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#Whatever you do #Whatever you tell me #Wherever you take me #My heart is forever Nepali take pride in my ancestors Who toiled and fought to write Our glory in the pages of history # Whatever you do # Whatever you tell me # Wherever you take me #My heart is forever Nepali Among prayers – My Grandma’s hymns Give me not such powers, 0 God!” “Lest doubt weaken my faith in You!” Candy BOY ‘ Where do you want to go? Another comer of the world, Sugar Girl…to the land of dreams Do fireflies dance there? Millions… lighting up the night Proudly marching through the world My heart is forever Nepali

A chest clear like the Himalayas A mind wide as the blue skies My heart is forever Nepali # Whatever you do # Whatever you tell me # Wherever you take me #My heart is forever Nepali #Whatever you do #Whatever you tell me #Wherever you take me #My heart is forever Nepali This is my third time, God! You’ve got to look out for me! Be kind to your servant, please! What’s the name again? Aditya 1 Aditya 1 Which country you intend to go? America…! America ! Did you bring your passport? Offer incense to it every morning Swallow this now I have had my meal – That doesn’t matter So – prove your strong ties to the country Strong ties my foot! Well – I’m the only son of my parents And they need me when they get old Actually, they need me the most now Aditya, sorry – We can’t issue you a Visa ! I hate you, God! No, I Dad, when have I said that? Of course, he is my Brother Yes, Dad, I’ll definitely go to fetch him 0k Hey, Prapti! Will she go out with me? I don’t know! “W! Hey! Hi Hi! So – remember the coffee meeting tonight? – Sure Okay – I’ll see you in the evening See you later – I’ll see you! Listen up ! Don’t talk too much there And don’t say you want to go home Or I’ll send you to your mother Got that? Alright – come along quietly Come! And I speak a bit of French , German, and Korean too So that’s how you flirt with Korean girls? What? I don’t flirt with them I love them all

No! I mean I love you Seriously, I do! I mean – if it comes to that I’ll leave Nepal to live with you I’ll lake your photos all day I just don’t connect with Nepali girls I mean – our thinking So All I wanted to ask you is – What do you think of me? We are just friends Let’s go home! Don’t forget your bag Okay ! In how many languages can you say I love you? Je t’aime, lch Iiebe dich, Sarengei, Sayonara! Hey! Hey! Move over! I told you not to occupy my space I don’t understand white people Our thinking doesn’t match On top of that, she is quite short Listen – What do you mean by “BIRANI”? What ? “BIRANI“ ! “BIRANI“ means Loneliness Being alone Being alone? Yes, being alone Okay, I got it ! Can I show you something? Remember I told you about her? My secret admirer sent me these lyrics Smell it – it smells so good Doesn’t it? Right – Go now Or your Mom’ll start screaming “Hisi! Where have you disappeared?” Not my mom – your mom will yell “Get married or get a job!” she’ll say Where does this boy keep running to? Always loitering with his guitar Come inside quickly! The father is drunk and depressed The son is no better! Get married or get a job! Mom doesn’t understand me I’ll do both – I’ll snag me a white girl, Go abroad ! That’ll me marriage and a job Merry Christmas! Check her out!

She’s getting drunk on your tab Alright, Thank you so much ladies and gentlemen Merry Christmas and a happy New Year We’ll see you all next year I’m sure you’ll have a wonderful year ahead Thank you so much! So Did you like the music? Yeah, I loved it It was great How does this look? It looks nice Suits you Six of them? I know! I saved this for you Open your mouth! #Love’s got me by the balls #it’ll be the death soon #of this simpleton Nepali boy I’ve got to catch up with my other friends I thought you were staying Merry Christmas, Riyaz New -. I thought , you know you and I No, it’s OK , I can go on my own Bye, guys! – Bye, Kiera! Ta-ta! Your boy is dimwit! What is the sea like? Water – a lot of water As far as you can see And rain? Small drops of water fall from the sky A billion drops of water And God? Like cool air, and warm, just like you Everybody says the sky is blue What is blue like? Weren’t you telling your Grandma’s story? About the girl on the moon? Once upon a time, there was a princess Just like you She had a great big castle No God ! Why me? Is that what you said? God might withhold his gift But he does it for the goods Was the third time It isn’t just late anymore It is the end of the world I’m stuck in this place – Traffic jams, potholes, power-cuts They come to this country witness that

