Trip to IRAN. Hitchhiking, Hospitality, Statutes & Traditions, Visa, Food, Internet etc.

Hello! Today we’ll talk about Iran, as an object to travel Before arriving in Iran, I was faced with the fact that information on the Internet About it a little, and even video can be counted on the fingers Hitchhikers and free travelers are just beginning Actively to tread the path I decided to fix the universal injustice and record this video Gathering all the necessary information before a trip to Iran I stayed there for just over two months and I have something to tell you I have been practicing and almost penniless budget travel, So on this will emphasize, Stories about expensive hotels and fancy entertainment From me will not wait, it’s not me By law, alcohol is banned in Iran (Punishment for drinking – 80 lashes, and it’s not a joke) Women are obliged to cover their heads, Local and forbidden to host foreigners at home But in fact, I drank alcohol with the girls without headscarves, Swimming naked in the Gulf and slept many times local If you call yourself a traveler, But has not been in the Islamic Republic of Iran (That’s the official name of the State), Then take your backpacks and immediately go to this wonderful country! Eeeee where are you going? Well, not in the literal sense of the same! Sit down, sit down. Video screening and feel free Iran is a huge, interesting, diverse country There is everything Green beautiful mountains with waterfalls and clean water Dry desert Persian Gulf, the Indian Ocean, the Caspian Sea Climate in different regions differs considerably And it is also Iran, yes Journey through the country, you can devote at least half a year As Iran – a multinational country Here live Kurds, Arabs, Azeris, Baluchis And, of course, various types of the titular nation – Persians Our great Arab family Unites these people is that they are all unreal hospitable Did not have time to drive off from one food to another how come Do not even want to eat, you still have Have, yes Start from the beginning – a visa Iranian consulate characterized in that the rules have changed As the mood of pregnant women Now we’ll try Let’s clear it.Uff It is possible to obtain a visa at the airport upon arrival Worth it either 70 either 80 euros previously granted for two weeks With an option to renew for two more, now it seems Would start issuing a month with the right to two extensions On each month. For the citizens of Russia have recently appeared The possibility of obtaining a visa on the ground border crossing From Armenia to Iran, if arrive before 5 pm 40 euros a month, with an option to extend for another two About the possibility of obtaining visas for citizens of the ground Other countries did not yet know Visas are obtained Now on visas which have been obtained in advance at the embassy or consulate They can be renewed three times for a month each extension Traditionally, the easiest way to open Iran Visas to Georgian Batumi and Turkish Trabzon. In other Places require a reference code by the Iranian tourism Agency, which is a kind of invitation from The Iranian Foreign Ministry. This is costly both in money and in time So, better head to Trabzon Or Batumi. As for the first option to say exactly nothing I can not, but about Batumi and is ready to share its own Experience. It all was very simple: only need Only a passport, one photo, 60 euros (for citizens of Ukraine) And completed application form. And the profile is very simple, we have Not filled with information about hotels where the alleged Going to stop, they did not indicate itinerary Producing of visa took only 2 working days, 4 days in total Waiting Iranian visas, all clearance took us 1.5 hours Receive the application form,take a pictures, to pay 60 euros, fill in the form Consul very nice, adequate man True, when I made a mistake in the application, he hit me on the head with a shovel I now have a lump, very painful So do not make mistakes in the questionnaire Actually I blasted the wall or ceiling Term – 14 days, with a corridor 3 three months. The visa is valid From the date of issuance. Those in our case it was any segment

Two weeks in the time interval from 1 to May 1 fervalya – Gamarjoba, genatsvale Here’s how… even failures were ..? I understand, thank you for the information, bye News from Batumi there has changed Consul and receiving complicated visa Reference code They still do not require a visa but the production time Increased and even the failures were recorded. In general Nothing lethal, still Batumi – one of the most Easiest places to get a visa, just got a little Harder. Well, it’s Iran That’s what I said check Date information before traveling Now to extend the visa It is simple. In the department Migration Police, in any, let our words, Regional center, which is in Iran, there are 31 This is the idea. In fact, all a little different But for example in Semnan denied me And they said that this is not engaged Well, it’s a small town And completely without foreigners In the big cities of the other Problem – migrant workers