top 20 chinese drama with best possessive manipulative and obsessive male leads hi guys this is top list drama as the name suggests this will be a highly subjective list about chinese dramas with possessive manipulative and obsessive male leads so we will counting down our pick for the top chinese drama with best possessive manipulative and obsessive male leads as always you can catch me more content like this give me a subscribe and let me know which drama list you want to see next love is sweet it follows the story of a girl named zhang jun who meets her close childhood friend ma yuanchuwai in the workplace this time however not as an ally but as a rival zhong jun runs into her childhood friend ma yuanjuwai yet he’s different from the gentle and caring protector that she remembered him to be furthermore someone seems to be plotting against her and she must rely on her wits and will to succeed not just in her career but also in love love in time two former enemies from high school whose lives keep intersecting end up in a contract marriage with each other as adults shu jinan is an unknown author whose family is in a tough spot to alleviate her situation she has no choice but to agree to enter into a contract marriage with lou boyan lou boyan has become a guru in the world of investments the two people who have very different temperaments are also at odds due to a childhood misunderstanding yet they must know learn to live together yourself this is about a love story between an accomplished career woman and a younger man he funds zing’s company as at risk of being acquired while her relationship with yuan song faces societal pressures due to their age difference the consecutive blows in her work and love life push her to an emotional quagmire and it is during this time that ye lu ming enters her life being older in age he is mature stable and knowledgeable he becomes he funzing’s life coach and the source of conflict between the couple for he funds shane it’s not merely a matter of choosing the man that she loves but considering the contradictions of adopting the traditional mindset on marriage foreign well dominated love the drama is about the romance between a picky ceo and his temporary special assistant whereas knee shin chen is the perfect secretary at work and can be sweet beautiful capable independent and always has a positive attitude and is optimistic about life yan jingji is famous as a cold-hearted

boss but knee shin chen manages to hold and handle alone as time goes by yan jing ji and nishing chen began to fall in love until they experienced problems with each other well intended love a third-rate actress with leukemia becomes entangled with ceo ling because she needs him for treatment master devil do not kiss me a bizarre twist of fate throws impoverished tear-away milk delivery girl chu sha together with an unlikely prince charming ruthless know-it-all business heir han chi liu known to his schoolmates as master devil a love so beautiful it starts off with high school classmates chen xiao xi and zhang chen who are also neighbors xiao xi a cheerful girl who doesn’t study much is expressive about her admiration towards zhong chen the popular guy known for his looks and high grades together with their fellow classmates the funny liu yong athletic but loyal jing shao and cool swimming team member wu bo song they embark on high school life to university until their adult life the king’s woman is the granddaughter and disciple of military commander gong sun yu jing k and sun li are childhood lovers and were forced to escape when chin troops attacked however sun lee’s wall-shattering beauty seizes the interest of the chin emperor ying-jung and she’s captured and sent to his palace it’s then that she discovers she’s pregnant with jing k’s child ying jung treats him as if he’s his own child the tragic day arrives when jin kay tries to assassinate ying zhang foreign legend of yun shi the story follows a lady doctor called han yun-shi who marries into the royal family and gets caught in the political machinations in the palace whilst she falls into a romance with her husband however circumstances allow her to show off her skills time and again winning the admiration of long fae at the same time she also forms a friendship with jiu chi xiao master of yao gwaii valley put your head on my shoulder on the cusp of graduation an accounting major searching for her career winds up living with a genius physics student who shakes up her daily routine so

lucky’s first love a story about first love and romances from the perspective of three couples in the workplace it follows an independent young woman brimming with potential who crosses paths with a black-bellied boss my girlfriend when ding chao roo turned 17 a misunderstanding results in xiao roo believing that she will never find happiness ding chao rue is in window design artist and narcoleptic she falls asleep at critical moments of her life she is an ordinary girl who believes herself to be cursed when she was young to never find happiness one day she meets the insomniac tv producer kai shin what starts from overlapping misunderstandings between the two blossoms into an innate admiration for each other as two hearts grow closer over time my girlfriend is an alien an intergalactic romance follows an alien girl stuck on planet earth she crosses paths with an overbearing ceo who forgets the opposite sex whenever it rains meanwhile fang lang as an overbearing ceo who suffers from heterosexual amnesia whenever it rains which causes him to forget the women around him on rainy days these unusual circumstances between chai xiao qi and fang lang ultimately lead to a romance that is full of laughs the love equations adorable and bubbly jo xiao is a favorite among her peers a university literature student with a penchant for detective novels she spends her days lost in the pages of her favorite mysteries always eager to find out what happens next with such a devoted love of such stories it comes as no surprise when she finds herself falling for one of the university’s forensic science majors my unicorn girl sang tien is an aspiring figure skater she vows to her family that she will be accepted to the same university that her mother once attended but things do not go according to plan for sang tien and she fails the exam things get even more complicated for her when she realizes that when bing a young man she has crossed swords with in the past is also part of the team worse still she finds she must share a dormitory with him and struggles to keep her true all i want for love is you a story full of laughs follows sanda fighter gu xiao man and school genius zuo and as they chase after love g.u xiao man is a sanda fighter who wins medals at the sport but not in class because she wants to continue to be schoolmates with her idol zuo in she decides to give the same effort to academics as she does to sanda her hard work combined with

zuo anne’s efforts to be her personal teacher pays off and they get into the same university a popular idol and a manicurist fall into a romance with an expiration date when they have to pretend to be married two different people leading different lives cross paths due to a scheme around a candid camera incident to deal with the aftermath popular star yi han and manicurist pay u who has always dreamed of buying her own house enter into a marriage contract girlfriend when an extra gets hired to act like she has a crush on a ceo the pretend romance becomes all too real wen xiaonuan has been trying to make ends meet in order to support the wangmei opera troupe resorting to acting gigs to earn money she books an unusual job where she must pretend to have a crush on the handsome ceo yifamo she then becomes an actress in the business of ceo yifamo anning there she grows her career in acting and finds love foreign arsenal military academy joins the army and her brother’s stead by pretending to be a man she becomes classmates with the wealthy gu yan-gen and the kom shen jun shan through their rigorous training the three form a bond to become comrades all while shia shong tries to keep her cover after many incidents shia shong earns the respect of her peers and superiors she also becomes the object of affections of the two men in her lives the japanese military stations more forces in the northeast region causing the young heroes to engage in battle as they uncover a big conspiracy a story revolving around a sunny youth and a marine biology student as they work together to protect the ocean and fey is a scholar who encounters yee hai a young man who seems to bring her bad luck ye hai not only opposed the project that anfei has been working on but he also makes up stories about her by claiming that she’s his wife finding ye hai arrogant and weird and faye tries to avoid him at all costs until she realizes that he may have been right along as she gets to know him memories of a past relationship begin to surface just like the legendary story of poseidon and amphitrite foreign you


What’s up everybody welcome to another episode of China update where I help you guys get on top of the world number two economy my name is Tony all of you watching for the first time I work in China an executive role and part of my job requires that I follow the big macro developments coming out of the Middle Kingdom I read you put these videos together for my mates back home who are interested in following China along with me they told me you should throw the stuff up on YouTube so if you guys are interested in following China as well and you want to join we’d love to have you onboard maybe consider hitting that subscribe button clicking that belt icon and you’ll get one of these when we release it at the end of every week it’s been a bit of a crazy week I hope it one staying safe wherever you are it doesn’t seem like anywhere is particularly safe at the moment and we’re buckling in for a bit of a rough ride moving into this decade but with all that said let’s jump into this week’s China update now first up we need to talk about the economic impact of the coronavirus Worthen China and particularly the economic impact in January and February when trying to implement it large-scale quarantine policies across the country and most severely of course in Hall B which is the province that holds one the epicenter of the outbreak when it originally occurred now those of you who normally watch my videos know that on Monday I did a deep dive into the data and the statistics that were released by the National Bureau of Statistics on Monday that looked at that very economic data for those of you who are interested and want to get that deep dive I would recommend that you look at my last video from Monday to get that data here we’re going to talk a little bit more about the most important analysis of the data and what this means for the Chinese economy going forward but in a nutshell the data that came out on Monday was terrible 39 or 41 industries saw a reduction in size it looks like the economy was growing at negative 20 and you saw a reduction in both retail spending and a reduction in industrial output much lower than even the most pessimistic forecasts indicated we would see now this data also looked at the months of January and February and because a lot of the quarantine policies were not implemented and taught the 23rd of January that means we will not have a better idea of the full impact economic impact of the quarantine policies until each at least March some analysts believe that the data we saw on Monday could be even worse in March as of the filming of this this week the central government have said that up to 90% of large-scale industrial production is back online but not all of these facilities and factories they’re at full capacity this number also does not take into account small and medium businesses small businesses like restaurants for example employ a lot of Chinese and it’s primarily private sector run so highly efficient and typically employs a lot of people unemployment is going to be one of the difficulties for the party going forward last month saw the unemployment rate in urban centres rise by 1% 3 to 4 million people lose their jobs officially the unofficial number could be higher and if we look at the effect in the countryside where you have a high concentration of migrant workers who are more susceptible to being laid off in certain industries then their number could be even higher the party also this week identified college graduates as a particular area of stress in cordon central and local governments to implement policies which would get either graduates jobs or incentives to stay in school maybe do a higher degree for a year or two so then you don’t have this huge influx of recent graduates they can’t find a job most points of unemployment an excellent report which was released by the Chinese China household finance Survey Research Center who do great work indicated that 40% of households could not go more than three months without a fixed income people who watch the show would know that we reported last year on another major report that was released by another government institution which found that Chinese debt to disposable income ratios were some of the highest in the world higher than American levels before the Oh a 209 financial crisis and then the bottom 20% of households with this with disproportionately affected by high debt levels over 1000 percent in the lower 20% of households so there is a particular risk for lower-income households of losing income through unemployment and being bankrupt or facing debt issues because of this existing high leverage rate avoiding wealth disparities has been a key mission of the shooting Ping administration and the government will work hard to try and avoid any exacerbation of the wealth gap which was already quite severe in China both officially and unofficially these reports we’ve discussed in the past as well but it will be difficult to get the economic going avoid mass unemployment mass bankruptcies and avoid an exacerbation of this wealth gap so this will be a particularly difficult juggling trick now Goldman Sachs the American banking Institute called the data strikingly weak and on Tuesday said that China’s economy was likely to shrink 9% in the first quarter that reduction in the first corner would

represent the largest drop in growth and 1/4 in China since the Cultural Revolution in the 1970s the bank also lowered its full-year GDP forecast to 3% growth from an earlier estimate of 5.5% UBS estimates one point five to three percent growth this year they did say however if the Chinese government could turn the economy around and if we did see a global recession averted there could be returns to upwards of five percent growth in China from next year but those are a lot of ifs that brings us onto the issue for the Chinese economy of overseas export markets though the Chinese economy is not primarily reliant on exports it still is a major driver of growth and it does mean that the Chinese state can get those USD Zo’s u.s. dollars which they need for a lot of their trade like the commodity trading oil markets etc now exports it down 17 percent as of Monday and that could get even worse sings as the US and the EU are going to see massive reductions in demand as they now implement their own mass quarantine programs to prevent the spread of the corona virus and their jurisdictions actually shooting paint identified this for the first time this week as a major issue the idea that export markets are going to be shocked in a special meeting of the pure o of the Communist Party in Beijing you might remember from previous episodes we’ve discussed the stimulus measures that we used after the global financial crisis back in Oh 1809 the primary reason why the government had to turn to Esav stimulus was because of the shocks to international export markets now speaking of the stimulus package how is the government going to respond in terms of its own economic options now well looks like the central government is going to pump trillions of RMB into the economy however the numbers that we’re seeing at the moment is still nowhere near the numbers that we saw after the financial crisis and it looks like this crisis could be worse than that so there could be more to come this is in relative terms as a percent of GDP non absolute terms the economy is actually growing quite a lot since oh wait and oh nine local governments have also been instructed to sell more bonds and local government bond sales have increased they will be selling more this year than they were last year local government has also been trying to keep consumption up there have been high-profile leadership visits to restaurants that have been shown in local media to try and get Chinese out of their homes and spinning again this actually brings us on to one of the terrible dual policy decisions that a lot of local governments have to make the central government has said that you have to both one control the virus and prevent an outbreak and to get the economy back up and running now this is a very difficult policy balance to achieve if you want to prevent an outbreak you need social distancing and a policy in China has been typically to make people stay at home but if you want to get the economy running again then you need people out spending and working you need to have business confidence you need to have consumer confidence now there have been three cities that have pushed this message of spending even spending on tourism services in the very beautiful mountains in the relatively beautiful Nick Bohr and the not beautiful but has a lovely personality xenon in Shandong Province which is a major industrial province in East China at the end of the day what we have to remember is this economic data that we saw on Monday shows both a supply and demand side shock which means they are both deflationary and inflationary risks the government has to be very careful how it deals with us you can’t use the same tools in the toolbox to deal with this sort of crisis and you would a simple demand side issue okay guys now we need to talk about the health situation the health situation on the than China has improved a lot it seems that their policies have been relatively successful and now they’re trying to get their economy back up and running the most critical issue now for the government is to stop imported cases as of this week there are now more cases internationally than within the mainland imported coronavirus cases in China outnumbered new cases from local transmissions earlier this week and in fact China on Thursday reported no new local and fiction’s so like I said the government now has moved to a policy of trying to stop it at the gate the Ministry of Justice released a report this week saying that those who do not follow the correct rules when they arrived like the quarantine rules or not reporting symptoms or having contact with people that have these Korona symptoms face criminal prosecution or even deportation in the case of our own passport holders in fact they have made a big deal of deporting ethnically Chinese people who grew up in China but have foreign passports they’re very serious about trying to stop this thing at the gate and coming back into the country key international port cities like Beijing Shanghai and Kant on testing and quarantine all people moving

through these airports from Thursday the northern city of Beijing and the capital required that all people flying into the city and to go 14 days of self paid concentrated quarantine Beijing and Shanghai have said they will not cover the costs of any people moving from overseas to these cities if they need medical assistance and they’re actually primarily there talking to overseas Chinese they don’t want overseas Chinese or actually even Chinese within China itself moving to these cities to get the superior health care that’s available in the hospitals a lot of pressure was put on these cities early on by local residents of these cities that were concerned they’re people from Han and the white of Bay Area were escaping the province to move to those cities to get their health care thus putting the residents in these cities at risk Beijing even released a statement this week urging all Chinese students studying overseas to stay in their respective countries and to avoid coming back to China unless it’s an emergency now it’s Eddins me that earlier this week I had to write an article where I said I believe that the china-us relationship the worst place it has been since normalization in 1979 the relationship is the most toxic most aggressive and the most cold war like I think I’ve ever seen in my years of studying it and that I’ve ever read since the end of the mount era the situation is not good and it’s going to get worse those of you have been watching the show before know that I’ve discussed many times like concerns about the deterioration in the relationship well let’s look at these next two big developments and discuss what it means for the US and China and the world those of you have seen my episodes before no for the last few weeks I’ve been talking about the narrative this global public opinion debate that is going on at the moment between China some other economies in Asia the US and the wider industrialized world that there was a lot of disinformation out there and exactly how the Chinese state has sought to present a narrative overseas now this last week or so there’s been some development the Chinese state has been accused of prosecuting a disinformation campaign overseas designed to shift blame internationally and to earn support domestically there have been opinion pieces written by Chinese embassy staff from Russia to Africa in different languages with the United theme the Ambassador the Kazakhstan for example wrote a big piece in their national paper accusing the u.s. of lying trying to shift blame onto China and for wasting the time that China gave the world and its effort to fight the global pandemic now there have been two claims in particular that the Chinese side have made that I think is going to greatly exacerbate the relationship the first was a piece that was in chinese state media saying that the chinese side should use its leverage in the production of medical supplies and pharmaceutical products and drugs to push the american side to make incisions for huawei now whether this is a sensible public policy question or not is up for debate what I do think is clear is the risk of using this sort of language in the middle of a crisis particularly for the United States I think it’s going to give ammunition to those in the US who have wanted to push for a greater decoupling with China and calling for more US manufacturing to be pulled out of China back to the US I think it also gives those in politics and the government and in the media more ammo as it were to push for more computational and cold war style engagement strategy with China after this outbreak so that sort of language is quite risky and could have these negative effects on the broader bilateral relationship now the second controversial statement was made by a tweet by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesperson don’t eat yen and which he accused the United States military of bringing the krona virus to China now this is a particularly controversial statement now the American condemnation of the accusation was quite Swift and the State Department and the Office of the President both made statements to the Chinese investor in Washington and to the counterparts at Beijing saying that the State Department and the White House would use the terms Chinese virus and the Hun virus until the Chinese side recanted this accusation that the virus came from the United States and took more responsibility for its involvement with the initial outbreak in HoN the Chinese side has not backed down the American side has not back down in fact the Chinese virus policy choice from the White House has become a domestic political issue within the United States itself as well some of you guys watching this may have seen it on your social media feeds or in articles I believe Stephen Colbert even did an episode we touched on this now at this point the accusation that the US military brought the corona virus to China is a unsubstantiated rumor and frankly a conspiracy theory that actually first appeared in China use social media as early as January actually this particular rumor which has had a life of its own in this week I’ve seen so many Chinese friends send me different iterations of this particular conspiracy

theory which is going through an evolution in the last few days or so was actually debunked by Chinese journalist scientists and the Beijing Municipal Government as building as January I do think this particular exchange is going to be particularly harmful and toxic and the wider china-us relationship and will probably keep coming up again after this crisis has passed as of the filming of this it is the overwhelming consensus of the international scientific community that though we cannot definitively say exactly how it started or where it started it is highly likely that the outbreak began in one and there is no strong evidence to suggest that it was introduced either accidentally or on purpose by any outside country now a more positive example of Chinese public relations and opinion management work has been in its aid programs the Chinese state is going on a big aid blitz around the world to try and improve its reputation in the münster midst of this global disaster and a lot of aid is being promised to places like Iran in Italy there are there are huge packages China is sending medical equipment and experts to developing economies like Pakistan as well as countries like Italy and Spain Jack Ma the founder of Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba has donated 500 thousand Khurana virus test kits and 100 million masks to help America cope with the epidemic okay finally and another piece that is relevant to the china-us relationship but also globally very very relevant is Beijing’s expulsion of American journalists this week so Beijing announced that it would expel American journalists working for the New York Times The Wall Street Journal and The Washington Post it has also demanded that these outlets as well as The Voice of America and Time magazine provide the government with information about the operations now those of you have been watching this show would not be surprised because I told you this would likely happen and we’ve followed this as a another step in a tit-for-tat between the United States and Beijing / journalists operating in their respective jurisdictions this began when Beijing expelled journalists working for The Wall Street Journal for an article that Beijing found over the offensive the u.s. responded by reducing the number of employees Chinese state-run media outlets that had recently been designated as foreign missions in the US so there was a reduction of several dozen employees some of these with journalists that could not operate within these institutions within these state media outlets in the United States and so this decision from Beijing is a further escalation of their tech Ted issue with journalists that we’re seeing between the two countries now I think it’s important that I read you’ve abated what the administrative Foreign Affairs said regarding this expulsion first in response to the u.s designation of five Chinese media agencies as foreign missions China demands in a spirit of reciprocity that the China based branches of Voice of America The New York Times The Wall Street Journal the Washington Post the time to clear in written form information about their staff finance operation and real estate in China sickened in response to the u.s slashing the staff size of Chinese media outlets in the US which is expulsion and all but name China demands that journalists of US citizenship working for the New York Times The Wall Street Journal and The Washington Post whose press credentials due to expire before the end of 2020 notify the Department of Information and Ministry of Foreign Affairs within four calendar days starting from today and hand back their press cards within ten calendar days they will not be allowed to continue working as journalists and the People’s Republic of China including its Hong Kong and Macau special administrative regions now this order is controversial enough but that final line is particularly interesting because it says that these journalists cannot go to Hong Kong now now the reason this was controversial as well is because it could represent a breach of the rights that Hong Kong enjoys under the basic law its mini Constitution which allows it a degree of seeming autonomy under the eCornell one country two systems framework which is his being which have been in place since the 97 handover now this will have its own ramifications within the context of the continued unrest in Hong Kong but it could also have a secondary effect again on the us-china relationship because again people who watch my show know that last year the United States and prison Trump signed into law these so-called Hong Kong human rights and democracy Act and within that act it enabled the government to put sanctions on individuals within China were seen to undermine the autonomy of Hong Kong and this expulsion could be argued to undermine their autonomy which is required now by law in the US to be included in any Secretary

of State report so again this could further complicate the nature of the relationship okay guys I know that was a lot but I hope you enjoyed it if you have any questions or any comments criticisms or disagreements with my analysis please throw your thoughts below I’m more than happy to engage in any sort of conversation when I have regarding China or whatever please stay safe and I will see you guys next week on China update

