Random walks and random group extensions (GGD/GEAR Seminar)

thank you thanks everybody for coming thank Celia for the invitation and nice introduction we’re not used to seeing and math talks you even downloaded my CV okay so so the main topic will be random walks and you specifically random walks and groups so I guess GG G stands for geometry and dynamics so there will be groups geometry and dynamics and also in the title I put random group extensions so that would be an application of techniques around the works to some problems group extensions actually I will not focus too much in the second part but I will mention some applications okay so first we start with the group so we have a countable group and of course we would like to ask where special so that I guess one very general question is are you how do you select a generic element choose pick a generic element so of course for various reasons for instance for the rhythmic point of view or in general you would like to know something maybe you don’t know something about all elements maybe you would like to know something about generic elements so well accountable group will acts by Osama trees on some space X we will be symmetric space and so well one way to do it is to do random walks on this group so what’s the right to walk well now you don’t have it just a group but you introduce a measure on the group so you take mu the probability measure and you start drawing allons elements randomly from this group according to this measure so you start you you it’s like you have a dye or something you throw it and then you get the group element you call it G 1 and then independently of what you did before you draw another element and you get you call it G 2 and so on you draw elements independently of what you’ve done before according to this distribution and you get you multiply them and so you get a random product of elements and so we’re going to be interested in studying what actions happens to this sequence so this sequence where the GIS are distributed according to mu and their independent ly distributed and of course but we’re all be interested not only in the group but also in the group action so what we can do is we can consider so you pick a base point that’s in X and consider the sequence WN s so you act on your group on your space with this element so this will be called a sample path a sample path for your random walk of course it depends on the choice that you’ve made but the question is what happens generically so the picture everybody has in mind is before is the following you have the space X you start with X then you draw a random element you get every one of X and then you draw another random element you multiply it and you get they’ll be two of X and so on so there are various questions one can ask so well one is there’s the random walk escape to infinity so for instance does it leave and we come a subset or bounded subset well sometimes this space will have some boundary so you could ask does does it converge to a point in the

boundary because different boundaries can arise so we’ll see more specifically and also does it have positive speed so if I if I take ten ten steps how far am I and so you can define speed we’re going to see it in a second so fit same simple examples okay example zero will be the following you take for instance of z2 and which acts for instance on two on itself so you have you think of it as a grid like this you start to say from a point zero and I have to give you what measure well one measure would be you just can go in all four directions with the same probability oops ok so you have 1/4 Delta mass let’s say 1 0 Delta massive minus 1 0 plus Delta a sub 0 1 plus Delta M assets 0 minus 1 so now I’m sure most of you have seen this example before so some of you can tell me what happens if you run this random walk from some point that’s this is escape to infinity now in this case clearly it doesn’t so in this case the random walk is recurrent so it comes back to 0 infinitely often with probability 1 of course in this case why well because in this case well make sure if we make sure that you have chosen the probability measure which is which is centered meaning that the probability you know the barycentre of this of this Delta Mascis is 0 so you have that here you have that basically the right the expect right so if you take so the expected value of of the increment is 0 so if you take if you define the end the distance between W and X and X and you look at the end over N well in this case this tends to 0 almost surely so the speed is 0 my speed we mean we can define the speed to be for instance the layman yeah limit as n goes to infinity of the distance with you w ant X X okay so I’m sure probably all of us in this example before right okay so so first this is the case that here the case is the group is a million and the geometry is flat somehow so we don’t like this I mean this is not the kind of groups that you are like we want to consider we want to consider groups where the geometry is actually negatively curved somehow as the group is not going to be a billion so the other example is when you take the free group on two generators which acts on itself and then you take you take again a centered distribution like for instance one quarter you take a with probability one quarter or even worse or P or B inverse so here what does the picture look like if you take the Kayla graph of F – everybody knows that so please answer yeah is this 4-valent tree and here okay here does a bizarre thing which happens so of course you can go four ways with the same probability so in some sense the distribution is still centered however what happens in this case it’s very different

we actually claim that here the speed or the drift sometimes this is called is actually positive and you’re actually and the random walk almost surely converges to the boundary of the space so what is the boundary of the space well is this Cantor set of all geodesics you should think about it is it has this nice topology of a Cantor set and so so why is this true so it’s quite simple actually even though the random walk does not have a preferred direction to go it still goes to infinity and that’s strictly related to the geometry of this object which is a tree so here ax has negative curvature in the sense that for instance is a hyperbolic in the sense of drama so so why why does that random walk converge to infinity so so here’s the trick again I consider the end this the sequence of distances from the origin and I ask you what is the average expected value of the end does anybody have a clue Oh so quite 3/4 but of course you’re on the right track so what happens so let’s think about you see what’s what can be if you take the n plus 1 minus the N so are you going further from the origin or backwards well you can go in further with probability 3/4 and backwards with probability 1/4 so what’s the answer so every time is 3/4 minus 1/4 so the expected value would be 1/2 and so here it’s about and over – when I say about because there’s one exception when you’re at the origin you cannot go backwards however that doesn’t happen so often anyways here you know of course everything can be worked out pretty explicitly but this gives us a feel of what’s going on so it turns out that the speed is actually 1/2 and so as I said even though we don’t know where the random walk is going we know that almost surely is leaving in compact sets and since this is actually a tree well if it lives compact sets and just come back well it has to converge in the boundary ok so that’s sort of the sort of gives you the geometric intuition of what’s going on of course you’re going to generalize this example very much and actually the proof was not no longer be related at all with with this case but anyways it’s important to keep this case any questions okay so let’s put down some more technical definition so okay we start with X we have okay separable technical reasons realm of hyperbolic space matrix place so of course glom of hyperbolic means that triangles are thin so they look like this and it looks like a tree so of course this doesn’t have apply to this case where the geometry is well and which we take we have a group again which acts by Osama trees and we take a measurement on G and of course we don’t want to do something completely stupid with this measure so I don’t know we didn’t want to take the identity over and over again otherwise you’re not gonna anywhere so we define Muir to be elementary non elementary if the support of MU so that’s the subset of the group then you

take you take a sub semi group generated by the supportive mule contains two independent loxodrome elements okay so by the way since we’re going to need it later we remember that the translation length of an element just defined as the limit of the distance G an axe axe and so log should Roenick means that the translation distance is positive and what does it mean that they are independent independent means that there are just the lots of romics have two fixed points on the boundary each of them g8 1 and independent means that the fixed points that’s formed two to disjoin topples so you have somehow you have three group inside you could you could prove that but anyways yeah we’re gonna need this none element RIT condition okay so once you have that we can run around the walk and ask for the questions that I said before so note there’s one thing that we do not assume that X is a proper space proper means that the clothes balls are compact or well similar question would be locally compact it’s not quite equivalent but similar condition we don’t assume either of those and it may sound bizarre but maybe not now because in topology now we have a lot of spaces which are hyperbolic and they are not proper and we can of course mention a few of them later but so this is a central assumption that’s really the main key of their novelty of of this work because more or less when X was proper the theory has been worked out many years ago actually so here’s the main theorems okay as I said everything is like here so you have separable space you have hyperbola city you have this non elementary measure so first so the is that for almost every right so yeah almost every simple path it converges to the boundary so there is a boundary point where X is the gram of boundary such that this actually converges to the world so the second one is that basically you have positive drift so you can say that there exists a positive else which that for instance if you take the limit of the distances you divide by n let me if for in this generality the limit may may even be infinite but what we done we can prove it it’s not zero so basically it’s larger than of course well sometimes we are interested in a more tame measure so if if mu has a finite first moment what does it mean it means that the average step is bounded so of course it’s not quite so you can have your measure your measure can have infinite support so if the measure has finite support is like really throwing dice they have finally many possibilities this time you could still have infinitely many possibilities but this condition tells you that okay you can go kind of far with you can you can produce long long steps but on average the distance you travel is mounted so of course this also puts an upper bound so you as also finest first moment then you really have the limits so the limit exists right in this case the limit

would be finite yeah now let me say a few more consequences so where’s other consequence are well for instance there if you look at the translation lengths of the generic element this is also is going to be not just positive but you will be growing linearly so the probability that the translation length of WN is a smaller than L times n goes to 0 as an just thinking in particular the translation length is positive almost surely but it’s stronger than that it grows linearly essentially then there’s very other things you can say well one other thing but I really just say it briefly if the action is a cylindrical plus some consequences on the measure so for instance the first logarithmic moment and the various other things and finite entropy these are the standard conditions then the gram of boundary is also the Poisson boundary of the random walk in the model for the Poisson the pissant banger is something which is attached economically to every random walk and doesn’t have anything to do with the geometry but then there’s all this crap all this people who ask well can we find a geometric object which represent this but to say it precisely one has to talk about harmonic function so I will not say it now but but anyways this is also a condition but only at least if it’s a cylindrical but the rest doesn’t doesn’t use the s Olinda colleague the other thing the final thing is the application to random group extensions or random in general random groups yes well you can never tell right if the if the person boundary is is everything or or the measure doesn’t charge something I mean somehow funked orally they are they serve the same purpose so you could say yeah you could say the Poisson boundary is a set of minimal illumination so you could say is the set of unique legardie combinations of course there’s always a measure attached to this so depending on some measure there’s some measure on the boundary for which you view you satisfy all the properties of the Poisson model so it’s all match it’s all in the measurable category so yeah other questions yeah I will now let me just finish say say the last the last part so the random group xn so how do we find how do you define a random group so there’s various models so one simple simple model is the following so you fix K and stop some integer and you consider K independent random walks so you do this process k times w1 absolute wnk independent random walks and then you consider the group beyond an end generated by this independent random walks and now the theorem says that almost surely yeah basically well we could say yeah with probability which goes to one so of the group then with write the probability that this group gamma and quasi asymmetrically embeds in X tends to 1 right so question symmetric we embeds means you have a

metric on the group which is the word metric and then you have a metric on the space and you want to ask yeah the map is the ornament yes so the map is right if you have WN I you map to WN I okay so okay so and then we’ll get to see a few a few more color is but okay so whose theorem is this so basically most of this is with Joseph Meyer so one two three four Maher and myself and five is the same table yes yes I wanted to add some more yeah so yeah I want to add some work I ran out of the board there so I should so of course a few applications well of course step 0 application is where G is a hyperbolic group itself that’s not super exciting and X is the Kayla graph with some generator then of course well this is a nice space ok yes this is finally generated maybe then you get a nice proper space so basically everything I said was basically already known maybe it’s hard to trace back exactly could they do it but certainly group actions on proper hyperbolic spaces were considered certainly my kind my knowledge and then several other people of course you are interested in groups which are not quite hyperbolic almost like the both right so for instance if you have G H which is relatively hyperbolic the group relative hyperbolic the subgroup well you can take X to be the relative space so the count of space and that’s that’s no longer proper space of course so I think they have all expresses still you can take the Bowditch space so it’s so proper so you can do something else perhaps but anyways this is already a case where you have a non proper space then of course they’re the groups were really interested in in topology so one group is the mapping class group and then of course you could take the car complex which we all know is hyperbolic by work of major and Minsky and here very essentially is not proper so you can think of X being some sort of locally infinite graph and you’re going to see what happens for local him photographs but anyways so here again various things were already known by the way it’s also now that the action is a cylindrical here so for instance we know various things so for for instance we know that the the generic element is Sudan also this of course we already knew by work of Meyer and ribbon independently and here we sort of leverage this to more general case where we don’t have only just one element where we consider K elements and we take the group generated business and so so other consequences which you get out of this for the mapping class group is that random K generated subgroup of the mapping class group is complex Co compact because basically well the work of various people including kind of my Nagar is convex compact if and only if it quasi symmetrically embeds in the curve complex so so it does also however note all these groups all these examples

are free are free groups so you get those examples so of course there’s a lot of quest for non free convex compact groups so somehow the random world is too nice you can’t find out any questions another another corollary which of course isn’t it’s known is that well somehow yeah is that you can identify the possible boundary of this width of the mapping class group with the boundary of the curve complex and somehow of course this is already known by work by work of Criminology and Mazur well but then you have to use a lot of machinery to go from here to here somehow I mean in there in original proof you use time or a theory you use the action on Tyco space and then you go back to the boundary of complex and so you also have to prove that it converges in the curve complex then you have a map from the boundary of the curve complex to the boundary segment space to the boundary complet so somehow this proof in a way you can you can go through ways so one you can go to take on a space which is proper but not hyperbolic and in the other case you can go to the third complex which is no proper and hyperbolic and somehow in a way this is more communitarian so if you like if you don’t like taking a theory in a way this is more or less the first proof where you don’t really use any tech north you except maybe to provide cylindrical iti think so far we have to use some machinery but anyways if someone could prove this without any any geometric structures there will be sort of purely combinatorial so I think that’s also an interesting ok so then there’s also sorts of other things but anyways more or less we got the gist also of course other interesting examples are for other thing so if you take G autumn or through some other automorphism groups this free group then ok then you can have a lot of factors so for instance the free factors on books so everything works out nicely so you get yet a lot of interesting you get you get all this so for instance you get a corollary that general generic elements are a troy dough and their fuel irreducible well you need to use some other complex not quite this one but there’s this various variations as you will know but better than me and anyways of course this will was due to copulation and Raven and as I said we can go further from this for instance we can also prove that random free group extensions our hyperbolic and what does this mean well recall that you have the sequence from the full of the morphism group to other fan left well he was almost right that’s good okay whatever so how can you construct a random extension of the free group where you do the following you pick a random K generated subgroup gamma n in outer fan out of maybe should be so we know how to construct around and generate a sub loop here we do K random walks and then you pull it back to here so then you if you have gamma hand here which is here when you have a projection map you pull it back you still have this

so this becomes an extension of the free group and then you have to use a work of Dowell and Taylor to show that if this pie illness of gamma and Qi embeds so if gamma and sorry if gamma and Qi embeds in someone it’s a freshman some sort of three factor complex then this extension is hyperbolic in the sense so some sort of you know involves procedure not too involved I mean you take it take every time you have a group outer automorphism of some group you can take an extension of that group yes yeah also you could do it for other groups but it seems like there aren’t too many interesting groups where the outer automorphism group is is non-trivial business I mean you could do product of surface group times free group we will still work out but then you can’t do much more than that so many questions yes no so the good question is it’s WPD enough and maybe but yeah so we still have we still having I don’t have a full answer to this yet because somehow you want to really look at pairs like a generic pair of boundary elements and see if you can connect them by a geodesic such that there’s not too many elements and so small the stabilizer is sort of has linear growth and so of course WPD is a weaker statement and maybe you can sort of do something but it’s somehow for for the possibility of a defend this wouldn’t be you know unfortunately other questions okay so so now that I I mean I I I took for granted a lot of topology because this is topology same so I don’t know on the other hand I cannot define all all these objects but now we’re gonna go much slower in a way and sort of give an indication of what where is the essential point and in this theory how it’s sort of differentiates itself from the earlier theory when ax is proper and actually fortunately or unfortunately there’s not going to be much topology but it’s more like a gothic theory so so the essential ingredients in the proof so essentially there is one very important ingredient which is the concept of stationary measure so if you have a group acting on some space in its boundary we can say that so if M is a G space new a probability measure on M is new stationary if it’s not quite invariant but it’s invariant on average so you start with new you can push it forward by group element then you’re gonna get quite back new but then you can choose G randomly so if you you can take this is you see you have this probability on you so if you take the average of those according to this probability you get back the same measure okay so that’s the key point and the idea of using special measures goes back to – to the beginning I mean it goes back to work a first time bird and then it’s heavily used in Margulis super rigidity theorem so so why do we use it so here’s the sketch although say you want to proof of convergence to the

boundary if the boundary of X is compact so this would be in a classical case that’s like okay like hyperbolic lane you have the circles it’s compact nice so if I claim that if it’s compact then that if there’s a nice argument which is hidden in first of all get modulus and it’s it’s kind of indirect though it’s using measure theory so here’s the thing so first thing is by compactness so if you have the compactness of the back of this space then the set of probability measures on this face is also compact and then you can apply whatever fixed point theorem you like to say that there exists a stationary measure and the compactness here is absolutely essential now let me say what goes on later because it’s kind of cool so then you use then by the martingale convergence theorem what do you do you take you take your measure which is stationary and now you push it forward by the group elements where your random walk so you consider the sequence W n star you it’s a bunch of sequence of measures on the boundary and by since it’s stationary this sequence is a martingale in the space of measures just sort but anyways this converges to some new so this sequence converges to some measure of course the measure so this depends on the sample pod but anyways this sequence has some limit and now you use the geometry and the geometry tells you the following that by a hyperbola CT if you have a sequence of group elements which converges to to some point on the boundary so this if you have a geometric sequence which converges then there’s also the sequence of measures converges and it converges to a delta mas so to delta methoxy but this is a delta mas tonight and now here and that’s it so I I think this argument is it’s very neat so why wait why does this imply a convergence to the boundary well you consider the sequence G an X now since this is a sequence okay everything is compact so it has to have some limit point it has a limit point by compactness now the only thing you want to exclude is that it has to limit points but the thing is suppose if if it has to limit points what happens well there’s some subsequence G&K x which converges to Delta R see what sorry took c1 and then some other sequence which converges took c2 but now we can use this geometric fact so here we use the geometry to say that this implies the convergence in the space of measures so this would imply the gnk neo converges to this Delta mas this would imply the gmk no converges to this Delta us aha but this is a contradiction because we have the writing a convergence theorem so this sequence converges globally so let’s contradict virgins yeah use compactness is a bunch of places and the real essential one is

the first one so now what is the non proper case in the non proper case as I said the Graham of boundary is not compounded for instance if you think about an infinite tree infinite valence tree something like this like this they called it the infinite Hydra you know there’s so many there’s too many branches so what’s the boundary here well this one boundary point for each ray so here the gram of boundary is vacant and so it’s not compact so if you were to run this argument in the horror function in the realm of boundary then you would run into big trouble because you can’t even start so here’s the workaround so the trick is to consider another boundary you consider what’s called the horror function boundary well maybe other people call it slightly differently but this idea also kind of goes back to grow more or less however there are various definitions which do not coincide for proper case for non proper cases so what is that you consider so if you pick Y in the space you can define a horror function what’s a horror function for us is a function of this form ro Y of Z equals the distance from Y to Z minus the distance from Y to X naught where you pick your fixed base point X naught so that you have the draw Y of X naught is always zero so these functions this you take the distance are all one Lipschitz functions and they all vanish on X naught so you have a map from X this row from the space of C of X also one Lipschitz Lipschitz and f of X continues and also of on Lipschitz is such of f of X naught is zero and now here’s the trick the trick is that this space is also pretty horrible but if you even doubt with the right topology which is the topology of convergence point wise convergence if you equip see of X and well let’s say C of X so decorated that means no no something just our I don’t know so it’s not quite just a continuous function with the topology of point-wise convergence then it is compact it’s just by the ticker of theorem I mean you know you look at the function at each point so it’s like a it’s like a huge product space really huge so that’s not so so the topology is quite weak however this is a good starting point so and not just that well if X is separable this is also mattre instabilities so this means that there exists especially we measure here on on what on the we define the we define a whole function boundary X H to be the closure of the image of this map so however it is this space is pretty weird so let me I have a guest one minute or two so let me just finish by saying two things so first of all this this topology here is pretty weird for instance if you have a sequence of points which go like this yeah so you’re going to infinity I don’t

know where where are you going it’s not clear hello in this weird space there is ooh and there is a limit point and the limit point is the origin and why is that because you see this function is zero here and goes up linearly along the Ray and you know you look at the Ray and you wait until this sequence passes by and once it passes you know you get back the same function which is just linearly increasing along the Ray so somehow you see this topology is pretty weak however the good thing is things converge always now let me just finish we say was the second ingredient just to because now okay we have a stationary measure on on the horror function boundary but what can you do with this of course we want to say something about the growth boundary and so the second ingredient let me just say it and stop is the local minimum up so there is a map from the whole function boundary to X Union the boundary of X and essentially the map is the following the map is the following is this map is G invariant the map is the following you take a photo function and there’s two choices either there is a global minimum so if you so then your map it to X such that X is the minimum or fee okay course leaders but anyways what’s good about this function is this they’re convex and using a hypervelocity you can prove that functions we such that there have a minimum they look like this so they have a 1 minimum or there is no minimum so if the infimum of h is negative infinity then there exists a sequence of course such that H of xn goes to negative infinity by definition then you pick this sequence you pick and you’ll define you pick this sequence to define field H as the limit of this sequence so you have to check that if a whole function doesn’t have a minimum so it looks like must look like this and if you take a sequence of point such that the value of the order function goes to negative infinity this sequence must converge in a growth boundary this is pretty strong bite one huh one can prove that and actually the limit point doesn’t depend so basically so here is the case where the infimum of h is bigger than negative infinity and here’s the case ready fimo the Infinity and so from here you can define a such map and it’s gene variant then of course there’s a lot of work to do but at least this tells us that if you have a session to measure here you can push it forward to a session or a measure here and then you can start running the rest of you there’s still other issues there anyways thank you very much

Congenital Anosmia and its Effects on Perception

this podcast is brought to you by the School of Advanced Study University of London so thank you very much for online I series so interesting event a I’m learning a lot and thank you for inviting me of course so my turn will be a bit different from them from the others you are most of your scientist and have offers fantastic experiments conducted with also subjects and I am NOT a scientist I have this is great and experiments which try to offer a some objective information from juanita deal and information I am a philosopher and what I am going to do is try to offer something like a phenomenological account of what it is to live with a congenital i knows me and so i am not pretending that i am what i am going to do is objective truth like more like a subjective experience and and i hope like you can’t deal with my spanish accent is emitted from ghana ok so to be born with congenital or Nia needs to be born into a world without your father invention I cannot perceive as nails I have never had any experience of perfumes or disgusting extensions and therefore in my subjective perception of reality they simply do not exist the world does not is now and if I started ception I do not have the sensation that the world I broseph is incomplete that your disc of qualities that I cannot reach the wall that presents itself me it seems complete when I’d approach that shall be treated like a few might that no I see its form and its colors the white flowers that have fruit and hear it move when the wind blows I can touch and feel it’s God and days it’s sweet cherries the treat seems complete I do not have the sensation that there is a hidden part of the tree that escapes me Miguel I have the sensation I like a sense a window into reality that something in my body on in my brain does not finish improperly and they could afford out it would have been impossible for me to come up with an improbable idea that everyone else can proceed another dimension of reality which consists of volatile chemical particles that I proceed in a word art of briefing position is man’s sums as strange to me as a collocation system of buds or some words capacity proliant a flight with the Earth’s magnetic field something I cannot experience I have to trust you more that you are willing to never let me just ask you to imagine a brief piece of fiction let’s imagine that the small group of people all born with some kind of hi Alice mere emigrate together to an island and going to have any more contact with anybody who can smell years and generations past they would have an annoucement culture and therefore they do not have words for it smells they do not produce performs they could cook and eat very differently children would not play with the stink hose school should be desperately ineffective against these people and eventually may involve another defensive mechanism repulsive stench ease would not be a problem and many aspects of life would be very different and they would not suspect that others exist until one day a traveler arrives on the island and tells them about Margot sensations they cannot perceive so the only thing that can free us anos weeks from our island is the words of other people what makes me aware that my perception of reality is incomplete is that all the people talk about sensation that I cannot share their stories revealed to me that I like something thanks to Tony with them I have come to understand that I am missing information about what goes on around me and that I am missing emotional experiences so I know that when I aesthetically admire a landscape there is a form of beauty that I cannot reach and also form of ugliness being culture for that I ask myself in what ways not being able smell changes my experience of the world makes me in a different way or perhaps as psychological consequences I do not suspect I believe that the only way to try to answer these questions is to

compare the experiences of announcement people with the experiences of people with a faction with his aim in recent years I have forgot to develop low conversations and interviews with other people suffering from congenital alonia people who have lost their sense of infection during under court and also people with our sense of smell my goal is to draw a map showing the principal differences that might otherwise to develop a systematic compassion obviously this is not an experimental or scientific procedure but only a modest attempt to compare personal stories about subjective experiences my attempt is a philosophical literary exercise and does not aim to be anything other than that but I hope it will help formulate meaningful meaningful questions or to indicate interesting fields of research which would then need a properly scientific approach in the first part of this talk i will describe how i became aware that other people to the smell and in the second part i will examine the consequences of an osmium in different areas of everyday life so okay we’re coming up where I was born without action as I told you but nobody noticed as a child I visited dr. Syrian side and went through different examinations but my sense of his man was never tested my family simply we will know that the child would be born without the action so they never felt for checking as a child I did not have the sensation that I love anything but as time went by and I grow up I could understand what my family talk about better I didn’t realize that when they mentioned certain things i did not know what they were talking about my father used to used to come home after work in the kitchen where my mother was cooking and say that decimal bein my mother often asked me to throw the garbage away because it is done what were these as mass people refer to what should I go to perceive them and so people Griff in and I’d be the same but it got nothing interesting I had to go further or sensation I was puzzled and disappointed but I was not able to articulate these feelings in words I did not know what questions to us for me as a child and I think this is probably true for children arriving at the idea that Google people perceive the world in a different way who’s very difficult to understand that i do not perceive some qualities of reality that everyone else could require a very sophisticated exercise in obstruction at this point let me tell you an anecdote that when i have it it helped me to understand my own experience maria cruz which is who is the mole of a good friend of mine now and 80s was born deaf in one ear but nobody noticed they can’t grow up with apparently the problems and nobody in the family perceived anything strange about hair until one day or the family were having lunch together the parents and other children and they get to watch eight of nine suddenly water question that left their bowls understand the question was why do we have two ears if only one of them really works the game was able to notice that she would call here with one ear but they could not imagine that this was a particular problem of hers she thought it happened to everyone I also believe that my perception was normal that it was natural and I fully very strange that people talk about things I could not perceive four wheeler was a succession of different small moments of confusion but the boo squad I can still remember very clearly we saw the puzzlement I felt I was eight years old and it was the first time I spend some time away from my family my parents took me to spend a few weeks at the summer boarding school Nevada push typical forever internal in sama very cold and human eye which children spend all day running a plane one day one of the teachers discreetly call me attention to my feet I had completely hope yours I did not perceive any problem with my feet so I could not understand what the problem was for care and what was gross I did not know what I had to do so i’m a teacher disturb not be saying what she told me she knows the point was that i haven’t been able to associate the everyday i Jany creep was and my mother involved with me with more the other I nearly either asked what they were supposed to do so I went to the bathroom and because I remember and to another

