Flight Path 2019 Episode 3

Hello and welcome to “Flight Path.” I’m Chris Jones the chief marketing officer at McCarran International Airport. After Terminal 3 opened in 2012 plans to upgrade Terminal 1 soon followed. Let’s take a look at some of the latest renovations. Since its opening in 1963 McCarran’s Terminal 1 has grown and changed with the Las Vegas community. The facility’s recent evolution has included a new modern look and state-of-the-art technology. To keep up with the ever-increasing passenger volume crews have been hard at work replacing carpet with sparkling terrazzo flooring, installing new wall coverings and charging stations and renovating restrooms. When we built T3 of course the airlines had to approve that project and one of the conditions was that we were going to go ahead and improve Terminal 1 afterwards. So that’s what we’ve been doing ever since T3 opened. We started with ticketing and we’re improving not only the looks of it but also the operational part of it. And we redid just about everything. Of course we started with the terrazzo floors, put a little bit of Las Vegas sparkle in them, but we really opened it up with natural light, a lot of window walls, a lot more efficient, compact check-in units and brightened up sky cap as well. Digital signage, upgraded flight information displays, self-service bag-tagging kiosks and new gate podiums all contribute to a seamless airport experience for travelers and employees alike. The floor surfaces are easier to clean, easier on the eyes and easier for passengers to roll suitcases on Significant improvements to the A/B security checkpoint will offer a more spacious area for travelers as well as interlocking tile flooring designed to withstand heavy traffic. Expansion of the checkpoint will allow for a dedicated TSA PreCheck lane and installation of automated screening lanes, or ASLs The A/B checkpoint is the last one that we’re finally getting to modernize with all new equipment from TSA. The lanes will become automatic screening lanes, that helps the passenger flow more than anything. As our traffic’s been growing we’re going to be able to have dedicated lanes for PreCheck, for first class, for special needs, done in a proper manner that helps the efficiency of the flow Also on the horizon in Terminal 1 are exciting new restaurants, including Shake Shack and Jamba Juice in the A/B gates and Jimmy John’s in the public shopping area. New retail will bring Kalifano, which sells crystals gemstones and art, as well as a third XpresSpa location. What we’re most excited about with the renovations is that we’re upgrading all of our food, beverage and retail opportunities. You know, that’s part of the experience. The customer wants a smooth, seamless experience and to have some of the national brands that they’re used to. With an eye toward future growth, the Department of Aviation will continue to plan and execute projects to efficiently operate McCarran’s facilities and offer visitors a phenomenal first and last look at Las Vegas Beverages are not allowed through airport security checkpoints, but thanks to conveniently located water bottle filling stations, passengers McCarran can travel with a reusable bottle and stay hydrated on-the-go. Located throughout McCarran’s terminals, these popular stations dispense cold water over a small sink allowing passengers to fill a reusable bottle before or after a flight The stations have multiplied in numbers as travelers have called for a more economical and environmentally friendly alternative to single-use water bottles for purchase. The Department of Aviation started installing water bottle fill stations in 2015. Since then we’ve installed a total of 50 stations throughout our airport facilities. It also includes our general aviation facilities, as well as our consolidated Car Rental Center. The airport embraces its role in social responsibility and strives to be sustainable. By offering an alternative to single-use water bottles, McCarran helps cut down on plastic waste in the environment. Water bottle filling stations are a definite benefit to our passengers. They provide a fast and efficient way for them to fill up an empty bottle of water that they take through security before they get on a flight. Using water bottle fill stations reduces environmental impact through the airport operations. Placement of these stations around the airport means customers have easy access to inexpensive clean water. The water comes from Southern Nevada’s municipal water supply. It’s the same supply that reaches our homes and it also meets or surpasses all federal Safe Drinking Water Act standards. To cater to the tastes of international passengers, McCarran offers another unique amenity for its thirsty travelers in Terminal 3. In addition to the water bottle fill stations we installed at Terminal 1, we also install two hot water stations at T3. They are equipped with a special handle so our passengers can fill the water safely. The airport installed the stations to encourage passengers to rehydrate by refilling their bottles and reducing waste. That saves passengers money and is good for the environment

