Enfield, CT – Town Council – September 21, 2020

monday september 21st 2020 um to order roll call please suzanne costco here commissioner here commissioner keiner thank you chairman lovely here manchini here commissioner mueller here commissioner riley here commissioner here this is commissioner thank you suzanne i move on to item two of the of the agenda of approval minutes special meeting october 21st 2019 do i have a motion to approve so move by counseling mueller seconded by councillor mangini excuse me commissioner mangini is there any additions deletions corrections to the minutes hearing on by show hands all those in favor of the minutes by raise your hand uh donna say aye or nay or abstain hi suzanne we have nine in favor zero against and no abstentions thank you you’re welcome item three old business we have none moving on to item four new business we have none move on to item five discussion resolution resolution authorizing the town manager to execute and amend the to the consultant engineering services contract for the water pollution control facility upgrades whereas the enfield town council acting its capacity of the waters control authority has adopted resolution number five four five two seven which waves the bidding requirements for consulting engineering services and owner’s representative services related to the water pollution control facility upgrades and authorizes the town manager to execute a contract with woodward and curran and whereas unforeseen factors encountered during construction including the discovery of pcbs which required abatement have been made have made it necessary to amend the contract reward and current to increase the scope of work and extend the term now therefore be resolved the town man the that the talmud is authorized to execute any necessary amendments to the contract with water and kern for such services subject and review to approval of the town attorney submitted on september 10th 2020 by the director of public works donald knowns by uh commissioner mangini seconded by commissioner mueller donald no we should have on with us john wilcox in finance has been reviewing this and also mr kevin flood kevin are you on yes i am kevin is going to identify himself he has been on the project on the town side overseeing it as you know about probably a year ago a year ago or maybe better nickerson who’s our construction company has done a very marvelous job very high quality work on the water pollution control center we had the groundbreaking two years ago october should be completed by the end of this year december and have a grand reopening but during the course of that pcbs were discovered in some of the equipment that was much older and wasn’t possibly seen in the initial testing when they go out there on these sites it was inside a lot of buried equipment and older equipment when it was discovered it was brought to our attention we came to council the dep approved the expended chart of our contingency account to abate the pcbs which has been done but as a result of that our people would encourage how to oversee and do a lot more work to oversee the contractor our legal department has reviewed the billing the public works department has john wilcox has and mr flood is just going to give us a little overview of what the scope of their work was deep is aware of this and in fact they actually wanted us to push forward to make this payment because of the clean water grant that we had uh they want to make sure that we’re in compliance with all of our contracts that we make these payments and again john has this you know with every project you have a contingency fund there are sufficient funds for that to come out of it and we’re recommending that you do it apparently this was done before me there was a bid waiver when we selected wooded and current but now legal felt and i felt that it should come before you for full disclosure uh in uh asking the additional payment for wooded and current we will then concurrently even though they’re aware send formal notice to the dep to make sure that they’re formally aware and we’ll make the payment and we’ll have a groundbreaking cut the ribbon hopefully in december uh mr flood would you like to give the council a quick overview and be available for questions sir yes sure um can everyone hear me yes just if you remind your name and title at your organization please sure my name o’neill is the acting farmer’s project manager for the wcf operator in the enfield water pollution control

facility i’ve been involved with the project since the design in november the town manager has stated the amendment that woodard and kern has submitted was for 378 000 and it covers five large areas there obviously has been a contract extension of over two months which leads to additional office management time what’s called rpr or construction observation time of two months 160 thousand 000 there was some additional time spent by woodard and kern in in helping the town council and the wpca with rate setting as the upgrades were beginning the rate setting was i think initially developed and then after uh the initial proposal and and an upgrade was discussed i think they spent some additional time reviewing other options in order to minimize the increase in the sewer rates for the project uh the third item that they’re looking for some uh compensation relief for is additional meetings the their original contract with the town called for monthly meetings to go over progress on the project it became abundantly clear early on that weekly project meetings were better and they’ve done that pretty much without uh fail from the beginning of construction in i believe it was in 2000 august of 2018 until there as the town manager had mentioned there were a bunch of unforeseen conditions including the pcbs that were found on a lot of the existing materials mostly paint some other materials like paint on concrete believe it or not or uh pieces of equipment that had pcbs within it because that’s what they were used to operate there or other things like differing conditions at the plant from what was shown on supposedly record and having to assist the town with some of their requests based on the different operators that were in charge at the time and what they were looking for to maintain operations and keep the equipment that was there in place until the new equipment was online and fully functional before it was eliminated and then as i said the last thing was the pcb management there was a lot of once the pcbs were identified there was a lot of effort um ordered in current’s part to not only identify it but then uh document it in the different uh things that different uh dumpsters that were used to collect them out there and then ultimately dispose of them with manifests and everything else so a lot of different paperwork that they had to do and coordination that they had to go through once these were all identified finally there was a an epa plan that was developed for this project that had to be edited more than once i’m probably going to say three times be based on what was found out there and how it was handled at this point 178 000 track extension time the additional meetings the unforeseen vacation pcb manager for a total of 678 it is that all mr flood unless there are questions i will be black for any questions before we open up the questions donald or john do you have anything dad just want to make sure john conducted meetings as did the town attorney and as i say all of these uh overages have to be approved by deep so that’s another quality control mr flood is our owner’s rep so he’s the honor broker honest broker in this watching out for us as you know i did increase their meetings because we don’t have a building committee this was a large project that went on for two years so i personally met with them weekly we

moved the meetings to town hall because we wanted to make sure if issues came up such as the pcbs we were on them right away and that we got the project done on time with with the quality results so after that kasha also was in them the director of public works attended every meeting and then of course covet intervened they did them more remotely but we kept tight reign on it i think it’s going to be a a really incredible um result we’re going to be again as i’ve said in the past well positioned for expansion of commercial residential use because of the capacity of our sewer treatment plant again they came in well under what we expected nickerson initially so even taking this the cost for the pcb remediation and abatement together with this we got a very good deal um so we’re recommending it i believe deep they’re the ones that actually were pushing me a little bit to get this paid so i have every confidence that they’re going to approve it so if there are questions otherwise we wanted to make sure we came to you and gave you the full story thank you sir do i have any any commissioners have any questions commissioner sakala thanks so uh is this woodward and curran’s first wpc is this at their first project have they ever done one of these projects before kevin can answer that my belief is yes i’m sorry can you repeat the question i did not hear that has woodward and curran done one of these projects before yes okay so explain to me why they wouldn’t know weekly meetings was necessary why would they think monthly meetings on a project this big is going to be sufficient and so when they figure out it’s not we owe them more money i find that ridiculous i think originally when they proposed this they were attempting to provide what was necessary in terms of progress meetings on the site they could have increased the budget but i think the budget the initial budget that was originally questioned as to what they were proposing to spend during construction and that’s one way to obviously reduce the cost is to lower the number of meetings that you would you would have during construction but this was our contract with them right am i missing something if it’s our contract with them i don’t understand why we’re obligated to pay more because we need to meet with them more all i can say is you know public works looked at the town attorney i wanted additional meetings and to be candid i i don’t recall being told that the price would go up because i requested it it seems to make sense if they were coming four times instead of one it would be more but i believed it would be beneficial to everyone and their offices are in um enfield so i didn’t think that it would be a big increase but my understanding of the lion’s share of this when they reviewed it and that’s why i had john look at it legal was it was for the pcb and the oversight of that uh frankly the review of it um in regard to the meetings i’m neutral on it i guess they’re being abundantly fair they could have put it somewhere else which they’re being honest but it’s a fair question so so my next question is are pcbs normally is that common to find in projects like this you know what i will tell you is this was one of the first in in this area we consulted with expert attorneys from shipment and goodwin because that was our question uh when they did the initial testing by everybody should this have been discovered our legal counsel said it was cutting edge that this type and mr flood you can expound upon it but that was one thing we looked at immediately to see what could we recoup this should somebody have found it and the response back was i think about almost concurrently with our discovering it in this project it was being discovered in some other places but it hadn’t been before mr flood would you like to elaborate on that yeah that’s correct obviously uh pcbs uh were very prevalent in the 60s and in the early 70s not only in paint but but in equipment that was constructed and fabricated for wastewater plants um literally had heard uh probably about two weeks before this project went into construction that there was another project that was having some similar uh change order requests for pcbs because they were finding the same equipment paint and materials that were used in their plants that were constructed at the same time as enfield’s plant and that’s the reason why that it basically came to light and very quickly we found out that not only was it there but it was there in a lot of places so and where is the money for finding the pcbs coming from that you were to authorize this this that was contingency

right and this is as well and in every project you put so much aside for unforeseen as charlotte’s nodding with the school projects i will tell you and i i don’t want to make it confrontational but i will assure you that we brought uh top environmental lawyers on when this first arose we had some very spirited meetings because you know as your former town attorney if anybody had missed the boat on this and they would be held accountable then we would have pursued it and shipman and goodwin are preeminent lawyers in the state they reviewed this quite thoroughly and they believed because of the time frame that mr flood said that this is one of those unforeseen circumstances that unfortunately um due diligence would not have revealed so if they had made a mistake um we would be recommending a different path but that’s not the case according to our legal experts i sat through a lot of the early meetings where we discussed it because they nickerson actually came in with a much larger number for pcb issues initially and i believe by the end chris we were able to cut it more than in half was it 1.5 right yeah i thought no we did we did a good job we we as with any of these things we question we push back uh ultimately we do the right thing but we’re not afraid to uh exercise our legal prerogatives uh in any case and so this was well vetted um and more so this is really the cost of them overseeing nickerson to do it as opposed to them being responsible for it not being discovered in the beginning so but i understand your point on the meetings maybe kevin will go back to them and tell them to remove that we have a deal remember it’s coming before you for this very reason doesn’t mean you have to approve the entire thing and it’s a good point on the meetings and kevin i i know we stated how much that was and perhaps you could indicate to them that the council is not comfortable with it and we’re a go but they’d have to deduct those those additional meetings so i’ll leave you and john wilcox to do that tomorrow for us if that’s the consensus of the council i think it’s appropriate thank you any other commissioners or questions on the phone deputy mayor suzak have any questions i’m all set mike thank you my only question mr flood so interesting that and so now if you were going to i guess just curiosity if you were going to bed on another project like this the assumption now would be that you would find pcb is that correct when you would make a bid yes if if if the treatment plant was of the same vintage as infields in terms of its construction late 60s early 70s which there are still some out there um you you may find them again i think that it would result in more due diligence on the consulting engineer that’s doing the design work up front in the design process to do testing to figure out whether there are pcbs and then how to handle them just for the record i think it what would you might take away from that if i was doing another project coming up right away okay we’re probably testing during the design phase to figure out whether or not they were there thank you just for the record was roughly at one point about 1.5 million we thought we’d have to spend three we me if i remember the numbers correctly about about seven months ago roughly or maybe back last year yeah i don’t recall the exact but i know no one’s up there right we negotiated it down by i think over here and i think your recommendation and commissioner sakala’s recommendation is a fair one yeah i think that’s fair and i think at the end of the day we have a very very high quality plant um nickerson they work hard um they are aggressive in their negotiations but it’s because they have a very good product and a good reputation we’ve heard that from deep when we talk to our environmental lawyers they acknowledge that as well so i think there’s a comfort level that we got an excellent product for the price that we paid they did a heck of a good job and you’ll all see it hopefully in the next few months for yourself steve signing off gives us the green light to eventually reopen in theory reopen the plant correct we need their ultimate yeah got it licensure any other questions hearing anything else so many uh mr flood or any anyone on you’re all set thank you mr flood thank you um no further discussion suzanne roll call please you’re muted yeah i’m abstaining i just got on and i just didn’t hear the uh the proceeding so i’m abstaining let’s vote thank you chairman

