Nieistniejące państwo – Naddniestrze

Crossing a border which doesn’t exist is very weird and specific experience If you feel like doing it, that’s appropriate place Right now we are in Moldova but straight after the railway it’s Transnistria According to Western world’s media, Transnistria is a self-appointed, separatist republic where you can buy Kalashnikov without any touble. That’s a bit of stretch Transnistria is a very peaceful pseudo-country which remains of tiny Belarus ‘Pseudo’ because none of the countries considers Transnistria an independent state, besides Abkhazia and South Ossetia despite the fact that Transnistria is completely indepedent from Mlodova’s authorities centralized in Kishinev Moldova still claims Transnistria to be its territory That’s why while coming to Transnistria from Moldova, we are passing Moldovan police officers, instead of border guards, and Russian “for-peace” troops On the Transnistrian side of the border, where you can already notice hammers and sickles, a Tranisnistrian border guard will give you a paper of registration because according to the international law, he has no competence to put stamps on passport Other interesting facts are prices and currencies In Transnistrian shops we can only pay in Transnistirian rubles – money which can’t be exchanged outside Transnistria There is much more paradoxes and facts like that Project “Transnistria” is a collaboration with “Ciekawe Historie” (eng. Interesting Stories) – my brother’s channel with who I’ve visited Transnistria many times The link to his video about historical and political image of Transnistria is in the description That’s my brother And that’s Roman – Poland’s number one fan He’s learned Polish thanks to YouTube vids -97% of Russians He will be showing us Transnistria Keep watching! Hi y’all! This time I am talking from Tiraspol, Transnistria I’ll show you the apartment I’m renting here for 11 dollars per day So that’s one room It has a kind of balcony, let’s go further Very tasteful wallpaper That’s my bedroom, sorry for the mess It also has a balcony to dry the laundry Corridor Just a regular toilet Bathroom with a washing machine And kitchen, computer place Obligatory Transnistrian “Kvint” cognac. I can recommend it A cognac is a “must-have” when you’re in Transnistria In whatever form you prefer – drinks or shots And that’s the Transnistrian cash which can be only exchanged here They are unexchagable because Transnistria is not internationally recognized as a country For today, 16.5 Transnistrian ruble = 1 dollar Here we have very famous coins, possibly the ones which have been produced in Poland That was a reason of a little diplomatic incident These are plastic kopecks I mean, rubles which also can be used here Rather modern kind of cash It’s interesting that apartments like that are called after “euroremont” That means a makeover to achieve interior closer to European standards Apartments which were not renovated are in much worse condition Maybe I’ll manage to find my videos from 2012 when I’ve been here for the first time (I’ve found only photos) And then I would show you the apartments before ‘evro remont’ There’s really nice atmosphere, here we are in the stairway You can see mail boxes here That’s a lift We are going outside now Trash That’s an announcement about bank loans which covers the offer of work in Poland That’s the back view of the building where I am living It’s old I’ll show you it from the other side Oldie but a goldie, during the summer heats up to 35 degrees Celsius it really keeps the sufficient coolness It’s built from thick bricks or something Those are my windows I have to admit that Transnistria has changed a lot since my first visit (2012) In the background you can see typical Khrushchyovka that’s old style of construction, from 50s or 60s Although, now new buildings and new businesses are being created, it looks totally different I can see the changes Roman, who are you going to get to know says nothing is changeing here, I can definitely see changes in Transnistria (I am on the crossing of Lenin and Marx sreets) Google doesn’t consider Russian but Moldovan as a official language here Here you have good example, I’m in the one of the main streets in Tiraspol The crossing of Lenin and 25th October Street Strada Lenin and 25 Oktobre… Not sure how should I read this, it’s in Moldovan And on the signs it’s written in Russian, Lenin and 25th October Street I wanted to show you a nice trick to withdraw money in Transnistrian ATM (it’s better to have cash) but if you have VISA, most of the times you could use it or MasterCard in one of the ATMs

