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In continuum mechanics, a material is said to be under plane stress if the stress vector is zero across a particular plane. When that situation occurs over an entire element of a structure, as is often the case for thin plates, the stress analysis is considerably simplified, as the stress state can be represented by a tensor of dimension 2 (representable as a 2 × 2 matrix rather than 3 × 3). A related notion, plane strain, is often applicable to very thick members Plane stress typically occurs in thin flat plates that are acted upon only by load forces that are parallel to them. In certain situations, a gently curved thin plate may also be assumed to have plane stress for the purpose of stress analysis. This is the case, for example, of a thin-walled cylinder filled with a fluid under pressure. In such cases, stress components perpendicular to the plate are negligible compared to those parallel to it.In other situations, however, the bending stress of a thin plate cannot be neglected. One can still simplify the analysis by using a two-dimensional domain, but the plane stress tensor at each point must be complemented with bending terms == Mathematical definition == Mathematically, the stress at some point in the material is a plane stress if one of the three principal stresses (the eigenvalues of the Cauchy stress tensor) is zero. That is, there is Cartesian coordinate system in which the stress tensor has the form σ = [ σ 11 0 0 0 σ 22 0 0 0 0 ] ≡ [ σ x 0 0 0 σ y 0 0 0 0 ] {\displaystyle \sigma ={\begin{bmatrix}\sigma _{11}&0&0\\0&\sigma _{22}&0\\0&0&0\end{bmatrix}}\equiv {\begin{bmatrix}\sigma _{x}&0&0\\0&\sigma _{y}&0\\0&0&0\end{bmatrix}}} For example, consider a rectangular block of material measuring 10, 40 and 5 cm along the x {\displaystyle x} , y {\displaystyle y} , and z {\displaystyle z} , that is being stretched in the x {\displaystyle x} direction and compressed in the y {\displaystyle y} direction, by pairs of opposite forces with magnitudes 10 N and 20 N, respectively, uniformly distributed over the corresponding faces The stress tensor inside the block will be σ = [ 500 P a 0 0 0 − 4000 P a 0 0 0 0 ] {\displaystyle \sigma ={\begin{bmatrix}500\mathrm {Pa} &0&0\\0&-4000\mathrm {Pa} &0\\0&0&0\end{bmatrix}}} More generally, if one chooses the first two coordinate axes arbitrarily but perpendicular to the direction of zero stress, the stress tensor will have the form σ = [ σ 11 σ 12 0 σ 21 σ 22 0 0 0 0 ] ≡ [ σ x τ x y 0 τ y x σ y 0 0 0 0 ] {\displaystyle \sigma ={\begin{bmatrix}\sigma _{11}&\sigma _{12}&0\\\sigma _{21}&\sigma _{22}&0\\0&0&0\end{bmatrix}}\equiv {\begin{bmatrix}\sigma _{x}&\tau _{xy}&0\\\tau _{yx}&\sigma _{y}&0\\0&0&0\end{bmatrix}}} and can therefore be represented by a 2 × 2 matrix, σ i j = [ σ 11 σ 12 σ 21 σ 22 ] ≡ [ σ x τ x y τ y x σ y ] {\displaystyle \sigma _{ij}={\begin{bmatrix}\sigma _{11}&\sigma _{12}\\\sigma _{21}&\sigma _{22}\end{bmatrix}}\equiv

{\begin{bmatrix}\sigma _{x}&\tau _{xy}\\\tau _{yx}&\sigma _{y}\end{bmatrix}}} == Constitutive equations == See Hooke’s law#Plane_stress == Plane stress in curved surfaces == In certain cases, the plane stress model can be used in the analysis of gently curved surfaces For example, consider a thin-walled cylinder subjected to an axial compressive load uniformly distributed along its rim, and filled with a pressurized fluid. The internal pressure will generate a reactive hoop stress on the wall, a normal tensile stress directed perpendicular to the cylinder axis and tangential to its surface The cylinder can be conceptually unrolled

and analyzed as a flat thin rectangular plate subjected to tensile load in one direction and compressive load in another other direction, both parallel to the plate == Plane strain (strain matrix) == If one dimension is very large compared to the others, the principal strain in the direction of the longest dimension is constrained and can be assumed as zero, yielding a plane strain condition (Figure 7.2). In this case, though all principal stresses are non-zero, the principal stress in the direction of the longest dimension can be disregarded for calculations. Thus,

allowing a two dimensional analysis of stresses, e.g. a dam analyzed at a cross section loaded by the reservoir The corresponding strain tensor is: ε i j = [ ε 11 ε 12 0 ε 21 ε 22 0 0 0 ε 33 ] {\displaystyle \varepsilon _{ij}={\begin{bmatrix}\varepsilon _{11}&\varepsilon _{12}&0\\\varepsilon _{21}&\varepsilon _{22}&0\\0&0&\varepsilon _{33}\end{bmatrix}}\,\!} in which the non-zero ε 33 {\displaystyle \varepsilon _{33}\,\!} term arises from the Poisson’s effect. This

strain term can be temporarily removed from the stress analysis to leave only the in-plane terms, effectively reducing the analysis to two dimensions == Stress transformation in plane stress and plane strain == Consider a point P {\displaystyle P\,\!} in a continuum under a state of plane stress, or plane strain, with stress components ( σ x , σ y , τ x y ) {\displaystyle (\sigma _{x},\sigma _{y},\tau _{xy})\,\!} and all other stress components equal to zero (Figure 8.1). From static equilibrium of an infinitesimal material element at P {\displaystyle P\,\!} (Figure 8.2), the normal stress σ n {\displaystyle \sigma _{\mathrm {n} }\,\!} and the shear stress τ n {\displaystyle \tau _{\mathrm {n} }\,\!} on any plane perpendicular to the x {\displaystyle x\,\!} – y {\displaystyle y\,\!} plane passing through P {\displaystyle P\,\!} with a unit vector n {\displaystyle \mathbf {n} \,\!} making an angle of θ {\displaystyle \theta \,\!} with the horizontal, i.e cos ⁡ θ {\displaystyle \cos \theta \,\!} is the direction cosine in the x {\displaystyle x\,\!} direction, is given by: σ n = 1 2 ( σ x + σ y ) + 1 2 ( σ x − σ y ) cos ⁡ 2 θ + τ x y sin ⁡ 2 θ {\displaystyle \sigma _{\mathrm {n} }={\frac {1}{2}}(\sigma _{x}+\sigma _{y})+{\frac {1}{2}}(\sigma _{x}-\sigma _{y})\cos 2\theta +\tau _{xy}\sin 2\theta \,\!} τ n = − 1 2 ( σ x − σ y ) sin ⁡ 2 θ + τ x y cos ⁡ 2 θ {\displaystyle \tau _{\mathrm {n} }=-{\frac {1}{2}}(\sigma _{x}-\sigma _{y})\sin 2\theta +\tau _{xy}\cos 2\theta \,\!} These equations indicate that in a plane stress or plane strain condition, one can determine the stress components at a point on all directions, i.e. as a function of θ {\displaystyle \theta \,\!} , if one knows the stress components ( σ x , σ y , τ x y ) {\displaystyle (\sigma _{x},\sigma _{y},\tau _{xy})\,\!} on any two perpendicular directions at that point. It is important to remember that we are considering a unit area of the infinitesimal element in the direction parallel to the

y {\displaystyle y\,\!} – z {\displaystyle z\,\!} plane The principal directions (Figure 8.3), i.e., orientation of the planes where the shear stress components are zero, can be obtained by making the previous equation for the shear stress τ n {\displaystyle \tau _{\mathrm {n} }\,\!} equal to zero. Thus we have: τ n = − 1 2 ( σ x − σ y ) sin ⁡ 2 θ + τ x y cos ⁡ 2 θ = 0 {\displaystyle \tau _{\mathrm {n} }=-{\frac {1}{2}}(\sigma _{x}-\sigma _{y})\sin 2\theta +\tau _{xy}\cos 2\theta =0\,\!} and we obtain tan ⁡ 2 θ p = 2 τ x y σ x − σ y {\displaystyle \tan 2\theta _{\mathrm {p} }={\frac {2\tau _{xy}}{\sigma _{x}-\sigma _{y}}}\,\!} This equation defines two values θ p {\displaystyle \theta _{\mathrm {p} }\,\!} which are 90 ∘ {\displaystyle 90^{\circ }\,\!} apart (Figure 8.3). The same result can be obtained by finding the angle θ {\displaystyle \theta \,\!} which makes the normal stress σ n {\displaystyle \sigma _{\mathrm {n} }\,\!} a maximum, i.e d σ n d θ = 0 {\displaystyle {\frac {d\sigma _{\mathrm {n} }}{d\theta }}=0\,\!} The principal stresses σ 1 {\displaystyle \sigma _{1}\,\!} and σ 2 {\displaystyle \sigma _{2}\,\!} , or minimum and maximum normal stresses σ m a x {\displaystyle \sigma _{\mathrm {max} }\,\!} and σ m i n {\displaystyle \sigma _{\mathrm {min} }\,\!} , respectively, can then be obtained by replacing both values of θ p {\displaystyle \theta _{\mathrm {p} }\,\!} into the previous equation for σ n {\displaystyle \sigma _{\mathrm {n} }\,\!} This can be achieved by rearranging the equations for σ n {\displaystyle \sigma _{\mathrm {n} }\,\!} and τ n {\displaystyle \tau _{\mathrm {n} }\,\!} , first transposing the first term in the first equation and squaring both sides of each of the equations then adding them. Thus we have [ σ n − 1 2 ( σ x + σ y ) ] 2 + τ n 2 = [ 1 2 ( σ x − σ y ) ] 2 + τ x y 2 {\displaystyle \left[\sigma _{\mathrm {n} }-{\tfrac {1}{2}}(\sigma _{x}+\sigma _{y})\right]^{2}+\tau _{\mathrm {n} }^{2}=\left[{\tfrac {1}{2}}(\sigma _{x}-\sigma _{y})\right]^{2}+\tau _{xy}^{2}\,\!} ( σ n − σ a v g ) 2 + τ n 2 = R 2 {\displaystyle (\sigma _{\mathrm {n} }-\sigma _{\mathrm {avg} })^{2}+\tau _{\mathrm {n} }^{2}=R^{2}\,\!} where R = [ 1 2 ( σ x − σ y ) ] 2 + τ x y 2 and σ a v g = 1 2 ( σ x + σ y ) {\displaystyle R={\sqrt {\left[{\tfrac {1}{2}}(\sigma _{x}-\sigma _{y})\right]^{2}+\tau _{xy}^{2}}}\quad {\text{and}}\quad \sigma _{\mathrm {avg} }={\tfrac {1}{2}}(\sigma _{x}+\sigma _{y})\,\!} which is the equation of a circle of radius R {\displaystyle R\,\!} centered at a point with coordinates [ σ a v g , 0 ] {\displaystyle [\sigma _{\mathrm {avg} },0]\,\!} , called Mohr’s circle. But knowing that for the principal stresses the shear stress τ n = 0 {\displaystyle \tau _{\mathrm {n} }=0\,\!} , then we obtain from this equation: σ 1 = σ m a x = 1 2 ( σ x + σ y ) + [ 1 2 ( σ x − σ y ) ] 2 + τ x y 2 {\displaystyle \sigma _{1}=\sigma _{\mathrm {max} }={\tfrac {1}{2}}(\sigma _{x}+\sigma _{y})+{\sqrt {\left[{\tfrac {1}{2}}(\sigma _{x}-\sigma _{y})\right]^{2}+\tau _{xy}^{2}}}\,\!} σ 2 = σ m i n = 1 2 ( σ x + σ y ) − [ 1 2 ( σ x − σ y ) ] 2 + τ x y 2 {\displaystyle \sigma _{2}=\sigma _{\mathrm {min} }={\tfrac {1}{2}}(\sigma _{x}+\sigma _{y})-{\sqrt {\left[{\tfrac {1}{2}}(\sigma _{x}-\sigma _{y})\right]^{2}+\tau _{xy}^{2}}}\,\!} When τ x y = 0 {\displaystyle \tau _{xy}=0\,\!} the infinitesimal element is oriented in the direction of the principal planes, thus the stresses acting on the rectangular element are principal stresses: σ x = σ 1 {\displaystyle \sigma _{x}=\sigma _{1}\,\!} and σ y = σ 2 {\displaystyle \sigma _{y}=\sigma _{2}\,\!} Then the normal stress σ n

{\displaystyle \sigma _{\mathrm {n} }\,\!} and shear stress τ n {\displaystyle \tau _{\mathrm {n} }\,\!} as a function of the principal stresses can be determined by making τ x y = 0 {\displaystyle \tau _{xy}=0\,\!} Thus we have σ n = 1 2 ( σ 1 + σ 2 ) + 1 2 ( σ 1 − σ 2 ) cos ⁡ 2 θ {\displaystyle \sigma _{\mathrm {n} }={\frac {1}{2}}(\sigma _{1}+\sigma _{2})+{\frac {1}{2}}(\sigma _{1}-\sigma _{2})\cos 2\theta \,\!} τ n = − 1 2 ( σ 1 − σ 2 ) sin ⁡ 2 θ {\displaystyle \tau _{\mathrm {n} }=-{\frac {1}{2}}(\sigma _{1}-\sigma _{2})\sin 2\theta \,\!} Then the maximum shear stress τ m a x {\displaystyle \tau _{\mathrm {max} }\,\!} occurs when sin ⁡ 2 θ = 1 {\displaystyle \sin 2\theta =1\,\!} , i.e θ = 45 ∘ {\displaystyle \theta =45^{\circ }\,\!} (Figure 8.3): τ m a x = 1 2 ( σ 1 − σ 2 ) {\displaystyle \tau _{\mathrm {max} }={\frac {1}{2}}(\sigma _{1}-\sigma _{2})\,\!} Then the minimum shear stress τ m i n {\displaystyle \tau _{\mathrm {min} }\,\!} occurs when sin ⁡ 2 θ = − 1 {\displaystyle \sin 2\theta =-1\,\!} , i.e θ = 135 ∘ {\displaystyle \theta =135^{\circ }\,\!} (Figure 8.3): τ m i n = − 1 2 ( σ 1 − σ 2 ) {\displaystyle \tau _{\mathrm {min} }=-{\frac {1}{2}}(\sigma _{1}-\sigma _{2})\,\!} == See also == Plane strain

Wave propagation in parallel plane waveguide

We are investigating propagation of an electromagnetic wave inside a parallel plane waveguide. That is if you have two conducting boundaries which are parallel to each other, the way energy will propagate between these two conducting boundaries; that is the investigation we are carrying out. Last time we tried to launch a wave which had perpendicular polarization between these two conducting boundaries and as a result, we got a propagation which we called transverse electric propagation Then we also introduced the concept of mode that means the discrete electric and magnetic field patterns which propagate between these two conducting boundaries. Today we can ask a question – if instead of perpendicular polarization, if we had launch a uniform plane wave between these two conducting boundaries with parallel polarization; what kind of propagation will take place? Would the characteristics be identical to what we had in the previous case that was for perpendicular polarization? What are the differences between these two and so on So, in this case, essentially we can take a conducting boundary. Below this boundary, we have conductivity infinite and above this boundary, the conductivity is 0. So, there is a dielectric medium above this boundary Again, we take the same coordinate system that the x is oriented upwards this is a direction z and the y is coming out of the plane of the paper Let us now launch a uniform plane wave again at an angle theta with respect to the normal to the boundary which is X axis, this will be the reflected wave, again it a same angle just theta but now we are considering the polarization which is the parallel polarization Now, since this is the transverse electromagnetic wave, uniform plane wave which is incident on the boundary, if the electric field vector lies in the plane of incidence, then the magnetic field vector would lie perpendicular to plane of incidence that is perpendicular to plane of the paper; then without loosing generality, we can say that we had assumed that the magnetic field is oriented coming upwards, coming out of the plane of the paper. So, let us say this is given like this, so this is the magnetic field and without loosing generality, I can assume that this magnetic field also is coming upwards. So, this is the magnetic field; so this is the incident magnetic field, this is the reflected magnetic field Then using the pointing vector, we can find out the direction for the electric field So, since the wave is coming this way and the H is coming upwards, the electric field vector should be this way; so it will be oriented in this direction. So, this is the electric field which is Ei. For this wave, since the wave is going in this direction to get a pointing vector this way, the electric field should be oriented in this direction. So, this is the direction of the reflected electric field Er Then the problem is identical to what we had in the previous case; we just find out the components of the electric and magnetic fields and apply the boundary conditions. Now again, taking the two components of the electric field, this is tangential component and this is the normal component, same here, tangential and normal component; if this angle is theta, this angle is also theta. So, this angle is theta, this angle is also theta

