《花千骨│The Journey of Flower》ENG Sub 第12集 官方高清版(霍建华、赵丽颖、蒋欣、杨烁领衔出演)

Episode Twelve Qiangu, after you leave here, I don’t konw what the time is that we will meet each other again? What you say sounds that we can’t see until we have died Although it is not the part forever, you have to go now, and Meng brother is not here now, you all left me alone here Don’t worry, I will come to see you frequently Qiangu, you promise me, no matter where you go later, you can’t forget I’m your good sister Okay, I remeber it You and Mantian are all my good friends Although Why do you still care about Mantian? I ask you, what time did she regard you as her friend? She thinks of you as her slave girl all the time At this legend of sword, she hurt you so severely and harm you with such a dirty trick Let you suffer so heavy injury I’m so angry when I talk about this matter with you These things are over, from now on, I will have a new beginning after I go to Unfeeling-Palace What’s wrong with me? Qiangu, Qiangu, what happened to you? Qiangu, Qiangu, Qiangu Where am I? I’m so cold This, where am I on earth? Why am I so cold? Ice-bed, no wonder it’s so cold Who, who lives here? So beautiful a house Unfeeling-Palace This is Unfeeling-Palace originally I’m in Unfeeling-Palace finally Zun Shang

Zun Shang You are awake Zun Shang You should call me master now Master Get up Your wound hasn’t healed yet, and suddenly had a coma, I bring you to Unfeeling-Palace to recuperate your body From now on, you can rest in Unfeeling-Palace In Unfeeling-Palace, there are lots of rooms, you can choose one which you like Thank you master Master, where is Tang Bao? Can she come back with me for a few days? She can After she found you are fine, she came out to send Dong Fang and Yun Yin She will come back soon If I knew it, I should wake up early, so I can go with her Tang Bao has already been familiar with the surroundings here After she come back, she will show you around There is no forbidden area, in Unfeeling-Palace, there are only two people, you who is the apprentice and me who is the master From now on, you don’t have to be as stiff as you used to be You can do everything you want, and go where you want to go You don’t have to report everything to me Mster You, why did you recruit me to be your apprentice? This is not my original idea, Ni Mantian won the match in an irregular way She doesn’t deserve to be my apprentice, and you, although you are my apprentice now, if you have any improper conducts I will also drive you out of our gang I will never let master disappointed, Your heart pulse has been broken, you can’t use your internal force temporarily But during this period, you’re not allowed to stop practice, you must be familiar with Sky-nine method of Chang Liu Yes, master Go with me Hua Qiangu, look down from here What can you see? Master, forgive my ignorance, I just see Chang Liu mountain What’s the distinguish between it and the past? It is more grand sight What else? You listen to me, ordinary peoples see the view only by their eyes But we are practicing peoples, we should use our hearts to feel, to feel flowers and grass, and even everything Is this the view of Chang Liu in master’s eyes? It must be the world in master’s eyes Master. did you live in Unfeeling-Palace alone ago? How long have you lived? So long, and I can’t remeber He over looked thousands of mountains alone everyday, to protect Chang Liu and every gang, so lonely he is Master, don’t be affraid, from now on, Qiangu will always be with you, you are not a lonely people any more How are your exercises going? Master, I’m stepping up my exercise The first form, Cheng Jiang The second form, Bi Hai The forms today, you have to practice for 100 times Master What happend? That, master, I have ate nothing for a whole day I’m very hungry now Do you want to eat? Yes I have found the whole Unfeeling-Palace, there is nothing to eat I don’t dare to find food outside the palace Master, you, aren’t you hungry?