You could choose between dollars or Russian rubles It couldn’t be Transnistrian rubles as VISA doesn’t recognize Transnistria Now it turned out that one of the ATM has VISA and MasterCard crossed out and the other which accepts those cards, is out of service, so I can’t show you the trick Too bad, it’s quite interesting It’s not like there’s no way to pay out your money If you are here and need to use your card, just go with it and the passport to the bank and then you can withdraw the cash, they will exchange it in Transnistrian rubles according to their rates That’s Transnistrian Republican Bank 1 ruble is its symbol Take off the headphones Take your child’s hand We are in Tiraspol’s downtown The boulevard on this side was created around two or three years ago It didn’t exist when I came here for the first time So there’s loads of changes, You have to come here very soon to experience at least some of post-communist vibes In the background you can see Russian flag, they hang around here That’s Transnistrian flag (basically the old flag of Moldavian Soviet Socialist Republic) The flags are here because of military parade which takes place around this time I will show you the parade in next episodes Well, Transnistria doesn’t hide the devoted connections with Russia Transnistrians feel more Russian than Moldovan Furthermore, when they use “Moldovan” word, in their language it has very pejorative meaning, unfortunately For example, calling someone “Romanian” in Poland is also pejorative, of course it’s unjustified Transnistria is a country of conservative society Two guys can’t make their relationship public or live together They can’t admit being homosexual Family values and traditions are cultivated A man has to be a man, you understand? That’s why women are very feminine They often look like Barbie dolls, They are very attractive, beautiful, A man is a man, doesn’t matter, he can be fat But he must be strong, he must earn money The fact that girls are very hot, they often wear tight clothes doesn’t mean that’s it’s easy to hit on them Roman, who has been visited by hundreds of foreigners, says that none of them managed to hook up with a girl just for one night They are very conservative, you need to date with them for longer to make something happen An inscription “United with Russia” Going back to the topic of girls, I need to admit that besides Southern America, Venezuela so to say, for me, Transnistria is a country with the most beautiful women I said “country”, just a shorthand Maybe that’s a result of genetic mixture For example genes of Russians, Ukrainians, Molodvans Everyone can even decide which passport they prefer Basicially everyone can get a passport of one of those three countries Classic ‘Lada’ and Moldovan restaurant – ‘Andy’s Pizza’ Well, that genetic mixture is possibly the reason why average man is looking around in the streets so much Women are beautiful here and Hammers and sickles commonly present A central point of Tiraspol and a main point of meetings Suvorov’s monument And there’s a date – 2nd September That’s the date of Transnistria’s independence declaration, it was 28 years ago (Streets are empty because of heats, people go out only in the evenings) A huge crosswalk as in metropolis In the end, the main attraction of Transnistira, everyone who’s been here probably seen it and taken photos A tank And next to it a little wayside shrine or Orthodox church It remains me of Kvint cognac’s bottle The tomb of unknow soldier and the ones killed during the war for Transnistira’s freedom That’s eternal fire And tombs of some of the war victims As you can see death dates are in 1992 March and April ’92 That’s crazy that in 1992 the terrible war like this took place A war which killed around 1000 people if I remember correctly Well, if not so long ago there was a war between Russia and Ukraine or in Balkans To the Transnistrian’s defenders who were lost in 1990-1992 I guess those are surnames of all victims of that war I wouldn’t be suprised if trolls broke out on me because I’m saying that Transnistrians were fighting for their freedom But that’s the fact I’ve been here and in Moldova many times Transnistrians don’t feel Moldovan, they don’t want to speak their language And Moldova announced that the official and obligatory language in Transnistria will be Moldovan At least that’s what locals tell me here Probably or rather surely, Russia had its finger here and played Transnistrian against Moldova But if you tell a nation that they are not allowed to use their own language, as Ukraine made with the East, wrongly in my opinion, that they forced the change of the language, When I was in Dnipropetrovsk, where everyone speaks Russian I went to the cinema and the movie was in Ukrainian, I didn’t understand anything, locals could understand, but it was not their language, they speak Russian

So this is how you loose part of your population This is how you loose your countrymen who only speak different language That’s it Laying under a plush blanket, I am thinking about yesterday’s dream What was that? Whose victory? Who was defeated? Good morning, kids! In the background I have very atmospheric building Today we are going to Liman beach, nearby Tiraspol 15 minutes of driving And that’s cool Moskvich, I guess Natasha, do you know how much costs one square meter of apartment here more or less? Studio apartment, around 30 m2 costs like 12.000 dollars Without renovation With renovation will be like few more You mean euroremont? Euroremont, yes I am not sure, did I win? Or was I defeated? Dnestrovsk, a town in Southern Transnistria Taking care of our fellow countrymen issues – election poster a candidate to Russian The State Duma This is a town