reminds me of that yeah it’s it’s kind of like that it’s just like everyone’s trying to find I mean I stopped giving credit completely because I just didn’t want to risk it oh so the bot looks it like your description yet it oh man talk about backfire yeah so a big question like people be like well why don’t you give credit and it’s like it’s not because we’re trying to screw anyone over its cuz sound clouds fascist regime is the man holding us back it’s a bunch of robots shooting us in the ass so that’s why we do that well speaking of the system I think this is a good time to talk about it have you heard about h3 h3 productions no they’re a popular youtuber group they make funny stuff okay um they they recently they did a bit like they do reaction videos as well and they did one about this guy named the bold guy and he does like parkour for comedy it’s really crappy parkour yeah it’s it’s good but cringy and they did like a react video and then that guy sued them oh really yeah this is like a big deal in the industry or the YouTube quote-unquote right right right because he sent him a letter with his lawyer saying basically you know give me four thousand dollars and take down your video and you know and they said no because if they agreed that set to legal precedence anytime you do a react videos because YouTube and SoundCloud they’re very a lot of it is they’ll take other other media and incorporate it into their media which i think is like that’s why what makes it good yes thank you so it’s a big deal there they have like a big crowd fun for the lawyers and they’re going to court and it’s gonna be a big deal Jesus yeah that sucks yeah does it even have footage of his video in the reaction video it does okay that might be a problem and like you do we understand it’s a react video but it’s gonna go to court with a jury ah so I don’t know it’s your I know right use me so whenever we find out what happens it’s gonna maybe I’ll have a park or accident before the trial oh I hope not sir ah feeling a little dark there there’s real do she though the bald guy yeah always gonna sue when you said that cop I just imagined some guy jumping buildings slick with pies in his hand like juggling look cuz he said he’s comedy parkour it’s like weird like scripted skits okay this one we’re like I don’t even know it’s so good it’s just weird it’s cringy yeah that sucks man I mean there’s just you know it’s funny for me because I’ve made music that I’ve heard other people sample and not give credit to me and I’m totally like I just I’m flattered though yes it’s like oh you know well because you know the thing is I probably whatever they use I probably sampled maybe you know it’s like you know where who can claim ownership for anything really like it’sit’s like if someone plays like a specific chord on the guitar like an E chord no one has a copyright to that yeah can you imagine if somebody did and you’d have to pay like a certain amount of money for playing a chord on your guitar that’s crazy like that’s where we’re going though I feel like with all these conversations and stuff about copyright and ownership yeah like what really belongs to anybody really I mean it’s very tricky to you get you get there splitting hairs like a lupus all got sued for copyright of some movie he made and they won and it’s hard to prove that kind of stuff yeah it’s just too tricky I just don’t think it gets to like

metaphysical if that makes any sense right it’s just too abstract to even kind of yeah you’re like how do we begin to regulate this yeah I mean even like the old copyright if someone’s something’s out for like a hundred years its public domain mm-hmm it’s like essentially saying that person’s dead yeah well what if they’re not right who would hear grace what if they’re like 120 these days I believe it or whatever but you know it’s just kind of weird to think that eventually something’s gonna be the public anyway mm-hmm so there’s always people trying to make money and lawyers trying to make money off of that think your fans will give you money yeah if they really want to support you there’s other ways emmitt you can sell shirts I don’t know yeah that’s a thing you know you can sell merchandising or whatever you know yeah I think a lot of people make more I’ve made more money just selling collectible that has my music on it like a VHS tapes of floppy disks and I like that you would take the VHS tape and record over it your video yeah I’d made handmade in an edition of 100 a handmade VHS copy repeating me a hundred of those no but I mean if they were made to order yeah you can still order him and didn’t you put like uh you had like art on them yeah yeah I’d cut out art and then make like weird like ransom note collage art that was really cool i liked it and i like that people bottom the floppy disk thing yeah people bought those too that was genius and thank you and i also just put out a you a wooden USB Drive which were custom-made so those that was cool to do I want one now yeah i’ll just give you one a wooden one yeah dude yeah you know you gotta just think of different ways it’s like and the thing is like people can just buy all my stuff it’s pay what you want yeah i still and i did get money you know i think that’s a good way to do it these days on with online distribution yeah because it’s so easy to steal like people are gonna do it anyways oh yeah and if you’re like one of these people that has like millions of listeners and trust me you’ll get money yeah they say with it in the music industry at least with a hip hop if you have a every fifteen hundred streams equals 1 album sold usually that’s like the average 1501 personal buy it mhm what do you think if you heard that figure I haven’t no I don’t know I you know I don’t can’t go off that yeah I mean what is that you know everyone’s different everything is different yes it’s it’s constantly changing I think it’s weird to just generalize like that I’m just be like well that’s how it is though yeah it does seem a bit of corporate e ya say that yeah I mean I’m just wary when I hear like that but you know I think most people if you’re a musician you make your music playing shows yeah live performance is usually where the money is that yeah I would say and merch it merged like t-shirts mmhmm yeah and vinyl still you know a pretty popular thing for you know kids for some reason yeah just k well i mean i’m i’m i’m usually like a resolution but i wanted to be 1080 yeah to some but at the same time I’m the person who goes out of the city sounds fine what’s the difference yeah yeah I know it’s really my name honestly the i mean the the conversation of perfect sound quality is just as meaningless as copyright in my opinion because there’s you can listen to so many things in different ways it’s like yeah there’s a lot of moving parts like you could have like it depends on your headphones or what your internet ends on your ears if you’ve damaged your ears then who are you to say what sounds better or not and all these audio files and it’s like just shut up you know like every every I think every format has a purpose mm-hmm and and there’s no like better or worse it just depends on what you’re going for like you know there’s so much music out there like I really like how they still have a vinyl day is that correct record store record store day mm-hmm that’s cool it’s cool it’s I mean I hate to be like a cynic but it’s kind of become one of those things where record labels are now utilizing that to push a lot of stuff and a lot of that I don’t think people need even whether I’ve stuffed it’s like only you can only buy it on record store day that’s just kind of shitty to me mm-hmm because you know all you’re doing is having these people come in buy it buy like fifty copies of it flipping it on ebay for three times as much like two months later oh of course they sell it on ebay yeah so it’s just it’s like it’s like a way to turn people in the and the greedy corporate I guess greedy corporate yeah I think that was like a nirvana shirt or something is it it sounds like a good sounds like a nirvana shirt greedy corporate