So, this component is Ei cos theta and this component will be Ei sin theta. Similarly, this component here will be Er cos theta and this normal component will be Er sin theta Then I can apply the boundary condition that the tangential component of the electric fields should be 0 at the conducting boundary that means if I write down the field expressions as we did in the previous case and if I take x equal to 0 and apply the boundary condition at x equal to 0, the tangential component of the electric field should be equal to 0 So, as we have done in the previous case, we can write down again the expression for the incident and the reflected wave for the electric and magnetic fields. So, in this case, you have Hi will be some amplitude Hi with the phase function e to the power minus j beta where beta is the phase constant in this medium and this is the wave is coming this way, so with x axis as we saw last time, this makes an angle of pi minus theta. So, that is x minus x cos theta plus z sin theta and this field is oriented in y direction, so we put unit vector here y Same thing I can write down for the magnetic field also, for the reflected wave which is Hr that is the reflected wave amplitude e to the power minus j beta. Now, this wave makes an angle theta with x axis, so direction cosine will be cos of theta. So, this will be x cos theta plus z sin theta in y direction Same thing I can do for the electric field also and I can write this component and specifically since we are going to apply the boundary condition for the tangential component of the electric field, let us write down this component So first, the incident electric field Ei will be some amplitude Ei, then e to the power minus j beta minus x cos theta plus z sin theta and Er will be amplitude Er e to the power – this quantity will be vector now because you have to take the component of this electric field in this two direction x and z – so this will be minus j beta x cos theta plus z sin theta. Then, taking the component of the incident electric field in the z direction will be Ei cos of theta, so I can get the z component Eiz that will be Ei cos of theta e to the power minus j beta minus x cos theta plus z sin theta and the component in z direction for this electric field which will be opposite to positive z direction, so Erz will be minus Er cos theta e to the power minus j beta x cos theta plus z sin theta Now, we apply the boundary condition on the electric field that is x equal to 0, some

of these two electric fields should be 0, so that means at x equal to 0, E tangential which is Eiz plus Erz should be equal to 0 See, if I substitute in this expression x equal to 0, this the phase condition e to the power minus j beta z sin theta which is a common term both of this. So from here, I will get Ei is equal to Er. What are the other words? The reflection coefficient which we have defines, which is the ratio of Er and Ei, that quantity gamma will be Er upon Ei that is equal to plus 1 If you recall, when you had the perpendicular polarization, we had the reflection coefficient minus 1 and we said the time boundary is behaving like a short circuit because the reflection coefficient is minus 1. So, looking at the transmission line analogy of this particular configuration, we concluded that this conducting boundary behaves like a short circuit and that is why the reflection coefficient is minus 1 What is happening in this case? Here we get a reflection coefficient that is equal to plus 1. Does that mean that the boundary is now behaving for this polarization as an open circuit boundary? If you go from transmission line analogy, the reflection coefficient for plus 1 means open circuit condition. This is not however true because if you look at the wave, consider the electric and magnetic fields, the direction of electric fields for incident and reflected wave are already opposite in direction. So, this reflection coefficient which you are getting minus 1 or plus 1, it essentially means that the direction of the reflected electric field is opposite compared to the incident electric field So, in the previous case, since we have considered the electric field which you are coming out of the paper or incident and reflected wave, we got reflection coefficient minus 1 that means this field is in opposite direction with respect to the incident field. However, in this case we have already taken a field to satisfy the pointing vector appropriately and they are in opposite direction. So, the negative sign has been observed already while defining the direction of the vector electric field and that is the reason why the reflection coefficient is appearing as plus 1 So, one should keep in mind that since we are now dealing with vector quantities here, just looking at the sign of the reflection coefficient would not give you the correct idea what the boundary is. The boundary is still behaving like a short circuit, we have the conductivity is infinite here, so it is like, whatever fields come here, the voltage is 0 at this location, so the boundary is still a short circuited boundary. But you get the reflection coefficient plus 1 because the sign appropriate as observed into the direction of the electric field Once we get that and then using the relation that the magnetic fields are related to the electric field by the impedance of the medium, so we have Ei upon Hi is equal to eta which is the as the medium; same thing is true for reflected wave also, so Er upon Hr equal to eta. We can now write down the magnetic field and electric field in terms of this quantity Ei and Ei equal to Er we can substitute and then find out total electric field and the magnetic fields See, if I do that, I get now the total electric field which is superposition of the incident and the reflected field in medium one and same is true for the magnetic field. So, the total fields we are going to get as the electric field which has two components; one is in x direction which is combination of these two and one in z direction which is combination of these two So, the electric field will have two components x and z and the magnetic field will have only one component that is y which will be oriented this way. See, if I do that and as I did in

the previous case, I can combine these fields and I can get now the electric field for this E, so I can get x component of the electric field which will be 2 times Ei e to the power minus j beta z sin theta sin of theta cos of beta x cos theta and I will get the z component of the electric field Ez that is 2 times j Ei e to the power minus j beta z sin theta cos theta sin of beta x cos theta and the magnetic field which will have only y component, Hy that will be 2 times Ei upon eta cos of beta x cos theta e to the power minus j beta z sin theta and the condition which was satisfied for the perpendicular polarization, the same arguments are going to be true in this case also that is if I look at the electric field which is tangential, this quantity is going to be 0 at x equal to zero that is what we started with this boundary condition that the tangential component should be zero here However, the electric field tangential component will also be zero whenever this quantity is multiples of pi. So, the condition as we had obtained for the perpendicular polarization case, we have identical condition in this case also that is this quantity, electric field z will be zero. So, we have Ez zero when beta x cos theta is equal to m pi where m equal to 0, 1, 2 and so on. And from here, we again find out the theta that is the angle at which the parallel polarized wave can be launch inside the structure and those angles will be m pi divided by beta x So, as we discussed in the previous case, if I have this x which is the separation between the two conducting plane given to you, so this is quantity SD; then we can launch the wave at discrete angles which satisfy this condition. Then and then only the wave propagation will take place inside this parallel plane waveguide. So, whether we take a polarization which is perpendicular or whether we take a polarization which is parallel, the angles at which the wave can be launched inside the structure are same So, at a same discrete angle, you can launch a parallel polarized wave you can launch a wave which is perpendicularly polarized. So, all the argument which you had in the previous case that is you have finite number of angles at which the waves can be launched, you have minimum value of frequency which is required; all the arguments are now applicable to this field configuration also. So, saying that the waveguide separation is d, we have the condition as we had in the previous case; cos of theta is equal to m pi divided by beta into d So now, the field which we are going to get in this case, if I look at these fields now;

the magnetic fields for this case is oriented this way, the electric field as a component which is either this or that and the field expressions indicate that these terms are representing the variation of the field in the x direction which is more like a standing wave kind of behavior and this term gives you a behavior which is a traveling wave behavior which is in z direction So, in this case also, the fields would travel in direction z with a phase constant which is beta into sin theta. So, we have a field pattern generator in this case also between the two conducting boundaries which are going to travel with a phase constant beta times sin theta. Now, since the wave is traveling in the z direction and the magnetic field now is perpendicular to this direction of propagation, then it does not have any component along the direction of propagation, the magnetic field is always transversed to the direction of the net wave propagation So, magnetic field will always remain like that, the wave will propagate. So, the scenario is exactly identical to as we had in the previous case; we have a parallel plane waveguide, the uniform plane wave comes like that, like that, like that, like multiple reflection between the two conducting boundaries but the magnetic field now is oriented always this way, this is the direction of the magnetic field and the electric field will have two components because it is oriented this way So, this is the electric field Now, since the magnetic field remains always transversed to the direction of net wave propagation which is this direction which is z, we designate this mode as the transverse magnetic mode So, we have in this case, what is called transverse magnetic mode and in brief we denote that as the TM mode. Again, following the same convention that this quantity m defines the order of the mode and we saw this essentially gives me how many number of half cycles variation we have between the two conducting boundaries for a particular field, that defines the order of the mode. So, if m equal to zero, the fields are constant; if m equal to 1, there is one half cycle variation; m is equal to 2, 2 half cycle variations and so on The same arguments are true in this case also So, we can put an index, as we put for T case, we can put an index here which is TM mode So, for a given value of d, what value of m we have chosen to excite the fields, that is what will decide the order of the mode of this propagation. So now, what we see? We have two types of propagation inside the parallel plane waveguide; one is the transverse electric mode for which the electric field remains transversed to the direction of net wave propagation and we have transverse magnetic mode for which the magnetic field remains transversed to the direction of net wave propagation Up till now, this behavior is very identical, they have similar conditions satisfied for theta, field expressions are different but otherwise principally nothing is changed; whether it is a transverse electric mode or transverse magnetic mode. So, this mode also will have same kind of cut of condition as we got in the previous case However, if I look at now this quantity, this field expressions here and now beta cos theta which we get from here that will be equal to m pi upon d. So, as we have done in the previous case, we have this cos of theta that is equal to m pi divided by beta d and I can substitute for beta which is 2 pi by lambda So, this is m pi divided by 2 pi by lambda into d So, that gives me cos of theta is – pi will cancel – so this is m lambda divided by 2

d or beta cos theta is m pi divided by d Then we get with this also, m pi by d. So, I can substitute now for beta cos theta in this to get m pi by d into x, same here and same here. See, if I substitute explicitly, I can get now the fields for this transverse magnetic mode Ex, that will be 2 times Ei and just substituting now for beta cos theta into this into sin of theta cos of m pi x by d e to the power minus j beta z sin theta, Ez will be 2 times j Ei cos theta sin of m pi x by d, same term e to the power minus j beta z sin theta and Hy will be 2 times Ei upon eta cos of m pi x by d e to the power minus j eta z sin theta So, for a given dimension of the waveguide, now these are the field an of course cos theta, we can substitute again from here and once we know cos theta, we can get sin theta also So, the mode which you are now having TMm mode, it is suffix small m and that m essentially gives you the order of the mode that gives you a number of half cycle variations in the transverse direction that is in the x direction Now, in case of transverse electric case, we have seen that if I put m equal to 0, then all the fields identically go to 0. Then we concluded that the T in zero modes cannot exist inside a parallel plane waveguide. The same question we can ask in this case also that if I put n equal to 0 in this case, first thing we will note that if I put m equal to 0 in this, so if we take m equal to 0, then cos theta will be 0. So, theta will be equal to 90 degrees. That means the wave now will be going, this angle will be 90 degree, so wave essentially going to go increasing to the conducting boundaries. So from here, you get theta equal to pi by 2. So, that means cos theta is 0 and sin theta is 1 See, if I substitute now m equal to 0 in this expression, this quantity is 1, this quantity again if I put m equal to 0, this quantity is 1, this quantity is 0 but this quantity is not 0, this quantity is again 1. So, in this situation, what I find that I have Ex that is 2 times Ei e to the power minus j beta z because sin theta is 1 and Ez is 0 because cos theta is 0. So, the magnetic field Hy will be 2 times Ei upon eta. Again, this quantity is 1, so e to the power minus j beta z and the phase constant which you had in the case, which was in the z direction, now the phase constant is same as it is in the intrinsic medium which is filling this parallel plane waveguide that is the material which

is filled between the two conducting boundary So, first thing to note at this point is that in this case when m goes to 0, all the fields identically do not go to zero. That means TM0 mode does exist. Then, in contrary to T zero mode, TM0 mode exist and that is a special mode which we will discuss little later But conclusion from here is that in this case, the TM0 mode will exist and then subsequently we will have TM1 mode, TM2 mode and all that Now, the phase constant, since we are having this which is same for T and TM mode, essentially we have the relation that beta bar which is the phase constant in z direction, this is the contradictive which we defined last time, here is the phase constant in z direction that was equal to beta into sin theta. I can substitute for sin theta, so this is beta square root of 1 minus cos square theta Taking beta inside, this will be square root of beta square minus beta cos theta whole square but beta cos theta as you have got this case which is m pi by d, I can substitute here for m pi by d the whole square. So, whether I take a transverse electric case or transverse magnetic case, the phase constant for the net wave propagation which is in z direction is given by this. Now, when I put m equal to 0 in this case, this phase constant become equal to beta and for any other value of m which is non-zero, then the net phase constant will not be same as beta, it will be always different Now, once we know this value of the phase constant in the direction of the net wave propagation, then one can ask with what velocity this particular mode will be traveling. So, for a given value of m, what is the velocity with which this modal pattern or the field pattern travel in the z direction and that we can either define by, as we said by group velocity or by phase velocity. If you want to define phase velocity, then we do the same thing; we take the phase combined with time and so from the first principle, we can find out what is the total phase which is the combination of phase in time and then make the phase dictionary as a function of time and we get a quantity what is called the phase velocity In this case, since the wave is traveling in the z direction and the phase is constant, so the phase velocity will be omega divided by the phase constant in that direction. So, we get the phase velocity which will be in this case will be in z direction, phase velocity – Vp; that will be omega divided by beta bar or that is the phase constant in z direction So, this will be equal to omega divided by square root of, quantity we can write here or we can use this expression, so this is beta square root 1 minus cos theta and cos theta will be m pi upon beta d. So, this will be m pi upon beta d whole square Now, beta is the phase constant in the medium filling the two conducting planes or that is the medium which is filling this parallel plane waveguide. So, this is the omega upon beta is nothing but the phase velocity of a wave in an unbound medium having same property as the medium filling with parallel plane waveguide. So, that velocity is has been denoted

earlier; this is velocity of light or uniform plane wave in an unbound medium. So, we can output omega upon beta that is equal to c, so we have the phase velocity is c divided by this quantity and here beta, I can substitute for 2 pi by lambda, so I can get 1 minus, so putting 2 pi by lambda this will be m lambda upon 2 d whole square For group velocity, either I can use the property that the product of phase in group velocity is equal to c square or I can say that in the parallel plane waveguide, if the wave is going at an angle like that, just theta; the component of this wave in this direction which is the z direction, that gives me the group velocity See, if I really take the velocity in this direction which is c and resolve that in this direction which is the z direction, I get the group velocity of the wave along the parallel plane waveguide. So, since this angle is theta, this angle is pi by 2 minus theta and velocity of this wave in this direction is c; so I will get c cos of pi by 2 minus theta, so c into sin theta. So, I will get the group velocity which is the component of the velocity in z direction that will be Vg equal to c into sin of theta Again, substituting for sin theta which is c square root of 1 minus cos square theta, I can get the expression for substituting for cos theta, I can get the expression for the group velocity which is c square root of 1 minus m lambda upon 2 d whole square We can verify, as we discussed earlier, the phase velocity given by this and the group velocity is given by this. So, the product of the phase velocity and the group velocity is equal to c square which we had established earlier. So, I have mentioned, I could have found out the group velocity by using that property that the product of Vp and Vg should be equal to c square or as we have done here, we can resolve the velocity vector in the direction of wave propagation and that gives me the velocity of the energy which is the group velocity So, two things should be noted from these expressions and that is if I look at now this phase velocity expression, what we note is that if m is not equal to 0 and that is the case which you have discuss later that is the special case; but if m is not equal to 0, the phase velocity is a function of wavelength So, for a given mode, when m is not equal to 0: as the frequency changes, the phase velocity of that particular mode changes Now, this property that the velocity of wave changes at the function of frequency is what is called dispersion. So, what we then find is that when you have a bound medium like this parallel plane waveguide, the structure has become a dispersive structure. That means when the electromagnetic wave tries to move on the structure, the velocity becomes a function of frequency, a function of wavelength So, though the medium which you are considering, intrinsically the medium which is filing this waveguide is not dispersive; the conducting boundaries which we talked about, they are ideal conductors, so the energy is not propagating them. So, neither the boundaries where dispersive

nor the medium which is filling the waveguide is dispersive. But when we put this finite region over which the wave is propagating, this bound medium becomes a dispersive medium So, first thing important to note here is when we have the bounce structures; in general, we may expect dispersion on the structure That means the velocity of wave, whatever form in the wave traverse form in the structure and as you have seen this traverse in the form of modes, there velocity varies as a function of frequency. So, this phenomenon is what is called dispersion and that is the very important thing to note that for a bound structure; in general we have dispersion, though the media which are involved in creating the bound structure intrinsically may not have any dispersion Then this relation which we got here that beta which is the effective phase constant is related to this and the size of the waveguide and the mode index, this relation then is called the dispersion relation for a particular mode. So, this expression we call as dispersion relation. So, dispersion relation essentially tells you the variation of the velocity as a function of frequency or a function of wavelength and the conclusion is that whenever you having a bounds structure; in general, the velocity will vary as a function of frequency Now when this quantity; for that wavelength, when this quantity becomes equal to 1, that we defined as the cut of wavelength. So when this quantity, well beta becomes equal to this, this will be 0 and the wave propagation will seems for a frequency lower than that, the wave propagation will not take place; for the frequency higher than that, the wave propagation will take place as we discussed yesterday We had now the cut off frequency concept above which the more propagation takes place. But if I come from the propagating side, as I approach to the cut off frequency that means when these two terms approach each other, the phase constant beta bar becomes 0 or this expression, this quantity becomes equal to 1 as a cut of frequency, the phase velocity of the approaches infinity. So, what we conclude now that as we approach cut off frequency, Vp approaches infinity So, for a particular mode, you will have a cut off frequency and for that cut off frequency the phase velocity will approach infinity At the same time when the phase velocity approaching 0 at the cut off, this quantity becomes 0 So, the group velocity approaches 0. So, that means at cut off, the energy flow seizes because there is group velocity is approaching 0 and as I go to frequencies which are very high compared to the cut off frequencies that means lambda, now it has become very very small compared to the cut off, this quantity will be negligible Then the group velocity will approach to c – intrinsic velocity in the medium, the phase velocity also will approach c because this quantity will be negligible compared to this So, when we go very far away or higher frequencies compared to the cut off frequencies, then both group and phase velocities would approach to the intrinsic velocity in that medium See, if I plot the group and phase velocities as a function of frequency, I have cut off frequencies for various modes; so, this is a cut off frequency for some more and this is the velocity, this is c. So, if I take a mode, TM1 mode; so this is the cut off frequency

for TM1 mode, so let us call it the fc1 mode, this is for fc second mode, this is fc third mode and so on. And, for m equal to 0, as you have seen when this quantity is 0, there is a cut off frequency for this. So, this is the cut off frequency for fc zero mode which is only true for TM because TE0 does not exist So, for when m equal to 0; the phase velocity is always equal to c, the group velocity also is always equal to c. So, this is the line which you will always get for TM0. Whereas, if I go for m equal to 1, I have two possibilities; I have TE1 mode or TM1 mode, both will have the same cut off frequencies and then at this cut off frequency, the phase velocity will go to infinity group velocity will go to 0 and as the frequency becomes much larger compared to the cut off frequency, the velocity will tend to c So, I will get a typical plot which will look something like this which will start from 0. This is the group velocity which is always below c, the phase velocity is always above c and here we have phase velocity and here we have group velocity. This is for… this is the case for TE1 TM1 mode, these two. If I go to the next mode, then the cut off frequency at this will be like that, will start from here, go like that and so on. So, this will be the case for TE2 and TM2, this one and this. So typically, if I get the phase and group velocity plot for different modes, the plot essentially would look like that and these are the cut off frequencies for the different modes And, as you have seen for TM0 mode, there is no cut of frequency because when m is equal to 0, the beta bar is always equal to beta which is the phase constant in the intrinsic medium. Now, with this now, then let us go back to cover the special case which we were talking about and that is m equal to 0; and if I take m equal to 0, this case, we had got the fields which are now Ex and Hy, Hz was 0 in this case and this special mode is the TM0 mode So, let us say specifically, talk about this mode TM0 mode; now since for this mode, this is the waveguide, the wave is now launched parallel to the interface because theta is equal to 90 degrees and the electric field is x oriented that means the electric field for this wave is x oriented, that is E and the magnetic field is y oriented that is this H and the wave is propagating in z direction with phase constant beta. So, the net wave is propagating this way, this way with phase constant beta We will also note from this that if I take a ratio of Ex and Hy, that quantity will be equal to eta. So, for this mode, we also have Ex upon Hy that is equal to eta. So, first

thing we note is that this electric and magnetic fields which we have here, they are now perpendicular direction of propagation which is z. So, E is also transversed to z, H is also transversed to z. So, though this mode we are calling as transverse magnetic mode with zero index; in fact this mode is same as the transverse electromagnetic case because here in this case, both electric and magnetic fields are transverse to the direction of wave propagation So, this mode we also can call as a transverse electromagnetic mode Though this started with TM0 mode but essentially TM0 means electric and magnetic field both have become transversed. So, this mode is same as a transversed electromagnetic mode and for this mode, the ratio for the electric and magnetic field, intersic impedance of the medium which is filling the parallel plane waveguide; that way essentially we are having a transverse electromagnetic wave which is passing through these conducting planes. So, it have all the property which have uniform plane wave had unbound medium So, its behavior is exactly like a uniform plane wave in an unbound medium. One can wonder; when I am having this situation, aren’t the boundaries affecting the wave propagation? What is the special about this case that the boundaries are just not existing for this mode? Where even if the boundaries were not there, the wave would have travel exactly like this in transverse electromagnetic case, it will be uniform plane wave. Here also we are having exactly like uniform plane wave and its characteristic like ratio of electric and magnetic field should be intrinsic impedance and so on or exactly identical. So, aren’t boundaries playing any role? And, if you look very carefully, you will see that yes, the boundaries are not plane any role and the reason is when the wave is launched now like this, the electric field is this way which is perpendicular to the boundaries and there is no boundary condition on normal component of electric field if the normal component of electric field always can be balance by the surface charges on the conducting boundary Similarly, when I have a tangential component of magnetic field, I can always a surface current on the boundaries and I can have the magnetic field. So, I can have a uniform magnetic field, I can have uniform electric field and the wave passes through this parallel plane waveguide as if this boundaries are not modified the electric field because whatever electric and magnetic fields we have, they can reduce appropriately surface charges and surface currents and these field do not get modified So essentially, this mode propagates in the parallel plane waveguide and since the m is equal to 0, this mode is non-dispersive that means for this mode, the velocity Vp is same as group velocity is equal to c, the cut off frequency for this mode is 0 as you have seen when m is equal to 0, the cut off frequency is 0 that means this mode can propagate down to the zero frequency. Precisely that is what we have seen; when you are having a two conducting system, any lowest possible frequency voltage can be apply to this and the energy can be transported. However, if you go to higher order mode, then you require a minimum frequency for transporting the energy So, what we find is that in a parallel plane waveguide, this TM0 mode which is also transfer electromagnetic and that is the mode which essentially propagates at the lowest frequencies but as we go to higher frequencies, we require higher order modes or we will get higher order modes in the energy propagation

