How To PEEK Guide 2020, Rainbow Six Siege – Tips and Tricks

it is strongly advised to check out my ultimate angle guide because everything what was said there will be taken as understood we will cover up wide and picks up picking topics positioning when standing still versus when movement versus when playing against the vertical place and more I will also bust some mites that even more known youtubers stand to say in their ultimate tips and tricks or picking guides or what not notice I won’t talk here about the repelling that requires its own video if you would like to see one let’s give this video at 2,000 likes and comment down below let’s first start on how to click pick let’s say the right side you will want to do the following move to the right side a lean on the right side and the final step is on lean at the same time as going toward the left if you want to click big left side then move left lean left unlined and move to the right at the same time some people will lean on the opposite direction instead of unlearning but that’s just pointless if you’re really deep into the corner by moving to the different side than your click peaking leaning on a different side rather than unlearning could hurt you at the times when someone is actually close let’s say hugging the doors of the motor drop the club house and if you’re doing the quick peek to check the default spots at the blue Mela or peak holes and under the table the moment you’re leaning on the opposite side you could be peak from the defender leaning on the opposite side is usually redundant then you master the standard quick peek now try to use the Crouch in that formula when you will soon find out when you’re holding angles even knows that you shall keep the distance from the cover as much as possible even if you’re using one side such as hollow reasonings versed in the ultimate angle guide however we have been talking they’re all even we are holding the angles on the horizontal level things can change when we are playing vertical or if the cover that is covering you is something like half-full on the border in these situations you will want to hug the wall as much as possible because otherwise your head could be visible from the CCTV and you could be killed the similar things works for the other health wall in the lockers caius I just gave you two cool angles that you could do in your rent match should you always hug the wall in the similar situations nope that’s a negative before answering why one more quick tip on playing vertically if you know for a defender spot to be open a vertical hole the distance from them around five meters that way you will have a clear angle on them whereas they won’t be able to see you due to the railings on the other hand if your defender facing attackers vertically lean on the side because you will have easier time watching through the railings if your a facing from below an open hatch and you have no cover do not lean because that way you’re putting your camera on the side meaning you’ll be able to see little less height than without leaning this is a tip only if you have no cover underneath the hatch these are something that I have not mentioned in the ultimate angle guide video and are very important to note for this video let’s talk about positioning yourself this is a very important when it comes to peeking you always want to be on an unpredictable spot sometimes even dumb when positioning yourself you need to do that depending on the locations of your teammates was someone around 90 on canal and killed in a three versus two and you are around a bridge you will have to gradually go back to the Raider to help your other teammate out turning on your friends outlines will help you seeing which angles are being covered by your soloqueue partners because it is very rarely that so we’ll tell you bro I’m watching main stairs and he’s on the top of the garage on the bank the issue here is if you have only the operator icon the guy can watch garage main stairs the default plant or can be on the camera if he’s maestro or echo so good luck guessing what he’s doing without the outlines if you had out lies on you will see what exactly is he doing out of these four things and positioning yourself you want to be in the most

advantageous position but you don’t need me to tell you that what you need me to tell you is to understand the downsides of each side especially hole or an ACOG and there are blind spots using their blind spots in order to prone the dumb spot is done very often in the many matches in the pro league check how Penguins getting killed by my creation fellow soul seeker on the other hand you’ll want to position yourself that you’re outside of the predictable crosshair placement such as on the top of the desk like on Church or even let’s see again Pangu but this time on a pro match these spots are one-time spots and they literally work everywhere and you have the info but when you don’t you can be easily killed from any other angles such as from the kitchen on the bank with example with these spots blind spots and spot on the top of the table or desk or you name it you can all the advantage over the pker speaking of that mind that there is a perspective a shift when you might think that your gun is not supposed to be seen and yet it is very much seen finally when it comes to positioning position yourself that you’re not covering the same angle as your teammate is which outlines again help understand positioning and angles is your first step of how to properly pick in any fight as let’s now actually talk about different kinds of peeking and the most common ones are pixel peeking versus white peeking pixel peeking is when you’re holding pixel of an angle and are generally used only for the information you’re not going to get any kill holding the pixel angles the way you want to do pixel angle is that you are as far from the cover as possible and there is another corner of the wall where an object on the opposite side not allowing you to be peeked but just from this tight spot one example will be by the angels of the cooking towards the red stairs or small bakery the advantage of using pixel angles over just holding an angle over there is that you’re choosing went to swing around the corner and pick the attacker and not the reverse the same advantage as the mirror window has your choosing when to fight just how you want kill attackers passing for the pixel angle attackers most likely won’t be able to do that unless they know for your position and prefer the exact pixel a tip for you and holding pixel angles pick wisely when you want to swing sometimes not picking immediately is the correct way just getting the information at taker or takers crossed by can mean a lot to you maybe for a possible flank when you swing around the corner pre-fire the taker you know exactly where they are therefore don’t be shy to pre-fire if you cannot pre-fire then don’t sing around the corner for instance if you’re holding a pixel angle of the main hallway on bank does because on when for the pixel angle and is still in cafeteria do not white peek anything unless you want to go for a flank wait them to get in the main hallway when there are wide open and pre-fire then a clip from the pro-league of course I need fine you can find many pixel angles on all the maps but one very oftenly used is in the vault facing study doors when they enter in the avatar from the study just white beak then and you want it they have multiple angles to fight against and you’re picking the gunfight and pre firing them now if you were holding it from the other side of the vault the issue here is you don’t know when will they enter the Aviat or and the moment they enter it they’re deciding when to pick the fight against you and the more they are in the Aviat or the more of your body is exposed white picking is considered another way of playing in a dump or odd spots what we have seen pain could be on coastline staying on the desk is white peeking white peeking is basically holding an angle without a cover or slightly moving this is very powerful for the same reasons when odd or down spots are powerful to screw up their crosshair placement they won’t expect you to be there white peeking is used aside and on an elevated spot then you can use sound

