start my stream now you go to switch channels or I could stay here I switched it’ll let me update my stream just a bit alright stream titles been updated all right I’m ready to go mmm how long does si yeah our first is one-to-one distance 7 then ground is 1 2 1 8 5 yeah come on second I have delivery granite our already IFR all right you ready to call for clearance after me okay Manchester delivery good afternoon to you Oryx nine one four requesting ifr clearance to Gatwick is that please stand by Horrocks nine one four not a problem refile for flight level one nine zero central one room you know Simba November a five nine hon ma fung-kwok hon all right so let me let me just this prefer quick for you uh yeah give me one second sambhar 109 there you go yep to be shine and flight levels can change

uh Achille and then Astro – Bravo oh well interesting yep yep Willie will through Bravo I believe I have actually marked is it sama let’s just make sure it’s called Samba the sand the not Samba it’s an A then yeah alpha I file cruise 450 but they never checked and I never keep to it all right yeah I did the willow three Bravo yeah oryx nine one for manchester delivery wery filed hopefully we can get our ifr clearance this time sir see what this all right and I went for it not a problem just refiled one more time probably taking an extra a minute if you want to call you can say Murray they’ll interrupt everybody yes information charlie ARC’s nine one four second was that orcs and I’m one for Manchester delivery appreciate all that you’re doing flight level one nine zero Sam one rumia-san whatever Mary five nine Holly and as filed ready copy class first I won four can we get that squawk code one more time Burke’s not one floor not a problem justice checking click to

get work Vera via the sample one Romeo Samba November 8 5 9 Holly andis filed runway 2 3 right squawk 3 6 2 4 Q niche ones there were 1 7 information charlie three two six four sorry for the dyslexia over the ground for pushing started thank you very much for your service serve much appreciated no works not one for hey hey all right your turn same even though you made it you don’t have to be me too yep about a month I’m not hearing you you’re hearing me it’s my headphones oh I’m not I’m not worried I mean I would be able to hear it now oh it’s just like the lowest murmur so guys this is what everything they wrote down just now looks a little messy but you know you must know so close doo doo doo this didn’t start that logging I’m at gate 10 d8 say again then say second call if he doesn’t come back in like 10 seconds 15 seconds save a little slower as well you kind of like real quick you’re a little quick for me

remember say thank you all right over the ground your North shuttle right uh I don’t know if I have a building behind me playing playing plant by him me I’m gonna ask to push back manchester ground orcs nine one four good day to you sir gate eight a320 requesting push and start face sets stand a push and start 901 three so so tell us to come to them you’re gonna ass ready Wow yes to six life is always gatwick the last one yeah no I totally forgot to do that no a transition yeah wait second ground is point a five doo-doo-doo-doo to me this is awesome just all of this would be nice if I had my bleed on yes you were to left of me I could that well here let me pull outside real quick Wow as an interesting thing I have going on here things don’t go the way of you want them

to right here I throw it up in a pics I just got to do the a sorcerer checklist and then I can go well I gotta let it do its thing laughs I gotta do flight controls oh it’s me blocking you well I I have to go through these checks if I doubt you know you die alright ready to move and just the ground works now one floor ready to taxi 2 3 right a little bit fast for me but 2/3 right Mike one via Lima Delta kilo Juliette or exam for Lima Delta Kela Juliette yeah hold on one sec why is that going on I’m a small problem there you go took that off never tell to fix something I did the wrong thing then I had to take off both tilt kilo Julia whoo plane taking off or in front of me streaming just so you know my favorite oh yeah let’s see what the turbulence has to say for this oh I’m not getting a lot of turbulence for this but I do have a lot of weather what are you flying us airplane okay yes Gatwick

