Dünyanın En Uzun Tren Yolculuğu – Longest Train Journey in The World

Before I started the world’s longest train journey, I wanted to show you all good that I had And of course myself I changed 41 trains and made 22,000 kilometeres And here is my route Train cabin is for four people but there is nobody It’s a very comfortable cabin with AC It takes twelve hours Now going fromSofia to Belgrad I will cahnge two trains. This is the second one Entered to Serbia Now continue to Belgrad Third and last train it will take one and a half hour I am going to Budapest fromNovi Sad by this train It will take seven hours Now going to Vienna from Hungray I really liked this this mirror Now going to the train station I am going to Bratislava from Vienna. It will take one hour I am waiting for the train from Bratislava to Prag Now going from Prag to Krakow It takes ten hours I am going to Warsaw from Krakow by this train It takes two and a half hours I will go Vilnus from Minsk by this double decker train It takes four hours First I will go to Daugavpils from Vilnius. Then off to Riga

Going to Tallinn from Tartu Going to St. Petersburg from Tallin by this train It will take eight hours From St. Petersburg to Kazan. It will take twenty two hours Now in the restaurant for dinner Since I am in Russia, the entertainment has begun You can find free hot water in the train Every two or three hours train stops Passengers get on the train or get off Here is the third class cabin And it’s entirely open concept Sixty passengers in one cabin Most of my train journey in Russia, will be on the third class —Laughing— The trains comes that goes to Omsk from Kazan It will take twenty six hours —Speaking Russia— They are roommates Now going to Novosibirsk from Omsk We have a short break.Everybody buys foods and drinks I am in the waiting lounge of the train station I will go to Krasnoyarsk from Novosibirsk by this train The restaurant of the trains is very nice I will order my breakfast I am going to Irkutsk from Krasnoyarsk by this train It will take seventeen hours I am going to Ulan Batur, the capital of Mongolia from Irkutsk It will take twenty seven hours I am in the second class cabin This region is also beautiful in winter time I hope I can come in winter time This is the most enjoyable train restaurant I’ve seen so far I am going to Zamin Uud from Ulan Batur. It will take fourteen hours It’s a wood stove

I am going to Erlian, China from Zamin Uud, Mongolia Waiting for the train There aren’t any restaurants around so I got noodlle You put hot water in it There is a hot water station And it’s ready in five minutes As the direct train to Pekin were full, I have to go by connecting train I am traveling in third class cabin Unfortunately there is three bunk beds in the cabin My bed is the upper one As all tickets were sold out, I have to stand. It will be tough I sit on the floor and It will take nine hours I am going to Shanghai from Beijing by the high speed train Traveling 1,300 km takes four and a half hours I am in Shanghai, China I will go by the world’s fastest train It reaches a top speed of 430 km per hour Last week I got on a train which reached 350 km/h But this one is even faster Journey using magnetic levitation (maglev) technology Now the speed is 290 km/h 310 km/h Half of the passengers, including me, take this train as it’s the world’s fastest The train normally goes to the airport 340 km/h 360 km/h Despite Japaneese bullet train is setting speed records on test track Chinese high speed train holds the record on daily use Now 400 km/h 410 km/h Wow! It goes so fast It’s so fun 420 km/h 430 km/h The trains have a top operational speed of 430 km/h It can go even faster The train leans into curves It’s taken eight minutes for 45 km It was opened in 2004 It’s still the world’s fastest train in the world on daily use I will go to Guijang from Zhangjiajie. Then off to Chengdu

I will go to Xian by high speed train This is my bed Generally having fast food on train It’s very unhealty But it’s the easiest option I am going to Almaty, Kazakhstan from Urumqi, China New sheets I am here for thirth three hours I am going to Tashkent, Uzbekistan by this train I am going to Semerkand from Tashkent Now I am in Tashkent, Uzbekistan I started this journey five months and eight days ago from Halkalı train statin, Istanbul I took forthy one train to arrive Tashkent, Uzbekistan I started from Istanbul to Bulgaria, then went to Northern Europe countries and Estonia From St. Petersburg, I entered Russia After Russia went to Mongolia Then respectively China, Kazakhistan and Uzbekistan I was planning to go Turkmenistan, Iran and Turkey and Go back to Turkey by train from Iran Because Iran is the only option to enter East of Turkey by train Going by train from Uzbekistan to Iran, you have to pass through Turkmenistan and there is no alternative way but I couldn’t get visa from Turkmenistan Turkish Ministry of Tourism and Culture and Ministry of Foreign Affairs helped me to get Chinese visa I got also Russian and schengen visa I applied visa for Turkmenistan two weeks ago and waited for thirteen days in Tashkent But they refused my application and said they don’t give visa from here

And they emphasized that they don’t give visa to Turkish people But I wanted to try again and waited here for an extra two days Turkish Consulate in Tashkent tried to solve the problem and they called the consulate of Turkmenistan and asked Why my visa was refused But they didn’t care and even they didn’t answer the phone And I didnt’t want to push it more and gave up It was possible to go back to Kazakhistan, Russia, Azerbaijan by train but there is no train from Azerbaijan to Turkey As I can’t go back to Turkey by train there is point to continue for me So far I changed forty one trains and made 22,000 km Before world’s longest train journey was known from Portugal to Vietnam which 17,000 km I made 22,000 km So far According to my research I haven’t found anyone who made it longer Now I am waiting for my flight to Turkey I wish I could have entered Turkey by train As a Turk, I couldn’t get visa from Turkmenistan Nothing else to do Never mind!