in your advantage to peak the pker the difference here between pixel peak-to-peak the pker and white peeking to p the picker white peeking relies on the sound versus peaks of peaking relies on attackers crossing your pixel peaks also known as relies on the eye Intel that’s the biggest difference between these two another way of peeking isn’t holding passive angles the difference between holding passive angles and pixel angles on the bank example will be you will call the top of the main stairs or the double doors instead of holding pixel angle under the cafeteria holding passive angle is also used when you can use the sound in your favor an example will be a let’s go to the front desk on Bank if you’re by this corner having an angle on banana you hear some very close to the doors then you can pick them but you have to prove and then go back to the safety of the ten bullets or so if you can miss them and possibly not always reload let’s check Pangos clip-on son playing the angles and peaking wrong on cafe you know is coming you know it’s coming like that you just peek him because now you let him sweep the room you can read it you can only be the last position oh if you sweet him he’s looking down the red stairs to clear that angle first and he has the 50/50 now he cleared the red stairs and just went from right to left scanning the room and he just pressed left click at the at the corner because it’s the last position you could be in holding passing angles is used when you want to play safely and you want to force the takers to get into open so you can fight peek them back to the main hallway one you will hear them going for the beepers and that means they’re in divide open so what is holding you now to white pig this is also extremely powerful if you have barred wires gooo mines girls mode mines or even youkai setups for this let the defender hold passive angle and then zone steps in the goo mine you can but not always because you could be expected to pick them by pre firing it is important to pre-fire as much as possible in these situations even if it gives away your position you’ll get more kills by pre firing than just playing safe you’re moving around already makes chunk of noise holding passive angles is usually done when your team is in advantageous position and don’t want to lose the main count or if you’re in the post plan situation passive angles allows your team to hold Crossfire’s angle the defenders or attackers can all living in a kill two of your teammates in the less of a second an example of a crossfire will be let’s go to team park this time when defending armory and throne and you have a defender behind the throne never the burrows holding an angle toward this corner close the door but doesn’t untangle on the dragon that is very important and another defender is around this drunk hole baiting the dragon people to get in again doesn’t have an anger onto the dragon want to take her steps into the door he has to fight at the same time against the drone whole guy and the fron guy the same works for the breach push on the same situation another simple example will be by the VIPs have a on coastline if it is two versus one one defender by the pools bar and the second defender by the vase they’re holding passive angle onto the VIPs hallway and they should let takers to get into the mid of the hallway so he cannot go back you can at the same time peek him whenever you want as you can see you’re here again picking your own time when to do the gun fight which even in one versus one usual beam god forbid to lose that in two versus one let’s check one more example of the cross for us uncuff it ideally if you play a hard angle like I’m playing like 90 degrees we can hold angles together I have you stand here has to make a 90-degree turn left oh right let me get the same angle I forgot to mention passive angles are also usually used when on staircases as you can see on the citizens twitch clip now when we understood the topic went to call which angle and that pixel peeking is not used to kill or so immediately void Peaks so on but to play smartly many people think that pixel peak is immediately followed by divide peaking

