Shibuya Dual Click vs Shibuya Ultima Sight

Hey guys, this is NUSensei. Normally I would do this as a voiceover or as a face-to-face thing, but this is a very spontaneous video, and the reason is this just arrived for me This isn’t actually mine. I’ve been buying a few things for one of our new members, and this arrived just today from Abbey Archery. “On time every time” You may have noticed that I’ve done a video on archery sights, and one of the things that I didn’t really cover was the mid-range. I talk about the really cheap sights and the really expensive sights, but not really the middle range, and what I’ve got here is the Shibuya Dual Click which is around AU$200 – AU$220 or around there depending on where you buy it from, and I thought it’d be a nice contrast to compare it to my Shibuya Ultima RC Switch-a-roo So I thought in this video that I’ll unpack and show you the features of the Ultima as well as the Shibuya Dual Click First I’ll go through my Shibuya Ultima. There are two versions, as you probably know, there’s the RC which is the recurve version, and there’s the CPX compound version, and there are carbon versions and there’s the regular version made from aluminium. So, inside the pouch it comes as is by the way When you buy it from the shop it comes in a pouch You open the pouch and I’ve already assembled mine, so it’s not really what’s in the package, but this is what you typically get. You get your sight, you get a sight mounting block, which I’ve got on my riser at the moment, and you get some hex wrenches as well, and you also get the sight block itself in here Now, the key difference, the Shibuya Ultima costs around AU$350-$400, again depending on where you buy it from That’s a pretty big price difference between this and this It’s about a AU$150 price difference, and you might wonder what what is the difference? Why should I buy an Ultima over a Dual Click? I’m not saying you have to, actually Depending on your budget, you might not need to. Now, this is basically the high end sight A lot of competitive shooters will use this, and let’s have a look The most important differences is, apart from the the color scheme, is the way it attaches. The big thing about the Ultima is there basically aren’t any knobs. There’s nothing out here which can come loose. The construction of the sight mount is very solid You can shoot thousands and thousands of arrows, and this will never come loose It’s a very simplified mount because it doesn’t need to be complex. Basically this one screw here will help you loosen this windage adjustment If you need to move your sight ring in or out, or remove it entirely and place a different one, you loosen this nut, and the whole thing will turn Otherwise you can still turn it manually, but I basically this adjusts the whole thing left and right. To adjust left and right, there’s this one knob, where if you want to go, say, move the sight to the left, you would follow the instructions here. So you move it outwards, click click click, and that’ll move it a few millimeters outwards and likewise with inwards. So it’s a very micro adjustment friendly sight mount. When you mount it on the actual block, all you do is squeeze this one lever, and it just slides onto the block You don’t have to move anything here It’s all solid, nothing will budge it, it’s locked in extremely tight. Okay, so the only way to move this is to either use the lever as a quick release you slide it off like that, also back on. You can see my sight settings here, the figures. You can use the lever to quickly adjust on the fly It makes it very simple. So, for example, if I’m shooting at 60 meters and I’m moving to 50 meters, I just slide the block up to where it should be So I don’t have to fiddle around with all these knobs On my Cartel K Sight, I had to fiddle with three different knobs to get it done This one is simply slide-up slide-down For micro adjustement, say you’re shooting at your distance and you realize that you’re slightly low and you need to go higher, you can still do this, you can go slightly higher or you can micro adjust using these knobs So, for the vertical elevation you’re just using this thing OK, so we click. Each click is like 0.2mm, so it is actually very very fine tuning, and if you’re at that level where a few millimeters matter,