track too yeah so I mean yeah that’s just it’s interesting to talk about them interesting so uh I’m not even sure what our time is but uh so talk about all right we talked about your record label and pedicure records yeah penny he records that that was a label that started on soundcloud has a primary source of distribution and i wasn’t the first to do that I think one of the first labels to do that was PC music which was a British label and I don’t think and and they became so popular and no one thought of using soundcloud as a distribution method for music they thought it was more of a preview yeah and so that kind of changed the game and then overnight like me and like you know a couple other web labels just popped up and we’re all like putting out digital singles and nothing physical at all I like that as a millennial that’s super cool yeah it’s cool to have something that’s like hard to Google and you can is only on soundcloud yeah it just makes you feel like oh man like I found this thing yeah you mentioned that one time in one of our discussions about how they’ll it’ll be on soundcloud but it’s a like it’s not archived like it’s gonna get deleted and the only way you can download it is to download it on our Soundcloud oh yeah that’s another thing soundcloud did is they put a limit on how many you could download so after a while it’s like you have like 200 downloads and she would just go and then you’d have people like all over the internet being like oh there’s anyone i’d like a 320 you know mp3 of like this track or and then that’s cool yeah and it’s also cool to see sites like you know anything to mp3 and like you know oh yeah purposefully that you can just rip audio off of I just think that’s kind of like awesome yeah it’s very good habit for bandcamp to actually do that a band camp downloader well the guy that keeps making it you know keeps getting in trouble of course but he’ll just change the name and it’ll pop up again which is cool yeah they have they have a only a limited number of downloads for free on bandcamp yeah that’s true too mm-hmm with you so you sell albums on bandcamp as well mmhmm yeah they have a good option for merch I sell shirts on there really huh yeah cool stickers um yeah they really know what they’re doing on bandcamp honestly there might be some limitations but I mean nothing anyone’s complaining too much about really yeah pair descent collect you have band camp it’s very like the interface is very clean mmhmm yeah it’s really good it’s just easy to navigate alright well I think we’re getting short on time but uh excuse me Wow first episode anyways so uh where can people find you where can they you just didn’t you just make a new album uh yeah like a month ago yeah well yeah an out of my mid-2014 just came out on a digital label okay it’s getting a physical release on a tape label um eventually but yeah you can find all that if you go to SoundCloud it just had been treasure hunt I’m actually like the only treasure hunt that has like more than 20 people following him SEF so you can find me pretty easily I have a picture of a dinosaur a raptor on there um pedicure records again you can find that on Google now and splay pretty easy we have like articles and written on us and stuff so that’s really easy to find um we have a youtube channel pedicure records does um it’s all really easy to find though alright so if you want to find miles in his music so to SoundCloud to pedicure records or treasure hunt yeah treasure hunt music com there you go I like it all right well um I think that’s the end of the episode for today okay I think this went quite well it was enjoyable for me was it for you yeah I love talking about this it’s great yeah I feel like we could talk for like four more hours oh yeah about like a lot of stuff you know we’ll just have to have you come back on another episode yay oh yeah it’s so fun in the meantime you can also check out a podcast that we do called what’s new to netflix instant yeah that’s really fun and that’s on tumblr you can search it on facebook as well so yeah mm-hmm and what is the email for that for that show if you want to request a movie it’s a what’s new to netflix instant at gmail it’s all one word and you know if you listen to our podcast will have like a bunch of titles and you can pick from we can’t do shows though because those take up too much time yeah the one the title has to be from the streaming list yeah but I check it out we do it once a month oh we’re going to record a new one like at the end of the week right and yeah just basically look at any of the titles that are coming this month yeah and and we’ll do that so you don’t even have to listen to my show to pick a title yeah but it’d be nice if you did and you should because the next one is

gonna be a Dolph Lundgren episode yeah I’m super excited double the Dolph yes double the Dolph which is what we all need also a bit of Adam Sandler yeah but mostly doll yes mostly all right well that’s all folks I think I’m going to end it thank you for tuning in to the temporary space network this is our official podcast this is the first episode you can find us on YouTube just go to a temporary space net that’s the official website and I guess I’m going to sign off for now there’s going to be a little music transitional I’ll close out the show later but a thank you for coming miles this is awesome yeah I said a lot of fun actually yes it’s like more than I thought I would yes all right Willa that’s all so I’ll talk to you later bye all right folks it’s about the end of the line I want to thank miles downhill for being an exceptional first guest on our exceptional first episode in summary the trends we talked about today or cloud computing is officially taking over vr is growing whether we like it or not the major TV entities are finally going online Netflix is not top dog anymore although it’s not down for the count just yet modular phones are the future physical movie theaters are on their last leg and finally consoles are turning into PCs as usual my links are in the description if you’d like more information about us about this network just go to the website temporary space net I’d like to thank you for tuning in to the temporary space network subscribe if you like information that’s all folks