where an electric power station was built first And only later they built flats for workers The town kept getting bigger And now it’s Dnestrovsk Why there’s an election poster of Russian politician? Because lots of Transnistrians have Russian passports so they can vote Lately, 97% of Russians who live here voted for Putin So Putin is even more popular here than in Russia Yes, in a way, it can be said so Not many people voted, the voters were mainly the elderly Elders will obviously support Putin Most of that 97% were just grannies, they only went to vote for Putin All clear Now we are in the only market chain in Transnistria, “Sheriff” It is owned by a politician – Gushan Those shops has really nice range of products One dollar is how many rubles now? 17 rubles One dollar costs 16.5 rubles So you can see prices here There’s beer, prices of alcohol are the most important That’s huge bottle of beer, 2.5 liters You can buy that cheese, it costs They haven’t written the price Do you want to buy 8kg of cheese? I wonder how I will take that in my hand luggage to Poland? That’s Polish product, you can see quite much of them in Transnistria Hortex branded products, I think they are also from Poland These sauces are the thing which I love in the East They are delicious Many kinds Bigger choice of seasonings for meet (and not only) than in Poland Roman, can you show me the cheapest vodka possible? Rubber? Vodka! The cheapest one? Yeap, the knicknack, the worst quality ever So this one is very bad, ‘Russian Vodka’ Looks beautiful and it’s cheap, 15 rubles It’s less than one dollar So it’s around 3,5 zloty for 0.5l And cognac is the national alcohol in Transnistria, right? Yes, it’s our pride ‘Kvint’ is a manufacture in the city center, This one is very good, ‘Doina’,I like it a lot 88 rubles (around 5.5 dollars) It’s a nine-year alcohol All those cognacs are by ‘Kvint’, right? Yes, everything, even vodka As I can see on the top shelf, some of them cost 3500 rubles which is 214 dollars I think the quality of the cheaper ones is so good, that there’s not that much of a difference

Which cognac is the cheapest one? The cheapest one will be Hmm, you should show this as well They are producing whiskey now It costs 24 rubles (1.5 dollar) But it’s really shitty and smells very bad And from those, the cheapest one is 24 rubles (1.5 dollar) Three-year old cognac Nice industrial atmosphere, next to which there’s a lake We are going to see Lake Liman It’s a type of landform, it probably has a translation in Polish, if so, I’ll write it down below (Liman – river mouth separated from sea) Draft beer Why are you recording? I can’t record? Liman beach was not one of the most spectacular beaches which I’ve seen in my life That’s why straight after arrival I started to look around in quest of interesting things to see and film Right then I noticed those bungalows We are going to see one of that cute houses Those houses were built for workmen, right? Yes, so they could rest there We asked that lady if she could rent as one of the houses She said she couldn’t, but instead offered to show us one of them if we want to film So chillout, she will show us this hardcore To be honest, it smells like a shit in here That’s because of toilets, I think That’s the vibe (Shop) Water to wash oneself That’s the water to wash, yes? Yes, here you can take water It’s a tour, right? Noo, I just have a YouTube channel I understand I’m filimg life, travelling Transniestria’s life Right now yes, but I’ve been travelling in Venezuela, Asia In many countries How well It’s like slums Grapes Eternit (fibre cement) You see what house I have It’s a little messy, because I’ve broken my arm I will serve you grapes in a second The house is a little tight, so it doesn’t make sense to stay there But the view here is really cool That is, very atmospheric Can I go up those stairs? Please tell me that those psychedelic drawings such as ‘Well, Just You wait!’ are not characterictic for Russia Look at this And the other one, proably by the same painter What a vibe! This place is just amazing The image of destruction, socialism Mediocrity, metal, industry Leisure time Fatigue and all in one And if this is how workmen had rested, how their work would have looked? To be honest, I thought that was the end of recording for that day and I decided to go back to the beach and simply drink cognac However, the fate decided that I would be drinking wine Will there be the view? Good morning I am checking: is it a daughter or sister? Sister I’m sorry We came across a friend of the lady who showed us her house He invited me, he told me he will show me a landscape