no no Manchester to Gatwick I think I think that heard me on the comms yeah I think I went further than like one more exam one floor over the tower appreciate your service thank you very much sir oh yeah I missed my quorum I’m looking for like one maybe one Delta 4 Delta 3 kilo the bunch it is 6 the fact I didn’t go thro Mike one guy standby I got search over Manchester tower Oryx 9 1 4 looking for Mike 1 on the charts don’t seem to have it we stopped here on Juliet requesting a hold somewhere off to the side possibly Juliet Sierra arcs nine one four I’m gonna prefer full length we are also waiting on one that would be the north shuttle if we could just pull off to the side of Juliet Sierra we won’t cause any trouble sir Julia won’t appreciate it no problem Oryx now before there you go I like you Julia wins right Oh plane just landed and totally almost tail straight yeah I don’t know who it was well a neat easy that just left one way just entered into another terminal area it’s alright now I’m waiting fooling for you I mean but like you’re gonna pass me though that’s the thing cuz you ever stronger plane than I do unless you match my true I was aiming for 450 but we’ll see how high it go I’ll let you know though because of Navy I’m getting used to Manchester a little bit Nicholas says this leg well then there’s leg unfortunately let’s see how much leg it’s in the Greens I’m doing three hundred three thousand four thousand two hundred and thirty kilobytes per second okay hold on Chuck it through this guy oh I see it

I’ve been watching ash to ask to continue pushing north and then go from Lima to dealt it was it Delta go back whatever um okay hello I’m looking pixie dude how does grant apologize for my appalling controlling we just did a changeover the other guy had a booking I’m on it’s no problem it’s whatever it’s all good 777 maniac was watching my stream who is the ground he just came over nice picture here I’ll show that to the masses I know he’s someone else and I don’t know okay grant just got back on line one to 185 no I’m on I’m on Tower if you want to post in chat hey that’s really funny the ukv won’t request taxi so request him to taxi on I cancel his push but I was told by my superior I said leave it okay so tower told ground leave it let him let him to a push and then he just hasn’t called for taxi so kick his ass ask him to taxi the ground guy where apparently the ground guy possibly someone else now maybe a livery now asked that was like you listening in it’s great you came because I and you kV there’s no Scullion I’m gonna listen to both Allah yeah alright I guess this doesn’t let me listen to both that’s interesting it’s a fait Faris Terra control tower controller probably made a good decision it’s not good to randomly cancel my face I totally agree with you but now I’m waiting 125 I am as well hold on I miss Quebec so I didn’t hear ya know that might be me though Tara’s 1 2 1 7 sorry 6 – 1 2 1 really what am i doing one one eight six two there we go I know I should be on tires for you could see I don’t know why I wasn’t on every I see

I switched to many frequencies and got very confused as Kazan number two that’s why all right well not reboot just let if you’re on V pilot a squat box let them know that you’re disconnecting for a second because I haven’t heard anyone in Tower either but I just got back on it no but um I’m gonna do it I just let him know well you hear someone yep I heard from you there are a lot of airplanes there if you don’t hear anyone to call alright do it by text and ask them if they hear you do a comm check information Delta interested Tara orcs Manchester Tower orcs known for how do you read me thank you very much for she is still waiting on that North bird totally understandable I’m sure it will get fixed quickly yeah he’s having some common she’s apparently is he is he talking that’s the real question was just called dude I’m listen your anima yeah your whole yeah he’s at Lee another one you’re on Lima if you go back and go Delta and then Quebec I’m sorry yeah Delta Quebec no just Delta Delta to the south-west bring that back all the way to Delta to Lima when one day at six – he just told you together that’s how you told you – I’m glad if this and I’m across the pod

he’s like this since he gave you text instructions you can go ahead and start texting Julia 1 you know Julia 1 is to where I am so you’re gonna you’re at Lima one right now so you’re gonna continue continue on the bend straightish to Delta I’m gonna line up and go is that cool shade line up and go well we’re gonna say the same true speed so it doesn’t really matter we’ll come in right after each other as long as we don’t race when we do get to Center I’m gonna ask them to keep us within eight miles no I know you do it second no you’re gonna continue going straight so you’re on Delta you’re at Delta for growth across the Delta three if you haven’t already and then you’re left on kilo copy and then you’re gonna one before the runway yep make a new turn from where that’s funny cause I’m pulling short for a while and who’s just finally taxing up to me so you’re gonna continue ancilla kill it’s gonna turn into Juliet there’s a little weird bend in it though okay I’m gonna call her hold on arcs and I went for you thank you very much I have it on my flights in commander but uh two three right clear for takeoff nine or one for straight up just with him hey I got a follower I’ll see if I can catch on time flyer man – appreciate that man yeah yeah yeah sorry it’s rated R ready guys I’m coming keep going brother bye bye bye I will keep trying he’s like buried treasure old and dead you tell me to take off that’s unfortunate one to two dozen mone

