Testimonies about our Journey of Fire

we are live Wow we planned that I don’t know but we’re alive so we’re live so we can’t discuss these things okay we’re having to use my new phone because we don’t really have internet here makes us look so glamorous yes it’s a beautiful camera our biggest fan Vanessa’s and frosty my aunt frosty oh thank you frosty I can’t see my face but that’s okay I’m hiding behind the comments that’s her getting okay moving on okay I won’t announce everyone thank you all for coming in um wow we’re getting a lot of people here hey guys what’s up welcome to the world i Samantha! Claudina! Hi Claudinha! Well we’re gonna testify and we’re not sure where to start so Lord just give us wisdom Holy Spirit help us to know we have a million of them we won’t do all million tonight nope limit it to 500 that sounds good okay so um awesome do you have anything that like yay, Mae’s watching too! Mae mama Penney mama with our shared son yep yep yep so anybody I would I mean first of all let’s see if we’re you know talking about the stories the biggest stories really are in my opinion the ones that were on the road which was that was so setting up the whole scenario we were driving around in a van that shouldn’t have been working shouldn’t have done what it was able to do in the windshield wipers weren’t working it was old it had probably well over what a hundred some thousand miles on it which it was not rated for we’re not we’re not talking about a Japanese vehicle we’re talking about a Chevy van you know a caravan it was hi Beth Thomas welcome to our show we drove through some pretty bad rainstorms in Colorado yeah with no no windshield wipers this guy drives by the spirit I mean like really he does and that’s why we’re still alive yep yeah we we saw a lot of crazy stuff along the way and yeah so the the set up is we, driving that van, which really shouldn’t have even been roadworthy it was miraculous that it was even driving from Ohio from Ohio all the way to Kansas with a handful of dollars barely any money caller anything Arizona press kit than Phoenix Arizona but all along the way we had all sorts of encounters and these were just people that we didn’t we didn’t reach out to we didn’t you know some of them we had like a little bit of a lead a little bit of a number you know there with this or that church or whatever with a lot of the people that we ran into yeah we picked up a hitchhiker yeah well that’s that’s quite a bit later in the story we we had a lot of oh you’re better is about the wrong you better make sure it’s plugged in that thing isn’t working Oh see technical difficulties this we’re trying to do medium here using the phone but uh anyway are you longer now how could I tell so basically you know miracles were a consistent thing all across the board like we literally did we literally did we didn’t have enough money and to be making that kind of a trip across the whole country I can tell we didn’t have enough friends we didn’t have enough people that would be supporting us that would be helping us out there was there was no support systems nothing email like in some

different Christian groups I was in to kind of like put out feelers to see if we could stay with anybody in Arizona and I didn’t get any good reports at all they were telling me don’t come yeah I’m gonna die on the hot sidewalks um yeah yeah so first you know what one of the places we stopped first we we made it out of Ohio as far as Indiana we got into Evansville Indiana and we had favor there with the the lady that was the manager of the hotel there and she got us in a wonderful suite at a really low price it was that was like the beginning was really awesome that morning when we were packing up and leaving the hotel we went you know we’re all bleary-eyed and tired because we’re all night owls we’re not you were not used to it like even just the time that it takes you getting out of the hotel and having the continental breakfast and stuff was killer for all of us because we’re that was like super early for us we had to pack that van like a jigsaw puzzle every time because we were loaded you know with our our whole family at the time which was slightly each of us only having one duffel bag yeah she was only everyone knows and in the in the lunch room where well the you know the lobby area where they had the breakfast and whatnot the continental breakfast hi hi Elise we had a man come up to us and you know he was well dressed he’s a little older you know maybe in his 50s or so and maybe sixties I don’t know but he he walked up and he just told my dad he said young man you are doing something you’re going somewhere God is with you is with your family and I want to sow into this we had not even talked to him he just observed us in then yeah awesome your honor glad to hear it and you know we didn’t we didn’t know this guy there we’re just sitting there eating you know we’re not we’re not doing anything and this guy just like I want to invest and what it is that you’re doing yes this was exactly claudinha this was this was our move from Ohio which was which was which was a faith thing because we didn’t we didn’t we didn’t have a destination that we didn’t know where we were going except that we had in mind that we’re gonna go to Arizona that was something that for some reason we felt led to do so we’re headed towards Arizona that was the best