We should be happy we get it all for free After the hundredth time, no mountain deserves “Wow! It’s mesmerizing!” Talent gets no respect in Nepal If this were the US, I’d show them What’ll you bring for us from Iraq? If you were going to the US I’d ask for an iPhone I’ll bring you petrol You don’t know what’s are in Nepal – Petrol! Won’t be the bad stuff you get here It’ll be the original thing Does it come with its own hallmark? Yes, it does! Imagine what petrol without kerosene is like Why do you tap your nose while thinking? Do you think with your nose? I had thought I’d go to the US Watch some pole-dancing Get me a girlfriend from Brazil, Make a son like Pele And take the Nepali football team to the world cup All those dreams are shattered #The wind blew my dreams away A forehead full of vermillion Yogurt in my mouth Garlands of marigold The visa consular must have mistaken me for a minister Think about that Bro – doesn’t the landlady have a daughter? America! Why don’t you seduce her daughter? Free rent, you’d get to see the US You’d be set for life! What happened with Germany? I had a war with the embassy guy Brother! Do you hear me? – Yes? Your clothes are dry They do dry fast The Koreans were the worst What happened? I practiced using chopsticks for so long I can still kill a fly with chopsticks Sandesh! What? Tie my laces! Listen – Didn’t I tell you to not paint everywhere? Why did you stain my new flag? If you do that again I’ll send you off to your mother in Butwal Understand? Why did you draw a mustache on the photo of my white girlfriend? Do girls have mustaches? Yes! Right! The lady at my hostel has a mustache # With your voice # I wrote a song # Saw your eyes # They sang this song #We’ll meet again #Touch my heart #And tell me #We’ll meet again! Thank you, very much! Forget everything else

When are you getting married ? Find me a decent Nepali boy If they hear you have a US green-card Boys will queue outside your door Doctors, engineers, pilots I want a man who’ll love me, Auntie! You have big words American education teaches that, I guess I have to get going now Or your lawyer uncle will get upset See – I married a job Thank you, Auntie! Thank you so much for coming ! Can I put it? He has his money out – go ahead Just a hundred? It’s okay… the amount isn’t important Wow, a rich man! Thank you very much! Alright – let’s split the 1000 between us Keep this 500 Keep it! Come on – keep it! Excuse me! Thank you! Does your dad own a manpower company? Hi! Hi! I am Riyaz Hi Riyaz? A friend? You play really well! I am Stuti Thank you so much for that “w n Yes ,OK! Excuse me – I have some very nice photos of you Take a look! By the way – I am Aditya Hi Aditya ! – A for Aditya The first name on your contact list ohh…! I am Sandesh You can save me under Aafno Sandesh A-a-f-n-o Sandesh My friends call me… a… a Aamir Khan ! Okay! Okay! You are a fun bunch We should hang out later What happened in this moment That my heart has abandoned me? The days are full of dreams And nights pass without sleep Whenever I close my eyes I see you all around me Why is this happening to me? Is my heart full of your presence? Do my eyes see nothing but you? How can I explain myself to you? Is my heart full of your presence? Do my eyes see nothing but you? How can I explain myself to you? Your smiles make the air fragrant And I lose myself to the breeze My dreams awake and grow wings Should I fly over the skies? I am newly intoxicated by you As I lose myself in you New joys and desires stir in me I enjoy these new sufferings

As I lose myself in you Why is this so? Is my heart full of your presence? Do my eyes see nothing but you? How can I explain myself to you? Is my heart full of your presence? Do my eyes see nothing but you? How can I explain myself to you? I sketch your face from memory And I talk to your picture Sun and Moon move eternally But I’ve become rooted here Is this day or night? I can no longer tell New joys and desires stir in me What excuse will bring us together? How can I quench this thirst? I keep wondering ls my heart full of your presence? Do my eyes see nothing but you? How can I explain myself to you? Is my heart full of your presence? Do my eyes see nothing but you? How can I explain myself to you? Come , when I am asleep And call me softly Tell me everything will be alright My desires come flying to the heart Wordlessly they chant my dream-song Hey Morning, Bro! Hep, Prapti! Salt is going away from Pepper Pepper gets sad The wish-granting fairy comes closer The fairy says Never let your hopes die This is good Do you get it? Yeah – it is simple Simple? It’s supposed to be art! Listen ! – As a kid, did you draw on walls? Draw mustaches on photos? On my own photos There you go! Let me see – You look pretty without the glasses How do I look? Glasses! 0k! What? Okay – look at me now! How do I look? Hero! Really? Hey! Remember last night’s NGO fundraiser’? I met a girl there A US green-card holder I have a date with her tonight My friend’s name is Eliney Varda He is from Tel Aviv in Israel He is 11, just like me My mother looks after him A bit of Nepali aslo Continue” He speak little bit of Nepali On the phone, he asks how I am ? Hi!