I’m not hungry You are immortal, and you needn’t to eat anything Since today, you can go to Hai Palace to eat So, master, I, can I, can I take food back to eat? You can Thank you master I will go to find food at soon Wait You could have a meal after practicing Your Gong bell fell off Be careful in the future Mommy, mommy Get up, get up soon The sun has already basked in you Come on, come on It’s so late for you to pay respects to Zun Shang Why did you wake me up earlier? Today is my first day to pay respects to master I’m dead, I’m dead I’m sorry, mommy You should blame the bed for being so comfortable It’s so good for my practicing, and even I got up late Trash, you are really a trash Even a little girl, you can’t beat her You say, why do I keep you? Please don’t be angry I just ignored her, so Hua Qiangu get a chance You still dare to quibble Law enforcement forgive me please Although I couldn’t become the apprentice of Bai Zihua, but I have another plan, I must finish law enforcement’s work, I will get Liu-guang qin Liu-guang qin? It hides in Unfeeling Palace, If you think you will get it by yourself from Bai Zihua’s hand? law enforcement, to steal Liu-guang qin by my own strength is certainly impossible But I have found a powerful helper Who? Ni Mantian the daughter of the leader of Peng Lai called Ni Qianzhang, Ni Mantian? Yes She is the student of Chang Liu, why will she help you? Because she lost to Hua Qiangu She has hated Hua Qiangu to the core If I with the help of her to kill Hua Qiangu, Bai Zihua must recruit another apprentice At that time, Ni Mantian must be he first choice, but her handle is in my hand Let alone she go to steal Liu Guang Qin, even ask her to kill Bai Zihua, she has to follow us Yin Shangpiao Yes, law enforcement I give you one chance again, if you also lost it, you needn’t to come back I know law enforcement don’t worry please Master, Master, Master I’m in the study now Study? Where is the study? Master, master, master, master, Where is the study? master, master, master, Qiangu paies a formal visit to master It is no need In Unfeeling Palace, there are only two people, you and me We have no need to have so many rules If you have nothing to do, don’t trouble me, I will call you if I have things to do Get up Okay, master The content of

this book, you should remeber them all I will ask you at any time later Thank you master Master, I must do my best, and don’t make master worry about me Go out Master, is there anything that I can help you to do? Such as cleaning the room, washing clothes and grinding ink, whatever you want me to do There is no need I’m going out now Qiangu Yes, master This Seven-cut book, you need to remeber it by yourself You can’t show it to Tang Bao, and she can’t explain it to you Do you understand? And, bursting out is not allowed in Unfeeling Palace later I’m afraid of noisy Go out I see, master Mommy, did Zun Shang really not allow me to see Seven-cut book? Seven-cut book is this, its temptation to spirit is more than delicious food If I can really take just one look, I will be the omniscient spirit in the world Tang Bao, you have known so much, you have no need to know more Mommy, do you really think so? Of course, you are mommy’s baby, Tang Bao is so good and lovely Mommy, you are the best Mommy, don’t worry, I will not touch the corner of the book for you Okay, I thought my master will tell me how to do and go to the mountain to practice, but I can’t believe, he just let me read books Is the book bored? This book is so thin, I estimate that just one day later, I can memorize it very well, but my master ask me read it for one year Isn’t it very good? You read it with play breezily, and also have learn its content, you have no pressure completely Only because I have no pressure, I’m in a hurry now Mommy, don’t take your undeserved gain for granted Tang Bao Mommy, I had better go out now, or I always want to read it Mommy, you study work hard No way, this music book, except instruments and musicality, it also include tablature, xiao spectrum and music spectrum, all the things relate to music are inside My God The sword spectrum is more severe Every famous sword, the origin and legend of every gang, and every swordsman, sword knack, and sword method of every gang My God, there is nothing that it doesn’t have and isn’t accomplished in It also includes flowers and plants, treasure and beast, making medicinal materials, modulated perfume and disguise But not to mention that I have one year to recite it, if I recite it for seven years I can’t finish it either My God Are you play a joke on me together with my master?

