#88mph 11 (English Subtitles) – Donkey Kong Country en 24:24

Hello and welcome in this brand new episode of 88 MPH, the TAS-dedicated show. I’m getting a bit bored with this opening, still we need to tell the name of our show Today, Donkey Kong Country, a SNES game released in 94, and we’re starting the speedrun right now, we’ll comment during it It’s a run made by Arnethegreat in 24’23, submitted in the 7th of July 2006. Let’s do this It’s a game edited by Rare, which became a part of Nintendo, they weren’t very popular before, but this game was the revelation for most players They also made games for the N64, like Banjoe & Kazooie, or Donkey Kong Country 64 A cult platformer, the third most-sold game on the SNES There we are, the Kongo Jungle. As you can see, it was a game which had outstanding graphics on the SNES Most sprites are in precalculated 3D, which were made on huge Silicon Graphics stations Sprites were then modified to be drawn by the SNES. There he chooses Diddy, as he’s faster This is a warp zone, by pressing Y and B several times at a specific point, which takes you to the third world. We won’t see the Apes mines This is a game you played a lot, right? Indeed, I even played it as a classic speedrun, but it was a long time ago, in 94 or 95 It’s a game which had a world-wide release, on the 25th of November 94 in the USA, 26th of November in Japan Japanese weren’t the first-served, but as Rare is a british company, they decided to release it in Europe first, then the USA, then in Japan This is Enguarde the Swordfish, when you’re in the water it’s essential to have it as he’s way faster and has a dash attack It allows you to kill enemies. See how he avoids the DK barrel, that’s how the life system worked, each time you get hit your character leaves, but you can get it back from a barrel He avoids them in order to reduce lag on screen, therefore saving some frames. We’re already at a boss, but it’s the third world boss It’s the wasp queen. When she’s red, she’s invincible. She should stay that more often… Well, it’s not pratical, but you need to be able to kill them He plays with her, he takes inconsiderate risks, these are examples of what you can do in a TAS To sum up what a Tool-assisted speedrun is, it’s played on emulator, not on real hardware And they use tools they developed, to slow up the game or make sure a key is pressed at the wanted frame Show the health points of bosses, and start again an infinite time, which is the most used feature. Now we’re in the fourth world, the ice world A bit slippery, DKC is a bit traditional for a platformer, but it got really known for its graphics Small trivia about this game: when it was shown in 93 in a video game convention, people thought it was a next-gen game. For the Ultra 64 Which was supposed to be the next Nintendo system on that time, but it wasn’t, it was for the SNES and people were really impressed by the quality of what the SNES could show The huge extra time saved on this run comes from a better timing on platforms, barrels, bees, etc… A huge work made to save a lot of time There are also warp zones as we have seen before, as this is the fourth world in the game. But sometimes there are barrels which take you to the end of the stage Hopping on the enemy to get to the rope, and also a very efficient technique to climb the rope. And there is a barrel which saves a lot of time! We lose some time by getting hit, but we gain so much by taking this path… He doesn’t stay a lot of time on the ropes In fact he plays with Diddy as he’s faster and jumps a little higher, but he can’t kill the big enemies. Not a problem on a TAS