from Pakistan and Afghanistan, Create a queue. But often, white Messrs passed Queue. there need to come at the last Or penultimate day of validity before renew They usually refuse They say that one day of delay Allowed, but I would recommend checking out Weekend in Iran Thursday and Friday Thursday sometimes working, sometimes a short day, but Friday is always off It should be an extension of 345,000 rials In addition to money were needed photos And completed application form I extended twice In Yazd, Sari. In Yazd took two photos, one in Sari enough, True love there and filled me themselves Hotel would need to specify in Yazd where I was staying, Had to urgently to google and enter the first Horrible, Sari such stupid questions are not asked Iran – Islamic Republic, which means that he lives Under Sharia law. Women with 13y.o obliged to go with Head covered in a scarf, winter can be a cap, only Would head was covered, the priest must be hidden, Open shoes allowed In fact, most women do not like this rule, They wear a scarf only because it is necessary Under the law, sometimes it barely covers the top of the head, in the field Where there is no police, for example in homes, they are not shy Walk in shorts and bare-headed, in the presence of others Men. In the cities, it is almost without exception, in villages such as Happens less often, the people there are more religious. They say that The cabin as soon as they take off from Iran, most Persian women immediately remove the scarves By law, an Iranian woman Can only occur in the presence of 3 men in public – Father, husband, brother. In fact, the police never stops Heterosexual couples for the verification of documents with a view to establishing Their relationship. Even if the couple takes a room in a hotel, No one will say anything, at least for foreigners – Exactly If you travel a couple Man + woman, it is better to introduce my brother, and Sister or husband and wife For the Iranians, the couple is not composed Married heterosexual or just friends who travel Together – is savagery, even perversion. You may Nothing to say, but I thought for sure This is the case when False for the benefit – both for you and for the psyche of Iranians The first three weeks in Iran I was traveling with a fellow traveler, and said first That we are brother and sister, but when we came across the English-speaking to ask and started our family had Invent on the fly, such as to unite our life and Lie even more. It was a difficult and unpleasant, so Later we submitted a husband and wife, it became much Easier By law, alcohol in Iran Prohibited, but in reality, people chase moonshine, there Illegal courier delivery of alcohol on a call Your house will bring vodka, whiskey, without any problems. Special Popular Ukrainian vodka By law prohibited foreigners Remain in the homes of the local, but in reality, the Iranians are very Willingly invite travelers to visit Of all the countries I have visited – in Iran easiest Find free accommodation Hitchhiking,

Walking around the city you will often be invited to tea, And there and for lunch / dinner and overnight. Sleep is usually Iranians On the floor – a floor necessarily paved with carpets, mattresses Guest they always shaft For two months in Iran, On the bed I slept only four Twice one Bed was a sofa Iranians sooooo friendly People, but sometimes too much Especially in small towns And villages. We have already complained about this in a previous video Are you often can handle Like a small child, walking your shadow If you say you want to have finally go on Track and go hitchhiking, it will look for them A suicide attempt, you will always try to “Save”. The argument “I have a year in the journey and always So I go “is not an argument for them There have been cases, I seemed to be the man explained his style of travel, He would not let me STOP vodinochku because, with In his view it is dangerous, he said that stop me Car, then came his friend, another, and another. And so We are standing on the sidelines of the crowd and they’re trying to stop me Car. After some time, come to the conclusion, It’s impossible, no one stops I’m trying to Hint that maybe it’s because the five of us Men, and if I had one, I would have stopped long ago Nooo, it’s not because of that, we just can not be traveled, Can have in Europe, and can be, but we just do not. But is it worth Only some miracle to separate from the company and the machine Miraculously stopped Ie Iranians are genuinely trying to Help you, but in doing so only in the way And here’s a very Difficult to get rid of the man and not to offend him. Most Better reception – this is to say that I’ll walk, yeah, I I know that before the next city 100 km, I want to go Their walking, moving a kilometer and a half, you can safely start the foot Next, if you are invited to spend the night, Raschityvaete and you dine, socialize a bit and go Sleep – in vain. Often you only foreigner whom they Seen in my life. You will be served fruit, tea, dinner, again Tea, fruit again. In the process of all the neighbors