Curs de limba Engleza incepatori (tema+vocabular) – Lectia 4

you Lexia Patrick they sent you by Manchester let’s see cuca de Vaca Vinton oil a rabbit a silly she’s prodigy basilic rounds as good my correct our chess minute me not father data chair scone today I see six o’clock or rush I say the second I’ll dial our square Piazza start here start doing exercise knowing the Covington proposition it’s six o’clock in the morning yes the orders acidemia answer there’s a statue in the square in Piazza yes toaster to you there are some chairs in the room in camera some kvass gonna I wait for the past five minutes every day I stepped out also change minute Fe ecology the second car is read adore Amash mr. Rocha we seldom go to town for one hour Mirjam Rara Mirage control hora strategies are calm proposition and in mind Glaser Shiva difficult reservoir I’ll duel out of booze imagine Piazza thus the second bus go to the square y el arroz con el bathroom he has a glue chair wash the pie Maria and toda order she changed I always wait for Mary one hour and five minutes yes daughter shotty Sarah it’s six o’clock in the evening star twisting Piazza is the statue in square da Cunha Mahalalel de la una de section 102 doy three three Pedro by change six chasse 7 chapter 8 opt 9 no tell nature I squatted appetizer Matar Le Chiffre uno due tre 1 2 3 Petrosian chasse 4 5 6 shut up no zj 7 8 9 10 in certain circumstances our motherland children limba engleza Doyle Patricia SOT 2 4 6 8 unit rage in Chapter 1 3 5 7 oh no door no zj 1 2 9 10 tre una casa no 3 1 6 9 such a of Tricia’s 10 8 3 6 exercise extreme are a team pulling proposition it’s ten past six you thought has a shot see she said to me no time I usually go to school at seven o’clock in the morning go BJ – koala Lord I shopped enemy NASA she thinks it’s nine o’clock yeah critical Easter on OA my train is

at half past two Trenor mail yesterday doll she’s my data it’s nothing yes terranova completed model proposes he follows in formula Klesko started in Agoura Jana brass hammer goblin bara she want to go for a walk she doesn’t want to go for a walk no no black machine we like cars we don’t like cars no Santa nourish I Intel I am NOT Intel no browser except I want to wait I don’t want to wait I just am external now it might rain it isn’t my train newly apply to summer ganache koala they like to go to school they don’t like to go to school yeah mr. Mallory she his mother she isn’t his mother no splatter I don’t know you like my father you don’t like my father crowd which is your mother a proposition in my glaza non Plata Tolui I don’t like his father innocent incasa they aren’t in the house yeah no he’s tensed Radha she isn’t in the street y’know Brahma Sheena he doesn’t want the car I just I miss the castle or it isn’t the house Tampa mama a vehicle is e we tell visit her mother every day youngster by a bracket he isn’t a nice boy hoon exactly – ramat are complete opposites Allah conformal corresponds a quarter are a very other I’m a restaurant you a restaurant have you a restaurant no I’m a scheana Marie I a big car I haven’t a big car in our data they a father they haven’t a father I teamed you time have you time yanahuara be chickaletta she a bicycle she hasn’t a bicycle boy I thought I’d own choice the boy o’clock has the boy o’clock the tattered Madonna proposition shop survives and if you Katya Clinton or know this car is red machine adjust mr O’Shay that girl is nice Fatah chested Ragusa these people are in the building wah mania Church doesn’t include IRA those boys like to go by train Archana by its Laplace America train on a comb introducing or metallic rapacity pranamaya demonstrative corresponds occurred a chest a stern chase Ramos is a nice clock this is a nice clock massage is the album is table white is