Hi! Can you cover my last class? I have important work My friend’s name is Aditya He has important work So, I’m covering the last class for him Anything else? No. That’s all What’s cooking? Look at you smile! Love at first sight? Who is the girl? Ouch! That hurt! With a heavy heart, I have to feign joy! Do you not see well up close? Did the violins wail? Did I appear in slow motion like in the movies? Listen ! I need to rush Thank you so much -Okay, sir! Mom! Mom! I need some money I don’t have any Dad didn’t need any tea He passed out long ago You play guitar all night Where’s that money? I’ll pay you back You sure you want to meet them? Boys can be creepy sometimes They’re trouble! You know how guys think? They can never be just friends They’ll end up hitting on you But I’m not sweet, hot and sexy like you You’re right! Bye! Wait! Remember – boys are creeps! I will! Bye! – Bye! I took Latin because In the US, Everybody thinks we are either Mexicans, or Indians El Mariachi – I play the guitar I like the fun side of life – I especially like being happy The more I make others happy I become happier Wisdom, you see!

Of course, I miss them Friends, my close ones Family? I am my own family Do you miss god? The temples of Nepal I missed the festivals of Kathmandu And the sweets at pujas They say god exists But I don’t know where he is Do you know ? I am also my own family But a step-mom , a step-brother Where does your brother study? My mom doesn’t understand that it isn’t so easy Did you try to explain it? How can I explain my heart? It doesn’t speak Spanish Anyways – the best one-liner is : Amor caecus est means – Love is blind Amantes SUM EIMEMES means – Lovers are lunatics! I miss New York too The snow, the museums, the theaters They show all kinds of movies All kinds? Even the kind kids can’t watch? Yes! That’s why you miss New York He has a dirty mind Can’t think of clean things She means independent art house movies Why do you have to butt in? I can’t pretend to know, like you do Do you have to discuss over everything? What’s wrong with you guys? I’m not like them Listen to the mango juice talk! Are you Buddha, without any anger? Irregardless I don’t get upset at petty stuff, like you I was talking about New York I saw you in New York last night in my dream You know how sometimes in dreams people and places get mixed up? I could easily be in New York But what were these 2 fools doing? This one must’ve been playing on the street I hear even beggars there play the guitar Did you see that? Did you? He was pretending to be Buddha Where did the Buddha go now? I was saying the world should be like my dreams Anybody should be able to go anywhere But… you are all so aggressive I’m the biggest bull – Boo! You should be like butterflies Teacher! Dirty journalist! I think we met in New York Ahee Was it at Dikshya’s? At the momo party – Yes, we did You were with an American guy Oh Ya Ya , my boyfriend at the time How is that going? We broke up That’s not what I mean I don’t get it It’s just art – Metaphorical expression of emotions That’s not what I mean You have ten different demands Why do you need pictures of gods Doesn’t incense set off the smoke alarm? Just send them – I’ll light candles Go to the Guru and make offerings Your brother in law has allergies There are no serpent gods there He must be touched by local spirits Just do what I asked for Don’t be cynical about everything You’re the only one left in Nepal Or I’d ask somebody else to do it (Newari) Mango juice?