South Mumbai Food journey Episode 3

Welcome to South Mumbai food Episode 3 This is your host Harish Bali If you missed the episode number 2, you can find its link in the description of this video In this food journey, we shall explore the following – Sabudana (Tapioca) Vada (ball), Mysore onion rawa masala dosa, Khotto Idli, Filter Coffee, Pav Bhaji, and lots more I have come to the Gokhale Road in Dadar (West) to eat Sabudana vada for breakfast People usually eat this kind of dish while fasting on festive occasions but that doesn’t mean they don’t enjoy it otherwise as well This vada is made of three basic ingredients –sabudana, boiled potatoes and crushed peanuts This much is known to me Sabudana vada is hugely popular snack in Mumbai I’ve got chutney to eat it with From what I’ve understood so far, the kind of chutney usually served here is made with coconut Some people add crushed peanuts to the chutney as well In all the sabudana vadas I’ve eaten till now, the prominent flavor has been that of cumin seeds It is this cumin flavor that makes eating the sabudana vada a yummy experience The 3 ingredients that I told you about earlier, these are brought together as a ball shape & deep-fried I’ve not touched the chutney yet. Let me taste it too As far as I know, 80% of total sabudana in India is produced in the Southern region – especially in 3 states, though I may be wrong, Andhra Pradesh, Kerala and Tamil Nadu I was checking out the menu to know whether there was a Maharashtrian dish that I hadn’t tried yet So, I came across a dish named Puran Poli, which I am going to order next This dish sounds interesting though I will need to find out more about it It is very soft and it looks like a very thin roti (flatbread) The filling is made of gud (jaggery) & chana dal (split chickpeas), which is a first-time experience for me I don’t have any knowledge about how it is eaten by the locals But I feel that it is a good combination to be eaten even after sabudana vada Vada would be a savory item complimenting the sweetness of this Puran Poli And, of course, a cup of tea to finish the meal! Let me show you its filling inside See, this is the mixture of chana dal and gud inside the roti Before placing my order, I had inquired about the method of eating this Puran Poli They told me that I could eat it just like this However, some people even prefer to eat it with milk as well Some others spread ghee over it and enjoy it Well, obviously, I cannot try those two methods because I’ve ordered this tea for myself They told me that this contains ghee as well but I did not feel it while eating Puran Poli So, it maybe that very little ghee was added while making it This dish is tasty and interesting! Let me open this up and show you, once more, the filling inside it made up of chana dal and gud In the Dadar (West) area, this food joint is quite popular for its Maharashtrian food items In fact, I was here two days ago and this place was packed with an insane number of people and there was a waiting time of almost 15-20 minutes So, I went back without eating here I also asked them what time of the day should I come when it wouldn’t be so crowded So, they told me to come at 7.30 am because it is opening time & crowd isn’t in till 30-45 minutes

I also saw people who serve food to the customers, dressed in traditional Maharashtrian dress It feels good to see people dressed in traditional garb It is a neat & clean restaurant and it is quite popular, as you can guess from the crowd of people There are a number of restaurants serving South Indian food in the Matunga area of Mumbai All the restaurants serve delicious South Indian fare One of those gems is a restaurant named “Ram Ashray.” I have come here to eat a combined lunch & dinner I’ve ordered for myself Mysore onion rawa masala dosa I’ve been told that the chutney used inside this dosa is Mysore chutney I can see lot of onion in this dosa There is rawa in the name because rawa (semolina) is also used in the rice flour batter of the dosa They have also given me the dosa filling separately I also got the sambhar as well as the white coconut chutney alongside This dosa looks amazing! Let me first find out where I can start eating it from Let me tear a bite from the top I want to taste just the dosa first Too good! After my first two bites, I can say that this dosa is hugely crispy Second thing, the Mysore chutney used inside the dosa is also very delicious In fact, if you ask me, I am ready to eat this dosa without the sambhar or filling given separately I don’t need this coconut chutney either to enjoy this dosa, this is what I feel I feel that when a dish is good in itself, you don’t need to eat it with any of the accompaniments because its taste is self-sufficient This is a very basic, simple potato filling It doesn’t contain any complicated spices It has simple flavors of mustard seeds, chana dala, curry leaves, etc Very, very simple flavors, but tasty Hmmm! Sambhar is also tasty! I want to taste each dish separately because once I eat it with dosa, I wouldn’t be able to understand the individual tastes Hmmm! Good! It is like this – sambhar is good but this chutney is out of this world In fact, I would like to make a special mention of this white chutney Each bite of this chutney is oozing with juices of fresh coconut I don’t have enough words to describe the taste of this chutney If you live in Mumbai and if you have eaten this chutney here at Ram Ashray, you will be able to relate to my observation about the delicious taste of this chutney Excellent! Let me spread this dosa on the plate like this! This is the filling inside, which has green chilies as well as the raisins This is the Mysore chutney that I am talking about Let me eat dosa with the filling now It is 6.30 pm When I reached here earlier, I asked them if I could come at some other time, when it wouldn’t be so crowded But they told me that it is like this the whole day In fact, they said that if I came back after 30 or 60 minutes, I would have to stand outside in the waiting

line So, I asked them which time was non-peak time for them, when the customers would be less so that I could record the video properly They said come at 5 am! I thought that idea was a bit difficult to follow Therefore, we decided to shoot the video right now I am not sure whether the audio is clear enough for the viewers or not, but I would definitely like to state that eating this dosa here has been a lifetime experience for me in terms of the taste Every part of this meal is ultimate in terms of taste! Dosa, this, this, this and the chutney is Number 1 in taste! I have not eaten a better-flavored coconut chutney every in my life Such a good sambhar, I can say, I have had somewhere or the other Both dosa and this chutney are ultimate in taste I wanted to ask them to give me a bigger bowl of sambhar and chutney, but, never mind, I will ask for more helpings This dosa has raisins as well as cashew nuts inside I enjoyed my meal today and now I want to drink filter coffee I think there must be filter coffee on the menu here Before that, let me check the menu for some dessert They suggested sheera to me So, I’ve ordered pineapple sheera for myself As far as I could understand, it is made of rawa, ghee and sugar First thought – this looks tempting in appearance The sugar is just right and pure ghee has been used in it The dosa, that I just ate, was made with butter This sheera is made with 3 key ingredients – desi ghee, rawa and sugar And since it is pineapple sheera, it has pineapple flavor in it Good! I can enjoy pineapple bits in there too In fact, eating the dosa earlier and now this sheera, these have become two new benchmarks in taste for me In the future, whenever I eat these two dishes again, I am going to recall the taste that I enjoyed today and compare this taste to whatever I am going to eat in future Now, after this, it is time for filter coffee. Though I haven’t asked them yet whether they sell it or not I am hopeful I don’t have a lot of knowledge about filter coffee But I know this much that the aroma of filter coffee is totally different from that of the normal coffee I have had it before I was just asking them about how it is made They told me that a coffee decoction is mixed with milk and sugar The decoction is made in an apparatus called filter Coffee powder is added to the top of the filter and hot water is poured over it The filter has two compartments – Cup A and Cup B The liquid collected in Cup B is the decoction used to make the filter coffee Now I haven’t seen this process happening in front of my eyes Really, the taste of this coffee is really different than that of instant coffee There is no comparison between the two varieties. Both are different This filter coffee has a very amazing flavor That is it My meal at Ram Ashray was delicious. I enjoyed it very much

Right now I am at Anand Bhawan, Matunga, to eat idli for breakfast After coming here, I came to know that they have a number of varieties of idli In fact, this variety is called Khotto Idli This idli is served inside the jackfruit leaves basket The idli is steamed after being placed inside this basket of green leaves, which change color on being steamed The idli batter is directly poured into this basket The batter is usually made with urad dal (split black gram) and rice They also told me that cooking idli inside the leaves has its own health benefits The juice and flavor of the jackfruit leaves gets transferred into the idli too once the steaming takes place Let me eat it now and I shall tell you more about it It has on the side the following dishes – Sambhar, red chutney, coconut oil and pickle The traditional way of eating this idli is to mix some coconut oil in the pickle and then add it to idli They told me that the traditional way was the best way to eat this idli Now, first I need to remove these twigs to open the leaf basket I was told that this would be very spicy It is spicy but at a mild level It has green chili as well as red chili but at a very mild level This is how I should pick up a bite The taste of this idli is totally different from that of a normal idli Obviously, the flavor of jackfruit leaf has permeated well into the idli I can taste it. There is no doubt about it Hmmm! This is good. I am eating idli mixed with chutney Now I am going to try it the traditional way I am going to pour this coconut oil directly to the idli and mix in the pickle into it Doing this has changed the taste completely In fact, the idli tasted good with the sambhar and all but coconut oil and the strong lemon flavor from the pickle are creating a magical flavor with the idli I liked eating this idli both the traditional way as well as the popular way In fact, I am going to repeat both the methods again Man: “We always come in a group to eat here. On Sundays, we come with our garden group but today we are here to celebrate the birthday of one of our friend. Someone orders idli-sambhar, while some one else orders idli-vada sambhar. I have ordered onion utthapam.” Host: “Sir, many happy returns of the day.” Man: “Thank you!” I asked them for another special dish on their menu and they told me to eat Ulundu dosa

It took me a while to correctly pronounce this dish Then I asked them more about it Now let me explain it to you as per my understanding First thing, this dosa is made with urad dal batter, which means it is high in protein Second thing, it can be eaten both traditional as well as cosmopolitan way You can eat it with sambhar and coconut chutney, which would be the cosmopolitan way However, the traditional method includes eating this dosa with this Malgapodi chutney Malga means chili and podi means powder. So the literal meaning of Malgapodi would be chili powder They informed me that this chutney is made with chilies, of course, but apart from that it has the following ingredients – lentils, hing (asafetida), etc The traditional method requires spreading this chutney on the dosa, which is how it has been served here One can also eat it with white butter White butter is called Coimbatore butter here They have suggested that I should add this dollop of butter to the center of the dosa like this Then I need to break bite size dosa, apply butter and eat it The common perception of dosa is that it is crispy, thin and folded in the middle or conical in shape But I am not sure dosa the way they have suggested Quite interesting taste! In fact, I’ve just had a corner bite Let me have some more bites before I explain it further While eating the Ulundu dosa, I had completely forgotten about this sambhar and coconut chutney right here In fact, I did not feel the need of these two sides at all Now let me tell you about this Malgapodi chutney It is coarse in texture. It is granular in taste Since it is my first experience, I am not sure whether this should happen or not I think one needs to eat it multiple times in order to develop a taste for it But trust me, it is a delightful combination Now I do not have an idea about how it would be if we eat this chutney with another dosa or idli But it tastes delicious with this dosa In fact, the magic of this taste is also due to this white butter I am falling short of words to praise this dish The amount of chutney added to the dosa is sufficient in my opinion However, I believe, if I add some more of this chutney to the dosa, the taste would become better That is what I am going to do now So, this gentleman here is eating aapam stew The aapam is made with rice flour batter Stew is made with mutton too but since this is a vegetarian restaurant, this here is vegetable stew Host: “How is the taste?” Man: “It is good. It feels healthy to eat.” The stew has coconut milk as its base and green vegetables, of course Let me taste it Host: “Can I have a spoon?” Interesting! In fact, it has a lot of vegetables Second thing, it has a mild flavor of black pepper Second thing, it has a mild flavor of black pepper

Host: “This technique is called what?” Waiter: “Filter maarna (to filter coffee)!” I felt one thing after coming to Mumbai The aroma of filter coffee is absent in the instant coffee In fact, I can smell this aroma even at a distance I also liked the interesting technique of “filter maarna” The taste is rock solid Obviously, it would be foolish to compare it to instant coffee But within filter coffee also, this one is really very delicious in taste This is amazing. I enjoyed it Sardar pav bhaji is very famous in the Tardeo area of Mumbai In fact, when I first came here 3 days ago, I was amazed to see the crowd here There was a long waiting line, that too, at 12.30 pm Then I asked them what time should I come so that there is not this much crowd They said, I should be here at 12.00 pm because 12.30 pm onwards, the place starts getting crowded So, here I am at 10 minutes to 12 pm and I am their first customer of the day I have already placed my order, so that the audio quality of my video is not affected I have come to Mumbai after a long time In fact, last time I was here was in 2005 or 2006 Ohh, here come the onions So, here is bhaji (vegetable curry), dhania (coriander leaves), butter, pav (bread) and onions First of all, let me taste this bhaji I will have to eat some more of this bhaji I have had bhaji at a lot of places in Mumbai In fact, I had pav bhaji also at Cannon restaurant, right opposite to the CST station There they had used whole spices in making the bhaji They did not allow me to shoot a video while the bhaji was being made or while eating at the restaurant Apart from Cannon, I had bhaji at a few other places too The bhaji I am eating here, right now, is different in taste But I will need to eat some more of it in order to understand the difference This pav is drenched in melted butter and there is a thick portion of butter in the bhaji as well There is this group of 3-4 vegetables, which are, invariably, used everywhere to make bhaji Potato, tomatoes, capsicum, onions and peas! Now, all the vegetables have been pulverized properly, so I am not getting any vegetable in a bite separately, not even the peas Second thing that I noticed, there is a lot of butter on top So, let me take a bite with this melted butter now The whole taste has changed It feels like I am eating butter, not the bhaji I am being very frank here So, the bhaji is divided into two compartments on my plate – one side without butter & the other side heavily loaded with butter And I feel that the bhaji I tasted without butter was better in flavor than when I ate it with butter Next thing – the spices used here are a bit different too I am not saying whether it is good or bad, but the spices are different in comparison to those I had in my earlier pav bhajis I am not a subject matter expert on this but I am enjoying the taste Now, about the amount of butter – in my opinion, if there is no butter, or just a little bit of it, then one would enjoy the bhaji more Now, let me finish this bhaji and then I am going to get some more bhaji, without butter Host: “Yes, please come. I was waiting for you. Thank you!” Host: “this one is without butter, right?” Waiter: “Yes.” Now I am going to keep this aside for a minute or two and focus on the bhaji without added butter

You can see that I have eaten at least 50% of bhaji from this plate, but the butter is still left Now, I have ordered this extra bhaji, without butter, to understand the real taste of the vegetables One more thing, apart from adding too much butter to the bhaji, they have also loaded enough butter on to the pav as well So, I am going t handle this separately as well Now I can understand the actual difference because in my earlier dish, butter had overpowered the flavor You can see, ever since I started eating it, I have been talking about butter This is because butter is killing the taste of this bhaji In my opinion, butter is not enhancing but subduing the taste of the dish It is my personal opinion because some people enjoy lots of butter in their dish If you want to really enjoy the pav bhaji here, I would recommend, you order it without butter Only then will you be able to enjoy the original flavor of the dish Rest, they use their own spice blend Unlike Cannon bhaji, they use powdered spices only When I used to come here in 2005-06, this place wasn’t so crowded as it is now This shop is at least 50-60 years old They also sell juice right outside In fact, I can see some photographs on the wall, which show the glimpses of old Mumbai I had an enjoyable time eating pav-bhaji here The good thing was that I was able to come here on time and enjoy myself before the crowd starts coming in I had a good time eating here Woman: “We came from Ahmedabad this morning, to pay obeisance at the Siddhivinayak Temple Before going back, we thought to come here and enjoy Sardar’s pav bhaji. The pav bhaji here is full of cheese and butter & I love its taste. We are going to go to Pune from here & I will miss this pav bhaji very much.” We had planned a meet up in Dadar (West) from 4-6 pm today It is a matter of chance that no one turned up I came here at 3.35 pm and have been looking at the clock every since It is now 6.20 pm and I am leaving here now In fact, there is no activity because today is Sunday. The day has been lousy so far The restaurants are crowded I will see if I can go and explore some more food in the next few hours Otherwise, I will go back to my hotel and take some rest Rest, see you again next morning I hope you will like this video If you have some food related experiences of your own from Mumbai, please share with us in your comments I will look forward to your comments In the food journey, Episode 4, you will see me eating Misal pav, Piyush, Poori-Chhole, and lunch at Crystal, Girgaon, Chowpatty. Goodbye till then Thanks for your time!

Montecristi, Tejidos de Origen – Chapter 1: The journey begins

Life endures in time It is life that weaves encounters, relations, stories Everything that seems pure coincidence has been woven under the shine of life Nothing happens if this great weaver hasn’t dreamed it I’m in the province of Manabí where the main symbols are the ceibos (type of tree), the Manabas, who are kind and easy-going, the sal prieta and the tonga Ancestral landscapes, culture, customs, and trades survive in this province, inherited from one generation to another This is a zone of weavers par excellence They are fishing villages, seaside towns, and, of course, most of their products come from the sea The sea begins to give them products, so, the land provides balsa wood This way the people also gain power over their environment There are a number of anchors around, even some that people used to swim to the ocean depths, especially at Isla de la Plata, and Salango Island, to gather one of their most ritual objects: spondylus shells Archaeologists have shown that, in the area now known as Ecuador’s Coastal region,

human groups have existed for some 8000 years They have gradually been finding, from different epochs, evidence or representations of human figurines with ornaments on their heads The people in these villages along the Manabi coast worshiped the sun Some days we bless the sun, and other days we hide from it The sun is relentless For these peoples, it was very important to protect themselves from the sun In figurines from the Jama-Coaque culture we find that these seafarers used hats for protection Although it would sound very correct to say that the pre-Hispanic peoples weaved toquilla straw hats to cover themselves from the sun, this theory has not been confirmed These ornaments may have been made from natural fibers But, so far, archeologists have not issued an official written report that confirms having found any evidence that this was the case In 1534, Father José Maria Cobos was already on these lands He marveled at the objects the indigenous peoples used as head coverings They were like bat wings, he stated very clearly, like vampire wings When he asked the natives what they were made of, they said they were of threads made from bat skin The priest was very surprised at this and decided to investigate further until he found a palm plant that produced the fiber these indigenous peoples used to weave That woman is wearing a “pava” hat, like the ones used today That is a “pava” hat If you look carefully, It is a woman with her ornaments, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, skirt and, of course, a hat After eight years away from my country,

