STUDENT VISA – Malayalam Shortfilm

One minute, I’ll be right there Excuse me, Uncle? There is a knack when approaching foreigners make sure there is eye contact What? Uncle..? No no no..I am Fisel, I am from Kerala. You know God’s own country?..Beaches lots of beaches…? Can I get my job..? What..? Job..? I mean If I could get a job, I could join right now F**** Hey! Are you Malayalees? Yes I figured from the way you look Brother? No Brother, Call me Joju, ok Thats the car..come Iam her to pick you up Yuck, this vehicle? We were told a BMW would come In that case, you can pay $250 for a taxi and meet us there Hurry up, hurry up.. put it in quickly Hey, wasn’t there five of you? Where is the other guy? Oh, where is he? He must have gone looking for a job One minute please Rest of us have been here for six months And still haven’t got a good job And they think they’ll get one right away?! Get in man I’m here, I’m here Joju What are the chances of getting a job here? Have you got the SIN number yet? What’s a SIN number? SIN means, Social insurance number that is required for you to get a job here Brother look at this. What is it? That’s a work permit girl When you take this work permit to Service Canada, from there you will get a SIN number How about colleges? Colleges are great One minute.. please, please, please1 It’s all a mess! ok come, come, come on in All of your rooms are upstairs Two of yours are on that side, three of yours are on this side, The other remaining one is mine Okay? Oh no, I’m from a respectable family I can’t share a room with a stranger! Alright then, you can pay me rent for the whole room Okay! Ok, off to your rooms Oh, before I forget, all together I’ve spent $1500 for your pick up expenses, by because it is you, just pay me $1200 So don’t forget to pay me cash tomorrow Don’t worry. All you’ve to do is pay Sindhu Madam Rs60,000 as post landing fee. Your accommodation and all will be taken care of by the company What about Rs.60,000 that we paid Sindhu madafm? What 60,000? I don’t know anything about it, this is how much I spent, so I need the money tomorrow What about our money? It’s gone.. my money, tomorrow morning ok then

Good morning! Very nice… M.A Thank you Wow… double M.A M.Com, you are sure to get a job! Isn’t it enough? Listen silly people If you show that you’ve completed grade 12 you may have a chance to get a job understand? It’s very hard to get a job if you are over qualified Make one like this, and you may have a chance of getting a job Your dad is very stressed Dad is stressed? from thinking of everything Why, is dad stressed now? Son, we have to pay-off the bank loans Mom, let me find a job everything will workout once I find a job What about work? I am going out to look for some jobs today Son don’t forget about the loan yeah Tell dad once I get a job, within six moths everything will be resolved ok Ok I will call you later I will pray for you to find work Ok …I’ll call you later Ok then Ok.. Ok Hey guys are you coming? I am leaving Hey how many places have you given resumes to? I don’t know, all I have is one left Everyone is asking for Canadian experiences Fools, where are we suppose to get Canadian experience when we just landed? Did you call Aby? He went to see a business man He said he will be at home Everything is finished at home, I will buy something on the way back Okay It’s the next stop, you should get off Yeah it’s here Ok bye Hey, which college is this? College..? MacEwan university The collages there are no ordinary ones, they are digital collages, they’ve escalators to go up, on top of that internationally acclaimed lectures, fantastic administration and such await you! For people as educated as us, how can we make such a big mistake These agencies are only here to give our dreams and desires a price point Truthfully, in many ways agencies are taking advantages of us Parallel colleges back home are better than this There is no point now, we are here anyway, let’s see how we can fare here If our families find out.. we spent so much money to come here I’m going crazy thinking about everything Come, let’s go home, I’ve got to go wash dishes at the Punjabi restaurant tomorrow It’s all good here, swimming pool, our own car, then life is all about clubs, dance and parties! Hey, I have to go out, I will call you later ok ok alright, ok bye Easy with the lies man! Bro, back home no one will believe you if you tell the truth

Let them should come and experience it themselves They lied and told us we would have 3 years stayback when we came realize that its for a year now you are lying and trying to cheat them Hey, Aby What time are you going to work tomorrow? Tomorrow at 8 He is the lucky one in our group; he is an area manager! You are soo lucky!! I didn’t expect anything After seeing my performance he was floored! Buddy, now you are an area manager, after that, zonal manager and after that, Provincial manager. Then step by step you can only move up! He won’t have to worry about PR issues now He works for a well established company now I don’t know idea what is going to happen to us No idea Riya? How is it , how is it? WOW..Super! don’t go..drink this tea also…thank you You are welcome! Hey Aby, take this coat too. I was going to wear it for my graduation Since you are going for manager post you take it How is it? Nice! Bye Bye! See you! Oh, the struggles people face to live in this cold. My God! Oh, what happened? Are you okay man? sit..sit.. sit here okay? Are you okay man? okay? Are you okay? Are you okay? Man it’s YOU?! What happened to you? Why are you doing things like this? What else can I do? What about the job you told us? How long we can live without a job? I’m exhausted! I can’t ask for money from back home anymore! Apartment rent, college fees, bank loan, I am going insane! I can’t do this anymore! Cheers!! Its a good thing I was there at that time, otherwise you would have had to make a trip to the hospital! on the other hand there is my job! In the afternoon I get some files and I simply just sign them! yeah right Now in our group, only Ciwin needs to get a job Faisal got a job at the Mac store Hey Ciwin are you willing to wash dishes? I am ready to do anything, I am tired of this! I took loan with the hopes of paying them of within 6 months to come here that too with money I did not have I’ve lost everything Why am I the only one like this? (Cell phone ringing) One minute Who doesn’t have problems? I will find him a job! What is your problem? Money? is that is your problem? Right now we don’t have money with us now but money will come eventually Hey, where am I now? CANADA for those who are willing to work hard, Canada won’t let you down I too have a space here