Am I mango juice? So what if I am? Mango juice! Prapti – Listen , Don’t think, just tell me this WOMEN 3T9 What do women want in a man? I don’t know! Honesty? Sense of humor? Why do they need sense of humor? Intelligence? What else? Sense of humor Yes! Yes! I have that in profusion! Intelligence, of course Intelligence? I’m intelligence personified That is just me! I’m all about it Honesty? I’m very honest Everybody says I’m very honest What else? Chocolate? Chocolate Chocolate? 0k Te“ me – What do men want in a woman? Nothing! Prapti – Why is Salt always selfish in your cartoons? Hey! How are you! I’m fine. How are you ? How are you doing? I’m just coming from the bookshop I’ve got something for you What? Thank you Where’re you coming from? Chocolates? I needed to pick up some books WW“! I have some too – chocolates White Rabbit – milk candies Okay That’s so cute Thank you so much, guys! It feels like it’s my birthday today So – let’s celebrate tonight? Yeah! Nice show! Let’s get lucky tonight? I’ll go for the best beer here Yup! Excuse me, guys What are your intentions, boys? With all the chocolates? Not as dirty as yours Oh, really? Why don’t you show your clean intentions? You want to make her your sister? No, kiddo! I am thinking of settling down

A kid in school, another crawling around Why the hurry to become an uncle? Alright – I’ll grant your wishes Wait! I’m telling on you guys! About your intentions Tell her! Don’t act like a saint! We know exactly what you want, too True that! He is a tattle-tale But thinks he is a Buddha I see the filth in your heart Stop posturing I want to sing this song tonight Add your voice to mine I’ll spread my colors tonight Add your smile to it Together we’ll have fun Together we’ll lose ourselves Just like this – We have to share stories And forget our worries And create beautiful memories This beautiful evening Together we will create Some new hopes, dreams Together, this evening I’ll forget everything in the past A new life ahead waits with you The hopes and dreams are new As is the new verve in the heart You are here, and I am here Just like this – We have to share stories And forget our worries And create beautiful memories This beautiful evening Together we will create Something new hopes, dreams Together, this evening So soon, and so sweet Your company gladdens the heart You are all that I sought I lose myself completely in you Some yours and some mine We’ll share bitter-sweet stories And forget our worries And create beautiful memories This beautiful evening Together we will create Some new hopes, dreams Together, this evening I will give you my hand Give your hand in mine I’ll spread my colors tonight Add your smile to it Together we’ll have fun Together we’ll lose ourselves Just like this – We have to share stories And forget our worries And create beautiful memories This beautiful evening Together we will create Some new hopes, dreams Together, this evening Ladies – a taxi?

No, I’m a woman! Alright guys! It was fun We need to start working on the audio book Yeah Good night! What? No hug? Bring it! Come on! See you! What’s wrong, Aditya? Your work should’ve been done What happened? You didn’t offer incense to the passport? There are two obstacles You must know of them You must know of them I know them personally We’ll do an enemy-ridding ritual I’ll need two black roosters And some expenses I’ll take care of it all These seven grains of rice These seven grains of rice swallow them without chewing Now? Yes Next! Forgive me, God! I lost my temper I lost my temper You know everything, anyway Please, God – be kind on your servant God ! Regarding the two obstacles regarding the two obstacles God – Why didn’t you reply on facebook chat yesterday? I was online on my phone Was I online on the radio? I have enemies, I’m under a lot of pressure If you have enemies If you have enemies You should divide and rule them Divide and rule? Don’t you mouth off at me! Don’t talk anymore ! Or I’ll make you my wedding singer Crooner! Why don’t you respond? Tell him you’ll make him the usher at your wedding Yeah, just like he said Thieving paperboy Just like you do your paper rounds Just like you do your paper rounds I’ll make you distribute wedding invitations You can’t even say “usher” correctly So shut your trap You’re in a hurry to get married? You think journalists are paperboys? Dumb ass! What do you do? You …don’t talk to me…! What do you really do? Shut your face You wanna go? You talking to me? You want a piece of me? Yeah, I wanna o What’re you going to do about it’? Beat him up Hit him You too – hit him Beat him up ! Beat him up ! Don’t fight! How can you fight so publicly? He started it Then you should end it! Stuti – let’s go We don’t want a crowd Stuti – let’s go We don’t want a crowd You guys should go home You said you’d be like butterflies No! I’m too shy