that we had that was it that was a very loose goal a very loose destination no idea what we were heading into no job on the other side no nothing and so this guy here at the very beginning he’s like you are with God God is with you with your family and I want to sow into it and he just gave my dad like whoa is there like $100 yeah $100 just right there bill and you know we didn’t look like we were poor or anything you know it’s not like we’re all dressed up in rags or the kids look depressed or you know look at their sad little family yeah I know it was it was it was amazing you know because we we did we weren’t asking for anything that was always you know that was from the beginning that was our lifestyle like like Abraham yeah exactly what knew we had to leave Ohio we had some words from people who had God just sent them to us to tell us yeah you mean to leave Ohio and there’s kind of a life lesson to that too you know when you’re in a place and it’s just like things just get worse and worse and worse and they continue to spiral and go downhill it’s like yeah when things when you it just seems like it’s a spiraling depression in the place that you’re at and nothing is ever getting better for you it’s a lot of times it’s a sign it’s just time to go yeah it’s time to get out of there it’s time to take an adventure and go and don’t stay we tried we tried hard to stay and we had to get a lot of signs that it’s like look let go it’s gonna be okay yeah absolutely and we knew we didn’t really have the means but we also never really felt at home there either and you know that at the time there wasn’t a lot of support that we had while we were in Ohio you know a lot of a lot of the support dried up too so it was just like well what other option do we have you know like God is kind of leading us onward other people that are you know actually speaking and are actually saying anything positive to us are saying you need to go and you know like this is what God’s saying this is what you need to do so you know we go and immediately from the very beginning we’re getting people that we don’t even know we’re not we’re not even reaching out to them they’re reaching out to us they don’t know us they don’t know who we are we’re just random strangers on the road and they’re giving us money they’re kind of telling us what yeah god yeah which we needed that because we had you know like what are we gonna do like this is this is crazy you know it’s we just have to go we just have to have faith that God’s gonna take care of it really really like pilgrims on on a journey and we didn’t know where we were going or what was

gonna happen we didn’t have you know it’s kind of like the Jesus and His disciples they said leave your staff don’t take too – Knicks he said don’t take supplies don’t take anything with you he sent them basically on a faith journey like that themselves and in and you know the staff actually represented their identity and how they would be known so basically it’s like any reputation that you have leave that behind to and that’s that’s and that’s that was us we were incognito we had nothing and here these people will come out of nowhere and would provide and would you know give give money to us would help us that happened in Indiana and then we started making our way over into Kansas City Missouri which was somewhere that we just thought well you know we heard of this International House of Prayer and you know kind of heard about its association with Bob Jones the Prophet and you know just some interesting stuff that we heard about the history of that place are like 24-hour prayer worship we’re a big draw for I just wanted to see what it was like so I thought we thought we’d visit it in a couple hours and move on but that’s not what happened yeah so we get there and it was like wow like this place is really different and we get we get in there we managed to immediately like connect with some really prophetic people that had some things to say that were right off the bat were like God is moving with your family and he is here and he’s got you here for a purpose and they’re just saying thank you for a little bit yeah and they were saying things that was really just healing for us because we didn’t understand the things that happened in a while we didn’t understand why God allowed certain things to happen cuz we were just like well you know we’re supposed to have victory right you know things are supposed to go a certain way and they didn’t and we did we were confused about that we were confused about how we were allowed to be so mistreated by certain people in the family and we lost our house and we weren’t expecting that no we were praying to keep it and it didn’t yeah yeah yeah but our theology needed to change a little bit we thought that you know that we could kind of make make a deal with God of how we thought things needed to be and it’s like no it doesn’t exactly work that way yeah well there there’s two there’s some American theology for you oh you know well we got to have our electricity we got to have our house we got to have these things and if we don’t then involved you know gotten really good yeah we’re being such very good people but you know and and miraculously we did keep that house for what two three three three and a half years without an income yeah without an income not going and asking for money not raising collections