that table white a chastised Imam Ali is his mother this is his mother – Conda sister betrayed Jamal a Chester when do you usually open windows when do you usually open these windows qui pluck fidelity Allah who likes girls who likes those girls good at Keystone proposal actually I think it’s bus I think is that bus America s an artist hotel they often go to hotel they often go to this hotel scum a natural essence words are chairs green are those chairs green the black a sister Asha do they like towns do they like these tales when I just elective Ambassador Trevor benign a squatter she repeated she thankful I’m not Nippon to children to write to a screa quiver to take Allah up Rinda Tredici to metallic proposition in bangla Sam it’s month amazement Rochester Messina thank you for this car yah is created s marry a she often writes to marry Dobie tree you see our car Salinas Koala they usually take their books to school traditional Matala proposal cinema Ramona it takes an hour to go home draw upon our Cazadores ahora I usually take a bus to work Dobie Chima du colloque walter was one it takes some time I just adore Azzam it for a driver yet the traditional fare they are drapes offer Kermit our legs a cheat you put a terrific on the cotton sushi tonight the curve in tashera chromatic allah trudeau JS proposition and in mind lesson yes Magento de una cuerda now tacos he always takes the second bus we are at Ross on camera has she o’clock in her room chemistry Delta Teresa when does he write his father email on Luke ruler on Eliminator they go to work at 9:00 in the morning she never a summer gaga so who wants to go home una merda chaste woman watches photo booth where did these people go by this bus fitted archila I slept until Delano Jaster machinae those girls always wait for this car if stuck I said are not usual my daughter are you at home at half-past nine do Reznor upon ice-cream Rea it takes an hour to write to marry innocently where are they straddle a innocent lunch are these streets long mama she taught our Lewis and Clark routine Darcy his mother and father art work for a day it’s much too masculine Rochester V

chickaletta thank you for this bicycle yell yonder down now Thomas ranchera he always takes that bus you’ll apply to summer when I dress the Piazza they don’t like to go to this square either awesome I love Lambada today I want to go for a walk you know just the camera some kvass gonna there are some chairs in this room you know our themes of our basket mama Louie he hasn’t time to speak to his mother Alexia part reported on an adjuster part Alexei vomer a capitulation ambassador kanakam rabbit eyes omotola proposition where is the driver he’s there behind that bus do you see I think it isn’t the driver he’s behind this big building have you time for a walk no I haven’t I want to take these green chairs and clocks to the school are the boys in the shop no they aren’t this shop is for girls where is she in the shopping street she usually waits for her mother in the shopping street I think she’s at home do you want to write to your father no it isn’t a good time to write where is her father where do you think he is he’s at school at 3:00 every day he isn’t there today he’s in the restaurant he has a table near at the window it’s good to be at home do you often work at home no I don’t I usually work in the office it’s half past 5:00 do you want to speak to their father he’s usually at home at 6:00 in the evening have you big white car yes I have it’s behind the house I think it isn’t your car is near the white entrance who wants to speak to my father they’re two girls in the big blue car when I look through the window I always see those boys in the street have they a blue car yes they have then they are Tom and Peter do you often see her mother we visit her mother every day our mother and father are also there we usually take a through train to Bucharest and ultimately 32 and let’s see Sarah capitulum leaned on to learn without a tradition in mind less the propositional can Malabo courage visitors and other not just a piazza similar justice that we hear when I go to Bucharest I always visit this square and look at this statue it’s gone I know you think I’m a rod or my chair is in the second room in America Cossack Auto Boozer I always go home by bus convoy prefer Astro vada China magazine the best radical mercy Allah when I look through the window I see those shops in the shopping street yes a tray of minuta it’s eight minutes past 3:00 yell presence creates momentum he wants to write his mother today the obj /subtype editor Laura Casas they usually

wait for their father at home they smash in natural vastra do you see those blue cars in the merger Sarah where does he go in the evening meshlab limbering theocracy do you go for a walk every day Maria the ski the magazine was so Laura opted in manatsu Mary opens her shop at 8:00 in the morning drama pinaka sudras aura it takes an hour to go home una ley trainers and trainer director some chains are three chains are chastised race and culture karate transfer Santa these streets are for through traffic Grace Kelly star : do you think he’s there no young mr. : no he isn’t no other him surviving patina we haven’t time to speak to you Gina credit card specula dear Esther for Martha who thinks this building is nice swim to Dorchester to Manchester camera there are two clocks in this room I just rent rent todo administration does this train always go into the station in the morning Louise can spot a lateral block property’ Mendte I live behind the apartment building who knows Angela stress commercial do you know those shopping streets greatly abrasive is it a such as Turin I think he wants to visit this tower and demolish that could fight him I always wait for him for some time no blackberry idea I don’t like those boys indicator or math and I said she – the premise here oh you blue to a chair Square where there II live minute visit sir three thank through think you