You don’t have to do a thing! “Meet me in an hour” 1 1 that means you “at Ratnapark” That’s all you have to say I’ll say Mangalbazar Right – “Ratna Park” is a bit far for you But you don’t have to go! You just say it on the phone But you don’t have to go! You just say it on the phone Say “Ratnapark” Okay… is that it? Yeah! See? Easy! Two lines Write it down for me If ,I’ll get nervous and forget Okay ! Poetry is created when word and meaning come together okay, This is for the college level This is for the college level We’ll be making audio books for school children With your music, voice and sound effects it will be even better Hello! Hello! Yes? Who is this? Ratna Park? In an hour? Hello? Hello Girlfriend’s Phone? I think Aditya has a date at Ratnapark in an hour I think Aditya has a date at Ratna Park in an hour What girlfriend? I don’t have a girlfriend Hello! Hello! Yes? Ratna Park? Who is this? Hello , Hello? Don’t be shy You should go Ratna Park isn’t a good place to make a woman wait for you all alone Ratnapark isn’t a good place to make a woman wait for you all alone Think of the pollution there! What do I care about that? You should run! Stuti – tell him Wouldn’t a girl get mad to be kept waiting there? Tell him to go It is alright – you should go It is alright – you should go Don’t be so shy! Moreover – when will we meet her? I haven’t even met her I haven’t even met her Go and meet her then! Go on! Go on! Dad! I’m busy I’ll call you later Hello! Namaste, Uncle! I am Stuti – Sandesh’s friend Just friends , Uncle I’ll come with Sandesh someday Kathmandu tends to keep young people to itself It’s been three years? I’ll call later Please say hi to Auntie You haven’t been home in three years? You haven’t been home in three years? Your girlfriend? No – my Mommy Mom I go home everyday No need to talk to her on the phone Both were prank calls Both were prank calls One was from his office The other was from a shop in his area I called both numbers They said it was a girl who buys black bindis regularly from the shop I have nothing to do with this I have nothing to do with this “I am Time” “Let me take you far from Kurukshetra” Is that from the Ramayana? Mahabharat! It’s from the Mahabharat! Mahabharat! It’s from the Mahabharat! Hello! Hello! I can hear you I’m alright Everything is fine we’re enjoying The boys are very helpful No! And? I’m not the government to be able to bring change overnight I’m not the government to be able to bring change overnight Of course

I’ll talk to you later OK ! Alright , bye! Happy Birthday m you! Happy Birthday m you! Happy Birthday, dear Ritesh! Happy Birthday m you! Save some for me Save some for me Is it good? Sandesh! What? Come! Do teachers at your hostel punish you a lot? No Are they nice? They are Maya is cool like a breeze And she is also warm Maya is cool like a breeze And she is also warm The lady at my hostel has a mustache Did you find anyone close to you? Like your dad, your brother? Two As – top of the contact list Those who are ours don’t always remain children He doesn’t drink at all Apart from rituals He never drinks alcohol But I understand why he doesn’t I understand his heart But his heart doesn’t understand anything doll ! What didn’t I understand? What didn’t I understand? Didn’t I asked you to play the guitar at my Church’s choir practice? Where correct He doesn’t understand others What’s wrong with him? Come, Hisi, let’s go No use talking to a dolt like him Come, Hisi, let’s go No use talking to a dolt like him lf l am a dolt! You’re a dolt’s mother, And she a dolt’s friend I don’t want to talk to dolt’s mom and friend Everybody in the world understands the heart’s language Everybody in the world understands the heart’s language Even a dolt understands it They find Nepali difficult And kids are so proud of it They’re proud to do badly in Nepali Please give priority to Nepali in your audio books If you help us And please don’t be formal with me I feel so Uncomfortable Not help its “Sahayog” not uncomfortable “AFTYARYO” Aditya has a good command of both Nepali and English A grasp of either, not command Is that the enemy-ridding ring? Enemy-riddance? How cute! Enemy-riddance? Enemy-riddance? Who are your enemies? He says there are a few A spotted red rooster And a rooster that loves to croon He needs to sacrifice them Why are you afraid of nonexistent things? If that satisfies my heart Why should anybody be enemies? Everybody should be friends Like you and I friends This thing called love – It starts with friendship, right? She is my best friend Best? We agree on everything Just like with me? Just like with me?

