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Narrator: Thousands of singles, all hungry for real love and ready for marriage, were surveyed and evaluated by our expert matchmaker to create four perfectly matched couples Now it’s up to them to make it work while traveling across the country in a 30-day journey I think I will do this one packed with relationship challenges, rewards Ooh! [ Hissing ] and more baggage than they can carry Oh, no! I’ll come save you Their last destination? The altar Could he be someone I can marry? Aah, good job! For some couples, the lines of communication opened up You have great potential, and that’s all that I look for Some experienced static I’m just saying your age scares me Okay, well, that’s — I mean It just does And others found themselves in a dead zone The love totem, up in flames Let it burn like us, Cale Will tonight bring them one step closer to a walk down the aisle Yeah We’re gonna have some champagne I don’t know what’s gonna go on Tomorrow, I turn 30, so I’m going out with a bang Narrator: …or to walking away from it all? Ryan: I’m not going to sit here and just watch this I’m basically done Stop! What the [bleep] are you doing?! ♪ Michael N.: Wow Alma: Oh, this is gorgeous Oh, my God It’s a little bright We had a great stay here I mean, what if we miss our flight, though? It’s okay I wouldn’t mind staying here I wouldn’t mind a hot cocoa and a fireplace right now, either Right? It depends on where we’re going, where we’ll decide if we miss our flight or not. Yeah Alma: Mike has opened up to me When he told me about, uh — about his brother This is not very…easy for me to say at all My brother committed suicide I’m sorry It was super meaningful He has so much courage for having done that I’m just starting to build something more genuine and more of a deeper connection as opposed to just very superficial and shallow Gorgeous, right? That is lovely I’m talking about me Oh, wait. You want your left side, right? You’re a left-side girl? Thank you! He knows my good side Oh, man All right All right. Let’s go Off to bigger and better ♪ Maybe over there Okay ♪ Oh, my God [ Chuckles ] We have a little bit of a bump in the road Got it? Good Get it. Got it Good We have conflicting ideas of where we would potentially move to ♪ Where are we going? ♪ ♪ Where are we going? ♪ ♪ So just a little bump We’ll work through it, hopefully get through it, and it’ll make us stronger [ Cellphone dings ] Oh, I just got a text Did you just get — Aaaaaaaaah! Yeah! [ Laughs ] What? [ Laughing ] I got it! Yeah! What?! Are you serious? I swear to God Whoo! Oh, my God [Bleep] knew it Sin City! We’re going to Vegas! Whoo-hoo! Sin City We’re going to Vegas! Gonna have a time We’re going to Vegas! Hey Vegas, man, here we come Let’s go! ♪ Live from Denver airport Yeah Denver was great When was the last time you went to Vegas? I’ve never been I’m supposed to be there — You’ve never been to — Like, this is the first time? This will be the first time So, you know, we’re — we’re — we’re floating on cloud nine right now ♪ It don’t matter where we at ♪ ♪ We’re gonna have a fun attack ♪ ♪ Where there’s a will ♪ ♪ There’s a hood queen ♪ ♪ We’re going to Las Vegas How exciting And that is where I’ll be spending my 30th birthday I’m super excited Jenna says that my enthusiasm level is at a level 20 right now and I need to notch it down to about, you know, maybe like a 6 or a 7 Fingers crossed that it’s a good time and — It will be At this point, I think we’re able to maybe start laying the foundation for a friendship So I am happy to be moving on to the next place now Just new energy, new environment I think that’s — That could be really helpful for us ♪ Narrator: Couples were matched based upon overwhelming high compatibility scoring You got it? Okay In each destination, they’ll complete challenges designed to help them learn in 30 days what most couples take months to uncover so, at the end of the road, there’s only one question left to ask —

“Will you marry me?” We just landed here in Vegas I love this city It’s like my second home I come here all the time, so I couldn’t be happier to be coming here and then also sharing it with Alma ♪ Me and Stephanie are definitely out of the friend-zone level, so, you know, we’re actually moving and growing, you know, together So the text was, like, you need to — you got to trust her in Vegas? I-I-I saw trust I definitely saw trust I think they’re going to make us want to cheat on each other So they’re gonna give me a cake, and they’re gonna give you n-naked chicks You know I can’t resist the cake, now ♪ Welcome to Las Vegas Gimme, gimme, gimme, gimme, gimme, gimme [ Speaks indistinctly ] It’s interesting that we’re kind of put to the task of being in Sin City to learn to trust each other, but it’s known for “Nope. You’re not going there You’re not going there without me.” There. You get this one, and I’ll — I’ll get this one Although Denver had ended not the best way, I feel as if Las Vegas is going to be a fun experience for both of us, so I’m hopeful I’m optimistic Now, getting a ride Just make sure I have all of my stuff here is the next step Oh! Sun! [ Cellphone dings ] ♪ Oh, my God [ Laughing ] Read it out loud What does that mean? Okay I don’t know what that means, but I’m