Vilniaus Street, the oldest and most famous street in Kaunas The most important structure of the square, this building, the town hall I’ll try to get in, at the same time I’ll show you the inside House of Perkunas, Turkish House of Thunder This church is the oldest church in Kaunas, built in 1400 Historical Presidential Palace, now let’s go there I came to Kaunas Castle, I can say that Kaunas Castle is one of the symbolic structures of the city of Kaunas The name of this park is Santakos, meaning the intersection park is the point where the Neman and Neris River intersect, so they gave it such a name Now I’ll go to the point where 2 rivers cross Hello guys, today I’m here with another video of our Traveling Kaunas video series Today I came to Kaunas Old Town, I determined the places to visit in the Old Town and I will show you Let’s start with our first point if you want This street you see is Vilniaus Avenue, I don’t know how to pronounce it but it is spelled This street is the most famous and oldest street in Kaunas If you remember the previous video, I also shot Leisves Avenue It is a little more famous and you can see more restaurants and cafes than there After a little wandering here, we will move on to our 2nd stop, if you want, let me show you a little bit around We came to our 2nd stop, friends, where I am now Town Hall Square This square was previously used as a market place, but nowadays it is a place where festivals or events are held The most important structure of the square is this building, the Town Hall This building was also called the White Swan This building was started to be built in 1542 and burned many times It started to take its current form in 1775 Since 1973, this building has been used as a wedding hall, a place where foreign statesmen are hosted, and a city museum I’ll try to get in, at the same time I’ll show you the inside I went in for 1.5 Euros, let’s see what’s inside There’s a piano over there There is also a table, as you can see, let’s continue In the 17th century there were magistracy here And the magistracy had many privileges I will show one of them Because in the 17th century it was forested, and all the people were going to the forest And all the magistracy had this place What for they were using here? The reason? Because it was comfortable for the magistracy Because in the 17th century we didn’t have a toilet Was this the toilet? Yeah, it was toilet I see now Now our capital is Vilnius Kaunas became the temporary capital in 1921 And Jonas Vileišis became the first burgomaster There is regal The mayor would put it in official ceremonies Do you see the red fund? It’s taurus, like bison Symbol of our city Kaunas There was a justice hall in this room because there was a prison in the basement There was a prison, and prisoners would come from there, up the ladder

In this courtroom, they would decide what to do with the prisoners I see Later, not from here, you can go up the grand staircase to the prison Is it in downstairs? Downstairs, yes Yeah guys, as shown, there’s a prison here Now, let’s go there in basement Ceramic parts etc. it is displayed here These are from the 17th century It’s not an exhibition, it’s just an education room for students, please look Did you see the picture? They cut the man in half with a saw This was a prison cell too There are chains You can check out here, this is the small secret stairs Because the prisoners were going to the courtroom on the 2nd floor I think the room on the second floor is open You can go The place just shown This place is pretty narrow I turned on the flash but there was already light, anyway keep it on We just came back to where we came from, I showed it This place is connected with the 1st floor For 2 decades, between 1919 and 1940, Kaunas became the temporary capital And in this room, there is history of Kaunas how changed , you can see Then, climb 125 steps and find the view It’s dim but let me show you here too They did something nice Excuse me Friends, there is a very narrow door like this, let’s see we will enter from here I’ve arrived Is this breakable? Anyway, I don’t press This place is locked Really looks good out there The town hall is such, friends Let’s move on to our other stop We came to our next stop, friends House of Perkunas, meaning House of Thunder This is a 15th century Gothic style building This building just made of bricks It was converted into a chapel in the 1650s, but later, When Francis Xavier Church was built, it lost its value and was abandoned It was rebuilt in the 19th century and serves as a museum today