good perfume on me for small knives I put perfume on my feet and my exposure I ended with the stadium faith then it was the turn of the teacher to be puzzled but she interpreted it as made in ceiling and so did my mother when she was told about it the confusion was the first clear signal for me that something was not right I distilling it sometime one or two years before it was able to articulate the magic sentence that when it sentence I cometh to be able to say that was a great relief because I could finally express in words by sensational confusion but even so that sentence was more a complaint a call for help then a clear consciousness of what exactly my problem watch my mother who did not know from to answer to me took me to the bed my Patricia had seen me several times before and he had always been a very professional unkind auto but faced with my ability to smell his own his only answer was this is not important obviously his answer was coming and we returned home with her belief that i did not have any serious health problem but on the other hand his response encouraged as not to think about it anymore and that did not help me or my family to understand what was happening to me over the following years i bought the same question two different of those but only to receive the same answer fortunately in those years all this was happening in the 80s I never met a single doctor or anybody else who considers a lot factual played a key role in health since those days I have explained many people that I like the sense of a smell a most of that does not place any important on it to be more precise and have classified the most typical answers into for response types the perf response type is that of migration do not worry this is not a senior problem I would not deny that this answer has a positive aspect it provides relief it makes me feel that they are not in that I are not suffering from any seniors health threat but the negative aspect is that dispute does not invite me to understand what the lack of refraction means to my health and my life this answer comes but at the expense of closing the door the second response target is more astonishing to me it is publicly you are this often comes with a bigger smile and a couple of George I’ve ever seen this answer hundreds of times these people would never say the same thing when faced with any other half seems to be something people only ever see with the passing of time suspect that people who respond in this way never stop to think how many times they use they sent this man injured one day the third response time is Mary something very difficult to explain this is at least frequent answer and people normally say after taking some time to think I am grateful for this kind of answer because immediately person is trying to think of Slayers and trying to help me to understand but then again say that cannot find the upper gate goals that they do not know how to describe the snaps to me and therefore they make me feel that they will never gave unpromising what slightest man and before response type is when I tell someone that I cannot the smell I explained eating the taste give some examples tell him stories and then fact minutes later the person asked me if I liked her new perfume this is really horrible she has not here and this has always been the most frequent response so this is what the answer of the most people I have talked about mine my condition because this is so generalize I can understand that there is nobody in tension forgetting that I am a nose maybe but I said anosmia justice does not mean any most people the unitary alliance what it means not to be able to do so after this different responses for several years I denotified anybody who considered or functionally important and had the patience to try to explain what this man’s are like to me therefore for many years I decided not to worry about it and simply to live happily in my world with a good faith on a dimension where

you really well of course I was August cultures about hygiene or cooking and from time to time the Muslim specific boring moment but in general I did not of the think about the smells I could be four modes without gravy remembering that always existed until 2006 I was 34 so really old when I suddenly became aware for the first time in my life that the lack of a sense completely changes your perception of reality and the way we it was like a revelation I was still here in London and beginning a research privacy attic appreciation of natural landscapes and I was reading about perception I began to read about deafness and it was then that I understood that the lack of a sense changes in relation to the world and then I suddenly thought about anosmia it was the first time that I really thought about it other than to link ideas to remember experiences anecdote and tolls and suddenly many things made sense so I then stopped the researcher was working on and my wife began to write brick right on allows me as I way of thinking about it for myself and of telling others about it as I restaurant in a year 2010 I publish a novel about a las Nieves sweetening in stylish and the title in English would be something like you will never know about that the smell i have also polish and a few articles on anosmia and thanks to that i have begun to meet people who are interested in a fashion like of you so you’re not really happy that they have followed people to talk about this all these westerns ok my personal process of dealing with management has been so long and difficult in part it’s for one simple reason our spanish health system with the exception of a few doctors does not take or fashion disorders seriously and i think that the same happens in many countries in the first place if i if i had been subjected for photometry when i was a child and i have been the diagnosed with a lot minute i would have saved myself the long and difficult process of becoming aware of it by myself and in the second place if i have proceeded so instructions on how to live without a faction in our business or if I had we offer some kind of help I would not have felt so alone in this okay so what can I offer now to foster reflection on anosmia society is more aware of this I think that is I can do is try to describe the consequences of Hinault’s many different areas of everyday life and then this way I’m going to do now in a second part of this data ok let’s begin with with nourishment with who another new process for me was to become aware of the fact the title I do not perceive food as other people know I did really a lot of years understand when I have lunch I perceive a lot of information about food I see it I hear it I know that stays temperature texture and this whole my massive sensations mingled invite me to suspect that I was missing another element let alone the most decisive element of flavor I only understood that I was missing an arm of food by drinking tea whenever a teenager I had a great fascination for t-shirts when people had a green tea I enjoyed spending hours with friends talking in these places that were gonna have to look exotic and filled with the promise of taste is from far-off lands but every time I dragged my team I feel deceived because in my cup that was only playing water with sugar what happened with the other people they were enjoying it so much why so what were the program whenever i get older i discovered that the same happened with wine I ripped the ladders on the water which had a great literary genre unless the poetic and descriptions of things and I imagine the vineyards in the sunshine on our fathers in cellars but when I tracked and your linode is a bigger sensation that was not particularly pleasure after all these experiences with tea and why I can’t understand that my perception of

who had to be similar the program wanted to convey my sensations because in saviors of other people turn out to be extremely difficult thanks to talking to doctors and reading some books but this has been a very difficult process I have more or less managed to understand co-citations work as you want no one one of you have told us really very interesting things about that what we call that the taste of food or flavored food is a result of many many different sensations but people perceive on this different information together as a whole and if any difficult to differentiate each each particular sensation and it’s difficult to talk about that and for me it’s difficult to compare what they are feeling of a technical one of the people who try to explain the role of his melon fruit to me is the landscape the car will ferrell who has participated in the design of several smell parks in Catalonia in claims that smell is usually responsible for eighty percent of the pleasure of eating she told me that a smell of food but they could have you fried oreos and tomatoes which is something very typical stay awake lives here appetite and that IV smell is it away she says that sometimes she cooks ahead not only to eat it but because of the smell it gives her home and because of this man is an anticipation of the pleasure of eating and she complains and when she has a cold and hello to smell properly the sensation of similar to hang will lose her sense of touch in the move the performer the Scottish apart from a demon boy told me that if when you are having lunch someone sits near you we’re in a strong perfume the perfume mix is going to taste of your food and changes its taste human tovahleh top idea this is better on village when you’ve met the sea this was really study sheet for me because I did not know that the realm of food could interact with your emotions the environment after all that how is my relation with food okay I love eating and I love eating in company and I hope you feel that what they are eating taste this good but when I hear people talking this always thing when people began to talk about food then they talk about sensations I cannot share what I love most are sweet things in general probably because I can enjoy the sweetness but even with sweet things even with research I cannot perceive all the sensations that other people can not design and describe and how it is for me to cook the first thing is that gasps always need is a typical problem from all allows mix so I do not have as at home another of my always is that would come bar or even cause an accident because in the first weeks of living on my own my gosh / jammed and boosting the flames before I saw it so this is a pretty Thunder now I have a smoke detector but I fundamental rule is not to go out of the kitchen if I am hunting apart from that I love cooking and what I like most is that dishes combine colors and textures of coffee I do not use aromatic herbs or this is the coagulant perceive them when my friends taste my dishes they say they are very healthy for most fun a bit boring but when I take their dishes I do not know who is the difference there is one final thing regarding food that they would like to mention when I was a study in Germany from a doctoral theses a lot of beautiful I were surrounded by vegetarians I also decided to stop eating meat and have never eaten meat again but the difference is magnet Italian friends when they give up meat this is for them a great sacrifice containing a strong will to overcome many daily temptations I never had and improve it with that I never had the sensation of giving up anything especially pleasurable and I think maybe this is the ultimate proof that my relation with food is quite different so this is the positive aspect of women unless we become the emitted by uranium easy if you want Italian coffee okay let me have the question of the in relation with which people how allows me affect my relation with other people is a question I do not have a good answer I am missing a whole dimension of what we finds a classroom what could the consequence asleep the most of your consequence is at the cognitive platter I do not know if after some ways are strong and be stinky perfume or I don’t

know the tunneler well like colic mind goes to work at the regime after having had a shower without having had a shower I only have access to this kind of information if someone else shares it with me and in that case I have to trust in world perhaps all this means that i do not know people as well as a little people for a second level perhaps it has some consequences in the emotional field I have very often asked many people if they perceive any relation between people’s all those an affection motion and his great consensus about Bob strength motifs tell me that smelling their sons and daughters give them great pleasure and then they recognize the older a friend told me that she knows if you had two daughters have exchanged their clothes but winner has discount applied in general to loved ones the answers vary over a wide range for some people it seems deeply important and for other people not at all so you could really know if all those play an important role in love and sex although the previous statistic that one shown here was really impressive okay popular culture says that love is always blind for us a nice mix love is blind and allows me so and I have like I’m not sure if this is unfortunate or perhaps good luck and on a higher level I believe there are consequences for four people by you each other sometimes a person is very negatively because she has a lot of smell for example because she has a health problem that causes bad breath or Hospital hygiene or where’s overpowering perfume but they are not sure if when address or hasn’t the smell she’s by you would HIGHLY my everyone else so we need really more experimental and the other side of the same question is that I cannot dismiss myself and this is really strange learn to perceive as I mention of myself and know that everyone else perceives it Maya factory personality should give some information about me and perhaps awakens emotional reactions of reflections but I am NOT conscious of it if no one tell if no one tells me and people are not used to talking about these things even if you ask them to because there is some reticence in speaking about personal photos this makes me to the question of hygiene the group of applause or factual in adulthood complain that body odor is a thermal boring for me it’s not I have careful I’m to let it everyday rituals with my body my clothes with me home and it would be them regularly even when I think that they had probably not necessary but at the same time I have assumed that if when a hot and sticky day they smell bad okay this is simply bad luck and nothing really but is going to happen so it’s not a big problem I am NOT especially worried about it I think this is one of the points when we can see that with congenital news Mia had less worried about our inability to smell than people who have lost their own faction in adam but that Norman I think more worried about all this okay a lot of the question that I have tried to answer this call the same environment natural or r1 is perceived in a different way by people who can smell and by anoj new people I think there are at least three fundamental differences the first difference consists of which sense define the horizon of an environment for allowing people the horizon of what we can receive is visual and related to him when people who can smell sometimes enjoy a more distant horizon because very often on fashion can reach farther than site for example working for Sydney I have no idea that on turning the corner I can expect to find a bathroom I really have no idea until I actually turned a corner and see it when people who can smell I have received it long before working through a trust roundings people who can smell may perceive the sea several kilometers away although it’s hidden from sight by the hills what is allowing people clearly covered the second difference is that although generates a sensation of surrounding it has something like an enveloping effect according to people who can smell when people for can smell are in a pine forest for example they feel surrounded by arrow the vines and this way enforces the

cessation of being received a pine forest let me to offer you up more Italian example of others so go together once to design a garden which plays with the ideas of intimacy and withdrawing he doesn’t want to design a garden with large spaces andrew appeals or concentrate on a botanical extradition supposed to focus on creating enclosed spaces which would open an aesthetic experience of intimacy and betrayal with his aim she decides to create some small rooms enclosed by high walls of greenery and over by different kind of flowers the small size of the Empress shows the fact that the side and sound of what happens the yarn is limited by the walls but also the fact that the visitor cannot be seen on here from outside are all elements have contributed to this hidden paradise withdrawn from the world can smell enhance this space this form this experience after listening to some gardeners speak about the smell I think that contains a family if the designer selects blessings many flowers when a visitor enters the space the fragrance will welcome and surround her stressing the sensation of being with him in this way a smell can help highlight immersion as long as the capacity to fill a space and leave it at home then why is stressing some aspects of the fall of the garden and specially surrounding visitors making them feel inside if the visitor cannot I smell fragrance cannot reign force physics to commercial without the smell sight is more predominant unsightly extra stress distance not intimacy as a consequence another sweet person would have a porter experience of such a garden and in general and a normal person will always experience less intimacy and immersion in government’s offer people who enclosure facturing neighborhood say that they feel as if they have been moved away from reality but they are like more more like this and spectators than participants even and they are experiencing the world from behind glass another example of this is that my friends often complain that when they enter space and find the atmosphere very stuffy or in some way overpowering sometimes they even say then find it hard to breathe and need to open the windows they say it about classrooms our dress runs about the underground I do not have the sensations abuse his faces are so full or that it’s difficult to breathe it never happened to me almost never that I enter into our room and I need to open the window this is a sensation i know i can understand only with temperature but not with because of the sensation that is full of smell I think that when I proceed my surroundings my sensation will always be a little more empty and that but I can see around me is more distant and removed from it and the third difference that people who can smell tell me that many places have characteristic holders that help them to identify and remember that will create our own emotional maps of the places we love all the places we hate for people who can expel over is a fundamental element of this emotional maps but another person suddenly lotus or faction the emotional map breaks down because these places are no longer the same that is when someone loses on function they not only use a source of information of places but also from the mental key in the emotional relation with them of course this is not a problem for congenital loss mix because our emotional maps were always okay well if the questions they find most fascinating is whether a lot of influences time perception this really needs a scientific approach because this is only now where a speculation I didn’t approach this question to myself after having observed that one of the things that people value more highly about what faction is its evocative force its capacity to awaken the motion of memories all the people I have talked about to evolve on fashion have Charlie moving stories about how only to smell another immediately make people or places who belong to a long walk past sim present sometimes greeting them back from a past that was more than have forgotten the most interesting aspect of these of these is that these are

that assault the person unexpectedly that I’m not gone through but conscious mental processes for example a doctor who reach at the end of her medical tarea told me that one day she was walking in the street and suddenly felt overwhelmingly sad and frustrated she needed a few seconds to realize that she was smelling the very same perfume that many years before when she was a still a very young doctor the first patient she witnessed dying had been wearing with this evocative force a faction contributes to the construction of personal memories and in this manner to identity from time in a way that challenges the power of conscious rational efforts to remember a person can be a very rational story of herself select some memories and linear others Michael function can involuntary change that story or faction can save remembrance of the bus even if the person has has hidden it very deep in their mind another faction can make impossible to forget some things and this can be for good or for bad or factual teaches you that you cannot completely control who you are and on the other hand I have also listened to stories water fashion seems to have a kind of anti Vettori force because it allows people to know that something is going to happen it reversed things that make me stay hidden to the side as men can announce that it’s going to way or in general a change in the water or that spring is coming similarly is near have revealed when someone is cooking 3 or to enter in the kitchen with respect to food the factor of anticipation seems to be very important according to people who can smell for baccano charisma the relation with food begins before and extends longer in time than it does for a loss with people or function allows people to proceed theorem of fort while it’s been walking and awakens the pleasure of eating before it’s really beginners for functional for shots as an invitation to eat we could even say that it plays a role of temptation and after that during an ear infection plays a fundamental role and after finishing the meal makes it possible to continue enjoying the realm of the dishes in place and the surroundings in this way or fashion extends the whole food experience in time I think it will also relate this and dissipate or a force on the smell to this strange stories and sometimes appears in the news claiming that cats or dogs seem to know when a person is ill or whatever so is going to die what seems to be like a magical power could simply be this is now I will drag now studies about this this is the capacity to smell changes in borders in a person that is still or is going to life okay that’s apologies our friend Gary says that the pressure of the sense of smell tend to be anticipatory or word respective rather than being dramatic the sense of smell goes into play move when the other senses and to spend a moment one could say of mobilization and the materialization be coming into being am passing a wave of things if all this is true what happens then to an oz meet people I believe that without own faction we or at least this is my casual it’s my subjective experiences I think really more focusing on side and the visual dimension is the dimensional depressant the fusion Jonas in his essay inability upside of firms that site is the sense of simultaneity because it shows us a scene of things that are small Tunisian around asked that’s to say it show us the presence of things and the good ability and studying give that presses we’ve not seen what is no longer there or what has the end to call but only what is present and siren wails this to us then instantaneous way we need only a glance and we see all that we have in front of us this reinforces the sensation of present and therefore I think that a lot of people reporting the present then people with a factual obviously this is only an Englishman is no scientific grounding and I really do not envisage a way of proving it in a scientific experiment but they could certainly like to us the scientific community here what

they think about it okay another another area is the aesthetic appreciation from her on her history of aesthetics in Western philosophy from play to to the 1970s almost every philosopher has said that aesthetic appreciation is based only on two senses sight and hearing that’s to say when we perceive 11 we perceive it through all our senses but at the moment of appreciating and pronouncing an aesthetic judgment and the moment of saying this garden beautiful only side and healing can come into play or fashion taste and touch have nothing to add the resource that philosophers have given to justify these theses have been many and violent and I am NOT going to explode now integral terms when they have done is to establish a hierarchy of the senses sight and healing have been considered the cognitive intellectual senses whereas or fashion taste and touch have been be wet as in figure senses this dualism is an echo of the tradition and one is in between my nepali aesthetics is considered a pleasure of the mind and intellect or pleasure notin body pledge not embody pleasure and philosophers thought that only site and healing Aldous rice from the biological pleasure to the cognitive pressure because on functional text attached are too closely tied to biological needs too closely tied to our body okay this thesis was accepted for centuries and only a person decades has it been brought into question since the seventies of philosophers have begun to discuss this all conception of aesthetics and defending here at aesthetic appreciation is based in all our senses for example the intronic has implied his idea to contemporary art Carolyn course mayor food Paris need why and you negotiate on emigrated to environments and also in every day studies they are of course other fish masala movies the same work so finally we have now a scenario when we can ask what role or for factionalism aesthetic value of things and my question is when we’re not with people look at the garden where a Forest without noticing this man don’t we find them more beautiful or adding air so how all these are not mere which is the role of punishment is aesthetic perception for example natural environment it is to see what differences are there instead of appreciation with and without the smell I would like to recount you two examples that particularly drove my attention one is about aromatic herbs near what I lived is a big public part with lots of aromatic Mediterranean plans visually they are not very beautiful visually there are many other far more interesting plans because they have more elegant forms or bigger flowers or bridal chorus’ animatic helps tend to seem a bit boring to me nonetheless for people who can smell them they have a special aesthetic value and they are really very often used in all kind of gardens this value that almost everyone needs to earn money helps makes me think that if I do they smell some things would seem more beautiful to me I think I could say the same about many natural settings and also on food tea wine but sometimes what the opposite happens one day working with some friends in a forest near Barcelona my friends we had to say that it really stunk and soul we found a dead Fox decomposing here enough to me a dead animal something is something sad but for my friends it was not a model of sadness they said that the stench producing an unpleasant bodily sensation that make it impossible for them to continue enjoying the place we had to live in my case I proceeded in animal but I’m even it didn’t produce any unpleasant body sensation I reading will destroy the beauty of the forest because of that I believe that to be an ottoman means that the world seems not so beautiful and also a not-so-happy I believe that aesthetically speaking the war seems less but the question of the extent interest me in a special way because i am not sure i understand what the stench is people who can / still be described it as something body impression which can produce a very strong physical reaction and make them feel safe so i really would like to know what exactly

has 10 G’s and is myself if it has an equivalent in other senses if we compare or functional with side is there any equivalent to a stench it’s something ugly equivalent or something that is things or is perhaps something disgusting or revolting a more exact equivalent but in any case I think that there are two big differences with dentures the first difference is that if I see something disgusting I can look in another direction and the problem is solved in contrast when people is not that is things they cannot this melon another direction they have to leave the place or do something to stop the stench this fat makes a stage problem what is tiring the second difference is that the stench and fill the whole space and ever even impregnate clothes and the skill of the people there when I have spoken with doctors about this quest level Stan choose they have explained to me that this term reaction people have when faced with his stint as a biological function as 10 G’s an alarm signal for a possible danger one of the functions for fashion School addict spoiled food toxic substances smoke fire and because of that stent generators from body reaction not only await when the person moves away from the source of danger in this sense stage has similarities with the future of pain we all know snakes live in a world war nothing stays at my neighborhood community meetings they start of it is always bad snaps everyone complains about the sentries and they are for me fascinating long discussions about the exact nature business got to complain about that at the University my colleagues complain about bad smells in the classrooms the toilets the permanent smell from the kitchen and seems to be only personal and faculty and there are many other occasions when this happens in public toilets the other day perhaps it would second for a loosening people the world seems cleaner the disadvantage is that I have the sensation that if there were any danger we could not notice it in time we could be surrounded by danger without noticing some years ago I attended a conference at Edinburgh University inside sensory world’s environment value and the multi-sensory and any select one torque finely crushed Cooper about Tory strips to the exclusion zone around Chernobyl appointment seemed very wetness there are rich tourists who bae a lot of money for a walk into the exclusion zone this place is still suffers from highly dangerous reductive condemnation but this occurred argue that it’s very difficult for people won’t be aware of the lander because we do not proceed further activity with their own senses they know that productivity is there because they see registered from the measure of equipment my face see here in force men and therefore they do not have a deal awareness Dillinger he has similar way sometimes anything that I could be in a place with lots of dirt contamination and Landers substances and not be aware so probably divorce seems to me a cleaner and safer place than it really is so as a conclusion I would say that one the wall plaques and dimension like your factory one the wall seems a bit emptier and a bit poorer there are fewer still fewer things happened and it won’t seem styrian and safer planet release I usually have the intuition that the world has fevered conditions was for example with food and beverage and also it contains people mutants because we do not feel so we start by death of organ donation Lynyrd will receive unexpected visits from our own for water burst and what we can proceed in a kneeling setting is also less our special and Deborah horizons are smaller perhaps we could summarize all this by saying that there are many things in the world that cannot reach us of course as I said at the beginning all these ideas are only intuitions suspicions speculations anecdotes they have tried to put together in a systematic way but that do not have any scientific foundation therefore the only way to finish this talk is to ask you to continue standing

on and disorders to study it in a biological and medical way and also psychologically and anthropologically and from every possible discipline I think that the scientific community has already achieved something very important political faction on the map of science after it was so neglected for centuries and it’s very important to continue or factual pathologies we’ve seen as the less important of our senses but I think that if science is able to devote it the time and energies in the cells or faction and incest orders could be a key that will open many important aspects of nature it’s all I just need to do the plank water very much for sharing our story with us iphone actually reading and listening to her toddler was it’s very moving in all these these days as long as very fascinated by most of the details like how early experiences of cooking and tore a puzzlement or aromatic herbs and things like this what I want to do is just pick out some of the particular philosophically interesting aspects of our captain a link them to some general debates and a little that huge spectacle comments about how I were thinking about different senses and interactions between sentences so I think it was very interesting that the first way that parses I don’t know manifest ourselves as an inability to understand certain kinds of talk that cooking smells delicious them and so on and it is not being able to grasp certain concept and so people were expressing so realizing that our family mention certain things and she just didn’t know what they were talking about it and one of the things that’s striking with thinking about the lack of a a particular sense we we tend to think of all the things we would miss and what would be what we were lacking in experience but Martha’s experiences you know the world doesn’t seem to be liking this nothing obviously missing and perhaps I shouldn’t be surprising because we don’t we don’t ourselves missed a lack of senses like x-ray vision or seeing ultraviolet or infrared or echolocation there are lots of aspects of the world which we are just blind too and so yet that’s I have something we should we should not be surprised about this case of kisses but people like Martha links very closely to familiar philosophical thought experiments like for example well it shows we don’t have to go as far as Thomas nagels example of imagining what it would be like to be a balance to find examples where it’s difficult to to gain the relevant concepts or to figure out subjectively water what if you like to market ourselves in the position of Frank Jackson sir Mary who’s complained to a lot of environment has no exposure to a low until so she’s not able to only of thinking about it what think in terms of Constance’s she’s not even to form a phenomenal concept of what see hollister are like so one leaf loss results trying to explain this as though maybe certain kinds of concepts which are only available from the same perspective or some view of the world or possibly you have a certain kind of experience to gables together this concept so that connects with a lot of other discussions in philosophy martes said what she wants to give us as a phenomenological a kind of function i think this is really important when we’re dealing with you know very important to the science and the experiments and think about those awful distinctions but we really need to get the phenomenology of these periods right especially so today is the varsity of a

horrible ponte in a phenomenal neurologist of perception and yeah we think what’s remarkable as martyrs been able to give such a detailed account of aspects of the phenomenology of smell with i myself being able to smell so i just want to highlight sort of the things that you mentioned so the idea smell typically forms part of the background or experience it’s not something that a lot of us are aware of all the time although I can jump to the foreground when we were struck with particularly strong or novel kind of smell the idea that olfaction extends the spatial temporal horizons of our senses so it gives us a wider school also extends our experiences or times were aware of stimuli before we encounter them or after they’ve after they’ve gone so it gives us a sense of continuity and she mentioned the surrounding or developing effects of orders and also the fact that we seem to occupy or fill space is not just that we’re getting sensations but they actually seem to be physically occupying the space around us such as mentioned i do but the worlds of mcs umpires you to annoys me it also contributes to our sense of place and location so tying it with with memory and again continuity know where we are as we’ve seen earlier today there are powerful and often apology links with memories and emotion smells can kind of all very powerful abortions and gives us a kind of access those of a mental time travel where we were taken back in time to particular episodes that they revoked by what I smell and also David Carter right accommodation with with tea is to produce flavor and that’s not just a nice sort of modifying the power sector stood we’re getting a combination of what are tasted and smelled our sensors are telling us but also extends and changes the nature of experience over over time the values of dimension I’m not going to say much more about that but it’s very natural stock of good and advanced or Pleasant and unpleasant orders that’s clearly very complicated because certain compounds in very small quantities might smell or as part of a flavor be quite pleasant but harder quantities they may be quite unpleasant and all sorts of complicated relations between those that hi Lizzie both some of the other speakers and of course the fact that smelled and promote extremely personal reaction so we can get very strong reactions from visual and auditory stimuli and we tend to try and lock those eyes if we find them unpleasant but there’s something that would smell it literally gets inside us and we can have this very visceral discussed reaction are those from the actions so there’s something very distinctive overnight phenomenologically as well so I want to listen is the highly speakers a bit the way that Martha frames our discussion was a world without the olfactory time mansion I’m not sure whether maybe she just means I’m in a metaphorical way nothing’s committed to thank you any more strongly but I think it was a ticket as an invitation to sort of think about the idea of dimensionality and whether there is enough like three dimension and so what is a dimension of typically we think of dimensions in mathematics for example is being orthogonal to one another so spatial dimensions are all the right angles to one another they don’t they don’t pertain to another but clearly in sensory modalities there is a large degree ventilation and so if we think of dimensions of experiences or internal dimensions of taste and smell the sword they’re not quite be sort of dimensions were there to some extent separable but they have the effect one another lots of complicated ways people been talking about today on the other hand we might think of the reserve and instant external dimensional of reality but of course it’s not really that I’m sorceress disagree about what the objects which was a pharmacist on something that isn’t objects reach to the senses but the objects that are in the world are unified are united and our senses it goes access to different aspects of a united unified reality so it’s our access to reality is divided no