I have returned to visit the oldest communities with the longest tradition of weaving toquilla straw I am travelling around Manabí, exploring its back roads and discovering its secrets Today is Saturday, so there are not many customers It is a day for getting everything ready for tomorrow, cutting and storing, because most customers come on Sunday On Sundays, we keep ten to twelve people busy working The traditional dish is chicken, but we have a variety of dishes: we have goat, duck, chicken We also prepare “tonga” which we have started making with spicy pork sausage because it goes well with peanut sauce During the World Cup, my husband had the idea of offering a tri-color dish to represent the national flag, and people liked the novelty of it It had spicy pork sausage, duck or chicken, and pork Even if I give you my secret ingredient, the seasoning is what counts So We prepare this food with onions, green peppers, seasoning and natural coloring, and then we cook it We offer chicken The chicken is a little tough because for these dishes we buy it a little tough, and then cook it longer, see? The peanut comes from the mill as paste We thin it out and add a little onion and green pepper Then we cook it We add a little salt and sugar, because sugar brings out the peanut taste The “tonga” is a traditional food because for example, in the countryside, in the mountain, people often had to work far from home So, usually they would take their food, the chicken or any other dish, wrapped in plantain leaves That is how the “tonga” came to be Many visitors come here, sometimes friends but nobody goes away hungry, and that is what distinguishes the Manaba My grandmother used to say: there should always be food on hand for visitors, even if only a fried plantain Because people passing through may be hungry, and we should be ready to feed them whatever we have, even if only some fried plantain At present we have thirty five students,

from fifteen to sixty five years old The most important part is learning how to weave the hats So we have four local tutors with a wealth of experience in weaving Almost all the people of the village weave It’s a tradition, an ancestral heritage As this work was disappearing, we see the need to create a place to continue with this art They first start practicing the assembly Then they learn and start tearing and selecting the straw Once they know that I give them the straw for them to tear, assemble and weave the hat Some started froms scratch Most of them knew nothing But they have learned! Besides the trade’s technology, they also have training sessions, like marketing, commercialization, basic accounting They are given the title of toquilla hat craft weaving masters I am a toquilla straw weaver I provide my family with what I know, making hats No craftsman or weaver makes the same hat Not even the same person can make two identical hats To have this designation will give the hats the means to continue breaking barriers Jorge Carranza Holguín I am a farmer We, the Montubios, know I tell my children: the plant is like us If you cut here, this gum, I tell them

this gum is like cutting a finger, it’s the same It’s like us: we clean up, we get dressed, we eat, sleep, rest – all of that That is maintenance, because if you don’t clean it, the weeds appear, and it’s over So you clean it and clean it till it’s time to grow Toquilla straw is planted First it is pulled out, and planted where it is clean At first I planted only four little plants but then, whit the rains, the plants grow and grow, plant and plant the amount of plants continue to grow This plant produces all the time All the time When rains become scarce, when the water stops, profits are also less But when the rain comes you take the product today, and in fifteen days you can take it again Parents were serious before My father loved agriculture Well, he wove hats, but not the good ones It was the thick hat, the cheapest My children know how to weave, all of them Those in Spain, those in Venezuela – all of them And they weave well There was a time when nobody wove because the price was bad One couldn’t afford anything So people started to leave This job was not enough to make a living Now it is getting better Now it is Why it was so bad? Because this hat was only in Montecristi It wasn’t like it is now Now it is in the whole world And lots of people arrive from everywhere looking for the hats This toquilla plantation I keep it in good condition because it provides my food and anything And as it produces it must be maintained I take all the straw home And my wife dries it and sells the dry straw This is the product… This one this is the heart; this is the product When I come I cut it here Here it comes. You cut it with whatever you have Like this, for example Like this, in the middle of both sides Like this Like this This is cooked, smoked and dried When it’s dry, you put it under the moon, to settle down Then it dries, and the next day you wash it with blue soap, “Ale” soap After washing it, you boil it for ten to fifteen minutes, and you smoke it again And after smoking it, you take it and start working with it We don’t know who the master was when this hat was first made But this work started centuries ago, not yesterday, but centuries ago During this journey I met hat weavers, finishers, finishers, merchants Fingers that dance to wed dry straws, that must be be woven in cloudy days, because the sun cracks them up So, we got to know toquilla straw from harvest, a plant element that was used by the first settlers of this province This journey has just begun

《花千骨│The Journey of Flower》ENG Sub 第12集 官方高清版(霍建华、赵丽颖、蒋欣、杨烁领衔出演)

Episode Twelve Qiangu, after you leave here, I don’t konw what the time is that we will meet each other again? What you say sounds that we can’t see until we have died Although it is not the part forever, you have to go now, and Meng brother is not here now, you all left me alone here Don’t worry, I will come to see you frequently Qiangu, you promise me, no matter where you go later, you can’t forget I’m your good sister Okay, I remeber it You and Mantian are all my good friends Although Why do you still care about Mantian? I ask you, what time did she regard you as her friend? She thinks of you as her slave girl all the time At this legend of sword, she hurt you so severely and harm you with such a dirty trick Let you suffer so heavy injury I’m so angry when I talk about this matter with you These things are over, from now on, I will have a new beginning after I go to Unfeeling-Palace What’s wrong with me? Qiangu, Qiangu, what happened to you? Qiangu, Qiangu, Qiangu Where am I? I’m so cold This, where am I on earth? Why am I so cold? Ice-bed, no wonder it’s so cold Who, who lives here? So beautiful a house Unfeeling-Palace This is Unfeeling-Palace originally I’m in Unfeeling-Palace finally Zun Shang

Zun Shang You are awake Zun Shang You should call me master now Master Get up Your wound hasn’t healed yet, and suddenly had a coma, I bring you to Unfeeling-Palace to recuperate your body From now on, you can rest in Unfeeling-Palace In Unfeeling-Palace, there are lots of rooms, you can choose one which you like Thank you master Master, where is Tang Bao? Can she come back with me for a few days? She can After she found you are fine, she came out to send Dong Fang and Yun Yin She will come back soon If I knew it, I should wake up early, so I can go with her Tang Bao has already been familiar with the surroundings here After she come back, she will show you around There is no forbidden area, in Unfeeling-Palace, there are only two people, you who is the apprentice and me who is the master From now on, you don’t have to be as stiff as you used to be You can do everything you want, and go where you want to go You don’t have to report everything to me Mster You, why did you recruit me to be your apprentice? This is not my original idea, Ni Mantian won the match in an irregular way She doesn’t deserve to be my apprentice, and you, although you are my apprentice now, if you have any improper conducts I will also drive you out of our gang I will never let master disappointed, Your heart pulse has been broken, you can’t use your internal force temporarily But during this period, you’re not allowed to stop practice, you must be familiar with Sky-nine method of Chang Liu Yes, master Go with me Hua Qiangu, look down from here What can you see? Master, forgive my ignorance, I just see Chang Liu mountain What’s the distinguish between it and the past? It is more grand sight What else? You listen to me, ordinary peoples see the view only by their eyes But we are practicing peoples, we should use our hearts to feel, to feel flowers and grass, and even everything Is this the view of Chang Liu in master’s eyes? It must be the world in master’s eyes Master. did you live in Unfeeling-Palace alone ago? How long have you lived? So long, and I can’t remeber He over looked thousands of mountains alone everyday, to protect Chang Liu and every gang, so lonely he is Master, don’t be affraid, from now on, Qiangu will always be with you, you are not a lonely people any more How are your exercises going? Master, I’m stepping up my exercise The first form, Cheng Jiang The second form, Bi Hai The forms today, you have to practice for 100 times Master What happend? That, master, I have ate nothing for a whole day I’m very hungry now Do you want to eat? Yes I have found the whole Unfeeling-Palace, there is nothing to eat I don’t dare to find food outside the palace Master, you, aren’t you hungry?

I’m not hungry You are immortal, and you needn’t to eat anything Since today, you can go to Hai Palace to eat So, master, I, can I, can I take food back to eat? You can Thank you master I will go to find food at soon Wait You could have a meal after practicing Your Gong bell fell off Be careful in the future Mommy, mommy Get up, get up soon The sun has already basked in you Come on, come on It’s so late for you to pay respects to Zun Shang Why did you wake me up earlier? Today is my first day to pay respects to master I’m dead, I’m dead I’m sorry, mommy You should blame the bed for being so comfortable It’s so good for my practicing, and even I got up late Trash, you are really a trash Even a little girl, you can’t beat her You say, why do I keep you? Please don’t be angry I just ignored her, so Hua Qiangu get a chance You still dare to quibble Law enforcement forgive me please Although I couldn’t become the apprentice of Bai Zihua, but I have another plan, I must finish law enforcement’s work, I will get Liu-guang qin Liu-guang qin? It hides in Unfeeling Palace, If you think you will get it by yourself from Bai Zihua’s hand? law enforcement, to steal Liu-guang qin by my own strength is certainly impossible But I have found a powerful helper Who? Ni Mantian the daughter of the leader of Peng Lai called Ni Qianzhang, Ni Mantian? Yes She is the student of Chang Liu, why will she help you? Because she lost to Hua Qiangu She has hated Hua Qiangu to the core If I with the help of her to kill Hua Qiangu, Bai Zihua must recruit another apprentice At that time, Ni Mantian must be he first choice, but her handle is in my hand Let alone she go to steal Liu Guang Qin, even ask her to kill Bai Zihua, she has to follow us Yin Shangpiao Yes, law enforcement I give you one chance again, if you also lost it, you needn’t to come back I know law enforcement don’t worry please Master, Master, Master I’m in the study now Study? Where is the study? Master, master, master, master, Where is the study? master, master, master, Qiangu paies a formal visit to master It is no need In Unfeeling Palace, there are only two people, you and me We have no need to have so many rules If you have nothing to do, don’t trouble me, I will call you if I have things to do Get up Okay, master The content of

this book, you should remeber them all I will ask you at any time later Thank you master Master, I must do my best, and don’t make master worry about me Go out Master, is there anything that I can help you to do? Such as cleaning the room, washing clothes and grinding ink, whatever you want me to do There is no need I’m going out now Qiangu Yes, master This Seven-cut book, you need to remeber it by yourself You can’t show it to Tang Bao, and she can’t explain it to you Do you understand? And, bursting out is not allowed in Unfeeling Palace later I’m afraid of noisy Go out I see, master Mommy, did Zun Shang really not allow me to see Seven-cut book? Seven-cut book is this, its temptation to spirit is more than delicious food If I can really take just one look, I will be the omniscient spirit in the world Tang Bao, you have known so much, you have no need to know more Mommy, do you really think so? Of course, you are mommy’s baby, Tang Bao is so good and lovely Mommy, you are the best Mommy, don’t worry, I will not touch the corner of the book for you Okay, I thought my master will tell me how to do and go to the mountain to practice, but I can’t believe, he just let me read books Is the book bored? This book is so thin, I estimate that just one day later, I can memorize it very well, but my master ask me read it for one year Isn’t it very good? You read it with play breezily, and also have learn its content, you have no pressure completely Only because I have no pressure, I’m in a hurry now Mommy, don’t take your undeserved gain for granted Tang Bao Mommy, I had better go out now, or I always want to read it Mommy, you study work hard No way, this music book, except instruments and musicality, it also include tablature, xiao spectrum and music spectrum, all the things relate to music are inside My God The sword spectrum is more severe Every famous sword, the origin and legend of every gang, and every swordsman, sword knack, and sword method of every gang My God, there is nothing that it doesn’t have and isn’t accomplished in It also includes flowers and plants, treasure and beast, making medicinal materials, modulated perfume and disguise But not to mention that I have one year to recite it, if I recite it for seven years I can’t finish it either My God Are you play a joke on me together with my master?

But my master only asked me to remeber it, and not asked me to learn it, I can spend more time to read it and practice, I should remeber it quickly It can play music too Since the music score may play music, so what about sword score? I was the concubine’s child originally, relying on the grace of heaven to undertake the undertaking of Emperor, and just taken the throne I will follow my father’s teaching, and advocate moral education, and comprehend the government of Yao and Shun, I’ll learn the heyday of Han Dynasty and Tang Dynasty, all the secretary abide by their duty scrupulously The king and the people together to support our country We make our world lived with heaven and earth, and the same light as sun and moon Long live our noble Queen, Long live our noble Queen My brother Xuancong, he has morality and loyalty, and the qualities of sage education, I follow the late emperor’s will named him Ming Royal Highness He will manage Zhi Yan army and protect the capital Thanks very much, emperor Please think carefully, emperor I have name him Ming Royal Highness in the front of all the ministers Don’t you want me to countermand my command in the front of them? Emperor Ming Royal Highness has wolf ambition, he wants to be emperor instead of you, don’t you know him? Lie Xingyun, my brother should be the emperor originally If he wants now, I can give him at any time Emperor Okay, I know what you think about, get up I believe my brother, he will never do that Moreover, I have promise you to be the emperor now, what do you want me to do? Originally, when I left Chang Liu, I have told Qiangu that I will come back to attend the legend of sword But now this way, Qiangu must complain me that I don’t keep my promise Lie Xingyun, you ask subordinate to Chang Liu and pass on my words to them, you tell them that, after I left Chang Liu last time, I can’t know when we’ll together again Emperor, the first in the exam of this year wants to see you I won’t see him, don’t you notice that I’m busy Emperor Okay,okay, let him in Pass on Emperor, Long live our noble Queen What’s your name? Emperor, my name is Dong Fang Yuqing Why do you come here again? I come here not to find you, I heard you recruit a disciple unexpectedly at the legend of sword I just want to see the people who is so powerful to be your apprentice She is not in palace just right I heard that she is a girl Is it important? Why did you recruit a few more apprentices? So more people can take care of you Now only a man and a woman lives here, it is inconveniented Day as a teacher, life fatherhood, what’s inconvenient? This is my new perfume,

it can keep you calm the nerves The demons are very perfume recently, everything of Chang Liu, you needn’t to be trouble It’s better for you to recruit a student, she will add some popularity At least, Unfeeling Palace is not so deserted Thank you Hello, Zixun master Are you Hua Qiangu? Zixun master, I have learned your class last time, I like your refined spices very much I thought she has very large ability, because she can be the student of Zihua, she is just a humble stupid girl originally It seems that Zihua has no way except listen to Moyan, and recruit an apprentice casually Mommy, you come here better in time, practice the sword with me The first time, Tang Bao don’t live with me I can’t fit in without her Master Since ancient times, tweedle impresses people depend on feelling But the tweedle of master, just has the form, the aroma, the manner, but no emotion at all It sounds that everything is useless in the world I think the reason must be that my master lives so lonely above the heaven He protects this fairy mountain, this piece of earth, and this world full of all kinds of strange, for thousands of years and million years Music battle is the most common in all kinds of war The old qin is the first among the four artistries and the eight music Its voice is the deepest and the easiest to move people The other instruments, you just understand, but the old qin, you must know how to play Have you seen the music score? Yes, master, I have seen them and remember them all, but I haven’t play them yet Come here Yes You show me your play

Yes Qiangu, your master will teach you, when you pluck string, you need to turn, make your thumb vertical, and downward naturally Your finger of right hand don’t be too deep, mix the true and false melodies the sound will be clear You can’t be impatient, concentrate your spirit, and introduct the soundbyte layer by layer Every wave has the power to cut off the gold Master is teaching me how to play personally, but why my hand can’t use my strength at all Do you understand? Yes, I do You need to practice more when you are staying idle, there are lots of old qins, you can choose one which you like Thank you master It’s too late now, you go to sleep earlier and to practice tomorrow Qing Shui Tang Bao Why do you come here? Where is Qiangu? Qiangu is busy recently, she has no time to play with me, I just look for you Why do you wash the clothes here? Don’t mention it, there is a method of sword I can’t grasp it no matter what I do Tao Weng punished me to wash the clothes here, and asked me not to practice theurgy You don’t know the method well and you were punished either, but Tao Weng is not more severe than Zun Shang Why do you think so? Qiangu’s injury has not been cure, but Zun Shang let her to practice every day, and ask her to remeber all the content of Seven-cut sword Seven-cut sword? It is one of the treasures to protect Chang Liu It includes everything in the world Zun Shang show Qiangu this book actually Yes My Qiangu mommy watch the Seven-cut sword every day now, She is so conscientious Qiangu is so lucky If I know this earlier, I will risk my life to be the apprentice of Zun Shang The most important is the lucky chance So it is Even Seven-cut sword has transfered to Hua Qiangu, It seems that Hua Qiangu has found the right master Why do you glare at me? You can’t stop her from studying and laughing at all You don’t blame me that I didn’t remind you, no matter you are envying or admiring, if you still just wait, you can’t get any chance You don’t talk nonsense, It is not other’s turn to edcate me Tang Bao, have you seen Mantian recently? I have been outside a few times, but I only saw Qing Shui and others, it is a long time that I didn’t see Mantian I don’t know if she is okay and still angry with me? Mommy, she bullied you so severely at the legend of sword, why do you still worry about her? She just really want to be the student of Zun Shang Every one wants to be the student of Zun Shang If she has power, she can battle with you fairly and squarely Mommy, you have ate so less recently Is there any wound in your body? I am so lonly every day in Unfeeling Palace It’s been a month now, but the time I saw master less than the number of my fingers Three meals a day, I have them alone Nobody to snatch with me, I don’t want to eat You can find someone to accompany you, This is the Unfeeling Palace, it is not the place that every one can be here Even the one like Qing Shui is not allowed to come in Don’t you refer to master? Yes My master is an immortal, he has no need to eat Further more, I always feel my master is so strict to me and frosty So that, you must brain storm to let him to eat with you In this case, you can see him one time at least everyday The emotion between master and apprentice needs your trainning What you said is right,

Master, master Qiangu made a dish specially for you, please taste it It is no need Master, for this dish, I have been busy for a whole day, You just have a bite, just a little How is it? master Very good, it is so good that master likes it Master, for the sake of you like this dish so much, I have another problem want to ask master You say Can you give me a little time everyday, just a little time to eat accompany Qiangu? I always ate with my father before, with Qing Shui and others later, But after I came to Unfeeling Palace, Qiangu is alone every day, you see, Qiangu has been thin Okay Thank you, master Wait What’s wrong? master Where did you find this ice-lotus? I saw the lotus in the backyard is very beautiful, so I think out this dish, and made it for master This millenary ice-lotus, was transplanted from the extremely north place, I have cultivated them for several years, it is so difficult for it to blossom, and you have ate them actually I punish you not to eat today Master, master It’s not my original idea Tang Bao, what’s wrong with you? you say heng heng all the time Mommy, I have a stomachache It must be you have ate too much ice-lotus of master Okay, I help you rub You eat so much food recently and turn to be fat, you looks round now Certainly not, I have my waist Waist? Where is it? Is it here or there? And other else? I itch, mommy The top note was so insipid that you can’t hear it, the middle note sounds like the tidewater, it is so turbulently, and intoxicating, you can not extricate yourself Modulating perfume is a very high learning originally Zixun is so amazing Mommy, mommy What’s wrong? Go with me to find Qing Shui Qing Shui? What’s wrong with Qing Shui? Tang Bao, you say it quickly She, she, Qing Shui You say it quickly, what’s wrong with Qing Shui? Qing Shui, don’t be cry Lang brother went back to become the king, it is a good matter, and we should be happy now After he become the emperor and leave Chang Liu, I can see him no more in the future We have no choice, he has important responsibility, if we want to see him, we can go to the imperial palace to find him, is it okay? It is not easy like what you said Qing Shui, you see, this is Gou Yu which Lang brother send it to me, he said it can be regarded as a token In due course, if we want to see him, we take it with us, and we must see him Really? Really

If we have nothing to do in the future, we go down the mountain together to find him Okay, that’s a deal But then, isn’t Lang brother the second tzarevich? Why did he become the emperor? No matter what the reason is In a word, it is the matter that make us happy, is it right? It is not the unique new from the imperial palace, we have recieved another good new, mommy, daddy really become the first in the exam Really? it’s so good My mommy will be the champion wife at soon, My father will come here to marry mommy at once Tang Bao, you can not talk nonsense Qing Shui, in this case, you don’t need to worry, Dong Fang will help Lang brother in the future You two are so shameless, you had better go down the mountain to marry men, why do you here to practice to be immortals? Don’t damage the reputation of Chang Liu Mantian Ni Mantian, you don’t speak nonsense, Qiangu’s generation is older than you now, you need to pay a formal visit when you see your uncle I have forgot that I need call you little uncle, right? It is useless Okay, I think you have learned lots of techniques from Zun Shang, so, let us have a competition Don’t touch her, Qiangu has been hurt by you and hasn’t recovered yet, she also has internal injuries, you can battle with me if you have skill Just you, you do not have the qualification Mantian, Qing Shui you’re not going to hit again Qing Shui Cut-miss Tang Bao