Let's Play Dungeons of Dredmor: Attempt 1, Part 46: End within sight

welcome back to our perilous journey of dungeons of dredmor now then I can’t really make a parameter anymore can I continuing on our little adventure here let’s go back over here all right you don’t know how tempted I am system go downstairs oh we have a new enemy i’m not that like all new enemies i’m going to take them on strategically i’m not going to just assume i’ll have what it takes me what it takes to beat them and I’m also not gonna let them surround me definitely not you I could take on you I could take on you I not going to take it going alone alright let’s see how much you do 400 not bad 400 XP I mean not for out of damage all right right there Mexico meka bros only true purpose now absorbing damage yeah they do they do 18 crushing or fire so yeah I completely outright resist their damage oh we got another one on you punks how many of you are there IG another one jeez how many are there that um no feel my martial prowess do not want see if I can’t trick them ok I’ll take you on all right i want i want to do a double team one at a time style guy you know I’m at least five levels higher than you don’t you okay Oh buddy I’m almost capped in my levels well technically there isn’t a level cap but there is a limit to how much how high you can actually get get your level and still get stat bonuses I think I never hit the cap level before but I might do it this time I should probably go this up so I didn’t don’t trash in there and I used to are you dead yet Mecca bro so I don’t wish for your death I just you know don’t want to be standing here for hours come here you oh wow critical hit okay is that it of course not oh hey it is it’s alive wow what is this a small monster zoo okay tell me or make a bro how many enemies are in this room emeka bro this monsters on fire okay I could take that for a bit I don’t want to take it work and definitely ow 29 mecha bro out okay i’m going to play this safe been a while since I hurt that okay i just want enough to be some in and have enough to

oh thanks buddy i’ll just sit over here recover myself and plying your demise seriously Emma plan is demise right now I just go ahead and put my magic set up on I’m hoping to finish floor 14 this video this is going to be the video I’m going to finish floor 14 and i’ll be ready for floor 15 I mean these last few floors they’ve actually gone by pretty fast now that I’m able to hold my own well now that we kind of come to a screeching halt here in a way okay 59 magic I know why I lost one magic anyways I lasers who’s hurt and he’s still alive Valley mine’s a mess that works ok I hmm see what this does ok we keep that I’m not doing good on magic so okay I have another one to laser I don’t want to use these though all right enough cheeping them to death let’s go back into my nail egg here I mean I got I got 11 holy hand grenades dear swapping so much fun it’s fine if I was being a real pinch I got some instant healing potions yeah and it’s been a while since I had to wait my turns out like this come on go away on living wall there we go come on out Nicholas Kyoto oh come on all right making sure nope dolomites spine is that all the enemies in this room set all the enemies in this room right just resisted scoop I want I’ll take that and I’ll figure out what to do with in a second I never seen a Slipgate before but I see a ruby grab that real fast I don’t know what that Slipgate does oh shut up narrator at Dan it comes in well crafting doesn’t take a turn so let’s eat this plum actually I ate a mushroom I thought it was a plum oh well now that we got this Ruby let’s see what this probably could i but let’s see what this does 1018 damage really what a disappointment what a disappointment Wilson son invisible oh I wanted to check this out versus this I really want that righteous resistance hands down that’s what I want that righteous resistance but this gives me so many stat boosts ah ok I’ll keep them both if I come up with something I hit me with righteous resistance I could just equip that I don’t know what this is I am NOT going to go in it no not while I’m this close to the game Oh does it just teleport me I don’t care I’m not gonna test it I’m

not gonna risk it we are too close to the end of the game here dude I to a stupid mistake ok well there’s nothing else up there so let’s go back yeah I’ll have time to make more omelets another potion of clarity or purity and that can just why do I have a bad feeling I have a bad feeling okay Wow hey game I don’t have enough money that ok freakin counter-attacks okay as long as I got him down I really hate when this happens see this process floor when i first started on this floor there was nothing around now I’ll keep that goop of flesh now there’s like monsters packed in every room again earlier okay I was hoping it would poison him and it worked these guys actually hit me hard if they can’t lead a critical that is and I you and this guy I’m just gonna test what this does oh wow it does some pretty good damage is this one okay yeah and of course Micah bro doesn’t live long enough so much concentration so much smoked so much silence it’s mainly because i’m tired i’m still in the same recording street i should go to bed but you know yeah i’m i am really getting tired here but we’re almost time almost done with this floor and you guys are going to complete delight in the fact when i open up the store and find a monster zoo which isn’t there oh okay how these posts work monsters from up to five floors higher can appear in there if I were to step in it now what would I get a bunch of dread Morris okay that rooms cleared we got this room left probability of it being a monster suit is completely high can’t close that door I’ll close this door actually it’s not that high the robusta saw okay I’ll eat that cheese eat an omelet just holding my breath here and waiting for something to really hurt me of course I get counter critical okay that was the I was wondering why I couldn’t see anything yeah I mean can i really make i could probably i’m

debating if it’s just worth it wait a minute what do you know guys floor 14 is clear and not a monster zoo in sight okay okay there is something we can do I got i’m only at the 15-minute mark and what I have planned next requires me to go back a few floors and such ok you sir are silly you died you die I said you died I’m almost yeah i’m at the level hopefully this subclass is gonna be something easy yeah okay and restore my hand shook not you again just waiting for me to get critical hit okay enough with the enemies game you had your chance to throw that knee okay we’re sit so close sachu over here oh jeez another derp going you know I’ll take you on without nikka broke no it won’t die already guy I sort of want my level okay in consecuencia of course they’re gonna give me an NM that’s finding I own the big warrant its started by workroom is pretty cool 43rd limit the 5th string copies ok so it’s up here oh yeah she could cover my magic scene I could probably just drink all this booze and walk to the end of the game yeah I’ll do that because I’ve been using a lot of magic cheap shot okay take one step I mean yeah I am I am gain tired I keep catching myself being silent then dog really I’m not lying it’s my dog kept me awake storm died down though it’s a kitty yeah Oh gnomes really these guys don’t stand a chance easeus sub quest ever alright come over here to me and die like a good alright let’s check wait what cattiness 0 what kind of buff is that at well I’m gonna leave that there okay one last thing I only need eight hundred experience so let’s go hunt for some monsters I was complaining about monsters but now I want to find them here monster monster monster that works you’ll work come here you know don’t don’t teleport die 310 we just need another 500 what are you after that no huh well there’s a way to get in no well I’m gonna get that one back for that one that arrow just need can I just

disarm please neca bro forty percent chance come on game there we go so I 60 experience but every little bit helps right yes I’m gained a level on screen because i’m trying to find filler boring part of the game grinding come on I broke to 200,000 mark not bad not bad so here monster monster monster here Betty you’re Betty Betty Betty here buddy ah Betty where are you oh come on I hate blind there you are God come on oh you’re just teasing me now game delon oh there is two of them yes okay where are you where are you die thank you okay so what should I get now there’s not really much left to for me to get so we’ll get that hermione argan ER which allows us at dig through walls with our 90 drill when we are in Diggle form so what level am I at now I’m level 30 all right folks I find a pair of stairs here pair of stairs hmm I think this is good enough next time on let’s play dungeons of dredmor the 15th floor where there this is it it’s been a long long journey I’m ready sorta I just gotta do some grunt off-screen stuff but a next time Lord dread Mar is going down I’ll see y’all later

【AVA】 VS SunSister in Dual Sight

アド飯田 f 汚れん いっぽいん 遠藤ぴちゅうえっそれぞれ give me 6白次は湿気ないといけないと ok 絵の具1上あ よりも在庫だああ 上 おっ ランクっ in ずさあできてないな 日中見えるところに置い入園61ウェイの大徹が メイクっ 上仲どっち10000 アジア ねぇ ban だいぶれないぞ では相手だっけ うん 私も9月っていうかいい パダンパダン えっ 1してると呼ばれてるでしょ 今はが俺だん ラムの一部をなもの際はかない バッハ けっけー とったとったりシフを奪ったえお気をつけて tar 中取った いち抜けねぇ と 決済大好きなんだね三つ葉徒歩那珂市那珂 受けた方が中4組どこん見どころで温泉本左 1本いる切羽犬あって直した方がいい 高く a さ じゃあ俺が a さんなる yeah なかなかいい who 苦労だな 規制も踏まえたほうがいいか新しいチラシ誰も誰か止めよってもたいんだけど 人が願ってちゃう アンと名前よ t 発揮ば今後木箱のってだけまあ市から補助を占う 場へ6円60棟 m 4 またびっこいる 元禄顔出せ a 5一人かないんですよ メサれって坂下 1でこれはネタくん 上から二正面から買いだめがやん食べてねっ やっぱりファンティー名古屋いいと権力現物はショックですよね あーで体右構えに最も迎だけどね yan i +付ローン 投げるは ええええええ のためいっての舞踏 the 月やで本茶の真ん中つ 夏なんかすっげー夏になおげっけ tar t me my これ ai me どうぞ私は直径コック多くはケルトはいたちのに触れてるって言ってるんだ村座る 閑静で落ち着いただから国にはも染まも th ています 何てくれない n tan tan され待ってる人ちゃ勝負 はぁ 待ってると思ったゴム いや あ そう今の えんがぁ ブーバーし

うん me me 見えますか 高橋剛やイチゴ ar 来たーー エジルは慣れてる2 me t 阿部に代わっているん me ええええええ ちょっと待っています キャット飛んで中 ええええええ ええええええ あっそ毎回違うやつじゃんは10よってこれ 出てみている ban 遊びま私はございません 悪い裏でしょ うん 多摩ないよ voodoo ていません これはブッこい surly たと思いますね グッ ni yeah バーナー 止まっても敦子行った人雨まろりん 見てよれた家訓 今の車検方でね あれ落ちて可児川キャバ覗けないじゃあ坂から われ それが一番いいと思うんだなロジックが広いそうな ええええええ アーメン抜けない 俺俺物故とりあえず残っとか裏このいう あでも権力派遣 x 早いからだ刷毛さんしゃべれる今アっつってあって マイクミュートしたねー 本当は俺枚組だったわああああ pxi 造り込むミラカンパラ音やからね ういくと今日みんな中に入ってからちょっと時間だったも酒場から行こう ig 長く投げてくれみんなグレ投げてくれ グッコレ ません 日から posted 9ピン分 ん goo wh あードイツのチャンスラカーズ氏那珂市那珂市那珂真っすぐが曲げた終りダルシム気に なって別で対1ぐらい勝つかあああーー天族が引いてしろこのが強い 別 ドラムできるんだよ お会いしましょうおっ 別ラオウと聞いてないんじゃ ch ん 持っています re done うわな奴め ドライん これであなたはそれだ browse 別 tm とやるけん kx ないドール足元保存今 ん やばいやばい あらが覗いています オ s と r リフトやる おっはー ran ああああああ tan あっあーっはっはっは sr 2 あってなまな板が散っん

奪って作って1分まで待って 埋めてくるこっちゃなあと信じ あれど腰のリポ酸を sr ロング勉強であろうがへ勉強ぐらい前 俺はかな 今後に投稿すれば一致てる影響の前ねー あああん voodoo me ファンとまだロングいるは何ビッグねぇ五位 ホテルセット狙った 2 こいつがパラダはぁ 41よっ 値打ち2様 ちょっと売店で買って持っている 今だよん いやこれキャップキャップ小菅なキャップしかない中でよねやっぱ てい tan たぶんいける経てる曲酒 分手刀な開始6 失敗だ only 千代プレッシャーどうぞ th えっ上すごい散歩マリックワールああっは タイヤん ni あっ ana san 階段裁断外階段を階段9 en la be crazy いいいいいいい グリックある分いっぱい masa tan 4 f 楽天も失敗だっていきがございます ああ 俺てってる上か裏警戒しつつ l 上からなって負け a 会はい プラスアイプロンっ 食いがあっ ありがとうん アンテナないです ウキが祝う me パラとパートは的月 例えば開けろでた が5分 ran ぜひカーチャ part 2 emp るー えっ 誘惑はちょっ er ないう家斉前生じる 以下の参戦者の皆さん引いていいよ船長の墓所の逆毛支流 あのそれは本から見えない中一番後ろ下がってそれつの池だけ見てパパ撮ってダメッ いたレンツ 黒ガーター par ロングから坂上坂上からえっ車乗った 全力 sr を持った buglug が設置されたっ おら際文学 尻尾やったね え者らいっ ねあー悔しいですよええ ブス子する詰めて方があるあまりしないですよずいぶん くださいん ん me 1軍 まあまあついついですよね bg グラナーダ

ええええええ んだけどやっぱやばいといる メガソーラーも ok 気に入っちゃう厨まじやばい ネットれますあった際 色電車のいく pro 3分 伊神するたかじんおはよう 持っています per はん ばといっ家庭布団はプログラムラームの部屋さんにお気を受け愛知が見てあれば ちょっと ラフル氏まあはパルマ fairground されないじゃあ買ってほしいですよ に仕上がってるお 投げると 泣かない 日がはたキャット付近がな 雨季と語っと姫さまっ 打つコツコ一家 ちょっとしたかも グッというんかよ そんな俺まぁ展開車ああああけさっ アーマーあれこれ表なキャット俺もう死んだわこれ weblog は助けていた ヴァーゴメっ 弊社は螺旋ちゃう生者は桜と決める ん やばやばいん 全滅です a これやばい rar rar 7階層1月8月 うまいなーこいっ 技ありますかはいオッケー者をら女だとしました +味は r は ap 無毛はてはて入ってる アンジェ期が終わりくれねー こっちマジェ論色編 ございません 4点へと並ぶタイル adam 6回です 武器がします ありがとうございます 進めたいなぁ ん やばいでしょ だれくらいキャットいくん バレてなかったかなこれは荒れてたか 第二児の母あーなよ夢まち気をつけて爪町 なこっちを1泣ける1月 これで方注意されどこいうかわかん 1キッチン buglug がチェックされた 水中で待っては を出し分けねうんちょっと萌える見てくれないキャット走ってもいいわー rar tee はソアブールなうん ちょっとなのはやんだよね t アタックっぽいた早これから くださいそれいるいい me 持っています em からするん 最初のこと誰か分んないけど放尿 バーチェアにがはフリーになってるロングとに前みたいだけど ハイライダー me こだわっ 近くリアルとしているああいう偉大なゆえ人がいた レヴィとエダウェイは数えた ええええええ 優しさが5件 clannad pattern kn 開かれ アベンヌアート しています が田植えないと思う 浦添プロナードじゃあ俺の方をかがめているは

サール場所は約かだねこれ カフェからおいてこの ct レンズラインで暴行 がんばないなぁ tan toranoana 分 いろいろ car お前ました 海へ山への だもん 黒子スマ分匹利益これが今日一番うれしい

Second Sight, Infiltration (14)

welcome back my name is Kaz last time we discovered conspiracy it’s time to move on infiltration they kill us stop we’ll rescue the children don’t worry we’re not going to hurt them you you are like children they will not hurt you you must go alone me I told you John go please to touch go under a village there is key in the Red House English you must save them I’m going vadik let him go that’s why he’s here we’ve done all we can looks like I’m on my own then okay grinko time to find out where you’re hiding it looks as if they were prepared for at least one of us to make it through and follow I can’t imagine why he would post snipers on moves in behind windows otherwise well using charm Johnny still leaves footprints behind and though he doesn’t know we’re here yet he quickly realizes what happened for him all too late and for us a close call it seems that gunfire didn’t arouse any activity must be a heavier snowfall than I thought the first Scout was free but this one we have to do ourselves you’ll have to keep in mind that switch controls the drawbridge and also soldiers from the helicopter and there he is so from a look around we have what guard patrolling there must be others yeah tissue samples one above it one below here to above one below here all facing the same direction though we should be able

to use that to our advantage none of them could spot copter it’s just for flying troops into the area what’s with all the crates that could spot footprints in the snow from Pakistan support for us the helicopter had a key and a sniper rifle although not many clues let’s hope we only have to use one it’s corners like this that I don’t like at all aside from how terribly cold it must be we could suffer exposure of another kind in the presence of so many others or perhaps under duress from the cold charm doesn’t last very long out here now that we are behind all of the guards they’re paying attention forward let’s us stand right next to them we wouldn’t want to choke one by accident do be careful on this bridge there are no guardrails that’s right keep your eyes on the site there’s no one here once again too close and too cold for comfort the noise from the still running helicopter is probably drowning out any of our footsteps as well oh and do get the key before you make it to that door you wouldn’t want to have to go back this hallway it looks empty from here but let’s take a closer look Oh No though so guards aimed at the window is ready to shoot into the hallway we must be deep in hostile territory by now well that’s that and from here who knows we had best find out village Bell Gardens everywhere bridges and scaffolding overhanging a river regards below as well even if our plan were first and foremost to assassinate several of them it would be a difficult time to find one alone not an eye is shot of the other is best to slip past them

we can make it almost the whole way unnoticed at only two short hops and then right past this guard at the wall this is no good someone was bound to a radio command is not happy to have lost contact with one of X units maybe we can outrun this disaster if you can to do well at least do quickly we managed to but barely avoid the alarm in this leg of our infiltration we have a little more to work with let’s make sure no one saw those crate and who is that not there the other way look the other way that’s right but more that one just a little dose of head medicine and on further into the village that building is the only red one we’ve seen it must be the one the woman was talking about that man on the ice below is too close for comfort nothing a subtle needle can’t cure let’s take a look around from here gardens forming up to cover our escape – inside the house we wish to enter difficult as it is to deal with one still today as well try the front door barred and locked let’s have a little feel around that’s right chase the dancing there well I found a key in the red house I suppose the one for the church fortunately for us their window insulation isn’t the best and the key slips right into our fingers they’re paying too much attention to the whole way to notice the footsteps right next and for us just a lucky break behind these crates they’re little too high to climb over it’s difficult to see what’s on the other side but you can just make out a guard and one of the farms of the piers now through the

blizzard he may not be able to see us or maybe he can and his friend hurt us let’s hope when no one else did one for the way back near the top of this outbuilding we should take care of him before exploring this building should be safe here what a dull post what this lever does what is this more radio equipment knock the door my broadcaster hello hello damn the staff is screwing everything up wonder if it’s the same problem Co telly was having maybe we can fix it no doubt the light post would do that hello hello damn this tag is screwing everything up wonder if it’s the same problem hotel he was having you know I I really don’t think that’s going to do it there must be something in here we can interact with other than the lever and the light but already I have to lead to long in dealing with the man on the roof your little fresh air will help us clear our head and maybe his as well say good night oh that’s unfortunate well those drifts Palazzo look rather soft maybe he’ll have a pleasant sleep they were jamming a radio signals on purpose Colonel I’m not sure yet the Russian soldiers I suppose how’s everyone doing how dr. Brown a car I’m nearly at the church colonel I’ve got it right here well it seems there’s nothing more to do who then find the way on so let’s find it one soldier remains here now others insight the corridor off to

the left you can join the others there’s trouble up ahead we need to use a more than light touch with this one bat this is our introduction to Shock Troopers fitness as a shield based on our psychic technology who knows how they got it it takes an attack the strength of a psychic blast to disable the shield then you merely have a man to deal with albeit a will trained an exceptionally tough one with a powerful weapon it will be daeun to our advantage in future to avoid shock troopers wherever we can up ahead here for instance guards to the left and right the church entrance I see no reason to bother them let’s just find a good spot try not to burn our head but burn not once off footprints Oh now we run