gathered and Relatives all have to do with the photo you Iranians love to be photographed 500 pictures for the evening – not the limit Such tea may take several hours till late Night. You will be asked a lot of questions, then you Do not speak Farsi, but they do not speak English, Not a barrier. At first, it’s fun, but 3-4 of the campaign Guests in a row and you would prefer to spend the night somewhere Tent, the main thing that people without Especially hard In this plan you will have if you find yourself in Iran During Novruz – the local New Year New Year in Iran decided to put seven things, Who at presidskom language begin with the letter “s” It all starts with “s” It falls at the end of March and is celebrated for 2 weeks 2 weeks in Iran output Gain several kilograms of weight very easily at this time Hitchhiking each driver of the second car is you Inviting home, we even had cases that we Almost violently imported home, shut the gates, Planted and fed. Trying to explain that half an hour Back previous car driver you are fed up Blade to nothing lead You will be food stuff, If you refuse a few times – it is useless. Those. if You have to really climb, you 9 times insistently Offer food, you refuse to 9 times, then every 10 Can break down and say, well, I’ll just eat Stop bothering me. Sometimes it is very difficult for them to resist, Very much they are persistent, it is called tarof You have come to Iran, you are all invited to dinner, Overnight, the market sellers refuse to take with you Money by offering free goods? Do not flatter yourself, Maybe it tarof Just I want to note that Iran is unrealistic welcoming country, And most locals are sincerely want to invite You visit. But not always It is on such occasions Today and we’ll talk Tarof – this is such a special Form of “politeness” is inherent, probably only the Persians In Iranian culture decided to offer something to his Interlocutor openly, while waiting for him Failure. Those. everything is understood, but continue to follow Laws of courtesy and play comedy, such as: – Hussein, what is your camel beautiful! – You want – you take yourself, my dear nephew, my employee Neighbor – No thanks, it is not necessary

– No, take – No, thank you – Well, it is not necessary, so it is not necessary Comes to the ridiculous. For example I bought his flip flops on the market – How much? – 250 – Expensive – OK, 200 – Okay, take a wrap, it gives me Package, I reach 200 thousand to him – No, it is not necessary, take the case That is the dude went to the auction, I threw me fifty dollars, and now “refuses” to take Money. I had no desire to play these games, I just I left the money and left, although in theory I should have said: – Take-take, sir – Yes you, kind stranger, I do not need your money – I insist! Take! – Well thank you The circus, is not it? But it’s part of their culture, personal Do. Well, with all the obvious example of this, But more often than not you see if you seriously something Offer or it tarof Very often the Iranians, Quite sincerely beckoning you to visit and enjoy your Visit the children. By agreeing to offer a person, Who invited you to be polite, not implying Is in fact, you put him and, in the future, yourself In an awkward position We had such a case Later, in an interview, we learned that “of course, you have to had to give.” Well ohrenet where we knew you would Least winking eye when making such proposals, Polite you are ours! Or another example. Driver, Through its English-speaking friend on the phone invites I visit. This colorfully painted me one that It, the driver in the sense that it will be very glad to invite me For the night, this is no problem it will not be, on the contrary, It will be incredibly happy about his wife feed me Finest Iranian dishes and all that in this Plan. It has so many nice and said I was, at that time Already experienced iranoved, had no doubts in His sincerity and without hesitation accepted his offer Returned tube driver and see his reaction that It is not very much and happy with my answer. Then this Charming man in his truck started to catch up Other trucks and try my fuse As a result, transplanted One of these with an argument he goes farther than I, you Better So how do you distinguish the real Offer from create fake? You have to be a bit of a psychologist And have experience in dealing with the Iranians, and sometimes can be understood by Man what he meant in fact, but most Main and most reliable way – FAILURE If failure after 2/3 (Not sharp – for example, “yes Nooo, thaaaaanks, I was in a tent I can sleep), you are still invited, It is likely to do it sincerely You can directly Ask whether it tarof, but you risk getting Answer is “no” out of “courtesy.” One time, Iranian, seeing as I doubt, I said openly, “do not worry, it’s not tarof”, But this happens very rarely And that’s why the Iranians so persistently feed so much Guests. Those. when I say, no thanks, I do not want to eat Seventh time in the last hour, however, thank you, not I want! They believe that I actually want to eat, But