dr. world itself so and we can anticipate through smell for example the baking of bread and we can encounter that visually and funny by tasting it and so on so external dimensions don’t really see what’s going on here I’m so a lot of the interesting questions I think arise in certain if we think about the addition or removal or a particular modality it’s not just an additive effect as a transformational effect on the remaining mortality so it’s not like just adding another dimension to a space but it kind of really changes the geometry or the topology of that event space so I think this is consistent with Martin’s conclusion that the heart experience is maybe more a medieval four stars somebody had a sense of smell because she’s working so maybe it’s better to think in terms of how the census contributor our total information about the world rather than in a in a dimensional way so it may be there’s not to mention lacking but we can still think of it me too the modalities as adding richness and detailed to a sort of single reality Mars also briefed lots of interesting questions about the hierarchy of the senses and so on but I sure want to pick up a sort of an in the discussion throughout the bull P some students linking or more discussed this letter that well this is faulty ground mr and by my questions whether you noticed like all can this I’ve already taken action offices in that wait till interesting question i have you ever thought really about is this problem as you something when the app so some behavior that i find is not good my good of course i have a reaction against an emotional or irrational reaction against i don’t know what what effect and can have that i cannot smell it the our stories with Mary times that is whether they are the same way mod so I am really interested in a question that different studies that you have show do they have shouldered perhaps that is a very important link between emotion and one faction and I sometimes ask myself if the fact that I am a knows me really has an effective in the place at the motion has in my life and sometimes I ask perhaps leanness mixer in a sense more rational for more these type of things are less emotional but how can you measure me I mean how can I decide let’s pray together some girl can experiment because this is only a speculation one question will be whether you have just purely tasted just like very pitcher so there’s no lack of such but you can have a very strong discuss there’s not a factory linked to be displaced there for greene to hear the more discussed thought it’d still be here with techsmartt a tiger 56 period of very disgusting tastings fuzzing very very good that’s but it’s not so I I feel I gonna grab like like people human what I guess release Linda said what whatever you see vomits on the sidewalk

point 294 the I mean for me I think for many of us discussed it looks fairly stereotypical visceral autonomic reactions we shudder kind of you scratch our knows maybe even get an application or to do you have that that kind of experience as also only with for example some kind of very violent films but I think this is not exactly the same that experience people who are for action this is more like kind of thing that’s what Gossage s I think I think it is quite similar so if you see pictures of environment damage to the body that provokes a very visceral response is to me I think that can kind of similar to at least in a sense of equality responses are some disgusting smell so if you have that kind of experience and i would say it like a macbook of a different students yeah but they’re not sure it’s the same because i hear all time people protesting against this testing is made with the care of and for them it is really a problem they cannot enter into our room they need to surface pro they get protesting on the families imagine that it was lots of rooms with pictures of you know I brutalized bodies all right again come across these things at random it would be quite stressful you know see you would you ever since it and you would find it so i guess the smells these disgusting smell that which is more prevalent but if you imagine the vision equipment it might be that you will forever coming a posse we’re quite good in our visual world but clearing up and not not being that kind but you can imagine having my V parts yeah yeah but have your own okay think he’s just worth telling you all the storied up and last night is highly appropriate in the contest discussion hotel for dinner with car last night and on the way home at the tube and quite late and the guys started name it was kind of not imply swells ddrum all the sudden support and stuffing book vomiting copiously I’ve got a quick thing moving something wanting to go all my shoes obviously and he continued to throw up throw throw other people and the courage were pulling faces and discuss there was a girl who actually go through look like she’s actually wanted to get off the train but then she’d find all this isn’t my stops and sat down and obviously I was thinking it will smell I of sequence you know thing so I’ll sounds concerned that you know he’d knocked in sick on my shares that was down and I wasn’t looking that’s in done that wasn’t but it wasn’t a problem for me as I couldn’t smell it and it is not something to do it just not being able to get away from you sooner you can others are there things that would make you go away so visual things or order do things that might make you go away now you no longer want to experience that in a sense there is one area or a problem but you know I sorts am well happy to go back to your book that disgusting toilet sort of thing put it this way i said to upset a few people you know if well assessment is charity and on things that again or muscle doesn’t work out well i’ll just go into drains I think against a civil work because if that’s not like an Oscar not very costly probably you know things like that where it went because smells no unresolved in with things we’d be visually disgusting but they don’t disgust me the same way that they would have done when the smell of sense of smell but you’re you’re a good self control in the sense that say 10-15 years ago we’ve sense of smells intact did you have a woody do you remember having this role or factory mediated asbestos-free oh yeah yeah yeah toilet relates afraid of you man when you lost it they take a while did you still react something that you associate spending anything want that Harry youren that’s a very good question i’ll be carefully honest of the home and this is what exactly we talked about tomorrow is the absolute sense of smell and being told by doctors nothing was known about it doesn’t could be done I thought well you know what I even have spent I think I’m going to bury that in a hole of the ground is you know metaphorically and I’m just going with I’m going to exist as if I’ve never a consensus enough so I

never I deliberately stopped myself thinking about it so I never I never actually acknowledged I never wasn’t aware of that you know it’s interesting that you know your experience of concerns a lot they have a nice in the number of patients and after this one says you’ve chosen Osmond and there’s got a variety of the reaction approach that we will come to an honest tell you I see they do as children this nature of time how we set things up but it is something we’re very frustrated that I don’t our solution for them they really can evaluate the fact that they missing out on something and the others are quite sort of passive about it and actually there is a quiet if you do know instead of giving that diagnosis giving that surf finality and to move on so as you’ve got a range of an emotional response to that situation in just before the next of kin jealous and more yourself and just two outs that’s I’ve come across a total of what a few congenial gossiping to sufferers who are actually quite militant sir it hasn’t caused me a problem this isn’t a problem you know it’s well it doesn’t cause me you know these sorts of attitude well screw the rest of you in every side I can manage me that’s it right there so yeah there is a huge range is interesting because it’s really difficult to manage because it for people you are you are exception but normal people is equal to speak about on fashion on and don’t have the patience to describe these nails I combine experiences so when you are born with congenital red it’s really difficult to find people to speak with I think either no points for also the fact that so now sailors from a British perspective absolutely not quite so much from a wider european or other perspective but I think Cole tree were quite to the poor about the subject small faction just in recognizing in our vocabulary and you can look at there are some sort of them others aliens and tribal stuff there by multiple words to describe different aspects of flavor and yet you know we can’t even use the word taste properly zones different context of flavor of food so I think it’s just you know the mindset of it in the general public’s happening you know what I counter day to day is just so far removed they’re getting and then engaging people and sort of you know coming to terms with something no you’re can a missed connection between what you’re perceiving will not go opposite even more they are I mean I’ve spent some months last year living at my parents prior to moving down there and accompanying the countryside to help my dad there’s a building work and honestly the number of times our success my mother in Madison it got some you got some sort of and not me it’s her ex because the number of times she went oh doesn’t it smell lovely out there and like I don’t she kept doing it as it was like here that is fine I keep telling your mom you must remember I’d our sense of smell you know but I just don’t particularly and this me think thank all the speakers and commentators today’s events analogies

Week 10-Lecture 51

In the last lectures we have been studying field extensions, algebraically field extensions and sometimes in between also I have used the words like algebraically closed or algebraic closure of a field, etc. etc. now we will prove the existence of algebraic closure for an arbitrary field and also we will prove long pending statement which I have been saying that is the fundamental theorem of algebra which says that the field of complex numbers is algebraically closed alright So first let me prove the existence of the algebraic closure, so this today’s lecture is about the algebraic closure alright so recall that field E is called algebraically closed if every polynomial f with co-efficients in E has a zero in E then we call the field to be algebraically closed and we will prove that C, this is what we will prove, this is the fundamental theorem of algebra this is the field of, the field C of complex numbers is algebraically closed This is also known as theorem of D’Alembert-Gauss, D’Alembert stated this in 1746, D’Alembert was a French mathematician and Gauss was German as one knows, this is was proved in 1800 approximately 1801, that is Gauss and Gauss’s proof was considered first complete correct proof of this theorem which he did in approximately 1800 but there are other proofs also today and the proof I am going to give is will be based on the ideas of Lagrange which was before Gauss Okay so let us prove, I want to prove that every field has an algebraic closure but before that let us observe some easy facts so let E be a field so E is algebraically closed that means every polynomial with co-efficients in E has zero in E, this is equivalent to saying every irreducible polynomial in EX has a zero in E because we know every polynomial is a product of irreducible polynomials so if an irreducible factor is zero then the product will have also zero the same zero So I am noting this side because I will use this with reference further so this is also equivalent to E as no algebraic extension, algebraic field extension

of degree strictly bigger than 1, no algebraic extension of E as degree more than 1 so that means the only algebraically extension of E is E itself also equivalent to saying that every irreducible polynomial in EX is linear, linear polynomials are the only polynomials okay Also equivalent to saying that every polynomial in EX splits into linear factors in EX, this is also because every polynomial splits into irreducible one and irreducible polynomials are linear therefore all these equivalences are just nearly a re-statement of the definition, so I will use them whenever there is a possibility and I will not explicitly say why it is so Now another easy preposition, so let E over K be a field extension with E algebraically closed then and let us denote E alg, this is by definition, all those elements in E, y in E such that y is algebraic over K so this is what we call it the algebraic closure of K in E, we have seen that the algebraic closure is a sub-field and now this says if E was algebraically closed then the assertion says that E algebraic, this alg is algebraically closed field and obviously E alg over K, K is an algebraic extension This is clear because these are precisely all algebraic elements over K so this is algebraic extension is clear I want to show that E is algebraically closed field and this is because E is algebraically close okay so let us prove this, so proof, what do we want to show? We want to show that every polynomial so we want to show that, so to show that if f is an polynomial with co-efficients in this E alg, this is an irreducible polynomial then I want to show that has then f has a zero in E alg, this is what I want to show, well but f is an polynomial in E alg, coefficients are in E alg that means the co-efficients of f are algebraic elements over K because this is a sub-field of E is clearly contained in VX So f is a polynomial in EX, E is algebraically closed, f may or may not be irreducible in EX because we are taking over a bigger field but in any case this polynomial will have

a zero in E because E is algebraically closed then f has a zero in E since E is algebraically closed and let us call that zero, f has a zero so f of y is 0 for some y in E, I want to actually check that this y lies in E alg So to show that we will show that y is in E alg that means I want to show that y is actually algebraic over K, so this is to show Well but what do we know? We know the following thing, K is here, E alg is here, E is here and then this I want to adjoin that y which is here, now this y is an element in E, y was an element here and y satisfies the polynomial f, so note that this extension is algebraic but definition of this and this extension is also algebraic because this y satisfies the polynomial fy, this f was polynomial in E has co-efficients in this So therefore this extension is algebraic, this extension is algebraic, therefore composite is algebraic, the transitivity of algebraic elements so this extension is algebraic, in particular y is algebraic over K, but this means so that is Y belong to E alg by definition of E alg but then if Y belong to E alg and this fy, so that means there is, so this means this f which was an irreducible polynomial in E alg, this was irreducible in E alg, so this has to be a multiple of, a minimal polynomial of y over K, some constant a, a belonging to some constant, where it is, it does not matter So therefore this f has a zero, so in particular F has a zero y which is also in E alg so that means we have proved that every irreducible polynomial in E alg X has a zero in E alg so that therefore so this shows that so therefore E alg is algebraically closed this is what it proved, so remember what we have proved is, if you have an algebraically closed field which is an extension of a field, then the algebraic closure of this field in that is also algebraically closed, typical situation is the following So example, so we have Q here and Q is a sub-field of complex numbers and fundamental theorem of algebra FTA says that this is algebraically closed, we have not yet proved but we will prove, this is algebraically closed and now we take the algebraically closure of Q in C that is also denoted by Q alg this is also standard notation is Q bar which is by definition all those complex numbers Z in C such that Z is algebraic over Q, this is a field, it is called field of algebraic numbers and above preposition says that this is Q

bar is algebraically closed by preposition so because C is algebraically closed alright So let us continue, now I want to prove that every field has an algebraic closure, so first let us define properly, what is an algebraic closure so definition, let K be a field, a field extension an algebraic closure of K is a field extension E over K such that two conditions, 1 is E over K is algebraic that means every element of E is algebraic over K and second e is algebraically closed So this means in some sense this is the smallest algebraically closed field which contains K but this is more precise where smallest means what, that is little bit loose but this is proper now we want to show that given any field K there is a field extension such that E is algebraic and E is algebraic over K and E is algebraically closed So these theorems were proved by, so these are called Steinitz Ernst theorems and he proved this theorems in approximately in 1910 where the rigorous algebra started or rigorous theory of fields was first done properly by Steinitz in 1910, Steinitz was a student of Kronecker and also one of his teachers was Frobenius, so we will prove this precise theorems and these was the first time was used the main ingredient in the proof was little bit abstract that is why this theorems were proved only after the set theory became more prominent and transfinite methods of set theory was introduced by Cantor and Steinitz used them Steinitz used them in the proofs and also worth noting that Steinitz used Axiom of Choice because but I am going to use Zorn’s lemma so they say in proof but instead of Axiom of Choice, I am going to use Zorn’s lemma which is more comfortable, Zorn’s lemma was proved in 1940s, Zorn was a student of Artin alright so let us state the theorem So this is the theorem we are going to prove, this is Steinitz, 1910, so every field K has an algebraic closure, proof, as I said the same proof but this is arrangement form Emil Artin and what we will use is, we will use so called

Zorn’s lemma, Zorn’s lemma will be used in this proof, so we know Zorn’s lemma which is equivalent to Axiom of Choice, I mean I am not going to go to these proofs, this is just for the side comments and how will it be used? It will be used in the form that, let me recall you that we are going to use this fact, this is known as Krull’s theorem which says that let A be a commutative ring and remember that our ring has always identity but I will stress it here with identity and a be an ideal in the ring A then there exists a maximal ideal m in A which contains with a is contained in m, so I will use this Krull’s theorem which uses Zorn’s lemma and therefore I said in the proof of this theorem we will use Zorn’s lemma and remember in this Krull’s theorem commutative is very important and the ring with identity is also very important alright So let us continue the proof, we want to construct am algebraic closure for a given field alright so what do we do, first I will construct a ring, so what we want to prove, so I want to do that for every irreducible polynomial f in KX, I want to associate, we associate an indeterminate which I will denote by Xf over K so that means what, so and the set of all irreducible polynomials I am going to to denote by Irr of KX, this is the set of all irreducible polynomials in KX So they are many, infinitely many, in fact if your field is uncountable this also will be unaccountably many and so on and I am going to consider a ring R which is the polynomial ring over K in all these indeterminates, Xf where f is varying in this set of irreducible polynomials in KX, so this is a polynomial ring in infinitely many variables, this is a polynomial ring in so many variables, they are many many variables So we are going to consider this and also I will consider ideal A in this ring R which is generated by this elements, so this is ideally generated by f and you write instead of X, Xf, f Xf where X is varying in irreducible polynomials of KX, so this is an ideal generated by this polynomials, so that means all R linear combinations of these are contained there right, this is ideal generated by this set is precisely all R linear combinations of this polynomials f evaluated at Xf and first thing is now we claim that this is a proper ideal Because I want to choose a maximal ideal in this ring so maximal ideal which contains

all this polynomials so I want to claim that this ideal A is, so we claim that this idea a is a proper ideal, so suppose a contrary, suppose not that means what, a is R but that means that is 1 will belong to a but that means that is I will have 1 can be written as a combination of R linear combination of finitely many polynomials so those are fi, Xfi, i is from 1 to r where gi’s are arbitrary polynomials in R and these are the generators of this ideal a And I am looking for a contradiction, these fi’s were some irreducible polynomials, now I am looking for a contradiction, so the contradiction will come because now I am going to use Kronecker’s theorem, Kronecker’s theorem says that if I have a polynomial over arbitrary field then that polynomial splits if I enlarge the field then that polynomial splits completely into that field, enlarged field So Kronecker’s theorem I am going to apply it to the polynomial f which is the product of these finitely many fi’s so f1 to fr, this is the polynomial in KX and I will assume for each fi, i is from 1 to r, there is a field L finite field extension L over K such that f of ai, fi of some ai 0 with ai in L and this is true for all i, 1 to r, this is by Kronecker’s theorem, now once I have that we have this equation, this equation I am going to substitute in that equation So substitute Xi equal to these ai this is for i equal to 1 to r and all other variables, all other Xh put them to 0 for all other h in Irr KX, so what we will get, I get 1 here so we will get 1 equal to summation i equal to 1 to r, gi evaluated at this a1 to ar and the remaining variables are putting zeroes and fi all these variables we are putting ai’s But this that is 0, therefore all together 1 will be equal to 0 which is a contradiction because which is a contradiction So therefore this proves that the ideal a is cannot be unit ideal so it is a proper ideal and hence there exists a maximal ideal m in R with a contained in m and why maximal, because we want to construct a field so therefore we have the situation now is this

K to R with a natural infusion and R to the residue map, R to R by m, this is a field and this is even and therefore I get even and field extension of K so K is here that we call it E0 and I have extended this to E1 and I will repeat this process, what process, I take all irreducible polynomials and adjoin and take the polynomial ring and consider the ideal and so on, so this is embedded in E2, etc. and keep doing this, this is embedded in Ei, this is embedded in Ei plus 1, so I have the chain of fields and with what property? With the property that every irreducible polynomial in Ei X has a zero in Ei plus 1, every, so here this is E1 and if you take an irreducible polynomial f here we have that variable Xf here and this has a zero here namely image of this Xf, small Xf this Xf is a zero of f in E1, so that is how we have chosen this maximal ideal which contain all these generators f of Xf and this goes to zero here therefore this property and this we are doing it for every step So and now I want say, we want to claim that I take the union now, E is a union of all these i big or equal to 0 Ei, this is a field and we want to check that this is E is algebraically closed and obviously each this stays is algebraic and therefore E is and E is algebraic over K okay so how do you check? First of all it is a field, why? Because all these Ei’s are field and therefore we can define addition and multiplication and those will be well defined because it is a chain, so it becomes a field and now I have to show that it is obviously algebraic over K because each stage is algebraic over K and algebraic is transitive Now we only have to justify that E is algebraically closed but that means what we want to check that, so to check that, to show that if I have a polynomial f in EX irreducible then I should prove that it has a zero in E but I know this f is one polynomial so it will have involve only finitely meaning co-efficients so therefore there exists an index i such that f actually has co-efficients in Ei and if it is irreducible here, it will also be irreducible here and therefore by construction f has a zero in Ei plus 1 but Ei plus 1 is contained in E, so that is it So this proves that E is algebraically closed so we have finished the proof of the Steinitz Theorem which say that every field has an algebraic closure, now I want to remark here which I do not know whether it will be proved in this course but it is very very important, the above process actually should stop at 1 only so note that one can prove that already E1 is algebraically closed, this was remarked by Speiser, which if I have time I would comment

it when we have the appropriate machinery Okay with this I will stop and continue in the next uniqueness of the algebraic closure, so we will have to state it precisely and prove that it is unique, unique upto K-isomorphism this is what we will do it after the break, thank you

【ENG SUB】《白发 | Princess Silver》Ep 12. 张雪迎、李治廷、经超、罗云熙

” Princess Silver ” Episode 12 <i>Emperor Wen watches from the heaven,</i> <i>shining bright and bring us light.</i> <i>The Zhou kingdom has its age,</i> <i>but the fate of nation is yet to be known.</i> Princess, what happened? Are you all right? I am fine Princess What are you searching for? The poetry collection ” The Book of Mountains and Rives ” Who is there? After them! Go on, I’ll cover your escape Go on! Leave! -Stop right there! -After them! Look, the lights are beautiful Man Yao Dear, let’s go Sure What are you staring at?

-You are here -Sorry for the long wait I was thinking if you come here tonight, it means you agreed I’ll wait as long as it takes Your Highness While you are here, there is no need for formality Wu You Come with me -We can hang it here -Okay The scenery of the city looks even more mesmerizing with all the lights and colours With different moods, the scenery will being a different vibe too You are right Lights and laughters are everywhere This is a wonderful time Why don’t we write down our wishes too? Never mind I once thought making wish is an act of foolishness I thought if I wish to have something, I must work hard to get results But you are here right next to me, I am worried for what will become of us I feel like I am in a fantasy Maybe the will of heaven is the only thing I can rely on now What if I let you down in the end? I know you won’t Come What did you write? I am not telling you Fine, but I can tell you what I wrote What did you write? A house full of children Nonsense Let me see it I am serious Man Yao! I am glad you came out all right

But I am surprised you are good at swimming I never told you I can’t swim It was just your wild guess When are you going to stop surprising me? I got this We can barely see anything on it You actually kept it Of course Our most wonderful memories are in there I hope it will remind you of me, just as how this token reminds me of you Wu You I will cherish it Okay Okay, change into some dry clothes The breeze is strong at night You are drenched in water Don’t catch a cold You should go home Very well I’ll see you off I will be here tomorrow Goodbye Wu You Farewell Mistress Chen Yu, Wei I am here to bid you farewell There is another family business that needs my attention I need to leave This is my parting gifts for you My lady, please don’t leave me behind I took a vow to follow you for the rest of my life You can still stay in this teahouse Should you ever want to leave, Long Yue will make the arrangement for you Come on, get up This is the end of everything? Do you really plan to hand over the book to His Majesty and return to Western Qi? Maybe you should think about yourself and for Prince Li as well My sacrifice for Qi is part of my duty But Your Highness shouldn’t sacrifice your happiness

Both of us are doing this for our nation People are suffering A little sorrow and tears are nothing compared to that But do you really want to leave Prince Li? I can tell Prince Li is deeply in love with you You do care about Prince Li Since His Majesty can get his hands on the book, Your Highness’ mission here is done Both you and Prince Li can stay here and live happily ever after No I can no longer face him I have no other choice My brother and people of Western Qi need the book This is the reason why I came here Maybe the two of us are destined to be separated Sometimes, I wish I am not the princess of Western Qi Officers, why do you come to our teahouse at this late hour? Which of your is Miss Man Yao? -I am -Take her away Brother, what took you so long? The guards said someone sneaked into the house They even fought Leng Yan But they got away Bring Master Xin here Let’s see if we can find the secret entrance That old man? Brother, let’s forget about him Wu Yu Prince Li, a letter came from Moon Embrace Miss Man Yao has been arrested by Royal Guards Your Majesty, Miss Man Yao is here You are the owner of Moon Embrace Teahouse? Man Yao? Your Majesty I am Man Yao Tell me What is your relation with Prince Li? I have no relation with Prince Li -There is nothing between us -Father! Greetings, Your Majesty No relation at all? If that is true, why would Prince Li arrive here so soon? Do you think I know nothing at all? Wu You, you are impatient as always If you really care about this lady, you shouldn’t have come so quickly Let me see just how much she means to you Father, not everyone is as cold-hearted as you How could one be so calculating when it comes to love? If there is no other matters, I shall be on my way now Do you really think you can save her? Father Did you really use her as an excuse to summon me just to show me how you are going take a helpless girl’s life? A son that knows me all too well You may take her with you today If you want her to live, it’s simple Complete your wedding with Princess Rong Le With that said, I will let her become your second wife I don’t need a second wife She is the only woman I’ll ever marry I will marry no one other than her Besides, both Your Majesty and I had a deal If I am able to find the Book of Mountains and Rivers in six months, Your Majesty will allow me to decide for my own marriage and reinitiate the reformation The deadline is yet to come Is Your Majesty trying to back out on our agreement? Fine I will follow our agreement But before you find the book, I am keeping this girl as hostage If you completed your end of the deal, then everything shall go well Should you fail to do so, I’ll make sure to take her life What if I insist on taking her with me? I’ll see you try -Wu You -Fear not I am taking you with me You have one more chance Marry the Princess of Western Qi or she will be dead