Railway Journey Rawalpindi to Lahore Traveling Pakistan by Train

In diesem Video sehen Sie die Zugfahrt von Rawalpindi nach Lahore Abonnieren Sie jetzt den Tarar-Support für weitere Video-Benachrichtigungen Rawal Pindi ist eine Stadt in Punjab Pakistan Es ist die viertgrößte Stadt in Pakistan nach Bevölkerung Es ist eine von mehreren wichtigen Haltestellen der Eisenbahnlinie Karachi Peshawar Der Bahnhof Pindi wurde 1881 während des Baus der Punjab Northern State Railway eröffnet, die im Jahr 2000 begann 1870 Die Route wurde erstmals in vermessen 1857 und sie wollen Lahore mit Peshawar über verbinden Rawalpindi Die Jahre der politischen und militärischen Debatte werden unter der Eisenbahnlinie Lahore & Peshawar beschrieben Zusammen mit mehreren anderen Eisenbahnen Aber Punjab Northern State Railway wurde mit der Sindh Punjab und Delhi Railway in fusioniert 1886 Gründung der Northwestern State Railway nach der Unabhängigkeit der Pakistan Railway Die Zugfahrt von Pindi nach Lahore dauert vier bis fünf Stunden, abhängig vom Zug Der Flug landet am Banazir International Airport Islamabad Der Zug fährt an der Sehala Bridge und der DHA Expressway Bridge vorbei Die Zugstrecke ist eine Gefahr für die Landbevölkerung. Jedes Jahr sterben mehrere Rinder auf einer Eisenbahnstrecke Nach dem Überqueren der Brücke ist der nächste Bahnhof der Bahnhof Mankiala 14 Awam Express fährt nach Lahore Crossing 45 Pakistan Express am Bahnhof Kaliam Awan Kaliaam Awan ist eine Kreuzung in der Nähe von Mandra Am frühen Morgen fahren wir an Subak Karam vorbei an Mandra vorbei Es trainiert mehrmals, um die große Fernstraße zu überqueren, aber Kangreela Railway Junction befindet sich entlang der GT Road Viele Motorradfahrer versuchen mit Zügen zu fahren Natürliche Schönheit und Landschaft eine schöne zwischen Gujjar Khan und Mandra

Der Zug überquert die GT Road in Gujjar Khan Es ist das Hauptquartier von Gujjar Khan Tehsil und das flächenmäßig größte Tehsil von Punjab Die Schüler gehen nach dem Studium in ihren Schulen nach Hause Nach dem Überqueren der Brücke befindet sich im Bezirk Jhelum die nächste Station Sohawa Sohawa ist eine Unterteilung des Bezirks Jhelum Taraki Mountain Range, ich wartete drei Stunden in Bakriala, aber Nebel, während der Zug fuhr Zwei kleine Tunnel in den Taraki-Bergen eine Kurve in der Nähe des Bahnhofs Taraki Viele Teiche entlang der Bahnstrecke von Rawalpindi nach Jhelum Oh Hirse und Weizen sind Hauptkulturen im Pothohar

Kallowal ist eine Kreuzung in der Nähe von Dina Jhelum ist eine Stadt am rechten Ufer des Flusses Jhelum, ein Fluss im Nordwesten Indiens und im Osten Pakistans Es ist der westlichste der fünf Flüsse von Punjab und fließt durch den Bezirk Jhelum Die Länge der Flüsse beträgt 725 Kilometer Lala Musa ist eine Stadt im Distrikt Gujarat und der Eisenbahnknotenpunkt eine Zugstrecke nach Sargodha und Karachi Nach der Überquerung des Flusses Jhelum Punjab Plains und berühmte Pflanzen sind Reis Zuckerrohr und Weizen Gujrat & Gujranwala Bezirk gleichen Flugzeuge Land und Ernte Aber der Chenab River ist ein wichtiger Fluss in Indien und Pakistan Es bildet sich im oberen Himalaya in Lahaul und Spiti Bezirk von Heemachal Pradesh Indien und fließt durch die Jammu Region von Jammu und Kashmir in die Ebenen des Punjab Länge ist 960 Kilometer Das Grab von Noor Jahan ist ein Mausoleum aus dem 17. Jahrhundert in Lahore, Pakistan Das wurde für die Mogulkaiserin Noor Jahan gebaut Der Marmor der Gräber wurde während der Sikh-Ära im 18. Jahrhundert geplündert, um im Goldenen Tempel in Amritsar verwendet zu werden Jetzt rekonstruiert die pakistanische Regierung das Grab von Noor Jahan Der Ravi ist ein grenzüberschreitender Fluss, der Nordwestindien und Ostpakistan durchquert Es ist einer von sechs Flüssen des Indus-Systems in der Region Punjab Die Gewässer von Ravi werden Indien im Rahmen des Indus-Wasservertrags zugeteilt

720 Kilometer, aber jetzt kein Wasser Lahore ist die Hauptstadt der pakistanischen Provinz Punjab Es ist die zweitgrößte Stadt Pakistans nach Karachi Der Bahnhof Lahore Junction ist der Hauptbahnhof in Lahore Punjab, Pakistan Es liegt an der Konvergenz der Kaiserinstraße Allama iqbal Road in der Kreisstraße Es ist Samjhuta Express, der auf den Sonntag wartet, um Attari India zu erreichen Der Samjhuta Express, der allgemein als Friend Express bezeichnet wird, findet zweimal wöchentlich statt Zug Mittwoch und Sonntag verkehrt zwischen Delhi an Attari in Indien und Lahore in Pakistan Das Wort Samjhuta bedeutet sowohl auf Hindi als auch auf Urdu Übereinstimmung zwischen Hand und Kompromiss Bis zur Wiedereröffnung des Thar Express war dies die einzige Bahnverbindung zwischen den beiden Ländern Der Zug wurde am 22. Juli gestartet 1976 nach dem Shimla-Abkommen und lief zwischen Amritsar und Lahore eine Strecke von etwa 42 Kilometern Nach Unruhen in Punjab Ende der 80er Jahre aus Sicherheitsgründen, Indian Railways Beschlossen, den Dienst in Attari zu beenden, wo Zoll- und Einwanderungsabfertigungen stattfinden auf am 14. April 2000 in einer Vereinbarung zwischen Indian Railways und Bei den pakistanischen Eisenbahnen wurde die Entfernung auf knapp drei Kilometer geändert In den frühen Morgenstunden des 19. Februar 2007 68 Menschen, hauptsächlich pakistanische Zivilisten und einige indische Militärs Bei einem Terroranschlag auf Delhi wurden die Wachen des Zuges getötet und zahlreiche weitere verletzt Attari xpress Der Angriff ereignete sich am Bahnhof Deewana in der Nähe der indischen Stadt Panipat Haryana Beamte fanden Hinweise auf improvisierte Sprengkörper IEDs Und brennbares Material, darunter drei nicht explodierte IEDs Die nationale Ermittlungsbehörde bezweifelte, dass es sich um Explosionen handelte von Swami Aseemanand geleitet, der später mangels Beweisen entlassen wurde Vielen Dank, dass Sie sich das vollständige Video angesehen haben. Abonnieren Sie es und teilen Sie es mit Freunden. Es war die Produktion von Tara-Anhängern Du

Titanic: Endless Love – The Incredible Journey

More than 100 years have sailed by since the world’s most luxurious steamship, RMS Titanic, made its disastrous end in the North Atlantic sea, after crashing into an iceberg during its maiden voyage from London to New York. A deep-sea grave became the ‘pinnacle of human achievement’s’ final destination in the early hours of April 15 1912 Carrying 2223 people among whom was some of the world’s wealthiest and most famous individuals. Only 706 would survive, the other 1517 passengers would perish Many brave things occurred that tragic night, band members continued to play as the gigantic ship sank lower and lower into the sea, clergymen prayed over passengers and crew seeking refuge and comfort, while other passengers gave up their seats on lifeboats for others. One of these passengers was Ida Straus, a first-class female, who by all societal laws was most entitled to a lifeboat position Offered a chance to survive, Ida Straus refused to go without her husband Isadora. Choosing instead to make the ultimate sacrifice for love, the love and devotion of Ida and Isidor, captured in their final moments together, lives on well beyond their lifetime, serving as a symbol of eternal love. This is their story Isidor Straus was born in Otterburg, Rhenish Bavaria, Germany, on the sixth of February 1845. He was the first of five children born to Lazarus and Cyrus Straus In 1854 he, his mother and siblings emigrated to Talbotton, Georgia, USA, to join his father, a dry-goods shopkeeper, who had emigrated two years previously. They moved to Columbus in 1863 and Strauss became a successful merchant there. At the end of the Civil War the Strauses decided it was time to head north and hence relocated to New York City, the city where dreams are made and for the Strauses this was certainly true Lazarus opened L Strauss and son with Isidor. They began importing fine goods such as china, glassware and crockery. By 1874 Isidor’s younger brother, Nathan, convinced Rowell and H Macy to allow them to open a concession in the basement of Macy’s store. This was the first time in history that a store sold more than one category of merchandise Hence Macy’s became the first department store By 1888 the Strauses were part owners and by 1896 they were sole owners of Macy’s, one of the world’s largest and most famous stores. In 1902 they built and moved into the iconic building at Herald Square, during this time Isidor also served as a u.s. congressman, from 1894 to 1895. Meanwhile Rosalie Ida Blun was born in 1849 in Worms, Germany She was the sixth of eight children and immigrated to New York with her family when she was two years old. In New York Isidor’s family became acquainted with Ida’s family. Drawn together by common bonds of Jewish heritage, German origin, similar interests and would you believe even a common birthday, February 6 Isidor and Ida were married on July 12 1871. Considered by most as extremely close and an image of love, the couple were inseparable and would write letters to each other daily whenever they were apart. They made their home in New York

and had seven children together. In January of 1912 the beloved couple travelled to Europe. Now it was normally their custom to only travel on German ships, but there was a coal strike in England and all the available coal was being diverted to the Titanic because of its size and all the publicity about it being the largest and grandest ship and so the Strauses had little choice but to return to New York on the Titanic As first-class passengers they would have enjoyed all the luxuries that the Titanic had to offer; gourmet food consisting of ten course meals, world-class entertainment and even a saltwater swimming pool, the first ever built aboard a ship They would have been part of the select passengers who would have been able to use the Titanic’s grand staircase. The grand staircase was the centerpiece of the ship and is still one of the Titanic’s most recognizable features. Spanning through seven decks from the boat deck at the top, all the way down to F-deck where the Turkish baths were located. The foyers were elegantly panelled in oak and at the uppermost deck the staircase was crowned by a wrought iron and glass dome with a magnificent 50 light crystal chandelier in the centre. This was the place to be seen and see fellow passengers dressed in the latest fashions, newly purchased from Paris or London. The first-class dining saloon was the largest room on any ship at the time, nearly 35 metres long and spanning the entire width of the ship, the room was decorated in Jacobean style, but instead of the heavily carved rich wood paneling the room was almost entirely panelled in white. Leaded glass windows with light diffusion screens covered the portholes to eliminate any hint that one was aboard a ship. Placed about the room were dozens of tables that allowed either more intimate dining for two or could accommodate large parties of up to 12 passengers Here the service was exceptional Passengers ate off fine bone china with silver cutlery and drank from crystal glasses. Food and wine was served by stewards that were allocated a ratio of one steward for every two or three passengers, this ensured flawless service and that every passenger’s wish was swiftly met. Meal times were announced by bugle, approximately 45 minutes before doors open and the dress code was relaxed for breakfast and lunch, however dinner attire was always formal except on sailing day and dinner was followed by a concert in the adjoining reception room. Other amenities found on the first-class deck included a library, squash court, barber shop, Turkish bath, reading and writing rooms and enclosed promenade decks to walk and sit on. The Straus’s suite was one of the most opulent suites on the ship, it was one of four parlour suites which included one bedroom, a sitting room, two wardrobes, one bathroom and a fireplace. The cabins were C55-the sitting room, and C57-the bedroom The sitting room was one of the regency decor and had the fireplace. The panels were deep and rich in colour, with 24 karat gold gilt all around. It certainly would have been one of the most beautiful rooms on the ship. This sitting room is a replica of the suite occupied by Mr. and Mrs Straus. On the day of the Titanic sailing from Southampton, Ida took a moment to write a letter to a friend, in which she marveled at the luxury of their accommodation and wrote “What a ship, so huge and so magnificently appointed. Our rooms are furnished in the best of taste and most luxuriously they are really rooms, not cabins.” However these luxuries were short-lived, it was day four into the ship’s maiden

voyage that disaster struck. At 11:40 p.m. on April 14 1912, lookout Frederick Fleet spotted the gigantic iceberg, whose above water ice alone would have rivalled the Colosseum in size, a towering iceberg had suddenly appeared straight ahead in the dark, the lookout rang the warning bell and telephoned the bridge, the helmsman swerved to miss it, engines were put in reverse, he had less than a minute in which to avoid a head-on collision Just 37 seconds elapsed between the sighting of the iceberg and the collision Officer William McMaster Murdoch ordered the ship to turn, but it was too large to completely make it in time Instead of making direct impact, the iceberg seemed to graze along the right side of the ship, sprinkling ice fragments on the forward deck Sensing no collision, the lookouts were relieved, they had no idea that the icebergs jagged underwater spur had slashed a hundred meter dash, well below the ship’s waterline and that the Titanic was doomed By the time the captain toured the damaged area with the ship’s chief naval architect Thomas Andrews, five of the sixteen compartments were already filling with seawater and the bow of the ship was alarmingly down. The Titanic had been designed to stay afloat with four of the forward compartments flooded but no more. Hendra did a quick calculation and estimated that the Titanic might remain afloat for an hour and a half, perhaps slightly more. Four hundred tons of water was filling the Titanic each minute, at that point the captain, who had already instructed his wireless operator to call for help, ordered the lifeboats to be loaded Little more than an hour after contact with the iceberg, a largely disorganised and haphazard evacuation process began, with the lowering of the first lifeboat The people aboard the Titanic had 160 minutes before the ship would finally sink I can only imagine the frantic atmosphere that consequently engulfed the boat. The Titanic was 640 kilometres from Newfoundland, Canada. Surrounded by water that was minus 2 degrees celsius, a temperature one can only survive in for 15 to 30 minutes and probably the scariest fact of all was that there were only 20 lifeboats, a number that could at best only carry 53% of the passengers In an event unbelievable to most, the impossible had happened, the unsinkable ship was sinking, 60 precious minutes passed before the first lifeboat entered the water. As was the general maritime rule, coupled with the chivalry of the day, the order of women and children first was given As first class passengers Ida and Isidor were ushered to the upper deck, where they waited on the port side of the ship Their decision to wait on the port side played a crucial role in determining their fate. On the port side, second officer Charles Lightoller, was adhering strictly to the captain’s order, women and children first However on the starboard side, William Murdoch, the first officer in charge, was allowing men to board the lifeboats if there was any space after women and children had entered Back on the port side, lifeboat 8 was being loaded, when it came to the Straus’s turn to board, Isa started to climb in, assuming Isidor would follow However, as she put her foot into the boat, Isidor stepped back, [Isa] “Aren’t you coming Isidor?,” [Isidor] “No I can’t, it’s impossible” The thought of going without Isidor, her beloved husband, was unimaginable for Ida. Despite the continual urging by Isidor other passengers and staff, Ida likewise refused to board the lifeboat, without Isidor [Isa] “We have lived together for many years, where you go, I go, where you are

papa I shall be” [Gary] Her loving words were witnessed by those already in lifeboat number 8, as well as many others who were on the boat deck at the time. Instead of boarding the boat, she graciously handed a fur coat to her maid, Ellen, saying “I won’t need this anymore, you take it” Lifeboat number 8 was lowered at approximately 110 a.m. with a total of 39 passengers, it had the capacity to hold 65 According to survivors accounts, when it became apparent that there was no hope of the Titanic staying afloat, Isidor insisted that Isa enter the second-to-last lifeboat that was being launched. She still refused to go without him The officer in charge attempted with force to make her enter the boat, but she refused, “I will not be separated from my husband as we have lived so we will die together” Given the fatal state of the Titanic, the officer in charge was willing to make an exception and let Isidor into the lifeboat However, he responded with quiet dignity, “as long as there is a woman on this vessel I will not leave.” Sitting side-by-side in chairs, as a giant wave crashed over them, others say they were standing arm in arm, at 2:00 a.m. on April 15 1912, the famous RMS Titanic tilted its turn towards the heavens and sank to its final resting place. With a temperature of minus 2 degrees celsius or 28 degrees fahrenheit, the water was lethally cold, Second Officer Lightoller described the feeling of a thousand knives being driven into his body as he entered the scene, Jack Thayer compared it to the sound of locusts on a summer night, while George Reims, who jumped moments before the Titanic sank, described it as a dismal moaning sound which I won’t ever forget Those in the lifeboats were horrified to hear the sound from those poor people who are floating around calling for help [man’s voice] “From the lifeboats we could hear the sound of every possible emotion of human fear, despair, agony, fierce resentment and blind anger, mingled with notes of infinite surprise as though each one we’re saying how is it possible that this awful thing is happening to me that I should be caught in this deathtrap?” Isidor’s body was recovered and he was buried in the Woodlawn Cemetery in the Bronx, where he’s interred in a stone replica of an Egyptian funeral ship in the courtyard of the Straus family mausoleum But Ida’s body was never found Isidora and Ida are memorialised on a Cenotaph at the mausoleum, an inscription from the Bible book of Song of Solomon, chapter 8 and verse 7, is dedicated to them. It’s a reminder of their courage, self-sacrifice and devotion to each other The story of their self-sacrificing love struck a chord in the hearts of people all around the world and with many New York residents, where the Strauses were well-known and well-liked philanthropists. Thousands attended their memorial service, synagogues honoured them and Mayor William J Gaynor praised them as heroes [Joan] Shortly after Titanic sank, citizens of New York decided that it was proper and appropriate to erect a memorial of some sort and a contest was held to select a site and then to have an architect and a sculptor and Augustus Luqman was the sculptor, who did a really lovely statue

an allegorical statue of a reclining woman, not anyone in particular, she’s called memory and she is looking down upon a reflecting pool and so the visitors to the park can reflect upon what happened and in their own lives they can bring whatever it is that they want to this and of course it was built just one block away from where the Straus’s home was, so it’s a perfect place for this lovely memorial to Isidor and Ida Straus They were a remarkable couple and they were philanthropic, they were merchants they were everything, but I think that the most important is their amazing love for each other, their devotion for each other and the way they conducted themselves in such a moral and ethical life [Paul] Like great grandparent’s love for each other, their commitment to one another was indeed quite special. Isidor had to travel a great deal for business and to go to Europe and abroad he would write Ida every day and she would write him every day there couldn’t be an exception and I remember my grandmother saying that she has as, her fondest memory, and I wouldn’t expect this of my grandmother, was how much they liked to hold each other, and when they would walk they wanted to walk holding hands and would just spontaneously put their arms over each other and embrace We’re fortunate that we have good reason to know what the last view of my great-grandparents was and there were many different versions, but we have a testimony from eyewitnesses in two of the lifeboats and we have reason to believe that that is the authentic knowledge of what they were doing and where they were. They were onboard of the deck and they were in their lifejackets as they were told to be, with coats, holding hands and then at a point when the waves became quite fierce prior to the ship actually sinking – into the sea, that they embraced, so they became one and then one eyewitness said a great wave came over the top of the ship and swept all those who were standing there, including the Strauses, into the sea and that was their last moment, embraced, being thrown into the ocean to die, with the affection and the love with which they had lived. Really Isidor and Ida story is a love story, it was a love story between two very special people and I’m simply fortunate to be the great-grandson [Gary] Isador’s wedding ring was recovered, along with his body, after the Titanic tragedy. This gold ring, with their wedding date inscribed, is a perfect and simple symbol of Isidor and Ida’s love This ring is an unbroken circle, its unending just like their love, endless love. The love of Ida and Isidor gives us a glimpse of at the very highest form of love, God’s love for us, endless love, it reminds us of the sacrifice he made and his desire to never be separated from us. As Romans 8 verse 38 states: “For I am convinced that neither death nor life, neither angels nor demons, neither the present nor the future, nor any powers, neither height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord.” Wouldn’t you like to experience that endless love, in its most perfect form? Well you can, just ask for it right now while we pray, Dear Heavenly Father, thank you for this wonderful example of endless love. It’s something we all want to experience in our lives. We thank you for offering it to each one of us, we now reach out and accept it and thank you

for your love and goodness to us Make your face shine upon us and grant us your peace, heavenly peace, in Jesus’ name we pray, amen The story of the Titanic has captured the hearts and minds of people all over the world, many brave things occurred that tragic night, there were many acts of love and heroism. There are many lessons that can be learned from the Titanic experience, lessons that can even make a difference to our lives today. If you’d like to know more about this, then I’d like to recommend the free gift we have for all our viewers today, it’s the inspiring booklet: God’s Love For Man It answers many of life’s big questions, including the age-old questions, what does God’s love really mean? How can I know he really loves me? And if God does really love us, then why does he allow such terrible things to happen? This booklet is our gift to you and is absolutely free, there are no costs or obligations whatsoever. So don’t miss this opportunity to obtain your free booklet today, here’s the information you need: Phone us now on 0481 315 101 or text us on 0491 222 999 or visit our website: to request today’s free offer, so don’t delay. Phone us now on 0481 315 101 contact us right now If you’ve enjoyed today’s journey, be sure to join us again next week, when we will share another of life’s journeys together and experience another new and thought-provoking perspective on the peace, insight, understanding and hope that only the Bible can give us. The Incredible Journey truly is television that changes lives Until next week, remember the ultimate destination of life’s journey “Now I saw a new heaven and a new earth and God will wipe away every tear from their eyes, there shall be no more death, nor sorrow, nor crying, there shall be no more pain, for the former things have passed away.” [lady singing] Still all my song shall be nearer, my God, to thee, [lady singing] Nearer my God to thee, [lady singing] nearer to thee

