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Hurry up. Where is the coffee Coming, Jesus What did you do last night Look at your dark eye circles, so terrifying I didn’t sleep well Something on you mind? Do you know that the pencil boy didn’t call me for a whole day yesterday? What’s wrong with him? Is he going to rebel? Are you finished? That’s it? Is it too easy for young people to get bored today? We have just gone steady with each other And he should forget about me completely for a whole day But I think maybe it’s just too busy He has a live streaming, right? And there are also more and more competitions Even so Can’t he manage to find some time to send me a message? It was a whole day Maybe I should just stop here and say goodbye Say goodbye? I feel that you are more emotional in this relationship than any other of yours Do you really like him? No Not yet I can’t figure out If he didn’t text you, why don’t you just call him? Simple and clear It’s better to be direct Do you think I care about a single massage? I’m imaging the big from the small If he treats me like that today then I can say he won’t cherish me in the future A relationship is just like a game The one who escapes unscathed will be the winner I’m going to dump him before he got tired of me He ignores me for a whole day now, this is an initial manifestation of his tiredness You have said that for many times Isn’t it getting better and better now? Give him a chance This is a matter of principle It’s the same for you and Song Lin Do you contact everyday? No Only when there’s a need But you two have just went steady Even so we take a more mature attitude in this relationship Besides, both of us are quite busy It’s not impossible for us to spend lots of time dating each other In this society You need to earn money to live What’s wrong? Unhappy Why are you helping him instead of comforting me? I won’t talk to you anymore Fine, my fault The pencil boy is wrong, too I bet he will call you and apologize tonight Now the door is closed Since we are on the one side, everyone just speak frankly I have some words to say, then The overseas warehouse team has experienced lots of twists and turns from inspection to investigation In fact, everyone wants to advance the program as fast as possible But we should be clear that if we devote too much money in overseas warehouse, it will be too risky Remember that they are still wavering between BaiSai and us It’s clearly a war of nerves At such a time, we must be calm and we can’t be led by the them, right? A tall building was in construction there

Some of you might not know That place was remote and isolated There was no one living there and few lights were on in night Finally there was a client But on the half way He was tired of the rough road and turned around It was tough years We can’t even pay charges for water and electricity But after few years We moved from old factories to the office buildings in the very center of the city Let me ask you Why do you think WanFeng is so strong? It’s because of your insight Because you can catch the chance and work day and night The success is built on the basis of doing the right choice Of course, we also can’t do without other people’s help The Korean company has run for years and earned a very good reputation and credit in the industry Their business partners are widely distributed In this stage, I think they are our best partner I hope you can realize its value and also the business gap of WanFeng It’s worth it to pay for a short time And I won’t allow WanFeng to run a business at a loss Yummy I have a problem for you You are always against Mr. Song Is it because of Siyue? You are not always right in many things It’s hard for you to understand business and you don’t need to understand I’m just worried I hope the past can really be the past You don’t need to worry Ever since the first day you marry me, I’m ready to give you happiness for a whole life Trust me What’s wrong? Unhappy? Nothing Your face is selling you out Why are you unhappy Tell me to make me happy I’m afraid that if I say it, you will be unhappy I’m in a good mood today I promise that I won’t be angry or unhappy no matter what you say I’m going abroad to study What? My parents want me to be together with them When will you come back? I don’t know Shen Di, you are a liar We’ve agreed to go to university together You see I have lots of friends I can do it without you I don’t really care about you Go ahead. Go Hey, you

Where are you going? The class has not finished yet Why are you leaving? Which class do you come from? Mr. Song The meeting in the afternoon is ready now OK Meeting room, in twenty minutes OK Hello, Miss Xu Mr. Song Do you know that Song Luo cut class? What? I’m coming in Luoluo Luoluo Are you here Luoluo Go away She locked herself in the room It’s okay. Go about your work I will tell you after I solve this OK Song Luo This trick again? Open the door What are you doing? Why are you at my house? Why are you so annoying? Why did you cut school? Is it because of Shen Di? None of your business Come back Let me go Come back, Luoluo Get off me! Luoluo Why do you escape every time when something happens? What if you have an accident? Can you just leave me alone? So let’s just keep it this way and wait for your brother Leave me alone I won’t Especially after Shen Di leaves Why is he leaving? We have agreed to go to university together We’ve agreed It’s not easy for me to have a friend I thought I thought we are the same But we aren’t He has parents But what about me? I’ll never see my mom and dad Luoluo Follow me, I will take you to a place Mom I find a god daughter for you Sit here, Luoluo Luoluo Afterwards, my parents are also yours Just tell them if anything happens Poor girl Stop crying