After all these years, I thought you know me well enough For my entire life, I hate to be threatened I address you as my father because I still see you as such But if you choose to force my hand, there will only be two outcomes One, she is leaving with me Two, both she and I will die here You insolent child! Is it worth it to lose your life over a mere peasant girl? That is up to me to decide You Your Majesty Your Majesty, Princess Rong Le and the other officers have arrived at the main hall <i>Princess Rong Le?</i> <i>Did my brother…</i> Just in time I shall stand out today and settle it once and for all with this Princess Rong Le Father, I want you to witness it Wu Yu, what is going on here? I have no idea either Father summoned me here His Majesty and Emperor of Qi arrive! At ease, my officers Yes, Your Majesty Take your seats Princess Rong Le arrives <i>Ling Yue?</i> <i>No, she is not Ling Yue.</i> <i>What is going on here?</i> Greetings, My Lords <i>Not only is her figure same as mine,</i> <i>even her voice is the same.</i> At ease Yes, Your Majesty Princess, have a seat Why did you turn the Princess down? Is it because the rumours say she is ugly? Man Yao, I made you a promise I will only ever marry you I only know today that you have an agreement with His Majesty What if the time is up and you still can’t find the book? Do you need to follow the order to marry her and give up on reinitiating the reform? I assure you, I will find the book I will marry you What if you can’t find it? Even if I fail, I will do anything to make sure you are safe I will shield you from danger for the rest of my life I give you my word Later, with everyone here as witness, I will reject the Princess Clam down Princess Rong Le Before this, I gave you six months to make your decision But Emperor of Qi hopes that before he leaves, the matter with your marriage can be settled Which is why I summoned all of you here Princess, you may use this opportunity to pick your husband as both your brother and I wish to see you happy May our alliance last for generations to come Indeed I do wish to see my sister

marry the love of her life Whoever that man may be, as long as he is the one she loves, she will have my permission I give her my word Your Majesty is thoughtful I am grateful for the kind offer Princess Rong Le is a reasonable person A role model for all ladies Princess, you may start the selection now Listen closely Even if you marry me, I am still going to the public house I will never obey you I thank you for the tea I am surprised as I am grateful General Fu is a hero of our land, a man with great devotion and contributions You and the Princess could make the perfect couple Emperor of Qi, what do you think? I shall respect the decision of my sister Thank you, Your Majesty General Fu, heed my order Yes, Your Majesty General Fu Chou of the Northern Realm and Princess Rong Le of Qi will complete their wedding three days from now Order received, Your Majesty Hold on, General Fu -Congratulations -Congratulations, General Fu We’ll be sure to attend your wedding -Thank you, everyone -Congratulation Please I wonder where Miss Man Yao is right now I was a little preoccupied just now I didn’t get a chance to greet her in person Do you wish to get her blessing? She needs to return to the Moon Embrace I have Wu Yu send her back General Fu, you have a fiancée I advise you to keep your distance with Miss Man Yao Indeed, Prince Li Does Your Highness not plan to give me your blessing? Then I shall congratulate you You got what you want Thank you, Prince Li Prince Li His Majesty asked for Your Highness Now that the engagement with Qi -has come to an end -As for my love with Man Yao, say no more From tomorrow on, I will attend the Imperial Court every day Wu You You finally came to your senses I knew it I knew you would understand my effort Your ambition is for the country Mere love is simply insignificant I am going back to Imperial Court because of Man Yao

If you insist on making it hard for her, perhaps where my ambition lies is something you will never understand Wu You I have never doubted your talent If you want to reinitiate the reformation, as long as it doesn’t interrupt the campaign against Wei, I give you the permission to execute your plan You really mean it? I am a man of my word You have my word Good I hope Your Majesty will never interfere with my personal life again You shall witness the change I bring with the reformation and reliaze a land of benevolence For the sake of Northern Real’s greatness, I will give it my all to find the Book of Mountains and Rivers We finally got this troublesome engagement over with My nightmare has come to an end If it wasn’t for my brother, I would rather just charge right to the House of Fragrance Then Your Highness may go now Stop pretending I bet you are happy too By the way, I should be congratulating you Your Highness, we are here Miss Man Yao, see you again -Move out -Yes If Your Majesty hadn’t planned all of these, there is no way I could become the General of Defence of Northern Realm in just a few years According to our agreement, I will repay Your Majesty’s help I held up to my end of the dead Rong Le will get married just as we planned As for our next move, it’s all up to you <i>So, my brother had this planned all along?</i> <i>He let General Fu marry an imposter…</i> <i>so I can return to my home in Western Qi.</i> I believe with your talent, taking control of Northern Realm is almost certain Whether it’s about Miss Man Yao or the other plan, Your Majesty can always count on me I hope that after I married Miss Man Yao, Your Majesty can continue to support me I assure you, General Fu, you have nothing to worry But someone could be listening to us In that case General Fu You knew who I am all this time? Princess Rong Le Rong Le Mind your manner Xiao Sha, send General Fu back to his manor Yes Goodbye, Your Majesty This way, please Brother I can’t believe what I just heard Tell me the truth You want me to marry Fu Chou so you could overthrow the Northern Realm’s throne? You even got a double ready If that double of mine marries Fu Chou, you can take me home with you? Rong Le Enough of this tantrum I have made it clear in the main hall today Princess Rong Le of Western Qi will be marrying General Fu Chou of Northern Realm The wedding is three days from now How is this not real to you? You even got an imposter to pick a husband for me What else are you capable of? Brother, I don’t understand If your motive is to have me married to Fu Chou, why did you send me here to look for the book? How many of your vile plans are waiting for me? How dare you bring up the book! Do you think I know none of your secrets? You might as well come clean to me You keep messing around with Zongzheng Wu You, what exactly do you want? It’s you Answer me Rong Le Have you ever thought about your own mission? Have you ever thought about the risk of compromising your identity if you continue this relationship with Prince Li? When that happens, not only will you lose the book, you might also expose all the Kite agents in Northern Realm Zongzheng Wu You is starting to suspect you If he finds out you are the real Princess Rong Le, it won’t end well for us I am doing this for you I have to make a change of plan

But what I heard just now is that your plan has been going on for years These are just part of your plan Today, the Princess chose her husband But I wasn’t even told of your plan A double? Why don’t I know I have a double? Her voice and figure are almost the same as mine She was hand-picked for this task You took your time preparing this You waited years for this And you claim to be doing this for me? If you had followed my orders and didn’t fall in love with Zongzheng Wu You, none of these would have happened Rong Le As long as you hand over the book, I promise you, a year after you marry General Fu, I will bring you home to Western Qi A year? Who knows what kind of wicked plan you have for me after that? What you say to me now are so confusing that I can’t tell which of them are lies Have you ever asked how I felt? Have you ever asked me if I am willing to be your pawn? I will never believe a word from you again Princess! -Princess! -Xiao Sha, stop! Princess Ling Yue? Yes, Your Majesty What did you hear just now? Nothing, I didn’t hear anything I just saw the Princess run off -Dismiss -Yes Your Majesty, I’ll bring her back -We can let her -Don’t bother She will be back <i>Because you are the person that cares for me the most.</i> <i>You are the person I trust the most.</i> <i>Good sister.</i> <i>I shall not disappoint your trust in me.</i> <i>Princess Rong Le of Qi…</i> <i>will be marrying General Fu Chou of Northern Realm.</i> <i>If you hand over the book,</i> <i>I will bring you home with me.</i> <i>Lies.</i> <i>These are all lies.</i> Halt Captain Xiao came to the teahouse and looked for you He was in a hurry It’s like this is about something urgent I don’t know what happened between you and your brother But, we should go back for now Standing here won’t do us any help Your Highness, have some tea Long Yue Did you know he wants me to marry Fu Chou? I only knew about this a few moments ago If I had known this, I would have let you be ready for it I believe you But I can’t believe the brother that loves me the most is actually Your Highness I have known you for some time I know well enough about your personality I thank you for saving me In my heart, you are like a sister to me You can tell kindness from hatred You repay all those who helped you Same goes for His Majesty He is the first I trust after I woke up and lost my memories

I never thought he would abandon me, deceive me and set me up I am still struggling Should I hate him or should I trust him? Princess Perhaps your brother has his own reason to do so

ENG SUB【少年游之一寸相思 Love in Between】EP01 | 少年隐士组队集结

♪Clouds like frost on a golden palm♪ ♪They flow with geese in formation♪ ♪Women and wine during a festival♪ ♪The warmth feels like a hometown♪ ♪Wearing a purple orchid and a yellow chrysanthemum♪ ♪Rushing to reminisce the crazy old days♪ ♪To get drunk in memories instead of sadness♪ ♪It’s better not to sing any sad songs♪ ♪The fragrance of the leftover powder remains the same♪ ♪It’s a shame that the warmth of people changed♪ ♪Few letters came in spring♪ ♪but none comes by autumn♪ ♪The phoenix blanket turns cold and the mandarin duck pillow looks lonely♪ ♪I’m waiting for the wine to soothe my sadness♪ ♪I didn’t even get to dream of you♪ ♪How am I supposed to endure this♪ [Love in Between] [Episode 1] In order to retrieve The Painting of Splendid Landscape, I sacrificed my life No one knows why I did that Ten years ago, I died once But I didn’t expect to see her again this time That person who made me want to live again We haven’t met for 10 years I thought she has changed, but she didn’t [A month ago] [Duke Jing An’s Mansion, Tuozhou, the northern border of Dasheng] Get water from the water tank. Hurry! Hurry up! [Yan Yu, Duke Jing An of Dasheng] Report, Duke The person who stole the painting has escaped from Zhenyuan Gate to northwest direction [Qin Chen, Vice General, Northern Jing.] I’m taking the cavalries to pursue him It’s estimated that before the sun rises, at the southwest custom which is 80 miles away, we will catch the thief General Qin The Painting of Splendid Landscape is about our defence organisation If the thief has it, not only we will be in trouble, even Dasheng will be as precarious as stacked eggs It must be retrieved immediately I understand Even if I die, I will get the painting back [Shengwu Pass, the northern border of Dasheng] [Shengwu Pass]

Be alert Hurry. Be alert Roger Take action [Shengwu Pass] Crown Prince [Ghost Boy, Three Devils of Snow City] Here are another 40 counts It seems you have to increase the price When we arrive in Chiyan Desert, and meet the Guzi Clan, you will surely get your gold Duan Yan, you thief! Leave The Painting of Splendid Landscape behind Kill! Spare his life [Duan Yan] Dasheng, the 10th year of Xiaoming was a chaotic time. Officers were in power The upright martial art circle was guided by Zhengyang Palace They believe, the underworld and politics are separated, except for the Shan Shui Du Fraction Shan Shui Du Fraction lives in between the countryside and town Their people are all around, living secretly [Shan Shui Du Fraction, Capital City] The itinerants say, Shan Shui Du Fraction has intelligence everywhere It helps solve urgent problems [Shanshui Archive] [Ling Xi, Servant of Shan Shui Du] Chief It’s time [Wen Si Yuan, Chief of Shan Shui Du Fraction] In Hanhai Hall, a disciple named Feng Bai Yu has learned the Strike of Thousand Hands In Zhaomu Pavilion, their master, Kou Su Bai, wants to attack The Blood Wings The chief denied it. Unsuccessful [Tuozhou] In Tuozhou, Duke Jing An lost The Painting of Splendid Landscape

Fangwai Valley Long time no see. How are you? Fangwai Valley? [Fangwai Valley] This is relevant to Shan He Du. Please help I hope you can retrieve the lost painting in Tuozhou Why would Fangwai Valley want to get the painting? The past business will be forgotten He does know how to do business You need these three people to retrieve the lost painting Bare-handed mythical lion. Flying Bandit They want the disciple of Zhengyang Palace Shen Man Qing, Yin Chang Ge Working together with Flying Bandit, the robber? That’s tough [Jin Yan Casino] Have a look inside This way. How is it? Okay. Over here [Gamble] Small! I’ll buy Water Dragon Shouldn’t bet everything on it Starry Plate would be better Master Why are you in this place, instead of being in the medical hall? Money causes sickness. Sickness causes money Of course, I came here to earn money Open it Starry Sky Starry Sky Great! [Zuo Qing Ci] Those who bet as the dealer [Young Chief of Fangwai Valley] are con artists Childe Spare me some food I haven’t eaten for days How much did we earn today? Less than half a tael How can it be less than half a tael? Fellow brother Your injury is quite serious Let me check it I don’t have money That’s odd He’s refusing such a cheap treatment Perhaps he’s really poor Never bully a poor young man Never bully a poor young man? We’re going to starve soon Master Think about it How many years have we been working? We earned 50 taels in total We’re spending while earning When will we be able to open a medical hall? You’re right Therefore, I have got a big business I reckon, we’ll probably earn 200 taels What business? You’ll know it in two days [Flying Bandit, robber] Guihong Knife is here I’ve cleared the debt of Buddhist Spring I want to know the whereabouts of Crane Tail What is the next trade? Steal a painting Protect a doctor Then I will tell you the whereabouts of Crane Tail These are two matters However, they are worth it Get changed Tomorrow, at three quarters past twelve, come here again [Shan Shui Du] Young Warrior Shen. Young Warrior Yin

This way, please Why did Chief Wen ask us here? We’ll find out soon [Beacon of Dasheng] [Yin Chang Ge] Senior [Disciple of Zhengyang] What does this mean? [Shen Man Qing, apprentice of Zhengyang] As it the scroll painting means I understand the meaning of this painting scroll But you show us this painting I’m a fool Please enlighten me A few months ago, Lord Wei Nan was caught for being a traitor The entire family was exterminated Only one person managed to escape This person is the crown prince of Lord Wei Nan, Duan Yan A few days ago, Duan Yan and Three Devils of Snow City stole The Painting of Splendid Landscape They headed west, escaping to Chiyan Desert What is The Painting of Splendid Landscape? This painting was done in a secret way It’s as thin as silk It’s less than an inch when it’s rolled, longer than three inches when extended The geography of each area in Dasheng is painted on it, as well as defence organisation Since the painting went missing, Dasheng is in great danger But you surely understand as well that underworld and politics don’t interrupt each other That’s the rule of Martial Art Alliance Ms Shen What you said isn’t right When the country falls, how would the underworld exist? If The Painting of Splendid Landscape is sold to our enemy by Duan Yan, the country will be destroyed Even if you want to stick to the rules then, it wouldn’t be possible anymore There are many things that can’t be discussed But it can’t be left undone Fellow young warriors are devoted, righteous and famous heroes I, Wen Si Yuan, am willing to use the name of Shan Shui Du Fraction to beg you two to head to Chiyan Desert to retrieve the painting Righteousness is my responsibility Even if thousands of people try to stop us, warriors like us will go on I, Yin Chang Ge, agree on this matter Young Warrior Yin is righteous Why did you agree so recklessly? We need to talk about this Ms Shen should know that the intelligence of Shan Shui Du Fraction is always hard to be obtained As far as I know, there’s feud between you and Seven Robbers of Yun Dang Among the Seven Robbers of Yun Dang, there’s someone called Shang Wan who is still missing If you don’t mind, when you two retrieve the painting, I will tell you the whereabouts of Shang Wan What about that? [Shan Shui Du] Master, are you sure this is the place? Doesn’t it say Shan Shui Du here? No, I mean, they are so rich, why would they hire you? Perhaps because our price is low This must be Doctor Zuo, right? Please come in. Chief is waiting for you By the way, I have found two aces for you two One is a doctor. He can ensure your safety Another one is Flying Bandit, who can help you steal the painting Chief, he is here This way, please This is Doctor Zuo I am Zuo Qing Ci Do you know martial art? My teacher was a doctor He only taught me medical skills, but not martial arts How’s your physical strength? I’m ashamed of it My body is born weak I have to rest after every two-hour walk You only have medical skills?

I know some heresies What else? I know how to play chess, backgammon and dice I don’t need him You’re too quick with your judgment The journey to the west is tough Doctor Zuo has exquisite medical skills He can surely ensure your safety Or else I can’t explain to your master, Immortal Jin Xu You mentioned there’s another person Who is it? Thief Are you the one in Xiaozong Mansion last night? No That person is as tall as you How dare you deny it? Fellow young warriors What’s going on? This is Flying Bandit, who’s good at stealing He may not look attractive, in fact, his Qinggong is horrific and ingenious In this world, there’s nothing he can’t steal [Xiaozong Mansion] I think he can help the two of you This person has an unknown origin He might be related to the theft of Guihong Knife Last night, we were pursuing Shang Wan in Xiaozong Mansion I thought the person who stole the knife was Shang Wan Unexpectedly Senior, Shang Wan is here Let’s go He is not Shang Wan Despicable Who is that? Ms Shen, don’t forget The Painting of Splendid Landscape is the reason we meet Chief Wen, please look for someone else We can’t obey your order Meng Chang Jun had 3000 guests He was able to escape Hangu Pass with the help of those people with small tricks People who do great things shouldn’t be punctilious You must pass Yekou on the way to Chiyan Desert Ten days later, see you in Yekou Fellow young warriors, this is a serious matter Time is running out Chief Wen Farewell Doctor Zuo, please Senior We will know Shang Wan’s whereabouts when we’re back Let’s hurry [Yekou, Dasheng] [Yekou] Look at our bamboo weaving Strong and durable Bamboo weaving Self-woven bamboo Miracle-working doctor Good medical skills and kindness Only with 10 qian, disease can be healed Miracle-working doctor Good medical skills and kindness Only with 10 qian An unreliable doctor A missing thief I really don’t know what we are waiting for Let’s wait for another hour If he’s not here,

we’ll leave Only with 10 qian, disease can be healed Master You should be more serious That two young warriors are here for serious businesses Why are you receiving patients? I’m a doctor What else should I do then? As for you Look at you You’re so sluggish If others see this, they may think I didn’t teach you well You’re so late Where have you been? This no man’s land has a long winter There’s no business travel after October The north wind blows The cold air is terrifying Even horses can’t take it If it snows, the cold will creep into bones, and it’s hard to progress You can’t go We all practiced martial art We learned how to keep out cold with Qi I know you don’t want to go Why are you exaggerating to scare us? It’s said that besides extreme cold, there are huge Wage Snow Wolves Although Wage Snow Wolves hunt alone, their body size is bigger than common wolves Their speed is rapid Even with Qinggong, one may not be able to escape If you don’t want to die, take a devious route I can take a devious route, but the painting can’t wait Since you’re afraid, then go back We’re not the same kind of people Let’s go Doctor Zuo From now on, stop doing heavy work Your body is getting worse as you age Leave the heavy work to young people Thank you, doctor Where is he? He is probably afraid As for you, We’re going to the no man’s land with extreme cold You may die if you’re not careful enough If you’re also afraid, you may stay here and wait for us to get back Let’s go Without me, what would you do when you catch a cold? Master This thief isn’t coming Is he afraid? There’s no wonder It must be because of the righteousness of these two young warriors Hence he doesn’t dare to come A human’s mind is a mystery How do you know that he won’t come tonight? No way Master Your cursed mouth We have to keep an eye on them Don’t let them die here Land of Extreme Cold is right in front There will be Wage Snow Wolves Let’s go Master Why is the wind getting stronger? I’m so cold Silly apprentice It’ll get even colder The snow is getting heavier Let’s rest here today Let’s continue tomorrow Master What if the wolves come at night? If the campfire doesn’t stop them, we shall just feed you to them Master It is indeed waiting for us here Master What do we do? Let’s go

Turns out she cross-dressed as an ill-looking man Where are the rest? Don’t talk Save your energy Put me down Let’s go Master Master You’re finally back I thought you were dead You’re not done learning, how could I just die? Master Where is food? There There’s some beef Hold on Why are you going out again? Wage Snow Wolf hasn’t been dead It’s dangerous outside Dude Master Master What happened to my senior? The chill crept into her bone When she was hunting the wolf, she used her inner power Her condition isn’t good now We must find a place to treat her Get all the dried clothes to cover her If there’s food, make some for her What the thief took was our last food Could she have escaped alone? That beef is enough for her to get back to Yekou She went out alone In just an hour, even if she doesn’t die from the cold, she would be eaten by wolves Perhaps she didn’t escape Let’s wait for a while We can’t wait anymore There’s nothing in this cave My senior can’t endure it Wage Snow Wolf isn’t dead yet We’re still in its hunting zone We can’t go out I’ll draw the wolf away Protect my senior well Take her out quickly Hold on By going out, your senior can survive? Without you, my apprentice and I won’t be able to take her out of this Land of Extreme Cold The only thing we can do now is to wait You didn’t escape

How long have you been waiting outside? 10 hours Are you insane? In order to kill this wolf, you’re not afraid to be cold to death I have wronged you No, you didn’t Wolf skin costs 100 taels Wolf flesh costs 200 taels You Decide quickly Okay, deal Let me check your wound No need This thief is raising his price ♪Nothing lasts longer than winter♪ ♪Nothing is deeper than a dream♪ ♪Nothing mesmerises me more than you♪ ♪when our lips touch♪ ♪Please pass by my roof♪ ♪Please be in my field of vision♪ ♪Please help me to pass a message♪ ♪Oh howling wind♪ ♪I understand you too well♪ ♪which is why I gave you some space♪ ♪A sentence became♪ ♪a wall between us♪ ♪There is a secret♪ ♪I never told you♪ ♪all my nine wishes♪ ♪I wish the mountains are invisible♪ ♪so they don’t stop the melody♪ ♪I wish the candle stay lit at night♪

♪to light up the darkness♪ ♪I wish the sound of frustration♪ ♪don’t wake me up♪ ♪I wish that when the bustling festival ends♪ ♪A paper flower lantern will still remain♪

ENG SUB【奇星记 | Magic Star 之鲜衣怒马少年時】 EP13吴磊 Leo Wu主演

♫ Waking up before midnight, I’m as confused as the ocean ♫ ♫ The stars forget to shine ♫ ♫ We were children ♫ ♫ We’ve been children born on this boat ♫ ♫ The ark that people talk about is like a small boat ♫ ♫ You could hear whispering through deck ♫ ♫ Its flag sways in rainstorms ♫ ♫ But humans’ endless disputes ♫ ♫ push you and me to two most distant sides with ♫ ♫ heresies, extremes and abandoned regrets ♫ ♫ When have that thousands of thousands layers of color ♫ ♫ quietly blossomed through the end of dark night? ♫ ♫ On the top of clouds, ♫ ♫ that ray is like a crown. ♫ [Magic Star] ~ Episode 13 ~ [Registration for Cooks] [Registration for Carpenters] Hurry! Turn a carrot into a flower. Have you guys seen one? – Never – Never Never seen one He’s great! He’s really great! He’s way too great! Yes. This is good. – It’s really pretty! – How did he do that? Pretty! – He’s great! – He’s really great! Pretty! I know that this creation of mine has a unique and strange appearance, but it’s actually made of soybean, tofu, corn and so forth What’s that junk? You can dislike it, but you cannot treat me Hey, I’m going to hit you guys! I’m telling you! Turn a squash into a lantern. Have you guys seen one? We’ve not seen one. Please look Since all of us got in here already, let’s hurry and look for the Magic Stars Once any of us find the Magic Stars, immediately inform the rest But we’re so far apart, how do we inform each other? How about this? Let’s insert a grass in the corner of the stone step of the patio as a mark Let’s meet here again at our agreed time the next day Hurry. Everyone be careful – Let’s go – Let’s go Who did that? What’s going on? He was the one who bumped me Each dish made here has a specific time Who will have the time to make another one?! I’ll do it! Aren’t you the one who bragged a lot during the hiring? Don’t brag around here You are just errand boys You have no turn to hold a knife! Hey, don’t you look down on others! Yuan Shuai is the #1 chef in Yanjiao Town At that time, he can make a braised pork just by using tofu He can turn a peanut into Even if you make it sound so great, it won’t be his turn to make one I really am very good… in cooking Work! We are here to look for the Magic Stars Just let them be Let’s go Move faster Okay Jeez, my waist My waist… My waist is breaking apart Rest for a while You tell me… You tell me how many times do these people change their clothes a day? Can’t they wear one set of clothes a little bit longer? Weren’t you like this when you were in the palace before? Can I be compared to them? You two, it’s time to eat This is already cold. How are we supposed to eat that?

– Zi Su – You don’t want to eat then don’t eat We won’t eat then! How can a servant be with a princess attitude! I am originally a If you don’t finish this maid’s work today, don’t think of eating! Let’s go! Enough. Enough All of you listen well You must be meticulous in serving Lady Hong Yu Make sure there will be no mistakes. Understand? – Yes – Yes Hey, what are you doing? I am here to deliver these vegetable dishes Delivering vegetable dishes? How come I have never seen you? I am new here. I got lost – Newcomer? – Yes Fine. Come with me Let me tell you. This is Lady Hong Yu’s private quarters – If you were not given permission, not just anyone can be allowed to come in here – Okay Okay. Put it down there Lady Hong Yu, eat something Lady Hong Yu, you can’t continue to be like this I am also anxious about it But… this… I Sigh Eat Thank you, A Ji Ya Thanking me for what? That was stolen by Zhan Xiong Fei from the kitchen If I’d known, I wouldn’t have come here Why must I endure that old woman’s wrath? Bossing us around everyday Give it to me. I’ll sew it for you Don’t. Don’t Better to just let me do it by myself If she discovers it, I’ll get punished again It’s fine. They are all asleep already Hand it over I don’t believe you Even if I die from it, I still will finish this thing Why do you keep talking about dying? Have you seen real dead people? Do you know what the meaning of death to a person means? Lord Black Dragon King, two days have passed There is no progress about that girl at all. I am worried No need to worry What really is your purpose for doing this? That girl has a strong demon exterminator blood inside of her However, she was raised without worries of anything in the palace, don’t talk about asking her to exterminate demons, even just killing a chicken, she would be afraid to do it If it is as Lord says, can she change? The formation of one’s personality doesn’t happen overnight It’s just that I feel, what if that– Enough already I know what you are worried about As a demon exterminator, one must have guts, and what I am doing now is to stimulate her guts Enough already. There’s nothing else for you to do here. You can leave Yes Men Luo, you can also leave Yes How can all his evil deeds be cleaned? Lady Hong Yu, I am just a servant here in Mystical Dragon Fortress Actually, there are some words that I indeed should say Dragon King now found a girl who has the strongest demon exterminator blood He wants to stimulate her guts so as to make her become the strongest demon exterminator in the world What?! Men Luo, thank you for telling me What are you thanking me for? I never told you anything All of you, come with me Hong Yu, what are you doing?

I want to beg you I know that what I am doing is very stupid And also, you won’t bother with me anyway I kept doing this hoping that one day you can be moved by it, but I never thought that you instead go farther and farther Was it Men Luo who told you about it? I forced him to tell me Don’t blame him Fine Even if he didn’t tell you, you would know it sooner or later I know that you are not a devil You are just confused Think about it. If that girl really gets trained by you to become the world’s strongest demon exterminator, then all of these sins will be counted as yours Sins? How can these be sins? This is extreme glory and my duty to pass on the tradition Hong Yu, this is something that I must do Don’t hinder me. Okay? Timing and Subtitles brought to you by The Magic Stars Team @ Viki.com Wake up! Wake up! Wake up now! – Hurry and come here! – Zi Su – It’s time to wake up. Time to wake up – All of you wake up! – Hurry and rise! Hurry! – Hurry and wake up! Wake up! Wake up, quickly Zi Su! Wake up! – Don’t use force! – Get up from your bed! – Get up! – Don’t spank any more! – Get up! – Mo Mo! Get up! Get up and work! – Don’t spank any more! – Get up from your bed! Mo Mo! Don’t spank any more! – Mo Mo… Mo Mo, I beg of you. Don’t spank her any more – Spank her. Spank her hard! – No! – Don’t spank any more! – Don’t spank any more! – Spank her hard! Mo Mo, I beg you. Don’t spank her any more! Spank her hard! I told her to wake up and she didn’t If you don’t get up from your bed again next time, I’ll let you suffer I beg you, don’t spank any more. Mo Mo! What are you doing?! I’m from the carpentry yard I came over here to check if there is anything that needs fixing You can’t enter this place. Hurry and leave Yes. Yes So sorry Let me tell you all. Each of you must fill up 10 buckets of water everyday. That many? Isn’t fetching water a job for men? Then you tell me what kind of job should be done by women? It surely isn’t fetching water Mo Mo, what are you doing?! I am going to teach you all today what should be done and what shouldn’t be done You old lady! I had enough of you! I have already been enduring you and you still are being such a bully! – Mo Mo! – You hateful little girl! You dare to answer back?! Wait – Stop! Stop! – I’ll beat you to death! You brat! Stop! Let go of me! I’ll beat you to death! Who told you to answer back?! As per your instruction, we are slowly oppressing her but she seems to be becoming weaker and weaker I am afraid that this might not only be unable to stimulate her murderous spirit, and instead develop the attitude of servitude This is like a bow and arrow The strongest stress on the bow is the one that can shoot the most powerful arrow I’m indeed waiting for the moment for her arrow to be shot – Yes – You’re still answering back?! I’ll beat you to death! Did you see that? The demon exterminator guts in her are slowly waking up How was it?

