Huangshan | 3 Day Tour of China's Most Famous Mountain

Can I ask, how long does it take to get to Huangshan? Two hours walking Altogether it’s two hours? Walking up to Cloud Valley Temple Two hours isn’t bad Walk up from here to there – you guys walk quickly One and a half hours is enough for you One and half hours? So quick You guys walk – he walks fast We wanted to walk the whole distance on our own two feet You never know what you’ll find on the journey up a mountain I think it’s the first time I see a real squirrel When does it get dark? Dark? Gets dark at 5:30 About 5:30? It’s dark at 6:00 Ah We started pretty late in the day so wanted to make as much progress as we could before dark How do we walk to Huangshan? To Huangshan? You can go once our leader tells us its okay He (our hostel owner) can talk to the place selling tickets Because he said, because he sold us the Jiulong waterfall tickets He (our hostel owner) can talk to the place selling tickets Because he said, because he sold us the Jiulong waterfall tickets So he can tell your boss and we can go in If something bad happens there’s nothing we can do, we’ll be fired hahaha You need to walk down Oh walk down? Right, walk down Take care on the path Okay sure, thanks Safety first! Right right, safety first They actually called ahead because they were worried about us going up here That’s how infrequently Chinese people actually climb Huangshan He said be careful If there’s snakes, don’t don’t try and fight them So we won’t be fighting any snakes today We had to cover around 1500m ascent and, carrying tents, food and water that wasn’t light Can’t actually see the path anymore This isn’t the usual way to climb the mountain Hello, ni hao! Hello You guys still have to walk about 20 minutes To here, Cloud Gorge Temple I took the photo Take care, bye bye Take care Violators are punished with 200RMB to 3000RMB fine The fire number is 119110 or 05595566119 Oh, staff? Roughly how long does it take to walk to the top? Minimum From here you’ll need four hours We’re just walking here Are you guys finished traveling Huangshan and coming back? No we’re going tomorrow Going tomorrow? Why not go today? We’re not going today We just arrived today, first we’re walking the Qianlong ancient road (named after the emperor) The mountain is called Huangshan, the Yellow Mountain It has the name because also there is an emperor in ancient China who is called Huang Di Originally Huangshan was called Yishan In 747AD Tang Emperor Xuanzong in order to commemorate Huangdi (legendary ruler of China 267-2597BC) gathering herbs to make pills of immortality (and becoming a celestial being) And so changed the name to Huangshan Wow! Whoa! So big! Hey, go slowly Don’t frighten me! Great, thanks He’s English Is he your boyfriend? He’s my boyfriend Oh yeah? Hello! Hello This was the highest I’d ever walked A journey like this is always more than putting one foot in font of another You learn something about yourself Don’t show my bum! Chair Don’t give up

Don’t give up! Go above? You can do it! Do it? Can’t do it, I can’t add gas (play on the literal meaning of the words Jia you) Keep going and after a while you’ll discover your two feet carried you higher than you ever thought possible Okay I think you should bring You should have brought more food How can I help you? Grab the other end So these ones There’s a few bits like this Should I put (it) here? Yeah, pull it out Pull it nice and tight and then put it in Wow I’m hungry In? Yeah Okay Ah! It’s a door So clever right? Can’t believe we are making a wild camp This is like a raincoat? Yeah Our home! Our hooome! You’re not allowed to camp here Huh? Can’t camp We don’t have time – it’s dark It’s still not okay if it’s dark – you can’t camp here Why can’t we camp? It’s dangerous here! Can we say we’ll give him money? I don’t know We can’t wild camp because there’s tigers here Right Ella? Yeah some – yeah, tigers Yeah Tigers Thanks, thanks Yeah, I’m a climber Go slowly, take care Okay sure You must remember to go to the place with the light We have to get there, the light Okay We have to get there Bye bye There’s people in that place People will see you if you get there He’ll call me If you don’t get there I’ll still have to come and find you Oh okay, sorry to bother you I think the rice is the best Really? Yes It’s the best rice We had to pack up our stuff Policeman, security guy, something like that spotted us as the light was fading and he was coming downhill I don’t know whether they patrol the area or or what, or whether we just got unlucky but he said we can’t stay there because there’s tigers but who knows – maybe there is some sort of small tiger-like creature around here There’s definitely monkeys Right now we’re eating takeaway from the hostel we stayed at and we also got some more from a restaurant nearby It’s really easy to get that kind of thing in China You can just say “da bao” Da bao. Da bao. Da bao Which means takeaway And everyone will understand you It’s a good way to bring food up the mountain cheaply And good food too How do you feel right now Ella? I feel, normal You’re not upset? No! Oh, you’re so great Not at all I feel it’s so silent here, so quiet, and the food is so delicious You don’t mind the walk? No I had a good rest just now And I don’t feel scared because you are here Aw Even though there’s a tiger? No Actually I’m more scared of the spiders we saw today than a tiger Me too We can just give the tiger our fried rice Fried rice? Give them fried rice? Yeah, if the tiger comes we can say here Have fried rice I think they prefer your meat Haha, maybe We’re gonna finish Huangshan in one day like we first intended Whether we like it or not! You can see my breath Argh!