You are making me cry too Stop Luoluo, come Come here Hurry up Come to me Come to me It’s nothing serious If you feel wronged at any time, you come to tell me I’m on your side Sit It’s okay All right Don’t you sit here Go to prepare supper, now Soy-braised pork Really delicious I’m going to help my dad You two keep going The mop Don’t ruin the floor Okay, I will put it there It’s such a nice place But I can’t figure out if you want to wash hair what should you do That’s exactly why I’m always late What do you mean? Luoluo Time is tight today I just cooked some home cooking You like it? I love everything you cook I will eat a lot Look at you How honey-lipped Mom Why is there a set of extra tableware Forget it Here it is I too? Go ahead Aunt Chendong, you’ve come I brought you something Well, let me tell you You can come but without any gifts If you do this again, I will not welcome you It’s my pleasure Come on Wash hands now What are you doing? Why do you bring him here? I didn’t It’s he that picked me here Fine, go to eat now Okay Xiaodi is here Come here Sit down Just sit here Next to Fang’er Come on, have a seat Don’t bother My dear Mom, I I’m not calling you I’m talking to Luoluo Mom Good girl, help yourself OK Fang’er, pick some dish for Chendong It’s okay, aunt I can serve myself Yummy Then you should come more often Just consider this your own home I will Okay Eat this Luoluo Eat this Who are you calling? This is my godmother This is my godfather Then I’m your aunt Right? Fang’er, Bring the shrimps here Chendong loves it It’s okay I can do myself, aunt Come on You must have some more shrimps, I know you like it Mom, enjoy yourself Come on Enough, aunt It’s alright Pass it I have brought your school uniform here Mom, enjoy yourself Just eat Do you want shrimps, Luoluo? Can you reach it? Yes, I can I know. I know Okay. Good Yes Then I will deal with what’s left after I go back Thank you so much OK Luoluo Luoluo Where are you? Where have you been? Stop picking dish for me I’m eating in my godmother’s house Whose? I’ll show you They made me lots of delicious food See, all these are my favorite dishes Why hang up? Who’s that? Song Lin Chendong Do you have a girlfriend? No, aunt Zhou Fang doesn’t have a boyfriend And I don’t know why you two don’t get into a relationship, since you know each other so deeply No Is there any possibility? Is it because Zhou Fang is not good enough? No, no no Of course not, aunt Then tell me why What’s the reason Mom, stop asking Chendong We are impossible It’s not because of him I know it’s your fault You have a boyfriend Your godmother

is so ruthless My ear was almost taken off by her You deserve it! You should have told her as you two are dating Do you still see us as part of you? That’s right. Aunt It’s a such big thing You should have said something That’s my fault. Okay? That’s my fault. Okay? If I had known today’s scene, it would have been less awkward Yes If someone knew beforehand, he wouldn’t brought Chendong here I didn’t know that either Alright, you need to stop talking It’s your fault Well, I know I was wrong If I encounter anything next time, I’ll keep in touch with you Is that okay? Are you still angry? No, I didn’t Damned! I’ll go first Zhou Fang Come here Xiaodi, you go home first Why are you taking him home? Let’s eat Who’s that? What are you confuse about? I didn’t take him back My mom took him back I didn’t know until I went there He can go if your mother lets him I’m going too What are you doing? Go eat Tomorrow night That’s a good time to introduce myself to your parents You don’t need to go, and my parents know you They knew me Then I should go They are not only your parents, but also Luoluo’s godfather and godmother So I should pay them a visit Forget it You’ve been busy lately, haven’t you? Maybe later I have time to eat Then give me some time Time for what? Why can he go? I’ll have to go later You don’t care about me? No, I care If you care, let me go If you won’t let me go to dinner, then you just don’t care about me Why are you so naive? What’s wrong with being naive? Why can’t I be naive? The thing that I like you is naive I dare you to say that again Why should I say it again? I did not understand Escaping is useless I told you that I’d be there for dinner Whether you let me go or not, I’ll go to dinner I’ll go tomorrow How can I not be allowed to go to dinner I’ll go to dinner Just have a meal It’s not a big deal. Okay? Well, think about what you want to eat first I’ve got it all figured out The finals are coming up Shall we preemptively discuss cooperation with the players before rushing to Su Yushan? But we can’t give up the market in ROK If we don’t sign in a couple of days, then all the channels we’ve set up in ROK will be wasted Japan and ROK’s market expansion may lack this contract There are five more new brands, you should keep an eye on tomorrow And then, Mr. Song, please Make time to ensure that Zuo I’ll flight to ROK tomorrow Please pay attention to it the program OK The thing about five new products on the new You do the media and promotion Mr. Song Or I am going to ROK with you Chen There are many things to do at home You have to stay and help So, don’t go I’ll go alone You stay and follow up the building of new factory OK Then everyone goes to work now Mr. Song, there is one thing I need to tell you Say A few days ago, I heard that the assistant of Su Yushan asked someone Talk to someone the competitors in the exit passageway This man must be our employee Did you clearly see who’s that Not clear But I notice that his watch and clothes are the same with Chen Chen I see You need not to think about it Go back to do well your program Get more rest when you have leisure