Bai Ze, how was it? None. Where is Yuan Shuai? It looks strange if we both disappear at the same time Thus, I came here alone – I’m afraid that Zi Su won’t be able to stay here any longer – What? I… I really can’t take that old woman anymore Her shoulders are injured from being pressed on Her hands have also been badly injured from needle pricks It’s fine That hateful old woman! – Xiong Fei – Don’t be rash, you! If you are going to make a move now, all our efforts before will become for naught Wouldn’t Zi Su have suffered for nothing? I can endure it Zi Su, let’s hurry and find the Magic Stars so we can leave here fast Let’s go. Xiong Fei Xiong Fei, go Supervisor, what’s wrong? Black Dragon King told me to fix this clock But this thing is too old The creation plan for this has also gone missing Oh, let me try You? There’s nothing wrong with giving it a try Then you better be careful If you destroy it, no one knows how to put them back together Supervisor, give me a hammer Hand me a chisel next It’s fixed You young people are indeed better Supervisor, don’t say it like that You must have more experience than me Black Dragon King told me to put this clock in this place What do you think I should do? Isn’t this the map of Mystical Dragon Fortress? Yes In my opinion, to put this here, we must lower it down from above Indeed. I also thought of that method before But this is the secret chamber of the Mystical Dragon Fortress Ordinary people are not allowed to enter it Hey, Supervisor You can ask the key from the Black Dragon King Then we must look for Lord Men Luo The key is with him But this matter is not urgent Go sharpen that plane first for me Okay How was it? Do you guys have any leads? I wasn’t able to get any direct lead But I heard that Black Dragon King has a secret chamber at the top floor of the Mystical Dragon Fortress Usually, ordinary people cannot get in that room Maybe the Magic Stars are stored there Secret chamber? How are we going to enter the secret chamber? I heard that the key is in Men Luo’s hands Are you talking about that old butler, Men Luo? He won’t be easy to deal with How about this? Let’s just slowly think of a way Let’s just act separately for now Okay Let’s go How is the progress? A guard said that Black Dragon King has obtained another Magic Star That’s right. And based on the color, it was the golden Magic Star that Ma Da Dao stole from us Which also means that if our plan succeeds, we can get two Magic Stars then That’s right A Ji Ya, you must protect Zi Su well during this time You must not let anything bad happen to her Yuan Shuai and I will think of a way to steal that key from old man Men Luo Okay. Just leave the copying of the key to me – This chicken – I’ll take this basin of yours and fix it for a while. – Okay. Thank you – Don’t worry. Don’t worry You guys do have some brains to find out the location of my secret chamber I initially really wanted to put the Magic Stars there Since you all so want to go, I’ll then make it easier for you guys Give them the key directly? Stupid! They will then suspect that there will be a trap in there How can they still go there? We must lead all of them there without any trace Understand? I understand Zhan Xiong Fei and the others are currently doing our plan Just endure for a little longer We won’t be staying here for that long anymore How about you apologize to Mo Mo? I know. Don’t worry Good morning, Mo Mo

Mo Mo Xu, I know I was wrong I’ll do whatever you tell me to do from now on I won’t be unruly anymore I actually wanted to fire you But someone from above wanted to let you stay Starting tomorrow, you go do errands at the pharmacy You don’t need to stay here anymore Who wants to protect me? Hurry and thank Mo Mo – Thank you, Mo Mo – What are you thanking me for? Hurry and pack your things and leave Let’s go Good thing we were worried for nothing Zi Su doesn’t need to leave now She got transferred to the pharmacy That’s great. Are your hand injuries better? It’s fine already As long as we can get the door key from Men Luo, we are not far from success The key is just in front of us but we can’t get it I have an idea Aren’t you two working in the kitchen right now? We can put some sedatives in his meal when you deliver to him This way, we can get the key without him knowing it That’s right But… we don’t have any sedatives Have you guys forgotten? I presently work in the pharmacy Won’t it be very easy for me to get some sedatives? This time, it’s all thanks to Zi Su – I’ll leave it to you – Okay Be careful Really so sorry! – Look how clumsy I am! – What are you doing?! So sorry. So sorry. I also know how to do this dish Go and change your clothes first So sorry What are you doing?! What trouble are you causing?! I also know how to do this dish Those who tasted it all said that it was delicious – I really can – Stop! I already told you before that it won’t be your turn to cook here Just go do what you need to do! Get lost. Get lost Xiao Tang! Hurry with your chicken soup! Hurry and deliver it to Lord Men Luo Okay Move out. Move out. Don’t block my way Buddy! Wait a minute! Buddy, to whom are you delivering that? Old butler Men Luo How about this? It’s quite hard work and I’m also going to deliver things anyway How about I just deliver yours, too? No way. There is a rule in Mystical Dragon Fortress saying one must do one’s own task Don’t be too narrow-minded, you If you don’t say it, I don’t say it, who will know? No way. No way Hey, look. What is that? – What are you eating?! – What are you eating?! – You actually dropped and spilled Lord Men Luo’s soup?! – You spilled it! I really seem to have been cursed earlier Curse your head! Head Chef, actually, you should also give some free time for young man like him, right? Don’t toil too much. We really can’t speak about you much There shouldn’t be a next time Yes. Yes. Yes Don’t waste Head Chef’s trust in you. You must learn from this. I’m telling you If there is a next time, immediately leave! Head Chef, don’t be angry now The urgent matter at hand is to immediately deliver this soup to Lord Men Luo – Aren’t you still going to hurry and take it to him? – Yes. Yes – Right? – If you spill it again – Calm down. Calm down – Don’t be angry anymore Head Chef, your health is really more important One’s health is more important Who is it? I’m here to deliver your soup Come in Lord Men Luo, your soup is here Put it there – Okay. You can leave now – Please enjoy You don’t need to interfere about Hong Yu’s matters

The past you knew to stay within the bounds of his duty more than the current you Speak what needs to be spoken. Don’t say things that shouldn’t be said I am only a servant A servant’s duty is to work for one’s master All that I’m doing now is for the sake of master Enough already. There’s no need for you here anymore You can leave Yes This Men Luo guy is overstepping his position more and more This is something that you shouldn’t be concerned about! Say it. What is it? They have already taken the key and are on their way to your secret chamber It is time to stimulate her inner demon exterminator’s guts There is one thing that I don’t understand Why must you exert so much effort to attract that girl to enter Clouds Village, also arrange for her to come here to Mystical Dragon Fortress and then lastly, set numerous difficult trials for her Why not just directly use the Demon Exterminator Ceremony to wake her up and force her to face her real identity? Won’t that be more effective? Being a demon exterminator isn’t forced out I don’t want to imbue anything on her I want her to willingly accept it Only by having a firm will can she bear her born duty I understand Men Luo Men Luo! Did the Dragon King say anything? Lady Hong Yu, stop asking about this matter Actually, we can’t change anything Where is Zhan Xiong Fei? Hey! Old Bro Fei! Xiong Fei – Old Bro Fei, isn’t that – Went to get us some weapons Bai Ze Here Woah! My family heirloom precious sword is here again Old Bro Fei, we have a key now and weapons Shouldn’t we Let’s go then This is What is this place? Didn’t we just take out the key earlier to open the door? Where is this? We seemed to have fallen into their trap! Zi Su Have you guys seen Zi Su? Zi Su! She was still with us earlier Could it be she got lost? Zi Su! Zi Su! Zhan Xiong Fei Older Brother Bai Ze! Where are you guys? Zhan Xiong Fei! Older Brother Bai Ze! Zhan Xiong Fei Where are you guys…?

They already got separated now We can start the next step Little girl, I know that this for you is very painful But this is a path that every demon exterminator must take Older Bro Fei! Older Bro Fei! How come you have to choose him? Not me? Heaven arranged it All of these were arranged by Heaven I can see that this lad likes that girl a lot The relationship between them is quite deep Coincidentally, this guy got bitten by the demon bug and will soon become a demon I am just following Heaven’s will to guide Zi Su to kill him After seeing her beloved man turn into a demon, she will then understand the true meaning of being a demon exterminator Only then can she be more firm in bearing the duty to save the world and kill the demons and monsters What if in the end, that girl refuses to kill that guy? That will never happen This is a clever arrangement by Heaven Yuan Shuai, be careful! Older Bro Fei, what do we do? Hurry and come up with an idea! Boy… just be good and wait there Wait for your beloved demon exterminator’s bloody baptism What is this place? Help! Help! Don’t hurt me… Don’t come near me! When you lose control and act according to your innate ability, it will be the time you pierce this sword through Zhan Xiong Fei! I beg you. Don’t hurt me I beg you Coward! Looks like this girl isn’t the person you are looking for Could you have gotten it wrong? No way. I can’t be wrong I can feel that huge power inside her You are a demon exterminator! You must not be a weakling! You must not! Lady Hong Yu, not eating for several days, how can that be okay? You better eat some first Take that away I don’t want to eat Lady Hong Yu, why must you do this? You clearly know that all of these are unstoppable

But you still are hurting yourself like this For what reason is this? What else can I do? I already am not hoping that he will stop I just hope that by doing this, I can lessen his sins My god, why must everything turn out like this? Why must you let those innocent people bear all of these? What really is the reason for these? The demon power inside her body is indeed getting stronger and stronger My barrier actually got destroyed But Zi Su is still like that What will we do now? I initially planned to let Zi Su practice with those masked men first But our plan got destroyed But it’s okay Just let Zi Su meet with that guy then As long as Zi Su kills him, she will still become a real demon exterminator Older Bro Fei, what should we do?! What should we do?! Close your eyes! What?! What you mean is It’s true! This is just an illusion As long as we close our eyes, it will not exist anymore Believe me! Older Bro Fei, I believe you! – A Ji Ya! – I believe you! Close your eyes! Where is this place? Older Bro Fei, I really have defeated my heart’s demon Zhan Xiong Fei! – Zi Su! – Zi Su! Timing and Subtitles brought to you by The Magic Stars Team @ Viki.com What are you doing, Hong Yu? Why must you painfully torment yourself like this?! I also feel anxious about this But we don’t have a way to stop the Dragon King! – Let go of me! – Hong Yu! I must go save them! Hong Yu! Hong Yu! Zi Su! Zhan Xiong Fei Don’t come near! What’s wrong? Zi Su, what’s wrong with you? Don’t come near! It’s alright now Don’t come near! Zi Su, what’s wrong with you? Zi Su! It’s still you who has a way The guts of the demon exterminator inside her is currently awakening She already can feel the pleasure that killing can bring her Congratulations, My Lord Congratulations for what? The good scenes are just starting Zi Su! Zi Su! Zi Su! I am Zhan Xiong Fei!

Zi Su, wake up! Zi Su, I am Zhan Xiong Fei! Zi Su! Zi Su! Zi Su, hurry and wake up! I am Zhan Xiong Fei! Zi Su! Older Bro Fei! Zhan Xiong Fei! ♫ How long can my friends around me to accompany me? ♫ ♫ I’m tired of hearing those comforting words ♫ ♫ I’m pulled between courage and collapse repeatedly ♫ ♫ I cry out to myself to hang in there ♫ ♫ I’m still awake at 3 in the early morning ♫ ♫ I can only expect for a good night sleep but not having it ♫ ♫ If I’m not careful, I’ll be disturbed once I think about you ♫ ♫ Memory has been overturned into a kind of sin ♫ ♫ Having loved one very much is wrong but so what ♫ ♫ Loneliness is also just a process ♫ ♫ We still have next person waiting for us ♫ ♫ I’ll remember those wonderful things ♫ ♫ Shedding tears isn’t need ♫ ♫ Thank you for your choosing ♫ ♫ Don’t force myself to give blessing ♫ ♫ Be a mature person ♫ ♫ Having loved one very much is worth the pain and so happy ♫ ♫ I need to learn to let go those I can’t part with ♫ ♫ Having loved one very much is wrong but so what ♫ ♫ Loneliness is also just a process ♫ ♫ We still have next person waiting for us ♫ ♫ With a little regret, I’m more complete ♫

ENG SUB 【大约是爱 About is Love】EP29——主演:彦希,许晓诺

♪ A scene of you suddenly appeared ♪ ♪ When I close my eyes ♪ ♪ I can see ♪ ♪ A specific time and place ♪ ♪ Sometimes I peek at you ♪ ♪ Hiding behind the wall ♪ ♪ Let me be frank ♪ ♪ I was the one who first noticed you ♪ ♪ My Valentine I love you so ♪ ♪ I want to tell you that I love you more ♪ ♪ A small action makes me happy ♪ ♪ I love you more every day ♪ ♪ How long did it take for us to be here? ♪ ♪ My kiwi is sweet ♪ ♪ Anything is okay as long as you say it ♪ ♪ I love you more every day ♪ ♪ Love you more ♪ ♪ Love you more ♪ ♪ My Valentine I love you so ♪ ♪ I want to tell you that I love you more ♪ ♪ But you were shocked when I knelt down ♪ ♪ You smiled and cried ♪ ♪ How long did we wait for us to be here? ♪ ♪ Will you be my Valentine? ♪ ♪ Anything is okay as long as you say it ♪ ♪ I love you more every day ♪ [About is Love] [Episode 29] -What happened to your leg? -I am fine Are you hurt? How did you hurt your leg so badly? It’s nothing How did you fall down here? My senior needed to talk to me But in the end Wei Qing? No That man wasn’t Wei Qing He covered every inch of his face, but he ran away as soon as I fell My senior would never do that What did he want to talk about? I don’t know Could it be He Wei? Director He always hate Wei Qing Do you know why? She told me Uncle is dead because of him What? What is going on now? I don’t know much about it either I have always wanted to apologize to my senior Uncle brought me back, but I was afraid I was afraid with my senior there, they would chase me out if I make any mistakes Xiao Fei, stop talking You need rest In order to stay, I have done many bad things to make them resent my senior The more they like me, the more my senior became rebellious But I could never be happy Stop talking Wei Qing hates me to the bone He thinks I took his family from him I want to apologize I want to apologize But I am scared that if I tell him, he would chase me out! I want to wait Just another while, then I would return his family to him I would give him his parents back But I never thought Uncle would die I didn’t mean it I didn’t mean it I am sorry. I am so sorry Xiao Fei, open your eyes! Xiao Fei! Xiao Fei! Help! Is anyone there? Help! Xiao Fei, open your eyes! Help! -Zhou Shi! -Xiao Fei! -Zhou Shi! -Xiao Fei! Wei Qing!

Look at this This is our room card -Zhou Shi! -Xiao Fei! Zhou Shi! Xiao Fei! -Zhou Shi! -Xiao Fei! -Zhou Shi! -Zhou Shi! -Shi Shi? -Xiao Fei? -Shi Shi? -Zhou Shi? Zhou Shi? Zhou Shi? -Shi Shi? -Xiao Fei? Zhou Shi? Zhou Shi? What took you so long? Who is Bi Qiu Jing looking for? I heard them calling to Zhou Shi Is your job done? He fell off the slope on his own You didn’t answer my question They could be looking for Zhou Shi What happened to her? She knew about Ning Fei and went after him How did she know about that? You told her? I only told her Ning Fei and Wei Qing went up the hill Then, she went out for them Why did you drag her into this? We agree to pull this plan on Wei Qing alone! It was meant for Wei Qing But Zhou Shi was with him all the time You didn’t know? Zhou Shi has been sleeping in Wei Qing’s room all along -No way! -I didn’t believe it either Which is why I got mad and told her about Ning Fei I must go to her now What is so great about her anyway? All these men are obsessed with her Zhou Shi? -Shi Shi? -Xiao Fei? -Shi Shi? -Bi Qiu Jing? Zhang Shuai? I know where Zhou Shi is -Zhou Shi! -Xiao Fei? -Zhou Shi! -Xiao Fei? What? Okay, send me the location now Is there any news on Zhou Shi? Qiu Jing said they know where she is Here is the photo Look This is the place Where did you get it? Zhang Shuai sent it Zhang Shuai? He set this up again -Zhou Shi! -Xiao Fei! Zhou Shi! Wei Qing, over here! -Xiao Fei! -Zhou Shi! Zhou Shi! Xiao Fei is hurt. Help him up -Xiao Fei! -Get up -Let me carry him -I can do it -Are you sure? -I can handle it Too horrible Fei Fei’s strength is only second to mine Let’s go Before Xiao Fei passed out, he kept apologizing to you What did he said? He shouldn’t have taken your parents from you He even mentioned your father’s death What’s wrong? I am fine I get headache whenever I heard my father’s name Let’s not think about it You can ask Xiao Fei once he is awake He must know something I think your illness is related to your father as well I am sorry Xiao Fei? Are you awake? Don’t go, don’t leave me behind I’ll behave well I won’t leave you behind Hang in there, we will be at the hospital soon Xiao Fei, are you all right? I am sorry, I was too clumsy Don’t go, don’t leave me behind Don’t go I am not going anywhere, I am not leaving you behind I will never bully you again once you get well Don’t worry, I won’t leave you behind What happened to Ning Fei? His leg is bleeding so badly Don’t worry, he will be fine Let’s get him to a hospital ♪ It’s from someone alien yet close ♪ ♪ I won’t let you guide me ♪ ♪ How did you pierce the armour I built from sorrow? ♪ You can just leave me here, it’s only a fever It’s not serious

Yes, you may go now I can stay here Stop pushing yourself Go back and get some rest And you too, Ming Cheng You may go now I can stay here with her I am fine Brother Ming Cheng, when did your become so intimate with her? Since today Right, you want to know who Bai actually is That’s him What? Brother Ming Cheng, so you are the online friend she talks about? Yes They are more than just online friends now He proposed to her What? Senior, you said yes? No, hold on! Who proposed? You proposed to her? You put on the ring! You said yes? My goodness! You are getting married! Stop blushing, I need to take a photo of this -Stop it -No way I know your darkest secrets Brother Ming Cheng, you need to take good care of her from now on Otherwise, you know what I am capable of Don’t worry In terms of wits and strength, I can never best her I am glad you know that Xiao Fei? Xiao Fei, what happened to you? How did this happen? Aunty It’s okay. He took the medicine and fell asleep I am glad he is fine What is wrong with you? How did he fell off the slope? Aunty, it’s all my fault I asked him to take a walk with me up the hill But the path was too slippery and he fell It’s all my fault Forget it How could you be so sloppy? Mother I need to talk to you It’s about my father I won’t let you leave unless you tell me We will speak about this outside What is your question? How exactly did my father die? Why would you ask? Because I may not remember the details, but I feel I am somehow connected You don’t remember at all? You are lucky to have lost the memories I wish I could just forget it But the more I try to forget, the more it haunts me As soon as I close my eyes, I see your father right in front of me, covered in blood I see that scene too I see it in my dream I don’t remember what happened back then, but every time I fall asleep, I see my father lying dead on the ground It’s been ten years, it still haunts me So, you suffer just as much as I do Do you know why I keep my distance from you for all these years? That is because I hate you I hate you for taking him from me You took him from me before he even passed away The truth is, before he died, he was suffering from cancer -Cancer? -He refused to get treatment He told me there were some matters to deal with in America But I knew it all along it was because of you,

he wouldn’t come back to me You had always thought your father was too strict to you, that he loved Xiao Fei more than you But in the last moment of his life, he chose you Despite my begging, you hold a much bigger place in his heart That’s how it happened He was gone He never came back I hate myself so much for it I should have insisted and made him stay with me Or perhaps I should have gone to America with him However, I hate you even more If it wasn’t for you, he wouldn’t have died in a foreign land But to my surprise, he let you inherit the whole Yun Ma Group In the end, he still wouldn’t trust me with the company Not only did you take him from me, but also took the company How is it possible for me not to hate you? I went against you at every corner, I want to prove him wrong I should be his only choice I was the most important person to him This is ridiculous You are both my family He is my husband, and you are my son But ultimately, I made you my enemies In the end, I lost my husband, and my son left me Mother Your hand This happened since your father passed away? All these years, I thought money was all you ever care about, that you led a voluptuous life But sadly, all along you suffered just I do We both suffered If you wish the know the truth about your father’s death, you need to find it yourself I didn’t have the courage to dig up those memories again After all I have done to you over the years I hope you understand You are awake!

I am sorry You are awake -How long did I sleep? -Very long Do you feel uncomfortable? My leg hurts Of course it hurts You had dozen of stitches The doctor said it’s not serious, you’ll be better in a few days Where is Zhou Shi? You are hurt and you only care about her Thank you -Why? -For carrying me How would you know? I am sorry Xiao Fei? Are you awake? Don’t go Don’t leave me behind, I’ll behave Your back felt so cosy Of course it is, you were just lying on me Poor me, you are so heavy! Do you how that when I was carrying you Who would have ever thought? Xiao Fei and Fei Fei are now a couple They were always fighting with each other, So, all those fightings were out of affection One is quiet and the other is outgoing They are a perfect match Ming Cheng and Qiu Jing are getting married Xiao Fei and Fei Fei are in love They got love from this vacation, but I got sick instead You can have love too I am right here for you You said I’ll have the time to consider I am not urging you I’ll get the car here Zhou Shi? Why are you here? I am here to apologize You should apologize to Ning Fei instead I will apologize to him I was being foolish I never thought he would fall so hard that day Xiao Fei forgave you You should be grateful for how kind he is You should feel sorry for hurting a kind person I know I know I don’t deserve your forgiveness But I only did it to make you leave Wei Qing I don’t want you to be with him -Why? -He is carrying infectious disease I bet you heard it from Zhang Lan Yu That is Wei Qing’s fault He shouldn’t have lied to her He is indeed sick, but it’s not infectious So what illness does he get? I have no right to tell you You are still staying by his side even after knowing his condition? Yes Why? What is so great about him? Well, I am not sure either But I can’t just leave him simply because he is sick That too cliche for a reason Fine, that’s all I have to say. Goodbye Wait! -What do you want? -You need to stay away from him He will only lie to you What are you trying to say? What do you want? Wei Qing, do you remember this woman? She does look familiar What about her? Her name is Zhou Xin Yao She is my first love You took her away from me, and you left her heartlessly Because of you, she tried to take her own life Don’t listen to his lies. Let’s go See? He can’t explain the details The guilt is written on his face

What? Do you believe him? Of course not I am just being curious Don’t be so nosy You asked the same question last time I thought it was a waste of time But since Zhou Shi is curious about the story, I will explain it to you Zhou Xin Yao has nothing to do with me Nonsense We once met on an event held by Yun Ma She came to me after the event ended She gave me a room card, but I turned her down Then she told me she has a brother studying fine arts who was sick She needed money for him so she resorted to that lowly trick by the way The photo she showed me was the same as the one you have here You seem to be the brother she mentioned Nonsense! I gave her some money to make her leave But then she came to me again She said her boyfriend broke up with her because of me She would take her own life if I don’t agree to be her new boyfriend -You are lying -It wasn’t easy to get rid of her That is not who she is You lied to her and broke her heart! I gave you the explanation you want It’s up to you to believe it or not Let’s go Right If you still won’t believe me, you may ask Zhang Lan Yu yourself They are the same bunch They should know every detail of the story This is the only way to find out how my father died Are you sure about this? This is the only way Wei Qing The reason your brain chose to seal that part of your memory is because that memory once brought you great pain Are you sure you want to resume it? I can do this Fine Right now, I need you focus on this metal ball Synchronize your eye movement with the metal ball Do you even know why I sent you to America? I sent you here to study, not to waste your life away! You regret it now? I thought you sent me here to get rid of me -Go home if you regret it -Stop right there! I am not done with you Take off your earphone Take it off! I am tired, good night Stop right there! Stop listening! What now? Are you done with your rage? You insolent child! That kid is too senseless Father!

