Munnar Tea Country Resort, MTCR Family Resort Review by Tech Travel Eat Vlog 384

Welcome to another blog of Tech Travel Eat. We are now at Munnar Tea country resort Its even called MTCR. This is at Aanachal side. Its a top rated family honeymoon resort Its a property for people who come with family and for honeymoon to enjoy You can get to see an awesome view from here. All are villa type rooms We are going to stay in the honeymoon villa here today. We are first time doing a video in this resort Aren’t those cottages so beautiful? Yes. We are going to stay in a honeymoon cottage here down this side Tomorrow we will be staying in a cottage at this side. We will be here for 2 days. Ok Thank you So we are going to our honeymoon villa Here there are lots of cardamom plants. Do you grow them here? Yes. Just this little that we have here Which is our cottage? 501 This is our cottage. Its a two floor building. You have the bedroom downstairs. Up here is the living room area This is the view from our balcony. How is it? Superb Downstairs you have another balcony too. There are the other cottages So this is the bedroom Thank you. Its a very neat and simple way of setting Beautiful. Nice colour combinations We got a big Bindhi as soon as we got here This is the washroom This is the balcony here downstairs from our bedroom This is good Its very peaceful here. I liked this 2 floor room system They have done it in two floors Thats a variety. You have a small and a big balcony You can sit anywhere and enjoy the view Yes. Lots of space to enjoy Its full greenery here. Even the buildings are green They have done a good landscape here too Now lets go to see some beautiful views of our resort. You can see in the reviews here that they have given Trek with Philip Thats a nature walk here. You can see that in all the reviews here. Lets experience all this here Before that lets see the resort beauty and come Bye Now when you go to most of the hotels here in Munnar you can see that they fill water in bottles like these

They have avoided plastic bottles. Its a decision taken by all the hotels in Munnar. Its a plastic free zone They have avoided plastic straws, bottles and many more here in all the hotels in Munnar. ‘ Thats a very good decision. Plastic is very bad for the nature. So its a very good decision Good job! This is the view from the top floor of our cottage. Lets go inside and see the room This is the living area here Here they have a dressing room and a bathroom too. Thats a good one So we have two bathrooms in this cottage. Thats the downstairs area How about going outside. Yes. Just give me two minutes. Ok. Take your time Now it just rained and Munnar is looking awesome Our plans now is to go around and see the resort. Its a small resort. You will understand that when you read the review The service here and the behavior of the staffs are what stand in front So its best for families to come and stay. Our cottage is 501. This is 502 All the cottages have two floors. Right Shwetha? There are lots of cardamom plants here. You can see honeymoon cottages all over this lane There are 5 cottages of that kind This is the best place to take photos You can see the clouds there. I think what you see down there is Anachaal town Then the mountains there How is it? Awesome Its the restaurant that you see there upstairs. Look at the flower here. Its so pretty Beautiful flower There are lots like this. It grows on this plant. This is its bud. That becomes a flower like this Nice. There are so many like this Thats the honeymoon cottage where we stay. Awesome Can you sing a song? Why sing? All are asking whether you sing? I sing but may not be so good Its ok. Sing as it is. No problem. Its just for our viewers That was nice. That was really good. It was beautiful So we have replied to many peoples doubts whether Shwetha would sing or not

She sings hindi songs well. Isnt it Shwetha? I dont praise myself You dont have to. I am saying about you. I can say about my wife You can also say about me This chilli is in the shape of a bell There are ripe ones also here. It looks like a bell Shwetha is all blushed reading messages written about her How do you feel? I am happy Superb view. These are all cottages that have 2 floors You feel like you are staying inside a forest Yes. Slightly. It makes you feel so Where ever you go you have that view. This is 404. Its a family cottage All 4 are family cottages You can hear the birds chirping Wow! Beautiful view. This is an awesome view point Beautiful. If they had a swimming pool here, it would have been awesome. Beautiful view here Its a top location here. But you will get the same or better view from that room. Upstairs of family cottage Thats at the most heights here. Thats a beautiful view The fog is coming down at that side. Would be nice if it came here too. How about bringing some here? Beautiful. Its an awesome valley view here Its so nice to see the cottages built like this here. 201-210. They have 10 cottages in this lane Its called valley view villa.The rent here is almost Rs 4000-4500/-. Its for 2 people to stay Its has breakfast included. Each cottage has different rates. If you book them online, you can get them cheaper If you book directly through the hotel, it will obviously be high. Online websites are competiting so they have offers You can check goibibo, make my trip, clear trip etc.. You will get a good discounted rates when you book through them If you are on a honeymoon and have booked your room through online, you want any surprises or floral decorations If you want a cake or so, just contact the hotel people and they will arrange all by the time you come You can surprise your wife like that. Shwetha has been receiving surprises for many days so no surprise today Anyways you can enjoy the good weather here. The mist is seen so well from here. They have come down That whole area is filled with fog. Here is just beginning to hopefully. Its clouded too. I may rain anytime Yes. Nice I liked these cottages very much These are also bulit like our honeymoon suites. These are also 2 floor cottages. But the structuring is different Its very pretty. The structuring may be the reason. The plants are growing betweent the buildings. Beautiful