four commission uh commissioner bosco uh is now present and uh if you could record his vote please thank you commissioner against thank you suzanne uh move on to item six miscellaneous we have none moving on diet of seven we have a motion to adjourn the water who’s controlled commissioner mueller secretary commissioner mangini cereal raise your hands i on the phone i everyone’s at mo this is this is adjourned we’re going to move over 10 minutes later we’re going to move right into the special meeting uh moving into the special meeting on monday september 21st 2020 again this is the anfield town council special meeting roll call please suzanne councillor bosco here councillor sacalam here here councilor here here councillor four i mean here here counselor here there’s 11 members present at our accident we welcome uh item first donald news director of public works uh for public work public works and solid waste ordinance and of course mr ken ballet you’re welcome as well and come on up yeah i’d just like to state um i guess we all get reacclimated to be back in person i think we had it down to a science doing the remote where we were all able to see each other now um it’s a little different we actually melded it this is a hybrid i will let you know that we’re one of the first communities to come back to have a live um council meeting or a select meeting most are still doing it remotely and also some are doing it where they allow the public to call in and we of course are allowing the public to come within the governor’s executive order so i’m excited about that but i will ask for your indulgence we had to meld together being able to have council persons remotely and directors remotely i wanted directors to be in their office you’d be able to view them but if we had had them come we would have had no seats for the public so we’re trying to do a uh of the best of both worlds but as a result of that um the pictures of those once the presentation is gone we should be able to see the directors and the council uh persons uh mr keiner and donna susak up on the screens and in front of you they can’t see us but they can hear us so we’ll be able to see and hear directors and the other council people hopefully uh we’ve worked at this for five or six days to make sure uh we could mill the two technologies as you know we went hd uh for youtube and we have all new cameras and new monitors i think this is very nice and members of the public i think it’s nice now that we just don’t have that one indicated screen that would block the council and be difficult to see so now they can see the two monitors so with that we’ve tested this donald is out on a medical leave but he pre-recorded his presentation on the initial solid waste revision and ken was kind enough to come in and be here to try to field any questions because donald is not available even by monitor so with that paul i and i i thank it and if you can see the newly renovated council chambers to get us into the 2020s i thank building and grounds we did it all within their existing budget they did it all in house deb mccarthy helped with the aesthetics and the colors um we did all new you know tiles acoustically it’s hd and with cameras so i i think it’s a fitting reopening for us to come back after covert to this very i think gracious council chamber which is what i think the council deserves and what our residents deserve a place that has dignity and decorum to conduct town government business so now unless this is a total failure we will segue paul into the uh presentation by mr knock on wood right there go ahead paul do you want to run director of public works for the town of infield tonight we’ll be talking about the municipal solid waste ordinance revision the public hearing is scheduled for monday october 5th in this presentation there’s a precursor for that to help you

understand what are some possible changes in the municipal solid waste ordinance now we talk about the gold municipal solid waste ordinance how we arrived here the future of msw in connecticut our own msw and recycling data the difference between a town ordinance and a policy revisions of the current ordinance and implementation we want to do four things primarily we like to update implement reduce and provide flexibility we want to update our solid waste ordinance to improve efficiency safety remove ambiguity and introduce future cost savings want to implement quality and quantity standards we want to reduce the municipal solid waste tonnage by diverting more into the recycling program and limiting residential capacity and lastly we want to provide flexibility so we can account for facility changes creating adjustable policy to meet changing needs and the current msw climate so how we arrived here we have had numerous meetings of the town council dpw subcommittee over the last 18 months we’ve had multiple work sessions with the office of the town attorney we’ve had reviews of the ordinance by dpw staff including frontline employees crew leaders division managers and administrative staff we also had attendance at several conferences from central connecticut solid waste authority materials innovation and recycling authority and the state of connecticut to understand trends and the new state of municipal solid waste in connecticut so the future of municipal solid waste in connecticut is not very good right now in july 2020 governor lamont rejected a proposal to spend more than 330 million dollars to upgrade mira governor lamont quotes and i state i cannot support sending hundreds of millions of taxpayer or electric rate-paid dollars to mira to attempt to keep a failing decades-old facility running right here in hartford where it impacts our vulnerable residents a permanent trash export operation is also a non-starter it’s time for new ideas so short-term options include renovating the hartford plant which again governor lamont does not wish to do or we may have to start shipping the trash out of state if the governor decided to renovate mera it could produce tipping fees up to 145 dollars per ton the state of connecticut currently has no significant in-state waste to energy capacity available there are also no municipal solid waste landfills in the state that are operational the new york and southern new england region similarly have no available capacity if exporting municipal solid waste is the only option the market will be governed by transportation costs in addition to tipping fees in 2016 we were at 61.72 cents per ton for disposal and we took in approximately 13 600 tons and which amounted to 800 approximately 140 000 in fy 20 that rate jumped to 73 dollars per ton and we’ve expended just over 1 million dollars in costs just for disposal of municipal solid waste in 2021 our contract with usa waste is 80 50 cents in fiscal year 22 it is 8150 and in fiscal year 23 it will jump to 83 dollars from the line graph here we see that again municipal solid waste tonnage is increasing at approximately 0.47 percent per year our recycling data is very interesting because in 2007 fiscal year 2016 and 2017 we were actually getting paid for recycling we earned 87 000 in fiscal year 16 and in fiscal year 2017 we earned 84 000 then the market fell out for that then we went to paying to get rid of recycling and we’re right now we are currently we started at 10 and fy 18 and now we’re at 10.78 cents for fy 21. our goal again part of the reduction is to produce more recycling so we’re only paying 10.78 instead of the dollars and fifty cents which we will be paying now with the msw tonnage increasing our recycling tonnage has steadily

decreased over the years and again it is the goal of this is to increase this recycling tonnage and divert more into recycling and taking away more from msw at our transfer station the last five fiscal years we brought in almost 10 000 tons of trash for a cost of approximately 1.2 million dollars over that five years for bulky waste and other materials that are brought up there if the projection goes as planned and we don’t do anything about working towards our goal of solving or reducing and diverting more into recycling we are in current we are currently in fy 2020 and we were or last year we spent just over a million dollars if the projections hold true in 28 and eight years we’re going to be spending about 1.5 million dollars just for municipal solid waste that’s all that’s for so we’re going to have so this part will be a we’ll be continuing to add cost and add to the budget from this an ordinance is the official codified law of the town and adopted by the town council and only the town council can amend or repeal the ordinance a policy is the procedure for implementing the ordinances an example of a policy could be including uh could be setting the cost of a replacement tip or barrel our fall leaf pickup dates and hours of operation the multiple meetings that we had dpw had with the town attorney wanted to make certain that the ordinance clearly reflects ordinance items and policies such as those what the cost of a tip or barrel is when we pick it up was removed from that and that will be discussed at our next dpw subcommittee meeting is those other policy items which would be available and made may hold then we now like to talk about the revisions to the current ordinance one of the main goals is to make to modernize our current definitions and to add things and remove things that did not seem appropriate anymore we removed the thought we removed the definition from authority in the revised ordinance we expanded on our bulky waste definition to make sure that there was no ambiguity left in what exactly bulky waste means we added collector now this means any person or firm that is that comes and picks up um handyman services basement cleanings things like that we added a whole section about collectors here we removed the commercial solid waste definition from the ordinance we added a common gathering venue such as we are mandating people that have gatherings now outside that we have to have not only trash but also recycling bins outside as well condominium unit we this we defined what a condominium unit was we have expanded our contractual standards for solid waste deliveries definition we have expanded upon our curbside placement more more importantly that the barrel must be oriented so that there’s no obstruction within three feet in any direction we’ve added what a customer is we have added what deep means which would now be before it was dep now it is deep for department of energy and environmental protection we removed the directed solid waste facility and we also expanded upon exactly what a disposal charge means we had a definition of a fine monetary fine or penalty we’ve expanded upon our what a generator means we have cleared up with the hazardous waste definition we added the definition of the materials recycling facility we have added a description of multi-family homes we removed the municipal service agreement we defined we added municipal solid waste definition we clarified the plastic what a plastic bag means we defined what a policy means modify the definition of recyclable we remove the definition of refuse collector we also modify what it means what residential waste means we expanded upon solid waste we added what a solid waste facility is and we expanded on what a tipper barrel is we added the definition of of town we’ve also added the definition of what our

town’s transfer station is we modified the written warning definition and we added what a yard waste means more notable changes in the revisions to the current ordinance include incorporating flexible policy references to address disposal facility contract changes there will be one tip or barrel for trash will be collected per week at no charge a maximum of up to three additional gray tipper barrels per residence will be available for an annual fee to be established by the director we’re going to limit the maximum size of all tipper barrels to be 96 gallon there’ll be no extra bags or items collected outside of tipper’s barrels after holidays and tires are no longer accepted other changes include tipper barrels must not have any obstructions within three feet in any direction the director of public works may direct placement of tippers for safety or efficiency the contents of all tipper barrels must be completely contained inside the barrel with the lid securely closed tipped barrels not secured will not be collected regarding yard waste up to two brown tipper barrels will be collected per week per residence at no charge a maximum of up to two additional brown tipper barrels per residence will be available for an annual fee to be established by the director yard waste in barrels will have nothing greater than three inches in width and nothing longer than three feet during our spring collection the time frame determined by the department of public works there could be three brown tippers will be collected per week per residence without additional annual tag required the director of public works will establish a leaf waste collection schedule during the scheduled leaf collection up to 40 biodegradable leaf bags unlimited weekly brown tipper barrels will be accepted now implementation of this one the first steps would be to revise the ordinance and accept the ordinance the next would be educating would take approximately four weeks of increased inspection of tipper contents tagging and reporting results and placement issues the next step would be implementing the primary tag system on great tippers and that’ll take about six to eight weeks selling additional tipper tags to residents and again more education an additional four weeks or so for that to increase inspection of tipper contents tagging and reporting results questions about the ordinance will be by written testimony only and may be submitted by stating your name and address to ph comments at enfield.org by 5 pm on friday september 30th 2020 thank you very much thank you so uh can i know if you have anything you want to add before we open up the no i just know there was a lot of time put into this i mean over a long period of time i’ve been involved since you know near the end of december and um it’s something that we have to get control on it’s for it’s for you know our kids grandkids and everybody else try to control this and the cost we’re kind of our hands are tight on cost and with our latest contract that we just got i i thought the contractor was very fair with the price because a lot of other communities are paying a lot more to get rid of that thank you sir so before we open up the questions counselor bosco counselor mangini i’ll let you go first since you’re on the subcommittee and we’ll go to deputy mayor suzak go ahead real quick yes i thank you um well this thing’s loud and i’m loud oh let me stand back is this better it’s all right because people on tv i mean folks so yeah maybe yeah um yeah so this started out we’ve been working on this for probably over a year in committee uh we got countless hours and meetings the staff has been running ragged trying to get this taken care of and just for the people i know when i seen it advertised people were not understanding correctly more or less everything stays stayed the same it’s more of excuse me house cleaning keeping and stuff like that the big difference is is the amount of tipper barrels you’re going to get and for a little bit of history you know when when we uh started all this one of the reasons why i brought this up to the committee is every year i hear people saying that we need to go out for privatization because that’s how

we’re going to save money we need to stop stop being in the trash business and put private contractors in so i had staff check and see what the municipal municipals uh towns are paying for private contracting for the salt the amount of trash and for the labor well it ends up that it’s slightly more for us to do it ourself but through the years with negotiations with the dbw and and all the different uh uh employees unions we got everyone cross-trained so when we had this storm it was nice because we could take people from other departments and make them work and plowing and all that so in the end it is actually cheaper for us so we don’t have to pay for uh subcontractors at work and we do have a problem so that’s where it started but that’s when we found out we were paying a lot more for waste well why because when you go with a private contractor you get one tip or barrel if you want more timber barrels you have to pay so this is more or less a hybrid of private public to get the biggest bang for the the town so in our committee we figured what is that’s how we based it now it’s up to 11 of us to decide if what the amount of tipper barrels and stuff are are correct but this is modeled more after a private privatization of our trash by using our town employees and this is how we’re going to keep the price down so thank you councillor mangini you have anything like that thank you um i was one of the members of the subcommittee thank you councilman bosco uh and also town staff and uh mayor suzak was on the committee as well the group worked very hard to come forward with some recommendations but there’s just one area that i want clarification on still you know there are parts of our town hazardville specifically where in the fall especially we have a real issue with leaves now with the one brown tipper barrel that’s not going to do it but there’s no allocation or maybe a misunderstanding for people to use brown paper bags so how are we going to address the people of hazardville specifically with all the inundation of the leaves so i don’t want to isn’t it the last slide yeah yeah so i don’t know joey if you want to answer or can it’s yeah as far as i understood was during the fall we’re going to pick up so if whatever you go to the last slices revisions notable changes um during uh during leaf collection in the fall 40 biodegradable leaf bags and unlimited weekly brown tipper barrels so it sounds like the policy isn’t changing from normal okay so is there a time limit in other words it’s going to be a beginning time period for the residents to do this yeah so chris i know we last year we were able to kind of have i know donald trump have like presentations so we made a i think i’m sure you’ll do uh uh your community updates that right he’ll let the people know so that yeah it’ll be that will be unchanged there’ll be a time frame for the neighborhoods people will be um alerted to it prior and we communicate it and put it out there so that they’re aware i would appreciate that i just don’t want to see people be taken by surprise that oh well you know we thought this was going to continue another week and it stopped as long as we can communicate effectively with the residents i just wanted to clarify thank you so han joe once said deputy mayor suzak anything before he helped i mean you were on the committee as well uh you know i think that you know i want to you know reiterate what joey said because we’ve been at this i think joey almost two years i you know we need most private don’t even pick up yard waste so i mean we we pick up everything and i know for me you know living in the hazardville section it is a big deal the leaves pick up but i think if there’s storms or things like that we’ll do what we normally do and we you know accommodate for the people but we can’t have an ordinance that accommodates for worst case scenario and basically right now our ordinance says that we have we’re limited to 40 bags so i honestly wanted to go to all barrels i feel like you know we saved a lot of money in workman’s car when we went to the tipper barrels and one of the you know the most dangerous thing we have out there is our employees out there picking up