eager to find out Yep. Yep ♪ ♪ You can’t really see, but there’s Vegas! Morning Excited to see whatever we’re doing I’m gonna try to live in the moment and not, uh — not let any of these past conversations ruin a good time We’ll figure it out Vegas, day 1 ♪ Tomorrow, I turn 30 It’s a big — big day, so I’m going out with a bang The best part about traveling with Cale is that he maintains this very positive attitude The worst part about traveling with Cale is that he always maintains this positive attitude [ Cellphone dings ] Oh. Check it out You got the magic text? You ready for what we’re doing today? Yes I don’t know What do you think? I don’t know Carrying a load, that’s — that makes me a little nervous And trusting each other to carry the load I trust you to carry the load [ Laughs ] I trust me to carry the load, too [ Laughs ] Cool We kind of work well together, but there’s just an absence of trust there, and it’s definitely hindering our ability to appreciate each other’s company ♪ Stephanie J.: We’re — We’re in Vegas Officially excited to see Michael in the morning now It’s official now that Michael and I have identified that, yeah, we do like each other, and he does meet the qualifications that I have for someone that I would date and be courted to a-a marriage, um, so I need to jus and enjoy the rest of the process and journey, whatever that is Oh, it’s bright Did they call for a car or what? Not that I know of [ Cellphone dings ] This is not — Oh, I just got a text Mission order? [ Chuckles ] What? Okay, I’m — I’m totally confused, and there’s — How are we supposed to get there? ♪ Combat ops? There’s no — For real? Y’all playing [ Laughs ] Don’t just stand there and look! Get over here! Come on! Let’s go! Hurry up! Hell, nah, man Let’s go What’s your name? Michael. Yes Michael? Yours? Stephanie Oh, you’re just the people I’m looking for Are these zombies? Come on. Hurry up. Get in there Don’t worry about it. Go! [ Screaming ] Hurry up! Get in, get in, get in! Stephanie, are you gonna get in? Hurry up! Get in, get in, get in! I don’t even want to look! What does it say? What? What? [ Chuckles ] Oh, my God What? What? Is that — Is that supposed to be, like, dominatrix [bleep]? That is really cool if that’s what it is [ Chuckles ] I’m so, like, not into that but, like, so curious [ Chuckles ] Oh, my God [Bleep] about to get weird ♪ [ Knock on door ] [ Sighs ] Coming ♪ Hi Hey Come on in How are you? You look great Thank you Like, he looks different

Vegas is doing something to his eyes Like, they’re just popping out 10 times more Like, you can tell that this is his element This is his world Back in your natural habitat? Yeah, my second home Oh, yes, please Cheers Thank you. Cheers She’s not ready. Typical So, how much time do you need to get ready? Um, another 3 hours Oh, really? Yeah Oh, no No, not another 3 hours, but something like that Something? I’m gonna let you be alone I make you nervous Yeah. Yeah, I’ll speed it up, too, if we’re not talking Okay Can I go sit inside? Yeah, yeah. Go sit, please All right. Thanks I’ll be quick about it I’ll just be here ♪ Ready? ♪ Are you ready? Yes Tell me if I’m Vegas enough, okay? Show me, show me ♪ Yeah Yeah? Yeah Damn. This girl looks good You know, everything’s out, and if we’re gonna have some champagne, I don’t know what’s gonna go on Damn, you look good Okay, thank you I’m really happy He loves my outfit. [ Laughs ] How many times do you come to Vegas? I try and get out here, like, at least four times a year Four times a year? Yeah Is there any business, or is it just all fun? Oh, no, all fun I’m starting to get that Mike is not over the clubbing scene, so I’m trying to make sense of it So, okay, what’s fun? So, like, summertime, um, there’s a bunch of, like, awesome pool parties, and depending how crazy you get, if you can make it to the nighttime club after, if you want to continue, there is after-hours Like, you can walk out of the club at 3:00 a.m and continue partying until, like, noon the next day So you’re into clubbing? You do a lot of clubbing? Yeah “I come here, like, seven times a year I party a lot, daytime and night.” And I’m like, “What the heck? Like, who are you?” I think you rage here Oh, I definitely rage Mike is 31, just like me, and so if he’s doing what I did at 19 years old, I’m not down with that [ Knock on door ] Oh Are you expecting anyone? I’m not [ Chuckles ] ♪ Oh, thank you, sir What? What is that? I don’t know Do you want to open each other’s or your own? Yeah, please [ Cellphone dings ] All right It’s the itinerary [ Cellphone dings ] Okay. So, let’s see what’s in here Oh, hello. Hello $500 5? $500? So, we need to make $2,000 in order to stay in a suite Ohh! This is gonna be hard I’m not thrilled at the aspect of us having to gamble because I don’t like blowing money You are gonna know how to do this one, ’cause I don’t I’m not a gambler Well, we’re in this together Michael N.: I mean, it’s Vegas I’m in my element The odds should be in our favor I know she’s outside of her element, but we’re in this together, and we’re gonna achieve this Win big Vegas, baby Go big or go home! ♪ [ Laughing ] What the hell are you doing? This way. Aw, yeah Oh, my God This is [Laughing] insane [ Cellphone dings ] This looks fun You just got a text message [ Laughing ] Shut — [ Laughing ] Shut — [ Laughs ] [ Laughing ] No! [ Laughs ] [ Chuckles ] Hello! Hello, hello Oh, my God [ Laughs ] Oh, yes. Here we go These beautiful, amazing men walk out, and I just know someone’s — someone’s getting a dance [ Ting! ] Hi, you guys Hi Hello, hello How are you? Welcome to “Magic Mike Live.” We are so delighted that you guys are here with us My name is Chelsea, and today we’re gonna make sure that all your fantasies come true ♪ What?! We are gonna teach you how to truly please Stephanie If you complete this challenge, you will spend two nights in a beautiful suite here in Las Vegas Oh, yeah If you don’t, you’re going to spend two nights in a motel I am so excited All right We’re gonna do this We need a chair This is amazing Stephanie is in heaven That’s for sure She knows she’s gonna be getting special treatment today Chelsea: All right Now, Ryan, pay close attention This is what you need to learn, okay? All right, girlfriend Okay. I’m gonna be taking notes You’re right here in the hot seat Gonna be taking notes All right Okay. [ Laughs ] All right Now, guys, you know what time it is ♪ [ Laughs ] Dang it What?! Yeah Can I go work out real quick? These guys are making me look bad You can do a couple of push-ups ♪ It’s like a dream come true All right. Hit it ♪

This is amazing Is this real life? I’m in heaven No, I think I just died I literally think I just died ♪ Him watching without wanting to kill somebody is such an awesome, awesome feeling I mean, this is what it’s about It’s about learning to trust and communicate and be open and have fun with your life ♪ All right. So, like, piece of cake, right? Whew! You can cut the music ♪ Ryan: Stephanie is definitely not the first girl I’ve lap-danced [ Chuckles ] ♪ [ Speaks indistinctly ] [ Laughs ] Man: You’re gonna nail it Boom! Oh-oh-oh! Chelsea: Whoo! You did it! Yes! Okay, guys You got it! Yes ♪ [ Giggles ] Yay! Oh! Ohhhh! Ohhhh! Ohhhh! Ohhhh! Hang on to him Hang on to him Hold on tight! Oh, he’s free-styling Okay Stephanie V.: I am hot and not bothered Ryan’s literally picking me up, grabbing me by my ass, tossing me up on a ladder, grinding on me Okay. All right Did not expect that Whoa! Whoa! There’s kissing? Okay! Yeah! That’s cool “Magic Mike Live” Whoo! bringing people together All right Ryan, Stephanie, I think you guys did great, but it’s not up to me It’s up to the “Magic Mike Live” guys Each one is gonna whisper to me what they vote Okay Come on, guys. Come on Ryan: Be generous We love your show ♪ [ Both laugh ] Ryan: I just hope that the judges, these guys, are a little generous All right We have decided ♪ Chelsea: All right We have decided that you guys are gonna spend two nights in a beautiful suite in Las Vegas! [ Both cheering ] All right. All right And, just to sweeten it a little bit more, you guys have two VIP tickets to tonight’s performance of “Magic Mike Live” right here at the Hard Rock! Stop it! That’s amazing So we can’t wait to see you tonight Ryan: I’m excited for the show, but I definitely know that Stephanie is way more excited than I am That’s just not — not a question. [ Chuckles ] Stephanie V.: Ryan, do not forget the choreography ♪ All right, guys. Welcome to the aggression session Here is your challenge, okay? This is going to dictate your accommodations The object here is to just totally demolish this car This is all about you guys working together on a trust basis and get rid of your pent-up frustrations And by the time you guys are done, you guys will be best buds Is that how that works? That’s how it works All right. That’s good We’ve been going at this all wrong all this time That way, whenever you’re going to crush it, you can crush those things out of your memory Okay? All right Sounds good Can I go first? Here we go. Yeah Yeah, do it ♪ “Haters.” Haters gonna hate Rationale? People who prejudge and hate you before they know you [ Can rattles ] Cale: She’s trying to pick a fight with me Your turn ♪ All right What does that say? I wrote “Bad attitudes” because bad attitudes are lame Agreed They suck all the fun out of the room, and they kill my — my vibe Was that directed at anything, or that was just in general? Personal example. Uh Yeah whenever somebody has a bad attitude, I hate it Mine actually wasn’t directed to you, but I see where we’re going with this I don’t know I almost thought we were bonding and having a second, but that just felt very [hisses] For me, when I say, “Haters,” I don’t believe you’re a hater I think a lot of people are Um I feel that you felt that was directed towards you, though, and that’s why you did “bad attitude” directed towards me ’cause you — that’s something we’ve talked about I-I-I don’t like the back-and-forth of this at all So I’m not going to relate these back to you [ Can rattling ] I’ve got one, Jen ♪ All right It says, “Manipulation.” When I was in college, I dated a girl, on again, off again, for way too long, and I allowed her to manipulate me So I have some emotional scars from that, and maybe it’s difficult for me to get close, uh, because of that, with other people I felt like, for the first time, everything that he said was authentic and real, and, for the first time, I felt like we could build trust