It won’t open! What is it that won’t open? The door won’t open Be patient Try to find another exit around the place Father! Father! Father! Father! Father! Father! Father! Father! Father! Father! Father! Father! I saw it I saw it! -Calm down -I saw it! What did you see there? Take it slowly I saw my father’s body The body is right outside my room But the door wouldn’t open I jumped out of the window But when I arrived, he was already dead But But if I hadn’t got myself drunk, maybe we wouldn’t have that fight The door wouldn’t have been locked Maybe I could have saved him Maybe he could still be alive! My mother is right He is dead because of me She has every right to hate me According to Dr. Chen, that memory was chosen to delete by Wei Qing because of his PTSD Maybe the cause of his allergy is his guilt for his father Such a poor thing Perhaps it’s better for him to stay inside the room, but he was right there That must be hard for him to accept it Yes. For years, he always thought he indirectly caused the death of his father He has always been upset about it Dr. Chen said in order to cure him, he needs to let go of the past Don’t you think something strange? Wei Qing said he locked the door But when he unlocked it, the door wouldn’t open Could it be that the lock was broken? No, there is only one answer Someone blocked the door on the outside You mean someone blocked the door to keep him inside? Sister Zhou Shi I need to talk to Wei Qing What brings you to my house? What is it? Do you know why your father went to America for you? My mother told me He knew he was seriously ill So he wanted to see me one last time I know. Deep down inside your heart, you think I took your family away from you But I know one thing for sure I only borrowed them from you They were right there for you all the time Now that Xiao Fei said it, I remember something Among the belongings of your late father,

there was this drawing you drew as a kid He must really miss the good old days Senior Uncle loved you a lot He praised you more than once in front of me He was strict to you for your own good I think he didn’t blame you for not saving him when he died He would be glad that you were safe He never would have wanted you to blame yourself for his death Do you remember what you said? The door wouldn’t open We think someone blocked the door from the outside to keep you inside the room Maybe your father did it There are files at the police station You should seek the truth Senior I have done some terrible things when we were kids I am sorry Thank you This is the letter he left me back then My dearest son If you are reading this letter, it means I have passed away You don’t want to take over the Yun Ma Group, I am aware of it I forced you to focus on drawing for years, I demanded all sorts of results from you, my actions have brought you great pain Especially after Xiao Fei arrived in our family, I expected even more from you Sometimes, I was even unreasonable I hope you can understand Please forgive my selfishness I only wanted to shape you into a great artist You possess great talent, yet you fail to see it for now I am so worried for you But then I realized, you love the art, but you never liked drawing Rather than forcing you to do something you don’t like, and make both of us upset, I might as well let you pursue your own interest At least by doing so, you won’t hate me as much But alas, the realization came too late for me You would rather be alone in America than staying here with your parents I know, you are truly hurt It was my fault I hope that after you read this, your resentment for me could fade away Now, let’s talk about Yun Ma Group Yun Ma is the fruition of your mother and I But honestly, we manage it badly Your mother and I are no expert in running a company But we managed to survive because of the support from our friends But without me, your mother can never handle the company all by herself But you are different You secretly worked with a few gallery behind my back You sold the painting for your friends You even got a little famous I know all about it

You have the mind of a businessman, which I lack You will make Yun Ma great someday If you can’t be an outstanding artist, please be a successful businessman Hold on to Yun Ma for me Of course, I am aware it’s not fair to make this request, but even if you turn me down, your decision will be respected I only wanted you to have a good life But if you agree to take over, please look after the company and your mother for me You have my gratitude Lastly, do not feel sad for my death I am not afraid of death I am afraid of losing you I want to give you one last hug Then, I shall gladly accept my fate and leave I hope that when you read this letter, I got the chance to give you a hug Right, don’t let your mother read this letter, Otherwise, she would be upset From: The father that loved you but couldn’t tell you Wei Heng In the end, I never gave him a hug Maybe this is his greatest regret I miss him so much I miss him so much I miss him so much ♪ My fringe isn’t listening to me well ♪ ♪ It isn’t like me ♪ ♪ It’s like you instead ♪ ♪ The hot weather is annoying ♪ ♪ My mood is like the rain ♪ ♪ It may be cloudy or sunny like you ♪ ♪ The “us” that I yearn of ♪ ♪ Was “you” as stated by her ♪ ♪ The “us” that I yearn of ♪ ♪ I was the only serious one ♪ ♪ The “us” that I yearn of ♪ ♪ If you didn’t tell me firmly… ♪ ♪ to trust you ♪ ♪ My fringe isn’t listening to me well ♪ ♪ It isn’t like me ♪ ♪ It’s like you instead ♪ ♪ The hot weather is annoying ♪ ♪ My mood is like the rain ♪ ♪ It may be cloudy or sunny like you ♪ ♪ The “us” that I yearn of ♪ ♪ Was “you” as stated by her ♪ ♪ The “us” that I yearn of ♪ ♪ I was the only serious one ♪ ♪ The “us” that I yearn of ♪ ♪ If you didn’t tell me firmly… ♪ ♪ to trust you ♪

ENG SUB【奇星记 | Magic Star 之鲜衣怒马少年時】 EP34吴磊 Leo Wu主演

♫ Where is my favorite star in the night sky above? ♫ ♫ It always appears in my dream and ♫ ♫ goes into deep sleep with me till dawn ♫ ♫ I’ll eventually reach that far way mountain top ♫ ♫ It’s not a dream ♫ ♫ Are you ready to cast off the past together with me ♫ ♫ and walk forward hand-in-hand? ♫ ♫ If we’re separated, please believe that we’ll reunite ♫ ♫ If we’re separated, please believe that we’ll reunite ♫ ♫ If trials and hardships are destined to be the fate we want ♫ ♫ Please believe this brave heart ♫ ♫ We’ll eventually reach the star that we dreamed of ♫ ♫ There’ll be rainbow colored sky there ♫ ♫ Gentle winds drift freely to ♫ ♫ blow away all gloomy pains ♫ ♫ We’ll eventually reach the star that we dreamed of ♫ ♫ There’ll be the warmest pair of hands there ♫ ♫ to hold love tightly ♫ ♫ Embrace the pride that belongs to oneself ♫ [Magic Star] ~ Episode 34 ~ Older brother! Kill him! I can’t kill him. He’s my younger brother If you insist that I kill him, then I’d rather leave the assassins camp Do you think that this is child’s play? Older brother! You indeed have good martial arts skills Thank you, City Leader City Leader, I’m willing to serve you I hope you can give me a chance “Craftsmanship of Invention.” Xiao Si, do you read these kind of books? What’s wrong? Nothing I just feel that a girl reading this kind of book is quite strange Oh, right. What is your name? Don’t you already know? You really are called Xiao Si? That’s right This Is that dog seller… really your godfather? Do you know? I worked at his side for so many years only to let him take me with him to the capital one day Now this is it No one will take me to the capital anymore – So did you work for him just for him to take you to the capital? – Yes Your home isn’t here in Pirate Bay? I don’t have a home My parents are all dead Sorry Then why are you going to the capital? Because I hate this place so much My dreams are stars, oceans and the Dept. of Amusement in the capital I really can’t stay one second longer in this rotten place anymore I really wanted to just burn down this place, to destroy it Xiao Si, do you know? When I was your age, I also had a lot of hatred that I didn’t know where to vent it out Sometimes, I even wanted everyone around me to just completely disappear That’s why, I can totally understand how you are feeling Can you really understand? Of course I really hope that one day, I can create the sky wing in my book It can bring me to the places I want to go As long as I’m not happy anymore, I can just fly away You really dare dream Of course If you dare not to dream, how can you count on it to come true?

That’s right, too One must have dreams. What if they really come true? Older Sis, Yuan Shuai was gone early this morning You tell me, where can he go without telling us? I thought he went to take revenge on Xiao Dao But I secretly asked people to help me ask about it There are no movements at Xiao Dao’s camp Older Sis, could he have suddenly remembered something, he has recovered his memories and knew we lied to him, and then I also thought of that possibility But the clothes he wore when he came here and that drawing have no signs that they were touched That’s why, we can disregard that possibility Hey, a big man, just leaving like that without saying a word Disappearing just like that Really can’t take it What’s going on? Older Sis, there seems to be someone outside At this time, who would come? Could it be Xiao Dao coming here to cause trouble? Hey, you two are both here? You… Where did you go these past days? Where did you go? – You deserve to be hit! – Do you know how worried we both were? Where did you go? You even dared to smile? Hey, Xiao Cai! If you keep being this fierce, what if no one dares to marry you in the future? What would you do? Don’t change the subject We are talking about you Don’t be angry first Look at what I have found this time Older Sis, isn’t this Where did you get this stuff? This is what I’m going to explain to you two Then hurry and say it That time, Xiao Dao falsely accused me of putting in poppy seeds inside the sauce At that moment, I felt that all my blood was rushing into my brain It’s fine if he insulted me about other things but when he said that I put in poppy seeds in my sauce, that’s totally throwing my culinary belief in a cesspit to trample upon This is something that I totally can’t accept How can I take it? That time, I was totally so mad Xiao Dao saw exactly how you treat cooking as your life, that’s why he deliberately set this trap Maybe we have been too careless He even instigated those ignorant customers to create a disturbance The only thing I could do then was to keep the peace and calm the people Or else, the situation would surely have gotten out of control Enough already, stop blaming yourselves Since the matter has happened, we should bravely face it Learning from this Yuan Shuai, hurry and tell us about these poppy seeds Afterwards, all the customers had left I also slowly calmed down and also understood Xiao Cai’s good intentions for doing that But how can I just watch him destroy the business we worked hard to build? I thought about it back and forth and decided to start the investigation with this As long as we are able to find the source of the poppy seed, and then prove that Xiao Dao previously bought it, wouldn’t that prove that we are innocent? That’s right Good thing that Heaven doesn’t disappoint an earnest person Very soon, I found that poppy seed seller Stop beating around the bush with me. I know who you are. You are that cook in the All Seasons Hot Spring Inn, right? Bro, I heard that he owed you quite a lot. Xiao Dao, indeed owed me money. I also know that he used the poppy seed he got from me to destroy your business. But if you plan to use me to defeat him, then you have come to the wrong place. I heard that he has a small money safe. The amount in there is quite huge. Really? Totally true. Where? Then you have to ask him yourself. The small money safe you said is just something you made up, right? Hey, how come you don’t believe me, either? That small money safe is real I heard that Xiao Dao actually planned to give it to you as dowry But if we really let him succeed, wouldn’t that just be giving out from his left hand and then receiving by his right hand? In the end, it’ll still end up with him Yuan Shuai, you’re so great. You even thought of such an idea Right now, that Xiao Dao must have already been beaten half to death, that he has already vomited out all the contents of that small money safe Actually, if not because he did such a cruel move on us, I didn’t want to do this, either I finally can be able to be at ease Hey, I think that customers might be coming in later – Let’s hurry and go prepare – Okay Wait I still haven’t finished talking – From now on, no matter what happens in the future, you should discuss it with us first – That’s right Don’t be like what you did this time, just deciding on your own. Understand?

Yes This time, I wasn’t comprehensive in my considerations I will be take a note of it next time Older Sis, didn’t you say that we were driving him away? Quickly go back to work Saying one thing but doing another thing Isn’t it still because you can’t bear to? Let go of me! Who are you?! Let go of me! You guys dared to touch me, Older Bro Dao? If you have guts, let me see who you all are! Don’t play underhanded moves on me. Do you all not want to live anymore?! Yes? Untie him You really were making quite some noise recently Mister Six? It’s really hard to see you That’s why, I asked these men of mine to bring you here Mister Six, I was just talking nonsense earlier Don’t put it to heart Mister Six, I also struggle for survival daily to be able to live till now This is also thanks to Mister Six granting me a way to live Stop talking about irrelevant things You owed me so much money and took so many supplies from me Let’s settle it today Mister Six, I really don’t have any money Even if I do have some and I don’t pay you back, then I am your grandson If not because I got some news, I won’t ask you to come here, either You wanted to marry that Zhou Xiao Cai that owns that hot springs Hence, you were able to save up quite a lot of money Is there such a thing? None. None. Definitely not true Mister Six, from whom did you hear those lies? You really won’t cry until you see your casket, is that it? Come. Put him inside a sack The fish in the sea today will have him as meat to eat Hey! Mister Six! Mister Six, have mercy! Mister Six, I… I indeed have a bit of money We could have been done earlier on if you had just said it sooner. Where is it? Okay. Okay. I’ll say it I hid it under the large water jug in my backyard I dug out a hole and all the money was buried there Okay, already. I know the place now Put him in the sack Mister Six! Mister Six! I already told you everything! How come you are still Are you not going to follow the rules? What that fatty from the hot springs inn said is right In dealing with a person like you, one must use poison against poison Fatty? It was him who betrayed me? It was indeed him But it’s also fine to tell you about it now You want to take revenge on him? Just wait for your next lifetime Mister Six, I beg you to have mercy Mister Six, didn’t that Yuan Shuai say to just drag Xiao Dao around the public square and let the public see him? He asked us not to kill him Why must I listen to him? A person like him has a woman’s benevolent heart What I’m doing now is helping him eliminate a future disaster I understand! Mister Six! Mister Six! I beg you to spare my life! Mister Six! Mister Six, have mercy! Mister Six! Mister Six! Have mercy! This is not a place where you can ask questions Do you know what this place is? This is Lord Xiu Fu’s royal palace Leave! – What did you say? – I told you to leave! So it’s one of the four masters of the netherworld assassins camp Sorry. I wasn’t able to recognize you It’s fine. I also just got back from outside This Let’s talk in private Please Senior Brother, you have finally returned Who is it? You don’t know me? I don’t care who you are This is a restricted place of the netherworld assassins camp Unauthorized personnel, get lost What are you being noisy about? This lady trespassed into our restricted area It’s Administrator Lan What Administrator Lan? Bastard! Do you know who she is? This is the source of earnings by our netherworld assassins This is our Administrator Lan Aren’t you all still going to pay your respect? So it’s Administrator Lan I wasn’t able to recognize you Hope you can forgive me Enough already I heard that today, the academy’s competition has ended I especially brought some food and drinks over to reward everyone What? Still won’t let me in? Could it be you want me to leave the food and drinks here at the door? I dare not Administrator Lan, please Xiong Fei! Xiong Fei! Lan Ling? Don’t say anything anymore. Come with me

Teacher, Princess Zi Su What have you found out? I already learned that Zhan Xiong Fei got locked up in the assassins camp’s prison Getting locked up with him are Ding Song and Ma Shun What’s going on? It’s not hard to guess what has happened This underground city is Lord Xiu Fu’s world to begin with Evil people meeting evil people, what do you think will happen? But… there are so many skilled martial arts masters in the assassins camp What should we do to be able to get them out? Teacher, this you don’t know already Only if they are locked up in the assassins camp’s prison can we have the chance to save them The assassins camp’s prison is mainly to hold assassins who were punished The security is way more lax that inside Lord Xiu Fu’s prison Hero Qian, do you have a way then? Tomorrow, I’ll go ask for information from the assassins inside the assassins camp Why are you not working in our shop and instead came here? I heard that you will come here every month on this day to wait Xiao Mei is being talkative again Don’t you feel that there are some waiting that’s like waiting for a ship in a forest, it will never happen? Yuan Shuai, I don’t want to hear you say these odd words But I really don’t want to keep seeing you waste your time What about me? What do you all want to see me like? In all your eyes, I am a complete laughing stock Isn’t that so? Xiao Cai, don’t say such things about yourself Right now, I am your fiancé Of course, I have to take responsibility for you Fiancé? Yuan Shuai, stop being stupid now You are not really my fiancé That was just a lie I made because I panicked You and me don’t have any relationship at all Xiao Cai, what did you say? Do you want me to say it more clearly? From the start, I was just fooling you! Using you! Do you understand?! I am a big liar! And you are a big idiot! No way! You are not a big liar and I am not an idiot Although I can’t remember my past, for every day, every hour, every moment since I lost my memories, I can remember it very well Speech and actions may lie, but one’s gaze cannot Xiao Cai, you do have some feelings for me, right? Stop fooling yourself already! The one who is fooling oneself is you. Not me! Do you think that by wrapping yourself up, you won’t be hurt by anything anymore and you can already block all external forces? What you are doing is so wrong! You think that if the Gao Ying Jun that you love so deeply will see you now, will he be able to smile? Okay, even if what you said is right, that I don’t have any relationship with you and I am not your fiancé, so what? Today, I am swearing by this big ocean I, Yuan Shuai, will start wooing you, Zhou Xiao Cai Openly wooing you Xiao Cai, I want to protect you. Protect you for a lifetime I will make you the happiest woman in the world Are you willing to give me a chance? Older Sis! – What has happened? – Older Sis Ying Jun, Older Bro Ying Jun is back! Xiao Cai, you still are that pretty

You haven’t changed at all This is a practice of the Western people. It’s called kissing one’s hand Xiao Cai, why are you not speaking? Were you so excited after seeing me? Seeing how you are dressed like this, my older sis might not be used to it Older Bro Ying Jun, you have really changed a lot It’s fine. You all will get used to it after some time When I had arrived there, I also was not used to this kind of clothing But later on, I realized that this kind of clothing is way better than ours It’s also more convenient to do things This one is Hello, my name is Yuan Shuai You must be a new waiter in our shop Ying Jun, you must be tired Quickly go back and rest I’ll make you some dishes Xiao Cai, don’t be busy about it anymore This is the first meal I made after coming back here. You must try it And in passing, check the result of my five years of training The weather today is really quite good. The wind is mild. The sun is bright. Blue sky, white clouds. That’s right If you feel good, everything looks good Isn’t that so? Sometimes, there are things that one shouldn’t think of too simply Cheng Ming Pan indeed got toppled by us already But I kept feeling that this isn’t the end of the matter, but the start What matter are you talking about? Nothing Actually, it’s just an intuition of mine Look. Just like this calm sea surface, not many surges in the waves, but everyone doesn’t know how turbulent it is underneath I have lived in this pirate bay for so many years but I rarely go out to appreciate this big ocean Say, don’t I not know how to treasure things? Everyday, I diligently research on those art pieces. Trying to find human pleasure in them Yet, in the end, I overlooked this ocean It actually is the most beautiful of them all Right now, I have decided to stop becoming an unaccomplished idiot I have to treasure what’s now. Enjoy everyday Treasure the people in front of me What are you thinking? You can’t be thinking about that guy Bai Ze, right? Why would I think of him? It’s just that I promised to help him save that lady , A Ji Ya And also, I made a deal with Da Fu that once Cheng Ming Pan dies, he would send me that lady safely But that Cheng Ming Pan was able to escape and he even took that lady with him Right now, we still don’t know if Cheng Ming Pain is dead or alive I am a little worried This is also what I am worried about Only by seeing Cheng Ming Pan’s corpse can we be sure of our future safety Or else, we are in the light, while he is in the dark Are we going to guard against him for a lifetime? Shaman Ding, I thought about it the whole night Since we are only able to find one green Magic Star after searching Zhan Xiong Fei, then could it be that the other three Magic Stars are not really with him? Because he totally has no need to only bring one Magic Star with him and hide the other three Looks like City Leader still doesn’t believe me No. No. No Shaman Ding, you misunderstood You are a person who has saved me Of course, I believe you I am just thinking that maybe he never had the other three Magic Stars That is also a possibility If you put it that way, then the three Magic Stars are still in the capital with that damned Emperor You have a point Then it means that we must catch this Princess Zi Su so we can be sure of winning Yes City Leader, this God’s army has always been just heard of and never really seen I don’t know, but what use do they have? Shaman Ding,

imagine it for a while. An army who doesn’t get tired, doesn’t get hungry, doesn’t get hurt An army that only knows to bravely kill their enemies. Who won’t want that? So it’s like that I will surely do my best to help you Good In our life, all the hustle and bustle is only just for interests Today, I want to hear Shaman Ding to be honest with me What really is your purpose in looking for those Magic Stars? City Leader, I already told you before I only wanted to pull that damned Emperor down his throne Right now, with City Leader having a God’s army, everything would become very easy That’s right Really a stupid lot. Do you really think I’m that dumb to believe you? Really a stupid lot. Reporting to City Leader! What is it? Could it be you have found that Princess Zi Su? Zhan Xiong Fei has escaped from the assassins camp What?! Oh, right. Do you still remember the first time we met? I don’t remember anymore Thinking about it, we must have known each other for so many years already Eight years already That time, you were still a little lady During the first time I saw you, you were arguing with a human trafficker in the streets It was my first time to see such an unyielding little lady With your weak and smaller body, you clearly would not win against him But you just would not yield no matter what And also you were holding a small dagger while confronting them They were hitting you while scolding you. Even pushing you You still would not leave At the start, I thought, “Did this little lady get robbed by these human traders?” Later on, I learned why you were so unyielding, why you were risking your life to fight them Why aren’t you continuing your story? I don’t want to say it anymore I am afraid that I might make you remember those painful memories of yours Anyway, that time, you really left me with a lasting impression And in a blink of an eye, so many years have already passed Right now, you have already become a Boss Ming Zhen that’s respected in Pirate Bay For so many years, you have been secretly protecting and supporting me For so many times, conflicts arose between those barbaric pirates and I It was you who would personally or secretly tell your men to resolve it for me I know about all these things That’s why, I am really grateful to you In this Pirate Bay, it can be said that you are my first real friend It’s not important if I am the first one or not I just hope that I could be that forever one Do you know why I anchored the ship here? I also want to ask you A few years ago, I saw that you spent so much money and hired so many workers to make this big ship I heard that you even willingly paid a high amount of money to buy these materials But I seemed to have never seen you use this ship and sail out into the seas And you don’t anchor it in the port either but instead here in this quiet seas Could it be just to look at the seas from time to time, bask in the sun? I actually planned to keep enduring it, keep waiting for that day Which day? I actually planned to give you a surprise on some future day Right now, since you already asked about this again, then let me tell you the answer of why I anchored this ship here I want to wait for the day that you are willing to put down everything, willing to leave this pirate bay with me Let’s go away to a far away place together Come. Look at that direction What did you see?

My tavern? Everyday, when I’m not doing anything, I would go look at your tavern Every time you appear, I would feel unending happiness and blissfulness Timing and Subtitles brought to you by The Magic Stars Team @ Viki Xiong Fei, stop blaming yourself already Eat some noodles I’m not hungry Even if you are not hungry, you still should eat some Seeing how much you care about that Ms. Zi Su, she must be very pretty Tell me what she looks like then Even if you don’t want to say it you still have to eat some Just for a Ms. Zi Su, it’s not worth it I already told you, I don’t want to eat! Does it hurt? So sorry. Earlier, I was too agitated It’s nothing. You also are just in a bad mood It’s my fault How can you be blamed for it? If there is anyone to blame, I should be blamed for being such a bastard You saved me but I didn’t even thank you and instead got mad at you It’s fine So sorry. I… am not good in bandaging If you really feel sorry about it, how about you tell me more stories about the outside world? Okay Do you have anything else to tell me as to why you asked me to come to this ship? It’s because you are in a bad mood recently so I asked you to come here to relax Sometimes, when I quietly look at this sea, I will remember a lot of my childhood days with my father After thinking about it, I will feel that my father is just close by, not that far Your father’s sudden departure is actually a very heavy blow to the whole pirate bay That’s why I urge you not to be so sad anymore Father is a great hero I remember that the weather then was very nice That was still when I was very little Father told me to wait for him to come back He then led his whole crew and sailed out into the ocean But that time, I was still very small. I knew nothing In the end, they unfortunately met a sea disaster He and that ship crew risked it all to battle the seas Yet, in the end, none were able to come back Afterwards, I will frequently come to this sea and look at the ships on it and then think if it was father returning If it was his ship Days pass by, I kept looking like that for so many years I also know that you love your father so deeply All the citizens here in Pirate Bay really respected and loved him

Sometimes when I look at the sky, I can see father’s face smiling at me But when I look up again, nothing is there anymore Ming Zhen, don’t worry. I will keep accompanying you and take care of you Ming Zhen! Ming Zhen, what’s wrong? Do you feel unwell? Luo Feng this wine Wine? This wine Ming Zhen! Timing and Subtitles brought to you by The Magic Stars Team @Viki Ming Zhen! Ming Zhen! Ming Zhen! Ming Zhen! Who are you? What do you want? You two, the wine you drank earlier wasn’t bad, right? It was you who poisoned the wine! Despicable! Who are you? What do you want to do? Who am I? I am your Lord Hou’er Do you still remember killing the captain and Hou Zi a few days ago? They were my buddies! What do you want?! They were unwilling to be bribed by you and betray their captain You guys then killed them! It was me who killed him If you have the ability, then kill me No! Stop! Ming Zhen just obeyed my orders! This has nothing to do with her at all! If you want to take revenge, then vent it towards me! What really do you want before you will let her go?! Today is the seventh day of my buddies’ death Between the two of you, one must die As for the other one, it will depend on my mood I’ll do whatever I want For every grievance someone is responsible, for every debt there is a debtor Your little brother was personally killed by me If you have the ability, then face me! Let him go! It has nothing to do with him! It was me who killed him! I already investigated it well You wanted to topple Cheng Ming Pan so you sacrificed my buddy Today… none of you should dare think of leaving here alive Right. It was me alone who plotted to topple Cheng Ming Pan and kill your buddy! Ming Zhen only obeyed my orders! This has nothing to do with her! If you want to seek vengeance, then get it from me! I will not fight back! The two of you, one being the master of the Qiu clan, Qiu Luo Feng, the other one is the owner of the Ming Zhen Tavern in Pirate Bay Both of you look much like a human that is well-dressed but behind one’s back, you two did such a despicable thing! Quite a pity for those buddies of mine. Just because of their loyalty, they refused to betray his captain It became a hindrance to your plan You then used a knife and stabbed it into his forehead You two are really beasts! Wrong! Worse than a beast! What are you planning to do?! Don’t come forward! What are you trying to do?! What are you trying to do?! No! Stop! I initially wanted to give you some time to say your farewells But you two didn’t treasure it

The two of you, who will die first? Me! I’ll die first! If you want to kill someone, just kill me It has nothing to do with her! Oh, right! I still have some information about your buddy. Don’t you want to know it?! My buddy’s matter? Hurry up and say it! Actually at the start, we just wanted to convince him. We really didn’t plan to kill him! We even prepared a sack of gold for him It was he who refused us! Of course My buddy is very loyal How could he betray his captain, Cheng Ming Pan, just for money?! You have belittled your buddy Your buddy isn’t as mighty as you think He actually refused us because he found the money to be too few He was a two-faced, scheming, was never loyal, despicable low-life! As the saying goes, “Humans die due to greed while birds die for food.” He deserved to die! You are lying! If you continue to make things up Fine! I’ll cut her rope now and let her feed the fishes! Ming Zhen, are you alright? I’m fine You suffered very serious injuries I’m fine I caused you to be terrified earlier At that moment earlier, I thought that I wouldn’t be able to see you ever again Stupid From now on, I will never let you fall into a dangerous situation like this again I will protect you every day, every minute, and every second I will surely make you blissful ♫ In a rainy night, ♫ ♫ I’ve not put away that windbreaker umbrella ♫ ♫ My hand, that grasps it, is unwilling to throw it away ♫ ♫ I want to be together till the end ♫ ♫ Upon opening my eyes, ♫ ♫ there may be only fallen leaves all over the ground left ♫ ♫ There may be only those cold long streets left ♫ ♫ I have you next to me ♫ ♫ We agree to wait till tomorrow ♫ ♫ Wait until snow and frost compromise with sunshine ♫ ♫ You must believe ♫

♫ those agreements that we made at young ♫ ♫ We agree to wait till tomorrow to ♫ ♫ walk through the coldest winter night and ♫ ♫ kiss the most beautiful spring together ♫ ♫ Stand side-by-side before the daybreak ♫

Arsenal military academy episode 22[ENG SUB]

Arsenal Military Academy Episode 22 Excuse me, which room is Xie Liangchen in? Over there Thank you Don’t mention it Come in! Ms. Yu How did you get such a wound? Must be a time of bad luck Ms. Yu, you’re so busy, but you still came to see me Sorry for the trouble What’s to be sorry for? Luckily, you made it back, it was more of a scare than you being hurt In the future, you have to be careful I know I’ve granted a leave to Xiaojun These two days, let her take care of you Thank you, Ms. Yu Why are you so formal with me? Lie down You need to rest well It’s not necessary Be good Fine Thank you, Ms. Yu Isn’t that much better? All right, seeing you’re safe, I’m at ease I’m leaving now Ms. Yu, see you later See you This time the patient is recovering well, but he needs to increase nourishment. You must not let him exert himself. I understand, Doctor. We still need to keep him under observation for a while longer. All right. Junshan! How can you still smile? I managed to come back alive Should I not smile? Does it hurt? Not too bad Stubborn! What exactly happened? Weren’t you delivering medicines? Why were you chased by killers? In truth, I don’t know, either I guess what they were after was not us at all, it was only something that they had put on Xie Liangchen What they were chasing was probably that item Then where is that item now? Where is it now? I’m worried that people will come again to harm you

Liangchen has it When Instructor Lü gets here, we’ll give it up That’s best “A common man is without crime, but is guilty of hiding a gem.”
[Figuratively, treasures can cause disasters; Commentary of Zuo] Now, preserving your life takes precedence Preserving my life takes precedence Are you hungry? It’s time for lunch I’ll go buy you some food Yes, I am a little hungry Then wait for me I’ll be right back All right The door wasn’t closed, so I didn’t knock Do you need help? All right Thank you Here Thank you How’s your wound? I got shot in the thigh It’ll be fine in a few days You got shot? Will it leave a scar? It probably will What a pity! I’m a big man Let it scar I’m not one of you girls Student Xie, you look so pretty, you’re more or less like a girl If you really will be scarred, it would be too much of a pity! Luckily, it’s on your leg You came to see Junshan? How’s his wound? The same as you, he puts it lightly and brushes it off But he doesn’t know how much others worry about him You men you’re just like that Will you have more water? No more Thank you Are you all right? I’m fine. I’m fine Leave it, leave it. I’ll call the nurse Nurse! Nurse! Hello, may I help you? Please, bring me another quilt All right Were you scalded? I’m fine Is your leg fine? It’s fine Where’s the towel? Dry your hands Under the bed. I can get it myself Please Thank you It’s fine. You’re welcome Thank you. Let me do it All right I’m sorry. It’s my fault I’m so clumsy It’s fine There, it’s all changed, isn’t it? Then I’ll go now I still need to go buy lunch for Junshan Go ahead then Do you need me to get you some? No, thanks Xiaojun already went home to get lunch for me All right then Take good care of your wound I’ll go now Goodbye Goodbye I just saw Jin Xianrong outside What was she doing here? She was a little concerned “A weasel pays a visit to a hen.”
[ Figuratively, beware of suspicious folks; may be ill-intentioned ] What goodies did you make? Smells so good! Great! This is it Inform Mr. James, this afternoon at 2 p.m., at Jinhua Hotel Yes I ate it all up Are you full? I’m stuffed Here, wipe your mouth I’ll go wash the bowls Easy Shen Junshan?