At a busy airport like McCarran, keeping vehicles moving on the arrivals and departures curbs is a big job. Here’s a look at the team of transportation specialists who manage the traffic flow As one of the busiest airports in the nation, McCarran has thousands of travelers arriving and departing each day Hi! Number 17. You’re welcome! To assist passengers and drivers McCarran has a team of more than 60 transportation specialists who oversee the airport curbs and roadways. From directing traffic to overseeing taxi lines, these hard-working employees keep traffic moving safely and efficiently When they’re on the departure curb our employees are making sure that the cars that are waiting at the curb are not waiting for too long. We’re making sure that the traffic flow is going as smooth as possible for all the other passengers that are being dropped off at the curb Left-hand Lane right over there where that green open sign is. Have a good week. The team of transportation specialists give directions and assist with the inter-terminal shuttle service which, transports customers between Terminals 1 and 3. They also manage the airport’s busy taxi operation. We make it very, very swift and effortless for the passengers to come out of the terminal and use the taxi service. Hello, two people? Number 7 While the line of passengers waiting for taxis at times looks daunting, McCarran’s ground transportation team keeps it moving by adjusting the queue as needed and directing cabs and travelers to the appropriate loading spaces Transportation specialists also monitor the Passenger Pickup and Departure curbs. They respond to vehicle accidents and medical emergencies, and oversee the towing of unattended vehicles. These employees must have great communication skills and the ability to listen to travelers’ needs. I like dealing with people so at McCarran it’s more we’re gonna see it 95 percent of the folks so I the customer service aspect. I love that it’s a different pace. To give good customer service you have to realize you might hear the same question a thousand times, but it’s from a different person each time. So it’s like really hearing the same question only once. It’s up on the second floor so why don’t you spin around, go up to valet, it’ll take you right out there. I’m a people person. Bringing a customer service to the airport, it’s a good job. McCarran’s friendly transportation specialists and supervisors play a vital role in airport operations. As vehicles and passengers come and go, they’re also key to maintaining safety and security at McCarran. Airport lounges offer passengers comforts beyond what’s generally available in the terminal. Here’s a look at a brand new high-end lounge located in the D Concourse. The club at LAS, a 7,000 square foot shared use lounge, is an ideal place to relax, unwind or get some work done before a flight. The spacious lounge, located near Gate D33, is open to McCarran customers through the purchase of a forty dollar day pass A second Club at LAS location in Terminal 3 is also available. If you have a Priority Pass membership, then we welcome you complimentary. We also contract with several of our airline partners as well, with many airline relationships in place Or you can simply purchase a day pass and once you get inside everything’s complimentary. The space is divided into distinct zones for visitors to enjoy Featuring economic tasks chairs, a desk-height counter and an abundance of electrical outlets, the productivity zone serves as a dedicated space for business travelers. A relax zone offers comfortable seating where guests can enjoy sweeping views of the airport and Las Vegas. A resting zone features recliners and ottomans with convenient reading lamps and electrical outlets Yeah we’re comfortable, that’s the best part. Since we have a long layover we’re very happy to be here. I’ve always been very well-received at the front door and then the variety is always really good They have good food and snacks and they’ve got pretty much everything. And of course a good cold beer, so it’s a good spot. In the replenish zone guests can enjoy a selection of food and beverages from a hot and cold buffet, and a variety of all-day snack items. A separate bar with dedicated seating allows guests to enjoy complimentary cocktails and premium spirits. A hydration station offers fruit- and herb-infused waters. A refresh zone provides private restrooms and shower suites, offering spa-quality soaps and lotions to help travelers feel at home One of the unique features of this lounge is we actually have a couple of shower suites that we’ve modeled on the spa-like quality. So if you’ve been out and it’s hot and you just want to refresh before your flight we’re delighted to provide that amenity for our customers. The atmosphere at the Club at LAS is enhanced with images by local photographer Jeff Greene who has lived in Las Vegas for more than 30 years. The photos in the lounge capture a variety of subject matter ranging from Las Vegas landmarks and iconic locations to the natural beauty surrounding the city. Providing a world-class customer experience is central to the mission at McCarran. The addition of this new club greatly enhances the level of services and amenities available to Las Vegas travelers. As part of our ongoing efforts to reach out to the community, two groups of students interested in aviation careers recently had the unique opportunity to take a behind-the-scenes tour of the airport McCarran was proud to host these young men and women from the Civil Air Patrol and the Aviation Career Education Academy. So this whole area is run by