Yeah -just like you and I There should be a bridge like in your cartoon I’d run off to America too, like Salt Although she lived in the US she is very cultured Do you know of the American dream? All men are created equal and that they are endowed by the creator with certain inalienable rights including life, liberty and pursuit of happiness Why are you crying? Just… tears of joy You go ahead, I’ll come in a bit And I? Am I not your best friend? You are you! I am just me? That’s not what I mean You are my oldest friend . aren’t you ? There’ll never be another like you Don’t lie Promise I’m not lying You and I – we’ll always be friends Even when we grow old and wrinkly Stuti – she is more like The angel in my dreams Yes , She is my dream Don’t get upset! I’m still the same friend I’m also the same friend, just as you are Shut up now Remember the money I gave you? Give it back. I need it Money? Our distance grows every second I have been tolerating it Without smoke or fire I burn in my heart I couldn’t explain it to you Nor could you understand it I couldn’t stop you As you turned away from me I stood and watch you disappear Happiness was with me yesterday But today has turned into a ruin Dreams have parted from me With only the pillow for a friend Neither was our story ever written Nor did our love become a legend

My eyes brim with tears and yet I hold back the deluge The heart is full of hurt Yet I hide behind false smiles Yet I hide behind false smiles Nor could you understand it I couldn’t stop you As you turned away from me I stood and watch you disappear Objects, places, animals, names, Objects, places, animals, names, animals , birds birds, rivers, groups are proper nouns Class 5, Lesson 4, Page 27 Toptic – Litterateur Parijat A person who writes literature is a Litterateur Parijat is a great talent in Nepali literature Did you like that? Was my voice good? That chapter went really well I wasn’t impressed by Riyaz’s music Sandesh speaks a bit slow Wasn’t Aditya’s reading quite fake? Auntie! You really inspired me I started a pickle factory Here – a product from Shila Pickles I had talked big But you achieved big lam so proud of you Auntie Someday it’ll really be big They suggested I name it after my son I didn’t agree to it Shila is a good name All of South Asia is singing her praise The pickles will outlast the praise Of course! We’re no less accomplished Alright, Auntie I’m going to meet my friends Bye Thank you! I’ll see you after the holidays 0k so .. What are you doing for the holidays? Lots of fun? Talking to your pen pal about Nepal ‘.7 The Israeli friend? Daddy fought with Mom on the phone I have to stay with my grandparents now And stay at the hostel – Brother! – Brother! I’ve been trying to tell you this But I never meet you You must be very busy What happened? I need you to vacate My daughter is returning with her husband By when do you need me gone? AS SOON AS you can manage Please don’t mind it I couldn’t ask family to live elsewhere 0k! Talk to you later Family! Did you bring it? Original petrol? Petrol? For petrol you have to kill People from country like ours can’t get it We only get empty shells and bits of missiles that fall to the ground Why did you return so quickly? Why stay in a place where I have no identity? They called me a” Chinese Nepali ” hey called another friend an ” Indian Nepali ” Nepalis would get along, of course

There was a Nepali friend He was called – Short Man! At least here Ram is called Ram They called me “Chinese Nepali” Fatso! What’s up q What’s up ‘.7 – What’s up How are you? You’ve lost weight ‘.7 That hurt You’ve really lost weight And you’ve become darker The rustle in Peepul leaves The roar of a waterfall The drumming of torrential rain Like the heart, they have a different language Don’t you think? That’s why they are able to say things that words aren’t able to express God must have a tough time Fulfilling all the wishes of all who ask No all – just a few A few? It is harder to be God than be Nepal’s Prime Minister If his appointment weren’t for eternity But if you don’t beg God Who would you beg? Yes, God is who you’d ask But let’s ask for enough strength that our faith doesn’t dissipate It is easy to say But my step-mom can’t replace Mom She won’t She has her own place You just have to accept her That is what love is Those small gestures She eats the white of the eggs and gives me the yolk That is not love ,That is evil It’ll make me fat When we were kids the yolk was called vitamin When I was really kid Music is just another form of love Your songs, Your Guitar, You, You are a form of love I don’t know much about love Love is a blissful sensation that brings people together? I have so many desires So many dreams I’m made of those dreams and desires Don’t you think love is also to have your dreams and desires come true? It is the human sister! Oh My God! Sid! Can I hold your hand? I need to make a call – Sure! Come in! May I use your phone please? You should have told me I’d have come to the airport #The number you are dialing is busy This is how America-returned girls are America-returned girls have no culture They say Americans divorce over a sneeze Even with food they are hyperbolic Roast maize with butter becomes popcorn ! Popcorn! She must be talking about me with a friend With Aditya? No! Riyaz? Jeez! Sandesh ! Disgusting! Why am I thinking nonsense? What’s wrong with me?