Two techniques were found with Diddy, one is the rolling-extending and the extra-roll. Maybe you noticed, but when he rolls twice, they are quicker than usual There is no downtime. The technique used here is to press down and Y after one frame and you can roll again. And to not let the Y button pressed It took a long time to find that. They discovered it randomly, in 2006, by ArneTheGreat? He also made the 101% run if you’re interested As it’s a game where you can get more than 100%, there’s a secret in a secret, in the industrial world This was Expresso the ostrich… And now swimming forth to get our swordfish This is a game which made a lasting impression, even on characters, as not only Donkey Kong but also Diddy, which got its later own games He was seen in Mario Kart recently, there was Diddy Kong Racing on the N64, but even on the SNES with Donkey Kong Country 2 and 3, well he’s just kidnapped in the 3 But he’s almost the main protagonist of the 2nd game, even if he’s with Dixie, his girlfriend They’re really cult characters now. I know Donkey Kong is in Smash Bros games too, but Diddy isn’t. Really key characters for Nintendo Well, Donkey Kong is almost the first official video game from Nintendo, in 1981, even if the character is not yet the same This is a game which isn’t just for the SNES, but also on GBC, GBA, and on WiiWare! Download it, it’s really fun even with nowadays standards! We played it recently, and it’s still as pleasant as it was Another trivia on this game, Miyamoto said it was a very bad game, he must have been a bit jealous about it First because the graphical engine of Yoshi Island wasn’t used, as SiliconGraphics were used for this game And he said that “players will put up with mediocre gameplay as long as the art is good.” He apologized afterwards, as he realized it was a bit harsh The game is excellent, especially the visuals, magazines had to change their way to grade graphics because of this game So they changed how the graduation was made, not only for the graphics, but for the music too We briefly saw Cranky Kong, but in fact he’s the main villain from the old Donkey Kong game! Though he obviously retired since then That’s why he says he has played everything, he gives hints when you talk to him. There were some characters you could cross in this game There was Funky Kong! He was totally unknown on that time but since Mario Kart Wii, he’s now a star Everyone who has played Mario Kart Wii know why we talk about him There was Candy Kong which made you save your progress. Useful if you wanted to get the 101% This level really reminds me of Star Wars, at the end of the third movie Or maybe it’s Robin Hood’s village? Don’t know what they had in mind All these Kritters jumping around… There was an awful number of jokes in DKC with the K letter, with every Kremlin name starting with a K The last boss is named K. Rool… I love how he ducks under the bees! This is one of the most known technique of the game: being able to jump after rolling It’s played like a double jump, as you are able to jump even if you rolled in the air The “Really Gnawty”, a very easy boss… Anyway bosses weren’t hard in this game, except for the last one. Bosses aren’t that well made I love the difference between the number of stolen bananas and the background here! There are mountains made of bananas!

That’s the story: Donkey Kong got his bananas stolen, and he wants them back. That’s another complex story… So you travel on this island where they live to get them back Maybe you’ve seen this little glitch, he managed to walk through solid elements of the foreground, these oil barrels didn’t always have a consistency in the graphic engine Always so precise! As usual, everything is found on tasvideos.org, make sure to read the whole submission Every glitch is described, and he made a lot of improvements compared to the old speedrun. That’s a reason why no one has tried competing with this old run! He spent 4 monthes, first on the 101% speedrun, then on this one. But keep in mind there are at least 4 monthes of work to get this speedrun made There is a lot of research even before starting to make the speedrun. And of course, he was also a speedrunner on real hardware. And here, good old shortcut taking you to the end of the stage As he’s not trying to find the stage’s secrets, he aims for the end Here we are in the industrial world It’s always so accurate… Hey he had to wait! Here is another trick they discovered, it’s called the endless climbing; when you’re on a rope, the ceiling blocks you, but if you jump you can get over an element of the background These are enemies Diddy couldn’t kill by stomping them. Only the big blue Kritters couldn’t be killed, even by rolling Yeah, the Krushas, sort of Schwarzenegger with a DK taste For those who doesn’t remember it, the soundtrack is really amazing Technically, it’s one the most successfully completed game on the SNES. With the second one Most fans agree that the second game is the best, as it’s darker, way harder, and has a lot of sidequests with a secret ending The game is also very well-programmed, there’s almost no glitches. Compared to Sonic 3, where we could run through the walls, this one doesn’t allow much Here we walk through a wall, but it’s a secret path from the game. That’s not a glitch How could they survive in such a polluated water? It seemed very green to me! Seems like apes and gorillas are very resistant Here he’s going to do more amazing things, he gets hit but only to get this glitch: he flies through the stage. You’re supposed to do this stage on cart only And he even can kill enemies, so he gets higher to reach the end of the stage I didn’t find this one when playing, it’s a very recent glitch. He gains like 5 seconds compared to the older run, which I haven’t watched Still, ArnetheGreat optimized the older run to get this one… Funny name, a bit pretentious, like Hero of the Day, the TASer behind Super Metroid We’re still waiting for more improvements by the way! Still, ending Super Metroid in 12 minutes, that will require a lot of work These levels are not on auto-scrolling, still it’s slower as the player has to go with the cart A blinking stage! But if you know it by heart, it’s way easier. I have really good memories of this music, really liked it By the way, like for Killer Instinct, the game was sold with its soundtrack on a CD At least in Europe, as I remember having the CD for both games. Well I don’t remember how I got it, maybe it was only for the first releases

