Strength For The Journey #chat Psalm 139 & Prayer #JesusDidIt #singpraylove

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there is an S, which has been confirmed, action 7011 and the sas, 47 for one of the comment, and the 765442 43 two and one 1,000,000 are in, and thank you for joining the broadcast a convenient, it’s only our lives, all of these and that’s how much produces: so movement vista, knows that wonderful suggestion of times to move server 2 to 1 on 2 to 1 area to two of the some of the fingers to two’s five and 6¢. Sentiment to welcome to the broadcast so what happens he on to terms of it but that that if the sudden this message by itself, Favre joins a way of life to live tonight, the two of you to your knowledge the lives of TV first and third , they spent 22 smash cast piece of cake, extent that one needs of an estimated that kids are watching the list of some of these comic service in june, live, 315 devoted a new and still Forsman, early yes, early because I was, this time, as a big event and up a legislative bill bill and so on its password, early today, this may or may not be a permanent thing, 715, 50, one, get so that if I, really, traded to the staff and that segment cameras present taken a much calmer on another one of the day that sensor technical issue and the informative on this forever Of the content action were vehement on 15 Commodious work and are expected this month, and it’s time for new one of the requisition on a team of 12 rules for the fifth but that’s a bigger share of the Charlotte 33375000 shares of on all that, like symptoms often all that stuff of U.S. and coalit two points. Michigan fall back on and do they do that after the broadcast this on the center of this can too much stuff up, computers are not have the good news for the computers will flee one day over (compare this comment and 5 on stadium, when we talk about five, four GM of the summer and do the van and like the current system A way to do that you can join the overall smell on the enough for me is chasing a case of the ones that says numerical front of the nines So much focus three Russian going to buy MGM movie so us as we know the lives don’t match up 50% of the fifth of its liquor watching am come from movie, broadcast sentence length in the home a fresh perspective of them in fact finder of innovation and 73, 7-1130 A and am and the Balkans, the Tucson which one of them in your life that time , and if one of them as common as good and so we have an online one

and one from an imprint impressions homes and the move to stay home and inform the 50-fifth in the one- 20 THS for women and men for enough of a wave of-the-above to do the same thing of the decisions If you had had a DVD then-1010 EC P PAAC 10 ZZZZZZZ than 1/2 than a K a J Z’s a half than a DACACK a K a TCC DZ add a ZZZZZZ a DDC add if they had a bad a 10Z10 AEC 10Z10 CAC, then add ZZ ZZZZZZZZ in a a a a a a a a a a CTCH haddad PDT add E10 PC than EDTA added EDTA E1010 AP10 ZZZ BHADHADDHA 10 nine AEA 10 than a 10 ZZZZ 10 ZE10 ZZZZ 10

10Z10 PDT than a TV ad 10 than a D10 E dad had 10 than a 10 APCAACA C’s a mirror life than a VAZ a YACAAID a Y AAA from 10:00 AM EST a half-a-N-S-PACRES, APS, you will, in the-hill and one of these companies , 1-1 at AAA-one, and if the ASARV-foot-and-a-half-way and that if enacted, Arizona, to one-fifth of-life USA announced, the 49 fat, one of the CDC’s the forms, Z-Z-ZR-a-half on SDC 9 to 9:01 AM GMT-the- images from: T-E-S, S3 new-and-a-TH-59 visit us the full-and-forth a VAAC home runs, one of the SC 3P1 C-S absolutely enormous, various 7% of infants and an anonymous more of his firm’s era is there is no money in the main thing is in zone and men’s after his firm Angeles to the return of the women’s on just finish her sentence for this means the room and so on, ages three over some of the reasons given enough, the 211 visit, that is, she’s the system, a CPC some other thi 50,000,000 Jews is one of them is the in and for a given C4 S very much fish as much for the moment you can find microphones and in noon to 10 points and some of the bones in the nation. In the way, in his new career moves the more than her for the C- a move in improvement in both the new men’s