♪ Drugs. [ Chuckles ] Drugs ruin relationships Um my last boyfriend was a drug addict, but he was sober when I was with him Then, when we broke up, he started doing drugs again, and, um it…kills me ♪ This definitely opened up some new stories that we haven’t shared with each other before, so, I mean, this is a good exercise I hope that we’ve now gotten to a point where we are willing to kind of put our guards down and move forward Who knows what’s to come? You guys ready to crush this baby? Are you ready? Let’s go. Yeah. Ha! Oh, my God. That’s awesome All right. Good hit That was a good hit Just crush it Keep going. Keep going Slam it! [ Chuckles ] There you go. Now Whoo! Oh, you got to get higher Now we’re gonna make Jenna get in there, too Get it, Jenna Good job. Okay, Jenna Now, right hand forward Oh! Oh-ho! Gently I thought we were crushing [bleep] Sorry [ Laughs ] Good job Nice job, Jenna Slam it down [ Chuckles ] Slam that sucker down Should I drop it? Should I just drop it? Drop it! ♪ Do you like it? Yeah, I-I love it Oh, my God. Jenna! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaah! ♪ Yeah! ♪ Anything calling your name? No? Anything? Oh, man ♪ I love this city. Excited to show Alma what it’s all about If we’re gambling someone else’s money, like, how could we go wrong? ♪ I’m gonna watch you first No, let’s do this together Let’s start with $100 You want to start with $100? Let’s start off with $100 Okay Alma: We have to double the amount of money we have in the envelopes Like, seriously, there’s no way, especially when I don’t gamble at all Can I just do $2 first? You — That’s fine. No, fine Let’s do $20 on red just so if I feel bad You want $20, red? Yeah Okay Wait, wait Is that good for you? Yeah. Let’s start there, just so you can ease into it Oh, my God ♪ This is your first time Luck is gonna be on your side I know, but that’s, like ♪ Croupier: 33 black, odd Oh, that hurts so bad, Michael I’m sorry No, it’s fine I’m sorry That’s what this is about, though You win some, and you lose some I don’t know I’m having a good time ♪ Would you feel worse about this if this was our money? I would not even be in here with you if this was our money I’d be like, “You’re insane, and I don’t know if I can be with you.” ♪ Everything off? You want to — What’s your favorite number? 7 7? I don’t want to do numbers, though You don’t want to do numbers? I want to stay the hell away from numbers Okay You like low or high? I like to be safe, Michael So, basically, I’m saying colors, evens I like to be safe Okay I don’t want — That’s all right I mean, you’re ballsy I got that Let’s do another $20 That is not the time to show off, but I’m pretty sure you’re not gonna nail the number We got to get this money high Like, we got to get this going So, you good with this? I — That’s your call I’ve been making other ones Yeah Croupier: You guys want to bet like this? We have a lot riding on this No problem [ Laughs ] Oh, gosh This sucks so bad Oh, my God. I can’t do this I hate this ♪ Uh, lost all No? Lost it all Just $100? No, we just lost Everything with this game? $20, $40, $60, $80, right? Yeah. 8– $120 I thought we said $100 each time I said $100 each time Why did you put the extra $20? I wasn’t paying attention to that Alma: I’m, like, realizing the more I get to know Mike, I can trust him on so many levels, but on so many other levels, I’m like, “What are you doing?” And that is so scary ♪ ♪ Croupier: Uh, lost all Alma: No? Michael N.: Lost it all Just $100? Well, we just lost Yeah. 8– $120 I just think it’s safer to always do just $100 each time, though Okay. That’s fine I think that’s the easier way to build I know you’re reliable, but we have — we have to make this Sure. Okay Alma: He knows where I’m coming from He got it pretty quickly “All right. You’re right Not the time to be risky I got you.” And he definitely wanted to make me feel more comfortable, and I appreciate that What are you feeling, girl? What you got? What do you think? This is $100, right? Well, I support you ♪ Good vibes, good vibes We got this Please, baby Jesus Christ, help us

♪ [ Chuckles ] Yeah! Yeah. It’s 34 Whoo-hoo! ♪ So see how quickly it’s gonna climb? Shut up, Michael ♪ ♪ I mean, I’m loving Alma’s smile Like, when we win, that smile is ear-to-ear You good? Oh, I’m good You good? You doing better? The closer we get to our goal, you can definitely feel, like, the tension dissipating This is — This is our shot right here ♪ Wow! Oh, my God! [ Both laugh ] Viva Las Vegas! [ Laughs ] $1,800, $1,900, $2,000 How do you feel? I feel like I won the lottery, but, when it comes to marriage, I’m not sure if I’m down with Mike’s clubbing, raving, or gambling I don’t want that ♪ Scared? I’ve been through worse You’ve been married before? No All right, then You evil, evil man Michael and I were just kidnapped by a strange man with a beard Bottom line is we’ve got to trust each other to watch each other’s backs, all right? Are there gonna be zombies coming out today? Yes Stephanie J.: They’re telling us that we have to go hunt out zombies and kill them I’m terrified of zombies, and I think they’re real Here’s what we’re gonna do We’re gonna get you suited up, get you your weapon, and then we got to go out and we got to accomplish these missions. You ready? Yeah Yeah All right Follow me. Come on Michael S.: I don’t know what we’re about to experience, but, um, as long as I have a gun and good instructions, we’re good All right. Sometimes it’s dark out there There’s gonna be bombs going off and everything [ Siren wailing ] Michael! Panic, panic, panic I’ve already passed out, mentally Rumor has it that there’s a case out there that, if you guys find it and you guys can open it, you guys are gonna be staying in a better room than you’re currently staying in right now Remember, this is teamwork and trust, all right? We’ve got to trust each other while we’re out there I’m just hoping Michael is paying attention so that he can kind of [clicks tongue] carry me on through this Come on. Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go, let’s go. Come on [ Wailing continues ] Come on. Come on, girl Michael! [ Chuckles ] I’m behind you I’m behind you Go kick that door open, all right? Go kick it open? Yeah. That’s our first house We’ve got to get in there By myself?! No! We’re right behind you, silly! Okay! Go with me! Wait, wait, wait. Hold on We talked about trust, right? You got to trust us You ready? Come on. Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go, let’s go Come on, Detroit! There you go Let that inner Detroit out you were talking about Come on. Get in there Go. Come on. Come on! Get in there Go, go, go, go, go, go, go Michael, I got your back I got your back I got your back [ Gasps ] Is that a zombie?! [ Laser fires ] Okay! I got you! I got him! Okay All right. Get in the house [ Screaming ] Get in the house! Get in the house! Get in the house! [ Screaming indistinctly ] Get in the house! Hurry up! We’re safe! Get in that house! Come on, come on, come on Oh, this alive right there, boy Yeah! Hold on, cuz! I thought I was gonna die from zombies, but Michael just picked up the slack, which is huge for me because I’m usually the slack– I’m usually taking all the slack in relationships So it’s nice I can have a bad day, and he would still make sure we didn’t die God! Oh, my God! I think Michael has done a great job at pr-protecting me Go, go, go! He was what I would picture a husband doing Oh, my nail All right Both of you guys go on in there Get in there together Teamwork There’s a — There’s a case in here Start searching for intel Hey, can I just shoot this? Michael, let me try Come on. All right You guys got it Go ahead Oh, no! No way! [ Laughs ] “You have defeated the zombie and trusted each other through the opposition Ohhhhhh! You are being rewarded with luxurious com– accommodations So great! for the stay in Sin City.” You guys have survived! What’s up? Sheesh! Whoo! Michael S.: Every activity like this definitely improves the trust between the both of us There was a point where, you know, she had to cover my back, man, and, uh, it was a good moment And she held her own, man, and that — that was definitely a-a good mark ♪ [ Cheers and applause ] Ladies, are you ready for some men?! [ Cheers and applause ] What’s going down, Las Vegaaaaaaas?! ♪ I’m so excited We’re in the VIP area It’s not only just a “Magic Mike” show, “Oh, my God, there’s hot guys.” These professional dancers do these amazing moves I appreciate the choreography and an amazing live performance that I’ve never seen I’m like, “Hell, yeah.” I’m just super excited just to see these professional dancers perform [ Ting! ] ♪

I want to live here I want to live on that stage It is the most amazing show I have ever been to in my entire life I want to never leave this [ Laughs ] I want each and every one of you to feel what I just felt [ Laughs ] I love her ♪ [Bleep] ♪ [Bleep] ♪ ♪ Ryan: I noticed Stephanie start to, you know, get more lively and have more drinks It seems like she’s completely consumed by the show, and that’s fine She’s having a good time All: [ Chanting ] Take it off! Chelsea: Louder! All: Take it off! I’m hoping that she’s having as good of a time as she appears to This is definitely for her, 100% So if I went to go get drinks, I’m just looking to basically have an okay time and let her have all the fun ♪ ♪ You know, I come back She’s getting a lap dance Okay. That’s fine All right One lap dance is whatever Then the second one happened Then the guy hands me her drink, basically, like, “Hold this while I dance all over your girl in front of you,” kind of thing I’m like, all right The second time, I try to make it, like, funny I’m putting dollar bills all over them [ Laughs ] And then the third time it happened You…deserve…a lap dance! Did the same thing, trying to keep my composure I was feeling pretty uncomfortable at that point, and then that’s when, I guess, the fourth time happened When they brought her down, I was like, “I’m done I’m not gonna sit here and — and just watch this, ’cause she’s obviously having a ball, and she wants to be doing this, so I’m — I’m basically done.” ♪ ♪ [ Cheers and applause ] ♪ I’m so excited because I love aerial artists [ Cheers and applause ] Like, I-I fantasize about aerial artists being at my wedding That’s such a cool thing to me ♪ [ Cheers and applause ] From my perspective, I thought he was watching ♪ Ry! Ryan! Ryan! ♪ I do something that disrespects you, you don’t tell me, and you lock yourself in the bathroom? ♪ It is not how you deal with problems in a relationship Ryan, stop! What the [bleep] are you