I refuse out of politeness Hitchhiking in Iran does not exist Why you began to unpack the backpack? I’m telling you, sit down, I’ll explain everything I mean that there is no such thing as a hitchhiking And the words of the Persian language does not exist. I certainly I did not conduct surveys or studies, but I think Not much mistaken if I say that one of the 10 thousand Iranians will be able to answer you what hitchhayking The rest, even the English language, do not understand this No, you without problems can ride for free, but Explain to them that you are moving out of money On a passing truck, it is almost impossible, I do not They cut one, absolutely This is surprising, because In neighboring Turkey, it suffices to say one word hitchhiking, Otostop or in the local dialect, and everyone from small Turkish boy to old granny same age with Ataturk, each You understand better than Europeans Here, even if you are absolutely Will tell that the English-speaking person Is hitchhiking and about the methods of your journey you Can still try to drive to the station Farther The bus go? Yes, damn who I just

Half an hour told me that I have a year hitchhiking What is the fucking bus ??? Therefore, the Iranian hitchhiking The most difficult to explain to the driver that actually You need from him and why he should have to carry for free The most necessary for the word “majani” ie is free, “Pul nadaram” there is no money, but this expression has One drawback – when you say “there is no money”, they understand Literally and believe that a person is in trouble, Left without a penny, try in a foreign country Poke you money to buy a bus ticket, ask Help from the police, in short understand you correctly But in the Persian language has a great magic Word, which to some extent can be replaced Word hitchhiking. Salavaati So it is like this Do something for free, in exchange for free Prayer. Those. do me a favor, and I pray for You. But all this figuratively, no one will force you to pray In Russian this is about, you can roughly translate A pure heart. The Iranians are well aware of the meaning This word, smile gone Well either say, Na, Salavata, NAAA? pul Ie no man is free Not lucky, let’s grandmother I used two ways Hitchhiking now tell more about them First: Just go along the highway, sometimes the car stops, And it happens quite often, offer a ride, I’m using these words above explain its monetary, Take – the food, do not take – say goodbye So explain: go on foot, Sometimes I drive up the passing cars So they understand, What is hitchhiking – do not understand advantage Such a process is that often stop English-speaking drivers, seeing a foreigner and wishing Talk. The second way to use Special paper for hitchhiking For help I Turned to his friends, the Iranian hitchhikers (Yes, these do happen, but very rarely) They are not only transferred My text, but as it adapted it to local Realities, adding a bit of his own Watch the segment One of my previous video They helped me to make a sign for hitchhiking on Iran This is how it looks Is roughly means: Welcome! I am a traveler from Ukraine, I have a very limited budget So I do not use any public transport If it is not a problem for you, could you take me for free Direction… as you on the way If you turn off this road, just leave me on the track And I will continue the journey on foot I have no money, but that’s not a problem I travel so 9 months. Thank You Desirable are all pasted with adhesive tape Scotch but I only have such a small Printed 2 pieces, the English version of amputated And then where will the city of laminated tape I will throw off this text in their group VKontakte Section “Documents”, use of health Now need to write the name of the town to paste it You can write in English letters, you understand But I show off a little, and I will write in Farsi Fatal number – I write in Farsi City should get Nishapur Hitchhiking with this gorgeous piece of paper The biggest problem, the problem is to explain – there is no And this is really the best way. A reference to the document in the description Video. But be careful – make sure that the driver, Is the driver, read the full text Because Sometimes they see the name of the city, and went dadada Either I had a case – stopped the car – a husband, wife and someone’s One mother, gave the paper to his wife, who was sitting on the Passenger seat, she read aloud, it seemed Would all read me something at the hearing is not clear nifiga We arrived at the destination, it turns out that it was not Family at all, and the taxi driver and the passengers, who immediately Well screwed together. The driver begins to me to demand money I’m surprised breed hands and poke it into the text The noise came running other taxi drivers and police. Even There was one English-speaking people, who told Me that the woman read the text is not entirely word “Free” somehow lowered In the meantime, my paper Went from hand to hand, all participants got acquainted with the text, I took my side showed the taxi driver’s as well, All written what you want Course for me nothing happened, But the situation is unpleasant Hitchhiking speed slightly