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101010101010101010 EADD 10 1010101010101010101010 101010 a, if if the AZ, if they if they AC 1 EZZZ , DC, and broadcasters one ZZZ, AC know if this is a split type thing where we are doing a broadcast and calm, is the old by doi on juices that the 48255, of the sitcom that, if anything for them to assume it and sell on the suspect, tested the slaying of t com to face devotion of excel we made from the daily bread in our daily bread is a free publication in my ability that your chur and offices, vs. our election eve of a meeting of the profits, and if your free copy of his opponent and then sell , then sell them in the Commissioner Edith, broadcast and that, send a simmer for them so on, and have copies of these of new co , so that 15 relax your vet 11 up 5955 if then said today we talked about NTS into the chat of a draft in the low level of the day th has given tension all right because a one to see the response for himself , even provisions, the couple’s see if that after the four live under pressure to a cell, the one visit, evolution, so few of today’s number nine, so to the final four Tuesday, May 5 it’s stupid among the toughest race for the journey when summer to face with seemed impossible in passing that impossible task of integrating project, and then one and spent a day and spent the day after day on my home and every move to get the words of the page I felt exhausted and discourage the one to give up Allies from as many when was the last time that you felt refreshed and if you need to lawyers can’t arrest and to enjoy the meal and immediately that she was read and this made me think of the election and terrifying message he received from just the this is a first Kings Chapman Timbers to although of course my writing project wasn’t anywhere near the cosmic scale of the profits experience alleged

triumph over the false prophets, per jezebel sent word that she would capture and kill him and he despaired of one of the but then he enjoyed a good swing and was 25 visit, and john Mccain, who didn’t arrive renewed his physical strength and was able to continue home during the journey is too much firms we might need to rest in enjoying healthy defense funding and when we’re exhausted are hungry we can easily can easily succumb to disappointment for this truth Angry opened the stock a blend of meter physical means for his resources as much as possible in this former world we can take the next depth in serving the name and enter the emission point 75 question here is looking back when if you needed to slow down and receive systems before pressing on a mountain view the percent of Burma has usurped the quake timely for me on a 10 on QuickTime preferences. I’m new forms as for people thank you for your figure for our limitations that reminds that you’re back in word and helpless to serve you implement this mission in the cell, get some of the senate today was the Orioles’ key versions. He wish for that was all amounts paid attention span the company so we we we have a discussion known as super lunch at the end of the few, but to join the conservative agenda On these phone, joining the supreme law of the group, Lima and on to a three to 02 on any one of the than the numbers in session and seven great their Lakers of requests more information will get you to move people, see the company more than CNN’s in the ye on think there’s using new home in infants and address event, running as well as in so But some are on our devotion for two and Mr. the discussions that have really helped on staff said if people were really giving them in the fonts and, stating that t going to send your name and we really need to stop an unfocused and on and not take that, the time to to spend with them and if when we step on pushing four especially the ministry on a return to lead others charge promised on know we will definitely burn and so on the staff in place we need to ask questions and available evidence, we need a stump and so the focus on things like like I have on this past week in the lives of stuff of any in focusing on the family and marriage in making sure the home , we are only point, things are moving well and were able to home and it is so important is absolutely important know we can’t can’t keep pressing on the is on view, this allows the first things about half, you know what happened and were most importantly one goddess of Montana, and the management so on is and is focused on donning focus on know things are really important to which the mission be no god your family

in your work, ministry and the things I can’t sell it unless because my violation is 12 nations as you can view broadcast on the that was one of things and not was not going to be the broadcast this week just because of no I wanna take a break from Shinto mayor of the better funded cell on Soviet System to the customer, demolition can sell, so that’ advantages of and home via cell and see who the weight of who then, and if ½ points to the two of the jeans A rate that anything could take any dead but if no comments that our phones and out of a 151 half and aft BAA than 59 5th and a fifth at an bash and spilled on the three ruling means that someone got caught on the disk activity of the disconnected ones who are interconnected of frozen as event among work, work and bill consists of the year as premier number of an ongoing: we have issues that comes amid this for an event to promote of 59 the screenplay the crash Former back and should be there mission of the new bunkers, if for no more than five missed stouffer’s frozen person still from back into the bouquet it’s back and forth, back and assistant opens a walking arm, once, is an unknown anyone saying that if the political issues and when detective commissions among those women and men in army of confirm the base and prison terms of the mission about 115 element of our men’s and referrals from are using an air monitors no other vowels and that other events bill for some reason restaurants moved in message is your numbers for months , the mongers Clinton can’t say mongers spend them of their inception, think of 520 five ethical and that the fake IDs and kids back live there we go areas C came back uses of year again as chess again raising of the dns fuel, eight, the 15¢, 42

a Michigan show Hermanson a customs official of the fed is ATC that I think it was you bet I think also there any of this meal i either the development of the park So I guess So with that in addition of this project, systems and so if you can move the show and small fixes often if the event that even say this is the best Sellers $2.00 three love the third one expression of the content if the Physic the movie and 10 of 15,000,000 CAA and yet but often move the CDC on TV than half the fun and annan’s missions, version 2.2 million events, and it’s the one of its own new Russian bear to 55 A, VA, CVC, if they move in and too often, owns the one, of homes in the C and C- O-TV -movie AZ fifth from the plane said-. The FTP ZZZZZZZZ, SCC is one to fifth in the ATA that if the APACH-P S if 10 if 101010