I am not tired But You do not need to worry about it Go to do your business Go ahead We can take advantage of this hot news And there are more opportunities Cherish it Take it seriously See? OK About these endorsement I looked at that roundly I prefer to recommending these two Look Look at that Come on This one is Knowledge payment APP Now we make you to be that girl as possible as we can and to be a precious girl with lot of knowledge Did you read the book that I recommended to you Yes, I did Nana It’s definitely not working only by media If you want to become a accomplished actor, you must independently work hard See? I see The program of Mr. Su I let you take over Did you do it I am working on it It’s a great program The drama of that program is wonderful It is no doubt that it has clear goal It’s for awarding prize Of course That’s why I let you take over it But you need to think clearly No one do not want benefits after helping you I don’t know what’s your private pact with Sue with Mr. Su He is willing to give you the resources Can you afford what he wants You don’t need to worry about this I have my own discretion Otherwise I won’t give my words to him Have you booked the flight to Milan Yes, I have When will you back? Let talk about as it comes I have something else to do Seoul, ROK Mr. Song, thank you for taking time to come to our company I was flattered Welcome, welcome This time I come here I have clear purpose on discussing our building of oversea warehouse And talk about our follow-up development We can see the achievements of WanFeng and the fame of it For us It is also a good opportunity But At present, about our company There are some problems that need to be solved So it will be postponed I am so sorry about that I have done some investigations on your company Your company has been preparing for updating and transformation these years But there is a shortage of circulating funds This is your problem, right? Yes That’s the biggest problem About this problem How about I’ll offer you a year’s rent first and half year’s operating expenses for free, Ok? After starting cooperation You can use the oversea warehouse of WanFeng to do some short-term financing After we have reached the cooperation in the E-business with the ROK’s companies, I think it will bring more benefits to our overseas warehouse Mr. Song Thanks for helping us solving problems But Mr. Song, what’s your condition About my condition I am optimistic about your company’s Your company’s potential of development I would like to start a long-term cooperation relation with your company Mr. Song Have your words, I’ll feel relieved Tell you the truth BaiSai company provides to us more enticing conditions But their way is quite different They want to buy your shares, right? Yes Without money, it is difficult for us to develop But I have made great efforts on the company So I feel reluctant to sell it Today, I meet you here You help us to solve problems Mr. Song, please rest assured We will try our best to help you expand overseas market It’s not help That’s our cooperation Have a cordial working relationship Have a cordial working relationship Unreasonable jealous is the worst hated If you take the initiative to apologize, he thinks that you are the wrong side And then more requirements to you So definitely don’t spoil him In fact, think about it It’s not big deal No reason to ignore each other Then why he didn’t find you He went on a business trip Even though he is busy, The time for calling me call me I told you You should pretend that you don’t care Don’t take initiative to contact him Just ignore him Actually, put yourself on the other side to think about it If someday there is a woman around Song Lin once expressed her love to him

and she is having lunch at his house If I see this I also absolutely will be unhappy So I think I should take initiative to contact him this time No No Take care, Mr. Song Deadly tired They have gone too far Let you drink so much But it’s really difficult for you You have to resolve by yourself Luna Song Lin What happened? Drunk for work How come you drank so much? Help him. I am going to open the door You, open the door Open the door Take care, Mr. Song Slow down, slow down Come on How come you drank so much? Come on Open the door Open Come on Slow down, don’t let him to be hurt Come on You can go now OK, I put the card in the bathroom OK Happy birthday I see I’ve made many mistakes before I know that you don’t like it But I still did I always work hard to be more outstanding What I want is to get more closer to you If you can be here with me, that’s enough for me Song Lin Everyone has the opportunity to be changed Can you give me a chance to be your lover? I’m a little thirsty Get me glass of water Get a glass of water, Zhou Fang Get me glass of water Hello Do you get up? Still sleeping? Sleeping, just wake up I had some liquor at the party, yesterday Yesterday, you drunk so much Not so much but not less The clothes did not take off Are you still angry? I’m not so stingy and also not that naive When will you come back? So let me know how much you miss me Just a little A little? Then I wouldn’t hurry to go back I will stay a few days again Just a couple days More bravery? Then you say that you miss me May I come in? Mr. Song Baby, someone is here I’ll talk to you later You didn’t tell me when will you come back Today, I’ll be back You’re in such a hurry Wait for me at home