Okay, we will fix everything Now I am hanging up I have some things to do alright Hey look, more files are coming get read to sign! Oh! Oops sorry, I’m sorry It’s Ok! Hi, I’m Stephanie Hi I’m Ciwin Nice to meet you! You work here up front? Yeah Wow Ciwin? Yeah? Can you come to the front desk? Yeah for sure Congratulations Ciwin! You are promoted to Assistant Manager!!! Wow Thank you so much Steph! I’m so happy to work with you I can’t believe this! I owe you a lot! Thanks a lot! Yes!! Within 2 to 3 months the work permit will expire If we don’t get an LMO, I will have to go back home I haven’t made a single penny till now I have no Idea on what to do I have got a work permit for Nova Scotia I have plans to go there You go and save yourself What will I do?? There is a way its not straight way I have heard many people have tried it What is it? You know your white girl? She has a soft corner for you.. you should exploit it Hi!

Hey..morning How do you feel about last night? I know your problems but I don’t want to miss you I don’t wanna see you going back to your country you know If you marry me you can stay here? (Cell phone rings) Hey Faisal, bro, they are deporting me For what? sending money back home on an implied status they found out they are saying there are many issues with it anyway, I am being deported you tell our gang I will call you once I reach home Okay bye poor guy! (Cell phone rings) Yes mom, son is everyone alright there? do you know for how long the education loan has been due?? bank manager keeps calling and says they will foreclose the house will we become homeless?? Don’t worry, in a short while I will fix everything if that’s the case, it is not worth to live!! didn’t I tell you I will fix everything???!! Ok will call you later Ciwin? What’s wrong Ciwin? Why you are up? Why are you looking at flight tickets? Ciwin I need to talk to you! You can talk to me I am listening What you wanna talk about? I haven’t seen you all day! It’s urgent! You haven’t paid your half of the mortgage and its already due!! What the hell???? I don’t care! This is your fr**g house I don’t want to live here anymore I am going back home What?!? I really need the money You can’t make a fool out of me! You can’t leave me like this! What are you doing on your phone? my helplessness is your advantage speak to me in English! I am fed up of you making a puppet of me you Bi**h I don’t know how to make you understand my situation You’ll never understand You are never gonna see me again Ciwin!! Don’t go!!

you can’t are drunk You forgot your phone!!! (Cell phone rings) Hello? Son, give me the phone Achaya, (husband) Where are you ? it’s been so long since you last called our son keeps asking for you Why are you not saying anything?! I’m not Ciwin, who are you? Oh sorry, I’m his wife. who are you? Hi Manu? We need to talk Did you know that Ciwin had a family back home? I don’t know why Ciwin played such a dirty game I was wrong, I didn’t enquire about him I came to know about that only after you guys got married He was desperate to stay here, so he was forced to do it But I can tell you one thing He loved you a lot Hey Steph?! Hey how are you? Good, how are you? Awesome! Thanks, so where you off to? I’m going to India to Ciwin’s place I just received around million dollars from the insurance for Ciwin’s death I don’t need that kind of money If his wife and son get this money it will be a great help to them and that way I will get a chance to meet them too Oh thats very selfless of you! Alright have a safe trip Thanks! Bye! you guys are Malayalees right? Yes How did you know? I just knew it buddy! Come on This is not an isolated event. This is just one of the many dreams that have been shattered and abandoned along the way Agencies purposely turn a blind eye and tout Canada as being the land of “milk and honey,” while never explaining the harsh realities and struggles one may face upon arrival With folded hands and bright gummed smiles, all that agencies require from you is your hard-earned, sweat-perfumed money. In comparison to money your dreams, aspirations, and desires become utterly meaningless The courage and perseverance shown in the fight to overcome countless adversities you may experience will determine the type of future you lead. Fate, whether it is luck or not, is shaped by our experiences and the courage with which we face them May the experiences of those who have traveled upon these paths before you act as a beacon to light your journey and guide your way