not even unemployment or no ran out we weren’t even gonna take that but then we did and that ran out there right now pretty quickly that that didn’t last we were totally yeah so yeah you know it was it was miraculous but the time did come that we were supposed to leave and but that was that was a hard thing to get through that because we didn’t know you know what was this all about it didn’t make sense to us because it wasn’t what we saw coming it wasn’t what we had envisioned happening know our well we didn’t really have a plan so much but if we’d have had a plan it sure wasn’t going nothing to it no we had expected more like okay well we need if we need to go to Arizona then we’ll sell the house we tried to sell the house we couldn’t sell the house not even for the price we had paid for it five years previously we went down to that price and somebody was interested but it fell through and we just could not sell our house that wouldn’t have been faith that wouldn’t that wouldn’t have taken us on the wild journey a wild adventure that we had where we were just dependent on strangers and and people that we didn’t even know and people that we didn’t ask for help and they helped us with you know large sums of money and and from hotel to hotel from place to place they took care of us but there in Kansas City we were able to stay because and I think we told this story last time but we were able to stay because of Connie D Umbra and because of the her friend Mary who guys introduced there so that’s you know we’re kind of falling back to that trail again we stayed there for that period of time and then it came time to leave and we left and we started making our journey back over to Phoenix and by way of Colorado by way of Colorado someone had given us a tip about a pastor there in Colorado and or not because that was just on the way and we didn’t know him he didn’t know us but he did let us stay he actually made arrangements for us to stay in a hotel in Lyman Colorado he paid for two rooms and gave us some money right yeah he did gave us and took us out to eat and took us out to eat I him we were strangers even total strangers yeah the lady that gave us his name barely knew him mm-hmm Reesa Reesa if you’re on here if you come on here later I’ll have to tell her that we yeah yeah there you go yeah so you know and bill

bill Weisner was the man’s name and he was amazing he was definitely one of those guys I think save her for us it was definitely one of those guys that was hearing from God he had a lot of compassion and and just knew so much it’s like he already knew us before we you know had ever met it mean it’s like he already knew our story already knew where we came from already knew how hard it had all been we didn’t tell him anything and nobody could have known hi Monica hi Monica thank you yeah that’s one of this one of my friends one of the friends of the podcast tagging yeah it does tiny words so we you know so it was it was amazing how bill just saw everything that was going on it was another one of those really healing kinds of experiences because he said so many things that was just like answering questions that were burning inside of us and you know the wounds from rejection and from why did this stuff happen it’s like he was just it’s like he was just speaking straight from the heart of God and just saying I know where what you feel and how you’re hurting and it’s it’s gonna be okay it’s gonna make sense he knew like our character he was he would tell me about Sean he would say and I was like yeah how do you know I’m Sean my god yeah it was it was it was amazing I was only 15 at a time and he could see big things coming for him and he knew a little too much he told me that Jerry was thinking was going to be it this was yeah Arizona was gonna be the destination yeah and and and pastor bill said it’s not and I was just like I’m not going because I know Gary set on a destination that’s where we’re headed that’s what we’re doing and that wasn’t just but that would have popped his bubble big time I don’t know what he would have done so I didn’t tell him that yes I don’t know claudinha that’s why I like whenever you’re talking I’m just like I’m praying claudinha I understand yeah so pastor bill yeah and so after that you know and he sent us on send us forward so we made our way kept on getting through there’s so many crazy adventures along the way going through New Mexico ratan New Mexico that place is a trip you go through there it is it is desert it is it’s scary there’s like no gas stations in between so we have this van that’s just like barely working and shouldn’t even be working but it is somehow by some miracle and we’re driving through they’re just like oh Lord like we can’t run out of gas we can’t have this thing stopped now here in the desert in the middle of nowhere and it didn’t and our windshield wipers weren’t working so there was these storm clouds threatening to come and rain down on us I was like oh no they have bad storms they’re really bad storms and so we were praying and the storm just parted around us the whole way so we got through there not a not a drop of rain on us and it was just like one of those things that’s just like wow okay now that was God he got us through there yeah and you know ended up having a stay in Albuquerque Albuquerque is scary yes Albuquerque is very scary test it again after the