We are walking in front of those cottages. This is 201-202..One building has 2 cottgaes. Right and left They have set a nice garden in front. Thats the parking area there down. Some people are playing shuttle there Its full of roses here. A variety of them. They look different. Its big too Wow! Beautiful .They have different colours of them Its fullof roses here. This is another colour Another colour. So big 206. This cottage looks nice. It has creepers on it with flowers. It looks so nice This is also pretty. Seeing this I feel this place is better than our honeymoon villa area Anyways we will be staying at the honeymoon villa for a day and this valley view the next day So we can enjoy both We have seen all the colours and now white too. White colour rose flower This is not the thick one. These are button roses I think Is this what they use to make wedding garlands? No. Thats another one. Anyways they have all types of roses here in pots. Lots of petals too This is 210 villa. You can see the whole spread on this lane from here. Its so beautiful. I loved it Awesome This is the view from 210. You can see the nature view and the lane with cottges view Each room has different views here. Valley view rooms are all of the same category They are on the same lane and beautiful too All the rooms here are very good. I liked the place a lot Here they have lots of creepers with flowers. They have grown them all over This is the ambiance from the restaurant. You can enjoy this beautiful view having food The amphitheater down there and the nature thats filled with fog. I wish we had some here too This is a conference room cum activity room. They have a table tennis here. They have all the things to play badminton You can go out and play. Some are playing outside. They have a carroms table there. They have a spa here How about going and trying that out? Would you like to try it out? Sure We went and checked out the room and things. They have an appointment now. They have given us a time

I am going to do a French aroma massage. Thats very soft and relaxing Theres a sandal wood wrap. Thats to soothen the body How much does that cost? 2000/- The french massage costs Rs 2500/- We have taken appointments for that. Before that lets have a cup of tea and come You are seeing the night view of our resort. At night it is covered with so much of fog Its so pretty. You cant see the villas that are on top. They are covered with fog. Awesome! The ambiance is awesome. It rained for a while. All over I liked it a lot Its not yet time for our spa. So we are walking around here. They said they will call us when it is ready Its really good I am going to do the French Aroma massage. Aroma might be aromtic oil right? Its a soft massage using the aromatic oil. So lets try it out and come. The rooms have an awesome ambiance here. That surely is a plus point Hi. Whats your name? Thobith. Nice name We will be doing it from here. So see you after the massage Even I slept off I surely slept off. It was awesome. I feel relaxed Regarding mine. I took the French aroma massage. Frankly speaking, I too slept off It was a soft and relaxing massage. The music that they played behind was very tempting. Its slides you to sleep Its a very good spa that they have here in MTCR. OCEANA is the name of the spa here Thought the price is a bit on the higher side, is worth The ambiance, saftey and comfrort are what counts and they are very good This menu card shows you what all they have and they have shown it in a way they your mouth starts to water They have 4-5 pages and all are awesome You will get fed up eating all of them. They have that much of it A wide spread for those who love food Shwethas favourite Dal Makhani and Jeera rice. I have taken Porotta and tomato fry Today we are in a full vegetarian mood Yeah! We just did a spa. So lets have our vegetarian food and will be back So how was the food? It was awesome To be frank. The food was good. We are ending our todays video here. Shall see you with more attractions another day So if you want to stay in MTCR, you can book online. You will get a good discounted rate

If you want to know more details, I have put the resort number in the description box. You can call and enquire You have rooms available from 4000/- onwards. Preferably take the valley view rooms The rooms are good there. Our honey moon cottage rooms are also very good But still the valley view rooms are more good. So see you another day with another Munnar video Until then this is Sujith Bhakthan and Shwetha signing off