But my master only asked me to remeber it, and not asked me to learn it, I can spend more time to read it and practice, I should remeber it quickly It can play music too Since the music score may play music, so what about sword score? I was the concubine’s child originally, relying on the grace of heaven to undertake the undertaking of Emperor, and just taken the throne I will follow my father’s teaching, and advocate moral education, and comprehend the government of Yao and Shun, I’ll learn the heyday of Han Dynasty and Tang Dynasty, all the secretary abide by their duty scrupulously The king and the people together to support our country We make our world lived with heaven and earth, and the same light as sun and moon Long live our noble Queen, Long live our noble Queen My brother Xuancong, he has morality and loyalty, and the qualities of sage education, I follow the late emperor’s will named him Ming Royal Highness He will manage Zhi Yan army and protect the capital Thanks very much, emperor Please think carefully, emperor I have name him Ming Royal Highness in the front of all the ministers Don’t you want me to countermand my command in the front of them? Emperor Ming Royal Highness has wolf ambition, he wants to be emperor instead of you, don’t you know him? Lie Xingyun, my brother should be the emperor originally If he wants now, I can give him at any time Emperor Okay, I know what you think about, get up I believe my brother, he will never do that Moreover, I have promise you to be the emperor now, what do you want me to do? Originally, when I left Chang Liu, I have told Qiangu that I will come back to attend the legend of sword But now this way, Qiangu must complain me that I don’t keep my promise Lie Xingyun, you ask subordinate to Chang Liu and pass on my words to them, you tell them that, after I left Chang Liu last time, I can’t know when we’ll together again Emperor, the first in the exam of this year wants to see you I won’t see him, don’t you notice that I’m busy Emperor Okay,okay, let him in Pass on Emperor, Long live our noble Queen What’s your name? Emperor, my name is Dong Fang Yuqing Why do you come here again? I come here not to find you, I heard you recruit a disciple unexpectedly at the legend of sword I just want to see the people who is so powerful to be your apprentice She is not in palace just right I heard that she is a girl Is it important? Why did you recruit a few more apprentices? So more people can take care of you Now only a man and a woman lives here, it is inconveniented Day as a teacher, life fatherhood, what’s inconvenient? This is my new perfume,

it can keep you calm the nerves The demons are very perfume recently, everything of Chang Liu, you needn’t to be trouble It’s better for you to recruit a student, she will add some popularity At least, Unfeeling Palace is not so deserted Thank you Hello, Zixun master Are you Hua Qiangu? Zixun master, I have learned your class last time, I like your refined spices very much I thought she has very large ability, because she can be the student of Zihua, she is just a humble stupid girl originally It seems that Zihua has no way except listen to Moyan, and recruit an apprentice casually Mommy, you come here better in time, practice the sword with me The first time, Tang Bao don’t live with me I can’t fit in without her Master Since ancient times, tweedle impresses people depend on feelling But the tweedle of master, just has the form, the aroma, the manner, but no emotion at all It sounds that everything is useless in the world I think the reason must be that my master lives so lonely above the heaven He protects this fairy mountain, this piece of earth, and this world full of all kinds of strange, for thousands of years and million years Music battle is the most common in all kinds of war The old qin is the first among the four artistries and the eight music Its voice is the deepest and the easiest to move people The other instruments, you just understand, but the old qin, you must know how to play Have you seen the music score? Yes, master, I have seen them and remember them all, but I haven’t play them yet Come here Yes You show me your play

Yes Qiangu, your master will teach you, when you pluck string, you need to turn, make your thumb vertical, and downward naturally Your finger of right hand don’t be too deep, mix the true and false melodies the sound will be clear You can’t be impatient, concentrate your spirit, and introduct the soundbyte layer by layer Every wave has the power to cut off the gold Master is teaching me how to play personally, but why my hand can’t use my strength at all Do you understand? Yes, I do You need to practice more when you are staying idle, there are lots of old qins, you can choose one which you like Thank you master It’s too late now, you go to sleep earlier and to practice tomorrow Qing Shui Tang Bao Why do you come here? Where is Qiangu? Qiangu is busy recently, she has no time to play with me, I just look for you Why do you wash the clothes here? Don’t mention it, there is a method of sword I can’t grasp it no matter what I do Tao Weng punished me to wash the clothes here, and asked me not to practice theurgy You don’t know the method well and you were punished either, but Tao Weng is not more severe than Zun Shang Why do you think so? Qiangu’s injury has not been cure, but Zun Shang let her to practice every day, and ask her to remeber all the content of Seven-cut sword Seven-cut sword? It is one of the treasures to protect Chang Liu It includes everything in the world Zun Shang show Qiangu this book actually Yes My Qiangu mommy watch the Seven-cut sword every day now, She is so conscientious Qiangu is so lucky If I know this earlier, I will risk my life to be the apprentice of Zun Shang The most important is the lucky chance So it is Even Seven-cut sword has transfered to Hua Qiangu, It seems that Hua Qiangu has found the right master Why do you glare at me? You can’t stop her from studying and laughing at all You don’t blame me that I didn’t remind you, no matter you are envying or admiring, if you still just wait, you can’t get any chance You don’t talk nonsense, It is not other’s turn to edcate me Tang Bao, have you seen Mantian recently? I have been outside a few times, but I only saw Qing Shui and others, it is a long time that I didn’t see Mantian I don’t know if she is okay and still angry with me? Mommy, she bullied you so severely at the legend of sword, why do you still worry about her? She just really want to be the student of Zun Shang Every one wants to be the student of Zun Shang If she has power, she can battle with you fairly and squarely Mommy, you have ate so less recently Is there any wound in your body? I am so lonly every day in Unfeeling Palace It’s been a month now, but the time I saw master less than the number of my fingers Three meals a day, I have them alone Nobody to snatch with me, I don’t want to eat You can find someone to accompany you, This is the Unfeeling Palace, it is not the place that every one can be here Even the one like Qing Shui is not allowed to come in Don’t you refer to master? Yes My master is an immortal, he has no need to eat Further more, I always feel my master is so strict to me and frosty So that, you must brain storm to let him to eat with you In this case, you can see him one time at least everyday The emotion between master and apprentice needs your trainning What you said is right,