Ok, see you Bye I don’t know when will you get up I already let chef prepare breakfast Do you like it? You are so considerate Come on, let’s have breakfast together I have eaten I thought What? It’s fine Er You are drunk last night Are you ok, today? Drunk too much I have a terrible headache What about them? Definitely they were drunk I’m relieved By the way The partner called this morning and asked us about contract You just tell them that I will go back to Shanghai today to attend a meeting and then I will draw up a new contract You also tell them that WanFeng is their best choice and best partner We are sincere Or I won’t come here in person Right? Yes I will tell them that Fine, you don’t eat, seriously? Yes I’ll leave now, Mr. Song Thank you Bye No, two? Didn’t you comb your hair? You didn’t wash hair last night, right? What are you doing? Shopping on Vipshop APP Come on, I’ll take you and Xiaodi to go out No I am busy to buying clothes Don’t be angry any more You are deskmate and schoolmate and good friends Now you are relatives What a coincidence You are still angry He is about to go Don’t angry with him if you are so boring, just enjoy your time with my brother Today, it’s 26 What’s matter? Today is my brother’s birthday How did you to be a girlfriend? You don’t know this? I am just newly appointed I don’t know Let’s go to buy cake No, thanks He never celebrated his birthday Perhaps, he even forgets his own birthday But we should celebrate for him Get up now Hurry, putting on your shoes I have not finished yet You can watch it later Go Hi, is this Miss Zhou’s home? Yes This is her cake that she ordered Ok, give me, thanks Okay Wish you and your family a happy life Okay, thanks Zhou Fang Zhou Fang Why are you back so soon? Isn’t there traffic jam What are you doing at home? You are going to let the house to be fired? Alright, stop it Why don’t you open the kitchen ventilator I forgot Did Xiaodi get smoked? Xiaodi He’s not here Where is he going I was planning to take her and Luoluo hang out together But Luoluo don’t buy it So Xiaodi go back to my mom’s home After weekend, I wanted to give you a surprise Make some special cooking But now in this mess I should order takeout What is it? Meat Meat I really can’t recognize it I don’t eat meat today I eat vegetables Why Because you are my type Why are you so stiff I’m not Do you dislike me No But you are really so stiff If I knew that you prepared so much I would prepare What’s up? Are you being cute? No, I’m not Your face is red Now become green? Black? Become red Black I’m red with shyness Smoky Just have a look, open the window Yes, open the window Ok, make a wish Blow out the candles Cut the cake Why don’t you ask me that

what did I wish for It can’t be asked It’s not work after you spoke out That’s all for kids The thing like wishes It must be spoke out It’s significant to share with someone you love Do you want to know? The wish I just made is that we can celebrate all the birthdays together in the future I will remember all the birthdays You can’t forget again How about So, award you to feed me one more What a gross Ah Hey How can you be so clumsy Wait a minute, you do not waste OK Open your mouth It’s so painful You eat alone Hello Your boyfriend Song Lin, did he also go to ROK for business Yes Why did you use it too? Don’t ask me firstly Which hotel he stayed Do you know that I don’t know OK You should look at news first OK What’s wrong? I don’t know, she let me watch news What news Take a look Which hotel you stayed at in ROK Er I forgot the name This one? Yes, what’s wrong? She went to there for you Who? Luna What? Impossible That’s impossible That’s not true I have witness I called Mr. Sun We had dinner together He sent me back You, listen Mr. Song, what can I do for you? Mr. Sun Er Yesterday we had dinner with the project party yesterday I was drunk You sent me back to hotel, right? Yes No one else was looking for me, right? No But Luna She was waited for you at the door Who was there? No Why did she come for me What should I answer it? You were drunk She stayed at there to take care of you So, I went back What? When did she go I don’t know about that Oh, no. Mr. Sun, How could you hand me over to a stranger