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This list of missiles by country displays the names of missiles in order of the country where they originate (were developed), with the countries listed alphabetically and annotated with their continent (and defence alliance, if applicable). In cases where multiple nations have developed or produced a missile, it is listed under each significantly participating nation. Within the lists of each country, missiles are ordered by designation and/or calling name (the latter being especially relevant for Russian/Soviet missiles). In some cases multiple listings are used, in order to provide cross-references for easier navigation This is not a list of missiles in operational service by a particular country; nor a list of military rockets. Anti-tank missiles are listed elsewhere For an alphabetical list by missile name, see the list of missiles == Argentina == Alacrán AS-25K antiship, air-ground ASM Cóndor I (with major contributions of German technology) Cóndor II (in cooperation with several Middle-Eastern countries) Cóndor III Martin Pescador MP-1000 antiship, air-ground ASM Mathogo antitank, wire-guided == Australia == Ikara Malkara (joint Australian/British) Nulka active missile decoy designed to decoy antiship missiles away from their targets ESSM SM-3 == Brazil == A-Darter Fifth generation short range infrared homing air-to-air missile (joint South Africa/Brazil) FOG-MPM Fiber-Optical-Guided-Multipurpose-missile AVMT-300 GPS and/or laser-guided long-range missile MAA-1A Piranha short-range infrared-homing air-to-air missile MAA-1B Piranha air-to-air missile, also known as “Piranha II” MSS-1.2 AC antitank guided missile MSA-3.1 AAé antiaircraft guided missile MAS-5.1 air-to-ground missile MAR-1 antiradiation missile (ARM) MAN-1 (MANSUP) antiship missile == Canada == ERYX (joint French/Canadian) Velvet Glove == China == Missiles: Red Arrow 73 Red Arrow 8 Red Arrow 9 Red Arrow 10 GT6 C-802 (Yingji) antiship missile KD-88 land-attack cruise missile PL-5 AAM PL-7 AAM PL-9 AAM PL-10 AAM PL-12 AAM CSS-2 Dong Feng-3A MRBM DF-4 IRBM DF-5 ICBM DF-15 SRBM DF-21 MRBM DF-31 ICBM Range:8000 km DF-31A ICBM Range:13000 km DF-41 ICBM DH-10 LACM JL-1 SLBM JL-2 SLBM Range:8000 km Hongqi-1 SAM Hongqi-2 SAM Hongnu-5 SAM Hongqi-7 SAM Hongqi-9 SAM Hongqi-10 SAM Hongqi-15 SAM Hongqi-17 SAM Hongqi-18 SAM Hongqi-61 SAM Kaishan-1 SAM Lieying-60 SAM PenLung-9 SAM Qianwei-1 SAM Qianwei-2 SAM

Silkworm missile short-range antiship subsonic cruise missile == European joint-venture == AIM-132 ASRAAM MBDA Aster MBDA Meteor IRIS-T Martel – Anglo-French: Models AJ 168 and AS.37 MIM-115 Roland Taurus KEPD 150/350 == France == AASM Aerospatiale AS-12 Apache AS.30 ASMP Crotale surface-to-air missile ENTAC ERYX (France-Canada) Masurca (Naval SAM) == Germany == AS.34 Kormoran 1/2 MIM-115 Roland (replaced by LFK NG) ESSM EuroSpike (Israel/Germany) Taurus KEPD 350 AGM Armiger IRIS-T IRIS-T SL IDAS (missile) PARS 3 LR RBS-15 (Sweden/Germany) GMLRS MEADS RIM-116 RAM LFK NG MBDA Meteor (Multinational) Euromissile HOT (Franco German) antitank missile MILAN === German missiles of World War II === V-1 flying bomb V-2 rocket Enzian missile Wasserfall missile Ruhrstahl X-4 missile Schmetterling Rheinbote Rheintochter Henschel Hs 293 Fritz X Feuerlilieantitank missile == India == Akash: surface-to-air missile Nag: anti-tank missile Helina: air-launched anti-tank missile SANT Missile: Standoff anti-tank missile Amogha missile: anti-tank missile CLGM: Cannon launched anti-tank missile DRDO Anti Tank Missile DRDO SAAW: Precision guided