Master, master Qiangu made a dish specially for you, please taste it It is no need Master, for this dish, I have been busy for a whole day, You just have a bite, just a little How is it? master Very good, it is so good that master likes it Master, for the sake of you like this dish so much, I have another problem want to ask master You say Can you give me a little time everyday, just a little time to eat accompany Qiangu? I always ate with my father before, with Qing Shui and others later, But after I came to Unfeeling Palace, Qiangu is alone every day, you see, Qiangu has been thin Okay Thank you, master Wait What’s wrong? master Where did you find this ice-lotus? I saw the lotus in the backyard is very beautiful, so I think out this dish, and made it for master This millenary ice-lotus, was transplanted from the extremely north place, I have cultivated them for several years, it is so difficult for it to blossom, and you have ate them actually I punish you not to eat today Master, master It’s not my original idea Tang Bao, what’s wrong with you? you say heng heng all the time Mommy, I have a stomachache It must be you have ate too much ice-lotus of master Okay, I help you rub You eat so much food recently and turn to be fat, you looks round now Certainly not, I have my waist Waist? Where is it? Is it here or there? And other else? I itch, mommy The top note was so insipid that you can’t hear it, the middle note sounds like the tidewater, it is so turbulently, and intoxicating, you can not extricate yourself Modulating perfume is a very high learning originally Zixun is so amazing Mommy, mommy What’s wrong? Go with me to find Qing Shui Qing Shui? What’s wrong with Qing Shui? Tang Bao, you say it quickly She, she, Qing Shui You say it quickly, what’s wrong with Qing Shui? Qing Shui, don’t be cry Lang brother went back to become the king, it is a good matter, and we should be happy now After he become the emperor and leave Chang Liu, I can see him no more in the future We have no choice, he has important responsibility, if we want to see him, we can go to the imperial palace to find him, is it okay? It is not easy like what you said Qing Shui, you see, this is Gou Yu which Lang brother send it to me, he said it can be regarded as a token In due course, if we want to see him, we take it with us, and we must see him Really? Really

If we have nothing to do in the future, we go down the mountain together to find him Okay, that’s a deal But then, isn’t Lang brother the second tzarevich? Why did he become the emperor? No matter what the reason is In a word, it is the matter that make us happy, is it right? It is not the unique new from the imperial palace, we have recieved another good new, mommy, daddy really become the first in the exam Really? it’s so good My mommy will be the champion wife at soon, My father will come here to marry mommy at once Tang Bao, you can not talk nonsense Qing Shui, in this case, you don’t need to worry, Dong Fang will help Lang brother in the future You two are so shameless, you had better go down the mountain to marry men, why do you here to practice to be immortals? Don’t damage the reputation of Chang Liu Mantian Ni Mantian, you don’t speak nonsense, Qiangu’s generation is older than you now, you need to pay a formal visit when you see your uncle I have forgot that I need call you little uncle, right? It is useless Okay, I think you have learned lots of techniques from Zun Shang, so, let us have a competition Don’t touch her, Qiangu has been hurt by you and hasn’t recovered yet, she also has internal injuries, you can battle with me if you have skill Just you, you do not have the qualification Mantian, Qing Shui you’re not going to hit again Qing Shui Cut-miss Tang Bao