doing?! Come, please She’s trying to talk to me, and — and she was starting to get emotional, and I felt like, knowing me and knowing the fact that I had been drinking, I didn’t want to say anything I would regret, and I think that’s the difference between her and I And so I told her, “If you want to talk, we’ll talk later.” But she kept trying to press it and tr– kept trying to talk ♪ And then that’s when she got upset, and she got out of the car, and that’s fine because I was done I would never have done that to her, like, ever I wouldn’t have done that to anyone That’s so [bleep] up ♪ ♪ I’m Mike And I’m Steph This is the “Mike And Steph Show.” So, what’s the topic for the day? The topic of the day is why do men cheat? Men cheat because — because we’re physical beings So if we’re — We are. We are Okay. As if — Are we not physical beings, as well? I mean, but you guys are more so emotional beings I got cheated on, you know, in a previous relationship So it took a while to really kind of let anybody, you know, in I liked hearing what you said about that That was good

Word But, um I’m actually reading the book “The Wait”? “The Wait,” yeah This is definitely a new, you know, um — a new situation You know, the fact that, you know, she’s definitely working on her celibacy walk, as well, and that’s something I’m interested in So there’s a lot of things that I, you know, may hold back on that are physical, you know, ’cause I don’t want to step on any toes, or I don’t want to cross any boundaries and things like that Since we’re just talking about sex in general Uh-huh? how does that work in a relationship where the guy is like, “I love sex Like, I love you, but I don’t think I can wait Like, I don’t know.” If she’s worth the wait, he’ll wait I want to make sure, like, that I love you, I love every bit of you Like, you wake up in the morning, like, what I see, I love that before I even get the cookie Like — Like, of course So you admit that sex does taint relationships Oh, it clouds it like a mug I didn’t think you felt that That’s good stuff What? Hell, yeah Give me — give me one. Mm It’s easier for, if a woman is, like, already there, and the guy is willing, it makes it easier for us just to do it together So, excited to help him stay celibate It’s all about that walk, man ♪ [ Cellphone dings ] Okay Well, I’m glad you have those muscles You’re gonna put them to work today [ Laughs ] And you might have to take off your shirt, too Take it off, huh? You might have to, Michael There are things about you that I like a lot, like, a lot, but you come to Las Vegas not for the sightseeing and coffee You — You still club Like, that’s why I’m like Right, but I come for — “Are we so different?” The way he lives his life, I’m starting to notice it doesn’t jive with my comfort level sometimes That, I’m — I’m not gonna be okay with continuing or furthering a relationship, let alone a marriage You know, I’m not married I don’t have anything tying me down, so I can do that But if I’m in a relationship and we want to go on vacation, that’s fine for me, too It’s not like I have to be like, “All right No, I’m only going to Vegas, and I’m only doing this and only doing that.” As a single person, you’re only worrying about how it’s going to affect you In a relationship, whether you’re married, have children, every decision that you make, it’s gonna affect everyone If it’s important to her, I would change whatever is going on in my life to make it work I mean, I understand that’s more about, like, seeing if I fit into what’s right for you, if I’m good for you or not Mm Yeah And I understand that Thank you Thank you for saying that It does make me happy to know that we’re having this conversation I feel like if we threw caution to the wind from Day One and jumped into it, I don’t think we would have built this relationship Yeah that we have together and opened these lines of communication Alma and I took things very slowly, and I think that’s important for both of us It solidifies a stronger bond So, are there feelings there? I mean, yeah Okay I mean, yeah You’re not crazy [ Both chuckle ] What I learned about Mike and I, at that moment, was I can trust him and trust and loyalty are the most important thing to me ♪ There’s, like, nothing out here This isn’t even a paved road Where are we going? What the hell? What is going — [ Gasps ] Oh, gosh Put my lawyer on the phone, please ♪ ♪ Oh, yes ♪ Cale: I think that trust is a-a pillar of any sort of relationship, and, right now, I-I think that there’s not a lot of trust between Jenna and I If Jenna and I can, you know, work things out trust-wise, uh, there is a chance Jenna really is the one for me ♪ Hi, guys Welcome to Trapeze Las Vegas Are there any past injuries or anything of that nature, bad attitudes that we should know about, stuff like that? [ Laughs ] I’m so glad that he brought up the bad-attitude thing because I just want him to keep Cale in check As long as you listen to me, everything’s gonna to be just fine All right. Let’s go Jenna Ladies first All right ♪ [ Sighs ] Mason: Ready? Yes I think that Jenna can do this I think she’s gonna have no problem Thanks, Cale! You need to lean out forward a little bit You’re gonna trust me ’cause I got you with this part Okay. Okay Here’s your bar Good You’re gonna hold me? Absolutely, girl I got you So, ready! Bend your knees Hup! Go ahead and slide your feet Ries: Good! And knees up! All the way in. Perfect! Hands off! Big arch! Look for him! Both: Whoo! [ Chuckles ] ♪ Ah! Cale: Yeah! Nice, Jenna! It is easy for me to trust the stranger that’s catching me because he looked like he knew what he was doing Um, had it been Cale trying to catch me, it would have been a different story