10 10 if 10 half, then a 10151055 AAA if a if 1010101010 that if the 10 if then 1050 that if 101010 A had 10 if 1010101010101010 ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ 1010 ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ 10 10 if 101010 fifth 1050A1010 1010101010 if if 10 ZZZZZZZZZZZZAC 10 ECA 1010 10101010101010101010101010101010 101010101010101010101010101010

1010101010101010 if if they said if the ADC AZ, said AC-cent-a, CACSD a Y, CC to ad-TCP IDs Z a GEDLCA said Monday the ad, DC 2 ZZZYD 1 VC 1 CSAA-TV on AC-DC, on a Friday night, they said the AZT is not AAA-AA-AA-AA-a , and some of the week of the AC, yet 55 E. If his vision of the bombing of an comment- area the U.S.- An burial, but if so, for that continue one area so that and the burden and sets of despair the Jews that issue we are very focused on what really should understand that because the world is telling you right of the kids, send it along to you have to understand that t at 911 ounces different dances if you are OK you are telling the nearest town and no visibility cornerstone the end of a new creation promised us is that having you remem an elected nationally that then they have to the long , listen to what the world as a state of the land is no idle than that and on 70 needed a copy of that, I am as there is a free download the on the dash area screen in the next go around on that will have on the downloaded all of that page printed out and and the home so we envision 19 Mabel to , ready On a no one ever able to see that on a revenge people come in and really gets no A resurgence, 139 and a spark a CD becomes one more move from all over the fence, so on various cities, as a nation of a felony for two days, 39778, Tuesday night, broadcast it is on the all 10 of the church of th on the uncompleted and $9.00 and 1/3 temple is third of all kinds of cell one word, Ron, reed Elsevier read from the on the King day in this translation that is closest for us to understand, but the new King James version is all of the user to read home and

, and the venture to use that, the bible to switch for chooses so, really isn’t that all the same stuff that is for dual the dif and the AMA’s loss to the resources other components built into it as that some of the play the bible reading to five on the go and so give some to these revisions, 39 and this is god’s perfect knowledge man are instances, 31 for the chief position as some David Allard you have searched me and only human no money sitting down in the resident you understand the 95 yen and fell off of you comprehend my path and knowing the and are appointed with all my wins were there is no word of comment: but they hold more you know all too common you have had three behind in the four major hand, the challenge is to wonderful from the it is funny enough to move the team or can I go from years Or where can flee from impressive offensive end and you’re there if I make my bed and held a whole human and to take the wings of the morning into well and that of the other most parts of the sea even for your hand shelving injury and shuffle the fsa surely the purpose shuffle in the event than 90 shall be went about the indy the dentist shown no comment from you that the nations of the very the darkness and light and pulled a link to bring informed my inward hurts you covered me in my mother’s home and presume four million for fully in wonderfully made marvelous armor works and that my soul moves. We’ll buy three and was not confirm you what I was made and some point and skillfully and moved in the lowest price of your Arab Allies so my sense is being that being a home for and in your book they already are mormon and a special permit women see if there are none of an approach is also a response to remove the upgrade is the sum of the efficient, then they would be more than the number, send one week I’m still with both of you would spend a weekend of the apart from the therefore evil person and they speak against you were coming in enemies take your name in vain to my money from home or leave you in doing a move those who rise up against you and keep them with perfect pitch for attempting the enemies search the event and no one hurt trying me and no one in Zions and C if there is any wicked way in the immediate me the way the last in the bombing so funny and events days, reading and the from the parser five

appear to be partisan fighting the family new money on open to the broadcast us again if it is the funds came with me on to finally will be on the broadcast on multiple platforms s Meredith Then, as are the awesome 5555 few if that if that is amazing as the fighting from your PC the NRA money from a live, will prevent on the air and loving wife in to the children of the defendant also might have some good , good with five of them that no easy for me to say the funny thing and that that if ZZZ us actually a new image of it on a 50- than-life is there a rush to the Olympic is to mission is the if the area of homework And if you are at the men and women also , many people for the best friends of their homes in new apartment into a favor to 1 to 10 years in pairs of its music remove a new day movie in the DHED a TDD a T a T PCT they , they 1010 A.D. DECC EGG 10 A. Sam S than 10, 1010 P a CD M10 a 10, D10 AM1010 1010E10 PDT HED 1010 10 a D10E1010 1010 PDT 10 a move they have a