anti airfield bomb Prithvi (missile) Prithvi-I (SS-150): surface-to-surface ballistic missile Prithvi-II (SS-250): surface-to-surface ballistic missile Prithvi-III (SS-350): surface-to-surface ballistic missile Dhanush (missile): ship-launched surface-to-surface ballistic missile Agni (missile) Agni-I MRBM: surface-to-surface medium-range ballistic missile Agni-II MRBM: surface-to-surface medium-range ballistic missile Agni-III IRBM: surface-to-surface intermediate-range ballistic missile Agni-IV IRBM: surface-to-surface intermediate-range ballistic missile Agni-V ICBM: surface-to-surface intercontinental ballistic missile Agni-VI: Four-stage Intercontinental ballistic missile. (under development) Surya: Intercontinental ballistic missile (Unconfirmed) K Missile family K 15 Sagarika: submarine-launched ballistic missile K 4: submarine-launched ballistic missile K 5: submarine-launched ballistic missile (under development) Shaurya: surface-to-surface hypersonic tactical missile BrahMos: cruise missile BrahMos-A: air-launched cruise missile BrahMos-NG: miniature version based on the BrahMos (missile) (under development) BrahMos-II: hypersonic missile (under development) Astra BVRAAM: active radar homing beyond-visual-range missile DRDO SFDR BVRAAM: Solid Fuel Ducted Ramjet propulsion based air to air missile DRDO Anti-Radiation Missile: air-to-surface antiradiation missile (under development) Nirbhay: long-range subsonic cruise missile (under development)

Prahaar: tactical short-range ballistic missile Pragati: Higher range variant of Prahaar Pralay: short-range ballistic missile Pinaka: guided rockets (Pinaka Mk1 unguided & MK2 guided rockets, Pinaka MkIII in development) Barak 8: long-range surface-to-air missile Maitri (missile) DRDO quick-reaction surface-to-air missile QRSAM DRDO, BEL and BDL’s quick reaction surface-to-air missile Pradyumna ballistic missile interceptor: ballistic missile interceptor, surface-to-air missile Ashwin Ballistic Missile Interceptor: ballistic missile interceptor and antiaircraft missile Trishul (missile): surface-to-air missile Prithvi Air Defence: exoatmospheric antiballistic missile Advanced Air Defence: endoatmospheric antiballistic missile Prithvi Defence Vehicle: antiballistic missile Indian ASAT (Satellite Interceptor) AD-1 & AD-2 (Program AD ballistic missile defence system) – exoatmospheric antiballistic missile. (under development) == Iran == As of 2009, Iran has an active interest in developing, acquiring, and deploying a broad range of ballistic missiles, as well as developing a space launch capability. In mid-July 2008, Iran launched a number of ballistic missiles during military exercises, reportedly including the medium-range Shahab-3. Iran announced other missile and space launch tests in August and November 2008. In February 2009, Iran announced it launched a satellite into orbit and “officially achieved a presence in space.” Saeghe 1–2 Fajr-8, upgrades copy of S-200, Iranian upgrades Ghadr-111 Shahin I & II, reverse-engineered MIM-23 Hawk SAM R-17E, variant of the Russian Scud B SS-N-22 Sunburn SS-NX-26 Yakhont Raduga Kh-55, also called X-55 Silkworm missile == Iraq == Al-Samoud 2 Ababil-100 Al Fahd 300 Al Fahd 500 Al Hussein Al Hijarah Al Abbas Badr 2000 Project 144 Tammuz-1 Al Abid Scud == Israel == Arrow missile antiballistic missile (ABM) Barak 1 (naval point defense) Barak 8 (naval area defense) Delilah missile (Cruise missile of several variants: drone, air-to-ground, possible antiradiation version as well) David’s Sling/Magic Wand (medium-range antimissile) Gabriel missile (ship-to-ship