east ramp control. This group of future aviation professionals from Nevada Civil Air Patrol 802nd Squadron are on an airfield tour of McCarran International Airport. This is an outstanding opportunity for our cadets to see what opportunities they have in the future, once they get out of our cadet program. They have opportunities in the Air Force, they have opportunities in the civil airline industry and other aerospace careers The enthusiastic group saw firsthand how a busy ramp operates and how planes are taxied to their gates. It’s all made possible with careful coordination and planning between the Federal Aviation Administration and the Department of Aviation. The agencies work together to make one of the nation’s busiest airports operate smoothly The cadets toured the airfield’s fire station where they got to see specialized firefighting equipment in action during a routine training exercise. The Civil Air Patrol cadet program focuses on leadership, while promoting education in aerospace and aviation with engaging hands-on curriculum and activities. For these cadets the tour helped inspire them to pursue their goals in the military, aerospace and civil aviation careers I found it fun because we actually got to be inside the airport. I’ve always seen the airport from outside the fence or from an airplane but actually seeing all the private jets and hangars like these up close was definitely a new experience for me. I want to be commercial airline pilot for Southwest and this helps me because I kind of get to see it more. It’s better than it just being on a video screen. This is Flight 1920 coming in and we’re taking it back to Chicago as flight 1396. During another recent tour for young people interested in aviation, a stop by Southwest Airlines operation center provided insight into how mccarran’s largest carrier manages its daily flights. The group, from the Aviation Career Education, or ACE Academy, were taking part in a summer program that exposes middle and high school students to careers in the aerospace industry through hands-on experiences Activities features science, technology and engineering, as well as field trips such as this one to McCarran. During one stop on the tour students learned how flight attendants are trained in all aspects of aircraft safety. The demonstration included climbing into a floatation raft to see how the devices work in the event of a water evacuation The behind-the-scenes tour is amazing. I get to see all these different things that you would never even know go into how the planes work, how like they’re getting to different gates, the safety aspect behind it, all the different things are very fascinating to learn about Students also saw the airline’s maintenance base where the airline stores thousands of parts. Students learned how the airport uses technology to keep track of luggage, and toured portions of the airfield with an Airport Operations Coordinator The goal of the summer program is to expose students to the wide variety of career opportunities in the aviation industry When I was a kid there weren’t a lot of opportunities available to learn about aviation so once I became a pilot I decided that I wanted to go ahead try and give something back and expose the next generation of youth to careers in aviation. The tours offered to the Las Vegas ACE Academy and Nevada’s Civil Air Patrol enable the Department of Aviation to give back to the community by working with airport partners and local young people to inspire the next generation of aviation professionals Take one world-class destination, add millions of monthly travelers, and you get the nation’s ninth-busiest airport Here are some other fun facts about McCarran, by-the-numbers. Aircraft movements and the desert sun take their toll on McCarran’s runway and taxiway markings, but the airport’s airfield maintenance team is on the job using more than 7,000 gallons of paint per year to keep the airfield up to date That much paint would fill a large, above-ground swimming pool! Bar patrons at McCarran enjoy raising a glass before boarding a flight. In 2018 they consumed nearly 3 million fluid ounces of draft beer and more than 25,000 Bloody Marys Keeping such a large airport at a comfortable temperature is a big job In fact, the heating, ventilation and air conditioning system at McCarran consists of more than 25 miles of pipe running throughout roughly 4.7 million square feet of climate-controlled space The airport’s HVAC central plants have the capacity to cool or heat approximately four thousand six hundred and eighty-eight residential homes McCarran uses radio frequency identification, or RFID, technology in the tags on checked bags. The technology ensures bags get from the check-in counter to the correct aircraft. Since implementing the system in 2005, nearly 210 million bags have been tagged That’s enough tags to circle the earth almost three times! If there’s trouble in the airport, McCarran’s K9 team is there to sniff it out! The officers and their four-legged partners responded to two-thousand-twenty-six reports of unattended items in 2018 Last year they also screened 3,692,000 pounds of mail and cleared 673,920 pounds of