What brings you here? I came to check on you Is your wound better? Much better Oh, right, did you… inform your family? No My parents aren’t here Coming and going is such a hassle Anyway, I’m all right Why make them worry? Then who’s taking care of you these few days? My friend, Tan Xiaojun You’ve met her She is your girlfriend? She’s just a good friend of mine Don’t you have a younger sister in school in Shunyuan? Why didn’t she come? She She doesn’t know, yet I didn’t tell her She’s a scaredy cat Fine Then I’m going back You should rest All right Thank you Gu Yanzhen? Why are you back? Did I come at the wrong time? I’m going back Have some rest Yes Right, rest well, don’t talk too much Step aside Why are you two adults standing at the door? I’ll go out for a moment Where are you going? My stomach hurts! I’m going to the restroom! Come on in Did you just get back? Weren’t you getting married in Nanjing? I escaped from the wedding to come here Would you not be having problems
after your escape from the wedding? I read the papers, it seems the girl’s family is powerful Are you worried about me? If you don’t want to tell me, forget it It’s fine Good Your wound Are you all right? I’m fine I’m starving Do you have anything to eat? You came to see a patient all empty-handed and even ask me for food? Seriously? I was on the train for a long time, as soon as I got back, I heard you were in the hospital, and I rushed straight here without a break I had no time to eat Don’t move about now I’ll go check Be careful Don’t worry Liangchen, don’t worry

They shouldn’t be after us I’m here Don’t worry Here Young Master Gu, it’s chaotic outside Where are you going? Young Master Gu? What happened outside? Workers of the Dadong Foreign Company
are causing a ruckus outside The Military Police arrested a lot of people It’s fine. Don’t worry Then… I’ll go back to my room now Do you have a knife in your bag? Give it to me, I’ll peel an apple for you Did you see Gu Yanzhen’s face earlier? He was so livid, he looked like a demon I guess he must have fallen for you What do you think? I’m talking to you Can’t find it? No The yellow bag The yellow bag? The one I told you about Those Japanese were after us because of that Isn’t it inside? Where did it go? Is it on the floor? No Under the bed? No Search again This room is just this small, you can see it all in one look Maybe you didn’t put it in your bag? Or could it be with Shen Junshan? Impossible I just saw it a moment ago Thank you Go have some rest You must be tired after a rushed train ride I will Are you tired of living? Are you seeking death? Are you blind? Are you tired of living, then? – Are you seeking death?
– Are you picking a fight with me? Can you afford it? Are you seeking death? Speak! Are you tired of living? We’re done for It’s really lost Can’t be! Based on what you said, you never left this room That item couldn’t have sprouted legs and run Think again Beside me, who else was here? Ms. Yu, Gu Yanzhen, Shen Junshan, and also Miss Xianrong Ms. Yu It can’t be Ms. Yu Gu Yanzhen and Shen Junshan can’t be, either Then there’s only Miss Xianrong What on earth is in that bag? In short, it’s very important The rest of the items are in Warehouse 18 Send your men there to pick them up It’s always a pleasure to do business with you, Proprietor Huo On the contrary, I’m considering whether I should continue collaborating with you or not Proprietor Huo, what prompts such words? Your Highness, your aims are too high I’m afraid I may inadvertently abet ill-doing Proprietor Huo, do you think I’m an ill-doer? I’m afraid you may be Tian Dan,
the general who revived Qi State.
[ Famous general during Warring States Period ] If you don’t have

a sincere intention to cooperate, stop wasting my time now Mr. James, what do you mean by this? This is fake Mr. James Miss, were we set up? Was it those cadets from the Arsenal Military Academy? It was probably the gang on the train What should we do now? Just let it go? Of course not No matter who they are, they are all just carrying out orders By now, that batch of items must already be in Prince Rong’s hands Miss, you mean The third day of next month will be Her Ladyship’s birthday Help me prepare a great gift I want to go pay my respects in person You lost Drink Fine, I’ll drink I’m not scared Drink I quit What? As soon as you lose, you quit? No fun Are you jealous? Jealous of whom? Stop pretending Xie Liangchen and Shen Junshan went missing together for so long and they also came back together You just came out from the hospital, right? It’s all right, Gu Yanzhen Just think we’re both fools Here, we’re fellows in misfortune A toast Who are you saying is a fool? Me I’m a fool Why do I feel you are referring to me? No I was talking about myself Actually, the matter is not as you think What about it then? Never mind What are you doing? Why did you say half of it and stop there? You have too much of a big mouth What are you saying? Who has a big mouth? Gu Yanzhen? Sit back Miss Qu! Stop right there! Stop now! You… Stop right there! Blood! Murder! What did you do? I I… didn’t touch-up my makeup I… can’t be in photos Sir, are you all right, sir? Doctor!

Doctor, how is he? The patient is still unconscious The wound needed four stitches At the moment, it appears there’s no major problem It’s all right, it’s all right. Don’t worry Is his life in any danger? It should not be Then, when will he wake up? As for that probably tomorrow morning at the earliest Thank you, Doctor I’m sorry We wish to take care of all medical bills Who cares for your filthy money? If anything happens to my husband, I won’t leave you two alone! The doctor said he’s all right, didn’t he? Does it mean he says it’s all right, then it’s all right? My husband’s injury is on his head What if he suffers brain damage? Or becomes mentally deranged? Or paralysed? Who will support our whole family? Who will take the responsibility? Why are you yelling? Are you done? The doctor said he’s all right Why are you cursing your husband? – You–
– Hey! This is a hospital! If you want to quarrel, go outside I’m telling you, this matter is not over! Seriously! What a shrew! Don’t you feel bad talking about others
when you are no better yourself? She was clearly in the wrong! Were you right to hit him? He took photos of me! Aren’t you a star? So what if he took photos of you? Should stars be photographed whenever anyone wants to? Do they not need my permission? Look at my dark circles! I haven’t slept well in days How droopy they are! My skin looks bad, too, and I haven’t had a change of clothes Nor did I wash my hair What should I do if the photos are leaked out? This face is my meal ticket, got it? So you hit him Aren’t you afraid he’ll sue you? I’d rather be sued than to have my photos leaked out I really don’t know what you girls have in your mind What would you understand? Gu Yanzhen! I have something to tell you I have something to ask you, too I’ll go first then Today… I was a little angry, but I’m all right now It’s in the past I’m not angry anymore But from now on, keep your distance from him I’m not always so easily appeased What… What are you saying? I’m done. It’s your turn now After you left today, I realized I lost something I wanted to ask you about it What do you mean? You suspect me of stealing from you? No! I just wanted to ask if you saw it It was a yellow bag It’s something that Shen Junshan and I snatched away from the Japanese It’s very important I didn’t see it Why are you still here? I am waiting for you I knew Xie Liangchen would kick you out sooner or later You had a fight? The situation you’re in now, I can tell in one look You are a case of one-sided enthusiastic, unrequited love One-sided crush Are you done? Not yet Do you need me to teach you a trick? Do you? Say it Look at you now, okay You cling to him every day like a pug He went back to Beijing and you went back to Beijing, too He was in danger, and you escaped from your wedding and came back to protect him How spineless! If it were me, I wouldn’t like you this way, either There’s no challenge in it If you put it like that, it does make some sense Doesn’t it? Then what should I do? I’ll ignore him, too? You can’t ignore him! Only with competition will there be progress What you have to do now is to find a girlfriend and make a show of affection in front of him every day to get him jealous Then he’ll get nervous Easier said than done If you can’t find a girlfriend in a moment, no problem I can help you You? Forget it What? Gu Yanzhen! I

I’m serious! Really, think about it – I’m a superstar…
– No No If Jin Xianrong comes to visit Shen Junshan again, keep an eye on her for me The people who came into this room are only you guys Ruling out the others, she’s the only one left Besides, I’ve always felt that this woman doesn’t seem right Will you really not consider what I said? I won’t. Go home How unappreciative Mother! Sorry for troubling you tonight I shall take my leave I failed to discipline her I apologize for causing you trouble When you return, do apologize to Deputy Minister Gu for me Mr. Qu, you’re too formal All right I’ll definitely pay a formal visit some day Wretched girl! You do miss home! Have you eaten? I have Who was that man? How dare you even ask about it! You brought shame to our whole Qu family This matter is not all of Manting’s fault If it’s not her fault, is it mine then? A young lady from a great family ran to someone else’s engagement
ceremony to steal away the man This is an offence to public decency, don’t you know it? Am I a young lady from a great family? Father, you are right I’m just a showgirl – You…
– How dare you still retort! Enough Don’t ruin your health Come on Apologize to your father That Butler Zhu’s words were not agreeable, either It sounded like this matter had nothing to do with their Young Master Gu Don’t you know your own daughter? When you say she’s stubborn, it’s fine When you say she went to steal away
someone else’s fiance on purpose, I wouldn’t believe it even if you made me How did I raise such a daughter? I don’t have a father who can’t separate right from wrong, either What are you saying? You just came back, where are you going now? Shen Junshan You’re here Miss Xianrong is here, too I just arrived How’s your health? Much better I think I should be ready for discharge tomorrow Why such a rush? You should stay and rest a few days more It’s a mere scratch wound Staying here all day is of no use, either I really envy you I want to be discharged, too, but the doctor won’t let me Student Xie, you were wounded in your leg You should recuperate well To run back and forth won’t be good for your injury I’m sitting in a wheelchair It’s all right Lying down all day, I’m almost bored to death I’ll do it Your hand is injured, it’s inconvenient I’ll do it It doesn’t matter It’s all right I’ll do it myself Junshan, do you want a banana? I don’t Student Xie, do you want one? All right Thank you Miss Xianrong, why are your hands so calloused? Have you ever practiced Kung Fu? How could I have practiced any Kung Fu? As a child, I did chores, that’s how I got it Really? As I see it, it looks a bit like callus from sword practice You’re wrong Probably After all, people use guns now Very few will use swords In our Academy, we only have one class of swordfight a month I heard you’ve just arrived in China, Miss Xianrong

I’ve never asked where you came from England Where in England? Liverpool A city of arts No wonder you have such distinguished manners Thank you Miss Xianrong, do you also have relatives here? I do Really? We’ve known each other for a while, I still don’t know where your home is When I get a chance, I should pay a formal visit Not even Junshan has been to my house He’s never even asked about it Student Xie, today you asked me so many questions, should I narcissistically assume that you have a fancy for me? Miss Xianrong, you must be joking For sure, I am joking But I also have to warn you It would be useless to fancy me because my heart is already taken You two have a chat I’ll go back now Are you all right by yourself? I’m fine Xiaojun is here Student Xie, take care You two you look like cocks in a fight Really? I rather feel that Student Xie and I hit it off quite well How did it go? Did you ask her? How could I ask? If she didn’t take it, asking directly would be too impolite If she did take it, she wouldn’t admit it anyway So there’s nothing we can do? I still think something is odd about her Why? Instinct Instinct is too unreliable. Isn’t it? You think about it, I’ll go home for a bit Don’t come this afternoon I can just ask the nurse to buy me lunch You’ve been absent from school for days Even if I go to the school, there aren’t any classes Now at the school, they’re making speeches every day When Gu Yanzhen comes, tell him to be careful His father is the representative negotiator Among us students, he has a name If the negotiation fails, it will be awful for him Got it I’m going now Bye Miss Xianrong! Xie Liangchen? Student Xie, what are you doing here? I came out for some air Alone? My friend went home Are you leaving? Miss Xianrong, can I bother you to do me a favor? My water has cooled Could you bring me a pot of hot water? All right Miss Xianrong, your skills are really good I can’t say I have good skills Just a little quick, that’s all Miss Xianrong, why are your hands so calloused? Have you practiced any Kung Fu? How could I have practiced any Kung Fu? As a child, I did chores, that’s how I got it. As I see it, it looks a bit like callus from sword practice. You’re wrong. Ms. Yu… It can’t be Ms. Yu. Gu Yanzhen and Shen Junshan can’t be, either. Then there’s only Miss Xianrong. Hold it tight Don’t drop it again Thank you I’ll leave now then Goodbye Why didn’t you tell me they started filming? What have you been doing lately? When they started filming you were in Nanjing I couldn’t reach you I’ve been back for quite a long time,

you should have told me Miss Manting, actually… it’s not just this movie All your performances, now, except for Palimo, they were all cut off What are you saying? Chief Duan cancelled your contract Your father signed Miss Manting, you know my situation My whole family depends on me as the breadwinner Chief Duan wants me to follow Miss Pingting Xiao Yang is with her already I know, leaving you at a time like this is so disloyal You’ve always been so good to me But my mother’s health I have no choice I’m sorry Subtitles and Timing brought to you by
The All Guns Blazing Team @ Viki
Ending OST 2 – Poison (毒药) by Wang Yizhe (王一哲)Loving you is destined to be a mistake,
in what way might it possibly end?
♫ ♫ I love you to a point of no return, walking into a fog ♫ ♫ Everything becomes too cloudy and confusing ♫ ♫ Unable to restrain myself, I keep on chasing ♫ ♫ We try to avoid each other, but there is
no returning to how things were initially
♫ ♫ Reality has too many constraints,
perhaps we should breakup
♫ ♫ Between you and me, we are unable
to break free from these constraints
♫ ♫ Love is the most beautiful poison ♫ ♫ It comes into contact when you are completely unguarded ♫ ♫ First, you will taste its sweetness,
and next, you will feel the pain
♫ ♫ You have never understood my heart,
nevertheless, it is all silently coming to an end
♫ ♫ Perhaps it is destined to be a tragic play ♫ ♫ I can only blame myself for being too invested,
unconsciously, I begin to lose my way
♫ ♫ I do not care if I fall deeper and deeper ♫ ♫ You have never understood my heart,
nevertheless, it is all silently coming to an end
♫ ♫ Perhaps it is destined to be a tragic play ♫ ♫ I can only blame myself for being too invested,
unconsciously, I begin to lose my way
♫ ♫ I do not care if I fall deeper and deeper ♫ ♫ Take this poison of love

Fated To Love You | 命中注定我愛你 – Episode 5 [VOSTFR]

Let’s get married Since I can’t choose the child’s mother But my child definitely cannot call any lousy guy Dad To promise you to marry and have the child is something I can do But you have to promise me one thing You can’t fire anyone in the Wu Lu Lu shampoo company Preview There seems to be an company that is looking for land we could sell that island. I have no use for it anyways Demand for Divorce Post-it 5 It’s Not Easy to Be Ji Cun Xi’s Bride You got married? Right! How did you know? You’re really amazing Oh, you must have seen my ring Your right I married the father of my child Thank you What, it got dirty I hope Cun Xi won’t be mad Hey Father I really need to thank you It is because I listened to your advice that I have such good luck right now That… What is that? This? This is a important document that my boss told me to give my husband Good thing I didn’t lose it It’s such a coincidence that those two were friends Could it be She doesn’t know that there are divorce papers in there? Are you carrying all those things home? Yeah This will be my first time going to my husband’s home He was originally supposed to pick me up but something came up for him so I am going there on my own If you don’t mind my tacky car I’ll give you a ride Really? Alright! Looking at how happy she is now there shouldn’t be any problems between her and Cun Xi right? Then why does she have those divorce papers?

And that’s why, I didn’t know until I returned to Jiang Mu Da that Ji Cun Xi was the person who bought the shampoo company It’s such a coincidence right? Yeah that really is a coincidence In front of my mother and sisters he even said that I should love him first If he really is as good as you say why did you have to come here on your own? When I called him he was busy He doesn’t even have time to properly take care of his wife? Then he must be really busy It’s really alright I’m already used to it Because I’m the post-it note girl being forgotten is normal Hey, who said post-it notes aren’t important? If I didn’t have them I would’ve forgotten to go to the store to buy boards Without boards, I wouldn’t be able to make chairs and tables for the children at the orphanage Post-its do sound pretty important Father, thank you This is the first time some has told me post-it notes are important lets go father, really, thank you very much you always tell me such encouraging words. I think they are really helpful That’s good then Chen Xin Yi Do you listen to the words of god? Of course! Sometimes, you may have high expectations for certain things or a certain person if you are disappointed, you may be feel sad I hope you’ll know that no matter what, God will always love you Also, remember to always have faith in yourself If there is anything that makes you unhappy Remember to call this number I’ll come immediately to help you This is the first time that someone has given me a post-it note without ordering me to do something Father, Thank you When Cun Xi couldn’t pick me up today, I was feeling uneasy. But now I’m OK Because of the support from you and God I believe Cun Xi, the baby, and I will be very very happy Thank you Alright. Then press on, Cun Xin Yi I will try my best Also, I will volunteer at the orphanage when I have time. I will come see you and the children OK Take care Bye bye! Xin Yi, I’m sorry. If it hadn’t been for me, Your pregnancy wouldn’t have caused you so many problems. I hope that after you enter the Ji family there will be a peaceful life waiting for you and the baby Hello I am The new maid right? Okay, come Take this You probably don’t know who I am right? I am the 2nd madam here The heat is killing me As I said, today’s weather is totally unsuited for shopping Hurry and follow me Do you know how to make tea? Yes Do you know how to cook? Yes Do you know any other words? Yes I know! Grandma is still working on the garden, I’ll leave it to you to prepare dinner okay aiyoo

What is this? Beef with ginger (another dish cooked with ginger) Fried meat with ginger Sausage with ginger Is your brain working? You should know that Cun Xi and I hate ginger The dog doesn’t even like it Are you here to cause Cun Xi trouble? Mommy, it wasn’t me It was the new maid. the new maid did it! Grandma The last plate is here, duck ginger soup I think we can start eating now Is your brain working? Grandma and Cun Xi don’t like ginger. The dog doesn’t even like it! Are you trying to cause Cun Xi trouble?! Xin Yi Aiyoo, my precious granddaughter When did you arrive? who is the terrible person that is making you cook? they are terrible! Thats what I said Some who looks so With charisma that’s so How could they possibly be a servant? Grandma, it’s alright I actually really like doing house work. I often make dishes like these at home You sit down okay? Cun Xi really has good taste Grandmother you are so lucky Yes Our Xin Yin will be the person with a joyful life Remember That now You are the young mistress of our family You must never forget it But keep the same character You don’t need to do anything here, Apart from letting the tasks like cooking to the staff It’s true, Mom Look, Sit down You are older And your granddaughter in law is pregnant, So there’s lots of things we’ll have to help you with Which is why I think we should hire a servant Let me take car of it I just need to make a call I just did it Didn’t you say you wanted to show me your gratitude? And since you have nothing to do right now I’ll leave the house in your care starting from now You must understand that, taking care of the future heir of the Ji family is your duty Mom, I’ll show you my gratitude now Yes, you’ll be the mistress of the house starting from now Come, let me show you our ancestors Come here Xin Yi Hurry up and say hello to our ancestor Dear husband, our wishes have finally been fulfilled Look, this is our new daughter-in-law Call your grandfather Grandfather Wrong, it’s the one beside Hello grandfather That is his father He in return is his father That is his father That is his father’s father’s father That is his father’s father’s father’s father Have you understood all of that? Yes I understand let me tell you But it is regrettable The family Ji has always had only one successor per generation and they all succeeded in old age Now you know how happy I am that Cun Xi met you Grandmother, please do not say that, It was an accident if Cun Xi and I You must not say that! Listen to me carefully, You have walked through the door of the Ji family, not because you are carrying our descendent, and not because we feel responsible, that we want you to stay here It’s because it’s fate that made you an Cun Xi meet, and that you are destined to be husband and wife That is why it’s our family’s duty, to make it so that you are together it’s also our Cun Xi’s duty, you know? Grandmother, thank you I’ll work hard to be a granddaughter in law worthy of the Ji family Good! That’s how a granddaughter in law of the Ji family must be! Keep your head high! Have confidence You must be proud to become a member of the Ji family You must be proud to become Cun Xi’s wife Ok, after having prayed, go to Cun Xi’s room and wait for his return Cun Xi is still not home? Isn’t he pretty?