other places I’ve lived now but it was scary it was a scary place from the hotel to the little restaurant we ate at was it felt very dangerous I had little children we have all yeah children we’re trying to keep them all together yeah my little bring little ducklings through Krim CD criminal underworld kind of scenario is like really that’s pretty spooky but you know we got in there got our got our hotel there and and stayed stay the night and we’re all just kinda like all right night after this let’s get out of here as fast as we can and you know nothing bad happened did hear some lot of sounds and a lot of crazy stuff going around outside we did a lot of praying the whole time yes that was that was an important thing across the whole journey every day on the hour we were praying that’s what we did because we’d get in the hotel that’s all we had to do was to pray yes and along the whole way too like we we were led so specifically that instead of just like going to one hotel or another we had this this I don’t know who gave it to us how we got it but we had this big book of coupons for hotels and it had the craziest deals for hotels you’d never believe the prices that we were getting staying in these hotels which is exactly what we needed because we had barely any money whatever money we got just came to us along the way piece Mealing from strangers from random people and so we would we would go yay so far every day

and it is like the children of Israel leaving Egypt like we didn’t know how far we were going to get every day we didn’t know exactly what was gonna happen we just go so far and get to a certain point well it’s getting about time we’re gonna need to quit well what’s the next you know hotel is gonna be somewhere on the map I had to learn how to read a map to navigate because we didn’t have a smartphones we didn’t have home school yeah there we go eat the complimentary breakfast before we took off we would eat one meal on the road and we’ve stopped in a hotel that’s that’s how we ate the whole time yeah yeah it was and it was so each each hotel each place long done summers and we could find it and so some other locations occasionally and the each place that we would go there was really a there was really something specific that we needed to go to each location for like there was there was always a can encounter there was always something interesting always a reason for each of those hotels so I would be reading through the coupon booklet and I would be like I’m really feeling a strong feeling about this one that we need to go to this one and you know we’re just praying the entire time about this is the one we need to go to so will you drive when we go to it sometimes it’d be like navigate yeah daddy how to get there yeah I was I was in the shotgun I was in the driver’s seat okay and I would just know that that’s what we need to do and sometimes it would be like like in one of the one of the places in I think it was in Colorado it was in Colorado there was one location that was really close to us like well here’s this one over here and I just feel I have this feeling no this isn’t the right one and everybody’s kind of mad with that come on Sean we’re tired let’s just go to this one like – no I really don’t think this is the right one I think we were we were even draining up driving up to it and everything I was like I really don’t think this is right one I think it’s this one over here okay so we drive like you’ve been right so far you know I guess worked so far so we go to this other one that I think it was like a Comfort Inn or something had like a teddy bear emblem or symbol and I don’t know if there’s if that was something you used to have or what but we went in there and the funny thing is earlier their journey in New Mexico we had taken a man in who had had his car break down remember we’re talking about how far spread apart those gas stations were well he had had his truck break down had go all the way to a gas station to go get gas and was gonna have to walk all the way back but we took him in our van brought him back got into that van he was squeezed and he made a squeeze Sean sat back on top of somebody yeah I realize there were so many people in there he suddenly he just happened to I guess look in the rearview mirror or something he looked back things like how many people it was something else this guy was this guy was a trip John was John was something else he was he was like a California he’s blond bleached blonde hair and you know that’s like a sailor but he had he had a heart of gold he had gone during the Katrina stuff and I’d gone down people during you know everything and that’s what he was actually coming up from was from doing that and so his car breaks up so we help him get back to his vehicle get the gas get back to this vehicle and you know he drove on we drove on parted ways he was back at this same flash for and he was back at this same hotel in Colorado the one that I picked that came second that nobody wanted to go to at first cuz we wanted to go the one that was closer there was John so we meet him see him there in the lobby that’s like surprise surprise like wow like that was the kind of crazy stuff god yeah right there yeah and he was he was a really encouraging guy because he was just like you know you don’t need to you don’t need to worry about things you don’t need to let this stuff