domestic cargo. For more fun facts about McCarran, check us out on Twitter and Facebook and tune in to future episodes of “Flight Path!” Two of Clark County’s general aviation facilities recently received high honors — inclusion in the Air Elite network of airports. Here’s a look at celebrations marking this milestone and what these airports mean to the Las Vegas community. Here’s to Clark County Airports! With a toast to the future, Henderson Executive and North Las Vegas Airports rolled out the red carpet celebrating their entrance into an exclusive club. Air Elite is a global system of airports dedicated to delivering diamond-level customer service. By joining this pre-eminent group of fixed base operators, or FBOs, Clark County airports and Henderson and North Las Vegas gain global recognition among the best of the best. So it really is a network of mostly independent FBOs from around the world that like to collaborate and network with each other They want to exemplify a service level that’s recognized by the aircraft operators around the world. So when the pilots and the flight departments see Air Elite they know that there’s a facility there with all the amenities, that there’s a customer service level there that they need to take care of their passengers. With more than 70 FBOs around the world, Air Elite airports offer top-notch service. Each location is dedicated to providing an exceptional experience. Delivering consistently on the air elite diamond service promise across the network is accomplished through a customer service culture with training to create engaged members. Every Air Elite member completes this training to ensure the customer experience is memorable. Well, it comes down to training We engage with our employees, so we give them intense training provided by the Ritz Carlton. And with that training they’re able to service the customer, and with the upgraded facilities and amenities we have here we are becoming a world-class FBO which will attract customers from around the world. The airports have access to clientele from Air Elite, customers who fly exclusively to facilities within the network. Those customers expect and receive first-class treatment each time they fly. Henderson Executive Airport has been part of the Clark County Department of Aviation since 1996. Its convenient location offers easy access to freeways, hotels, convention spaces and the world-famous Las Vegas Strip. It also serves as a reliever to busy McCarran International Airport. The entire aviation industry is so vital to Southern Nevada. They worked so hard to achieve this status, it’s not something that just happened overnight, it’s something they worked hard to achieve, it’s the quality and the service that we provide to those coming and going through this Airport that helped earn that status After a 2 million dollar renovation, North Las Vegas Airport was primed for Air Elite status. It’s the second busiest airport in Nevada and is the gateway to downtown Las Vegas. It offers the services and amenities most requested by pilots and their passengers, and is a vital part of the community serving as host for support services such as a Civil Air Patrol squadron, air ambulance flights, police search and rescue and the Bureau of Land Management We appreciate all of our community partners. To the sponsors that have helped make this possible, thank you all so very much. On behalf of the Board of County Commissioners, we are extremely grateful for the partnership as well as the sponsorship. Air Elite locations have strict service expectations and are audited to assure that the service dedication remains at the highest level This means that at any time airport customers are in Henderson or North Las Vegas, they can expect only the best McCarran offers a unique opportunity for business owners who want to showcase their products and services to a diverse selection of travelers. Here’s look at one of our many outreach programs that help educate entrepreneurs who want to do business at the airport. Business opportunities at the airport are abundant. From concessions and advertising to construction and engineering, working with McCarran is an ideal way to partner with local government. When you start to know all of the resource partners and everyone who’s available to you, you can