thank you for all your service sir I’m listening if the tower still playing the one then Center one two nine four two if you want to put that in standby yeah your second standby 1 8 1 9 see you next time all right well as soon as you go to Unicom we’ll pick a point to go to Manchester what is wrong with you on so many different levels I’m going to climb via the CID so my I’ve stopped at 5,000 although Oh someone’s during emergency what yeah if X is 6,000 them I fix that right now when two to decimal a this one on one yeah as soon as you go forward I’m gonna fly direct H onac you get that turn around I suggest you do the same no oh I’m staying on my height restriction I as soon as you went to Union comm I went to hom as soon as you make that turn well I suggest you go H oh and and you cancel height restriction because I’ve cancelled height restriction fly man – I don’t remember what kind of CPU I have I know that this is like $1700 desktop that’s just loaded down with all the software no I didn’t do it until your you were on you come let’s see how are you done is that what you have right now no no affectionate yes affectionately you sir are the biggest idiot yeah alright I’m always an 18 yeah I’m at 13

oh yeah you don’t say and please don’t ever again Oh 777 maniac is back on the ground the guy who texted me over what a guy what a what a nice looking screen name maniac I like that three to went a little bit better but I think it hurts my FPSs by like two or three more I don’t know why all these mrs. Weatherly it always does it’s like don’t put on the water effects god forbid what’s that that’s interesting is it me so when I stick enough behind you so maybe you I’m at night mm you’re at 6:00 you’re almost at 8000 that make sense I’m a little more than that a little more than a circuit doesn’t I have 32 miles I don’t see anyone around you do you have traffic off for that I don’t think I’ve ever put traffic on standby do-do-do-do-do-do you did with him it’s a little hard to read these things Airport elevation is 202 feet to 6 left that’s right we’re gonna be eggs into the right onto taxiway runway two six right zero left it is no longer runway you have ten thousand eight hundred seventy nine feet I think I need a bigger plane so I was thinking about taking this air bus across the pond and I was like you know what it won’t make it he speaks but they’re gonna be slow I gotta take but what are you taking both of you so seven four like is knock and be fast at all you see I don’t have the 777 I don’t understand how to turn it on do everything

night for example lies L it looks like a high-pressure ductile select engine I’m not getting one liter maybe still it’s a line taking loss but diagnosed in flight again ten hours well one in the center one offline the next one is gonna be tower 1 2 4 2 2 I mean I guess this fine I guess that’s fine in the end it’s like I don’t know if I make the shortest distance to Amsterdam you guys will still pass me the the freemium one I check this line or I’m sorry my turn what about what about smaller aircrafts that make it half the way faster than you guys can so that I can load up again and then make it the rest of the way will you be hanging out in here if there’s a TC only um by the way we should have been done this before sure if you just 383 for me can you got a pyre or not if you want to get to 390 no but you don’t want to be too quick cool yeah I’m gonna fly American 924 or FedEx hmm I’ve apparently been online for 21 hours before total I left my computer on just sitting on an airport I’m same 3 8 3 D is what I remember be like 4 10 until you come up on me and then tower told one you’d go around hey if you can do some aerial maneuvering I will allow you to stay right behind me yeah but like use your heading and use the elevation stay like 100 feet move – and your feet and then to the right a little bit so you always have me on your left side yeah that happens it depends where you

look you two is always closer mm-hmm yeah it’s like two minutes ago yeah well that’s because you have a higher speed than me no I still got at least like 30 I can go do you want me to max out hey let’s see thank you let’s see I’m not laying with 5.2 in the tank do you remember I used to slam it and just get there at least half an hour quicker than ever yeah that’s how happens when you have a short flight and a lot of people know I’m not descending until I’m actually I think I have to go over Gatwick first yeah we’re gonna be what like 20 miles from Gatwick start to saying because we’re gonna be going past Scout we’re gonna do a loop towards Gatwick does that make sense it’s gonna go outbound loop around and come back in but I’m just telling you what okay well it sure is one three eight I’m sorry one sorry three eight three and I have to start descending yeah capture the potato hey what’s up gimme yeah all right don’t worry about I’m