Anyway I didn’t have a CD player on that time! On 94, I think I had one in my computer though. I had a Mac IIvi back then This is Dum Drum, the evil toxic drum… Were they ecologists? Anyway Nintendo is always very ecologist So much bananas… It can’t fit in his cave! When starting the game, you can go to the cave where bananas are usually stored Isn’t there an extra life there? Not sure, a balloon. As extra lives are balloons in this game Yeah you can get 1, 3 or 5 extra lives with them. He’s having fun, hiding behind the boss Bosses aren’t that good, but as this one spawns several enemies, it’s longer to beat Stages are starting to become really good from there, the Chimp Caverns We’re tempted to silently let you appreciate what he’s going to do in this cult stage There is an auto-scrolling platform losing fuel as time passes, and he must collect drums of fuel in order to let it go on You can hear the small “ding-ding” of the fuel being used. Of course his goal here is to collect the drums at the very last second He doesn’t even take them all, just the ones he needs. And as he has to wait for the platform to come, he has fun going around He goes as far as possible, and no player could do all this with a pad! It’s way too dangerous! Here he goes very fast, but he still has to wait for the platform to come. This is a fine example of what you will only see in a TAS There’s also an aesthetic work, as there is no need for him to do all this, but it’s just way funnier and entertaining to watch that way Another proof that TASing is not just about speed. There’s also this need of doing beautiful and entertaining things. A real art work This is a sort of movie after all. This stage is interesting, as it’s not a real auto-scroller, but still we have to wait to get further And as he can’t cheat, he shows us every amazing move he can make in a TAS Anyone who played this game must be amazed to see what the characters do here. He goes as far as possible to almost get hit But as the game doesn’t detect a collision, you can believe there are, but it’s just extremely close A grotto stage, this music was great. Our good friend Rambi the rhino There were a lot of secondary characters in this game when you think about it… The rhino was very cool to use, very smooth, where the ostrich was fine but very slippery The worst one was the frog, it was just a fine way of killing yourself Especially in specific levels where you have to use them… Wow! Haha! Rambi was sacrificed In order to jump longer, to gain like, maybe 2 seconds, but that’s how you have to do it! All these accelerations, each time he rolls he goes faster and there are no pause between each This stage is rather difficult, we’re already at the last world… Still it was well-measured compared to the second game The second one is really harder. That’s why I prefer it, it’s longer to beat! More playtime More playtime? For you? After all the time you spent on the first DKC? You must be aware that this fine lad CoeurDeVandale here took part in a competition organized by the french magazine Player One Where we went, we were like, 11 or 12? Yeah it was around 95

It was a speedrun of DKC, and he ended third. We were a lot to finish the game in 1hr01, another in 1h00, and some guy finished it in 52 minutes Consider that on that time there were only magazines, no internet! No way to know how fast other players went, or tricks to use! I remember I was taking photos for this, we had to show the select game screen with 101%, as it was the only way to prove we actually finished the game! Otherwise, the percentage doesn’t indicate how far you are in the game… A picture taken at 101% with the played time And one hour on the pad, it’s not that easy! Well here, we can say savestates really help Here he takes, what, 23 minutes? Was it really a 101% for the competition? Yeah as it’s the only way to prove that you’ve finished the game Otherwise the percentage doesn’t tell you how far you are in the game. Taking a picture of the last boss doesn’t show the time either. It was hard to take a picture of a screen! Let’s get back on the game. Always this level of skill, as incredible as ever Another fun trivia about Rare: they bought the big Silicon Graphics stations in order to make the game But it was such powerful computers that the british state started to carry out an investigation as they were afraid they could be terrorists As they didn’t know exactly what they were working on, they didn’t believe they could actually create video games from such computers So Rare really had investigators questioning them to make sure they were indeed working on video games and not on more tendentious works On that time, the game cost a lot Another easy boss, Master Necky Senior! The ultimate vulture, the most powerful! Bosses were a disappointment, as most were just a color swap. And of course, swapping colors makes it stronger, it’s well known! That’s an habit that still exists, swapping colors makes you either faster or stronger. Especially in RPGs and Hack’n’Slash And there it is, the final boss! K. Rool! Finally a good boss and an awesome track for this stage You’re going to see a good example of the game’s humor here. They remade this track in the last Smash Bros on Wii, too. A metal version, very funny one Many tracks in SSBM are remixes anyway, very funny ones all the time. As he has to wait he plays around, but it wasn’t that easy! By far the hardest boss in the game! Especially compared with the other bosses, and when he starts to jump, between his small and long jumps It’s not very hard yet, but he’s way easier than the hidden final boss in DKC2… He doesn’t have the time to throw his crown! He doesn’t even need to move… The second character can’t be hit when you don’t play it. Usual in this kind of games There were two two-players modes, one as a competition, where you played to go the fastest at the end of a stage… Ha, here is the cult scene! The first end! With K everywhere in the kredits… I love this “The End?” with a question mark The false ending, and the second transformation for the boss, even if he doesn’t change his shape. He has new skills, and this damn jump is horrible to avoid! He has different lengths of jumps, never easy to anticipate. This first jump is very tricky