By the way, Can You Survive RPG game? | Part 3 – Journey to the North Podcast

[Last episode on : Can You Survive an RPG Game] Random NPC: “Help! My- My husband is in danger!” Daniel: Uh- [NPC chokes and dies] lel [Snickering] Hosuh: Ma’am are you okay- [inaudible talking] [Shameless laughing] D, while laughing: Ma’am are you okay? Annabelle (Ann for short): Hi Them: Uh..hello A: Do you guys wanna go find, Santa Claus? D: Okay H, snickering: Let’s do that yeah A: Yeah, let’s go! D: Stephen, do you wanna– do you wanna resurrect that woman? [more snickering] Stephen: I don’t know. She seemed kind of useless asking other people for help I want people who can stand on their own two feet, so let’s go D: Today we’re gonna be playing Can You Survive an RPG game I get that this is part 3– I don’t know It’s– I think it’s a Christmas edition? Like a Christmas special Basically, it’s our own little version of Dungeons and Dragons But with the Christmas twist This video is actually not gonna be animated or drawn by Hosuh There’re a couple sketches every ten minutes or so Which is done by a lot of people which you guys should check out in the description below Otherwise go grab some popcorn, sit back, get some tea, put some Christmas carols on because today we’re gonna go to a small village and the north side on a faraway land Also, like Hosuh said if this video is bad It’s not going on the internet So if you guys are listening to this this must be pretty good. So stick around to the end yeah H, laughing: Alright Oh yeah we also have a guest, by the way, right? A: Ayyy D, scoffing: Disgusting A, offended: Oh- uh I’m not here for you anyways. I’m here for the cute innocent Hosuh and the– and the relatable Stephen [cackling] D: Oh and Ann’s joining us today, and she’s going to be playing a rogue Basically a thief or an assassin or whatever you want to call it. She steals things and kills things, all right? A, way too content: Sounds good D: Oh also you know we’re professional cuz we’re gonna be using D 20s today instead of D 6s S: Oh- oh my god, and will these not have such crappy RNG? H: Finally, a D 20 [Laughing] D: Man, finally [Laughing] So the heroes travel up north for their first journey With hopes and excitement they pick up their backpacks and weapons and go to meet Santa Claus But after a long and weird travel they arrive at a small village All the houses are made of wood and have chimneys on top of them It’s a town where anyone would feel the Christmas spirit coming in. The kids are playing outside The adults are drinking beer and everybody’s just having a joyful time S: Wait so let me get this straight– the houses are made out of wood but they have chimneys D: Which is also made of wood A: Then the house will burn down S: Yeah, how is this not just a town of fire at this point? D: You look at it, and you see a small innocent village, and it just certainly seems nice to just kind of rest, recharge Get ready to go on your next adventure to find Santa Claus S: Everyone looks innocent? D: So what’s your first move? D: What do you guys want to do? Who do you want to talk to? S: I’d get out of town as fast as possible And there’s always an innocent town that always has some dark secret That’s one thing I learned from One Piece Every nice thing is evil and we should run as soon as possible [Laughing] A, quietly: Weaboo H: For the sake of the story, I think we should stay Stephen S: Yeah, you know what? If everyone in horror movies stayed for story, they’d all be dead. Oh wait. They are dead Y’know how easy it would have been in just to say nope, big bucket of no no and run the other way “That haunted house over there. Don’t go up it.” Okay. Sure wise stranger. I sure won’t go up it “Oh here, take this box. It has demons so don’t open it.” Okay here take it back. I don’t want it Could’ve been solved so much easier if we didn’t do the stupid But you know what for argument’s sake and for a good storyline Stephen says kill someone. (Is that) What you want? Let’s find– [Confused and slightly baffled laughing] S: –a random NPC! D: No no you can’t just say ‘Let’s have a good storyline’ and k-kill someone S: I’m gonna be the villain here– [unclear talking] D: It has not been a minute yet Stephen! [Laughing] S: I’m the bad guy in the story. I got this D: Daniel stops Stephen A: I have no idea what’s going on but I think it’s fine H: Okay D: Hosuh what would you do H: All right. So let’s go and ask someone where we could find a Santa Claus S: Yeah, who looks like the mayor. Yeah, looks like the mayor in this demon town D: Okay, so you see some kids, you see some– you see some adults drinking beer and you see in kind of these old folks playing chess D: Who do you go to ask questions? S: Not the old folks ’cause they’re obviously playing chess Then you can’t ask the adults cuz they’re drunk Cuz this is obviously a Christmas town and no one has anything better to do it seems. You know what let’s ask the children Can I kill children? Definitely not right? Okay fine. I ask the children

S: I think we should ask the children D: Daniel shuts up Stephen because Daniel knows that children are scared of Stephen D: Daniel pushes Ann forward to talk to the children A: But I wouldn’t talk to children. Like– Children are stupid I mean children are not very knowledgeable about Stuff Yeah H: Yeah but they also don’t hide anything D: True A: But then why don’t you ask the people who’s playing chess because they know– Okay first of all they’re playing chess It’s not it’s not like they’re playing minecraft or anything so That’s one reason why you should talk to someone who plays chess. A second grandmas and grandpas are nice H: I-I mean A: Oh you disagree?! D: Ann goes to talk to old people and Hosuh stays for the children S: WOW that sounded wrong A: Hosuh you’re very shady Why do you want children so badly H: Oh okay let’s go ask the old people then! D: Alright don’t even look at you D: You guys walk up to the old people They don’t even look at ya D: They’re playing chess H: Oh wow who would have thought that would have happened. Oh, wait–! A: They’re concentrated you gotta wait for them to finish A: Respect your elders! S: Throw their game over the side D: Okay, I’ll roll for that D: Ooh fourteen! You push the chess off the table the old gentleman looks over says “Huh kid. You got spunk” “I like that. What do you want?” [Ann laughing in the background] [More laughing] S: Oh my god S: STEPHEN WINS! Hey, can you tell us a little bit about this town, and why is everyone so…nice Even though you’re all demons, all devil children D, as the old man: “Well a lot of travelers come and go but this is just a small town up north” “and” “There is this myth that Santa Claus does live nearby and so we’re all just cheerful when it comes to Christmas season” S: ‘So you are demons!’ I say as I pull out my sword, dagger. Whatever weapon I have I don’t know S: What do I have? D: You’re a necromancer you have a freaking staff S: Oh my god. I pull out Daniel’s sword D: I’m gonna– as a DM. I’m gonna stop that Just take a step back just a moment here Just uh Stephen you don’t have– to like you don’t have to kill every person you meet you know that right? S: But I don’t have to NOT kill them. Aaahh S: Fine…follow Hosuh or whatever all right, so I don’t kill them H: Our journey is to go and meet Santa Claus ourselves H: Right, so, I’ll ask the elders D:Okay H: Do you know where we could find Santa Claus? D: I’ll roll for that. You got a six H: Oh D: The old man looks over, just stares at you blankly says “You ain’t got no spunk” *Laughing* D: Ask the old man a question A: Oh, what are we supposed to ask? “Hey old man,” A: “Where is Santa?” D: I roll for that you get a one. Oh my gosh A: Isn’t that good D: One out of twenty is the worst A: But it’s rolling at dice So it’s like you’re moving in a board game like monopoly you take one space slowly D: No, the rolls give you the chance to be successful all right the higher D: It is the more success you can get A: Oh, so what what happens to me now D: The old man says– The old man looks at you and goes “What are you woman?” S: That’s– that sexist S: Wait wouldn’t we get false information then? D: Yeah, so this might be true or not But they say Legends has it that travelers come up here And they get ready to go somewhere else to find, Santa but then they never come back S: Well that part’s true. Oh my god Why else would they say that? Ughh It’s like you just want us to killed Santa cuz he’s obviously a demon A: Oh, yeah, what does a demon to you Steven? D: Then sudden these small snowflakes start to fall from the sky You look up to see snow, but there aren’t any clouds S: Is Santa attacking? Oh my god! I just want to stab someone so I can get zombies D: Just- Just a- Just a sleigh? Wait a sleigh? You squint your eyes to look closer, and you see this fat old man with a white beard, whipping reindeers to fly. He starts throwing small presents from the air A: Ayyy S: They’re obviously bombs! D: But the presents as they get closer and closer you realize They’re- they’re huge!

They’re 1 cubic meter presents falling from the sky! Dozens and dozens all throughout the town They smashed the ground making thunderous noises. A: Can Steven shoot people out of the sky? S: Yeah, do I have any ranged projectile attacks? D: Um No, you don’t S: Well GG A: Wait, what does Stephen use? D: He’s a necromancer A: Can he like… throw his staff at them? D: He’s a necromancer A: Can he like… throw his staff at them? HE THROWS HIS STAFF?! *Snickering* S: Yo, these are destroying the town right? I let it happen, because with more dead people, more dead bodies to reanimate! I don’t have to kill them, so it’s technically not morally wrong! H: Ya can’t do that D: As dust settles, Santa disappears. The kids are excited, the adults are dumbfounded, and the old men got heart attacks. The kids want to open the present really badly! Do you stop them? Do you open it with them? What do you do? H: Let’s open it with them I’m actually getting excited. S: Wait! Wait- wait- whoa- whoa- whoa! Wait a second, did anyone die from this encounter? D: NOPE! Not yet. S: Okay, okay I think we should leave them because obviously Inside is going to be some sort of zombie, and as soon as you open it’s gonna bite a kid. You know what? Yeah, I let the kids open it. You know what, I let the kids open it A: I say, I’ll just WATCH them go on fire D: “Let’s open one!” the kid says, and they unpack it. It’s a bomb, a time bomb! Ten, nine, eight seven, six, five, four, three *panicking* Two! One! *more panicking* Okay! Whole severals- with one second l-left, Hosuh rolls for a shield, HE GETS A TWO! He fails, they EXPLODE! *BOOM* *even MORE panicking* One by one, each present explodes, Destroying all the houses. The kids fly over, arms and limbs flying everywhere! S: Change that cuz I don’t think we should have kids dying in this D: … Old MAN died! Kid’s fly over, and everybody just- D: No, NO HOSUH! DANIEL, NO! No- no kid parts fly anywhere! D: Okay Lots of explosions, people are injured people, like there are so many casualties. The town is completely destroyed, and the dust settles once again H: Are we damaged from this? D: No, because you guys stayed back to let the children open the- -DFFPH *laughing* A: Ayyy S: We’re monsters! D: You guys are the worst A: *inaudible* I had nothing to do with this Look at his evil laughter! He’s just continuing to laugh! H: Okay, I’m- I’m gonna spend some turns healing whoever been injured apparently A: But they’re dead, you can’t heal a dead person, Stephen, Are you gonna let them revive people? I don’t think so S: Technically these people have not done anything to me, so I will just ravage they’re dead H: Stephen Stephen can raise his dead people. I will if they’re dead I guess Roll for Steve instead yes 2000 I get everyone in the town even the non dead people sorry. Haha GG no Riya Alright, since Stephen got a 20 and 20s are rare. I am going to give him this I was gonna say no, but I mean the dice have spoken The limbs and parts of human flesh all combined into this 5 metre tall flesh with skeleton blood all mixed together and conjured up into a Dead living thing and just for the Christmas spirit. Let’s put a Santa hat on him Notice we still is this supposed to be a Christmas punch. Oh, so I I conjure my spell with Christmas carols And as Stephens conjuring up the dead and host is healing people and goes to loot some goods. Good goodies Ok and what do you want to do? I want money sounds good. I’ll roll it another 20. What’s? Any good as she just walks by just walking walking as people are bleeding Screaming and crying and she just no wisp whistling walkin, and she sees a bank blown up to pieces as she walks up Looks down, and she’s move. What is this? It’s a blade and it’s glowing It’s almost like it’s calling her name It’s obviously some cancer-causing material bow let and keep going what I always wanted to road that She

Picks it up. It makes her body blow for a second and it disappears She’s not sure what it quite does, but she thinks she should keep it wait So it literally went inside her no no it blow disappear the glow disappeared Oh, yeah, I started going with the thing yeah when you picked it up. I think it’s like a legendary item That’s right wait can I kill my party members? From now on whenever an uses attacks with that weapon it’ll be a +5 We need to get the santa claus or something yeah Any supplies and information now because yeah a terrorist attack has happened Let’s just find someone who can help us now because they’re all easily wanting to kill Santa so we’re they’re gonna give us our quest Yeah, survivors. Let’s hope that they are not little around quickly I roll a 12 yeah, that’s okay suppose that looks around and Somebody moans Hosuh runs up gives him a quick heal. He looks up He says was that-was that really Santa Claus Hosuh says yeah, yeah, I think so He says you know if there is a Santa Claus, and there is two paths you can take The one path leads to the frosty frozen forest The other path leads to the candy cane Kingdom wait if I necromancer one Do they have all their memories intact? But this guy isn’t dead oh I’d kill him I Won’t allow it Daniel the man of justice stops and the all day long at this point it just stops David Daniel tasty enough damn you Daniel Alright guys, where are we going? Are we going to take candy cane Kingdom or are we gonna go check out the trusty? frozen forest Forest Lake I don’t know I feel like if we go to the kingdom it’ll be bombed as well Cuz after all didn’t Santa come from that way hmm I feel like he’s just attacking villages for no reason so if we do go there They probably will have a lot more dead people let’s go into Candy Kingdom I Think we will get more clues if we go to the bigger town video city. I think yeah, okay We don’t know what to expect in the past thing yet right exactly you could have an NPC who actually gives us information Because oh it’s actually not Santa. It’s a some devil possessing Santa please free him instead Wait was that what I’m just tagging along as long as I can get stuff You know at the end of this quest just gonna be an with bunch of stuff So with this knowledge you all decide to go to the candy cane Kingdom It’s up north. They say you’re not really sure what that means but Steven hosted annual man packs up their stuff and continues their journey as they walk by a completely Destroyed town about a day passed and then from a far distance you hear that music cheerful Christmasy Constantly singing the same tune so kind of music. Oh my god Santa replaced the whole town with the robots Go check it out obviously yeah, okay, let’s go check it. Let’s go Okay, so you walk and walk and walk and you start to see it’s not a kingdom it’s almost like a huge factory you See these little tiny people With stripes on their bodies and a little pointy hat on their tops. They’re all singing They’re all smiling and they see you and they say welcome to candy cane Kingdom. What can we do for you? We want to see toy factories you want to know more about Santa Claus you wanna you want some toys Do you what what would you like? Wait that was oh, that was so specific. Do you wanna learn more about Santa Claus? Yeah? Yeah, you want let’s let’s go with that option Are you sure about that it could be a treasure I do You can’t get trapped from information, but that doesn’t make sense Let’s go with that. We’ll ask yes. Please tell us more about Santa Claus Santa Claus is he is the most jolly and happy and lovable man. You’ll ever see ooh We all love Santa Claus and Santa sounds like he’s sucking Santa’s dick. You want to go see some toys at the toy factory I

Mean like we could also just say no. Thanks. You creepy pedophile, and then just run the other way or stab him Let’s stab him can Steven stab this NPC Role for that 15 Steven somehow already stoles Daniels sword again somehow and then stabs the elf the elf screams for a second But then with shivering cut he’s trembling he’s holding his stomach, but he looks up again it says Welcome to candy cane Kingdom Can I stab him again, no wait Okay See our toy factory or learn more about Santa Claus We’re all so happy here Is he is he dying? It’s easy easy your deliv is he dying is he bleeding he’s bleeding okay, so he’s not a robot I Think they’re all brainwashed. Oh dicks. I just stabbed an innocent elf. Oh my god that I hope he’s not watching So from this information we know for a fact that the elves are brainwashed by something and The information that we just received is a false information, right? Maybe someone made them Brainwashed so that they say okay Santa’s a good person and all that obviously Santa because how else would have benefit from this hmm When the other elves see this they take the stabbed elf away not even attacking us No woo hoo no repercussions And they all continue their day as if nothing happened This is scary I’m scared Yeah, is there like a big big main office that we can see from our position Yeah, so the toy factory has a main gate that you can walk into huh huh, okay? Let’s do this As long as I can get stuff, let’s find another elf there are tons of elves around a Steve it I Can’t necromancer some so that’s the problem like they keep getting carted away before I can just use them You’re pointing killing people if I can’t use their dead bodies as my weapons Stevens the type of person that gets a Coca Cola bottle Empties a coke and says wow now I can recycle this Anyway so Anne walks up to a kind of more important looking type of elytis he has like a He has like a little checklist that he goes through he’s looking around seems like he’s kind of the manager of the place mr. Elf um Wait what we asked him already about Santa List is mr.. Elf. What’s the most valuable thing in this candy cane Kingdom places? Haha, oh, can I just ask him. What are you? What is he doing? What are you doing? What’s up? Ma’am? Who me that’s good home skillet? We’re preparing for Christmas because we all love Santa man Santa’s so Joyful and he’s so happy and he’s such a great guy you want to come see our toy factory. No You’re lying tell us the truth I’m sorry, but we have our complimentary candy canes if you want to come and see have a free tour of our toy factory Steven I think we should stop I think so too you what you go ahead and you attack with your dagger that does extra damage Whoa, okay, okay? I wanna kill him. Hey doodles attack him She say stab me stab stab stab You stab stab seventy haha and Stabs the elf again, that’s the second elf you guys stabbed in five minutes that you’ve been here, okay? Heroes you guys aren’t heroes you guys are like villains at this point Okay, so what happens to the elf does he do the same thing guess he doesn’t get carted away the elf starts bleeding you cops up they by the way the elves have blue blood instead of red he cops off blue blood and Easily grabs his stomach. He says that oh, that’s that’s okay. We still have our toy factory if you want it. Oh My god. Yeah, the toy factory is a euphemism for like mind control Brainwashing thing hey, so we shouldn’t go inside. We should bomb it we’re Santa’s bombs do we have bombs from last time I’m afraid of sending my zombie inside. Yeah, we still have the zombies