Dj SS Fantazia Second Sight 21st 2 1992

who do we like to turn you later come on stick it to us today come on today are you ready to the brain it oh yeah over the hardcore you know you know you know you know you know you know that it on the ground cool check out yes ssssss oh my god over the top what’s going on what’s going on do what you want to do what you want to do the guy says it announced we’re gonna go crazy wrestling Lee Mitchell’s gonna work it bring the noise bring the noise pjs Essendon ass we’re so cool whistle while you work just whistle while you a pic it in we’re wonderful and wonderful did you see a clue it on the ground check check chill yeah CJ a good time this is where it’s at people Rick it to the match come on like a stance on the attack coming back well for this it’s a little crazy in the place where’s my whistles I they’ll never hear your slide come on

space i come to the mantra move to the bay sidekick to my cool back please just keeping you down check the new gas tivities down ecstasy i can page to get your face to the moon come on kick the bass on with my room we’re through under the air time people there’s no holding now come on now the base is in a thousand ain’t trickin to your face watch out oh god here comes what’s it in the birdie little baby plan of your hands if you don’t watch out you’re dead Russ what come on our essence on the attack yeah come on people casa move it feel my motion Cox innovations little bit whistle party in a place people come on y’all taking you into the fifth dimension I’m beyond watch out Richard oh yeah what a people this is the party idea oh you didn’t put a leg up on a native pollinator rich it your bass your wickedness specs here my man big shot to the Plymouth through the house tonight yes come on y’all based on to the page to the moon to the baseline is my cool but a little emotion rappers devotion come on a stage that like an illusion kicking again to stop making my time tific is a new bond with a new face not a new level to the game to the plan was a puppy in effect come on you know it where’s the noise screws off whose sword in the house tonight in who builds on top of it my way till top pocket I’m I wanna do the pocket I’m i like to the party I thought they’d be a kitchen I’m my way through the party on my way to the party I my way through the party I saw that ad yet kick it kick it to your souls

rushing you out watch out it’s time to move it water pitcher oh yeah here comes here it comes oh yeah let’s have some more guys in the place people this is my man action listen to this one’s for you whoo watch out I am people are you feeling either respectable man break off rock into the text on rock into the milk room sit down here comes here he comes people 20,000 was a 2nd Lieut that you watch out here come oh the basement the movements whistles in the house it’s time to go crazy boy come again that’s what 324 class mix after 2 20 foot traffic data to hey this is the SS on the attack get you ends up it is stick-up respects this till so all of you you gotta move with the grill oh yes one two check check check check Oh way to go crazy why are you way to go

crazy haha Reba noise poor boy could you handle it we’re so close yeah yeah good you Evelyn big check out the Chokey now oh yeah rizz break this news get down get down go crazy down kick it in bring in the rush stretch let’s go respected our kupuna ha tonight we’re a wonderful love my neighbor weird wonderful risk of it let’s go drinka might detract an architect away coming down to get our blue krazy glue these typically diggin it rabbit outta prison it absolute chaos who what you wanna do do what you wanna do pick in the rush do feel a goofy let’s go haha we’re walking with our heads up in the cloud we’re floating just go with the flow we’ve got your heart will stop it that back that big happened hey y’all let’s take control what you want to do through what you want to do kick in the road watch out for the pass the time hey please please i wanna see the ball to be in the ground crew down hold on cruises take your job because I that’s the car this button

clicks a casa de Manchester Cruz will break your fruit oh yes people who feels it tonight who feels the wrath come on hahahaha Rick shot to the Bristol crew you just don’t just want to do so damn cool yes get those engineer where I can see them this is where we news aids come on come on this moving jump is it applies jump it into place jump is in a break come on jumping on let’s go yes I do know it check check check check check come on we got you grooving now close your eyes come on duck duck jumbo jet go let go jumbo techno I want the team ejs napkin hi gone mesilla go on in your face with the place EJ so make some noise come on duck duck double techno your DJ’s yo DJ my cohort this cereal I gone well right hold in charge you start to look into the mitt come on skip skip skip skip to the mitt get get get let’s take the troll come on ring on your standard 21st century taking you there is an SS it’s a boy spit on let’s go Michael Michael Michael Michael beautiful come on alright cool Lissa oh ha ha ha pontipine pop up don’t be too eager SS yes Ross Ross Ross Ross Ross Ross Ross Ross Ross Ross moving you up exit to town

come on DJ SS Coogan sit sit skip to the beach come on skip skip skip to the base open wound up goals come on make some noise for DJ mixer boys pick the boys make the noise make some noise your teachers your teachers your DJ DJ SS let’s go roughing you up boomer come on with a picture you look again skip skip to the mix off rockaway boys and girls come on skip skip skip to the mix skip tillamook step-step-step de lavit work ray boom come on my boys these boys the boys be boys the boy is in your face cygnet home for crystal forming out like that Gloucester crystal and the door good morn double-deck no come on jumbo techno to unzip more listen more do it some more Rania do it the more hardcore the way to the place yet coming right at your face it out in your shell what are you doing you yellow look again look again with us coming on who feels the rush coming on man people Fantasia ah this is your corner foo Yong this is her corner foo Yong this is where we pick up the pace 30 day I said this is the set to keep your honor sweat that’s a sweat yeah switch out your skin where the hell you been Phil mamu good time yeah what the fool to feel the motion little waterfall would be wonderful just do what you wanna do come on Zack DJ SS on their time honey’s not holding back just

cool whispers are gone this will ponder that keeps you kicked in the physical part of the TV kicked a villa is now in New York City Asia Oh bow bow down let’s keep the baseline hahaha come on oh yeah he comes and baggage baggage blowing up wicked to the maximum this is Fantasia this is your party breadfruit como como really folks enjoy this topic in the blue possess s on the attack once cooled it down repertoire come on please work in this work in now the kiss the new group recognized on its game fell by the second you’re crazy oh yes we’re steps in an evidence

barbuda how’s your timer from now on crazy situation for crazy nation two access give me a son watch out for the is crazy we got you you the double we need to know oh are you feeding on every whoa what right brisbane gadgets but we got stopped I’d you got every goal right people we gotta let it fool we got in for the night but tonight we’ve got in for an announcement too late I love really up because this is SS is set and we’ve got stuff in forming it now listen up listen up quiet quiet respect the Cylons respect to silence one minute one minute right listen listen listen hush it down a minute hot down wash it down hush it down right we’ve got a little problem in here we have got some people in here some bad boys in the house that are posing as undercover security we want you to ignore them the only security that I here tonight is top god they are IDs and you know where they are if you see anybody here posing as undercover here just ignore them do you understand what I’m saying people top god only top on SS I’m sorry about that I’m sorry about that make some noise fastest in the house yes let’s get back on with the party whistle bloody nose you’re wicked about your magic crazy come on where’s my dogs is gone Oh figured out my daughter now make some noise clearly now

you go to school come on you know this school I get out pick some up your nose the base in the place kicking it down but a zoo is in town with you crazy don’t be lazy you wanna come and amaze me this is the face that they should be you know with me and move it shall feel my motion now I’m to lock up oh continue with the loving rhyming kicking with devotion wizard come on no more mind games we want taxable face in the halls before before sup Lars people are sparse roof bar before we part Oh before hoo boy now face opposed no teachers no teachers whisper whisper cool shackled okie oh please do the big news in a bay bay we’re gonna have this party started right look at this party started run hold it down for a song no let’s go double check no let’s go ready

who so cool you and I’m so daddy no coming not tonight i’m so damn no not tonight

your name’s Oh daddy no coming not tonight you like so i don’t know coming united or down you know coming you you Oh whoa much analogy

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India Travel Guide (भारत यात्रा गाइड) | Our Trip from Delhi to Kolkata

Indien! Wenn es um außergewöhnliche Reiseabenteuer geht Wenige können sehen, was dieses Land zu bieten hat Selbst für den erfahrenen Reisenden hat Indien eine unheimliche Fähigkeit zu blenden, zu frustrieren, zu inspirieren, verwirren und hypnotisieren wie kein anderes Land Wir waren schon einmal hier Begleiten Sie uns auf unserer Reise von Delhi nach Kolkata in diesem Indien Reiseführer für alles einschließlich unserer Reiseerfahrungen in jedem Ziel, Transport mit dem Zug, lokales Essen und einzigartig Unterkünfte Unsere Reise in Indien beginnt in Delhi vor uns Fahren Sie mit dem Zug los, um Rajasthan zu erkunden hält in der Goldenen Stadt von Jaisalmer, dem Blaue Stadt von Johdpur und die rosa Stadt von Jaipur Wir fahren dann nach Agra, um das Taj Mahal zu besuchen und dann nehmen Sie einen Nachtzug um zu bestaunen in der antiken Stadt Varanasi Unser letzter Halt ist Kolkata, wo das großartig ist Abenteuer endet Lasst uns gemeinsam Indien erkunden Anleitung, die Sachen in Delhi absetzt Guten Morgen aus Delhi Es ist unser erster Sightseeing-Tag Sams Eltern sind letzte Nacht angekommen Ja Wir haben die ganze Gruppe für Reisen Die Mannschaft ist bereit Wir werden es tun Wir werden für ein paar Tage in Delhi sein Tage Ja, nur so treten wir Dinge aus Und ja, wir haben erst angefangen herum zu laufen heute Wir besuchen das Rote Fort (ललल क़िलक़िल – لال قلعہ) gerade jetzt Ja, und du weißt, was wir auch haben neue Kamera Wir drehen mit einer Lumix Vielleicht ist die Bildqualität besser Ich hoffe es Diese Kamera wird cool sein, weil wir es sind werde in der Lage sein, eine Menge langsamer Geschwindigkeit zu bekommen Aufnahmen und darauf freuen wir uns sehr eine Menge dieser Arten von Aufnahmen zu nehmen Vor allem, wenn wir unsere Zugfahrten machen In ganz Indien Ja, gerade jetzt besuchen wir die Red Fort (ललल क़िलक़िल – لال قلعہ) und ehrlich gesagt wird dies wahrscheinlich sein ein bisschen ein anderes Format, weil wir offensichtlich möchte Zeit mit Sams Eltern verbringen Ich denke nicht, dass wir filmen werden viel, aber wir werden dir einige davon zeigen Highlights und Art zu sehen, wie es funktioniert Also lass uns jetzt Delhi besuchen Das Rote Fort (ललल क़िलक़िल – لال Turnedلعہ) erwies sich als viel größer als alles, was ich erwartet hatte Nach dem Kauf unserer Tickets gingen wir durch das imposante Lahori-Tor, dann ging durch ein Basar, bevor wir uns in einer Serie wiederfinden von Höfen, Audienzhallen und imperial Wohnungen Wir sind schnell dabei, diesen Ort zu entdecken ziemlich erstaunlich Und um dir ein bisschen Hintergrundwissen zu geben Information das Rote Fort (ललल क़िलक़िल – لال قلعہ) war früher der Hauptteil Residenz der Kaiser der Moghul-Dynastie Und dann, als die Briten das übernommen haben, war das in eine Festung verwandelt Ähm aber es ist erstaunlich Es ist ein riesiger Komplex und es gibt so viele verschiedene Tore und Gebäude zum einmaligen Besuch du bist drinnen So können Sie einfach spazieren gehen und es entspannt genießen Tempo Und es ist erstaunlich Es ist ziemlich cool Alle Wände sind aus rotem Sandstein und es sieht einfach wunderschön aus, wenn die Sonne scheint trifft es Wir genießen das wirklich Dies ist unsere erste Attraktion des Tages und Wir sind schon hin und weg Okay Sam, was haben wir gerade gelernt dieser Ort? Über diesen grünen Rasen Also anscheinend damals war das der Bereich, wo es Löwen und Tigerkämpfe gab Löwen und Elefanten kämpfen Oh, Elefant kämpft für die Unterhaltung des Kaisers Na siehst du Das muss also ein Spektakel gewesen sein Ich kenne Ich könnte mir nicht vorstellen, dass das hier passiert Jetzt ist es wie nur dieses friedliche Gelände und das könnte sein, wo sie Nachtaufführungen haben Ja, es gibt viele Bänke und wir haben gesehen wie ein Abendkonzert beworben Also ja Eine andere Art von Unterhaltung sicher Ein bisschen anders in diesen Tagen Ein bisschen milder Etwas zahmer Also Sam, du hast viele neue Freunde gefunden Zwischen den Dreharbeiten Viele neue Freunde Wir sind wie Prominente der B-Liste Ich mache nur Spaß Wir haben mit vielen Familien posiert Wir haben mit vielen Familien posiert Wir haben viele Leute getroffen Es ist cool Es gab Leute, die von Delhi nach Delhi reisten wie Mumbai und Kaschmir und überall Ja, aus ganz Indien In ganz Indien So ist es cool Es gibt viele Touristen aus Indien selbst Ja Nach dem Umherwandern des Roten Forts (ललल –क़िल – لال قلعہ) für eine Stunde oder so, war es Zeit für eine kleine Pause, Also haben wir beschlossen, meine Eltern ihren zu präsentieren erste Tasse Masala Chai in Indien Also trinken wir einen Masala Chai Prost Wir machen hier eine kleine Pause in der Festung Prost Prost Von dort ging es auf eine kleine Tour von Old Delhi (पुपुनीनी दिल्ली) während der Hauptverkehrszeit, die im Nachhinein möglicherweise nicht die beste Idee gewesen Es war ein bisschen zu voll, um zu laufen, also wir tauchte stattdessen in ein Restaurant zum Mittagessen Also, wir gingen durch Old Delhi (पुपुनीनी) दिल्ली)

Was sind die ersten Eindrücke davon? Sehr laut Viel Verkehr Viel Hupen War es ein Angriff auf die Sinne? Ja Ja, aber auf eine gute Art und Weise Ja Sam willst du uns sagen, was wir essen? heute? Ja, wir haben eine gute Auswahl an Essen Hier haben wir Palak Paneer, was nett ist Spinat Curry mit großen Stücken der Hütte Käse Ja Und hier haben wir unseren Quark Ja, ich habe vergessen, was das war und dann wir haben unser Roti-Brot Schöne große dicke Brotstücke Und wir werden alles teilen Ein Fest der Feste Also, was denkst du über das Brot Papa? Sehr geschwollen Sehr geschwollen Ich freue mich auf die Spreads auf Ja, also bin ich an der Reihe Ich werde nur versuchen, ein bisschen zu bekommen von allem Viele von Palak Paneer Ein bisschen Quark Oh Mann, das ist fantastisch Es ist so gut Dieses Essen zu lieben Alles ist so billig Wir werden für eine Weile schlemmen Okay, der zweite Tag wird aktualisiert Ich denke, wir sollten erklären, wofür wir gemacht haben der Rest des ersten Tages Also besuchten wir das Rote Fort (ललल क़िलक़िल – لال قلعہ) Wir hatten Tee Ja Dann wollten wir Jama Masjid (जजमम) besuchen मस्जिद – جامع مسجد) Die Moschee Ja, die größte Moschee in Delhi, aber leider während der Zeit, die wir gingen, war es für Ausländer gesperrt Es war Gebetszeit Also konnten wir nicht gehen So hatten wir ein wirklich gutes Mittagessen was wir gezeigt haben und dann sind wir zurück und gegangen Es war Mittagszeit Wir waren alle sehr müde Und dann hatten wir nur mehr Essen und mehr Essen Ja So heute ist der Beginn des zweiten Tages und unser erster Halt ist Humayuns Grab (हुमहुमयूँ मकबक मकबमकबा – آرامگاه همایین) Wir haben gerade unsere Tickets gekauft Es waren 500 Rupien Ja, jeweils 500 Ja, und es sieht schon fantastisch aus, also sind wir es werde anfangen zu touren Aufregend Also Sam, du warst schon vorher in Delhi ist eine Attraktion, die Sie völlig vermisst haben Ja, das letzte Mal, als ich in Delhi war, hatte ich eine schrecklichen Fall von Lebensmittelvergiftung, also tat ich nicht bekomme diesen Ort zu tun Das ist also wie eine brandneue Erfahrung für mich Es ist wirklich cool Was denkst du darüber? Es erinnert mich ein bisschen an einen Mini Taj Mahal Ja Und jetzt erwähnt Sam das Grab von Humayun (हुमहुमयूँ कक मकबमकबा – آرامگاه همایین) ist eigentlich vermutlich ein Vorläufer des Taj Mahal das würde 60 Jahre später kommen Es gibt also einige architektonische Ähnlichkeiten Aber ich meine, wir werden das einmal sicher entscheiden Wir kommen nach Agra Nach dem Besuch Humayuns Grab (हुमहुमयूँ कक मकबमकबा – آرامگاه همایین), wir nahmen zwei Fahrradrikschas mit nach Lodi Gardens Es war kurz vor der Mittagspause, also zuerst Wir haben im “Lodi – The Garden Restaurant” angehalten wo wir ein wirklich gutes Essen im Freien hatten Rahmen Von dort waren wir nur ein paar Schritte entfernt die eigentlichen Gärten, die sich als beliebt erwiesen Spot am Wochenende Es ist also ein schöner Sonntagnachmittag und Wir haben es endlich zu den Lodi Gardens geschafft Und es ist so ein lebendiger Ort Es gibt so viele Familien, die Picknicks haben und Paare herumlaufen Paare wandern herum Es gibt Leute, die Cricket, Badminton spielen und genieße es, mit der Familie draußen zu sein Freunde Es ist nur eine coole Umgebung Wie nur es ist gepackt Vollgepackt mit Menschen Aber es ist groß genug, dass du dich fühlst Erhalten Sie immer noch einige Ihrer eigenen Taschen von Raum Die Gärten sind nach der Lodhi-Dynastie benannt, wer regierte Teile von Nordindien von der Mitte des 15. Jahrhunderts bis Anfang des 16. Jahrhunderts, vor dem Aufstieg des Mogulreiches Die Gärten enthalten verschiedene Gräber und Moscheen, und es ist eine sehr ruhige Umgebung in was kann sonst eine sehr chaotische Stadt sein Nun, guten Morgen Es ist Tag drei hier in Delhi ((दिल्ली ਿਦੱਲੀ)) und heute morgen sind wir zurück bei Jama Masjid. Wir kamen früh vor dem Gebet damit wir besuchen können

Also, wir gehen eines der Minarette, weil anscheinend bekommst du einige wirklich coole Ansichten von Delhi (दिल्ली ਿਦੱਲੀ) Und heute ist eigentlich unser letzter Tag in der Stadt also sind wir nur Sightseeing am Morgen und dann später am Nachmittag gehen wir den Zug in die Wüste bringen nach Jaisalmer Das ist also aufregend Und so beginnt der Akzent den Turm hinauf Alright Sam, wir sind also auf den Turm geklettert Was haben Sie gedacht? Wir sind heute Morgen trainieren Es war sicher Wir hatten ein großes Frühstück, das war gut Übung sicher Äh, ich dachte, es wäre eigentlich ziemlich einfach aufsteigen Wie die Schritte waren nicht schwierig Einige andere Türme, die ich vorher bestiegen habe war wirklich schwierig in Bezug auf die Schritte Das war also in Ordnung, aber wenn du an die Spitze kommst wenn du Höhenangst hast, so wie wir es sind ist ein bisschen einschüchternd, aber es ist auch erstaunlich Ich denke, es lohnt sich, darüber hinwegzukommen und nach oben gehen und eine Aussicht bekommen Aber es kann so ein bisschen voll werden Wir gingen ziemlich schnell nach Erreichen die Spitze Ja, also hast du den Turm hier und Es gibt nur eine Treppe, die auf und ab geht Sie konkurrieren also im Grunde mit Menschen Ja Und so wie du deinen Körper drücken musst gegen die Wand Also ein bisschen stressig würde ich sagen Ich würde es nicht als leichten Aufstieg bezeichnen Wie die meisten Strukturen in Old Delhi (पुपुनीनी दिल्ली), Jama Masjid (जजमम मस्जिद – جامع مسجد) ist aus rotem Sandstein und weißem Marmor, und es ist auch eine der größten Moscheen in ganz Indien Wir sind also am Bahnhof in Delhi (दिल्ली ਿਦੱਲੀ) und das Das heißt, wir schließen die Reise hier ab Was für ein Abenteuer Also, das ist es für unsere Zeit in Delhi Das war ein Angriff auf die Sinne Oh ja Delhi ist eine sehr chaotische aber dennoch aufregende Stadt und es gibt viel zu tun, aber es ist die Art von einem Ort, wo man einmal ein paar Attraktionen gesehen hat und du bist bereit, weiterzumachen, ja Ja, es ist Zeit weiterzugehen Und wir gehen weiter Wohin gehen wir als nächstes? Wir fahren nach Jaisalmer in Rajasthan Das ist also irgendwo, wo ich schon mal war Ich bin so aufgeregt, dorthin zu gehen Also bleibt dran für diese Abenteuer Wir haben viel mehr Destinationen in Indien kommen Tschüss! Unsere erste Indien Zugfahrt war eine lange Nacht Reise von Delhi nach Jaisalmer Die Station war ziemlich beschäftigt mit Passagieren Kommen und Gehen, also war es ein wenig schwierig navigieren Wir haben es irgendwie geschafft, eine Buchung zu drucken Bestätigung, dass unsere Sitzplatznummern nicht angezeigt wurden, so dass einmal eine weitere verwirrungsebene hinzugefügt wurde unser Zug fuhr in die Station ein Nun, wir sind endlich in einem fahrenden Zug Ich würde sagen, das war sehr sehr sehr stressig Es hat Stress auf eine ganz neue Ebene gebracht Ja, wir haben einen Fehler gemacht Wir haben unsere Tickets wie vor 3 Monaten gebucht und Wir haben vergessen, unsere Tickets zu aktualisieren, um sicherzustellen, dass Was waren unsere Plätze? Wir haben diese Tickets einfach ausgedruckt, oh Ja, wir haben unsere Bestätigung und wir haben bekam unsere Sitzplatznummern Aber wir haben unsere Sitzplatznummern nicht bekommen, also sind wir gekommen im falschen Zug und wir wussten nicht wo sitzen Es hat lange gedauert, uns hinzusetzen und dann Endlich haben wir uns schließlich hinsetzen und Es war nicht der richtige Ort Es war ein langer Tag, aber die coole Sache Wir werden morgens aufwachen und wir werden immer noch wie ich fünf oder nicht wissen sechs Stunden unserer Reise verlassen Wir zeigen Ihnen viel mehr Szenerie und wir werden dir dann eine Zimmertour geben Für diese Etappe unserer Reisen haben wir Plätze gebucht in AC1, die eine erstklassige 4-Bett-Kabine ist Keine Mahlzeiten waren im Preis inbegriffen Ticket, aber zum Glück gab es viele Verkäufer kommen, indem sie Dinge wie Chai verkaufen, Chips und Kekse, also haben wir das Beste daraus gemacht Das Danke mein Herr Vielen Dank Also Sam, was hast du vom Chai Wallah bekommen? (चचयवयवलल)? Nun, das einzige, was er verkauft, ist Chai also werden wir Chai haben (मसमसलल चचय) Was denkst du Dad? Ja Prost Cheers zu Chai (मसमसलल चचय) Cheers zum Chai Und es waren nur 10 Rupien Ja Was ist wie oh mein Gott, ich weiß es nicht einmal was das ist Es ist sicher weniger als 20 Cent 15 Cent Das ist einer der Angebote Ich habe Probleme, Mathematik zu machen Ich bin müde Mehr Snacks Sandwich Ich hoffe auf Erdnüsse 200 200 Da gehst du