then this is actually a very good sight for you, because you have the option of ease of adjusting as well as micro adjusting. Very solid sight, very rugged, this will not move Very expensive but very much worth it This is the Shibuya Ultima Now this is the Shibuya Dual Click, which is the level down. Shibuya has several sights, but the two best ones are the Shibuya Dual Click and the Shibuya Ultima This is the second tier of sights. So what you get… this is brand-new, I only opened it once Firstly, wow, look at that, look at that color. That is amazing. Let’s take it out Check that out, that is awesome That red turned out really well The Shibuya Ultima does come in red as well, but only the the metal bits, the carbon rod is black. You can’t do much with carbon. So if you order a red Ultima sight, the only thing that changes is this silver part. I’ve ordered a silver. In Ultima you can get black, blue, [silver], red, [green, pink], and gold That’s just the metallic bits here This, the whole thing is red. That looks pretty cool One incentive to buy a cheaper sight is you get these options. My friend loves red, so I had the option of ordering a black one or waiting for a red one. It only took 1 1/2 weeks so I went with the red You get the the sight mount, which I’ve not used yet, because it’s not my bow so the mount isn’t on my bow. The sight mount is here. You get the sight settings on this vertical bar, and you get the usual. You get these screws These are used to screw the mount onto your riser, and you get the set of hex wrenches, and you get the sight block itself. This is what it looks like That’s what it looks like So let’s compare both the sight blocks This is the Dual Click This is the the Ultima Front side, right side. Of course, if you’re left-handed reverse it. It will be upside down That’s one side, that’s the other side And the back And the top there Outwardly they look kind of similar Similar features They both have the windage adjustment knobs. You can fine-tune your windage adjustment. In this case, you can always click that way or that way. If you want to remove the the sight pin completely, you can remove the nut over here, and just remove the whole thing. Just slide it out. These things have a maximum adjustments. If you need to go beyond that then you can always move it left and right. Like the Ultima, it has this knob — same thing You can adjust that, and you can adjust that on the Dual Click. This does actually have a quick-release lever. You can’t see it now For most of the cheapest sights, if you want to quickly remove or attach the sight mount, you would actually lift this. Shibuya has actually built this metal incline, so you can actually squeeze with your thumb. When you put it on, it goes on here, you squeezed that, and you can slide it all the way up like that by squeezing Normally you lift this up, but I with the Shibuya you can squeeze this, and it comes up or down. There we go. In line with a lot of cheap sights, they use a serrated edge, and it uses to one vertical bar, and this is identical for a lot of Cartels, a lot of the cheaper sights The Dual Click is like a mix between the high-end Ultima sight and the cheaper Cartel sight for that reason If you want to adjust your elevation, then you can lift this and move it up Click it onto one of these bars, and if you want to micro adjust you can spin this. I like how it clicks. It’s a very good reference so you can easily find the right amount of adjustment you need, and that’s how you adjust these sights You have this one knob here which I believe this influences how how tight the sight is. Let me find out actually

Actually, I’m not sure what it does to be honest, because there’s nothing in the back here. I’m actually not sure If anyone knows what this is used for, let me know. I don’t know what this is used for. It’s not my sight It kind of looks kind of fancy Well, anyway, so that’s the sight block between the Ultima and the Dual Click Dual Click here, and the Ultima is this one Now i’m not going to talk about one of the differences in the sight mounts This sight mount is typical of most sights Most of the cheaper sights have this block If you unscrew that it’s completely in line with the bar itself So this slides in and out. There are holes drilled into the bar, and to put it on you basically mount it on the riser. I’ve got my Ultima mounted already, but you basically mount it there with the two screws and [expensive!], and you basically line up the hole and then you would screw it in It doesn’t really matter which hole you use People prefer different things The further the sight is from the riser the less difference the adjustments make Further means [less] difference where closer leads to [more] difference in the elevation adjustments. It doesn’t matter too much as long as you use the same hole each time That’s what it looks like on the Dual Click The Ultima has a slightly offset bracket so rather than being directly on the the bar, it’s actually offset. So what happens is the the Ultima bar doesn’t have holes drilled in It’s a solid carbon block, which is great, very stable, and it has these little depressions drilled into the top These aren’t full holes. This is just little pits You slide it in, and you line it up, and then you drop the screw in and it holds in place There are some interesting advantages that one, like you don’t have to deal with a rattling screw This rattles once, but once you tighten it, it will never rattle the whole session Rattling screws isn’t that big a problem It does get kind of annoying when it comes loose That’s one of the things with these sights, because the way the bow vibrates, these screws do have a tendency to come loose, which is not a problem, you just kind of retighten it very quickly, but these ones are very sturdy They way it’s designed to minimize impact so this doesn’t really move That’s one of the big differences The high-end Shibuya Ultima does have an offset bracket whereas the Dual Click comes with a standard in-line bracket. As far as functionality goes, there’s a couple key differences between the Ultima and Dual Click First is the location of the sight markings On the Dual Click, like with most of the cheaper sights like the Cartel sights, the sight markings are on the front, whereas with the Ultima, they are on the side You have a blank bar on this side where you can actually record your own sight markings, so if you know what you’re doing, then you can mark on one side Otherwise, you have generic figures on the side The indicator for the Ultima is on the side, as well, so you see this little metal bar there, so when you move the sight, that’s what tells you the actual location So you can see how the bar slides up and down and that’s used as an indicator, which is cool, and the front also has an idicator So if you’re using this side you have indicators on the same level so it’s pretty easy to figure out which level you’re at For the Dual Click, the indicator is in the front. So when you do your adjustments, click click click micro adjust, or with the lever, then you see the movement of that pin. So two down to…three That’s one difference — the location That means, by the way, that there is no side we can customize with sight markings. You have to write on the bar itself, or write in front or put a stickie note or tag or something so you know which one’s which There’s no way around this unless you use your own marker. You may have noticed the last few minutes I’m struggling with the lever on this side. It’s not because the lever’s bad, but it’s actually quite different to the Ultima. The Ultima has a much bigger lever you press. Simply if I’m changing my sight, I’m holding my bow, I’m doing a slight adjustment. I just squeeze this lever, and move it