Let’s go inside, see what’s going on Friends, I was gonna go in but it’s closed I guess I couldn’t get in We already have little time left, we have less than 1 hour, the museums here close at 17.00 So I’ll hurry up, I want to show you other places Let’s move on to our next stop Yes guys, as you can see at our next stop, Vytautas Church This church is the oldest church in Kaunas, friends, this church built in 1400 At that time, during the war with the Tatars, Duke Vytautas had this church built when he was saved from falling into the river and drowning It was also Lithuania’s only pilgrimage church Now let’s see if there is an entrance, let’s enter Inside, no admission fees, not a museum, just a church to worship Now we can go to our next stop The building you saw behind me is St. Paul and Peter’s Cathedral This Cathedral was built in 1500 It is also Lithuania’s largest gothic building Completely destroyed and rebuilt during the Russo-Polish War in 1671 I can say the interior design is really impressive Our next stop after the cathedral is the Historical Presidential Palace, now let’s go there Yes guys, our next stop is the Historical Presidential Palace, which you saw behind me The original of this palace was built in 1846 2 years later, this garden you see was built with it In 1876 this palace was bought by the Russian government In 1918, when Lithuania gained its independence, this palace became the property of the Lithuanian government Later, when Lithuania’s capital Vilnius was occupied by Poland, Kaunas became the temporary capital of Lithuania at that time And the palace you saw behind me became the Presidential Palace of Lithuania This palace was used by Lithuania until the 1940 Soviet re-occupation of Lithuania In 1991, when Lithuania regained its independence, the history of this palace was designated as a landmark for Lithuania Today, this palace serves as a museum where former Lithuanian presidents and artifacts from previous years are exhibited Now let’s go inside and see what’s going on, let’s see together Let’s buy a ticket Hi Is there entrance? We close at 5 p.m But still 20 minutes more 20 minutes, is it enough for you? Yes, enough Ok, 5 Euros I am a student 2.50 Euros Thank you I have 20 minutes to walk around, try to show you around quickly Let’s also look there Presidential room, I guess this is I guess there are medals here too This is from the Nazi years As you can see, there is a Nazi flag There’s the flag of Soviet Russia here Sweden, the first state to recognize Lithuania in 1918, was a gift from Sweden And Norway, which recognized Lithuania in 1921, likewise their flag is displayed here Here too the guests have their notes Let me put a date here, if you come here, you will see my signature here Today is June 30 Let me sign, instead I’ll write my name If you stop by one day, you can see my name here Let’s go now, our time is already up I came to Kaunas Castle

I can say that Kaunas Castle is one of the symbolic structures of the city of Kaunas Let me tell you a little bit about its history This castle was built in the 14th century to protect the capital city of the country, Trakai, from the crusades The feature of the castle is that it was built at the confluence of 2 rivers This castle, built on the Neman and Neris rivers, had double defense walls of 2 meters thick and 14 meters high At that time, it attracted the attention of Teutonic knights as it was the most sheltered castle in Northern Europe and this castle was surrounded by Teutonic knights in 1362 The knights had to shoot cannons for 3 weeks to break through the strong walls of the castle After the invasion of Teutonic knights, the Battle of Grunwald took place and the knights ceased to exist Later, with the Magdeburg Rights, the center of Kaunas was moved to Town Hall Square After being used as a dungeon for a while, this castle was abandoned to its own destiny Today, this castle serves as a city museum Now let’s go inside and see what we got together Student 1.50 Euros again Hello, can I get a ticket? Student? Yes student 1.50 Euro You can start down the stairs Then go up the stairs OK thanks I walked into the castle, friends Was there torture here at the time? How is this up in the air? Have they glued it? Very interesting Lets continue Let’s see what else is in the castle So, where am I going to continue? The mirroring on that wall is beautiful It doesn’t look very clear from the phone but it looks really nice I guess there’s no exit from the ground floor, that’s it We will go up Oh, here’s a bear hide I guess it’s real, so real There is also a book It wasn’t a book, it was a box There’s a knight’s armor here The sword is also very good Let’s go upstairs There are paintings here too, this is the top floor of the castle Let me take a look outside Let me show you where the river is Really nice sight Light rain drizzles Checked out, friends, that’s all the castle was And let me show you the view from outside Yes friends, I left the castle, this is the places to visit in the castle But let me also give you this information As I said before, this castle was built at the intersection of the Neman and Neris And here is a large park The name of this park is Santakos, meaning Confluence Park They gave it such a name because it is the point where the Neman and Neris river intersect A little drizzling rain now that I’m going to the crossroads of 2 rivers Let me show you there, then we can finish the video On my way to the intersection of the river, let me show you this too This is the Bernardine Abbey This church was the largest church in Kaunas at the time, but it was burned and completely destroyed It is possible to get in but most of it is covered with tarpaulins and is still under restoration I will not go in Let me show you around Really beautiful park Now let’s go to where the riverer’s confluence And we came, friends, this is where 2 rivers intersect Really beautiful, quiet calm Neither hot nor cold, there is a warm weather Slightly windy but really beautiful There are 2 little ducks there

Let me record the ducks too Let’s finish the video at the point where the 2 rivers intersect, I liked Kaunas There are more historical places to visit, I hope you liked it too I hope the video will help you as a guide If you like the video, you can like the video By subscribing to my channel and opening notifications, You can be aware of my upcoming videos, friends Take care of yourselves Until we meet in the next videos, goodbye