Haha Alles klar Sam du willst uns die Beute zeigen? Okay, ich werde dir zeigen, was wir haben für 300 Rupien 200 Rupien 200 Entschuldigung Also drei Sandwiches 3 Sandwiches Welche Art von Sandwiches? Ich denke Käse und vielleicht Tomate Käse und noch etwas Also wir haben diese Kekse Zwei Kekse Erdnüsse und Chips Woah! Also haben wir weniger als 3 US-Dollar dafür bezahlt Das Also ich würde sagen, das ist anständiger Wert Haha Wir wissen nicht, ob wir gefüttert werden oder nicht Das wird uns bis zum Morgen dauern Sam genießt ein mysteriöses Zutaten-Sandwich Es sieht so aus als hätte ich keine Ahnung Wie sieht es aus? Ich dachte, es wäre Käse wie Schmelzkäse Aber es ist nicht Es hat Weißbrot Ich habe ehrlich gesagt keine Ahnung, ich weiß es einfach Weißbrot Das einzige, was identifizierbar ist, ist das Weißbrot Genau Weißbrot Ich bin so hungrig, das ist mir egal Guten Morgen, wir haben unsere erste Nacht überlebt auf einem indischen Zug Ich habe wirklich gut geschlafen Ich war wirklich sehr müde nach gestern Es war einfach ein sehr anstrengender Tag Also ja, jetzt ist es Morgen Es ist ungefähr acht Uhr dreißig Ähm, wir sind schon in der Wüste, also die Landschaft hat sich verändert Es ist mehr wie trocken und trocken Die Erde ist rot und wir haben gefrühstückt Wir hatten etwas Chai und wir haben auch bestellt einige Hauptleitungen, damit sollte bald kommen Also, was ist los? Frühstückszeit Danke mein Herr Vielen Dank Die große Enthüllung Wir haben Toast Und noch mehr Toast Und noch mehr Toast Vier Toaststücke Mit Marmelade mit Ketchup Und äh Vegetarier gebratener Gemüseball Teigball? Hahaha Wir wissen nicht, wie das heißt Aber wir werden es essen Okay, ich habe keine Ahnung, ob ich das richtig mache aber ich werde hier ein Sandwich machen Sieh dir das an Kein Ketchup für dich, Sam? Nein Hier Deb Wie ist das? Willst du auch etwas? Es ist nicht schlecht Nicht schlecht? Probieren Sie es Aber nicht erstaunlich? Ja, ich würde es nicht toll nennen, aber ich bin es hungrig am Morgen Ich esse es Wir hatten so viele Chai, die wir gebaut haben einen Turm hinauf Ein Turm von Chai und wir haben 4 weitere kommen Hier Vielen Dank Vielen Dank Es ist Zeit für eine Testfrage Wie viele Tassen Chai hatten wir zum Frühstück? Bequem drüben? Wenn wir einen Tipp bezüglich Zugreisen anbieten können In Indien wäre es Ihre Tickets zu buchen lange im voraus Wir buchten uns mehrere Monate im Voraus und hatten Probleme um in einigen von uns später zusammen zu sitzen Reisen Es gibt eine Touristenquote von Tickets, die Sie haben kann persönlich buchen, aber je größer die Gruppe, desto schwieriger wird es sein, auf deinen Wunsch zu kommen Zug, also plane voraus Was machst du Sam? Einfach die Fenster putzen Also können wir ein bisschen besser filmen Das haben wir vom Fenster aus gesehen weit Oh hahaha Mann Dies ist die erste Klasse Kabine Ja Und jetzt trockne ich es mit meinem Handtuch ab das haben sie uns gegeben Entschlüsselung der verschiedenen Zugklassen in Indien kann ein wenig schwierig sein, da es als viele als 8 Sitz- und Schlafplätze Denken Sie daran, dass AC1 und AC2 Klassen werden bieten den meisten Komfort, aber wenn Sie gerade sind Ein echtes Budget ist die Schlafwagenklasse am günstigsten und abenteuerlichste Art zu reisen Nun gut, wir sind fast angekommen Ich würde sagen Wir sind fast angekommen Ja Wir hatten ein zweites Nickerchen nach dem Frühstück, also bin ich immer noch ein bisschen wie arrggghh schläfrig Aber trotzdem werden wir euch das geben Grand-Zimmer-Tour Also für diese Reise haben wir 1. Klasse AC gebucht Das heißt offenbar Aircabin Und so sieht es aus Und das Geräusch, das du von oben hörst, ist der AC Ja, so Die Fans sind ziemlich laut Ja, sind Sie Im Grunde hast du vier Kojen Du hast nur eine Tür und die anderen Klassen einen Vorhang für die Privatsphäre haben Recht Und die Tür ist eigentlich von der Schiebeart Also haha Wie auch immer ich oben geschlafen habe, Sam hat auf der anderen geschlafen Seite Sie bekommen also Bettwäsche Du bist wie zwei Blätter gegeben? Ein Handtuch und eine warme Decke Decke und ein Kissen Recht Und dann können Sie das Frühstück am Morgen kaufen Es gibt Leute, die vorbeikommen und Chai anbieten und Snacks und Sandwiches Also ja, und wir genießen auch die Aussicht Ja Und so sind es vier Personen pro Kabine 4 Personen pro Kabine Also ja, wir sind sehr in der Wüste unterwegs An diesem Punkt Ja, also für die nächsten Zugfahrten werde auch zweite Klasse und dritte machen Klasse, weil das alles war, was verfügbar war für einige Routen

Aber ja, das ist ein Indianer Zug (भभतीयतीय ेलेल) Leute Wir sind angekommen, lass uns Transport finden Das ist mein Update Das ist eine angenehme Überraschung Wir sind gerade aus dem Bahnhof ausgestiegen, weil wir dachten, wir hätten es Transport zu finden, aber das Hotel eigentlich schickte ein kostenloses Shuttle So ist alles sortiert und es ist kostenlos Du musst das mögen Na Leute, die Reise hat sich gelohnt Es war lang, es war anstrengend, aber wir haben es endlich geschafft in Jaisalmer (जैसलमेजैसलमे) angekommen Unser Hotel ist fantastisch Das wird also ein separater Vlog sein Ja Wir geben Ihnen eine richtige Hotel Tour Aber ja, wir sind glücklich hier zu sein Wir sind Es war eine wirklich lange Reise Und es ist eines dieser Dinge, die Sie so schätzen nach so einer langen Reise dort sein Haha Wie auch immer, wir brauchen Nahrung und wir brauchen Schlaf Ich kann nicht einmal richtig sprechen Nun, man sieht sich später Ciao Tschüss Nach einer 18-stündigen Nachtzugfahrt von Delhi, wir erreichten schließlich Jaisalmer (जैसलमेजैसलमे), eine Stadt aus gelbem Sandstein, die in der liegt mitten in der Wüste Thar (ललइक, कमेंट व सब्सक्रइबइब कके) Dies erwies sich als mein Lieblingsstopp unserer monatelanges Abenteuer in Indien; jetzt lass mich nehmen Sie mit auf eine Tour und zeigen Ihnen warum Guten Morgen von Jaisalmer (जैसलमेजैसलमे) Wir haben endlich einen ruhigen kleinen Ort gefunden in diesem Labyrinth eines Forts (जैसलमे फोफो्ट) Konfessionszeit Wir haben versucht wie einige Intros aber dort Es hat viel Piepsen gegeben Es ist so laut Ähm, aber wir erkunden die Hauptattraktion Heute ist das Fort und es ist erstaunlich Ich kann sehen, warum diese Stadt Golden genannt wird Stadt von Indien Nur der gelbe Sandstein leuchtet in der Sonne Es ist wunderschön und wir haben es endlich geschafft das Fort (जैसलमेजैसलमे फोफो्ट) Es ist ein riesiges Labyrinth von Hügeln, die auf und ab gehen und kleine Gassen Ja Wir werden nur den Morgen damit verbringen, zu erkunden und zu sehen, was wir hier finden Ja, es ist unglaublich und etwas zu halten im Verstand ist, dass es eine lebende Festung ist (जैसलमे फोफो्ट) bedeutet, dass es Händler gibt, Es gibt Hotels, Restaurants und Sie können jederzeit des Tages besuchen Einkaufszeit Wir wissen alle, wie gerne Sam einkaufen geht Weißt du was? In Indien finde ich es ziemlich cool Mit all den verschiedenen Farben Wir werden tatsächlich etwas dafür bekommen unser zukünftiges Haus Das haben wir in letzter Zeit oft gesagt ist wahr Mit so viel Farbe um uns herum war es nicht Lange bevor wir in einen Laden gelockt wurden wir haben Souvenirs in der Form von Wandbehängen, Kissenbezügen und a kleines Bild oder zwei Unser Gepäck hat ein paar Pfund mehr gewonnen in dieser Stadt allein Sam Ich denke, wir haben das Shirt für dich gefunden? Ich denke, wir haben Kannst du raten, welcher es ist? Hahaha Unter diesen vier Dieser da drüben Herr Schnurrbart Und die Sonnenbrille Das bin total ich Wirst du anfangen, einen Turban Sam zu tragen? Äh, ich weiß nichts davon Weißt du was? Ich habe vorher einen Schnurrbart mit Brille gerockt Und du hast den roten Hut, also funktioniert es irgendwie Es funktioniert irgendwie Ich war aufgeregt, weil ich dachte, das wären Turbane und vielleicht könnten wir Sam eins bekommen, aber ich denke Sie sind nur Schals Obwohl ich denke, Sie könnten einen Schal und Verwandle es in einen Turban Es gibt so viele Geschäfte hier, die wir gerade haben gehen Sie fünf oder zehn Meter weiter und dann knallen in einen neuen Laden Es gibt nur so viele Farben und Perlen und Pailletten Also lass uns sehen, was wir bekommen können Wir kaufen für Wohnkultur Was hast du Sam gefunden? Schau dir das an Es gibt alle Arten von verschiedenen Elefanten Ein Elefant Kissenbezug Aber sieh runter und du siehst eine ganze Menge Mehr Ich kenne Ich denke, wir werden ein Paar abholen Du wirst ein Paar bekommen Könnte sein Aber es war nicht alles in Jaisalmer einkaufen (जैसलमेजैसलमे) Wir haben uns auch Zeit für ein bisschen Sightseeing genommen in der Festung und eine der Hauptattraktionen Hier sind die Jain-Tempel (जैन धध्म) Wir haben gerade Tickets gekauft, um eines der zu besuchen Jain-Tempel (जैन धध्म) hier in der Festung Und es ist wunderschön Wie die Schnitzereien sind so kompliziert und da ist so viel Liebe zum Detail, es ist erstaunlich Was denken Sie? Ich denke, das ist ziemlich erstaunlich Ich habe das letzte Mal einige Jain-Tempel besucht Ich war in Jaisalmer (जैसलमेजैसलमे) aber sie waren draußen in der Wüste und dieser Hier ist noch beeindruckender, muss ich sagen

Eine andere Sache, die wir in Jaisalmer empfehlen würden (जैसलमेजैसलमे) isst zu Abend ein Dachrestaurant, während die Sonne untergeht Es gibt viele verstreute Restaurants über die Stadt und die Aussicht, die man bekommt Die Sonne geht unter Wir wählten zufällig eine aus und es enthielt ein Live Musikauftritt Heute Nachmittag fangen wir den Sonnenuntergang an auf einer Dachterrasse Wir sind im Restaurant Jaisalmer Oasis Ja, und ich meine, wir sind im Grunde die Spitze Niveau der Festung auf der obersten Ebene eines Restaurants So bekommen wir einige der besten Ansichten in die ganze Stadt Wir haben fast grundsätzlich 360-Grad-Ansichten Aus der Stadt So ist es hier unglaublich Wir warten nur darauf, dass unsere Pizzas kommen Ja So haben wir einen Blick auf die Jain Tempel, die wir besuchten früher heute Morgen und Sie können auch sehen ein paar verschiedene Restaurants auf dem Dach die Distanz (Gesang und Akkordeon) Es ist sehr leicht, sich in der Festung zu verlieren in der Nacht Sobald die Lichter ausgehen, haben wir endlich gefunden unser Ausweg, nachdem wir im Kreis herumgelaufen sind ein bisschen Und jetzt werden wir etwas transportieren und zurück zum Hotel für etwas Ruhe (Tuk-Tuk klingt) Am folgenden Tag ging es um den Besuch der Thar Wüste (ललइक, कमेंट व सक्सक्रइबइब कके) auf einem Kameltrekking am Nachmittag Es war eine schöne Abwechslung von der Stadt, und wir haben ein traditionelles Essen genossen über einem Lagerfeuer Wir besuchen gerade ein Rajasthani Stil Dorf Unser Führer wartet auf uns im Lastwagen und Mein Plan ist es, mit allen Ziegen Freundschaft zu schließen Es wandern so viele Ziegen hier herum Nun, die Kamelabenteuer beginnen gerade Wir sind in der Wüste angekommen Wir sind wahrscheinlich 30 oder 40 Minuten gefahren Schau dir die Kamele an Wir werden einen Begleiter aussuchen Hoffentlich ein freundlicher, der nicht spuckt in mein Gesicht Kamel-Abenteuer Kamel-Abenteuer Kamelsafari Ja Und das ist wie eine Explosion aus der Vergangenheit, weil das letzte Mal war ich in Jaisalmer (जैसलमेजैसलमे) Ich mochte eine viertägige Kamelsafari Also machen wir nur eine kurze Fahrt Nachmittag, aber ich kann es kaum erwarten Kamele reiten macht Spaß Woop Ich weiß, wie das geht Okay Sam zeig uns wie es gemacht wird Haha In Ordnung, es gibt nichts besonders anmutiges Du hüpfst einfach drauf Ein Bein über dem anderen Und es erhebt sich Wo halte ich? Oh ok Ja Okay Gut Okay Das Kamel quietscht Wo bleiben? Dort Oooh Beeindruckend Hallo Freund Das ist mein Kamel Hallo Kamel Ja Also das erste und letzte Mal, dass ich ein Kamel ritt war in Jordanien vor ein paar Jahren Und aus irgendeinem Grund erinnerte ich mich an Kamele viel kürzer Der, in dem ich gerade bin, scheint wirklich groß zu sein und wirklich groß und es fühlt sich an wie ich wirklich bin weit weg vom Boden Aber wir gehen Wir haben eine Karawane von fünf und wir sind auf unserer Weg Was untersuchen wir Sam? Hast du deine Hosen zerrissen? (Zigeunertanz und Gesang) Haha Also Sam Update aus der Wüste? Aktualisieren Du hast gerade ein paar Sonnenuntergänge bekommen

Ja Und wir warten auf das Abendessen Was ist da drüben Es kocht Es kocht direkt vor uns Es kocht Also Chai machen? Ja Chai mit wie Zucker Sicher Zucker klingt gut Kein Zucker, kein Chai Haha Do dah doo Haha Trompetenchips Am nächsten Morgen gingen wir zurück zum Fort weil wir einfach nicht wegbleiben konnten Ich besuchte das Jaisalmer Fort Palace Museum & Heritage Centre, während Sam und seine Mutter auswählten ein paar zusätzliche Souvenirs für die Familie zurück Zuhause Im Moment fahren wir zum Gadisar See (गगडिसडिस झील) Anscheinend ist es ein großartiger Ort, um den Sonnenuntergang zu beobachten und auch wenn Sie eine Bootstour machen wollen der See ist eine andere Möglichkeit Ich muss sagen, es hat sich gelohnt hier zum Sonnenuntergang So war es einfach unglaublich Das einzige andere Land, in dem ich je war zu den Sonnenuntergängen so spektakulär wie in Indien war in Südafrika Und du siehst nur, wie diese goldene Kugel kommt jeden Tag für Sonnenaufgang und dann wieder für den Sonnenuntergang Es ist einfach unglaublich Nun gut, wir sind zurück am Bahnhof und das sind die Jaisalmer-Tagebücher sind vorbei Nächster Halt Nächstes Ziel ist Jodhpur und das ist ein kurze Fahrt im Vergleich zu dieser letzten Oh ja 18 Stunden im Vergleich zu 5 Also haben wir gerade eine abendliche Zugfahrt bekommen Wir gehen um fünf herum und wir sollten gegen halb elf ankommen Woop Ok Leute, hallo aus Jodhpur (जोधपुजोधपु) Es ist Zeit für eine weitere Hoteltour Wir waren in einem Haveli (हवेली) in Jodhpur (जोधपुजोधपु) für die letzte 3 Nächte Und es ist ein ziemlich cooler Ort Wie wir in einem unserer früheren Videos erwähnt haben ein haveli (حییلی) ist irgendwie wie ein alter Stil zu Hause oder ein altes Herrenhaus, das hat wurde in ein Hotel umgewandelt So ist die Architektur sehr typisch und die Platz selbst ist irgendwie wie ein Labyrinth Es ist wirklich eigenartig Es ist nicht dein typisches Hotel Also zeigen wir dir, wie du rein kommst Dann werden wir dir eine Zimmertour geben Und danach zeigen wir dir das Dach, weil Sie einige erstaunliche Ansichten erhalten von der ganzen Stadt Also lass uns Sam finden und loslegen Okay, wir haben Sammy Boy gefunden Hier bin ich Willst du uns führen? Lass uns die große Tour machen Die große Tour Okay Wir werden deinen Fußstapfen folgen Also das, was ich wirklich interessant finde, ist dass wir an den Häusern der Menschen vorbei müssen Und manchmal sind ihre Türen offen, so dass wir es mögen kann einspringen Sieh dir die Schuhe an Sie können die Schuhe sehen Und dann die Tür Und sieh, du kannst dort etwa 3 Zoll sehen Ich weiß nicht, warum ich flüstere Haha Wenn die Nachbarn zuhören Es gibt also eine andere Tür Jemand ist zu Hause Und wir gehen diese Stufen hinauf Geht immer noch ins haveli (हवेली) Es ist ein langer Weg vom Tor Aber sieh dir diese Kunst an Einige handgemalte Kunst Elefanten Wie cool ist das? Wie auch immer, lass uns weitermachen Mehr Treppen Ein bisschen Training Zu diesem Ort gelangen Oh und Leute, auf die ihr ernsthaft achten müsst Kopf Dies ist nicht für Leute, wenn Sie groß sind Ich habe nur meinen Kopf getroffen Nochmal Während ich das gesagt habe Nachdem ich das gesagt habe Das war nicht einmal ein Unfall Sam ist da draußen und folgt nicht seinem eigenen Rat Haha Es ist nicht einfach ein Kameramann zu sein Also 360 vom Haupthof Hier haben Sie auch die Rezeption Einchecken Aber lass uns Sam finden

Also vom Hof ​​nehmen wir das zufällig kleine Halle Mehr Kunstwerke Mehr Elefanten Und wir haben einen anderen Hof Und wir haben Sam’s Dad Hallo Sams Vater Haha Und noch mehr Treppen Wir haben mehr Treppen Also fahren wir weiter hoch Okay, mehr Treppen Machen wir das Und wir gehen da hoch Und jetzt zeigen wir dir die Ansichten Sie bekommen von der Dachterrasse Lass mich die Schlüssel finden Es ist ein lustiger kleiner Schlüssel Und ein bisschen wie ein riesiges Schloss (Klopfgeräusche) Kein Grund zu klopfen Ich weiß schon, dass du da bist Komm herrein Jetzt ist es Zeit für die große Zimmertour Lass uns die Sonne draußen lassen, weil es wirklich ist heiß Ähm, also ja, das ist es im Grunde Lass mich die Tür abschließen, damit niemand hereinkommt Das ist es im Grunde und was ich mag In diesem Raum sind die Gemälde an den Wänden Wie du diese wirklich coolen Szenen hast Ich kenne Direkt neben unserem Deo Oh ok Da oben Lass uns aufhören, uns auf das Deo zu konzentrieren Haha Ähm, und wir haben ein Bett, das so ist niedrig zur Bodenplattform Ja Matratze Es ist im Grunde fast auf dem Boden Also ja Ja Ich mag auch die kleinen Details, die sie alle haben entlang der Oberseite der Wand An der Decke Ja, also ist es ziemlich cool Wir haben einen großen Teppich Ja, und wie im Einklang mit dem Rest von Die Orte, an denen wir an den Decken waren, sind wirklich hoch dort oben Hohe Decken Ja Sie haben coole Holzmöbel auf dieser Seite Ja, und einige von diesen havelis (हवेली) sind wie Hunderte von Jahren alt Ja Wie einige von ihnen über 500 Jahre alt Ja, ich weiß nicht, wie alt dieser ist Ja Es ist Teil des Geheimnisses Ja Aber einige von ihnen sind genau wie alt Und du siehst das mit dem du gerade weißt wie sie außen aufgebaut sind Es ist unglaublich, dass sie immer noch stehen Ja, und ja, es sind überall nur helle Farben Wie auf den Kissen ist es heiß Rosa und Rot Ähm, okay, aber der beste Teil ist der beste Teil die Aussicht Hallo Haha Der beste Teil ist definitiv die Aussicht Wir haben für eine Burg Aussicht bezahlt und das heißt wir Sehen Sie sich die Festung an Die große Enthüllung Tada Tada Dah dah dah Nicht zu schäbige Jungs Hä? Das ist Burgblick Und das ist genau die richtige Tageszeit Wir filmen dies am Nachmittag, als die Die Sonne trifft es einfach perfekt Und wir haben es fast vergessen Haha Ich nehme an, wir sollten dir das Badezimmer zeigen Ich mag es nicht wirklich Es ist ein bisschen eklig und es ist klein und es ist dunkel, aber lass uns gehen, damit du weißt, was du bist sich hineinziehen Ja Also wieder wenn du groß bist schau dir den Kopf an weil Sam stößt sich immer wieder auf Ja Wenn ich nicht geheilt bin, weiß ich nicht was geht weiter, weil ich wahrscheinlich meinen Kopf gestoßen habe Zumindest weiß ich nicht, wie oft jetzt 10 mal mindestens? Das ist also die Heizung Die Heizung Ich muss es mit einem Schalter einschalten Wir duschen Das ist der Schalter, der es anschaltet Wir duschen dort oben Wir haben ein winziges kleines Waschbecken, wo du es kaum kannst wasche deine Hände Ja Und ein schmutziger Spiegel Urggh Also ja, das Badezimmer ist nicht der erstaunliche Teil Aber ja, das ist der Raum, also jetzt Zeit für einige abschließende Gedanken nach 3 Nächten hier Zeit für Gedanken von einem schicken Stuhl Ja, so letzte Gedanken darüber, in einem haveli (حییلی) hier in Jodhpur (जोधपुजोधपु) Also ja, sehr zu empfehlen Es ist eine dieser einzigartigen Unterkünfte dass Sie nur an ganz bestimmten Orten finden können Wann immer du die Chance hast, an einem Ort zu bleiben mit so viel Charakter, den ich absolut empfehlen kann es Ähm, in Bezug auf den Ort, an dem wir wohnen An sich war der Aufenthalt in Ordnung Ja, nicht erstaunlich Es gab einige grundlegende Dinge, die es nicht waren wirklich getroffen Als wir immer wieder nach Toilettenpapier fragen mussten, für Handtücher, für Seife Für Bettwäsche und solche Sachen Ja Sie haben einfach nicht wirklich vorbereitet Zimmer perfekt Ich würde zustimmen Ich würde sagen, der Service war nicht erstaunlich, aber es ist irgendwie wie eine eigenartige Eigenschaft deshalb wollten wir es präsentieren