bags of stuff and you know for me i you know this is a this is a um listening to our staff the you know where they talk about going to homes that have 10 and 11 barrels and understanding that the cost is being driven is not you know the cost of our employees is the cost of getting rid of the waste that we pick up so um i think it’s been a lot of work and i’m really i’m glad to see it come this far thank you thank you you all said are you real no uh and just to go off is we we do have some businesses in town that are putting out 10 12 13 and we have we have some residents that are doing that too and that’s going to take care of this so we can bring down the tonnage but the most important thing is we did not take away the trash especially for the people down in thompsonville where they can’t get a dumpster so they’ll be able to just purchase extra barrels if they need them and uh you know be able to take care of because that’s the biggest problem you know they need to be able to get rid of the waste the uh the other thing is is we can always do a lot of these different little changes in policy because a lot of it would be policy the ordinance takes care of all the big stuff and if it comes down we just do it in policy if we’re going to pick up 41 bags we could change that in policy i would say instead of doing the ordinance again and that’s why we did this like this so it could be fluid from now on we have descriptions and and everything is all laid out so uh i i think this will work really well and um you know it’s just time to do it thank you sir so we’ll open up the questions i’ll start uh from the phone counselor keiner do you have any questions no okay so anyone from offset counselor and guy then council indian counselor counseling council sakala i was just curious uh what happened to the industry because at one point all the recycling for the town of anfield was generating revenue and then all of a sudden it flipped from one year to the next where now it costs us a lot of it has to do with uh stuff being remanufactured with china and stuff and the market is flooded with recyclables now especially you know a lot of cardboard and paper products with the amazons and everything i know i spoke to another community and they’re paying a whole lot more to get a recyclables uh get rid of them than us um but there’s not it’s just that the market the market is kind of dried up so that’s the main reason why the cost has gone up but we’re saving you know almost 70 dollars a ton to have somebody go something going to recyclables instead of into the trash with the tipping fees council chicago i have one other question in the presentation that residents will be limited to one gray tipper barrel because of the excess that joey mentioned some have ten why couldn’t we make it two you can have two brown have two gray large families that might generate and cookouts and holidays and all that i think two sounds reasonable well i mean i don’t answer but i think joey made it basically they were trying to mimic what the private sector did i mean very i mean that’s basically i don’t speak feel bad that’s what i got out of it yeah but the thing is during the holidays you’ll have that second tip or barrel so you know the high trash flows they didn’t they didn’t put it up there but the high trash flows memorial day fourth of july you know all the big holidays were christmas thanksgiving you’ll be able to put your second tipper barrel out okay i didn’t hear that anywhere no that was not there and that’s something that you guys have the ability to amend or whatever because you know during some of those holidays there isn’t you know an issue a 96 uh gallon trash can is quite large compared to a lot of communities are getting 32s 48s and things uh you know the average resident uh a 96 gallon barrel is more than efficient but there is holidays i just had a four four year old birthday party on saturday so i have a lot of trash this week myself so um i understand that concern we’re just trying to put up you know just trying to get a control of it you know some put some type of limit on it okay there’s also large families too that might have yes counselor sakala thanks so i i guess what i want to hammer home and my takeaways are it’s really about education for the residents like this will never work unless we educate the residents on why we’re doing what we’re doing when we’re doing it and how we’re doing it so like you said the average resident i don’t think understands

that it’s 80 something dollars next year per ton for waste and it’s going to be under 11 for recycling i don’t think many people understand that and so if we can educate them on the amount of money that this town could save and hopefully it trickles down then i think that’s going to help them be able to swallow any sort of change in ordinance that is going to reduce the amount of tipper barrels they’re going to be allowed to have for free so i don’t know how else to do it the stickies are fine but we need to get press out you need to put this on facebook this needs to be flooded because people need to understand why why we’re doing what we’re doing that’s my first comment because i my takeaway from this whole thing is that you need to recycle more and waste less but that’s my takeaway i guess so my next i guess my question is was there any talk about um more than one recycling bin and giving um residents more than one of those for free if we’re taking down if we’re taking uh away the ability to have more um gray barrels i’m sorry there is a lot of residents that have more than one recycling barrel we try to educate the public about breaking down the cardboard and everything is the more recyclable and recycled barrels we have out there is the more tips but um we are more than willing to give more recyclable barrels and as you talk about education it’s a big thing that we’re going to have to push hard because when the recycling program started many years ago there was a big push on education went through the schools with the kids and the kids you know helped the parents you know with the recycle and so it’s something that definitely has to happen and this will this will be a good result and as you can see the recycling numbers have dropped down over the last few years and i think some more education through all the avenues would be a great thing i think i’m good thank you all right council rather than council riley one of the questions i have is i understand about the one gray barrel we’re trying to mimic the private sector but i want to be clear if a resident wants the second barrel they pay a fee for that second barrel just for the barrel itself correct yes there would be an annual fee for a second barrel up to four barrels um that will be established by the director of public works okay but it’s not telling anybody that they can’t half a second you know but that that’s my question the the authority to set that fee for the second barrel is going to be exclusively for the director yes the way um the policy is written yes because the the cost of trash if it goes up a lot the fee for a second barrel will probably you know go up in time but or a third barrel or fourth but um the way the policies written is for that to have the flexibility so we don’t have to come back to council you know for full council for an ordinance but and it’s never likely the fees going to go down right but if it did um no i’m afraid not um back in february we went down to the state capitol and they were talking about a hundred forty dollar tipper uh or 140 dollar fee per ton and they were talking about forcing all the communities and people got involved and that that went away because you know that would have you know doubled our tipping fee at the time so um so when he sets this fee is he regulated by any constraints that he can only raise it enough to keep pace or is it unlimited is there anything in the ordinance that that addresses that there is nothing at this time it will be regulated by the public outcry to you if it goes too high okay councillor riley thank you okay so my question is if it is an annual fee for your extra gray barrel if you already have two are you grandfathered in or do you have to pay that annual fee and what if you wanted the one extra barrel for just the holiday situation do you still have to pay the annual fee if you never use it except for christmas i mean i guess that’s one of my big questions and then the other question is if we want to push recycling more are we going to expand our recyclable list to include more items that we can recycle

um all right you can say i can get back there yeah i don’t know if i have an answer it’s okay i’m covered i was so focused on this section we can get back to you now don’t worry don’t worry fair question you can say donald will get back yes me get my foot out of my mouth so that’s a follow-up question we’ll get back to you so i i i know we have questions so donald will follow i think we got to move on i got one final question we got to get to the chief sorry we’re gonna have to move on two quick questions i think to charlotte’s point you know if you go to i think it’s gonna be hard to regulate someone who says i’m just having a second barrel i’m only gonna use it once a year i’m so i i mean i’m sorry i don’t know how we regulate that through our folks in the dpw so if you’re gonna have to do it that way you charge and then you know you you then you put out more trash during the week you know and i’m i think for me i would i’m okay with that as long as we give if we’re willing to give that second blue barrel free so a trade-off like so you get the second blue barrel free but you got to pay if you want the second gray barrel that’s just that’s my recommendation when we get there and then i think the genus point and charlotte’s point why can’t we do and we talked about this probably i know last year before covert and everything but why can’t we do one of those kind of you know you have the test tube and we challenge the community to get to a certain savings and i don’t know again so we actually put it out there and to your point if we make that’s the other thing the presentation i think we have to talk through is that if we reduce whatever say we reduce it a ton we save x i think that’s what we need to show the public so listen if you do these things you’re willing to accept which again we all we all want a clean environment here and so by the way here’s the savings so there’s a tangible return on the investment so to speak for the resident and we can track it right here at the town hall we can do it we have to spend a lot of money on it just look here’s what our goal is we have a set the committee sets a goal and says we want to whatever reduce it by a third quarter whatever maybe something that attainable and we start there and it starts through the schools through a nice little whatever you want to do like a you know and so we can get to a goal and it’s in the entire community and people see the actual savings going from paying 80 a ton to 10 a ton that’s pretty real money and i agree with you i’ve been saying this since the 90s as you well know man this is going to get to a point when i don’t know how we’re going to be able to afford you know our our recycling and our you know refuge it’s going to get to a point where it’s just not going to have any solutions and i agree it’s time to start thinking differently yeah i agree so i just i think that’s my suggestions as we look through the ordinance yeah i think you guys did a really nice job but then let’s challenge people say look we want to save x this year let’s put it out there what do we want to save that’s through the committee and the council is my suggestion i’m mayor mike i just like to add something about the lee season we’re still planning on running the league season as we’ve done in the previous years you know so we’re not going to be limited barrels brown barrels they won’t nobody have to pay an extra fee for brown barrels and i know through the subcommittee uh counselor bosco brought in for spring cleanup we’re going to send a set of spring clean up so uh you know residents are able to get their yards cleaned up you know whether it’s a three or four week period so that that’s that’s all out there so you gotta be quick so we gotta move up yeah real quick you’ll be able to get whatever recycling barrels you need after you hit the three they’ll come and make sure you’re recycling correctly and then we’ll be all no charge uh for the uh paying for the barrel you’re going to get a sticker to put on your second barrel so during holidays if you already have that tipper barrel you’ll be able to put your tipper barrel out and when if you need that second barrel there’ll be a sticker so they know that that barrel should be picked up and carl policy we break the policy and we’ll we we set the fee so uh director sets up we set the fee so if if that the director can come in and say to us hey look at that fee should be 500 for that barrel and we could say no it’s 50. i mean that that’s how it’s going to work we set policy and this is all the rest of it’s all going to be done in policy so uh that i mean i think that answers it and that’s why i wanted to make sure we had this little discussion before the public hearing so now people could see it and and go after questions a larger discussion on recycling in the future that i mean you saw the chart where you’re looking at 1.8 million dollars within a few years we can’t sustain that in our budget there’s no way we can and i mean it’s it’s just not sustainable so again anything closing i don’t want to make sure i appreciate you showing up here tonight and i keep you know and we’re doing all the hard work with dpw folks for anything in closing sir thank you for your time and you know

