Explore Kadapa Town

Hi, Friends welcome back to explore India Well, i have been riding from Nandyal and so far completed 110km and still left 15 to 20km to reach Kadapa town guys, as you see here the yellow board on which written NH-40 So, at the moment just standing beside of the NH road which will take me to the Kadapa town It is NH-40, which starts from Kurnool highway and ends at Ranipet, Vellore, Tamilnadu Palempalli Toll Plaza this high way length is 408km. and known as RAYALASEEMA EXPRESS HIGHWAY. because 381km laid up only in Rayalaseema now we are just 5km away from Kadapa town this is Alankhan Palli, which is located on the highway this road is connecting Kadapa, Chittoor and Bangalore hey!. we almost entered into Kadapa town Go pro stop the recording my watch battery is down a little confussion about the timing it seems like 6am probably 6am no acuracy because my watch runs under power need to fill air to my bike rear tire we take left from the front IT CIRCLE IT CIRCLE – RAITHU BAZAAR hey guys, pls look at the smoky clouds over the bridge and feel it

Railway Station Road and all govt offices laid up at the end of this road this road connecting to the RTC BUSTAND CIRCLE RAJEEV PARK on the left side RTC BUSTAND – APSARA CINEMA main road

Y JUNCTION APSARA CIRCLE connecting to Krishna, Gokul and YV STREET RAJAREDDY STREET NEHRU PARK at the right side Kotireddy Circle – 7roads

CSI CHURCH at righ side Saibaba Cinema Point 7ROADS SFS STREET Gokul Circle heading to YV Street Chennur Bustand

second Gandhi statue Mydukur Road PEDDA DARGA lane it seem to be raining in any moment tried to withdraw cash from SBI ATM but machine not working so, now i am heading to another ATM machine today i need cash at any moment becase need to change oil to my bike Oh my God, my bike is heavy to be controlled today’s wether awesome and pretty nice to enjoying ok i visited this UNLIMITED showroom to buy some shirts RTC BUSTAND – KOTIREDDY CIRCLE

SP BUNGLAW on the right side now i am riding to the garage where my bike to be serviced after that will go back to my home oh shit…shit…shit hey…hey….hey…..wait…wait…..wait….oh my God… look at his bad driving no one follow the traffic rule. don’t know why is like this only in our country fruits looks so fresh but dont know how much….have to ask how much this apple per kilo? 220 and 200 bhayya and what about these pomegranate?

180 and 200 bhayya