Und es gibt euch auch eine Idee von was havelis (हवेली) sind wie weil viele von ihnen haben ein ähnliches Layout Also würde ich sagen, bleib in einem Haveli (हवेली) aber Sie müssen nicht unbedingt buchen gleiche Sie haben hier viele Möglichkeiten Tonnen von havelis (حییلی) und viel von Sie haben Charakter und Charme Also forschen Sie und suchen Sie sich einen aus Dein Büdget Ja, also das ist es von Jodhpur (जोधपुजोधपु), Rajasthan, Indien Zeit, dich aus der Tür zu schicken Los geht’s Los geht’s Nun, guten Morgen von einem anderen Ziel in Indien Heute erkunden wir Jodhpur (जोधपुजोधपु) und wir werden tatsächlich zwei ganze haben Tage hier So schön gepumpt Ja, es heißt Blue City und sehr guter Grund We’ll be showing you that shortly And yeah we can’t wait to travel around here This is like an essential stop in Rajasthan (राजस्थान ਰਾਜਸਥਾਨ) And you know what is pretty funny? We’re both wearing blue That wasn’t actually planned Oh it totally was Wearing blue in the blue city Lass uns anfangen Our first stop in Jodhpur (जोधपुर) was Mehrangarh Fort (मेहरानगढ़ का दुर्ग), which is one of the biggest forts in India The fort sits on a rocky hill overlooking the city and it pretty much dominates the skyline with its imposing walls Admission to the fort itself is free, but if you’ve come all the way here, you’ll want to pay the admission to visit the palaces which now act as a museum So we’ve just arrived from Jaisalmer where we visited another fort but that one was a living fort where you have hotels and restaurants and temples and shops and people will actually have homes in there This wasn’t doesn’t feel like so much like a living fort It feels a bit more historic There is actually hardly any tourists there Maybe it is because we’re a bit early But yeah, it is a pretty cool place It is massive So I’m really looking forward to getting deep into the fort and seeing what it is all about Alright, so it was a bit of a slow accent to the top Es war But we made it It is a really odd day A few beads of sweat I think a little tip would be to come a bit earlier than we did We had a late start but man this is amazing The views from this fort (मेहरानगढ़ का दुर्ग) are just like surreal I’ve actually never seen a city quite like this from high atop I mean from a high vantage point This is just this fort is incredible and it is the kind of place that if you visit it is going to take hours to explore It is not one of those like half an hour attractions You can literally spend a half or even a full day here There is just so much to see and do And it is not as touristy as some other forts either in India You can walk around some different sections and you don’t notice that many tourists walking around Within the fort (मेहरानगढ़ का दुर्ग) you can also visit the ramparts, see the old cannons, and get some overhead views of the city which will quickly help you realize why Jodhpur (जोधपुर) is nicknamed the Blue City There’s also a nice cafe where you can enjoy a samosa or two (Traditional Indian Music) Alright guys, so it is about 2pm would you sagen? Ja So that means we’ve been wandering around the fort for almost 3 hours? Over Over 3 hours Over 3 It has been a long outing We had to stop for food and drink And if you’re going to visit the fort you should budget that amount of time because there is just so much to do and if it does get hot you’re going to want to cool off Yeah, it is massive and I mean it is on a bit of a steep incline so you’re going to need breaks along the way But yeah the views are cool Sam went shopping Let’s get Sam on camera Okay Sam, so let’s see What did you get? What did you get? I’ve been wanting to get these for a long Zeit Puppets Puppets Matching puppets In Ordung I bought one of these for my parents like 8 or 7 years ago And now these are for us This is for our future home Sam is thinking becoming a puppeteer Ja A professional puppeteer Genau And what else did you get? Training hard for that Okay Watching YouTube tutorials about puppeteering And this is the last thing I walked into the store and saw this really cool polo shirt It is my new supper shirt Jodhpur (जोधपुर) Fancy dining wear Fancy It does look really nice Are you going to show us your face? Let’s see your excited face

That is your excited face? Okay Tschüss Tschüss So the best thing about the place where we’re currently staying would have to be the views And the sun is starting to set You can see the fort back there And our hotel also has a whole bunch of terraces where you can hangout, have a drink, read a book and yeah just watch the sunset Sieh dir das an Was? So for a little change of scenery we are trading the views from our hotel and we came over to Castle Rock Hotel and Restaurant Ja And the place really lives up to its name It may have the best views of the fort in the city I can’t confirm that but so far that is definitely our experience Check it out Well good morning from Jodhpur (जोधपुर) It is day two in the blue city and of course Sam is wearing blue again How appropriate Dressed for the occasion So yeah, today is going to be a fun day I think we’re just going to have a really kind of chill day We’re going to wander around the blue part of the city We’re going to visit a clock tower (Ghanta Ghar) and then maybe check out the market And then have some lunch Lunch Lunch with a view That is the plan That is the plan Hello puppy Are you sleeping in a tuk-tuk? Yes, you are sleeping in a tuk-tuk Are you supposed to be in there puppy? Ja So right now we have ended up at the Sardar Market (सरदार बाजार) just around the clock tower (Ghanta Ghar) And I would say this is both a local market and a tourist market You can get produce and like everyday things Yeah, you see a lot of everyday like market stalls but you also see some more ones that are geared for tourists such as the ones where you can souvenirs, carpets and saris Sachen wie diese Ja But yeah, it is a busy market but we came early in the morning and it was kind of cool because we got to see how all of these different vendors were setting up their shops and as we walked around it started to definitely get a little busier We’re going to take a little break after visiting the market and walking around the city So we found a restaurant called Indique It is supposed to be one of the highest rated in the whole city so we’re treating ourselves to a nice little splurge meal I got myself a saffron lassi Look at the color It is a bright yellow Stir it around And I’ve only had saffron in savory dishes This one is going to be sweet Mmm It is really good So it is my turn I’m trying the salty lassi here Salted lassi Oh wow Yeah, that is definitely salty So when you get lassis in India you can choose between salted, sweet and other kinds with different fruits So the salted one is really good That is probably my favorite So the first restaurant we went to Indique was closed for lunch So we only had drinks Now we’ve found a place called Jhankar and they have an incredible courtyard so we’re going to be having lunch in here And yeah it is just really cool It is quite lush It looks tropical And yeah let’s go find our table Mmm How is that naan? Es is so awesome It is so buttery and garlic-y

Love it Then, after all that food and drink, it was finally time to get lost in the blue maze that is Jodhpur (जोधपुर) It is all blue So now it is time to answer the million dollar Frage Why is Jodhpur (जोधपुर) painted blue? I actually had to google this one And no one really knows the answer There seems to be a whole bunch of different Gründe dafür The most likely is that the color blue kind of deflects light so it keeps the homes cool during the summer months And also it is believed that um a lot of Brahman followers of Lord Shiva used to live in Jodhpur (जोधपुर) so maybe that is why they decided to paint everything blue But really it is a mystery There was no definitive answer So yeah, either way it looks pretty cool Blue is a nice color Hi little pup Are you sleeping on a motorcycle? It looks like you are sleeping on a motorcycle and you know what? Earlier today I saw a pup sleeping in a tuk-tuk Are you friends? Or are you the same pup? Oh you’re cute You have big silly ears Big silly ears Alright Sam Sam Sam the man Ja Ja First off all want to show us your new shirt? Oh yeah, love this new shirt Got this in Jaisalmer And I actually saw the artist like while he was painting Yeah, it is hand painted It is incredible So cool So cool Anyways back on top We’re going out for dinner We’re hungry We’re going out for food We ate at this place called Jhankar for lunch Jhankar in Jodhpur (जोधपुर) Oh, it was so good Actually it was one of the best meals we’ve had in India so far Ja So we are heading back there for dinner And it is all about Thali (थाली) tonight We are going to get an original Thali (थाली) and a Rajasthani Thali (राजस्थानी खाना) Because we are in Rajasthan (राजस्थान ਰਾਜਸਥਾਨ) and they have a special Thali so we can’t wait to try that out Now it is off to find a little tuk-tuk Alright, lead the way Lead the way Tuk-tuk-y adventure! Tuk-tuk-tuk-tuk We made friends with the Japanese guy who we were in Jaisalmer and he called them tuk-tukies So that is what we call them to now Tukie-tukies Confession time We already had lunch here and the food was so amazing that we’ve told the waiter right away we’re coming back for dinner So we decided to come and sample um local Thali (थाली) Rajasthani Thali So that is what we’ve ordered And also one thing I should mention this restaurant is run by a Jain family So that means they are vegetarian and they don’t eat any egg products So yeah, we’re going to be having a vegetarian meal today Which is pretty cool And apparently 70% of Rajasthan (राजस्थान ਰਾਜਸਥਾਨ) is vegetarian so the majority of the population do not eat meat Which is pretty interesting Come let’s be friends Meow meows Come kitty Meow meows So we have found a kitty and we’re trying to lure him over There are not many cats in India You know this is the first cat we’ve seen Yeah, maybe it is We’ve seen monkeys, we’ve seen cows, we’ve seen tonnes of dogs But not a lot of cats And I think this one is a pet It is hanging out in the restaurant but it is a little skittish It is a little shy It is not coming quite close enough for us to pet And now it left It is gone There it goes Bye cat Shizzam The food has arrived So they brought us over these two giants platters And oh my goodness it is way bigger than I was expecting Oh ja I don’t know how Sam and I are going to eat all of this It looks absolutely incredible And we also got free desserts So we’ve got our work cut out for us So first up I’ll show you my platter I’m having the Rajasthani Thali set So again it is vegetarian so lots of vegetable options going on We’ve got some biryani rice, some mystery thick rice, some ghee which is kind of like curd or yoghurt I think it is called ghee Um, some more veggies with uh it looks like it has cashews Cashew nuts You know what I think we’re just going to have to try it because I don’t even know what I’m looking at right now Yeah, they didn’t list it on the menu Yeah, so this is all a big surprise Just dip it in Break off a piece of bread Oh, this looks like again all vegetable here It is a vegetarian restaurant I keep forgetting that Mmm How is that? Mmmm Was ist es? This one reminds me of dal Like a really spicy dal Spicy huh? Lentil base Dieser hier My throat is on fire Haha Are you going to have some more of that? Urrghh My throat is on fire Nein Nein Okay moving on Biryani with cauliflower This is something we had for lunch

Oh, it was amazing Tomatoes Green peas It is just so colorful Like the way that they this is some of the best biryani I would say it is the best vegetarian biryani rice I’ve ever had Ja Das ist gut Okay Sam And you have the he called it a Jimbo A jumbo thali I think this is a bit more of a classic Thali So I’m just going to try everything So I’ll start off over here Oh that looks good I think there is cheese on the outside Sieh dir das an Oh wow With curd Oh my gosh that looks so good I want some of that Oooh Oooh That is some wonderful curry It has got a bit of a tomato base But really thick spicy, creamy Oh mein Gott All the good things in life All the good things in life That is just amazing And there is also chunks of the cottage cheese I’m going in for another one That was just so good Another bite of the same thing Oh ja That is when you know it is good So that is a wrap from Jodhpur (जोधपुर) So we had a really good time in the Blue City Um, it was only two days but I felt like we did quite a bit Did you enjoy it? Yeah, the fort (मेहरानगढ़ का दुर्ग) was magnificent and the blue city was all it was supposed to be Yes, so now we’re moving on to Jaipur We’re just waiting at the train station So we’re going to catch our train It is about a 6 hour journey So relatively not too long but uh yeah can’t wait to update you when we get there Ciao for now Ciao Well good morning Today we are in Jaipur (जयपुर) We’re visiting the Pink City Neither of us is wearing pink No we were color coordinated for Jodhpur the Blue City but yeah I don’t think we have anything pink in our wardrobe Nothing pink Maybe we’ll pick something up today as a souvenir Um but yeah today we have signed up for a full day tour from 9am to 6pm And it is basically a bus tour that is going to be taking us to the main highlights in Jaipur (जयपुर) So busy day And we don’t have a lot of time in Jaipur (जयपुर) and this is a city I visited several years ago and I did this tour and attractions are really spread out here so I think this is going to be a good way for us to see everything along with my parents And yeah, we don’t we only have one really full day to do this So yeah we are trying to cram in a lot today So yeah let’s get started Alright the bus is here Lass uns gehen So we are finally off the bus We drove around for about an hour picking up people A little longer than I was expecting and we have arrived at our first stop It is Laxmi Narayan Temple A bit of a complicated name And we only have 15 minutes here So we’ve got to run around and visit this quickly Also known as Birla Mandir, this is a Hindu temple, dedicated to Vishnu and Lakshmi While Hindu deities are depicted inside the temple, the outside walls showcase figures from different faiths Oh this 1st stop was quite rushed We had 15 minutes but they force you to leave your shoes outside and pay for them So it is like 5 minutes to drop them off because there is a really long line Then maybe 5 minutes to actually visit the temple and then another 5 minutes to collect your shoes and rush back to the bus So yeah, I hope the whole day isn’t like this But yeah I’m not too impressed so far So Sam paid to go in to the temple Actually well I just had to pay for the shoes Ja 1 Rupee Didn’t exactly break the bank What did you think of it? Yeah, it was an interesting temple It is really large obviously marble and white And inside you can’t take photos or videos so unfortunately I can’t show you what it is like inside Womp womp We then hopped back on the bus, drove past the Albert Hall Museum, and continued to the next stop on our itinerary: Jantar Mantar (जंतर मंतर) The name Jantar Mantar (जंतर मंतर) translates to ‘calculating instrument’, and it is a collection of 19 structures that date back to the 18th century These instruments were used to predict eclipses, track stars, and measure time So we are currently visiting Jantar Mantar (जंतर मंतर) and we’re having

a bit of hard time keeping up with our guide But from what we gather this is basically like an observatory and it was used to track the movements of stars and planets and the sun and to study everything related to astronomy So there is a lot of like really cool instruments There is like these weird constructions so we’re going to show you some of that Is our guide around? From there it was just a short walk to the City Palace Like most of the city, the palace is also painted pink, which is the colour of hospitality This was done in 1876, to welcome the Prince of Wales and Queen Victoria when they did their India tour Inside the palace complex, you can visit a museum and the armoury, or just walk around snapping photos So Sam ditched the tour group to go shopping I did because I’ve been like in the past I collected hats and I still do but these days I’m collecting polo shirts And India has the coolest polo-shirts This is like the um Jaipur different colors I saw a very similar shirt of like an old polo shirt in one of the museums and it looks so much like this So I’m really happy to get this colorful one And then of course Jaipur (जयपुर) Jaipur is the pink city Oh la lah I can’t to wear those So I’ve already got Jodhpur and yeah I’m going to keep collecting them Hopefully I can get one in Kolkata as well That is going to be coming up soon So we have ditched the guide for now but he knows we’re going to meet him at the exit and this is so much better We’re just walking around freely, enjoying the city palace and check out these colors Everything is pink and outlined with white designs It is really really cool So yeah, I’m having a good time even if I’m not enjoying the tour necessarily We have ended up at a place called Shopping Paradise I’m pretty sure we’re only here because the guide gets commission So he’s trying to force everyone to come in Even though some people have already been shopping Also ja Nicht beeindruckt So we are now at the Jaigarh Fort (जयगढ़ क़िला) This is again a very quick visit So we basically have 20 minutes to see as much as we can Uh, you get some pretty cool views of the area But the landscape is quite barron Uh, so yeah we’re just going to have a quick walk around From the Jaigarh Fort (जयगढ़ क़िला) it was a short drive to Nahargarh Fort and Palace I wish I could tell you we got to see a bit of the palace, but as you’ve probably already noticed, the theme of the day was rush, rush, rush, so we grabbed a quick bite of food and carried on Hungry I am So we got pav bhaji (पाव भाजी) I think that is what it is called I’m guessing the pao comes from the Portuguese influence Pao is bread in Portuguese And the bhaji came with cheese I don’t even know what this is but it has got melted cheese on top Should I add some red onions? Sicher I’m going to have some onion breath all day And Sam is sitting next to me So lucky me How is that? Mmmm Lecker It is like a sloppy Joe Indian sloppy Joe That is a good way of putting it So we just finished lunch and now we’re visiting Nahargarh Fort and Palace We’re just wandering around aimlessly because the guide has disappeared again We didn’t want to eat at the restaurant he was taking us to Um because it was really expensive so we had a fast food instead Um, yeah right now we’re visiting one of the old step wells and it is pretty cool People would have liked to climbed down the stairs to go fetch water You can see that behind me And yeah we only have a few more minutes left here so we’re going to try and see as much as we can before we move on But the tour is almost over I think we only have like 2 or 3 more stops for today And then that is it We then hopped back on the bus to go visit our third fort of the day: the Amer Fort (आमेर क़िला) On the way down, we got a quick glimpse at Jal Mahal, the Lake Palace, which sits in the middle of Man Sagar Lake We noticed there were men with row boats, so if you visit with a bit more time, that’s an activity to consider Next stop of the day is the Amber Fort (आमेर क़िला) It is a little backlit at the moment But there you have it in the background and there is Sam taking some photos Was denken Sie? This is your second time here Well we’ve been to quite a few forts today so we decided not to take the jeep all the

Aufstieg Instead we noticed there was some nice light coming down from the ground level and from the lake So here we are We’re exploring it this way instead By foot Making friends Audrey Ja Who is this My new friend My pup Hello fur buddy Hello pup Hello fur friend The little fur friend Fur friend is feeling shy Hello fur friend Hallo Hello fur friend The rest of the day went downhill quickly when our guide started making commissioned based shopping stops that weren’t on the itinerary, so we just stopped filming, but we got back into Jaipur (जयपुर) well after dark Well it is now time to wrap up our time in Jaipur (जयपुर) Yeah, so confession time We’re actually in Agra right now Hoppla Got on a train yesterday Got on a train yesterday Uh the day after our tour we just chilled aus We didn’t film at all because the tour was kind of exhausting Es war It really was It really was It just ended up going on for an hour and a half longer than it was supposed to and it was already a long tour And it was mostly shopping stops at the end Yeah, so like in terms of because there is all of the different forts so spread out it is not a bad way to see them but at the same time you are very rushed and you go to so many different places I almost think doing it independently would be a little bit better That would be our tip But anyways yeah the adventures here in Agra are about to begin so do follow us for that Tschüss Tschüss Well good morning good morning Today we are in Agra (आगरा) How excited are you? Super excited I mean ‘hey guess what’ there is a little kind of tiny attraction here we might be visiting Maybe the Taj Mahal (ताजमहल) Maybe, we might work in a little time for that Still haven’t figured it out but Okay, so here is the deal The Taj Mahal (ताजमहल) is actually closed on Fridays and we didn’t realize that until we got here So we can’t visit today but instead we’re going to visit Agra Fort (आगरा का किला) Ja And maybe the Baby Taj Mahal Yeah, and the good news is that I’ve actually been to Agra (آگرہ) before and I’ve been to Agra Fort (आगरा का किला) and it is one of the most impressive I’ve ever visited in India If this fort was outside of Agra (आगरा) it would be a standalone attraction in another Stadt So we’re going to go check that out today and maybe check out the Taj from across the river And then we have to buy tickets for the Taj Can’t forget that Right so busy day actually Let’s begin Agra Fort (आगरा का किला) is a UNESCO World Heritage Site that draws big numbers, especially on a Friday when the Taj is closed Admission to Agra Fort (आगरा का किला) is through the Amar Singh Gate, which is the south gate Outside the gates you’ll find guides offering their services, so that’s something you can keep in mind if you’re looking to learn about the fort’s history and architecture So we’ve been getting all of these like teaser views of the Taj Last night we had it during dinner and today we have this And I think we’re going to get one more vantage point later on in the day And then finally tomorrow we actually visit es Once you walk through a series of gates, you’ll find yourself in a giant complex of marble palaces, inner courtyards and gardens, complete with wild monkeys running along the fort’s walls You also get some pretty cool views of the Taj Mahal (ताजमहल) off in the distance – but we’ll show you an even better lookout point later in this video So we think this lady is a gardener because it looks like she is picking weeds but she’s also taking a little break at the same time Just pulling out some grass Well good evening We are back from our day of sightseeing at the fort