let’s move forward appreciate it ken thank you for coming thank you thank you sir thank you everyone sorry we were already behind and we’re going to move right over to i’ll also state um this was a very good suggestion to have this before the public hearing because oftentimes you have the public hearing people come for the first time are hearing changes so we did this on a couple of others i think it’s a good process to follow this will be up the presentation on the website tomorrow and then individuals who want to go and look at it who perhaps weren’t watching this evening can and they’ll be more informed if they would like to come at the public hearing the first meeting of october to make comments and suggestions great thank you great idea so chief fox please come up moving on to the discussion on cameras thank you sir for being patient you have the floor i want to give a preface before the chief commences um just as you can see i think it’s working well the presentation’s up but i just want to remind our directors and our two counselors who are at home so they don’t have a wardrobe malfunction that when this is done they’re back up on the screen even though they can’t see us we can see every move they’re making so i just want to remind them of that i would like to say the chief has done a lot of work he’s also worked with i.t and finance because those are key components to this but i would like our public to know that we’re not johnny come lately’s in regard to body cams uh and in-car camera systems we have had for decades the in-car camera systems and in fact they’re so well received by our officers that many when carl was chief and i was there did not want to take a patrol cruiser unless it was outfitted with a car camera because they are so important as they say um there’s a he said she said but you play the film and it shows what occurred in 99.9 percent of the cases and i will state unequivocally that in my tenure here that each and every time we were called upon to replay the car cam footage i will say that it exonerated the officer from any complaint of malfeasance that was made so it’s an important and powerful tool for the officers protection and for the public’s protection i will let you know in this last budget because of covid and we had to streamline it and we wanted to make sure we didn’t increase taxes for our residents who could ill afford it the chief had come we have a cip i have all directors uh commencing will be starting the budget season again very shortly what are your cip requests and those are things other than your normal operating budget what would you need the chief submitted that he wanted to go to body cams and completely upgrade the in-car camera system and as you all well know because of the emergency and the pandemic um that we experienced we held everything at a zero we we still with the new cars that are coming were outfitting them with with the in-car camera system we were finding that money we fully anticipated after the budget was adapted um to look further but uh as you know the national debate has been focused on this so the chief was well ahead of it he’d already talked to many vendors he had a lot of different options available to us as you now know the legislature has mandated these systems so because of the chief having been forward thinking and having done a lot of the work it was much easier for him to then fine-tune it and go to these vendors and come up with some real firm numbers for us to consider i will just tell you at the outset john will find the money either in the fund balance we can also put one to our lease packages or we can fund some of it over a number of years put some into the budget the chief will explain to you i’m not going to say it’s a completely unfunded mandate but for the most part it is but we are committed to this again this is a this is imperative for the safety of our citizens and our officers to now be able to have the offices when they’re disassociated from their cruisers and in a home or a backyard or in a serious situation to be able to have video footage of what occurred there are great challenges there is great cost it is worth the effort uh two of the things is the outright cost and you as you can well imagine these companies are in the cat bird seat because everybody has to get them now so they’re not really in the mood to give you any bargain basement prices there’s an imp implementation time frame to do it and one of the biggest challenges is going to be but we’ll have to deal with it is the storage and retrieval uh when requests are made through foi to see this footage but with that i wanted to give you the background it’s a very complex issue the chief has done an incredible job working with other staff members and his people to come up with this presentation for you this evening hopefully after it we’ll be in a position to say okay we’re going to choose this and then we can think at the funding in the upcoming meetings in october thank you chief thank you mr bronson good evening ladies and gentlemen thank you thank you um on august 25th i had the opportunity to appear before the public safety subcommittee and provide a a light version of what you’re about to see i certainly realize that an expenditure of this magnitude is not the sort of thing that we’re about to decide on a dime tonight but it certainly is important to begin the conversation now and give you an understanding as to what the future holds public acts act 201 is this extraordinarily detailed significant police accountability legislation that was passed by the general assembly this

summer next slide please you will remember if i take you back in time to about june of this year i had the opportunity to sit before you this seems like a lifetime ago although it only uh perhaps only three months or so ago and there was a lot of discussion at that point there was a lot of public concern if not within this town certainly within the state and within this nation about two areas in particular and i know that one of them we know that one of them was actually governor lamont’s executive order number eight that came out in june of 2020 and there was also and i believe it was disseminated primarily through the web because i know a number of you received it mr mayor i believe you were a recipient of it more than once the so-called eight can’t wait proposals and i’m not sure to this day what the origin of that of that was but i do know that it was the same items in the same order that were coming at many of us at the same time mr russell if you could advance to the bottom of that slide there we go i was very pleased at that time to tell you that we were as an agency already in compliance with everything in governor vermont’s executive order and everything within the eight can’t wait communications with the exception of the body worn camera requirement and that’s really what began a more detailed assessment a more in earnest assessment as to the preliminary work that mr bronson referenced a moment ago next slide please what the public act from this past july did in particular and please understand the much larger backdrop this is a 71-page bill with 46 sections in it with substantial impacts on policing in connecticut but for our purposes tonight the significant area of our concern was an expansion upon the requirement to use body-worn cameras to all police officers state municipal and tribal previously that had been limited to state law enforcement officials state university law enforcement officials it was drawn rather narrowly prior to this point this requirement in effect is for all law enforcement officers to make use of dashboard cameras on the patrol vehicles and the body-worn cameras that i referenced next slide please as an agency uh and as was referenced a moment ago it’s my pleasure to tell you that you as a town were in front of the in-car camera requirement uh credit to the folks that that preceded me in the position that i’m in you went on board with the in-car camera requirement with a company then known as icop now known as safety division safety vision about 10 years or so ago and while that was certainly a cutting edge decision at that time the status of those in-car systems frankly ranged from some that were fully functional some that were somewhere in the middle and some that were obsolete and non-functioning and we were doing everything we could to sort of hold those together with whatever tools that were at our disposal what we need what we needed and what we need was a complete overhaul to 35 in-car cameras and 100 body worn cameras next slide please all vendors therefore that we spoke to were given those parameters 35 and 100 all vendors were told that we needed cloud storage and there was some discussion on this even with the public’s even within the public safety subcommittee when we got together back in august i actually circled back to mr russell to verify a conversation we had had previously that cloud storage in the long haul is safer and it is more effective and it is less expensive in the long haul that is also the direction that these vendors encourage everyone to go it is necessary that every officer have their own in-car camera i’m sorry that every officer have their own body worn camera because the camera charges when it’s not in use and because the given camera ties to a given account that feeds into the storage it would be unwieldy it would be unworkable to have one camera swapped between officers because even if we could address the bot even if we could address the battery issue what we would have at that point is one camera with one license and two people feeding into it i thought that was a very reasonable question when it was offered the last time but that unfortunately is the answer and all of the vendors are telling me that next slide please so the font is small and the type is small but what you see before you are the five uh vendors that we either have a relationship with or they are the national level vendors that are out there and what i was able to do was get the overall quote doing the best that i could to compare apples to apples and oranges to oranges amongst the vendors or your ability to do a compare and contrast falls apart i also went so far as to ask each vendor on a five-year program

what it’s going to look like each year for the five years to get to that final price and those five as you see before you are axon which is the company previously known as taser and they are the company that does the taser electronic defense weapon as well panasonic who’s the vendor that the state police recently went with watchguard who’s also extraordinarily well known in this area and then two companies that are uh a little less market share and perhaps a little less prominence gtech and safety vision the one shout out i would give here and i’m not necessarily pushing for this vendor but i would share with you that while the axon price is the highest this is also where we see some apples and oranges difference axons overall package also includes the taser package so what we have and again a little loose on the numbers here but we are spending and this is in our budget twenty two thousand dollars annually for the cartridges training and carry cartridges for the officers for their electronic defense weapons additionally we have a number of tasers that are currently out of warranty and to get those under warranty would be another fifty thousand dollars we would need another thirteen thousand dollars in 2021 for the units that are expiring at that point so i offer that to you only in the category of as you look at that 251 annually 223 168 143 and 107 please realize that at least with that first vendor that’s not a really fair apples to apples oranges to oranges because you wouldn’t you wouldn’t suffer the taser expenses for the actual electronic defense weapon for the officers that are currently part of the budget that we that you currently finance those are the five proposals that i would urge you to look at and i can either talk now or at a later point about personal preferences and what i think the most professional product is next slide please i think it’s fair to offer and for you to inquire as to where we are in terms of the opm reimbursement formula opm is currently working under an older grant it’s the grant that’s been around for several years now as the state rolled out the option for departments to get body worn cameras several years back now what that package currently has remaining in it is about half a million dollars five hundred thousand dollars and opm so long as that money lasts is at a fifty percent reimbursement rate now it’s fifty percent of first year storage and the acquisition costs in the first year after that when the equipment is acquired you don’t have expenses in years two onward but you do have the cloud storage expenses from years two onward and opm has you know that they’re only 50 for the stuff in the first year and 50 for cloud storage in the first year that 50 percent rate is going to last until that money runs out and i spoke to the woman from opm who runs this program and she shares with me that at this point she doesn’t have a lot of requests but she does have a lot of phone calls and a lot of requests for information next slide please under the new public act opm provided additional funding that funding however unless one is a distressed municipality and you are not is at a 30 percent reimbursement rate so 30 percent if we move in the future on this with that same level of reimbursement is for all acquisition costs suffered in the first year which is all of them and it’s for your first year storage after that that cloud storage expense is on is on your town i wanted to provide you with some sort of guidance because i can’t be certain what money is going to be available uh i can’t be certain what opm is going to fund in the future to the degree that it gives you any guidance what opm has funded previously under the first grant has been approximately 144 thousand dollars per town so that would come off of the overall cost that you’re seeing next slide please the time has not just come for this as a discussion the time has actually been mandated on us at this point so uh we are at a point where i believe that i’ve done the the requisite background work for you to either ask questions or begin to contemplate the direction that you want to go in this regard but it is going to become unnecessary it

is going to become a necessary discussion just like to add i would like the chief to make his recommendation because um he has offered five options i think really there are only two uh and one is preferable and i will let him make that comment it’s it’s nice when you have one vendor that does it all it’s in one house such as the taser and they have a long standing reputation of course panasonic is well known as well but i would like his recommendation because we have we can ask questions but we’ve never after the police department has done due diligence on what kind of taser to use we’ve never second guessed them we haven’t second-guessed them on the cruisers they choose or the weapons they carry to protect themselves or their or or their long rifles so i wouldn’t want to micromanage i think we should ask and do due diligence but i think the chief has a recommendation i think we could then cut to that this evening and say there’s a consensus and at the next meeting or so mr wilcox would be able to come back and show us how we’re going to fund it i’d like to get at the head of that line while it’s short even though the resources may be limited whatever we can get is better than nothing and also mr um russell will have input as he does with all it technology we’ve made a great effort that we really have consolidated that he’s involved in all of these decisions so with that i’ll let you open it up and also i should hasten to say i said before i should never say 100 of anything i’m sure some of the cases i look at is speeding or with offs there’s some then that’s the beauty of these cameras if the officer is has made a mistake or has done something inappropriate that will show up too so it’s never 100 luckily in our case it’s 99.9 in my recollection but i’m sure there are some cases and the chief’s nodding his head that elude me but this protects everybody and that’s precisely why because the camera doesn’t lie chief the axon i’m sorry what questions first you want to write whatever you prefer the axon product is the superior product counselor mueller first inside the question does it sync with the cruiser camera as well and do we have enough storage data for that how long do we have to keep the data to the extent that we would go with one vendor for the body worn and the cruiser yes they would all sync with one another okay um the the axon product had a number of additional frankly bells and whistles to ensure that sinking if you will yes um and the answer on the storage is we can set the policy to be anything less than one year the norm is in the category of 30 60 or 90 days you know there’s there’s a fine line between deciding how long you want to retain it and storage and frankly the exposure i don’t mean that in a negative way but the frequency of the freedom of information act requests we’re going to provide what it is we have thank you thank you sir all set thank you sorry about it counselor surprise counsel riley councilman genie chief um i just want to reiterate what you said so everyone watching understands i personally have a host of problems with the police accountability bill the way it was presented but i want the residents to be assured that even though now they’re coming up with these suggestions including being kalia accredited the anfield police department took it upon ourselves back in 1996 we’re 24 years ahead of the curve on this and i want people to understand that this isn’t a reaction to something that that’s been going on recently and the other thing is when we we look at the price tag because there’s sticker shock sometimes you see the 105 versus the 250 and we said tasers i don’t know if the public understands what we’re talking about here what we’re talking about and correct me if i if i’m wrong that this system will record when an officer unholsters the taser when he has to deploy the taser and for how many seconds he deploys the taser that data is so important on internal affair complaints when there’s a an alleged excessive force complaint someone alleges you know he the officer zapped me for 15 minutes or whatever all that documentation is automatic so the mere fact that we’re going to have that ability to capture that information and not have to replenish the taser budget each year to the tune of eighty five thousand dollars really does have to be factored in i i don’t want anyone to say well why are we going for the the cadillac it’s really not the it may be the cadillac and product but there’s a return on it greater than that um mr bronson hit on this that there are going to be issues with this again another unfunded mandate the state has thrown at us with this is not just the cost of these but is the uh treatment of these these videos are going to be treated as foiable and like anything else if a liable um