Let’s give him a name Let’s call him Cun-Xi No way! How would I know if you’re calling me or him after? And there, the two most important men in my life have appeared Anna is so pretty She’s so elegant She seems to have a nice personality I think, that a girl like her, Goes perfectly with Cun Xi I can’t even compete with her You want me to help you go through people’s things after getting in their room? People of the Jiang Mu island Hate asking other’s permission before doing something And you don’t care about other peoples feelings do you? No I didn’t mean to watch that video I pushed the remote control’s button by mistake So Who let you move into my room Anna bought me this carpet in Milan where she had a show Don’t put your stuff on it This dresser is Anna’s she puts her things in it Don’t put your suitcase in it! It’s so cute You bought it for the baby? It’s baby Ji’s clothing, He doesn’t like that people touch his belongings Remember it The video you just saw, I was sleepy when I watched it last night It’s true, I don’t count on forgetting Anna So before we’re together I want us to make a deal on three conditions Firstly, You must not touch anything in the room that belongs to Anna or I Second, Don’t let anyone know that we’re married in public and occasionally Our marriage has no significance to me It’s as simple as adding a pair of chopsticks And what’s the third condition? Third, Did Douglas give you the document today? Yes Go get it Keep it, it’s for you Look at it The day of our divorce will be the one of our baby’s birth I’ll validate the date later, You don’t have to worry about that, You won’t lose anything Once our marriage canceled, I’ll give you 5 million NT as child support And for that the only thing you need to do, Is to give birth to the child you’re currently carrying, and then you disappear from my life after taking the money I can also add something, Our relationship is one of a married couple But we don’t need to be in love for that It’s only for the child And to avoid problems for Anna and I, You must not fall in love with me while we’re married If you fall in love with me, I’ll end our relationship immediately, The contract will be broken, And I’ll close the manufactory on the Jiang Mu island You understand? Yes I clearly saw on the video, That Anna is very important to you I think that Anna and you, Will take good care of the child later And I’ll be satisfied For country people like you who seem innocent on the outside, But that do whatever they want all day, Writing things clearly is best It gives you no leeway for you to play me Did you finish reading the document? Please sign For country people like you who seem innocent on the outside,

But that do whatever they want all day, Writing things clearly is best It gives you no leeway to play me Did you finish reading the document? Please sign Hurry up and sign I just realized, How much you hate me for having ruined your life, And how much you hate the people on the island for having forced you to marry me But let me tell you this, The Jiang Mu island is my home, My beloved father is buried there, My family is there, If you keep your promise, And help me protect this island, I’ll keep mine And I’ll leave after giving birth to the baby I think that you can be courageous, and open your heart, I think that you can, by watching me and the people of the island Jiang Mu, and realize that we are good people [She crossed out the five million NT] I’ll prove to you that, Treating a person fairly requires no conditions I think I do not have my place in this room, I’ll go sleep on the couch You got married with someone from a very wealthy family, you know? They like to keep up appearances If you’re not strong enough to support it, they’ll look down upon you Take this with you, It’ll remind you that we’re always with you Don’t worry, you can always come home whenever you want, You know that, right? If Ju Cun Xi pushes you around, or anyone else for that matter, do not worry. Call me immediately Even if there’s no boat at midnight, I’ll come on a dolphin’s back to save you It won’t happen, That Ji Cun Xi, I feel that even if he seems mean, He was good doing that short moment, where he helped me when I had problems So deep down, I don’t think he’s as bad as people think he is? I don’t think he can lie to me, and do nothing for the island’s people I want this child to come into the world without any risks Chen Xin Yi! Did you fall in love with me? Rubbish, it’s him who fell in love with you Mom, He was fine yesterday so way is he today suddenly a whole other person? Did I really do something wrong? I now know how much you hate me for destroying your life How much you hate the islanders for forcing you to marry me If you can hold yourself to our agreement and help me protect this island I will also honour our promise to bear the child and leave I thought that by hurting her, I would feel vindicated Instead, why does my heart feel this unbearable sense of guilt? For the baby, for the island,

you must endure this After nine months, you can escape this Courage Chen Xin Yi Courage I prepared breakfast for you. Caution! Don’t kick this Irritating snail If the razor is kept near the washbasin, it will easily grow rust I helped you put it in the cabinet The towel needs to be hung properly in order to ensure that it dries and is hygienic You have to remember to re-cap the cap of the mouthwash Stupid snail I insist on not following your wishes Granny, Morning! What’s up with you? Let’s eat breakfast Didn’t I tell you not to cook? Just ask Xiuling to make breakfast instead (An exasperated comment) Go. Sit It’s fine. Anyway, I always do such chores at home. I’m used to it Today’s breakfast This.. This thing in the middle is the main dish. Scrambled eggs with shredded carrot Also, this.. this this is the ginger I brought specially from Jiang Mu Island. If you drink this in the morning, it’s very good for you Your body will feel warm the entire day Good good It’s been a long time since I have eaten such a breakfast Go ahead and eat OK Hey What is this? Didn’t I tell you not to touch my stuff? Not only did you touch my stuff, you went around pasting post-its randomly What are you yelling at so early in the morning Xinyi woke up early and took the effort to make breakfast for you and the child You see, this is scrambled eggs with shredded carrot and ginger tea The ginger they used is different. It’s the ginger that your mother-in-law gave Xinyi to bring here. What’s it called? Di Wang Jiang. (Emperor Ginger) Yes yes (Emperor Ginger) it’s completely different from other types of different. Its taste is different Quick. Let’s try it Yesterday, while you were sleeping, I noticed that you kept rubbing your hands and feet. I guessed that your extremities were cold Our island’s ginger tea is really good In winter, I drink this. That’s why my hands and feet aren’t cold at all Let me tell you In the morning, I only drink black coffee, paired with all wheat toasted bread and one half-boiled egg Also, this place is not your company If you feel that you are bored have nothing to do and want to find something to do, at least find out what others need Daddy’s going to work Behave good Granny, I’m leaving Stand there! Today is the first day of your married life, can’t you take leave? Granny I am the CEO of the company I am the Director of company, and I command you to take leave today Xin Yi I already booked a appointment for you At docteur Hao, an OBGYN for a complete exam I’ll help you do your shopping for expecting moms Really? Escort Xin Yi to the doctors, Buy her something to eat, And go for a walk with her It’s what young newlyweds must do, right? Thank you, grandmother Grandmother, Must we do the exam today? I have a meeting with Steven Zhou to sell him one of our proprieties Who is Steven Zhou? Is he more important than my granddaughter’s exam? Okay, if you can’t get out of it I, the President, the old grandmother, will go speak of the propriety for you alright? I- I- can’t let you do that Ok, I’ll get out of it alright? Good And take baby Ji with you, This dog is always at home, He watched TV all day or plays video games

It’s not a dog at all I think he’s soon going to be melancholic Take him for a walk to get some fresh air What are you still doing here? Go get ready! Shoes, clothing and iPod I have shoes and clothing, but I don’t have any iPod Who told you it was for you? The iPod is for baby Ji We didn’t go to our first appointment so he kicked us out I’m going to file a complaint Don’t be that way, Doctor Hao is the best OBGYN We can’t get an appointment with him easily so be patient Miss Chen Yu Shan, please Why are they so serious? It’s not like the exam was here Baby Ji, listen to music okay? Be nice Sorry, I told you to read Doctor Hao’s book “Becoming a Mom” You see, now we got berated Do you know how hard it is to get an appointment with doctor Hao? It took me so long to get one! Person of the year? It’s not serious This doctor Hao is really that good? Miss Chen Xi Yi? Yes Come please It’s only been a few minutes and you’re already impatient? How are you even going to stand the upcoming months of waiting? Just put a post-it here It’ll be easier to find the page you’re looking for, you won’t need to use your hand Thank you I’m sorry to have made you wait, Miss Ji? Yes Miss Ji, You must be very careful during your pregnancy Sorry Hello? This can’t wait? I’ll call you back later I’m sorry, doctor He’s very busy Sorry Busy? Then would you like to wait until you no longer are to come back and see me? I’m sorry Are you done speaking? Yes, I’m done These are Miss Ji’s ultrasounds By looking at those pictures Excuse me Hello? Zheng Ren What time? I’m sorry, doctor My husbands work occupies him a lot Occupies him? This person is really your husband? Yes A very busy husband Where is the golf course? According to this picture your kid has a problem What? Good If he already arrived, then just go play (golf) with him In fact, it is a huge problem Good. That’s all for now What are you doing? Can’t you see I am on the phone? Just then, he said there is an issue with the baby Doctor What is the issue with my child? (Dramatic Music :D) Good. That’s all for now What are you doing? Can’t you see I’m on the phone? Just then, the doctor said there is a big issue with the baby Doctor What’s wrong with my kid?

Yours Your child Correct, so Our What is the issue with our kid? You’re worried? Of course I will be worried If you know how to worry, use your heart, don’t always be on the phone What is more important than the baby? Sorry The reason why I said your child has a problem is because, with every pregnant cycle there are their commonality so being the husband you must know to care for the wife accompany your wife through every step or else the baby will face problem with the wife also there is something I need to remind you During pregnancy, best not sleep together Anything intense like this or like that kind also it’s best to use protection Sorry Doctor The first time was an accident If it were to happen a second time, say I’m an idiot I definitely won’t let myself be stupid enough for this to happen again Mr. Ji Every baby is brought into this world by the heavens themselves NONE of them are mistakes! Next time, unless you are more respectful of your wife’s pregnancy, otherwise, don’t come see me again But, Doctor- Sorry to bother Sorry Sorry to bother Talk about person of the year! I’ll change doctors tomorrow And I don’t want to assist to this new mothers class! Why did you pretend that it didn’t matter in front of the doctor a second ago? When was I pretending? I really don’t care I clearly told you. You still don’t understand? But, you wouldn’t not care about the baby right? How I am not caring about the baby? Didn’t I accompany you for the check up? Ok I have to go to the golf center Take the dog (Jie Babei) home first Ok, so I will bring the dog home first Hey Are you purposely trying to harm me? Didn’t Grandma told us to eat together? So, you can go to the mall you can go shopping, you can eat but you can’t go home 7:50 wait in front of the house for me We will go in together Did you bring any post its? Yes, how many post its do you want? Take this down Because the dog rarely leaves the house, You must not let it get out the stroller And also He likes to eat at the Japanese restaurant Anna and I often go to I can bring you there But he only eats meat no vegetables But since it’s greasy, his meat must me steam cooked If it mood is not good Let it hear the music inside the iPod All the music inside are those Anna uses to dance Do you have everything down? The meat must be steam cooked, make him listen to music when he’s in a bad mood, Baby Ji, Daddy must work now, Be nice Auntie has accepted to take care of you to play with you, Have fun I’ll be there soon, Are you ignoring me? Remember Anna is no.1 Baby Ji is no. 2 If something happens to him I’ll never forgive you He said bye to you but he doesn’t say bye to me You see that in his heart, You are more important than me Let’s not even mention Anna In this case What status would my baby have after being born? Moreover I didn’t bring money How am I going to be able to buy you anything to eat in the Japanese restaurant? Don’t be like this What do you think about this? I’ll bring you elsewhere Even if they don’t have Japanese meals There’s lots of smiles, And laughter, Alright? Alright? Tian Tian, Anthony, Wei Ru, Xiao Jie Xia Jie grew up again,

The little dog is cute! Yes, he’s very cute Mommy Xin Yi, He looks tired Do you want to play with him? Yes! Very well, it should be good here Baby Ji, Daddy is not here today You must be a normal dog Get down and walk for a bit okay? You’ll see you’ll be happy, to play with all those children Have fun! In a moment, let him run bit But let him on the dirt do whatever he wants, Okay His name is baby Ji Be quick and play with him Baby Ji, come here! Baby Ji! Baby Ji! Hey! Hello Father Dylan You told me you wanted to help out and you’re already here today Are you impatient? No, it’s because I had my examination today And since I had nothing to do I came to see the children And the results The baby? The baby is fine Good then You were painting? Yes Can I go see? Sure Come help me OK, let’s go! Continue to play with Baby Ji! -Okay, Baby Ji! -Don’t lose him! Okay, Baby Ji! Donations for the orphanage have diminished We don’t have much money left to buy new things I think that We will probably build a house that will tell a story And make a place where the children could read, a sort of library So all these walls have been painted buy the children? The best decorations for this kind of house are those made by the children I want to let the kids decorate this place Let them express all of their dreams It has significance, right? Do you want to help? -Are you asking me? -Yes But I can’t draw well It’s not important Just think about happiness, and draw the picture you have in your heart You’re an arts and crafts teacher, it should be OK OK If you are OK with it, than so am I ♪~~~♪ ♪~~~♪ ♪~~~♪ ♪~~~♪ ♪~~~♪ ♪~~~♪ ♪~~~♪ ♪~~~♪ ♪~~~♪ ♪~~~♪ ♪~~~♪ ♪~~~♪ ♪~~~♪ ♪~~~♪ If all the babies that came into this world, had a loving mommy and daddy the babies would always live in happiness Put the problem is that the “daddy” you’re drawing, looks angry You’re not happy right now? Is it, because you saw the divorce papers last night? How do you know? I had saw it when I helped you pick up your things the same day But when I saw how happy you were to go back to your home with the baby Is it hard for you? No I only hope that when the baby will be born He’ll have a house where he’s sheltered from the rain That’s all I’m sure that Cun Xi and Grandmother will love this child a lot And what about you? How would you be then? I think I think that in that moment, I’ll be like a ripped post-it, I’ll be like a ripped post-it, And dissapear from Cun Xi’s life I’ll mark nothing But don’t worry for me Because a post it can adapt itself to everything Waa Father, your family looks very cozy That’s right This house is for me and mys sister to live in Sister? My sister’s name in Xin Yi Since I was a kid, my dream was to live with her is a cozy home What a coincidence, your sister is also called Xin Yi Credits

My sister is called Xin Yi Since I was a kid, my dream was to live with her in a cozy home Such a coincidence, your sister is also called Xin Yi So,that is why I really want to take car of you Looking at you makes me think she is still by my side Then, is she not around anymore? I wish she’s here When we were really small, our parents passed away Since then, I raised Xin Yi, sleeping in either a car or in the park (Dylan as a child:: here is less cold) or else at a school. (little girl: Brother, I really want to eat a warm piece of bread) Wait one second, I will get some bread for you Okay Never did I expect, getting bread for her will be the last thing I do for her Just when I was reaching for her favorite strawberry bread, the car actually started to move Xin Yi! Xin Yi! Brother! Xin Yi! Xin Yi! Brother! Brother! Brother! Such a young age to do bad things, starting to steal already? I didn’t do it on purpose My sister and I haven’t ate anything for a while. I have to go find my sister Your sister? Where? You’re lying and stealing, I really want to hit you. Tell me Stop! Stop! Father Ruo Wang, Entrust this child to me, I lost Yin Xi so easily, Father Ruo Wang took me with him to the orphanage and raised me I had to ability to listen to others and I grew, So I did my best to help Father Ruo Wang and other orphans like me To free myself from the regrets that had accumulated in my heart You asked me if she was still of this world I only know that If God gives me another chance, to be with her, I would have so many things to tell her I’ll give her things to have fun with I’ll buy her clothes, As long as God would want to give me a chance Did you get bored listening to me talk so much? No God, closed a door, So he’ll open a window for you, I think That there’s a lot of persons named Xin Yi in the world Each Xin Yi is a bit of hope Your little sister, Must be somewhere in this world waiting for you to find her so you can’t give up Thanks You must also promise me that you’ll be happy And to not give up Ok I will Continue drawing Ok, continue drawing Xin Yi Mama, What is it? Doggy is missing Doggy Come out Baby Ji Mama Xin Yi, Doggy is missing I’m really a fool Why did I take Baby Ji here If Cun Xi find out that I lost baby Ji, My baby and I, would have to live here It wont happen, it’s just a dog It’s not only a dog! For Cun Xi, Baby Ji is the most important thing right after Anna Between them have many and important memories I’m dead..I’m screwed Go back first

I’ll call you once I find the dog I can’t do this Go home and try to buy some time If you are late, they will immediately suspect that you lost the dog We will help you find it Nice shot President Zhou it was an excellent shot It’s not as good as Director Ji coming to do business You made an offer against me for this factory And now you suddenly want to sell it to me Why? Because I only wanted the secret formula of the factory I needed nothing else It’s that simple? It’s true Also, I have been on that island recently The inhabitants are very tenacious They forced me to let their factory run I have no interest in staying in a deserted place with no future I heard that your company buys proprieties And I want to rid myself of the factory on Jiang Mu island So my conditions, Are a good deal for you Very Good I like making business with rushed people, When do we sign the contract? Zhen Ren President Zhou, be confident I will prepare the contract and arrange the meeting as soon as possible Ok Perfect! I just ordered tons of mercury I finally found a place to stock it Didn’t you want to build an incinerator? Or did you just want to find a place for all your junk? The idea of building and incinerator is just to hide the truth My true intention is to get that property, to stock the Mercury waste to stock the Mercury waste Didn’t you say, that you didn’t want to stay on that island? It’s good As long as the soil will have been infected by the mercury, the produce of the farms wont be edible, and the water will not be drinkable Even Even the babies that will be born, will be abnormal will be abnormal They will protest if you do that Protest? That island only has a hundred inhabitants, If that happens, We’ll just have to give compensation money to the villagers they’ll be happy, I tell you Didn’t you tell me just now, that you hated these people? Congratulations Because you just pushed them to hell Because you just pushed them to hell Director, Even if Steven Zhou destroys the environment I heard that he has past implications with the Triad We shouldn’t be against him Director! You shouldn’t go back on this The manufacture isn’t anything We could get some benefits without any problems if we sell it Go away The Jiang Mu island is my home My beloved father is buried there My family also lives there If you keep your promise, and help me protect the island, I’ll keep mine, and will leave after giving birth to the baby I’m afraid I’ve already ruined the Jiang Mu island before the birth of the child Is it the right thing to do? Xiu Ling, don’t forget to put it over low heat, Alright! You’re back! Come I told Xiu Ling to make soup that will feed your body, You must drink it while it’s still hot Here, take a chair and sit down Why is your nose red? Cun Xi didn’t dine with you? Why isn’t he here? Grandma I lost baby Ji Baby Ji is missing Aiya Baby Ji How did it happen, Baby Ji is Cun Xi’s precious dog, how could you have lost him? I also don’t know

I lost him when I looked away, I lost him when I looked away, Okay, don’t be so anxious, We must first find a way to find Baby Ji What are we going to do? It Cun Xi Don’t let him know Hello Where are you? Didn’t I tell you to wait at our house door? I am at home You Hello, Cun Xi Xin Yi told me that you went to part the car What’s the matter? Why aren’t you home yet? I am already at the door Grandma, I’ve return Xin Yi, Cun Xi you were out all day Where did you go? Where we went? Soup is here Cun Xi, you’re home! Does baby Ji want a can of beef or chicken today? Oh, yeah; How come baby Ji still hasn’t come to see me since I got home? Baby Ji! Baby Ji! Daddy is home Baby Ji Where’s Baby Ji? -Baby Ji is sleeping – Baby Ji is in the bathroom Where exactly is Baby Ji? -In the bathroom -In his room Did something happen to Baby Ji? Tell me! What exactly happened to Baby Ji? Baby Ji has disappeared What did you say? How could you be so imprudent Xin Yi? Baby Ji You lost baby Ji You should know that Baby Ji is a birthday present for Anna Anna takes care of baby Ji as if it was her own child You’re so imprudent Stop speaking No one will say that you are mute if you don’t speak It would be better if you did not Go clean the floor Mom, I’m going to call someone to clean the floor Are you serious? I left you for four hours? And you lost him? I’m sorry Sorry?! Do you not know how to say anything else than “sorry”? Did you think how dangerous it is for Baby Ji to be on his own? The outside world isn’t familiar and scary to him! You know that? I’m sorry Did you forget? What is your place and status in this house? You just have to give birth to the baby! You’re not here to have the luxury of being the lady of the Ji family! You’re not here to have the luxury of being the lady of the Ji family! Enough! Why are you so angry? It’s you that spoiled that dog! He has the same attitude as you do! He’s meticulous, has no manners and is just weird! He’s fine the way he is, it’s a good thing he got lost! I wont allow you to blame Xin Yi Grandmother Don’t blame Cun Xi I’m sorry I know that Baby Ji is very important to you I know that Baby Ji is very important to you I will go look immediately look for Baby Ji for you Xin Yi! Go quickly get her Let me warn you, if something happens to my granddaughter in law and to my great grandson, You can forget the idea of even coming back here It’s her who lost the dog, so it’s normal that she’s the one who goes look for it! What is this idiocy you’re telling me? How can you be so cold? You are heartless for a normal person! And it’s Xin Yi She’s carrying your child I should let her do what she wants, just because she’s carrying the baby that has ruined my life?! You’re the first to reap it’s benefits, And now you’re playing the just one? You’re the ruined who ruined her life! She was suddenly hit by you, and suddenly became pregnant She must endure all the obstacles to give birth to this baby, It’s a chance for the Ji family to have met a girl like her She’s honest and agreeable, If I were her, I would have already gone mad

Did you even think as to how Xin Yi feels? She married into our family, and has to live in this environment, to which she is not accustomed and is terrifying for her Baby Ji needs to be pampered? And Xin Yi doesn’t need to be pampered too? It’s so dark out, She’s running out there to protect the most important thing in your life But who’s protecting the most important in hers? Very well I, the old grandmother will go get her Grandmother! I’ll go Baby Ji! Baby Ji, where are you? Come back quickly alright? If you do not come back Cun Xi and Anna’s family wont be complete! ♪~~~♪ ♪~~~♪ ♪~~~♪ ♪~~~♪ ♪~~~♪ ♪~~~♪ Baby Ji! Why aren’t you looking at the road? Why are you crying? Cun Xi knows I lost Baby Ji He told me to go find the dog I also have my part of responsibility in the dog’s disappearance Don’t cry we’ll look for him together Baby Ji! Don’t touch her! Are you dumb? How could you go with a stranger? Imagine he sells you to someone! It’s not a stranger! It’s Father Dylan from the orphanage I know him So the man, who gave his wife divorce papers after the first day of marriage is you? Ji Cun Xi Don’t touch her! Are you dumb? How could you go with a stranger? Imagine he sells you to someone! It’s not a stranger, It’s father Dylan from the orphanage I know him So the man, who gave his wife divorce papers after the first day of marriage is you? Why do you tell that to other people? It’s normal to confide your feelings to a priest when you’ve been bad I Even if he’s a priest, You can’t let him touch you Don’t forget You’re a soon to be mother I never saw a man be jealous like that before I What am I jealous of? Very well, even if you’re a priest You should stay in church and listen to people’s confessions You shouldn’t go out to mess with other peoples business The situation got worse since you went after her Xin Ui, if somebody bothers you because of a dog, don’t forget to call me, I’ll pick you up immediately No! Chen Xin Yi, don’t forget We’ve already We’ve already gave sermon in from of Jiang Wang Ye If you don’t fill in your duties as a housewife be careful not to turn into minced chicken meat Let’s go Your handkerchief Give him his handkerchief Let’s go Father Dylan, thank you Go home quickly Even if you haven’t found the dog, in the end he finds you more important than it Courage Chen Xin Yi Okay, I give you your wife back Stop it, you’re going to be out of breath Let’s go! Bye bye – Why are you saying “bye”? And why courage? [Play on word, Jia You (Courage) means “To add oil”] What kind of oil are you adding, where are you even finding it? I want to find Baby Ji – Over there then! Baby Ji Baby Ji Baby Ji Baby Ji Baby Ji Baby Ji, Where are you? Baby Ji, Where are you? Baby Ji Where are you? Chen Xin Yi Why do you try so hard? We lost Baby Ji But after having berated you so much You always try so hard Today weather this cold if we don’t find Baby Ji quick He’ll catch a cold

You won’t find him like this Baby Ji disappeared near the orphanage We must go look there -Alright Baby Ji Don’t worry It’ll be done soon Baby Ji Baby Ji Lai Fu! Don’t just run off. Be good What to do if you later get lost I heard people say that there’s a chainsaw dog killer that lives nearby [Texas Chain Saw Massacre reference] He looks for runway dogs You see the small shop across the road? It look so strange Also often there a dog barking Could that be him It seems to be Let’s go home quickly Does the chainsaw dog killer really exist? What chainsaw dog killer? Those are stupid rumors What if it’s true? Don’t be in a hurry It’ll be done soon [Dog Meat Shop] A dog meat shop?! Don’t worry I’m good at this Just come towards me and it’ll all be done Don’t be afraid. Be a good dog and it’ll be quick It really is the dog killer He has a chainsaw! I’ll call the police first Baby Ji Chen Xin Yi! Who are you? What are you trying to do with my chainsaw? You are on a private propriety Thief! You’re a murdered You kill innocent dogs and sell their meat in public You’re completely wrong I don’t sell dog meat You are still denying it? Look at the light in front of the door And look at all the dogs you keep here And now don’t try to tell me you don’t sell dog meat These dogs have been abandoned in the street I was scared that they’ll died of hunger so I took them in to take care of them I’m a member of the dog protection association Then why are you holding a chainsaw?! Then why are you holding a chainsaw? Yes! Your dog has some gum stuck to his hair I wanted to use my chainsaw to cut it off -Where – He has a piece of gum? You wanted to cut it with a chainsaw? I’m used to it, it’s easier for me to use a chainsaw Let me tell you, don’t think you can hide the truth from us like this Look you’re clearly a dog meat seller Yes! Sausage shop? [Xiang Chang Rou = Sausage (filling) Xiang Rou = Dog Meat] There, eat slowly Eat slowly Slowly There Shop owner I’m sorry We thought you were It’s okay Forget it This little dog is lucky to have such nice masters, especially this young woman You used your body to block the chainsaw, to protect the dog Little dog You have a mommy that really loves you There Eat slowly Baby Ji

Do you know how worried your daddy was? That you disappeared today Also, he interviened to save you a moment ago He’s very courageous Chen Xin Yi, speaking about that, Are you crazy? Why did you put yourself into this without thinking.? Did you not see he had a chainsaw? Did you not see he had a chainsaw? And if your were wounded? And what if he had really been a dog killer? But Baby Ji was in danger And you told me I couldn’t go back home, if I didn’t find the dog? That’s not the problem Your security goes first How can you be so stupid But Baby Ji is also very important You trusted him to me to keep him Why is your face so cold You’re going to catch a cold with this weather What would you do if you got sick? Do you want Grandmother to berate me? Let’s go home Since your stomach has a baby, You must be careful as you walk Baby Ji, don’t run away, okay? If you run away your mommy is going to be Your godmother is going to get worried And I’ll be very worried for your mommy Your godmother Why are you laughing For nothing Are you cold? No, I’m fine. Are you cold? A little bit Let’s see if you still dare to run away Baby Ji come over here You’re not very nice, stop trying to run Why do you put him on a leash? I truly thought you had be captured by someone from a dog meat shop Come over here. Do you know because of your disobedience, you cause a lot of problems for everybody Did you think about the others? We let you roam free and this is how you thank us? Starting from now, I want you to be an obedient dog And… look Don’t be mean with her Did you listen to me? Go over there What? Why are you laughing? And you Stop meddling in other peoples business It’s Anna’s dog Why do you worry about it so much? Very well Go quickly take a bath, and go to bed What time is it? You must be exhausted Go Hello? Hello, it’s me Yesterday a college injured her foot,I couldn’t talk to you without being bothered Did something happen yesterday? It’s no longer important, it’s nothing Really? Where’s Baby Ji, does he miss me? Let me tell you, Baby Ji does not obey at all What happened to Baby Ji? I’ll call you back later I’ll call you later What’s the matter? Suddenly there was no more hot water It’s really cold Here Turn around What. Why are you hiding What part of your body have I not seen? Come It’s okay I’ll do it myself I’ll do it There You’re stressed? Here

It’s the first time that Cun Xi hung up on me Grandmother! Cun Xi, Xin Yi has literally no clothes on her Don’t let her catch a cold Cun Xi, I wanted to thank you Thank me? Thank me for what? To thank me? Why? For my luggage. Thanks for giving me a drawer to put them away I didn’t want to be bothered by your useless belongings Hurry up and eat Be careful on the road. Bye bye Don’t forget, there’s the class for future moms today Every body is going to have to massage their legs now To make sure everybody does things correctly, I need a couple to make a demonstration Doctor Hao, we will do it! No I don’t want to do -Don’t worry, believe in me If I had known this earlier I wouldn’t have married Qi Qi so soon I would have had a chance You say no longer wanting to sell me the island, You’re not joking are you? Before the contract is signed, I have the right to change my mind at any moment You’re telling me that you no longer want to sell the island? President Zhou, You are the CEO of this company, do not speak to me of such a small problem Do you need me to teach you how to take care of this? Ji Cun Xi, Wait and see President Zhou, from what I’ve seen, the reason that the deal fell through even though it was about to be signed, Must be because the Directors pregnant wife, comes from the Jiang Mu island. It must be linked You just need to get her away And Ji Cun Xi will come see you Is there a problem? Ji Cun Xi Your wife is with me ♪~~~♪ Day after day, I get closer to your heart When you are happy I worry Slowly I can feel it