Our hotel room is a little bit messy for a tour right now but we’re going to head downstairs because we’re having dinner and we’re actually doing a homestay so they just finished cooking up something really nice So yeah we’re going to share a meal with all of the other guests and it should be good Lass uns gehen Well Sam are you ready for dinner? Ready for dinner! Always ready for dinner How hungry are you? Immer I’m in hungry hippo mode Hungry hippo mode Let’s go down We stayed at The Coral Court Homestay which is a beautiful property run by a very kind and attentive couple, and one of the highlights of that stay was the food We had the most delicious vegetarian curries made with eggplant, pumpkin, and paneer, and I’m still thinking about those meals to this day! Well good morning Today is finally the big day The big day It is Saturday the Taj is open again We got our tickets this morning Sam was up at seven in the morning My Dad and I we went and grabbed them and Ja So then we had a nice leisurely breakfast So we decided not to go right at sunset We decided to take it a little bit easy but now we’re here and really excited to go inside Let’s go in So first impressions we’ve only just entered through the East Gate and we’re already like Beeindruckend We haven’t even seen the Taj yet but the buildings leading up to it are exquisite so I can’t wait to see the Taj itself The Taj Mahal (ताजमहल) was built by Shah Jahan as a memorial for his third wife, Mumtaz Mahal, who died giving birth to their 14th child in 1631 He wrote that the beauty of the structure made “the sun and the moon shed tears from their eyes”, and while I may not have shed a tear, it’s a sight that did not disappoint So it is not a very long walk from the entrance to the Taj but we’ve been taking our time slowly meandering taking lots of family photos and selfies So we are finally here now we’re going to go drop our shoes off and finally enter the Taj Mahal (ताजमहल) Okay, so we got these fancy little shoe covers to wear Um, once we step on to the Taj Mahal (ताजमहल) So let’s put these on So classy Do they fit your big feet? Hahaha Ja They do fit but man this is just going to look really funny There is one They look like elf shoes Urgh Sieh dir das an There is the other Parade around in them Tada Show me your elf shoes? Da da dah Elf shoes Forward Let’s go in We’re going to cover up them crocs and socks Crocs and socks Crocs and socks and shoe covers Oh la lah Now let’s show off the full outfit Oh ja Sam looks like he is going skiing Ich bin bereit Bereit? We’ve only been here for 2 hours he says Alright, let’s do some thoughts from the Taj Mahal (ताजमहल) Sam has been here before Yeah, this is my second time Well the 1st thing that I want to talk about is uh it is so nice visiting it healthy The last time I came here I had food poisoning and I kind of had to drag myself here on the final day that I was in Agra (आगरा) So it was really nice coming here feeling healthy and being able to just walk around and take it in slowly That has been really nice And it is one of the those attractions that lives up to the hype It does Ja Some places you visit in person and you’re like ‘ugh’ womp womp Not as amazing as I would have hoped but the Taj Mahal (ताजमहल) is simply incredible and the thing that I really think is cool is that when you view it from different vantage points, up close, from the side, from behind From inside the complex, the outside of the complex say on a rooftop It is just incredible from just about anywhere and it is one of those sites that is just so worth visiting So we are doing lunch with a view once again Check it out We’ve got the Taj Mahal (ताजमहल) After visiting the Taj, we exited through the South Gate and found a restaurant that boasts one of the best views in town: Saniya Palace Restaurant The food took a long time to come and it was decent, but we were really here for the views The danger of standing under trees A bird just pooped in front of me It missed me by like a centimeter or two But anyways hello

Hallo It is day 3 in Agra (آگرہ) and today we’re actually taking the night train to Varanasi Ja So we have all day So yeah we’re basically killing time We did the two main things we wanted to do Obviously to go to the Taj and we also wanted to go to Agra Fort (आगरा का किला) So today there is a couple cool things that we’ve got planned We’re going to be doing a nature walk Taj Nature Walk And it is right by the East Gate of the Taj Ja It was only 100 Rupees to get a ticket so that is pretty cool And then later on today we’re hoping to catch sunset from the Baby Taj (Tomb of I’timād-ud-Daulah – اعتماد الدولہ کا مقبر) So overlooking the Taj So yeah, it should be pretty awesome Alright, let’s go enjoy the walk and avoid bird poop hopefully So this nature walk is located just east of the Taj Mahal (ताजमहल) and that means we get some pretty cool views And we’ve spotted a peacock Hello peacock Hallo What did we just see? We saw a peacock Are you going to sing Katy Perry Peacock for uns Nein, bin ich nicht You keep making me try to do that Haha The Taj Nature Walk is one of Agra’s (आगरा) best-kept secrets and we only learned about it thanks to our homestay family This nature walk was a stark contrast to Agra’s (آگرہ) busy streets and we hardly saw anyone there, save for a few couples enjoying the views If you have time for it, I would suggest going in the morning when the light hits the Taj just right It’s one of the best lookout points in Agra (आगरा) Alright, so that was a really fun walk I think we all enjoyed it Yeah, we had some a lot of fun making silly poses you know by the Taj and it was just really quiet and chill And after you know a really busy day at the Taj yesterday it was nice to kind of have a relaxing moment here at the park Later that afternoon we went to visit the Baby Taj (Tomb of I’timād-ud-Daulah – اعتماد الدولہ کا مقبر), which is a white marble mausoleum covered in semi-precious stones This structure was built for the grandfather of Mumtaz Mahal, and she is the woman the Taj Mahal (ताजमहल) was built for There are pigeons inside the tomb Last afternoon in town Sam is filming and I am interrupting his shot Come join the frame So we made it to the Baby Taj Mahal (Tomb of I’timād-ud-Daulah – اعتماد الدولہ کا مقبر) Waren hier It is different from the Taj How would you describe it? Oh, it is so much smaller It is a lot smaller Yeah, it would be worth coming here first I would say rather than what we’re doing at the end Are you feeling underwhelmed? It is a little underwhelming after you’ve seen the Taj to be honest But I mean we are killing time waiting for the trains so we’re lucky to have a few things left to do Yeah, I’ve noticed this one has a lot of designs and geometric patterns on the exterior It is a lot more elaborate Ja As opposed to the Taj Mahal (ताजमहल) That is one of the cool things Also there is far fewer people here So it is nice to just be able to walk around and have it more to yourself So our last stop of the day is the Mehtab Gardens (मेहताब बाग़ – مہتاب باغ‎,) which are directly behind the Taj Mahal (ताजमहल) so you get some pretty cool views The Taj is hiding just behind us over there Just over there and unfortunately we can’t stay until sunset when it is supposed to be spectacular It is uh we’re a couple of hours away from that but we still thought we’d come and check it out anyways Yeah, so that is a wrap from Agra (आगरा) We’ve really enjoyed our time here and there is definitely a lot more to see than just the Taj and hopefully we were able to show you just a little bit of that And yeah, next up is Varanasi so see you soon We’ve got a long train ride ahead Ciao for now Tschüss Alright guys it is our second last destination here in India We have finally made it to Varanasi (वाराणसी) and this is our first morning exploring the ghats Yeah and this is one of the must visit destinations that we planed in our itinerary I visited back in 2010 and it is a fascinating place to visit It is the kind of place where you don’t really have a set schedule you just kind of wander

around the ghats and take it all in And at different times of day there is different types of things happening So it is one of those places that you just return to all throughout the day and something fascinating is always going on here Yeah and I mean we’ve been here in the morning for just maybe a little under an hour and we have seen so much already There is people doing laundry, there is like people having their breakfast, there is goats wandering around There is people bathing in the Ganges People are bathing There burning ghats are already are happening People are being cremated basically so there is a lot going on and it is just a lot to take in so it is the kind of place where you stroll around slowly and you stop frequently Ghats is the word used to describe the steps that lead down to the river’s edge There are a total of 87 ghats in Varanasi (वाराणसी), some bigger than others, but we just focused on a handful, starting at Dashashwamedh Ghat (दशाश्वमेध घाट) and working our way down Along the way we saw former palaces built by royal families, cheap guesthouses that cater to backpackers, and plenty of temples So when we were in Agra a few days ago I overheard a few girls saying how they had been in Varanasi (وارانسی) and they refused to get any laundry done because they saw people doing laundry on the Ganges river And I thought okay they are probably exaggerating That doesn’t actually happen But now we’re out here and we’re seeing hotel bed sheets and hotel towels being washed by hand in the river and I have to say I’m kind of horrified I probably will not be handing in any laundry while I’m here Just a bit further downstream we came to Manikarnika Ghat (मणिकर्णिका घाट), also known as the Burning Ghat, where bodies are cremated Hindus believe that cremation on the banks of the Ganges River can break the cycle of reincarnation, which is why many choose to die here If you decide to visit the Burning Ghat, be aware that camera use is not allowed and you’ll have to keep your distance As lively as the Ganges is by day, we also made time to visit by night so we could watch the Ganga Aarti ceremony This is a fire worship ceremony that takes place at Dashashwamedh Ghat (दशाश्वमेध घाट), with lots of singing, chanting, burning candles and billowing incense You can watch the ceremony from the steps or aboard the boats for a small fee, but either way, you’ll want to arrive early to claim a spot as it gets very busy Okay so we made it down to the ghats It looks like the ceremony is about to begin But we got Sam’s parents some seats up on a balcony by the temple so they’re going to get great views They’re like VIP seats We paid 50 Rupees each 50 Rupees and we’re going to run around and film like crazy So see you in a bit Sam are you dancing with them? (Singing and dance music) So one of my favorite things to do here in Varanasi (वाराणसी) is just wander around like go exploring through the old town is just like a labyrinth, it is like a maze There is so much people watching There is a lot of animals, there is a lot of cows There is also a lot of opportunity to shop as well so I’m going to show you some of that So I don’t know if you guys can hear this but we’re standing by the window here in our hotel room and the honking never ends Weißt du was? I would love to just get uh a thing of popcorn and sit right down here because this is like the best entertainment ever Oh mein Gott Draußen It is absolute madness Like pan to this Show what is going on I feel like I’m slowly losing my mind There is honking from sun up to sun down It never ends This is probably one of the busiest like intersection roundabouts in the city because we’re really close to some of the main ghats and there is just a lot of all-kind-of-things happening Hier I mean you see cows, you see people, you see autorickshaws You see peddle rickshaws There is vehicles It is absolute madness I’m going to go down on street level and capture some of that for you Yeah, and Sam is going by himself because there is no way I’m subjecting myself to that

It is a solo mission Solo mission Tschüss (Street noises and honking) Ah, no thank you Oh my gosh that cow is still there This is going to be the best timelapse ever It has just been eating from the same thing You seem friendly Do you want little pets I don’t have food but I can give you little pets Hello cow Hello cow Hallo Lastly, it wouldn’t have been a proper trip to Varanasi (वाराणसी) without taking a boat ride down the Ganges River We were up before the crack of dawn to meet our boatman, and our early morning wake up call was rewarded with one of the best sunrises we saw in India So confession time We were the only two willing to wake up this early and get out on a boat So I think we deserve a few brownie points dafür Ja Hä? Maybe even a Snickers bar Maybe a Snickers bar We bought a whole bunch of Snickers bars to take on the train later today So yeah, we definitely deserve this but it is pretty special moment Like never in my wildest dreams would I think you know the two of us would be out here in India out on the ghats in Varanasi (وارانسی) but yet here we are It is pretty awesome huh? It is really neat no matter what time of day you come down here There is always something going on and you know you come down at peak times you’ll see a festival Ja Or early in the morning or late at night Ja genau And we’ve been exploring at all times of day so this has been really cool and we’re just kind of wrapping things up here We’ve got a train to catch to Kolkata later today So yeah, our last time here at the ghats Yeah it is I’m going to be a little sad to leave them actually I know it has been a great experience And it has been really cool uh traveling with you guys too Yeah, well it is always special traveling with you two Ich weiß das Ah, it is like having two personal guides along at the same time Haha With a lot of knowledge So we’re wrapping things up here in Varanasi (वाराणसी) at the train station We’ve done all of our train travel in India by trains so it is kind of appropriate that our very last journey to Calcutta is by train So yeah, we’re just our train has been delayed by four hours so we’ve just been waiting a really long time and now we’re getting ready to board Hopefully it is coming soon Well good morning from Kolkata We have made it to our final destination in India Final stop We’re kind of all dropping like flies Meine Güte My Mom is really sick Ja You’ve been really sick for a few days Luckily I’ve been okay Sam’s okay I got sick about five days ago and I’ve been okay the past few days My Dad is kind of got a bit of a cold He’s so-so So we’re kind of just all barely hanging in there So I went missing halfway through the Varanasi vlog so Sam continued on without me I spent our last day in Varanasi just puking my guts out and I’m slowly on the mend but I’m still not well enough to go sightseeing today So Sam is going to show you around Calcutta with his Dad Ja Which should be a fun adventure And he’s actually knocking on the door right jetzt

So I’ll let him in So time to go sightseeing with Sam and George We didn’t venture too far on our first day Our hotel was located in Colootola just east of the maidan, so we mostly wandered the park on foot and watched a bit of cricket, before heading down to Victoria Memorial So the one thing you’ll notice if you’re touring around Kolkata just on foot is just how popular cricket is here in this city It is just everywhere you go, anytime there is a park or an open space you’ll see a bunch of men playing cricket So next up we’re visiting Victoria Memorial Hall and to visit the garden it is like the cost of a cup of chai on a train in India It is only 10 Rupees So yeah, it is really to go in If you want to go visit the museum it is 200 but we’re uh a little tired today so we’re just going to walk around the premises and take some shots The Victoria Memorial was built to commemorate Queen Victoria after her passing, and it officially opened in 1921 Inside they have a collection of Indian paintings and Western paintings, as well as rare photographs, old manuscripts and coin collections So just a short outing this morning Yeah, we just uh got tired by the heat and humidity didn’t we? It is really hot The humidity It was killer today It was a lot worse than what we’ve been used to so it just drained us I think it is like low 30s Sorry low to mid 30s so yeah we’re just going to head back We’re going to get some lunch and then maybe this afternoon we’ll explore a bit more Maybe by rickshaw Ja I am back I feel like I’m rejoining the vlog towards the end But I’m finally feeling well enough I don’t sound amazing but I’m not puking so bonus points Anyways today is our last day in Kolkata We just said goodbye to Sam’s parents this morning We’re flying out tomorrow So we’re going to do some sightseeing It is almost sunset time so we’re thinking of doing a rickshaw tour around part of the Stadt And uh ooh in our room this is the mystery We saw a creature scuttling across the floor And we haven’t been able to figure out if it is a gecko or a mouse We have two pieces of evidence We saw geckos in Sam’s parents room and they were like crawling on the walls but then I also found mouse droppings underneath my pillow So it could be either of the two creatures Sam is not impressed in the background He’s like Rrrr I’m hoping it is a gecko because I’m personally afraid of mice He’s hoping it is a gecko If I find If I found a mouse I think I’m going to freak aus Yeah, so I think I’m going to be packing the bags Um tonight and just shaking everything out and make sure we’re not taking a mouse back home to Canada because that wouldn’t be good But anyways let’s go sightsee around Kolkata With only two of us remaining, we went out for a little walk around our neighbourhood We found some street art, took photos of the iconic yellow cabs, watched a game of cricket on the street, and then befriended a sweet dog along the way Pup Of course you’re sweet Every dog is sweet here Yes, I’m just looking for food Just looking for treats Oooh Sieh dich an You have nice eyes (Street noises) Who thinks Sam should get one of the outfits right behind him Ja Nein I would vote for the Aladdin pants The Gold Aladdin pants Burgundy shirt Oh ja So visiting the Sir Stuart Hogg Market was a bit of a bust We were basically surrounded by a group of people who just wanted to sell us stuff and take us to their shops And I mean you do get hassled quite a bit in India but it is usually just like one or two people trailing along Not like being encircled by men So I think we’re going to ditch the market and wander on foot So forget shopping We had enough of that Change of plans So now we’re going to try and get some well maybe the best views in our neighborhood We found a rooftop bar that is on the 9th Fußboden Yeah, I think it is called Blue and Beyond And this is awesome It is 5:20 right now and sun sets at five forty so I think we’re coming at just the

right time Perfect timing Perfect timing Well this is a fancy hotel I bet they don’t have any mice here like in our hotel We clearly should have stayed at the Lindsay Now let’s go to the bar So it is a bit overcast We didn’t get a magical sunset But we did get food It is pretty good We have a meze platter with pita, hummus, babaganoush and falafel Iced tea and Sam is already digging in It was quite overcast in Kolkata that day so we didn’t get a great sunset, but it was still a nice spot to cool off with a drink and see the city from a different vantage Punkt Okay so we’re doing a pulled rickshaw tour And you’re already on Wie fühlst du dich? Sieh dir das an Beeindruckend (Street sounds) We are doing a tour by pull rickshaw because apparently these are typical of Kolkata Ja And Sam was very adamant about it This was the one thing he wanted to do And I feel pretty bad because we’re these two plump foreigners Yeah, we’re a bit of a heavy load but I mean I have a lot of respect for these drivers They work hard to earn a living Ja And we’re definitely paying tourist prices and we’re also going to give him a tip A really big tip So I feel bad but I guess this is what you do in Kolkata Alright guys that is a wrap from Kolkata We are all packed up and ready to go So yeah that is basically the end of our journey in India and what a journey it was Oh my gosh like yeah It has been a crazy month It has been a rollercoaster ride of highs and lows but see you next time Tata Tschüss We hope you enjoyed our India travel guide and that it gave you a good idea of attractions and things to do on your own trip Few countries can offer the diversity of chaos and enchantment quite like India and for those seeking an adventure of a lifetime we highly suggest you visit India If you have any other tips or suggestions for travelers journeying to India please feel free to leave those in the comment section unten Wishing you happy travels and until next time!

A Complete Guide to the Model 3 | Part 1

all right so just you talk to me about the seating in the model three all right so the front seats have a lot of adjustability if you get the Premium Package so I can move my seat up I can move my seat down like movies see forward I can move my seat back I can tilt it so I can actually move the front or the bottom up or down and I can also adjust the back here forward or backward how far back and ago I can go back can you take a nap let’s see are we in nap territory yeah I’d say this is this is somewhere near nap territory so the other adjustability is the lumbar support you really put it wherever you need to on your lower back which is all it’s really made for and then you can have it go back in so it goes in and out but does it go up and down does goes up now yep and you get it on the passenger seat too yep and that’s in the premium edition mm-hmm so once you’ve adjusted the lumbar the way you like it and your seat the way you like it can you save that to your driver profile yep so basically all I have to do is adjust my lumbar and then hit save and now it has saved my seat position no matter where you adjust your seat you can always save it from the screen and that way when you get back in the car it can adjust to whatever your whatever your settings are and that means that if you were for whatever reason you need to adjust your seat to like fumble around that means that you can go back and restore it to wherever you once were so it’s actually about easy entry so easy entries of setting that you can set up in your driver profile all you’d have to do is select your profile and then say use easy entry now easy entry is almost like a driver you set all your settings to where you want it to be so if you want you can you can raise up the seat if it makes it easier for you to step out of the car you could also lower it if you want more room to get your legs out you can have the steering wheel go up so that way you can actually enter and exit the vehicle easier you can set all of that and then you hit save and now when I go back to my driver setting this is what will happen every time I get in the car and hit the brake so the cool thing about the EZ entries setting is as soon as you unbuckle your seatbelt it goes into easy entry so I’m out of the car now I get back in it’s in easy entry mode so it’s nice and easy for me to enter I have lots of space for my legs and then I buckle in and now as soon as I put my foot on the brake the car adjusts to my settings because it remembers Who I am because it uses the app so it’s summer right now so we may not be thinking about it but heated seats are a feature of the car if you have a Premium Package so the way you do that is you come over here and you can turn on your heated seat there are three different settings that you can go to and the rear seats also have heating so you can turn them all on from this one setting in the car mesh of these off because it is hot out today so one neat thing about the model 3 is that it has a pretty sleek looking center console if you look down here you notice that everything can basically look like it’s just one nice shiny panel but if you want you can open almost all of it up so of course you have the two cupholders here then you have sort of your armrest thing here you have a little bit of storage here then you can remove that and you have a whole bunch of space underneath so in the front section here two different ways to open it you can either rock it back or you can push it forward and it comes back so a lot of people have some trouble they try and make it go forward like this it will actually tell you to close the lid gently and all you have to basically do is just gently move it forward until it’s in place so then you have the phone dock here so what you can do is take your phone and you can stick it right on a charger right there if you want and then another thing you can do is this folds up and out of the way so you can see the rest of the storage you have in here which is quite a bit then you have the the plugs that go to the the chargers for your phone and those can get snaked behind this piece of rubber right here but usually that rubber stays right where it is and the nice thing is you can leave your phone here charging so you can do two different phones you can put one you know your passenger and your phone they can both be charging and then if you want to hide your phones all you have to do is do that and the one can see your phone from the outside so no one’s gonna smash your window to steal it all right so one thing that people are freaked out about when they first get in the car is how do I adjust my mirrors how do I adjust my steering wheel I don’t see a stock for it there’s no buttons on the side here to adjust my mirrors you know what am i what am I to do a lot of people think that you have to go through a lot of menus to get