streaming right now gaming for you don’t mind apologize so we might be calling out for ATC it’s tough it’s kind of calms quiet in here for the most part okay no be getting off line it’s essentially going to be just posted in um in future I’m not gonna let’s see we got to go to tower one two four two two so I would have both on entire be the one you’re listening you’re talking back to I agree I haven’t seen anyone for gatwick some time worried you took a picture me let’s have camera livery that’s funny no I generosity is something I do have much of thanks big I’m just sending via CID to 3000 I’m gonna let autopilot take care of it mm-hmm yes at the speed who tells me they’re just current just a little 5/8 woman oh it’s indicated three seven three oh seven yes I’ll give you a better number now what is the identifier echo golf key

key like you to see 17 minutes roughly roughly sir I mean softly not roughly one second no hold on one second it’s gonna send you into her circle so once you cross over at mid go directly to to MIT and then you’ll have to descend a lot more like hard em ID Mike indigo Delta go direct to to Mike and ago Delta otherwise it’s gonna send you into loops not purposely it’s just as you wouldn’t way in the back the other yes do you see it you might want slowed down to about 220 knots yeah I still slow down because you’re gonna come up right on me yeah all right he gives us some time to cruise rather than just going up and coming down all right I’m currently at 7,900 about two five five two five zero knots indicated see if I can drop that a little bit faster let’s go to may see what happens I’m cutting some of my time may I’m going direct me right now I’ve read it crossed over and I’ve been clear someone dark me one two four two two oh two two five my bed yep I’ll stay in 250 knots until I’m at minimums why well the Interceptor the ILS I meant my bad thump-thump two houses I’m going May 0-3 yeah well I’m trying to separate my space for tuning because you’re less than five miles away from me or so I think yeah I’m not showing you four soon

and all right go away go a this is Bravo temperatures 160 point is 1 0 Q H 1 0 2 1 winds are 2 0 0 8 knots yeah I’m sure it’s been six its juicer 8200 at eight huh making that left-hand turn making the base turn French or something mm-hmm hold on one second yeah we’re tower orcs nine one for information bravo on board making left base turn four to six left ILS will report final or it’s not one for yeah it’s nice to check-in sometimes yeah it did even a little too far too far I don’t know I’m just talking to talk well damn have me know yeah sound like that gallic tower or x9 1/4 on approach to six left ILS localizer established to six left continued report for mile final or snowed for yeah you got stuck he’s approached I’m tower

they’re at my turn I’m calling you about a minute one minute 24:22 of pertinency current one twenty four two two five is tower purchase now on armed yeah you’re still going downwind beasts you know it’s still giving you that was tower to exclude left clear for land of Arc’s not one for who you’re very soft on the there I only heard you two at a fork Jennifer you know what I mean because I don’t zero no that’s a little bit later it’s about 22 minutes later oh my god that’s a lot of aircrafts just gonna let that land itself one two four two two five Clark’s not one floor we’re gonna be

exiting right on Charlie Erickson done one for exiting right would looks like Charlie on to echo and I see it now thank you very much right on to 0-8 left and over to ground thank you very much for your service sir 21 8 one two money do you know I’m airlines are xi1 for ground good evening requesting continued taxi gate 3 2 X 9 one for apologies you broke up a little bit can you say that again for the texting instructions tango julia go back helo game three to thinking very much more exam four hey there’s you coming in now I’m watching you come in oh I know there you go far enough okay

move those really quick dead okay pick up everyone this is busy 3 2 so go like 3 4 something although they’re big textures I can actually give you one yeah can you hear me check one check two check 3 I can hear you Navy can you hear me can you hear me now check one check two alright that was weird I could hear you and everything I’m parking at 3 – I’ll give you gate 33 yeah oh my fun you’re funny guy yeah you sir what’s that me all right no I’ll leave them you know I’m watching you taxi up right now no I’m Texas I’m looking at you from mine maybe that’s like a magnum hairline I really don’t think that’s like magnum one Sammy how many Air Force Ones do you think are gonna cross the pond we’re gonna cross the pond uh supposedly there’s like over 600 people really doing this it’s awesome

oh no I’m purposefully not even doing it I’m just gonna sit in all the traffic and I’m gonna enjoy it yeah I plan to have more than enough fuel it’s to my left it’s the slanted one so really no there’s not yes son your red tips balloon you all right let’s uh let’s go see how the logging did no not yet you Jesus is easy