Landscape Come here, Landscape Are you interested in seeing how nice it is inside the house, right? Why not So come here Follow me, we will show you Bro, you are in a right place Nina, good that he met me! Redhead! Film him He’s our man It’s Redhead Hello Good afternoon Bartek Hi Can we pass? Yeah, sure Who is it? What’s up, bro? Everything fine, c’mon This is how we live here It’s like at home It is home but on water, right? Of course, it’s like an apartment Do you see how nice it is? Misha, we haven’t been here yet Wow, just casual rooms Do you hear him? There’a a fridge, and there Come here! It’s a fish! Schnapps In the freezer, same shit, also fish Do you see? Fish Let’s go further Such a view You will say “wow” in a sec Will you drink a glass of wine? Yeah, I haven’t drunk much If you haven’t drunk in a while… (he thought I’m alcoholic) I’m drinking everyday here, but only today Alright, you will go with me, wait You will even see Ukraine Let’s go there You will even see Ukraine A border is close to here? Good afternoon bro, don’t feel offended, that I’m there Everything’s fine Don’t be offended A bottle of wine needed I will send for it Igoryosha (diminutive for Igor) Go and bring the bottle of wine here, fastly Which one? There’s one already opened at my place Tell aunt Zina, that Misha told Are you in charge of all those apartments? Do you have keys to all of them? No, no This one is my own Private, got it Holy shit Record them Do you hear? Record Record To say it in few words: you own me a coke For the privilage Serg, Serg, hello Serg! (diminutive to Sergey) Wave here! Wave to this Norwegian Is it all Ukraine? It’s already Ukraine Interesting It’s a border there And we are living only thanks to this fish We don’t have different food I know that I know it’s not true You will see in a second In Moldovan house you can consider yourself a guest only after you drink a glass of wine Have you already had one? Not yet But you will In a sec, keep recording Keep recording We live thanks to this lake We catch fish and live thanks to that If there was no fish, we would die of starvation in Transniestria He’s only joking, it’s not true That’s true That’s perch And rudd is next Fish is phosphorus, mind, brain And all we lack, we desire For how many days you have to keep the net in the water in order to catch so many fishes? I put it in the morning at 11 o’clock and now I take it back when it’s ok In other case, fishes will die and everything will be only piece of shit Water will be hot and it will die If you don’t want it to be dead, you need to pull it off Glasses are washed This wine is bought? No Alright, it’s homemade Pay attention, bro Roman is my friend since 2012 That’s when I’ve come to Transnistria for the first time My friend Boys and girls, hurry up C’mon, my friend Cheers, in Polish we say “na zdrowie” We say the same ‘Shi Sanetosh’ in Moldovan (literal translation from Russian to Romanian “cheers”, incorrect according to Romanian grammar, used only in Moldova) I’ve been to Poland Long ago? Przemysl (Polish city) Cars, cars He was importing cars The police stopped me and I talked with them like with him I understood them They almost spoke Russian I want to talk to Polish nation and to you If – God forbid – there will be any conflict You, Polish people will be f*cked

Shut up, don’t say this You know why? Because Red Army created a country for you Red Army! That’s first, and second Those lands if, God forbid, Russia and Germany will be up to no good, The Polish will be f*cked Because now you are working with Americans Side by side And as Russia is the strongest country in the world At this moment is the strongest, America is an ass An ass like that Please God, all would be good, But all you are doing in Poland It’s not fair Because all what’s best for Poland was done by Russia They put Poland in one piece And if you act normal towards Russia, They will give you back Galicia No, no, not only, in the times of USRR They murdered 30.000 Polish officers in Katyn (30.000 victms in total, 10.000 were officers) You remember? In Chatyn? I will not argue. (Common mistake while disscussing the masacre with Eastern people. Chatyn is a village in Belarus where Sonderkommando Dirlewanger burnt 149 people. The USRR awarely chose that village as the name corrspondences with ‘Katyn’. By this action they wanted to dissimulate the Katyn masacre) In Chatyn? It was not Russians there In Katyn it was Russians fault But they sold Red Army No, wait No, it was like this Because Polish won with Bolsheviks in 1920, later, the USRR – they killed 30.000 officers They sold Red Army Who? Polish How? When? In that time, that was the reason why they killed them I am pure Moldovan With Polish surname Jaworski I’m telling following Nevsky’s words: Those who come to us sword in hand will die by the sword! How did you come? No, wait How did you Polish come? 30.000 officers How did you come? You came with sword No, we didn’t. Tell me when? Shut up How did they come? Did they come with the sword? No, no, no, because Ribbentrop-Molotov, right? They came to the agreement And they divided Poland And in 1939 Misha’s house C’mon, bro It’s our bathtub Shower, I mean, not bathtub Toilet That is a kitchen A fridge, everything new Come here And now here The history was complicated And the history will be back, when Slavs will be brothers It will not happen without war I’m not denying Do you hear? Now we are kind people We like Poles As you can see What if an American came here? I wouldn’t host him Seriously? I swear to God Put them up? No problem But at the same table Aa, you mean drinking together in your house? Got it That’s because Americans are PE-DE-RASTS Bro I really like my speaker