which is incorrect let’s get an actual fun part which is taking all this info into the consideration but you’re moving and they will immediately break another YouTube content creators bubble here and say that if you’re about to pick someone at approximately known position let’s say this corner in Statuary you shall enter wise the leaning on the left side in the gunfight in the most scenarios why because their track of angles around you and he can also avoid big you that’s why he’s just an approximately known position and you also cannot and don’t want to do not vision yourself on killing the player in the corner you can be picked from pretty much everywhere but bedroom and leaning just to kill a corner guy means you’re not going to lean against any other angle such as astronomy or even part of the trophy what you can do is stop crouched just before you enter in the gunfight what do you want to do with the tapping Crouch is making your head hit box somewhere in between the actual head level when standing and head level when crouching twice you still have the same momentum or speed while swinging around the corner leaning and unlearning or leaning on the opposite side which is definitely not suggested is done when you want approaches what is in the room if you don’t have a drone that means you don’t know 30 defender ease that’s when you’re going to lean on lean and just purchase the information if you have the information you don’t need to process the room you to sweep the room by straining and pre-file the player in the corner you will see this always done in the pro league matches for a reason you don’t want to tunnel vision yourself too many times I have seen people tunnel vision on to get the kill you got to be aware of your surroundings which is in this case again would be trophy top of the rest there’s an astronomy in this order let’s no talk when and why you should hug the cover when about to peek I will try to give you ideas on two practical examples let’s go to Co slide and you’re about to be spoke be from the penthouse window how do you prefer this window far from the corner something in between or exactly next to the wall if you answered next to the wall you’re correct far from the corner is definitely no-go because the ceiling will block your sight your feet will be exposed whilst you won’t be able to see the defender reason why you don’t want to go in between and you want to get closer to the wall as much as possible is mostly because you’ll be fire and you’re expected hitbox will be on a different position as the defender is holding an angle on you you can take it this way what will force you to adjust your crosshair more then target is moving next to you or if the target is moving far away from you as you could see in the comparisons which will be logical as well the one that is next to you will force you to judge the crosshair placement more you will have to move more of your mouse or joystick to hit the head it’s definite a big difference in the coastline situation but it still lays and will save your life eventually in 1 out of 10 matches since the spawn picker will hold their angle just by discover and they will expect there a hitbox of your head or body moving closer to the cover will decrease their chance of hitting you wise you will pre fire them and give you an edge at this one in short you want to hug the wall before peeking you want to be harder target to hit and someone is holding an angle onto you and a bonus thing is if you can pre fire him I said to example so let’s go immediately to Bank on the main stairs this is commonly misused in all the ranks as a smoke Jager wall curry or whoever do you have the stairs or you don’t against the taker on the top of the main stairs since we are in the chapter of having the covers before peeking the answer is to call the stairs and the reason is very similar as the previous one some consecrate er will say to peek from as far as possible but then we are risking of attackers in your feet before you sing them remember the cost an example it won’t be as drastic as the high difference between you and the attacker is not big but there still will be a high difference no matter if you have a cook rather one side if you know that you’re being held an angle and you

want for some reason to pick him hug the stairs and then pop out the rules change if they already reach these part of the stairs and are expecting you because then they are holding the superior angle on you similarly to the passive angles that we already mentioned but it already reached there you cannot even play on these stairs anymore but just by the side of the wall what is important to get in these two example is that a cook or one side shall give you no difference if you should hug the cover or not the situation you’re being put decides if you will be next to a cover or not in the most situations you want to keep the distance but on these specific circumstances you will want to hug the wall half of all situations or even the boxes in the clubhouse against the hatch and the latest two examples they’re most likely a few more other situations when you should hug the cover versus what not but these will be too specific just a marinate so I will drag this topic anymore let’s end this topic but not the video with the Penguins clip of hugging the door on cafe 2 big the window repels last what they want to touch the topic is bullet holes versus Mulla holes bullet holes are superior than metals in nine out of ten situations just because they’re very smaller and don’t have the white outline around it the only way to counter the bullet holes right now is with the droning and let me break the bubble again for you that’s not a good counter in the most situations you cannot drawn bullet holes the way pro players find them is when the drone is on the other side of the wall and see the defender watching the bullet holes and guess what you need to reach there with a drone which is really really hard it’s a very hard to pay attention to everything when droning and basic building checking the more or less default walls that have bullet holes on the fault wall that usually had bullet or mallet halls like connector ball in the conduit or the wall between the cash and cash stairs in the clubhouse your honor has to check for the bullet holes but for the most of the walls on the maps they will go unnoticed however don’t make bullet holes when you already deep into the action phase unless there is no one near you rather make a mellow hole if necessary because it’s very more quieter and you can actually go unnoticed what is usually done is to have malla hole and bullet hole on the same world so take a pre fired malla hole all nine of them but cannot see bullet holes by the crouch or prone level this is usually done but the most of the default roles such as on the blue wall toward the church on the clubhouse Mel holes beats bullet holes when you don’t want to be tunnel visioned at exact one spot also when you’re making melih holes make nine of them free head level free crouched level and free prone level one under another one attacker will spot them but they have one out of night chance of hitting the correct one in case your pig speaking of that Melek holes are great use of the sound information especially when roaming put a mother hole between the statuary and bedroom walls on the villa or toilet the closet rolls 8 acres up in the window will profile the mellow holes which will give away their position as well as their attack and one short notice is wooden walls usually can take up to 14 bullet holes and design hole on your side won’t be visible on the other side brick ones can take eight bullet holes whereas the border one by long can take just five that’s good to have in mind before doing this thank you for watching this video and staying with me for this long and thanks all the patrons and YouTube members for making this video available if you want to learn all the basics and then things about the siege make sure to give me like subscribe and clarification ball to get all on education for my channel make sure to give me feedback down in the comment section below