Trust is the foundation of relationships I’m not hypocritical like the others I don’t make up stuff You shouldn’t hide anything from each other You’ve got to share, man! Share! Who cares about the past? Past is past I have one, she must have one too I should think about the future I’ve been working so hard day and night just for her sake But it all ends with one thing Pain! Smart! Come on! Love is life, man! – Yes This is Sid He is my boyfriend That’s Sandesh, Aditya and Riyaz Hi guys! .. I’m Siddarth You can call me Sid ! I knew it You guessed? I knew something like this would happen What happened now? I don’t know about them But I thought we were We were what? Whatever Forget it They thought, you know This is crazy, stupid love Love? Of course I love you guys The kind that brings people together? I don’t need that love Forget it – The audio book, the social work It is all an act, Let’s go ! When are you leaving? I get upset too I feel like screaming at you guys Guys, she always praised you She isn’t leaving She is here for good Uiyalo Foundation isn’t an act It was founded by my brother And the audio book It is my dream And that of my brother # Whatever you do # Whatever you tell me # Wherever you take me # Whatever you do # Whatever you tell me # Wherever you take me Prarthana She is so cute! She is 5 I’ve taken on her higher education When Stuti leaves, Prarthana and I’ll be alone If everybody helps out I’ll create audio books for the blind If we show solidarity, anything is possible We just need someone who shares our ideas And he had found support Among Nepal is everywhere But he died in a car crash After my brother and Grandma passed away Everybody pitied me That is when I decided – The world is all ours How can we ever be alone? The world is all ours! Do not worry in hardships Do not worry in hardships That too shall someday pass Take no pride in riches

That too shall someday pass In hardship or in comfort Remain equanimous everyday Do not worry in hardships That too shall someday pass Who knows what future holds? While you are here, spread love The goodness of the good and the evil of the bad The goodness of the good and the evil of the bad Do not worry in hardships That too shall someday pass They say fate changes its path because of our own actions They say we must live for others And that is our real Dharma We learn the nuances of life We learn the nuances of life From our own emotions Yes, I got I liked your gift How is my nephew? I want to educate him in Nepal But you want to leave If I had anyone there, I’d send him Nepal I’m not going anywhere I changed my mind Really? Got over your Wanderlust now? Yes, finally After months of burning incense You’ll look after your nephew’s education You should get married Let’s call the entire family home from all the 10 countries Anyway, Dad wants to return to Nepal Alright – you take care Bye Alright Bye I got this for you

What’s up with you today? Your song played on the FM today Hisi called the radio program Which song? The old one? Yes g I called your sister to listen to it By then it was all over Bro -if I make a call everybody will come to help out No There isn’t much to pack anyway And all of your friends are US-returned I can never understand them Didn’t you once define the American dream? Come here! Don’t hide – come here Don’t be scared ,come here ! Climb up ! Did you make these? Why did you make a flower at my feet? Who taught you this? We’ll move to another home, okay? Is that dad and mom? Is that you? What happened to your hair? Isl The initial of your name Pepper? What’s wrong? Dolt! Dolt’s friend! Hey!

Do I know you? Nu] We are strangers to each other I have seen you from a far lam seeing you from up close now By the way – my eyesight isn’t weak Liar! It is harder for a girl to woo a boy On top of that, mine was love at first sight so can’t give up the story of “salt” and “pepper” has just begun He is a dolt, but he is honest My childhood friend Hi Hi – Nice meeting you lam Riyaz She is Hisila, my girlfriend He is Aditya, – My boyfriend Hello! She is my friend Hi! I’m Nisha! Sandesh – Nice to meet you We were together in the US Really? – Yeah Excuse me guys I need to call Sid What is this for? A good cause? Can you hold this? Thank you so much Can I take a picture of yours? Oh! Boyfriend!