Ries: You ready? Ready Thanks, Shane Show us what we’ve got ♪ Well, I did gymnastics for about six years when I was a kid ♪ I have a little bit of a-an acrobatic background, so, going into the challenge, I’m feeling pretty good ♪ The hardest part about being a trapeze artist is just trusting each other It takes a while for me, I guess, to, uh, learn how to trust people, and, when it comes to love, I certainly have, like, a lot of walls up I want to get your right hand out there, and you’re gonna reach out for the bar I’ve held bigger guys than you, okay? Okay I’m really strong [ Chuckles ] Ooh, this bar is far [ Laughs ] It’s okay Wait right there I’m not sure why it takes me a while to trust people, but I’m doing the best I can to follow the directions Go ahead and grab it with your other hand I have you. I promise You have me? Yes. Suck it up Are you sure you have me? Positive I weigh a lot more than I look No, no. I got you, man I am a little surprised that Cale hesitates ’cause he’s such a, like, “Let’s do this! Whoo!” I got you, promise All my heart Yeah, I just — I wish Cale had a better attitude about this Ready! Bend your knees Hup! Go ahead and slide your feet off Birthday jump! Ries: Good! Knees up, all the way in! You got it. You got it Good! Hands off Big arch. Look for him There you go ♪ Whoo! I think it’s important for Cale and I to, you know, keep growing in some type of relationship, but we just aren’t close enough to the point where we trust each other yet, and that makes me sad We killed it. Nice! We did it! Thank you! Thanks, gang! Whew! Got to get some ice [ Chuckles ] ♪ What the hell is this? Alma: Mike and I had a really good conversation in the car I finally felt like we were in sync That’s — That’s it We were in sync That’s what we felt like Welcome to Area 51 Dreamland You’re gonna learn the unique, crazy sport of land sailing [ Record scratches ] Is it parasailing? I have no idea I’m thinking, like, we’re gonna be up in the sky That’s what I’m thinking now This is the land yacht that you’re gonna operate It’s called Big Mike If you take a look over here, there’s a red flag blowing It’s a marker flag That’s what you’re gonna be aiming for, okay? And this is our imaginary finish line right here with checkered flags and the van pointing into the wind We’re gonna have to communicate We’re gonna have to trust each other and make sure that we know what each other is doing ’cause there are no brakes on these things Let the wind fill the sail up all the way so that you’re almost at the end of your rope You want to straighten the — straight the direction out with your foot there Oh, what? There we go. There we go Okay. Go that way Go that way. You’re going — You’re gonna stop it We’re going to the wind Oh, there you go Oh [bleep] Michael! I got it Straighten out! [Bleep] [bleep] it Okay. [Bleep] Michael, stop! Michael, no! Michael! [ Laughing ] No, Michael, seriously pull the [bleep] thing! This is definitely more of Mike’s world again, so it’s kind of just like, “Oh, geez I’m really gonna have to trust him again, like, a lot.” Oh, my God. Oh, my God Oh, my God. Oh, my God! Whoo! Whoo! Whoo! Good Lord, Michael! [ Chuckles ] Oh, my God. Oh, my God Oh, my God, Michael Bring it in Bring it in, please Oh, my God. Pull it in Are you scared? Yeah! Okay. I’m not doing this with you Do you want to stop this [bleep] thing?! I’m letting the air out Ohhhh Oh, my God, Michael We almost flipped! [ Chuckles ] Michael! Oh! Oh! I got it. We’re good We’re good Humina, humina, humina! Oh, Michael! [ Laughs ] Whoo! Whoo! Whooooooooo! Yeah! Whoo! [ Laughs ] [ Laughs ] Ohh! We get across the finish line, and Mike puckers up and kisses me, and Mike kissing me feels right And I would have given it to you if I felt like it [ Laughs ] But I didn’t Boom, boom, boom Boom, boom, boom I’ve given Mike chance after chance to prove to me that he could hurt me or abandon me, and he hasn’t left my side, not one time Mike is not someone that I would have to fear his intentions or think that he would try to hurt me in any way, and that means a lot, and it says a lot about who he is and what I want in a husband [ Speaking Spanish ] [ Laughs ] You got it! ♪ Jenna: It is important to me that Cale has a good birthday ’cause I know it means a lot to him, so I got a table for us tonight, a nice dinner It’s never my intention to fight or have a confrontation Obviously, me pushing Cale isn’t gonna go anywhere, so I just need to stay on that comfortable surface level, and then, hopefully, he’ll just continue to open up ♪ [ Exhales sharply ] ♪ Oh, hey You look nice Happy birthday. So do you Thank you