there you don’t have to do hardly anything all you have to do is adjust your seat the tiniest little bit and then hit your steering wheel so this thumb wheel right here it just allows you to adjust in out and up and down just this scroll wheel you can push it left or right and that goes in and out as the as the as that shows you on the screen there and then you can also go up and down with the scroll wheel so you can do this while you’re driving so you can adjust as high as you want if you like a nice high drive you can adjust it as low as you want if you want to you know if you really want to grip the steering wheel tight into you you know you can get it as close and as low as you want and then all you have to do is hit the Save button and it will save it if you want to restore your settings you just hit restore and it brings you right back to where you were now let’s say you want to adjust the mirrors so I’m going to again adjust my seat just the tiniest a little bit and hit the mirror button so now I can adjust either the left or the right mirror and I can do this much in the same way basically it’s just using the left and all I have to do is scroll up to move the mirror up and I can point it right where I want to let’s say I want to adjust the right one I just click the right button and now I’m adjusting my right mirror now let’s say I have completely screwed up where I have placed my mirrors and I regret my decision before I change anything I can hit the restore button and both of my mirrors will return to where they were previously um if I liked where my mirrors were set so let’s say I changed a setting I can hit save and it will save my setting to where I have just moved so let’s take a look at how the navigation works okay so let’s say that we’re getting ready to go on a trip now this map can be a little bit confusing because you know it is all the satellite imagery so you’re seeing all the lakes and the rivers and the towns and the trees and all that so like let’s say we want to just see a map I’m gonna hit this button here and now we’re just seeing like a more general map it’s a little bit cleaner so we can hit navigate and we can start typing in where we want to go let’s say we want to go to New York City right and that could pop up and that will send us on our way it will start to generate a trip for us and it will route us through superchargers so that way we can get there with sufficient charge it’s calculating elevation changes traffic stuff like that so we can drive straight to New York with our 217 miles of range we would get there with 5% now that’s not perfect obviously we would like to have a bit more charge so what I could do is along somewhere along our route just click on a supercharger it’ll give me some information about it how many people are currently charging there so you might know you know how busy it is how many slots there are it’ll tell you how many the stalls are available what the the max output of it is and how far away it is I can navigate straight to the supercharger and it will calculate my route again and you can see that I can get there with just 22% left in my battery which is which is plenty and now it’s oom Zin so that way I can start doing all my turns and stuff like that there are a couple different views here and see this little compass right up here the North right now it is set to north up if I click it again we are looking at the entire trip so if you want to see what’s left on your journey you can click that button you can have north up so that we’re you know the whole map points up you can hit this we are pointing north at the moment but it would point the map you know depending on which direction you were traveling in let’s say we wanted to go somewhere further away somewhere where we would have to do many multiple supercharging spots so let’s say that we wanted to go all the way to Atlanta Georgia instead of typing stuff in because you know sometimes there’s many different letters and it’s hard to spell and stuff like that all you have to do is click on the right scroll wheel navigate to Atlanta Georgia as you can see that lanta Georgia pops right up I can hit navigate and this is well outside of our 216 mile range now one thing you’ll notice on this map is that there are some superchargers that are a dark red and then there are others that are sort of a grayed out red or more of a pink color so these superchargers we can’t drive to with our current state of charge but all of these red ones we can so we can basically hit almost all of New England with our current state of charge which is about 75% my leaf has a range of about this you know this size this is really great because I can get to any of these superchargers without super charging and another one now you might be saying but how am I supposed to get to Atlanta Georgia or Kansas City well you just charge it one supercharger then you charge another and another and another and then you’re basically there so I will navigate to Atlanta Georgia

navigate to Atlanta Georgia I hit navigate and then it’ll calculate my route and again this is calculating all of my energy usage this includes elevation changes over the Appalachian Mountains and stuff like that it all gets factored in so that way when you arrive you basically have the exact range that you were supposed to have so we can see that we’re going to Darien Connecticut supercharger and we’re gonna charge there for an hour and 10 minutes we’re gonna get there with 13 percent charge then we’re gonna go to National Harbor Maryland we’re gonna charge there for 40 minutes South Hill Virginia Burlington North Carolina Greenville South Carolina and then finally we’ll arrive in Atlanta Georgia it calculates the total trip mileage and also how long it will take this includes all the super charging everything like that and what percent you’re gonna have when you arrive in Atlanta Georgia and that’s 17 percent so you might be saying okay well how can this help me basically this can help you know when you’re going to want to eat dinner so we’re going to get to National Harbor Maryland at 6:54 p.m that’s a good time for dinner so we’ll be right near Washington DC we might want to find a good place for dinner and then we can keep scrolling down we see that we get to Atlanta Georgia at 6:42 a.m. if we were to drive through the night let’s say we wanted to see if there was a place that we could have dinner you can click on each supercharger on your route and it will tell you some of the amenities about it so if we click on this one you’ll notice that there are bathrooms somewhere to get a bite to eat somewhere to get some coffee somewhere to sleep and some Wi-Fi so basically everything we need there if we wanted to stop for the night that would be a pretty good spot now let’s see we’re getting to Atlanta Georgia with 17 percent charge that’s not great because what if we want to drive around Atlanta for a little bit and looking at the map it looks like there’s no superchargers except for just our route now this is just sort of to simplify the map to make it so it’s easier for you to look at if you want to actually see some more superchargers all we have to do is hit the charger button and all the superchargers come back you can see all of the information about the ones that you can actually reach actually the ones within about a 300 mile range of you you get to know all the information about including you know how many people are charging there at the moment it’s really cool to have such a live map but we can also sort of scroll our way down and look at say Atlanta you can see that there are two superchargers in Atlanta that we could stop at so there’s one right in Atlanta Georgia it gives you the address we could navigate to it if we want there’s one in Decatur Georgia that we could drive to and these two are places that we could charge up you know because we’re gonna get to Atlanta with 17% so it really helps to know that there are places to charge so there are also all of these little gray points on the map these are destination chargers so usually they’re like a hotel or restaurant that has a Tesla destination charger so we could stay at the ritz-carlton if we really wanted to maybe the Four Seasons that might be a little bit less expensive it’ll tell you the charge rate you get in kilowatts how many connectors there are and if it’s available to the public sometimes it’s valet sometimes it’s you park it yourself it gives you all of the information you need right there so like these are all valet this place you have to talk to the front desk to make sure that it’s available and you can see how fast you’re going to be charging so this might affect you know if you’re staying overnight 16k it’s probably no problem eight kilowatts not that great but better than nothing if you want to you can even add these to your favorites this will mean that along a road trip you’ll know that there are some hotels or something that you were thinking of staying at add this to your favorites and you can actually pull these up during a road trip or something like that so it’s very helpful you can do a lot of planning in the car there are of course many many many different road trip planning sites and charge planning that you can do but if you want to do it all from the car you can basically get away with it so let’s say that we wanted to stay at one of these hotels the Grand Hyatt Atlanta in Buckhead we could navigate we could also called see if their charger was available if they have any rooms but let’s say we want to navigate straight to there so again it will route you through superchargers anytime you’re navigating anywhere it will route you through superchargers if you need them if it’s a very local thing and you don’t need to stop at a supercharger it won’t put you through one just if you need the range and this is even good when you have a low battery charge if you need to get somewhere you the car will tell you if you’ll make it and it can even tell you to stay below certain speeds in order to make it a great feature of having the premium connectivity package is that you get the traffic all you have to do is click that and you get all the Google traffic data so you can see where there are backups Boston is surprisingly traffic free today but you could you know go somewhere else where there is definitely traffic say in New York City so you can see where there’s traffic where there might be some spots that you’d want to avoid so let’s say you’re driving along and you want to listen to some music all you have to do is hit the music notes right here and this brings

up a sort of small music panel here maybe this isn’t what you were expecting or what you want here’s the interesting thing this panel can be dragged as big as you’d like it or it can be configured to a small or a medium size so lots of different options for what you’re looking at now you can listen to the radio if you want to you can have your favorite radio stations you can also tune into anything that is nearby if you want to you can tune in to the exact frequency which is all pretty cool let’s say that you don’t want to listen to the radio you can come up here change it from radio to streaming and again with the premium connectivity package you get streaming of whatever music you’re interested in this uses the musical streaming service slacker and so you can stream either different albums or different artists and so just to point out I’m now in my premium slacker account which is about ten dollars a month so if you don’t want to have that you can still use that but you won’t get the premium features now moving on from slacker we can go to tune in this is a similar thing tune in is another streaming service you can use the free version and you’ll get certain features and then you can get the premium version or again you can get better features like books on audio books and stuff like that hmm this is interesting mm-hmm that’s the time news 95 let’s see we can also connect to a phone let’s connect to my phone and so now my phone is Bluetooth connected to the car and so it’s cool about that is anything that you can run on your phone you can run on the car so for instance if you have Spotify you can run your Spotify on the car so any song that I want to run I just start it up and I can listen to it now what if you want to adjust the settings I like the EQ or the balance so one thing you can do is scroll this all the way to the top and in the bottom left-hand corner you’ll see this adjustment here you can adjust it however you like you can adjust the balance so let’s say the kids want to listen to some music but you don’t want to listen to some music you can put that in the back or let’s say you want to listen to something up front just the driver this is just which speakers the noise comes out of and of course you can Center it back to basically normal so options lets you adjust the immersive sound and I have no idea what this does but it does make some sound some music sound really good makes other music sound really bad now when you’re connected via bluetooth you can still do all the pausing playing skipping songs and everything like that from the screen if you want to and that works even when it’s down like this also if you want to you can adjust that from the steering wheel steering wheel lets you do almost all the music options so if we want to turn up the volume you just scroll up on the left thumb wheel and you could scroll it back down um this means that you can pause and play so I can skip ahead if I want to yeah so all of the control can be done for all music now let’s say that I’m driving and I don’t have time to fuss around with my phone I don’t have time to fuss around with any of this setting I want my full map I just want to listen to some Billy Joel all I have to do is press the right thumb wheel play Billy Joel and it will search for Billy Joel and it will begin playing using the in-car streaming service when you first get the car you’re probably going to need to connect your phone that’s as simple as hitting the connect phone and we have a bunch of different phones on our list but you would add a new device and you would start looking for it and then you would open your phone go into the bluetooth menu and you would be searching for it as well then you would connect the two devices and you’d be ready to rock and roll alright so let’s start talking about some of the settings this little model 3 button down here puts you into the car settings it automatically goes to quick control so if you wanted to adjust your steering wheel or your mirrors you could do that now let’s say we want to clean the screen all we have to do is go to display screen clean mode and it dims the screen so go do this yeah you see all of the clicking and swiping I’ve been doing and you can clean this off with the you know rag or your t-shirt or microfiber cloth and then very dimly it says press and hold to exit so you do that you’d hold it for I believe it’s 5 seconds and now you’re back to your nice clean screen so let’s go through all of the different controls here so in the quick controls this basically is your hot list of you know all the things that you need to adjust on your car so so again it’s just this bottom left hand button brings up all of the different settings for the car and does it default to quick controls always goes to quick controls so if we leave it off on display and then we bring it back up we’re back on quick controls and what our quick controls our exterior lights so we can we can shut the lights off we can leave them on auto when you turn off our fog lights we can adjust our mirrors we can adjust our steering wheel we can fold in the mirrors we can unfold the mirrors we can lock the windows and we can adjust our brightness if we want

a dimmer if we want a brighter and we can set it to auto or not Auto automatically adjusts to the brightness that you’re currently experiencing oh and there’s your glovebox button so there’s your glovebox button you hit that and that opens the glovebox so our first real settings page aside from the quick controls is the lights so this is where you can adjust your headlight settings you can adjust your your fog lights and you can do auto high beams which we will talk about later you can even set your dome lights to either be auto which is sort of like you know it’s sort of like the three clicks switch at the top of most of your dome switches in your car and then ambient lights this is really just sort of like in the foot wells and near the doors just just fancy lights basically they come with the Premium Package yeah now most of these settings are going to have this little gear icon in the top right hand corner and today I’ll just forget about that right they hide a lot of different settings in this case they’re not too serious because it’s lights so headlights after exit do you want your headlights to stay on after you’ve exited the car for a little bit let’s say yes now when we get out of the car the lights will stay on for about a minute and that’s you know to let us easily move around the car without stubbing our toes and the last one is steering wheel lights you might be saying what the heck our steering wheel lights and it’s basically just these these four little arrows to the right and left of the thumb wheels here you can’t see them in the big time right so now we get into the next section which is locks and this is where you can actually create keys amazingly usually you’d have to go down to the hardware store you’d have to talk to a guy the hardware store you have to give him your key he would take half an hour cutting it or whatever known with this you just simply connect a phone which will unlock the car so we have different phones here which will unlock the car now there’s also key cards which come with the car I have one right here it is a nice beautiful Tesla card this can fit in your wallet so that if your phone is dead and it can’t unlock the car you can unlock the car with this now of course we have win lock which is something that you can do from the from the quick controls there’s also child locks you can prevent the children in your backseat from opening the doors unexpectedly this by the way is why there is no manual release for those doors so now the all-important gear menu yeah what can we do unlock on Park so as soon as you hit the park button it can unlock let’s say you don’t want that you turn that off I’ll walk away lock this means that once the the car no longer detects your phone key it will lock the car for you so let’s say you want that because you want to just walk away from your car and have it lock you know away from you or let’s say you know that you know your spouse or family needs to get in your car to get things out of it you can turn that off okay moving on to display you can change the mode in which your display is there’s a day and a night and then the auto which cycles between the two depending on the Sun yes not just time-based it’s actually based on when the Sun sets so it’s kind of a fun thing you’ll know exactly when the Sun sets day mode is of course this nice bright white setting night mode is all black so that way when you’re driving at night you’re not blinding yourself looking at a bright screen so I’m gonna put it back in day mode so we can see what we’re doing now there’s auto dimming now this basically adjusts the brightness to whatever the brightness the ambient brightness is around you so it’s pretty sunny and you can see that it’s very slowly adjusting the brightness here let’s say that we don’t want that we want to set it to exactly what we want we’d set to auto and then we can adjust the brightness ourselves obviously here is the screen clean mode again and then of course there is the ever-important gear mode don’t forget about that because you know a lot of the settings in there you don’t need to adjust all the time but they can be settings that are important to you all right so let’s talk about time format we can do 12 hours 24 hours I like to do 12 hours because I am NOT in the military energy display we can either view it as the percentage of the energy remaining or the distance that we can travel with that energy distance I find is usually more helpful I don’t travel in percentages I travel in in miles and getting talking about miles we can do either miles or kilometers so if we change it to kilometers it now changes the range of the car into kilometers same thing with temperature that adjusts not only the outside temperature reading but also your a/c settings so if you speak Celsius you can set to set it to Celsius if you speak Fahrenheit you can set it to Fahrenheit tire pressure can be done in either psi or bar so if we scroll over to the tire pressure monitor which isn’t running because we’re not moving the car it’ll give it to you in bar or psi closing that gear menu moving on to driving the the point of the car you can adjust the acceleration from standard to

chill we’ll talk about that more in the driving section chill is a more relaxed experience and you’ll see chill up here in the top when you change it to chill and standard is just sort of the normal acceleration now the steering mode a lot of people are saying what is the steering mode does it adjust how the steering wheel works well not really it more just adjusts the feel of the steering wheel thanks so much for watching now you know we work hard to bring you videos about things that we think you’ll find useful but we need to know from you what you want to see so leave your comments below also don’t forget to go over to our patreon page where for as little as a buck a month you can watch our patreon bonus story every week on Tesla time news thanks again we’ll see you soon

How To Connect With Your Spirit Guides! Bridget Nielsen

– Hey everyone, this is Bridget and today I am going to be talking about how to connect with your spirit guides And having worked with thousands of clients over eight years on this topic, connecting with their guides and tuning in, I really am going to take you into how to perceive them yourself and how to really make contact, so stick through the whole video And let’s dive in So first and foremost, everyone has guides, okay? You were born with guides The moment that you made this little contract of this particular life theme, this particular energy that you wanted to explore in yourself, there are certain non-physical entities that are like guardians that wanted to assist you They also wanted to assist you to learn themselves so that it’s this beautiful co-creation relationship between you and these spirit beings that wanted to watch and observe and assist in your physical life, in your physical incarnation These guides that are always with you you can call your primary guides They are the ones that are never gonna leave you and there’s a synchronization between your energy and them that makes it this beautiful assistive balance Now, there’s many other kinds of guides that come and go, ebb and flow, come in and out depending on your vibration, depending on different things that you’re working on, whether you’re having challenges or doing creative projects That energy in you transmits out and then attracts these beings to then assist you So right now we’re talking about spirit guides specifically Now, there are so many other kinds of non-physical beings and this is amazing, as you really dive into this, you might be a beginner, you might be already really into it I mean, you’ve got angels, you’ve got earth-bound spirits, you’ve got ancestors, you’ve got nature spirits, you’ve got so many different kinds of energies at play in the non-physical realm And so I want to already start to encourage the distinguishing of your guides versus any other non-physical energies So the primary way to begin connecting with your guides is one through basic intention, through the intention of connecting specifically with them To know that these are your spirit guides You first want to connect with some of the energies that they embody, which is unconditional objective support of your highest interest They also won’t do anything against your free will They’re very subtle, and that’s something to note Because in a way, even when I first started doing this and connecting with them myself, I was like, are they just going to manifest and appear in front of me or am I going to get this like, big show, you know? Like for some reason it seems like a biblical moment when you connect with your spirit guide or something, but honestly, when a guide is doing its work, it is subtle and you probably don’t even notice because they’re guiding you all the time And this is when, one, they’re doing their job because all you’re meant to do is be on your path And so they can do that in a way that doesn’t disrupt you, that is going to be the best thing for you because you’ll be empowered on this journey Now, if they need to start interrupting and really make themselves kind of known, that might mean that you’re actually off-track, so oftentimes, in one case if you’re not feeling them, that might just be that you’re on-track and it’s a subtle energy that they’re using to guide you Now, if you’re actually wanting to connect, which is such an amazing way to start to build your relationship with the spirit world and the non-physical reality, is primarily through intention Now, setting the intention to connect with your spirit guides Now, as I’ve been creating this video I’ve already felt the energy of my guides communicating what is needed for those who are going to watch this video and that’s a different interesting thing, is that my guides connect with your guides and they’re friends, and they work together and this is what I’ve noticed over years working with clients, is that we’re engaging with each other and they’re working in the spirit realm to work with you So just know that one of the things that they told me surrounding this idea of intention and one of the ways to perceive them and to connect is through that feeling of when you might have been a kid, it might be when you were a kid, it might just be anytime when you’re alone and you feel a presence but this presence feels good, it feels soothing

That oftentimes is them and that’s one of the things that my guides wanted me to say Because there’s oftentimes also those times where you’re alone where you’re like, there is definitely something with me but it’s probably not the most positive And in that case, it’s probably an Earth-bound spirit or some kind of other entity So this whole exercise is also starting to allow your senses to perceive the non-physical, which can kind of be a little bit scary sometimes because it’s real and you’re going to realize that it’s real and no matter if it’s something positive or not, that is kind of freaky in a cool way So, begin first with this intention of wanting to connect with your guides and then being ready to have the non-physical begin connecting with you, to open that door And so, be ready for extraordinary Again, they’re going to be subtle and the ways that they’re going to come to you is through the path of least resistance of your extra sensory perceptions Because they’re non-physical, they’re going to work with those perceptions of sensory abilities that you have that are connected to that realm, to that higher level of frequency So if you haven’t figured it out already, and I’m going to do another video on this, on extra-sensory perceptions, how do you perceive, how do you connect with energy? With your intuition, with your energy body, with spirit? So this is something that you’re going to need to dive into because it’s kind of a prerequisite to be able to then understand how your guides are going to connect with you because they’re going to connect in the easiest way for you because they’re here to serve you and they’re nice that way So, is it through sight? Do you get visions? Is it your clairvoyance? Do you hear things? Do you get ringing in your ear? Do you have body sensation? You might feel hot, you might feel cold in certain parts of your body You might get overwhelmed with emotion That’s one that happens to me a lot where it hits me and I can feel the love and the presence and it becomes a very emotional experience It could be just that knowing, it could be that sensing, right? Of something outside of you in the room, things like that So begin to attune to how you perceive Maybe you’ve had some kind of experiences in your life that you can draw back upon and go, oh yeah, that’s how I did it back then, so that’s probably the avenue that they’re going to use again Dream time is another way that guides can communicate So those are the beginning steps of then how it is going to happen once you set the intention, so just you putting out the energy of like, alright, I’m ready to connect, because they’re so keen on free will, they’re going to go okay, they’re ready They’re ready to connect So this again, because it’s very subtle, you’re going to want to take some time and truly be quiet and truly be present, usually in a space that’s not cluttered with a lot of other energies, so a lot of other people because your guides, I mean, they’re literally in your field at all times and so if you’re staying in an apartment complex and there’s people over here, people over there, you start to intertwine with all these other inter dimensional energies so if it’s something where you can get yourself kind of in a quiet, clean space to connect and to quiet your mind and tune in and just have no expectations and begin to feel, to sense in whatever way that is easiest for you, them coming to you, them just communicating This can be in all those different ways that I explained Now, if at the beginning, there’s just nothing happening, just do a little body scan of your own body and sense if there’s anything subtly happening, again that hot and cold, and then also do a scanning Just kind of extend your energy, extend your awareness beyond your body Around you, 360 So above, below, to the sides, and begin to feel into your field and sense if there’s any particular energies Now, at this point, you’ll probably feel or perceive something because they’re wanting to connect with you and if they’re not, it’s because you’re trying too hard or it’s a non-vibrational match Because these are non-physical beings which means they have a little bit more of a higher, different bandwidth than we do so you might want to kind of connect with your heart,