you know when someone wants to come in for a dui and look at the videotape we have to provide that okay and i know that recently we lost one of our sergeants that retired that was responsible for that once this is up and running someone in the police department’s gonna have to be designated off the road to go and track down these videos and make copies again there’s no option for that and and um i know that you’re aware of that i want the public to know that’s another cost that the state has implemented on us with this um i’m sure you’ve had discussions with our union leadership and our officers my sense uh you know talking to the officers this is like almost 100 they’re behind this is that correct i think that’s extraordinarily correct this is uh the climate that we’re in and and in a broader sense the world that we live in right and um i guess the last thing i’d ask you is that when cameras were first being introduced that technology was a little different ten years ago there were a lot of questions departments had at that time about what policy are we going to have with these cameras are they going to be put on at roll call and shut off at the end of the night can we turn them off on medical calls and i know since i’ve retired the state has offered a policy a model policy um and i’m sure kalia is going to weigh in on this so i’m sure we will be incorporating a policy that encompasses not only our state requirement but is so often the case with kalia we’re going to go above and beyond that is that in the works right now there is a statewide model policy i have it earlier uh late last week i received as an example the groton town policy because i’m out there on the hunt for the other policies that are there the union president and i have had discussions uh about our our mutual obligation to discuss what’s going to be a policy that’s going to work consistent with the needs of the community the needs of the department and the needs of the officers uh that is integral to the success of this program okay and there’ll be another time where we can talk more about this police accountability as it pertains to municipalities but make no mistake about it this is going to cost taxpayers in this community subs not just this system all the non-related camera requirements uh with twenty thousand dollars a year for psychiatric exams the mental health exams will run us about twenty thousand dollars a year this requirement is another one uh some of the training requirements that are present uh there are four or five areas i don’t want to take up any more time on it but thank you very much thank you council riley and councilman jeannie okay so i understand what we’re buying and how the numbers work out you said that you needed a hundred cameras so i remember watching a presentation that you did before and we definitely don’t have 100 officers out on patrol on all the ships together so is it that each patrolman needs two cameras and then we have extra for backup or is it that every officer no matter their job has a camera at all times can you explain to me how we get to that number of 100. absolutely i’d be happy to there are 95 officers everyone has their own camera when i go to chiefs of police meetings there are chiefs there they’re not turned on at that point because it doesn’t meet the trigger there are chiefs wearing cameras you will see me wearing a camera in the future so 100 uh cameras is 95 officers and five spares for when things go down okay that’s exactly what i needed to know thank you thank you castleman genie thank you thank you chief for your um presentation thank you ma’am providing us with the detail ahead of time i’m not going to go into the reads with you i i trust your judgment you’re doing an exceptional job with rpd our officers are stellar if you could please just clarify exxon is the package you’re recommending yes ma’am axon okay and it’s a 251 494 per year average what do we have available in our uh budget now to help with this cost he has nothing in his budget right we will start from because it’s a cip normally we wouldn’t have had that except for the costs of software that we put in each year and other uh the the cartridges for taser like ammunition that will become a recurring cost once it’s on board but that is why john at the next meeting will have uh resolutions for your uh uh perusal that will be the first installment and where he’s going to take that from we’ll have some discussions with you in leadership right as to the fund balance do you want to put it in the lease package but i think we want to do at least the first to get get it boots on the ground as quickly as

possible but there’s nothing in the current budget but we certainly have resources available to fund this oh and that was my other question um and chief then i’m going to ask chris so how quickly do you need the funding is my question uh it is not uh it is not tomorrow it is not that urgent i think that we we have some time here uh we just we do need to begin this discussion okay and then to our town manager chris i know you know you’re you’re you’re referencing unfunded mandates i get that could we at our discussion with our finance person maybe get a little more detail from the state in numbers as to percent maybe of what they are going to fund and how we can offset now that we know that we’re going to be moving forward we’ll have the chief make inquiries to the individuals he spoke of i think these amounts they’ve talked about probably are going to be in the ballpark and then he can inquire as to what the specifics are and what their application process is and we’ll certainly apply for the most that we can get no and i’m confident of that and i go back in ancient history when you and i talked about the cops program and i understand that that money is not available or it’s limited but there’s hopefully you know as we start researching maybe we can find some areas that we can tap if i could follow up on just one point on that for you for the sake of just the easy math i took the total and gave it to you over five years what is which is what each vendor did for us please know that if we because opm is going to reimburse at either the 50 rate or the 30 rate of the first year acquisition costs if you front load the acquisition costs into the first year say all of it as an example that’s going to cost you a large amount of money in the first year but you’re going to increase your reimbursement amount from opm if you keep it 251 per year you’re lessening your first year expense but you’re lessening your potential reimbursement from them as well so we’ll get input from john on that and that’s a point well taken it’s really you know obviously when you go to buy a vehicle or you lease it you know you can afford it if you lease over five years with an option to buy but you get a better deal if you buy it up front we’ll look at that we certainly can afford to do that um and it’s really sort of like a lot of the state grants like we did south river street we put all the money up front anyway folks and then at the end of the project they reimburses their 80 percent so if we can save a good amount of money and it looks to make sense um then we could make that recommendation when we bring it forward at the next or the following meeting and john’s listening i see him sitting up there looking very distinguished and contemplative and chief again thank you for a superb job with our pd and all of our officers thank you ma’am and i thank you for the support thank you so much anyone on tv uh real quick councillor connor account deputy mayor suzak sorry we’re getting late on time any questions mr mayor can you hear me okay do you have a question sir go ahead you’re good yeah maybe it’s just me but i’m really having difficulty hearing what’s going on in this meeting um you know i do have a hearing impairment but you know i’ve always been able to hear you know on my computer i am not hearing very much everything sounds garbled and i’m wondering if there’s something that could be done to resolve this before we go further to the meeting because i’m not going to be very productive at this meeting i can’t hear what’s going on paul russell is listening and alex geiner if they can do anything they will and will work out on it for the next meeting if not this evening thank you mr geiner if people in the council chambers while speaking if they could look at focusing and moving closer to the microphone right it would be beneficial for those that are on the hd meeting i’m also watching on youtube right now bill i put it on youtube that’s the only way i’m able to hear the meeting i’m having the same problem okay you know i hardly heard anything up to this point and that’s wrong obviously if i’m supposed to represent uh the people of this town i should be able to hear what’s happening and i just didn’t bill has a very valid complaint chris well i would say i think you know not to be a little defensive not to be defensive but i think our staff did an amazing job to pull this all together we could have stayed on remotely and it would have been perfect as it has been but trying to allow the public to have input and do it live i regret that we weren’t perfect this evening and i’m not being fresh about it but we’ll work uh to do it next time but they did an extraordinary job considering most other towns didn’t have

uh the ability or the desire to even come forward like this and we did they’ve worked i’ve been down here in these chambers deb mccarthy alex and paul russell every day for the last eight days uh to make this come off so i know it’s unfortunate that donna was unable to be here she’s away and bill obviously you have the hearing impairment we’ll work towards that but i don’t want this to be a diminution or a ding against staff because they did a remarkable job so we’ll work on it but again nothing’s perfect in this world plea please just speak right into the mic counselor hamlet please go ahead um real quick um you’re going to need an employee to do foi requests and probably maintenance of the cameras is it possible that could be a civilian position so it would be a little less cheaper that would be that would be wonderful and that would be ideal okay yes ma’am so so in closing chief just real quick for me whatever the package is i appreciate recommendation is there going to be so this has been always my concern about the constitutionality of it is that if an officer just again maybe stops get a coffee turns it off you know maybe has a 15-minute break and then something happens right and then donna hold on it’s okay it’s gone so if if um and so human nature the first thing maybe on their mind isn’t to put you know put their mask on put their body camera on something happens in the process of being human and have a pursuit of course you know if something happens and that camera isn’t on that’s almost as bad as not having a camera in my opinion because right away someone’s going to say oh they’re hiding something so i guess my question is is there a defense mechanism for lack of a better term to help to make sure it protects the offer just in case again any in a in their day daily routine or nightly routine something happens where maybe they just forget to turn the thing on if you know whatever the policy turns out to be so there’s that protection because they’re that’s that’s my only concern with that i mean i agree we have to do this and this protects the county officer but we have to have some protection for being human where if someone you know again just forgets to turn it on or maybe turns it off by accident takes it i mean i don’t know how it works so i apologize if i’m speaking out of church but you know what i mean so i just want to make sure that that package includes something along those lines so the standards for when it must be on are very clear under the policy the standards for when it must be off are also clear under the policy hospital visits sexual assault victim domestic violence you know situations um there is not an exception i mean and the problem would be it would be almost open-ended there isn’t a specific policy exception for the i forgot situation okay so it’ll be but it’ll be strict and when they’re on duty it’s got to be on uh not continuously when they’re when they’re involved in a law enforcement interaction it has to be on uh and there are a number i mean there are a number of automatic triggers when the lights go on when the siren goes on when the vehicle hits a certain speed when the firearm is drawn from the holster when the taser is drawn from the holster i i can only assure you of this there will be many times it’s on when it shouldn’t be right and there would be many times it’s off when it should have been on right that’s human nature much like this technical difficulty here you see in some of these well we have the body cam there’s a shooting player it’s a malfunction everybody’s going to jump to the conclusion it was on purpose it’s a conspiracy but you know what when they create something and and in particular a human being that’s perfect right then no i don’t know i’m just worried about i mean because well it’s a valid point we’re gonna have like i said before you’ll have 90 plus percent and they’re gonna be times it just didn’t work or it was off or you know and god forbid a time that an officer is going to turn it off when he shouldn’t because he’s afraid all of those things anything you can think of is going to happen exactly but this company is the best and we’ll get the best product with the best safeguards and that’s all that we can do yes sir thank you i appreciate it yes sir yeah i think um so for so we got to move on to the meeting any consensus to be able to be ready by next meeting maybe we’ll just i think we don’t need it but i think i think i think make your recommendation i think by next meeting we’ll be ready to to discuss this yes uh hopefully within the two weeks we’ll have made the inquiries we’ll have the funding piece and as soon as the chief and then he’ll uh move forward i don’t know if it will be because he’ll have to have contracts ready they’ll have to be reviewed by the town attorney we’ll have to submit reimbursement we’ll have the time frames but i think we’re pretty much in a position to say it’s option one axon and we’ll have everything ready hopefully by the first meeting in october and then follow up um the second meeting if we have to in october as well thank you sir appreciate it thank you mr mayor thank you ladies and gentlemen all right moving right on to sorry we are late at 7 20 it is again welcome everyone tonight is the regular meeting of the anfield town council monday september 21st september 21st 2020 again sorry it is 7 21 the first uh public hearing for the conveyance of 28th south river street let me read the public notice um

due to the covert 19 public health emergency and pursuant to governor lamont’s executive orders public comment and a proposed conveyance of 26 32 church street and 28 self-first street was received by written testimony only electors or taxpayers submitted comments to an email address dedicated to receiving public comment and a proposed conveyance of 2632 church street and 28 south river street at ph comments at enfield.org all public comments received were posted on the town website under town council the town received zero public comments concerning the proposed sewer fees uh that store fees proposed um conveyance in which we’re shared with each town council um since we have no no comments the public hearing i actually is closed and we move right on to the product well we do the let’s open a meeting then do the proclamation or do the proclamation first after a little rusty do the proclamation we’re going to do a proclamation first before we go to the regular meeting in honor proclamation declaring september 17-23 2020 as constitutional week in the town of enfield whereas more than two centuries after our founding fathers gathered gathered on september 17 1787 in philadelphia our nation continues to be guided by the constitution united states of america whereas the constitution united states reflects our ideals and establishes a practical system of government and provides three separate branches the legislative the executive and the judicial whereas the constitution protects the rights of our citizens and maintains the rule of law whereas during constitutional week we affirm our commitment to the stated purposes to form a more perfect union establish justice justice ensure domestic ensure domestic tranquility provide for the common defense promote the general welfare and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our prosperity now therefore i’m michael ludwig the mayor of the town of benfield on behalf of the town council the town administration the entire community do hereby proclaim september 17th through september 23rd 2020 is constitutional week in the town of enfield encourage the citizens of anfield to honor the achievements of our our founders while making time to reflect the right and privileges of our citizenship and we’ll hand it out to the the daughters of the revolution daughters of the revolution who could not be here tonight all right folks we get right into the regular meeting prayer by councillor riley please dear lord thank you for every seat that has been filled here today for each mind and heart that fills this room thank you for the opportunity to serve you and others give us the direction and humility to work together for the betterment of our community we pray for your healing and everlasting love for all those that have been affected by covet 19 for those who have passed due to kova 19 for those that are unemployed or facing unemployment or the loss of their businesses that they put their all into for those who are ill those that are facing intense stress anxiety and depression those who have loved and lost in these uncertain and polarizing times let us never forget the many lives lost 19 years ago on september 11th which still feels like it was just yesterday our nation and our world is in need of a lot of healing and we ask that you give us the strength and wisdom to find small and large ways to bring peace kindness and love back to humanity we pray for you to watch over our first responders our nurses and health care heroes our teachers and staff our children and each other 2020 has been a trying and a difficult time for most of us help us keep hope that in the not too distant future we can look back see the lessons that were learned and find that we emerged together as a renewed people in one human race bless this meeting tonight all those present and watching as well as the lives that we’ll encounter afterwards ready us to make every moment count amen pledge allegiance to the flag of the united states of america and to the republic for which it stands one nation under god indivisible with liberty and justice for all moving on to item three roll call please suzanne counselling riley here councillors terrazzo here deputy mayor suzanne he’s here councillor undyard here councillor fosco here councillors to