S a a a a a a a 10 a 10 a 10 a 10Z10 PDT 10 than they had had a 10 ZP10 than than 10101010 off 10 A E10 EDT 1010 EZ1010 PDT ZD ED a T than PDT PDT they they CD a DVD ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ than than than than 10 than 1010 10 ED1010 10 PDT 10:10 PM 10 10 EE DAE often bans remove and means AS in one incident in an instant here and in an can

and Z. Vinson said nine taken over the fixes, as the sentence, and again, for the family, and that some of the area and the moves in So, too So, as far as the new and bring back portion of an area south of the impact of competition ministries here, and so represented in this broadcast, is t of one’s own as it is a country that the closeness and as of 5.59 that if the devices to help of a famous lows will sell, but the issues in this issue with a single off the end of the system, is , six days a week there is plenty of spell on, web sites missing, and you can chew the fat Home and students into the hall of the events that are of session with fencing, and if you’re interested in joining the evil eye all kinds of stuff in the know we averages fellowship with each other and we have a share live in cell printers and that you can also reach us before any one of the other on smell Evans says 11 center today when the client,, levied on the fiery chance of any one of us and on the wall on teaching into the locker room and on and the so better view: room service good stores per season first of home and player opening of two weeks and appeared in only 332 and from the viewpoint best and easiest of 712 men on to 5.5 games, zero so as to the hospital and the period will make furniture, and, incidentally the end of the combination session with, this is the broadcasting ministry, one that we d need is broadcast the news broadcast via periscope as he usually on the event, also that has been misinformed. That’s better tha better than the other stuff as fisher, prefers playing only do that, father then we just a fad, Stan Morrison Martin Schram ever on travel, recess four to be clear about as funny, in more than the one from the field and Jesus Pentium pro forma sending messa incorporate them. They speak of the various local and defense and the other missions issue with visages that one of the Jews if the port is a web site and a web site represents of th colleges that if the board of this event, said there is a big red arrow with end of the highest in to download that and the Ahma and also, even click the links that if you took all the great person percent, that the that we like to watch as well as on leave a couple different places to hold the keys over the entire scope. The move as well as sushi is one person on the eve of the sena and so as bad as that of the represent

and so does a prayer is the time parents, no, spring is further proof a couple people and on he just fix for joining and so on the team Uncle rusty medical and that’s good for the purpose to praise reports survey put them in the chest pains to pray 49 with two and the list of your request to on your attention to go home and prayer as a group collectively wants nerve nerve test, it was that the other than that of her friends to russia’s come through on consider testimony on Thursday, says to you first of all, her machine goes into this into this far into the sun to pass, sensitive person piece of property issues walking into into the test, as the view that the p were conducting the testing, doctors and nurses give them guidance and was the home, to be able to figure out what’s going on fo real sense that that you bring healing to remove this marriage be healed the end of the head of the 50 inmates in the field, sesame bruins and cheese is one of them In the arms folders referring , that the defense of justice firms folder with a shoulder surgery, just as you bring once again dumping millions into that situation, as if you knew on 11 doctors must be your h brought back the full and complete function for reasons for picking winners will choose one of the week In an animal often god’s hands of the only are appearing are in this movie prefer 134 motions and pain go away after the absolute five and is prefer all of the destinations with the server of the reasons for the nomination and the pain: from one million in t to stable function purpose of the reasons for healing our selection and Jews when performing we pray in the amen armistice can worship and so when many offices river. The B, recent than 15 minutes and may even if the words, mainly gives nine CDC’s common sense these and right arm than one million and that is an oasis of who the one-DD, ZZZZZZZZZZ than ZZZZ 1010 10 ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ 10 A than AC

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than than half than 50-fifth with the center for the Indians in the tomb of the 50,000,000 U.S. fish and if the half- empty a real live ZZZ-Z rainier do not go anywhere given any more CC are all ms-1 CH1 Q-the-shopping, into the broadcast thank you for joining their home that we’re on to continue the party over here, Sealth still a definitely home, over and on and and on the defensive cell disclose of the other broadcast, election to fall and so I can help you out of the church in business and and on the fed made contact me and Jason Jews is that the board and no to that end, saying and French wines, the moment of U.S. government bonds than monthly broadcasting were talking about that this is just part of thi and so we do that, and the management (june of the same or so and the close of business on the point thanks for joining thanks for being here and thank you for all but are 10:00 AM to four, welcome back to 8:45-891 on the ad in the AMA com or seven-a-share of the consent of them something and 10-K. Hahn and if, after the 5 Avenue and pulling away from those in the monitoring the AV nine, one at Bishop Paulus more than among them is no one. I get the idea that intensity of the loans and move to much as 10 A fifth to 10:00 AM EDT to a 10101010101010 10-day 10 to a 10 Z 10th 10

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