raise your energy, do something that makes you feel alive and open, free, connective, because in that receptive place is where you’re going to connect So then in that moment of connection, that bond then, and that relationship will start So this could take place in the form of hearing their name It could be that you just sense a particular energy, you see a certain color, whatever it is, and the key is is to note the essence of it because it’s an actual frequency signature Now, this becomes hyper-relevant as you begin to expand your spirit connections because then, when you’re connecting with your Pleiadian counterpart which are guides, your Pleiadian counterpart, then you’re connecting with this angel and you’re connecting with the spirit of the land that you’re on and then you’re connecting with this, all of these are like different colors, they’re different frequency bandwidths, they all have different energies And so the more that you can go oh, okay, this is the beginning, this is this energy, and go, okay, that’s what it feels like, or that’s what I see, or that’s what I sense, so that when you then sit down again to connect, then you can tap back into that frequency bandwidth and that is your communication channel that is now open Now, if the communication is kind of challenging or if you’re just beginning, make sure to do it in a good state so that you don’t have expectations Because sometimes we don’t reach out to the higher aspects of ourselves and our guides until things are challenging and we’re like, please, okay, I’ll call on those spirit guides I don’t know if they actually exist, but let’s call on them, maybe they’ll help me in this situation, maybe they’ll heal me, something going on, and so those are the moments where yes, that can happen that way but if you can connect in a space where you’re good and you don’t really need anything and it’s just this balanced, open communication, that’s going to be much healthier and it will probably happen much more easily than this other, trying to like, needy thing that you need help from this outside source That’s one of the things that they don’t really want because they want to encourage your own sovereignty, your own empowerment So guides can come in to support you for any sort of thing, whether it’s healing, whether it’s expanding your consciousness, whether it’s opening certain energy parts in your body to like, open your extrasensory abilities, like that’s one of the reasons why they come to you through that, is to help pave those pathways, right? Because those are the pathways to the spirit realm All sorts of things To learn things, any kind of information They’re just these kind of transmitters of the Akashic Records, or Source, or whatever information that you want So really utilize them They’re there for you So a specific spirit guide that I connected to quite a few years ago that came through for things that were relevant at that time for me as I was opening these abilities was this ancestor, who can also be a spirit guide, named Ginny And she was from many many generations back in my female lineage and one of her masteries in her physical life was mediumship and at that time I was really exploring and opening up to my ability to have that sort of communication, so she was there with me and she would help me to expand that level of understanding So that was really fun during that time and now she’s kind of gone away, disappeared If I wanted to call her, I could So it’s this ebb and flow of different guides coming, different guides going, and then the foundation of your primary guides And then at a certain point, for me for instance, the individual energies don’t matter as much because then you’re open to all these other areas and it can be your intuition, your inner knowing, your higher self connecting with you It can be a nature spirit It can be someone else’s guide talking to you It can be so many different things but you understand the frequencies This is like okay, yellow looks like this and it’s like okay, understanding that, and then going blue is like this And understanding that, and then once you have the full palette in front of you you’re like, oh okay, that’s that one, that’s that one, and you can use them, you can play with them in a really harmonious way So for me, when I’m for instance in sessions with people and I’m connecting with their guides, with their higher selves, I’m using all of my extrasensory perceptions and it’ll come through in the way that it needs to be communicated through them So if it’s someone that’s highly visual, it will just be clairvoyant, clairvoyant, clairvoyant If it’s someone that’s very auditory or more in their mind or something like that it will be messages,

like special messages that tweak something Or it could be just a vibrational transmission that I’m emanating So it’s just utilizing and bringing through these different energies So as you get more adept at these individual frequencies you’ll just have so much more to play with so there’s really a lot to look forward to So there’s a real depth to these primary guides as you connect with them, as they give you information, or they send frequencies to you just so that you can begin to perceive the spirit realm It’s beautiful and they’re with you forever and it just feels so amazing And these are likely beings, people that you helped in another time that now have gone in spirit and are spending their whole time assisting you while you’re in the physical life, so there’s a lot of different interplay as to why what spirit guide is assisting you and as you communicate with them and get more information, you can find out why Or you can just stay on the energy level and just play with the energy in receiving and understanding in different ways Now, I have been having a lot of fun with the guides that come and go because depending on what kind of frequency you’re emanating and the more that you create, the more that you’re going for it, in whatever category in your life, the more guides you get and the more support it attracts because it’s like, whoa, someone down here’s really doing it Like, let’s bring them in And it’s like, you’re an open channel of Source and you’re receptive and ready to ground that in and to create more in this physical realm And so all these non-physical energies that are supportive, that are creative, this is where the muses come in They’re just right there, lining up Here, shoot that one down Oh yeah, let’s manifest this And it’s amazing So know that So if it’s like, um, I’m not really connecting with much, it’s like, go do something Go create something And then the support will come And it’s one of those things that you start walking and you start going on this mission with a certain energy and boom, you’re like, oh, oh hey Oh, oh how you doing? And all of a sudden you feel the support So it’s one of those things just like any relationship If you’re needy, it’s not that they can’t come to you, it’s that you can’t perceive them because you’re a different vibration So they’re wanting to support when you’re really going for it and I really feel these different energies like when I start cooking Certain guides come through and I only feel them when I’m cooking and there literally are cooking guides And then when I do art, woof, a whole different crew comes in and they are assisting me with the art and then there’s ones that are overall Like for instance, doing this video Certain guides that are helping me do this and the one, particularly that I feel really strongly with me right now is not necessarily a guide that’s with me all the time It’s one that came through to be a guide of the guides to help us in this situation, to help humans in this situation That’s what I’m hearing from him right now, is he’s like, this is what I do I guide on people connecting with guides I’m like ooh, very interesting So it’s really fun to connect in with these different guides and pay attention to their different energies and then also ask for their assistance Be like alright, I have this open vessel, I’m wanting to write this song, or I’m ready to launch this new business, come on, let’s do this You know, like call in the spirit guides to assist you with that and then connect in with your higher self and I’ll do more on that But really just asking and intending and they’ll come And when you’re that ready vibration and when you’re ready to let spirit also really fuel through you in like a deeper way, and you create the space for that, they’ll come So it’s really fun and it’s something that can happen quite organically and this is the thing: you might feel it as you do your intentions and as you start meditating in a quiet space like I said, but you also will see it in synchronicity that comes up Like, that’s the thing is like they’re the orchestrator of that and that little knock on the door Like, hey, you might want to look at that Hey, this is an interesting person to connect with You know, so those subtle messages Sometimes it’s your intuition, sometimes it’s a guide, and sometimes it doesn’t matter Just take that and run with it But really quieting yourself and paying attention and being excitedly receptive and not skeptical Because when you’re first opening to the spirit world, skepticism kills it all

It’s like the block wall to all of your extrasensory perceptions and for this beautiful, organic dance of spirit to connect with the physical realm, it’s a cultivation that’s very beautiful and it’s very sacred and skepticism kills the whole deal Skepticism is very important so where it comes in is after the experience has happened So if you’re in this experimental phase for the next hour working on this, or for the next few days and the next week and you’re like, I’m just gonna open myself to my spirit guide specifically, being very specific with your energy intentions, not just like, I’m open to anything But really intentional Then let that experience be what it is, let’s see how it unfolds, give it that space Then after that allotted time when you close that beautiful sacred space that you’re creating with yourself, with your guides, with whatever other benevolent spirits or whatever you’re wanting to connect with, then go, hmm Then objectively assess, see like eh Yeah, I think that was a little bit in my mind, or like, no, that was pretty freaking new That was something that I haven’t experienced before or I’ve always kind of felt that energy Mm I never connected the two but now they make sense I’m going to give that greater credibility and honor that and be grateful for that a bit more So play with it in those ways There’s a lot here to start with This is just the beginning, too It’s really, really fun And stay in that playful phase with it because that’ll be the proper vibration to connect with them and then from that playful place, depending on how they want to communicate with you, it can go deep, it can be rich, it can be powerful, it can be profound, whatever energies are meant to come through for you to experience So thank you guys so much for watching Comment below if you have any additional questions If you have certain experiences you’ve had with your spirit guides, if there’s any ways that you found work for you, please leave that below Be sure to like, be sure to subscribe, and hit that bell so that you get notifications when I create new content, new videos like this for you and I really appreciate you watching And I’ll be back next week with another video

Idiots Guide to Wire Antennas – Back to Basics – Ham Radio

WARNING – AUTOMATIC SUBTITLES CONTAIN M4N7 ERORR5!! SORRY – BUT AT A DOLLAR A MINUTE, I CAN’T AFFORD HUMAN VERSIONS! ladies and gentlemen – TO COME on a channel over the next couple of weeks 2019 spec DX Commander all Band Vertical oh my and there’s an upgrade path if you’ve got a current D Escobar and you want something just a little bit more of an edge to it we’ve got demystifying decibels still to do we’ve got the digital mixing desks compression noise gate and all that baloney which is great oh my god we’ve been sent a digital geo kromm well geo kromm Patrick over in America asked me to review the 4k digital geo Khurana team angiogram stick with the program so you’d have to subscribe remember hit the bell when my new stuff comes out defied right well on so it’s Friday night now and a Wednesday I went to Telford radio Society Telford amateur radio club top Telford amateur radio society tasks I don’t know all they gave me a keyring and it says it on it but it’s in the kitchen no it’s here the treasurer man ever such a nice man Telford and district amateur radio Society TD us whatever lovely little him looking at that I’ve got one of these in you haven’t how about that so anyway I think I’ll put it next to my monitor some other toys in here oh I took some video with my 10-pound camera of them waving at us so we can show that in a bit as well I just proved that really was there so I’ve done Bromsgrove Hinkley Nuneaton obviously had done a lot of presentations at wiffle radio Club now tell foot has most the Midlands I’ve I’ve said to the Mars lot Midland amateur radio Society I said I’ll come and do a talk there if they want and taking me up on it yet and maybe there’s a cup down Worcester could do in story maybe I can go down there I ought to do these annually because they could fund meeting these people the hander there’s I’d say Bromsgrove get the Hat most house points because they gave me food the hinky Nuneaton great little just nice guys you know but I must say the Telford crew they were all very smart very smart lovely blue tops with the logos and everything they were well turned out there was nobody smelly which was always very handy when you go to Radio Club well-presented Heather they’ve got a lady in the club who did a talk at the RS GB Convention on SDR a couple of weeks ago so she was Brian’s a button and her husband partner he looks a bit of a rockstar actually but ever so now the problem is I’ve got this one standard presentation which I’ve rolled out now to Bromsgrove Hinkley Nuneaton I can’t do it again so I’ll put it on the Internet so come up with something a bit different I thought why don’t we do you know back to basics kind of firm let’s just remind ourselves how these things work aerials okay because you can have to create this radio in the world we’ve got a decent antenna we don’t know how it works or what the pattern looks like or how gain is affected or why fwr goes up and down as you change the height and things like that wouldn’t it be fun just to use all my experience for the last couple of hundred videos that I’ve done to present a bit of fun in goes our own accord I’m not going to do an hour a quarter now buddy we’re top at an hour and a quarter but it was very interactive there was a lot of questions even I was asking them questions and some of them knew the answers so that was really handy when he got a lot of people in a room you know to me so that’s fine I’ve got my presentation on PowerPoint here and I wasn’t gonna do a PowerPoint presentation but I had a couple had a couple of hours spare all the Wednesday afternoon I converted my cards here that looks like this I wonder if I would have understood myself reading that as the nerves kicked in but um anyway I didn’t eat eggs I’ll put it

on my laptop again but I had my backup you see always handy to have a backup so you know your little presentations about very relaxed so and apart from dipoles and tablets and stuff convertibles we looked at loops and inverted dials as well so but I want to just remind ourselves of sort of part one of the foundation ed training which reminds us cuz when you start distilling megahertz and speed of light and trying to work out what a wavelength is it can be a little bit oh but I even explained this to my accountant the other day and he completely got it so we know for instance that two hundred and ninety nine point I’ve got written down here point seven nine two kilometre thousand kilometers two hundred ninety nine thousand kilometers per second 299 yeah the speed of light is actually 299,792,458 invented well he realized that there was a C and they had a frequency Z now by a bit of flu good mathematics if we take let’s just take a 10 megahertz right and let’s try and work out what that is in meters well we know it’s the 30 meter band if you know anything about and with your radio but if you don’t know about amateur radio you we can remind ourselves exactly how big it is because 10 megahertz is 10 million Hertz the speed of light is 299,792,458 m/s divided by 10 is 30 exactly so the wavelength between one peak and the next peak or from the zero point to the next zero point is 30 meters long so think how many of them they’re gonna be in one second well 30 the 10 million of them amazing it was the speed of light we just had a few seconds on that so it’s just getting the idea of the speed of light and how much and how big a wavelength really was and then I went down and we discussed do we know a dipole for instance is – half – well a dipole is a whole half wavelength of our 30 meter band right half of that and it’s two quarter waves fed limb fed in the middle with a bit of coax okay nice add dipole we know that and we also know that we can flip it upside down and put the ground at the bottom so now about coax the center of the coax feeds the vertical and the ground of the coax effectively goes out on a bunch of radials and that people have mistakes into the ground they put salt water and all sorts onto the ground to increase the conductivity and serve decrease the losses so we knew that as well and we also all know that we can divide our 30 meter had ten megahertz we know that we could divide that by four so / – we 15/4 be seven and a half so – seven and a half legs on our dipole will give us a dipole that will be absolutely resonant somewhere between 50 and 80 ohms depending on the height above ground I didn’t cover that actually in the no II did I did covered that in my presentation at Telford however the accuracy of that cut that seven and a half meters is affected by both the accuracy of the cut am i recording this I am trying to show you this on the screen

yeah it’s affected by the accuracy obviously how near to 700 meters you’ve cut it but it’s also um the height above ground will affect the resonance so the lower to the ground your dipole is the shorter it needs to be but as it goes up it it’s like it needs to spread its wings and I explained to the boys that I had first class experience of this when I once um was a field day for 160 meters so 160 meter band is quite big so you got to 40 meter legs and then maybe you’ve got another 40 meters of paracord to hold the whole thing out it’s quite big aerial I mean with the 40 meters of paracord and the 40 meter quarter waves that’s 44 it says about 100 and certainly a hundred and 50 meters from one end to the other so when I was and it was a tent we were in the little generator and the tuning was miles out so I said well I’ll just go and take in a couple of meters off the end we worked it out I got to run 80 meters down that way and why I had to do is it’s gonna leave that microphone a minute I can just see where nearly clipping on the on the audio and then you’ve gotta run 160 meters that way adjust feet yeah at the size of it then you’ll run all back back to the tent I must have done that about three or four times in about 10-15 minutes I must have run about kilometer yeah and I’m not exactly a very good run I never have been but they are but then I noticed that why did it have to cut it because wire per ticket in selected wire probably even laminate and long varnished you know copper wires probably got a velocity factor so my favorite antenna why because it’s quite strong and pretty light and fairly small and it doesn’t have much resistance is this what they used to call in the military Dom 10i a lot of people call it d-10 and the factory have agreed to make me some single not twisted together we’re gonna call it D x10 DX commander I gotta sell there and and that has a velocity factor so for instance on our 30 meter long wavelength for 10 megahertz and we kept a seven and a half meters and because it got a velocity factor the wire has got a velocity factor of about apparently 90 to 93 percent it means we can take our I’m gonna fire up my calculator here we can take our m 7.5 meters and multiply it by point 0.92 so in fact a 7.5 times 0.9 – so a seven and a half meter quarter wave is actually becomes six point nine so we don’t velocity fact the the aerial can look shorter than it is and similarly i hold another little ditty that when i was imbued one year i put up a very low to the ground 80 meter dipole I couldn’t believe how short it had to be I kept cutting off meters of the stuff now another little known fact is that that might be on one of these and I hate slides Thank You sides just horrible make sure you end up reading the side do I need much of that not really I discussed the fact that I’ve worked out nobody’s done the science on this I think I’m the only one is kind of touched on it you we’re taught that if you’ve got an aerial ten meters long you can shorten it by a meter by instead of cutting it you can turn it round by meter and fold it that way and there’s something called skin effect well that might work if it is copper wire bare copper wire and it’s not got any insulation or varnish on it or anything like that because when I took my d-10 went up and back down to make the DX commander light into a very smaller linear loaded 40 meter antenna to cut a long story short I’ve noticed it if you can if you want to fold one meter back on itself you’ve actually got to fold three meters back right because you end up with this loading and I need to do some serious

science about this out in the garden to really work out what happens what is the formula effectively when you fold back an element on itself because it’s still part of the aerial and you’re effectively linear loading that aerial now either cut it or you don’t cut it if you know the main you can fold it back a bit but you think oh I need to fold it back here ten inches so you fold it back ten inches B in fact you’ve only folded it back about three in effect you it’s equipment of cutting three off there’s a little formula in here that he’s I don’t know if anybody knows it if you do comment below did I really go into this thing it oh yes I I also mentioned the fact that strike by dipole is resident on every other harmonic every odd harmonic so a radio harmonic if you’re on 7.2 megahertz or 7.1 and you transmit you’ve got two radios transmitted on 7.1 and listen on 14.2 you’ll hear yourself is this a harmonic okay however a dipole will resonate on every other harmonic so if you’ve got a dipole on 7.1 it will also resonate technically at twenty-one point three but actually because of the different heights at the ground you’ll find it will resonate about a little bit higher than that probably twenty one point four because relatively from the 40 meter the 21 meter to the 15 meter band there proportionally as a percentage a different height off the ground only just so happens which also affects the resonance and I also said that the loop so if you had a whole loop a wavelength say 42 meters because actually if you take 300 divided by seven point one to find what the wavelength is which we did earlier you’ll find it’s about 42 meters 40 to meet demand so if you had 42 ish meters of wire with the center to wire the one end of the wire connected to the center conductor of the coax and the other side of the wire connected to the braid you end up with rather a nice little aerial you’ll need to choke perhaps a ballon depending on how close to the ground it is by the way and but that will resonate on every harmonic so if you’ve got something at seven point one you’ll find it’ll resonate again at fourteen point two and at twenty one point three and also at twenty eight point four that’s really good bit of magic so loops are really handy now verticals behave the same as a dipole where they’re resident so if you’ve got a 40 meter dipole vertical sorry and you go Oh works on 21 as well and it will only fair if you go up and come back down a meter or so and then get a tune on 40 meters you’ll find it on 15 it looks more like a 5/8 than a 3/4 wave so you get really got about a 3 DB kick all right at the at the 5 degree very low to horizon takeoff great for DX a lot of people think 3/4 waves are claret warmers and they are but there’s a bit again low down as well but you have to just fold it over a little bit at the top Doug’s a disk commander user guide it’ll show you how to do that and then we spoke about fan dipoles because one way out the problem you might have a 40 meter dipole which will give you a traditional dipole look if you know what I mean and we did the training you know a dipole going that way will give you know slightly more off the edges than the sides besides that the edges under pressure are common for the night names there and so um and at if it was a dipole on seven megahertz and you’ve got a tune on 21 you’ll find you get more of a cloverleaf pattern you see so one of the ways out the problem because you certainly will not get a tune on 20 meters on your voltage meter dipole exactly the wrong thing you should be doing is that you can turn it into a fan dipole so in other words we’ve got our faulty method dipole there and then we can have our 20 meter dipole connected exactly in parallel to your dipole Center and you could have a 10 as well and that’ll give you 15 20 kV already and then we spoke about how you can multiband a vertical as well exactly the same as a fan dipole but you have a fan vertical which is exactly what a DX command a vertical is so it’s no snake oil with a DX come on a vertical it’s a nested vertical if you like and we use all the bands now you could take this and put an 80 and a 40

up and that will give you nearly every band bar 20 because 80 will resonate very the ten megahertz band 30 meters as air happens we tune in fairly low in the Pantanal 80 40 glibly fifteen eighty will also give you 18 meters 17 17 medium and 18.1 she’s quite good and there’s enough copper that you’ll get a tune with your eighty yuan on the rest of the bands as well so that’s pretty good if you’ve got you get an 80 and forty either dive foul or a third school or a couple of inverted hours you will find they’ll work fine as well and we cover down as well which is quite fun and of course the other thing if you want to shorten up an aerial we’ve got a linear loading thing we talked about you can also do a coil you know plastic pipe bit of a bit of a coil and it’ll just shorten it proportionally it’s there is a massive maths involved in that it’s called inductance and you will have studied out if you’ve done the foundation a little bit better inductions so that’s fine and then the last thing we spoke about a parasitic reflector so if you’ve got a vertical and quarter wave behind it you put a slightly longer very slightly longer I’m talking one or two percent longer quarter wave behind it we’ll get a three to four DB kick in that direction and by the way three DB is like doubling your power so it is worthwhile having a look at that and I’ve got four prototype 18 meter poles coming from China who didn’t tell you about that very keen to make a 80 meter with a parasitic reflector couple of verticals facing the USA because a yeah well I like the Americans and they see de like me so we’re all on the same page and of course how we can do that without wire diet dipole you could have another wire dipole behind it to give you a parasitic reflector so but now into Yogi’s aren’t we we don’t want to do Yogi’s right now and that was about it I spoke about patterns and I really but you’ve had enough of me tonight I’m sure my deadness ready and any last thing I did was oh I’m I we spent a little bit of time on the mega loop m e G made Loup google it m0 xxt mega loop james wrote it all up fantastic now gamers superb gains about 60 feet high 20 meters huge triangle the size of a top band 160 ish meters you’ll get a tuned basically on every band hair free band father walk bands will get cheated on there and you’ll get some fantastic game opposite the feed point though they are and then we did some slides and we had a good laugh because the telford lot there are there they’re good fun by the way they’ve got a rally every year first weekend in September and if the quality of their rally is similar to the quality of the people the wear Wednesday night I don’t say it’s gonna be a good rally okay so save your pennies go to the Telford rally and they asked me if I’d do a speaking pitch at the Telford rally we’ll see I have to come up with something new if I did that so there we are well stay tuned are giving you the news what to look for in the future the geo cron will open up live on the channel so remember to subscribe and hit the bell and you can watch me do that and we’ve got the d bees we’ve got the digital mixing desks of course this weekend this film is coming out on Saturday morning so CQ worldwide will be in action and if you wanted to remind yourself what it’s like having your radio blown up on 40 meters cheese pizza for tea particularly at night when it’s dark you will find that there’s some amazingly huge daesh’s even if it just drove you nuts for 10 minutes you switch to back off ik and there my name’s Callum from DX Commander enjoy your radio and I’ll see you next time a very good day!