To Central Asia by Bicycle – #31 We're getting our Iranian visa in Batumi (English subtitles)

To Central Asia by Bicycle We’re getting our Iranian visa in Batumi It’s Thursday morning 8 am We’re in Batumi We’re making tea right now and preparing breakfast We’re making tea the Turkish way Up here is concentrate And in the lower part, you boil the water The concentrate I already boiled for 5 minutes earlier Now it’s being kept warm all the time And Dorenda is cutting the cucumbers, cheese, and we still have some sausage, bread And that’s our breakfast We’re in a flat building in Batumi The sea is over there This is a big, rather new flat building Here is an old one Well, I can’t call it beautiful I’ll now make the tea So I take both tea pots The upper one with concentrate, the lower one with hot water And depending on how strong you like the tea you pour in more or less concentrate How do you want it? – Average So like this And for the rest water I want it a bit stronger, so I’ll have more concentrate and then water And now you can put it back on a low flame to keep it warm We are now at the Tbilisi Bank TBC Bank – Tbilisi Bank TBC – Tbilisi I said it 3 times You’re saying Tbilisi – Tbilisi No, TBC. It’s three letters It’s not Tbilisi? – No TBC? – Yes So we are now at the TBC Bank to pay €75 to the Iranian consulate Cause that’s how much a visa costs And the system just hung It worked for 10 minutes, and then it hung And we have to wait and wait, I don’t know how for long We are waiting for the consul at the Iranian consulate and we made tea. That’s possible here The bank started to work again, we paid and now we’re waiting again We’re watching television Only we don’t know what it’s about, cause we can’t read any of it We waited for an hour but in the end the consul came He probably went out for lunch. Or for tea We don’t know He now has our passports He wanted us to come back tomorrow, but we told him we would like to leave today and now we can come after 4 pm Then they will be ready That is after the consulate is closed It’s closed already Yes, he came half an hour after it was closed But he told us he will help us and we have to come after 4 So now we’re going to see where we can eat something And maybe look for a place to stay Yes, we have to arrange something Here they sell the best khachapuri and also pirozhki with egg, beans or potatoes Dorenda is fighting for her turn in the queue, cause there are a lot of people but she’ll fight herself through It’s very busy here but they say that half of the city comes here and that they have really good food So it’s worth it to wait a bit to be able to try it It’s also a popular place because there’s a school nearby, and it just went out So the youth wants to eat something Did you manage? – Yes I did I learned how to do that You have to squeeze yourself up to the window and then you have to put the money on this money thing cause she doesn’t take it from your hand And how does she give the change? And you also have to stick out your hand already before because there were three hands at the same time and you have to be the first Do you have to pay the exact amount? No, she gives change I got the last two So I did it – Good job We’re going to have a look at this catholic church here in front of us and after that at a Georgian orthodox church

Close to the port of Batumi, the terminal there is the catholic church And next to the church there’s a casino What just happened? We got the visas Look, this is mine. Valid 30 days From the 4th, that’s today during 3 months, until August and for 30 days so we have what we wanted. We did it It cost us €75 per visa That’s just how much it costs And some time – Yes, and time. 2 weeks of waiting and a whole day to arrange it And the trip to Batumi But we’re on a long trip so we’re prepared to spend time on things like this Yes, it’s a part of the trip For Iran you can’t arrange it via the internet We did try it – It depends where In other countries you can start via the internet and then you have to go to the embassy only once and it’s much quicker But I don’t know what it’s like in practise We’re near the tourist information in Batumi We were picked up here yesterday evening to go to the place where we slept This is the dolphin which was illuminated so nicely and the fountains, but this will come alive only in the evening This is the tourist information And Dorenda is working hard searching for a place to stay via CouchSurfing and there are some people, right? I don’t know. I just installed the app and I don’t know yet how it works But I think there are some people, cause there are weekly meetings but unfortunately on Saturday Another possibility is a hostel I also found a last-minute 2 person room for 24 zł It’s a possibility, but we prefer to stay with nice people then in some sort of Just a minute ago it said there are 14 people online and now I wrote what I want to do cause it said, “I want to”, so I wrote, “sleep somewhere tonight” And now suddenly there’s no one left We’re waiting for answers regarding tonight’s stay and are watching the fountain show It just finished, but I guess there will be another show Unless they happen only once in a while In the meantime, we met a guy from Russia via CouchSurfing who is also waiting for his Iranian visa and he took us to a restaurant where we had really tasty khinkali The best in town, they say We also called to Zaur to ask if we can’t stay in the same flat as yesterday but this man left, cause he has a business and travels around to sell things, so he’s not in Batumi anymore If we would have known that it would take us the whole day we could have kept the key But we didn’t know, unfortunately But there are other possibilities We also called to the guy we got a ride from yesterday He said he would call back in an hour and try to arrange something We still have to wait for 20 minutes or call to him ourselves And on CouchSurfing someone wrote they have 1 free bed in a hostel room and I asked if 1 person can sleep on the floor, so I’m waiting for an answer We can also borrow someone’s tent but we have at the most 1 sleeping bag or maybe not even one And we can sit in someone’s car So there are several possibilities, but they’re not the best Today’s room A small room. Two beds But there is much more space to use We’re going there We’re in a hostel today Via As you know, there were several options We didn’t manage to find a free place to stay