column here counselor headliner here councillor keiner is here mayor ludwig here councillor manchini here councillor mueller here mr president thank you suzanne in case uh item number four the fire evacuation announcement in case of a fire we have one way out right now right through the back of the the uh council chambers please go orderly left to right out and through the doors and out into the parking lot case for fire moving on to item five minutes yes sir moving on to item five minutes of the preceding meetings special meeting june 22 2020 special meeting july 6 2020 special meeting august 3rd 2020 and special meeting august 17th 2020 do i have a motion approved by councillor mangini seconded by councillor riley any additions deletions or corrections to any of the minutes anyone can you hear me on the phone they’re going to be on the delay now yeah because they’re listening to it on youtube okay so they’re both going to be on a delay all right can you guys hear me delay do you have any deletions corrections on the minutes all set mike okay counselor kinder hearing any questions deletions or auditions from anyone in the council chambers hearing them by show hands all those in favor by show by raise your hands or say aye opposed abstentions delete we have 11 in favor and zero against for the minutes suzanne moving on to item six special guests i don’t believe we have any we already had our meetings public number seven public communications and petitions uh do we have anyone like speak for the public i can hear you bill can you hear me i can hear you so you can’t hear me i know i’m pretty loud can you hear me counselor connor no sorry we will fix it for next meeting uh moving on to item seven public communications would anyone like speak for the public at this time we are at 7 30. we have an hour and you have allowed one chance to speak for five minutes for our new rules welcome name and address for the record please marie pisner 25 roy street i just want to say it’s wonderful to be back at seven o’clock and in chambers i came i i’m gonna sit through the meeting and i am i’m just thrilled to be here and i just also wanted to make a point to congratulate chris on his retirement um you’ve done a great job for this town and we’re very grateful um but i wish you a very happy healthy retirement so again thank you all thank you oh good all right that we public communications i declare close bill can you hear me now hopefully council kleiner i declare public communications closed moving on to item eight council communications again we’ll go to folks on the phone first we’ll let them go first councilor keiner or deputy mayor suzak can you hear me just it’s great to be back mike is seeing everybody i know bill and i are having a little bit of difficulty but it’s now reflection of the staff um it’s just you know i think anfield’s done a really good job i think we’ve kept our citizens informed and uh everybody keep up the good work thank you thank you councillor keiner go ahead sir you have the floor go ahead sir go ahead we’re out we’re on council communications if he just starts talking i’ll let the other yeah anyone in the count counselor ungar i just wanted to say i’m really glad to be back in chambers and i wanted to compliment building and grounds chris deb kasha everyone for the great job that they did it looks wonderful thank you councillor mangini thank you yes i wanted to get a little folks on the phone first we’ll let them go first counselor or debbie yes sir can you go right ahead yeah i’m listening to you on youtube i can

hear i can hear you fight on youtube so i’m gonna do the best that i can go right ahead sir i understand sorry you got the floor go ahead councilman jeanne thank you um i do want to thank the staff for um allowing us the opportunity to come forward and have an open meeting did a great job thank you i do want to thank our mayor mike for uh reading the proclamation on behalf of the daughters american revolution this week is very precious to all of us constitution week and in light of the fact that we’ve lost a great constitutional lawyer actually judge supreme court judge ruth bader ginsburg it’s very appropriate at this point that we reflect on her work and um we should you know all be very uh thankful for what she’s done for all americans standing up for our rights and especially being constitution week i think it’s appropriate so again um everyone please remember the constitution is so very precious to all of us um it is our rights and it preserves and protects us all thank you well said anyone else council forever mr bronson uh i’m going to be brief speak speaking of mike mr bronson i’m just going to listen to the uh proceedings on youtube and do the best that i can okay but we apologize because i know it’s going to be frustrating we’re sitting here and i know you can’t see it uh i’ll give you a tour if you can come in tomorrow the chambers look beautiful and donna uh they did a spectacular job we all can see you and hear you so it seems to be perfect for us and i i know it must be frustrating to be there that uh you can be heard but you can’t be seen and with the echo in the background so i i do extend my apologies for that we’ll work on it for the next meeting and perhaps you could listen and monitor this time in the next meeting we’ll have jose and mr uh russell work it out hopefully so thank you for your indulgence and patience but as i say it’s unfortunate because being here it’s just a wonderful experience so hopefully you’ll be able to share in that with us next time thank you for your patience so mr bronson i’m going to be very brief here but um there’s not a person in this room that could have imagined what happened to us this year as a country with this pandemic this town prevailed as well as any town could have you had nothing to follow you had no blueprint to follow you manage this town so my thanks go not only to you but to the town of enfield staff all the town workers that did the best they could and did a tremendous job of moving this town forward and all the accomplishments that we did during that time but i just think it needs to be said and i again my thanks as a counselor and as a resident thank you and to the town staff too thank you thank you counselor mueller i promise i’d keep it short for the mayor on monday september 14th we had the groundbreaking ceremony at jfk it’s really good on the renovation we have a great team gilbane jcj csg they’re currently working on the media and telecommunication packages thank you i make a motion to suspend the rules and move items a1 a2 e f g h i and j to miscellaneous and proceed to vote motion to submit uh spend rules by council mueller second by council mayor jeannie council councilor mangini any discussion in motion hearing none by shaw hands all those in favor opposed extensions say aye suzanne where it’s unanimous moved to items due to miscellaneous uh we moved to item nine town manager report since he just stepped out um town manager report caution can you hear me yes i can are you able to hear me yes so do you i mean chris stepped out do you anything would you like to report

in his absence sure i can i can take it off um so uh we have some good news about uh ballot boxes um as you’ve seen for a while now we’ve had two behind our town hall um the town was recently notified by the secretary of state’s office that will actually be receiving another one and then they send us two um instead of just one so now we have a total of four in town um we have installed one of those new uh ballot boxes in the outside lane of the enfield express so you could actually drive through and drop off your application um and then the other one is installed at the central public library a little bit past the book drop again you can drop it off by uh just driving up in your vehicle as well um all locations uh all four locations degree locations to get to the town hall are monitored by camera um so we’re confident that they’re uh secure and uh yeah we’re very excited to be able to offer the thrive their future and the two abilities so that’s that’s crazy and then absolutely ballots um for those who submitted applications will be mailed out during the first week of access thank you very much and uh also we have some good news um a few weeks ago the town issued an rfp for my environmental site remediation hazardous building material abatement at the eversource property which is approximately three acres on north river street along the connecticut river last week i went over there with uh nelson teresa and there was a project presentation and a site tour of the property for the five firms that had uh responded all of which are pre-qualified contractors with the state uh department of administrative services list and these contractors have until october 8 to submit their final proposal and then just two short days later again uh lori whitton nelson and i had gone out to uh do a tour of the tested build building with the prospective developer um and this is the property that’s right across the street from the eversuch property and this developer that came out is part of a firm that specializes in the restoration and adapter for use of old buildings so they are also very interested in that property they’ve been eyeing it for a few years um they’re interested to see the outcome of uh rfprq for the property across the street as the casket building and anything done there will require parking so that’s also going to do so hopefully more to come in a few weeks on that um senior center news as well um we are excited that we plan to reopen the senior center on october 5th and um you know the senior center of the building might have been close but our staff has really uh been working hard since the beginning of february they’ve been offering a ton of virtual programs a ton of drive through uh programming and making a naked craft so they’ve really kept busy but they’re very excited to open their doors and uh see all uh their guests again we did receive guidance from the state last month on how to reopen and there’s really it’s going to look very different than it did prior to covet either taking a lot of precautions um for example having separate entrances and exits they are removing a lot of the tables obviously hand sanitizer stations all over the place um so a schedule will be coming out in the coming weeks on in-person fitness and art classes that are being offered and there there will be more details just coming up soon but october 5th is the date that we’re uh planning to reopen the doors and i can’t tell chris is back yet i am you did it you did a heck of a job so i think he can he can retire see that i trained her well uh thank you kashi our assistant town manager uh we’re on town marriage report anything yes uh i i talked to it and um basically what it occurred is when we opened it up to our two outside counselors um basically for them to participate they’re listening to the youtube but it’s delayed so it was their uh contamination if you will that was causing the feedback and the sound uh to bounce back and forth so they’re probably not going to be able to speak but they can hear us because otherwise we’re going to be getting that feedback to disrupt the meeting there are only so many different technologies that you can merge we did zoom we did live we did all of ours and we can’t introduce a time delay with youtube we’re just not that sophisticated yet um so i apologize again to them for that they’ll hear everything but uh thankfully two of the most important issues were done in the special the cameras and the solid waste and also the wpc so the the remaining issues are obviously vital but they’re not as critical so i’ll just have to ask them for their indulgence to be able to listen and not speak um bill probably would wish that of me that he could see me but he wouldn’t have to hear me um so i’m joking bill um basically i think kasha covered it did she cover the infield farmers market no good she saved the best for me the icing on the cake you know i have to tell you to follow up

on charles faraz’s remarks you know i’m really only like a coach and you know you can be the greatest coach in the world but if you don’t have the greatest team you don’t go to the super bowl and this town has the greatest team from every single employee that we have that are so dedicated and professional to all of the directors that we have you know they made um i’m doing evaluations and i asked them you know sort of to critique and give me all of the different points of the things the innovations that um they were responsible for over the last six months it’s astounding i’m going to share that at the appropriate time with the council for our residents at home i want them to go on we did a presentation when we weren’t visual town managers report just for all of the things that we did during february march and april and i’d like to say it’s no aspersion on the state or federal government but many of those governmental agencies are not yet back to work some started today not only did all of our essential workers in town hall come to work throughout the pandemic but we reopened at the earliest date the governor allowed may 20th so we’ve been back to work for may june july august september and i don’t fault the state for that but i’m saying we never missed a beat and a lot of the economic development we’re experiencing the growth in the building is a result of that but you have and i tell you the proudest legacy for me is the incredible directors the deputy directors our supervisors and each and every other line employee of this town there they are second to none and they did not let the residents down so i want you to know that part of that is we were planning things before the pandemic the farmer’s market uh was old and antiquated it needed a facelift so last year before the pandemic we put a working group together to say hey how can we revitalize this this is a vibrant exciting town how could a farmers market not be a success we started with that premise um so we looked at it we said we’re gonna do it on the weekend we got connie provencher who’s a proven quantity with putting food and people together so i knew she would be a perfect set uh deb mccarthy kasha lori whitton we had a lot of different people have input with it and of course then we were ready to go on sundays here in the town green from 10 to one and covid came we never gave up we were hopeful that the government governor would give us a exemption for markets and he did everybody else canceled uh probably appropriately we never did we had to really work hard all of us were out there talking to vendors and people and uh that we knew that had food or farms or crafts to come and we cobbled together about 25 that said they would come when we opened july 29th well lo and behold they all came each and every sunday since then it’s grown last sunday we had 65 vendors yesterday we had 80. i have no doubt if we had a little more time we’d have a hundred i think it’s by far one of the largest most successful farmer regional markets in the whole northeast we really uh the staff has outdone itself but also because we followed all the guidelines we did it the right way and i thank our residents and our neighbors and people who came from all the surrounding towns i talked to the vendors they said they’ve never encountered more polite people people who were more um thankful that they were there they did a robust business we go and tour it and you know midway through it says sold out because we have such a remarkable turnout but everybody wears a masks not once and i came almost every sunday i know a lot of you i saw there not one person was belligerent and didn’t participate everyone did social distancing families felt comfortable and safe to come and because of that remarkable turnout it was a great success we’re already planning for next year i will tell you that many vendors have asked and we’re working on it uh they would like to do it through the winner so we are actively i can’t promise anything looking for a site remember the rules change with the numbers and being indoor kash is looking at it lori we have some exciting prospects we reached out to an area in the town that would be incredible for it and we could keep it going through the winter but i think it’s a testament again like i say to the team we have in place for your support you support your employees at every turn and they know that and it makes all the difference in the world they know it you never miss an opportunity to thank them whether it’s the police or our ems or our building and grounds for the job they did today or leaf pickup or opening the playscapes opening the schools the custodians who clean and make it safe for our children to return the remarkable job they did in two days to open for erfc at the annex it is the most amazing thing i’m not gone yet but it will break my heart um to say goodbye to all of these good people and i know many of them for three decades and i’m glad they’re going to be here to carry on the good work and i just wanted to remark on the on the market and i will tell you we’re also looking trying to get some things in place um even the garden uh plots that we doubled sold out waiting list we’re looking for some other areas in town that would be conducive and anybody out there who would like one