Different from Europe. Roads in Iran are excellent, even the truck Often are driven at a speed above 100 km / h Is the place where the machines pay for the motorway junction These boxes on the left – it’s not mailboxes as it may seem Is the place for donations Before a long trip and the drivers stop throwing money here to improve karma Here can someone Stopped on long distance Is the only barrier standing invitations to visit, if You are invited to a tea for 10 minutes, it is likely This tea will grow into a complete meal with all the knowledge Relatives or afternoon nap, so better to Iran Go with time to spare in the background and do not rush Facebook, VK, YouTube, Twitter and even such Website football ua Iran blocked Least somewhere in Iran there FB – on pants YouTube have? Instagramm, Skype, viber, whatsapp, telegram work Information for more youtubers: YouTube Creator Studio app works fine, Strangely. Instagramm – the only permissible Popular social networking site that is not blocked In Iran, is very popular, you constantly Will ask about the presence of the account on the network and ask Add them to friends. The same applies to a telegram, The most popular program for chating in Iran. If You have Telegram and you will distribute your number All people encountered on the way, perhaps you Not the time to even read all the messages, not the How to respond to them Instagram and it’s Telegram Nice, but it would be desirable and normal Internet You say. To do this, there are little tricks. Who I experienced this probably already know what I mean VPN is installed in your browser extension that Virtually change your country Just knock in the search and select the VPN on your Taste. I recommend to install just two expansion – is Such that one is working, the other is not, and then vice versa For the phone all the same thing – go to the play market, Well or Apple Market, can not enter anything Finding, it is recommended to the programs that You need. Only install and use on health But does not accelerate much! Internet in Iran very Slow, well, just very slow Even the road And limited. To contact recommend buy local Simcard MTN aka Iransell Simcard with Internet Service I think 1.5GB monthly cost me 10 euros At first it may seem that everything is unreal in Iran, but Oranges 2000 I translated it 0.06 EUR Or 1.78 UAH 15 tetri or 20 kuruş It’s so cheap! Harsh reality of Iranian destroyed our illusions These prices are not in rials, but Toman Toman in itself contains 10 riyals All this was 10 times more expensive But on the streets and the shops prices are indicated in Thomann. Only official Places such as museums prices are written in rials. With unaccustomed It is very inconvenient. If you are asked to pay a thousand, This means that you have to give a piece of paper on which Written 10 000. Why is this happening? The Iranians say It’s more convenient, they reduce the number. For example, $ 1 is 30,000 rials, or 3000 Tomans Socrates So reduced, do not say anything Themselves Iran Money is very bad. Moreover, in two senses This is the most Cheap and depreciated currency in the world and look If they are printed on toilet paper, and Already used. Currency no change in banks, Official exchange rate is disadvantageous, this should be done in Exchangers or on the street from me In many attractions for foreigners entry almost 10 times more expensive than for locals Entrance expensive for foreigners, and in the English dub they do not always get

True, the bad road running charter which I was able to visit some of the sights for free We are in the ancient city of Persipolis Which is 3000+ years old Entrance for foreign white masters here worth 200,000 rials Local – just 30,000 rials, it is common practice in Iran And for us, rogue, free Road thanks to my reading and writing, we have been here absolutely free of charge Booking in Iran useless Due to the fact that payment systems Visa Mastercard And others do not work there With Iran recently lifted international Sanctions, so maybe soon everything in this plan will be adjusted In the meantime, the most appropriate site to book Housing this one This That you are there! Bullied or what? In short a reference in the description of leave Now about CouchSurfing: First we had a problem with it, I complained Iranian his first video, all we were invited, took Request, but as it turned out they only wanted us Even walk through the city, but not enter It was in Tabriz During Novruz, after these problems were, in short It will charge for the New Year holidays Then in the large Cities I easily found couchserfers that without Problems I hosted Except Tehran In the capital, I sent still quite a lot of requests, but All in vain. Actually, I personally would recommend Smaller couchsurfing use in Iran And so you will always be invited to visit. If Already evening, you are in a small town or a Village, and you still have no place to spend the night, which is rare – Go to the