You! Are you..? Is it a whistle? What’s that? What do you think it is? A whistle. Someone whistling Someone? It’s not- It’s not a creature? I don’t think so But I think so! Sounds li- Sounds like a creature Never heard a creature make a noise like that Okay yeah, it sounds like a creature Let’s go What the hell is that?! A bird A bird? I think it’s a bird Hey! Can we stay here? If there’s someone, let’s just ask them I don’t wanna set up the tent and then be told to move again Ah, hello Where should we go to pitch our tent? There’s an intersection, go straight up, it’s about 300m there’s a hostel called Bai’e Shan Zhuang, you can camp at the entrance What’s this noise? A bird What bird? I don’t know what bird 300 meters? Yeah Sounds so far Even 300m is far? It’s not 300m on flat ground, it’s 300m climbing a mountain Still that’s no problem Thanks Freaky noise Come on! I think we have to… to be there To stay there If you rent, how do you rent? How much is it? To rent? Yeah Renting is all people who rented online in advance How much? Right now it’s 150RMB (per night) Oh, you still have space? Where can- A place, you can camp there A mountain doesn’t judge you It doesn’t care who you are But just by being there by just existing you feel connected to the world and the eons that have shaped every rock and crevice You can understand your mortality You can understand your place amongst all of this The entrance to the west cave last time I was here it was closed and you can kind of see the remnants of the icicles that were here before They were stretching from the top of this tunnel

to about here it was absolutely ridiculous The west valley is a very special area of Huangshan The flying cloud is as much a part of the landscape as the rocky spires and twisted tree trunks The pathway is a feat of unimaginable scale and vision Carved through the mountain and along its cliffside this gravity-defying walkway criss-crosses the broken shards of the mountain like a ballerina gliding from toe to toe In this lofty land fantasy is materialised Dreams are made on the soles of your feet You never quite know what will be around the next corner The gorge was absolutely spectacular We’ve decided to take the railway, the cablecar up the rest of the way because once we looked at the map, we realised to walk back up it was going to take us three or four hours which is- like it’s 4 o’clock now so that’s not going to work Hey Ella Do you wanna carry my bag now? Brightness Peak 1860m high One of the three main peaks on Huangshan Yeah Feilaishi But where is Feilaishi? My rock I’ve come Wow! Look so big You, you asked me why it’s so famous You can see the rock in a TV show It’s called Hong Lou Meng One of the most famous Chinese four novels One of them At the beginning of the TV show you can see the rock – the same rock They also say about the rock that it’s so crazy how it got here Because it’s just this huge rock on top of the mountain That it must have just dropped straight out of the sky And there’s actually a little rock on top of it You can’t see it from here but there is There’s a little baby rock on top Comfortable? So day three

We woke up to a whiteout this morning so no chance of sunrise again Wu hu hu! And because the weather is as it is we’re just going to head down to the east cablecar Go through in the fog Okay! Let’s just cut right there We wanted to give you guys some advice if you’re thinking of coming to Huangshan based on what we experienced there The first point: don’t take a tent up the mountain Because at the top of the mountain you can rent a tent and moreover the price is the same, so it’s really not worth it Right. If you’re coming up from Jiulong waterfall I’d advise that you at least if your Chinese isn’t good, get an app like Dear Translate where you can translate in real time so you can communicate on some level with the security guards there Cause they’re gonna wanna question you about your ability, if you can make it to the top If you don’t know the route or you can’t find the route, you can head over to my website Radventures where I’ll be putting the route up so you can see distances So you can see exactly the way to walk from the bottom to the top And also if you want to support us then you can also on that website look at the gallery and there’s some stuff of Huangshan on there You can buy postcards or you can buy massive printed images Yeah, that would be really cool The fourth point: don’t set up a tent at the top of the mountain Because if you camp you’ll be stopped by the police like us If you really want to camp, you can wait for it to get dark with nobody around to camp Right and if you’re thinking of flying a drone there please note that I flew illegally and I wouldn’t advise, but if you do fly away from people because the security guards are on it and many people know about this as well so you might cause some trouble if you fly near people Behind us right now is Yangshuo where we usually make Chinese learning videos or just videos about China and culture and stuff So if that’s something that interests you then please consider subscribing Yeah, subscribe! Before we go back to the video and finish it off Also, please give us a like Because it will let YouTube know if our content is worth watching Yeah, they will know Give us a like! Okay! Let’s roll Look at them We are swimming in the milk Sea of milk Wow! Where are we going? Where are we going? Are we going to heaven? Are we going to heaven? Swimming in the thick milk I want to drink the milk Fog milk Must be so clean, so fresh We are almost there