It’s very easy to move, whereas this one because this is still tied to that round knob which locks into the bar, it’s more awkward, because instead of pressing inwards, you have to press the top part and then move up and down. It can be a little more awkward when you actually have it on a bow. Again, not a bad thing, but one of the small inconveniences which you have to work around, and that’s the the cost of going from an expensive sight to a cheaper sight It’s mostly convenience which is the difference, and this is a good example of convenience This one is not as easy to use as the Ultima, but it’s a subtle difference You are you paying for that ease of use The last thing I think I’ll comment on in this video is difference between how the mount is locked onto the bar, and I think this is where the real price difference is You’re paying 200 something dollars for the Dual Click vs about AU$300-400 for the Ultima, this is where the difference is really at. The way this locks on — look from this side — there are a couple things to keep in mind. It doesn’t really lock on here The only thing really holding onto the bar is this knob here, which means the top part, here, is actually a little loose I think if you adjust some screws you might be able to alleviate some of that, but inherently because the only thing keeping it in place is that thing Look at the the sight mount. The only thing that holds in place is that round thing at the bottom there, so there’s nothing else on the sight mount with actully keeps it the way it should be That’s why I don’t like this lever. It’s a bit hard to work with So when you put on the sight, it clicks on to one of these teeth, and that’s pretty steady. For the rest of it, there’s a slight bit of play I don’t think this would come loose This is quite solid, but it does have that slight play which might get to you The big difference with the engineering of this sight is the way it’s locked on I’ll remove the sight again You see this it’s actually connected with you see it right in the middle there right in the middle there there’s this little thing which juts out When you remove it, it moves back Rather than locking it in with the the teeth of this knob, this is locked in using this very small mouth When you slide it in When you slide this in you can just make out that there is that little gap. You release the lever, it closes, and that’s actually a very firm attachment point. So, you lift it you see the gap there. Lift it, lock it. When you lock it no movement. There is no movement here You can force it, it’ll rattle for a bit, but there’s basically no movement, no rattle, very firm lock. I believe they call it the triple locking system, I can’t come up with what the three locks are, but there are multiple points….You can see the way So you can see actually here, there’s that one locking point there on the Ultima, but everything else these don’t move but they do secure themselves onto the edges of the vertical bar, so it does fit in perfectly It’s a perfect fit like a glove, this one kind of relies on one attachment point, and the bracket to hold in place That’s not as tight, and that’s the difference between the attachment points Now since the Dual Click isn’t my sight, I don’t want to take it apart, and put it onto my riser, and test it out, but the sights functions are the same. The price difference between different sights like the Ultima and Dual Click comes mostly in how convenient it is to use The Shibuya Ultima: very solid attachment, very solid sight, top end. The Dual Click is a little flimsier this is the reason why you have a 100 dollar price difference It combines some of the cheaper features of a cheap sight along with the more fine tuning stuff from the Ultima end of the range. It uses the same vertical bar, the same elevation knob thingy. The lever, which is used for up and down, is a little clumsy to work with. I can imagine you’re kind of playing around with this. It’s ok. It works fine, but I

find it harder to to manipulate than using the Ultima’s lever The last point of difference is how firm it is onto the sight The Ultima is practically invisible once you lock it in. The Dual Click has a bit of play Not a big deal, but you can see the engineering difference. The cost comes in the manufacture of this particular sight mount Much more fine engineering in this sight, much more secure. This one: functional, no real problems, but again it’s not as much of a high quality finish as with the Ultima So that is the difference I hope you found this useful guys Of course, there are more sights then the Shibuyas There’s the Sure-locs and the the Axcel sights, and so on..the Cartels and the Win&Wins They are all good sights. I hope this clarifies the mid range sights a bit more. The high end sight, as you know, I bought this as soon as I could, and it’s never done me wrong It’s been a fantastic, solid sight. The Ultima, if you have the money, and you want to buy an excellent sight, buying something like the Ultima is a solid choice. You cannot go wrong This sight is very reliable The Dual Click combines the functions and the looks of the cheaper sight versus some of the high-end stuff. Works fine That’s a nice, very good sight Would I buy this as a starting sight? Well, probably not I’d probably go with the cheap $50-$60 Cartel K sight to learn with, but if you want to build a good package, and you want to get a good solid sight that will last for years, this one actually wont break down The screws wont come loose, the sight wont break. It’s the same middle sight as the Ultima. This is actually quite rugged. You can use this. It’s not as convenient to use as the Ultima, in my opinion, but that justifies the price difference. So, hopefully that explains it a bit better for you guys That’s the Ultima down here That’s the Dual Click up there Thanks for watching guys, I hope that I’ll see you next time