Thank you I hope that he realizes that I do care and I am trying So, how do you feel after the trapeze today? That was fun That was really fun I was really impressed with how you got up there and just, like, did that reverse flip It was awesome, right on the first try Thanks, Cale. You, too Whenever I was on top of that platform on the trapeze Yeah I was seriously having some trust issues I had no reason not to trust Heather, though Right She looked like she’s done this for years, and she was fully equipped to handle it Yeah, exactly And she was even saying, like, she’s handled guys much bigger than me Totally I-I think I’ve just been so self-reliant for so long Yeah? that it’s — it’s really hard for me That’s — Yeah Maybe I need to trust people more I’m very similar, Cale Yeah I’ve always been very, very self-reliant I think I had a lot of, like, earlier childhood experiences that just, like, skewed my view on things and, like, made me like, “I don’t need anyone I can do this myself.” Same Who knew how much we had in common? Right? Cale: I-I feel like this is a good conversation, and it’s kind of like, “Gosh, I wish we would have had this on the first day.” You know, why — why couldn’t we have had this back in New York? Um…it feels good to finally have a moment where we’re not at each other’s throats and we’re…listening to each other and finding common ground, which is what we’ve been trying to do all along The things that I thought about myself that were, like, things that I was proud of, you know, are suddenly, like, becoming, like, uh, blatantly obvious that, like, maybe I need to work on these things Cale, are we connecting? Oh, my God Maybe ♪ Look what this is! Oh, you’re full of surprises tonight I-I’m — I am full of them always, Cale You should know that by now [ Laughs ] This is beautiful I truly wish you the happiest birthday ever 30 is a big one Thank you ♪ Cheers to you Thanks Jenna, you’re the best Thank you for spending my birthday with me Even if we’ve had issues, it’s like I hope this was just as fun as a 30th as you would have had with your friends This has actually been really great Good I think this has been, like, our best moment together [ Gasps ] this whole trip ♪ Ahhhhh! ♪ Um, I got you a very tiny gift Jenna! Here. Big bag, little gift Aw, thanks, Jenna ♪ [ Gasps ] It’s a rose quartz, the stone of gentle love It is a stone of love When we were in Sedona Aww I went to the crystal shop and got you one I appreciate you thinking of me Yeah That’s so nice It was the first stone gifted to me It’s one that I found to be most powerful and meaningful in my life I don’t know I hope that it will ♪ I-I don’t know, just have meaning to you, also ♪ That’s very sweet [ Voice breaking ] Thank you very much Of course If I don’t keep it together, I’m gonna start bawling [ Crying ] Yeah You know, I’ve — I’ve felt in the past that Jenna has been rude and — and mean and ill-tempered, but feelings can change Oh, man Yeah And now I’m feeling that Jenna is kind and gentle and fun-loving, and, you know, it’s — it’s interesting how people can surprise you Give me that Cale double high-five Yes! Yeah! What have we been doing, you know? Like, we could have been enjoying each other’s company this entire time, and this could have been every day, you know, and It can be every day, Cale It could be ♪ Cale’s making me feel emotional I’m happy he’s happy Yeah ’cause I know it meant a lot Let’s go win $10 Let’s go And then we can say that we’re walking out of Vegas as winners, then We are, regardless ♪ Stephanie V.: I don’t really know what happened last night I understand that I disrespected him, and I understand that he felt that way, but I don’t agree with how it escalated I think that it could have been handled better ♪ Last night was just, like, kind of, like, “What the hell?” kind of situation I’m not trying to defend, you know, the — the lap dances over and over and over again That’s disrespectful to you I get where you’re coming from I’m not trying to belittle your feelings, so — But I understand where you’re coming from I find it pretty absurd that she’s unable to keep in the front of her mind that, “Oh, what I do may affect him worse than it would affect a normal person who hasn’t had my dating history.” The first thing in my mind

is always the perception of how you’re feeling Got it So that’s where I was very hurt, because it’s like it wasn’t — that wasn’t in the front of your mind You’re right You — You weren’t consciously thinking, “How is this making Ryan feel?” To me, that’s, like, a reflection of your character I…have good character I’m a good girl Actions speak louder than words That’s the only problem ♪ I think I’m most upset that I really had high hopes in this whole process that I was gonna find the one, but when I see her actions do what they do, that’s the sad part When it comes to, like, a relationship or marriage, I have no — There’s no confidence in, like, that at all right now ♪ Just know that I came here for the right reasons, too I wish that I could believe that ♪ Narrator: Next week on “Love At First Flight,” the couples pick up some new passengers Ohhh! Oh, my God! So, I’m Cale’s mom No! Narrator: Will the matches pass the family’s initial screening So, you like her? Uh ♪ Is he marriage material for you? Yeah You guys just met Narrator: or will they be subjected to uncomfortable background checks? You want to tell us what happened in Vegas? Uh I don’t want to talk about Vegas Kind of got a little Yeah It got a little too much ♪