He seems to have fun here! And there he is, the movie ended, as you have seen on the lower-left. What matters is usually when you beat the final boss We don’t count the ending. There is Cranky Kong, which was the old Donkey Kong from the NES! He has a lot of experience He can talk, Donkey hasn’t done a thing here! That’s true! We couldn’t see most levels, as there was a warp zone at start, still we’ve seen a lot of the game Finally got his stash back! He looks really happy, but this cave must be huge, as there are six bosses, meaning six giant stacks of bananas. He got enough for a lifetime That’s a very long ending, a bit like in Mario where you get to see each enemy in the game Animals, then sea enemies, and bosses So we decided to talk about the philosophy behind TAS There was a huge debate between us: do we keep the endings if they are long, do you want to watch them? It’s not a problem for us, but it’s more for you, maybe you get bored, but on the other hand maybe you want to see or see again these endings So feel free to add a comment telling us if you want to see the endings! I love this shark being chased… There are a lot of jokes in this ending sequence Even philosophically, the speedrun must be fast, but it’s not a sport exhibition, it’s more like a chess performance As we calculate what we are going to do, we guess a lot before doing a move at a certain time. And we build like this from the start to the very end, in order to be the most perfect Be as perfect as possible, but keeping in mind the entertainment which must be in the movie It’s made for entertainment anyway, to be watched as a movie. You can try playing it on an emulator, but it’s easier to just get the movie file, ha ha! There are a lot of compatibility issues sometimes, depending on the version of the ROM or the emulator used Sometimes we come across false information concerning TAS, that’s not because we love TAS that we dislike classic speedruns, or the contrary! These are just different works It’s maybe because we love speedruns that we love TAS, but still, maybe speedrunners in both categories do both Hero of the day is an example: he was a very skilled Super Metroid player, and as he wanted to do the perfect jumps, the perfect moves, he started a TAS In a classic speedrun, there’s this idea of performance, and each got its imperfections But when you consider that the player starts and never stops until the end, it’s different The small joke for the end: Cranky Kong coming and saying that you should finish the game under one hour and with one life Which we did! And there wasn’t anything more to get! It was a lie! We thought there was something hidden! Like in Super Metroid! You can see Samus in a bathsuit, but here, nothing! That was evil! Concerning Super Metroid, there was also this kind of myth Like “yeah finish the game under one hour” as it was under 3 hours to get the best ending, so we believed that under one hour there was something even better Teenage fantasies of that time… Developers just didn’t think it could be finished under one hour You finished Super Metroid under one hour? No, no, I was around 1 hour 06, or 1 hour 10. Time shown by the console of course

It’s only way after that that we discovered new tricks for it. That was our first TAS by the way Well, first that was Mario Bros 3, but the first we chose to download from the site was Super Metroid Terimakasih, the first speedruner we spoke to, he is a very kind man! Some classic speedruns have a weird status, as they are made in different segments, as the game allow you to save and start again as many times as needed You can think a lot about it, but most of the time players are honest, and just tell if it’s played on an emulator or not There’s a whole description of the speedrun, you just need to read it. All the needed information is there At last all these explanations, that we needed to tell, thanks to the long ending and even more! We wish you a good evening, day, or night, or afternoon even, depending on what you want And we see you again for the 12th episode, we don’t know yet what we’re going to do, feel free to tell us It could be a Megaman on the NES, or a new franchise, or a shoot’em-up… That could be Gradius, that could be Killer Instinct If you have ideas, share them! But please, don’t ask us for Secret of Mana, or RPGs in general, it’s just too long. We can’t just comment for three hours straight There is a TAS of Secret of Mana, but it’s counted in hours See you next time! Subs: Rayas