and air-to-ship variants) Iron Dome (short-range antirocket missile system) Jericho II IRBM (ground-to-ground ballistic) Jericho III ICBM (ground-to-ground ballistic) LAHAT (guided antitank) LORA (ground to ground) Nimrod (guided antitank) Popeye missile (air-to-ground cruise missile USAF designation: AGM-142 Have Nap. Possibly larger derivatives exist as well, including a submarine-launched variant) Python 5 (air-to-air, with also a ground-to-air version named SPYDER) Derby (air-to-air, also known as the “Alto”) Shavit (Space launcher) Spike/Gil missile (man-portable antitank guided missile, tactical ground-to-ground (Spike NLOS)) == Italy == Alfa Aspide Aster (missile family) CAMM (missile family) Marte Meteor (missile) Otomat PAAMS Storm Shadow Vega (launcher) (Space launcher) == Japan == AAM-1 (Type 69 air-to-air missile) AAM-2 (Program was canceled) AAM-3 (Type 90 air-to-air missile)

AAM-4 (Type 99 air-to-air missile) AAM-4B AAM-5 (Type 04 air-to-air missile) AAM-5B (Development) ASM-1 (Type 80 air-to-ship missile) ASM-1C (Type 91 air-to-ship missile) ASM-2 (Type 93 air-to-ship missile) ASM-2B ATM-1 (Type 64 antitank missile) ATM-2 (Type 79 antitank missile) ATM-3 (Type 87 antitank missile) ATM-4 (Type 96 multipurpose missile system) ATM-5 (Type 01 light antitank missile) ATM-6 (medium-range multipurpose missile) SAM-1 (Type 81 short-range surface-to-air missile) (SAM) SAM-1B SAM-1C SAM-2 (Type 91 man-portable surface-to-air missile) (SAM) SAM-2B SAM-3 (Type 93 short-range surface-to-air missile) SAM-4 (Type 03 medium-range surface-to-air missile) SAM-4B (Development) Type 11 short-range surface-to-air missile (SAM) SSM-1 (Type 88 surface-to-ship missile) SSM-1C SSM-1B (Type 90 ship-to-ship missile) SM-3 Block-II/IIA (Joint development with the U.S.) Type 73 (Type 73 lightweight torpedo) Type 80 (Type 80 heavyweight torpedo) Type 89 (Type 89 heavyweight torpedo) Type 97 (Type 97 lightweight torpedo) Type 07 (Type 07 Vertical Launched ASROC) == Nigeria == Ogbunigwe (multipurpose missile) == North Korea == Hwa song 2 missile Hwa song 1 missile == Norway == Penguin (American designation AGM-119) Naval Strike Missile == Pakistan == Anza Mk.1, Mk.2 – man-portable air-defence system (MANPADS) Ababeel – medium-range ballistic missile with multiple independently targetable reentry vehicle (MIRV) Barq – laser guided air-to-surface missile Baktar-Shikan – antitank missile Babur 1 (Hatf VII) – ground-launched cruise missile(Hatf-VII) Babur 2 (Hatf VII) – ground-launched cruise missile(Hatf-VII) Babur 3 (Hatf VII) – submarine-launched cruise missile(Hatf-VII) Harbah — ship-launched antiship missile and land attack missile Hatf-VIII (Ra’ad) – air-launched cruise missile (ALCM) Ghauri I – medium-range ballistic missile Shaheen-I – short-range ballistic missile Ghauri II – medium-range ballistic missile Shaheen II – medium-range ballistic missile Shaheen-III – medium-range ballistic missile Ghaznavi – short-range ballistic missile Hatf-IA – battlefield ballistic missile Abdali-I – short-range ballistic missile Hatf-IX (Nasr) – tactical ballistic missile Zarb – antiship missile Nasr – medium-range ballistic missile == South Korea == Baeksangeo (White Shark) heavyweight torpedo Cheolmae-2 (KM-SAM) medium-range surface-to-air missile Cheongsangeo (Blue Shark) lightweight torpedo Chiron surface-to-air missile C-Star ship-to-ship missile KL-SAM ground-based long-range surface-to-air