really start getting a wealth of information to help you grow. Outreach events like this one are hosted by the Department of Aviation to give entrepreneurs information on how to do business at the airport. I’ve come here to the workshop because I need to get information on all the different resources that they offer for people who are starting a new business at the airport level. I do know that selling retail or import in a brick-and-mortar is much different than the airport concessions, so that’s why I want to get here and get all the resources that you have. How many of you have a written business plan? In addition to giving small business owners important information about partnering with the airport community resource partners offered their assistance to small and startup businesses. From the IRS to the Nevada Department of Business and Industries, the seminar covered a wide range of business management tips for those who attended. The event outlined useful information to prospective entrepreneurs. And for those who already have a business at the airport it was a chance to network. For me it’s finding the right talent, making sure to increase my network a little bit so I’m able to find people. After working

here for a while, getting to know that the people that work here that are in the different departments, different organizations that’s been helpful as well. During this outreach seminar airport staff provided information regarding how McCarran’s request for proposals, or RFP, process works and how proposals are evaluated. One thing about the DBE certification, it creates a level playing field for all DBEs and ACDBEs so they can fairly compete The Department of Aviation has established a Disadvantaged Business Enterprise program and an airport concession Disadvantaged Business Enterprise program to ensure that small, disadvantaged, minority- and women-owned business enterprises can compete fairly for federally funded transportation- related projects. The airport has a dedicated business section on its website packed with helpful information visit McCarran-dot-com-slash-business to learn about concession, construction and purchasing opportunities. In addition, the website also lists upcoming business outreach events, public notices and meetings that current and future business owners will find informative Las Vegas is a must-visit destination known throughout the world. With the start of new nonstop flights from two additional airlines this summer, travelers from even more cities can experience what the US Southwest has to offer McCarran recently celebrated the arrival of two new airline partners in true Las Vegas fashion. First up was KLM’s nonstop service from Amsterdam, the airline’s first scheduled flights to Las Vegas With an estimated annual economic impact of 65 million dollars, the flights operate on Sundays, Tuesdays and Thursdays on a Boeing Dreamliner. This is a key extension of our network on the west coast and it will allow our customer to have additional connection between the west coast and Europe KLM’s flight connects passengers to Las Vegas via a major aviation hub — Amsterdam — which has connecting flights to Europe, Africa and the Middle East. This new service took a lot of planning and research. The teams from McCarran and the LVCVA as well as KLM have been working for six years to make this flight a reality, to make sure that it made sense, for KLM the demand was there. McCarran International Airport is now also the gateway to the U.S. Southwest for travelers from Israel. EL AL launched weekly nonstop service from Tel Aviv June 14th. The flight, operated on a Dreamliner, arrives on Friday mornings and departs Las Vegas on Saturday nights EL AL’s arrival marked the first scheduled nonstop service from Israel. It was a dream for us to come to Las Vegas We are operating today from Los Angeles and San Francisco, and it’s just so natural to put Las Vegas as a destination from Tel Aviv today. So we have the gold triangle — Los Angeles, San Francisco and Las Vegas. International travelers are desirable for Las Vegas because they tend to stay longer and spend more, a win-win for our tourism driven economy. Certainly the strength of the destination of Las Vegas is what attracts everyone. What we the airport tried to do is not make it difficult for a new entrant to come on in. So I think Terminal 3 is still a phenomenal terminal, very efficient, very smooth for an airline to come in and operate. Nonstop flights on KLM and EL AL also offer locals new ways to see the world, connecting Las Vegas with yet another city in Europe and the history and excitement of Tel Aviv. As more airlines expand their service offerings to include Las Vegas, McCarran will continue to do its part to provide a warm welcome to travelers from around the globe. Now you’re ready to pack your bags and fly the skies so have a great trip. Remember to check us out on Facebook and follow us on Twitter, and use all the resources of our website, McCarran-dot-com Thanks for joining us and we’ll see you next time on “Flight Path.”