near their neighborhood and there’s water available and some town property or not we’re going to try to get that in place for next year because what a great thing that people had an opportunity to get out to turn the earth to grow some vegetables and flowers and see the you know the fruit of their labors over the summer it’s a beautiful thing i think one thing and that would be a great legacy i think it’d be nice if we had more garden plots in the town than anybody else in connecticut i think it would be a wonderful thing unless you have anything else that i missed it sounds like a good contract extension discussion right thank you council guy i just had one question is it permissible for our counselors online if they had a pertinent question or comment that they could possibly test um counselor ludwick or sure counselor mangini that’s a great idea pertinent that’s wonderful maybe bill could if he has cindy or genus and if donna has yours or the mayors that would be a wonderful way for them to communicate thank you for the suggestion any other questions for the town manager i do i just have one quick thing chris you’re an exceptional leader that’s what makes a difference that they want to follow you and you know that makes the whole difference as well thank you thank you very much anyone else thank you sir moving on to the town attorney report item number 10 uh attorney talburn how are you doing good evening mr mayor members of the council can you see and hear me all right we sure can well i’m pleased to report that i can hear you as well although i can’t see you and on a high note then um but more seriously uh there’s the town attorney’s office has been uh exceedingly busy i don’t want to say there’s a deluge of legal requests but there’s just literally a non-stop stream of legal questions that come through the office many of the items you see on the agenda pass through our office but we do our work quietly behind the scenes and in order to preserve the attorney client privilege the more complicated legal matters uh are not fit for discussion here tonight so unless you have any questions legal questions there’s really nothing to publicly report from my office thank you sir any questions for the town attorney hearing none we move on to item 11 report of any special committees none we move on to old business oh my god our report oh go ahead okay the phase three of the henry barner group went forward in august and they completed the roof before school started they’re now finishing up some of the trim and the chimney and so we’re pretty pleased that the existing uh original building all that roofing has been done at henry barton school and we’re looking forward to um presenting to the council the second meeting in october the master plan as we saw it as it evolves as it keeps changing so thank you very much and i want to thank everybody on the committee who met the second and fourth thursday of the month all through clovid and we met i believe every every week in august to get the roof done so thank you everybody and that’s really much appreciated the commitment thank you thank you donna deputy mayor susan any other request uh reports special committees moving on to item 12 old business on page one items a one and two we have none moving to the top of page two items three through eleven again we have none item b town manager appointment one through four i don’t believe there are any moving on to the top of page three again town manager report uh appointments five through sixteen i don’t believe there are any item c there are no p and z commission appointed counselor approved moving on to new business item 13. there is item a consent agenda we have none there are no appointments by the town council under new business there are no appointments on under item c under the town manager for new business there’s no appointments for pnz council approved under item d moving on to item 14 items for discussion item a one and two has been moved to miscellaneous item b council appointed again there are none item c appointed by the town manager again there are none item d p and z commission appointed council approved again there are none items e f g h i and j all have been moved to miscellaneous we moved to item 16 again miscellaneous and i apologize let me get right to the items a1 and a2 again on a consent agenda resolution authorizing the town manager to sign school readiness grant to be submitted to the connecticut officer early childhood and the other consent agenda as resolution authorized tom manager signed a grant application with the department of energy services is there any discussion on the consent

agenda if not by show hands all those in favor of approving the consent agenda or say aye those approved we have uh 11 in favor zero against suzanne on the consent agenda moving on die to me you’re right there okay item me resolute discussion resolution under miscellaneous of a resolution authorizing the town manager signed a real estate purchase contract on behalf of the town of enfield for the sale of 28th south river street whereas the town of enfield owns a property known as 28 south river street and whereas pursuant to connecticut general statute 8-24 the planning and zoning commission at its july 9 2020 meeting made a favorable recommendation to sell the property whereas pursuant to connecticut general statute 7-163-e the town council held a public hearing on september 21st 2020 regarding the proposed sale of the property and whereas the town listed the property for sale now therefore be resolved the town manager or his designee is authorized to sound signed the real estate purchase contract on behalf of town of enfield for the sale of 28 south river street to south river realty llc be further resolved the town manager or his designee is authorized to sign all documents including the deed on behalf of the town of enfield pertaining to sail the property to south river street llc subject to review and approval by the town attorney submitted on september 11th 2020 by our office of community development so moved by councilman mueller second by councillor riley pretty straightforward chris any comments just quickly because he’s been sitting there patiently uh nelson teresio um has shepherded this through again it’s another success story it’s another um remarkable start to finish that has been in the making from blight and having uh i would say aggressive enforcement of three bladed properties to the point where we actually took them foreclosed went through that action actually this summer despite covet had them demolished uh and then put the property on the market uh and it has now sold and will be restored and i’d like nelson to give you the plans of the buyer give you the price because again it’s a remarkable turnaround and one day at the farmers market a family came up to me from that neighborhood and said thank you in the council for doing this for our neighborhood it was an eyesore it was a terrible thing to walk by and now it’s cleared and we have you know great hopes for a nice home or homes being placed there so again uh we didn’t stop working nelson nelson just name and title sir go right ahead nelson theresa um deputy director of economic and community development tom enfield yeah i’m happy to report that uh we need to receive an offer uh for the purchase of 2018 for 99 900 full asking price uh the uh south river realty llc one of the owners actually lives on south river street he has a vested interest in acquiring the property he actually owns this will be the seventh property he’s acquired in that neighborhood um he will currently live on south river street and his landlord all the other properties he’s looking ultimately to redevelop the site uh long term could be a multi-family uh could look at potentially in the future joining some of these lots if there is a uh you know infield train station maybe look at more intense use of uh infield development so at this point uh he’s just looking at looking at this for real estate investment but he’s looking at you know long-term redevelopment of the site again it’s somebody who lives in the neighborhood he’s a you know a talented infield resident so um you know i’m pretty uh satisfied with the uh with who’s purchasing the property thank you sir any questions from the council i didn’t get the deputy mayor susak or councillor connor submit any questions no no so bill said he’s just going to listen don’t count him on the votes no problem deputy mayor suzak you have a question no okay thank you and sorry counselor sorry he said so he can only listen since he’s on a delay so he said do not count him in on the vote got it thank you okay suzanne you hear that no so just don’t count counseling kind of crony here so just don’t count them on the votes okay any other questions thank you nelson we appreciate it roll call police suzanne hilton o’reilly four was there a four yes four councillors horizon four deputy mayor susan four councilors four councillor four councillors tacoma

four councillor four mayor ludwig four councillor manchini abstain councillor mueller thank you suzanne moving on to item f under miscellaneous discussion resolution resolution authorizing town managers signed an assistant assistance agreement with the state of connecticut acting by the department of economic development whereas this town the state of connecticut acting by the acting by the department of economic and community development will enter an assistant agree assistance agreement whereby the state hereby agrees to provide federal assistance to the applicant for the project in the form of a historic preservation enhancement grant in the amount of not to exceed 20 000 now therefore be resolved the infield town council authorized the town manager to sign the assistance agreement with the state of connecticut acting by the department of economic community development submitted by nelson torreso department of director of economic community development on september 1st 2020. moved by by councillor mueller second canceled by councillor riley again another um great accomplishment when nelson um interviewed for his position i think he was a little shocked because when he left i said okay take a ride through thompsonville and he’ll laugh i said and come up with two different grant applications or rehabilitation applications that you can see and you got the job he did and he hasn’t stopped since um you may have me retired don’t let him leave uh the money that he’s been able to look for for us and for non-profits and the you know opera house players and out at uh hazardville institute have been remarkable he’s a tireless worker this is another example he started back in april for the historic society got them on the register look for money and here it is twenty thousand dollars up to that that we’ll be able to now use towards them and i thank him if you’d like to add any uh a two cents uh to it nelson please do but thank you for all your hard work absolutely chris um so when i first started here in town you know i met with the infield historic district commission and i quickly realized that they didn’t have a handbook regulations guidelines for you know people living within the infield street historic district on what to look for in terms of getting a certificate of appropriateness they do have an ordinance but they don’t really have any guidance so you know i applied for a grant uh this past summer i was a pretty quick and easy process since we’re a certified local government it’s a 20 000 grant which is going to be used to hire a consultant just to prepare um what is called a a infield historic district commission handbook it’s going to provide guidance on how you obtain a certificate of appropriateness what are the design guidelines within the um within the historic district you know what’s considered um an appropriate modification or inappropriate modification what are uh character-defining features within the historic district so it’s going to be a guidebook it’s going to provide the residents of the infield historic district commission when they come in for a certificate of appropriateness what is that exactly needed you know when looking at the facade exterior walls and siding windows the front entrance the porches the roof things of that nature so it’s going to give them a little bit more guidance on into the future because there is there really is no guidance uh in the existing ordinance which was created in 1972 so i’ve actually already created the rfp rfq it’s gone through town purchasing it’s with town lego now and i have a meeting with the sport district commission this wednesday night and i look forward to getting this advertised in early october that’s great news yeah any questions for nelson or chris and again one of the innovative programs i just want to brag about nelson like everybody else they make it look easy but it’s all the hard work they do behind the scenes that make these things come to fruition it’s not easy it’s it’s blood sweat and tears and they do the work and i will say that we’ll have an update at the next meeting one of the most amazing programs that nelson that we worked with he came and we said yep i think that would be great you know we talk about bringing people to our community inclusiveness diversity the first time home buyers i’m going to have them give you a report on that the families and the diversity of those people who are able to come to different areas of town that we were able to help buy the first home is incredible and i really think the testament to our people is we do the work we don’t just talk the talk it’s so easy i’d like to say the word bs out loud because that’s what you see a lot and our staff just puts their head down and whether it’s donna loons and with all the ordinance the town attorney that remarkable addition the the greatest thing i’m going to be proud of and i have to get this in

before i go is the staff the the incredible people that we’ve hired and like i said 11 or 12 they are the finest in town government and i’m just so proud of them and they’re going to do you all very proud as we go forward but thank you nelson i’m glad you mentioned as one of the things i was going to talk about that program counselor secal is on it with myself and it is it’s a great program and we need more banks and mortgage companies to join we need more banks and uh it can’t be just the government we need the mortgage companies and the banks to join as well but that’s another we’ll save that for next week um any other comments or questions hearing on roll call please suzanne council o’reilly four councillor spraza four deputy mayor suzanne four councillor undyne four councillor bosco four thank you suzanne moving on to item g discussion resolution resolution authorizing the town manager to make and sign an application and exec and execute assistance oh sorry assistance agreeing with the state of connecticut department of housing for the 2020 community development block grant small cities coronavirus funding program whereas federal monies are available under the connecticut small small cities community development block grant program administered by the state of connecticut department of housing pursuant to public law 93-383 as amended whereas in accordance with the cares act funds are being distributed under the community development block brand also known as cdbg program to assist individuals and families in prevention and spread of cover 19 and to facilitate assistance to eligible communities and households economically impacted by covert 19 whereas pursuant to chapters 127c in part 6 of the chapter 130 of the connecticut general statutes the commissioner of housing is authorized to disperse such federal monies to local municipalities whereas is desirable in the public interest of the town of enfield to make an application to the state for up to 250 000 in order to undertake a small cities community development program and to execute an assistance agreement therefore should one be offered now therefore be resolved by the town town council that item one that in that is cognizant of the conditions and prerequisites of the state assistance imposed by chapter six of chapter 130 the connecticut general statutes and item two the filing of this application by the town of enfield and the amount not to exceed 250 000 is hereby approved the town manager or his designee is hereby authorized to direct and direct it to file such an application with the commissioner of the department of housing to provide such additional information to execute such other documents as as may be required by the commissioner to execute an assistance agreement with the state of connecticut for state financial assistance if such an agreement is offered to execute any amendments resistance and revisions there if there too and to act as the authorized representative of town of enfield submitted on september 14th 2020 by the office of community development so moved by councillor mueller seconded by councillor sakala again another application for uh promoting housing in town it’s a pass through to the food shelf nelson give a thumbnail again he’s out there shaking the trees looking under rocks and we commend him for it and again nelson never says no you know it’s a lot it’d be easy for him to be in his position just to say well i’m going to just look for grants and money for the town any group out there that is a a great uh contributor to our town as the food shelf and the others he’s willing to help he does a partnership and what is it for him more hard work and i mean that all of our directors are willing to take that work out for the betterment of the community right that’s why if we could great point nelson if you could just explain how you came about this i think the public has i mean it’s great ahead this was a special announcement over the summer uh cdbg covet relief money to under the cares act they announced it in the early summer i had initially looked at using this funding for the enfield express now we had talked to the state regarding you know our infield express grand opening we had the governor out here you know we had told them that you know the infield express provides a safe convenient contactless you know drive-through service in response to covet got into the day the state came backwards and said well it’s more of a government service not really a public service to the overall communities community so i started looking at other avenues because you know this was in the deadlines actually this thursday on the application and a few weeks ago i spoke with the executive director of the infield food shelf and it’s pretty remarkable that they’ve been open for their 1878 customers over this past year and they’ve had some some serious hurdles you know they have about 55 uh food donations shortage this year from their major uh for their uh the rescue retail program and we’re talking about