SAM/ABM KAGM air-to-ground missile K-BATS multipayload tactical ballistic missile system K-LOGIR 2.75 inch (70 mm) missile Haeseong I antiship missile Haeseong II ship-to-surface cruise missile Haeseong III antiship cruise missile Hongsangeo (Red Shark) rocket-based torpedo and antisubmarine missile (K-ASROC) Baekgom tactical ballistic missile Hyunmoo-1 tactical ballistic missile Hyunmoo-2A tactical ballistic missile Hyunmoo-2B tactical ballistic missile Hyunmoo-2C tactical ballistic missile Hyunmoo-3A tactical cruise missile Hyunmoo-3B tactical cruise missile Hyunmoo-3C tactical cruise missile Hyunmoo-3D/Hyunmoo-4 tactical cruise missile Pegasus surface-to-air missile K-SAAM ship-based antimissile missile (ABM) Hyun-Gung antitank missile K-RAM surface-to-air missile (SAM) Leaflet 130 mm ship-to-ship guided missile Tactical Flag ship-to-surface guided missile KGGB GPS-guided air-to-surface missile == Russia == The NATO reporting name of each missile is shown in parentheses behind the proper name === By NATO name === == Serbia == ALAS (Advanced Light Attack System) long-range multipurpose guided missile == South Africa == === RSA Series === RSA-1 (Variant of the Jericho II second stage for use as a mobile missile) RSA-2 (Variant of the Jericho II) RSA-3 (Variant of the Shavit) RSA-4 (Upper stages of the Shavit with a heavy first stage)(Above missile prototypes made by Houwteq, none entered production) === Other === A-Darter R-Darter ZT3 Ingwe Mokopa MUPSOW Torgos Air-Launched Cruise Missile Umkhonto Umbani(Above missiles made by Denel Dynamics) == Sweden == RBS-15 RB 04 Rb 05 RBS 70 RBS 23 KEPD 350 BILL 1 BILL 2 Bantam == Taiwan == Hsiung Feng I (HF-1) (ship-to-ship) Hsiung Feng II (HF-2) (guided multiplatform antiship) Hsiung Feng IIE (HF-2E) (land-attack cruise missile variant of HF-2) Hsiung Feng III (HF-3) (antiship and/or land-attack cruise missile) Sky Bow I (TK-1) (SAM) Sky Bow II (TK-2) (SAM) Sky Bow III (TK-3) (SAM) Sky Spear (short range SSBM) Sky Sword I (TC-1) (air-to-air) TC-1L (SAM variant) Sea TC-1 (Naval variant) Sky Sword II (TC-2) (air-to-air) TC-2A (Anti-radiation variant) TC-2N (Naval variant) TC-2C (Advanced air-to-air variant) Wan Chien (air launched cruise missile)

Yun Feng (long-range cruise missile) == Turkey == Bora missile Mızrak-U Mızrak-O Roketsan Cirit SOM (missile) T-LORAMIDS J-600T Yıldırım == United Kingdom == AIM-132 ASRAAM “advanced short-range air-to-air missile” Bloodhound long-range surface-to-air missile (SAM) Blowpipe man-portable surface-to-air missile (SAM) Blue Steel nuclear “stand-off bomb” (never produced) Blue Streak nuclear “stand-off missile” (never produced) Blue Water – surface-to-surface nuclear missile Brakemine WW II surface-to-air missile project Brimstone missile CAMM “Common Anti-aircraft Modular Missile” CAMM-ER “Common Anti-aircraft Modular Missile – Extended Range” (British-Italian) Fairey Fireflash air-to-air missile Fairey Stooge antiship missile Fire Shadow Firestreak air-to-air missile Green Cheese Javelin man-portable surface-to-air missile (SAM) Malkara (joint Australian/British) MBDA Meteor (European collaboration) air-to-air missile Rapier British/German battlefield surface-to-air missile (SAM) Red Dean Red Hebe Red Top air-to-air missile Sea Cat shipboard surface-to-air missile (SAM) Sea Dart shipboard surface-to-air missile Sea Eagle air launched anti-ship missile Sea Skua air launched anti-ship misile Sea Slug shipboard surface-to-air missile Sea Viper (Aster missile) shipboard surface-to-air missile Sea Wolf shipboard surface-to-air missile Skybolt ALBM nuclear “stand-off missile” (never produced) Skyflash – British-produced American “Sparrow” missile SPEAR “Selective Precision Effects At Range” Starburst Starstreak Storm Shadow (British-French) Swingfire antitank missile Thunderbird missile Tigercat missile UB.109T cruise missile Vickers Vigilant == United States == === Missile Design Series (Unified) === US DoD 4120 Mission Design Series (MDS) Designators and Symbols for Guided Missiles, Rockets, Probes, Boosters, and Satellites Sample Missile MDS – “BGM-109G” The list of U. S. missiles, sorted by ascending MDS number: === Joint Designation System of 1947 === Test Vehicle Designations Sequence Numbers: Air Force: Consecutive numerical sequence for each missile mission type Army: Single numerical sequence until 1948 when the sequence numbers were restarted Navy: Initially even numbers transitioning to sequential Sample Vehicle Designation “SSM-A-2 Navaho” Sample Test Vehicle Designation “RTV-G-1 WAC Corporal” === United States Air Force Designation Systems === United States Air Force Designation System, 1947–1951 The list of missiles sorted by ascending Air Force 1947–1951 designations United States Air Force Designation System, 1951–1955During this timeframe, the U.S Air Force treated missiles as pilotless aircraft The list of missiles sorted by ascending Air

Force 1951–1955 designations 1A version of the Falcon missile was briefly designated the F-104 before it was redesignated as the F-98.2The X-11 and X-12 designations were assigned to one and three engine test missiles that would have been used to develop a five-engine version of the Atlas missile.United States Air Force Designation System, 1955–1963 For all basic missions except GAR (which started at 1) the sequence number started after 67 which was the last bomber designation used for guided missiles.Sample Air Force 1955–1963 designation: “XSM-73” The list of missiles sorted by ascending Air Force 1955–1963 designations === United States Navy Designation Systems === United States Navy Designation System 1941 – 1945The list of missiles sorted by ascending Navy 1941 – 1945 designations Interstate BDR LBD Gargoyle LBE-1 Glomb LBP-1 Glomb LBT-1 GlombUnited States Navy Designation System 1946 – 1947 The list of missiles sorted by ascending Navy 1946–1947 designations United States Navy Designation System 1947 – 1963 The list of missiles sorted by ascending Navy 1947–1963 designations === United States Army Designation Systems === United States Army Designation System 1941 – 1947 The list of missiles sorted by ascending Army 1941–1947 designations JB-1 Bat JB-2 Doodle Bug JB-3 Tiamet JB-4 Project MX-607 JB-5 Project MX-595 JB-6 Project MX-600 JB-7 Project MX-605 JB-8 GAPA JB-9 Project MX-626 JB-10 BatUnited States Army Designation System 1948 – 1955 The list of missiles sorted by ascending Army 1948 – 1955 designations United States Army Designation System 1955 – 1963 The list of missiles sorted by ascending Army 1955–1963 designations M1 Nike-Ajax M2 Corporal M3 Hawk M4 Lacrosse M6 Nike-Hercules M8 Redstone M9 Redstone M13 Shillelagh XM14 Pershing M15 Sergeant M16 Hawk M18 Hawk XM19 Pershing M50 Honest John === United States Undesignated Missiles === The list of undesignated United States missiles sorted alphabetically: 1Australian target missile briefly used by the United States Navy 2The United States procured Rapier missile systems for the air defense of United States Air Force Bases in the United Kingdom === United States Missiles with X Designations === The list of X designated United States missiles numerically: X-7 X-8 X-9 Shrike X-10 X-11 X-12 X-17 X-41 X-42 X-43 Hyper-X

X-51 == See also == List of missiles List of anti-tank missiles List of currently active missiles of the United States military