Yeah, no, but what happens if he gets brainwashed too. Oh Yuck we can’t Have the Slovenians Vallois, why don’t I strategically plant him while he gets information for us JK That’s a stupid idea. You know what yes. You know I send my zombie into the toy factory then let’s see what happens Another help comes right it will say oh So I heard you guys have a toy factory. Can we check it out? Oh, yeah our toy factories right over here come come, okay, so I send my zombie and while we go talk to other people Actually, let’s put a HOSA first cuz I feel my way. She can’t really do much damage stuff. I mean like he could heal us even though he’s brainwashed you stay here there you guys are gonna fine you I Steven goes in with a zombie you want frontline this as As as you’re about to go in an elf with this really rag like clothing That’s kind of Comus covering his forehead in his eyes says hey Go over here Do you ignore him follow him or do you go? Just inside the toy factory. It’s just a drill no no No, he’s not talking like the other elves. He’s obviously not brainwashed Let’s follow him UI he can’t be I don’t think we should stab him. I think we just follow this kid He seems like he’s not brainwashed or at least he got on brainwash Or he wants to somehow start a revolution ass flare as follows revolutionising l so you let the zombie follow the the Elves and the elves then doesn’t even seem to notice difference you three start to follow this rag elf And you follow him and some reason everything else seems so magical and special But when you turned around to the corner things seem a little bit more desolate the place seems more dark It feels like it’s an older town, and then you guys walk into a house And then they turn go down to a basement turn right again into little quarter And then a room now when you went into the room there was what there was a bunch of elves But there was one old looking elf now he seemed like he was a thousand years old and they all just stare at you So I probably shouldn’t kill this one. He sounds important. Yeah, don’t do that and let’s not kill this one Well what if they like rate us it’s like five hundred of them versus us or like a room full of elves faces us mm I think we should kill everyone except for the old man and the guy who brought I agree for once yo killing is not the answer in this case Yeah, so then you know, it’s wisdom Power is not indiscriminately killing power is knowing when to kill and this is not one of those times If these owls attack you I’m ally I’m just gonna stand next to the door Constantly looking around making sure nothing’s going on Stephen opens his mouth, but then the old elf starts talking it says instead. Okay, screw you too The elder elf Explains that Santa has started using robots to manufacture his toys Pay and living conditions became unmanageable for the elves so they tried to form a union But they wait is this a metaphor for communism You’re literally trying to shove communism down our throats host Daniel Unacceptable what would Jesus do? That’s a side question, okay, let’s not spoil Then that’s when things start to go south One day one elf and another started disappearing Turns out Santa has been feeding some of the elves to the reindeers oh God that’s gross so the ones. I just killed I pretty much fed, two reindeers. Oh my god and WordGirl regarded all Is there a suicide option in this game? Just just to make sure I can take all your stuff right I Want your zombie anywhere information from the old man the old man says you heroes have to save us Although you killed two of our people, Santa killed thousands They’re all afraid they’re too afraid to answer any differently they all just Even at the face of death a lot of fear has poisoned them to the extent oh So they’re corrupted already, so I don’t feel that bad. Haha wow I can’t believe I have more morality in someone and their suffering Please end their suffering the way and is asking

You Stephen as my inspiration of killing if you think I’m an inspiration you might wanna Ask Where do we find Santa he went up to the frosty frozen forest or he can be protected by the golems? Okay, that sounds insanely difficult I’m necromancer robots are they techno no already had so I need like Oh So I guess forgot to find more flesh things to use even no That’s a good question. What should we do then suddenly an elf screams? Reindeers and impose all the elves start panicking they hide their children people run into that corridor People stall the elves hide in the corners of all the basements they can find and you hear from up above Who’s? Smashing down to the ground okay Are they outside the door? Where’s my zombie? Can I just recall my zombie no zombies having a blast at the toy factory oh? The zombie just having the time of his life, man, I mean his his death So I can’t even control him anymore Well penis okay, now. You can stay hide or you can come out in fights. I have nothing to fight with How many Rangers are there so there’s eight reindeers in total Dasher dancer Prancer vixen comet Cupid dunder and blixem also, Rudolph being an Inclusion so nine eight side reindeers and one main dude shoot do we know if Santa knows that this place? exists or like the elder goes Okay, let’s all be quiet Steven be quiet and for the next five minutes You hear screams you hear children running away? Daniel can’t take this anymore. He runs out. Oh my god of course Stupid you what you want good. I hope he dies so that I can get a body to resurrect and actually use the fight Jesus are the rest of us just hiding oh, it’s your choice We have to follow them you what spirit we have to follow them do I have any offensive skills or am I just like? Based on my zombies Rudolph looks at you and with this red nose. He attacks. He goes for the blind Know pretty much, just like tried to blind us Okay, this bright red nose rudolph release nineteen stevens blind Well dicks hey n do you want to help me hey. I want to chop off Rudolph’s nose Fine then you are care my zombies can see for me alright wholesome, what do you do? Go alright, and what do you do the solar blinded right now our auras only Stephen blinded? Okay While the Rudolph was attacking Stephen now on a run up to there Rudolph and chopped his nose off If we kill the boss duet does everyone else retreat Oreo do we still have to kill everyone else to like the other adults? It’s oh my god. It’s Rudolph his nose is controlling people. This is the oh my god do it Right you roll the thirteen, but now you’re using that dagger So it’s plus five so that’s 18 woo such a good and that’s a critical hit. That’s a good dagger I didn’t realize plus five is gonna be this good anyway While the Rudolph’s blinding Steven and Stevens grabbing his eyes crying to mommy Jumps and gets on top of the reindeer she holds onto Antler with one hand and she grabs a dagger with the other and she goes through the nose, but Rudolph knows. What’s up He tries to avoid these swings left He swings right and misses the nose, but does manage to get him in the stomach and she pulls it down, and she she stabs And Rudolph is damaged severely, okay, it seems like if you can get him two more times like that He’s gonna fall Did we win Steven yes get into the role Okay, well, I guess my only option right now is to give Steven a Status repellent repellent off I mean like you could also attack the Ranger Corsa attack the reindeer first

No, no you have such bad rules. I don’t think you Can only not see but he can’t hear anything as well Sense is one play one huh where’d everyone go For the first time in a long time Steven is that peace There is no peace unless I can hear myself I Can’t hear you Wait I’m pretty sure wait like Ralph is controlling everyone So why don’t we just kill him the other Ranger isn’t right now, but you want. I like this prospect of having reindeer slaves continue continue Let’s end this says Daniel, and he he rolls It’s a three daniel slips falls and then faints Okay I think you have to carry us I like caroline’s or it off snow, so I would attack the nose again. Okay again, I see 18 plus 5 Thats 20 plus his critical hit This time and manages to get the nose she cuts off the nose and it continues to glow She likes to destroy we have to drive she puts it in her pocket acts like nothing happened Oh my god, and I swear to god. I’ll kill you right now Shiny around Okay is it mature oh? No, I gotta talk about this as an looks at that nose and since it’s shiny and round Rudolph is behind Screaming that his nose has been cut off Splattering Wait whoa wait we’re Santa Not you’re Santa Santa’s at the frosty something poor mices Ranger. Why would he go? Why we Neela’s transportation go without him? as Rudolph is screaming you hear a thump and another thump and another thump Fight me Santa. Where are you? Steven okay, you know it time has time has passed enough Stevens stuff is gone now. He can see it He needs to participate Oh To see bloodied up and holding a read Over this Luke the look suits you an let’s see let’s do our best work Like You guys look up and a shadowy figure 10 meters tall is Looking down he all he says is ho ho ho We was Steven guys what about Steven? He doesn’t he get acknowledged, just HOSA unacceptable Take it Steven stands his ground and calls his minions to him. Nope Steven. We need to run like right now, okay? oh My god fine fine Steven recalls as minions and just runs like hell While using just enough to hold off Santa Santa says you cut off Rudolph’s nose You have ruined Christmas I mean like you technically ruined Christmas when you drop bombs on people, but yeah, okay, sure we ruined Christmas he lifted his hand and Slammed it on to the ground it trembled the whole place You guys can knock the over dicks where my big zombie at? still having a blast filling the toy I Don’t have any sort of yeah. Yeah, you what spirit let’s let’s do what Daniel wants cheap Evo For each of us, or it should be rule is to you wanna roll to that. I think we should roars like Collective, maybe okay, you guys got a four Yes, no. I think that’s that’s rule as a individual

The first bad rule I get whatever okay? Steven trying to distract Santa, but then Little did Steven know Santa is also a wizard while dicks didn’t see that plot twist Know what Santa can do is he can read minds and manipulate them? He also has a huge bag that contains just about everything not only does Santa get rid of all the elves But Santa goes into me goes deep into Stevens mind Suddenly the screen changes to a flashback of Steven’s background story Steven used to be a happy fellow. Not as hyper as Daniel, but at happiness in his life Why don’t I remember this she actually had a wife named? You wanna know? What’s your wife’s name Steven? I don’t know Let’s say Tanisha You know wife she actually had a wife named Tanisha and a daughter named You see so the point of a DM is so that you can make up a story no does this per day I want you to choose Ted Because he wanted a boy However they all died from an ogre attack okay to this day He practices necromancy in the hopes that one day He could resurrect his family completely Wow he’s trying to make me a relatable character The screen comes back from the Stevens background story Stevens like what the fudge, I didn’t even know I had that kind of story in me But he’s now all Steven now all days from this manipulation Santa just caused I’m gonna run so Rules for that 15 Xhosa runs away like a cactus on a tree Yes, sure. He’s gone Wow all your damage will be so useful in the factory Xhosa Runs into the factory he sees the zombie zombies having a little bit too much fun Okay, so if my zombies getting his dick sucked. He’s getting exploded right then in there That’s not Just kill Santa it’s not that all I’m trying to oh my god Next turn I’m gonna bring those army back yeah fine, and what do you do I? Want Santa’s hat Okay But if I have their own red nose that controls all the reindeers can I control all the reindeers if I have it? mm-hmm Your goal for that 13 well I guess I guess he can I yeah sure I’ll allow it oh, I want all Iranians to stomp on Santa should Danner and Orders the reindeers to stomp on Santa the Rangers fly up and up and up and then they Fly down towards Santa they smash into him they stomp on him, and they steal his house hat for some reason How are you kid gonna carry you that giant? The Ranger drops it on an covers her whole body. You know that giant Andros. Oh my god Interestingly enough Santa seems to be way more damage than you expected Oh, that’s weird. It seems like if you hit it one more time. You might be down Daniel gets up out of nowhere He says Oh Santa I love your work, but let me attack your real quick he rolls an 8. He misses ok Wow Wait aren’t I bring washed or white white I’m confused. No. You’re just based from the from Santa bringing up um Steven tries Castillon something He’ll I don’t know aren’t I days. I don’t know what I’m doing you got 17. Okay. I Castillon something yes You kissed a girl on a dead L Phoebe comes back to life Wow good for you, okay? So we good, right? : okay, Oh dick, so why did you do that first? Yeah? I’m gonna do that but you just went in did you stop

GG no re Y’all even care my conscience is cleared for the entire game. I can murder whoever I want now Xhosa takes a jingle bell. He jingles the bell on the zombie follow them jingle these balls Okay side note. By the way if anyone ever asks us to do live stream this man is why we can’t This this thing that you see right there called Steven. He is the problem to our live streaming business So wait yeah, so I come back with the column with the five meter tall gone yet, okay, I was gonna buff up Finally playing his role right you get a six you failed What should I do I think I think we should interrogate Santa interrogate Santa I want Santa’s boot Let me necromancy Just strip him naked. Why don’t you a good idea? That’s what we’re going through no 19 okay Wow okay Wow and Literally the most wrong thing I’ve ever seen Freakin Anne’s eyes suddenly turns red and she dashes and Jumps almost like a ninja behind Santa’s back and cuts off his legs and takes the boots The whole way She wasn’t about to take him off hard this is Santa screaming falls on to his knees and with his last strength he He fails to attack he rosal to he fails to attack and he falls to the ground You guys have yet to use that stupid gun Daniel gets up he walks up close and asks, so why’d you do it. Why’d you bomb the village? Why’d you cause all this Santa goes, but what do you mean? You’d Christmas yeah? We just literally killed Santa I think we would have ruined Christmas Thank you wait. What do you mean? We ruined Christmas? It means that not only did you kill me, but you let those people survive And they they trick people they take innocent lives families parents that try to find me and they they Steal their things and they murdered them And they steal their organs those people needed to be stopped so I bombed what do you mean those people? the villagers Wait aren’t you from the village the? Villagers oh my god that village with the old people. Oh my god, what let’s go kill them right now Wait are there any like So basically what just happened was we killed Santa the Santa’s saying that he had to kill the villagers because they They took advantage of tourists. They stole their things they left them to die and this northern freezing cold and like Santa had to bring justice justice to them so The village that we came from aren’t actually good people guess not I mean Santa might be lying I don’t know I would believe Santa elves any day, and they also wouldn’t tell us anything, so I’m pretty sure it’s them the Elves are the ability elves in the village place the one where we started from the shady with the shady one oh my gosh, I told you guys I Literally said if these elves are sure. Yeah, we should just kill us, please Wait no the the the first village were humans they were oh yeah has people The evil ones were in the Candy Land Candy oh the one underground Oh, those guys. Yeah, those guys were. Oh my god. How do we find them? How do we kill them? Santa don’t die on us Cebu play wait right now You could either go try to revenge Santa or you could try to save Chris Oh? God can we can we kill them after we save Christmas Let’s do that Saving Christmas is a more pressing matter at this point you want let’s kill them leader you I want them to live in fear Knowing that way, but death is gonna come for them, and I will purify

their impure lying bodies and minds The second coming of the Apocalypse So now I’ll save Christmas How do we save Christmas oh you gotta figure out some how to get all these presents from that toy factory to all the villages? In in this world and you have one night to do it crap crap crap, and you and you still have your ranger Right yes manipulate your elves correct Oh my god so let’s use my elves to get the presents on the Rangers somewhat and Just have them distribute them throughout the world wait. Yeah. Yeah, I think that’s the best course of action We can’t really do much. Oh wait okay. No. I have a better plan Okay, okay, and has the Santa head right and put it on yes And we have so many elves under our control How about we make all those elves? Delivered instead of us mm-hmm then do one. I have to go along Probably look at them to make sure that they’re not like accidentally stumbling over some some random rock because you’re how hard is control that means else tough for that distance I mean just Tell them Situation guys Guys we accidentally killed your master the one that you all live in work for How many elves are in Xhosa, it’s supposed to be candy cane cane your shirt whatever There are thousands and thousands of elves so you set up this plan each elf is gonna Take one village and that’s enough to cover the whole land so each elf starts grabbing presents unfinished unboxed Covered in elf blood and elk blood and Santa blood now, but it’s okay There’s no time to fix this Steven also necromancer’s all the dead elves so some some houses or We’re visited by corpses Okay, that’s how the small packs became And somehow Throughout the night with panicking laughing and definitely not remembering all the dead people you killed Somehow managed to deliver all the presents in one night huh we did it now Steven finds those elves and Katz’s wave of death over the impure film Where are they? Unfortunately because a night has passed They’re a bit too far away damn it Daniel smiled We saved Christmas I have elves all over the world right now. I can’t use them to find the elves Stephen takes a minute to ponder his situation and still arise at the same conclusions He still wants to murder the elves this this you want this will be a holiday tradition Zebra will come back to the spot every year every day on the same day and find those elves Eventually you want this will be a Christmas tradition you all let’s do this next year Stephen does it oh? Okay, all right well Well gee all right my gosh that done see you guys when we say we can’t do Dungeons and Dragons we aren’t being humble We can’t do You sound like Hitler dude Whole star Steven do you guys want to say anything to the audience before we hand? Merry Christmas guys know where the elves are please contact me at 6:04 7:03 35:35 please do what the heck that’s my folding. Oh actually no No, no just call me it’ll get to me. I will just like punched a few elves It’ll be my Christmas treats me and say anything I’m just happy with my Rudolph nose That’s my favorite uh-huh Oh it was this a comet for the for the Phil people Oh, I have some requests from you guys

Make sure to drop Stephen riding a reindeer and him enjoying it well my pictures of Having sex with a ranger, I will not only quit discord I will quit everything you are reddit Facebook Tumblr none of that exists He likes it Stephen reaffirm Proud to be not a furry so which one of you is why is there anybody? I don’t know the fans are know I’m not a fairy the fans are freaking okay Anyways Man I hope you guys have a really good Christmas honestly this past couple months have been really magical for us I hope it’s been magical for you guys, and honestly if you watch this far first of all Why? but second of all we want to hear from you like comment down ask us questions because People that was willing to watch this type of whole thing We won’t also take the time to respond and you know kind of interact you three guys a little bit more Tell us what to do give us suggestions or ask us questions. We’ll be around to comment for a couple hours, so yeah until next time bye right elves also subscribe

Traveling Pakistan By Train Islamabad To Havelian Abbottabad Journey

Awam Express kommt auf Plattform Nr. 3 an von Peshawar nach Karachi Heute meine Reise mit der Pakistan Railway Karachi Peshawar Mainline und Taxila Khanjrab Eisenbahnlinie von Rawalpindi nach Havelian Abbottabad Der letzte pakistanische Bahnhof in Richtung Norden Mit dem privaten Zug Hazara Express Dieses Video ist fast die gesamte Zugstrecke 110 km In diesem Video Pakistan Railway Heritage Museum am Golra Bahnhof und Taxila Museum a bedeutende und umfassende Sammlung buddhistischer Gandharan-Kunst 1. bis 7. Jahrhundert Täglich 2 Züge vom Havelian Hazara Express für Karachi und Rawalpindi Express laufen zwischen Rawalpindi und Havalian als Nahverkehrszug eine Reise von Punjab nach Khayber Pakhtonkhwa durch die pakistanische Hauptstadt Islamabad Dieser Bahnhof ist der Standort einer verehrten Eisenbahn Museum mit den Reliquien und Erinnerungsstücken verbunden mit Eisenbahnen aus den Tagen der Britischer Raj Der Bahnhof mit seinem Museum ist eine Hauptattraktion für Touristen und Einheimischen gleichermaßen und wird zu einer Hauptattraktion für Eisenbahnbegeisterte Das Railway Heritage Museum wurde im Oktober 2003 gegründet Von Reliquien bis zur Gründung von

Eisenbahnen auf dem Subkontinent von den Briten zu Erinnerungsstücken Dargestellt sind die Entstehung des Museums und in diesem Kulturerbe erhalten Die Dampf- und Elektrolokomotiven, aber jetzt Eisenbahn auf Diesellokomotiven Der Sangjani-Tunnel befindet sich in den Hügeln von Margla Die Bahnstrecke verläuft entlang der Grand Trunk Road auch bekannt als Sher Shah Suri Road. Kabul nach Dhaka Das Taxila Museum ist ein Standortmuseum und sein