even though we tried different things We tried everything The guy who had to call back didn’t do it and also didn’t pick up Maybe he didn’t manage to arrange something Just a pity he didn’t just tell us Finally we made a reservation via We found the cheapest place in the city For 18 lari Together 18 lari is not a big amount It really isn’t much We got used to be economical but on the other hand it’s understandable cause we’re on the road for several months It’s not a 2-week trip on which you can spend all your money and then at home somehow survive until the next salary But if we have paid accommodation once in two months that really isn’t expensive This is our first paid accommodation The first paid one And I’m on the road for 2 months already Oh, we have something to celebrate So tomorrow we have two things to celebrate cause it’s my mother’s birthday and she said we can send her the bill for the cake If we have cake somewhere No, it really isn’t bad I wanted to go to the shop to buy wine cause I asked if they have wine here and the lady said that she sells it but it was very expensive I still wondered why so expensive But her husband, this grandpa said there is a shop nearby so I went there and I wanted home-made wine, poured wine, cause in Georgia that’s what you should drink, not from a bottle But that wine was just finished Today the bank broke down, the wine finished It isn’t easy So I told the man that I didn’t buy anything and he brought some of his own wine to try and he didn’t want anything for it So he’s a good man Do you have the cucumbers or I do? I. In my bag, I’ll get them To our host’s health This is what the big room in this hostel looks like I’m very happy that we finally have a place to stay And that we’re not somewhere on a bench – And also no on a car seat If we’d have the bikes, it wouldn’t be a problem There is a very nice beach close to Batumi, near the botanical garden I got up, had a warm shower in a nice big bathroom There was warm water and I washed myself I even shaved We’re leaving this place It wasn’t bad I think it won’t rain, so we’re going to Tbilisi Is that your car? Not bad – Thanks All the best, see you – See you See you – See you. To Tbilisi Thanks a lot Come back sometime – Yes, if we’ll be here again, we’ll come We’ll also tell the people in Poland that this is a good place And the wine was very good – You drank it? Well done Thanks a lot See? Even the people of the hostel are very kind Not “even”. They are just kind It’s nice if someone has rooms like that at home It’s much different from a hotel Yes, and even if you are their customer, they don’t really treat you like one They made us coffee in the morning Yesterday this man brought us two bottles of wine We drank one The other one we left there, cause he brought us too much wine That means that Maciek drank it, cause I had only one glass, and he had the rest As you can see… I’ll show you in a while But I’m making this trip of hitchhiking for almost a week only in sandals Dorenda is good cause she has shoes

I have shoes and sandals Hello. To the botanical garden? – Yes, get in What do you think, will there be rain today? – No The driver had to stop here. There’s a parking and a Turkish restaurant here He has to sleep To Tbilisi it’s still 100 km or a bit more We’re going to see if we can find something to eat For sure there is something, but do we have enough money? If we do, we’ll eat something We have a bit left, but we also should still buy a bread After that we can eat something Yes, first bread, and then We just quickly eat something and we’ll continue hitchhiking to still arrive in Tbilisi There’s a shop here, maybe we can buy something there Thanks We’ll quickly eat something and then continue We arrived to Tbilisi at my acquaintance’s place, Guran Guram. With an m His business card Guram is a photographer We’re in his studio We can sleep here tonight He also has his lessons with his students here Today it’s Friday and they’re free, but tomorrow they’ll go somewhere to take pictures But that will be only at 9, or at half past 8? At half past 8 But that’s not a problem. It’s now 9 in the evening We’ll only still go downstairs to get something for breakfast and then we’ll have enough time to have a good sleep The twelfth floor I’m wondering about one thing Why are there bottles with water in the elevator? I don’t know how to keep the doors open Just go inside The doors don’t have a sensor Good that it didn’t crash Today the elevator is for free cause normally you have to put in money 50 tetri There is a slot here Without money it doesn’t work When we arrived here, we didn’t know it works for free cause we pressed 13 and it didn’t work We had to go to the last floor So we walked the stairs up 12 floors and then it turned out there is no 13th floor We should’ve pressed 12 You learn by making mistakes Now we know that we have to press 12, not 13 Curious about the rest of our 8-month bike trip? Then follow our channel