target aldi stop and shop shoprite big wise costco walmart know that they’re at 55 percent of where they were last year in terms of um of donations in fundraising zero this year all their activities have been canceled due to covet um and when you look at you know all the hurdles they have to face in terms of you know ppe’s and uh outdoor distribution and hand sanitation and you name it uh buying equipment uh tents um they’re at a real shortfall so i worked with kathleen the executive director of the food shelf i’m creating a budget during a project narrative and we’ve come up with a two hundred and thirteen thousand dollar ask from the state to support them for the next it’s a six month look back period up until march of uh this past year and then six months into the future so it’s a year budget it’s for 213 000 dollars i’m also getting a letter of support from congressman courtney’s office it’s part of the application and i’ll be um with your approval tonight i’ll be submitting it uh to the state on thursday for google i’m hoping for a quick turnaround thank you sir again i want folks to hear the the kind of the backstory so thank you very much any questions or comments from anyone councilman genie yeah thank you um again uh to uh to support what you know nelson just said the food shelf is certainly hurting right now very badly and this resolution certainly will help um at least get them moving forward a little bit and nelson thank you for your hard work on behalf of the food shelf i had a conversation with kathleen the other day and i i had no idea how this covid 19 has actually so adversely affected that group so i’m hoping this will help them a little bit thank you anyone else hearing on roll call police suzanne councillor riley four councillors four deputy mayor susan four councillor four councillor moscow four councillor cicada four counselor handler four four councillor manchini or councillor mueller four not against and no extension thank you suzanne moving on to item h discussion resolution under miscellaneous resolution suspending the facility use policy and use of town-owned buildings whereas the town council and board of education adopt a facility use policy for the use of the schools and townhome facilities july 7 2008. and whereas due the covert 19 pandemic the town of enfield wishes to limit the use of town-owned buildings to ensure the safety of our staff and our students now therefore be resolved due to the covert 19 pandemic the town council hereby suspends the facility use policy and use the town-owned buildings until further notice for all outside agencies submitted by kasha purcello our assistant town manager on september 10th 2020. so moved by councillor mueller second executive by counselor sakala so i know you sent an email out everyone did just an overview you know like anything else i think enfield is a leader in many areas but we also take the pulse of surrounding communities to see what our peers are doing we’ve done that throughout covert we’ve been part of working groups with all of the area towns with the public health the eight nine towns that comprise that um we we have a working group with the um school department mr drezek on reopening we met again this morning every week we like to do that just to see to make sure we’re in sync even though we are bold in some areas we never want to be reckless or completely out of line with what i think the prevailing wisdom is especially with all the conflicting information we get from the governor’s orders uh as jim talberg will tell you i think he showed us the other day that he has a stack this high i think that we’re on governor executive order xx five million three hundred and sixty and sometimes a doesn’t match g or l or q and he’s helped uh been our interpreter this is one of those things we wanted to check with area towns and get some feedback we talked to the superintendent chris drezek he’s in a court while we’ve done i think a very good job a responsible job a safe job for our employees and residents in reopening town hall the library soon to be the senior center with our outside people wanting to use our facilities it is an inordinate amount of work and we’ve always done it and we look forward to the day we can do it again but given the cleaning requirements and the control and just the risk most all other towns kasha is going to address this are not opening it up margaret made his recommendation i asked council and interestingly was pretty much human unanimous people said we should hold off for the safety of everyone involved so this is suspending the policy of outside groups using the facilities that will not affect the town or board of ed people kash if you’d like to give a little um

what your survey revealed and um some more information about this we ask that you favorably act upon it will hold off uh renting to these outside groups until we think it’s uh prudent to do so kasia sure chris um i had asked mark gard to investigate what other towns are doing he did find that some neighboring towns are doing the same policy where they’re just not allowing any outside groups in and that’s really for the safety of of the students the teachers all the staff in the buildings even our facility staff because if you think about it the second we open up you know the auditoriums the the cafeterias uh gymnasiums you really have to go in and sanitize everything um from top to bottom just to be safe for the students um so this is just prudent and necessary just to keep our students success uh and everybody’s safe and um like chris said this wouldn’t uh impact any town concert groups and board of education sponsors it’s really for the private uh groups that uh rent our facilities and even nonprofits and um it’s a difficult decision to make this year but we have to just keep the safety and health of our staff and students and residents above all so that’s all that’s all i have to add at this time chris and again um the superintendent drezzy is aware of this they have a meeting tomorrow night so if we act favorably upon it we’ll afford it to them as well because we always work in concert with the board event on mutual issues thank you both any questions or comments from anyone hearing on roll call please suzanne councillor riley four councillors marazza four deputy mayor suzanne four councillor ongoing four councillors four councillors excuse me item i under miscellaneous discussion resolution resolution authorizing the town manager to enter an agreement with the capital region emergency services team whereas the capital region emergency service team also known as crest has served as the tactical service union for multiple unit for multiple municipal police departments in the greater hartford region since approximately september 19 2000 under a mutual aid compact executed by the original member communities and addendum agreements completed by supplemental departments whereas the enfield police department has served as a member of the capital region emergency service team also known as crest since at least december 2007 when enfield police department personnel were first assigned to the functions whereas a recent check on the relative relative relevant files was unable to locate a copy of the mou as having been executed by the town of enfield whereas the town of enfield is desirous of continuing this mutually beneficial relationship with the capital region emergency service team now therefore be resolved the town council does authorize the town manager christopher bronson to execute the attached memorandum of understanding agreement on behalf of the town of enfield prepared by erlick fox the chief of police on august 31st 2020 so moved by councilman genie seconded by councillor riley welcome sir thank you sir you have the flag right ad we believe we’re a member of the crest team i think they believe we’re a member of the crest team i don’t think they started coming out just to be nice people uh but a review of the files can’t find the executed document document document that’s you know i have to say mayor i have a pretty good memory and the the legal staff will attest to that and i know and the chief i think too um i remember being here discussing it so maybe that was the infancy stage and ultimately when it came to uh vote on the contract or the mou i i remember in my mind that yeah i i and joey was here that we did it so i think it’s really a deficit in those looking for the documents rather than the fact we didn’t do it because i’m not going to leave after 30 years and concede that we failed to bring it before council because i i have a vivid memory that we did it i think i’ve talked to the chief and now joey another person with a memory of an elephant but nonetheless they do update them from time to time and they have to be revised so it’s good that we’ve revisited it it’s a great uh joint venture and feel plays well with our other colleagues in the state and federal and local system in many other ways and this again this is a true asset to this community unfortunately we’ve had to activate it more recently in recent times than we’ve had to before but i think it has averted serious uh situations that could have gone another way and i think one of the real testaments to that is that we have five officers chief four or five six six and i see he’s always moving things forward on me uh six officers that are involved so although we wait for the crest team to come

we have six highly trained officers in this uh uh specialty that are usually one or two or more are on duty with the gear so that they’re there already uh addressing the situation holding the fort if you will until the full crest team gets her it’s invaluable it has i know save lives it will help us in the future and i i leave it to the chief to expound on that um because it’s it’s a really it’s an incredible asset for the for the police department sir you have the floor these are the individuals if the public calls the police these are the people that the police call we we would be very hard-pressed to perform to the level that we perform at were it not for crest and metro traffic services and some of these other regional approaches which is what i believe the residents of the state and certainly the residents of the town look for in terms of providing services with an economy of scale this document does just that and it continues the relationship that as the manager mentioned we believe we’re already in and i think they believe we’re already in it but for whatever reason we have a failure on their end uh and everywhere else on the paperwork this just continues the relationship at no cost with no additional expense exposure beyond what you’ve enjoyed for the last 13 years any comments or questions from the council might get off the hook easy yeah i agree do you document and it’s a exactly way to do it just if you don’t have it document it and again the value of creating partnerships with our neighbors i mean it’s invaluable we have them at the local state and federal level at this point multiple partnerships is i mean i appreciate it hearing no other questions roll call please suzanne councillor ryan four councillors horizon four deputy mayors thank you sir appreciate you sticking around thank you good evening ladies and gentlemen thank you moving on to item j discussion resolution resolution approving a six month extension for beach road whereas the adult day center ceased operations on march 30th 31st 2020 whereas the current lease dictates that six months from the time the building ceases to operate as an adult day center the least shell demolished the building the lee sea shell demolished the building and restored to its original condition whereas september 30th 2020 will be six months past the date the day the building located on beach road ceased existing as the adult day center and whereas the enfield housing authority in the town of enfield require a six-month extension of the contract to further discuss reuse of the building now therefore be a result of the enfield town council approves the attached amendment to the lease provided uh prepared by kasha purcell assistant town manager on august 31st 2020 so moved by counselor mueller second by councillor ungar mr mayor once again we have wonderful partners in this town wonderful neighbors the anfield housing authority is one of them scott bertrand participated with us on our task force for covid every week and we talked and shared concerns and we were able to help him in circumstances with ppe and other concerns he had and likewise in this while technically under the lease since we discontinued the adult day kenner center there it should be demolished after six months so he’s talked to his board um to see if they might have a use for it they don’t at the current time foresee a use i think though we want to extend it they offered to just keep it status quo for six months uh kasha can address it as well we’ve spoken to scott but we feel in this time of covid when there are spatial needs and we have to distance i think we would be short-sighted to eliminate this space because you know it has basically a nurse’s station a shower a kitchen it’s a nice space and maybe over the next six months we might find a need for it and we would regret tearing it down while nelson thinks he would be able to get money in a grant to do so i’d rather wait to six months and see what comes because just as the annex we it was invaluable in using the 12 classrooms and the cafeteria for the erfc program let’s see what the six months bring and when we reach it at that point if we decide there’s no town use and they still don’t need it then we could move ahead to make plans to demolish it but i think at this juncture at this time with where we are in the unknowns it would be more prudent to keep it um and wait and see and and there’s no additional cost in the lease or anything that we have to maintain basically the heat for the six months we’ll shut it down as best we can like we did with nathan hale to save costs but i think it would be prudent for us to wait six months and see where we’re at you have anything to add to that i’m

sorry no chris i think you summarized it perfectly um i’ll only uh add that the housing authority board actually voted on this in their last meeting and that they have proved their language as protected okay any questions or comments hearing on roll call please suzanne councillor riley four councillors for azam four defeated councillor four who’s been in favor not against no extension thank you suzanne moving on to item 16 public communications is there anyone like speak for the council at this time none i declare public communications close item 17 counselor communications anyone like speak for the count this time counselor mueller yes real quick on saturday october 3rd arc is having a farm-to-table dinner on the town green right out here our tickets are available at ercinc.org thank you anyone else like to have any comments i just want to say in closing i want to thank every counselor who has work every one of you have worked in your own committees and some of you’ve done the jfk committee that we had the groundbreaking last week and you put a lot of work on the facilities committee all you folks have worked through the entire along with our town staff and the school staff worked together throughout this this pandemic we have never stopped as a town each of you as counselors have never stopped doing your individual projects that are important to you and that’s why knock on wood maybe we can pull out of this better than we were before it started so it’s a tribute to everyone on the council and again i think folks should know that you you all have put in time again we’ve not stopped like other certain levels of government has stopped over the last six months you folks have not and so everyone needs to understand that again along with our staff everyone has done their their part to help the town hopefully become even stronger than we were before so it’s a tribute to all you folks and you should be proud of yourselves moving on i’d have a motion to adjourn all those in favor say aye aye good night everyone have a good night you