Die Sammlung konzentriert sich hauptsächlich auf Gandharan-Kunst Diese Standorte in Taxila stammen aus dem Jahr 600 oder 700 v Es werden ca. 4000 Objekte angezeigt, einschließlich Stein, Stuck, Terrakotta, Silber, Gold, Eisen und Halbedelsteine Die Anzeige besteht hauptsächlich aus Objekten aus die Zeit von 600 v. Chr. bis 500 n. Chr Buddhistische, hinduistische und jainistische Religion sind gut vertreten durch diese Objekte entdeckt aus Drei antike Städte und mehr als zwei Dutzend buddhistische Stupas und Klöster und griechische Tempel in der Region Taxila-Khunjerab-Eisenbahnlinie, auch bekannt als Khunjerab Eisenbahn oder Karakoram Eisenbahn, ist eine von mehreren vorgeschlagene Eisenbahnlinien in Pakistan, von Pakistan Railways betrieben und gewartet werden Die aktuell aktive Linie, Jetzt reisen wir, beginnt hier Taxila Junction und Ende an der Havelian Junction Bei einer vorgeschlagenen Erweiterung wird eine neue Strecke verlegt Havelian Station zur pakistanisch-chinesischen Grenzstadt von Khanjarab Dort wird es mit der chinesischen Kashgar-Hotan-Eisenbahn verbunden Im Jahr 2007 wurden Berater mit der Untersuchung beauftragt der Bau einer Eisenbahn durch den Khunjerab-Pass in Gilgit-Baltistan, um China Railway zu verbinden mit Pakistan Railways Eine Machbarkeitsstudie startete im November 2009 für eine Linie zwischen Havelian und Kashgar 750 km der Strecke würden sich durch Pakistan erstrecken, während die restlichen 350 km in China Im Juni 2014 gab China eine “vorläufige Forschungsstudie” in Auftrag, um eine internationale Eisenbahnverbindung nach Pakistan Die vorgeschlagene 682 km lange Eisenbahnverbindung wäre Teil der China-Pakistan-Wirtschaftskorridor und wird beginnen Bau während der zweiten Phase der CPEC zwischen 2018-2022 Chinas Beteiligung an mehreren Eisenbahnprojekten in Pakistan wird hauptsächlich durch kommerzielle Überlegungen motiviert es sieht aber auch deutliche Vorteile für seine Verbesserung Transport und Zugang nach Zentralasien und die Golfstaaten Die Stationen auf dieser Linie sind

Taxila Cantonment Junction Usman Khattar Mohra Shah Wali Hattar Kot Najib Ullah Haripur Hazara Serai Saleh, Balder und Last Station in Richtung Nordpakistan Eisenbahn Havelian Haripur ist ein Bezirk in der Hazara-Region von Khyber

Pakhtonkhawa und der Zug fährt jetzt vorbei Es ist eine Höhe von rund 610 Metern über dem Meeresspiegel Ab 2013 hat Haripur District eine der höchster Human Development Index der Distrikte in Pakistan Vorgeschlagene Hauptbahnhöfe auf Linie von Havelian

nach Khanjarab in den nächsten fünf bis zehn Jahren

Vorgeschlagene Bahnhöfe können sein

Abbottabad, Mansehra, Besham Dasu, Chilas, Gilgit, Hunza, Sost und Khunjerab Junction Ich hoffe dir wird meine Arbeit gefallen, Wenn Sie möchten, abonnieren Sie mich bitte mag und mit Freunden teilen, danke, tschüss

Testimonies about our Journey of Fire

we are live Wow we planned that I don’t know but we’re alive so we’re live so we can’t discuss these things okay we’re having to use my new phone because we don’t really have internet here makes us look so glamorous yes it’s a beautiful camera our biggest fan Vanessa’s and frosty my aunt frosty oh thank you frosty I can’t see my face but that’s okay I’m hiding behind the comments that’s her getting okay moving on okay I won’t announce everyone thank you all for coming in um wow we’re getting a lot of people here hey guys what’s up welcome to the world i Samantha! Claudina! Hi Claudinha! Well we’re gonna testify and we’re not sure where to start so Lord just give us wisdom Holy Spirit help us to know we have a million of them we won’t do all million tonight nope limit it to 500 that sounds good okay so um awesome do you have anything that like yay, Mae’s watching too! Mae mama Penney mama with our shared son yep yep yep so anybody I would I mean first of all let’s see if we’re you know talking about the stories the biggest stories really are in my opinion the ones that were on the road which was that was so setting up the whole scenario we were driving around in a van that shouldn’t have been working shouldn’t have done what it was able to do in the windshield wipers weren’t working it was old it had probably well over what a hundred some thousand miles on it which it was not rated for we’re not we’re not talking about a Japanese vehicle we’re talking about a Chevy van you know a caravan it was hi Beth Thomas welcome to our show we drove through some pretty bad rainstorms in Colorado yeah with no no windshield wipers this guy drives by the spirit I mean like really he does and that’s why we’re still alive yep yeah we we saw a lot of crazy stuff along the way and yeah so the the set up is we, driving that van, which really shouldn’t have even been roadworthy it was miraculous that it was even driving from Ohio from Ohio all the way to Kansas with a handful of dollars barely any money caller anything Arizona press kit than Phoenix Arizona but all along the way we had all sorts of encounters and these were just people that we didn’t we didn’t reach out to we didn’t you know some of them we had like a little bit of a lead a little bit of a number you know there with this or that church or whatever with a lot of the people that we ran into yeah we picked up a hitchhiker yeah well that’s that’s quite a bit later in the story we we had a lot of oh you’re better is about the wrong you better make sure it’s plugged in that thing isn’t working Oh see technical difficulties this we’re trying to do medium here using the phone but uh anyway are you longer now how could I tell so basically you know miracles were a consistent thing all across the board like we literally did we literally did we didn’t have enough money and to be making that kind of a trip across the whole country I can tell we didn’t have enough friends we didn’t have enough people that would be supporting us that would be helping us out there was there was no support systems nothing email like in some

different Christian groups I was in to kind of like put out feelers to see if we could stay with anybody in Arizona and I didn’t get any good reports at all they were telling me don’t come yeah I’m gonna die on the hot sidewalks um yeah yeah so first you know what one of the places we stopped first we we made it out of Ohio as far as Indiana we got into Evansville Indiana and we had favor there with the the lady that was the manager of the hotel there and she got us in a wonderful suite at a really low price it was that was like the beginning was really awesome that morning when we were packing up and leaving the hotel we went you know we’re all bleary-eyed and tired because we’re all night owls we’re not you were not used to it like even just the time that it takes you getting out of the hotel and having the continental breakfast and stuff was killer for all of us because we’re that was like super early for us we had to pack that van like a jigsaw puzzle every time because we were loaded you know with our our whole family at the time which was slightly each of us only having one duffel bag yeah she was only everyone knows and in the in the lunch room where well the you know the lobby area where they had the breakfast and whatnot the continental breakfast hi hi Elise we had a man come up to us and you know he was well dressed he’s a little older you know maybe in his 50s or so and maybe sixties I don’t know but he he walked up and he just told my dad he said young man you are doing something you’re going somewhere God is with you is with your family and I want to sow into this we had not even talked to him he just observed us in then yeah awesome your honor glad to hear it and you know we didn’t we didn’t know this guy there we’re just sitting there eating you know we’re not we’re not doing anything and this guy just like I want to invest and what it is that you’re doing yes this was exactly claudinha this was this was our move from Ohio which was which was which was a faith thing because we didn’t we didn’t we didn’t have a destination that we didn’t know where we were going except that we had in mind that we’re gonna go to Arizona that was something that for some reason we felt led to do so we’re headed towards Arizona that was the best that we had that was it that was a very loose goal a very loose destination no idea what we were heading into no job on the other side no nothing and so this guy here at the very beginning he’s like you are with God God is with you with your family and I want to sow into it and he just gave my dad like whoa is there like $100 yeah $100 just right there bill and you know we didn’t look like we were poor or anything you know it’s not like we’re all dressed up in rags or the kids look depressed or you know look at their sad little family yeah I know it was it was it was amazing you know because we we did we weren’t asking for anything that was always you know that was from the beginning that was our lifestyle like like Abraham yeah exactly what knew we had to leave Ohio we had some words from people who had God just sent them to us to tell us yeah you mean to leave Ohio and there’s kind of a life lesson to that too you know when you’re in a place and it’s just like things just get worse and worse and worse and they continue to spiral and go downhill it’s like yeah when things when you it just seems like it’s a spiraling depression in the place that you’re at and nothing is ever getting better for you it’s a lot of times it’s a sign it’s just time to go yeah it’s time to get out of there it’s time to take an adventure and go and don’t stay we tried we tried hard to stay and we had to get a lot of signs that it’s like look let go it’s gonna be okay yeah absolutely and we knew we didn’t really have the means but we also never really felt at home there either and you know that at the time there wasn’t a lot of support that we had while we were in Ohio you know a lot of a lot of the support dried up too so it was just like well what other option do we have you know like God is kind of leading us onward other people that are you know actually speaking and are actually saying anything positive to us are saying you need to go and you know like this is what God’s saying this is what you need to do so you know we go and immediately from the very beginning we’re getting people that we don’t even know we’re not we’re not even reaching out to them they’re reaching out to us they don’t know us they don’t know who we are we’re just random strangers on the road and they’re giving us money they’re kind of telling us what yeah god yeah which we needed that because we had you know like what are we gonna do like this is this is crazy you know it’s we just have to go we just have to have faith that God’s gonna take care of it really really like pilgrims on on a journey and we didn’t know where we were going or what was

gonna happen we didn’t have you know it’s kind of like the Jesus and His disciples they said leave your staff don’t take too – Knicks he said don’t take supplies don’t take anything with you he sent them basically on a faith journey like that themselves and in and you know the staff actually represented their identity and how they would be known so basically it’s like any reputation that you have leave that behind to and that’s that’s and that’s that was us we were incognito we had nothing and here these people will come out of nowhere and would provide and would you know give give money to us would help us that happened in Indiana and then we started making our way over into Kansas City Missouri which was somewhere that we just thought well you know we heard of this International House of Prayer and you know kind of heard about its association with Bob Jones the Prophet and you know just some interesting stuff that we heard about the history of that place are like 24-hour prayer worship we’re a big draw for I just wanted to see what it was like so I thought we thought we’d visit it in a couple hours and move on but that’s not what happened yeah so we get there and it was like wow like this place is really different and we get we get in there we managed to immediately like connect with some really prophetic people that had some things to say that were right off the bat were like God is moving with your family and he is here and he’s got you here for a purpose and they’re just saying thank you for a little bit yeah and they were saying things that was really just healing for us because we didn’t understand the things that happened in a while we didn’t understand why God allowed certain things to happen cuz we were just like well you know we’re supposed to have victory right you know things are supposed to go a certain way and they didn’t and we did we were confused about that we were confused about how we were allowed to be so mistreated by certain people in the family and we lost our house and we weren’t expecting that no we were praying to keep it and it didn’t yeah yeah yeah but our theology needed to change a little bit we thought that you know that we could kind of make make a deal with God of how we thought things needed to be and it’s like no it doesn’t exactly work that way yeah well there there’s two there’s some American theology for you oh you know well we got to have our electricity we got to have our house we got to have these things and if we don’t then involved you know gotten really good yeah we’re being such very good people but you know and and miraculously we did keep that house for what two three three three and a half years without an income yeah without an income not going and asking for money not raising collections not even unemployment or no ran out we weren’t even gonna take that but then we did and that ran out there right now pretty quickly that that didn’t last we were totally yeah so yeah you know it was it was miraculous but the time did come that we were supposed to leave and but that was that was a hard thing to get through that because we didn’t know you know what was this all about it didn’t make sense to us because it wasn’t what we saw coming it wasn’t what we had envisioned happening know our well we didn’t really have a plan so much but if we’d have had a plan it sure wasn’t going nothing to it no we had expected more like okay well we need if we need to go to Arizona then we’ll sell the house we tried to sell the house we couldn’t sell the house not even for the price we had paid for it five years previously we went down to that price and somebody was interested but it fell through and we just could not sell our house that wouldn’t have been faith that wouldn’t that wouldn’t have taken us on the wild journey a wild adventure that we had where we were just dependent on strangers and and people that we didn’t even know and people that we didn’t ask for help and they helped us with you know large sums of money and and from hotel to hotel from place to place they took care of us but there in Kansas City we were able to stay because and I think we told this story last time but we were able to stay because of Connie D Umbra and because of the her friend Mary who guys introduced there so that’s you know we’re kind of falling back to that trail again we stayed there for that period of time and then it came time to leave and we left and we started making our journey back over to Phoenix and by way of Colorado by way of Colorado someone had given us a tip about a pastor there in Colorado and or not because that was just on the way and we didn’t know him he didn’t know us but he did let us stay he actually made arrangements for us to stay in a hotel in Lyman Colorado he paid for two rooms and gave us some money right yeah he did gave us and took us out to eat and took us out to eat I him we were strangers even total strangers yeah the lady that gave us his name barely knew him mm-hmm Reesa Reesa if you’re on here if you come on here later I’ll have to tell her that we yeah yeah there you go yeah so you know and bill

bill Weisner was the man’s name and he was amazing he was definitely one of those guys I think save her for us it was definitely one of those guys that was hearing from God he had a lot of compassion and and just knew so much it’s like he already knew us before we you know had ever met it mean it’s like he already knew our story already knew where we came from already knew how hard it had all been we didn’t tell him anything and nobody could have known hi Monica hi Monica thank you yeah that’s one of this one of my friends one of the friends of the podcast tagging yeah it does tiny words so we you know so it was it was amazing how bill just saw everything that was going on it was another one of those really healing kinds of experiences because he said so many things that was just like answering questions that were burning inside of us and you know the wounds from rejection and from why did this stuff happen it’s like he was just it’s like he was just speaking straight from the heart of God and just saying I know where what you feel and how you’re hurting and it’s it’s gonna be okay it’s gonna make sense he knew like our character he was he would tell me about Sean he would say and I was like yeah how do you know I’m Sean my god yeah it was it was it was amazing I was only 15 at a time and he could see big things coming for him and he knew a little too much he told me that Jerry was thinking was going to be it this was yeah Arizona was gonna be the destination yeah and and and pastor bill said it’s not and I was just like I’m not going because I know Gary set on a destination that’s where we’re headed that’s what we’re doing and that wasn’t just but that would have popped his bubble big time I don’t know what he would have done so I didn’t tell him that yes I don’t know claudinha that’s why I like whenever you’re talking I’m just like I’m praying claudinha I understand yeah so pastor bill yeah and so after that you know and he sent us on send us forward so we made our way kept on getting through there’s so many crazy adventures along the way going through New Mexico ratan New Mexico that place is a trip you go through there it is it is desert it is it’s scary there’s like no gas stations in between so we have this van that’s just like barely working and shouldn’t even be working but it is somehow by some miracle and we’re driving through they’re just like oh Lord like we can’t run out of gas we can’t have this thing stopped now here in the desert in the middle of nowhere and it didn’t and our windshield wipers weren’t working so there was these storm clouds threatening to come and rain down on us I was like oh no they have bad storms they’re really bad storms and so we were praying and the storm just parted around us the whole way so we got through there not a not a drop of rain on us and it was just like one of those things that’s just like wow okay now that was God he got us through there yeah and you know ended up having a stay in Albuquerque Albuquerque is scary yes Albuquerque is very scary test it again after the other places I’ve lived now but it was scary it was a scary place from the hotel to the little restaurant we ate at was it felt very dangerous I had little children we have all yeah children we’re trying to keep them all together yeah my little bring little ducklings through Krim CD criminal underworld kind of scenario is like really that’s pretty spooky but you know we got in there got our got our hotel there and and stayed stay the night and we’re all just kinda like all right night after this let’s get out of here as fast as we can and you know nothing bad happened did hear some lot of sounds and a lot of crazy stuff going around outside we did a lot of praying the whole time yes that was that was an important thing across the whole journey every day on the hour we were praying that’s what we did because we’d get in the hotel that’s all we had to do was to pray yes and along the whole way too like we we were led so specifically that instead of just like going to one hotel or another we had this this I don’t know who gave it to us how we got it but we had this big book of coupons for hotels and it had the craziest deals for hotels you’d never believe the prices that we were getting staying in these hotels which is exactly what we needed because we had barely any money whatever money we got just came to us along the way piece Mealing from strangers from random people and so we would we would go yay so far every day

and it is like the children of Israel leaving Egypt like we didn’t know how far we were going to get every day we didn’t know exactly what was gonna happen we just go so far and get to a certain point well it’s getting about time we’re gonna need to quit well what’s the next you know hotel is gonna be somewhere on the map I had to learn how to read a map to navigate because we didn’t have a smartphones we didn’t have home school yeah there we go eat the complimentary breakfast before we took off we would eat one meal on the road and we’ve stopped in a hotel that’s that’s how we ate the whole time yeah yeah it was and it was so each each hotel each place long done summers and we could find it and so some other locations occasionally and the each place that we would go there was really a there was really something specific that we needed to go to each location for like there was there was always a can encounter there was always something interesting always a reason for each of those hotels so I would be reading through the coupon booklet and I would be like I’m really feeling a strong feeling about this one that we need to go to this one and you know we’re just praying the entire time about this is the one we need to go to so will you drive when we go to it sometimes it’d be like navigate yeah daddy how to get there yeah I was I was in the shotgun I was in the driver’s seat okay and I would just know that that’s what we need to do and sometimes it would be like like in one of the one of the places in I think it was in Colorado it was in Colorado there was one location that was really close to us like well here’s this one over here and I just feel I have this feeling no this isn’t the right one and everybody’s kind of mad with that come on Sean we’re tired let’s just go to this one like – no I really don’t think this is the right one I think we were we were even draining up driving up to it and everything I was like I really don’t think this is right one I think it’s this one over here okay so we drive like you’ve been right so far you know I guess worked so far so we go to this other one that I think it was like a Comfort Inn or something had like a teddy bear emblem or symbol and I don’t know if there’s if that was something you used to have or what but we went in there and the funny thing is earlier their journey in New Mexico we had taken a man in who had had his car break down remember we’re talking about how far spread apart those gas stations were well he had had his truck break down had go all the way to a gas station to go get gas and was gonna have to walk all the way back but we took him in our van brought him back got into that van he was squeezed and he made a squeeze Sean sat back on top of somebody yeah I realize there were so many people in there he suddenly he just happened to I guess look in the rearview mirror or something he looked back things like how many people it was something else this guy was this guy was a trip John was John was something else he was he was like a California he’s blond bleached blonde hair and you know that’s like a sailor but he had he had a heart of gold he had gone during the Katrina stuff and I’d gone down people during you know everything and that’s what he was actually coming up from was from doing that and so his car breaks up so we help him get back to his vehicle get the gas get back to this vehicle and you know he drove on we drove on parted ways he was back at this same flash for and he was back at this same hotel in Colorado the one that I picked that came second that nobody wanted to go to at first cuz we wanted to go the one that was closer there was John so we meet him see him there in the lobby that’s like surprise surprise like wow like that was the kind of crazy stuff god yeah right there yeah and he was he was a really encouraging guy because he was just like you know you don’t need to you don’t need to worry about things you don’t need to let this stuff