mosque. Firstly, in the mosque there is always drinking Water south of the country, even in the mosques are sometimes cooler With cold water, just the same great in the heat Even where the toilet, unlike free Turkey. And The most important thing – the whole of life in Iran goes through Mosque. Friends, acquaintances, relatives, neighbors constantly Occur there daily prayers For Iranians Mosque – Is not only a place of communion with God, but also with each other You will notice there and interested in your Person. It is very likely that someone from the congregation invite You to visit, for dinner and overnight Or you can leave Spend the night in the mosque Today spend the night in the mosque, the conditions are excellent, I’m very pleased Your religion has no meaning. If you are not a Jew, of course Tent in Iran can be placed in almost any park, if Where otherwise indicated During Novruz Iranians Travel across the country and all the parks, especially in the South of the country at this time just filled the tents! I have never in my life seen such a large number of cheap tents People put them in the parks anywhere Relaxing, having fun, the second week of the new year But there is one “but”! On the lawn to install them is forbidden, only Paths and specially designated for this place. for example I have a tent with a single arc, and I’m sure Pegs to fix it in the ground Therefore, I am in flight As I’ve said, Iran Live under Sharia law, but because 40 years ago, Before the Islamic revolution in ’79, this country was Completely different. The secular state without Imposing religion. Once people revolted against the Shah’s tyrannical, Dropped it, but something went wrong and the Iranians received War with neighboring Iraq and the Islamic Republic It is to me something very similar, so can not understand what it was Since Iran inside and outside is different At first glance, it’s tough Muslims, but it is worth to you Get to know them and you realize that this is normal, Modern humans. Generally, the Persians, unlike the Europeans, Very funny, cheerful and happy And this is without Alcohol! Checkmate those who say that without the booze Boring. Learn from the Iranians! Iranians when they met the first minute can talk niochem Such standard phrases: salam alaikum, chatori? hubi? Salamati? That means roughly: hello, how are you?

All right? How is your health? These phrases are standard, they do not require a specific answer Yes, thank you, good They can communicate about nothing Templates Gesture around the world means “all is well” and is used Including in hitchhiking in Iran is about This. Although it is the significance of this gesture has already Thing of the past, and many Iranians do not associate it With something bad, but still have a lot of people, especially Rural perceive it as before And we first Been difficult to adapt, because during the years of travel I developed a reflex. If you do not know the language and you want Show that all is well, automatically displays In general, the Persians of course understand that in our culture it is A nice gesture, but sometimes hesitate when you Demonstrate. This first happens very often, because That habit. The next day of the new year, we’re sitting In the family circle of Iranians and Kurds and a touching Moment, the granddaughter of the old grandmother gives a New Year gift, Grandmother povarachivaetsya to us, and we are showing off a cute smiling At the last moment we think better of In short Not much carried away by this gesture in Iran Continue the traditions Talk, I’m sorry about the toilet, it is also part of the tradition, Th Toilet usually looks in Iran because, Close the tap water, toilet paper Iranians have little use, Well, you understand the process, I will not explain So if you are used to wipe, stock up on toilet paper European toilets across very rarely Way a funny story about the toilet and excessive Iranian hospitality My fellow traveler asked the guy who took us from the street to his bed, Asked where his toilet It embarrassed responded that it has a toilet, but it is the Iranian Well that this hole in the floor OK, I’ll pee in a next country Ie dude took us from the street, entered, And shy that he Iranian toilet! Go further, let’s talk about the beaches If you want to sunbathe on the beach, in Iran this Will be problems. The beaches on which to swim Not completely dressed, separate – separate for men and Separately for women. But in the Persian Gulf, especially On Qeshm island, you can find beaches (well, there is the whole coast continuous beach) where there are no people for a few Kilometers and bathe naked though, as I I have done, fulfilling the promise In the Persian language used the Arabic alphabet, it is very difficult, I spent a lot of Time to master it If you do not want to , Then do not even get to spend a few months in Iran learn it. It is better to make an emphasis on the spoken language Farsi Elementary proficiency you need, because That the English in Iran, few people talking If you already write a comment “I was here in Iran (Mashhad, Isfahan) and met there a lot of English,” then I have ahead. Yes, you can, and managed to get On the English-speaking companies in large cities, but in The whole country, especially in small towns Sometimes entire population of the village was going to see Me and among them there was no more or less English speaking. But usually, if the Iranian speaks in English, Says usually good In Iranian Azerbaijan residents speak the local Azeri language, so if you own Turkish, you will be very easy! If you are invited to visit, most likely in the first Turn you will be served tea, fruits, then necessarily Rice, which is itself in Iran as a very tasty Elsewhere in Asia. But compared with other Asian countries Iranian food is absolutely unsharp After rice which Can be such a chicken, you will again be served fruit, tea Irne in cucumber is a fruit More precisely, they usually eat it with fruit Go to the street food The cheapest option – a good old falafel A rich, tasty, veggie and inexpensive It should normally Less than 1 euro. For an amount slightly greater than 1 euro You can buy any sandwich, for example Chicken Or liver It looks weird Yes, it looks very strange What is it? It’s delicious! It was fodder beet That which we feed pigs And they say “delicious”

Say “happy pig in Ukraine” Information about this shaft So all talk briefly, in a nutshell Yazd: very Atmospheric city with clay houses such oldschool Style The most beautiful cities in Iran are considered to Isfahan With the famous bridge and the Shiraz mosque with mirror And the most popular tourist attraction near the town of Persia – The ancient capital of Persepolis Ahwaz -City totally Non-touristic, but it is interesting that the Arabs living there Very good and hospitable way Arabs Tehran – the capital, A huge city with a population of about 10-million people Qeshm – an island in the Persian Gulf which can be Get a free pedestrian ferry from the port Luft or pol-Bander. There are smaller island, Kish, But it is very a major, with luxury hotels Bandar Abbas – The largest port, a lot of fish and very hot. Chabahar – Indian Ocean and generally kapets how hot. Tabriz – The capital of Iranian Azerbaijan Mashhad – holy Muslim Shiite city of the tomb of Imam Reza On Iran’s northern Caspian Sea and very beautiful mountains, And the way it is the least religious of the country Well, it was in a nutshell regions of Iran, if you want Know more – please refer to the example or Discovery Can for example see my previous video about Iran. Meanwhile, we go further Most Europeans have heard of: Iran? You that it’s dangerous, There igil, terrorists, war Unfortunately, many Believe the entire Middle East one Those. if Palestine and Syria’s war, then the war in Iran, too What is the opinion has to do with reality? Eeeeee Nothing. Iran – one of the safest countries in which the I have visited, and I had to visit Many places The only region that I can be attributed to the disadvantaged – a province of Sistan And Baluchistan and that it is primarily concerned with the zone On which there is drug trafficking – along the border with Pakistan And Afghanistan. And then, not because you do something there Would face, so that the local police will be Bother you for your safety I picked up the car, it vidnli police Caught up with us, stopped Started checking my documents, the driver could not resist, went 15-20 minutes under the scorching sun Someone called something checked And this stupid thing of Iranian and Turkish police 2-3 minutes they look passport, visa, considering all And then asked: “Where are you from, what country?” I do not hesitate to call them idiots because they are idiots 3 minutes spindles passport and did not read the name of the country Here’s how they test the authenticity of a visa This rim generally pink Rub it and it becomes a white Then it must become again the pink Now it is white, they did not wait for it to become pink Blushed, yes Once they caught up with me and I do not want to sit in the car And here again the car stopped and the crap right there Go to hell, assistants crappy If you let go, do not hurry to rejoice, possibly through Hour you will stop at the next checkpoint and all 30 police officers That there will be, plus the ones that you sdutsya Think to look through to see their duty to your Passport with his dirty hands About dirty hands Is not a literary hyperbole, really, after hundreds Checks my passport pages have become much Dirtier. However, once they released me to move Hitch-free entered the bus, though, To be honest, I’d rather stop go As a conclusion I say: Balochistan region is quite interesting, but Not enough to go there hitchhiking That’s all, if you have any questions on Iran, ask Them down in the comments below the video, if you Have anything to add or deny write in Comments if you liked this video, Like place for my efforts, if you do not like it – put dislike. If this video will get 100 likes on YouTube, Not VK, Facebook and other Twitters I’ll make the same about Turkey So sign up for New videos, see you, bye!